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Ashley at the Annex

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Synopsis: Ashley is sent to summer camp for weight loss and classes in seduction and sexual sensitivity. (by request)

Ashley (revised)

by Abe

       When her mother died, Ashley was raised by her father, with the help of a series of Latina housekeepers.  When Ashley was 15, her father married Althea, a beautiful, somewhat mysterious, woman from  Europe who was about 10 years older than Ashley.  Althea took over the running of the household, including the financial aspects.  She was obsessive, remodeling and redecorating the house to make it perfect, hiring Mexican gardeners to perfect the landscaping, and sending Ashley to a girls-only private school to perfect her stepdaughter.  Ashley's cocoa-colored hair was bleached weekly to a bright blond, with no dark roots allowed, and her clothes were chosen for her, and her out of school time was filled with music lessons, dancing lessons, aerobics, and other activities calculated to make her attractive to men.   There was no time or opportunity for Ashley to date boys of her age.

        Althea also tried to be the perfect hostess.  Often the dinner guests included single men, mostly successful businessmen or professionals of about Althea's age.  Ashley would be dressed in a cocktail dress, pantyhose, and heels.  Sometimes the gentlemen guests seemed most interested in Althea, but Althea encouraged them to make small talk with Ashley, apparently taking pride in having turned her daughter into a man magnet.

       Althea insisted that when Ashley finished high school she would not be wasting time and money going to college; Althea would find her a suitable husband, a rich one, of course.  A good candidate would be Mr. Paul -– Ashley's father called him Bill -– who was a successful lawyer and a frequent visitor who seemed drawn toward Ashley.  Mr. Paul was a neighbor, and he often invited Ashley to come over and use his indoor swimming pool.  Ashley accepted only once.  She was uncomfortable with the way he watched her in her bikini. 

       And so, when she was graduated from high school, Ashley was sent off to summer camp, a special sort of camp dedicated to making young women more marriageable.  A small plane delivered her and her handbag, the only luggage allowed, to a resort hotel deep in the pine forests of the southeast US.  The hotel was impressive, with tennis courts, a swimming pool, stables, golf course, a lake, and, of course, a private air strip.  Ashley was impressed, anticipating a life of luxury, but that was not to be.  She was picked up by a female driver of an all wheel drive Cadillac SUV and taken a few miles up a single lane dirt track, fording two streams on the way.  Some time in the previous century several square miles of forest had been clear cut and then replanted with precise rows of seedlings, spaced well apart.  Instead of the scrawny lodgepole pines so common in that part of the country, the trees were now huge mature pines with trunks two feet or more in diameter and tops eighty feet or more above the ground.  Little light penetrated the evergreen canopy, and the lower branches were bare and mostly missing.  In the shade, there was little underbrush, and the ground was covered with a deep layer of fallen pine needles.  The track ran between rows of trees and one could look  down rows of trees on either side, like columns holding up a green roof.  The car stopped beneath tall pines at a corrugated steel wall about twelve feet high and painted with brown and green splotches, like military camouflage.  Ashley was directed through a door in the wall.

       The heat and humidity were oppressive, and all Ashley could see was a narrow single story wooden building, mostly windowless, built between rows of trees and probably invisible from the air, especially since  the roof was painted in a camouflage pattern.  It did not impress her as a fun place, as she had been led to believe.  A middle-aged woman in a black pants suit approached Ashley.  “You are Ashley?  I am The Head, but you may call me Ma'am.  If you will follow me, we will get you properly registered.”  Ashley followed her into the building which, it turned out, had air conditioning.  She was given a chance to visit the toilet and was offered a cup of coffee, which she declined.  In an office, Ashley was given several papers to sign.

       “I've already signed these papers,” Ashley said, “and filled out my medical history.”

       “Yes, Ashley, we know,” said the woman.  “However, there have been cases where young women claimed that their signatures were forged, or they were coerced into signing.  We want to make sure you understand the terms of your enrollment and are here voluntarily.”  Ashley thought about “coerced”.  Althea hadn't given her much choice.  Ashley signed the papers, giving away her rights, submitting to vigorous training and punishment if necessary.  Head held up a packet of papers: “And the personality inventory you sent us is accurate, filled out by yourself?”  Ashley answered affirmatively.  “Until you are 18, we will be in loco parentis.  We will treat you as your mother requests.  You will not be able to leave here without your mother's permission.  When you turn 18 and are legally an adult, you may leave if you wish, but you would forfeit the fees, and your family wouldn't want that.  The golden rule applies; he who has the gold makes the rules.  OK?”

       “Yes, M'am, I think so,” said Ashley, hesitantly.  She couldn't face Althea if she failed at camp.

       “Your name, Ashley, will be 14.”  Head opened the door to a small room containing only a box on the floor, a folding metal chair, and a flat screen.  Take off all your clothes and jewelry and put them in the box along with your handbag.  Then turn on the screen and watch the video.  If no one comes for you, watch it again.”

       As the door closed behind her, Ashley was still uncertain.  Slowly, she removed her wraparound dress, taupe, and kicked off her matching high heeled shoes, and stood in her “nude” bra and pantyhose.  Well, there was no turning back.  She unhooked the bra and shrugged it off, dropping it into the box and adding her dress and shoes.  Then she peeled off the pantyhose and the thong she wore under it.  They went into the box, along with her bag, her watch, her rings, and her ear rings.  She was stark naked.  She planted her bottom on the cool metal seat and pushed the power button on the screen.

       “Welcome the the Phoenix Annex of  the Big Pines Resort.”  Images succeeded each other, like a slide show.  “The Phoenix, as you probably know, was a mythical bird which periodically  destroyed itself but was reborn.  You will, figuratively, be destroyed and reborn as a better woman.  You have most likely known a boy who joined the military and went off to training camp and who returned home a man, stronger, more handsome, more capable.  After  training at the Annex, you will return home stronger, more beautiful, able to please the man or woman of your dreams.  In military basic training, the recruit is first deprived of his individuality. His past is forgotten, he is dressed like all the others, and he is subjected to discipline to assure obedience to orders from officers and non-commissioned officers, sergeants.  Demanding physical training and classroom instruction build a new and better man who is proud to serve.

       “As in the military, you will learn to obey, promptly and to the best of your ability.  The staff, like officers in the military, dress in black.”  Ashley imagined Head as a ninja.  “The instructors, like sergeants, will wear blue.  Both staff and instructors are addressed as Ma'am and are obeyed without question.  You must forget your past and live in the present, suppressing your individuality, losing your identity.  You will have no name, only a number.  All trainees are addressed simply girls or a number.

