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Slave to the Clit No More

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Synopsis: A sub has her ultimate body mod fantasy come true when with the support of her loving master, she has her clitoris removed at last.

Slave to the Clit No More

By Pure Girl C

Before I made the decision to be cut, my life was mainly dominated by the aching need to come every day, more than one, often at times that didnt suit me and I was a slave to the small ball of throbbing pleasure between my legs. I had found ways to calm it some what, applying burning but harmless substances to the exposed clitoris, such as toothpaste and heat creams, purely to burn the ache away. I did not care about the pain, it served as a distraction from the nagging need to come so frequently.

Lovers used to enjoy my ability to come so easily, I could come quickly come on demand, come any time I was asked to.

But although I enjoyed sex, I did not want to be ruled by a small lump of flesh between my legs, I came to hate the constant inconvenience of it.

I was a sub, in every relationship I was the submissive partner and I preferred to worship my master's body and please him to gain my satisfaction.

I was in my late thirties before I met the man who would change my life forever.

Mark was a friend of mine but as time went by and we shared more and more we realised we were in love. One day whilst shaving my cunt I accidentally cut myself with the razor- it was a scratch that stung more than hurt. But he joked that at least I hadn't circumcised myself. I told him that I found the idea quite arousing in a final kind of way.  He didn't say anything at first, he was used to me asking him to torture my clit by suction, burning it by applying hot cream and he knew I enjoyed being forced to come and then being told it was my final orgasm, then he would put on some gel to numb it so much that I felt as if I did not have a clitoris.  A few days later I brought up the subject.

"I like the idea of having my clit cut."

We were naked in bed and he spread my bald lips and looked at me down there.

"In what way?"

It was easy now, I felt as if a floodgate had opened.

"I want my hood removed and my clitoris cut, I mean snipped off- not all of it, but most of it. So I can see I've been cut. So my ability to orgasm is vastly reduced."

He surprised me.

He pinched the organ firmly.

"If it was up to me, you would have the whole thing removed. I think it would be good for you, youre too excitable, and you have to play with it all the time. I think youre the sort of woman who would gain a great deal of benefit from having it cut."

I felt nervous but excited.

"I want it to happen."

He nodded thoughtfully.

"Then I'll find a doctor. I would be very happy to think you have no clit, it would make me think of you as very special and pure and I would be pleased if you had it done for me- all of it removed for me."

He saw the look in my eyes. I could barely speak. I knew my wish was going to be granted. I had wanted clitoris removal for years. I had thought about it every time I visited the nurse for my annual check ups. But my local surgery was not the place to casually mention I would like to have my clitoris snipped off.

He placed two fingers over my swollen clit and began to rub it.

"I'll make you come; you need to come as many times as possible before your operation."

"Can I really do it?"

"Yes, I promise, I will have you cut."

I came hard, throbbing inside as I thought about what was going to happen to me.

For the next two weeks all I did was masturbate, my clit became very red and tender and throbbed without me even touching it.  I got sick of the constant arousal but by then my body was commanding me and I felt like I had no say. Then he told me that he had paid for me to go to a private clinic and have my operation. I was very nervous but excited, he told me the night before, then ordered me to lie down on the bed and while I was lying down he brought in hot water and shaving foam and a razor. He spread my legs.

"Keep still, I'm going to shave you so youre nice and smooth or your operation tomorrow morning."

As he rubbed in the shaving foam I felt like coming again, but he saw the juice run from my slit and wiped it away.

"I want this so much." I told him.

"I know you do." he replied, "I'm so proud of you, its the thought that you are giving up your clit for me."

"Do I have to have all of it removed?"

"I would prefer that. It would make you pure and clean and I would not have to worry about you being unfaithful in the future, once that clits gone you wont have the urges you get now. Youll be a lot happier."

I opened my legs wider and he began to shave me slowly and carefully.

Soon after I was dried off with a towel and I spread my legs wide while he took pictures of my pink slit. He then put the camera down and spread my cunt open wide, he stretched it and it was rather painful.

"It feels like Im going to split."

"They'll clamp you wider than this tomorrow. he told me, "You have to be stretced open for the incisions to be made."

Then he kissed my cunt while he held it open. I felt his breath on my clit as he spoke softly.

