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Hogtied at Hogwarts: Slave Girls in the Wizarding World

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Synopsis: In this kinky BDSM-themed FanFic, Harry discovers that using his magical powers to conquer beautiful witches and to force them to submit to him sexually can lead to a very pleasurable life indeed

Hogtied at Hogwarts: Slave Girls in the Wizarding World

Chapter 1 : Slytherin Bitches

The first thing that you would have noticed about that dark Hogwarts hallway was how quiet it was. None of the normal student chatter could be heard in this part of the castle. Periods of absolute quiet were broken by the slow drips from a leaking pipe somewhere. Every so often, the sound of a rat scurrying across the floor, searching in vain for crumbs on the stone floor, could be heard. The noise of a doxy gnawing on the leg of a desk would suddenly echo through the black passages, and then be gone as quickly as it had come. It seemed as if time itself had stopped in this place. There were, however, two more forms in the darkness that had only recently come to these forgotten hallways. And these two forms were on a mission.

Harry and Ron crouched in a dark classroom, looking out on the empty Hogwarts hallway. Abandoned due to a bad boggart infestation, this part of the castle hadnt been used in years. It wasnt a pleasant place to be. It had the advantage, though, of being the one place where Harry and Ron knew their targets would pass every day without the protection of the Professors or the other Slytherin students.

       “Are we seriously going to go through with this?!” Ron asked nervously, glancing around with a worried look on his face.

“Yes.” Harry responded. “Dont worry. Weve planned it all out, remember? Every day, the three of them walk down this hallway. They are the only ones who ever come this way. Everyone else just takes the main hallway because it is more direct. Well have plenty of time to deal with them.”

Ron nodded, but he still looked unconvinced.

Harry looked out at the hallway resolutely. He had been planning this for far too long to back out now.

*    *    *

Harry and Ron had to wait another twenty minutes, but finally the focus of the day came down the hallway.

The three Slytherin girls strutted arrogantly down the hall. Dressed in green and silver accessories, the girls, like always, had made sure to look their best. They had become very skilled at making the other girls jealous and attracting handsome purebloods boys to their bed chamber at night. Despite walking down these filthy hallways every day, their designer clothing remained spotless (an anti-grime jinx, Harry supposed). This forgotten hallway had become their daily path because it gave them the chance to exchange nasty rumors about the other students with each other without getting in trouble with the Professors.

Pansy Parkinson was walking in the middle and slightly ahead of the group with a smirk of dominance upon her face. She was the leader of the group and the other girls always did what she said. For girls in Slytherin, popularity depended on what Pansy thought of you. Get in her good graces and you were assured a place at the top of the social hierarchy. Fail to impress her and no one in Slytherin would bother to talk to you again. Thus the girls always went out of their way to please Pansy.

Daphne Greengrass and her younger sister Astoria, one on either side, walked with Pansy, obediently laughing at all the right times when Pansy made a joke.  At that moment, Pansy was telling her worshipers about class that day, “…and then that Mudblood bitch, Hermione Granger, started whining that the topic Professor Snape had given her for her potions essay wasnt in her precious little textbook or the library she lives in. Snape told her, in front of the whole class, that if she had any common sense to go along with her book smarts, she would have asked him to borrow one of his books on the topic. She started blinking back tears and her lip started trembling so much I thought she was going to start bawling like a toddler right in the middle of class! She is such a weak pitiful little cunt.” Daphne and Astoria snickered at Pansys story. They all hated Hermione.

“Wait til they go by…” Harry whispered. The girls, totally engaged in bashing Hermione, didnt see the boys crouching in the shadows.

“Now!” whispered Harry. Standing, Ron and Harry pointed their wands at their female targets and yelled “Stupefy!” Bolts of red light shot out from the two boys wands and headed straight for the girls. Rons spell hit Daphne in the back, causing her to immediately collapse. Harrys slammed into Astorias head, knocking her violently to the ground. Pansy whorled around in shock and stared for a second in horror and disbelief at Harry and Ron. “STUPEFY!!” bellowed Ron and Harry together, sending two spells that rammed into Pansys well-endowed chest.  The spell knocked Pansy clear off of her feet and she crashed onto the castle floor.

Harry and Ron dashed up to admire their work. All three Slytherin girls were laying there unconscious. Harry could see large bumps forming on their heads from where they hit the dungeon floor. Harry smirked. That would cause all three of them nasty headaches when they woke up. Ron ran his hand through his red hair and looked with disbelief at the three girls lying before him. “I cant believe our plan actually worked! We took all three of them out in a few seconds!” he said in amazement, “I just cant believe it!”

