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Synopsis: It ain't Florence Nightingale...

Back in the 1960s and 70s a French artist by the name of Joseph Farrel created a sizeable number of BDSM drawings.  He felt that the drawings were works in themselves and that people should make up their own stories to go with them.  Later the drawings were published with short vignettes by Robert Merodack and others.  Joseph Farrel is sadly now dead and much of his work is out of print.

For my own amusement I have written my own short stories to accompany some of the drawings.  Here is one of them.  Let me know what you think.


Since his admission to hospital Mr Stephens had been gradually fading away.  He wasnt that old, in his early sixties, and had no obvious illness.  But he no longer took pleasure in anything, he didn't even read and, day after day, his strength ebbed and waned.  Dr Vincent no longer knew what treatment to pursue.

One day, however, a seemingly minor event caught the doctors eye.  While he was examining him, the patients pulse gave a little jump and his eyes suddenly became clear and alert.  The doctor looked around the room to see what had caused this astonishing awakening of interest.

Behind him, Marlene Morris, the beautiful big-breasted nurse who was also his somewhat unwilling mistress, had just entered the room wearing a very tight overall, under which, as he knew only too well, she wore next to nothing.  For his own amusement he had ordered her to only wear stockings and a garter belt with no panties or bra beneath the tunic.  The tightly buttoned overall was deliberately a size too small and so revealed firm and voluptuous thighs nearly as far as the stocking tops as well as flashes of breast flesh from her very generous bosom. 

Dr Vincent instantly thought of an amusing plan to give Mr Stephens a reason to live. In the days that followed he made sure that the old man saw more and more of Marlene's lovely body, much to her humiliation and distaste.  Sister was informed of the new programme so that its effects could be noted on Mr Stephens medical records.  Soon the whole ward was aware of this revolutionary treatment and followed it attentively.

Finally, a week later, the doctor decided that it was time for more intensive treatment.  He shut himself in the room with Marlene, whose tunic he opened with a sweeping gesture, revealing her firm body, her heavy breasts, the curve of her belly, and the black fleece of her plump cunt.

A miracle!  Like a jack-in-the-box, Mr Stephens' cock stood up stiff, like a snake about to strike... 

The doctor addressed the now sobbing young woman as he generously pulled back her overall.

“Now Nurse Morris, I want you to straddle the patients penis with real enthusiasm and without any whining.  You will continue the treatment for at least the next fortnight, until Mr Stephens recovers his will to live...”

“Oh no, not that,” cried the young woman. “I couldn't, it's too horrible! Please dont make me!”

“Of course you can, as a nurse it is part of your vocation.  Now, Mr Stephens, as part of this treatment, Nurse Morris is available to you at any time of the day or night.  If she is off duty, you may ask to have her paged and she will return to the hospital immediately to service you in any way you wish.  I will inform Sister that, at a minimum, you are to have Nurse Morris massage your fine cock at least twice a day with her lovely breasts, once in the morning at 8am and once in the afternoon at 3pm.  As you can see, she never wears any underwear and has only her nurses uniform on top so you are free to have a feel at any time, just as I do.

“Please, no….”

“Nurse Morris knows how important this experiment is and will keep herself completely available.  Her mouth is excellent and she will swallow your cock entirely should you so desire.  Youll find her anus is particularly tight but also quite adaptable and welcoming.  But as the first treatment, you are going to enjoy her hot little twat.  If you prefer your cunt hairless, please tell Sister.  She will be only too pleased to let the new student nurses practice their shaving techniques on Marlene.”

“Please, no…  I cant…  Im begging you…”

“Get on top, nurse, and put Mr Stephens fine hard-on in your cunt.  Ill count to three and if your not in the saddle then I will pull up the blinds so that everyone gets to watch; I think half the ward staff is already peeping through the cracks.  And I want to see real enthusiasm!  If at any time Mr Stephens reports that you are not doing your absolute clinical best then I will have those lovely fat tits of yours flogged in the staff room at morning tea break.  Sister is to be informed of all treatments that you give Mr Stephens so that they can be entered in his medical record.  If this new therapy works I plan to write it up and have it published in the Medical Journal.”

On the third day, poor Marlene rebelled when Mr Stephens had her paged to come give his penis a tongue bath only ten minutes after she had got home.  In response, Dr Vincent kept his promise and had her breasts paddled before the entire ward staff until they were red and purple.  At the end of the tea break Marlene begged humbly and politely in front of everyone to be allowed to continue the treatment. 

As further discipline for her wilfulness Sister ordered her to keep the blinds of the patients room raised during all further treatment sessions.

She was also assigned one of the young student nurses whose task it was to keep a complete photographic record using an expensive digital camera donated by medical staff on other wards who were unable to follow this revolutionary therapy firsthand. 

When, after a week, Mr Stephens expressed an interest in having Marlenes cunt shaved, Sister informed the Nursing Director who had the operation performed by a couple of the new student nurses in the main lecture theatre before the entire nursing faculty and students.  All agreed that it was most helpful in demonstrating the preferred shaving techniques.  It is now a regular part of the curriculum.