        “You will not speak unless given permission.  If you don't understand, raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.  Failure to do so will result in the award of demerits, which will lead to punishment of one sort or another.  Most especially there will be no chit-chat with other girls.  There are reasons for that rule.  The Annex can only continue if what goes on here remains confidential and you are unknown to others.  No one can embarrass or harass you, on the outside, if they don't know who you are, what your name is, where you live.  Further, they cannot bully you here, cannot say hurtful things, if they cannot speak to you.  If, after your training here, a friend, neighbor, or employer wants to know how your spent your summer, you can say truthfully that you were a guest at the Big Pines Resort.

       “Just as the military has uniforms, so girls here will wear, or not wear, what they are told.”  A picture appeared of slim, pretty girls wearing a sort of classical Greek looking garment, sleeveless, with a plunging neckline, gathered at the waist and ending well above the knee.  “At one time, safe behind the wall, girls trained in the nude, but since certain airplane pilots have learned the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of the annex, you will normally wear something during daylight hours.  If you see or hear an airplane, try to avoid being seen.”  The rest of the presentation featured recorded bugle calls to signal various activities and showed a map of the Annex, explaining about the shaded solar powered LED lights which would mark paths at night.  When it was over, Ashley sat waiting, and when no one came for her, she watched most of it over again.

       Head came in and checked to see that Ashley had put everything into the box.  Then she announced, “Time for your medical examination.  Yes, you submitted a doctor's report that you are physically fit and need no medications, but we must conduct our own examination.”

        All this seemed a bit strange, but did she have a choice? Naked, Ashley submitted to an examination by a gloved woman doctor, dressed in black, who was very thorough, including the pelvic exam and the breast exam, while The Head watched.  She was weighed and measured, all over, as if they were preparing plans for a statue of her.  She was made to stand on a low platform and be photographed, front, back, both sides, with arms raised and arms at her side.  Then the process was repeated, only the room was darkened and a grid of light was projected onto her naked body, generating a contour map.  “Well, 14,” said the doctor, “I don't see any reason why your activities should be limited.  You haven't been very active sexually, have you?  You may speak.”

       Ashley replied, “Yes, ma'am, I'm a virgin, more or less.”

       “You must have experimented, poked things  or fingers into your vagina.”  Ashley nodded.  “And you masturbate, rub yourself down there.”  Ashley shook her head.  “No?  Doesn't every one?  Speak.”

       “They say that's wrong, and I mustn't do that.”

       The doctor smiled.  “A blank slate,” she murmured, “ready to be written on.”  Then, “14, you have no lumps in your breasts, but they seem to lack sensitivity.  You understand we must do something about that.”  Ashley didn't understand, but she said nothing.  “You are 25 or 30 pounds overweight.”

       “No!” cried Ashley.  “I'm the same size and weight as Marilyn Monroe.  I don't need to lose weight.”

       The Head said, “14, that was uncalled for.  One point toward punishment.”

       The doctor said, “Girls, we call all the students girls, don't come here unless they need to lose weight.  You can never be too rich or too thin.  Marilyn Monroe was considered beautiful in her time, half a century ago, but men today would think her too fat.  Our job is to make you beautiful by current standards, and we have only a few weeks to do it.  We are going to make you slim and shapely and sophisticated.”  The Doctor went into another room.

       She returned with a strange garment, somewhat resembling old fashioned  corsets but made of modern materials.  “I think this corrective device should fit,” said the doctor, as she pulled the thing around Ashley's waist.  It was flesh colored, made of nylon and rubber and plastic.  It fitted just below Ashley's breasts and went to her waist.  In front was a stiff busk, which extended from her waist to below her pubic bone.    The sides curved up over her hips, and behind it stopped short of the bulge of her buttocks.  The upper and lower edges were decorated with metal D-rings. The vertical edges met over Ashley's spine and were held together by over-the-center latches, like the ones on old-fashioned galoshes.  As the doctor fitted the garment, Ashley felt the busk flattening her tummy and the rest of the garment compressing her waist and her ribs, right up to her bust.  Ashley raised her hand.  “Speak,” said the doctor.

       “Ma'am,” said Ashley softly, “I can hardly breathe.”

       “You will learn to breathe, 14,” said the doctor, and then she inflated an air tube which ran down Ashley's spine, under the latches.  The additional compression seemed to immobilize her diaphram and to squeeze the last of the air out of Ashley's lungs, but she found she could breathe by raising her ribs.  She noted that with each breath her breasts rose and fell.  A figure eight shaped strap was placed over her shoulders and tightened behind her back, pulling her shoulders backward and further emphasizing her bust.  “Posture is very important,” said the doctor.  “In time, you will learn to hold your shoulders back, and the strap will no longer be needed.  By the time you graduate, when your waist is tiny, you won't need any corrective devices, though you may have developed a taste for them.”

       Ashley stood there,shoulders back, feeling  painfully squeezed, but it was exciting.  “Doctor,” said Head, “I see here her application for admission requests comprehensive training.”

       “Ah,” said the doctor, “then our work isn't done.”  She flicked a switch on an instrument behind Ashley and then held up a smooth black thing like an egg with a tail like a string of spaghetti.  Ashley thought it looked like a giant sperm.  The doctor wiped it with surgical lubricant and slipped it into Ashley's vagina.  Ashley jumped back, surprised and confused.  “Squeeze,” said the doctor.

       “I don't understand,” said Ashley.

       “Another punishment point,” said Head.

       “Do you know how to do Kegel exercises?”  Ashley shook her head.  “Tighten your muscles down there, as if you were trying to shut off a urine stream.”  Ashley tried, while the doctor looked past her to a graphical display which printed on paper like an electrocardiogram. “14, either you are not trying, or you are sexually dead.  Have you ever had an orgasm?  Speak.”

       “I,I,I don't know,” she said with a worried expression.  “I resent your even asking.”

       Head said, “That's it, you impertinent child!”  Her arm swung, and in her hand was a three foot long bamboo cane, which smacked across Ashley's buttocks.    Ashley sucked in her breath and then panted like a dog, with perspiration evident.  Head looked at the graph and said, “Yes, a special student.  May I?”  The doctor held Ashley immobile while Head gave her half a dozen vicious strokes across her bare ass, and Ashley gasped in pain.  Ashley slumped against the doctor, an expression of unbelief on her face.  She felt strange, with unfamiliar feelings and wetness between her legs.

