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Happy Holiday - the 4th

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Synopsis: Long time friends need a change for their fourth celebrations. A fun trip out on Lake Superior.


Every year on the Fourth I join friends on a trip to a small Island in Lake Superior.  It is secluded and provides for a great getaway.  We fish, boat, have campfires and blow off fireworks.  We had done the same thing for so many years we decided to add a little extra interest to our adventure. Beside myself Bob there were Jack, Phil and Rick, long time friends all in out thirties.   We had been close forever and brainstorming our fantasies had come up with this idea.


Karen was a local bar bunny we had seen around.  She was single living in a studio.  She stayed out late and often had too much to drink.  We tossed around different names but Karen stuck out as out easiest target.

Karen was a little slutty but very cute.  At 5 6” she was well figured, just a little heavy, the way we like it.

We felt we could grab her Thursday night, make the drive to our boat and be out on the lake Friday morning. No one would probably miss he till work on Tuesday and by then ……………….

Everything went like a charm.  We got the hood over her head with no problem.  She was pretty drunk so her resistance was limited.  She was bound hogtied and hooded in the van and off we went Driving we took a car trailing the Van.  We had a camping tarp to hide her if we were stopped and could use the trailing car if we had a mechanical problem.


The drive up was along one. As soon as we had nabbed Karen we knew we made a good choice.

Just forcing her into the van and tying her up we could feel the generous curves of her body.

Out idea had been to leave her alone on the way up but seeing her laying there we knew we would never make the whole ride just leaving her lay their.

Karen had on a pleasant t-shirt and nice not tight shorts.  She was struggling, twisting, trying to scream but her cries were muffled by the hood.  Phil was the first to crack.  He got up from the bench second seat and sat in the open back area where Karen was.  Slowly he began to run his hands over her belly making his way slowly up toward her breasts.  Her struggling picked up as she felt the hands moving over her body but there was little she could do.  He moved his hand over her breasts slowly following the curves and then rubbing over the nipples.

Jack couldnt take watching Phil and he also moved to the back of the van with Phil.  We had to keep the hood on Karen.  We had been masked when we grabbed her and she had not seen us or the Van.  If something went wrong we wanted to be able to get rid of her without killing her. 

Forced to Cum

Jack began to rub her over her belly but moved down between her legs.  He went down both thighs and then began to rub her crotch area.  After a few minutes we could feel her struggles change.  There began a deep moan we could hear through the hood.  Jack moved his hand under her shorts and he could already feel the wetness. 

There was lot of time so Jack and Phil moved slow, very deliberate.  They could see they had begun to drive Karen crazy.  She was moving her hips out trying to get as much contact with Jack as she could   Jack was now using his full flat part of his hand rubbing Karens pussy.

They wanted to fuck her so bad but that would not happen till we go to the island.  They kept rubbing her outside her clothing.   Karen was twisting and turning now but not trying to get away.  She needed to get off.  They had her so hot.  Finally she came moaning and groaning, twisting and turning.  No one said anything because we didnt want her to hear our voices yet, but everyone was smiling.  We knew had the slut we wanted. 

It was a very long drive to Lake Superior.    I started reaching under her shorts and the under her panties.

I began to massage her, she was so wet.  I had my fingers inside her.  She felt so smooth, so soft so inviting. Other hands were under her shorts and her bra.  We forced her to one orgasm after another.  Watching her twist and groan under out hands.  She was all ours to use as we wanted.  What a slut we thought.

We were very happy with our choice.  She was the bitch for us.


Arriving at the boat dock slightly before dawn we found no one around.  Good for us.  We loaded up our supplies and our special cargo wrapped in a tarp.  It was a two hour ride by boat to our island paradise.  Safely way from shore we unwrapped Karen from her tarp, removed her hood and untied her.

She began to scream and rant.  She wanted to know who we were.  She demanded we let her go.

HA HA, pretty funny.   We grabbed Karen and quickly stripped her.  . She squirmed and twisted as we admired our “catch”. She was all we had hoped for, full figured but firm. 

Quickly we pulled her to the bow of the boat.  Her wrists were tied to the front railing directly.  Her ankles were tied wide to the outside railings. She was kneeling facing the front of the boat, her ass up in the air facing backward. 

Karen screaming that she was freezing.  

It was cold.  We were moving at a moderate speed though a cold dense fog.  Karen was naked, exposed to the cold air at 15 knots.  Moisture formed over her body.  Her generous breasts hung tantalizing in the foggy air.   I had a sweat pants, a sweat shirt and a rain jacket on.  It was cool for me.


I could only relish thinking how Karen was feeling.  Naked, exposed completely to us, helpless, freezing.

I knelt behind her running my hands over her butt.  I pulled down my pants and quickly was feeling my way into her with my prick.  It felt so good, fucking this lovely girl completely at my mercy.  Inside her I felt so warm compared to the cold. The wind and fog was blowing against my face.  My friends were egging me on, she was protesting, It felt so good, so right.  Slapping her wet cold butt was so sweet. I came quickly inside her and was replaced by Jack.

Sitting in the boat it was great watching one after another of my friends fucking this girl. The pleasure I had felt was renewed each time a friend had his turn. When we were all done we let her stay there in the wind.  Her protest became begging.  I am freezing, help me.

