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Sex Slaves of Kenya

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Synopsis: Four couples spend a long weekend at a extreme sex camp in Africa.

Sex Slaves of Kenya

By Shabbadew2002

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Thursday Night

Roger and Emily Sheffield were both in agreement about their botched vacation to Kenya.  Their ordeal at the hands of corrupt customs official Howard Owiti had been overwhelming in every way.  It  had been a terrible violation, but for a couple with an unconventional sex life, it had also been a revelation.  And, in time, the idea grew that they should actually return to Kenya.  The last thing Owiti said to them, as they were escorted to their plane..... resonated with them in the most obscene way, If you two really want to enter Hell, come back to Kenya.  Just call this number and let us know when youre coming.

Roger finally called and had an long conversation with Howard Owiti.  And after the recriminations were aired, Roger learned that Owiti, in the fifteen months since theyd been in Kenya, had started a profitable business.  He brought couples from Europe, America and Asia to a “sex camp” outside the city.  These couples would be at the disposal of  wealthy, sadistic Europeans and men from the Middle East who paid to use them.  They could spend a vacation being sexually abused as slaves. 

Owiti had recruited friends and comrades in the Customs Services Department as staff for these weekends.  They got a small cut of the action and the opportunity to abuse the foreigners.  Owiti told Roger to book a flight to arrive on a Thursday and a return flight back to London for Tuesday morning.  It would be a four-day “vacation”.  The last thing Owiti said to Roger was, make sure youre rested and have plenty of energy; because you are going to need it.

Roger was astounded thats hed made the call.  Flabbergasted by what hed learned by the call; and astonished both his and Emilys reaction afterwards.  They actually discussed going back!  And finally, they decided to make it a holiday a sex holiday.  They arrived on a Thursday night after an eight hour flight.  When they deplaned, they were greeted by Owiti and whisked from the airport to the nearest hotel.  They hardly spent any time in customs, unlike their first visit.  At camp the next morning, they joined an Indian couple from Nairobi, Gopal and Amala, a Chinese couple from Toronto, Canada, Bruce and Lisa and a banker and his wife from Frankfort, Germany, Hermann and Liesel. 

Owiti had been able to obtain a lease, at a very low rate, for what had been a Boy Scout camp on the edge of the Sigiri Forest off Peponi Road.  There was a ramshackle collection of buildings and huts which he fixed up to look like a “rustic retreat and supplemented them with tents.  Wealthy visitors from Europe and the Middle East paid most of the bills.  Locals were allowed, for a small fee, to watch the fun and games.  If they paid more, they were allowed to participate, provided they had medical clearance.  But Owiti also extracted a fee from the couples.  Each had to pay him 80,000 Kenyan Shillings (about $1000 US dollars) for the privilege of staying at the camp.  It was a paying proposition all the way.

Roger and Emily found the atmosphere in the camp very “military”.  The foreign couples were treated like “POWs”.  That weekend there were five paying guests, all men: three from the Middle East and two from Europe.  The women were kept sometimes in their bras and panties and sometimes in panties and t-shirts or just naked.  Their husbands were also kept in their shorts or naked and put through strenuous exercise programs before the morning and evening meals.  The rest of the day they were forced to watch their wives being sexually abused.  They had to be subservient to staff and guests at all times.

Women could be punished if they didnt keep their legs open, if they disobeyed orders, failed to show enthusiasm or refused sex.  Punishments included the “wooden donkey” and the “10 and 5” where they were given 10 lashes with a leather prison strap and 5 with a bamboo cane.  Another punishment was called the “firecracker”.  It was a 10 and 5 with the cane strokes laid on the anus. 

The wooden donkey was an adjustable sawhorse where the woman, her wrists bound behind her back, was forced to sit on the sharp edge with her feet on the ground.  With her weight on her cunt, perineum and asshole, she had to stay on her toes but when her calves become fatigued she sat down.  Both positions soon become painful and she would begin a “bobbing” motion. 

She went up and down, again and again which gave the appearance she was riding on a donkey.  As the discomfort between her legs got worse, she rode faster and faster.  Men got a “10 and 5” or had to wear “ball cuffs” if they disobeyed orders or dropped out of physical training.  Ball cuffs were a wooden device which fit behind the mans legs and under his buttocks to trap his balls.  The cuffs made it impossible for him to stand and he had to either kneel, squat or remain on his hands and knees. 

If he tried to stand up it stretched his scrotum and balls painfully.  If a man behaved, he was allowed time to jerk off, but always under supervision.  He was taken to the latrine, bound by one wrist to the wall and allowed three minutes to reach ejaculation.  Occasionally, they would cuff both of his hands to the wall and order another man to jerk him off.  Then, the men switched places.  It was very humiliating.

Friday Morning

Emily had left her baby, Jonathan, (conceived by an anonymous black man on her previous visit to Kenya) with the nanny back in London.  She had expressed extra milk and stored it in bottles so there would be sufficient nourishment for him until she returned.  She and Roger arrived at the camp at 9am.  They were taken by Ambala, a female guard and Matata, Owitis number one, to the “barracks”.  

Then, they were separated.  Roger was marched to a field where he was made to strip; then given a “short-arm” inspection by Ambala and her daughter, Neema.  Following this, the women put a “daisy” on his penis.  This was a lockable plastic tube with a flared crown and a rubber band that went around his nut sack which allowed Roger to get an erection, but prevented intercourse and ejaculation.

Emily was brought to a hut, made to strip, and then asked questions about what sort of birth control she was using.  Her height, weight and body measurements were taken; and she was given a pelvic exam.  Since she was wearing an IUD to prevent pregnancy, the “doctor” (actually just a male nurse from Kenyatta Hospital) in attendance removed it.  Emily was shocked and tried to protest, but she had given up the right to control her own body and now she was open and vulnerable to becoming pregnant again.  Following this, she was marched naked thru the camp with her hands behind her head past a gauntlet of jeering men.

She was taken to the latrine where she was given an enema.  She had to take four liters of hot, soapy water to prepare her for anal sex.  When she was “full” and begging to be allowed to shit, she was allowed to squat over a bucket and empty her bowels with everyone watching.  As she was being given her liters, a trio of black men brought a pretty Asian woman into the latrine. She was the wife of a computer programmer from Canada.  Her name was Lisa and she was only 22 years old.  She was slim and attractive with long, shiny black hair and nice tits with big, brown nipples. 

Matata told Emily, “this is Lisa…shes from Canada.  Shes a “slut” like you. Say hi.”

Emily turned to the woman and managed a smile. It was an awkward moment as she was being filled, her bowels were cramping and she was still kneeling awkwardly on a table on all fours.  Lisa waved back shyly and said hi.  Both women knew why they were there.  This was Lisas second visit to Kenya.  She and her husband had been “snared” the same way Roger and Emily were.  She sympathetically watched Emily taking her liters.  She could see that Emily was very uncomfortable. 

Lisa knew shed be undergoing the same ordeal shortly.  She watched Emily squirm and moan softly as the water filled her bowels to capacity.  Soon, she heard Emily beg to be allowed to have an evacuation.  It was not soon in coming.  With the enema fully inside Emily... they left the nozzle protruding obscenely from her anus. Emily lay on her side clutching her tummy and moaning softly.

The men soon had Lisa on her back with her legs against tummy and her cupcake titties.  And in this position, they inserted the greased black, “lollipop” nozzle into her rectum.  Lisa groaned as she really wasnt ready for the intrusion.  Soon she was taking her four liters of warm, soapy water.  Both women could be heard moaning. There was a gaggle of locals hanging around, making comments, sniggering and pointing.  The humiliations for Emily reached a high point when she was allowed to squat over a wooden bucket and expel the enema with everyone watching.  The poor Englishwomans face was red as she blushed in shame. 

Soon, Lisa was squatting with her legs spread and aiming the flow of dirty water and shit into the bucket.  She was able to squat lower than Emily due to the differences in their anatomy and the Asian cultural predilection for this position.  She kept her hands covering her face as she was doing in public what had always been an extremely private act.  In fact, until that moment, Lisa had never had a bowel movement in the presence of another human being.

Following this, the two women were taken to the whipping posts, bound and given a “10 and 5”. There was quite a crowd present for this spectacle.  Bruce, Lisas husband was there.  He and Roger had just come from their “short-arm” inspection and were wearing just their white jockey with “daisies” on their little pricks.  Two black guards had escorted them and they stood on the edge of a group of locals who had paid to watch the foreign women put through their paces. 

All five guests were seated like royalty in front.  There were two fat Arabs from Saudi Arabia, a Sheik and his son.  There was a slim handsome prince with a goatee from Abu Dhabi and two middle-aged Europeans, a tall sandy haired lawyer from the Netherlands and a stout, red-faced man from Belgium, who owned a meat packing plant.

Matata tied Emily by her wrists to the post and then Lisa to the post next to Emily.  Both women looked at each other as Matata and Kibwe, who both women remembered from their earlier visit to Kenya, brandished thick leather prison straps.  The two men nodded to each other and then almost simultaneously began to whip the women.  The leather landed with loud “cracks”.  Both women reacted by yelping and writhing in her bonds.

The men aimed the straps at their butt cheeks and by the fifth stroke each womans ass was a nice shade of cherry red.  Then they concentrated on the crease between their ass cheeks and their thighs before landing the last two blows on the backs of their thighs.  By the tenth stroke both women were humping the pole like they were fucking it, providing lots of entertainment for the men watching. 

The Belgian was beside himself.  He had an erection and was practically drooling at the sight of the pretty Asian and the attractive, taller Englishwoman.  Then Matata and Kibwe brought out the canes.  Each woman was to receive 5 blows with the thin rattan cane.  After the first blow, Emily clenched her ass cheeks involuntarily and cried out.  Then huffing and panting she pushed her ass out as though she was offering it to the crowd.  The mob of men reacted and began hooting and hollering.  The show got even better as she clenched her full ass cheeks in anticipation of the blow to come. 

Many of the men called out to her telling her what they would like to do to her.  Matata and Kibwe took their time and made the last four strokes of the wicked cane land on the meatiest portions of the lovely, full ass cheeks before them.  But the next to last blow, Matata delivered to the “crease” on Emilys butt.  She howled and shook her hips and ass in such a way that the mob went wild. 

Lisa was more subdued in her response, but by the final blow, she was weeping openly.  Many of the black men in the audience found her creamy white skin a magnet.  The fact that she was shy and Asian added to her exotic allure.  The two fat Arabs were entranced by Emily.  Her performance on the whipping post had them joking with each other as to how much they would pay when she was “auctioned”.  Both women were taken to the latrine to clean up.

Friday Afternoon

After lunch in the mess hall, the two women were escorted to the “exhibition hall” where they were to be displayed on the auction block with their husbands in attendance.  This was a tent with lots of cheap chairs lined up in front of a wooden platform.  It was now 1pm and all four women were there.  Amala was a buxom 39 year old Indian woman.  She and her husband had been cruelly and extensively exploited by a corrupt police Inspector; who had since been caught and sent to jail. (Read their story in Hospitality Part 2 by Shabbadew2002)

That was their introduction to sexual slavery and discipline.  Amalas husband, Gopal, was a mousy business owner who couldnt help himself when it came to watching other men fuck his wife. Amala, as a result of their adventures, had been impregnated and given birth to a black, baby boy they named Chand.  She was still nursing and so her naturally “D” cup tits had grown and she was forced to wear an “E” cup bra.  The last woman was Liesel, a German BBW.  She was as pink as a baby with dirty blonde hair, big tits, a fat stomach, heavy thighs and a big, fat ass. 

She was very orgasmic and submissive.  Her chubby husband, Hermann, was a highly respected banker in Frankfort.  If anything, he was even more submissive than she.  He reveled in seeing other, more virile men fuck his fat cherubic wife in all her holes, especially her shithole.  He was enormously excited by the idea of men torturing his wife in front of him and then raping her while he was restricted or prevented from cumming.  Amala and Liesel, having arrived earlier, had already been given enemas and had received their “10 and 5s” at the whipping post.

Their husbands had also been given “short-arm” inspections by Ambala and Neema. And each man had been made to wear a “daisy”.  This was very shaming. Ambala ordered them to strip and then stand with the hands behind their heads.  Following this, she handled their pricks until they became erect.  She pushed their foreskins back and examined their balls and their scrotums.  Then she took their temperatures by inserting a thermometer into their urethras. 

Hermann nearly passed out when she did this to him.  Over the next four days, each man would be tormented by the black woman and her daughter in ways that they would remember forever.  Ambala was a deeply sadistic woman who enjoyed torturing both men and women.  And she had taught her daughter well - starting when the girl was only 13.  Neema was now 21 and a younger, prettier version of her mother.  She had become nearly as sadistic as Mama….

Up on stage the women were brought out for display one at a time.  The first was Amala.  She was brought out wearing just a pair of high heels.  Her hair and been brushed and her makeup was fresh.  Owiti acted as the master of ceremonies.  He read off her measurements: 97-76-107 centimeters (38E-30-42 in inches). Height: 165 cm. tall (55”). Weight:  68 kilos (150 lbs.) He announced that she had two children and was 39 years old. 

He informed the crowd that she was not on birth control, might be ovulating and had her hold up her gargantuan titties.  Her nipples dribbled milk.  She was very full.  Owiti had given her strict instructions to insure that her breasts would be ready to burst.  She was made to pirouette around to display her charms.

Owiti knew the Arabs would go wild for a full-figured, nursing mother like Amala.  As she held up her tits, everyone could see how big the brownish-black nipples were.  They were the size of cashews.  The saucer-sized areolas were almost black in color and pebbled in the most obscene way.  Droplets of milk could be seen dripping and dripping.   Kibwe came up behind her and reached around to grab her titties.  Amala dropped her hands by her sides as he began milking her for the crowd.

