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Sandra's Fantasy

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Synopsis: A forty something woman fantasizes about submitting to a young girl.

Sandra's Fantasy

By Tappy McWidestance and Sandra

Synopsys: This story comes from a reader's fantasy about how a woman's secret desire to be dominated by a younger girl leads her on a submissive adventure.

Editor's Note: This story is written from multiple points of view. I will list at the start of each section which character's POV is being used. As you might expect, we will start with Sandra, a 40-somthing divorced executive whose fantasy is the basis for this story.

I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of Lisa Jones (you can find her stories on this site) for her help in editing and continuity. This story turned out better because of her.


*** Sandra's POV ***

My name is Sandra and this is my story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty and the satisfied. I'm in my 40s and still turn heads, at least if you're interested in a mature blond with a curvy figure. If you want a 22 year old hard body, I'm not it. That is my daughter. I was married, but that is over now. If I was a man you would have said my career caused too much stress on my marriage. I am an executive and work long hours. I am driven by success and take no prisoners in the workplace. I close million dollar deals before lunch and inspire terror in my staff in the afternoon. I'm not proud of the second part of that confession but my relentless drive for success compels me to drive my direct reports hard. All day long I'm making the big decisions and as they say, that's why I get the big money.

In hindsight, I should have treated my husband more like a partner instead of an employee. Eventually he strayed to get what I wasn't giving him. Of course that meant I also got the better part of the divorce. I kept our house and got sole custody of our daughter. She was in college at the time and didn't spend much time at home so I was really on my own.

At first, I simply drove myself harder at work. 70-80 hour weeks were the norm. My laser focus on business kept me from thinking about just how pathetic my personal life had become. I didn't have many friends and my business acquaintances mainly just tolerated me. I tried dating a bit, but my domineering attitude turned off my potential suitors. I turned to the Internet and a few dating sites, but rarely had a man ask for a return engagement after we went out one time.

I tried to cut down my work schedule and actually take weekends off. It was a novel concept for me. I tried to start doing "normal" things around town like going to community events, working out at a gym, visiting the nearby parks and going anywhere I'd be surrounded by people. I was trying to jump start a social life and trying to get involved somewhere. I even signed up on Facebook. I'd steadfastly ignored all social media before, but I had to do something. Soon I was on Twitter, although I think only my daughter followed my tweets. In short order I was on other sites creating a full blown on-line persona complete with virtual friends who didn't judge me on my tough exterior.

Surfing the net on weekends became a bit of an obsession for me. I'd get home after work on Friday, eat a quick dinner and settle in for exploring the virtual world. It was during one of these sessions that I happened upon an erotic story website. I'm certainly no prude sexually and my vibrator had been almost my only source of sexual pleasure since the divorce, but reading porn was new. My husband and I had not been terribly adventurous when it came to our lovemaking. Of course I always directed him as to how he should perform. Again in hindsight, my passive aggressive nature in bed probably led him to seek comfort elsewhere. But I digress.

Over time my Friday nights turned into masturbation night. I would read a story to set my mood. I frequently chose stories about women who were walking on the wild side and cheating on their husbands. I guess I was subconsciously wishing I was the cheater and not the cheatee. After reading a few stories I would retire to my bedroom for a session with my vibrator. It wasn't romance, but my body needed the release. My pussy would already be wet. I always resisted the urge to finger myself while sitting in front of the computer. I found waiting until I was in bed seemed to heighten my mood. I would then turn out the lights and slowly tease my body driving my arousal higher. I would close my eyes and think about the story I'd just read imagining myself doing all of the things the female characters did in the story. I'd play with my nipples, rolling them between my fingers and squeezing them just right. I'd run my fingers across my clit, up and down my slit and eventually inside my now dripping pussy. I'd role play being in the story and my fantasy character was brought to climax over and over until I couldn't stand it anymore. Then and only then would I take my vibrator, turn it on full force and slide it into my needy pussy. I'd give myself 15-20 good strokes until I was right at the peak and then pull it out and hold it firmly against my clit.

That never failed to give me an instant climax. I thrash about on the bed imagining what I must look like. I never climaxed that way with a man. Eventually when I calmed down I'd wonder just how a man would react if he saw me cum that hard and where could I find a man who could make me climax that well.

So that was my life. My daughter, Rose, graduated from college. I figured she would be living at home which might put a crimp into my Friday night "relaxation therapy" sessions as I called them. She did briefly which caused me all kinds of new stress having to time my pleasure around her schedule of being gone, but surprisingly she found a job quickly and announced she was renting a small apartment two towns up the highway. My daughter is a very smart girl. She is very athletic and has the kind of hard body look I could only dream of. She works out at least 2 hours a day to stay that way and when she chose her apartment I found that it was less than a block from a 24 hour gym. Two months after graduation I had the house to myself again. I celebrated with fresh batteries in my vibrator.

It was during my mental foreplay for that night of one-handed sex that I made another discovery. The title of a story in the bondage section of one of my favorite story sites caught my eye. I'd read a few other bdsm stories but they all sounded so farfetched and were so poorly written that they never did much for me. This one was different. For the first time I could connect with the submissive in the story. It was about a submissive guy who was very powerful at work, but paid a mistress to degrade and humiliate him after hours. That night in my bed I made the first connection about giving up the power I always felt from being in control at work and giving it to someone else. I came as hard as I ever had before.

It also started me down a path which brings me to where we are today about a year later. I still work too hard and am always stressed during the week. I still have not found a soul mate to share my life with, although I do date occasionally and try to get out on the weekends. I've even slept with a couple of men I've seen for more than one date, although none of the experiences relieve my stress as well as my submission fantasies and vibrator do. Reading the stories led me to click on a banner ad on the story website for a video site which specializes in humiliation of female subjects. After watching a preview I was off to bed with new ideas to dream about and a very wet pussy begging for attention. Again I had a noisy, convulsing orgasm and soon after I joined the website. The full videos were spectacular but I found that watching them on my 19" LCD monitor left a lot to be desired.

That week at work I overhead one of the office tech guys mentioning he had just build a home theatre PC and was extolling the virtues of it. Normally I would not have even given him the time of day, but it struck me that I have a 55" TV in my living room. Perhaps I could view my websites on it. I think I startled him when I brought up the subject. My office reputation precedes me wherever I go. He was nice however. I think giving him a chance to geek out helped break the ice. I told his theatre PC sounded good and asked where I could get one. He told me he purpose built his for about $1300 and volunteered to do the same for me. Price was not an issue so I quickly jumped on his offer. He told me it would take about 2 weeks. I wrote him a check for $1500 telling him the extra was for installation.

It took three weeks because I only wanted installation on a weekend but soon I had a wicked fast PC running through my flat panel. It could render HD video with no problems, play Blu-Ray discs, was hooked up to my surround sound and had a wireless keyboard so I could control everything from the comfort of the couch. He didn't know it, or maybe he did, but he had built an Internet masturbation addict's dream.

Although Friday night was my customary "me" night, I made an exception that week. Believe me, watching naughty videos on the big screen gave them a whole new meaning. It was also the first time I masturbated while watching the show, instead of retiring to my bedroom. I was so drawn in by the images flashing before me that I began playing with myself right on the couch. Later I would beat myself up for doing it, but caught up in the moment I couldn't help but slide my hand inside my panties.

I found my love tunnel slick with need. I imagined myself replacing the girl in the video. I was on my knees in a bar. A stern woman was directing the bar patrons to use my mouth for their pleasure. My throat was dry, but my pussy was wet. Soon my saliva glands began to go into overtime filling my mouth as I held my throat in my hand like the woman in charge was doing to her sub in the video. I pictured man after man forcing his cock into my mouth and then spraying my face with his seed. While one hand held my neck, the other was busy down below. My fingers we doing a dance across my clit and my arousal was building fast. The woman now directed her charge to bend over a bar stool and the men took turns fucking her from behind. This was too much for me. I erupted as spasm after spasm coursed through my body. My climax lasted over a minute as I rocked back and forth on the couch eventually sliding off the cushions and onto the floor. My body continued to enjoy mini-cum aftershocks as I sat watching the action, although not touching myself. Sitting on the floor in a puddle of my own goo I decided the new PC was the best investment I'd ever made and I knew that Friday nights would be spent in the living room from now on.

And they were. Over the next few weeks my setup became more elaborate. I would light several mood setting candles and always dress in silk lingerie. I'd have a few glasses of wine and have some soft music on while reading a few stories to get me in the mood. I'd then switch to video. I'd try to hold back from masturbating as long as I could. Usually this was at least 5 whole minutes. <lol> But soon I'd be soiling my panties and fondling my breasts. The story was always the same. Regular hetro video didn't do much for me but one where a woman is submissive would leave me panting. It was at this point I started thinking that maybe that was what was missing from my life. That maybe my life of always being in control needed to be challenged for me to find true happiness. I came soon after thinking that. Whether my climax was the result of that thought I don't know, but from that point on I was preoccupied with the concept of finding somebody to submit to.

Unfortunately that is more of a challenge than it would seem, at least in my town. I tried a couple of Internet chat rooms which specialize in BDSM, but none of the people I met seemed to fit the bill. Not that I didn't receive many offers, but they all seemed creepy and untrustworthy. I decided that finding a master probably wasn't in the cards. That Friday night I once again went through my living room ritual. The candles, the wine, the soft music, the lingerie and then bondage chat, stories and video before finally blasting off. I didn't realize it but I had left the first floor windows open that week. I'd been airing out the house and forgot to close them. As fate would have it, that simple mistake set in motion a series of events that would change my life.

*** Rose's Point of View ***

Since before I graduated college I had dreamed of being out on my own. My mother was hard to live with. We got along fine and loved each other, but her workaholic nature and constantly being under stress translated to an unhappy home environment. I knew as soon as I could I would move out. Fortunately the opportunity presented itself quicker than I thought. My brief time at home after graduation was actually better than I had remembered summers and break periods from the last few years. I couldn't put my finger on it, but my mom seemed more relaxed on the weekends and in better spirits. Still I figured that was temporary. As soon as the next important project started at work she'd be back to her old self so I got an apartment and set out on my own. I figured I would still visit as time would allow since I wasn't far away. But as soon as I started my own business career, I began to understand some of the stresses my mom was under. I'd always been a hard worker in school and I found the demands in the workplace were even tougher. I didn't work as hard as my mom, but I still worked a lot of overtime and could feel my social life slipping away. It was a struggle to make ends meet. I didn't want to have a roommate which meant limited discretionary spending. In fact, not going to clubs and other places where twentysomethings gather was putting a deep crimp in my sex life. College had been very free and easy when it came to sex and now that I was in the real world I missed my casual hookups. Sure I could have walked into a bar and within no time walked out with a guy for the night, but somehow that didn't seem responsible anymore. I was looking for a relationship now, although my resolve had been dwindling as the days without sex turned into weeks and then a month.

It was my lack of recent sexual expression that led me to be outside my mom's house that Friday night. No, I wasn't going to a bar with her to cruise for guys. I was meeting my best friend Jeannie who lives next door. Growing up Jeannie and I were inseparable. She had also just graduated but was still living at home for the time being. I figured I'd make a surprise visit at my mom's and then head next door. As it turned out, I was the one who got the surprise.

I parked in front of Jeannie's house and then walked up my mom's walkway. For all the money she earned, she still lived in a modest Cape Code house in a middle class neighborhood. I loved the house as it was the one I grew up in and the maintenance wasn't too bad for her. Anyway... as I walked up the short path leading to the front door, I heard sounds I wasn't expecting to hear. Clearly they were the sounds of sex. More specifically, I heard the sounds of a woman begging to be fucked. What the heck was going on? I could see a flickering light from the picture window which dominated the living room. The dining room on the opposite side of the door appeared dark as did the bedroom windows upstairs. I cautiously continued to the door.

The source of the sounds was definitely the living room as I noticed the window was open about six or eight inches. Instead of ringing the doorbell I felt compelled to peak through the window. The blinds were shut, but a steady breeze had them swaying a few inches. What I saw stunned me. On the screen of my mother's TV was a young bound woman. Her wrists were tied behind her back and she was wearing a ball gag in her mouth. If that wasn't shocking enough, her partner was another woman. I couldn't believe my mom was watching this. There had to be some kind of logical explanation. The second woman was behind her bound partner. She was clearly fucking her. As the camera angle changed I saw she was indeed wearing a large black strap-on. I'd heard of such things but never seen one.

The second shock of my evening came when I heard my mother moaning in time with the bound girl. My mom's couch backed to the window so it was more of a challenge to see her as opposed to the TV. I crept through the bushes being careful not to be heard, but I doubt she would have even noticed if I knocked on the window at that point. I tried to get an angle that would let me peer through the blinds and see the couch. It seemed to be a failing effort until a gust of wind moved the blinds an extra couple of inches. I didn't get a good look, but I could see candles on the coffee table in front of the couch. I also saw two stocking covered legs resting on the table. They were spread fairly wide and it was obvious what my mom was doing. To say I was surprised would be the understatement of the year. I was also shaken by the revelation. I didn't have the courage to ring the bell and interrupt her. As quietly as I could, I exited the bushes and sprinted next door to see Jeannie.

She was her usual bubbly self without a care in the world when she opened the door. I knew I was shaking and visibly upset. We made it to her room before she asked what was bothering me. I should have been a little less forward, perhaps, but I couldn't help blurting out "I saw my mom masturbating to lesbian porn."

"Really?" Jeannie asked.

"Really," I replied. "Worse than that the girl was tied up. I don't get it."

"I don't believe you," said Jeannie.

"Go look for yourself," I told her. "The window is open. She's in the living room."

Jeannie didn't say another word. She just walked out of her bedroom. Her family's house is also a two story and her bedroom is over the garage facing out house. In fact my bedroom faced hers. In high school we would talk to each other for hours out the window. From her room I could see her creeping across our front lawn. It seemed like she was there for a long time, but it was probably only a minute or two before I saw her sprinting back across the lawn. Less than 20 seconds later she was back in her room, her breathing labored from her run.

"What happened?" I asked her.

"I ding-dong-ditched her," she said.

"Real mature," I replied. "What did you see?"

"Well, everything was quiet when I got there. I looked through the window and the TV was still on, but it wasn't playing any video. She must have been on the Internet because the screen was displaying a website. I couldn't make out which one. I figured you caught her as she was finishing and was probably in the bathroom freshening up. That's went I decided to ring the doorbell to make her worried."

"That wasn't very nice," I told her. "I wonder what site she was looking at."

"Do you still have a key to the house?"

"I do. Why?"

"We can sneak in and look at her history. I doubt she clears it each time she, ah, let's her fingers do the walking."

I playfully hit Jeannie on the shoulder. "That's mean."

"Seriously. If you want to know what she's up to, we sneak a peek when she's not home. You'll learn all about her."

I didn't like the idea of spying on my mother that way and I told Jeannie that. She told me if I changed my mind, she'd be glad to help. I told her I wasn't going to change my mind and that we should get going before my mom noticed my car. She agreed and we headed out on the town. We didn't speak again of my discovery but we made a date for the next Friday night.

