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Hannah's Humiliation

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Synopsis: A boss learns about slavery and humiliation

"Jeff!", he heard his boss, Hannah, call from her office, through the partially open door, "get in here, now".

Jeff heaved a mental sigh, as he finished the email he was writing. Far from being work related, he was emailing his online submissive.

In addition to my other instructions, girl, everytime you hear the
word 'Therefore' this afternoon, is another 20 minutes you cannot use the
-Sir J

Reading over the text one last time, he hit send, his girl had been forbidden the toilet since her 10 am break, and she was unlikely to hear anyone say 'therefore', it wasn't a usual word. But the fear would tease her deliciously.
With that thought in his head, and a smile on his face, he headed to his boss's office, to let her wipe it off. Again.
Gently, he knocked on her partially open door, poking his head around.
"You wanted to see me, Hannah?", he asked.
"come in, shut the door", she said, brusquely, barely taking her eyes of the computer screen.
Heaving another mental sigh, Jeff walked in and pushed the door closed, taking a seat in the guest chair before her desk.
While she read whatever was on her screen, he took a second to look at her.

Hannah was a pretty woman. Not stunning, she certainly couldn't stop traffic, but she still had a face that intrigued, blue eyes that hinted at hidden depths, and soft auburn hair that casceded done to her shoulders in soft waves.
He could see she wasn't overly well endowed...a b cup, he decided, at most.

Looking up, he met Hannah's icy blue eyes, now focused on him.
"Jeff", she said, crisply, "what the fuck do you call this?"
And with that, she dropped his latest report onto the desk.
"That's my report on emerging technology trends, Hannah", Jeff said, evenly, knowing what was coming. It was always the same with Hannah. The report didnt' cover somethign she though was vital, or it didn't delve deep enough, despite the fact she'd asked for an overview, or some other reason his work was deficient.
"You asked for a report covering off trends in the smartphone and tablet market"
"You wrote a frigging review of the iPhone", Hannah snarled at him.
"Hannah", he said, paitently, "the iPhone is currently leading the smartphone market, Any report of that market will therefore feature the iPhone heavily".
As Jeff finished his sentence, he noticed something strange. Hannah flinched.
Not majorly, almost unnoticably, but, she flinched.
"That's...not the point", she stumbled out.
Jeff couldn't believe it, she stumbled while dressing him down. That was unheard of.
"You can't just focus on Apple", she said, hitting her stride again, "there ARE other smartphone makers out there, you know".
Jeff decided to experiment.
"You asked for a breakdown on trends, Hannah", he said, his own voice sharpening.
"IF you'd read the conclusion, you'd see I wrote 'While this report seems Apple centric, Apple have been the leader on most of the latest trends. Therefore, any discussion of trends will feature Apple very heavily' "

He couldn' t miss it this time, Hannah visibly flinched as he spoke. With a dismissive gesture, she waved him away.
"Just rewrite it, please, and include some more information about the other manufactures"
Jeff stood up, as predicted, his smile was gone.
"Fine, you will have a first draft by tomorrow"
Head held high, he left the office and returned to his desk.

9pm, that night

Jeff was just putting the finishing touches on the new report when Hannah's office door opened, and she stepped, cautiously, out of her office.

"Jeff?", she said, suprised, "What are you still doing here?"
Hannah made her slow way over to his desk, walking a little stiffly, and wincing, when she leaned back against the desk next to his.
Jeff made a noise of exasperation.
"You wanted the trends report redone, remember, Hannah?", he said. "It's Monday, this needs to go to the General Manager by Wednesday, which just leaves Tuesday to make any changes needed. Therefore, I have to get it done now, if you want to review it, which I can only assume you do"

She was clearly taken aback at his tone, but rallied with,
"Make sure you email me a copy before you go home".
Spinning on her heel, she started to stride towards the door, only to check herself almost immediately and start to walk slower.
Jeff turned his attention back to his report, then almost immediately, he heard a thunk of something hitting the floor. By the time he looked over, all he could see was Hannah running out the door.

For a moment, Jeff wondered if there was something he didn't know about Hannah, remembering her running to the bathroom at about three forty, then, with a smile, he dismissed the fantasy and turned back to his work.

10:30 pm
Jeff walked into his house and put the mail on the table. By the time he'd finished his report, it had been late enough, he'd just grabbed some food on the way home.
As he was about to head into bed, he heard his computer ping.
Sitting down, he found an email from his girl.

Sir J
Here is your girl's daily report, as ordered. She began her day by showering,
and shaving herself, as per her grooming instructions. She got dressed,
inserted her butt plug and went to work. She had a quiet morning, and, at
her 10:30 bathroom break, she removed her plug and put on her panties.
Sir, she would like to thank you for allowing her to do this, it makes her
feel more normal. She got your email in the afternoon, and had to delay her
3:00 bathroom break, because, when she was chastising one of her useless
subordinates, the little worm said 'therefore' twice. Your girl delayed her '
bathroom break till 3:40, then she took her panties off and put her plug
back in. Sir, could your girl ask for a bigger plug? Her ass has adjusted to
her current one, and it's very difficult for her to walk without it falling out.
Your girl is going to do her ten minutes of daily masturbation now, Sir, and
hopes you will let her cum on the weekend.
She wishes you a pleasant evening, Sir J

Jeff rubbed his eyes and re-read the email. It SEEMED like his girl was actually his boss, Hannah, but, he couldn't afford to assume.
Hitting reply, he began to compose his own email.