At the end of the second week the treatment was shown to be so remarkably successful that it was extended indefinitely. Marlene was ordered to give regular updates to all medical staff at the weekly continuing education seminars.  After the sobbing woman to general acclaim had delivered the first of these, complete with slides and charts provided by Sister, it was agreed that in future such lectures would best be delivered without the unnecessary nurses tunic.  After all nothing was hidden in the accompanying photos, so any form of false modesty on the stage seemed unnecessary.  Questions were encouraged and offered a perfect opportunity for the other nurses to torment Marlene.  No matter what the question, she had to answer in a serious manner, as befitted a proper medical project:

“Nurse Morris, please describe the flavour and consistency of the patients sperm.  Does it vary with changes in diet?”

“The, uh, patients sperm tastes much the same at all times, but ahh… becomes thicker after he has had a climax earlier in the day.”

“Nurse, please compare the size of Mr Stephens penis to others you have had in the past.”

“It is not as thick as some coc… penises I have had, but is quite long.”

“Are you seeing any improvement in the patients stamina as the treatment progresses?”

“Uhh, yes.  The patients stamina is improving as he gets stronger.”

“Nurse Morris, does Mr Stephens overall condition show more improvement after oral, anal or vaginal sex?”

“I cant tell, he seems to enjoy all of them.  But he is always very happy after he comes, uh climaxes, in my mouth.”

“Do you find that regular oral sex and daily tongue baths are improving the strength of your tongue muscles?”

“Yes, they are.  He does seem to like my mouth an awful lot though.”

Both Dr Vincent and the Nursing Director were so impressed with Mr Stephens results that three more patients were asked if they were willing to undergo the experimental therapy.  Mr Jilts had had a serious car crash and needed physical therapy.  Mr Wise had been suffering from a debilitating virus and needed help with his long-term recuperation.  Finally there was Trevor Phillips, a young black man recovering from a serious sporting injury. 

This last man was sufficiently well-hung and fit that he drove Marlene to repeated climaxes, which none of the other patients did.  There was great amusement for the ward staff as they watched Marlene struggling to cope with his large penis, especially anally.  It took more than a fortnight of intense therapy for the dedicated nurse to train her rectum to accommodate her patients entire organ, orgasming all the while.  Nurse Morris was told to fake climaxes with the other men so as not to hurt their feelings and so put back their recovery. 

All four of the men were assigned adjoining rooms on the same ward and six months later while all the original four have fully recuperated they have simply been replaced with new patients. Nurse Morris is still honing her acute nursing skills.   To keep non-treatment time to a minimum the tunic has been discarded as somewhat unnecessary, though she still wears her nurses cap at all times to signify her status.  She is kept so busy with patient therapy that she doesnt really have time to go home anymore and so a cot has been set up for her in the medical supplies room.  At the beginning of each shift the on-duty student nurses take Marlene into the washroom where she is given a thorough enema and douching.  In this way she is always ready for action to comply with the programmed therapy or at a patients whim.

The hospital management came up with a new scheme to improve staff morale.  When they approached Dr Vincent and Sister with the idea, it was readily accepted.  Shortly thereafter a notice went up saying that Nurse Morris had volunteered to demonstrate her nursing talent to interested members of staff.  Tuesday lunchtimes were set aside for doctors in the ward staff room.  Wednesday was for nursing staff and Thursday for all other staff.  This last turned into a bit of a free for all and at the end of the two hours Nurse Morris was in no state to carry on with her regular nursing duties.  In fact she had to be carried out by four student nurses.  So much sperm dripped from her body that Matron shouted at the poor students: “For Gods sake stuff some rags in the slut; shes messing up the floor!”  After that a rota had to be established to prevent damage to such a valuable therapeutic tool.

Fresh uniforms are available on those very rare occasions that Marlene has to leave the ward.  Even trips to the canteen waste valuable patient time and so her food is now brought to the ward, though the kitchen staff often seem to find time to leave rich deposits of sperm on her desert.  But Dr Vincent promised her she could accompany him to a medical conference the next month in the Caribbean to help him when he finally presented the first results of his hard work.

“You will help me demonstrate how remarkable results can be achieved through superior nursing!  Sister is preparing my presentation and, to go with the medical results, she is including a fantastic slide show demonstrating all your special nursing techniques in exceptional detail.  I am going to allow you to come up on the stage with me and you can hold the pointer while I describe the various pictures.  And for the demonstration part of the conference I have volunteered your services if three or four suitable patients can be found.”

Dr Vincent of course won the best paper for the conference.  Not only for the therapeutic breakthrough it showed but also for the sheer quality of the presentation. Nurse Marlene shared in the triumph as she stood on the stage in skin-tight tunic cut off at the level of her pubis, tottering in six-inch heels and with a jaunty nurses cap and stethoscope to complete the outfit. She used a long wooden pointer to point out all the details on the charts and photographs.  Just standing there was utterly debasing but having to use the pointer to demonstrate on pictures of herself was appalling and swiftly reduced her to tears:

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