We untied her and brought her down to the cabin area.  She was shivering cold, shaking.  We gave her a blanket and a choice, Suck cock or go back out into the cold

She didnt even try to protest.  Breaking her was easy.  She started with me.

It was so exciting to see her cold shivering with her mouth on my dick.   Her hands were on my balls.

She had loss of control from the cold but was doing good.   In a little time and my warm cum was running down her face and another of the guys cock was in her mouth.  The four of us each had our time in her mouth.  The cum was in her face and running down her chin.  It was so lovely seeing her cute face dripping with cum.

We arrived at the Island and another boat with three more of our friends was there, Dave, Ken and Bill.

They couldnt wait to get in on the action.  We decide to go out on the lake again with our three friends now on board with us.


They felt Karen up, checking her out including all her body cavities. 

Then they put a small flotation device around her neck and chest to keep her head out of the water.  Then they tied her hands to a three foot bar.  A cable was hooked onto the bar and she was thrown overboard.  Off we went with the boat dragging Karen in out wake.  She was dragged behind us like a rag doll.  She bounced up and down on the water, beaten by the wake of the boat.  You could barely hear her screams.  We stopped to see how she was doing.  Her brief moment of relief ended as we started up again.  Again she bounced and bobbed in the water.

When we pulled her out she was hysterical.  She was red from the water beating and hysterical.  They dragged her into the boat and they began to work her over.  Bill had several fingers inside her while he massaged her clit with his other hand.  Ken and Bill used their hands and cocks on her breasts.  She was pussy fucked, tittie fucked and mouth fucked.  They forced her to orgasm many times.  Again she showed what a slut she was as she could cum almost without stop.  I could not stop thinking how much fun it would be to force her to cum while we tortured her. 


Karen was tied spread eagled face up at the front of the boat, her hands tied to the bow railings and her feet roped to the side railings.  We sat around drinking beer and fishing while Karen baked in the sun.

Karen twisted and turned as the hot sun on the water started a burn.  She begged to be taken out of the sun.

Everyone loved to hear her beg.  After three hours she was begging for water.  We each go up on the bow and pissed in her face.  Then we flipped her over so she could get a “tan” on her other side.

After another three hours we took her off the bow.  She felt the burn, not severe but still stinging. 

We gave her water and headed back to shore enjoying BJs as we went. 

Bill decided to fuck her. She was crying as the sunburn caused her pain as Bill fucked her hard. He slapped her butt, thighs, stomach and everywhere he could that would sting from the sunburn.

As she suffered on our ride back to shore, little could she know what would be in store for her there.

To Be Continued

(Karen is a bar bitch.  She has been kidnapped and taken by boat to an island in Lake Superior.

She has been dragged behind the boat, exposed to the sun and raped.  Her kidnappers, a group of camping, fishing friends are now taking her to their island.)


Karen was now curled up on the deck of the boat crying and sobbing.  She had submitted to our needs and we were now headed to our campground on the island.  The bar tramp was hoping that we had been satisfied and the worst was over.  She was obviously delusional; the worst was yet to come.

Jack and Phil pulled her out her little ball.

“Fucking Slut, the fun is just beginning.”  “Wait to see what is waiting for you on the island.”

Jack slapped her ass.  “We are going to have some fun with that ass.”

We watched while the two entertained themselves tormenting her, pinching, prodding slapping.

Karen kept trying to roll up in a ball to escape.  Tears were running down her eyes.  When would this ever end?

We circled our small island to be sure we had no unexpected guests and then docked at our small inlet.

We grabbed Karen and pulled her up.  She was shaking from the sun exposure.

We got off our boat with Karen.  She was sniveling, crying, begging that she be set free.  Why was she brought here?  What is going to happen to her?

As we approached the campground Karen tried to run and needed to be dragged along.  She was horrified at what she saw and was screaming and pleading.  Our fun was just beginning.  Our friends had been busy preparing the camp for our guest and we were going to explain things to her.


We had prepared several “pleasure” stations for Karen.  We led Karen to our first station.   It was an impaling pole.  Rounded at the top and smoothed the first foot we explained how we would hoist her over the pole by a rope over the tree limb and then lower her onto the pole.

Then logs would be attached to her legs to weigh her down and she would be impaled on the pole sliding down first on the smooth upper portion and then onto the rough lower art until the tip came out through her mouth.

She was on her knees, pulling, crying.

We tied her to the pole.  “How does you lover feel Bitch?”  Karen was hysterical now, sobbing and crying, begging even more.  We laughed and tormented her.  I loved to look right into the eye and see the horror in her face.  I untied her from the pole and I tied a rope under her arm pits and then around her back and we raised her over the pole.

Slowly we lowered her toward the point of the pole.  She was screaming and thrashing, kicking her legs and flaying in the air.  Jack and I grabbed her legs and guided her toward the pole till she could feel the tip on her cunt. 

Everyone was hooting and shouting and yelling to impale the bitch.  We let her down so the pole was inside her cunt a couple of inches.   She pulled up and we pulled her down over the pole again.  We teased her with the pole.  She was begging, I would have loved to let the fucking slut slide down the pole.  I dont think I can imagine anything hotter that a bitch impaled, completely helpless but we had other plans. We pulled her up off the pole and dropped her down to the ground. 


