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Training Mom

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Synopsis: Divorcee dicovers that her son is taking over as the head of the family. Mom quickly learns that her position has changed to being his sex slave with all that entails.

                                       Training Mom


                                       Jethro Jodhpur

       Life at home was fairly normal until my dad decided to divorce mom, claiming she was no longer interested in performing her conjugal obligations.  That's legal talk for they stopped having sex. Mom got a lawyer and my parents divorced a few months later leaving me under her care, with occasional visits to my dad. He had quickly found someone to replace mom, a hot looking woman at least ten years younger than him and really built. I may be only fifteen, but I'd seen enough pictures in the girlie magazines kept by one of my buddies from school to let me make up my own mind on the subject of hot looking women. Something weird happened shortly after meeting my dad's new "friend", I started getting horny big time! Stranger still my new sex object turned out to be my mom, replacing Mimi Mason, the current teenage sex sensation.

       It all started one afternoon while I was home in my room jacking off to a nude picture of Mimi Mason, cupping her 38DDs and trying her damndest to lick them with her snake-like tongue. I was naked and all sweaty, having already gotten myself off twice, leaving a trail of drying cum that began around my dong, still hard and ready for more fun, and marching up to my stomach where a small pool of the white stuff filled my belly button, much to my delight. Suddenly there came a knock at my door and I made a mad scramble to hide the magazine and at the same time the evidence that I'd been playing with my cock. It was my mom announcing that she was going to take a nice long bath and asking if I needed the facilities. It gave me some time to pull on some clothes and join her in the hallway, wearing her bathrobe that was partially open at the top, just enough to show a partial boob that got me all heated up all over again. I brushed past her and got to the bathroom where I took a nice long noisy piss and got my act together before leaving the bathroom. Once more I was staring at mom's open bathrobe that now displayed almost all of that one, fat, rounded tit. I could feel my dick swelling and nearly knocked mom over as I raced back to my room and the Mimi Mason magazine.

       I had just settled down with the magazine and some cream for my hardening cock when I had this overwhelming urge to see if I could get a look at my mom's naked body in the tub. Crazy as it sounded, I wanted to see my mom's naked body more than another dose of Mimi Mason's big jugs. I opened my door and listened for the sound of water filling the tub. It seemed as if it took forever before there was silence. Still I waited before slinking down the hallway and checking out the door for any cracks to let me see what was transpiring in the tub. I almost dumped my load right there when I realized that my mom's naked body was on total display and she was playing with the thick, black, patch of hair guarding her twat. Mom's tits were outstanding! She started playing with the nipples to make them stiff. That accomplished she went back to playing with her cunt, using one hand to pry it open while she also shoved fingers into it and moaned so loud I thought for sure she'd stop, but she didn't.

        I had to relieve myself and so I carefully tip-toed back to my room and proceeded to whack off for a few minutes and shot all over my belly. Who needed Mimi Mason? I had my own private sex star living under the same roof as me. Twice more I peeked in on my hot, sexy mom and was treated to even better shows. In the first she used a white plastic vibrator to get herself off and she made enough noise to wake the dead. In the other I lost my load and spurted all over the bathroom door despite having jacked off four times already.

       I was now positive that my mom was a sex freak who needed lots of cock to keep her under control. Why else would she use rubber bands to make her tits swell up while she shamelessly jacked herself to a huge, noisy orgasm? That was another first for yours truly. I'd never seen a female get herself off like that, but my education was about to expand significantly. I innocently remained in my room until well after the bathroom was vacated by my relieved mother who obviously had problems that might be solved by her loyal son and friends.

       The next day I bought a cheap camera and checked it out when I was alone at home. The pictures were not perfect, but with the light on they would do fine. Fortunately I had a good buddy who was into photography and only too happy to develop anything worth while I brought to him. When I casually mentioned they were going to be pictures of my mom playing with herself in the tub, his eyes got real big and stayed that way while I explained my plan to turn my mom into my private sex slave. Naturally I'd be making sure that my good buddies and a few school teachers were in on the plan.

