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Why Me?

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Synopsis: She is abducted from work, punished, and raped


That was the predominant thought in my head as I trudged out the back door and into the parking garage.  It had been a long week and I was eagerly anticipating my wild night mint tea, mystery novel and my cat.  What some might call boring, I call bliss.  Two whole days, all to myself.  No last minute deadlines, misplaced files, raving bosses, or late night overtime.  I was going to stop at whatever grocery store was still open at this hour, pick up a frozen pizza, and head straight home.

As I headed towards my car I noticed that despite the almost complete lack of cars in the garage, there was a black panel van parked on the drivers side of my little red hatchback.  A vague sense of uneasiness swirled through me and I briefly contemplated going back inside to ask the security guard for an escort.

“Oh, come on.” I muttered under my breath, “Youve been reading way too many trashy books.  Get your imagination under control and just get in the damn car.”

I grabbed my keys out of my purse and slid into the gap between the van and my car, squinting in the dim light to make out the keyhole.  I jumped a mile when I heard the sound of the van door sliding open behind me and I had just long enough to curse myself for ignoring my own intuition when a bag was roughly pulled over my head and strong arms pulled me backwards.  I screamed, kicking and flailing, trying desperately to pull the bag off, hurt my attacker, anything.  I swung blindly and felt my fist connect with flesh, producing a satisfying thud.  A mans voice cursed and suddenly there was another set of hands pinning down my legs while the original pair got a better grip on my arms.  I heard the sliding door slam as the person by my feet began to attach something to my ankles.  I tried to kick, but the hands were too quick for me and I soon found each ankle encased in what seemed to be some sort of cuff.  The process was repeated on my wrists as I continued to scream and struggle, hoping desperately that there was someone nearby to hear.

As soon as the cuffs were secure on my wrists, I felt them being pulled over my head and attached somewhere behind me.  At the same time, my ankles were being spread and attached to opposite sides of the vans ceiling, spreading me open and causing me to panic even more.  My shouts of protest were drowned out by the sound of the van engine roaring to life and we started to move, causing my weight to shift against my outstretched limbs.  I heard one of the men chuckle as a hand began to caress my thigh. 

“No, no, no, please…” I began. 

“Shut up.” he responded.  “When we want to hear you speak, well tell you.  In the meantime, if youd like to avoid being gagged I suggest you keep your mouth shut.”

I whimpered softly as the hand resumed exploring my leg while another began to unbutton my blouse.  I gritted my teeth to keep from protesting as I felt the cool air on my naked skin and then gave a muffled squeak as I felt cold metal sliding up between the valley of my breasts.  There was a soft “snick” sound and I felt my bra part in the center, exposing me to their gaze.

“Nice tits.”  One said.  “Yeah, I figured she had a good pair on her.  Little slut like her, bet she loves having them played with.” the other replied.  I gasped as I felt fingers grasp a nipple and begin to twist and squeeze it roughly, sending a weird mix of pain and pleasure flooding through me.  The fingers moved to my other nipple and gave it the same treatment before I felt a sharp pinch on the first one accompanied by a rush of sensation.  I moaned and struggled against my bonds as the men laughed again. 

“You like the clothespins, huh slut?” one of them asked as he applied one to my other nipple,  “Just wait til you find out where the last ones going.”

I cringed as I felt the cold metal on my body again, this time at my waist.  They cut my skirt off, then finished cutting off the remnants of my blouse and bra, leaving me in just my panties and heels.  I felt fingers tracing lightly down my mound, brushing over my clit and making me flinch.  As the fingers got lower I came to the horrifying realization that I was wet.  “No!”  I thought, panicking again.  “I cant be, I cant be liking this.  This has to be a fear response, I cant enjoy this!”

The man traced the outline of my pussy lips with his finger and made a scolding noise.  “See, I told you she was a slut.  Soaking wet, and we havent even finished stripping her yet.  If this makes you wet, youre going to love what we have planned for you, little whore. “With that, he sliced my panties off and brutally thrust a finger straight into me.  I cried out and tried to arch my back to get away from him, but the other man slapped my tits sharply.  “Hold still, we know you want this.” he said.

I lay there, legs splayed obscenely, still blinded by the bag, clothespins on my nipples, as the first man began to finger fuck me.  He thrust first two, then three fingers into me, using his thumb to roughly rub my clit as he did so.  His partner was twisting the clothespins on my nipples and occasionally slapping them, overloading my brain with alternating waves of pleasure and pain.  I felt my pussy begin to spasm around his fingers and I moaned, fighting to ignore the feelings.

“Come on little slut, come for me.  I know you want to come all over my fingers like a good little whore.” the man taunted me.  I writhed and gasped, struggling uselessly as the combination of fear, adrenalin, pleasure and pain sent me screaming over the edge into an orgasm.

I felt the fingers being pulled from my pussy and wiped off on my stomach.  “Nice tight cunt.”  He said, “Im looking forward to fucking it later.  In the meantime though, I dont want you to get too bored.” I felt something being shoved into my pussy and then attached to the floor.  The vibrations of the van travelled up the length of what had to be some sort of dildo, and straight into my pussy, causing it to twitch despite my recent orgasm.  I could feel every bump, every turn, and I moaned.  “Oh, of course.  How could I forget my promise to you, slut?” the man sneered.  I felt his finger stroke my clit once, and then I screamed as the clothespin was snapped down onto it.

“Told you youd like it.”


I lay on the floor of the van, panting softly as I adjusted to the sensations coursing through me.  The van had turned off the main road and we now appeared to be driving on an unpaved surface, causing the dildo in my pussy to bounce and shake with every rut or bump we went over.  Every so often, one of the men would flick the clothespins attached to my nipples and clit, making me jump.  They had been quietly discussing my body as we drove, making comments about the size and shape of my breasts, the colour of my nipples, the way I writhed against the dildo.  What scared me more than anything was how matter of fact they were about it all, and how confident they seemed.  They must have done this before, but if so, what had happened to those other women?  What was going to happen to me?

I felt the van slow to a stop, causing the dildo in my pussy to slide further in.  I moaned and the men laughed as they began to detach it from the van floor.  I felt my wrist and ankle cuffs being unclipped from wherever they were secured and then clipped to eachother, effectively binding me.  They left the bag over my head and the clothespins on as I heard the van door open and was unceremoniously thrown over someones shoulder.  I struggled weakly, kicking with my bound legs and trying to stretch my arms from where they were bound behind my back to claw the face of the man carrying me.  He slapped me on the ass, hard, and said “Behave yourself, slut.  I still havent punished you for punching me earlier, and Id hate to have to add another to your list before weve even begun.”

I felt myself being carried down a short set of stairs and then we entered a cool feeling room.  The man dumped me off his shoulder onto a mat of some sort on the ground and I yelped as I landed on my bound arms.  Before I could roll over, one of them yanked me roughly into a sitting position and I felt my cuffs being unclipped and my limbs again spread.  Within moments I was spread-eagled on the mat, my muscles straining to accommodate the torturous position.  A foam block was slid underneath the small of my back, causing me to arch upwards and reducing my range of motion even further.  This new position thrust my breasts out obscenely and despite myself I felt a little trickle of wetness begin again in my pussy.

“Now, my little cunt, wed discussed your need for punishment.  I would like you to think about how obedient you will be to us, and how quickly you will follow our commands.  We expect you to obey, and perhaps this will serve as some incentive in that regard.”

With that, I felt the clothespins ripped off my nipples and clit and I screamed as the blood rushed back into them.  Before I could recover I heard a swishing sound and something struck my right nipple, making me scream again as it exploded in pain.  I heard a swish again, and this time it was my left nipple that was struck.  I moaned and twisted, trying desperately to move far enough to escape the blows as they rained down, alternating between my poor, abused nipples.  I heard a buzzing noise and suddenly there was a vibrator pressed to my clit. 

“No, no, no…” I moaned, as I felt a wave of pleasure begin to push through the pain in my nipples.  The beating didnt stop, but it began to feel almost good.  I began to breathe faster, my heart hammering in my chest as I felt an orgasm approaching.  I began to cry, horrified at myself for feeling pleasure while they did this to me, and I heard the men laugh.

Just as I was about to come, the vibration and whipping stopped.  I unconsciously lifted my hips in need before realizing what I was doing and going still.  I tried to ignore the feeling of emptiness and my desire to come and focus again on my fear and anger.  Just as I started to get control of myself again, the vibrator was pressed back against my clit and they began to whip my nipples, harder even than before.

This was repeated twice more, each time allowing me to get just to the edge of orgasm before taking away all sensation.  By the end I was ready to beg them to let me finish, and only the last edges of my pride kept me from breaking down and promising anything in return for an orgasm.  As I once more felt myself spiraling upwards into oblivion, hoping madly that they wouldnt stop, I felt the vibrator removed yet again.  Before I could cry out in protest, the whip was brought down on my clit, once, twice, three times.  I screamed and my whole world exploded into a shattering orgasm, painful and wonderful all at the same time.  I lay there, panting, and one of them men leaned down next to my face.

“Youre going to be a good little slut, arent you? He whispered into my ear, “Because next time the punishment wont be nearly as nice.”


I must have drifted slightly after my orgasm, because the next thing I was aware of was being hauled upright and dragged across the room.  I had no memory of my restraints being undone, but I was in no condition to fight back, even if I were sure I wanted to.  I didnt know if I could take any more of their particular style of punishment.

One of the men pressed his face against mine and said softly “Close your eyes, slut.  Keep them closed until we tell you, or youll regret it.”

I closed my eyes and felt the bag being pulled off my head.  Almost immediately, a blindfold replaced it, blocking out my entire vision.  Hands ran down my legs and pulled my shoes off, and then I was left standing with nobody restraining or supporting me.  I swung my head around blindly, unsure of what they were doing and beginning to feel panic rise in my chest again.

“Get down on your knees, slut.” said one voice.

“And keep them spread while you do” added another.

I  slowly lowered myself to my knees, careful to keep them slightly apart.  “Further, cunt.” said the third voice, and I spread my knees wide, exposing my pussy, still wet from their punishment.

I heard the sound of a zipper being undone and a hand grabbed a handful of my hair, pressing my head forward til my lips touched something hard.

“Suck it, slut.  You know what will happen if you do a poor job.”

I hesitated, and he reached down and twisted my left nipple.  I gasped in pain and he shoved his cock into my mouth.  I automatically brought my hands up to push against his thighs, to try to shove him away, but they were grabbed from behind me and the cuffs clipped together at the small of my back.

“Naughty slut, you know better than that.” The man said as he began to slowly fuck my mouth.  He used my hair to guide my mouth back and forth along the length of his cock as the hands behind me began to gently tease my nipples.  I heard the sound of a camera shutter and moaned around the cock in my mouth, humiliated but also feeling the unwelcome moistening in my pussy that told me that yet again, I was enjoying this.  I was trying to keep my mouth as still as possible, but the man didnt seem to care.  I realized that I was just an orifice to him, just something to fuck.  Whether I complied or not didnt matter to him.  I couldnt understand why I was reacting to their treatment the way I was, why I was enjoying it.  I was a strong, smart woman, how could I enjoy being treated like a piece of meat?

The hands behind me began to pinch my nipples, making me twist slightly as I struggled with the pain while the man fucking my mouth sped up.  I whimpered around his cock as he began to push further and further into my mouth, bumping against the back of my throat and making me gag.

“Swallow it, slut, take my cock all the way down your throat.” He grunted, as he pushed further.  I began to panic and tears welled up in my eyes as I gagged and choked on his dick, fighting for air.  His cock began to swell and his thrusts became shorter and even faster, stroking in and out of my throat as I gasped desperately for air between strokes.

“Oh yeah, you little cunt, take it all.  Im gonna come down your throat and youre gonna swallow it, you little whore!” he cried, and suddenly shoved himself all the way in, cutting off my airway completely as he grunted and his cock pulsed.  I felt his cum sliding down my throat and when he finally pulled out I gasped for air and gagged as the taste of it filled my mouth.  He wiped his softening dick off on my face and let go of my hair.  The man behind me let go as well, and I slumped forward to the floor, disgusted with myself.  My pussy was still tingling and a tiny part of me was excited by what theyd just done to me, despite the humiliation and pain.  I heard the sound of the camera shutter again and began to cry softly, curling up into a ball on the mat and wishing I could just disappear.


I didnt have a chance to fully recover before they were on me again.  I was dragged across the room and shoved face down onto some sort of padded bench.  I was maneuvered onto all fours and my arms and legs strapped down to the contraption while a padded slat was raised up underneath me, pressing against my abdomen and keeping me from lowering myself.  Another leather strap was passed over my back to keep me from arching it and my hair was pulled back from my face and tied to something, forcing my head up and back, exposing my neck and breasts.  I heard a clanking noise and the leg supports began to ratchet apart, spreading my legs til my muscles protested.  I struggled slightly and realized that I was almost completely immobilized. 

Suddenly, something warm and wet slid across my right breast, and then again on the other side.  A mouth latched onto one nipple, then the other and they began to suck on them, causing me to moan slightly.  As this was happening, the third man began to run his finger up and down my pussy, spreading my juices around and tickling my clit.  I tried to dodge, but I couldnt move even an inch away from his exploring fingers.  One finger entered me and began to slide slowly in and out as the men sucking my nipples pulled away and something cold and hard was pressed to each breast.  I felt a gentle suction and then my nipples were pulled into plastic tubes, the suction increasing and causing me to whimper.

The man behind me had pulled his finger out of me, and I now felt something larger pressing against my pussy.  He ran his cock up and down, collecting some of my juice on the head of it, then slowly pressed inwards, stretching me out with what felt like a very large dick.  He bottomed out, his balls pressed against my clit, and I had a moment to wonder why he was being so gentle when he suddenly pulled out and slammed back in so hard I lurched against the frame I was strapped to.  He began to fuck me harder then Id ever felt in my life, his balls slapping against my clit, his cock rubbing against my cervix with every thrust.  I moaned and panted, straining away from him but unable to escape.  I felt a hand reach down and begin to tweak my clit while the man fucking me started to slap my ass, making a sharp cracking noise with each impact.  I could feel my body responding to the hand on my clit, the suction on my nipples, the brutal fucking.  Even the spanking was beginning to turn me on, pushing me closer and closer to what promised to be a blinding orgasm.  I fought it, trying to concentrate on how unwilling I was, how much I didnt want this.  Over and over I repeated in my head, “This is rape, I cant enjoy being raped.” while the man behind me drilled into my wet, traitorous pussy.

I heard another zipper being undone and suddenly there was a cock thrust against my lips.  I clamped my lips shut and was rewarded with an extra hard slap to my ass. 

“Its your choice, slut.  My cock is going in one of your holes and since only your ass and mouth are free I suggest you choose wisely.”

I opened my mouth reluctantly, tears leaking from the corners of my eyes as the man in front of me slid his cock down my throat.  He was more gentle than the first man had been but he still caused me to gag and choke as he fucked my mouth.  He and the other man began to get into a sort of rhythm as they pounded me from both ends while the third man continued to play with my clit, occasionally flicking and slapping it to make me jump.

“Keep doing that, man.” said the man behind me.  “Her cunt tightens up nicely when you do.”

They kept slamming into me and I could feel my whole body heating up.  I started making desperate little mewling noises around the cock in my mouth, fighting them, fighting myself, hoping they would stop before I came and simultaneously hoping they would never stop.  The third man was laughing at me and calling me a whore, telling me that hed known Id be the sort of slut to get off on being raped.  As I struggled to deny it to myself, the man in front of me began to groan and I felt his cock swell.  He pulled out of my mouth and I felt streams of come land on my face, my breasts and my hair.  I started to cry even harder, completely humiliated and broken.  The man fucking my pussy slid a finger down next to his cock and wet it in my soaking pussy before pressing it against my anus.  I screamed, fighting against the restraints, begging him not to do that, not to hurt me.

“Ah, I see our little slut has forgotten the rule.  We didnt ask you to speak, did we?”

I sobbed as I remembered what they had done to me the last time they were displeased.  I couldnt think anymore, couldnt even process what was happening, I just knew I had to come and the thought of being punished was almost turning me on more.  I was riding the edge of what felt like the biggest orgasm of my life and just as I started to tip over the edge the man behind me slammed into my pussy and shoved his finger into my ass in one move.  I screamed and came so hard I blacked out.  When I woke up, I was still blindfolded and had no idea where I was.

I lay there for a moment trying to process what had happened to me. My nipples were swollen and aching and I could feel the come dripping out of my sore, well used pussy. There was still dried come all over my face and chest, and my whole body felt like I'd been beaten. I thought about what the men had done to me – whipped me, fucked me, used me – and though tears welled up in my eyes I also felt a slight tingle in my pussy. Why was I enjoying this? This wasn't right, it wasn't fair. I hadn't asked for any of this and I'd never been the sort of person to fantasize about being raped. That sort of thing had always struck me as weak or perverted, and yet here I was, abducted, raped, abused – and so turned on I could barely stand it.

Mentally, I shoved it all into the back of my mind. I just needed to escape. The agonizing over how and why I'd enjoyed their treatment could wait until I was safely back home with these perverts rotting in a jail cell somewhere. I comforted myself with this fantasy, imagining my cozy little bedroom with its warm blankets and shelves of books. What I wouldn't give to be there now.

Cautiously, I felt around on the floor next to me. I seemed to be lying on a mat like the one they'd thrown me on earlier, but I wasn't wearing my wrist and ankle cuffs and I couldn't hear anyone nearby. I reached up to my blindfold, and taking a deep breath, removed it. I blinked against the dim light, trying to focus eyes that had become accustomed to blackness, and peered around me.

I was in a small room with no furnishings. The floor was covered in some sort of padded foam matting, and the walls were bare concrete. To the side I could see an opening into an alcove that contained a toilet and sink and on one wall was a flat screen tv. The only door to the room was a solid looking metal monstrosity with a sliding flap at the bottom and no handle. I pulled myself to my feet and staggered over to the door. I tugged at the flap, but it wouldn't budge and I gave up almost as soon as I'd started. I made my way to the bathroom alcove and made use of the toilet, feeling absurdly grateful that they'd provided me with such niceties. The sink dispensed only cold water and after gulping some of it down, I tried desperately to wash myself clean with the little washcloth provided. Soon I was shivering and dripping wet, but I felt marginally better. At least I wasn't coated in come anymore.