Harry held up his wand once more, “Its not done yet. Lets get these bitches stripped and tied up before they regain consciousness. Well practice that stripping spell I told you about.”  Standing back, Harry waved his wand at Pansy, “Nudencia!” Immediately, Pansys robes started pulling themselves up off of her body, undressing her in a quick fashion. As Pansys robes came up over her hips, Harry smirked. Pansy wasnt wearing any panties beneath her robe. What a slut, Harry thought to himself.

It took only half a minute for Pansy to be completely stripped by the spell and lie naked before the grinning boys. Ron proceeded to practice the stripping spell on Daphne, admiring her well-developed breasts after she was completely nude, while Harry cast the spell on young Astoria, causing her to collapse back on the ground naked with her naked ass in the air.

“Alright, now for the binding spell. Remember that in order to bind them correctly, you have to imagine in your mind exactly how you want them to look when they are tied.” Harry demonstrated, again on Pansy, “Incarcerous!” Ropes appeared out of thin air and started wrapping themselves around Pansys wrists and ankles. Her arms were forced together behind her back and her legs were bound to each other. The ropes then brought themselves together, pulling Pansys naked body into a hogtie. Harry nodded, “There. Easy as pie.”

Ron and Harry proceeded to bind Daphne and Astorias naked bodies similarly with the binding spell. They had been especially sure to practice this spell over the summer on an apartment store manikin that Rons father had secretly collected. They didnt want their prey to escape once they had captured them.

It was Harry who initiated the final touch in the girls bondage. Waving his wand, three dirty rags suddenly appeared out of thin air and stuffed themselves into the mouths of the three Slytherin girls. Ron snickered at this. Hed always said that these three had dirty mouths. These grime-covered rags seemed especially appropriate. Three ropes also appeared, forcing themselves between the Slytherin girls teeth and then tying themselves behind their heads. No speech would be heard from them as long as that gag was in their mouths.

“And in case they wake up too soon, Ill put them under a full body bind curse so that they dont attract any undue attention.” Harry explained. “Petrificus Totalus” exclaimed Harry authoritatively as he waved his wand. Pansys unconscious naked body suddenly went stiff. Even if she were to awake, there was no way for her to summon help from anyone now, which was just how Harry wanted her. Ron practiced the spell on Astoria while Harry finished off with Daphne.

“Alright, now for the transportation…” Harry muttered to himself, waving his wand again. There was no immediate change to the girls. Turning to Ron, Harry explained, “That spell was to make the girls seem as if they are feather light. That should make them much easier to take with us.” Rolling up his sleeves, Harry waved his want again, “Wingardium Leviosa!” Pansy Parkinsons nude hogtied body was pulled into the air, where it hovered, weightless. Ron waved his wand and Daphne and Astoria Greengrass did the same. Harry and Ron grinned at each other. They could not believe how easy this had been. Here they had three unconscious bound Slytherin girls that they could move wherever they wanted and do with as they pleased. It was going to be Heaven for them…and Hell for the girls.

“We cant just bring the girls in like this, obviously. We need some cover.” Harry pondered to himself. With a wave of his wand, three burlap sacks appeared out of thin air. Opening by themselves, they each slid over one of the three girls and then magically tied themselves shut, trapping the girls in the musty interior. Another rope formed out of nowhere and tied the three sacks of girl together in a line.

Suddenly a loud crash echoed out behind them. Ron and Harry whorled around in shock, expecting the worst. All that was behind them, however, was a rat scurrying away from the long forgotten cauldron it had knocked off of a desk.

Ron shivered, “Come on. Lets get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.” Harry nodded in silent agreement. Pulling the rope behind them, Ron and Harry made their way down the hall toward the occupied section of the castle, the three girls floating behind them, concealed beneath the burlap sacks.

*    *   *

They were only a few hundred feet from the entrance to the Gryffindor common room when it happened.

“Mr. Potter! Mr. Weasley! What do you have there?” Harry and Ron froze as they heard Professor McGonagalls voice behind them. Harry had a sudden fleeting fantasy where he had brought his invisibility cloak, somehow fit Ron and him and all three girls under it, and avoided being sent to Azkaban for sexual abuse of his fellow students. Realizing that he was not in that fantasy, Harry slowly turned around and glanced up at Professor McGonagalls stern face.

“Oh, these?” Harry shifted his feet uncomfortably, looking nervously at the floating bags, “Well, these are just some…um…well…some…you know…”

“Some brooms!” Ron saved.

“Yeah, brooms!” Harry echoed a little too quickly, “Thats what these are!”