           To my surprise mom made the next move and it came quickly. Two days later there came a knocking at my door and this time I was ready, or so I thought. I opened the door and my eyes popped! There was my mom wearing a pair of bikini panties with a transparent crotch that featured her clean shaven pussy mound, and a matching bra fighting a losing battle to support and confine her big tits. Flies could have flown in and out of my open mouth and I'd never have noticed them. To add to the sex fantasy I faced, her nipples were well on the way to poking right through the sheer, frilly fabric of that straining bra. She gave me a knowing grin and did a slow pirouette to show off her almost bare body. All I could think of was why did dad stop fucking mom, and how soon would it take before I took over that job as the stud of the house?

       "I've got a really hot date tonight thanks to my friend, Connie, who dated him previously and said he's looking for a woman with some experience. Think he'll like this under my sexy dress if we get that far? Don't give me that shy look; I found that porn magazine and also some strange stains on your sheets. We're going to have a talk about this after my date tonight, so you better have a good story or you'll be grounded for at least a week."

        I was still ogling what my mom was showing and hoping that the date turned out to be lousy. If so I had a chance to nail her this very night if I played my cards right. Now she was in control, reaching out to tousle my hair before flouncing off, giving me a great look at her plump ass cheeks that got me hot and bothered all over again. Later that day mom disappeared into the bathroom for one of her long baths and naturally I peeped, took pictures and jacked off like crazy at what she showed. She used her vibrator and got off at least three times that I saw, and probably more when I was in my room jacking off to what I'd just seen from my hot, sex crazed mom.

       That evening her "date" picked her up at the door and away they went. Mom would have had a fit if she knew that the guy taking her out was doing it as an advanced payment for her services later, guaranteed by me, her future owner. I wasted no time visiting my photographer buddy and showing him the snap shots I'd gotten of my mom doing herself in the tub with her vibrator. When he casually mentioned that I should start spanking mom to control her urges, a light bulb went off in my head. He was dead right and perhaps even tonight I might give my mom a little taste of the new sheriff in town.

       I got back home a little before midnight with no mom in sight, which probably indicated that her hot date was going well for her. This was just more proof that my mom was a sex crazed whore who would put out for anyone with a stiff cock! I stayed up for a while before giving up on when she might arrive. Sometime later I was awakened by the sound of a car idling out in front of the house. It was too dark to make out who it was, but there were at least three people, perhaps more. I heard male voices and some laughter, but no sounds of a woman. Then the rear door of the car opened and a guy pushed and another pulled to reveal my disheveled mom. She could barely stand despite being supported by two of the men.

       As they escorted or dragged her toward the house it became apparent that mom was no longer wearing a dress or for that matter anything except a pair of panties. Then there was cursing and mom stumbling to her knees on the front lawn. I could hear her retching and another voice urging his buddies to get the fuck pig to the door and ring the bell before taking off. I wasted no time getting to the front door even before the bell rang. I opened just in time to see the car, still with its headlights off, moving down the street. Mom was still puking up whatever she had for dinner and was so out of it that she blindly struggled to fend me off as I tried to drag her inside the house.

       I'm almost six inches taller than my mom who is an inch over five feet, but only twenty pounds heavier, which made dragging her into the house a challenge. I was lucky that a patrol car didn't pass while I was wrestling mom into the house. Once inside I realized that she was clutching what remained of her dress and bra. It was also quite apparent that mom had put out plenty of pussy for the guys that just dropped her off. Her big tits were bruised and showed lots of teeth marks. That was nothing compared to the condition of her cunt. She had so much cum pumped into her that her bikinis were soaked from all the sperm still oozing from her swollen fuck tunnel.

       Mom had without a doubt pulled a train; the only issue was how many cocks were involved? For that information I'd have to wait until she got back to normal, whenever that would be. The thought of trying to clean out her cunt made me shudder, especially with mom now being out cold thanks to whatever they had given her to get the party started. I decided to wrap her in a blanket and hope she wouldn't upchuck her dinner, that is if her date even bothered to feed mom before making her pull the train.