I stepped back out into the main room and went to investigate the tv. It was set into the wall and I could find no controls on it, but just above it was a small lens that looked like a camera. Moments later my suspicions were confirmed when a small light next to it blinked and the tv turned on. I could see myself in the screen, looking wet and bedraggled, but surprisingly good. My nipples were rock hard and both they and my pussy looked swollen, and some small part of me reacted to the inherent sexiness of my appearance.

"No." I thought, "This is wrong, remember it's wrong."

Just then, the screen flickered and switched to the image of a young woman. She was naked but for a blindfold and ball gag, and was on her knees. She had her hands clasped behind her neck and someone was slapping a crop down onto her nipples making her breasts bounce and shake with every blow. She was screaming into the gag and I could see tears trickling out from under the blindfold, but she made no move to escape, or even to shield herself from the blows. The camera zoomed in slightly and I could see that her pussy was soaking wet, oozing onto the floor below her. I stared at the image, my breath quickening, and wondered if I'd looked at all like that while the men were punishing me. There was something desperately sexy about her, about the way she was so completely submissive and accepting of her punishment. I watched for another minute or so and then the image flickered again and suddenly there was a new girl on the screen. This one was wearing a leather harness that wrapped around her breasts, pushing them out and up in an obscene way. The leather straps went down between her legs and when the camera zoomed in I could see her pussy lips split open on either side of the harness, dripping with moisture. Her nipples were clamped and joined by a delicate silver chain, and she was standing against a wall with her arms and legs bound spreadeagle. Someone was flicking a whip at her wet pussy and with every impact she would shudder and moan around the gag stretching her lips wide. After a few strokes, the whipping stopped and a vibrator was pressed against her slit. She cried out and began to gyrate her hips, humping desperately against the vibrator, only to have it pulled away and the whipping start again. I felt a rush of empathy, remembering how the men had tortured me with the same technique, and my pussy got wet remembering the orgasm I'd had when they'd finally let me come.

I stood there, unable to look away from the screen as scene after scene of women being raped and tortured played. In one, a middle aged woman was bound with her hands behind her back and rope wrapped around her huge breasts. They were swollen and turning blue, the nipples sticking out like erasers, and she screamed every time they were touched. In another, a young looking girl was on her hands and knees, fucking herself on a dildo that extended from the wall. When she slowed, a hose would spray her with what I assumed was icy cold water and she would shriek and immediately begin humping the dildo again. A third showed a tiny little asian woman writhing and crying as two men with ski masks on fucked her ass and pussy at the same time while a third pinched and twisted her nipples.

Again and again the scene would change, and each video was more horrific and more arousing than the last. My pussy was soaking wet and I kept having to physically check myself to keep from touching it, sternly reminding myself that this was wrong, that these women couldn't want it any more than I had. Who were they anyway? Why had the men kidnapped them, and what had happened to them? Why had they taken me, and what was my fate? Were they done with me already? Was video of my rape going to join this series of videos, to be watched by the next unwilling captive?

I curled up on the floor, my brain overflowing with questions, my body thoroughly aroused. At some point I must have drifted off to sleep because I dreamed about sex. About women being fucked by multiple men, being whipped and restrained. I woke up what could have been hours or minutes later to see that the videos were still playing, this time of a girl being fucked in the ass and mouth at the same time, and I drifted off again to the sound of her moans. When I woke again, the screen was blank and the door to my cell was opening.


The door opened and a man wearing a ski mask and nothing else stepped into the room.  He threw me a blindfold and stood there silently, watching me, lightly stroking his hard cock.  I hesitated for a moment and he took a menacing step forward and I quickly pulled the blindfold on, not wanting to risk another punishment.  I knew I already had one owing from the last time they’d used me and I wasn’t eager to add to it.

With the blindfold in place I felt the man securing leather cuffs to my wrists and clipping them together behind my back.  He grabbed me by one arm and I was led out of the room, blind and stumbling, terrified of what was going to happen to me but incredibly aroused at the same time.  We walked a short ways and then my hands were un-clipped and re-clipped together in front of me.  I felt something being hooked to the cuffs and then they were raised over my head until I was balanced on my tiptoes, legs straining.  Fingers pinched and twisted my nipples before I felt clamps being applied and I whimpered, unable to struggle for fear of losing my balance and forcing my full weight onto my already sore arms.  I felt hands roaming up and down my body, cupping a breast, stroking my thighs, rubbing my ass, and I wanted to scream at them to just get it over with.  I couldn’t handle the tension, the suspense, and this gentle touching was almost more torturous than a whipping would have been.

After a few minutes of this I felt a warm oil being applied to my skin.  Two sets of hands began to rub the oil into my body, kneading my ass and breasts and dipping fingers into my needy pussy.  A finger circled my ass and I clenched down, scared of what they were going to do.  One of the men slapped my ass and said “Relax, slut.  We’re doing you a favour here, so be grateful.  We haven’t forgotten that you still need to be punished and while we were planning to save that for later, plans can always be changed.”

I made an effort to relax my ass and felt a single oily finger slide into it, stretching me out.  He stroked in and out, spreading the oil around and sending little tingles of pleasure through me.  It hurt, but it felt good at the same time and a flush of shame washed over me.  A stranger was fingering my ass, was probably getting ready to rape it, and I liked it.  What kind of a freak was I?  Another finger slipped into my pussy and I moaned, tilting my hips to give him better access.  The man began to slowly fuck my wet pussy with his finger, sliding it all the way out and swirling it over my clit before gently pushing back inside again.  I whimpered and sighed, turned on beyond belief and humiliated by the way they were playing my body.

After a few minutes of this the hands suddenly left my body and I was left hanging, panting and hot, wanting more.  I turned my head, listening desperately for some sign of where they were and what was coming but there was only silence and the sound of my own breathing.  I could feel my calves beginning to ache from balancing on my toes for so long but the need in my pussy was all encompassing.  I focused hard on my legs, on the soreness in my arms, and just as I started to relax a little bit something warm and wet slid across my clit.  I cried out and arched my back as a tongue began to slide in and out of my pussy.  He sucked my clit into his mouth and began to flick his tongue across it in rapid little movements, driving me wild.  I was moaning and crying out, thrusting my pussy against his face, wrapped up in my need to come when he stepped back and left me hanging again.  I started to protest and caught myself at the last second.  I couldn’t want this!  I wasn’t going to beg them for it!  I stood there panting and tried to ignore the feelings in my pussy.  Again, as soon as I began to relax his mouth was back on my clit and I was crying out and humping against it.  I felt a finger sliding into my ass and it only made me wilder as I bucked and twisted, driven mad by the tongue attacking my clit.  This time when they stopped I howled in frustration and began to cry, equally humiliated and frustrated by what they were doing.

Again they waited until I was no longer on the edge before the man started licking my pussy.  This time the finger in my ass was rougher, fucking me with long, sure strokes and I loved it, wanting more.  I wanted to come so badly it was eclipsing everything else.  I no longer cared that this was rape, that they had abducted me.  Nothing mattered but being allowed to come and they knew it.  Once again they stepped away from me and I sobbed out my frustration.

“Beg for it, cunt.  Beg me to fuck your tight little ass and we’ll let you come.” one said.  I continued to sob, fighting with myself.  I couldn’t, I just couldn’t beg him to rape my ass.  What would that make me?

The tongue flicked across my clit again, just once, and I spasmed, reaching for it desperately.  They laughed and again I was denied.  “You know what you need to do, little whore.  The only way you’ll be coming today is with my cock in your ass, so beg for it.”

I stood there for a moment longer, the internal struggle becoming less and less important before I whispered “Please do it.”

“Do what, slut?  Be clear.”

“Please fuck me.” I whimpered.

“What?  Louder, cunt.  Where do you want me to fuck you?”

I took a deep breath, my body on fire.  “Please fuck my ass.” I said, my voice shaking.

“I dunno, slut.  You don’t sound sure about that.”  I felt him push up against me from behind, his cock sliding between my ass cheeks as he wrapped his arms around me and began to toy with my nipple clamps.  I moaned and pressed back against him, ashamed and yet unable to stop myself.  He slid one hand down my stomach and flicked my clit.  “Please.” I whispered.

“Tell me what a dirty little whore you are, cunt.  Tell me how much you need my cock in your ass.  Convince me that I should fuck you, and maybe I’ll let you come.”  He continued to play with my clit, lightly flicking it and keeping me right on the edge.  I was gasping and crying, humping his cock as it pressed against my ass, wanting to come so badly it hurt.

“Please….please, sir.  Please let me come.  I’m…I’m a dirty whore.  I’m a whore and I….I want your cock in my ass.  I want to come with your cock in my ass.” I cried brokenly.

“Ah, you really are a little slut.  Wanting to be raped up the ass, what a dirty cunt.” he said, and I felt the tension on my arms release.  I collapsed against him and he lowered me til I was on my hands and knees with my face pressed to the floor and my ass up in the air.  I felt the head of his cock pressing against my asshole and I whimpered, pushing back on it slightly, desperate to have it inside me, to be allowed to come.  He eased the head through my tight ring and I cried out.  It hurt, but more than that it made me feel so incredibly dirty.  I really was a dirty whore.  A dirty whore who had begged a stranger to fuck her ass just so she could come on his cock.  I was crying as he started to fuck me, slow strokes at first, but getting faster and faster.  He pulled me up against him so my back was pressed against his chest and his hands could roam up and down my front, tweaking my nipple clamps and stroking my clit.  I began to pant as the assfucking started to feel good.  My pussy was dripping onto my legs and every time he touched my clit I moaned, feeling my orgasm getting closer.  I began to push back against him, fucking myself on his cock, and he pinched my clit hard.  I screamed and he grabbed my thighs, spreading them apart so I was wide open, my soaked pussy on display for the other men.  The cuffs on my wrists were tugged upwards again and I found myself pulled as far upright on my knees as I could be, with my wrists stretched over my head.  The man behind me lifted me up, still fucking my ass, and I felt another man slide underneath me, steadying me and lowering me down til my pussy was touching his cock.  I screamed again and began to struggle, sure that I couldn’t take both of them at once.  The man underneath me reached up and twisted my nipple clamps til I went limp and then he slammed his cock into my pussy in one thrust.

The two men began a rhythm – one would slide into my ass, then pull out, and the other would thrust into my pussy.  I was stretched and felt unbelievably full, but it was also starting to feel good.  I was still pulled upright by the cuffs on my wrists, and the man below me was using his finger to play with my clit while the man behind me tugged on my nipples.  I started fucking back against them, and they responded by drilling me even harder.  A cock was thrust against my lips and I opened my mouth and sucked it in without even thinking.  I was so close to coming I didn’t care about anything else and I twisted and writhed against them, moaning and screaming around the cock in my mouth as my orgasm approached.

“Come for us, whore.  You’ve got a cock in all three holes and you’re such a little slut that you’re going to come.” the man behind me growled into my ear, and I felt my vision go white.  I was coming, hard, and I could feel my pussy and ass squeezing the cocks inside me.  The cock in my mouth was pulled out and I felt warm semen shooting over my face and breasts, his hand in my hair keeping me in place.  The man behind me grunted, and I felt him shoot into my ass, pushing my orgasm even higher as I spasmed and jerked on their cocks.  The man underneath me began to jackhammer my pussy, thrusting upwards and tugging sharply on my nipples while he called me a filthy little whore.  My pussy clenched down on him and I came again as he shot his load deep inside me.

I hung by my arms, panting, with their softening cocks still in my ass and pussy.  I couldn’t believe what I had just done.  I’d just come from being raped by three men at the same time, and what’s more, I’d begged them to do it.  I truly was a filthy whore.  As they slid out of me, one of them slapped me on the ass and said “Guess it’s time for your punishment now, cunt.”  I hung my head and began to sob, utterly broken.


I knelt on the floor, arms stretched above my head, and sobbed.  I still couldn’t understand how I’d begged a stranger – a stranger who had kidnapped and whipped and abused me with his friends – to fuck me in the ass, and had then come while he did it.  I had always prided myself on being a normal, well adjusted person, someone who enjoyed sex but certainly wasn’t a complete freak.  If anything, I might have been described as a bit of a prude and I had been perfectly fine with that.  Now I was having to question my whole identity and it was scaring me.  I didn’t even know who these men were, or how they’d chosen me, but somehow they’d known that there was a slut hiding inside me.  Why me?  Why was I abducted from my office, assaulted, whipped, raped, and made to enjoy it?  Even then, as I sat there on the floor, gasping for breath from my latest orgasm, I could feel a tingle in my pussy as I anticipated the punishment they were going to give me.  It was terrifying and humiliating and I wanted it anyway.

The hook my wrist cuffs were attached to began to rise again and it pulled me to my feet.  I hung from it, hardly able to support myself, and waited for them to do whatever it was they had planned.  Surely nothing could be worse than what they’d already put me through.  I felt cuffs being attached to my ankles and then straps wrapped around each thigh, their hands wandering around my body as they worked.  My nipple clamps were removed suddenly and I screamed and arched my back as the blood ran back into my tender buds.  A hand was massaging them, making me wince, and more hands were prodding my pussy and ass as they finished tightening the straps around my legs.  I heard the sound of chains clinking and then my feet were pulled out from under me and I hung from my arms.  I yelped in surprise, and then in fear as the chains continue to rise, pulling my legs out perpendicular to my body in a split.  I groaned as the muscles of my inner thighs stretched to the maximum and began to shake my head wordlessly.  I had always been flexible, but they didn’t stop pulling my legs up until I was in almost a full splits and my muscles were protesting.  One of the men adjusted the straps slightly and then gave me a push so I swung back and forth, supported by my thighs, ankles and wrists.  My pussy and ass were completely exposed to them and despite the situation I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

My momentum stopped and I hung there, fearfully awaiting their next move when suddenly a jet of icy cold water hit me in the chest.  I gasped for breath as the cold knocked the wind out of me and I heard one of the men laughing.  “Can’t have you all filthy and covered in come, slut.  I know it’s a natural state for a whore like you, but we like to keep things clean around here.”  The stream of water played over me, paying special attention to my breasts where my nipples had hardened into little points.  I was shivering and goosebumps had popped up on my skin, but I was still somewhat aroused.  I felt the water begin to go lower and I sucked in a breath, knowing what was coming.  The water sprayed directly onto my exposed and vulnerable pussy and I screamed, bucking and twisting in my harness as I tried to escape it.  They played the jet back and forth between my ass and pussy, lingering especially long on my clit.  At one point the angle of the water changed and they started spraying me from below, trying to get the water to go right up inside me.  I was sobbing, freezing cold and my teeth were chattering when the water was finally shut off.  I hung there, dripping, and one of them squirted something across my chest.  At first I thought he had come on me again but then the smell hit me and my stomach clenched.  It was soap, but not just any soap – my soap, from my house.  I had always favoured a slightly obscure brand that I ordered from outside the country, and this was the smell of my soap.  I felt sick to my stomach knowing that these men knew where I lived and had access to my things.  They must have got my keys and wallet out of my purse but the prospect hadn’t occurred to me before and somehow, despite everything they’d done to me, it felt like a giant violation. 

Before I could focus on the implications too much I felt a scrub brush begin to rub circles on my back.  Another one began to scrub one leg, while the third began on my other leg.  The brushes weren’t especially harsh, but as they began to circle closer and closer to my more sensitive areas, I whimpered.  My pussy was growing wet again and I cursed myself for my inability to resist these men.  The brushes began to slide over my breasts, one on each side gently at first and then they began to scrub harder.

“Look at how red her tits are.  Poor little slut is going to kinda sensitive here later, isn’t she?” one commented.  The other two laughed and one said “Well, she shouldn’t have got herself all dirty and covered in come then, shouldn’t she?  I want her nipples all squeaky clean for when I whip those hot tits of hers.”  They laughed again, and then the man behind me who had been scrubbing my ass cheeks dipped his brush lower and began to work it over my exposed asshole.  He ran the bristles back and forth and then I felt another jet of cold water aimed directly at my anus.  I flinched, but the water stopped almost immediately and he continued to scrub.  His brush was moving steadily forward, first scrubbing my inner thighs and then the lips of my pussy.  He stopped for a moment and stroked his finger down one of them before resuming his forward creep with the brush.

“Nice and smooth down there.  Too bad, I kinda like shaving them.  Guess this little one is enough of a slut that she waxes.”

“I like the ones who wax.  Lets me know right away that they’re total cockwhores, so I don’t feel so bad about fucking them the way they deserve.” one of the other men said.   All three of the men laughed at this and the third one replied, “Feel bad?  Since when do you feel bad about fucking these sluts?”

“Never.  They’re all cockwhores who deserve it.” he answered, and they laughed again.  As they were talking, the men in front of me had continued to scrub my breasts, paying special attention to my nipples.  They had been sore before, but now they felt so sensitive that even the slightest touch with the scrub brush sent a thousand nerve impulses screaming through me.  It was painful, but my pussy was practically gushing.  The man behind me had been pushing his brush closer and closer to my clit, and now he pressed down directly on it.  I gasped and bucked against the scrub brush and he responded by running it back and forth along my slit, pressing the bristles into my wet and swollen flesh.

“You filthy little whore, this is turning you on?” he said.  “I’m scrubbing your jizz filled cunt with a scrub brush and you’re so wet it’s not even working.”  With that he directed another spray of water directly at my pussy and I writhed in my harness again, moaning as the icy water drove my arousal level down.  He turned off the water and continued to rub the brush over my sensitive pussy, tickling my clit with it.  He was using just enough pressure that it hurt, but not so much that it wasn’t still driving me wild.  I was starting to heat up again and my breath was coming faster when all three of them stopped and I was left in the harness, swinging slightly and moaning.  Before I could brace myself, they were spraying me down with the icy cold water again and I panted and gasped to catch a breath.  They turned up the pressure and directed a stream right on my clit, sending a combination of pure lust and pain through me.  I wanted to come again, but the temperature of the water was just too extreme. It was torture.