There was a short pause where Professor McGonagall raised her eyebrows and waited for them to continue. Ron attempted to, “The reason we have them is … well… we were just…um…”

“…taking them upstairs,” Harry finished, “because some of the other students in Gryffindor said that theyd help us clean them and get them ready for the big match tomorrow! Thats why.”

Ron nodded enthusiastically. McGonagall, however, looked skeptical.

“And why dont you just clean them in the storage area where all the cleaning supplies are?” she asked.

Ron piped up this time, feeling slightly more confident about his ability to lie. “We just thought it would be more comfortable for everyone if we did it in the common room where we could sit on the couches and chat while we work.”

“I see.” Professor McGonagall said with a slight hint of displeasure in her voice, “Well, alright. Just remember that you are not allowed to fly on them indoors. The last thing we need is for one of the students to crash into something and get hurt. And dont go dripping any of the cleaning supplies on the carpet! Also, I dont want you making a habit of filling the common room with brooms. It isnt a storage room.”

“We wont.” Harry and Ron said together.

“Alright then, off you go.” Professor McGonagall sniffed. She turned and walked purposefully down the hallway to continue her rounds, soon turning a corner and leaving the boys behind.

Ron wiped his forehead, “Phew! That was a close one, mate! Imagine what she would have said if she had found three unconscious naked girls tied up in our bags. Now lets get these bitches back to the Gryffindor common room before anyone else can hassle us!” They both hurried on.

*    *    *

Hermiones nose was buried in a book as she walked down quickly down the hall, somehow avoiding crashing into the other students that she passed. She was returning from (where else?) the library after having worked on her essay for Charms class. She stopped in front of the entrance to the Gryffindor common room.

“Password?” Asked the Fat Lady.

Hermione sighed. The Fat Lady had let her into the Gryffindor common room several times a day for years, but every time she was still required to give the password. Hermione didnt understand why simply showing her face from behind the book wasnt enough. But rules were rules. “Blubber mouth” Hermione responded, giving the new password. The Fat Lady snorted, “Same to you!” but the portrait swung open, and Hermione stepped in, her eyes still glancing over the pages of the book.

Hermione continued to flip through her book as she walked into the common room, looking over the various properties of rune stones. When she reached the center of the common room she glanced up casually and stopped suddenly in her tracks. For a moment, she was so shocked by what she saw that she couldnt make a sound. Her mouth just opened and closed silently. Then finally, “Wha..Whats going on?!”

There, floating in the air in front of her, completely naked, were Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass, and her younger sister Astoria Greengrass. Yellow glowing rings had been locked around their wrists and ankles, pulling their nude bodies in a tight spread eagle fashion in the air. The dirty rags from their mouths had been replaced by large dildos that had been strapped in place, causing the three girls to constantly gag on them. The looks on their faces showed that they werent having a good time. Around them stood about twenty Gryffindor students, all of them grinning ear to ear.

“Like our new toys, Hermione?” asked George brightly, “Ron and Harry captured them this afternoon. Weve been playing with them ever since.” Ginny giggled. Judging by the welts on their bodies, however, Hermione could tell that the Slytherin girls would not have called what happened to them “play”.

“What are… are you doing to them?” Hermione asked, the shock of the whole situation hitting her hard.

Harry grinned and patted Daphnes nude ass, “Were making these Slytherin sluts into slave girls for the Gryffindor house. Ive been planning this for months!”

A very worried look formed itself on Hermiones face as she stared up at the distressed girls. Hermione shifted from one foot to the other fearfully as she turned back to Harry and said, her voice quivering, “But you cant do this, Harry!…Oh dear! Oh dear!...You cant!” Hermione started pacing back and forth nervously, glancing up at the girls every so often as if she was afraid they were about to summon a professor. “Oh, we are going to get in so much trouble for this… “Hermione fretted. But the Slytherin girls, gagged as they were, could do nothing.

Harry reached up and squeezed Pansys boob, causing her to moan, before responding, “You know these sluts have been gossiping and mocking us for years. Why shouldnt we take revenge?”

Hermione glanced with distress back at the common room door, “But you have to let them go eventually and then theyll tell the professors. Well definitely get expelled and maybe thrown into Azkaban as well for who knows how long! We just cant take that risk, Harry! We just cant! It might already be too late…” Hermione began pacing again.

Harry smirked, “Who said that I was going to them go?”

Hermione stopped dead in her tracks as a look of complete shock came over her face, “You…You mean youre never going to set them free?” Hermione said, looking horrified, “Youre going to keep them here for the rest of their lives?” The faces of the Slytherin girls filled with a look of terror and they began whimpering for mercy.