Karen was led her to the cross.  She was pulling wildly trying to get away.  The cross was made from the rough wood of pine limbs. We tied her arms at the wrists to the cross beam and raised it  into place on the upright,  then securing her legs, even as she tried so hard to pull away.  The cross was not high and I stepped up on a small step so I could be level with her.  I kissed her.  “Would you like to be nailed now?”  The other guys were laughing and chanting.  “Nail her. Nail Her.”  I was so hard thinking of her nailed to this cross.  I was up against her body.

Karen was totally exposed to me, fully available.

She was pulling and pushing.  He breathing was hard and labored.  Her face was contorted with pain. I had my hands on her tits and then my fingers inside her.

I kissed her.  Fucking bitch we are going to nail you to the cross.”  Karen was frantic.  There was no position she could find that was comfortable and she was having trouble breathing normally.

I pushed my cock into her.   I was pushing hard against her causing her to rub up against he rough cross. She cried as the rough wood of the cross chaffed against her skin as I raped her hard.  I would stop for a moment and look at her terrified face.  Then I would plunge into her hard.

I was so hard inside her.  I laughed at her and spit in her face.  “Fucking slut, ready to be nailed?”

I have dreamed of having a bitch on the cross.  It started in 8th grade with Mrs. Graf.  We didnt know the term them but she was a real MILF.  I loved coming to class every day and watching her lovely body.

I dreamed of ways to torture her.  My favorite was to think of her on a cross and me fucking her.  I was hard through most of the day and couldnt wait to get home to jerk off thinking of her.  As I was screwing Karen on the cross all I could see was Mrs. Graf.  Lovely, crucified and being fucked.

I fucked Karen harder and harder. After I came inside her I felt I wanted to do it again and again but the other guys had their turns.  I had to control myself as I wanted to get the nails to crucify her for real.  Her cunt was becoming sloppy with cum.  The bitch was hanging from the cross with cum dripping down her legs.

Phil was the fourth guy and she started to moan while he was inside her.  Fuck, I could not believe it.

This slut was going to cum while on the cross.  This was better than any of us had thought.

Phil continued fucking her and she kept moaning.

Now the bitch was actually begging to be fucked.  FUCK YEA.  On the cross and begging for cock.

This is the way it should be.

Any ideas that Karen would not live up to our fantasies were put away.  We so wanted  to nail her but we had a long weekend yet ahead.  We had other fantasies for our little fuck bitch.


We took her down from the cross and led her over to the cooking pit. The scrapes, bruises and abrasions were all over her back, shoulders and arms from the rough wood of the cross.

There was a long pit with upright poles at each end and a long pole between them.  There was no fire in the pit but we tied Karen to the pole and placed over the pit.  She was tied to the pole by her hands and feet dangling over the cold pit filled with branches.  “Should we start the fire?”  “Cook her, Cook the Bitch.  There were many taunts and jokes.

Jack twisted her head over to the side.  “Suck my cock or we start the fire.”

Karen was putty in our hands.  She sucked his cock, begging  and crying.  Jack came on her face and then we started a small fire.  “Oh no no.”  “You have to better that that.”  “I will, please, give me chance.”

We were all so hard watching her on the cross and now hanging waiting over the fire pit.

The ropes were biting into her wrist.

The bitch was so pathetic, begging for her life.  She started to suck another cock as she could feel the warmth of the fire starting below her.  She was desperate now begging to suck cock.  Again cum shot over her face.

The fire was becoming more intense and heat was now causing Karen more distress.  We pissed over her and the dripping fluid steamed up.  As the fire was starting to get serious she was twisting and turning, trying to get away.  We took her off the pit still attached to the pole.  Her skin exposed to the fire had a nice pinkish tone. We got out the food and barbeque.  Time to party.


We turned the pole so Karen was now face up and propped it up against a rock so her head was higher.  Phil straddled her face and lowered his cock into her mouth.

He had a beer in one hand and a brat in another..  Could a weekend be any better??  Phil drank his beer and munched on a brat while Karen was sucking on his dick.  He took his beer and poured a little over Karens head.  “Have a drink Bitch.”

We took turns with Karen.  It was fun watching her trying so hard to please us.


After we were done eating we decide to turn in for the night as we had a long day.  We took Karen off the pole and placed a metal collar around her neck and chained her near the tents.  I would awake during the night to moaning and grunting.  One by one the guys would awake and make their way to Karen.

Finally I had to get up. Karen was on top of Jack.  It was enticing sight on the moonlit night with the glow from the waning fire providing a warm tone.  I made my way and straddled her butt.

I slapped her butt back and forth.  Finally I began to push my dick into her ass.  On this beautiful night I was double fucking this bitch with my friend Jack.  Karen was desperate to try to please us, to avoid more punishment.  This is what a whore does.  She feels like she must but she really wants it all.

I got into a smooth rhythm as Jacks was below her fucking her pussy and I was above in her ass.

I was slapping her ass while Jack worked over her titties.  I knew she was enjoying.  I realized she was too much of a whore not too.  A slut is a slut.  I could feel Jacks cock inside her.  As we were double raping this slut she began to groan again.  She was begging for more as our cocks were buried deeper inside her.