Finally the water shut off and I wondered if this was the end of my punishment.  It hadn’t been pleasant, but it also hadn’t been nearly as bad as I’d been expecting, so I waited anxiously.  I could hear something being dragged across the floor and set up directly underneath me but the sounds gave me no clue as to what was about to happen.  One of them men shoved a nozzle into my pussy and something warm and oily squirted out, coating my insides and dribbling down from my swollen lips.  He repeated this process with my ass and I began to worry.  They hadn’t used nearly this much lubrication on me before, what could they possibly be planning to do to me?  Before I could think on it too much, there was a whirring and grinding noise and I felt something thick and rubbery pressing against my pussy.  A hand spread it apart and an average sized dildo slid up into me.  It went just far enough to brush my cervix and then stopped and stayed inside me.  A moment later there was another grinding noise and a second dildo pressed up against my ass.  One of them men held me still and guided it into me, stretching me wide open and making my eyes water.  It wasn’t quite as big as the dick that had been inside me earlier, but it was large enough to make me feel very full.  As soon as the second dildo was settled fully inside me I felt a leather strap being passed around my waist.  Two straps were attached to at the back and these were pulled up between my legs on either side of the dildos and connected again to the waist strap at the front.  As they tightened them I realized there was a hard bump on the front of the straps that nestled right against my clit, and I imagined that this was not a coincidence.  I hung there, waiting, knowing that whatever was coming was not going to be pleasant.

The dildo in my pussy began to move first, slowly withdrawing before reversing and sliding back up into me.  The one in my ass was next, pulling out until just the tip was seated inside me before again pushing back in.  They were working in tandem but it soon became clear that they were slightly out of sync.  At first, they would both be inside me at the same time but soon they were alternating thrusts and I could tell that as time went on they would cycle back and forth between stuffing me full all at once and alternately fucking me.  The thrusting began to increase in speed and suddenly the hard bump against my clit began to vibrate.  It, too seemed to be somewhat random.  It started as a gently teasing buzz and soon had worked its way up to an almost uncomfortable level of vibration.  It cycled up and down a few times before throwing in short little bursts of high vibration every few seconds, seemingly at random.  The result was that from one moment to the next I didn’t know what was happening, and all I did know was that I wanted to come.  Badly.

The dildos increased in speed yet again and began to really fuck me.  I was shaking my head back and forth, trying to deny the orgasm I could feel building inside me but I knew it was a worthless endeavor and within minutes I was coming all over the thrusting rubber cocks, shaking and humping as best I could in my suspended position.  Almost immediately I realized what the punishment would be because the dildos and vibrator didn’t shut off.  If anything, they sped up and I shrieked as the vibrator went into high gear on my overly sensitive clit.  I yanked on my wrist cuffs, trying to pull myself off the dildos, but I couldn’t manage to pull myself up more than a few centimeters and I soon sunk back down onto the pistoning cocks, bucking against the vibrator that was torturing my clit.  Soon, the vibrator cycled back down to a lower setting again and I moaned in relief, feeling the buzzing starting to feel good again.  “Oh no,” I thought, “I can’t come again, not so soon.”

The dildos continued to make obscene slurping noises as they pounded into my ass and pussy and I panted as my second orgasm approached.  I jumped slightly as I felt one of them men grasp my right nipple and then there was a clamp being applied to first it, then the other one.  I wondered why these felt different from the ones they’d used one me before but my answer came quickly as they too began to vibrate, in sync with eachother but otherwise in a random pattern.  I was thrusting my hips forward, trying to gain a firmer contact with the vibrator on my clit and when both it and my nipple clamps went into high gear at the same time, I exploded.  I could feel my juices dripping out of my pussy and again, I shrieked as my poor body went into post-orgasmic shock.  I fought the machines, now trying to escape the intense buzzing on my clit instead of chasing it and I cried as I wondered how many times they would do this to me.  Already I could feel another orgasm brewing inside me, despite the pain in my clit, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I would last.  My legs were aching from their strained position, and I could feel the dildo in my ass starting to chafe slightly. 

As if in response to my thought, I felt a stream of the warm, oily substance being squirted over my ass and I moaned as the assfucking I was getting from the mechanical invader began to feel good again.  All through this process the men had been silent and I realized that I was comforted to know they were still there, still watching me.  In fact, a small part of me was actually a bit turned on by them witnessing my punishment, though it made me want to cry to admit it.  It was bad enough that I was being driven to multiple orgasms by a machine, but to want to be watched while it happened made me feel like a slut.  Every time I began to accept what they were doing to me, they pushed me further, made me question myself even more.  I’d thought that enjoying my own gang rape was as bad as it could get, and yet here I was, screaming as another orgasm was wrenched from my exhausted body by a brutally impersonal machine.

The dildos continued to stuff my holes while the vibrators worked their magic, and I continued to come until I’d lost count and was just hanging limply in my harness, occasionally moaning and twitching as yet another spasm rolled through me.  My mind was jelly and I couldn’t even remember why this was happening to me, I just knew I wanted it to stop.  I must have lapsed into unconsciousness because when I was next aware of where I was, I was back in my cell again and the tv was playing a video of my punishment.


I stared numbly at the tv screen for a few minutes, watching the image of myself being fucked to orgasm by a pair of thrusting mechanical dildos.  The whole thing was incredibly erotic and I couldn’t believe how hot my body looked suspended from those chains.  The muscles in my legs were straining against the leather straps and I was covered with a soft sheen of sweat, highlighting the curves of my breasts and rock hard nipples.  The tv was set at a high enough volume that I could hear every whimper, every moan that I’d made as I came all over the rubber cocks.  I lay there, entranced by the video.  I was exhausted and I could still feel the keen burn of humiliation but I couldn’t help but be somewhat turned on.  What had they done to me?

Finally, I made myself look away and struggled to get to my feet.  I ached everywhere and my pussy and ass especially felt raw and sore.  I tentatively put a hand down between my legs and winced as I encountered the swollen, sensitive flesh but it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared.  I ran my hands over my breasts and found that my nipples, while still a bit sore, were tight and hard again.  Just brushing them with my fingertips was enough to make me squirm and I immediately dropped my hands away, determined not to arouse myself. 

I made use of the bathroom again and drank as much of the cold water as I could stand.  Steeling myself I also wiped my body down with the washcloth, shivering as the cold water hit my sensitive skin.  I moaned as I remembered the jets of frigid water playing over my pussy and ass, tormenting and arousing me all at once.  From the main room I could hear the sounds of the tv replaying one of my many orgasms and suddenly realized that my hand was between my legs and I was stroking my clit with the washcloth.  I gasped and dropped it on the floor, backing away as if it were a poisonous snake, and fled back to the main room.  What was wrong with me?  I’d come more times in the past day than I had in years, and I still wasn’t sated?  What had they done to me?

I sat down on the floor in the main room and my stomach rumbled.  I pressed a hand to it and suddenly wondered how long I’d been here.  It was impossible to keep track of time and I had no idea whether it was day or night, or when I’d last eaten.  I looked around the room again, hoping that I’d missed something in my brief survey, but there was no food anywhere.  I got up and walked over to the tv, trying to ignore the sight of my tormented, screaming body being punished by the thrusting dildos, and stared into the small camera lens above it.  The light next to it was blinking, and I hoped that perhaps one of them was watching me.

“Hello?” I said, hesitantly.  “Are you….I mean…is anyone watching?  I’m…I’m hungry.  Please…..can I have some food?”

I watched the screen for a moment, hoping they would respond, but there was no answer but my own recorded orgasmic moaning.  I sat back down on the floor and stared off into space, fighting against the tingle of arousal that swept through me every time I heard myself coming on the video.  Suddenly, the sound switched off and I heard the voice of one of the men over the speakers.

“If you want food, slut, you have to earn it.”

“Earn it?  How?” I asked, terrified.

“Give us a show.  You know, like the one you started in the bathroom?  Play with that slutty little cunt of yours and show us how horny you are.  If you come for us, we’ll feed you.”

I gasped.  They’d seen that?  And they wanted me to masturbate for them?

“Oh God.” I moaned, feeling a fresh flush of humiliation roll over me.  Was there nothing they would leave alone?  Slowly but surely, bit by bit, they were stripping away every shred of my privacy and free will and I didn’t know how to resist.  If I didn’t do what they wanted, would they starve me to death?  My stomach rumbled again and I started to cry. 

“We’re waiting.” the voice said.  “Come on, you little fuckslut.  I don’t think you want to face another punishment, especially on an empty stomach.”

The idea of going through another of their punishments was enough to make me cry harder but I slowly slid my hand down my stomach and towards my pussy.  I lightly rubbed it back and forth along the outside of my pussy lips, shocked to find them already damp.  I spread them apart gingerly, trying not to be too rough with the sensitive flesh, and gently stroked my hand up and down my slit.

“Not good enough, whore.  Stick your fingers in your cunt and play with that needy little clit of yours.  Use your other hand to play with your nipples too, I can see how hard they are.  We want a good show from you, or no food.”

Whimpering, I slid two fingers into my pussy and moaned at how absurdly good it felt.  I was more turned on than I’d imagined and as I slowly stroked them in and out, pressing the heel of my palm against my clit, I knew it wouldn’t take me long to come.  I ran my other hand over my breasts, lightly tweaking my nipples and writhing on the floor as my juices started to flow and I began to finger myself faster.

“That’s it, fuck that juicy little cunt.  Show us what a dirty little slut you are.” the voice said, making me even hotter.

I began to buck against my fingers, panting and crying out, hovering on the edge of release.  I pinched a nipple, hard, and shoved a third finger into my pussy and began to come, the walls of my pussy clamping down on my fingers and juices oozing out around my hand.  I collapsed back to the ground, spent and completely humiliated.  I heard chuckling from the speakers.

“Very nice, little slut.  I knew you’d put on a good show for us.  Comes with being such a cock hungry whore.”

A moment later the flap at the bottom of my door slid open and a tray was pushed through.  I ran over to it, but the flap slammed closed before I could get there.  The tray contained a sandwich, an apple and a few carrot sticks.  Hardly a feast, but hungry as I was I fell on it and gulped down the food.  When I was done, I curled up on the floor again and fell asleep to the sounds of my own orgasms.


When I woke next, the video playing was different.  It was back to the alternating scenes of women being abused and the sounds of their pain and ecstasy had roused me from dreams filled with endlessly thrusting and spurting cocks.  I blinked blurrily at the tv and watched as a pretty young girl was being impaled on a monster dildo.  It was attached to a machine much like the ones that had been fucking me and I stared as her pussy stretched to accommodate the huge girth being forced into it.  She was writhing and moaning, trying to pull herself free from the wall she was tied to, but her manacles held firm and the dildo thrust all the way in to her tiny pussy, pinning her in place.  My nipples grew hard as I watched her get brutally fucked by the monster cock, her pert little breasts bouncing with every thrust, her mouth open as she screamed in what seemed to be both pain and pleasure.  I knew I shouldn’t be aroused by this, but I couldn’t seem to help it anymore.  They had broken me.

I watched til the girl came all over the huge rubber cock and then the scene changed to a shot of my own little cell.  I could see myself lying on the floor, thrusting my fingers into my pussy and moaning and I hung my head in shame, remembering how they’d forced me to masturbate.  The video continued for a few more minutes before the screen went blank and the door to my cell swung open.  One of the men was standing there, again wearing a ski mask and holding out a blindfold.  I gulped and stood up shakily, moving towards him on legs that trembled in fear.  I reached out for the blindfold and he grinned at me.  I think we both knew that my pussy was already soaked in anticipation of what was to come.

I was led, blindfolded, out of my room and across a cement floor.  My nipples were hard just thinking of what be coming and I knew my pussy was gushing.  It was just as they said I was a dirty whore.

I was shoved forward onto a mat on the floor, landing hard on my hands and knees before hands grasped my arms and cuffed them behind my back.  A sharp slap on the inside of my leg induced me to quickly spread my knees wide, exposing my dripping pussy to my unseen audience.  I unconsciously arched my back slightly, showing off my full breasts, heaving with my deep, aroused breathing.  I waited for what seemed like hours before finally I heard one of the men speak.

“Do you know why youre here, slut?” he asked.  I shook my head, scared to speak up.

“Because youre a fuck slut.  Youre here because you crave cock, because you ache to be filled in all your holes, humiliated, abused, and made to come.  Youre here because we know what you want, what you are.  You cant hide it from us.”

I moaned at his words, both completely aroused and desperately trying to deny them.  Even though Id been coming to the same conclusion as they used my body, I couldnt just accept that what he said was true.  I didnt want this!  It didnt matter that I enjoyed it, I hadnt asked for it.  I gathered my courage and spoke up.

“No.” I said, my voice coming out as barely more than a whisper.


“No!” I said, more forcefully this time.  “I didnt ask for this, I didnt want it.  You made me… made me do….” I broke off, unable to repeat the things they had done to me.

“We made you come?  Oh yes, we did.  We made you come while we fingered you, while we whipped you, while we fucked you.  You came on our cocks, our hands, and even on a pair of rubber dildos.  You came on your own fingers too, sluttily shoving them into your cunt while we watched you.  No, you asked for this and you wanted it.  You didnt have to say the words, we knew.”

“No.” I whimpered again, trying to ignore the rush of heat that washed over me at the memories his words conjured up.

“Oh yes, slut.  Even now, even as you deny that you want this, your dirty little cunt is soaked and your nipples are hard.  Youre a fuck slut.  You exist only for the pleasure of men like us, men who know how to use you.”

Tears were running down my cheeks and I shook my head wordlessly, denying what he said.

“So, if I were to come over there and shove my fingers up your cunt, you wouldnt enjoy it?  I wouldnt feel your hot little pussy clamping down on them as you came?” he taunted.

I moaned, my traitorous pussy spasming at his words, wanting nothing more than what he had just promised.  I hung my head silently, unable to refute him.

“I thought so.” he said.

I gathered up the last of my courage and whispered “What will happen to me?”

“That depends, slut.  Were not done training you yet, but when we are youll be a proper fuck slave.  Id hate to ruin all the surprises that entails, but I can assure you that youll be getting all the cock that hungry little cunt of yours needs.  Im sure youll enjoy it.”

“But…but…when will you let me go?” I cried.

“Let you go?  Oh no, little cunt.  By the time were done with you, you wont even want to leave.”

I moaned.  Judging by what theyd done to me in only the short time Id been captive, by the way Id responded, I knew he could be right.

“People will miss me, theyll look for me.” I whispered.

“Who?” he asked.  “Your friends?  The ones you only see once a month or so?  Your few living family members you havent seen in years?  Oh, your boss!  Yes, we had your “Brother” go in and inform them that youd suffered a nervous breakdown and needed long term leave.  They wont be missing you anytime soon.”

“My cat.” I whispered, feeling absurd as soon as Id said it.

He laughed.  “Pussy misses her pussy, hmm?  Dont worry, your cat is safely at the shelter.  Id imagine hell be adopted any day now.”

And with that, I could feel the last tie to my old life drifting away.  He was right, nobody would miss me.  I had no close friends, no family, nobody to wonder where I had gone.  I had wrapped myself in my careful privacy and solitude and now I was paying for it.  There would be no rescue for me, and if the man was right, I wouldnt even want one.

I sat there on that mat, numbly processing what was going to happen.  A slave?  What did that mean?  How could that even be possible?

“Well, cunt, do you have any other questions for me?”  I shook my head, too choked up to speak.

“Good, we have some fun planned for you.  It involves cocks in your holes so I know youll like it.”


I was pulled to my feet and led away from the mat with my wrists still bound behind me.  I felt the air change slightly and then I was pushed up a set of stairs and through a door.  This new space had soft, plush carpeting and it smelled of furniture polish and woodsmoke.  The air was pleasantly warm, unlike the cool dampness of the previous area, and I sighed as I felt it wash over me.  I was led along the carpeted floor for a ways, down what might have been a hallway, and then through a doorway and into a room with more lush carpet.  I was pushed to my knees and ordered to present my cunt, which I did by spreading my legs and assuming what had become an almost natural posture for me.  I waited in silence, nervous about what was coming.  Soon I could hear footsteps approaching and the murmur of male voices.  The door to the room opened again and what sounded like several men entered, all chatting conversationally.  I caught snippets of what sounded like friendly political discussion, and another more heated exchange regarding sports teams, but none of them acknowledged the presence of a naked, kneeling woman in the middle of the room.  I squirmed slightly, embarrassed by my nudity as if the time since my abduction hadnt happened, and wished I could cover myself.  Strange as it seemed, I had grown accustomed to being naked in that other space, in front of those men.  These men were new and unfamiliar and this space felt like a posh hotel, the kind of place I shouldnt be naked in.  The whole thing was intensely humiliating and yet I knew I was turned on.

A few more men entered the room and I heard polite greetings being exchanged and some queries regarding business and health.  I waited nervously as more men entered the room and the hum of conversation grew louder til finally a voice called out over the others “Alright then, are we all here?”

“All but Hawkes, and hed said hed be late.  We can start without him.”

There was a general rustle and the sound of furniture being shuffled and then a chilling silence settled over the room.  I could feel their unseen eyes on my naked body and my nipples hardened til they felt like they would burst.  I knew they could see my exposed, wet pussy and my face flushed with the shame.

“Report.” said the same voice as earlier.

“Female, early thirties, abducted from park at night while jogging.” I heard one of my abductors say.  “Wait,” I thought, “Im not thirty yet and they didnt abduct me from the…”

“No immediate family, currently unemployed.  Usual precautions were taken and there has been no adverse interest or suspicion in the 7 days since we obtained her.  Shows signs of being an excellent pain slut and comes readily when whipped.  Needs improvement in obeying orders and becoming aroused.  Recommend putting her into basic training.”

