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Extreme Slavery

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Synopsis: Extremely cruel Tenant lady enslaves son of land lord....real story....will take months to the slavery is still on......

My name is micky, 35 years old , a doctor by profession and a slave to highly dominating, extremely cruel and perverse females who love to humiliate, degrade , torture and enslave males to the extreme.

Unusual for a country like India, where society is mainly male dominated, but True

Everything whateever I am writing is true partially and I went thru all the hell in the 20 years. Yes I was enslaved by this cruel sadist who rented one of the floors of our Duplex Bunglow along with her husband and a daughter. She was 30 years old that time and I was a young boy of 15 years old only. I was good in studies from a rich family and good looking boy, full of dreams and young girls, like any boy of amy age. But destiny was about to play a different play a cruel game with me.

Playing soccer after school was one of my favourite pass time. We used to play in a nearby playground which was close to our home. One while playing I felt a strong need to pee and in a rush instead of using our toilet I went to the the toilet of our tenant Sunita. Her toilet was more closer to our main entrance and it towards outside, convenient for me to play and rush back to join my friends for soccer. She was a working woman and was usually never at home at those times.

I unzipped my fly and while I was urinating, I suddenly heard a female voice screaming at a very harsh and loud volume…MICKYYYYYY….What the hell you are doing in my toilet?????? I was speechless, my cock exposed in front of a female double my age and I cant stop urinating also because of my urge and you guys know how difficult it is to stop in between…..and in my horror as I just moved to see who she is a few drops of my urine spilled to her dress and her feet also….this angered her further…..she started abusing me with all the bad names, very unusual for female in India.

She slapped tightly across my face and before I could recover, she kicked tightly at my balls forcing me to loose my balance and fall on ground in my own piss, But she did not stopped there, she spit on me across my body, face , cock and I dont know where else also.

Shell shocked , I asked for forgiveness but she roared….how dare you???? You will be real sorry for your this crime when I will make the noise  and tell everybody that you have intruded in my toilet with the intention of rape. Terrified I touched her feet and begged and begged ….But she was in no mood to relent. I GRABBED HER FEET SO THAT SHE DO NOT WALK OUT and call my neighbors or friends, But she was very powerful and kept dragging me…..suddenly I started crying which some how mellowed down her anger…..may be bcoz she has not seen a male crying in Indian society.

Ok, I will not make a noise on only one condition. If you agree to abide by my condition then I may leave you…..Yes Madam was my spontaneous answer out of relief.

Remove your clothes and clear all this mess (piss) with your tongue….I was shocked , really really shocked and at first instance did not understood what she means by this. Sorry, what did you said maam? It was my question in disbelief. Remove your clothes and lick clean my toilet with your tongue, you bastard. She said, assertively.

Fearing social stigma, i decided to do what ever she said. Any way I was nude in front of her ( A beautiful and voluptuous young woman). Thought of a young woman gave an instant hard on to me, which was visible to her and also angered her. So you are loving it bitch. I will teach you a real lesson now. Kicked she on my balls. I groaned in pain, But my pain did not gave her enough satisfaction. She took out laces from the sneakers from her shoes and tied my hands together. The moving on she tied the base of my cock tightly with the toilet paper ring. Now I was really help less. Tied in a toilet and at the mercy of a woman. I was really terrified.

She removed my clothes forcibly herself and left the toilet ordering me not to move a inch or I will have to face the consequences. With her she took my clothes so that I do not try to escape by any mean. She came back a few minutes later with ropes, wooden rulers, scissors, a camera etc. First thing she did was took my photo lying naked on floor. She took lots of photos and then went away. Only to come back a few minutes later with a pack of cigarettes, candles, some iron wires and match box.

Now I have taken your photographs in nude and you can not escape at all or else I will show the proof to police, destroying your life completely. She lit a cigarette and ordered assertively….put your worthless cock below my feet you pig slave. With fear I obliged. She pressed her sports sneakers very hardly on my erect cock and started moving them to and fro, forcing my virgin foreskin to role back halfway…..yummy….were her words. But I screamed at pain bcoz I had never rolled my fore skin back like this and as I was a virgin, it got cuts at few places also. Unmoved she ordered me to place my cock between her both the sneakers. She made a clasp of her shoes around my foreskin and with full force rolled it back…..argggghhhhh….leave me madam….please was my pleading word.

I will use this cock which has dared to urinate in my toilet. It will be taught a real lesson. She said with anger. Now she pressed the lit cigarette at the glans of my penis. Such is the bad luck of my virgin cock that instead of tasting a pussy for the first time that my cock is tasting a lit cigarette. Virgin…huh…asked Madam……yes, I said promptly. Good for me she said with a cunning smile.

Here are the rules slave,-

  1. You are my property now till I release you from my slavery. Your slavery will end at my discretion.
  2. You will address me as Mistress/ Your Highness in private and madam in public.
  3. You will be used, abused, humiliated, tortured, rented as per my wish.
  4. You will be my toilet, menstrual slave and everything henceforth.
  5. You will only eat my leftovers from floor, dog bowl soaked in my bodily secretion.
  6. I will not pay any rent to your parents. The rent I pay will be earned thru the rent I earn by renting you out to others.

I was shell shocked not knowing what to say!!! So to start with as you are my slave so you should be properly marked with my signatures and stamp. With a smile she took out the iron wires which were given a shape of S for her nick name Sunita and also another set which had her Phone no. She put on the lighter and put iron wires on it. When they were red hot she brought it closer to cock…awakening from my shell shocked state I started begging desperately…..please let me go…..i will do any thing for you……I will pay you anything…but please let me go… cock will burn…what will I say to my future wife???

Ha ha ha….she started laughing….wife??? are a slave you can not marry…and this cock now belongs to me so it should reflect its owner status so that you do not betray me and not marry or go out at all. Dont you remember all domestic animals are branded with the owners signatures. Stop crying or it will increase your pain……She brought buring iron wires closer to my glans……nooooooooooo maaaam, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…… now she got really angry and took out the scissors..what do you want? Shall I cut the cock???? You have only one choice to make either to accept that you are my slave, for that I will brand you with my stamp and signatures or if you do not want to be my slave then you may go but in that I will cut your cock… I will call a Eunuch ( in india there are lots of Eunuchs) they will cut your cock and make you member of their gang….that will be more shameful for you….Infact that is more dreadful as Eunuchs are very much infamous for their misdeeds……..Make a choice…fast…

But maam, I am raedy to be your slave but please do not brand me….i will obey all of your commands….You will my slave, you have no choice….make choice now for cock or no cock……left with no choice I said Ok Mistress, I accept you as my complete owner……thats like a good boy…withthis she put her burning red hot iron wires moulded in her  signatures and phone no on my virgin exposed glans penis making me tremble with extreme pain…..but this was just the beginning….She repeated the same on my balls and as well as on my exposed ass cheeks.

After this  again took some close up shots of her handiwork and lit a cigarette lighter and burnt the pubic hairs with it. Drained I was, broken I was. No body had seen my cock , forget torture like this. It was extreme for me……She lit a cigarette with the burning pubic hairs and started to smoke. Pressing the burning cigarette on my erect cock in between and now when she was about to finish her cigarette she put it burning in my anus. You should not be able to pee or defacate for the next few days for the misdeed you have done….it is such a place that you will not be able to consult your doctor also.

Open your ass cheeks there are a few fairs around your anus also. She now lit the candle and started burning the pubic hairs in and around my ass hole. She poured lot of hot wax on my ass hole…..making absolutely sure that I am not able to shit or pee……

To be Continued……..

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