I am pleased that you have been following your rules. However, there are a
few things that need to be addressed. First, your morning bathroom break is
at 10, not 10:30. Do not make this mistake again. However, you did well, in'
following my instructions, inluding the 'Therefore' rule I gave you for the
afternoon. I'm pleased with you on that score.
Unfortunately, there is another issue we need to address. You have been
my girl for only a few weeks now. In that time, you have done reasonably
well, but you have also expressed a continual desire to be my slave. A slave
does not refer to people as 'useless', nor does she denigrate her
subordinates with appelations like 'worm'. As a punishment, you are
forbidden a bra at work for two days. In addition, Tomorrow, when you
speak to any of your subordinates, you will address them by the
appropriate title and their surname. You, however, will insist they use your
first name. As their manager, girl, your subordinates deserve your respect.
As my slave, and that's what you claim to want to be, you are
required to show that respect to all others.
On the subject of your plug, girl, you are not yet ready for a bigger one.
I want you to learn to walk without this one falling out, and to use your ass
muscles before I give you a new one.
You are doing quite well, girl, overall. Aside from your attitude, you are well
on the way to earning a cum this weekend.
Have a nice night
-Sir J

Jeff read over his email a second time, making sure it said what he needed it to.
If his girl was actually Hannah, he'd know tomorrow, and her addressing everyone by surname would raise some eyebrows, but not cause her any major issues. It would also be a good test of his girl, whether she turned out to be Hannah or not. He'd been able eo ascertain very early that she derived a lot of self-esteem and pleasure from being in charge, unfortunately, she also took out her frustrations on her staff. Her characterisation of her employee as a 'worm' was typical of the way she thought about them. If she was really going to work as a slave, and he was starting to hope she might, he'd have to address that.

Smiling again, Jeff headed off to bed.


Jeff was sitting in the break room, eating his lunch, when he heard the explosion in Hannah's office.

-Wow-, he thought, -she's really going to town-

As he'd expected, Hannah had been playing least in sight all day, but the few times he'd seen her, she'd been almost aggressively addressing people by their surnames.

It looked, however, like the dam had finally burst.

You STUPID cow, Hannah raged through the wall, “what the HELL were you thinking”? “You know what?”

“ I don't even care. Get your ass OUT of my office NOW”

As the rant ended, Hannah's office door opened, and Melody dashed out. Blonde, sturdily built and only about five feet tall, she dashed towards the stairs, her fist clenched in front of her face, as if she was holding back tears.

Jeff immediately felt like a heel. It was his fault that Hannah had unloaded on Melody like that. He'd set her the task that had wound her up and he'd done it, knowing that it would wind her up. In fact, that had been his goal.

Without another thought, he dashed for the stairs, catching Melody around the second floor.

"Melody", he said, when she'd stopped. "I overheard some of that....spray. What happened"

Melody looked at him, clearly fighting for composure.

"I missed a deadline", Melody began, "I told her three d..days ago that I was having trouble, and...and she promised me help, but never got anyone to help me".

Jeff listened, a compassionate look on his face, but inside, he was seething.

While he was responsible for turning up the dial on Hannah's Bitch'o'meter,  she should have arranged for some help for Melody, who was a recent university graduate with very little experience.

"Come on", he said, gently, "let's go grab a coffee and you can tell me all about it"


**1 hour later**

Jeff marched into Hannah's office.

"Hannah, I need to speak with you"

Hannah looked up, the anger still very much evident on her face, as she spat,

"What  do you want, Mr Gold?. I have a lot of work to redo before the end of the day, after Melody's mistake. I dont really have time right now".

Jeff paused for a second to marvel that she could fulfill his order to address employees by their surname and STILL invest it with a full measure of scorn.

His own temper had been doing a slow boil since he'd spoken to Melody, and no small amount of guilt had been stoking it.

HIs temper snapping, Jeff slapped his hand on the desk, noting, in that absent minded way, that Hannah was clearly not wearing a bra, and met her icy eyes with his own brown ones, lit from within with the fire of his anger.

"Melody was crying her eyes out in the stairwell for fifteen minutes, Hannah. Half the office heard what you yelled at her, and the other half has heard it by now. Three people have already tried to get her to log a complaint with HR, and I barely talked her out of quitting. You need to fix this. Now."

Jeff realised, somewhat belatedly, that his voice and tone, harsh and angry at the beginning of his little speech, had slowed, and taken on that tone of command he recognised from nights at the fetish clubs.

The ice in Hannah's eyes had hardened further, when he slammed his hand on the desk, but, by the time it had finished, she was pressed back in her seat, her face had softened, and her nipples had made two small tents in her light blue blouse.

With a monumental effort of will, Jeff pulled himself back into the corporate drone headspace he'd assumed every day for the last two years and stepped back from the precipice.

"I...I'm sorry", Hannah stammered, "but, this work is so important, and Melody *knew* that..."

"This is NOT her fault, Hannah", Jeff cut her off, "You were in charge and you should have checked her work a week ago, or gotten one of us to.

You need to apologise to her, publicly, and fix this".

At that, Hannah started forward, shock and fear overriding her momentary submission.

"I will NOT..." she began to say, when Jeff cut her off again.

"You will", he said, his voice iron hard, "or I'll go to HR myself.  Your call".

With that, Jeff turned on his heel and walked out of her office, feeling all the eyes on him, as he walked to his desk.

Five minutes after Jeff resumed his seat, Hannah's office door quietly opened and her face, still subdued, peeked out.

"Melody", she called, clearly, but with a slight quiver in it, "Can I speak to you, please?"

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