I couldnt believe it.  Karen was beginning to moan loudly.  She was screaming and she was going to orgasm.  How many orgasms could this slut have?

I had always believed that women really wanted it like this.  They really want to be taken, forced, and raped.  This is the natural process.  This bitch was proving this.  Thinking again about her having another forced orgasm made me cum in her ass.  Jack came in her pussy and the cum flowed freely from her holes.  What a fucking slut.


As light appeared in the horizon we got up for a day on the boat.  We tied Karens hands behind her back and gave her water in a dish with scraps in another.   She would have to eat like a dog, like the dumb bitch she was.  She had to grovel for her food and water.  It would be a long day on the boat; she could not even imagine what was coming. 

To Be Continued.

(Karen a bar hopper, has been kidnapped and taken by boat to an island in Lake Superior.

She has been dragged behind the boat, exposed to the sun and raped.  Her kidnappers, a group of camping, fishing friends are now taking to the island.)

(Karen spent the evening and night at the island.  She was tormented at an impaling pole and a cross.  Later she was raped and tortured at the camp and fucked again during the night.)


Oh God this is not real.  I am eating like a dog. AHHHH Everything hurts.  These guys are animals.  How --can this be happening.  What are they going to do next? 

“AHHH.  No I m not going back to the boat.”

I want to die.   No I cant die yet.  Just leave me alone.  What are the doing. 

“Wait, let me rest, noooooo.”  “No More.”

“No take that off.  “I cant walk with that.”

OH this hurts, I cant walk

“AHHHH stop it, AHHHH stop whipping me with those belts. Please!  Ill go. Please.”

“Fucking Bitch, get moving.”  “WHAAAAACK”

We had wrapped a heavy chain around Karens ankles.  The chain was heavy and hobbled her roughly attached to each ankle.

She struggled pulling the chain, one leg at a time. 

As soon as she stopped moving we let her have it with our belts.

“I cant go on.  The chain is too heavy.  Uhhh, trying to drag this chain.  I cant, no not the belt.”

“Stop it, no more, please AHHHHHHH.”


The BITCH was dragging the chain through the sandy beach stumbling and begging.   Every time she fell we got to hit her with our belts.  Finally she reached the water but before she got knee deep she fell again to her knees and hands.  I knelt behind her in the water and in a moment I had my hands on her ass.  I was hard as a rock again watching Karen helpless in the water.  In a moment I was insider her.  Jack knelt in the water by her head and grabbed her by the hair.

My God help me.  I am raped again.  This is insane.  I cant breathe; no I am going to drown.  Let me up. NOOOO.

Jack had pushed Karens head underwater and she was thrashing around.  I was fucking her harder and harder as it was so hot fucking the bitch while she was drowning.   Jack pulled her head out of the water as Karen gasped for air.  “Please, dont drown me.”  She coughed out her plea in fits between spitting up water.

“You gonna fuck nice like the whore you are and suck cock.?”   

“Please, anything, just dont push my head underwater.”

“Just as I thought, fucking slut doesnt take too much convincing.”

In a moment she was sucking Jack while I was fucking her pussy hard.  The waves and water was sloshing around us.  I was raping her pussy while Jack was face fucking her.  Phil took Jacks place and grabbed her hair.  “Ready to suck some more cock, Bitch.?”

“Yes, Please Sir.” 

OH God what can I do?.  How much can I take.  Will this ever stop?  Will they ever have enough?  OHHH, he is fucking me so hard.  MY PUSSY ACHES.   Why wont he just cum.

When my friends had finished I came inside her.  I slapped her ass as hard as I could. 



We helped her to the back of our boat anchored nearby.   We swung around a small winch on the end of the boat.  Tying her wrists behind her back we attached the cable from the winch to her wrists and hoisted her out of the water.

“AHHHHHH” Karen screamed in agony not heard before. 

Karens shoulders were on fire in searing pain as she swung out of the water with the heavy chain still attached to her ankles.  We moved the boat to deeper water and released the winch sending Karen into the water dragged down by her chain.  We winched her up out of the water.  She was choking and spitting up water.   We dropped the chain again sending her beneath the water.  This time we only pulled her half out of the water again choking.  We started moving the boat slowly dragging her through the water.

I released the winch slightly , put Karen underwater again then pulling her up again.  Again she was choking.

I pulled her up so she was even with the deck and we could look straight at her.

“Please dont dunk me again.  My shoulders are burning.  My arms. Please.”

Finally we pulled her on board took off the chain and left her crumpled in a corner of the deck as we headed out for some fishing. We had a good catch and settled down for lunch.  Jack pulled Karen out of the ball she had wrapped up in the corner.  We tied her tight kneeling back against a pole on the deck.  I tied her again around her neck and forehead so her head was secure. 


Phil approached her with a medium sized fish hook.

“OH God no, what are your going to do with that?”  “Stop. Please I have done everything you wanted. No more.”

Phil let her go on for a while as he let her see the hook.  Karen was hysterical pleading with Phil

I grabbed her upper lip and Phil ran the hook from the inside out through her lip, hooking into her cheek.  “Feel like a fish?”  Phil held the hook and pulled Karens lip around.  He pulled the hook one way and then another.

She struggled but could barely move her head and any movement only made the torment worse.