He used his thumb, index and middle fingers to form a “C” around her areolas.  He pushed the breast in towards her chest.  Then he gently squeezed his fingers and thumb together and rolled the milk out of her tits.  The crowd went wild.  Men began clapping and shouting.  The Arabs faces lit up.  They found her very exciting, but it was the tall Hollander, named Harald, who held up his hand to bid on Amala. 

As Kibwe continued to milk her in front of everyone, Owiti called out a number and Harald held up his hand to indicate that he would pay that amount.  Then the handsome prince from Abu Dhabi entered the bidding.  He held up his hand and Owiti indicated the bid amount and this man, Ahmed, held up two fingers indicating his offer.

Kibwe then made Amala hold her own leaking tits and he slapped her thighs to indicate to her that he wanted her to open her legs.  She did so and then he used his fingers to spread open her fleshy labia barely concealed by the heavy growth of her black pubic hair.  Showing “pink”, Amala flushed with embarrassment; especially when Owiti pointed out how big her clitoris was.  The damn thing was as big as an unshelled peanut. 

The bud couldnt be missed by anyone within five meters from where she stood with her legs spread.  Owiti summoned Gopal to the stage and made him stand within sight of his wife.  He pointed the man out to the crowd to humiliate him.  His prick, encased in the plastic tube which prevented him from jerking off, nevertheless showed that he was erect watching his wife on display as it tented his jockey shorts.

The bidding war between Harald and Ahmed continued. At one point the bidding got quite frantic.  Owiti, on stage, encouraged it...reminding the bidders about the womans charms.......the size of her breasts etc.  Then Kibwe led her to a stool and had her bend over placing her hands on the stool so her breasts hung down.  Next, he had her facing away to show her ass. She had to spread her butt cheeks to display her hair-fringed, brown anus hiding in the dark grove of her ass crack.  And finally sitting back on the stool, Kibwe supported her while she leaned back, opened her legs and showed the bidders what she had.  

The crowd of blacks began whistling and clapping at that.  Harald and Ahmed kept ratcheting up their bids and finally the number got too high for Harald.  She was then given to Ahmed.  He took her to his quarters for his personal use.  Owiti asked him if he wanted her husband to tag along. Ahmed looked at Gopal with distain and said, “No, not necessary.”

Gopal would have to imagine what the handsome prince would do to his wife.  He had hoped to be able to watch and then clean his wifes pussy if the man who bought her was so inclined; but it was not to be.  The next up was Emily.  She was wearing a pair of white high-heels and nothing else.  Her light brown hair was nicely done, her makeup was flawless and her blue-green eyes showed fear and excitement.  She had taken the time at the airport to use a hand pump on her breasts, but by now her milk glands were fairly full and her tits would soon need to be milked.  Matata and Kibwe made her pirouette this way and that and then hold up tits.

Owiti read her vital statistics from a card.  Age: 37. Measurements: 91-71-96 centimeters (36D-28-38 in inches).  Height: 164 cm. (54½”).  Weight: 57 kilos (126 lbs.) and that she had three children, one black and that she was not on birth control.  He told Kibwe to milk her and this made the audience go crazy, as it did with Emily.  As her tits began spraying milk everywhere, the two Arabs, Akeem and Abdul, stood up, excited, and tried to start the bidding. 

Abdul was an obese, minor sheik and his son, Akeem, was a taller, pudgy version of his father.  Owiti summoned Roger, her husband, to the edge of the platform and announced him to the crowd who reacted with scorn and mocking taunts.  Rogers face showed his embarrassment at being branded a cuckold.  He stood there red-faced.

Harald got into the bidding and so did Claude, the Belgian.  The bidding became quite spirited and then frantic.  Owiti made Emily sit on the stool and lean back so that she could spread her legs and Kibwe could open labia to display her “charms” fully.  Every time Kibwe pulled open her pussy, the audience reacted with more shouts, applause and clapping.  Finally, it was over.  Abdul and Akeem had stepped up at the last minute and won the bidding war. 

Emily was given to them and when Owiti asked them if they wanted Roger, Abdul said, “No, not him.”

Roger could only wonder what they would make his wife do.  Next on the podium was Liesel.  The big, beautiful blonde from Germany was already blushing as she was introduced.  Owiti told the crowd that her husband, Hermann, was there and with a crook of his finger had him brought to the edge of the stage.  He was sweating in the heat and in his shorts; he looked like a skinned, fat rabbit.  His penis hung limp in its “daisy”, but as the crowd began to mock him and Liesel was displayed like a slave, he began to become erect, much to his humiliation. 

His pubic and anal areas were bare as a babys ass, as both he and his wife had their pubic hair electrically depilated.  Hermann wasnt too eager to be naked in front of these men after having been shorn of his pubic hair.  It spoke of “perversion” in Kenya.

Owiti told the audience that Liesel was 34 years old and her measurements were 106-89-114 centimeters (42C-35-45 in inches).  She was 170 cm. tall (57”) and weighed 82 kilos (181 lbs.). He told the audience that she had no children and her tubes were tied.  He then ordered Liesel to hold up her fat titties capped with very large pink nipples and spread her legs to show her very hot pink pussy - her pubic and anal areas totally bare.   When she bent over the stool to display her hairless, pinkish-brown anus to the crowd, Hermann thought he would have a heart attack. 

Harald and Claude big aggressively, but in the end it was Claude who won and took possession of the BBW German hausfrau.  Hermann was made to tag along.  He would get to see what the cruel owner of a meat-packing plant would do to his wife.  Finally, it was Lisas turn on the auction block.  She was a very pretty morsel indeed wearing only pink high-heels.  With her slim, short husband standing by, she was brought out to loud applause.  This was a crowd with a big case of “yellow fever”.  She looked very cute.  She wore glasses and somehow this made her seem more vulnerable. By the way, her husband, Bruce, was near-sighted too and also wore glasses.

Owiti stated her measurements. Her age: 22.  Height: 162cm. (53¾”). Weight: 47 kilos (104 lbs.). Measurements: 84-59-87 (32B-23-34 in inches). Lastly, he told the crowd that she had not borne any children and was not on birth control.  She was made to display herself fully, despite her shyness.  When she hesitated, Kibwe pinched her brownish nipples to encourage her. 

She had very straight black pubic hair and a simply beautiful pussy with symmetrical pinkish-tan labia, a prominent clitoris and delightful, hairless, light brown asshole that made every man in the audience want to sodomize her.  Her tits looked like little cupcakes when she bent over on the stool to let them hang down.  But when she was made to turn around and wriggle her ass, the crowd went ballistic.

Harald was the only one who hadnt acquired a playmate and he acquired Lisa for a “song”.  He asked Owiti if he could take Bruce with them too.  He wanted her husband to watch what he would do to his wife.  Roger and Gopal were the only two husbands who wouldnt get to watch.  But, Owiti turned these two over to a tough, old retired Army sergeant, named Mbuya.  He took Roger and Gopal to a field.  There Mbuya made them move rocks from one pile to another.  It was hot, hard work near naked in the sun and if they slowed down, faltered or wavered the old sergeant whipped them on their butts with a crop.

Claude, accompanied by two guards, took Hermann and Liesel to a secluded field.  Owiti had suggested that he might enjoy his prize there.  When he arrived, he discovered a pole had been sunk into the ground.  It sat beneath a wooden frame.  The guards greased the pole.  They would mount Liesel on it to stretch her pussy and then Claude could sodomize her.  The pole was about 5 cm. (2”) in diameter.  Its upper end had been shaped so that it resembled a bulbously obscene cock.

A rope hung from a pulley attached to the overhead.  Liesel was brought over naked, her hands tied to the rope and she was hoisted into the air by the two guards.  Then she was lowered so that the pole entered her cunt.  The length of the pole was carefully adjusted so that it was just inside her when she was on tiptoe and deep inside her when she was flat footed.  When she was put on the device, she gasped.  Claude waved off the guards.  It was time for him to have his fun.  He took off his leather belt and used it on Liesel to make her “dance”.  It was particularly effective when he applied it to her nipples and tits.

After he had whipped her tits nine or ten times, she was thoroughly submissive.  He made her go up and down on the pole fucking herself silly for his pleasure.  Hermann watched wide-eyed as the stout Belgian whipped his wife to make her fuck herself.  When she came on the thick pole and squirted pussy juice, crying out, Claude had reached a boiling point.  He came over and pinched and pulled on her sore nipples until she begged him to fuck her “dirty shithole”. 

So, he went behind her, dropped his trousers and without any grease, worked his fat cock into her asshole.  Hermann was beside himself.  When Liesel begged for her asshole to be filled…for a strange man, whod purchased her, to sodomize her, Hermanns prick stiffened to full erection. Anything to do with her anus drove Hermann wild.  With the “daisy” on he was prevented from doing anything to relieve the growing pressure, but his excitement level was over the top.

Claude began to ass fuck her.  He kept pressing and thrusting until hed finally got his whole fat cock into her tight nether hole.  Liesels shithole was stretched open and it hurt, but it was a pain that drove her to new places.  Claude then went wild and brutish.  He began slamming his cock into her and then pulling out until just the head was inside her tender asshole.  Then he just pounded her.  Finally, his hips began an uncontrollable jig and he began spurting his seed into her bowels.  When it was over, he called the guards over to pull her off the pole. Then he got her down on her knees.

“Suck my dirty cock, you filthy whore,” he commanded her.

Liesel had to clean it and gagged on the taste.  Then, she had to suck it until he got another stiff erection.  Claude was so excited by her since the auction block and then watching her fuck herself on the pole....that he became erect again quickly.  He kept her sucking.  He took hold of her head by her hair and pulled her this way and that, extracting the maximum of pleasure from her mouth.

“Shake your head,” he barked at her. “Thats it….now take it down deep,” he crooned at her.

He got the fat head of his cock at the entrance to her throat and told her, “now, slut….dont gag….relax your slutty throat and let it go down.”

Liesel did as she was told and Hermann watched as the Belgian got the whole length of his cock into her mouth and then got the fat head down her throat.  Hermann thought he could actually see Liesels throat bulge as Claude kept pressing on the back of her head.  When he let her go and his cock came out, Liesel coughed and a river of saliva and his pre-cum came pouring out of her mouth.  Claude kept her at it, face-fucking her and making her gag and shake. 

Her fat body trembled and quaked convulsively as he forced his cock past the gag reflex to lodge in her throat.  Liesels mouth responded by producing so much thick saliva to lubricate the intruder in her mouth and throat that it was just obscene.  So much of it drooled down her chin that her fat tits were soon very wet.  When Claude finally came with a deeply satisfying moan, he was in heaven. 

He had fucked the fat hausfrau silly.  Poor Hermann was suffering.  He wanted to cum so badly, but he couldnt.  All he could do was groan in agony as his balls began to ache.  One of the guards took him to the field.  There he got to join up with Bruce as Matata put the two of them through a hard workout:  jumping jacks, side-straddle hops, push-ups and sit-ups.

Hermann gave up and quit saying, “I cant do anymore,”

Matata took him by the ear, pulled down his shorts and gave him a “10 and 5” in front of Bruce and several locals whod come over to enjoy the show.  Harald then took Lisa and Bruce to his quarters.  There he made Bruce stand against the door and watch while he got Lisa on the bed.  He took off her glasses and began to feel her up everywhere.  He kissed her and made her open her mouth for deep tongue kissing.  He felt her tits and explored her crotch and ass.  He pulled off his trousers and shorts to reveal an uncircumcised cock.  He was erect and made Lisa bend down and kiss it, then lick and suck it.  He would look over at Bruce and smile, enjoying her husbands discomfort.

He began to finger fuck his 22 year old Asian prize.  He found the feel, smell and taste of her intoxicating.  He bent over to kiss, bite and suck on her nipples, making Lisa moan.  Bruce, standing there, got an erection watching.  As the action heated up, he pulled off the rest of his clothes and got between her thighs. 

Holding his cock in his hand he guided himself into her now wet pussy. Then he began to thrust, slowly at first and then faster and faster.  He got a good rhythm going and hit a sensitive spot in Lisas very tight sex hole.  When he put more pressure on this spot, Lisa began moaning and whimpering. 

Bruce looked on excited and embarrassed as his wife was being pleasured by another man.  It was very embarrassing for him.  After a few more thrusts by Harald, it was apparent that Lisa was approaching an orgasm.  Her voice, which had been soft, now began to take on an urgency that revealed her mounting excitement. 

She began to go, “Oh…oh...OH….OH…OHHHH…OOOHHHH…OHHHHH,” and came. Her pussy squirted just a little juice, but it was apparent that shed cum.

Harald began to speed up then, now that hed made her cum and began to fuck her harder.  Then he seemed to lose control and his movements became jerky and spastic.  His hips did a crude little jig and then he was hosing her with his seed.  He slowed down and then stopped just holding himself insider her, enjoying the spasms of pleasure that he felt and the convulsive clutching that he felt in her vagina.

He moaned and then flopped down on her squeezing the breath from her.  She tried to gently push him to get off, but he was in no mood to move and just lay there.  She resigned herself to having him lay on her with his weight.  She looked over and caught her husbands eye.  He was embarrassed and couldnt return her gaze.  It was a heavy moment for both.  When Harald finally stirred himself and pulled his cock out, he looked down at the river of semen starting to run from Lisas pussy.  He pointed to it and then looked over at Bruce.

“Your wifes pussy is full of another mans cum,” he said cruelly.