Harry nodded, “Well, we havent decided whether we were going to leave them in the Gryffindor house so that future students can have their way with them or whether we were going to take them with us in one of our trunks after we graduated. But yeah, theyre going to spend the rest of their lives as our slaves.”

All three Slytherin girls were whining in fear at this revelation, struggling to free themselves from their bonds. The bonds, however, held tight, trapping the girls where they were. Lee reached over and ran his fingers between Astorias pussy lips, “Sshh, sweetie, calm down.” he said with a false kindness in his voice. Ginny grinned as Astoria tried unsuccessfully to pull away from Lee, unable to escape his probing fingers.

Hermione continued scanning the door for danger, “But…but surely the other Slytherin students will notice when they dont show up in the dorm tonight. How are you going to explain their disappearance?”

Ron answered her this time as he groped Daphnes ass, “We made them write and send out letters saying that they had run off in search of You-Know-Who to join his ranks and become Death Eaters. We figured since we were stealing these girls away from their parents, we might as well make up some evil twisted deeds for them to do so that their pureblood Mums and Dads can be proud of them.”

“And if the girls refused to write, Fred and I whipped their asses hard.” George explained, holding up a nasty looking whip. Pansy moaned and shifted her welt-covered ass, clearly remembering the experience.

“And as a reward, we got to put our sticks in their honey pots.” Fred smiled. Hermione looked in alarm at the sisters Daphne and Astoria who, she just noticed, had cum dripping out of their cunts and running down their legs. Ginny giggled again.

“You…you RAPED them?!” Hermione could barely get the thought out of her mouth.

George shrugged, “Sure. If you seriously think that wed see three naked helpless Slytherin cunts tied up and not fuck them against their will, youre out of your mind, Hermione. I just wish I would have found a way to do it earlier.”

Fred winked, “And then, after they did exactly what we asked them to, we decided that we wanted to whip them some more anyway, so we did!” Pansy whimpered again.

George nodded, “Yeah, we discovered a way to give them the punishment they deserve without even getting our arms tired. See, watch!” All three Slytherin girls, knowing what was coming, desperately shook their head back and forth, pleading with the boys to reconsider, but it was no use. With a flash, George summoned three whips which floated in the air behind the girls. With a flick of his wand, the whips uncurled, drew back, and…

CRACK!! “MMMMHHHH!!!!” the three girls screamed through their dildo gags as the whips struck their already heavily welted asses, causing still more agonizing welts to crisscross the ones they already had.






A fit of giggling had hit Ginny again as she collapsed into a chair, so happy to see her enemies suffer magically induced torment. Hermione, however, shuddered.

While everyone else watched the Slytherin girls suffer, Harry picked up three wands from the table and passed one to George and one to Fred. Hermione pointed hesitantly to the wands but didnt move, “Wait…are those their wands?!”

Harry grinned evilly up at Pansy and said “It looks like you sluts wont be doing any more magic!” Pansy, realizing what was going to happen, again shook her head and pleaded with her eyes, but bound in her present state, she could do nothing to stop Harry. SNAP!! With one swift movement of his wrist, Harry broke her wand in half. This was quickly followed by two more; SNAP!! SNAP!! as Fred and George did the same to Daphne and Astorias wands.

The three Slytherin girls wailed as they stared down at the broken remnants of their beloved wands. Their magical ability, the heritage of which set them apart as purebloods, was stolen from them as long as they had no wands. Without their wands, they were no better than squibs, a thought that filled the three girls minds with dread. Pansys head dropped forward as she sobbed in sorrow at her loss.

Hermione turned to Harry in exacerbation. “This is way out of bounds, Harry! Way out of bounds! How can you even think of doing this?” The three Slytherin girls nodded their agreement and whimpered for mercy as the whips continued to snap on their sore asses.

Harry narrowed his eyes at Hermione, “Are you saying they dont deserve it?” The Slytherin girls turned their pleading eyes to Hermione.

Hermione stammered, “I mean…well…um…but what if you get caught?!”

“Oh, thats no problem.” Grinned Fred, waving his hand dismissively, “We put a caterwauling charm on this room that will shriek like a tomcat if an adult is coming too close when the girls are being displayed. It also sets off another hex which quickly hides these Slytherin whores automatically…as well as adds a little extra fun to the mix. Do you want to see?”

Hermione looked uncertain, “What do you mean?...How are you going to…?”

“Its easy. I put a testing jinx on it so that we could make sure it works. Watch, Ill trigger it now.” Fred waved his wand. Suddenly six extra large dildos formed out of nowhere. Three of them roughly shoved themselves into the three Slytherin girls pussies. The other three rammed themselves hard up the Slytherin girls asses as far as they could go, causing all three to scream in agony. The dildos, Hermione had noticed, were coated with a stinging solution, which was already causing the Slytherins to squirm in discomfort.