       I hit the pillow and woke up to sunshine. The place where she had been snoozing held only the blanket, but no mom. My mother the whore was found sleeping in her own bed. Sometime this morning she had come out of her trance and without thinking too much about how she got here, headed for her bed to sleep it off. I made a phone call to school informing them of my mom's illness and promising to call later when there was somebody to answer. After taking a leak and having some breakfast, it was time to wake sleeping beauty and have her face the music. She was still curled up into a ball and sleeping the sleep of the innocent, a comment I remembered from one of my classes. Was she in for a shock of epic proportions.

       It took me almost five minutes to make her wake up and realize where she was. Mom's eyes were still slits and her face puffy, indicating that she had been given more than just alcohol. Gradually she started to remember bits and pieces of what happened last night. From the way her facial expressions changed she was reliving some of the highlights and they weren't all pleasant. It was then that I made my move to take over as the head of the household with mom occupying a very minor position in the new order of things. The way I saw things, mom was a whore and had proved it big time last night. At school there were tramps who put out for just about anyone with a few dollars to spend on them. I doubt that mom's date had invested more than some gasoline to get what she provided for him and his buddies.

       When it finally dawned on her situation, mom practically trampled me in her haste to get to the bathroom and start cleaning up and assessing the damage that occurred on her date. Naturally I went along to make her realize that the balance of power in this house had changed dramatically. The fact that I was standing less than two feet away from my naked mother who was frantically douching herself over and over in hopes that a miracle might happen, and she hardly noticed my existence was a good sign. Even with the collection of bruises and bites that she had accumulated on her "date", mom still was showing some major league tits, ass and a clean-shaven pussy mound.

       Yours truly was enjoying the show and developing major wood that hopefully would be put to good use once my new sex slave realized I had her in a sense by the short hairs. When she jammed a small diameter hose up her twat and blasted away with hot water in hopes of killing off all those nasty swimmers heading for the promised land, I nearly lost my composure and the load of boiling sperm churning away in my swollen balls. Mom would never know just how close she came to being nailed by her son on the bathroom floor that morning.

       Mom became more aware of my existence and she foolishly ordered me to leave the bathroom to give her some privacy. My reply was to grab her bruised and teeth-marked tits, then twist them until she screamed. I let go and smacked her across the face nearly flooring her. Mom started to blubber and for that she got another smack across the side of her head. That blow made her blink and see stars before mom went to one knee sobbing in fright and pain. The new order was taking control and it was time she realized it. I grabbed her by the hair and forced mom into the shower stall, turning on the cold water before closing the door and letting her cool down so to speak.

       Every time she tried to turn off the water, I'd reach in and give whatever body part was available a good whack. By the time I let her out she was shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. Her skin was pebbled and those nipples now were hard as stone. Part of me was all for marching my whore in training, now my new sex slave, to the bedroom and spend a few hours fucking her into submission. Instead my mom was forced to confess what she did last evening and not to leave out any of the juicy parts unless she wanted a good beating and another cold water session in the shower stall.

       Mom's face turned a bright red when I stripped and stretched out on the bed beside her with a big shit-eating grin on my face. To add to her embarrassment I had her straddle my midsection so my stiff cock was captured between her cunt and asshole while she looked down on me and began stammering. I reached up and slapped her tits from the sides to get her attention and warn mom that she'd be getting the spanking of her life if she didn't start telling me what she and all her male friends did last night. I knew she was on the verge of losing it, and that was not what I needed right now. Why I did what I did then was something I really couldn't explain, but it worked.

       "Look mom, I know you weren't expecting what happened, but it did. Now I want to hear about it and make sure you don't forget anything, or I'll spank that big ass of yours until it looks like a rainbow. Before you get started I want you to jack me off and really take your time. If I shoot off too soon you'll have to suck it until it gets big again and just maybe I might want to stick it up your tight little butthole and make you bounce up and down on it until I go off again. I'll bet that will curl your toes and loosen you up for more of the same later on when you've spilled the beans concerning last night and this morning."