Then he reached down and scooped some up with two fingers.  He brought it to Lisas mouth and told her to open it.  Lisa didnt want to do it, but she did as she was told.  He wiped in on her tongue and made her swallow it.  He scooped more from her drooling pussy and made her eat the mess from his fingers.  Then he got up and straddled her head with his knees.  He held his cock over her face and directed her to lick it.

“Clean my cock, you dirty Chinese whore,” he said to her.

Bruce had to watch his wife clean the Dutchmans cock with her mouth.  It was very humiliating as he made her do it slowly and completely, as if she was just a whore.  Emily, in the meantime, had been taken to the best quarters in the camp. The rich Saudis had paid Owiti for the best accommodations.  They had paid the most for any of the women and now father and son were going to have some fun. 

Both men disrobed and Emily could see that Abdul was really gross.  He was fat with rolls of flab on his midsection. But he had a decent-sized circumcised cock…actually very fat.  His sons cock was longer but not as thick.  He was taller and pudgy where his father was short and fat.

Both men wanted blowjobs and they set Emily to work.  They sat in chairs next to each other and critiqued her performance.  She had to go from one man to the other.  They wanted it nice and wet and slow.  She had to lick their balls until they were shiny with saliva and kiss the sweet spot underneath the head…wet sucking kisses until they both their cocks were drooling pre-cum.  Then she had to suck the father to completion; followed by the son.  Both men wanted her to open her mouth to show them the load they had deposited before she was allowed to swallow.  Both men came a lot.

Then, when Emilys tits began to leak, Abdul had a bright idea.  Actually, Emilys tits were starting to drive her crazy.  They were almost full and needed to be milked.  Abdul got a jar and they made Emily get on all fours.  He held up the jar in front of her face.

“Im going to milk you cow.  If you fill the jar up half way, I wont whip you.  If you dont Im going to use my riding crop, which I use on my horses …Im going to use it on your asshole.  Do you understand, English?”

Abdul realized how much fun he could have with Emilys milk-filled breasts as soon as he saw her on the auction block.  He expected her now to be able to produce enough milk or the whip would come out.  He had his son work Emilys pussy - stimulating her cunt manually while he milked her breasts.  It was a wonderful way to humiliate the English woman.  He grabbed her left tit and began squeezing and pulling on her nipples the way you milk a goat and Emilys tits began spraying like mad.  Akeem got behind Emily and began playing with her pussy; rubbing the lips, teasing her clitoris and then working his fingers into her hole.

The more Akeem played with her, the more it seemed to make Abduls job easier.  He was in heaven.  He drained her breasts methodically.  And when Emily was finally empty, about twenty minutes later, shed had an orgasm from Akeem finger fucking her…especially when he began to rub her G-Spot and urethral sponge.  But, the jar was fairly large, about a liter in size and Abdul had told her that he wanted her to fill it up “half-way”.  That meant about a half liter (a pint). That was a lot of milk for a human female.  Emily got close, but it was still below the line that Abdul set as the quota.  She was to be punished for her failure…

So, Abdul made her get on all fours with her head between his legs. He compelled her to spread her legs and then told Akeem to get his riding crop from his suitcase.  He used the crop to whip Emily right on her anus.  Akeem sat down behind her to watch his father make the tip of the crop land with a sickening “smack” on Emilys tender shithole over and over again. 

Soon, the agonized tight, brown opening was spasming on its own.  Emily tried to clench before each blow to ease the impact, then after the crop had landed, her anus began to convulsively flutter in pain. It was something to see, and Akeem brought out his digital camera to catch it on film.

After this, Akeem, being only 20, was ready to fuck.  Abdul supervised and they got Emily with her elbows and head on the bed so Akeem could get behind her and fuck her “doggy style”.  He fingered her a little, but didnt spend too long getting her ready as her pussy was wet and she was ready for penetration.  Akeem started off slow but after a few minutes he was riding her for all he was worth.  But he was young, and came before Emily could cum. 

Then Abdul got her on her back on the bed.  He wiped her pussy with his fingers.  He made her swallow his sons semen before he had Akeem get on the bed and hold Emilys thighs so that she was bent double.  Then, with her in that position, Abdul inserted his fat cock into her cunt.

He was older (40) and took his time.  This position allowed him full penetration despite his fat stomach.  He found the right rhythm and concentrating on rubbing her G-Spot and sponge with the head of his cock, made Emily cum.  He looked over, at that moment, at his son, as if to say, this is how you do it, my boy.  He pulled out after cumming and then told Akeem to let her legs go.   Emily was still on her back.  He made her eat his cum, transferring the load with his fingers from her vagina to her mouth.

“Thats it, swallow my seed, English whore,” he crooned at her.

He made her spread her legs again and proceeded to work her cunt manually until he made her spurt.  He worked one, two and then three fingers in her.  He alternated this with strumming her labia and clitoris.  He made Emily cum so hard in fact, spurt so much pussy juice and scream so loud that the guards standing outside wondered if the Arabs were killing her.  Abdul did it again and again and in the end, Emily juice glands were empty and she began pissing as the middle-aged fat man frigged her expertly making her climax repeatedly.

Then they put her on her stomach.  Abdul went first and sodomized her.  He savored this and took his time again until he had ejaculated in her asshole.  He lubricated her shithole with butter and took her anally.  Then Akeem took his turn.  When they were finished, Emily was exhausted. The fat man and his chubby son knew what they were doing when it came to women.


By comparison, Amala had a different experience.  Ahmed made love to her.  He kissed and caressed her from head to foot.  Then he kissed and sucked on her milk filled tits for the longest time. Only then did he fuck her; and he did it slowly and lovingly for thirty minutes. He did make her tell him everything she was feeling and insisted that she use the “dirtiest” language possible.

Amala came, to be sure, but she was expecting, at that point, and in some ways craving rougher treatment.  He finished their time together by fucking her milk-filled tits. He used her milk to lubricate his cock and ejaculated on her tits and face. The most outrageous thing he did was to make her lick up his cum and swallow it.  And, when she did, he slapped her and called her a “dirty cow.”  He turned out to be not very different from the other foreign guests.

Friday Evening

The women were escorted to the “mess hall” for the evening meal.  This was an open air canteen with benches and tables. A corrugated metal roof provided relief from the African sun. The women were expected to mingle with the guests.  Their husbands were in attendance as servants and were fed afterwards from bowls that were set on the floor - like they were dogs.  This protocol for meals was followed all four days. 

After dinner, the women were taken to the tent serving as their dormitory. Their partners were allowed time to visit.  Guests were allowed to visit as well, and when Roger was there with Emily, Claude came in.  Roger had to step back and offer Emily to Claude, who then made Emily give him a blowjob right in front of her husband.  Roger had to actually thank him afterwards.

The Arabs came into the tent and made Gopal stand by while they played with Amalas tits, milking her for sport.  Then, they got her bending over to take them, one after the other, in her pussy.  They each fucked her hard, but didnt make her cum, which somewhat frustrated and angered Abdul.  Harald zeroed in on Liesel who he had bid on and didnt get.  With Hermann standing by helplessly, Harald got on top of Liesel and fucked her. 

He made her change positions until he came. When she was on her back holding her fat thighs against her titties, he approached his precious moment.  When he came, he pulled out to spurt on Liesels fat tummy. Then he made her scoop up his semen and swallow it.  Hermann stood by shamefaced with an erection.  Then, Owiti showed up and told the guards to take the husbands to their tent. 

When the husbands got to their tent, there was much grumbling and commiserating about their sexual frustration. But that was due to change when Ambala and Neema showed up. The Luo mother and daughter took the husbands in pairs to the latrine. Roger and Gopal went first. Ambala handcuffed Roger to the wall by both wrists and took off the “daisy” from his prick.  He moaned as it felt so good to have that devilish device finally removed from his most precious possession. 

Then Neema, who was quite attractive, taller and slimmer than her mother, began playing with his prick until shed made him erect.  Ambala stood by and teased him by asking him what he found arousing that day.

“Did you like seeing your wife up there showing everything she has,” she asked him?  “Do you wonder what the Arabs did to her,” she taunted him?  “Do you want to cum,” she finally asked him?

“Oh…Oh God, YES….” Roger finally admitted through clenched teeth.

“If you want to cum, then you must let him jerk you off,” she said pointing at Gopal.   “Do you understand?  And you,” she said addressing Gopal, “if you do a good job and make him cum, then Ill have him jerk you off.  Do you understand?”

Both men groaned at this. But in the end, they had no choice.  After having been worked like field hands that afternoon, and kept in an almost constant state of mental and physical arousal, they both wanted relief.  So, Roger had to stand there with his eyes closed as Gopal took his prick in hand and tentatively frigged it.

“Come on, get into it, fool,” Ambala finally said to him contemptuously.   She and Neema were enjoying it enormously.  They were thrilled by what they were able to make these stupid foreigners do.

Gopal began to work Rogers prick harder and with only a few more strokes he made the Englishman cum.  Roger moaned and groaned in relief as his balls had been aching from being held in such a state for so long a time.  He came as if his soul was spurting out of his penis. Gopal sympathetically milked Rogers prick even after he came. One man, even if hes not homosexual, knows what another man enjoys….

Then Roger had to do the same for Gopal.  It was very embarrassing for both men. Neither man had ever touched another mans prick.  Having two black women watching their every move made it so much worse. And so it went for Hermann and Bruce.  The chubby banker from Frankfort and the computer programmer from Taipei had to hold each others pricks and stroke them until they came. 

But to have some fun, Ambala and Neema first had Hermann bound to the wall by one hand. Ambala told him that he had two minutes to jerk off and make himself cum.  Bruce was there and the thought of another man watching him put Hermann off.  He couldnt do it.  So, they cuffed the 23 year old Chinese man the same way.  He was given two minutes to do his business.  He too was unable to lose his inhibitions and jerk off in front of Hermann and the two women.  So, the only way they got relief was to jerk each other off in turn.  It was very humiliating.

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning, the women showered and got ready for day full of sexual adventure. Owiti had set up their quarters so that there were accommodations for them to fix their hair and apply make-up. They had their own showers but it was open to view and each woman had to endure the stares of passersby as they performed their morning ablutions.  After the morning meal, the women were taken to the “Slut Racks”, where they were bound and made ready for use by staff and locals.


The racks were actually wooden tables adjustable for height with bars and straps for securing and displaying the woman with her legs spread.  The wives could be then be fucked in their mouths, pussies or assholes while on the rack.   All the guards had lined up and there were fifteen locals who had paid for the privilege.  It was a motley crew.  They ranged in age from 15 to 47.  Some wore camouflage trousers or shirts, as if they had been or were still in the Army.  Some wore dirty shorts and sleeveless T-shirts.  Some were unshaven.  Others were as clean and pressed as university students or professors.

There were 33 men in all.  There was a number over each womans rack.  Owiti had set up a bowl with the numbers written on small pieces of paper.  Each man had to drop 100 Kenyan Shillings (about $1.25 in US coin) as payment so they could pull a number from the bowl. The five guests had come out after the morning meal to watch the festivities.  And all four husbands were there.

They had been put through a grueling workout before breakfast: a three kilometer run, around the grounds with Mbuya at their heels.  If they slowed down or dropped out, he beat them with a crop.  Then fifteen minutes of hard calisthenics.  They were wearing their “daisies” which made the Kenyan men chuckle every time they saw them.


With the legs in the air and their pussies and assholes on display, the four wives presented an obscenely tempting sight.  There was no way for them to close their legs so they were visible to anyone who walked past.  Matata and Kibwe, Ambala and Neema were in charge and got each woman on the rack.  It was quite a festive scene.  The black men, Luo and Kikuyu tribesmen, and a few Masai, lined up to pay their shillings and pick a number.  Men were elbowing each other, grinning and joking as they eyed the women.

“I hope I get that one,” said one older man, as he pointed to Liesel. The fat, pinkish-white woman was just his “thing”.

“Not for me, man…I want that little China girl,” his mate said, pointing to Lisa who looked helpless and very vulnerable trussed up like a chicken ready for the oven.  “Look at that sweet pussy…..hmmmm,” he said licking his lips.

Owiti made the decision as to who could pick from the bowl in what order.  He had his favorites and when a local slipped the corrupt customs official a few more shillings, that man moved up in the line.  There was much whooping and hollering and some grumbling as men were positioned according to favor and bribes.  Then the first four stepped up to the racks.  All were key men, Matata and Kibwe being among them. 

The four husbands had been given a pair of their wives panties and they had to stand next to the rack their wife was mounted on.  Their job was to ask each man to fuck their wife, and then wipe her clean with her own panties after the man had deposited his load in her mouth, cunt or even her asshole.  Then they had to “thank” the man.

So, it began.  Matata drew Emily, Kibwe drew Liesel, a young guard named Gacoki got Lisa and a new guard named Pili was rewarded with Emily.  The men took their turns.  Emily got fucked in her pussy, after having her tits milked for sport.  Kibwe sodomized Liesel, Gacoki fucked Lisa in her mouth and then finished and ejaculated in her cunt and Pili went from Emilys milk filled tits to her mouth before spurting his load all over her face.  The husbands had to clean their wives and then the next four men stepped up. 

It went like this for an hour.  The sounds and facial expressions their wives made, seeing their wives pussies penetrated and the messy appearance of their crotches afterwards blew the four husbands away.  To see your wife in the throes of orgasm or to see a man ejaculate all over her face was an arresting sight.  Owiti came over at one point to where Emily was on the Rack taking on her sixth man. He spoke in Swahili to the man fucking her, a local. 