Arriving at Jeannie's house, I once again planned a surprise visit to see my mom. I had talked to her during the week and nothing seemed different in her demeanor. I convinced myself her behavior was a onetime thing after she accidentally stumbled into the porn website. That night I didn't hear anything. I noticed the windows were closed as I walked up to the house. Just like last week all the windows were dark except the living room which flickered. I snuck into the bushes. I couldn't see anything, but if I placed my ear right up to the glass, I once again heard erotic sounds. This time it was of a spanking and moaning that in my mind I positioned as coming from the couch. I think I was more shaken than the week before. This behavior wasn't a onetime thing. It was something my mom must do on a regular basis.

I headed next door again. This time I asked Jeannie how we could do some recon on my mom. I felt compelled to know what this was all about. Jeannie volunteered to sneak into the house when my mom left for work on Monday and see what she could find. I told her I had to work and couldn't be here. She said no problem that I just needed to give her my key. I did and we headed out for another girls night. I drove so my mom wouldn't see my car if she happened to look next door.

At the club we danced and had a few drinks, but I really had sex on the brain. Jeannie was teasing me about how sexual my mom had become. Still frustrated by my own lack of recent sex, I let some guy pick me up for what I knew would be a one night stand. Jeannie told me to go and not worry about her. She said she would hook up with someone or take a cab. She said she'd email me Monday with what she found out.

*** Jeannie's POV ***

After Rose had first come to my house distraught over finder her mom masturbating, the wheels in my head began turning. Rose didn't know that I preferred the company of women and I immediately began to plan how to use the information about her mother to my advantage. I lied a bit when I told her I didn't see anything that first night peeking in her mom's window. I saw plenty and I heard plenty. I heard her mom cum just as the girl on the screen came and then I saw the screen pause and lingerie clad woman walk across the room and either into the kitchen or bathroom. I only saw her mom from behind, but I have to say, for an older woman, she still looked good.

I told Rose I didn't recognize the website, but I certainly did. My other best friend and occasional partner Nicole, was an aficionado of the darker arts of bondage and submission. In particular she loved taking a straight woman and introducing her to Sapphic delights. Rose's mom was perfect for her. Nicole had shown me the website dear old mom had been watching. It featured submissive lesbian pictures and videos and also had a message board and chat feature which Nicole used to find her conquests. I wondered what other secrets were held in mom's computer and knew I had to find out.

I was a little disappointed that Rose didn't go for my initial suggestion for a sneak and peak, but was thrilled when she changed her mind. The fact that she gave me her key so I could do it on my own was even better. I left the club just after she walked out with her worthless man, had a copy of the key made for myself and called Nicole. She was waiting at my house when Rose's mom left for work Monday.

*** Nicole's POV ***

When I first received Jeannie's phone call I was very excited. Having inside knowledge of this woman would make my conquest easy. Jeannie had sent me a picture of the target she had from some picnic. She was beautiful as was her daughter. I knew Jeannie was making plans to capture the daughter as I was making my plan of attack for the mother. I knew mom would be easy and I hoped I could help Jeannie along the way. We'd been together a few times sexually, but I could sense Jeannie didn't have the sub mentality, something I require in a partner. We had fun together but she was really just a distraction when I didn't have any of my sluts handy to service my needs. The thought of having a mother and daughter slave pair, however, really had my juices flowing.

The first step was to get into the house which Jeannie thoughtfully provided. If Rose only knew what she was about to unleash on her mother she never would have handed over the key. It didn't take long to access the computer. She didn't have a password for the default user. The browser history confirmed what Jeannie suspected. Mommy was very naughty and a member of my favorite site. She had thoughtfully saved her username and password so we could access her account. I quickly sent myself a private message so I'd have her contact info and then deleted the evidence. We couldn't get her password so we began to look around. We carefully searched her hard drive for a passwords file but came up empty. I suggested we search her home office area but that turned up a blank too. I had to see her bedroom and we found a stash of sex toys, all pretty standard I must say a bit disappointedly, but no record of her user accounts and passwords. We were getting ready to leave and I was shutting down the computer when I accidently knocked the wireless keyboard off the coffee table and onto the floor.

Jeannie laughed at my clumsiness, but it turns out it was a fortuitous accident. Sandra1965, as I learned was her online name, was old school. Her usernames and passwords were taped to a card on the bottom of her keyboard. A quick click with my cell phone camera and her online life was mine. I felt a rush of excitement and adrenaline as I took the picture. Soon I would have another loyal rug muncher serving my insatiable need. If all went well her daughter would be joining me too. But right now those needs needed to be tended to and Jeannie was the only other person in the room.

Ever since we walked in the door and I first saw Sandra and Rose's pictures on the wall I knew I had to have them. As Jeannie and I explored the house my lusts were only fueled higher. Now with her online persona unlocked, my fires had been lit and had to be quenched. Jeannie didn't have a wild submissive streak in her, but I knew if she got horny enough she was willing to play. Now was the time to find out if her quest for Rose was having the same effect on her that Sandra was having on me. I started by leading her back into the kitchen. She seemed a little confused, but a wry smile on her face told me she had at least an inkling as to what I was up to.

I quickly kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants. If she had any doubts they were gone. My panties were next and then I hopped up onto the granite countertop. I didn't say a word. I just spread my legs and then spread my pussy lips. Jeannie looked at me as if to say "you really think I'm going to eat you just like that?" I pointed toward my pussy. She hesitated.

"Come on, Jeannie," I beckoned her. "I know thinking about having your own slave has your motor running. You can do this for me."

She didn't move right away but I could feel her will to resist me draining. I was right; she was horny enough to play my game, at least for a little while.

*** Jeannie's POV ***

Nicole's words cut me like a knife. I'd never admitted to her how much I actually enjoyed our occasional games where she took charge. She never really made me submit, at least not like the other women I'd seen her seduce, but she was definitely in charge. She was right. Thinking about having Rose as my personal sex toy did have my motor running. I needed relief as much as Nicole did, maybe more. Why did I drop to me knees in front of her? Maybe it was a subconscious need of my own to experience what I was about to do to Rose. Maybe I was secretly more submissive than I wanted to admit. Maybe I was just horny. No matter the root cause, I found my tongue buried deep inside Nicole's tasty pink pussy. Once engaged, I didn't think about why I only thought about how. How was I nibbling her naughty bits? How should I use my tongue and fingers to get her off? How much pressure did she need today?

My own pussy began to ache and demand attention. I stood up with a glistening face to a chorus of "you're not done yet," to which I replied "I know. I'm just taking off my own pants."

Quick as a flash I was back between her strong powerful thighs only this time the fingers of my right hand were busy in my own dripping pussy. Nicole held my head tightly against her mound either in a fit of possession or because she was about to cum. I worked my clit furiously in an effort to cum when she did. Alas I lost that battle. Nicole always gets exceptionally wet when she climaxes. She doesn't squirt, per se, but her pussy floods with her love juice. Whenever she cums with me it's always with my face between her legs and I always stand back up glistening. Today was no different except for the addition of my own determined effort to join her excitement. I was very close when I felt her pulling my head up indicating I should stand. I begrudgingly stopped masturbating and stood up. Nicole was smiling and thanked me for my oral skills.

"How about you return the favor?" I asked her.

"No, I think you should just masturbate in front of me," she replied. "You're close and I want to watch."

This was a new wrinkle for us. We'd only had sex a handful of times and she always made sure I came. She never asked me to perform for her before. We were in uncharted territory, but I was too far gone to worry about the consequences. Immediately my hand found its way back over my clit as I turned to face her.

"It turns you one to think of having Rose between your legs, doesn't it?" Nicole asked.

I had to agree, although my confirmation was a nod of my head instead of actual words.

"I knew it. I'm going to help you achieve that, but from time to time you will have to help me. Is that acceptable?"

Again I nodded.

"I've got a plan for the mom, but I will need your help. Once we have her, your precious friend will soon be your slave."

My fingers were flying as I looked into her eyes. She was still sitting on the counter. I was standing before her my whole body shaking with precums. I'd heard her order her slaves not to cum without permission and tried to hold back my orgasm in case she gave me the same command. She didn't, but I almost wish she had. When I couldn't hold back any longer I let out a loud guttural moan as my pussy clamped tightly against my invading fingers. Nicole clapped with joy at my wanton display of orgasmic pleasure. I had to lean forward against her thighs to keep from falling as my climax consumed me. The thrill of exposing myself to her only magnified my pleasure and I knew I'd have to do this again. If Nicole played her cards right she'd have three new slaves, although I still had no intention of giving up Rose.

After I finally calmed down Nicole asked if I thought our arousal smell would last until Sandra got home. I chuckled thinking how much I'd like to see her face when she got home and her kitchen smelled of happy pussy. I figured it would dissipate by then, but it was a nice thought.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I got home from work Monday stressed, tired and horny. Part of me wanted to watch another movie and have another session with my finger, but another part of me said Friday's were special and if I played with myself during the week, I would lessen the impact of my mind blowing Friday nights. I decided I'd try to be good. I went to the kitchen to fix dinner. Something seemed out of place, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Moving through the rooms of my house I felt like something was wrong but I didn't know what. I decided it was in my head and made dinner.

After I ate I turned on the TV to relax. But I couldn't find anything interesting on my 250 channels. I watched the power button on my PC calling me. No videos I kept telling myself. Have some control. I then started to barter with myself. OK, no videos, just a story or two. That became, maybe a spin through the message board, which quickly became maybe an online chat. I was determined not to masturbate and certainly not to light candles and dress myself up. But I did find myself lurking in a bondage chat room.

At first I was just watching the messages go by. Perverts I thought. Dominants and submissives of both sexes trying to convince an online "friend" that they were the perfect match. Requests for private chats. Promises of sexual satisfaction beyond compare. I had a couple of men try to draw me out of lurking mode by saying they were subs and wanted to know if they could serve me. My handle showed my gender but unlike many of the people in the room, did not indicate a positional preference. Then a message popped up from someone called Mistress D. It was addressed to the entire room but it was asking if there were any submissive women who wanted a private chat. I watched as the offer slowly scrolled up the screen as new messages appeared. I resisted replying because in my growing state of arousal, I knew I wouldn't be able to stop if she ordered me to do anything. Hell, she was probably some lonely teenage boy in his parent's basement and not even real, but curiosity and hornyness got the best of me and I quickly typed, "Yes, Mistress D. How may I serve you tonight?"

It was the first time I'd every really came out as a sub, even if it was anonymous. I'd chatted with a few people but tonight was different and I knew it. Mistress D quickly replied and told me she's started a private chat. I joined and soon she was interrogating me about every aspect of my life. How old was I? Was I married? Did I have kids? When did I realize I was a sub? How long had I been a sub? What experiences did I have? What experiences did I want? On and on it went. I told her my life's story. My needs and desires flowed out of me. If she was some pimply kid I would have died in shame, but I felt so right telling her everything about me. I told her my panties were drenched and my pussy ached to be touched. She told me no, not yet.

Of course I could have put my hand down my pants. There was no way she would have ever known. But I felt compelled to obey her. She had me describe my fantasies. I was being drawn deeper and deeper into her web. And then the connection stopped. Whether it was a glitch or she had logged off I couldn't tell. I posted in the general chat looking for her and read every message for at least an hour, but she was gone. I couldn't take it anymore. I turned off the PC and TV and sprinted to the bedroom. Had I been paying better attention I would have noticed my vibrator and dildo had somehow changed direction in my nightstand. I always left them perpendicular to the drawer so they wouldn't roll around but now they were parallel. But I was not noticing details at that time. I was only concerned with getting my dildo into my pussy and the vibrator on my clit. I did both in record time and came almost immediately. I wasn't the big all consuming climax I grown accustomed to on Friday nights, but it was pretty damn good. I was left breathless on my bed, still wearing my clothes, my skirt just bunched up around my hips and my panties just pulled to the side. I must have looked like a wanton hussy sprinting into the bedroom and just fucking myself, I thought. I chuckled and peeled myself out of bed so I could take off my work clothes and grab a shower.

I watch that damn chat room for another couple of hours that night, but never saw a post from Mistress D. Thinking she was lurking I posted a couple of messages asking if she was out there. I got plenty of replies, but none from her and that was who I wanted. I didn't know it yet, but I had already swallowed the bait and she had already set the hook.

*** Nicole's POV ***

I may be young, but I have a lot of experience dominating older women. Young women too for that matter, but I like a woman with a little experience under her belt. Especially straight women who I can convert to a life of lesbian decadence. Older women know what pleases them and are not afraid of doing things which make them feel good. It has been my experience that younger women, while more experimental up front, don't necessarily know what they need. That makes my job harder.

The moment Jeannie described Sandra I knew exactly what she needed, even if she didn't. My initial chat with her confirmed that. I didn't give her my real name. At least not yet. My last initial would be good enough. When the time was right, she would meet Jeannie as Mistress S. But that was weeks away. Now I just had to bring her along until she would be begging to do my bidding.

I knew Sandra would be trolling the message boards looking for me and I knew her pussy would be wet the entire time. I'd seen that reaction before. I was counting on it. I had watched her mournful attempts to contact me. It took willpower not to answer, but in the long run, it had to be done. No doubt, she spent the entire weekend watching the chats. That was fine. I'd let her do that. I wanted her desperate for contact from me. I'd let her stew a few days in her juices. Monday if she was online, I would contact her. If she wasn't, then it wasn't meant to be.

*** Sandra's POV ***

As the weekend dragged on I grew increasingly despondent over Mistress D's lack of communication. I had no idea where she was in the world so I had to keep a vigil at my computer. She could have been in any time zone and I didn't want to miss her message. I spent the weekend like a hermit not seeing the outside world and having no contact with anyone. I slept in short naps on the couch with the speakers turned up to alert me if any messages came through. I was getting worn out.

Finally about 1am Monday morning I forced myself to go to bed and get at least a few hours of real sleep before going to work. I decided Mistress D was not interested in me. Monday dragged at the office. I was still very tired, but at least focusing on my job kept me from thinking about her. Once 5pm rolled around, however, it wasn't possible. Driving home all I could think about was Mistress D. I decided that I would give her another chance in the chat room and if she wasn't around, I would look for someone new. Fortunately there was a private message waiting for me.

"I've been thinking about you. Login for another private chat at 11pm tonight." - Mistress D.

My heart leapt and even though I was exhausted, I knew I'd have no problem staying up. The second chat was even more explicit and soul probing that the first. I felt like I was being interrogated by the CIA, but I joyfully gave up all the information she requested. She ordered me to masturbate for her and describe every juicy detail. She wouldn't let me cum until I agreed to email her a picture. At that point I was too far gone to care so I did what she asked. True to her word, she then allowed me to cum. I felt like such a slut watching the screen waiting for permission to cum. I was sure I had just sent my picture to some lonely guy, but I didn't care. Even if Mistress D wasn't real, my orgasm was and I was OK with that.

After I calmed down, I realized the chat had gone cold. Mistress D had not typed anything for several minutes since giving me permission to cum. I hoped she had not disappeared like during our first chat. I asked if she was there and she responded quickly that she was but had to "take care of something." I hoped that meant she had been as excited as I was. I asked if she would send me a picture of herself and she told me to check my email. A few minutes later two pictures arrived. One was a picture from the neck down of a woman wearing a leather corset. She was very powerful looking. If that was real, Mistress D was a no nonsense woman who was probably both feared and respected. Immediately I felt a gush between my legs. The second picture surprised me. I was a close-up of a very wet pussy. The caption read, "You've done this to me. I look forward to the day when you will taste this and give me more satisfaction than my finger did tonight."

