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A slave girl's week of training

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Synopsis: The slave girl is sent to spend a week in training at at club that uses bestality as well as BDSM

The girl trusted her Master and she knew that whatever He expected of her she would surrender to.  However, she did not know what the next week would bring.

A few months before the girl had been used as the admission for her Master to a select club of Masters who would have access to a place in the country.  The girl knew that because of that acceptance into that club she would be available for use by other Masters and/or Mistresses that were members of the club.

That evening her Master told her that she would be picked up Friday evening and would spend the next week with a Master and Mistress at the club.  He told her that all she would need to wear was a dress, stockings and heels.  She was to be clean, shaved, and dressed and ready to go at 6 pm.

Friday evening at 6 PM, the girl was ready to be picked up.  Promptly at 6 PM a limo pulled up outside the house.  The driver got out and came to the door to get the girl.  The girl followed him to the limo where he opened the back door.  The girl got into the limo as was direct to sit on the seat in the middle next to a male slave blindfolded, wearing head phones, and secured to the seat.  The Master and Mistress proceeded to secure the girl to the seat and then blindfolded her put head phones on her.  There was music playing in the head phones.  The girl could hear nothing else.

The girl felt the limo start in motion.  The girl listened to the music and felt the motion of the limo.  Finally the limo stopped.  The girls head phones and blindfold were removed.  As they got out of the limo, the girl and the male slave followed the Master and Mistress into the house. 

Once in the living room, the two slaves were directed to strip and kneel in the center of the living room.  The Master and Mistress were seated and watched the two slaves strip and put their clothing in the container at the side of the living room.  The two slaves then knelt side by side facing the Master and the Mistress.

The Mistress explained to the two slaves that they were going to serve the dinner this evening that the cook had prepared.  Once dinner was over they would receive further instructions.

The two slaves got up and went to the kitchen, they did not speak but went to work together serving the meals to the Master and Mistress in the dining room.  The two slaves worked well together and served and cleaned the table.  Once the Master and Mistress were served and finished, they went to the living room again. 

The two slaves brought them coffee and then knelt in the middle of the living room side by side.

The Mistress spoke telling the two slaves that for the next week they were not to speak they were going to be caged and the male slave was going to live as a male dog and the girl was going to be the dogs bitch for the week.  From that moment on they were not to walk upright but were to crawl.  The Mistress told the two slaves to get on all 4 and that is the way they would be for the next week. 

The Master got up and left the room and returned with two bowls.  He placed a bowl in front of each slave.  It was their dinner.  The two slaves proceeded to eat out of the bowl. 

When they were finished, a bowl of water was placed in front of each slave.  They drank from the bowl.  The girl felt herself gradually slipping into the feeling of being an animal. 

Once they were finished drinking, the bowls were removed. 

The Mistress broke the silence, “OK stud fuck the bitch”

The male slave got behind the girl and mounted her as the girl lowered the top part of her body to accept the stud so that he could fuck her.  The girl felt his cock slid into her and he began to fuck her.  It took him a long time to cum so the fucking lasted a while.  When he was finished fucking the girl, he was instructed to take his tongue and clean her.  When he was finished the girl was instructed to like his cock clean.

When the girl was finished the two were instructed to follow the Master and the Mistress.  The two slaves crawled behind.  They were led outside and across the short yard to the building behind the house.  They entered the building which was a large room.  There were small doors along one side of the room.  The two slaves were led to that side of the room.  One door was opened and the male slave was directed in.  Then the girl was lead three doors down and as it opened she was directed in.

As the girl crawled through the door, she found herself in a cage.  The door closed behind her.  As the girl looked around she saw a row of cages.  Each filled with a dog.  One had the male slave in it.  But the cage on each side of the girl had a big dog in it.  As she settled into the cage the dog on each side of her got next to her side of the cage, sticking their nose through to the girls side.  The girl moved to each side of the cage so the dog could smell and lick her.  Then the lights were turned out and the girl laid down and tried to rest, but thinking about what might happened with her for the next week.

The light came on waking the girl and the dogs and the male slave.  Each of the doors opened and two bowls were put in each cage.  The girl started eating from the bowl and continued till it was empty.  Then she drank from the bowl with water. 

The dog on each side of her must have finished as well because they were sticking their noses through the cage toward the girl.  She moved from one side of the cage to the other side of the cage so each dog could sniff and lick her again.

Then the girls door opened an the Masters voice broke the silence, “come here bitch.”  The girl turned and crawled to the door.   Once outside her cage the door was closed.  The Master reached down and put a collar on the girl.  He then attached a leash to it. 

The Master took the leash and led the girl to a room that was lined in tile.  There were a couple hoses hanging from the wall.  They had shower types of head on the end.  The Master attached the girls leash to a hook on the side of the room.  He then took one of the hoses and started spraying down the girl.  He took a brush and lathed her with soap.  Then He rinsed her off.  The girl was clean.  The Master used an air blower to dry off the girl.