       The doctor, still holding Ashley upright, said, “In my considered medical opinion, 14 just had an orgasm of sorts. 14, can you stand up?”  Ashley straightened up and nodded.  The doctor tore off the paper with its jagged  tracing and put it in a folder.  “You must keep that inside you.  Do not remove it.  If it should fall out, put it back and report to this office at first opportunity.  It shouldn't be more uncomfortable than a tampon.”  Ashley appreciated that she could hardly feel it.

       Ashley was given some pills and capsules to take with a full pint of water.  Then she was given wrist bands with 14 on them, one for each wrist.  The bands seemed sturdy, and each had a D-ring.  Head went to a closet and returned with black rubber wedgies, equivalent to high heels.  Then she handed Ashley a white knit uniform dress, knitted material, basically a long, sleeveless tee shirt.  Ashley raised her hand.  “Speak,” said The Head.

       “No bra?  No panties?” asked Ashley.

       “You will be issued everything you need.  You will probably get a new bra tomorrow.”   A young woman came in.  She was dressed as Ashley was but in blue, and her wristbands had a D.  In addition, she wore a Batgirl-like utility belt, with various pouches,a flashlight, and a swagger stick or whip, depending on what was done with it.

       “Follow me, 14.”  D led Ashley on a narrow trail through the trees,  past the dining hall, and through more trees to the bath house.  It was another camouflaged building between the trees, and it had hinged panels instead of windows.  The panels were lifted and hooked to the eaves, so the walls were only waist high.  Anyone standing outside could see who was inside.

       The bath house contained showers with several shower heads, a few hot tubs with water jets, wash bowls with mirrors, and several toilets, out in the open, not in stalls.  The toilets were strange.  Instead of a round or horseshoe shaped seat, there were two parallel rails.  The user would have to sit with the rails under her thighs and her knees spread.  The toilet bowl was welded metal.  There were three thermostatically controlled handles.

       “There is a water fountain, 14.  Drink as much as you can.”  Ashley did.  “Colonic cleansing is a daily ritual,” said D.  “Is the laxative taking effect yet?  Speak.”

       “Yes, I think perhaps so.”

       “Take off your dress and straddle the toilet.”  Ashley did, near the front, feeling the pressure on the welts on her ass.  D took a rubber tube and placed it over a vertical pipe in the toilet.  “Behind you is a rubber tube sticking up.  Slide back until you feel it.”  Ashley scootched back along the rails, embarrassed to be displaying her privates so much because her knees were  wide apart.  D applied some soap to the tube and helped Ashley to lower herself so that the tube slipped into her anus.  Is seemed so strange, forcing her little rosebud open and sliding inside.  “Don't move, 14.  Turn that handle, just a bit.” Ashley could feel warmish water slowly filling her.  She could not remember ever having an enema, and she dwelt upon the experience as an adventure, experiencing strange sensations as the water filled and expanded her colon.  Suddenly she felt a sharp spasm of her gut, and the pain showed on her face.  “OK, 14, lift your ass off the hose.”  Ashley leaned forward and lifted herself up a bit.  Brown, smelly water spewed forth.  D flushed the toilet, which had a high pressure jet to clear the bowl.   “Now, do it again and again, until only clear water comes out.”  Ashley complied, rinsing her colon three more times and checking the bowl contents before flushing.  She raised her hand.


       “Where is the toilet paper?”

       “No need. Slide forward a bit. Turn that handle.”  A spray of water cleaned 14's bottom.  “Now, turn that handle.”  A jet of water, more forceful than the other, shot between her parted thighs and impinged upon her labia.  In seconds, the force of water parted them, and Ashley squealed and turned off the water.  D laughed.  “Cleanliness is next to godliness.  You will shower when needed and you will cleanse your colon and your vulva morning and night.  Body odor is not desirable.  Alright, you can put your dress on.” 

       D led Ashley down a trail through the trees and and showed her her sleeping tent, number 4.  The tent was green, and a camouflage fly covered it. The sides were rolled up and the front and back flaps were tied back.  Without entering, Ashley could see there were four bunks, labeled 13, 14, 15, and 16.  13 and 15 were occupied.  13 was an older woman, very thick around the middle and so short that her one-size-fits-all uniform reached to her knees and the neckline exposed a lot of her breasts.  15 was perhaps Ashley's age, taller, and she was already skinny.  Her uniform was very loose on her and was barely long enough to cover her cunt.  Ashley sat on her bunk with her knees pressed together.  The bunk was a pipe frame with wire mesh and a mattress which was a plastic covered bag filled with straw.

       A bugle sounded in the distance, and D led the three girls to the dining hall, which, like the bath house, was open above the waist.  D pointed out table 4.  “It's cafeteria style, self serve.  You can take as much as you like, but be prepared to eat what you take.  Wasting food earns punishment points.  Then go to table 4 and stay there until you are told what to do.”

       Ashley looked at the food: fish, brown rice, green beans.  She was about to take a steel tray, when she realized she had no appetite.  The pressure of the corrective device over her stomach reduced her hunger, and there were strange gurgles in her intestines.  Ashley went to the table and took a seat, watching as 13 and 15 and D helped themselves.  A twinge of pain flashed through her abdomen and then she felt as if she had to strain to keep her ass hole closed.  She couldn't, and a brown stain the size of a dinner plate spread across the back of her dress.  Her embarrassment was extreme.

       When D discovered the accident, she led Ashley back to the bath house and made her remove her dress and repeat the colonic cleansing ritual which she had done before.  As  Ashley was going through one more rinsing, Head showed up, carrying her bamboo.  Ashley shuddered with fear.  Head watched sternly as D supervised Ashley's washing off with the other water jets.  “14, stand,” ordered Head.  Ashley stood, dripping water from her bottom.  “D, hold her arms behind her.”  In seconds, Ashley was held immobile with D holding her arms tightly behind her.  Head strode back and forth in front of Ashley, letting the suspense build.  Then the cane flashed down and struck just above Ashley's right nipple, as if to cut it off.  Ashley screamed in pain.  “Another punishment point, for screaming without permission.”  Again the cane sliced downward, striking the left nipple.  Ashley clamped her lips shut, but she could not prevent a sound escaping her.  A third blow was horizontal, leaving a pink welt across both breasts.  Deftly, Head changed her aim point and slashed across the front of Ashley's thighs.  Ashley barely squeaked.  “Well, 14, you are learning to obey the rules, but I'm sure more punishment will be in order.  You may release her arms.”  D picked up the soiled dress and dropped it in a barrel.

       Ashley stood shaking, perplexed by strange tremors inside her.  She raised her hand.  “Speak,” said Head.

       “Ma'am, I don't have a clean dress.”