       The moment my mom freed my cock and wrapped her hand around the hard length of male meat, it began to twitch and throb big time. From the look on her face she hadn't expected this kind of a reaction. I warned her not to do too much until my cock calmed down. Then I settled back and stared at her big tits and watched the nipples get harder and harder as she very carefully jacked me off like the pros in the porn movies did. I could hardly wait to bring over some of my buddies and make mom give them hand jobs as well. When she started to rub my twitching dick across her belly, only inches from the mouth of her fuck tunnel, I almost lost it.

       It took all my will power to avoid shooting off like a cannon. For the first time since she woke up, mom gave me a weak smile and picked up the pace. She didn't know it yet, but once I coated her belly with my hot fuck sauce she was going to scoop it up with her fingers and lick it off while I watched and made sure she got every drop. I was already imagining my buddies lining up for one of my whore's professional hand jobs. I could hardly wait for the look on her face when she had to satisfy one of my teachers who guaranteed me a passing grade in exchange for some good sex from my mom.

       Mom was in mid-stroke when my cock went off and splattered her belly and even got a few drops up onto her big round tits. I made her keep stroking until my dick got limp. That proved to be almost impossible as I was so hot after that great hand job, my cock just stayed stiff. Mom was less then excited by having to scoop up the hot cum and lick it off her fingers. As for me, I was a happy camper. Now for the story of what happened to her last night.

       Mom's date gave her a story about leaving his money back at the apartment. The next thing she knew he was plying her with what he claimed was sparkling water. It took only a few minutes before mom felt light-headed and excused herself to go to the bathroom. She barely made it back to the livingroom before passing out. The next thing she remembered was him giving her some kind of a pill that pepped her up. When he suggested she go into his bedroom and lie down for a while, she did. Things then got a little hazy. Someone came into the room and helped her take off her dress and have more of the sparkling water to drink. How she got from the bedroom to the livingroom was a mystery. Worse still she had lost her bra and her bikinis were soaked as if she had taken a shower while still wearing them. It was then that she realized there were other men now seated comfortably having drinks.

       She soon discovered herself seated between two beefy men who were pawing her tits and rubbing her crotch while the others laughed and egged them on. Somehow her pubic mound was exposed, then fingers began to intrude into her pussy. She tried to struggle but she was unable to do anything to prevent them from doing whatever they wished to her person. Where the handcuffs came from was news to mom, but her hands were soon cuffed behind her back. Soon she was back in the bedroom and now two cocks were attacking her bound, bare body, one  sawing away inside her tight cunt, the other pounding hard against her tough asshole, that refused to yield immediately. The unequal struggle went on for many long minutes before the rapist trying to sodomize her broke through her sphincter muscle and began stretching her lower intestine.

       Then she passed out for a time, and when she woke up another cock was pounding away in her cunt while her date was forcing his long, thick dick into her mouth and blocking her air passageway. She lost consciousness for a time before being revived by having a lit cigarette pressed against the underside of one of her tits. Mom was then flipped over onto her belly and sodomized once more. Another cock was plugging her throat and soon she passed out again.

         Mom found herself on the coffee table face up, her hands still cuffed behind her back, but straps now pulled her upper arms almost together. A coil of rope was wrapped around her throat and anchored to the bottom of the heavy table. Her head hung over the edge, requiring her neck muscles to do almost all the support for it while she was being raped repeatedly by the group of men who never seemed to be exhausted. More rope had been used on her legs, doubling them beneath her body, ankles to thighs, making her appear almost to have no legs at all. She vividly remembered one pervert who made her lick his asshole while he slapped and twisted her sore tits and tried to yank the nipples from their moorings.

       Mom began to go in and out of consciousness, but it seemed there was never a time when she received any rest. There always seemed to be a rapist tunnel fucking her swollen painful tits or a smiling pervert showing her his big fist that was about to stretch her cunt to its limit and perhaps with some luck beyond its elastic cabability. As degrading as all this was, they seemed to have saved the worst for last.