I felt like my world was spinning.  I wasnt the only woman here?  How many of us had they abducted?  How many were sitting in this room like me with their pussies exposed and a group of men appraising them?  My breath came faster and I felt a new rush of dampness in my pussy as the man I assumed was the leader of this group spoke again.

“Recommendation noted.  Nice body on her, I assume those tits are natural?”

“Of course.”

“Excellent.  Gentlemen, feel free to inspect the slut.  Barring any objections I will have her sent down to unit three for basic training starting tomorrow.  Any requests for pre-training use can be submitted to me after the meeting.”

I heard a female sounding whimper from a few feet away from me and guessed that the men must be doing something to this lady.  I couldnt help but wonder how she felt.  Did she enjoy this treatment too?  Was she as confused and scared as I was?  I wished I could talk to her.

“Next slut?” the leader asked.

“Female, mid twenties, abducted from parking garage after work.  No immediate family, employers handled.  No sign of suspicion in 3 days since obtainment.  Shows excellent signs of being a good fuck slut and is easily aroused by both sexual stimuli and humiliation.  Obeys orders well for such a new acquisition and is eager to please.  Recommend advancing to intermediate training.”

I gasped.  Eager to please?  Intermediate training?  A hot wash of shame burned through me again at his words and I hung my head.  I felt like a piece of meat, an animal, as he described me and my life in such terms.  Had the other woman next to me fought back more?  Was I weak for giving in to their demands so soon?  I felt tears leaking out of the corners of my eyes as the leader began to speak.

“Intermediate?  Im impressed.  I can see her soaked cunt from here, but she must be a real slut if you feel she can skip basic training.  Can we view some of her processing footage?”

There was a clicking sound and suddenly I could hear the sounds of my own arousal.  It was accompanied by an engine noise and I realized that my whole abduction and subsequent torment had been filmed.  The video continued until I came, crying out as my captors shoved their fingers into my pussy, and then I heard the sounds of my punishment occurring.  The noise of the crop as it slapped down onto my nipples in the video made me burn with arousal and I wished I could feel the vibrator on my pussy.  The men continued to watch, making comments about my reactions, my orgasms and my body as footage was played of all the ways Id been used since being abducted.  I heard some of them chuckling as I begged to have my ass fucked, and there were some impressed sounding murmurs as I fingered myself to an orgasm in front of the camera.  By the time the tape shut off I was crying, but my pussy was dripping onto the carpet below me and I would have done anything to relieve the growing pressure I could feel there.

“Very nice.”  The leader said.  “Gentlemen, feel free to inspect the cunt, but I think we will hold a more in depth evaluation at the end of this meeting.  Barring any issues with that, I feel comfortable placing her in intermediate training.”  As he spoke, I felt hands touching my body, many of them at once.  A finger slid down my spine and into the crack of my ass, stroking my anus and tickling it while more hands grasped my breasts and tweaked my swollen nipples.  I moaned as a finger slid into my grasping pussy and I bucked against it, thrusting my hips forward in a desperate attempt to gain firmer contact with it.  The men laughed at me and I felt so ashamed, but couldnt seem to stop.  The other woman theyd abducted hadnt behaved like this, so why was I?  Was I just a dirty slut, like they said?  A finger flicked my clit and my body spasmed, reaching for the orgasm that was so close.  Before I could get any closer though, the hands were withdrawn and I was left kneeling on the carpet, panting out my need.  I gave a frustrated whimper and heard more chuckles.

“Well, that was entertaining.  Next slut, please.”

My abductor began to describe the next unfortunate woman, a girl in her late teens who had been hitchhiking, but I couldnt focus on what was being said.  All I could think about was how desperate I was to come, and how thoroughly these men had reduced me to a mindless, needy slut.  It wasnt right.  I wasnt a weak-willed person, and I certainly wasnt the sort of woman who needed a man to take orders from.  How had this happened?  I heard the sound of the girl next to me being fondled, her squeaks of protest so vastly different from my own ecstatic moans, and I felt like sobbing.  Why me?  Why did I like this?

The girl next to me was assigned to basic training and I heard the sounds of furniture shifting and people moving again.  When everything settled, I felt my arms being unclipped and what felt like a thick rubber dildo was placed in my hand.

“Show us how much you want this, cunt.” A voice said.  “Show us how badly you want to come.”

I grasped the dildo, pride and shame warring with the strident demands of my gushing pussy.  If I did this, if I fucked myself with a rubber cock in front of a room full of strange men, what was I?  Could I ever hold my head up again?  I knelt there for a moment more, the fear of punishment growing stronger the longer I refused, til finally, with a broken whimper, I slid my hand between my legs and began to push the dildo into my sopping wet pussy.  It slid in easily, and I moaned as I felt it filling me up, easing the throb of need Id been feeling ever since the men had touched me.

“Fuck yourself with it.” A new voice ordered me.  “Fuck that sloppy little cunt and let us see you come.  Show us what a dirty whore you are.”

I slid the dildo back out and then pushed it back in again, panting as I did so.  My other hand slid down to my pussy and I began to circle my clit with a forefinger, thrusting my hips forward and throwing my head back.  I could hear the men murmuring their approval and as I grew closer and closer to coming, their watching eyes and obscene comments just made me hotter.  I began to cry out as I fucked myself with the dildo, high pitched keening sounds as my pussy began to contract, grasping the dildo and gushing juices all over it.  I arched my back and with one final thrust I began to come, rocking back and forth, breasts thrust forward, head thrown back, riding that rubber cock with everything I had.  As I came back down, panting and gasping for air, I heard smattered applause from the men, and I felt shame burn through me once more.  What had I done?


The men exited the room, some of them stopping to fondle me as they went, pinching a nipple or slapping my ass.  I knelt there, lost in a fog of deep self pity and shame, barely aware as they took liberties with my body that even a week ago would have had me screaming in rage.  I couldnt understand how I had let myself get to this point, how I had given up all sense of pride and decency.  And for what?  Just because I got wet when they abused me?  I was sick at myself, horrified and confused.

After all the men had left my arms were secured behind me again and I was hoisted to my feet.  I was led down a corridor and through a doorway and suddenly I could feel sunshine on my skin.  I stumbled, stunned by the warmth and light seeping through my blindfold, shocked at how much Id missed it over the past few days.  I turned my face upwards slightly as I was led along a concrete pathway, basking in the glow of being outdoors once more.  Too soon for me we passed under a roof of some sort and the sun vanished, though the crisp air of the outdoors still swirled around me, puckering my nipples and drying the sweat on me from my recent orgasm.  I felt myself being backed up to a post of some sort and my wrists secured to it before my abductor began to speak to me.

“Be a good little slut.” He said, lightly tweaking my nipple as he spoke.  “Your new trainer will be here to collect you shortly.”

I heard his footsteps fading away and concentrated on where I was.  I could smell hay and horses, and the floor under my feet was smooth concrete, swept meticulously clean.  The wooden post behind me was rough, and I seemed to be attached to it by some sort of metal ring.  Quietly, I began to manipulate the connection between my cuffs and the post and was shocked to discover that they were held in place by only a clip, not even locked.  I stood there for a moment, listening intently, but I could hear nothing around me but the sound of the wind and a far off horse whinnying.  I took a deep breath and unclipped my cuffs, feeling a shot of adrenalin go through me as I did it.  I froze immediately, half expecting to be grabbed and punished, but there was nothing.  Quickly, I undid my cuffs and reached up to rip the blindfold from my eyes, blinking and squinting as I was blinded by the sunshine.  When I could see again I looked around me and discovered I was in a deserted paved courtyard with several upright posts like mine surrounding the edges, an overhanging roof protecting them from the elements.  A large mansion backed onto two sides of the space, with a doorway that I assumed was the one Id been led through.  On the third side was a wooden structure that I assumed was the stable I could smell and the fourth was a stone archway through which I could see a field.  It was early afternoon, judging by the sunlight streaming down into the courtyard, and I could see nobody nearby.  I stood there for a moment longer, terrified that one of the men would appear at any moment and punish me for having removed my blindfold.  I started to contemplate just putting my cuffs and blindfold back on and pretending nothing had happened when I mentally shook myself.  This was my chance!  I could escape, I could get away from these madmen.  How could I even think about staying, about letting them do more horrible things to my body.  If I had any sense of pride or self left, I had to run.

Without giving it any more thought I dropped my cuffs and blindfold and ran for the open field.  I turned around once as I went through the archway and saw that while windows on the mansion faced the field, most seemed to have drawn curtains.  Ahead of me, the pasture stretched out over a hill and beyond it I could see a dense stand of trees.  If I could make it that far I could lose myself in the woods and hopefully find my way to a road or something, maybe flag down a car.  I refused to let myself think about the possibility of capture, of what theyd do to me if I were caught.  Id made my decision, and it was too late to go back now.

I ran through the field, stumbling over stones and loose lumps of dirt, stubbing my toes as I occasionally turned to look behind me.  So far there had been so sign that my presence had been missed, but I knew it couldnt last forever.  I pushed myself harder until I cleared the edge of the hill and then slowed to a more manageable pace, screened from the mansion by its presence.  I jogged towards the treeline, realizing that it was further away than Id thought.  I hoped Id have time before the sun set to find a road as I wasnt looking forward to a night in the woods.  They were unfriendly looking, and I had no clothing or blankets with which to keep myself warm.

As I neared the woods I began to hear a faint thudding sound from behind me.  I turned to look back but the hill blocked any view of the mansion and I couldnt tell if the sound was getting closer or not.  I began to run faster, suddenly terrified of being caught, and kept whipping my head around to look over my shoulder.  The sound grew louder and soon I could identify it as hoofbeats, growing steadily closer.  I panicked, sprinting like mad for the trees, my breath whistling in and out of my lungs as I pushed myself to my limit and more.  My legs felt like rubber and my lungs were screaming at me, my whole body straining forward.  I could no longer hear the hoofbeats over the roaring in my ears and the sound of my own panting breaths, and I couldnt risk looking back to see how close the horse was.  I was perhaps 30 feet from the edge of the trees when I felt something settle around my waist, trapping my arms, and then pulled back sharply.  I yelped and my feet went out from under me, sending me tumbling to the ground hard.  The rope around me tightened and I realized Id been lassoed, effectively trapping me for the moment.  I struggled against the rough hempen rope and looked up wild eyed at the man who had jumped off the horse and was striding toward me holding the other end of it.  I screamed and writhed, pure fear making me unable to react coherently, and I flinched as he reached down and grabbed my arm.  I was sobbing uncontrollably as he wordlessly tied my hands together behind my back and then stepped back to look at me appraisingly.  He was tall and dark haired with a face that looked like he spent a fair amount of time outdoors, and his expression was one of amusement.

“Every damn time, they fall for it.  Youd think you sluts would figure out that were too smart to let you go that easy, but nope.  Every single one of you figures were dumber than a sack of hammers and that you can outsmart us and run.  What did you think was gonna happen, cunt?” he asked, and I sobbed harder.  He was right, and I knew it.  Id known it was too easy, known theyd never have left me unwatched, and yet Id run anyway.  I felt like an idiot.

“Ah well, makes my job more fun when you do it.  Nothing quite like chasing down a dirty little slut and showing her whos boss.”  With that he hauled me to my feet, removed the lasso, and began to walk me back towards the horse.  I was still crying, and I stumbled as I went, his hand on my arm the only thing keeping me upright.  As we got closer I could see that the horses saddle was oddly shaped and it took me a moment before I figured out that there was a large, leather-bound phallus where the pommel would normally be.  I whimpered as I stared at it, knowing that I was about to feel it inside me.  The man chuckled and slapped my ass as he watched my eyes get huge.  “Bet youve never ridden a horse that way, huh?” he laughed.  He reached into a saddle bag and pulled out two long chains with clamps on the ends and a small tube of lubricant before turning back to me and grasping my right nipple.  He twisted it, hard, and I whimpered as he applied one of the clamps to it, screwing it down tight.  He twisted and flicked my other nipple and then applied a clamp to it too, leaving the chains dangling against my stomach.  He reached down and slid a finger along my pussy before laughing again.  “Guess I wont need the lube up front.  Does getting caught make your cunt wet, little whore?” he said, and I felt a new flush of shame as I realized he was right.  He led me and the horse a few feet away to where a tree had been cut off, leaving a stump just below waist height for me, and lifted me onto it.  Climbing onto it next to me, he unbound my hands and then proceeded to lift me into the saddle, the leather cock pointing right at my pussy.  “Dont struggle,” he muttered, “or Ill have to whip you before we get to the fun stuff.”  I bit down on my lip to keep from crying out and felt the strange pommel slipping inside of me til I was resting on the saddle, completely filled.  A raised bump at the base of the cock pressed against my clit, and the ridges on the leather rubbed against me, making me even more wet.  He pushed my head down, making me lean forward against the horses neck and connected the nipple chains to either side of the horses bridle, causing a sharp tug on my nipples every time I tried to straighten up too far.  He strapped my wrists to cuffs set into the saddle, just in front of my knees and then strummed the taught chains leading to my nipples, wrenching a yelp out of me.  He shoved the tube of lubricant up against my anus and squeezed it, filling me with the oily substance, and then slapped my ass.

“I have a feeling youre gonna love this.” He said, as he swung into the saddle behind me.  I felt him fumbling with his pants and heard a zipper undo before a hard cock was pressed against my asshole, pushing forward into me.  I cried and clenched down, feeling the leather cock in my pussy as I did so.  He slapped my ass again and said “Loosen, slut.  Its either ride home like this or be dragged.” And I reluctantly relaxed my ass and felt him slide into it.  I groaned and he reached around in front of me, grabbing my breasts and pulling on them as he thrust further into my poor, stretched ass.  Soon he was all the way in and with a last tweak of my clamped nipples he reached lower and picked up the reins and gave the horse a kick.

I felt as if my world had just come undone.  Every move the horse made shoved the leather dildo further into my pussy and his cock further into my ass.  We were only at a walk and yet already I was gasping and fighting off the beginnings of an orgasm.  The man behind me chuckled and I felt him squeeze his legs again and I exploded into an orgasm as the horse began to trot.  Up and down I went with the rhythm of the horse, the cocks jostling inside me, my nipples pulled forward every time the horses head moved.  The nub at the base of the pommel was rubbing back and forth across my clit and I was crying out, almost screaming, as the waves of my orgasm washed over me.  I was just starting to come back down when I felt him squeeze his legs again and we launched into a canter, my nipples stretching out painfully as the horse stretched his neck, the cocks inside me rubbing back and forth in the rocking rhythm.  I moaned and cried, the man behind me occasionally laughing at me, but otherwise seeming totally uninterested in the fact that he had his cock shoved into the ass of a woman as he rode his horse.  I realized, through the fog of my arousal, that we were not headed back to the mansion but instead circling the field, lazily meandering around.  Every so often the man would turn the horse, causing a sharp pain in one nipple as the bridle was pulled to the side, and I could feel another orgasm approaching.  I squirmed in the saddle, trying to find a position that would produce less sensation, and the man slapped my ass.  “None of that, slut.  Just enjoy the ride.”

I must have come three or four more times before he finally turned back towards the mansion and settled us back to a walk.  I was moaning, slumped against the horses neck, the mans cock still, incredibly, hard in my ass.  I was shocked that he hadnt come, given how often I had, and worried about what that meant.  As we walked, he began to talk to me, lightly cupping and stroking my breasts with one hand as we went.

“Now, like I said, all you sluts fuck up and try to escape.  We just expect it now.  That doesnt mean you wont get punished, it just means we expect it.  Now, they think youre ready for intermediate training and given how wet your cunt was when I caught you, Im inclined to agree.  This means youre mine until I say youre ready to go to advanced training and Im going to work you hard, little slut.  A tired slut is a well behaved one, and a slut with cocks in her holes is a happy one.  Thats how I run my unit, and I expect perfect obedience from you.  Do you understand?”

I nodded my head, and he grabbed one of my nipple chains and tugged on it, making me yelp.  “When I ask you a question, you say “Yes, sir”, got it, slut?”

“Yes, sir!” I gasped, and he let go of the chain, moving his hand back to cupping and squeezing my breast.

“You have a lot to learn, but I think youre going to make an excellent fuck slave.” He said, and with that he kicked the horse hard and we flew into a gallop.  I screamed, my pussy and ass clenching down on the cocks inside me, a sharp orgasm making me buck and writhe on them, and I heard him grunting as his cock spurted into my asshole.

“Thats a good little cunt, good girl.” He growled, and we galloped the rest of the way back to the mansion


By the time we got back to the stable, I was a wreck.  Id lost track of how many times Id come during that last desperate gallop through the field and I was draped over the horses neck, the saddle and my thighs soaked by my dripping pussy, my ass clenching around my captors softening cock.  He had stayed hard after his first orgasm and had ridden me through another few of my own before grabbing my breasts hard and groaning as his cock had pulsed and spurted into my tender asshole.  I could feel his come leaking out of me and mixing with my pussy juices to create a slick mess under me, and I wanted nothing more than to get off this horrible saddle and get clean.

We rode into a small courtyard on one side of the stable and my captor slid his cock out of my ass, making me gasp, and dismounted.  He walked the horse over to a post and tied it in place before unfastening my wrists and the chains on the horses bridle.  He left my nipple clamps in place and then lifted me off the leather pommel and dumped me on the ground where I fell to me knees, unable to support my own weight.  He hauled me to my feet and dragged me into the coolness of the stable, a welcome contrast from the pavement in the courtyard that had been uncomfortably warmed by the late afternoon sun.  The stable itself was beautiful, all gleaming wood, immaculate floors and the clean smells of hay and leather.  I could hear quiet voices from the other end of the building but I couldnt tell if they were male or female, let alone what was being said.  I was led down the main corridor of the stable, past many beautiful horses and into a tack room with rows of saddles and other riding equipment on the walls.  I noticed that many of the saddles had been altered like the one Id just ridden, some with multiple leather cocks protruding from them.  There were crops and whips on the walls too, and a selection of bits that looked too small for a horse.  In the center of the room was a sawhorse with leather straps on it, and nearby a hay bale also bound with leather but the man ignored both of these, instead pushing me over to an empty spot against a wall and ordering me to kneel.  I sank to me knees, spreading them as he used the toe of his boot to nudge at my thighs, and waited while he drew my hands up over my head and secured them to a ring set into the wall.