When the man, grunting and moaning, came in her pussy, Owiti turned to Roger and said, “Clean her pussy with your mouth, English.”

Roger had to do it.  He gagged and was hugely humiliated, but he did it.  But the humiliation wasnt over when Emilys pussy was clean.  Owiti made Roger clean the mans cock too.  He had to use his mouth to clean his wifes pussy slime and semen smeared on the mans cock.  The wives were kept on the rack until 11am.  By that time they had been fucked silly by all 33 men. Each woman had taken cocks in her mouth, pussy and occasionally her asshole. 

Each man ended up with an absolutely sloppy, messy pair of panties in his hand.  Owiti then supervised and oversaw the mornings final degradation.  Each husband had to stuff the disgusting pair of soiled panties in his slut wifes mouth.  Lisa gagged when this was done to her and promptly threw up.  Afterwards, the women were taken to the showers for a clean-up. 

Saturday Afternoon

After lunch in the mess hall, the women were put “out-to-pasture” (a nearby wooded grove) where the guests could enjoy their hospitality again - singly or in groups; and at no additional charge from Owiti.  It was his version of an “bonus”. 

Roger and Bruce were each put on a “Bench of Shame”, a double-level staggered device.  Owiti had come up with this apparatus after he saw it used on a man and his wife in Kibera, a shanty town outside Nairobi.  Lisa and Emily were strapped to the top bench and their partners were bound on the bottom but facing the other way.  Owiti explained how it worked and it brought a smile to the guests faces, but worry and shame to the husbands.  When Roger and Bruce were secured they found themselves staring right at their wives crotches.

Harald, who had bid on Emily, came over and made sure he was going to be the first man to fuck Emily on the Bench.  He stepped up and spent a few moments playing with Emilys pussy to arouse her.  Roger had to watch close up as his partners pussy was stimulated.  Emily got nice and wet and soon her vaginal secretions drooled down to drip on him.  Harald laughed at this.  It gave him a thrill to push another man down the dominance ladder like that. 

He got hard and took his uncircumcised cock and balls out of his trousers and shorts and used the head of his cock to tease Emily.  When he made her moan by rubbing her clitoris and labia with the head, he looked down and grinned at Roger, who closed his eyes and turned away.  Then Harald didnt guide his dick into Emily.  He just let it wave around and poke at her.  The sight of a penis getting ready to enter his wife tormented Roger. 

“Bend forward and lick your wifes pussy,” Harald said to Roger at one point. 

Roger ignored him, and Harald turned and called Owiti over. He told him what he wanted Roger to do and had refused.  Owiti threatened Roger with a “10 and 5” and told him hed better be a good boy or else

Roger did as he was told and craned his head forward to lick his wifes pussy.  As he did so, Haralds scrotum brushed against Rogers forehead and the bridge of his nose. It was very humiliating but Roger had to continue to help his wife get ready for her fuck.  When Harald was ready he stepped forward and, holding his cock in his hand, pushed Roger out of the way and entered Emilys pussy. 

To see her sex lips parting and the head of another mans cock work its way into his wifes pussy was mind-blowing.   And when Harald began to fuck her harder and he watched the action close-up, it had a double effect on him.  He felt emotionally devastated.... and he got an erection.

Harald continued to work Emily over and when it was clear from her sounds that she was being “pleasured”, Roger knew he was really wearing the “horns of the cuckold”.  When Harald sweated, it dripped on Roger.  When Emilys womanly juices leaked out of  her pussy, it dripped on Roger and when Harald, grunting and groaning came inside her and eventually pulled out, his load, at one point, gushed out of her hole with a “pussy fart” and landed right on Rogers face.  It was hugely mortifying.

Lisa refused to get on the bench and this earned her a ride on the “wooden donkey”. Ahmed wanted to take her on the bench, but she, not ready for the humiliation it would be for her and her husband, resisted. Owiti supervised the guards bringing over the wooden donkey.  Bruce would soon discover what a diabolical device it was.  He would later remember that it was one of the most thrilling sights of the entire experience. 

After a while Lisa started a “bobbing” motion like she was riding a horse.  At first, with her wrists bound behind her and a rope around her neck up to the beam overhead, Lisa just sat astride the sharp-edged wooden plank.  But of course after a while with her weight on her pussy, she raised up on her toes. 

When she had been on her toes and came down onto her pussy it was obvious that she was getting very sore so she would shoot straight up again.  She had to stand on her toes and then when her calves ached and gave way, she let her heels down and this put the plank right between her open pussy again.  This drove her to stand on tip-toes again.  And then she sat down - and then up again.  Soon, the “bobbing” started.  It was an amazing sight.

Bruce later wrote in his “journal” : “.....For anyone who has not seen a Wooden Donkey in action I can only try to tell you how amazing it is to see the expressions on my wifes face (shock, fatigue, horror, pain, disgust and resignation) and to get a close-up view of her pussy when it contacted the sharp wood and seeing her raise up on her toes is something I will never forget.”

Owiti stood beside her and very quietly asked her if she wanted to get off and what she was prepared to do.   After a long ride on the “donkey” the woman's pussy lips would be puffy and sore and that would mean a good ride for Ahmed.  Lisa, in the end, actually offered herself to Ahmed - anything to get off the donkey. 

Bruce was even made to take Ahmeds cock in his hand and guide it into his wifes pussy.  Owiti left his glasses on so he could see everything very clearly.  Ahmed sexed her slowly and everything dripped Bruce afterwards.  It was a very moving experience for the couple and they hugged when they were released from the Bench of Shame.

Ambala and Neema, in the meantime, took Hermann and Gopal for a private session in a secluded spot.  The two Luo women pulled down their shorts and began playing with their pricks, encased in their “daisies”.  They did that until both men began to become erect.  Then Ambala took the daisies off and put “ball cuffs” on them. 

These wooden devices fit behind their legs and under their buttocks and encased their balls.  It was impossible to stand and both men had remain on their hands and knees.  Neema got a switch and whipped Hermanns fat, dimpled white buttocks and then turned her attention to Gopals fat, brown backside.

She told him, “Stand still, mzungu.”

Ambala said, “Make them spread their legs too.”

As they did so, 21 year old Neema took Hermanns scrotum in her hand.  Then, she squeezed his balls.  Poor Hermann had to really strain to avoid crying as she gripped his nuts, saying to him, “Spread your legs, mzungu.”

He struggled as she kept griping and squeezing his balls, making him moan.  Gopal whimpered as Ambala grabbed his nuts and pressed on one ball with her thumb.  At one point Neema and her mother took turns kicking the men in their balls with their bare feet or flicking at their nut sacks with their fingers. 

After that, they got both men on the ground on their backs and teased their pricks until they began drooling pre-cum.  Finally, they  masturbated them.  The ball cuffs made it hard for them to cum.  The women undid the cuffs,  rubbed their pricks hard and fast until they spurted like teenagers.  Then they went back to teasing them until they were both semi-erect again.  They tied their hands behind them to get them ready for the next humiliation.

They pulled down their shorts and panties, squatted over them, and then knelt so that they were “sitting” on the mens faces covering their noses and mouths with their stinky pussies.  They  “rode” their faces.  They began rocking their hips back and forth ....alternating this with little side-to-side motions. The two women soon wet their faces thoroughly, lubricating their masturbation and making it easier for them to “ride”. 

Both men were totally overwhelmed.  Their wrists were tied so they couldnt defend themselves.  Both women were soon flowing so heavily that the men thought they would drown.  The womens fleshy thighs and buttocks were thick and full and both men felt trapped. 

If they did what the two women wanted: to stick out their tongues and lap at the pussy, they were allowed to breathe when the women held themselves up a little.  If the mens enthusiasm lagged, Ambala and Neema sat down on their faces with their whole weight and this made the two men scream in sheer terror as this cut off their breath.  They began to work together and soon reached satisfying cums.  As the women gushed and came the mens mouths and noses filled up with stinky pussy slime.  Both men began gagging and coughing

They let the men catch their breath a bit and then went back to riding.  Ambala was a woman with a lot of testosterone and she stayed on Hermanns face until she came several times.  Afterwards, both men were a mess.  Their faces had been rubbed raw by the womens wiry pubic hair which covered their Venus mounds and was heavy around their pussies and assholes.  Both men had been nearly suffocated more than once.  They had to swallow a lot of slippery, smelly pussy juice.

The women even made them lick their butt holes.  This was after their noses had been humiliatingly pressed up against the womens stinky anuses during the rides.  After they were satisfied, and seeing the mens pricks erect, the two Luo masturbated their victims.  Both men came on themselves, which the women wiped up with their fingers and presented to them to swallow. 

When Gopal resisted, Neema dug her thumb into one of his balls to “encourage” him.  Following this, Ambala pissed in Hermanns mouth.  When the women were done, they put the daisies back on.  Hermann began whining and whimpering.  Ambala took pity on him, removed his daisy and jerked him off again. 

Later that afternoon, Owiti held another “special event”.  He approached Abdul and took him aside.  He explained what he wanted to do and asked the Arab is he was interested for himself and his son.  A price was settled on and then Owiti had Hermann and Liesel taken to a special tent hed rigged up.  There, he had them bound on a pair of Slut Racks but bent over.  Ambala and Neema straddled them and using a switch and a very thin cane, beat them on their tender pink anuses until both were groaning and begging for them to stop.

Abdul, and then his son, took Liesel in her shitter with Hermann and the two Luo women watching.  After each man sodomized her and came hot and wet in her bowels, they made her clean their dirty cocks with her mouth.  Ambala then greased up a broom handle which had been cut down and wrapped with duct tape to make a handle.  She worked this into Hermanns asshole and raped him with it. 

After she had made his prick stiffen and drool, she pulled the improvised dildo from his ass and went back to beating his tender, sore anus with the thin cane.  It was very shaming.  She kept making him push his asshole OUT…and then shed give the small, tight, brown orifice a cruel smack.  His asscrack and hole were soon cherry red.  His anus could not be touched without it making him whimper and squeal.

Ambala kept mocking him telling him he had a very feminine ass; and asking him if he liked being assfucked in front of his wife.  He did look somewhat peculiar with his small, hairless nutsack pressed tight between his fat white thighs and his smallish, uncircumcised prick hanging down.  Shorn of every strand of pubic hair his ass and crotch did look somewhat feminine.  Liesel got excited watching what Ambala was doing to him.

Ambala then asked Hermann, “What will you be willing to do if I stopped, fat boy?

He was in such a state of humiliation and physical discomfort that he finally said, “Anything.”

“Will you lick my pussy,” she asked him?

He didnt want to do THAT.  But when she went back to whipping his sore anus (by this time, his asscrack was as red as a baboons ass) he began sobbing.  He finally caved in and said, Yes.

Ambala pulled down her shorts and cotton panties and got him between her thighs.  She put him to work and it was a smelly, nasty task.  But she held onto his head and pushed him in to her.  When he slowed down she hit him with the cane.

She rubbed his face all over her fat, wet cunt and made him keep his mouth and tongue where it would do the most good.  When she came, poor Hermann was a mess.  The final indignity was when Hermann ejaculated right during this without anyone touching his prick.  It had been a particularly hard day for the banker from Frankfort….

Saturday Evening

After the evening meal the women were on the auction block again for the guests for their further private use.  Ahmed paid for several hours with Lisa, which he found delightful.  He got an air mattress from Owiti and a bottle of vegetable oil.  He made Lisa give him a “Bangkok Special”.  He instructed her to slather herself in oil and do the same to him.  Then he had her massage him with her hands front and back. 

Following this, he had her use her mouth on every part of him from his face to his feet.  She had to alternate this with rubbing him all over with her tits, pussy and ass.  By the time he got his cock in her pussy, the both of them were very worked up and came within moments of each other.  He then spent the rest of the time having her suck his cock. 

Abdul and Akeem bought Amala and spent their time milking her into a jar and then torturing her when she failed to make “quota”. They used a cane on her asshole to punish her and made her suck their cocks.  Abdul didnt try to fuck her; not after his last experience with her.  Harald paid for private time with Liesel. 

He fucked her front and back and made her lick his dirty dick both times. He was pleased he was able to make the fat German wife cum and found her very wet, hairless, sweet-smelling pussy a delight.  He also had Hermann in the room with them and used her husband as a “fluffer” and “creampie” clean-up man.

Sunday Morning 

After breakfast, the women were taken to the Slut Racks again for use by the guards, staff and some of the locals.  This time there were only 29 men, but they made up for it.  For three hours they took the women in their pussies, assholes and mouths.  This time, the women were dressed and the men were allowed to strip them as an appetizer.  Owiti lined them up and then Matata and Kibwe went down the line and kicked their feet apart forcing them to spread their legs.

A line of men came up behind them and men got behind each woman.  Big, rough black hands began roaming from their necks to their armpits and slowly moved down to their tits, thighs and buttocks, savoring the womens figures. Their hands were all over the tits, cupping and squeezing the resilient flesh.   Men worked their fingers inside the dresses and bra cups to pinch soft nipples. The women began moaning…

Men grabbed the dresses and tore them, sending buttons flying everywhere.  They pulled their brassieres off.  Dresses hung open to the waist.  They were grabbing and pawing nipples, twisting, tweaking, and pulling.  The men put their hands under the dresses sliding up the smooth, soft insides of thighs until they reached the crotch. 

They worked their way into the panties to feel the pussy lips, moving forward to the clitoris to rub them.  Fingers were inserted and pressed the urethral sponge and the G-spot.  Three women: Amala, Emily and Liesel came as they were stripped and finger-fucked.  Their husbands watched goggle-eyed as their wives came like whores.