The golden rings around the Slytherins wrists and ankles came together quickly, pulling the girls arms behind their back and their legs together. Three long lengths of barbed wire then appeared, causing cries of fear from the Slytherin girls. The pieces of barbed wire wrapped themselves around the girls from head to toe and then pulled tight, the metal thorns stabbing into the girls skin. The Slytherin girls screamed in pain as the sharp barbs cut into their skin. Astoria squired, trying to get free from the barbed wire, but this only made the barbs hurt her worse, so she stopped.

Finally a box in the back of the room opened up and all three of the girls glided in the air back toward it. As they hovered over the box, the spell suddenly dropped them, all three girls yelling in surprise as the crashed into the box. The lid then closed again and locked, squeezing the girls together into the cramped space. There wasnt really enough room for all three of them in the box, so they ended up pressed tightly against each other, causing the barbs to dig deeper into their skin. All three began sobbing for mercy, but none came. In fact they couldnt even be heard outside the locked box. All of the pain that they had just gone through to be stored made the Slytherin girls feel like maybe ten long minutes of torment had gone by, but in reality it had only taken about 30 seconds to hide them, a good speed given the distance of the caterwauling charm.

“…and then the box automatically shoves itself into the closet and the closet door shuts and locks.” George explained as the box and closet door did just that. “This is where those Slytherin sluts will spend their time when we arent using them for our pleasure. Being wrapped tightly in barbed wire with stinging dildos up their cunts and assholes and stuffed in a small box most of the day is a pretty nasty fate for these girls, but I dont feel sorry for them. Does anyone else?”

Hermione looked around the room. All of the Gryffindor students were shaking their heads no, evidently pleased at the tortures that were happening to the three female Slytherin prisoners. Hermiones head, however, remained still.

“…and to reverse the spell and bring them out again, you just do this…” continued Fred. Waving his wand, he said “Revealiar whorias.” The closet door unlocked itself and opened and the box pulled itself out again.  Unlocking and opening, the box violently ejected the three Slytherin girls into the air again. They moaned in surprise, evidently not sure whether they preferred being stuffed in the box wrapped in barbed wire or being forced to endure another torture session. The ends of the three strands of barbed wire were magically tugged and the three girls were spun quickly around and around in circles as the barbed wire was pulled off of them. The three girls shrieked in terror, never having been spun naked before, but were soon floated, dizzy, in the air, the barbed wire gone, and their skin covered with tiny little bleeding cuts. The rings around their wrists and ankles forced them spread eagle again. Then…POP! The Slytherin girls yelped in surprise as the dildos were magically yanked from the girl holes in which they had been stuffed.

Hermione had begun her pacing again, “I dont know, Harry. I just dont know…” Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought this issue would come up. Harry was putting their entire futures on the line with this stunt.

Harry put his hands on Hermiones shoulders and looked her in the eyes, “Hermione, Ive seen the horrible things that these girls do to you. They have no respect for you as a human being and they take pleasure in every tear that you cry. They are evil, you know they are. Please, Hermione, help me get back at them for you.”

“No…I really shouldnt…” Hermione said weakly, but her resistance was crumbling.

Pansys eyes pleaded Hermione for forgiveness and begged Hermione to save her from her horrible fate. Hermione, however, couldnt look her in the eye. Harry considered this a good sign. Perhaps Hermione was feeling guilty for what she knew she was about to do to Pansy.

Harry pressed on, “They mock you all of the time. They were even mocking you when we captured them. They think of you as nothing but a Mudblood. They said they think you are pathetic. And Im sure that they were about to come up with more hateful rumors about you to spread if Ron and I hadnt have come and tied them up. Havent you hated the way theyve made you suffer emotionally over the years and made fun of you behind your back?”

“Well yes, but…”

“You know that the professors havent been able to stop them. The Slytherin girls only move in to hurt you when there arent any sympathetic adults around. You cant hide under the shadow of friendly teachers all your life, Hermione, although you surly have tried. These Slytherin cunts will always find times to torment you when you have no protection. You are the only one who can truly protect yourself. Dont you think these Slytherin bitches deserve some punishment for what theyve done to you?”

“I suppose…”

“Well now is the perfect chance! You need to show these whores once and for all that there will be consequences for treating you like they did. Are you willing to teach these bitches a lesson, Hermione?”

“Well…maybe just this once… That should be enough to make them understand…” The Slytherin girls eyes widened in fear. They all knew of Hermiones prowess with magic.