       “Quite so, 14.  You will have to go without a dress for tonight.”

       “Go naked, with my boobs and butt showing, and all marked up?”

       “Yes, 14, and do learn to ask for permission to speak.”  The cane flashed and left a bright streak across the side of  Ashley's thigh.  Head ran a finger between Ashley's labia and smiled.  “We don't want another accident.  Bend her over, D.”  Ashley was forced to bend over, bending from the hips as her waist was firmly constrained by the corrective device.  She stifled a grunt as Head fiercely forced an anal plug between Ashley's butt cheeks.  It popped past the anal sphincters and would not come out when head tugged on it. “14, you will not remove that except in the bath house.  Understood?”  Ashley nodded as she tried to get used to the thing that was stretching her hole.  “As long as you are bent over, I think a few more strokes are in order,” said Head.  She applied two stokes across the ass and felt Ashleys labia for dampness.  The she applied eight more strokes across the ass and the back of the thighs, which left Ashley helplessly shuddering and unable to stand by herself.

       When D and Ashley entered the dining hall, the girls had finished eating and were waiting at their tables as two from table 1 put the food away and washed up.  All other eyes followed Ashley as she walked to table 4, the pink welts on her tits and ass and thighs visible to all, the butt plug visible to some.  It hurt to sit, but Ashley experimented, squirming on her bench,finding the strange pains somehow interesting.

       16 had arrived, a stylish looking woman of perhaps 25, and she seemed unable to keep her eyes off 14's tits, where the pink stripe was slowly turning blue.

       All the girls, two dozen, were made to watch an instructional video, which explained what sort of behavior men wanted in a woman.  There were little skits acted out, during which the right and wrong ways to make eye contact were shown along with demonstrations of flirty looks with the eyes averted or downcast.  The camera lingered on a girl's heaving breast, as a man's eyes would.  A second video showed how to play volleyball and how to run on one's toes.  It was pointed out that, when running, the heel should never touch the ground.


       It was dark when the girls went to the bath house and dropped their dresses in the barrel.  Ashley saw that not all the girls had the corrective devices.  Some,  the slender ones, wore only a wide elastic belt.  Several wore strange looking bras.  Others had piercings, studs or rings in the nipples or labia or navel. A few had devices which looked like thong underwear.  The early arrivals had the choice of whether to shower first or do the enema thing first.  Ashley and others had to stand and wait their turns.

       Ashley had to shower with her corrective device on.  It was somewhat porous, and with effort she seemed to get the sweat off and finally felt clean.  Ashley was almost alone when she got to the toilet again.  She removed the butt plug, which was difficult, because she could not bend at the waist.  D appeared and gave her a replacement for the soft rubber tube.  It was a larger nozzle, almost like a miniature penis, and it flared at the base so that, when Ashley put her weight on it, leakage was minimized.  Ashley let the water flow into her, then raised her ass and let the contents of her rectum flow out, twice.  Then she sat on the nozzle and the the water continued to flow.  It became more and more painful as water filled her rectum and stretched her colon and gurgled up across the transverse colon.  Intestines are sensitive to stretching, and the pain focused her mind wonderfully.  Ashley closed her eyes, the better to appreciate the pain.  D watched with interest and turned on the third water jet, full on, so it spread Ashley's labia and pounded on her swollen clit.  Ashley screamed and desperately scrambled to get off the nozzle in her ass and get away from the pain of her abused clit.  Water spewed from her ass as she went down on her hands and knees on the bath house floor.  D watched her for a few minutes, then helped her up so she could rinse off and clean up the mess. D helped her to replace the butt plug.

       Ashley did not sleep well.  The air tube and latches in the back of her device made it difficult to sleep on her back, and her tender welts made it uncomfortable to sleep on her front, so she spent a lot of the night tossing and turning on her straw bedding.  The butt plug kept reminding her that she... didn't know, but she couldn't forget it.

       Day 2:  At the first light of dawn, a bugle wakened the girls.  They were herded into line along the fence and made to run the perimeter of the Annex.  Ashley found the wedgie shoes forced her to run on her toes, and her calf muscles protested.  She had worn high heels for years, but she knew better than to try to run in them.

       The sweaty runners then went to the bath house, to shower and perform their colonic cleansing.  Ashley was careful to replace her plug, hoping she would never again leak.  Each girl picked up a clean dress.  They were all one size.

       At breakfast, Ashley tried to eat.  She knew she was hungry, but after running and with pressure on her insides she couldn't eat much.  She forced herself to take her pills and capsules with a glass of orange juice. At each table was a schedule.  The tent 4 girls were scheduled for volleyball first period, but D came and led Ashley to the  administration building.  Head and the doctor made Ashley take off her dress and removed her devices so as to examine her body.  The “sperm” remained inside her, the “tail” hanging down between her thighs as she stood obediently.  The doctor performed a wireless download of the sensors in her vagina.

       “You can see,” the doctor said to Head, “that the heart rate seems to be accurately recorded.  There are several periods where the accelerated heart rate correlated with increased electrical conductivity of the vaginal fluids.  Then here, for example, one can see the classic decrease in pressure as the vagina retracts, pre-orgasmically, followed by rhythmic contractions and a long, slow relaxation.  The conductivity remains high for twenty minutes or more after the relaxation phase.”

       “That would be when I caned her in the bath house.  For her, pain is sexually stimulating.  She implied she did not have orgasms, but perhaps she did not recognize them when she was simultaneously in pain.”  Suddenly things began to make sense to Ashley, the “harmless play” she had indulged in, self bondage, pricking herself with pins, things she thought morally neutral when it would have been sinful to masturbate.

       “And this?” asked Head.

       “That would have been in the bath house,” said D. “She was irrigating her colon but she went way beyond the usual, persisting until she was obviously in pain.  See the slow build up of sexual response. That burst of racing heart and vaginal spasm must have been when I blasted her clitoris with a jet of water.  She jumped off the nozzle and seemed to lose control.  It was messy.”

       “Well,” said Head, “she responds to beating and internal pain, but she needs to be conditioned to respond to more conventional stimuli, foreplay.  Her sponsor, however, wants to avoid vaginal sex, to keep her vagina tight and virginal.”