The Master then led the girl by her leash back to the side of  the room with the small doors.  As she crawled across the room she counted the doors.  There were 7 doors.  Did each door have a dog or the slave behind them.  She knew one of the doors led her into her cage.  However, this time the Master did not lead her to the door for her cage.  He led her to another door.  She thought, “What is behind the door?”  She did not have to wait long.

Once there, He opened the door, took off her leash, but left the collar on her, and said “Go into the cage bitch and take care of the dog.”

The girl crawled into the cage with the door closing behind her.  she found herself in a cage with a large dog.  She crawled toward the dog.  The dog turned toward her and went behind her.  she felt his tongue.  The girl did not move.  Then she felt fur against her ass, so she lowered her top bending more at the waist to allow the dog access to her.  she felt his cock probing her and then she felt it penetrate her cunt and the dog began fucking her. and with the knot they were locked together.  The dog continued to fuck her and she after what seemed to be a very long time she felt the warmth of his cum exploding inside of her.  she was the dogs bitch to use as he desired.

When he was finished, they remained locked together till the dogs knot went down.  The dog laid down and the girl laid next to him.  She felt connected to the dog and went to sleep.  She was awakened by the dog barking at her.  As she woke up, the dog nuzzled her as he directed her up.  The girl got up on all 4 and the dog rubbed against her a couple times and then moved behind her.  And the girl felt the dogs cock probing her again and finally penetrating her cunt.  For the second time this dog was fucking her and locking them together as his knot swelled inside of her.  Again he filled her with his cum and the two of them were connected together till the knot went down. 

Not long after the dog was finished with her, the girl heard the door open and the male voice call her, “Here bitch”. 

The girl crawled out of the cage and the Master directed her to the next door.  He opened the door and the girl, without hesitation, crawled into the cage.  Inside the cage was another large dog.  This dog was a little rougher with the girl.  The dog herded her to one corner of the cage and then proceeded to explorer her with his nose   Then he went behind her and, like before, she felt the fur on her ass.  Again the girl lowered herself so the dog would have easier access to her cunt.  Again she felt the dogs cock probe her.  And then for the 3rd time she felt the dogs cock penetrate her cunt and begin fucking her.  And again for the 3rd time she was locked to a dog with the dogs knot.  And again for the 3rd time she felt the dog explode his warm cum inside of her.  And again for the 3rd time there was calm after the fucking while they were locked as one with the dogs knot.

When the knot had finally gone down the dog laid down and the girl laid next to him.  She was becoming one with the dogs.


The door to the cage opened and the male voice on the outside said “Here bitch”.  The girl got on all 4 and crawled out of the cage.  There the Master attached the leash to the girl and led her to the shower again.  He sprayed her and scrubbed her and air dried her. 

The girl was led back to her cage and put in the cage after the leash had been removed.  Inside the cage were two bowls, one of food and of water.  The girl started eating from the bowl and then drank from the bowl of water.  Just as she finished, the light were turned out.  The girl laid down in the dark and went to sleep.

The girl was awaken when the lights were turned back on.  The door to her cage opened and two more bowls were put into the girls cage.  The girl proceeded to eat and drink from the bowls.  Each dog was busy eating and drinking in their cage. 

Not much happened for a while.  In fact, the girl had time to lay down for a while.

Then the door to the cage next to the girls cage opened and a female dog was put into that cage.  The door on the cage on the other side of the girl opened and the male slave was put into that cage.  Then the door to the girls cage opened and a large male dog was led into her cage. 

Before the male dog approached the girl, she had time to watch the cage next to her.  There the male dog began fucking female dog.  Then the girl glanced at the cage on the other side and she saw the male slave being fucked by the dog in the cage with him. But the girl did not have a lot of time to watch before the male dog in her cage started licking her cunt.  The girl got into position to give the dog access to her cunt.

There the girl was being fucked by a dog, with the male slave on one side being fucked by a dog, and a female dog being fucked on the other side of her.  All 3 cages were breeding cages.  The girls cunt was being stretched and she really did not have time to watch what was going on in each cage beside her, all she could do was focus on the fucking that she was taking.  Once the dog was finished fucking her and the knot went down, the girl and the dog laid down together.  The girl relaxed with the dog. 

Each of the 3 cages were active as the male dogs had control of the bitch that was in the cage with them.  During that day, the male dogs decided when the bitch with them was going to be fucked.  The girl was fucked 2 more times that day before the door to her cage was opened and the male dog was led out.  

Then the girl was called out of the cage.  Again she was led to the shower, but this time the male slave was there as well.  The two of them were showered, soaped, scrubbed, and air dried. 

When finished in the shower the two slaves were led back out into the room where 4 bowls, 2 of food and 2 of water were in the middle of the room.  Each of the  slaves went to one of the bowls and started eating while the Master and the Mistress watched.

Once the two slaves were finished with their bowl of food and had drank from the bowl of water, the Mistress spoke, “Ok stud fuck the bitch”.

The stud moved behind the girl and stroked his cock to get it hard and started to fuck the girl.  It took the stud quite a while to cum so he fucked the bitch for a long time.  When he had cum, the two were led back to their cages and the door closed behind them. 

Just after the door closed the lights went out.  And so ended another day and the girl laid down to sleep.