       Mom had sweat off a considerable amount of fluids during this lengthy session and would give almost anything in exchange for some liquid. Instead she was being fisted vaginally and her vulnerable throat scraped free of any protection thanks to the seemingly perpetual face-fucking she endured. For reasons she didn't understand she was given more of the sparkling water that had made her so whoozy. Without any thought of the consequences, she gulped down as much as she could hold. This time the water had been spiked with a powerful fast-acting diuretic. It didn't take long before she needed to relieve herself, but they refused her request and then her begging for mercy. Finally she was allowed to piss into a glass container as they watched and guessed just how much piss she would provide.

       Her bladder had become quite sore from the strain all that fluid had caused. Another round of sparkling water produced more piss that was soon added to the glass container now on the verge of overflowing. It was then they ordered her to drink everything in the container or suffer having her bladder damaged permanently. It turned out that one of her tormentors was either an intern or male nurse and quite familiar with just how painful a damaged bladder could be. Mom drank her own piss for what seemed like an eternity while the perverts watched and enjoyed her being totally humiliated.

       Watching her being totally humiliated this way brought out the worst in these men. Now they took turns straddling her helpless body so they could force her to swallow their piss as well. Mom lost track of the amount of hot, stinking piss that she was forced to swallow. She did remember seeing her belly swollen so much by what she was drinking that she looked pregnant. Things became worse when one of them started to fist her cunt causing her excruciating pain that made her pass out. She awoke in the bathroom being dunked into the filth-filled toilet over and over as her tits were mauled and fingers found their way into her sore swollen cunt and gaping asshole. This was followed by a cold shower and a brief round of farewell rapes before she  was dragged out to the car, still clutching what remained of her ruined dress and underwear.

       Twice the car stopped in out of the way spots so she could be raped and sodomized. She remembered the terrible pain that was generated when one of the brutes forced a piece of splintered wood into her anus at the same time that another rapist was fisting her cunt, bragging about how far inside her he had gotten. The next thing she remembered was being dragged across the lawn to the front door and left there as they drove away, laughing at her predicament. It was obvious that mom's story had concluded. She was a basket case right now and easily manipulated, so I made my move, almost certain that she was going to be no problem after what happened to her last night.

       "Mom you are a worthless slut as far as I'm concerned! I wonder why dad hung around as long as he did considering your behavior last night and the way you started to make moves on me recently. I'm no fool, I know you need lots of hard cock to take care of your urges. Dad made sure to warn me about you and your needs. I really didn't believe him until lately when you started to show me some skin and make remarks about me jacking off whenever I was in my room. I guess you got tired of waiting for me to make the first move, so you went out with some creep. Then you hand me this line of bull about him and his friends making you do drugs so they could take advantage of you. I don't believe your story, not one word! Now you are going to either tell me the truth or I'll beat you bloody until you do!"

       The look on mom's face told me everything I needed to know. She had been playing me for a fool and now she was exposed for the cunt she truly was. What she didn't know was that I had set up the scene that took place last night. No later than this afternoon there would be a delivery of about fifty glossy photographs and a tape showing my mom doing her sex thing with the studs my guy had rounded up. According to him two of the studs were teachers at my school! I could hardly wait to rub her nose in it once all this proof of what a whore she was had been collected for her to see. Then she would start paying for her little game, one glossy at a time until there were no more embarrassing items that might lead to her divorce being thrown out of court. The tape was another story entirely. That was going to be kept in a safe deposit box under my name only.

       Just to show my favorite whore who was the boss in this house I slapped the cuffs on her and marched the stark naked bitch into the bathroom for her first water sports scene, but certainly not her last. It wasn't exactly the way I pictured giving it to my mom the first time. She was leaning over the edge of the tub, legs spread and waiting for my dick, all five and a half inches of it. It would get longer and thicker as the years went by and mom's cunt would get looser and looser as my buddies, some teachers of both sexes and her other "clients" partook of her charms.