Finally, the last remnants of their clothing were stripped from them and each woman was put in an obscene position on the rack.  As they were bound they moaned and whimpered and this only incited the first men who stepped up to mount them.  The men began to ram their cocks into the women and soon, they could feel themselves building to a crescendo.   Before Emily reached an orgasm, the young black man fucking her stiffened, his cock seemed swelled, throbbed and pulsed as semen gushed into her.   The man withdrew his softening cock and his cum dribbled to the ground.  The next man took his place and began to fuck her.

For heavy-set Amala and Liesel, the weight of their own thighs on their breasts pressing against their swollen nipples, with pressure on their clitorises made them very hot and both orgasmed quickly.  Their husbands were right there next to the Racks having to watch; the guards and the other men laughing at their arousal.  To torment them, Owiti pulled down their jockey shorts and had their daisies removed.  Mocking, he made him masturbate watching their wives getting fucked.

The grove reverberated to the sound of wet flesh as the womens pussy juices and semen ran.  Lisa hadn't cum as three men came inside her, pumping her deep and full.  It was the next man who finally rode her to an orgasm.  Feelings of total submission and release came over her.  She languished in this state of mind as the next few men fucked her.  Amala and Liesel came the loudest, screaming when someone took his cock from their pussy and shoved it in their asshole.  Men pumped their seed into the women, and were immediately replaced by other men.

Orgasm after orgasm were forced on the four, leaving them exhausted and totally violated.  Their pussies became gaping holes wet with cum.  Most men came quickly in a minute or so.  Their holes became so wet and open that some men took longer to cum.  Men became inpatient, but they had pulled numbers from a bowl and had to wait their turn.  Amala and Liesel began to have continuous orgasms, increasing in intensity.  Their husbands were made to stand right next to the racks in order to see close-up their wives getting gang-raped and CUMMING….

When erections showed in the husbands shorts, men mocked and taunted them for getting aroused by what they were doing with their wives.  Roger and Hermanns faces were red and they didnt know where to look.  Lisa lost consciousness.  She was unable to cope with all the sensations.  So many men had fucked her and she had swallowed a lot of slippery, slimy semen.  Men started to use her shithole; the men with bigger cocks hurt her. 

The line of men slowly began to dwindle.  It wasn't long before all four women were rolling in a dirty bath of slop that had drooled and dripped from their cunts.  The orgasms were more than Emily could cope with and she lost consciousness too.  After the first ten men had fucked her, her cunt was stretched and the pool of cum drooling from her sex-hole made a mess underneath her.  Emily would cum and her body would jerk and convulse sliding around in the slop underneath her.

Finally the mornings fun and games ended.  The women lay on their backs, sated, tired and splattered with cum; their thighs splayed open wide, their pussies gaping, their clitorises swollen and inflamed.  Lisas eyes were closed - her mind was a blank.  She felt her husband cleaning her with her panties.  She gagged when the soiled garment was stuffed in her mouth.   She heard the guards and felt hands grabbing her and pulling her from the Rack.  She spit out the panties and collapsed from exhaustion when they made her stand.

Sunday Afternoon

Afterward they were taken to the showers and tent for rest and repair.  Afterwards, lunch was served in the mess hall.  They women all wore bras and panties.  And they had to stand and let any guard or guest who wanted to feel them up.  After lunch, the women and their husbands were taken to the exhibition hall. Owiti corralled the guests and herded them there too.  He had something special planned.  Sunday afternoon was a sort of high point in his plans - a special auction.  The first thing he had for his guests consideration was, “Tembo”.

“Im sure youve enjoyed the sight of the slut wives on the Slut Racks.  You can see that Kenyan men are very strong and virile.” 

At this there was some nodding….

“Is it true that the black man has the biggest dick of all?”

At this, there was some chuckling and nodding from the guests.  None of the four husbands said anything. 

Owiti continued, “Well, today I bring you proof.”

With that, a very tall man came over and climbed the platform.  His name was Tembo.  He was a baggage handler at the airport; and he was a legend.  He had been recruited as a sex star by the corrupt police Inspector, Munyambu, who ran a similar operation before he went to jail.  The man seemed almost unreal, as if he had stepped out of someones nightmare.  His head was shaved and he was almost blue-black in color.  Some said he was from the Masai tribe.  He was 200 centimeters tall (68 ¾”) and weighed 106 kilos (233 lbs.).  He was naked except for what looked like a loincloth.

As he stood with his arms akimbo, he inspired respect.  But when he dropped the loincloth, he generated AWE among those in the audience.   His cock was so long and thick that it looked like it belonged to another species, perhaps a horse or a zebra.  It looked to be as big as a womans forearm.  His balls were big too; and head of his monstrous dick was purplish-red.  Tembo meant “elephant” in Swahili.    

Owiti told his guests that they could have Tembo fuck one or more of the wives.  This was another cash cow for the Senior Customs Official.  Claude put up cash for Tembo to fuck Emily and Ahmed paid for Lisa to be stretched by the big Masais cock.  Owiti had two huts set up for such special entertainments with slut racks and other devices.  Kibwe took the Englishwoman and her husband to one of the huts to mount her on a Rack.  Lisa and Bruce were taken to another hut.  Ahmed repaired, in the meantime, to the “hospitality” tent, a special set-up with comfortable chairs, a refrigerator, a bar and attendants to serve refreshments.

Tembo, when everything was ready, went to the tent where Claude, Emily and Roger waited.  He nodded, grinned, dropped the loincloth and pulled back the thick foreskin on his cock.  Roger couldnt help but stare.   Kibwe adjusted the height of the rack to accommodate Tembo and soon the big man was ready to take his pleasure.  He waved his cock around displaying it to everyone.  Roger, gulping hard, watched it bobbing up and down as Tembo got between Emilys legs.  It was very big.  His wife had never had a cock that size.   He wasnt sure how it would fit. 

The look on Emilys face was priceless as Tembo aimed his mammoth cock at her hole.  Tembo got between Emilys widely spread thighs and put the head against her wet labia.   First, he teased her with it; making her moan.  As Tembo worked it in, Roger couldnt believe how his wifes pussy could take something that big, even though her pussy was wet and juicy. 

As the cock stretched his wifes hole, Rogers mouth dropped open as he watched.  Her whole pelvis was being invaded as the mans oversized cock violated her hole which had already been stretched by many others.  When Tembo pulled back a little, it looked like Emilys insides were being pulled out.  When he thrust it in, she felt like it would come out of her mouth.  Roger found himself just gaping at the sight of his wifes vagina so impaled that her stomach seemed to bulge as the mans cock filled her.  Tembos cock was a nightmare.  It was truly huge 27 centimeters in length (10½”), coal black and thick as a beer bottle.  Tembo noticed Roger staring. 

He turned to him and asked, “You like? Is it big enough for her?”

He pulled it out and this made Emily whimper - as her sexhole was empty.  Holding it like a weapon, he rubbed it up and down her pussy. Then he worked it in again and began to fuck her…easy at first…then harder, holding her thighs and thrusting in and out. 

Emily cried out, “OH GOD....OH GOD.”

From her “uhs”, “ahs” and “ohs” they got louder and louder it was obvious she was in heaven or hell.  As Tembo slammed his hips forward, in one convulsive move, Emily shrieked as he obviously had reached a very deep, sensitive place in her sexhole.  When he pushed against the spot, she howled.  He went back to deep thrusting and then fucking her with short strokes.

Inhuman sounds came out of Emily.  She took almost all of it.  Perhaps five centimeters didnt fit.  His big balls slapped against her asshole with every deep thrust.  At this point, Roger wanted to cum so badly his balls ached and his eyes watered. 

Tensing up, Emily got louder and louder and then shrieked as she had a huge, squirting wet orgasm that wet Tembos groin.  It just went on and on.  He fucked her some more and she came again.  He just kept fucking her.  Roger was amazed at his stamina; and he couldn't believe the sounds of pure lust and frantic ecstasy coming out of his wifes mouth.  

Every few strokes, Tembo forced his cock all the way in to the bottom of her vagina and made her cry out.  In-and-out again and again.  On each in-stroke it didnt seem like it was going to fit.  Then somehow most of it went way in.  It was something to see: his big black shaft reaming her hot, red hole framed by her engorged reddish-pink labia and matted pubic hair. 

And everything wet and glistening with her vaginal secretions as she was juicing heavily.  Her clear and thin womanly juices were smeared all over his dick.  A nasty ring of “fuck cream” had built up all around the base of his dick.  Each time he pulled out, Emilys whole pussy seemed to grip his shaft.  Her voice, choked with lust, was barely understandable.  Roger could hear slurpy, wet, nasty sounds as Tembo reamed her.  There was a growing river of slop drooling from her vagina down onto the edge of the table and spattered on the ground below.

Her hole was stretched tight.  On the in-stroke, the thickness of his cock dragged her labia into the hole.  Emilys clitoris was pulled and pushed too.  By now she was delirious, her babbling like a madwoman.  Roger stood by and watched the mans black ass cheeks clenching and relaxing as Tembo sexed his wife.  Her pussy clutched at his cock convulsively each time.

Emily began to scream, “OH GOD, OH GOD.”

She got louder until she was shrieking again as she had another huge uterine-vaginal orgasm.  She began to have continuous multiple orgasms as he fucked her silly.  Her orgasms seemed to run into one another.  She grunted and moaned and then screamed as she came - over and over again.  As he approached his sweaty orgasm, his heavy nut sack tightened up, his back muscles knotted and his ass cheeks clenched. 

Finally, with his cock fully inside her vagina, his kinky black pubic hair was meshed with the light brown hair on her Venus mound.  And his balls yo-yoed up and down in his sack and his butt clenched tight, as he erupted like a fire hose and filled her stretched, hot hole.  When he was done, his cock came out and it sounded like a donkey had pulled it foot from mud.  Roger stared at the river of pearly cum drooling out of his wifes hot, reddened hole. 

It dripped down the crack of her ass adding to the puddle on the table.  Emily lay there and whimpered as Roger used her panties to clean her.  Her vagina kept quivering and spasming and this just amazed Roger.  Claude came over and congratulated Tembo.  Owiti had come in and out of the tent as Emily was being fucked.  When it was over, he took Tembo to get something to drink.

After a suitable rest, Owiti took Tembo over to the hut where Lisa and Bruce waited.  Ahmed was summoned and soon arrived.  He had spent that last evening, an enjoyable one, fucking Lisa, but was very interested to see how she would react to a big cock.  He suspected that she would resist and find it hard to take Tembos cock in her pussy, but would eventually cum very hard indeed.

Lisa was put on her back on a low bench and made to masturbate for Ahmeds amusement and to humiliate her and Bruce.  The more she could feel the stares of all the men.......the more humiliated she felt and the more her “dirty pussy”, as she herself called it, started to run.  She could feel how wet she was getting.

“Rub your pussy and make yourself cum, slut,” Owiti instructed her.

Dutifully, she ran a fingertip along the crease between her labia and legs and the creases between her full buttocks and fat legs, inching closer towards her pussy.  The men watching got quiet and watched intently now, especially her husband.  She gave herself light caresses, delicate touches with her nails, then firmer, gliding finger-tip strokes.  She worked her clitoris...using her index and middle finger to rub it. 

Then she used middle and third finger together in an up-and-down and side-to-side, circular motion.  She started slow then went faster - going slow-fast-slow-fast, with her fingers pressing hard.  Sweating, she rotated her hips against her fingers and stuck two fingers in her hole.  Wet, squishy noises and “pussy farts” were soon heard.  Frigging herself harder and harder...she came.  As she came she cried out.  Afterwards, she was embarrassed and kept her eyes down.

Then Tembo exposed his cock and after watching Lisa, he was sporting a huge erection.  Lisa recoiled, and told Owiti that she didnt want Tembo to fuck her.  Since refusing sex was punishable at the camp, Owiti had her put on the Wooden Donkey again.  Kibwe pushed it over to the center of the hut.

The “Donkey” was basically a bench with a beam. Lisa was made to stand again with her pussy resting on a pointed wooden board as she straddled the beam.  The board was just a little too high, so that having both of her feet flat on the floor was painful.  She had to stand on her toes. Her hands were bound behind her by her wrists and attached to the overhead by a rope, forcing her to lean slightly forward, which pressed her pussy and perineum onto the pointed board. 

Time became the enemy as her slim calf muscles soon tired.  She kept moving to relieve the stress.  But that just caused new stress and pressure.  It created a downward spiral and poor Lisa began groaning and moaning and then bobbing up and down.

Also, this Donkey had strands of wire taped down the length of the board.  The wires were bare where Lisas bottom was.  The wires were connected to a rheostat and a car battery.  Owiti began to use small amounts of electricity to torture Lisa with her pussy and bottom spread open.  She struggled to keep on tip-toes, but each time she sat down, she got a shock, yelped and shot right back up again.  Either position was torture.  After just 15 minutes of being on the Donkey, she was more than obedient.

“Will you suck his big, black dick,” Owiti asked her?

Tearfully, she promised she would do, anything.

However, she groaned when Tembo grabbed his dick and waved it threateningly at her.  They made her kneel and Bruce and the others watched her kiss, lick and slobber all over Tembos huge cock, as thick as a beer bottle.  It looked huge in her pretty, little white hand.  Seeing his wife with the head of the enormous black cock between her pretty lips (which was all she could get in her mouth) steamed up Bruces eyeglasses. 

He had an erection, but the daisy prevented him from getting any relief.  He would have to watch his wife take on a cock literally twice the size his own uncircumcised, tan prick.  He gulped and tried to avoid making eye contact with anyone.