Harry patted Hermione on the back, “Thats the spirit! Now, Ive come up with a great idea for how you can break them in…” Harry waved his wand. Suddenly, between the legs of the three Slytherin girls, appeared three burning hot coals, one under each girl. The Slytherin girls gasped in horror. Harry ignored them and turned back to Hermione, “Simply use your wand to press these glowing hot coals against the whores pussies, burning their most delicate parts.”

Hermione hesitated, “Oh, I dont know if I could do that. Isnt that a little…extreme.” The Slytherin girls, quivering in fear, nodded their heads dramatically.

“No.” Harry said definitively, “Its exactly what they deserve. You know levitation magic. Ram those hot coals against those cunts cunts.”

“Well, alright…” Hermione responded, her will to resist broken. She couldnt deny that she relished the opportunity to pay back the Slytherin girls for years of torment. Pansy had temporarily given up begging and was yelling through her gag in defiance, though it was too muffled for anyone else to understand. Daphne was shaking her head in desperation. Astoria was sobbing and trembling as she felt the hot coals move closer to her nether lips.

It all seemed to happen at once. All three pieces of hot coal made contact with the girls pussies all at the same time. The three cunts began turning bright red almost instantly. The screams of agony that erupted from the girls throats made it seem like they were not gagged at all.

After a few seconds, Hermione lowered the hot coals again. “You know what? This does feel sort of nice…” Hermione grinned, drinking in the fear and pleading from the Slytherin girls eyes.

Raising her wand again, she raised the hot coals once more and pressed them against the Slytherin girls pussies again, harder this time. The hot coals now encountered pussy lips already burned raw, eliciting even higher pitched screams from the girls. Daphne was sobbing again as she realized that that her potential savior had begun to enjoy her pain. Finally Hermione lowered the coals once more, giving the Slytherin girls momentary relief.

“I think I could get used to this!” Hermione giggled as she waved her wand and the hot coals pressed against the Slytherin girls pussies again, causing all three of them to resume their high pitched screaming.

*   *   *

It turned out that once Hermione had been convinced to join in on the torturing of the Slytherin girls, she enjoyed it more than anyone and was more successful at hurting the girls than anyone else in Gryffindor.  Hermione spent the next two hours making the Slytherin girls scream in agony using various nasty spells that she knew. The rest of Gryffindor decided to let Hermione have all three of the Slytherin sex slaves to herself since she had just gotten to the dorm and hadnt had a chance to hurt them earlier. This was no blessing for the Slytherin girls, however, as Hermiones skills in magic caused the captured females far more agony than the rest of Gryffindor combined had before. Hermione giggled the entire time, obviously enjoying her revenge. Ginny eventually came back to help, giving the Slytherin girls a double dose of pain at times. Harry didnt know which was louder, Hermione and Ginnys giggling or the screams of the Slytherin girls through their gags.

By the time Hermione and Ginny were done it was time to go to bed, so Harry, Ron, and Dean took the Slytherin girls with them. But instead of sleep, they decided a good rape fest was in order. Theyd been violating the girls for about an hour now and there was still no end in sight.

Harry was sitting in his bed reading a book. Between his legs was Pansy. She was naked and tied in a tight hogtie with the unbreakable magic thread. Harry had stuffed his cock in her mouth and ordered her to suck it. Pansy had quivered in fear and obeyed without hesitation.

Across the room, Ron had Daphne on his bed, naked, her arms bound behind her and the dildo gag still stuck down her throat. He had spread her legs wide as he rammed his cock into her cunt again and again. Rons forceful pounding of her pussy, which was badly burned, was causing her to tremble in agony, though she was too exhausted to scream any more. A look of defeat had formed through the pain on Daphnes face as she laid back and took the brutal rape.

On the next bed over was Astoria. Like her sister, she also was naked and had the dildo gag strapped in her mouth. But unlike Daphne, Astoria was laying on her stomach, her arms and legs bound to the corners of the bed so that she was forced spread eagle. Dean had lain down on top of her and had taken out his hardened cock, pressing it against Astorias rosebud asshole. Astoria had whimpered for mercy, but she had been completely ignored by Dean. When he shoved his dick into her ass, she had let out a terrifying cry of pain. She was now continuously sobbing as Dean thrust his large hardened cock in and out of her tight asshole again and again and again. Ginny had been shoving razor sharp objects up Astorias asshole earlier in the evening and so it was already horribly sliced inside. Having Deans dick rammed up there did not sooth Astorias suffering. Harry smiled. Being anally raped with a badly cut up asshole was exactly what these Slytherin bitches deserved.