       I reached around and grabbed her big firm tits, trying to squeeze juice from them to no avail as the head of my prick positioned itself between her fat cunt lips. My fingers flattened her nipples hard to keep her mind focused on them rather than what was happening to her pussy as my cock nosed forward and started its trek up that tight tunnel of fun, the first of hundreds of trips it would make over the years. Mom didn't react too much as I fucked her for the first time; probably she was still steaming over what had happened to her grand plan for yours truly. For my first time I decided to christen my mom's round butt with my first load as master of the house. Mom was less than happy when I scooped up my hot cum and had her lick it from my fingers.

       There was no time like the present to show mom once and for all who was in charge. I wrestled her into the shower stall, turned on the cold water to the max and shut her inside to cool down while I loaded up the enema bag with a special mixture that one of my buddies swore he used on a girl he knew. My guess was it came out of a story he read, but it was worth trying on my new sex slave who was banging her body against the door of the shower stall. I let her have her fun, knowing what was in store for her today and tonight as well.

       I finally opened the shower and let my soaked, shaking mom from her prison cell, warning her of many long stays in that little cell with the cold water on maximum. That said I had her lean forward with her big round tits now capped by the stiffest nipples I'd ever seen jutted out from those fun bags. I lubed the nozzle and speared her tight asshole with it, forcing a grunt from my sex slave. That was nothing compared to her reaction when I opened the clip on the enema tubing and started the enema flowing into her lower intestine. It had hot water, liquid detergent, coffee grounds, half an ounce or so of black pepper, full strength curry powder and half a cup of bleach.

       It didn't take long for this concoction to start making trouble in mom's lower intestine. First there were the groans followed by the gasps. From there she started to stamp her feet as the pain grew. Soon her entire body was shaking from the forest fire that was burning deep inside her colon, threatening to burst open the wiggling walls. Now mom was wailing so loudly that I had to stuff her mouth with a pair of her overly ripe panties and some duct tape. That accomplished I let nature take its course, knowing full well that what mom was experiencing was much less than her mind made it out to be. Once she calmed down I quickly exchanged the enema nozzle for a butt plug, complements of another one of my school buddies, who would be richly rewarded by mom's pussy and asshole this very night.

       Before I let mom unload her burning burden she had to do ten squats.I made her do everyone by the book, which meant for each I counted, there were two or three that weren't. She was on a set of rubbery legs by the time I pronounced her to have completed this task. Just before she was seated on the toilet the butt plug was removed and all hell broke loose. It was a battle to see which was worst, the noise or the strench. It was so bad that I finally retreated to my room, locking the bathroom door to keep nom from leaving and stinking up the entire house.

       By the time she was retrieved mom was hysterical. It didn't help matters when she went back into the shower stall for a brisk cleansing and came out acting like a vegetable. Her behavior irritated me to the point that she was marched into her bedroom, soon to be mine, and put her over my knee for a sound thrashing. Mom took it like a good little sex slave and was rewarded by being allowed to suck my dick until she got a mouthful to play with and enjoy.

       Later that afternoon I received my package from the guy who was in charge of mom's little sex session. There were fifty-seven photographs showing mom doing all sorts of depraved things with her partners. She did double pussy fuckings with a variety of partners, double penetration with three different pairs of guys, was made air-tight in a number of scenes, licked and sucked various assholes, was fisted anally as well as in her cunt and drank what seemed like gallons of piss.

       Most of that was done with her on her knees in the bathroom surrounded by three or four men, all of them pissing in her open mouth and doing their best to blind her as well. Rarely did she seem to be uncomfortable with anything she did, including being spanked by every man involved in this session. The tape was even more graphic as it caught most of the back and forth between mom and those gang raping her. It was a blast to sit there and watch the photographs and listen to the tape at the same time. It was as if I had been there.

       Just before I took off to have dinner with one of my buddies I tied mom down to what used to be her bed, wrists and ankles roped tightly. Her fat tits got some heavy duty rubber bands to make them swell from lack of blood circulation. Then metal clamps, called little devils were applied to her nipples that seemed to fascinate me more than I'd like to admit. Finally she got a ball gag stuffed into her mouth that nearly dislocated mom's jaws. Just to let her know I still loved her, I slipped one of her bigger vibrators into her dry cunt and set it on maximum, knowing that meant an hour and a half of heavy duty fun for my new fuck toy.