He pulled on the hook and twisted it tormenting her.  She tried to beg but speech was hard with the hook pulling on her lip.

OHHH no, what can be next?  OH it hurts.  I cant take any more. Please stop.  I cant think.  Everything is painful.  NOOOO. Not another one.

“AHHHHNOOOOOOO.”  .  I cant take the pain any more.  What are they doing?  OH MY GOD not more.  Wait, wait.  I cantalk any more.


My lips are pulled apart in every corner.   NOOO.  Not there too.

We had taken another hook on the other side of her face and then ran line though them tying them together behind her head.  Her upper lips were now grotesquely pulled up and apart.

Karen could no longer talk only grunt.  We then took two more hooks attaching them to her lower lip and tying them together behind her head. 

For the finale I took a hook and ran it through the middle of her top lip pulling it up.  I then slowly pushed the through her nose.

Karens face was now cruelly distended.  Tears were running down her face.  Her lips were pulled out to the four corners and her mouth was wide open trying to relieve the pain to her lips.

I placed the tip of my cock on her tongue.  “Lick it Bitch.”  I teased her tongue with my dick and then set my balls on her tongue.  Lick it slut or Ill cut your tongue off. Slowly she licked at my cock as that was all she could do.  I pushed my cock against her lips which pulled against the hooks.

I slowly push my hard cock down her throat.  She started to gag but could do little to hold back the choking.

She was completely helpless and any movements were extremely painful.

Her situation was pitiful as she could not even scream. 

Karen was coughing as I moved my cock further down her throat.  I finally bottomed out and she began a fitful choking.  I thought she was going to choke to death so I pulled it back out. 

I cant breathe. Oh God help me.



Karen choked and finally puked.  I took my now very hard cock and rubbed along her gums.

I played with her tongue and then began to fuck her throat AGAIN.  I grabbed her hair and pulled as I slapped her on the top of the head.  “Come on you worthless piece of meat, lick that cock.”

Her head was mine to torture. I came over her face, the cum running down into her mouth. 

Phil was next up as I sat down to enjoy a beer.  Fucking her throat he slapped her ears until they were beet red. Like me he finally came on her face.  Each of m friends followed leaving her face cum covered, red and swollen.

Poor Karen thought since we were done fucking her pathetic bitch face we would remove the hooks.


Phil took another hook and impaled Karens tongue with string attached it to another hook through her nipple.  Phil played with the string pulling on the hooks in her nipple and tongue.  He then attached another hook to her tongue and then to her other nipple.

Karen was a pathetic sight and the piss flowed as we emptied our bladders over her cum covered face. 

We sat and watched the pain in her face as the piss dripped through her hair and down her face.

I slapped her tits which pulled on the hooks in her tongue. 


The only sound she could make was guttural throat noises.

We left Karen to sit in the sun in tight bondage, cum and piss covered.  I was so hard watching her I had to jack-off over her head.  I watched mycum drip down her tortured face.

Karens mind was almost gone.  Please stop this.  Take out the hooks.  OHHH the pain.


Dont slap my tits. Oh, I cant take it. God help me.

Let me die, Please.

Take out the hooks.

NOOOOO. Take that hand out of m mouth. No more.

My hand was in Karens mouth.  I could cause such pain just by twisting and turning my hand.

It was so beautiful to watch the look in her eyes, the fear, the terror, so sweet.

Yes we took the hooks out of Karens mouth.  When we were done her mouth was red and swollen.  I began to kiss her hard on the lips, sucking on her swollen lips and mouth.  I could look right into her eyes and see the pain as I kissed her swollen mouth harder and harder.


The afternoon passed wonderfully.  We fished, drank beer and tormented Karen.  Tied to the pole, unable to move she was tormented by one after another.    I pushed my cock against her face, against her swollen lips inside her mouth finally cumming again on her face.  We worked her tits with our hands.  Twisting, pinching, pulling, slapping.  They became as swollen and red as her face.

With the sun getting lower we called it a day on the lake and headed back to our campground.  We released Karen from her bonds.  She slumped to the deck hardly able to move.

“Ok Karen sweet, rest now and you can enjoy the fireworks on the island with us this evening.”

OHHHH, I hope they leave me alone.

“Please sirs, no more.”  “I cant take more.”

“Sure Karen, you have been through a lot.  You can relax tonight and rest.”

“OH Sirs, Thank You. Let me suck you. Please.”

Karen wanted to do anything to avoid more torture.  As we headed back to the island the whore was giving me a nice blow job hoping to convince us that she could satisfy our needs without torture.

As she was sucking my dick I looked around at my friends.  They were all smiles, I got thumbs up all around. 

We headed back again to our island.  The warm sun, the cool breeze along with the dumb fucking slut sucking my dick made for a beautiful afternoon.

To Be Continued


(Karen a bar hopper, has been kidnapped and taken by boat to an island in Lake Superior.

She has been dragged behind the boat, exposed to the sun and raped.  Her kidnappers, a group of camping, fishing friends are now taking to the island.)

(Karen spent the evening and night at the island.  She was tormented at an impaling pole and a cross.  Later she was raped and tortured at the camp and fucked again during the night.)

(Karen was fucked hard on the way to the boat and suspended over the water.  She was brutally face fucked with her mouth held open by fish hooks. Her head was tortured as we enjoyed the afternoon fishing on the lake.)