“Now, I dont believe in punishing sluts while theyre all worn out.” He said, “It keeps them from being able to properly focus on the punishment, and they dont learn as much from it.  Plus, I like the anticipation of a punishment, the way you cunts get all worked up and scared while waiting for it.  So, your punishment will be first thing in the morning.  In the meantime, the grooms are all finishing up for the evening, and they need a reward.  Youre gonna suck off every man who walks into this room, and youre going to do a good job or Ill make your punishment even more unpleasant, do you understand?”

I nodded and then quickly caught myself as I saw the look on his face. “Yes, sir!” I gasped, anxious to avoid angering him.

“Good girl.”  he said, lightly stroking my cheek.  “By the way, my name is Master Hawkes.  You may refer to me by that name, or by Sir, but in no other way will you address me, clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. “ and with that he pulled off my nipple clamps and walked away, leaving me crying out as the blood rushed back into my nipples.  I hung my head and panted, trying to ignore the burning in my nipples until I heard footsteps approaching and looked up to see two young men enter the room.  They were around my own age, both dressed in jeans and flannel shirts despite the heat of the day, and they grinned at the sight of my naked body.

“Oh good, new trainee.” said one, and walked up to me, unzipping his jeans as he went.  He pulled his half-erect cock out of his pants, placed a hand on the back of my head, and pushed his dick against my lips.  I was shocked by the suddenness of it, but remembered Master Hawkes orders and opened my mouth.  He shoved his cock all the way in, groaning a bit, and began to fuck my mouth, occasionally pushing further back into my throat and making me gag.  I tried to use my tongue on him, tried to suck, but he was too fast and too brutal and I soon gave up and just let him use me as he wished.  I focused on breathing between his thrusts, my eyes watering as I gagged on his length, and I moaned around his cock as he began to speed up.  I could feel him swelling in my mouth and he began to pant a bit, muttering under his breath about what a good little whore I was.  Within minutes of starting, he gave a little cry and pulled his cock out, spraying semen all over my breasts before stepping back and slowly tucking his softening cock back into his jeans.

“Not bad.” he said, and then turned and left the room.  I knelt there, gasping, as the next man approached me, stroking his fully erect cock as he moved closer.  He grabbed a fistful of my hair and twisted slightly, making me cry out.  He seized the opportunity and shoved his cock all the way into my open mouth and down my throat.  I gagged, pulling at the bindings on my wrists in panic as he began to brutally fuck my throat, sawing in and out, barely giving me enough time to breathe as he pulled out before shoving his length all the way back in again.  I was gagging and sobbing, tears running down my face, and when I looked up at him he slapped one of my breasts, hard.  “Keep your eyes on my cock, whore.” he said, and I quickly lowered my eyes and focused on not vomiting as he continued to use me.  He, too, was quick and I was overwhelmingly relieved when, with a final grunt, he slammed himself all the way in and his cock began to pulse.  I felt the come sliding down my throat and gagged again before he pulled out of me.  He wiped his cock on my cheek before zipping up his pants and walking away, whistling cheerfully to himself.  I grimaced, trying to ignore the taste of come in my mouth, and breathed deeply, absurdly grateful for the break.

I didnt have to wait long before another man came into the room.  This one was older, perhaps in his fifties with grey peppered throughout his dark hair.  He grinned when he saw me and grabbed a rag out of one of his back pockets.  “I see the others got here first.  No matter, Ill clean you up a bit and well have some fun.” he said, wiping the come off my breasts and face.  I was about to thank him, touched by this unexpected kindness, when he grabbed my nipples and began to tug on them, twisting and pulling just hard enough to hurt, but not so hard that it didnt make me gasp with arousal.  I arched my back, trying to relieve the pressure on my poor breasts, but he just pulled harder, pinching my aching little nubs.

“Great tits.” he sighed, and slapped one of them, hard.  It bounced and swayed from side to side, and he did it again with the other one.  “Oh yeah, I like that.” he said, and proceeded to spank my breasts, making them bounce and shudder painfully.  I cried out at each impact, the skin on my breasts turning a brilliant red and my nipples swelling and hardening.  He noticed this and began to aim his blows for those abused, red peaks, making me yelp every time he connected.  Very soon my breasts were bright red and very sensitive, and he once again grabbed my nipples and twisted.  I began to cry and he let go of my painful nubs just long enough to unzip his jeans before shoving his cock in my mouth.

“Get it nice and wet, little girl.” he moaned, stroking in and out.  He fucked my mouth for a minute and then pulled out and bent his knees slightly, lining his cock up with the valley of my breasts.  He grabbed the sides of them and pushed together and began to fuck my cleavage, groaning as he did it.  I stared down, shocked and strangely aroused by the sight of his cockhead peeping out from between my red, swollen breasts, glistening with my saliva and his pre-come.  He began to thrust harder, running his thumbs back and forth across my tender nipples as he went, calling me a dirty little girl for letting him fuck my tits.  Just before he came, he slid his hands up my breasts and grabbed onto my nipples, hard, using them to pull the weight of my breasts together for him to fuck, and I screamed, the pain from those swollen, abused tips making me light headed.  He cried out and started to come, shooting all over my breasts and stomach while I cried and tried to ignore the wrenching on my nipples.  Finally he let go, and I moaned in relief as he used his rag to wipe down his cock before putting it away.  He grinned at me and winked before leaving the tack room.

Several more men came in and used me before the end of the evening, all of them without any regard for my enjoyment or comfort.  It was a harsh change from the treatment of my original abductors, and I was shocked by the trickle of wetness in my pussy every time a new cock slid into my mouth.  If I had been horrified and ashamed at myself for being aroused when those men were deliberately trying to make me come, what sort of a horrible person was I for being turned on by having my mouth brutally raped by multiple men?  I was confused, and ashamed, but I was so tired and sore that I couldnt even focus on why I should feel that way.  I longed to have my hands free so I could touch my pussy, so I could make myself come, and though that desire filled me with even more shame, I couldnt care.  What did it matter how I felt?  These men had shown me they were more powerful, that they could do whatever they liked with me.  Why should I fight it?

It was these thoughts that occupied my mind as the final man was shoving his cock down my throat, and when he finished with me I hung limply from my bindings and waited, numbly compliant.  I was still staring at the floor when Master Hawkes returned and released my wrists from the wall, hauling me to my feet and dragging me back down the hallway.  I concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other, and it wasnt til I noticed that the floor had become tile instead of cement that I looked up to see that we were in a large tiled room with hoses and nozzles all along the walls.  Master Hawkes tied my wrists  above my head to a bar along one wall and then tied my ankles shoulder width apart to one set against the floor.  He grabbed one of the hoses and I flinched, expecting frigid water, but when he sprayed me down it was pleasantly hot.  I relaxed into it, the warmth feeling good on my sore body, and closed my eyes.  He drizzled me with a soap that smelled like apples and then grabbed a large sponge and began to rub it all over my body, concentrating on my breasts and between my legs.  Despite myself I found I was getting turned on again, and when he slipped one finger into my pussy I moaned and pushed back on it.  He stroked his finger in and out a few times before returning to sponging me down, and I whimpered in frustration.  “Patience,” he said, “You get to come if and when I allow it.”

He rubbed some of the soap into my hair and began to massage my scalp, rubbing away the tension and leaving me feeling limp and boneless.  I leaned against the wall, enjoying the cool tile on my sore nipples, and he trailed a finger down my back and pressed it against my asshole.  I relaxed and it slid in, fucking me a few times before again withdrawing and leaving me in need.  I moaned softly and then sighed as the warm water ran over me again, rinsing off all the soap.  After a minute the water shut off and Master Hawkes began to rub me down with a large, soft towel, drying every nook and cranny of my body before releasing my wrists and ankles from the bar.  He led me from the room and then down a corridor lined with identical doors.  Choosing one, he opened it and led me inside what looked to be a replica of the room Id been kept in when Id first been abducted.  He lay me down on the floor and secured my wrists and ankles to straps set into the matting and then lightly stroked my breasts, teasing my nipples as he went.

“Good slut, you did very well tonight.  Normally, I would reward you for that, but since you still have a punishment owing, I cant.”  he slid his hand down to my pussy as he spoke and gently teased my clit, making me buck my hips upwards to try to get a firmer contact on it.  He chuckled and pulled a small vibrator with a clitoral attachment from a pouch at his waist and slid it into my grasping pussy before turning it on low.  “Like I said before, a tired slut is a well behaved one, and a slut with cocks in her holes is a happy one.  I doubt youll be able to come from this, but it sure will make sleeping difficult.  Ill see you in the morning for your punishment.”  And with that, he left.  I lay on the floor, the vibrator buzzing in my pussy and against my clit, hovering on the edge of an orgasm and straining and twisting my body, trying to get more contact.  It was no use, and after a while I drifted off to an unsettled sleep where I again dreamed of hard, thrusting cocks.  I woke up many times in the night, crying out in need, but the vibrator just kept humming, always too gently to make me come.  I cried, I begged the unseen men I hoped were watching me, I struggled against my bonds, all uselessly.  Eventually I fell asleep, really asleep, and didnt wake up until the door to my cell opened again.

I was painfully aroused, my pussy soaked and my nipples rock hard, and I would have done anything just to come. I began to beg almost as soon as I was awake, pleading for the vibrator to be turned up, for my hands to be freed for just a moment so I could touch myself. I even begged to be fucked, to be used. It didn't matter what they did to me if only they would let me come.

It wasn't master Hawkes who had come to collect me that morning but one of the men who had used my mouth the day before and he completely ignored my babbling promises to do anything he'd like. He pulled the vibrator from my sopping wet pussy and I moaned and arched my back from the blessed sensation, craving more. He then released my arms from the floor, only to pull me into a sitting position and clip them together behind my back before I could reach down to touch myself. As soon as he freed my ankles I immediately pressed my thighs together, desperate for some extra sensation, and he slapped one of my nipples. I yelped, still sore from the abuse I'd received the day before, and spread my legs slightly, hoping that if I behaved I might be allowed to come. He hauled me to my feet and marched me out of the room, turning down a branch of the corridor I hadn't seen the night before and through a door to the outer courtyard.

It was a cool, grey morning and my nipples puckered as a chill breeze brushed across my body. I shivered slightly, feeling the wetness on my pussy, and tried to hurry towards the doorway on the other side of the yard. The man slapped my ass and held me back to a sedate walk, dipping his fingers into my wetness and then spreading it on both of my nipples. By the time we entered the mansion I was covered in goosebumps, my clit and nipples were swollen and hard with arousal, and I was panting with the desperate need to come

We walked down what I presumed was the same hallway I'd been in the day before, the one with the lush, thick carpeting. I was shocked by the opulence of my surroundings, and stared openly at the richly paneled wood walls and velvet draperies on the windows. There were marble statues spaced evenly in the alcoves between the windows and I felt another stab of lust in my gut when I saw what they depicted. Figure after figure showed naked women being fucked or abused in some way, and the formal nature of the marble made it seem all the more erotic and kinky to me. I gasped when we passed the first painting, a scene that at first looked like a traditional foxhunt but on closer inspection featured naked women being chased across a field while men on horseback rode after them. I shivered as I remembered my capture from the day before and wondered if the women in the painting had experienced something similar.

After traversing another hallway I was led through a doorway and down a set of stairs into a completely different environment. This hall was made of cold, damp cement, and the floors were rough and uneven. Metal doors were set into the walls at regular spaces and it was at one of these that the man finally stopped. He produced a key from his pocket, unlocked the door, and led me inside, shutting and locking it behind him. I stared at the small space, a room the size of a large bathroom, and fidgeted, unsure of what was to come. There was no furniture in the room, save for a wallscreen tv and a large padded chair that looked like someone had crossed a dentist's chair with a gynecological chair. The length of the thing was adorned with thick leather straps that would secure whoever sat in it, and there were multiple pedals and dials arranged around the base. The man uncuffed my wrists and maneuvered me into the chair, placing my hands and feet carefully into their respective rests. He began to apply the restraints, each strap snugged down carefully until I was completely immobile. There was one across my forehead, one each above and below my breasts, one across my hips, and then straps holding my thighs, calves, and ankles to the leg supports that were spread wide. Two more bands encircled my wrists. I tested my bonds carefully, becoming more and more nervous, but I could move nothing but my fingers and toes. This was soon remedied as more tiny straps were placed across them, rendering me completely helpless.

I stared straight ahead at the blank tv screen, watching out of the corner of my eye as the man began to fiddle with an apparatus of pipes that descended from the ceiling. He made a few adjustments and then hit a button, making me gasp as three pinpoints of red light shot down and highlighted my nipples and clit. He corrected the placement of the lights slightly, and then, looking satisfied, he hit a switch on the wall and left the room. The pinpoints of light vanished and I heard the sound of the key in the lock. Some small part of me was still desperately aroused, my pussy still dripping, but I was terrified of what my punishment would be.

The screen in front of me flickered to life and I saw an image of myself, strapped down to the bizarre chair-like contraption. The camera panned over my naked body, focusing in on my dripping pussy, and then zoomed out slightly and paused. I waited, staring and wondering, and then jumped as a single droplet of water fell from the ceiling and landed on my clit. I strained my head, trying to look up high enough to see where it had come from, but the leather strap made it impossible to see. I looked back at the tv screen just in time to see another drop fall and land squarely on my left nipple, the coldness of it stiffening that sensitive bud. I moaned, suddenly seeing what was happening, and flinched as a third droplet landed on my right nipple. There was a pause of a few moments and then three drops fell at once, landing on both nipples and my clit at the same time. I gasped at the sensation, my clit hardening and swelling to a ridiculous size, and began to cry in frustration. They were going to torment me with these faint touches on my most sensitive parts, torture me by not letting me come. I wanted to scream at them, rail against their cruelty, but I was terrified that if I didn't behave they might do worse. I bit down on my lip, willing myself not to be aroused, and then moaned loudly as another droplet splashed down onto my throbbing clit.

The scene on the tv changed and once again I was subjected to videos of other women being abused. The first one was of a voluptuous redhead doing jumping jacks, her gigantic breasts bouncing up and down in a painful looking manner. Every so often she'd slow or wrap her arms around her chest in obvious discomfort, and a whip would snake out and strike her on the ass. She was crying, and I tried to feel empathy for her but all I could summon was a faint envy for her comparative freedom. I would have traded places with her in an instant, and as if to reinforce my thought three drops of water fell in quick succession to splash onto my clit. I bucked against the restraints, knowing it was futile but unable to stop myself, and moaned as the scene on the tv changed again.

This time it was lovely black lady being tormented, her large breasts lifted up and away from her chest by a pair of nipple clamps attached to a bar over her head. She was straddling a barrel shaped device with a small rubber cock on it, and as I watched she lowered herself onto the dildo, stretching her thick, dark nipples and causing a grimace to appear on her face. It was quickly chased away by a look of arousal though, and I heard a buzzing noise emanating from the device she was sitting on. I soon noticed that the chains on her nipples were being slowly tightened, her breasts being pulled further and further upwards, and it was only when she gave a despairing cry and lifted herself off the vibrating dildo that they stopped retracting and held position. I moaned, this time feeling a measure of sympathy as I realized that she was being made to torture her own nipples in order to come on the vibrator. The drops of water had been falling in random patterns as I watched her, and I was getting steadily hotter and hotter.

More videos were played for me, some of girls being punished, some of them being fucked. A pretty brunette was shown sucking off a line of men, each one shooting his load all over her chest before she crawled to the next one and begged for his cock. A blonde lady was on her hands and knees, a mechanical dildo fucking her ass, her breasts bouncing from the force of the thrusts. A tiny looking Indian girl was shown lying on a bed with her wrists and ankles bound to the headboard above her, a crop striking her spread open pussy again and again while she cried and moaned. The images began to blur together, each one punctuated by the drips of water that rained down on my nipples and clit. My entire existence narrowed down to these three areas, my whole awareness focused on when and where the next drop would fall. I was so caught up in my own torment it took me a while to realize that the keening sounds I was hearing were my own, not those of the women on the tv. I fought the leather straps, clenched the muscles of my pussy, and wailed in frustration and need, aching for just a little more contact on my throbbing clit. I felt as if a puff of air would send me over the edge and yet again and again the drops would fall and I would come right to the edge of orgasm without going over. I felt as if I was going mad.

It could have been hours or days later that the door to the room opened. The tv shut off in the middle of a scene involving two women being fucked by six men, and I blinked stupidly up at the man who was standing over me. It took me a moment to recognize Master Hawkes but I immediately opened my mouth to begin begging for an orgasm. He held a hand up to silence me and I moaned, squirming as best I could in the chair.

"I know you want to come. The question is, have you learned your lesson? Will you obey whatever command I give you?" he asked.

"Yes!" I cried, "Yes sir, please, yes." I sobbed as I spoke, overjoyed at the thought of being allowed to come.

"Good girl." He said, trailing one finger along my stomach. "Before I let you come, I want you to tell me what you are."

I stared at him blankly, unsure what he was asking. He swirled his finger around my navel before sliding it upwards and tickling the underside of my breast. "You know what you are, little slut. Tell me."

The tiny part of my brain that was still really, truly me flinched, but I heard myself crying out the words he wanted to hear. "I'm a dirty little whore! I'm a slut who needs cocks in her holes, I'm just a filthy cunt who needs to be fucked and made to come, oh please sir let me come, please." I cried, the words jumbling together in my haste. He chuckled and reached into his pocket.

"Come for me, slut." He said, and shoved a vibrator into my pussy. I screamed, my vision going white, my pussy clamping down on the vibrator, my body straining so hard I thought I would break the straps holding me down. Master Hawkes grabbed one of my breasts and kneaded it, pinching the nipple hard as I came, sending waves of pure pleasure through me. My orgasm seemed to go on forever, pulsing through me almost painfully, but I finally went limp, gasping for breath as I fought to recover. Master Hawkes was still holding my nipple and he gave it an affectionate tweak, smiling down at me like I'd done something right.

