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The Smoking Mistrress

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Synopsis: True story of a cigar smoking domme with a 24/7 slave


I have had a 24/7 slave now for over six months. A lot older than me, he has come under my spell, with me using his house to entertain my subs, me being a professional dome.

I am a very tall blonde, in my thirties, and love to smoke cigars and a pipe, never having enjoyed cigarettes. I had discovered in my early twenties the power I had over men with the smoking fetish, and there are plenty of them, nearly all natural subs.

The slave who owns the house(or should I say, used to) is a very nice man in his fifties who was left a great deal of money when his father died, and he was absolutely hooked on cigar smoking women. He gradually became my slave with no will of his own and that was when I decide to offer him my deal: He would get to see his Mistress a great deal of the time at no extra charge, and would even get sexual relief when he earned the right to it. I would use the house, which he signed over to me to earn my fees as a professional dominatrix, although I would still keep my own apartment for peace and quiet!

I found that he would do anything I wanted as long as I had a cigar or pipe dangling from my red lips which was no trouble to me anyway.

As the slavery progressed, I, of course insisted that he would always be kept in a chastity device, and only get relief when I decided. He would have no safe word and would have to rely on me for everything.

I found hat I got the biggest turn on when he begged for more and more punishment, and made this the only way he could get any relief, and even, on some very rare occasions, would be allowed sex with me, obviously secured to the bed, and with me on top. I always enjoyed plenty of licking and eating my cunt, so when I deigned to let him have sex, you could be sure that he would have a very sore tongue by the time he might be allowed into my sacred hole.

I should mention that he was a non smoker, and this allowed me even more fun by making him smoke my cigar butts, or sometimes a pipe, which he hated.

When I had decided that he just may be allowed sex in the next week or so, I made it clear that he would seriously have to earn the right for such privileges by accepting and enjoying longer and longer punishments. And I dont mean whippings, they came anyway, and whippings are over too quickly for my liking; anyway, he had become quite used to severe whippings and he seemed to enjoy them too much for them to be an ultimate weapon. 

So, one day I asked him just what he would be prepared to suffer to get his next sex with his Mistress, and correctly, he replied that he would do absolutely anything that I wanted to have sex with me.

That was what I had wanted to hear, of course, and I had already planned the punishment.

I told him that I would want him to be fully rubberised and secured in the lovely little loft space that was behind my special bondage room for my clients (and him of course). I told him that I would secure him on a Friday afternoon after I had finished with my clients ( I normally went home Fridays and returned Saturday afternoons) and leave him to stew for a while. I asked him if he was up for earning a sex night with me soon, and of course, he replied in the affirmative. So I said that just one night was not really much of a punishment, and certainly not hard enough to earn sex. He then suggested that I did not return on the Saturday, and he full well knew that I always went home Sunday lunchtime to spend time with my Mother. I normally also did not work Mondays, so he suggested that I leave him in bondage until I started work on the following Tuesday. He had fallen perfectly into my original plan, as I had a very rich client I wanted to see over the weekend.

The following Friday I spent some time working on my trade, whilst he served me tea and lunch, and generally looked after my needs. He would keep my pipes clean and have one filled after a client had been with me, so I could relax with a smoke.

Eventually, when I had finished my last client of the day, I called him up to the punishment room, and ordered him to strip naked. He stood there, with just the chastity device in place, and he was looking somewhat afraid of what he had agreed to. I lit a large cigar as he stood there, his penis trying to enlarge, but unable in the device to do so. 

I started off putting a rubber long sleeved shirt on him, followed by rubber long Bermuda shorts. This was followed by a very strict rubber corset, very tightly secured. Attached to the corset I put on thick rubber stockings, and then a rubber posture collar. This was followed by rubber wader boots (didnt want anything leaking!) and a rubber hood, leaving the front of the face clear.

I then made sure that the entire experience would be very difficult to endure, as I made him drink several large glasses of beer, laced with whiskey and then to cap it all, I made him swallow a very large draught of opening medicine.

I then secured him into an arm binder, and secured that to the post in the loft space, as I wanted him to stand all the time, albeit with room to move about a little.

By this time, I had nearly smoked my cigar, so I gave it to him, and made it clear that when he had finished smoking the chewed butt, he  would have to eat it, god help him if it was on the floor when I returned.

I then secured the panel with screws behind the dungeon room. I left and went home.

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