The Calm before the Storm

Arriving back at the island, we made Karen comfortable, gave her drinks and treated her injuries.

We all relaxed and took some time to chill.

“Karen, we want to you to be one of us, think of this as an initiation.”

“You can just be one of our gang.”

“Oh please, that would be great; I can be good to you guys.”

“Come on Karen, lets go over by the beach and set off some fire works.”

“OK, I love fireworks.  Ill keep you guys happy while we watch.”

“Youll see, I can keep you guys happy, give me a chance.”

“HMMMM Bob I love your cock. So good to suck.”

We started out shooting off fire works.  Karen was busy sucking my cock and jerking off Phil.

“OH I love taking care of you guys.”   “Oh look at the fire works.”  “This is so much fun.”

Karen had to be hurting from all the abuse but she was hiding it well.   She was desperate to please us.

“Karen you are doing so well”

“Ok, Im going to lie down and you get on top of me and let me fuck your pussy and Jack will fuck you in the ass from behind.”

“OHHH, Bob Id love that.”


Jack and I were double fucking Karen.  She had to be in terrible pain from her injuries but she kept up a smile.

We began fucking her as hard as we could.  It was such fun knowing Karen was doing everything she could to please us and not let on to the pain she was in.  “

“Fuck me Bob, fuck me harder. Fuck my ass Jack, Fuck my pussy. OHHHHHH.”

“You guys are great.  AHHHHHHH.”

“Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me”

I got to keep these guys happy.  God help me. It hurts so much.  Everything hurts but I have to keep them satisfied. 

“AHHHHHH, yea, thats it, fuck me .”

Oh how can I keep it up, I have to. I have to have the strength.

“OHH Jack cum in my ass.  That feels so good.”  “Let me clean your cock.”

“PHIL, fuck my ass next.  Bob you feel so good in my pussy.  Yea yea.”

“Im going to fuck your pussy from behind, two cocks in your pussy.”

Phil eased his cock into her pussy.  Our cocks were in there together and the feeling was great.

Fucking a whore with your friend, how much better could it be.  We could feel her pussy being stretched.

We both tried to shove in together stretching her as far as we could. “

“Oh yes, Please.  It feels so good”

How can I take it, I have to have the strength,  OHHH does that hurt.

With two cocks in her pussy Jack got back into the action finger fucking her asshole.

Cum dripped from her pussy as we both came inside her


“MORE MORE  Please guys fuck me hard.  You feel so good.  Yes.”

Everyone had a turn and Karen did not disappoint anyone. 

When we were done Karen was exhausted.

“You guys were great, that was so hot.  I have never been so hot.”

I took my hand and wiped the cum dripping from her sloppy pussy and gave it to her to lick up and swallow.

We sat around and had some beers and blew off some fireworks.

“I really love being with you guys.”

Karen, you were really great, we want to do something special to thank you.

“Look what we have for you.”

“NO, I did everything you wanted.  NOO.”

Karen tried to run but was easily caught.


The guys brought out a short cross made of old pine tree limbs.  There were numerous branch stubs still protruding ominously.   One long stub was on the upright limb. The cross was pushed into a hole in the ground and steadied.  Then we lifted Karen up to the cross beam which was little higher than her normal height.  Instead of tying her arms to the cross beam we put her arms over the back of the beam so she was supported by her arm pits.    Her wrists were tied down to the upright.  We then tied her ankles to the upright with a 90 degree bend in her knees.

Her pelvis was thrust outward by the limb left protruding 12 inches which pushed against her lower back.

Karen was screaming and yelling.  “Please, NOOO. I gangbanged you, I did everything you wanted.”

“Dont do this to me, please dont do this.”

Oh my God, what is next?  What are they going to do with me?  I cant take this.  Everything hurts.

OH the cross is so rough.

“Please no more.”  “Let me down.”


Stop this craziness.  What is wrong with these guys?

Karen was hanging from this short rough cross.  Her naked body exposed for us.  We sat down to have a beer and watch the sunset.  What a beautiful day on the lake and thing were going to get better, if Karen only knew.

How can they just sit there? What are they going to do?  I cant take the pain.

“Take me down.  This is crazy.”

Watching the sunset and seeing Karen in such distress on her torture cross was such beautiful time.


The sun had set and it was time for some fireworks.

We had boxes of fire cracker and now the real fun would begin. Jack put on a leather glove and lit a firecracker.  Holding it as long as he could he tossed it at Karen on her cross.  It bounced off her breasts and exploded on the way to the ground.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  “Are you crazy?  STOP STOP.”

We all put on leather gloves so we could light the fire crackers and hold them till just before they would go off.  Firecrackers were flying at Karen from all angles.  Some would explode before and some would fall to the ground and explode below her.

Finally we started to get the range as several exploded just as they hit her.  Each left a punishing burnt wound.  Karen was hysterical now screaming for us to stop.  It became a contest as each of tried harder to score a hit. Karen was screaming, pulling and twisting.  Each firecracker was a terror.  There were burns on her shoulders, tits, belly and legs as we became more skilled at timing our throwing.

“Watch this one.”  “Look at that.”  “Yea, good throw.”  “Good hit.”  “Yea right on her tit.”