Oh how I prayed these pictures were real. I responded back telling Mistress D thank you, but she was gone again. Looking at the clock I realized it was 1am again. I had to get some sleep. The next day I took the risky step of logging into the chat board from work. Alas there were no messages and none were forthcoming that night. Against I felt desperate for contact from her, but she was playing on her schedule. Wednesday night my heart leapt as the private message once again instructed me to login at 11pm. There was something special about that time.

Once again Mistress D dove into my psyche and once again I came very hard. She claimed to have cum also which made me happy, although I could not confirm whether she had or whether she was lying. She told me that on Friday night she wanted me to continue with my ritual video watching and masturbation session. She said I should journal what I felt and experienced and to log on at 1am and tell her. I didn't question why she wanted to move our chat back 2 hours. I was grateful she was allowing me a movie night. I had been tempted all week to log into my favorite video site but I didn't want to without permission. I immediately made plans for myself seduction.

Thursday sailed by at work. I made sure to go to bed very early to try and catch up on some sleep so I would be well rested for Friday. At lunch Friday I took myself to my favorite lingerie store and treated myself to a new Merry Widow for tonight. It was black and I looked very sexy in it, if I do say so myself.

When I got home I took a little nap waking up at 7pm. I fixed a sandwich and got out all my scented candles. I quickly turned my living room back into my seduction chamber and then changed into my new lingerie. I was already soaked by this point and I had not even touched myself. Mistress D had not given me explicit instructions on whether I was allowed to cum or not, but I assumed I was OK since she knew what my Friday ritual entailed. I fired up the PC and sat down on the couch to being pleasuring myself. I was surprised to find a PM waiting for me.

"Sandra," it began. "I know you will not be able to hold back your orgasm until I join you at 1am. You have not been suitably trained for that yet. But do try to hold back as long as you can. We'll work on your self control later."

As seemed the case in everything, Mistress D knew every detail about me. I was determined to prove her wrong. I could have skipped my Friday session, but all that would have done was prove I could frustrate myself. No, I had to do a regular night of porn and masturbation and hold out as long as I could. I started with an erotic story. It was the tale of a teacher seduced by her students. It was good and it kept my pussy purring nicely. Then I switched back to video and my plans of restrain went quickly by the wayside.

The movie I picked "at random" featured an older woman groveling at a younger girl's feet and then being spanked for being such a dirty slut. Of course this hit home and quick as a flash my fingers were working full speed over my clit. The camera work was so good I could almost reach out and touch the submissive woman's wetness as she got off on her punishment. Like her I was getting close from myself abuse when the woman's mistress pushed an ice cube into her steaming pussy to slow her down. I wasn't willing to go there, but I was determined to not cum at least until the woman in the video so I pulled my hands away from my pussy. It was one of the most difficult things I'd ever done. I continued to watch in rapt attention as the girl brought the woman to the edge over and over but wouldn't let her cum. I resorted to sitting on my hands to prevent myself from bringing myself off. It was a struggle, but I at least wanted to wait until the end of the movie.

To my dismay, the action on the screen now shifted to the young tormentor bending the woman over and fucking her ass with a strap-on. I knew I would have been a goner in that situation. My pussy was oozing juice down my thigh even without me touching it. I was reaching my breaking point. Just a couple of flicks on my clit or a tweak of my rock hard nipples would be enough to send me over the edge. But still the woman in the movie held out so I had to try. Then it happened. There was a knock at the door.

I froze, my attention instantly drawn away from the screen and my arousal instantly dowsed. I looked at the blinds. Thankfully they were closed. I thought about the windows. They were closed too, but I wondered if the sound could still be heard on the porch. I quickly hit pause on the video player. The knock repeated this time more insistent. I knew the person would assume I was home because the lights were on. What was I going to do? I tried to gather my wits about me. The person knocked for the third time. I took a deep breath and stood up.

Grabbing my robe, I pulled it onto my overheated body. Whoever was knocking was about to get an earful about respecting my privacy. My robe was silk, short and not really designed for answering the front door. It was designed to be alluring and to turn on your lover, but it was all I had and the quicker my hands could get back to their appointed duties the better so I didn’t run to the bedroom for something else to wear. I marched angrily to the front door. I turned back toward the living room to confirm what I already knew. The TV wasn't visible from the threshold. I swung the door back ready to pounce, but then I stopped dead in my tracks.

Standing on my steps was a girl holding a pizza. She was wearing the uniform of a local pizza shop I had ordered from many times. They were the only place I'd ever found that never screwed up an order. But this obviously was a mistake because I had not ordered from them tonight. The front of the girl's shirt had a nametag that said Nicole. I looked her up and down before I spoke. She was cute. She was young and her less than sexy work shirt appeared strained against an ample chest. I shook my head trying to get the sexual thoughts from my brain but I was fighting a losing battle. She was just too adorable.

"Can I help you?" I asked. "I didn't order any pizza."

"Really, mam?" she asked. "It's got your name and address on the order."

The girl seemed upset by the mistake. She turned the box so I could see the label. As a result I had to lean forward out of the door. I could feel the breeze fluttering against my robe and I knew I was exposing myself. I pretended not to notice.

"That is my name and address, but the phone number is wrong," I pointed out.

I was speaking, but the girl seemed distracted by my impromptu flash.

"What?" she replied.

"Look, that isn't my phone number," I pointed out.

"Dang. I've seen this happen before. We keep track of the phone numbers of who calls and we cross reference the address in our database. It doesn't happen often, but your name and address must have been mislinked. Usually the order takers catch that but we're very busy tonight."

I figured that was the end of our conversation and she would be heading back to her car, but instead she asked if she could use my phone to check the order. I was caught in a quandary. Obviously I didn't want to let her in but I didn't have a good excuse not to either. I asked if she had a cell but she said the battery was dead. I was becoming flustered by her innocent face and well formed chest so I told her she could use the phone in the kitchen. I backed away from the door making sure to block the path to the living room and directing her through the dining room to the kitchen. She walked in front of me and I gave her butt a very thorough visual inspection along the way.

She set the pizza down on the counter and dialed the number to the shop. As I was standing there pretending not to listen, I noticed her eyeing me up and down. This was not the seduction I had planned for the evening. Nicole got put on hold just like most of the times I had called to order on a Friday night. She looked impatient. I was standing there like a fool trying to look good for her but also trying not to look like I was posing. Finally she got a hold of someone who could get the correct address. Part of me wanted to jump her and part of me wanted her to leave so I could finish myself off and begin writing my journal entry for Mistress D.

Little did I know that Mistress D was standing in front of me.

*** Nicole's POV ***

I loved watching Sandra squirm in front of me. From our chats I knew exactly what she was feeling and I knew exactly how to draw her submissive side out. I was staring at her. I knew that would make her nervous, but I knew that would also drive her crazy with lust. It was hard for me to pretend not to be interested in her. This was only step two of my plan and as much as I wanted to thrown her down and fuck her, I was determined not to let her know who I was just yet. I had one more night of seduction planned for her. Tonight was our first contact and it was about to get much more intimate, but I wanted her to think it was just a random occurrence.

*** Sandra's POV **

Nicole finally hung up the phone. The new address was scribbled on the box. She apologized for disturbing me and began to walk out of the kitchen. My mind had been so focused on posing for her that I did not realize I was blocking the dining room leaving the hallway to the living room accessible. In fact I didn't realize it until Nicole was past me. I froze in horror and then bleated out for her to come through the dining room. But she just continued. Like most Cape Cod designs it was obvious the hallway wrapped around the center staircase and was an alternate path to the front door. I was rooted to my spot between the kitchen and dining room when I heard the gasp and the phrase, "Holy shit!"

I waited hoping to hear the front door open and close, but instead I heard the audio from the movie. OMG, she hit the play button. I was mortified. I stood a moment longer trying to get up my courage. I had to find my assertive core from work and tell her to leave. I marched back into the living room. Nicole was still holding the pizza, but her focus was on the TV.

"You really like this stuff?" she asked.

I tried to be assertive when I answered it was none of her business, but I'm not sure I was convincing.

"I think you like this stuff," Nicole said. "Which one are you?"

I wasn't about to have this conversation. I told her she should leave. Instead she set down the pizza on my coffee table and walked toward me. Instinctively I started to back up until I was trapped up against the wall. She continued to advance. I had nowhere to hide. The girl in the video began a very noisy orgasm the one I was now being denied by this mistaken pizza delivery.

"Why don't you answer me?" Nicole now asked. I couldn't speak.

"I think you're the sub, aren't you slut," she declared. It wasn't a question. I remained quiet, but I stopped looking for a way out of the situation.

Nicole was now directly in front of me.

"Yes, I think you wanted me to find that video or you would have shut the player down instead of just pausing it. I bet you're just a lonely housewife looking for some action, aren't you?"

I still couldn't find my voice but I did manage a little nod.

"I thought so," she declared emphatically as she took my hands in hers. Our first contact was electric. Her touch sent shock waves of energy surging through my body. She lifted my wrists until they were pinned against the wall above my head.

"Hold them there," was her simple command.

I closed my eyes surrendering to the feelings welling up through my soul. I could tell she was delicately untying the sash of my robe. Soon she would get a full view of my lingerie. I felt my robe being pulled back. I moaned as the soft material caressed my skin.

I expected her to take the robe off, but she didn't. Instead she left it hanging open as she now began to maul my breasts with her left hand. She didn't pull down my Merry Widow but instead squeezed by breasts through it and tweaked my nipples which were now very evident poking through the material. My moaning continued as did the flood of my juices saturating the bottom of the garment.

Nicole didn't speak again. She didn't have to. I willed myself to open my eyes just as she was reaching down to unsnap the bottom of my lingerie. Thank God I had chosen an easy access snap design. I knew the entire front was wet with my juices and that Nicole would instantly know how excited I was and I didn't care. I was a good girl and held my hands in place against the wall, but as she slid her index finger into my pussy, I felt my knees begin to buckle. I slid slightly down the wall before regaining my strength and standing back up straight. I saw a knowing smile cross Nicole's face.

I felt her turn her hand around before her middle finger joined her index finger penetrating my pussy. Then I felt her thumb begin to rub my clit. It felt heavenly and again my knees buckled.

"That's a good girl. Ride my hand," she commanded.

Her fingers were dancing inside my pussy while her thumb diddled my clit. It felt so good to have somebody else touching me I didn't even realize she was really just manipulating me for her pleasure and control not mine. She then began to tap her fingers inside my pussy. I looked at her confused.

"Don't tell me you've never stimulated your G-spot have you?" she said shaking her head.

Between gasps and moans I answered "no."

"The spongy tissue back here," she said as she tapped a little harder, "is your emotional core. If I do it right you'll squirt all over the place."

"That's never happened to me before," I told her through my ragged breathing.

"We'll you've never been with me before either," she countered.

Nicole continued to manipulate my body teasing my breasts and nipples besides stimulating my g-spot and clit. Under Mistress D's direction I had some of the biggest orgasms in my life. But I those were nothing to compared to what Nicole was doing to me. I'd held myself back for so long and now this beautiful young girl was playing me like a fine instrument. I don't know how she learned so much by such a young again, but she had me humping her hand and begging for permission to cum. I don't think she was expecting that but I could tell she liked it.

"I want you to squirt. Hold out a little longer while I try to find your magic spot."

I tried, I really did, but I reached the point of no return. Nicole's fingers had me feeling like I was going to piss as my orgasm struck. It was mind blowing. My contractions had never been as strong as my climax crushed my body. My pussy had never been so wet as I was consumed by wave after wave of pleasure. My hands came off the wall and touched her shoulders trying to steady myself. But she stepped back and as she pulled her fingers out of my satisfied pussy, I slid down the wall to the floor. She held her fingers up. Not surprisingly they glistened in the flicker of the candles. She pushed them into my mouth, already open and gasping for air and told me to clean them. I did so willingly and lovingly.

I watched slumped on the floor as she walked over to the keyboard and stopped the movie. Then opened my email client and sent an email. Turning back to me she picked up the pizza.

"I sent an email to myself so I have your contact information. Keep next Friday open. I'll be in touch slut."

With that she walked out the door. In the 10 minutes since she arrived she turned my life upside down. She also told me to expect a repeat performance next week. I stayed on the floor basking the warm afterglow of a powerful orgasm until I summoned up enough strength to crawl to the couch. I still had to write my journal for Mistress D. It was going to be a bit more detailed and adventurous than she expected. As I began to chronicle what I was feeling right then I felt my pussy calling out its need to me. I clicked back on the movie and picked up my vibrator. The journal could wait. After all I had until 1 and it was only 8.

Chapter 02

*** Sandra's POV ***

After Nicole left I masturbated for 2 hours straight before finally peeling myself off the couch. I walked back to the kitchen and poured myself a cold drink of water. I wanted to shower, but I knew I had to write my journal to Mistress D. While I wrote every detail and every feeling I had during my encounter with Nicole, my arousal began to build back to where I'd been when she arrived. I didn't understand why the two women had that affect on me, but soon I had a very real need to cum again.

Finally Mistress D appeared in the chat room and we immediately went into private where I confessed all the sordid details of my sins to her. She continued to press me for details about my life, which concerned me, although I was very forthcoming with her and never once considered lying. She had me tell her my typical schedule for a work day, where I worked, when I was in the office and she had me describe myself.

"I have blonde hair. I am 5 foot 6 inches tall. I weigh 121 pounds and my measurements are 36C-27-37. I told her I was a little softer than I was as a young woman (I already told you my daughter is the hard body in the family now) but that I still have an hourglass figure which can draw attention."

I told her my entire sexual history. How many partners I had in my life? (12 give or take) Did I suck my lover's cock? (Yes sometimes if I was hot enough) Did I have anal sex? (No never) Did I have group sex? (No, but I thought about it) Was Nicole my first woman? (Yes) The interrogation went on and on.

She pressed me to send her a picture which I reluctantly did. I felt like she was getting all the information she needed to stalk me. I questioned her after I sent the picture. That was probably not the best time to do it but she told me not to worry. She told me that wasn't the case. She said she wanted to know what I looked like and my personal habits because she was going to train me to be an obedient slave she needed to know everything about me to do so. I wasn't reassured.

I was expecting her to have me perform for her that night, but she said it was late and she had to get up early. I was disappointed. She told me to expect a package at work on Monday and that Monday night we would chat again. That meant I had two days upcoming without her. I knew I would be spending the weekend in front of the computer. My Friday night only plan would be coming to an end.

*** Rose's POV ***

I was in shock after Jeannie sent me the links and passwords to my mother's favorite websites. I'd never seen such filth and couldn't imagine my mother reading and watching what these sites provided. Still, as I looked at the sites trying to figure out why she would find these lurid stories and dirty videos exciting, I found myself strangely compelled to continue exploring.

In fact at night in my bed, I found my mind wandering back to some of the characters and fantasies I read about. The next night found me back exploring these sites and it soon became a habit. I had to assume that was how it started for my mother. I didn't find myself reading about the lesbian domination stories she did. Instead I found myself reading group sex stories and found I began to fantasize about being with two or more men at the same time. I even found myself thinking about a three-way with another woman. Maybe someday instead of splitting up with Jeannie at the bar we could pick the same guy and have some fun. I made a mental note to talk to her about it the next time I saw her.