       The doctor used spring links, like the carabiners mountain climbers use, to connect the D-rings on the wrist bands with her hands behind her back.  Ashley could do nothing with her hands, except to make a fist.   “Stand with your feet apart, girl,” ordered the doctor.  “Wider.  OK, don't move.”  Ashley's  private place was exposed to the gaze of the doctor, Head, and D.  The doctor knelt down in front of Ashley's crotch and parted the outer labia with gloved fingers, examining her anatomy while glancing at the recording instrument.  “Clearly she's anxious; see the heart rate.  But I don't see sexual excitement.”  She gently ran a finger tip up and down the groove and touched the clitoris.  “Hmm.  Might want to loosen the hood sometime.  See, her anxiety is high, but she doesn't find it pleasurable.  We are supposed to insure that she is  sexually responsive.”  The doctor stood up.  “D, see if she will respond to your tongue.”  D took the doctor's place and  expertly performed cunnilingus, sliding her tongue over the pink membranes.  “Still mostly anxiety,” said the doctor.  “Try hurting her.”  D sucked the clitoris between her lips and bit down.  Ashley clenched her teeth and groaned, afraid to pull away lest she have her clitoris bitten off.  “Ah,” said the doctor.  “Stop, D.  Don't want to injure her.  She did respond to the pain.  See the conductivity increase and the muscle twitches.”  Turning to Head, she said, “Shall we explore her responses further?”  Head nodded an affirmative.  In truth, Head was getting wet down there also.  The doctor went to a cabinet and returned with a tube of Ultra Strength BENGAY, “nongreasy pain relieving cream.”  Ashley was not familiar with it, but as she read the label she was reassured that it wouldn't hurt, was meant to relieve pain.

       When the doctor used two fingers to apply the cream the whole length of Ashley's vulva, actually rubbing it in under the hood of her clitoris, Ashley went stiff and screamed through clenched teeth.  The “pain relieving cream” burned painfully, like boiling water, though in fact it caused no harm.  The doctor looked at the graphical read-out and smiled as she slipped another dollop of cream into Ashley's vagina.  The doctor, Head, and D all watched the recording instrument, observing the the turmoil in her cunt as described by the internal sensors.  Minutes passed, and Ashley writhed and gyrated as much as she could without moving her feet.  There was no indication she would go over the edge.

       Impatiently, Head stepped up and grabbed Ashley's nipples, pinching and twisting and pulling, taking Ashley to another level.  Then the doctor pulled the butt plug and inserted BenGay covered fingers, massaging Ahley's vagina through the vaginal wall.  Still, Ashley seemed hung on the edge, until the doctor withdrew and Head applied the cane to Ashley's ass. That did it.  Ashley groaned and collapsed, even as vaginal juices sprayed forth.  She lay on the floor, knees drawn up, rubbing her inner thighs together, her crotch gleaming with sex juices.  Head's crotch was wet, too.  “I think she has reached milestone one,” observed the doctor.  “The engine runs.  Now it's a matter of easier starting and fine tuning and perhaps a boost in power.”

       Ashley was in her own world for half an hour, unable to respond to orders until the pain from the BenGay and the endorphin rush, like a dose of drugs, subsided.  When the three women judged that 14 was ready, they made her resume her legs spread standing position and replaced her corrective devices, inflating the air bladder until she could barely breathe.  The doctor came out of another room with a curious strapless bra.  Each cup was clear plastic, rigid with a number of rubber plugs in it and shaped like a 1950's “missile nose cone” bra.  Marylin Monroe might have worn such a bra, but to Ashley it was bizarre.   The doctor put the bra on Ashley, and it was evident that, while it fit well around the base of each breast, the internal volume was greater than the volume of her breast, so that, if she ran, her breasts would flop around inside the rigid cups.

       “Pain or pleasure?” asked the doctor.

       “For starters, minimum pain but enough stimulation to condition her,” replied Head.  The doctor slipped a large hypodermic needle through the rubber plug over Ashley's right nipple.  He connected a hose from a vacuum pump to the base of the needle and started to extract air from the plastic cup.  Ashley watched as her right breast began to swell, looking larger than the left, and the nipple grew, too.  The doctor withdrew the needle and repeated the treatment on the left breast until it matched the right one.   The cups were still far from full, and the doctor could tell from Ashley's expression that the treatment was not unpleasant.  They unhooked Ashley's wrists and returned her uniform dress.

       D guided Ashley through the rest of the day, activities including weight lifting, playing Frisbie, more running, more volleyball.   By nightfall, it was clear to Ashley that other girls were also getting special attention.  16 wore one of those devices that resemble a thong, but in the shower it was evident that it contained a penis shaped  object that randomly stimulated 16's vagina and required periodic battery replacement.  She also had newly pierced nipples with shiny barbells in them.  15's asshole seemed permanently dilated.  13, the stocky older woman, was already showing the result of her corrective device, showing the beginning of a waist.

       Her second night was also restless.  The weather was hot, and she was wet with sweat.  She could see it collecting in her plastic bra, which made finding a comfortable sleeping position even more difficult.  Like the butt plug, it kept reminding her that... well, that she wasn't at home.

       Day 3:  Before the early morning run,the girls were given slippers with no heels, but inside the heel of the slipper was a rubber cushion with little spikes in it.  Any weight on the heel of the foot would drive painful points into the flesh.  The girls had to run on their toes, not letting their heels touch the ground, and  they would have to walk the rest of the day on their toes.  Ashley did better than most, making the entire circuit on her toes, but some of the girls collapsed in tears.  Their strained calf muscles just would not continue to support them.  Many tried to struggle on by walking on the sides of their feet.  The sergeants in blue did not tolerate that and encouraged the girls with their swagger sticks applied to flesh at high velocity.

       With so many stragglers, Ashley was through the bath house and at the dining hall before most of the girls.  The morning and afternoon schedules included lots of exercise; volley ball, throwing and catching a heavy medicine ball, rope climbing, an obstacle course. The girls began to be sorted out, according to athletic ability.  13, who was overweight and underpowered, left the tent and was replaced by 8, a short haired, muscular woman about six feet tall, who reminded Ashley of the stereotypical dyke.  Of course, since communication was forbidden, she could not know.

Day 4:  It was not until the afternoon of the following day that 14 was ordered to report to the doctor.  The sensor readouts showed no orgasms the previous day, though there were short periods of excitement which corresponded to periods of pain, as when 8 knocked her down, seemingly by accident.

       “When you ran this morning, 14, or played volleyball, did it have any effect on your breasts?  Speak.”

       “They tend to flop around in the bra, but it's not painful, Ma'am.”

       “Was that pleasant?  Speak.”

       “No, not especially pleasant, but it kind of prevents boredom.  I'm always aware of my breasts.  The nipples seem to be stretching.”


        “Can't have you bored, can we?” said Head, who had entered the room unnoticed.  “Do you think we have been too hard on you, too cruel?”  Ashley said nothing.  “Speak.”