"Good girl. Let's get you cleaned up. You have a visitor."


Master Hawkes had unstrapped me from my chair and led me back through the mansion to the tiled room in the stable. I was given a minute to relieve myself in the attached bathroom and then scrubbed down with soap and warm water before being fed. I'd devoured the simple meal of sandwich and fruit, ravenously hungry, and I was now being led back into the mansion, my wrists bound behind me. Master Hawkes guided me down another richly appointed hallway, this one featuring stained glass windows with scenes of women being fucked by mythical creatures, and stopped in front of an ornate wooden door. He looked me over carefully, tweaking my nipples into hardness and then stroking my clit til he could feel the wetness oozing out of my pussy and smiled at me, wiping the dampness on his fingers on my pointed nipples. He opened the door, leading me inside and ordered me to kneel. I sank to the carpet, my knees spread and breasts thrust out, looking around the room as I did so.

There was a large four poster bed with heavy drapes on it, and I could see iron rings set into the heavy wood frame at points where a person might be restrained. Next to it was a sumptuous chair with no arms and a matching, low footstool that was also adorned with heavy iron rings. The walls were tastefully decorated with wallpaper and wood molding, but on closer inspection I could see the rings and attachment points spaced evenly along them and a large mirror in a gilt frame dominated one whole wall, reflecting everything in the room from floor to ceiling. The decadent luxury of the room was just a mask for it's true purpose, which seemed to be restraining and abusing women. I eyed a large wooden wardrobe in one corner nervously, wondering what was stored inside it, and waited for Master Hawkes to give me my next orders. He'd told me that I had a visitor, but I couldn't imagine what that might mean. Was one of the men from my first days here going to fuck me again?

I jumped slightly as the door behind me opened and then closed, but resisted the urge to turn around and look when Master Hawkes fixed me with a stern glare. He stood up and smiled at whoever had entered the room, offering his hand as if to shake, and stepped around behind me where I couldn't see him.

"Welcome, sir. I hear this is quite an important moment for you, so I won't be in your way for long. I figured I'd ask if you'd rather explain the situation to the slut or have me do it for you."

"Oh, I think I'll have you tell her. Preferably while that luscious little mouth of hers is wrapped around my cock." The new man said, and I gasped at the voice. Before I could react, the two men stepped back into my field of view and I stared in disbelief at my former boss, Mr. Bauer. My mouth hung open in shock and I flinched back as he reached for me, stroking one hand down my cheek. The two men laughed at my expression and then Mr. Bauer reached for the zipper on his pants and drew it down, letting his hard cock spring free. I flinched backwards but he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pressed his cock against my mouth, twisting my hair slightly so that I whimpered. "Open up." He said, thrusting forward against my lips, and I obeyed, scared of what might happen if I didn't.

"Good girl." Said Master Hawkes, and then settled himself into the chair while Mr. Bauer began to fuck my mouth. "I see you know our guest, and I guess you're wondering why he's here? Well, it seems Mr. Bauer here has been suffering over the past few years you've been working for him, and you're the cause of it. I hear he asked you out on several dates and you turned him down every time, all the while flaunting that slutty little body of yours and making his life quite frustrating. When our agents informed him that you had suffered a nervous breakdown he was quite upset, and started trying to track you down. Of course, since there would be no record of you being admitted to any psychiatric institution, we couldn't have him snooping into the whole thing, so we made him an offer. He got full access to all the tapes of your processing and training in exchange for his silence. Of course, after watching how much you loved to be fucked and abused, he had to try you for himself. Normally we are quite an exclusive establishment, but we made an exception in Mr. Bauer's case, given the level of torment you'd put him through."

I moaned around the cock in my mouth, horrified at what was being said. My boss had been a hideous, lecherous man, always making passes at me at work or accidentally brushing up against me. He'd made a point of commenting on my clothing, always eyeing my cleavage as he did so, and a couple of times he had grabbed my ass before I threatened to make a complaint to HR. He wasn't a bad looking man, tall, dark haired and neat, but his personality was so odious that I'd done everything in my power to avoid him. And now, here I was, kneeling naked in front of him while he shoved his cock down my throat, and there was nothing I could do about it. I could feel tears leaking from my eyes, but this only seemed to turn him on more and he guided my mouth back and forth on his cock even faster, reaching down to grope my breasts with his other hand as he did so. Master Hawkes stood up and chuckled at me, moving towards the door. "I'll leave you to it, Mr. Bauer. Remember, no permanent marks, but otherwise do what you want with the little cunt."

I moaned in fear as the door closed behind him, staring up at the cruel face of my boss as he fucked my mouth. Despite my disgust, my pussy was still wet from Master Hawke's earlier touches, and the feel of a cock in my mouth was turning me on. I whimpered when Mr. Bauer finally pulled his cock from my mouth and let go of my hair, using both hands to roughly squeeze and manipulate my breasts. He pulled on my nipples before letting go and shoving my head down towards the carpet.

"Get your ass up in the air, slut. I want to fuck that tight little pussy of yours." I began to cry as I lowered my face to the floor and lifted my hips, exposing my asshole and dripping pussy. He stepped behind me and lined his cock up before shoving into me in one thrust, making me groan as my breasts rubbed against the carpet. He slapped my ass and began to fuck me, hard, leaning over my back and growling into my ear as he did so.

"You filthy little cunt, you're wet for me. I knew you were the sort of girl who liked to be fucked like a whore, and now I'm going to show you just how much of a slut you are. All those years you acted like the ice princess, too good to let me take you on a date, and now you're going to do whatever I want."

His thrusts got faster and my nipples began to burn as they were rubbed back and forth across the carpet. He reached under me and grasped them, twisting and pinching cruelly and I screamed, bucking against him in an effort to relieve the pain in my poor nubs. He laughed, pinching harder and slammed his dick into me with greater force. "Oh yeah, you love having your tits abused, don't you? Your cunt just grabs my cock when I pinch your sweet little titties, and I know you're going to come like a whore."

I moaned at his words, knowing that he was right. My pussy was gripping his cock, just like he said, and I could feel an orgasm building as he fucked me. I began to pant, trying to hold my body still when all I wanted was to push back against his rough thrusts, and he let go of my breasts and grabbed my hair with one hand, hauling my head back and using it to pull me back onto his cock as he pummeled my throbbing pussy. He began to spank my ass with his other hand, punctuating each thrust with a loud smack and I began to wail, my orgasm approaching, washing over me even as I fought against it. I couldn't come for this man, I just couldn't!

Just as I was about to launch into a screaming orgasm, he pulled out of my pussy and with a yell he shot his load all over my ass and back. He held onto my hair as he did it, forcing my neck back further and calling me a filthy little whore as his come splattered all over me. He finally let me go and I slumped to the floor, ass still raised, pussy still desperately grasping at nothing while I moaned my frustration and need. He stepped around in front of me and pulled me upwards again, presenting me with his slimy cock.

"Clean it off, slut." He said, and I opened my mouth and sucked him in, carefully using my tongue to clean all traces of my juices off of him. I'd never tasted myself before, but the sweet saltiness of it was surprisingly pleasant and the burning in my wet pussy made the act all the more erotic for me. His cock began to harden again as I sucked on it, and soon he was shoving it down my throat, making me gag and choke. He pulled out and then reached behind me, uncuffing my wrists before walking over to the wardrobe on the wall and flinging the doors open. Inside was a dizzying array of sex toys and outfits -- whips, floggers, vibrators, dildos, harnesses, clamps -- anything anyone could desire was in there, and he looked through it for a moment before selecting a medium sized dildo with raised bumps on it and returning to me.

"Fuck yourself with this." He said, tossing it to me before sitting down on the chair and stroking his hard cock as he watched me. I paused for a moment, the shame of what I was about to do making me hang my head and blush, but we both knew I would obey him. I didn't know if I could handle another punishment like the one I'd just had.

I lay down on my back, spreading my legs wide with my knees bent, and began to run the dildo up and down my slit. I slid it back and forth across my clit, the sensation making me moan and buck my hips a bit in spite of myself. Mr. Bauer glared at me and snapped his fingers. "Hurry up. I told you to fuck yourself, so shove that cock into your cunt and get on with it." I complied, sliding the dildo into my pussy and moaning again at the welcome fullness. I began to fuck myself, slowly at first, but gradually faster as he spurred me on, calling me a worthless cunt and telling me I was a whore for masturbating in front of him. I began to thrust my hips upward to meet the dildo, my free hand straying to my breasts to pinch and squeeze my nipples, my head thrown back in ecstasy. All to soon I felt my orgasm crash down on me and I cried out, arching my back and pumping my hips as I shoved the rubber cock as far into my pussy as it would go. When I came back down again, my boss was grinning lecherously at me, his hand still stroking his cock.

"What a filthy little whore." He said, and then began to strip his clothes off. I watched, my body so drained I couldn't bring myself to get up off the floor, as he stripped naked and walked towards me. He hauled me to my knees, turning me so I faced the large mirror in the room, and pushed me forward so I was on hands and knees with my legs spread and breasts dangling underneath me. He stepped behind me, still fisting his cock and shoved it into my pussy with no warning, groaning as he did so. After a few thrusts he pulled out and repositioned the head of his cock at my asshole and I squirmed slightly, not nearly turned on enough to want his cock in my ass. He ignored my movements and shoved forward, impaling me on his cock in one swift thrust. I screamed and tried to buck away from him but he grabbed my hips and held me steady as my hands scrabbled on the carpet, trying to get away from the pain in my ass. I felt like a burning poker had been shoved up there and when he pulled out and then slammed back into me I began to cry, the pain overwhelming any pleasure I had felt from my recent orgasm. He began to fuck my ass with swift, hard strokes, slapping my ass occasionally and then grabbing my hair to hold me steady as he rammed into me.

"Look at yourself, whore." He said, wrenching my head so I had to stare into the mirror. "Look at me fucking your tight little ass. Watch your little titties bounce while I fuck you. I want you to feel every bit of my cock, and I don't care if you enjoy this or not. This is for all those years you teased me, all those times you turned me down. If you'd just been nice to me, I could have made you happy, but no. You needed to be taken and used like a whore, so that's what I'm going to do." And with that, he began to slam into my ass, fucking me so hard I was shoved forward and had to grip the carpet to keep from being pushed into the mirror. I stared at our image, at my face, tearstreaked and pale, my mouth open in a continuous moan, and at him, his mouth curled into a hateful sneer, his eyes wild and lustfilled. I couldn't believe this was happening to me, couldn't believe that my hateful boss was raping my ass while I just knelt there and took it. The pure helplessness and submissiveness of my situation was making my pussy wet, but the brutal pounding in my ass wasn't going to make me come, and I knew it. I held on tightly to the carpet and concentrated on getting through this, on not giving him the satisfaction of hearing me beg. He kept fucking me, his balls slapping against my pussy, his hand in my hair yanking painfully on my scalp until finally he yelled and I felt his cock pulsing in my asshole, his semen shooting into my ass. I collapsed, relieved it was over, and he pulled his softening cock out of me. I lay there, hoping that if I didn't move he might leave me alone, but after a minute he got dressed and then rolled me over and began to play with my nipples while he sneered down into my face.

"Thanks for the fuck, sweetheart. I've had better, but I suppose that's the best I can expect from a nasty little cunt. Enjoy the rest of your time here. I hear your life is going to be just what you need."

With that, he stood up and left the room. I lay on the carpet, bruised and sore, my pussy tingling with arousal, and began to weep.


One of the men from the stable had come to collect me after Mr. Bauer left and I had knelt on the floor, numbly allowing him to secure my wrists before leading me back to the stable. I followed him through the halls in a deep fog of shame and self pity, my brain going over and over the encounter I'd just had. Everything they'd done to me up to this point had seemed almost unreal, fantasy-like, as if I might eventually wake up and discover that the whole thing had been a bad dream or a mistake. Seeing Mr. Bauer had brought me crashing back down to reality and I was struggling to come to grips with what my life had become. This wasn't a fantasy, it wasn't temporary, and these men really were going to turn me into a sex slave, whether I wanted it or not. I had no way to escape and nobody to help me and for the first time I truly realized just how lost I was. My life as I had known it was over.

After scrubbing me down in the now familiar tiled room, my guide had brought me back to the tack room and strapped me down to the bale of hay in the center of the room. I had been wallowing in my depression, uncaring and uninterested, but the unpleasant prickling of the sharp hay on my breasts kept piercing through my miserable fog and bringing me back to the here and now. I fidgeted, trying to find a position that would afford me some relief but I was strapped down too tightly. The man had bound me so that my legs were spread wide and my head and neck hung, unsupported, over one side of the bale while my knees rested on the floor. I could feel cool air swirling over my exposed pussy and asshole and this, too, was distracting. I stared despondently at the floor, wishing they would just get on with whatever they were going to do to me next, but nobody came into the room. I waited for what seemed like hours, my breasts and nipples chafing against the hay, my knees beginning to grow sore from resting on the hard cement, but still no one appeared. Before today this would have driven me mad but now I just knelt there, oblivious to my surroundings. When I finally heard footsteps entering the room behind me I didn't even react, I just stared at the smooth cement floor, numb and miserable.

A hand caressed my ass before lightly stroking up my spine to my neck. My hair was loose, hanging down on either side of my face, and he gathered it up into a knot on the back of my head and secured it there with some sort of clip. I continued to gaze at the floor and he sighed, using one finger to lift my chin and turn it so I was looking into Master Hawkes' face. I stared at him, dully, and he nodded as if I had just done something expected.

"Yep. Was wondering if that would break you. All you sluts break at some point, you know that? Some break when we first take 'em, some break when we catch them "escaping", and some break when they have to service someone they knew in their old lives. A few break later than that, but not many. Makes my job easier when it happens early, but maybe not quite so much fun. I like feisty little cunts."

He let go of my chin and I dropped my gaze back to the floor, only partially hearing or understanding what he was saying. What did it matter, anyway? I knew what would happen. He, or someone else, would fuck me. Or they'd whip me. If they thought I wanted to come, they'd deny me, and if they thought I was fighting it, they'd force it from me. Either way I'd feel shame and disgust at myself, and there was nothing I could do about it. I could hear him moving around behind me, but I ignored it, not caring what was coming.

"So, like I was saying, you're broke now. It's a little like how we used to train horses. Grab 'em, and ride 'em hard til they give up and stop fighting. Then you just train them back up til they're just how you want. It's always a little tricky to get them to fight back again, to make 'em fun and spicy, but I know a few tricks. I want you broken, but I don't want you boring. Let's see if we can't get a reaction out of you, hmm?"

As he spoke, he was stroking my ass and thighs using firm, soothing motions, much like I'd imagine he would use on a horse. I expected him to grab my pussy, to try to make me wet, but he just kept rubbing me, squeezing my ass every so often. I felt one of his hands lift away and then there was a firm pressure against my asshole. I relaxed my ass, not caring what he did to it, and the object slid in a few inches before I felt my asshole closing down over a narrowed notch in it. I took a deep breath and suddenly went still, my nose twitching. I smelled ginger. Surely he hadn't put ginger in my ass. No, he couldn't have, wouldn't have. I clenched down on the object unconsciously and then gasped as I was filled with an overwhelming burning sensation. My ass felt like it was on fire, and even relaxing the muscles gave only slight relief. I tried desperately to ignore the sensation, to retreat back to my blessed numbness, but there was no way to escape the fiery pain burning its way into my ass. I began to struggle against my bonds, bucking and whimpering, alternately clenching my ass in an attempt to expel the horrible ginger plug, and then relaxing it as the pain became overwhelming. I gasped as Master Hawkes pressed the ginger in further, and writhed against the haybale, prickling my nipples on the scratchy material. He let go and walked around the haybale, crouching down in front of me.

"Good girl, fight it. Show me what a feisty little cunt you are."

I wailed and thrashed my head, tears streaming down my face as I fought to ignore the pain.

"That's it. Now, we're going to start your lesson. When I'm satisfied, I'll take the ginger out and you can beg me to fuck your ass. If you do poorly, the ginger stays in and I use hot sauce on your nipples and clit. Got it?"

I moaned and nodded my head, desperate to do anything that would end this torment.

"Not good enough, cunt. We discussed how you were to respond to me, didn't we?"

I winced, hoping that my error hadn't been enough to him to decide I'd done poorly, and gasped out "Yes, sir!" as quickly as I could.

"Good." He said. "We're going to start with a lesson on body parts. You're a nasty little cunt, so you need to learn to talk like one." With that, he slid both hands under me and grabbed hold of my breasts, cupping them and shielding them from the prickly hay. I moaned at how good it felt, and he squeezed them, rolling my nipples along his palms.

"These are your tits." He said. "Tell me what I'm doing to them."

"You''re holding my breasts." I whimpered, and he immediately grabbed my nipples and pinched down hard, making me squeak in protest.

"Don't play dumb, cunt. We both know you're very smart, so let's try again."

" tits. You're holding my tits." I gasped.

"Better." He said, and loosened his grip on my nipples, returning to lightly squeezing them. "Be more specific. And don't make me drag this out of you, or we'll stop here and I'll go get my hot sauce."

I whimpered again, but tried to focus on what he wanted. "You''re playing with my..tits. You're squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples."

"How does it feel?"

"It feels good sir." I moaned. "I like it when you play with my tits."

"Beg for more."

I whimpered and writhed against the hay bale, mortified, but I didn't dare disobey him.

"Please, sir. Please play with my tits. It feels so good when you pinch my nipples, please don't stop." I cried, and he rewarded me by gently tugging on my nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger before sliding his hands back out and moving around behind me. I squirmed as the hay prickled my chest again, and then gasped as he slid a finger down my pussy. I was wet, shamefully so, and I didn't know if it was from his treatment of my breasts -- no, tits -- or if the ginger in my ass was actually turning me on.