*** Nicole's POV ***

Everything was going to plan with Sandra. I was going to use Mistress D to learn everything about her so I could use that information to snare her deeper into my web. I knew she would be masturbating as soon as I left the chat late Friday night. From what she said in her journal, I knew she craved being told what to do by a powerful woman. The picture she sent me showed her wearing a modest outfit. I knew I could exploit her feelings about covering herself. I knew from seeing her naked at her house that she had beautiful breasts. But she didn't like to accentuate them either in the picture she sent me or in the ones I noticed on the walls in her house. I also knew her nipples were very sensitive and that her ass was made for spanking. I had to figure out how to make use of that information.

Saturday morning I sat down to scheme how best to take this lovely creature Jeannie had handed me and make her my own. My plan came together fairly quickly, but I would need help. I knew Jeannie would be in. That was a given. But I'd need more help. I had a friend who worked at a local upscale hotel. She'd been able to get me a deal on a suite before. It is a business hotel so on the weekends it is pretty empty. I'd have to give her a call. I also had to figure out how Mistress D would play into the scene. I didn't want Sandra to find out just yet that we were the same people. I also didn't want her to know Jeannie was in on the plan. I'd have to think about that a little more. One thing I did know was I wanted Sandra conflicted about serving me and Mistress D. After some deliberation I decided that I would write a note and drop it off at her house. It would tell her we would be going out on Friday. It would also tell her I expected her to be a good girl and not masturbate until we were together. Then as Mistress D, I would give her exactly the opposite instructions and see what she does. Oh how I enjoy tormenting a new partner.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I woke to a beautiful sunny day on Saturday. My life had been turned upside down but I felt great. The world seemed right as I sat down to read the paper and eat breakfast. Thinking back to last night, I felt my arousal begin to creep back into my body. I was tempted to reach between my legs but I wanted to wait. The anticipation of delaying my orgasm was exciting to me. This world was still new to me and I wanted to keep it special as long as I could. I decided to go for a run, something I rarely did. But the day was too nice to waste indoors. I put on some shorts, a t-shirt and a jogging bra and headed out. The local park was teeming with activity as everyone seemed to have the same idea I did about enjoying the day.

Every time I passed a woman who was the right age for how I perceived Mistress D I would think about her. Of course there were more girls around Nicole's age on the jogging trail. I thought about them too. Although I was outside with people, my thoughts were completely focused and contained on my desires. I'm sure if I asked my daughter for her opinion about what I was doing she would say I was crazy. But I didn't care. Some basic animal need had been tapped and there was no going back now.

When I got tired of running, which was pretty quick, I found a bench and decided to people watch. Everyone looked so normal and I found myself wondering who was secretly kinky like I discovered myself to be. It was a wonderful distraction although I could feel the moisture building in my shorts. I decided it was time to head home for a shower.

As I walked up to my front door I noticed an envelope taped to it. Somebody had left me a message. It was from Nicole. It was a simple note. "Sandra," it began. "You are a very passionate woman. Next Friday I intend to find out just how passionate you really are. We will be going out. I will make all the arrangements. I will send you instructions Friday morning. Until then, don't masturbate. I want you hotter than you were last night." It was signed XXX-Nicole and there was a bright red lipstick kiss on the bottom. If I had touched myself I would have cum on my front stoop in an instant.

*** Jeannie's POV ***

I had talked to Nicole that morning. She had stopped by to show me the note. I thought her plan was devilishly clever. Rose had been emailing me questions about my mom. I could tell she was coming around to the thought that what her mom was doing on the Internet was exciting. Of course she didn't know what Nicole had done to her last night and she certainly didn't know what we had planned for the two of them. Rose had told me we should go out and pick up a guy together. She didn't know it, but that would work just fine with my plan to seduce her. I told her I couldn't make it this Friday, but the Friday after was open. By then Sandra would be where Nicole needed her to be and that would give Rose an extra week to get excited.

*** Sandra's POV ***

After reading the note I got inside as quick as I could. The order from Nicole not to masturbate was going to be impossible to follow. I barely made it inside before I pulled my shorts down and furiously frigged my clit. I had a little orgasm. It wasn't great. I was a bit surprised because my arousal level was very high, but the release was minor. I sprinted up to my bedroom to get my trusty vibrator. I turned it on full and started to fuck myself. It felt great, but I still couldn't have the nice juicy release like I had last night. I came again, but it was another little one almost not worth the effort. Then I realized my mind was rebelling against Nicole's wishes and that must be what was holding back my passions. Dejected I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and curled up into a ball.

I didn't sleep. I was thinking too much for that to happen. Why was I so enthralled by this girl that she could now apparently control my orgasms? That thought scared me. I decided to get up and take a shower. Refreshed I tried to go about the rest of the weekend without thinking of Nicole or Mistress D. It was a losing battle and a constant struggle to keep my hands outside my panties, but I made it. Once I got back to work on Monday, it would be easier as I could concentrate on my job.

I had not slept well Saturday or Sunday night, but I had managed to stay off the Internet. The temptation to disobey Nicole would have been too great and I feared unsatisfying as well. Monday morning flew by as I was back to my regular bitchy self treating my subordinates like dirt. In fact I had not thought of sex at all until my admin assistant knock on my office door at 11:45. She was holding a flower box.

"These just arrived for you Sandra," she said. "A new suitor we should know about?"

I had completely forgotten Mistress D said she would be sending me something today. I had not expected flowers. I was at a loss on how I could explain a woman I'd never met but chatted with on the Internet was sending me gifts. I mumbled something about nobody special and asked her to place the box on the corner of the desk. My assistant wanted to open the box and get some water, but I told her I would take care of it. I didn't want her seeing who they were from. As it turns out, that was a very good decision on my part.

My assistant left with a disappointed look on her face. I quickly dropped what I was working on and opened the box. Inside were a dozen red roses. The flower of passion I remember thinking. My own passion instantly returned. In the bottom of the box was another small box. It was good that my assistant had not seen that. I opened it up and there was a piece of ornate glass. At first I didn't recognize the shape, but once I unfolded the piece of paper with it, I knew what it was.

"Sandra," the note began. "Whatever mistress you ultimately serve will want your ass prepared for her. From our conversation you said you were an anal virgin. That must be rectified. A woman's ass is a source of great pleasure as you have many nerve endings. From now on when we chat I expect this starter plug to be inserted in your backside. I have included a small tube of lube in the box. You will need to buy more. I also want you to buy a larger plug. You will struggle with this one tonight, but soon it will become second nature and you will feel empty without it. You will want something larger then. Be online tonight at 9pm."

I couldn't believe she had sent me that. I also couldn't believe the tone of her instructions like I would just ram a piece of glass up my butt because she said so. I quickly tossed the small box into my purse and found a vase for the flowers. I knew my assistant would want to see them.

As I sat working that afternoon, I found myself more and more distracted by the box in my purse. My initial negative reaction was starting to give way to intrigue as to what it would be like. Many of the videos I watched had women taking huge cocks and dildos up their asses. I suppose it could have been trick photography, but they seemed to enjoy it. Maybe it wasn't so back after all. I was sitting at my desk trying to work, but I could feel my asshole twitching. It was puckering and releasing all by itself as if to say "try me." My assistant and the other women under my management had all come in to see the flowers and press me about who sent them. That only served to heighten the naughty feeling from knowing what was in my purse.

I had a chat schedule with Mistress D and I knew I'd have the plug inserted before we started. The more I thought about it, however, the more I felt compelled to try it right now. I knew that was wrong. Playing with myself in the office was a line I was not going to cross, but the plug kept calling me. It was telling me everything was alright and that I would enjoy it. Over and over my thoughts left my work and focused on my twitching asshole and the relief (or so I imagined) waiting for me in my purse. I struggled to come up with an excuse why I shouldn't try it right then, although getting caught doing that should have been enough of a reason. Finally at 3pm I gave up. I told my assistant I wasn't feeling good and was going home early. It was the safe play.

My arousal continued to build as I drove home. I remembered Nicole's order not to masturbate, but she didn't say anything about no using a butt plug. Still I knew Mistress D would order me to do much more than just insert it. I didn't know what I was going to do at that time. I'd have to tell her about Nicole's order and then just do what she commanded. I decided honesty was the best policy.

Safely in my living room I pulled the shades shut and fired up my computer. My first stop was some research on anal sex. I really didn't know the ins and outs of it, as it were. Through Google I found many women talking about loving it, some women who tried and hated it and other who didn't try it and said they never would. I found several articles on how to do it right and most suggested using a plug first to accommodate your body to the feeling. Even though it was still many hours before the chat, I decided to try the plug now.

The consensus I had read online was to first use your finger to spread plenty of lube into your butt. I had never even allowed anyone to finger me there so even that was a mental hurdle I had to cross. That wasn't quite true, my doctor had done a probe before but that was for medical reasons not pleasure. I looked at the small vial of lube Mistress D had sent me. It was probably just enough for tonight. She was going to make me go shopping for it tomorrow. I didn't even know where to start looking <lol>.

My finger with the aid of the lube actually went in easier than I imagined it would. Looking at the plug itself, however, I thought there was no way I could take it. Although Mistress D claimed this was the "small" one, I didn't believe her. The plug came to a point and then tapered out to about an inch and a quarter wide before tapering back down and then finally back out to a wide flat top. From what I read online the shape was designed to stretch your sphincter which would then snap shut around it holding it in. I did find it strangely erotic pushing the plug into my body. I would have never done this for myself, but because Mistress D had ordered it I was actually a little excited to try.

Not surprisingly the plug did not go in an easy as my finger, but with a little strain, pain and a couple of grunts, my ass snapped around it and the deed was done. Once it was in, the pain subsided. I felt full and I knew it was there, but there was no sexual pleasure like I had been expecting. Still I felt a sense of accomplishment at following the instructions Mistress D had given to me. Of course I wanted to masturbate to celebrate my accomplishment, but I also wanted to follow Nicole's instructions. It was a challenge, but I decided to try and buy some lube online so I could avoid having to go to a store in person.

It turns out finding lube was easy. It was also easy to find larger plugs like Mistress D said I would need. The plugs all followed the basic design of the one she sent me. The glass ones were very expensive. I had a sense of pride that she felt I was worthy of such an investment instead of sending me a cheap one. As I had said, money isn't much of an object for me so I quickly picked out two different sized glass plugs and two large vials of lube. I also found a thin anal “teaser” which looked like a narrow ribbed dildo. I decided to give that a try too. The website I chose was several time zones behind me which worked well. I was able to get overnight shipping and a promise to deliver tomorrow. Now all I had to do was wait for the chat.

I quickly learned the first rule of wearing a plug is to go to the bathroom before you start. I didn't have enough lube to take out the plug and put it back in at 9pm so I had to hold back my growing desire to go to the bathroom. I hoped Mistress D would understand and let me remove the plug after I told her I'd already worn it for three hours.

When I finally got back online with her first question was whether I was wearing the plug. I told her I was and how long it had been in. I told her my dilemma and she told me I couldn't remove it just yet. I was secretly thrilled as my need to go to the bathroom was a constant reminder of my submission to her. I asked what she wanted me to do.

"Sandra, I am pleased that you are using my plug. Following your mistress' instructions exactly and without question is very important. The plug is also about your pleasure and I want to be sure you enjoy it."

I could tell she was going to have me masturbate, probably in some strange way. I knew I had to confess my order from Nicole not to masturbate so I told her about the note.

"You need to decide whether you serve me or her?" was the response.

I paused only briefly. "You mistress."

"Good," was the reply. "From our previous conversations I know you are still shy about your sexuality. A good mistress will always have your best intentions at heart. Right now I want to begin breaking down your shyness. You are a beautiful woman and should not be afraid to express yourself as a sexual being."

I didn't like the sound of that. But of course I didn't voice an objection. My pussy apparently didn't understand my internal conflict as it was leaking like a faucet.

"I want you to strip down to nothing but the plug," was the first instruction. That was easy enough.

"Now get your vibrator if you don't have it already." Again that was easy since I already had it. Mistress D asked which room I was in and I told her the living room. She told me that was good. I was to turn on the lights, open the shades and open the windows. I balked and didn't type a response.

"Is everything alright slave?" she typed. My hands were shaking as I finally typed, "yes."

Mistress D was right about me, of course. I was a bit shy about my body. I knew my reluctance about how I look was unfounded. Even at my age I get plenty of positive feedback and can still turn heads. But that didn't make it any easier to open my blinds and stand naked in the living room for anybody walking or driving by to see.

"Did you do it?" she asked.

I was still struggling. "No not yet."

"You need this if you are going to grow as a sub," she said.

Finally I summoned up enough courage and followed her instructions. I then slumped back down on the couch in shame. I knew the top of my head was visible through the window, but at least my nudity was hidden by the back of the couch.

"It is done mistress."

"Good. Now I want you to get yourself off. Use the vibrator as a dildo and finger your clit and nipples as you like. Think about the follow scenario. Picture your biggest female rival at work. Overcome by passion you have been masturbating like a naughty girl. You are in the bathroom or some unused office. She catches you and drags you back to your office. Your clothes are disheveled and your co-works see her doing this to you. She pulls your skirt down and pulls your blouse open. She then bends you over your own desk and spanks you. Eventually she flips you over and has you masturbate. As you begin to cum she opens your office door and everyone can see you."

I was horrified by both the scene she laid before me and by having the windows and blinds open. But I did what she asked. Later she would tell me this was an exercise to see if I could keep my sounds to a minimum while I came. Slumped onto the couch I really couldn't be seen, but I certainly could be heard. In fact I thought I heard sounds from outside my windows. But I was too far gone to care. The vibrator was working its magic. The thin tissue between my vagina and anal cavity transferred all the vibrations to the plug which buzzed quite wonderfully against my newly discovered nerve endings. It didn't take long for me to realize my inability to have a decent orgasm since Nicole had ordered me not to masturbate was going to be gloriously absent tonight. After all Mistress D had commanded me to cum so I was just following orders.

I didn't think about the consequences of disobeying Nicole. I only thought about pleasing Mistress D. I did my best to be quiet, but I don't think I was too successful. Just as I was letting go, I was sure I heard a noise right outside my window. But the thrill of being caught took center stage and I came. I came hard. I came tensing my body and rolling off the couch onto the floor. By the time I recovered and could carefully peak out the window, I couldn't see anything. The lights reflecting off the glass would have prevented me seeing anybody even if they were there. I looked at the chat log. Mistress D had left shortly after she lay out the scenario. I was crestfallen that I couldn't tell her about my success. I sat down and wrote her a long journal entry before shutting down the computer. I sat a couple more minutes in my post orgasm glow before standing up and shutting the windows and then the blinds. I wasn't so shy any more about exposing myself to whoever happens to come by. Finally I removed the plug. It was pretty nasty so I washed it and then relieved myself. Finally I crawled into bed my lust satisfied for the time being.

Tuesday at the office I managed to get some work done and not think about what happened the night before. I realized I had subconsciously dressed in a shorter skirt than I normal wear to the office. This came as a bit of a shock to me. I kept checking my personal email hoping to have a message from Mistress D or Nicole, but the only thing I got was a tracking number from my shopping the night before.

Since I would not be home when FedEx usually delivers, I had sent the package to the office. I received packages all the time and I knew this would not cause any suspicion like the flowers had. I found myself watching the tracking number waiting for my package. I didn't expect it until late in the day so I tried to stay focused on my work. Thankfully the shipping package was wonderfully generic and nobody had any clue what the contents were. I was still skeptical that I'd ever need the larger size, but I had followed orders and that was the important part.