       I really enjoyed seeing this bud's parents. His mom was skinny as a rail but she loved getting me hot and bothered by telling about what crazy things she and her husband did last weekend at the adult bookstore and afterward at the local no tell motel. After dinner she stripped down to her panties to show off her various tattoos. Most were too hot to be shown in public and always got me hard, which made her laugh at my predicament. As usual she offered to give me a blowjob for twenty dollars while her husband took pictures and beat his meat.

       This was one time when I could top whatever she promised. I had to admit that she gave me my first hand job and also my first blowjob as a birthday gift later that year. She also bragged about breaking in my good buddy last summer,  just to keep in practice. He'd shown me some of the pictures with her totally naked doing him and we beat our meat to them all summer. She had a hairy twat that drove me crazy and I must have jacked off to that thick, unkempt muff at least a hundred times that summer.

         My plan had been to show mom off to this bud and let the photographer do his thing the next night if mom wasn't too wasted from what I had planned for her after Wally, this bud, left her to my tender mercies. He wasted no time showing off his moves, including his nearly seven inch cock. I left mom's gag in the whole time he worked on her bare body, drilling her out with some excellent moves that I planned to employ once I had her all to myself. He even untied her legs so he could ass fuck her with some outstanding power moves that left her breathless with a nice big wet spot once he pulled out. So far to the best of my knowledge, no one had bothered to use a condom when they were fucking my mom, and that included all the guys who did her the night before last. I guess I'd have to beat the truth out of mom once my buddy got tired of fucking her senseless. It turned out that he had a hot date with his mom once he got back home, this being nothing but a warm up for the main event later with his dad acting as referee.

       Mom put up a decent struggle before I broke her will to resist. I must have put a dozen little devils on her tits, nipples and pussy lips before she started to cry. I butt fucked her with the biggest toy she owned, left it deep inside her anus and did some fisting of her worn out cunt. It was then that she started to nod her head and blink her eyes to signal that she would talk. She had an IUD inserted into her uterus a few weeks before the divorce became final, which explained her impervious attitude toward getting knocked up.

       It had been a long day and tomorrow I'd have to explain to the principal of my school why I never called back as promised. Perhaps he might forget it in exchange for some personal time with my mom, who hadn't yet become a total whore despite my efforts in this matter. Then there were my buddies that would want in on my new sex slave, plus the guy who handled her gang bang for me. Knowing how my buddies had problems with keeping their lips buttoned, I was sure that a few teachers, assorted parents, friends and regular cash customers would soon be clammering for time with mom, who needed a new name and quick. Guess I'll sleep on these issues tonight and hopefully wake with all sorts of solutions. Let's hope for mom's sake that this will shake out for all concerned.

       It's now been a month since mom became my sex slave and things have certainly changed for the better. She does what she's told when it comes to satisfying my good buddies and some of their parents. It must be true that the family that fucks together, stays together, especially when mom is the meat in their sandwich. I've got some great pictures of my sex slave sucking a juicy, dripping cunt while the husband and son take turns fucking her ass and fisting her pussy. She has a big following of teachers from the local high school, many of them using mom to take out their frustrations over unruly students and unjust regulations that prevent them from adequately disciplining their charges.

       Mom still pulls a train fairly regularly whenever there is the demand for her particular services in this area. I even have an arrangement with the local police who drop by to check on mom every so often to unburden themselves physically and otherwise. Mom even has her own physician, a middle-aged sex maniac who gives her the most thorough physical examinations any woman has ever experienced. Of course yours truly makes sure that mom is running on all cylinders at least three or four times a week. There is talk from certain quarters that mom may be considered for a major role in a sex film to be shot in a foreign country. Naturally I'll be escorting her to make sure everything is on the up and up. Life is good and only getting better. I'm hoping things will continue going my way in the future.

                       ( To be continued - jethro jodhpur )                                  

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