The lights being turned on woke the girl up from a deep sleep.  As she blinked her eyes adjusting to  the lights, she tried to remember where she was.  The door to her cage opening made her realize where she was.  There were two bowls put inside the cage.  The girl went and ate the food out of one bowl and finished by drinking out of the water bowl. 

Nothing happened for a while except the other dogs and male slave were being fed as well.  The girl laid down and dozed off to sleep. 

When the girl was woke up by her door being opened, she did not know how long she had been asleep.  The female voice outside her cage broke the silence, “come here bitch”.

The girl crawled out of the cage and the Mistress attached the leash to the girls collar and led her to the middle of the room.  There was a upside down “V” shaped table.  The girl was led to the table and told to get on it.  She climbed on the table.  Her legs and ankles and arms and wrists were attached to the side of the table.  Then a strap secured her waist to the table.  The girl could not move.  There the girl lay on the table attached to it.  Then she the girl felt the table move. 

The position of the table exposed her cunt and ass as it spread her legs. It also elevated her ass so there was easier access to her cunt and ass.  The girl felt the table move up and down. 

Then the Mistress spoke, “bitch you are going to spend the day on the table.  We are going to put an iv into you so that your body will not dehydrate and you will receive nourishment through the iv.”

After the Mistress finished speaking a person came up and found a vain in the girls are and put in the iv.  The girl could not move.  They started the iv into the girl.  Then the Mistress came over and put a blindfold on the girl.  There the girl was on the table not able to move.  The only movement was the table moving her up and down. 

Then the girl felt a plug being put into her ass.  It was fixed so it would not come out.

There the girl, in darkness, waited, wondering, and then the wait was over.  The table lowered and she felt the fur on her ass and the fucking began.  When one dog was finished, the next would take its place fucking the girl.

Then when one dog was finished, she felt the table being raised.  When the table stopped she felt a cock shoved in her cunt.  The cock started fucking her.  There was no fur on her ass, so who was fucking her.  All she could do was take the fucking. 

And so it continued, the table being raised and lowered.  Sometimes she felt the fur on her ass as she was being fucked and sometimes she could not feel fur as she was being fucked.

This went on for a long long time.  The girl had lost track of time.  There was very little rest for the girl and very little time from when one dog, or someone, was finished and the next took their place fucking her.

Then it ended and there was quiet.  The girl remained in darkness.  Then she felt the needle being removed from her arm.  Then the butt plug was removed.  Then the blindfold was removed and the straps holding the girl in place were removed.  The girl was still and sore, but the Mistress with the leash led the girl off of the table and to the shower where the girl was cleaned again and then led to her cage.

Inside the cage were the two bowls, but the girl did not have the energy to eat from the bowl.  She laid down and went to sleep.  That is all she remembered till the next day when the lights were turned on.

As the lights were turned on, the girl woke up with the two bowls in her cage.  She ate the food and drank some of the water.  Then she laid back down.  The door to her cage did not open and she went back to sleep.  The girl was tired from the day before.

The girl was allowed to spend most of the day in her cage resting.  The door to the girls cage opened and two more bowls were put into the cage.  The girl got up and ate from the bowl of food and drank from the bowl of water and then laid back down.

But before she got into a deep sleep the door to her cage opened and the male voice called, “come here bitch”.  The girl crawled out of the cage only the have the leash attached to her collar. 

Already there was the male slave with a leash attached to his collar.  The Master led the two slaves out of the building and back into the house.  He led them into the living room where the Mistress was sitting and then the Master removed the two leashes and the two slaves were side by side.

The Mistress started to speak, “The two of you have done very well in your training and your shift into your animal mode.  We see a lot of potential for the two of you here at the farm.  You can see what has been going on, just watch the tv.”

There on the screen was the girl being fucked by a dog.  The next scene was the male slave being fucked.  Then there was video of the girl on the table being fucked by a dog and the male slave fucking her.  The tv was not turned off so there continued to be video of what had been going on.

The Mistress broke the silence again, “come here bitch”

The girl crawled to the Mistress.  The Mistress lifted her skirt and spread her legs.  She had no panties on.  Then She spoke, “bitch let me see how your tongue works.”

The girl moved closer and put her face into the Mistresss cunt and went to work with her tongue.  She could sense that the Mistress was being turned on with her tongue.  So the girl worked even more with her tongue. 

The silence was broken with the Master calling the stud to come to him.  And the Master directed the male slave to take Him in his mouth.

The girl could not look because she was busy with her tongue in the Mistresss cunt.

The two slaves were taking care of the Master and the Mistress.

When the Mistress came the girl continued to work with her tongue till the Mistress told her that she was finished.  Then the girl crawled back to the middle of the living room.

When the Master had finished, he told the male slave to go fuck the girl.  The girl remained still as the male slave moved behind her and started fucking her.  When he had cum, the Master told the girl to lick him clean.

The girl turned around and started sucking the male slaves cock.  As it got hard again, the girl was told to finish him off.  She brought him to a second climax.

Then the two had the leashes attached and were led back to their cages. 

Once inside their cages the lights were turned off and the girl laid down to sleep.

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