Chuckling to himself at Astorias fate, Harry turned back to the book. He had used his invisibility cloak to steal it from the restricted section of the library earlier that week. In it was a potion that Harry had a lot of interest in: the Elixir of Wife Obedience. Powerful Dark Magic that was invented in the late 13th century (though it wasnt considered Dark at the time), the Elixir of Wife Obedience was a potion that was created by noblewizards worried about females in the line of succession that might attempt to claim the surrounding land holdings. By creating the Elixir of Wife Obedience, these noblewizards could assure that the women would submit to their authority and that they would continue to control their fiefdoms.

Although quite common in the Middle Ages, it had since been looked down upon for centuries and hardly ever practiced (at least not openly. Harry had heard of many cases in Professor Binns class, during the few times that he had been awake, about witches in history who seemed suddenly to have been tamed by their husbands and became more docile. Harry believed this was evidence that the potion was still being used in secret long after it was socially unacceptable to do so). The potion itself was officially banned in 1892, but the knowledge lived on…if you knew where to look.

The elixir was very powerful. When ingested, it weaved an unbreakable enchantment on a womans mind, forcing her complete obedience toward the first man she laid eyes on after drinking the potion (which the husband would arrange to be himself). The magic only worked on females, which made the potion much safer to use for people like Harry. And most importantly, the enchantment was permanent. Once drunk, the elixir ensured that the woman would be under the control of her male master for the rest of her life and would do anything he said. And the book was clear that when it said anything, it meant anything.

Subconsciously enjoying Pansys sucking of his dick, Harry daydreamed about the potions potential. He had always been stricken by Cho Chang, a hot Asian girl from Ravenclaw. But why, Harry asked himself, should he work to win her as a girlfriend when he could just use the potion to make her his sex slave instead? He had already thought of the perfect place to train her.

The Room of Requirement, an incredibly important magical room, changed to suit the needs of those who entered and once occupied could not be opened by anyone else unless they were seeking exactly what the wizard already using it was. This would provide Harry with all of the girl punishing devices that he could ever need as well as a secret room to keep his enslaved sluts that no one could ever get to unless Harry told them what they were looking for.

Harry closed his eyes, imagining Cho naked and on her knees in the Room of Requirement, her arms bound behind her magically with unbreakable thread, her lips wrapped around Harrys cock as she sucked diligently. That was the kind of relationship Harry wanted with Cho, one where he was in control and she did as she was told. And that, of course, meant lots of sex for Harry. He couldnt wait to spank that cute little Asian ass while he listened to Cho promise her undying love and submission to him.

And why, Harry asked himself, should he stop with Cho? Hermione had been a little cheeky to him this afternoon, trying to stop him from having fun punishing the Slytherin bitches. Why not use the potion to enslave her as well so that he could slap those cheeks whenever he wanted? Harry smiled as he imagined Hermione, one of his best friends, naked and on her knees, her wrists bound behind her with the same unbreakable magic thread, as she bowed before him and obediently kissed his shoes. The scene changed again and this time Hermione was in the same position as Cho, naked on her knees with her arms bound behind her, except licking Harrys balls while Cho sucked his cock.

Harry knew the first thing he would do to Hermione, though, as soon as she was under his control and they were in private. One flick of his wand and Hermiones clothing would fly off of her and leave her naked. A second flick and her arms would be forced behind her back and bound with unbreakable magic thread. He would then grab her by the hair and force her to bend over a desk. It would be then that he would claim his prize. Taking out his cock, he would ram it into Hermiones ass and fuck her long and hard. Her moans and sobbing would be music to his ears. Afterwards, he would force her to suck his cock clean and thank him for sexually abusing her. He had masturbated for years to this fantasy of anally raping Hermione, but it was only now that he had figured out a way to make it happen for real.

And what about Ginny Weasley? Ron wouldnt like it if Harry made Rons sister a slave…but Ron didnt need to know. Ginny already had a crush on Harry. If she started carrying Harrys books for him on the walk to class or started cleaning his room for him, no one would think anything of it. He would only strip her, bind her, fuck her, and dominate her in private. She would make an excellent addition to Harrys collection of former female friends made obedient slave girls. Ginny, bound naked like the other two and on her knees, would be forced to lick Harrys asshole while Cho and Hermione licked his cock and balls. Ron would probably hit him if he knew what Harry was planning to do to his sister, but again, Ron didnt need to know.