       “It's not what I expected, Ma'am, but I suppose it is for my own good.  If it's what my stepmother wants, I guess I have to go along with it.”  Head watched as the doctor increased the suction in the bra and increased the pressure which was giving 14 a “wasp waist”.

       “Your mother e-mailed me, inquiring about your progress, which I said was satisfactory.  She says she wants you totally submissive and obedient and totally responsive sexually, but “virginal.”  You may have noted that many of the girls have piercings, body jewelry, but your mother says your nipples should be kept natural looking but made erect and sensitive.  Perhaps she doesn't realize the difficulty.  She requests that you wear your ear rings, and leaves open the option of clitoral decoration, if that won't spoil your sexual response.  She did have a specific request.”  Head looked at her watch.  “Perhaps tomorrow.”  She handed Ashley the ear rings she had worn to The Annex.

       The evening meal was a choice of liquids, low fiber protein drinks.  The after dinner video instruction was cooking lessons.  Some of the girls looked exhausted from their exercises.

       Day 5:  Only some of the girls participated in the morning run.  The more fit ones, including tent 4, trainees 8, 14,15, 16, were taken to some stables hidden away in the forest.  14 and 15 were fitted with a bridle and bit, the bit forcing the jaws apart, as if each girl were a horse.  The were given blinders, which meant they could look only directly ahead.  There were a number of light, two-wheeled racing sulkies, two bicycle wheels, a seat and footrest for the driver, and a  metal tube extending forward.

       8 was assigned as 14's driver.  She made 14 straddle the metal metal tube, which was supported by a strap attached to the D-rings on the busk of 14's device.  Reins were attached to the bit.  The girls still wore the slippers which forced them to run on their toes.  By then the runners had cleared the perimeter track, and the several “pony girls” were made to race around the course.  8 cracked her buggy whip to start 14 going.

       Ashley was better than most, but 8 was larger than most, and the added weight slowed the sulky.  The strap supporting the metal tube between her legs  pressed against Ashley's labia as she pulled it forward, which caused some discomfort and seemed to direct Ashley's attention to her reactions to the pressure, dampness, swelling.  She began to drop behind, slowing  for short intervals to relieve the pressure on her sensitive pussy.  8 cracked the whip so that the supersonic tip touched 14's buttock and was rewarded by a surge in speed.  Hoping to win, 8 applied the whip more and more, until her pony collapsed in the pine needles, shuddering with an orgasm and spilling 8 out of the upset sulky.  After a cooling down period, the girls exchanged places.  It was 14's chance to encourage 8, but they won without much need for the whip.  Afterward, 8 put her arm around Ashley, as if to say “good work” or, perhaps, “I've got you, girl.”

       In the bath house, 8 caught up with Ashley before they put their dresses on.  Ignoring the other girls, 8, who towered over Ashley and wore only an elastic belt, took Ashley's head in both hands and forced her to kneel.  Ashley found her face pushed against 8's cunt, and 8 made it clear, nonverbally, what 14 should do.  14 licked 8's clitoris until her face was splashed with liquid.  She was released and allowed to wash her face before lunch.

       After lunch, Ashley was taken to the doctor's office.  The doctor removed the corrective devices and the rigid bra, leaving Ashley naked but for the slippers and allowing her a sense of freedom, and ability to take deep breaths.  Ashley had long since lost any sense of shame or embarrassment at standing there nude. 

       Head appeared and asked if the bra was still boring.  Ashley nodded affirmatively.

       “Would you like to see how some of the other girls avoid boredom?  Speak.”

       “Yes, Ma'am.” 

       Head led Ashley to a canvas covered enclosure from which came  joyful  classical music.  Head took her inside.  A “sergeant” was running a merry-go-round, like the ones in amusement parks, but smaller, with only half a dozen horses. Five of the horses were occupied, with girls astride the saddles with their feet secured to footrests.  The empty horse shocked Ashley.  There was a rubber dildo sticking up from the saddle!

       Head led Ashley back into the building to one of many small rooms like the one where Ashley viewed the video.  It was dark inside, until Head opened the door, and Ashley could see inside.  A girl was spread-eagled, her wrist cuffs clipped to ropes from the ceiling and her ankles fastened to the floor far apart.  Three motor driven devices, like “Weed Eaters”, were placed around her, and the motors turned on at seemingly random intervals.  As the motor started, cords flew outward from a wheel  and lashed against the girl's ass, cunt, or tits.  Ashley appreciated that it was not simply to inflict pain, though it must be very painful, but the effect of darkness, timelessness, helplessness, and random pain would drive the poor girl mad, perhaps.  It was part of that process of breaking down a girl's identity that was referred to in the video.

       Ashley recognized 13 in the second room.  She was strapped down on a table and wired to various instruments and boxes.  She was receiving electrical shocks to her arms and legs, isometric exercise of her large muscles and her back and abdominal muscles, underneath her corrective device.  13 was grunting through a gag and sweating profusely as she burned the fat off her body.

       At the third room, Head said, “This room is for you.”  Ashley shivered with fear.  The room contained one of those strange operating tables, and 8 was waiting for her.  Head watched as 8, evidently instructed beforehand, strapped 14 to the table and moved the leg supports apart so her victim's pubic mound, no longer covered by the busk, was fully exposed.  Head said, “14, your mother requested that your pubic hair be removed.  Shaving is so impermanent, and electrolysis is so boring.  To make sure the hair stays gone, it is necessary to destroy the hair follicle.  8 knows how to do that.

       Head left, closing the door behind her.  The room was well lighted, and 8 spent a minute simply looking at 14.  Then she pulled off her dress and bent down to kiss Ashley on the lips.  Ashley did not know how to respond,so she simply lay there and allowed 8 to have her way with her.  8 moved and licked 14's breasts and kissed the now erect nipples and even sucked them, one after another, squeezing the breast tissue and even gently biting.  Outside, Head watched the video monitor and smiled.  Perhaps a bit of video should be sent to 14's mother.  However, much as 14's tits needed teasing, it would take a while to depilate her.  Head went to the door and just opened it a crack, then closed it.  8 took the hint and directed her attention to  14's pubic region.