Kibwe and Matata got Lisa on the rack on her knees and elbows.  Tembos dick seemed to grow longer as he looked at Lisa bound on the rack.  It was fully erect and throbbing with a lacework of obscene veins snaking all over.  He got behind her.  Bruce grimaced as he watched the man work his colossal dong into his wifes vagina.  Tembo got about ¾ of it inside her and then pulled his dick out.  One minute the pretty Chinese wife was stuffed like a goose and the next, her vagina was empty.  Holding it like a sword, Tembo rubbed it up and down her open pussy.

Then he worked it in again and began to fuck her…easy at first…then harder, holding her slim white thighs in his big hands and thrusting in and out.  Bruce was embarrassed and aroused by it all.  He couldnt take his eyes away from what he was seeing.  He eyeballed the big dick going in and out of his wifes sex and felt his own prick throbbing unmercifully inside the daisy.  Tembo was only able to get about ¾ of his dick into Lisa.  He was too long for her….


When Tembo went particularly deep on one thrust, Lisa, like an opera singer, began yelling an octave higher.  She also began to pant and hyperventilate.  His big balls, which hung down pendulous like a bulls, swung back and forth like a metronome.  She screamed that he was killing her.  Bruce couldn't believe the sounds coming out of his wifes mouth.   Every few strokes, Tembo forced it in and made her cry out.  As much as it hurt, Lisa was also being “pleasured”….

This became crystal clear when she had a huge uterine-vaginal orgasm of epic proportions and shrieked so loud  it was very obvious that shed cum very hard indeed.  Tembo soon came with a roar just after this...filling her stretched out pussy with nice big load.  His balls went tight in their sack and his kinky pubic hair was mashed against her straight pubic hair.  Then Owiti supervised getting her on her back to pull her legs up to her breasts and keep her thighs closed so she wouldnt lose the load in her cunt. 

“Bruce,” Owiti said, addressing him. “If you love your wife, you will soothe her sore pussy.  Kiss her,” he commanded, pointing at his wifes ravaged cunt. “Your wifes pussy is so red and sore.  Get busy, boy.”

As Ahmed, Matata and Kibwe watched his humiliation; Bruce got on his knees and put his mouth on his wifes swollen, sloppy cunt. Owiti kept him at it, even using his tongue to get at the deeper deposits.  It was powerfully humiliating experience..... Owiti had more than just “Tembo” to sell that afternoon.  He presented Abdul with another special entertainment he thought the fat Sheik would buy. 

He had Liesel and Hermann taken to a corner of the shaded grove, where there was a small creek that had been dammed, creating a bog.  The place was infested with frogs.  Owiti drove Abdul and Akeem the short distance there in a golf cart. The guards had brought Hermann and Liesel.  Herman was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, his underwear and sandals.  Liesel was wearing just a skimpy t-shirt, her panties and sandals.   When they got there, Owiti checked in with two young guards hed put to work catching frogs.  Owiti ignored the couple.

“We got em boss.  Theyre in the bucket,” the youngest said pointing to a wooden bucket. 

“You got the bees too,” Owiti asked?

“Yessir, boss.  Got a half dozen bees right over there in a jar,” the guard said.

As the guards were getting everything set up, Ambala and Neema came in to the grove.  They had walked from the main buildings.  Ambala came over to Owiti to confer with him.  Herman and Liesel huddled together.  They knew that something was “UP”, but they didnt know what.  Liesel had butterflies in her stomach and her pussy was getting wet.  Herman was nervous too.

Owiti then called Liesel over and made her strip.  Then he had the two the guards bind her on her stomach on a wooden plank resting on two sawhorses.  Owiti handed Ambala a short prison whip and gave her the green light to whip the German woman.  After watching Ambala make Liesel clench and shake her butt with three or four blows, Owiti took the whip and presented it to Abdul. 

The fat and coarse Sheik, grinned, took the tool, began cursing and calling Liesel a “dirty slut”.  He then teased her with it by running the tip down the crack of her ass.  Liesel, for her part, was filled with anticipation, a yearning for the whip on her fat buttocks and between her legs too.

The cruel Sheik gave her what she craved.  Several times he made the tip of the whip land close to her anus and made her pink cheeks bounce and clench wildly.  He used the whip with great determination and went from one cheek to another, making her ass very red and forcing Liesel cry out and hump the plank to relieve the stinging pain.  Hermann watched his wife getting a whipping with an erection tenting his shorts. 

Finally, Abdul got tired and handed the whip to Akeem who then asked Owiti to have the guards tilt the plank Liesel was on.  The put the board at a 45 degree angle and then Akeem used the whip on Liesels tight, hairless asshole and several times he reached her plump, bare Venus mound and labia.  Liesels clitoris swelled in erection as she was beaten.  She screamed and moaned as Akeem methodically beat her anus and pussy.  It was a very sexual whipping and Abdul now had a very stiff cock from watching.  So did her husband…

“OH GOD,” she kept moaning. “OH GOD.”

Akeem finally stopped whipping her when Owiti came over and whispered in his ear.  He grinned and said, “OH yes…..”

They untied and turned Liesel over on her back and bound her spread-eagled with her legs open wide. When this was done, Akeem broke into a huge grin as he watched one of the guards approaching and holding a jar.  He had been tipped off.  Inside were the bees.  They buzzed about angrily.  Using a medical hemostat, the guard carefully extracted a bee by its wings.  The bees abdomen thrust frantically about trying to find a target with its stinger.

With Owiti and the two Arabs standing there with sadistic smiles on their faces and Hermann staring wide-eyed, the guard brought the bee down to Liesels left nipple.  She looked down and saw the stinger lance into her nipple; the bees abdomen pumping its venom furiously into her.  The blistering pain shot into her and her nipple immediately began to swell.  The guard extracted a second bee from the bottle and brought it to her other nipple to continue the torture.  She moaned and wailed in sheer anguish.

Liesels eyes flew wide open when she felt Owiti pulling back the hood of her clit, exposing the shiny, distended bud.  She looked down to see the guard approaching her crotch with another bee writhing on the end of the hemostat.

“Oh God…NO….NO….NO….NOT THERE,” she shrieked.

A louder moan, OHHHHHHHHH GOD, escaped her lips the guard held the bee against the juncture of her lips at the top of her pussy and let bees stinger pierce the bulbous tip of her clitoris.  It was a delicious sight as the little lancet sliced into the pea-sized organ.  It could be seen so very clearly.  When the young guard pulled the bee away, Liesels hips began an obscene dance. 

She humped up and down and wriggled her ass in an vain effort to ease the pain.  It was no good, of course.  Abdul was so excited that he took out his fat cock, came over, grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock in her mouth.  He used her hair as reins and, pulling her back and forth on his cock, soon came in her mouth.

“Swallow it all, slut,” he spat at her as he came hotly in her mouth.

Soon, her nipples, from the venom, had gotten so inflamed and swollen that everyone crowded around to stare at them amazed.  They grew, as the men watched, to the size and color of overripe strawberries.  Her clitoris also ballooned so that it grew to the size and color of a purple grape.  Liesel lay there moaning in agony; her head lolling from side to side.  But Owiti had another degrading torment in store for her.  He gave the word to Ambala who went over and reached into the bucket to pull out a nice fat frog.  Holding it up… she brought it over to Liesel.  He menaced her with it; asking her if she knew what she was going to do with the frog.

Liesel shook her head and said, “I dont know.” Then she asked, nervously, “Will a frog bite?”

“No, a frog wont bite, but it does like to jump into holes,” Ambala said with a sly, sadistic smile.

She poured some cooking oil on the frogs head to grease the action; and instructed Neema to hold open Liesels pussy.  It hurt to have her clitoris touched and Liesel yelped when Neemas thumbs brushed against it.  Then Ambala brought the frog down to the Germans yawning vagina.  She got the frogs head against the opening and then shoved it in, forcing the frogs upper body, including its forelegs, into the hole.  She kept pushing until shed gotten everything but the frogs legs inside Liesels cunt.

“How does that feel,” Ambala asked her?

The poor woman was writhing and squirming feeling the slippery, nasty amphibian wriggling around.

“Uh….OHH…..ohhhhhhhh, OH God,” she moaned.

Hermann was beside himself.  It shamed him that he got such pleasure from seeing his wife abused, but it did.  Owiti finally had one of the guards bind his wrists behind him and made him sit on a log.  Neema came over to taunt him.  She saw he had a bulge in his shorts and as he watched Ambala torture his wife, Neema traced and toyed with the bulge with her fingers and then squeezed and rubbed his prick through his pants. 

“You like seeing your wife suffer,” she asked him with a huge smile on her face. She kept playing with his little, pink, uncircumcised prick and baiting him. 

“Imagine what that feels like ….having that frog in her pussy,” she said goading him.

“I left the frogs legs outside, so I can burn them with this,” Ambala said to Liesel - lighting a cigarette and dragging on it forcefully to make it glow hot.  “The frog will jump inside you looking for a safe place to hide,” she laughed.

At this, Liesel groaned in anticipation and shame at the thought of this new defilement.  Then, Ambala brought the tip of the cigarette closer to the frogs webbed feet.  She looked over at the men, grinning, proud of her command of the situation.  Then she let her gaze fall on poor Hermann.  Following this, she turned and nodded to her daughter as if to say, make him suffer, while I degrade his stupid, fat wife.

When she got the tip close enough so the poor creature could feel the heat, it began struggling furiously.  It squirmed and wriggled in a crazed way to get away from the heat.  Frightened to death, it worked its way fully into Liesels pussy.  When it was all inside her, Ambala put her hand Liesels Venus mound, shook it and slapped her pussy.  This had two effects: first it hurt Liesel as her clitoris was so swollen and sore that even the slightest touch made her writhe in agony.  And second, it made the frightened frog wriggle even deeper into her hole seeking a safer place to hide.

It was something to see.  It was so erotic watching the fat woman wriggle her hips and ass with the creature inside her that Neema had no problem keeping Hermann erect.  In fact his little penis was dripping pre-cum all the time.  And when he got too close to cumming, Neema sadistically squeezed his balls to make him lose his erection.  She kept doing this over and over.  Making him hard and ready to pop; and then forcing him to lose his erection.  It was erotic torture for the chubby 36 year old banker from Frankfort.

Owiti turned to Akeem and said, “Ill have them turn her over, if you want to fuck her in the ass.”

Akeem indicated that this was a wonderful idea and the two guards flipped Liesel over onto her belly again.  Akeem gratefully took the little bottle of vegetable oil from Ambala and dropped his khaki shorts and boxers.  His circumcised young cock was already standing at attention.  He lubed up and climbed on top of Liesel.  As he worked his cock in her asshole, the frog went frantic and began literally bouncing off the walls of Liesels pussy.  As Akeem sodomized her, she began to feel the awful tingling of an approaching orgasm.  To cum with that horrid creature inside her while a man fucked her ass was a new low (….and a new high!).

As Liesel approached orgasm, Neema unzipped Hermanns shorts and pulled out his prick.  She fondled and stroked it as his wife was being worked on.  She jerked him off slowly and then pulled his balls out to tickle his tight, hairless nut sack.  As Liesel came shrieking, Neema alternated going fast and then slow.  She made Hermann ejaculate, almost at the same exact time as his wife.  Not long after, Akeem had his precious moment and filled her bowels with his hot, sticky discharge. 

After this, Ambala extracted the exhausted frog from her pussy; and began again with a new frog; burning its webbed feet to make it jump into her hole.  Ambala and Neema then took turns   masturbating Liesel by rubbing her piss flaps and sore clitoris to make her spurt.  The added juice made it  nice and wet environment for the frog, but it drove poor Liesel crazy.  The sheer horror of having a living thing in her cunt was a mind-blowing experience.  It hurt to have her clitoris touched, but she was too far gone and the two women were able to make her cum several times.   Abdul congratulated Owiti. 

“Youre a monster,” he said with a smile; and Owiti grinned proudly.

Owiti had sold Harald a special performance too.  After the Dutchman had enjoyed Amala last night, he mentioned to Owiti how much hed enjoyed the plump Indian mother.  Owiti offered him a special show.

“I bought some equipment from a Chinaman a while back.  Its an electrical sex machine.  It can make a woman cum until she passes out.  Would you like to use it on Amala,” he asked slyly?

Harald was agreeable, but drove a hard bargain and got the show for a much lesser sum than Owiti wanted, but it was OK.  So, Owiti drove Harald to a ramshackle hut on the furthest reaches of the property.  He took two young guards with him, Jelani and Joseph.  They went and got Amala and Gopal.  She was wearing just a t-shirt and her panties. Poor Gopal had only been permitted to wear his white jockey shorts.  He felt very silly and humiliated.  When they got to the hut, the men stripped Amala and then bound her to a gynecological table that had been gathering dust in the gloom. 

Strapped to the table by her wrists, knees and waist, with her legs spread open wide and with them UP….you could see everything Amala had.  Her pussy, which had been fucked a dozen times that morning, was still swollen and you could see that it was drooling deposits still inside. She had taken a shower and fixed her hair and make-up, but there was no denying that she had been ridden hard and put up wet these last three days.  Her eyes were half-closed and she was breathing fairly heavily.  And in the closeness of the little hut, she was starting to sweat.

In the meantime, Owiti set up the electro-stimulation equipment.  Then he turned to Harald and suggested that he play with her pussy to get her wet.  The lawyer from Holland teased her pissflaps, rubbed the shaft and the tip of her clitoris until it erected as well.  Then, Joseph handed Owiti the first set of electrodes. 