I didn't know if I'd be chatting with Mistress D that night, but just in case, as soon as I got home I inserted the small plug. I kept the computer on waiting for her, but she didn't show up. Without her order to masturbate, I refrained trying to remain true to Nicole. It was very difficult. Now that I knew how good the plug would feel with my vibrator, it took all my willpower not to diddle myself. The plug was easier to put in this time. I remembered to relieve myself first and it started to feel less foreign.

The next night I tried the medium size plug when I got home. It wasn't that much wider, but the strain of inserting it reminded me of the first time I used the small one. I forced myself to relax and an extra plop of lube helped as I finally snapped around to the base. I took a deep breath. I'd never felt so full. I hoped and prayed Mistress D would appear online so I could tell her of my progress. She finally did about 10pm. I'd had the plug in for about 4 hours at that point and I was ready for action. She told me she had been very proud of my journal entry. Tonight's exercise was to watch someone else while I masturbate. I worried this meant doing it in public but she said it did not. At least not yet. <shudder>

Her plan was simple although it made me feel dirty. I had told her my bedroom overlooked Jeannie's bedroom. I'd already told Mistress D about my daughter's best friend who lived next door. I had confessed I found Jeannie attractive. Although I had known her almost her whole life, it was only recently I'd begun to feel a sexual attraction.

Mistress D told me to go into the bedroom and move a chair to the window. I could leave the lights off this time, but I was to strip down and wait for Jeannie to appear in her bedroom. I was instructed to watch her and play with myself. Once again I should use my vibrator and fingers as I wanted. I told Mistress D I had no idea when she would be home and was told to just sit and wait. I'd seen her lights on usually around 11pm and I hoped she would not get home late tonight. As always I was instructed to write about my experience when I was done.

I had a chair in my bedroom so that was not a problem. I was glad I could have the lights off. If Jeannie could have seen me sitting in my chair with my legs spread and ass plugged waiting for her I think I would have died. As it were, alone in the dark with just my thoughts, a plug and a vibrator to keep me busy, I felt like the biggest pervert in the world. The silent but relentless parade of my digital clock reminded me of just how long I had waited. My pussy was screaming for attention, but I was determined to wait. Why did she have to be late tonight? Finally at 11:22, I saw her bedroom light turn on.

I wasted no time. I didn't know how long she would be visible. I had hours of mental foreplay that night and knew I could come very quickly. I didn't really need Jeannie to do anything for me to get off, but she did provide an unknown service by beginning to undress for bed. I pretended she was doing a sensual striptease just for me. The larger plug was even more efficient at transferring the vibrations from the vibrator around my entire sexual core. I knew it wouldn't take long. Jeannie was down to her bra and panties. For the first time I wondered if she slept naked, but I didn't get the chance to find out.

My orgasm hit me like a freight train from out of nowhere. I had felt it building, but usually my body stays on the edge for at least a few moments before crashing over. That didn't happen this time. I went directly from strong build up to loud, screaming orgasm. Like Monday night, I was completely unaware of my surroundings. With the knowledge of the windows being shut, I made no effort to quiet myself and I allowed my cum to wash over me like a warm blanket. I looked up when I finally calmed down and Jeannie was staring out of her window. I knew she couldn't see into my room because the window would just reflect her lights since my light was off, but I instantly flushed with embarrassment. She must have heard me and looked to investigate. In shame I slide to the floor and crawled out of the room. I then wrote my journal and took out the plug. I went to bed wondering what Mistress D had planned for me next and then remembered that Friday was fast approaching too. I didn't know what Nicole would do when she found out I masturbated several times against her order. But I was ready to find out.

Friday couldn't come fast enough. My pussy was wet all morning at work in anticipation of seeing Nicole. I could hardly concentrate. My chats with Mistress D had me primed for action and I was ready to submit. Nicole had told me to keep tonight open although I had little more than that promise of seeing her. I wondered just what we were going to do and where we would be doing it.

At 10am a FedEx letter arrived for me. I didn't recognize the sender's address, but I assumed it was from her. The address was several towns away. Was this where I was going tonight? I tore open envelope. There was a single typed page with no signature or identifying marks. It said, "Dear Sandra. Tonight we are going out. However, I am not taking you to a club or some kind of sleazy motel. I want you to dress elegantly as befits a mature educated woman such as yourself. I want you to take your time and make yourself pretty for me. Alluring not slutty. I already know you're a slut and will bring your true self out of you later, but to begin, I want you spectacular for me. Sometime today I want you to go shopping for new lingerie. I want you to come to me fresh in clothes you've never shown a lover before. A new bra (black demi push up), thong, garter belt, stockings and a black choker to match. I will text you with further instructions tonight, but not before 8pm so you will have time to go home and prepare. Take a nice long hot bath to relax your mind and body. Then put on your new lingerie and do your makeup. I do not want you using too much makeup and looking like a tart. At least I don't want that tonight. Make yourself up like you would for a first date. In addition to the lingerie wear a sheer white button down blouse. Make sure the black bra is clearly visible through it. Leave the top three buttons open. You should have just a hint of cleavage. Also wear a black skirt. It should come no longer than three inches above your knee and be slit high up the side so when you sit and cross your legs, the garter snap will show. Remember no masturbating or you will be punished." I was shaking in my seat by the time I finished reading it.

Shopping was not a problem. There is a fancy lingerie shop near the office and that is where I spent lunch. I left my purchases in my car so I would not be tempted to put them on in the office. I already owned a suitable skirt, blouse and shoes, but I'd never worn a choker before and when I tried on a simple black one in the store I felt deliciously naughty.

All day had been a struggle not to masturbate. I wanted to give myself a release so bad, but I knew waiting would make it better. I followed Nicole's instructions to the T. I took a long hot bath and then took my time getting ready. I didn't rush in the least. I setup my Friday night mood candles in my bedroom and slowly put my new lingerie on. Dressing as somebody had ordered me to dress was a new thrill. I'd worn clothes like these before, but always on my terms in order to seduce a lover. I'd never dressed specifically as somebody had ordered. In the end I achieved the Nicole's desired effect. I was stunning, if I do say so myself. Staring at myself in the mirror I looked like the executive I am with just a hint of naughty thrown in. With three buttons open, I was showing a little more cleavage than I would at the office where two buttons would have been the rule. My skirt was shorter than an office skirt too, but not by much and especially in high heels, I have the legs to carry it off. I twirled and saw my calves were tight and right and so was my butt.

As I twirled I noticed the slit of the skirt flip up slightly. I took hold of the opening and pulled it up exposing a generous expanse of my thigh, the top of my stocking and the garter snap. This look was definitely not office issue, but I must confess I was excited by the thought of other people knowing I was wearing the garter belt. My heart was racing at this point. I looked at the clock and it was only 7:30. I had some time to kill.

I sat like a school girl watching my email and holding on to my cell phone. I didn't know if Nicole would contact me via text message, voice or email so I had to be ready for anything. I didn't want to start another activity until I knew what was going on so like a dunce I sat and waited. 8pm came and went. My pussy had begun to throb in anticipation. By 8:30 I was starting to wonder if this was just a test. Maybe we were not going out and she was going to arrive at my door. My pussy continued to demand attention. By 9 my willpower to not play with myself was deteriorating. If she did not contact me soon I was going to be in trouble. By 9:30 I was going out of my mind with lust. Finally I felt my phone vibrate.

"Sandra my Elegant Submissive," it began. "Go to the Cyndmark hotel and ask for Erin at the front desk. She has an envelope for you. Follow the instructions."

That was it. Nicole's orders were clear, concise and to the point. I grabbed my purse, coat and car keys and headed out to my first public adventure. The drive to the hotel was uneventful. I didn't waste any time in the parking lot. My mind and body were primed to see this through and even though I was scared and nervous, I was determined to complete whatever Nicole had planned for me. I walked confidently into the hotel lobby. It was a fancy business hotel I'd never been to before. Being a Friday night, the lobby was almost deserted. I was guessing that Sunday through Thursday things were much busier. There were two women working at the front desk. Both were blondes and attractive. One had long hair and one short. I tried to scan their nametags without looking to conspicuous. The short haired woman was Erin.

I felt very subconscious standing waiting to talk to Erin. I wondered if she knew the contents of the envelope I was to pick up. If she didn't, why did Nicole tell me to ask for her? I stood patiently while both women handled other people checking in. I could feel my weight shifting from foot to foot as I tried to mask my nervousness. I worried that the other desk clerk would finish first and I would have to come up with an excuse why I needed to wait for Erin. Fortunately that did not happen and Erin asked me if I was checking in.

"No. My name is Sandra. I was told you are holding an envelope for me," was my reply trying to sound confident.

"Let's have a look," she said before turning to a bin which held several different sized envelopes and cards. I watched as she thumbed through them looking for my name.

"Here it is," she said handing me a large brown envelope which had a tie clasp at the top. It looked like the kind of envelope we use for interoffice mail. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

I took the envelope and told her no. I thanked her for her help, turned and made a hasty retreat from the front desk. There was a secluded sitting area where you would wait in the lobby and I made my way there out of eyesight of Erin and the other woman. Taking a deep breath I unwound the string holding the clasp shut. Inside were a couple of other letter sized envelopes and a piece of paper. I pulled the paper out and read my next message from Nicole.

"Sandra, inside you have probably already noticed the envelopes. Each is numbered. You are to complete the instructions from the envelopes in order. Finish each BEFORE opening the next envelope. I will see you soon."

I had expected the note to read "come to room xyz so I can fuck your brains out." Apparently I had more tasks to complete before I'd get my satisfaction. I looked around to see if anybody was watching me and opened envelope number one.

"Begin by finding the ladies room. Choose a stall and open the second envelope." I quickly looked for a sign to the nearest bathroom. I didn't want to ask at the desk. I probably looked a little lost. I saw a sign indicating where the meeting rooms were. Certainly there would be a bathroom near those so I headed off. There probably was a closer bathroom as the meeting rooms were down a long hall, but I realized a very important side benefit was that area of the hotel was empty. I found the bathroom and locked myself in the first stall. I took another deep breath and opened envelope number two.

"Hike up your skirt. If you're not sitting down, do so now. Spread your legs and masturbate through your thong. Don't cum. Get your thong good and wet if it's not already. Bring yourself to the brink of orgasm and then stop. Then open envelope three." Nicole was right to assume my thong was already wet. It also wasn't particularly absorbent so my thighs were equally moist. I didn't need to be told twice to start pleasuring myself. I was desperate to cum and wondered how she would know if I did, but since she always seemed to know what I was thinking, I was determined to follow her instructions to the letter.

It took all of my willpower to pull my hand off my thong without going over the edge. I literally left myself panting on the edge of a massive climax. I almost didn't stop in time as the vision of me spread in a strange bathroom flashed through my mind just as I was pulling my hand away and that was enough to almost take me over the edge even though I had stopped touching myself. My orgasm teetered back and forth as I hung on the edge of climax trying to will myself to calm down but the eroticism of the moment pushing me further into my lustful desires. I held my breath and strained to force myself to calm down. The thong was positively saturated with my fluids and my pussy was pulsating to my heartbeat as my body refused to calm itself. I actually worried that I'd pushed myself too far. I'd always managed to calm down if I stopped rubbing myself, but my body didn't react that way this time. I started thinking about work, my daughter, my few friends, anything to get my mind of sex.

Finally I felt my arousal peak begin to ebb. God Nicole made me hot. I wondered how much longer I would last under her tutelage. I pulled envelope three out and tore it open.

"Pull envelopes four and five out and then put your thong in the large envelope and seal it. Write Erin on the delivery route."

If Erin didn't know what was going on she soon would, I mused to myself. I wondered what I would think if a strange woman handed me an envelope with a wet sticky thong in it. Still it felt good to get the messy underwear off my body. I hesitated before putting the thong in the envelope. I could just touch my clit, cum and go home. But I could feel my arousal starting to peak again and knew I couldn't stop now. I had to see this night through. I put the thong in the envelope and tied the clasp before I lost my nerve. I also looked down at my clit. It was puffy, pulsating and angry looking. One direct touch and I was a goner. Nicole had to know the state I'd be in. Certainly she was going to let me cum before leaving the bathroom. I opened envelope 4. I could tell it contained more than a letter. There was a note, but also a small thin belt.

"Sandra, I doubt it would not take much to make you cum right now, but I need you to hold off just a little longer. Leave everything in the stall and go turn on the cold water. Chill a paper towel with the cold water and hold it on your clit long enough to break your need to cum. Repeat if necessary but failure to control your climax will lead to serious consequences. When you are done, return to the stall and slip on the belt."

I didn't even look at the belt yet or worry about somebody else coming into the bathroom. I swung open the stall door and walked out. My skirt dropped back into place hiding my exposed pussy, but getting wet in the process. I didn't care that I was dripping. I only wanted to please Nicole at that moment. I don't know if it was good or bad that the water temperature at that hotel was exceptionally cold. It was good because it put an instant halt to any eminent climax. It was bad because it hurt like hell when I pushed my makeshift ice pack onto my overheated clit. I gasped as the cold temperature took my breath away. Wanting to be sure I was ready, I chilled another towel and repeated the process. All thoughts of sex were temporarily vanquished. I returned to the stall, hiked up my skirt, sat down and picked up the belt.

There were thin straps which obviously went around the waist and through the legs. There was also a small metallic heart just larger than a watch battery. Its position was adjustable on the front strap. At first I wasn't sure how to wear it, but when I read the engraving on the front it said "heart on" and I figured it was designed to fit over my clit. Weird. I slipped my legs through and then stood up to position the belt where I thought it went. I didn't understand what it would do except rub me when I walked. Oh well, there has to be a purpose. I opened envelope five. Thankfully it was the last one.

"You are doing well and I am proud of you," the last note began. I felt a warm feeling of euphoria wash over me at the simple complement Nicole just gave me. "Tap the heart on and it should turn on." I did and it began to buzz. It was not strong at all. In fact I considered it annoying. It could never make me cum on its own. Then I realized that was not its job. I realized the diabolical nature of it. It was too quiet to hear and too weak to make me cum. But what it would do was obvious and I wasn't happy about it. The note continued, "Throw the envelopes into the trash except the large one with your thong. Return that one to Erin and then go to the hotel bar. It will not be crowded on a Friday except probably a few businessmen stuck in town and maybe a few tourist couples. Sit at the bar and order a white wine. You will be observed and I will text message your phone with additional instructions."

I read the note again. I did not like the sound of what she was ordering me to do. Who was going to be observing me? If Nicole was going to text me instructions it probably wouldn't be her. Did she mean for me to give one of the businessmen stuck over the weekend a special thrill? Or maybe one of the couples knew her and she'd be sending me to their room. I took several deep breaths and headed out of the bathroom. I stopped to throw away the envelopes and straighten my skirt so it didn't look out of place. I couldn't see a bulge where the Heart On was pressed against my clit nor could I hear it. But I could definitely feel it. Summoning my courage I began to walk toward the lobby. Each step was an adventure as my skirt pressed gently against the tiny vibrator. Once again I was aroused, but clearly not to the point I'd not be able to control myself. I hoped whatever was going to happen was going to happen quickly and that Nicole would not let me marinate in my own juices too long.