It was a crazy scene.  It was almost dark and Karen hung on the cross with firecrackers exploding all around her and sometimes on her.  She was terrified, so many firecrackers from different angles, exploding.

We stopped to watch her wailing and begging, hanging from the cross now in complete terror.


We got up to check out the damage.  We ran our hands over the burns.  Phil quickly impaled her cunt with his cock and started to fuck her furiously.  He was so turned on by the firecracker throwing. He fucked her harder and harder driving her mercilessly into the tree. I looked her right in the eye to see the pain and the fear

“Yea.” Phil screamed. “Take it you fucking cunt.”

“Fuck her hard Phil.”  “Drive her into that cross”

Phil came in her fucking slut pussy, fucking her as violently as I had ever seen.”

Phil was done and it was my turn. A little slower, more deliberate but just as much fun

I pushed close to Karen on her mini-cross.

“Bitch, I am going to fuck you, you little worthless piece of bitch meat.  “

“Your only value to us is fuck and torture.”  “By tomorrow you will be dead.”

“Please Bob, please Sir, no.”

As she pleaded I was inside her, fucking her pussy again.  I fucked her hard driving her back into the limb behind her.  Her body hung cruelly on the rough pine limbs.  Every thrust punished her already torn body even more. 

“Please, No more. Please.”

I took time to explore burn marks from the fire crackers.  I fucked her slowly taking time,   listening to her cries of pain.  I thrust deep pushing hard and then tormented a burnt part of her flesh.  I finished adding to the mess inside her.


Karen was taken down from the cross.  She was babbling nonsense thinking the firecracker torment was over.  What a dumb fucking bitch!  We raised her up again this time facing the cross.  Again her arms were hung over the cross bar.  Her legs were tied with her knees bent so her ass was pushed out.

For Karen there was now a whole new set of pain.  New muscles and tendons were now stretched.  New pieces of bitch flash were rubbing up against the cruel bark of the pine tree.  Her head was just above the cross beam, her tits just below.

Karens body was now a ragged mess of bruises, burns and cuts.

All of the firecracker hits had been to the front of Karens body as we were facing her.  Jack found a box of fish hooks and began to attach firecrackers by their fuse to the loop end.   He then hooked a fish hook to Karens ass.

He lit the fire cracker hanging by a fish hook.  When it blew Karen bucked straining against her restraints.

We looked back at her ass and the firecracker had torn the hook right out leaving a burn and gouge where the hook had been.  “Fuck yea, this is good shit.”  “Cool. Let me light the next one.”


“Holy shit."  Look at that.  “Fuck ya, do more.

We were all riled up with our fireworks fun. 

Karens screams had turn to cries and sobbing.  We had a diabolical idea.  We placed two hooks together with a firecracker each and lit them together. 


We each took a turn with a single firecracker.  Karen would scream as she felt the hook in her butt.

Then we would pull on it so she cold really feel the hook bite in.  When it was lit she could feel the heat and would begin to buck and scream even louder in panic know what was coming.  Then there was the bang and even more pain.

It was time for some serious ass fucking.

To Be continued


(Karen a bar hopper, has been kidnapped and taken by boat to an island in Lake Superior.

She has been dragged behind the boat, exposed to the sun and raped.  Her kidnappers, a group of camping, fishing friends are now taking to the island.)

(Karen spent the evening and night at the island.  She was tormented at an impaling pole and a cross.  Later she was raped and tortured at the camp and fucked again during the night.)

(Karen was fucked hard on the way to the boat and suspended over the water.  She was brutally face fucked with her mouth held open by fish hooks. Her head was tortured as we enjoyed the afternoon fishing on the lake.)

(Karen was treated for injuries and led to believe her torture was over.  She was fucked and double fucked.  The she was hung two ways from a rough cross and burned with firecrackers and fucked some more.)


Karen was hanging facing the cross.  Her butt was bloody mess and it was pushed out.  I slapped her tortured ass and then started pushing my cock onto her asshole.  It was easy to cause her extreme pain with each thrust.  The gouges and burns made ready targets for slaps.  I came in her ass and Phil followed me.

As he fucked her I went to the other side of the cross and grabbed her hair.

“You are gong to die Bitch.”  I hope you are having fun, we are.”

“Karen was babbling nonsense.  He face was contorted in pain and still suffering from the fish hook torture.

Karen was grotesque. Her whole body was a tortured mess.

I held her head and watched her face as she experienced even more pain.  It was odd to think that someone experiencing so much suffering would respond to even more pain.  It was chilling and yet so exhilarating.

Again her ass dripped cum as each of took our turn raping her ass. 


When we were done we dropped her off the cross and went off to have some beers. We watched her crawling toward the woods.  She couldnt stand or walk, only crawl on all fours. What a pathetic piece of meat she was.  We watched laughing at her painful attempt to escape.

We let her get to the woods, she could not get far and there was nowhere to go anyway.  We knew how painful it was for her try to get away.  It would be fun for the stupid bitch to think she was getting away and then drag her back to camp.

Finally we were ready for our next fireworks display but we had to round up Karen.

“Where do you think you are going, Bitch.”  “You dont want to miss the fun!”

“Please let me go.  Havent you done enough?  Please just let me go.”