       8 used tweezers to grasp and lift one of the curly hairs.  With the other hand she took a small pencil-type soldering iron, hot enough to melt tin, and applied the sharp as a needle tip to the root of the hair, actually penetrating a millimeter or so into the follicle.  The hair sizzled and curled, and steam rose from the obliterated hair follicle, leaving a brown burned spot.  Ashley, of course, did not remain quiet.  8 threatened her with a ball gag, and Ashley resolved to stifle her cries of pain.  The process, of course, was repeated hundreds of times, producing hundreds of burns.  Ashley closed her eyes and focused on the burning pain, losing track of the numbers and even forgetting to groan and flinch as her flesh was seared.  8 could see that 14's labia, not yet burned, were swelling and getting wet.  She put down the iron and used both hands to pinch and twist 14's nipples.  Her victim bucked her hips, sighed, and relaxed.  8 continued, removing all of the triangle above Ashley's cunt.  It was time to proceed to the labia and beyond, and, to assure accessibility, 8 pulled a cord down from the ceiling and placed a clamp on the end over one lip.  When she released her grasp on the clamp, the cord, tensioned by a weight over a pulley, lifted the lip upward.  8 looked at the formerly hidden inner lips, bright pink and wet with secretions.  She fingered her own labia for a minute and then resumed the task of burning off 14's cunt hair.  This, too, took some time, as 8 repositioned the clamp as necessary and worked her way down toward the ass hole.  Twice more she diverted to the nipples, even burning 14's breasts, and marveled how 14 responded, actually squirting pussy juice from her cunt.

       When she was done, Ashley's pubic reason was hairless but covered with hundreds of tiny scabs.  The doctor came in and painted her pubes with “second skin”, a clear plastic covering which protected the burns and prevented bleeding.  Of course it stung, going on, but the doctor could see from the sensor outputs that 14 found that thrilling.  The doctor used probes and forceps to pull the hood away from the clitoris.  She could tell it was painful, as 14's vagina spasmed orgasmically.  While Ashley couldn't see what was going on, she felt the doctor hurting her.  The doctor used a thing like a leather punch, and Ashley saw stars as the doctor punched a hole though the clitoral hood and fitted a plastic grommet in the hole.  No raw flesh was exposed, and no blood leaked, and the plastic eyelet, like the eyelets for shoe laces in shoes,  guaranteed that the pierced hole would never close.  Healing would be swift and painless.  The doctor slipped a metal thing, saddle shaped, over the clitoris under the hood and then passed a threaded metal rod, about the thickness of a pencil lead, through the grommet so it could be screwed  into a threaded hole in the saddle.  Finally, a shiny plated ball screwed onto the rod.  The doctor held up a mirror.  Ashley, who was slowly recovering from pain induced “subspace”, could see her hairless outer labia and the shiny ball showing outside them.  When she was released from the table and allowed bring her thighs together, her hairless “peach” was ornamented by the shiny ball, and when she touched it, it was like touching her clitoris, thrilling.

       The corrective device went back on, followed by the plastic tit sucker.  Head came in and asked about 14's nipple response.  “Is there a good way to assure erect nipples without piercings?  Her mother doesn't want her disfigured.”

       “Easy,” said the doctor.  She prepared a syringe with a long fine needle.  “You can see how the vacuum makes her nipples swell.  We can make that more or less permanent.”  Ashley watched as she slipped the needle through the rubber plug opposite her right nipple.  The fine needle slipped into the nipple almost painlessly.  She injected an amber liquid, less than a milliliter, but Ashley felt the burn, which subsided before the doctor had finished injecting the left nipple.

Ashley could see her areolae were more convex, and her nips were like little fingers.  As the burn subsided, she was still aware of a feeling, almost tingles, which did not seem to lessen with time.  By the time she was dressed and at the dining hall, she found she could hardly forget her nipples.  She would pull at the neckline of her dress and look, amazed at her erect nipples.


        The after dinner lessons had to do with oral sex, first video instructions and then practice with soft dildos strapped on other girls.  Ashley felt strange, wearing a strap on and having a nameless girl suck it, and she had to suck someone else's rubber dick, but her preoccupation with her new nipples distracted her.  For some reason she did not feel humiliated or perverted doing something, cock sucking, that she would not have dreamed of a week earlier.

       Back in the tent, newly washed and without her dress, Ashley tried to get comfortable on her bed.  D appeared and handed a strap-on to 8 while pointing to 14.  8 snatched 14's butt plug and without foreplay thrust the dildo into 14's ass.  In the dim light of suffused moonlight, 15 and 16 watched silently as 8 easily rearranged 14 across the bed and fucked her ass vigorously.  Ashley could not fight back, and she put up with the more or less public rape in a stoic manner.  The assault wasn't painful; she was used to having her shithole stretched, but... well it did excite her.  D somehow communicated to 8 that she should turn 14 over.  8 sat on the bed with 14 on her lap, impaled on the dildo and lifted up and down on it by 8's strong arms.  D reached between 14's knees and placed a Tazer-like device against the shiny ball.  14 howled in pain and, obvious to all, had a violent orgasm.  “You mustn't scream, 14.  You will wake up the other girls.  Punishment time,” said D.  She applied the device again, and Ashley nearly fainted, overcome by the combination of pain and passion, her vagina contracting violently. 

       Day 5:  The pony training changed.  She and some other girls were stripped totally naked, no corrective devices, and fitted with fancier bits and bridles with colored plumes.  The butt plugs were replaced by plugs with colored horse tails, same color as the plumes.  14 was red.  The slippers were replaced by rubber things like horses hooves which fit over the toes and ball of the foot, leaving the heel five or six inches in the air.  The sulkies had double shafts, so the pony was between the shafts, holding them in her hands.  They were driven by another girl, who were fixed up to look pretty.   Back and forth they paraded, sometimes in high-stepping posturing and sometimes in real racing sprints, which caused the ponies to gleam with sweat.    Ashley knew her clitoral jewelry would also gleam and be obvious as Head recorded the events with a video camera. The whole thing seemed to Ashley to be an excuse to  make videos of the prancing ponies, supposedly enjoying their status as animals.

       Afterward, head and the doctor replaced the corset-like corrective device, newly adjusted to fit more tightly, but they left off the rigid plastic tit covers.  “When you came here,” said Head as she fingered Ashleys erect nipples, “your breasts were insensitive, just useless bumps on your chest.”  She took a handful of breast and gently squeezed.  “Now, I can see from the sensor readouts that your breasts are properly sensitive and wired to turn you on.  You must play with them from time to time, or we will have others play with them, so that you become attractively responsive to them.  You should be able to have an orgasm when a man plays with your boobs, and he will be pleased.”