When I reached the front desk both women were once again with new people checking in. Both were young couples apparently in town for a holiday. I looked at both couples intently. Either one could be in my intimate future tonight. As luck would have it, Erin was not the first clerk to become available. The other woman asked if she could help. I was at another decision point. To me, my thong must reek of my musk and my wetness would soon be soaking through the envelope. I should have run and never talk to Nicole again. Or I could stay and hopefully one of these couples would take me to their room. I hesitated. The woman asked again. I decided.

I held the envelope forward. "Can you please give this to Erin when she's done?" I asked. "Of course", was the reply accompanied by a smile. I wondered if she knew what was inside. I handed her the envelope before I could change my mind. "Which way is the bar?" I then asked. "Just follow that hallway," the woman said pointing in the opposite direction from the meeting rooms. "It's the second door on the right." I thanked her and walked away shaking.

I had to focus on every step I took to prevent myself from wobbling back and forth down the hall. Each step brought the emotions I felt in the bathroom into sharper focus. Even though the Heart On was barely moving, my arousal was building as the next part of this adventure drew closer with each step. I stopped at the entrance to the bar. I couldn't see anybody inside. I took a deep breath and I opened the door.

It took all of my courage to walk the 15 feet from the door to the corner of the bar. Nicole was correct. There were only a couple of single guys dressed in suits in the bar plus a woman bartender. She looked bored silly and I knew I was going to stick out like a sore thumb. I definitely didn’t belong here. But I had my instructions. I took the corner stool and ordered a white wine. The bartender brought it to me without much fanfare. She gave me a quick once over glance probably trying to figure out what I was doing there and much as I was trying to figure that out. She then walked back to the other end of the bar. Almost immediately I felt my phone vibrate. It was a message from Nicole.

“Sandra, you look beautiful. But instead of sitting on the end of the bar you should sit in the middle. And you should also turn so your back is to the bar so the guys can get a good look at your legs.”

I stared at the message. How did she know where I was sitting and how could she send that message so fast? I looked around the bar but I couldn’t see her. The bartender was not paying attention to me. Could one of the guys have tipped her off? I moved around the corner of the bar to the center. The bartender seemed amused. I sat as I had been instructed. Very ladylike with my legs crossed.

Of course the slit of my skirt did its job and the top of my stocking was exposed. I felt very naughty. I wondered what the guys were thinking. Actually I knew what the guys were thinking. I was more concerned with what Nicole was thinking and what she would order me to do next. The phone buzzed again.

“Good girl.”

That was it. No instructions. What was I supposed to do now? Another buzz.

“More people coming. Hang tight. Act natural.”

No more than 10 seconds later the door opened and the two couples I saw at check-in when I left Erin my thong entered. Did they know why I was here? Had they seen my thong? I tried to act natural, but it was impossible. Both guys from the couples were staring at me. One of the women was giving me a dirty look as if it was my fault her man was ogling with me. The other one was taking a different tact. She was looking at me like a predator looks at a meal. Clearly she knew what was up, I thought.

The couple with the confident woman walked over and asked if they could buy me a drink. Nicole had said I could talk to people but didn’t say how much I should drink. Given my current nervous state, I figured another glass of wine was appropriate so I agreed.

The woman asked if I would join them at their table, but I said I preferred to sit at the bar. Her man was staring at my thigh and the garter snap. He certainly didn’t mind. The woman seemed not to mind either and we spent the next 10 minutes or so chatting. They were in town for the weekend along with the other couple and looking for fun things to do. I gave them a few suggestions but the woman interrupted and said she was thinking more along the lines that I would be their fun thing to do. Obviously I was putting out a bi vibe and I wasn’t about to discount her offer out of hand. I felt my phone buzz again. I still didn’t know how Nicole was watching me. She probably got a signal from the woman that she had just made her pass at me. I looked at the screen.

“Go into the bathroom.” Immediately my mind assumed the woman would be coming with me and that Nicole had set the whole thing up. Then I continued reading.

“The stall next to the handicapped stall has an out of order sign on the door. Inside is a bag. Follow the instructions.”

I excused myself saying the wine was going through me. I wondered if the woman would follow me. I was a little surprised when she didn’t. I found the out-of-order stall just like Nicole promised and went inside. I sat down to try and get a handle on my emotions. I was an emotional wreck. There was a bag hanging on the stall door. Inside I found the note she promised and a scissors.

“Sandra, this toilet is working so if you need to go, please do. Remember though, no masturbation and don’t turn the Heart-On off.”

I’d almost forgotten I was wearing that devilish little buzzer. It was keeping be very aroused but as I was flirting with the couple I forgot about it. All of a sudden I remembered just how horny I was getting. I continued reading.

“Take the scissors and cut holes for your nipples in your bra. Leave the scissors in the bag and return to the bar.”

I hated ruining my new bra I had purchased just 9 hours ago, but I’d come this far. I wasn’t going to give up now. A couple of quick snips and the guys were about to see just how excited I was to be at the bar. I walked back to the bar. Another full glass of wine was waiting for me as was the woman. The man had returned to the table with their friends. I didn’t have the courage to look the bartender in the eyes. I could sense everyone was looking at my newly on display nipples. I took my seat again at the bar, still facing out and crossing my legs. My phone buzzed almost immediately.

“It’s tough for me to see, but I can tell you did it. Good job.”

The door to the bar opened again and another man came in. He didn’t know what was going on. All he saw was two women at the bar and one of us was exposing the top of her thigh, a hint of her breasts and two very hard nipples. Needless to say I got his attention.

But I was sure the woman was Nicole’s plan for me so I deftly deflected his fumbled pick-up line. My phone buzzed again.

“Sorry, I forgot to put on the bathroom instructions to cut the top 4 buttons off your blouse. Do it when you can.”

Shit. The three buttons I had open now were not too bad. But the fourth was just below the line of my nipples. My black bra would clearly be on display. I was starting to feel exposed and not in control of the situation. I quickly downed my glass of wine. I was trying to figure out how I could make an excuse to go to the bathroom again so quickly. Fortunately my new companion solved that problem by announcing she had to go now. Thanks to the lady’s code of never going to the bathroom alone I was able to join her without raising suspicion. While she took the first stall I quickly retrieved the scissors and snipped off the buttons. I wait by the sink for her to finish. I know she noticed my new found expanse of exposed breasts because she commented on them.

“I believe in being direct,” she said. “My husband and I would both like a shot at you tonight.”

I just smiled. “We’ll see,” I told her.

As we walked back to the bar we noticed a few more people had arrived. The woman continued to stand next to me as I sat at the bar. I felt a bit protected by her. Every guy hit on me. That was to be expected the way I was dressed. Usually I could deflect them easy enough but she would help me when I needed it. Within about 10 minutes every guy knew I was committed to her for the evening and to leave me alone. Then my phone buzzed again.

“You’re doing very well. You’re almost done. One last task. Go back to the bathroom. Leave your bra in the bag.”

If I felt exposed before I was mortified by the last instruction. I have nice breasts, but at my age they do need a little support. I’m not a perky 20-something. Still I felt liberated returning from what I assumed would be my last bathroom visit. My breasts were swaying free under my blouse. My nipples continued to try and poke holes in the blouse and the four missing buttons guaranteed anyone looking an eyeful. I was feeling dizzy from the combination of wine and arousal. I hoped Nicole would be there soon as I doubt I could have resisted any further advances from the assembled crowd. I was sure the woman would now whisk me upstairs to their room. I would have joyfully taken her back into the bathroom and licked her pussy. I was ready for anything at that point. Of course my phone buzzed. At least I would not have to wait much longer.

“Sandra, you’re doing great. Say good night to your fans. Tell the woman maybe you will see her later but your mistress requires you now. Give her a nice kiss. Then give the bartender a tip. She wants to see your boobs. She’ll give you your next instructions.”

I was frozen in fear. Up to this point I could pretend I wasn’t exposing myself on purpose. How would this woman react? Nicole said she wanted me, though. As soon as I finished here, I would be with her. At least that was my assumption. I stood up and looked at the woman. I think she could tell the text message didn’t bode well for her. I just nodded. I didn’t say a word but took her head in my hands and gave her a deep passionate kiss. She didn’t seem surprised and kissed me back with a fiery intensity. I felt myself swooning. I said a little prayer hoping that is was all a setup and that she would be coming with me.

The bartender was waiting for us to break our kiss. She was holding a cocktail napkin in her hand. I turned from the boys who had enjoyed watching the kiss, unbuttoned two more buttons and pulled my shirt open. The bartender never said a word. She just handed me the napkin.  I quickly buttoned up the two buttons and headed for the door. I prayed nobody would follow me but I was sure Nicole had planned for that if it happened. I tried to read the napkin as I moved. It had a number. 606. That must be Nicole’s room.

I hustled back toward the lobby elevators. My breasts were flopping wildly but I didn’t care. Erin and the other woman were still behind the counter. They got an eyeful as I past them. I didn’t care. They already knew why I was here. I impatiently pressed the elevator button five or six times. Finally it opened.

I jumped in and pressed six. The elevator seemed to be taking its sweet time going to that floor, but I’m sure it was just my impatience. I was into the hallway and looking at the signs for room 606. An arrow led the way. I was going to see her soon. The Heart-On and my exposure had done the trick. I was desperate to cum and would do anything she asked to achieve that outcome. I found the door. I knocked. I waited. I knocked. There was no answer. I pounded on the door. Nothing. I started to cry. Had everything been one big joke to her? I threw the napkin on the floor.

It was almost surreal as the napkin floated to the carpet. It looked almost slow motion as I watched it twist and curl on its way down. It landed face up and I saw my problem. The napkin now showed 909. I was at the wrong room.

Back to the elevator I went. It seemed like everything was in slow motion now. I was tapping my heel trying to make the elevator come faster. The doors finally opened and the woman and her husband were inside.

“Done so soon?” she asked coyly.

“Wrong room,” I sheepishly admitted.

“What floor?” she asked.

“Nine,” I said.

“If it doesn’t work out, we’re in 1024,” she told me. I nodded.

The doors opened again and I sprinted out of the elevator. I didn’t care what I looked like or trying to hide why I was there. They knew already anyway. I quickly found room 909. It was at the end of the hallway. There was a bag hanging on the doorknob. I picked it up. One last set of instructions I hoped. I looked in the bag. There was a single piece of paper and what looked like a leather blindfold. I grabbed the paper.

“Sandra, welcome to my lair,” the instructions began. “Soon you will experience pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. You have proved yourself worthy of my attention. Follow just a few easy instructions and you soon will me mine.”

I think my heart stopped beating for a moment while I read the letter.

“First, knock twice on the door.”

That was easy and I did.

“Now step back to the middle of the hall, remove your blouse and skirt and fold them neatly in front of the door.”

I should not have been surprised by that command. Nicole had already told me I would be coming to her dressed in clothes no other lover had seen me in. The blouse and skirt were old. The stockings and garters were new. I didn’t expect the blindfold, but it really wasn’t a surprise. The third instruction was to put on the blindfold, knock again and then step back.

How long did she make me wait nearly naked in the hallway? I don’t know. I was beyond rational thought by that point. My inner thighs were plastered with my juices and I’d reached the point of being so aroused any touch would have sent me over the edge. Did anybody else see me? I don’t have a clue. Finally I heard the door opening.

“Come in my pet. Come in,” I heard Nicole say. I felt her take my hand in hers. Her touch was electric.

Chapter 03

*** Jeannie's POV ***

Friday night at the hotel was very educational for me. Nicole had been sending me the chat logs of the conversations she had been having with Sandra posing as Mistress D, but I didn't believe her. I didn't think she could have wrapped the obviously intelligent and strong woman around her finger that quickly and easily. Nicole told me she always had the gift of sensing when a woman was submissive. After that, it was just finding out a pressure point and pushing. I was quickly figuring out she was right.

Nicole told me about her plans for Sandra at the hotel. I told her she was full of shit that Sandra would never do what Nicole had planned, but she was confident. I told her maybe Mistress D could get Sandra to follow the instructions but if the tasks came from Nicole instead, Sandra would pass since she’d only talked to her the one time. Nicole was confident, however, that Sandra really craved submission and that she could get the woman to do anything she wanted.

We ended up betting my ass, literally, on the outcome. As I told you before, although I never told Nicole in so many words, I secretly loved when she would order me make love to her. Sure I played hard to get, but I did enjoy it. So when Nicole offered to prove her dominance over Sandra, I was quick to join her merry gang to aid Sandra’s seduction. To make things interesting because I didn't understand how she could get Sandra to go along with her plan, Nicole offered me the following bet. If Sandra followed every order, Nicole would get to spank me in front of Sandra and then I had to eat her out. Nicole had told me the broad outlines of what she intended to have Sandra do. I didn't believe she would give her soiled panties to a stranger and I didn't believe she would flash the bartender so I figured I would win the bet. When I asked Nicole what I would win she said $100. I questioned her about putting up cash instead of having her pleasure me and she said mistresses don't eat pussy on command. I told her my virtue was worth more than $100. It's not, but I wanted to see how confident she was in her success. She immediately went to $200. We haggled a bit and end at $250 for her side of the bet. To me the offer was win/win. I'd either get to watch Nicole fail and take her money or I’d get to indulge my secret pleasure of submitting to her.

We met at the hotel and immediately I began to feel less confident about winning. She introduced me to Erin who was the night manager. I could see from the look in Erin's eyes that she was totally smitten with Nicole. I also met Liz who was walking through the lobby on the way to her shift in the bar. Nicole briefed them both. They both were obviously willing to help Nicole in any way they could. Apparently Nicole had a harem of older women on call to do her bidding.

Erin gave us the swipe card to room 909. Nicole told Liz her task was to watch out for Sandra’s safety in the bar and to give her a napkin with the room number at the appropriate time. Nicole showed Liz how to write the numbers and hand the napkin to Sandra so she would think the room number was 606. Nicole had a devious mind when it came to practical jokes. If her plan worked, Sandra would be completely frazzled by that time she got to our room. I only wish I could have seen the look on her face when she went to the wrong room. Erin said the hotel was less than half full on a typical weekend and she would make sure room 606 was empty. Liz asked how she would know what the right time was to send Sandra on her way and Nicole told her not to worry. It would be obvious. Liz was satisfied with that answer and then left to go to the bar. Erin escorted us to the surveillance room behind the check-in counter. There was another woman working the counter but I didn't catch her name. We had about 15 minutes before Sandra was due to arrive.

Erin showed us where the controls were for the hotel's security system. It was obvious Nicole had been in the room before because she sat down and immediately began panning certain cameras into the positions she wanted. Erin smiled and left us alone. Nicole was obviously in charge. Suddenly I decided maybe my bet would not be so easy to win after all.

Right on time Sandra walked into the lobby. Nicole followed her every step. I could tell she was nervous, but she looked stunning. I could only watch and drool a little. I prayed I looked that good at her age. I had to laugh a bit to myself as Erin handed her the instruction envelope. My pussy was getting wet at the thought of participating in this game. Nicole seemed to have everything planned perfectly and I now put her chance of success above 90%. I wiggled my ass a bit involuntarily thinking about her spanking me. We watched Sandra move to where she thought she was unseen in the lobby, but of course a different camera picked her up and showed her reading the instructions. It was deliciously naughty to watch her reaction as she assumed she was alone.