We roped her by the ankles and dragged her back to camp.  Her ragged body ripped even more as she was scrapped along the ground.

“Please no more, Please.”


It was time for our grand finale.  We raised her one more time on the trusty cross.  This time her legs were wrapped over the cross bar and she hung head first facing away from the cross.   It is a most unnatural position for the legs and knees and again resulted in more screams of agony.  Karens head hung down, suspended by her legs bent at the knees on the cross bar.

We watched her hang, completely helpless.  She had suffered so much.  She was beaten bruised and burned but had suffered no major damage.   That was about to change.  I put five firecrackers in her exposed pussy and then one in her asshole.  She could feel them and became hysterical.  Again she begged, she would do anything just dont light those firecrackers.  When would this dumb whore learn?

I knelt so she could suck my dick one more time.  How pathetic.  This is all a whore knows how to do, suck cock.  I let her suck, begging not to hurt her anymore.  The cum dripped down her swollen stupid face.

The guys followed me.  Another blowjob, BFD.  They wanted to fire off those firecrackers and roast her pussy and ass.


I removed all but one firecracker from her cunt and tucked the firecracker it tight in her pussy next to he clit.  We let it sit there a while taunting her.

“We ready for some hot pussy.!

“You are real hot chick.”

“We want some explosive sex.

I lit the fuse and Karen started to struggle as she felt the heat getting closer but nothing happened.

I had lit a dummy fuse not attached to the fire cracker.  LOL

But I now lit the real thing. “BANG”


I didnt think with Karens condition we would get that kind of response out of her.  She was jerking and convulsing.

Her pussy was right in front of us as she was hanging from the crossbeam upside down.   WE could just see a bloody mess.  We examined her wrecked pussy, pulling and pushing.

Karen was crying and screaming. 

I pushed in another and lit the fuse. Again Karen shook. 

“YEAYEA, Blow her up. Excellent. Do some more.”

This was such good shit we couldnt believe it.  I put in another. Karen was jerking around in terror.

I took a lighter but instead of lighting the fuse I started to burn the inside of her thighs. The skin was turning pink.  Karen passed out form the pain.  As she was hanging head down we took turns pissing on her face till she woke up.

This was such crazy fun.  Karen was in total torture, screaming and crying.  What could be worse?

I then shoved one in her asshole.  It seemed to be more smothered but the effect was still good so I tried several more.   Now I moved close.  I slapped the burnt inside of her thighs.  I finger fucked her destroyed pussy and asshole.  What a fucking mess.

We dumped the stupid bitch to the ground.  We had one more treat for he before she died.  We didnt know how long she had left and didnt want her to miss the fun.  We took Karen off the cross and laid her on an old tree log.  I straddled her over her belly on the log and took a fire cracker and laid it on her breast and lit it.

The cracker exploded and the tit rocked back and forth with a large burn mark

Slowly I lit several more burning the inside of each tit.

I then tittie fucked her as hard as I could.   I rubbed my cock hard against the burned flesh of her breasts. Each of my friends followed with another fire cracker and some more tittie fucking.  It was really brutal as her tits were now blobs of burnt flesh.

Karen seemed barely conscious.  She wasnt going anywhere but we tied her down to spend her last hours alone in pain, surely she would die during the night. I fell asleep quickly but awoke during the night to unmistakable sounds.  Unbelievable, my friends were up fucking Karens bloody pussy and ass or what was left of it. 

Sun Up Surprise

Sun up the next morning and Bitch Karen was still alive, no one had expected this.

We were really excited.  More fun. Karen was still conscious and looked up at me. I slapped her around on her head.  It was special to hear her last moans knowing she would die soon.

I took a fire cracker and pushed it into her left ear drum.  She shook her head feebly.

I could only imagine the pain as the cracker exploded in her ear.  She shuddered and convulsed.

I slapped her bloody ear.  Fucking Bitch.

Phil was fucking her bloody pussy one more time.  I put another firecracker in her other ear.

“BANG”  Blood ran now from both ear drums. 

I looked at her eyes, they were glazed over but she was still conscious.

I then place one on her left eye.  She could hardly motion but I could see the pleading in her eyes.

“Time to DIE cunt.”  Jack was fucking her now and I left the cracker on her eye lid for effect.

She had enough strength to shake her head and move it off.

I took the cracker and pushed down into her eye socked and lit it. This left a bloody mess in her eye socket. 

The remains of her eye were all over her face.  I took my cock and rubbed it around pushing down into her eye socket rubbing the head of my cock in the exposed remains of her eye socket.

I thought she was gone but put another firecracker on her other eye just for the fun of it.

Karen was gone now but we could still have fun with her body.  Both eyeball sockets were a blown out mess.  I put firecrackers in her nostrils and watched her nose blow apart.  I then started on her mouth.  Even though she was dead it was fun to watch her face being blown apart.  The other guys were still fucking her bloody pussy while I put one firecracker after another in her mouth.  Her face was now beyond recognition.

There were bloody parts all over to dispose of.

We took Karens body to the boat and set off on the lake.  We cut the body up in parts throwing pieces off the back and watch the seagulls following and picking up parts.   Pieces of flesh were used to bait our hooks for fishing and by the time we returned there was nothing left.  On the ride home we would have time to relive the many high points of our trip and think of plans for next years trip coming up.


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