"I'll make you come over and over tonight"

He did make me come. I was licked, sucked and rubbed and then my clit was brutally pumped. He said he wanted it as swollen as possible for the morning so the doctor would be able to cut off as much as possible. I had said I wanted to keep a little of the clitoral tissue, but every time I said that he reminded me it would mean a great deal more to him if I had a total removal, so  I stayed silent because part of me wanted the whole thing taken too. I knew he had already made the arrangements with the surgeon anyway so what happened next had all been planned and I was glad it had been done with his consent because I had told him since we first met that my cunt was his property, so  he could do what he liked with it.

We met the doctor at the clinic; I was interviewed briefly and signed a consent form. I mentioned that I wanted to keep a small amount of tissue and the male doctor exchanged a glance with my lover and then looked at me and said:"That will depend on how the surgery goes. I may have to remove it all."

Then I knew for sure that was what would happen, he had already arranged and paid for my clitoris to be totally removed.

But I said nothing, just undressed and got on the table, put my legs apart in the stirrups and waited as he put on some gloves to examine me. My lover stayed in the room watching everything and I guessed he had also arranged to do that too. I smiled at him but he barely noticed me, his eyes were fixed between my legs now.

The doctor spread my cunt wide. He pulled the lips wide apart firmly, and then lifted the hood of my clitoris. As he moved the hood and inspected the organ I felt a throb and realised it was swelling up before his eyes. He gave it a rub and gripped it with a thumb and forefinger and pulled on it. I had to give a man of pleasure even though my cheeks went red and I felt so ashamed. I had nearly come while the surgeon examined me.

"I will fetch the nurse and have you prepared for the operation." he told me. He looked at my lover.

"I think she would appreciate it if you stayed."

The doctor had left the room and I realised I had read something in the tone of his voice- he was telling my lover that I wanted to come.

"I think we should make the most of this." he said to me.

My legs were still fastened in stirrups and I lay there feeling my clit aching as if it would burst. I looked down and saw it swollen hugely, it was wet and my clit looked like a small cherry.

"I'd better give you the final one." My lover said, and put his fingers down there and rubbed my clit. I came hard and fast, it was almost instant and I felt surprised that I was emotional now, acing for just one more.

"Make me come again-"

The nurse came into the room. She had heard what I said but took the cover off a trolley and set to work between my open legs; she wiped my cunt with a rough sponge and then swabbed my slit with iodine. It stung and I felt tears forming in my eyes. She lifted a needle from the tray and delivered four sharp injections that made me sob, but the pain faded in seconds  and I realised I was numb,  still having my clit yet feeling as if it was already gone - and it was not a bad feeling, it was a sense of freedom and peace.

"Can you feel this? She asked me. I knew she was pinching me but I felt nothing.

"No." I replied.

The doctor came back into the room in a surgical gown and gloves. He turned to a tray full of sharp instruments and paused, asking the nurse to clamp me.

My labia were clamped wide and tight, and then I was told he would make a u-shaped incision to remove the entire clitoral hood. I lay there for a while just feeling strange because Id wanted this for so long and at last it was happening, but it felt so unreal. After the hood was removed he took up a small clamp and informed me my clitoris was clamped.  My lover was still watching.

"I want it cut off." I said, I knew it would be but I wanted to vocalise it. Then I looked over at my lover and master.

"I love you." I told him.

"I love you too." he replied, "And its nearly over now"

I dont know what I was expecting the moment my clit was cut, I was expecting perhaps a long process of removing the organ, but it was not the way I imagined it. The surgeon pulled on the clamp and asked the nurse to hand him the scissors. She gave him a small pair of thin bladed scissors. He took them beneath the surgical drapes that covered me and made a careful snip, it was a cut that took several seconds, then he put the scissors into a metal bowl and as the nurse took it from between my legs I saw the contents were bloodied but she covered them with a cloth as she took them away. The doctor cleaned my cunt and catheterised me, then carefully sewed up the small wound.

I was taken to a private room to rest, here a nurse checked on me to make sure I was comfortable, and to change my dressing and check my stitches. I rested there for the night and my lover stayed with me and in the morning he took me home.

He says Im special and the tiny scar where my clit used to be is his favourite place to kiss. I can still masturbate with a vibrator and touch my g spot and I do not miss my clitoris at all. Although the scar was sewed over I still feel a little pleasure where some nerve endings remain. But I am happiest taking pleasure from my masters cock because that is what good slaves do.

He was so pleased I had my clit removed my master married me. He will always see me as special because I was brave enough to live out my dreams, and he has always wanted to have his woman circumcised. And I dont miss having a clit- being without one is actually quite a relief.

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