"This is your cunt," he said, sliding one finger into me and swirling it around, "and this is your clit." I bucked against his finger as he pressed it down onto my clit. "Tell me how wet your cunt is, and what you need. Beg me for what you need."

I hung my head, my face burning, but I heard the words coming out of my mouth despite the shame. "My cunt is wet for you, sir. I need...I need you to play with my cunt, sir. Please play with my cunt and touch my clit."

"More. You're a dirty little girl, and we both know it, so start talking like what you are." He said, slowly finger fucking my pussy.

" clit is so hard and swollen. Please touch it, sir, please make me come. My cunt needs to be fucked, I need to be fucked so I can come. Oh please, sir." I sobbed, pushing back against his finger and fighting against the burning in my ass.

"Tell me what a slut you are." He said.

"I'm a slut!" I gasped, unsure if I was obeying him to avoid punishment or because I suddenly needed to come, badly. "I'm a dirty slut. My cunt is wet and I need to be fucked like the filthy whore I am."

"Beg me to fuck your ass." He growled, taking his finger out of my cunt and pressing down on the ginger in my ass. I yelped and lurched against the hay bale, trying to escape the new rush of fiery sensation.

"Fuck my ass!" I gasped. "Oh, please sir, please fuck my slutty little ass. Please, I need it, I need your cock in my ass. I'm a dirty little cunt and I need to be assfucked."

"Good girl." He said, and I moaned in relief as I felt the ginger being pulled out of me. I had no time to relax before I felt the head of his cock pressing against my sore, burning asshole, and I groaned as he slid all the way into me, his balls coming to rest against my sopping pussy. He held himself there, perfectly still, and I whimpered, the muscles of my ass clenching and releasing around the girth of his dick. He reached forward, and suddenly I felt the straps on first my legs, and then my waist and arms being released til I was completely free of restraint. I went still, unsure of what was coming, and he let go of me completely, the only contact between us his cock in my ass.

"Fuck yourself on it." He said, "Fuck that slutty little asshole on my cock."

And I did.

I tried to rationalize it later, tried to tell myself that I'd been scared of being punished, but the raw truth was that I wanted to. At that moment, I truly was a filthy little whore, and I wanted nothing more than to fuck myself on my master's cock. I grabbed onto the hay bale and pulled myself forward til just the tip of his dick was left inside me and then shoved backwards, moaning as my ass was stuffed full of his cock. I did it again, arching my back to try to get a better angle, and then began to speed up, stroking his cock in and out of my ass, my breath coming out in desperate little pants, my tits brushing across the hay as they swung back and forth. Master Hawkes knelt behind me, unmoving, his hands at his sides, and when I turned my head to look at him, he stared back at me, utterly impassive. He could have been waiting for a bus for all the emotion he showed, and I suddenly realized how I must look, wantonly fucking my ass on his cock while he appraised me, silently. I worked harder, determined to crack that emotionless mask, and I moaned as I felt an orgasm approaching. I fought it, determined that I would make him come, determined that I would win just one tiny part of this battle, but it rushed up on me, overwhelming my defenses. I writhed and twisted, crying out in shame and ecstasy as it crashed into me, my asshole and pussy clenching, my clit throbbing. I collapsed on the haybale, and turned to look back at Master Hawkes again. He was still watching me, his face unchanged, and he slowly lifted his hands up so they gripped my hips.

"Is that what you needed, slut?" he asked.

"Yes, sir." I whispered, utterly ashamed.

"Good." He said. "Since you didn't make me come, I'm going to punish you then we'll try again. Maybe next time you'll learn how to fuck a man for his pleasure, not your own." And with that, he pulled his hard cock out of my ass and stood up. I stared up at him, wordlessly, and he smiled down at me, his face a mixture of condescension and amusement.

"Never forget, slut. You're here for our pleasure."


I'd knelt there, dumbfounded and humiliated once again as Master Hawkes retrieved a crop from the racks of instruments on the wall. Despite my vow not to react to what was done to me I had once again found myself doing exactly what they wanted and expected of me. As I watched Master Hawkes walk back towards me I hung my head, ashamed of my actions. It seemed that they would win, no matter what I did.

Master Hawkes grabbed me by the hair and pulled me upwards til I was kneeling upright, my chest thrust forward. He used the crop to tap the insides of my thighs until my legs were spread enough to please him and then he let go of me, stepping back and letting his gaze travel up and down my body.

"Put your hands behind your head." He snapped, and I quickly complied, scared by the tone of his voice.

"Now, slut, I'm going to use this crop on your tits. You will kneel there with your hands behind your head, your cunt exposed, and your tits thrust out until I'm done with you. You can scream and cry all you like but if one word crosses those slutty little lips of yours I'll gag you with the biggest dildo we have and start your punishment all over again, got it?"

"Yes, sir." I whispered, clenching my hands together behind my neck in anticipation of the pain I knew was coming.

"When I'm done, you'll get another chance to make me come. If you fail, you get the crop again. I've got 3 hours left in your training slot for today and if you don't want to spend all of them getting your titties whipped, I suggest you figure out how to please me, and fast."

I gulped and braced myself as he drew the crop back. I flinched before it even hit me, the sight of it swinging down towards my left breast almost more than I could bear. When it connected with my nipple I gasped and tears sprung from my eyes at the explosion of erotic pain it caused, my whole body going rigid in reaction. I clenched my teeth, determined not to speak, and then groaned through them as he brought the crop down again, this time on my right nipple. He paused for a moment, watching me, and then swiftly brought the crop up again, catching the sensitive underside of my breast and making me yelp in surprise. He followed that with a flurry of blows, all of them striking different places, until my breasts felt like they were on fire. I risked a glance downwards and saw that my nipples were hard and swollen, turgid red peaks surrounded by the marks of the crop on my creamy white skin. I began to pant, my breaths punctuated by moans as each blow brought new pain to my poor, abused tits, and I fought to keep my hands clenched tightly behind my neck when all I wanted was to shield my breasts from the brutal kiss of the crop.

Master Hawkes whipped me until my breasts were red and sore and then suddenly stopped, unzipped his pants, and grabbed the back of my head, guiding me towards his hard cock. I sucked him in hungrily, desperate to make him come so I could avoid more pain, and swirled my tongue around the head of his thick tool as he shoved it into my mouth. After the first thrust he went still, his hand on the back of my head holding me steady but not forcing me. I pushed my face forward, hands still locked behind my neck as I tried to get more of his cock into my mouth. I gagged as it hit the back of my throat and pulled back, tonguing the underside and moaning slightly before trying again, this time succeeding in getting him partway down my throat. I continued to do this, pulling back to breathe while stroking his cock with my tongue and then deepthroating him as best I could, staring up at his face, willing him to come.

After about ten minutes of worshiping his cock he gripped my hair tightly and pulled his cock out of my mouth, holding my face just inches away from it.

"Not good enough, cunt."

I whimpered, my body beginning to shake as he let go of my hair and raised the crop again. The first blow made me shriek as it struck my swollen, aching nipple, and it was only through sheer force of will that I managed not to double over and clutch my chest in pain. The next strike was no better and as he continued my punishment I began to sob, my breasts on fire, my throat aching. When he finally stopped again I immediately opened my mouth, pleading with my eyes for him to put his cock in it, but he paused and instead slid the crop up the inside of my thigh til it reached my pussy. I gasped and squirmed, terrified that he was about to hit me there, but instead he simply stroked the tip of the crop through my folds and then brought it up to my nose, dripping with my wetness.

"You really are a little slut." He growled, smearing my juices across my lips. "Your cunt is soaked from getting your tits whipped. What a whore."

I moaned, ashamed of myself yet again, and he grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. This time I put everything I had into trying to make him come. I slobbered over the head of his cock, thrusting my tongue into the little hole, wrapping my lips around the shaft and sucking him deep into my mouth before pushing the whole thing down my throat. I gagged on it, my throat spasming, but I forced myself to keep it there, only pulling back when my vision became blurry from lack of air. I moaned, vibrating the head of his cock, and stared up into his eyes, desperate for some sign that he was about to come. Again and again I deepthroated him, slaving over his cock, until my throat was raw and sore. I was reaching the point of exhaustion when he suddenly tightened his grip on my hair and jerked his hips, shoving himself all the way into my throat and grunting, his cock spurting thick, creamy jism into my belly. It seemed to go on forever, my eyes watering, my vision going blurry from lack of oxygen, and when he finally pulled out I collapsed, gasping for air and gagging on the taste of his semen. He used the crop to lift my chin til I faced him and stared down at me coldly.

"Better. We'll work on that in the future, but it'll do for now. Now, I believe I was in the middle of fucking your ass when you came last time, so we'll get back to that. Get down on your hands and knees."

I whimpered, my gaze straying down to where his cock jutted out, impossibly still hard. I wasn't sure I could handle being fucked without coming, especially since I knew it could take him a long time to come now that I'd just finished him off with my mouth. I slowly turned, my hands on the floor, ass in the air, and then yelped as the crop smacked my left ass cheek.

"When I give you an order, you'll obey me immediately. Do you understand, cunt?" he asked.

"Yes, sir!" I cried, rushing to get myself into the position he wanted. I'd no sooner done so than I felt his hard cock pressing against my asshole, stretching it out. He pushed forward slightly before pulling back again, teasing my tight little rosebud and making me moan in anticipation. When he finally shoved himself all the way in I cried out, my asshole clenching tightly around the head of his cock. He gave me no time to adjust to its thickness and immediately began fucking me hard. He used long strokes, drawing back until only the head was left inside me and then slamming forward with a grunt, impaling me on his thick shaft. It was a brutal fucking with no regard for my pleasure, and yet my pussy was dripping and I could feel the wetness as his balls slapped against it. I dug my fingers into the cement floor and screwed my eyes shut, focusing on anything and everything but the orgasm I could feel building deep in my gut. I clenched down on his cock, hoping to make him come faster, but it only increased the sensations I was feeling and I moaned, rocking back against his powerful thrusts.

He slapped my ass and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back and arching my neck.

"This is not for you." He growled, each word punctuated by a sharp thrust. "You are nothing but a whore, a set of holes to be fucked for my pleasure. If you get to come, it's because I want to see your slutty little body writhe and squirm, not because I care about your enjoyment. Never forget this, cunt. This is not for you."

And with one final thrust he unloaded in my ass, the hot semen filling me up and leaking out around his cock. I moaned, my pussy on fire, desperate to come, but I didn't dare move. He was right this wasn't for me, and the sooner I got used to it, the better off I'd be.


This was different.  I tugged nervously at the too-short skirt, the feel of fabric against my skin strangely foreign after so much time spent naked.  I glanced down at the shiny black mary-janes on my feet and shuffled them against the floor, savouring the sensations.  I didn't want to think about what was about to happen.


Master Hawkes had been conducting my morning training session when the knock on the door had interupted us.  I'd stared curiously at the young looking man holding a murmured conversation with Master Hawkes while openly appraising me with his eyes.  I was shackled to the wall, my breasts covered in crop marks, clothespins on my nipples, and the frank appreciation in his gaze made my pussy tingle.  It had been two days since Master Hawkes had let me orgasm and permanent arousal had become a normal state for me.

Master Hawkes nodded once and then turned back to me, smiling in a way that made me nervous.

"Well, slut, it looks like you get to have some fun today.  I'll leave you in Jeb's capable hands."

With that he turned and walked out the door, leaving me with the stranger.  He was perhaps my own age, tall and fit with a mop of unruly dark blond hair.  He grinned at me as he stepped forward, trailing his fingers up my thigh to rest against my hip.

"Lucky little slut.  You would normally need a few weeks more training before we let you go to class, but one of the other cunts isn't feeling well today so you get to take her place.  I bet Master Hawkes hasn't told you anything about class, though, has he?"

I shook my head wordlessly, only half my attention focused on his words.  His hand had slid closer to my aching pussy and I was mentally willing him to touch me there, to give me some sort of relief.

"Well, it's like this.  You know that we have you sluts here as entertainment for the members of the organization, right?"  I nodded, feeling a little uncertain.  Nobody had fully explained the workings of this place to me and while I'd guessed at some of what must go on, I found myself paying closer attention to what he was saying.

"Some of these members have, shall we say....certain proclivities.  Some of these are quite benign, others not so, but the point is that we try to cater to all the desires of our members whenever possible, and you would be shocked at how many men just love the idea of slutty little schoolgirls."  His hand had moved to the inside of my thigh as he spoke and I moaned slightly, arching my back and pushing my pussy forward.  He ignored it, lightly stroking the soft skin of my leg while continuing to talk.

"So, you get to fulfill some of their fantasies.  It works well, really.  You need training and a classroom atmosphere is as good a place as any to give it to you.  We just make it into a bit of a show at the same time."

He suddenly dropped his hand away and grinned at me.  "Let's get you ready, hmm?"


Jeb had released me from my shackles and pulled the clothespins off my nipples, taking a moment to knead those sensitive nubs as I gasped, flinching against the sensation of blood returning to them.  He'd then handed me a pile of clothes and stood back to watch me dress, a smirk on his face.  The shoes and knee socks had been easy but when I went to put on the thin white blouse, I'd discovered that it was so tight I could barely button it in the front.  There had been no bra, of course, and when I finally managed to squeeze my breasts into the too-tight garment I realized that the thin fabric simply highlighted my swollen, dark nipples, providing no modesty at all.  The blouse made me feel constricted and I squirmed against it slightly until Jeb stepped forward and slid his hands down the front of it, grasping my nipples and tugging upwards sharply.  I yelped, arching my back to relieve the pressure on my breasts, but he let go just as suddenly as he'd started and lightly adjusted the fabric around them, nodding to himself.  I looked down to see that I was now all but spilling out of the low cut blouse, the tight fabric pushing my breasts up and outwards, my nipples just barely concealed.

"Hurry up, slut.  Trust me, this is one class you don't want to be late for." he said, pointing to the plaid skirt.  I shimmied into it, finding myself completely unsurprised when it turned out to be only just long enough to cover my ass.  There were no panties provided, and when I stood, fully dressed, and stared down at myself, I felt somehow more exposed than when I had simply been naked.

Jeb handed me a brush and two hair ties, grinning at my expression.

"Pigtails.  You know how to do it.  I have some nice red ribbon to match your skirt, too."

Feeling absurd, I put my hair up into ponytails on either side of my head and tied the ribbons into big floppy bows around each tail.  I could feel the blush creeping up my face as I imagined how I must look.  The last item Jeb provided was a pair of leather cuffs and after I'd put them on, he secured my wrists behind my back.

"Time for school, slut.  Let's go." said Jeb, leading me out the door and down the hallway.  We crossed through the courtyard and into the mansion, following a hallway I didn't recognize.  The ever-present erotic paintings were here as well, these ones featuring children's fairy tales and nursery rhymes.  I spotted a buxom Little Red Riding hood being fucked by a wolf, and what I thought must be Miss Muffet, tied down to her tuffet by spiderwebs.  I shivered, wondering who had painted these scenes, and kept my eyes forward as we went past the rest of them.

We came around a corner and I stumbled, staring ahead of me in shock.  There were three other women there, all dressed as I was, and I realized that these were the first captives I had seen since I'd been here.  None of them looked at me as Jeb led me up to them, they all stared down at their shoes or at the men standing with them, but I couldn't help but stare at them, wondering who they were and what had happened to them.  Jeb directed me to the back of the group, turning me so I faced away from the other women, and began to run one hand up the back of my thigh.

"Just think about it, slut.  You're going to be on display.  Men you've never met before are going to be watching as you learn how to be a proper slut."  As he spoke, he slid his hand around to my front, under the skirt, and began to grab my pussy, squeezing it roughly and dipping his fingers into my wetness.  I gasped, leaning my head back against his shoulder, and he slid his other hand down into my blouse to tweak my nipples, tugging on them until they almost popped free of my blouse.

"You like it, don't you?" he growled into my ear, shoving two fingers into my cunt and beginning to fuck me with them.  "You like being a slut."  I whimpered, feeling the orgasm I'd been aching for begin to rise, my hips thrusting forward as I tried to gain more contact with his fingers.  With one final thrust, he yanked his fingers from my pussy, let go of my breast, unclipped my cuffs and turned me around, shoving me towards the door.  It was open now, and all the other women had filed inside, their keepers still standing in the hall.  I stepped forward, moving as fast as I could past the gauntlet of their hands as they groped and caressed me, finally stumbling into the room, my eyes slightly glazed and my breath coming fast as I tried to make my  wobbly legs cooperate.

The room was set up like a typical classroom with a blackboard at the front and a row of desks facing the teacher's large desk.  The man standing behind it was wearing a suit and holding a pointer, his salt and pepper hair combed neatly away from his temples, his craggy face set into a disapproving scowl.

"Young lady, what is the meaning of this?  To arrive to class looking so disheveled?  I believe you have earned yourself a detention.  Now, hurry up and take your seat." he thundered, slamming his pointer down on the desk for emphasis.

I flinched, looking around the room and trying to get my bearings.  The other girls were sitting at their desks, heads bowed, not making eye contact, and I hurried to take the one empty seat, wincing as my skirt rode up and exposed my ass to the cold wooden chair.  By the time I looked up again, the instructor was writing on the board, his back turned to us.  I risked a glance around the room, seeing for the first time a slanted gallery built into the side wall, smoked glass shielding its occupants from view.  I stared at it for a second before quickly turning back to the chalkboard, wondering how many men were sitting in there, watching our humiliation.

"Good morning class."  the instructor boomed suddenly, making me jump. 

"Good morning, Sir." the other girls mumbled.

"My name is Mr. Cole, and today we are going to discuss the female body.  As you young ladies know, you are only useful as entertainment for men, and there are certain parts of you that are particularly entertaining.  For today's lesson, you will each be focusing on one of these areas and helping your classmates to learn more about it."  He turned to the board, tapping his pointer against the first word he had written.

"Tits.  You, you will be called tits for the rest of the day." he said, pointing to a blond lady around my own age.  Her breasts were the largest of all of ours, their swollen flesh spilling out over the top of her tiny blouse, the buttons looking as if they might burst at any moment.