They were in the form of adhesive pads.  He attached these to Amalas dark brown-almost black nipples.  Her saucer-sized areolas were so big that the pads wouldnt cover them completely.  Next, he worked a thick, blunt copper rod into her vagina until it was past her G-spot.   Amala groaned as he got it seated all the way inside her hole. 

Harald stared in mounting excitement as Owiti worked the next thing into her asshole - a stainless-steel dumbbell with a convex shaft.   Gopal covered his face with his hands as the black man with the big gut greased and inserted the bell into his wifes asshole until the far end of the bell and the entire shaft was inside her.  Only one end of the bell was visible.  Then all three men watched Owiti hook Amala up to the transformer. 

The black box, the transformer, sat on a shelf below her spread crotch.   There were switches and dials on the front.   Next, Owiti attached a clamp to the shaft of her clitoris still covered by its hood.  Amala was now wired up like a test animal in a lab.  Nervously, she bit her lip.  Owiti went down a line of dials setting the pointer on the number “4” on each one.  The numbers, ominously, went to “10”.”

Owiti flipped the switch for the circuit connected to her tits and Amala cried out.  When he added a “pulsing” element to the current flowing into her nipples, Amala felt as if someone was pulling and twisting them.  They soon ballooned up and began to look like giant blackberries ready to explode.  Since she was lactating, they began to leak and then spray milk.  The clamps made the milk spray in weird directions everywhere.

Owiti flipped another switch and Amala began jerking and twitching as current surged into her clitoris.  Owiti motioned to Joseph then, who came over and cuffed Gopal to a chair and using Amalas panties, gagged him.  Now he had to sit and watch his wifes pussy twitch and leak juice.  She wriggled her hips and ass in a way that was very erotic.  And, when Owiti flipped a third switch, Amala began to feel hot, itchy sensations in her vagina as current was sent into the copper rod.

Owiti flipped a very small switch and the current began pulsing.  Then he turned the dial up to “5”. Amala felt surges of sheer pleasure flooding her sex-hole as pulses of electricity raced down the shaft pressing on her G-spot and urethral sponge and the blunt tip pressing against the epicenter.  Then, when Owiti turned the current up higher, the sensations went from “disturbing and pleasurable” to “painful and mind-blowing”. 

Amala began to hump the air as if she had a cock inside her.  Juice dribbled from her urethra.  Then Owiti turned on the circuit to the dumbbell in her asshole.  Almost instantly, the greased little device began going in - and - out - in - and out methodically, like a machine.

Harald went, “Oh, WOW… thats something. WOW.”

Amalas vagina began throbbing in time; and Gopal couldnt help himself.  He felt a stirring in his jockey shorts.  To his shame, he got an erection watching the machine fuck his wife.  Owiti now showed Harald how to work the dials.  Owiti told Harald that when she began spurting shed probably pass out.  The Dutchman turned the current UP sending more hot pulsing current into Amalas nipples, clit, rectum and vagina. 

After a moment, Amala felt herself approaching a monster orgasm.  She began to cry out louder and louder; and then when she began ejaculating, she howled.  It looked like she was pissing.  Some of the juice sprayed everywhere and wet the floor.  Her tits continued to spray milk so she was erupting like a fountain from her tits and her pussy.

Juice spurted out of her urethra obscenely.  Harald played with the dials and made Amala cum and spray her milk and juice over and over again until she passed out.  She was forced into arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation - over and over again.  She entered a zone where she just become her sex organs.  Not a person - just her tits, pussy and asshole.  Gopal could see her pussy gripping and squeezing the thing inside her. 

The obscene dumbbell kept going in and out like a demented robot.  Her clitoris had swelled and turned purple and periodically she would arch up in her bonds like she was fucking someone.  Her tits kept oozing or spraying milk depending on whether or not the current was pulsing or it was a “saw tooth wave” that sizzled thru them.  It was a hideous spectacle. 

Then when an orgasm hit, her voice went up an octave or two.  And most of the time, when she came, she ejaculated.  Great gouts of clear, sweet pussy juice gushed from her cunt and pisshole and later she pissed and pissed; the urine splashing on the concrete floor.  Gopal was exhausted as he had an erection almost the whole time and this was torture to be aroused and not have any outlet or relief. 

When they gave her a break and took her off the machine, Owiti extracted the dumbbell from her asshole and Amala began groaning.  As Harald watched in surprise, she began shitting.  She had an involuntary BM.  Her turds landed in a stainless steel tray which sat on a shelf just below her spread crotch. 

After taking a break, Harald was allowed to torture Amala.  This was a seductive and cruel procedure.  Gopal found it strangely arousing too.  He was always reminded of seeing a python fed in a zoo that way.  They lowered the back of the table so that Amala was lying almost flat; and hung an enema bag over her head.  The gag looked like a baby pacifier.

There were three holes drilled into the thick rubber nipple and it was attached to the tube which connected to the enema bag.  The three small holes prevented the victim from stopping the flow of water with her tongue.  Joseph and Jelani filled the enema bag with warm salt water.  When Harald released the clamp on the tube, gravity did the rest.

The bulb, when forced into Amalas mouth and strapped to her head by Harald, filled up with water.  This began draining and it forced her to swallow.  This had the effect of making her clamp down on the bulb and that squeezed more water out.  It created an irresistible cycle.  She had to swallow again and this made her squeeze the bulb which made her swallow again - whether she wanted to or not.  It was humiliating and degrading.  

Harald massaged her throat as she swallowed.  As all four men watched, Amalas belly began to swell.  She groaned, but with the gag in her mouth it came out garbled.  Harald enjoyed using “water torture” on her and asked for the bag to be filled again.

When she looked like she was pregnant because her belly had swollen so much, Harald got so excited at that point that he took out his cock.  He had Owiti take out the gag so he could have Amala suck his cock.  After hed cum in her mouth and made sure she swallowed his discharge, he told her he had to piss and made her take his cock in his mouth again.  He pissed in her mouth and made her swallow it.  Amala gagged and retched when it was done - and finally threw up. 

Then Owiti gave the green light for Harald to do it all to her again.  He turned on the current to all her sensitive bits and made her cum again.  He played with the switches and the dials “programing” Amala.  He had fun making her cum until she passed out two more times.  For another hour or so she writhed, wiggled, arched up, moaned and groaned as she was driven into one orgasm after another.  Harald kept her on the machine until she was a demented puppet. 

Her nipples had turned darker and had swollen hugely.  She had squirted so much milk during the ordeal, that her breast were empty.  Her labia and clitoris were dark purple and had ballooned up to comic proportions. She had squirted and pissed so much that the floor had a huge puddle under the table.   Gopal was compelled to watch with a raging erection.  He turned to Joseph, and with head and face gestures, indicated that he wanted to say something.  

“What do you want,” Joseph asked him teasingly?  “You want to jerk off,” Joseph asked… mocking him?

Gopal felt his face flush.

“Say please,” Joseph taunted him, knowing he couldnt say anything with the gag in his mouth.

Gopal whined, looking pathetic and feeling very low indeed.  Owiti, with his villains face and cruel streak a mile wide, came over and smacked Gopal on the head playfully.  The Indians erection was visible in his shorts; and he felt his face flush.  It was very humiliating.  Gopal had been driven half-crazy watching his wife turned into a sex puppet.  Her humping, thrusting, wiggling and cumming had inflamed him to no end. 

His balls were aching as he stared at his wifes pitilessly exposed crotch.   She was twitching from the current, her pussy was drooling like mad and as he gaped, her piss hole erupted again.  Gopal groaned watching her getting close to another orgasm.  When his wife began cumming and piss began jetted from her peehole, Gopals penis, now stiff as a board, began to twitch and throb too. 

It was very humiliating being reduced to begging to jerk off as his wife was abused in front of him.  Finally, Owiti took pity on Gopal, and took off the handcuffs.  Gopal pulled down his shorts and begged Owiti to take the daisy off his penis so he could jerk off.  He masturbated in front of the four men until he ejaculated with a moan.  It was very shaming.  Overall, Sunday afternoon had proven to be a huge hit with the guests.

Monday Morning

After the meal, the women were again paraded in the exhibition hall on the auction block.  Owiti had them come fully dressed and then had each woman strip in turn until she was just wearing a pair of high heels.  Ahmed bought Emily.  He took her to his quarters and spent a fun time fucking her mouth and pussy.  Harald purchased Liesel and amused himself in his hut using a pair of pliers on her nipples and clitoris before making her suck his cock. 

He finished by sodomizing her in front of Hermann, who had to stand in the corner, keep his mouth shut and watch.  Wearing his daisy, Hermann was in heaven or hell, depending on your perspective.  He would have to wait until later that day for Ambala and Neema to let him relieve himself.  It was pure agony…..

Abdul and Akeem had Lisa all to themselves for several three hours in their quarters.  The two Arabs made the slim pretty Asian wife lick their anuses and balls and suck their cocks for the longest time. Abdul had Akeem hold Lisas slim thighs against her titties and fucked her until she came.  This made him very happy.  And then Akeem fucked her too; and made his father proud by making Lisa cum also. 

Abdul had Lisa lie on poor Bruce, using him as a “mattress”.  The end result was that every the poor husband felt every hard thrust Akeem made with Lisas sweaty body on his.  He was made, once again, to smell, hear and feel his wifes sexing by another man…

Claude paid for Amala and took Gopal as well to his hut to watch him degrade his wife.  He used a big black vibrator on her making her squirt and then fucked her with it to very wet orgasm.  Then he face-fucked her.  Following this, he made Gopal eat her wet pussy and then baited him into trying to fuck his wife with the daisy on.  It was impossible, of course.  So, Claude mocked him and then fucked her himself with Gopal watching.  Afterwards, Ambala and Neema took the four men to the latrine two-by-two and cuffed them to the walls. Each man was given three minutes to jerk off and relieve the ache in his balls.

Monday Afternoon

That afternoon after mid-day meal, Owiti held a special auction, it being the last day.

Kibwe,” Owiti said to his number one man, “go get the donkey.”

Kibwe went out and came back leading a fairly good sized, dark gray donkey by a rope attached to the animals neck.  Now, Kenya is a farming country and donkeys are the main beast of burden.  The cart pulled by a donkey is a mainstay in Kenya; one that can travel the rugged terrain. This animal had been bred though for a different purpose. When the men saw the donkey, they began clapping.  The four wives, when they saw the donkey, covered their mouths with their hands. 

Kibwe brought the donkey forward; and the beasts cock dropped down- just a little at first.  The hideous organ was black and then began to drop until it hung down and seemed like it would touch the ground.  Lisas eyes went wide as she stared at it.  Owiti stood center stage and announced to his guests and the assembled couples that this donkey had been trained to fuck a woman. 

“Who will pay to see one of these women fucked by this animal,” he asked, pointing to the four women and then the donkey dramatically? 

All five guests quickly raised their hands.  They quickly ponied up the fee that Owiti demanded to see one of the women subjected to the “Ultimate Rape”.  Owiti named his price and all agreed to split the bill.   The four women, who were again just wearing just bras and panties, looked at each other in horror.  Emily came over and hugged Amala; the two women seeking comfort in each others arms at that moment. 

“And now for the fun part.  You all get to pick the donkeys whore,” Owiti declared.

He then had Matata pass out slips of paper.  He asked the five guests to write the name of the woman they wanted to see defiled by the donkey. 

“Dont let your neighbor see who you picked,” he said grinning.

Abdul wrote down Amalas name. She had irked him by not cumming when he fucked her.  Akeem wrote down Liesels name.  He had really enjoyed defiling the German BBW.  Harald, the Dutchman, was a big fan of bestiality and wanted to see the smallest women impaled on the donkeys monstrous cock.  So he wrote down Lisas name.  Claude voted for Emily. 

It was Ahmed who put Amala over the top.  He had her that first night and now realized he hadnt really gotten his moneys worth with her.  He had come to see that she was an Indian “Auntie” slut.  He felt she deserved to be fucked by an animal.  The fact that she was lactating was another reason he chose the Indian wife and mother.  So, Amala got two votes and that was all it took to seal her fate.  She had been forced once to have sex with a dog, at Chief Inspector Munyambus hands three years before, but a donkey was something else again.

Finally, it was time to let the animal fuck Amala.  The guests were beside themselves with glee. It was worth every shilling to see this.  Gopal began pacing, in shock.  He never saw his wife fucked by the dog three years earlier, and was in a dither imagining his wife exposed to such an outrage.  Neema came over and began razzing him.  She reached down and rubbed his prick through his pants.

“Dont worry, little man, when youre wife is getting the fucking of her life, Ill take care of you,” she said seductively as she gave his prick a little squeeze.

After the wild and crazy sex and torment of the last four days, as well as the machine rape she had endured Sunday afternoon, Amala was drained.  Her eyes filled with tears and she sought out the other women for comfort.  This really got Abdul going.  He had paid for something special and now he was going to see it.  He wanted to see Amala resist.  Be the nice, proper wife who is forced to take a bestial cock.  This was just what he wanted; and now he was going to get to see it.   

“I hope she can take a cock this big,” Owiti wondered aloud, egging everybody on.

Kibwe, with Matata to help, got the donkey turned around to face the “breeding bench”.   It was actually two benches. The top bench was round and padded.  The bottom one was padded but flat.  The contraption rested on four heavy legs.  Owiti made Amala take off her panties and bra and lie face down on the bottom bench on her belly with her feet on the ground. 

This position exposed her pussy nicely.  With the bench positioned lengthwise, the five guests could see the curve of her big butt and her tits, her huge size 38E tits hanging down, each nipple already beaded with milk.  Amala turned her face away. 