Harry wouldnt leave Ron entirely out of the loop. He was sure that Ron would be excited when he told him of Hermiones forced submission. Ron had always secretly had a crush on Hermione and Harry was sure that he would love to take advantage of her when she was enslaved and couldnt stop him. Ron and Harry would force Hermione to do all of their homework for them every day while they played Quidditch or chatted with their friends. This would triple Hermiones daily workload, but due to the elixir, she would be unable to protest. When Hermione wasnt working, Ron and Harry would bring her to the Room of Requirement to fuck her and train her. Yes, thought Harry, he and Ron were going to enjoy the power structure in their new relationship with Hermione.

Harry would keep Cho all to himself, however. He would bind her nude body spread eagle to a bed in the Room of Requirement using magical chains from which she could never escape. He would throw himself on top of her and thrust his cock into her tight Asian pussy, ramming her hard again and again until finally he shot his semen deep into her oriental womb. Afterward, maybe he would punish her cunt by whipping it with a crop just to show her who was in charge. Hermione and Ginny would be bound in 69 fashion on the floor, forced to lick each others pussies for as long as Harry said.

And then there was Lavender Brown (whom he was sure Ron would like to fuck),  Parvati Patil, her sister Padma, the girls from his Quidditch team, both past and present, not to mention Fluer Delacour (whom he was also sure Ron would like to fuck)… the list went on and on.

Harry had so many amazing ideas. And the great thing was that he now had the power to make them all come true. Some of the ingredients in the elixir would be hard to get, but with his invisibility cloak, he would be able to sneak into Snapes office and get what he needed and have it all mixed up and ready to go in a few days. Then all he would have to do is trick Cho, Hermione, Ginny, and any other girl he wanted into drinking it and they were his sex slaves for life. It was all too easy.

Harry looked down at the Slytherin girl between his legs. Pansys sobbing was causing her to suck his cock much weaker than she had before. The thought of being a slave to Harry, Voldemorts biggest enemy, for the rest of her life had sent her into a deep depression. Harry had no sympathy for her, however. “Cinderio” he growled. His wand glowed red at the tip as it heated up to a very high temperature. “Suck harder, Slytherin bitch!” Harry barked as he jabbed the searing hot wand tip into Pansys ass cheek. Pansy let out a screech of pain, and began bobbing her head very fast as she sucked harder on Harrys cock. Harry grinned in triumph. Pansy kept glancing worriedly at the wand that Harry held lazily in his hand, but never once did she slow down the bobbing of her head or lessen the diligence of her sucking.

Finally, feeling himself near climax, Harry grabbed Pansys hair and forced his cock as far down her throat as he could. Pansy started gagging violently, but she could do nothing as Harry shot load after load of cum down her throat. After he was done, Harry lay back, basking in the orgasmic nirvana he had just achieved from sexually conquering Pansy. Pansy, however, was coughing hard, trying to get the cum out of her lungs that Harry had shot down her windpipe.

In between coughs, Pansy was still sobbing hard. Though Harrys cock was still in her mouth, she had stopped sucking as she attempted to clear her lungs so she could breathe again. Glaring angrily down at her, Harry snarled “Cinderio” and the end of his wand glowed red again as it quickly heated up. Pansys eyes widened as she saw this and she started frantically sucking his cock again, but it was too late. Harry jabbed his wand down, stabbing between Pansys ass cheeks. His aim was true and the super-heated tip was jammed into Pansys rosebud asshole, causing Pansy to cry out in shock. As Harry twisted the red hot tip of his wand deeper and deeper into Pansys asshole, smoke began to appear from the burning flesh. Pansy was screaming in pain, though it was somewhat muffled by Harrys cock in her mouth. 

“Who told you that you could stop sucking, bitch?” Harry growled, “I want you to be good slut from now on and do youre told. Can you do that?”  Pansy forced herself to nod her head, even though she was still screaming. Harry snorted, “Ha! You couldnt follow an order competently if your life depended on it…which it will if you keep failing to please me.” Pansy shuddered in fear at this threat on her life. She vigorously nodded her head again, trying to convince Harry that she would submit totally to him and that he could take the burning wand tip out of her ass now.

Harry glared down at her, “Fine. Ill give you one more chance. But dont screw it up, you fucking whore.” Harry pulled his wand out of Pansys ass with a pop. Pansy collapsed in relief(or at least as much as her bonds would allow her). She looked up at Harry and mumbled something around his cock that Harry could barely make out as “Thank you, Master! Thank you!” (Harry had taught her earlier to call him master by shocking her with bolts of electricity from his wand when she forgot). Harry smirked, noting how attentive Pansy had become to his needs after he had put her through painful torture. He would have to do that more often.

Harry lay back again, letting out a sigh of contentment, and listened to Pansys whimpers of fear as she pleasured his cock. Sometimes, he thought, life in the wizarding world was pretty good.

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