As if on cue, she walked out of range of the lobby camera, but Nicole shifted to the one which captured the area around the meeting rooms and Sandra quickly reappeared. I didn't bother to ask how Nicole knew she would pick this isolated area. Of course there are no cameras in the bathroom itself, but based on the way Sandra was walking when she exited, I knew she had followed Nicole's instructions to the letter. We then switched to the camera behind the front desk. Nicole panned the camera to focus on Sandra's face while she waited for her turn at the counter. I almost felt sorry for her. Even through the poor resolution video I could feel the conflict within her. I also felt a sense of relief in her facial expression when she handed over the envelope as if a huge weight had been lifted. It was almost as if once she crossed the line of admitting why she was there she now felt like everything was going to be alright. We then switched to the camera outside the bar door. Erin also came back into the security office carrying the envelope with Sandra's soiled thong.

I wasn't paying close attention to Erin. I was watching Sandra pausing at the bar door as if she was willing herself to continue playing the game. In fact I didn't notice that Erin had dropped to her knees and was crawling between Nicole's legs. I had not stopped concentrating on the monitor until I heard a mewing sound coming from Nicole's lips. Looking down at the older woman between her legs I knew I'd lost my bet with Nicole. It was only a matter of time. I felt a rush of arousal.

We continued to monitor Sandra in the bar. Nicole would send her a text message every few minutes. I was still a bit shocked that Sandra followed every command, but as I watched Erin bring Nicole higher and higher I guess that shock began to wear off. For the record, except for Liz the bartender, nobody else in the bar was in on Nicole's game. She would later tell me she wished she knew that the swinging couple was going to be there because she would have had Sandra play with them. At least not everything went according to plan :-)

I was getting more and more aroused watching Sandra act as Nicole's puppet. The sex show happening in the chair next to me didn't hurt either. Once Nicole came, I knew Sandra's time in the bar was coming to an end. Nicole stood up and motioned for me to do the same. She then positioned the 6th floor camera to watch room 606 and asked Erin to email her the footage. She then typed out the final message and told Erin to give us 5 minutes and then send it. I followed Nicole out of the office like a lost puppy. I was now totally under her spell. Erin had the same look in her eyes. I knew she too would do anything Nicole commanded.

Room 909 was a spacious one bedroom suite at the end of the hall. I was sure Erin had not booked anybody near us to give us privacy. Inside Nicole had obviously been busy preparing the room before I had arrived. Arranged on breakfast bar of the kitchenette she had several cameras, both video and still, assorted sex toys to pleasure a woman, a few cuffs, a riding crop, a couple of cans that looked like paint and some brushes, two different blindfolds and a bag which probably had some more implements of pleasure and pain. Nicole had me take the cans and a few other items into the bedroom.

Nicole also had a suitcase with some clothes for the occasion. She told me to relax while she went into the bathroom to change. I paced around the room. I knew Sandra would be there in moments. Now was not the time to relax. I looked out of the window from the living room area. There was a small balcony and I stepped outside to get some air. There was a cool breeze, but it felt invigorating. There were two small plastic chairs and a tiny glass table. The balcony was maybe about 10 feet wide and 4 feet deep. There was a waist high iron rail which protected people from the 9 story drop into the parking lot. Behind the hotel were office buildings. I could see a few people working late, but they were mostly dark by this time. I heard Nicole clear her throat and turned to walk back into the room.

Nicole was standing in the center of the room. She had transformed into a vision of pure dominance. Her blouse and skirt had been replaced by a leather corset. She also had leather opera gloves, thigh high leather boots with a silver tipped stiletto heel and a leather choker with the word BITCH embroidered into the neck.

"Do you approve?" she asked me. My mouth was suddenly dry. All I could do was nod.

"I expect you to pay off your debt soon, but first we will need to attend to Sandra."

Again all I could do was nod my approval. Nicole took a bag and put the thinner blindfold into it. She then slid another sheet of instructions into it and hung it on the doorknob for Sandra to find.

"She's going to strip in the hallway. If she does, you lose the bet."

I already knew I had lost my bet and I wasn't overly upset about it.

"When she knocks, you can watch her through the peep hole. Let her sweat for a minute or two. Erin will give us the hallway surveillance feed later. When you let her in, don't say a word. In fact, don't speak the rest of the time you are here. I'll stand near you so she doesn't know you're here. I've got a few training tasks for her. I want you to get a good feel of her body. I'll take some pictures. When I give you the signal, finger her until she comes. When I took her in her living room I used two fingers and my thumb on her clit. Do it the same way so she thinks you are me. After she comes, you are going to pay off your debt. I want you to then take the memory card from the camera. I'll email you more pictures later and some video. I want you to copy the files to her computer's hard drive. You can then tell Rose you were snooping remotely on her mom's computer for more websites she was visiting and found these pictures Rose might be interested in. Do you understand?"

Finally I found my voice. "Yes. I understand." Seconds later I heard the first knock. I quickly ran to the door to look out the peep hole. I had not noticed any sound from my shoeless feet on the thick carpet. I'd be able to move silently around our victim. At least I'd be silent if I could control my breathing and my racing heart. I peeked through the security eyepiece and Sandra had already stripped off her skirt and blouse and was standing motionless in the hallway. I looked back at Nicole wondering how long we should make her wait. It felt like an eternity to me and I'm sure it felt longer to Sandra, but eventually Nicole nodded and I opened the door. I took Sandra's hand in my own and led her into the suite. Our touch sent a shiver through my body. I'd never felt that before. This was going to be fun.

*** Sandra's POV ***

The electric touch of Nicole's hand was like an aphrodisiac. Although I'd long since lost any thoughts of hesitation, her touch made me lose all my inhibitions and any thoughts that I was making a mistake were vanquished. This was where I belonged. I was born to serve her and whatever she commanded, I would do.

I was escorted slowly into the room. This must have been a suite because the room seemed huge to me. Nicole stopped me and let go of my hand. I could sense her walking around me. Then I felt her hot breath on my ear.

"You've done well tonight pet. You have pleased me with how well you followed my instructions."

I could feel myself blushing.

"Tonight we begin your formal training for your new life as my submissive."

My new life? I guess this wasn't a game after all. The thought excited me even more.

"The first thing you must learn is how to properly present yourself. You are already dressed, or shall I say undressed, in a way which pleases me. From now on no pantyhose... ever. Only stockings with garters from here forward."

I was trying to pay attention but the lust in my heart was distracting me. I could hear myself breath and felt every heartbeat.

"The heels are good, but should be a little higher. You have tremendous legs and a great ass. Don't be afraid to show them off."

I felt her hand slide up my thigh and touch my butt. Her hand then continued up my torso and gave my breast a firm squeeze.

"The same goes for these tits. They are wonderful. Never be shy to show them off a bit."

She continued to massage my breast and tweak my nipple. My pussy was on fire. Nicole now slid her hand down toward my pussy. If she touched my clit I think I would have cum right then. Instead she twirled her finger through my public hair. I'm neat and trimmed, but this apparently displeased her.

"This mess will have to go. You will shave it later, but you'll have to keep it waxed going forward."

I'd always resisted doing a Brazilian wax. It hurt enough when I'd get my legs done to make me decide waxing my cooter was out of the question. Of course, that wasn't my decision anymore and I welcomed Nicole's grooming suggestion.

"Spread your legs and put your hands on the back of the top of your head."

Immediately I did. I could feel my breasts popping forward.

"This is called inspection. When I say inspection, this is the position you will take. I don't care where we are, who we are with or what you are wearing. If I say the word inspection, you will immediately comply. Do I make myself clear?"

I could sense she was still walking around me. But I now felt her hands wrap around me and take both breasts into her hands. I heard a sharp intake of air at her sudden touch and realized it was me making the noise. She squeezed my left breast and then right lifting them up and down as if weighing them. Now I absolutely love having my lover wrap their arms around me like that. If that was what inspection would bring, I was all for it. I told Nicole I understood.

Her roving hands covered every inch of my body including pushing a solitary finger into my pussy from behind. I was shaking with sensation tingles as her hands worked me into a frenzy. Any clitoral stimulation at that point would have sent me over the edge. I knew her fingers were talented from the first night we met but tonight they were both familiar and new at the same time. What was she waiting for?

"Inspection went well. Before I share you my friends may want to inspect you. You should never hesitate from their touch. You are my property to do with as I please. Do you understand?"

I responded that I did. I felt her finger press into my overheated pussy, although she did not apply the pressure I desired to my clit. I could sense her thumb tantalizingly close to my clit just like it had been the night she seduced me. I began to beg. I began to plead. I was lost in the moment and overcome with the desire to climax. I heard her give the command "now" but the sound was in the wrong place.

Her voice was now over in the corner of the room. But her hands had never left me. How was that possible? I felt a thumb press against my clit while the two fingers continued to penetrate me. The thumb was rubbing my clit back and forth, snapping it really. One of the fingers curled and hit the spongy tissue of my g-spot. I didn't have time for rational thought. My orgasm crashed over me at the same moment I realized it wasn't Nicole's hand I'd been gyrating on. It was unlikely she had ever touched me since I came in. This realization flashed though my brain like a white hot poker as I forced myself down onto the fingers and screamed in ecstasy. I rode the hand for all I was worth until it was pulled back. I couldn’t see it but I knew I'd slimed it good. I hope whomever I just used to finger bang myself had a good time as I slumped down onto the thick carpet.

Whoever it was didn't say a word. Instead they wiped their cum covered hand across my face. I guess they thought that was what I was worth. They were probably right. Whoever it was her touch was as thrilling as when she led me through the door. I tried to move my head to maintain contact as long as she would let me. When I heard Nicole speak again I turned my head to where the sound was coming from.

"As long as you are down there, we'll work on another position. Get up on your knees."

I was still weak from my orgasm so it took a moment to roll onto my knees and then, as instructed, to sit with my ass on my heels and my body straight up in the air. I was then told to cup my breasts and lift and separate them. I was also told if my nipples were not hard to play with them at this point. Of course that wasn't necessary and I failed to see how they would ever be soft if I found myself in this position again.

"This is call presenting yourself. When I say present this is the position you will take. Inspection will frequently follow. Unless otherwise directed you should be looking down during presentation and inspection. You are not an equal in this relationship. You will show me and the people I choose to share you with utmost respect at all times. Do you understand?"

I replied, "Yes."

"Yes mistress," quickly came the correction.

"Yes mistress," I replied.

"The next position is a variation on presenting yourself. After you present yourself I may say down. If I do you will lean forward instead of sitting on your heels. You will place your head on the ground with your palms open and your fingers spread. Try it now."

I did and I immediately realized what would happen. My ass was now the highest point of my body. Given my level of arousal and having just cum, I knew my now exposed pussy would give away what I was feeling. I felt the hand I had just come on rub my backside. I was hoping she would finger me again. There were obviously at least two women in this room I would do anything to be with.

"As you just realized, the down command puts you in a very vulnerable position."

I felt a single finger slide into my pussy and then, nicely lubricated, begin to push against my back side. I was glad Mistress D had given me stretching exercises for my ass as the finger slipped inside me with relative ease. How strange it was that I was now proud of having an ass someone could push their finger in without resistance.

"The second benefit of this position is you may show your devotion to me."

I felt the tip of her boot graze against my lips.

"Lick my boot pet. Show your loyalty to me."

I stuck my tongue out. I couldn't see the boot and hoped it was clean. It tasted a little salty which surprised me. But it wasn't too nasty and the combination of my submissive act combined with my anal penetration had my emotions climbing again. The finger in my ass now began to pump in and out. I realized if I stopped licking my mistress' boot and raised my head enough to moan, the finger would stop. Thus my pleasure was restricted to when I actively showed my subservience to my mistress. I'm sure that was exactly what she wanted and that is exactly what I gave her.

This went on for maybe a minute. I was sure I would not be granted another orgasm until I'd done more for my mistress and her friend. When I felt the finger pull all the way out of my ass and a hand squeeze my butt, I knew this part of the lesson was over. I sensed the boot pull away, but I held the position with my ass high in the air. I remembered an instruction Mistress D had given me to never assume the game is done just because the players change. I wondered if the friend would now present her foot for worship or whether my mistress would be using a toy on my ass or pussy. Even if neither of these were true, I didn't want to move until commanded to do so.

I sensed the two women moving around the room. Perhaps they were moving to the bed. I heard the opening of a bag and then the opening of a sliding door. My mind was ablaze with deliciously naughty thoughts about what came next. Lost in my fantasy, I almost missed the command to stand.

"I need to settle a bet with my friend now, slave. You may relax for a few minutes. I think you should get some fresh air."

A rush of adrenaline flowed through my body. The sliding door was for me. There must be a balcony on this suite. But I was naked!?!

I felt a hand take mine. It was slightly larger than the hand which brought me through the door. It must belong to Mistress Nicole. I was too far gone to care when I felt the carpet change to concrete as I was led out the door. I tried to remember what the exterior of the building looked like and then I tried to picture where this room was located. The hotel had three wings. Two ran parallel to the street and one out to the back. I wasn't sure but I thought we were positioned to the back. There wasn't much traffic noise so I decided I was right.

I tried to picture what was behind the hotel. There were some office buildings I thought. That would make sense since this was a business hotel. I felt the cool night air begin to dance on my skin as a light breeze suddenly gusted. I felt someone brush against my pussy. Mistress Nicole spoke again.

"I don't want you getting into any trouble out here so I am going to bind you. Stand in inspection position while I get some cuffs."

I was completely humiliated. I couldn't tell if anybody could see me or was already watching as I stood naked for the entire world to see with my legs spread and my hands clasped behind my head. I should have ripped off the blindfold and ran out of the room. But my pussy wouldn't let me. It was having too much fun even if my brain was telling me this was wrong.

I heard one of the women walk back onto the balcony. I assumed it was Nicole. I was guessing the other woman might have been Erin from the front desk. I felt a plastic rod of some kind tap against my leg.

"Open a little wider my dear," Nicole ordered.

Doing so in my high heels put more pressure on my calves than I was accustomed to. This would not be pleasant for long. I felt a leather cuff being buckled onto my left ankle. I then felt a hand pulling my legs just a little wider.

"We have to work on your flexibility."

I felt an identical cuff being attached to my right ankle. I tried to move my legs together just a bit to relieve the stress I was feeling, but I couldn't. I felt my mistress run her hands simultaneously down both my legs and then back up again until she gripped my ass. Spreading both my butt cheeks I felt her kiss my pussy.

"You will find closing you legs quite impossible until I decide to relieve you. The cuffs are attached to a spreader bar. I'm sure you can picture in your mind the balcony railing you are standing in front of. Bend over it now."

Mistress Nicole was 100% correct. I could picture the railing. I bent forward but I didn't feel it. As I approached the horizontal plane I began to feel dizzy. For a fleeting moment I had the thought that there wasn't a rail and I was going to fall to my death. Then I felt the cold steel at waist level. I must have been right next to it.

"Hold that position," was the command as I felt hands once again on my butt. Instead of playing with it, however, this time they pulled me back. I had to shuffle my feet in terrifying fear of falling or breaking my ankle due to the heel. Slowly she positioned me further away from the railing until I felt my breasts touch the cold steel. Mistress then told me to stop and to put my hands on the rails.

I was quickly secured with soft ropes around my wrists holding me fast to the rail. My arms were outstretched as far as my feet were. What a sight I must have made. My legs were spread obscenely and I was bent over with both my holes exposed for whatever deviant desires my two protagonists had in mind. I could feel my breasts pushed together by the railing and my head hanging over into the abyss. If anybody was working late in the offices behind the hotel they were getting quite a sight right then. I should have been horrified by my position, but as the helplessness of my situation became apparent, a feeling of euphoria began to wash over me. My body was stressed by how far my legs were spread, the angle my heels were forcing my ankles to contort into and my neck having to hold my head up. But I was smiling as I pictured faceless business men looking out their windows and whacking off. Even the cool night air could not overcome the heat from my pussy. I even pictured steam coming from my inner core. Mistress Nicole knew exactly what I craved and was giving it to me.