       More days passed, one more or less like another, so that Ashley was losing count.  She went days without speaking, never complained when others made her exercise to the point of pain or display herself in ways she would have found humiliating before coming to the Annex but now accepted as common place.  Her muscles grew hard as her weight decreased and her waist became smaller and smaller.  When she ran, freely or pulling a sulky, her breasts would bounce, and it felt good!  As a pony, she could no longer pull a single-shaft sulky, as the strap between her legs, pressing on the ball over her clitoris, would painfully drive her to an almost instant orgasm.  She had to exercise with the double-shaft sulky.  At night, she could put herself to sleep by pinching her nipples or rubbing her “metal clitoris”.  The usual mental activities; conversation, reading, watching TV, were absent.  She lived as an animal, thinking only of the various sensations of her body.

       Her life changed when she was summoned to see The Head.  “Tomorrow is your eighteenth birthday, and you will have to decide whether to stay here or leave.  Your mother and father are coming to visit you on your birthday, so we must get you ready to see them.”  Ashley's hair was bleached and permed, with waves of blond hair  cascading down to her shoulders.

       The following morning, the corrective device came off, and the vaginal sensors came out, and she performed her morning cleansings, internal and external, especially well.  After breakfast, D spent some time on 14's make-up, nothing blatant, but some mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, blush, and subtle lip stick.  Ashley was dressed in the wraparound dress she wore to the camp, which wrapped around more as her waist was smaller.  She put on the  high heels, but no pantyhose or bra.  The bra was too small, and the underwear would have pressed on  her shiny ball and left her continuously wet, if not actually orgasmic.

       The all-wheel drive car took her to the Big Pines Hotel.  Her erect nipples rubbed against the fabric of her dress, and her butt plug and pierced hood reminded her of her sexuality.  She knew that she was looking good.     At each bump, the shiny ball bounced up and down, stimulating her clitoris.  She lifted her skirt, so her bare ass pressed against the leather seat.  By the time they arrived at the hotel, Ashley was breathing hard and  concerned that her pussy juice had left a wet spot where she had been sitting.

        She met her father in the huge lobby.  “Happy birthday.  You are looking really pretty,” he said enthusiastically, “downright sexy.”  Ashley smiled.  She seemed to have gotten out of the habit of talking.  “Sit down,” he continued, “I have some good news and some bad news.”

       “Where is Althea?” asked Ashley.

       “She is gone.  She ran off with one of her dinner guests.  I think they are in Switzerland.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that she had bankrupted us.  The bank accounts are empty.  The credit cards are maxed out.  The bank is about to foreclose on the house.  They repossessed the Mercedes.  I was a fool to let her handle our finances.”

       “Then why did you send me to The Annex, if you couldn't afford it?”

       “Well, we didn't actually pay for it.  Bill Paul has been paying your tuition.  Althea promised you to him.”

       “What did she promise?  What am I supposed to do?”

       “Well,” explained her father, “you know how she was always talking about arranging a good marriage.  You know that she thought Bill Paul would be a good catch.  We had to promise that you would live with Bill, not married, perhaps, but, you know, as his woman.”

       “You pimped me out to a shyster lawyer!” Ashley shrieked.  People's heads turned.

       “Shhh!  Keep it down,” said her father, “and hear me out.  I'm bankrupt, and I'll lose my job, unless I get help.  Bill says he can take care of my troubles, avoid my being homeless.  He's put up a lot of money, not to mention your tuition, and I owe him.  He wants you.  He wants a trophy wife, young, good looking, arm candy and, of course, sexy.  He doesn't want a bitchy female lawyer or a greedy paralegal who wants his money or a woman like Althea, who thinks being beautiful justifies anything.  He doesn't want some woman off the streets, a loser with STDs whose boy friend has dumped her.  He can't find what he wants on the web.  He wants you, pretty, virginal, biddable, as they used to say.  He's had his eyes on you since he first met you, and he's been slipping Althea money for most of that time, in return for her saving you for him.  He'll treat you well, as long as you please him.”

       Ashley sat and thought.  She didn't want to be responsible for her father's ruin.  She didn't have a lot of options, if she struck out on her own.  She was barely dressed, had no money, had no skills.  She couldn't simply call a cab and go somewhere.  There was nowhere to go.  She looked at her father.  “Tell, me,” she said, “how long have you been in on this?”

       “I didn't really pay attention to what Althea was doing, until things began to get unraveled, and it was obvious Althea had spent more than I could ever pay.  She had already lined up Bill Paul, and you were about to graduate, and sending you to summer camp seemed like a good idea.”

       “And Althea arranged for me to be trained as a pony and to have my breasts injected and... all those things they did to me?”

       “Actually, that was Bill, using Althea's e-mail account.  Althea encouraged him, saying that if he didn't make you into his dream woman before you were eighteen, he might miss his chance.  He has been following your progress.  He's seen the videos of your pony training and the piercing of your clitoral hood.”  Ashley realized she had nothing to be “modest” about.  Perhaps her father had seen those things, too.  She had no secrets.  “He e-mailed that your mother and I would come to visit you, but of course, it was he and I.  Althea is gone.”

       “He is here, to see me?”

       “Yes.  Will you see him?”

       After a brief pause, Ashley said, “Yes, I suppose I must.”

       Her father stayed in the hall when Ashley entered Bill Paul's suite.  She saw him, sitting by the glass doors to the balcony, with all those big pines in the background.  He was dressed casually, but expensively, and he really was handsome.  He stood and moved toward her.  “Ashley, you are looking better than ever.”  Ashley knew that.  Her wraparound dress was snug around her slim waist, while her nipples made visible bumps in the bodice.  She let her lips part slightly and gently shook her long blond hair, striking a Marilyn Monroe pose.  “Your finishing school at the annex has prepared you for a new career.  Are you prepared to come home with me?”

        “If I say yes, what will become of me?”

          “We will live together and travel together, and you will love, honor, and obey me.  You will be hostess for me when I entertain and more or less run the house.  You won't lack for anything you want or need, and I will straighten out your father's problems.  If it all works out, and you keep your good looks, we can get married at some point.  You  are eighteen, now, and you are free to choose.  So, tell me, will you be mine?”

        She tried to imagine alternatives.  Nothing else made sense, especially since her father was bankrupt.  She realized she would be Bill's whore, but  Althea had taught her that, beneath it all, all women are whores.   Ashley drew a deep breath. “Yes, Master.”

       He smiled and moved closer.  “Before we go down for lunch, my dear, we have some time.  Is there anything you would like to do together?”

       “I am at your disposal, Master.  What would you like to do with me?”

       He began to unwrap her dress.  “I have an urge to spank you until you come, and then to fuck your juicy cunt.”

       “Yes, please, Master.  I would like that.”

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