"Mouth." he continued, pointing to the lady next to me, a statuesque black woman with full, sensuous lips.

"You are cunt." he said, pointing at me, "And you will be teaching us about the ass." he continued, his gaze on the curvy latina lady on my other side.

"Tits, you are first.  Come here."

The blonde lady stood, her breasts bouncing with every step as she moved to the front of the class and stood in front of the teacher, head bowed submissively.  He stroked one finger down her neck, running it along the edge of her cleavage, and then turned her to face the room.

"Class, you will notice that tits has quite an impressive rack.  She will be quite useful as a demonstration. First, we will discuss ways of making the breasts more sensitive.  Tits, hand me that rope."

The lady handed him a long cord of rope from the top of the desk and then placed her hands behind her neck, her eyes still downcast.  Mr. Cole began winding the rope around her torso, creating bands above and below her massive tits before cinching the rope in the middle, compressing her swollen flesh and forcing her breasts to stick out even further.  The fabric of her blouse looked as if it might rip at any moment and her face had taken on a slightly pained look, but she made no sound as he tightened the ropes further. 

"Good." he said, "Now, hand me those clips."  She flinched, but picked up the pair of binder clips sitting on the desk and handed them to him as he began to tweak her nipples through the thin fabric.  When he was satisifed with their hardness he snapped the clips onto them, causing a groan from her, and then turned her back to face us. 

"Class, please observe how tits is reacting to this treatment.  It is obvious her breasts are made much more sensitive by this, and I think we will let her sit this way for a few minutes to increase the effect."

As "tits" walked back to her seat, I found myself squeezing my legs together slightly, appalled at the wetness I felt there.  This woman couldn't possibly be enjoying this and yet the sight of her standing up there, her breasts bound and her nipples clamped, was turning me on.  I struggled with my feelings, disgusted by myself, and watched as the teacher turned towards the woman on my left.

"Mouth, up to the front of the class, now."

As she walked gracefully to the front,  I stole another peek at "tits" who was sitting in her chair, ramrod straight, her mouth set in an expression of discomfort.  My stomach twisted, overriding my arousal for a moment and I was just about to turn away when I glanced down at her legs.  My eyes widened as I saw her clench her thighs together, a small flush moving up her neck, and then stared in amazement as she shivered slightly, pressing her thighs together even more.

"Cunt, do I need to remind you that you have already earned yourself a detention?  I would encourage you to pay attention to the lesson or I will be forced to punish you further!" Mr. Cole thundered, snapping me back to attention.

"Sorry, sir." I mumbled, but inside I was awash in confusion.  Was that other lady enjoying this?  Could it be that I wasn't the only one who was so sick as to be turned on by what they did to us?  My mind in turmoil, I struggled to focus as the teacher praised "mouth"'s lips.  He pushed her to her knees, sliding his fingers into her mouth and ordering her to suck on them while he lectured us.

"Your slutty little mouths are best used for sucking cock, and I think mouth here should give us a demonstration.  Pay close attention as there will be a test on this after recess."

"Recess?" I wondered as Mr. Cole unzipped his pants and pulled "mouth"'s head forward til her lips reached his partially hard cock.  I watched, fascinated, as she bathed him with her tongue, suckling on the head of his cock to get it hard and then deep throating his entire length, gagging and drooling as she did.  It was obvious that she had experience at this, and as I watched, I took note of the way her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked, her tongue flicking the underside of his cock when he pulled it from her mouth.  It took only a few minutes for her to bring him to the brink of orgasm and when he grabbed the back of her head and brutally fucked her mouth til he came, I squirmed in my seat, aroused at the scene.  I stole a glance at "tits", and seeing her rapt expression, bit my lip against the tide of lust rising in me.  I looked back at the teacher just in time to see him wiping his cock on "mouth"'s blouse as she swallowed the last of his come, and I licked my lips, imagining myself in her place.

"Good girl." Mr. Cole said, patting her on the head condescendingly. " You may return to your seat."

"Mouth" sat back down and the teacher turned back to "tits", motioning her to the front of the class.  When she got there, he turned her towards us, standing behind her and reaching around to flick the binder clips on her nipples, making her groan slightly.

"Nice and sensitive, right tits?" he said, before yanking both clips off at once, producing a yelp from the poor girl.  He grabbed her breasts, kneading them harshly, and began to lecture us again.

"Notice how her nipples have become more sensitive and responsive.  Tits, hand me those scissors so I may show the class your nipples more clearly."

"Tits" picked up the scissors from the desk and then stood submissively as Mr. Cole pulled a tiny pinch of fabric away from her chest and snipped it off, leaving a small hole in the blouse.  When he let go, the fabric snapped back against her full breasts, the hole lining up perfectly with her swollen, red nipple, forcing the turgid flesh through the opening.  He repeated this with her other breast and then stepped back, admiring his work.  Her chest was heaving with her panting breaths and I couldn't stop the wave of arousal I felt at seeing her cherry red nipples peeking out from the ruined blouse.

"There, class, see how swollen these are?" He reached out and twisted one of them, causing the girl to moan.  "Very good, tits." he said, and then lifted a ruler from the desk.  "Hands behind your head, chest out.  We're going to demonstrate ways of making your nipples even more sensitive."

"Tits" shakily assumed the position he'd ordered and stared straight ahead, biting her lip.  Mr. Cole circled her once, slapping the ruler against his palm while assessing her before bringing the ruler up and slapping it down sharply on her left nipple.  She yelped, curving her back and leaning forward as if to protect herself, but straightened quickly and did not move her hands.  Mr. Cole nodded, and then swiftly brought the ruler down on her other nipple.  "Tits" gasped, but held position, and he began to rain blows down on her, striking her nipples with perfect accuracy.  "Tits" began to moan, her body shaking, her eyes rolling back in her head as he alternated between her left and right nipple, sometimes striking from above, and sometimes below.  Her breasts were bouncing with the blows, the heaving flesh straining against the confines of the blouse and the ropes, and when he hit her nipples square on from the front I flinched in sympathy as the force compressed her tits.

Mr. Cole continued to beat her nipples for another minute and then stopped, stepping forward to lightly pinch one of them.  "Tits" cried out, her hands fluttering behind her neck for a moment before she got ahold of herself, and the teacher smiled cruelly at her, twisting her poor bud.

"Class, see how her nipples are almost excruciatingly sensitive now?  Notice how they're swollen and red?  This is how we like to see them."

I glanced at the other ladies and noticed that they seemed as turned on as I did.  The implications of this were more than I could handle, aroused as I was, and I turned back to see the teacher removing the ropes and blouse from "tits", leaving her naked from the waist up.  He grabbed her breasts again, mauling them with his hands, and then leaned down to suck one nipple into his mouth.  I watched her flinch as he bit down on it, her head tossing as she tried to cope with the pain, and when he let go and slapped the upturned peak with the palm of his hand I moaned, my pussy dripping as I imagined how she must be feeling.

Mr. Cole proceeded to beat her breasts with the ruler again, this time not aiming only for her nipples.  Each impact caused her tits to shake and bounce, the flesh jiggling in a way that made my pussy wet to watch.  Her tits were soon a mass of criss-crossed marks, red and sore looking, and she was crying out with every blow, her eyes wild and rolling.  When he finally stopped, she stood there, her knees shaking, her knuckles white where she gripped the back of her neck, her chest heaving with every breath.  Mr. Cole flipped up the front of her skirt, shoving her legs apart with his foot, and plunged two fingers deep into her pussy, making her rise to her toes and let out a long, shrill cry.  I shivered, knowing how she must be feeling, and watched as he pulled his fingers out, glistening with her wetness, and presented them to her to be licked clean.  She stared at them for a moment, looking dazed, and then stuck her tongue out, meekly licking her own juices from his fingers as he turned to us.

"You see, class, how aroused she has become from this treatment of her tits.  This is how we know she is a slut."

"Tits" finished sucking his fingers and he let her go, her skirt falling back down to cover her soaked pussy.  I squirmed in my seat, feeling my own wetness pooling on the wooden chair, and watched avidly as he picked up another length of rope and began to secure it around "tits"'s chest.  This time, instead of simply cinching the upper and lower ropes together between her breasts, he began to wind it around each breast, tightening it until her tits stuck out like ballons, the red marks from the ruler standing out in sharp relief against the taught white skin, her swollen nipples looking as if they might burst.  By the time he was finished binding her, her breasts had begun to take on a slight blue tinge, and I winced as I thought of how sensitive they must be.

"Back to your seat, tits." he ordered, and she shakily returned to her desk.  I gulped, anxiety twisting in my gut as I looked up at the board, seeing the next word on the list.

"Cunt, get up here." said Mr. Cole, glaring at me.  I stood, my legs wobbling, and moved to the front of the classroom.

I stepped in front of Mr. Cole's desk, my eyes cast downwards, my breath already quickening as I waited for him to touch me.  He circled me first, eyeing me up and down with a disapproving air before moving to stand in front of me.

"Lift your skirt and spread your legs." he barked, and I jumped, hurrying to comply.  I could feel my face heating as I widened my stance, placing my feet shoulder-width apart and then slowly lifted my short little schoolgirl skirt.  I felt incredibly humiliated, knowing that not only were the other girls watching me, but those mysterious men on the other side of the smoked glass.  I squirmed under their imagined gaze, glancing up to see Mr. Cole appraising me, and tightened my grip on my skirt as a wave of lust went through me.  I knew I was wet, shamefully so, and I knew that they could all see it.

"So, little cunt, I see you are enjoying this lesson." he said, moving to stand behind me.  "Bend over and grab your ankles." he instructed, lifting the ruler from the desk and slapping it lightly against his palm.  I whimpered in fear but obeyed him, letting go of my skirt and bending at the waist til I could reach my ankles.  I wobbled slightly, put off balance by the awkward position, and then shrieked in pain as, with no warning, my pussy was struck by the ruler.  I felt as though it was on fire and it was only through sheeer force of will that I stayed on my feet, my knuckles white as I gripped my ankles and held on for dear life.  Mr. Cole brought his arm back and slapped my pussy again, the wooden ruler making an obscene squelching sound as it contacted my wet lips.  I wailed, arching my back against the pain, and gritted my teeth, wondering how many more blows I could stand.  Another strike came up between my legs, this one catching my clit, and I saw stars, my vision blurring.  I don't know how I didn't fall down but when I became aware of myself again I was still gripping my ankles, my swollen, abused pussy throbbing in pain and need, and Mr. Cole was standing in front of me, smirking.

"You see class, the same principle applies to the cunt.  We like to make it more sensitive.  Now, cunt, up on the desk.  On your back, knees spread."

I shakily moved toward the desk, tears running down my face, and clambered up.  The desk was wide enough that I could lie on it, my dripping pussy facing the classroom, my feet up on either corner, and my head just brushing the edge.  My hands fluttered uncertainly at my sides until Mr. Cole grabbed them and pulled them over my head, clipping my cuffs to the underside of the desk and effectively trapping me.  I stared down my body, looking at my classmates as they watched my open pussy, my arousal plainly visible.  I couldn't believe this was actually happening, and that I was actually turned on by it. 

Before I could think about it much more, Mr. Cole stepped up behind me and reached forward, pulling my skirt up til it rested on my stomach.  He grabbed a binder clip from the desk and held it in front of me, making sure I could see exactly what he was doing as he gripped one of my swollen labia and snapped the clip onto it, compressing the sensitive flesh.  I moaned, writhing on the desk, and watched as he repeated the procedure with my other pussy lip, snapping the clip down tight and tugging on it slightly.  I was so wet I was almost surprised when they stayed in place, and the feel of them on my pussy was incredible.

He then pulled a piece of twine from a desk drawer and looped it around my thigh before bringing it up and through the hole on the end of the clip.  With a little tension and some knots, soon both my pussy lips were spread wide, attached to my thighs by the binder clips, exposing my wet hole and swollen clit to the classroom.  I moaned as he leaned down and blew on my aching cunt, thrusting my hips upwards at the tickling sensation, hoping he would let me come.  Instead, he picked the ruler back up and slapped it straight down onto my exposed, vulnerable clit.

I screamed, arching my back off the desk and kicking my legs, the pain radiating from my pussy in waves of heat that turned to pleasure as they faded.  I was gasping, barely aware of his words as he lectured the class on the correct way to handle a slut's clit, and I moaned in pain and ecstasy as he grabbed that swollen little nub between his fingers and pinched it.  He stroked it with his finger, pushing the pain further away as I felt an orgasm brewing, and I stared out at the class, seeing the rapt faces of the other girls as they watched Mr. Cole abuse my poor pussy.

"As you girls know, your cunts are meant to be fucked, and fucked hard.  I prefer to fuck a cunt that is well sensitized, hence the spanking with the ruler.  I believe this little one needs a little more work before I fuck her, so we're going to demonstrate the effects of a vibrator."

I felt another gush of wetness at his words, my face flushing in shame as I realized that everyone could see it, and I swung my head to the side, too embarrassed to look at my classmates.  My eyes focused in on the large vibrating wand that Mr. Cole was pulling from a desk drawer and I whimpered, my legs involuntarily trying to close as I imagined it pressed against my wet folds.  Mr. Cole slapped the ruler against the inside of my thigh, growling "Spread them or I will tie you down." and I reluctantly complied, my gaze fixated on the vibrator that was now emitting a harsh buzzing sound as he lowered it to my glistening slit.  He reached down with his other hand and pulled back the hood of my clit, exposing that tiny red nub, and pressed the vibrator onto it.

The moment the vibrator made contact with my swollen clit, I shrieked, my back arching off the desk, my legs closing around it in agony.  The sensations were completely overwhelming, bordering on painful, and I writhed against it, crying out and begging him to stop.  He barked out a command of some sort and the door flew open, two men striding in and positioning themselves on either side of me, grabbing my legs and spreading me open.  I was sobbing, pleading with Mr. Cole to stop, to let me come, to fuck me, anything, just to end this torment.  He grabbed my pigtails in his hand, forcing my head up so I stared down my body, my legs spread wide, my hips pumping and squirming against the jackhammering of the vibrator, and I cried out as a painful, brutal orgasm hit me, my back arching til I thought it would snap.  Through a haze, I could see my classmates staring at me, their eyes glazed with lust, their nipples hard, and I howled in pained ecstasy as my pussy contracted, my clit throbbing against the vibrator.

Mr. Cole abruptly yanked the vibrator away, leaving me limp and drained, my red, puffy cunt on display for the class.  The orgasm had not been a satisfying one, and I felt empty and needy, with none of the usual glow I got from coming.  I  could feel tears running down my face, my breath coming in sharp little gasps, and when the men holding my legs let them go, they fell to the floor, my muscles too weak to control them.

"Bend her over the desk." snapped Mr. Cole, and I felt my wrists being released, my body being lifted from the desk.  I was turned and carried, then unceremoniously shoved forward, grunting as my hard nipples were pressed into the unyileding wood of the desk, my arms wrenched behind my back.  My legs were kicked apart, and I could feel Mr. Cole behind me, securing my wrists together.  He leaned over me to growl in my ear as he worked.

"I'm going to fuck you, young lady.  I'm going to fuck that disobedient little cunt of yours, and there is nothing you can do about it."

I felt his hands in my hair, each pigtail clenched in a fist, my head pulled backwards so I was forced to arch my back, and his hard cock probing against my spread open slit.  The binder clips were pinching my labia, tugging against the twine on my thighs, and the sensation of him sliding straight into my cunt with no resistance made me cry out, a gush of wetness flowing out to coat his cock.

"That's right, little slut." he grunted, shoving the rest of his cock into me.  I moaned, my fingers twisting helplessly behind my back as he used my pigtails to pull me even further onto his dick.  He began to fuck me, brutally and hard, with no care for my pleasure, and I was crying out with each thrust, my pussy spasming around his thick length.  My eyes were blurred with tears, but I could still make out the faces of the other girls, their cheeks flushed with arousal, their breasts heaving with heavy breaths.  I shuddered as Mr. Cole continued to slam into me, my body shaking with the force of his thrusts, my pussy gushing as I felt an orgasm creeping upwards, starting in the pit of my belly and radiating outwards.  I began to push back against him, straining against his hands in my hair, and he tightened his grip, arching my back further so his balls slapped against my clit with every punishing penetration of his hard cock.  The room was deadly silent, save for the obscene sounds of his flesh pounding into mine and my whimpering moans and I felt violated and humiliated, some little part of me feeding into the fantasy of it all, imagining myself being fucked on my teacher's desk.

"Please..." I moaned, so close to coming I was mad with the desire for it.  "Please, oh please sir, let me come."

My breath was coming in pants now, my words barely coherent, and I heard Mr. Cole give a strained chuckle, his cock jumping inside me as I spoke.

"Such a filthy little slut.  Alright, girl, come for me.  Come on my cock like the horny slut you are, show your classmates how a good little whore behaves for her teacher.  Come for me!"

His words sent me over the edge and I cried out, my pussy spasming around his cock, my hips bucking under his punishing thrusts.  My whole body felt like it was on fire, my orgasm consuming me and destroying me, melting me into a puddle on his desk.  I hung, limply, my body suspended by his grip on my hair as he pounded into me one last time and growled out his release, his cock swelling and twitching inside me as I felt his warm seed spraying the inside of my cunt.  He released my hair and my head fell to the desk, my flushed cheek pressed against the cool wood, my eyes drifting closed as a wave of shame swept over me.  How could I face those other women?  What would they think of me now?

"There, class.  See how a proper slut behaves when you treat her cunt correctly?" Mr. Cole said, his voice sounding remarkably unaffected by what had just happened.

"Now, I believe it is time for recess.  We'll continue our lessons afterwards.  Don't forget, you share your recess with the boys and I don't want to hear any more reports of you refusing to play nicely, or there will be detentions all around.  Dismissed."

I stared numbly up at him, trying to process his words.  Boys?  Recess?  He grinned down at me, his fingers creeping down to stroke my soaked pussy.  "Oh, little slut.  You're going to be quite the hit on the playground."

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