Everyone would be watching her - enjoying her degradation and humiliation.  She felt overwhelmed and wanted to hide.  But, she knew she would be punished on the Wooden Donkey if she tried to refuse this ordeal.  And in the end, they would make her do it anyway.  The smell of donkey filled the place as Owiti laughed and joked with the Arabs who were very excited; and now that the show was soon to begin, they got ready.  Jostling each other, they pulled up chairs so they could see, close-up, the donkey mount and fuck her.

Amala lay there overwhelmed by the thought of what she was going to have to endure.  She had become the ultimate female receptacle.  This was the ultimate rape.   She lay there submissively, but sickened.  She glanced at the faces that surrounded her.  She saw looks of lust.  The Arabs looked particularly gross.  She looked at her husband who looked like he had been hit with a bolt of lightning.  Then she looked back over her shoulder to see Kibwe getting the donkey into position and that the beasts cock was now fairly long and stiff. 

Juice trickled from the hole at the tip of the donkeys cock.  Kibwe dipped his fingers into a can of white cooking grease, came up with a big glob and smeared it all over Amalas pussy lips and into her hole.  She moaned as he worked it in.  The grease contained the urine of an ovulating donkey mare.  This guaranteed that the donkey would fuck the shit out of her. 

The animal edged closer to her ass.  It bent its head down so it could sniff her cunt.  It put its nose against her wet pussy and got the scent of the mare mixed in with Amalas hot smell.  The beast reared its head high and, with its lip curled, let out a loud braying sound.  

The Arabs began applauding.  The scent excited the animal, and it began to snort and toss its head.  The Arabs encouraged the donkey...cheering and clapping to urge the beast on.  The animal smelled “mare”.  When it caught the pheromones from the mares urine, the primitive smell receptors in the animals brain began racing.  Its cock wagged this way and that looking for all the world like it was made of black rubber. 

When it got the scent of the mares urine Amalas pussy juice, her sweat and her milk, its cock stiffened INSTANTLY.  Now, it was fully erect, rigid as a pole and slapping its belly.  Owiti grabbed Amala by her hair and made her look at it.  She saw the animals cock slapping up and down against its belly. 

“OH GOD,” was all she said as she took it in...

Now fully erect, the donkeys cock was as big around as a mans wrist and as long as a womans forearm from fist to elbow.   This was going to be shoved into her cunt and Amala felt fear.  This emotion added to the excitement as well as the shame she felt and propelled her to new depths of masochism.

“OH….oh….oh….uh….oh…..Ohhhhhhhhh,” she kept mumbling as she stared at the animals huge cock. 

Now that everything was ready, they got the donkey in position to mount her.  Owiti told her to hold on to the bench with both hands and slapped her ass to get her up on her toes, with her back arched.  This made her pussy gape open nicely.  Her tits began dribbling milk too.  Kibwe prodded the donkey and it reared up on its hind legs, lurched forward and lost its footing and came down on all fours. 

Kibwe prodded it again and this time its upper body landed on the top bench with its forelegs on either side.  The sound of its hooves on the ground as it danced around gave evidence of the beasts size and power.  The animal weighed at least 200 kilos (about 440lbs.).

The donkeys rear hooves were behind Amalas feet, so with its front legs straddling the upper bench, it was ready to thrust its cock into a warm, wet hole.  It was like it was getting ready to mount a mare.  Its cock had stopped slapping against its belly as the donkey hunched forward trying to find the hole.  Amala felt the cock head touch her pussy briefly and slide along her crack.  The donkey kept trying to find her hole… humping ….trying to fuck.

“OH… OH…OH,” she moaned in fear.

The donkey continued to thrust forward.  It got its cock at her hole finally - then the animals powerful hind quarters thrust forward and drove the cock IN.  Amala groaned like someone had shoved a sword into her.  Inside the hole now, the animal began fucking, pushing her forward.  And while her hole had been opened, it had to stretch a lot to take the head which was a big as a small apple.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” was all she said, when the big cock opened her.

As it dilated her and the head slid inside her warm, greasy hole, Amala began groaning louder and louder.  The stretching open of her vaginal sphincter was overwhelming....  The big cock head punched in deeper - touched her cervix and then plowed past.  It went way in… stretching her hole fully.  Amala felt an eye-watering combination of pain and pleasure.

She tried to scoot forward again when she felt the donkey trying to force more into her, but there was nowhere else to go.  There was so much cock and as it reached bottom of her hole, she cried out loud.  The penetration was so deep she began shrieking.  The Arabs, wildly excited now, began clapping and whistling.   Then the donkey pulled its cock half way out only to ram it back in again. 

It just slammed it back into her.  It was hard to believe a woman could find room for a cock that big.   It was like having an arm, from the fist to the elbow, shoved into the hole.  She felt like it was about to come out of her mouth.  Everyone crowded closer to see how much of the huge cock was inside her.

The donkey had erected to its full length and girth.  All but about 10 centimeters of the 36 cm. (14”) cock was inside her.  Amala had taken most of it.   She braced herself as the donkey, whinnying and snorting, pulled its cock out a bit and thrust it back in again.  It went in easier as her greased, reddened hole was really opened up now.  It went in again…past her cervix and deep....all the way to the bottom of her cunt stretching the epicenter beyond anything she had experienced in the past.

Amala groaned again like someone had punched her in the stomach.  Everyone was awed by what they were seeing.  The depth and girth of the penetration was totally beyond imagination.  Her whole pelvis was being stretched out of shape.   The apple-sized cock head, now fully flared, filled the deepest recesses of her sexhole.  The donkey, neighing, began to fuck her like a machine.  Her husband stood close by with his mouth open watching the spectacle.  Every time the beast humped her, she groaned like she was being stabbed.

Amala cried out louder and louder each time the animals haunches thrust forward…forcing the embedded cock deeper into her.  But then the beast would stop…pull back and its cock would slip out.  The cycle, starting with its big dick waving around, would resume.  The donkey would hump trying to find her hole get it inside her hole again - and then fuck the shit out of her.  The donkey brayed and whinnied, getting louder each time as it got closer to cumming.

Her eyes kept rolling back in her head.   Her nipples, wet with her sweat, erect and dribbling milk, rubbed against the table with each powerful thrust.  As the donkey drove in and out of her pussy, everyone knew that it wasnt going to be too much longer before the animal would cum.  You could see the animals big balls swaying back and forth in its hairy sack.  Amalas orgasm was building also.  She grunted like someone had punched her hard in the stomach, every time the cock went in deep.   There was no part of her hole the animals cock had not touched or stretched.

Owiti was very happy at seeing the Indian mother take the donkeys dick.  It was proving to be a great climax to the days fun and games.  Everyone was smiling, grinning, joking and having fun.  The other women looked on in awe and shock.  It could have been them!

The five guests were getting their moneys worth.  They could see that Amala was taking a donkeys big dick and getting ready to cum like the whore she was.  Sweat poured off her.  As the donkey pounded her, she had a stupendous orgasm and screamed like a madwoman.  Like a sword had pierced her womb.  Everyone looked on in wonder; it was a most unbelievable spectacle.  Her tits and nipples provided more amusement because when she came - they became a milk-spraying carousel.

Her response to her bestial rape was more than anyone could have hoped for.   She grunted like someone had punched her hard in the stomach, every time the cock went in deep.  For father and son, the Arabs felt that this was a great bonding experience.  Women are whores, went their thinking.  They all want a bigger dick. What better way to punish a whore than to make her take a donkey cock

An animal cock provided the maximum degradation you could inflict on a woman.  Father and son had gotten erections; and so had Gopal, Harald, Ahmed, Roger and Bruce.  Owiti stood by and felt his own stiff cock in his trousers. Shit, he thought to himself, thats hot.

The beast kept slamming its haunches in and out in and out in a cruel, parody of human sex.  One way to see how hard the donkey was fucking her - it rear hooves scooted forward, kicking up dirt with the force of its powerful thrusts.  The animal was putting its whole weight into every thrust.  Amalas cries left no doubt that the big cock hurt when the animal slammed it into her.  Her husband stood by in shocked silence. 

He was dumbstruck by what he was seeing.  This black man was making his wife do the worst sexual thing a woman could be compelled to do.  The other three women looked on sympathetically, but horrified. It could be me lying on that bench with that cock in me, each woman said to herself.

The donkey got closer to cumming, and by instinct, the animal shoved its cock in as deep as it could.  It instinctively wanted to push the head all the way in, so the cock head could flare and   seal off her hole.  The piss slit in the donkeys cock head pressed right up against the epicenter now.  The donkey was huffing and puffing and kept clomping its rear hooves noisily in the dirt to gain purchase, braying, whinnying and shoving its cock into her fast and hard.

With its arm-sized member buried deep, the donkey filled her totally.  Its tail flicked up and down in a random pattern.  Amala was drooling like an animal too, and not knowing or caring.  In truth, she was out of her mind. 

Everyone watched hypnotized.  Amala wagged her head from side to side; sometimes she rested her face on the bench; other times she stared into space.   Her black hair was all over her face in sweaty strands as the donkey shoved its cock into her with 200 kilos of flesh and bone behind it. 

The beast finally ejaculated, braying.  When it came, it was like a hose had filled her with white slop.  That soon overflowed her hole.  The yellow-white cum shot out around the rubbery black shaft, pumping like a heartbeat.  Each time the beast shoved in - hosing her more - the pressure would squirt cum out of her.  The donkeys ejaculation was so strong that cum sprayed out and splattered all over its balls. 

Cum dripped from its nut sack as well drooling and dripping down the insides of Amalas legs to the ground.  The beast paused, her sex hole stretched tight around its cock-shaft.  The penile contractions slowed and finally stopped as the last drop of cum dribbled into her stretched hole.  Amala felt very full with the huge load of hot cum inside her. 

Then at some point, she felt like the cockhead rotated inside her pussy.  Since the huge cock was tight in her hole without any air gap, it created suction that pulled violently on her cervix and uterus.  This in-and-out pulling made her cum again.  It felt like her womb was being yanked out of her vagina.  It was intensely unpleasant and pleasurable at the same time.  And it made her have a huge uterine orgasm that went on and on; the sensations coursing down her legs and up into her belly all the way to her sternum. 

Her tits began spraying milk when she came too.  The breast on the side the audience faced - the milk was being expressed so forcefully it seemed to pissing milk out of a dozen tiny holes in the nipple.  The milk sprayed from her other nipple in heartbeat gushes.  It was unbelievable.

After this, Amala and the donkey were both panting.  The donkey tried to pull out.  Amala grunted as the animal pulled again and its cock popped out.  The donkey whinnied and shuddered its cock shrinking as cum ran from her stretched hole.  Kibwe leaned down close to her hole.  You could see that she was very open now…and Kibwe mimed putting his hand in her stretched open vagina.  The animals black cock hung down - dripping cum from the tip. 

A huge gush of semen ran from her pussy and splattered on the ground as more ran down the insides of her legs.  The Arabs began applauding.   The donkey got down off the bench.  But the beast was not done.  It still had lots of cum in its balls; so the show wasnt over yet.   The donkey remounted her two more times; each time fucking the shit out of her.

Finally its cock slipped out, the animal dismounted and it was OVER.  Amala, exhausted, simply collapsed on the bench.  She was sloppy from her pussy to her knees.  Donkey cum dripped in a steady stream from her hole.  She was a mess everywhere - her ass, her crotch and her legs.  Her thick hairy mat of black pubic hair was plastered down - wet and sticky.  Owiti ordered Gopal to his knees and Kibwe handed him a bowl to catch the slop that poured from his wifes raw hole. 

They made Amala drink it, and then lick the bowl clean.  Emily was shaking, so was Lisa.  It had been too extreme for any woman, they felt….After the show, the other three women were made to kneel and give blowjobs to any of the guests who wanted to relieve their excitement at what they had just witnessed.  All five men were “on the boil” and came quickly.  Even Owiti took his turn and held onto Lisas long black tresses as she sucked his cock to completion. 

Monday Night

That last night Owiti threw a candle-lit party.  There was iced champagne and lots of food heaped on tables.  And, after much merrymaking, all four women were lined up and made to bend over a table since Owiti had decided on a “going away” group picture.  A long table with all four women all bent over them, and facing the camera, and Kibwe used white cooking fat to lube their anuses.  With each woman having a well greased asshole, the happy guests queued up to get their pictures taken above the row of the women's faces.

And then pictures were taken capturing all the expressions and emotions on the womens faces as they were repeatedly sodomized by the five guests as a “going-away” present.  Each woman got more than one cock rammed up her shitter.  There was no doubt about it, Akeem would have some interesting digital shots to show his brothers and his father's harem when he went home.

Then, the favored guards: Matata, Kibwe, Joseph and Jelani and two of the newer guards got to take their turns buggering the women.  By the time they were done, all four women were in agony.  Their husbands were lined up and their daisies were removed so they could jerk off, if they wanted to.  They all did….

Then Owiti got some even more interesting photos as he went down the line behind the women inspecting their bottoms.  Ambala walked behind him, holding a tray of tampons that had been soaked in the juice of raw, hot peppers.  Owiti inserted one into each woman, in the same orifice so recently used by his guests and the guards. 

The frantic hopping about and grabbing their butt cheeks as well as the mad dash to the latrine afterwards had the onlookers laughing.  Then the serious business of the night began . . . more iced champagne, poured liberally down the womens gullets and used as douches and enemas before they were fucked one last time by the guests and guards. Even Owiti joined in….

Tuesday Morning

Couples, after showers and meals, were driven to the airport for their flights home.  Gopal and Amala drove home…..Owiti counted the money and smiled.  He had developed a very nice little business with his “sex camp”.

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