*** Nicole's POV ***

Sandra had exactly the reaction tonight I knew she would. From her initial humiliation asking for the envelope to her handing over her smelly wet thong to a stranger to her exposing herself in the bar, I knew it was all leading to her cumming like an out of control slut all over Jeannie's hand. And now with her safely disposed of on the balcony, it was time for me to make Jeannie pay for her stupid bet against me. She didn't even put up a fight. As soon as I walked in from the balcony I told her to strip and get on her hands and knees.

Quick as a flash she was on the floor. I positioned her so she could look out onto the patio at Sandra's bound form. I also left the sliding door open so Sandra could hear what was happening. I didn't know if the sound would carry enough for other guests to hear, but I figured they would see Sandra and not me if they looked so who cares. If anyone complained Erin would run interference.

I efficiently tanned Jeannie's butt. She howled, but I could tell she loved it. She could try and hide her feelings, but her pussy told the story. Her cries of pain quickly became moans of passion. She started to beg to be made to cum, but I quickly shut her up with my hand. I didn't think Sandra would recognize her voice. She would be too worried about her own needs dreaming of the moment I came back to her I theorized. But I wasn't about to take a chance.

With one hand covering Jeannie's mouth and the other manipulating her pussy, I allowed her to give in to her pleasure and cum. I can be a strict mistress and taskmaster, but I'm also a softy when it comes to giving a woman pleasure. Especially one that was so instrumental in bringing Sandra to me. I left Jeannie as a quivering mess and walked over to my selection of toys. I had brought two strap-ons to the party tonight. I chose the smaller one first and brought it back to Jeannie. I could tell by the look in her eyes she assumed I'd be using it on her. I could also tell she was scared. I’d fuck her sometime, but that wasn't part of tonight's plan.

Instead I helped lift her to her feet and told her to put on the strap-on. Now her look of fear became one of confusion. But that didn't stop her from doing what I asked. She might have though I wanted her to fuck me, but that wasn't going to happen. I don't let women fuck me. I fuck them. Instead I pointed to Sandra and grabbed our compact digital camera we'd been using to take pictures of her learning her new positions. Together we walked out onto the balcony. I gentle rubbed my palm on Sandra's ass and then briefly pushed two fingers inside of her. She moaned and my fingers came out very wet. I knew listening to Jeannie would excite her. I also knew one of her fondest wishes was to be strap-on fucked. That wish was about to become reality.

I whispered into Jeannie's ear to take it nice and slow and then sat down in on of the balcony chairs. I clicked the camera into movie mode and framed the shot. I didn't want to identify Jeannie as Sandra's partner. Fortunately the widescreen capture format allowed me to focus entirely on Sandra's bent form. I couldn't see her cuffed ankles, but from about the knee up to just above her horizontally bent torso, I could see everything.

I held the camera as still as I could as Jeannie slowly began to penetrate her. Once she had the dildo buried to the hilt, I slowly panned to the left to show how Sandra was bound to the rail. I then moved back to her face as Jeannie began to build a rhythm. After establishing a close-up view of Sandra's face showing just how much pleasure Jeannie was giving her, I zoomed back out so I could see the a few inches of the dildo and the rest of Sandra's body as Jeannie took her from behind. With each stroke I'd see Jeannie slam into Sandra's butt. The ripple shock waves from their contact flowed across her ass. I didn't know if that would show up on the video, but I must admit I was a little jealous of Sandra as I watched her get pummeled.

Sandra knew she was outside, but obviously her libido had overridden any anxiety she had been feeling. She quickly turned more vocal than she had been in her living room or earlier when Jeannie had fingered her. This was the first time I'd shot video on this camera, but I had no doubt her vocal styling would be preserved. Preserved and quite embarrassing when I had Jeannie show Rose what her mom was up to.

Jeannie continued to fuck Sandra like a champion. I was thinking I should have used the better video camera I brought. We could have sold this video for a fortune. But all good things come to an end. Sandra "suffered" through three quick orgasms in a row. I say "suffered" because after the first one she was begging me to stop. It was cute that she still thought I was the one taking her. Jeannie for her part had no intention of stopping so soon. Maybe she was practicing for the night she finally takes Rose. Maybe she was really getting into being the dominant member of the tryst. Maybe she thought the dildo would rub her clit just right and she could get off again. I don't know the reason but I had no intention of stopping her. I just let her bang away at my new slave until she finally stopped on her own.

Although she had been begging for the pounding to stop, when Jeannie plopped the dildo out of Sandra's well used pussy, I could tell the moan was from frustration. I whispered in Jeannie's ear to go clean herself up and she walked back into the room. I lightly touched Sandra's clit. She jumped again. I then removed her blindfold.

I was standing behind her so she still could not see me. Instead I pointed over her shoulder at an office window in the building across the parking lot. There was a solitary figure watching us from an office. I couldn't make out if it was a man or a woman. It really didn't matter. I told Sandra I would wave to her fan for her and did so. I also told her I would untie her in just a few moments. She begged me to remove the spreader bar and in a moment of pity I did. I knew she had not experienced that kind of stress before so I gave her some relief. I told her I had to say goodbye to my other guest and that I would untie her wrists after she was gone. I left her staring at the office building in her post orgasmic glow and headed in to give Jeannie her final instructions. Jeannie had removed the strap-on and was getting dressed. I handed her the camera and repeated my instructions to her to download the files to a hidden directory on Sandra's computer. I then told her to make a backup on CD to give to Rose and to setup a meeting at her house with Rose next Friday night. Jeannie said she understood and left. I picked up the strap-on. I needed Sandra to clean it before I released her. I also wanted to do it while we still had an audience.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I was unbelievably sore at being stretched into this position for so long, but the fucking I had just received made it all worthwhile. I didn't even care that somebody in the office building had watched. I knew from my view that we were too far away for the person to see any detail. Plus it was a bit of a turn on to know somebody had watched me be defiled. The only thing I didn't know was who was with Nicole in the room. Was it Erin from the front desk? That would make sense. She was obviously in on the plan. I didn't think it was the bartender as she was still working when I left. But maybe that is why she handed me the paper upside-down so she'd have time to get in front of me. In the end it didn't matter. I'd already had four orgasms since coming upstairs and I didn't think Nicole was done with me yet. When I felt her reach around me and push the strap-on, still slimy with my juices, into my mouth, I knew the night was far from over.

Mistress Nicole instructed me to clean the implement of my pleasure. It was wickedly decadent to be sucking on the dildo in full view of whoever happened to look up at the balcony. With my hands still fastened to the railing I could not decide how much of the fake cock to take. That decision was left to Mistress Nicole who seemed to delight in alternating short pushes with deep thrusts. With my feet now free, I found myself starting to push my butt back up against her as she reached around me to feed me the dick. I looked back up at the office building and our voyeur appeared to be taking great pleasure in our show. I would have been happy to stay on the balcony all night, but Mistress Nicole had other plans. Eventually she untied my wrists and led me inside.

For the first time I got a look at the room. There was a large living room, a kitchenette, a breakfast bar, a small dining table and a large flat screen TV. I assumed the bedroom was around the corner along with the bathroom. Mistress Nicole told me she had drawn a hot bath for me and that I should relax and rest for a few minutes while she made some other arrangements.

I followed her into the bathroom. It was unlike any hotel bathroom I'd ever seen. It was more like the master bath of a fancy house. There was a standalone claw foot tub. Mistress Nicole had lit tea-light candles all around and they cast a soft shimmering glow around the room.

"I'll be back in a little while," she told me. "Just relax and enjoy the soak. We'll play more when I get back."

I nodded and gave her a big hug. "Thank you mistress," was all I could say. It was all that needed to be said.

Nicole turned to leave. I stripped off my shoes, stockings and garter belt and sat down in the tub. It felt heavenly as the warm water soothed my sore limbs. It was so relaxing that I drifted off to sleep. I woke with a start as I heard the suite door shut. I didn't know how long I'd been in the tub but the water had cooled significantly. I scrambled out of the tub and grabbed a towel. I wrapped the towel around me and walked into the living room to see who had come in. I had expected my mistress to have brought more guests, but it was just her. I think my facial expression may have shown what I was thinking. Nicole as always could read my mind.

"You look disappointed it's just me," she said.

"No, not really," I replied. After a pause where she just looked at me I added, "Well maybe just a little."

"I could tell you enjoyed my friend earlier, but she had to go."

"I did enjoy her, mistress. Will she be coming back?"

"Not tonight. We may have another visitor later, but right now we have a lot to do."

I nodded and didn't press the issue. Mistress Nicole told me to drop the towel and added that I should be naked at all times in her presence unless told otherwise. I made a mental note of this new rule to go along with the positions I'd learned earlier. I also immediately dropped my towel.

"The first thing we need to do it shave off that bush," she told me. "I like my girls clean and pure. You will keep it shaved at all times. We also need to shave your legs, armpits and butt."

"You want to shave my butt?" I questioned her. That brought a stinging slap across my cheek.

"Next rule," she replied. "Never question me. However, since you are new, I will allow you a little leeway tonight so you only got a light slap.”

I was still rubbing my cheek as she began to speak again. “Yes I'm going to shave your butt. There are two very good reasons. First and foremost because I want to. That is the only reason you need. Second, however, it is necessary because of something else I have planned. So get to the tub and get to work. I'll help you in a few minutes with your backside, but you should be able to do your legs, pussy and underarms yourself."

I still had no clue why she would want to shave my butt, but as she said that wasn't for me to know yet. I keep my pussy neatly trimmed although I'd never shaved it bare. I admit I was a little nervous trimming so close to my pussy lips, but I managed. My legs and underarms were easy, although I must admit my focus was on why Nicole wanted to shave my butt. I called out to her when I was done and waited for her to help me.

It was surreal when Nicole bent me over the tub and shaved my ass. My skin is very smooth and it felt like the razor was doing nothing. Still having my most intimate areas exposed for to her view as she did her work was exciting. After she finished with my butt she toweled me off and had me turn over. I thought we were done but then she wanted to shave around my breasts. This was getting too weird, but of course I let her do it. My curiosity was certainly piqued.

Now that I was freshly shaved Mistress Nicole helped me back up. She then ran her hands over my pussy and complemented me on how soft and inviting it was. I felt myself blush. Nobody had ever complimented me that way before.

Mistress Nicole then did something I was not expecting. No she didn't begin to finger my newly bare pussy. I kind of expected that. What she did do was take the shower curtain off the shower rod. She then told me to follow her into the bedroom.

The bedroom was generously sized and included a king sized bed. Perfect for our continued amorous pursuits I hoped. I watched as Nicole spread out the shower curtain on the floor. Just what did she have planned for me? I looked around the room. There were night tables on either side of the bed, a recliner, another flat panel TV and a long low dresser. On the dresser were two cans which looked like quart paint cans, a couple of brushes, a roller, the spreader bar with cuffs attached and some, a role of blue tape, a box of talc, a hair dryer and a couple of small plastic tube like things I didn't recognize. I also noticed a digital SLR camera and a professional looking video camera. I stood just inside the doorway waiting for instructions. I watched as Nicole fiddled with the cans and then pick up the cuffs and spreader. I was afraid my legs would once again be stretched painfully wide. It turns out this time it was for my wrists and arms.

Nicole motioned me over to her, had me stand in the middle of the shower curtain and affixed the cuffs to my wrists putting the bar behind my neck. It wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as when the bar had been strapped to my ankles. At least not yet. I was fidgeting a little which brought me a reprimand to stand still.

"I'm sure you are wondering what I'm doing," she said. I didn't answer since she had not asked a direct question. Nicole looked at me as if to see if I would speak out of turn and then smiled when I did not.

"Since you cut up your blouse and lost your underwear, we need to provide you some new clothes before we can go out. Have you ever heard of liquid latex?"

I'd heard of latex, of course, although I'd never worn any and certainly didn’t know about its liquid form. I shook my head.

"Liquid latex is fun, but if you are not clean shaven it can hurt when you remove it. It can stick to your hair."

All of a sudden the extensive shaving made sense.

"I'm going to paint your body. When the latex dries it becomes like a second skin. It's like a cat suit but very flexible and when we're done, it just peels off. Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes mistress," I replied.

"Good. Stand still and let me do the work," she instructed.

I watched intently to see which item she would pick up first. It was the first of the plastic tubes, a cylinder really. She also picked up a syringe I had not noticed. Mistress Nicole walked up to me and grabbed my left breast. She gave it a good squeeze causing my nipple to pop out a bit. I looked down at what she was doing.

"Most people cover the nipple when making a latex bra. I prefer to have them available. This is a called a nipple sucker. The tube slips over your nipple. I then draw out the air with the syringe. That will cause the sucker to stick to your skin and will hold in place. That will mask the area so I don't accidently cover the nipple. Oh, it will also cause the blood to rush into your nipple and cause it to swell significantly. The nipple will become highly sensitive. Some women love it. Some hate it. I guess we’ll find out what kind of woman you are. "

That made sense to me and I relaxed briefly. I say briefly because the first thing she did was lick the edge of the cylinder and then place it over my nipple. The tube was about three quarters of an inch in diameter so it covered my nipple with little room to spare. With a well practiced move of her other hand, the syringe was quickly attached to the top of the cylinder where there was a valve and used to draw the air out. The result was my nipple was drawn into the cylinder and grew to about twice its normal length. It was both painful and arousing at the same time.

I watched my mistress turn a small knob on the valve between the cylinder and the syringe which held the air pressure constant while she pushed the plunger on the syringe back in. That accomplished she drew another syringe full of air out of the cylinder. My nipple swelled again. It wasn't any wider than normal but was probably a good inch and a half long. This time I didn't consider the sensation arousing. The lack of air pressure pulling my nipple out was now just pain.

Mistress Nicole secured the end of the cylinder and removed the syringe. I looked down as she walked back to the dresser to get the second sucker. My nipple looked angry, but with my arms secured there was nothing I could do about it. The process was repeated on the other nipple. Once they were both secured Nicole flicked her finger against them to make sure they would hold if they were bumped. I wasn't fortunate enough to have them fall off. I was now straining in my position from the sensations.

I thought my preparations were done, but I was wrong. A slightly larger sucker was used to "protect" my clit. This was turning into cruel and unusual punishment. My poor kitty screamed in pain as it was drawn up into the confining piece of plastic. I twisted as Nicole drew the air out leading to a stern warning that she knew what she was doing and that if I moved I might hurt myself. I didn't care that she knew what she was doing. I wasn't sure I wanted to go where she was taking me. She told me to relax. Yeah right. That was just what Mistress D told me to do before I stuck the anal plug up my butt. It didn't work then and I was sure it wouldn’t work now either.

Nicole promised the pain would die down and I would appreciate her handiwork soon enough. She then said she forgot a couple of things in her bag and left the room. I looked at myself in the mirror. My nipples and clit had never been so hard. I barely recognized the woman I had become. I was still staring at myself when Nicole reentered the room.

"You look fabulous. You are so hot," she said. I did not detect any sound of condescension. I think she meant it.

Nicole was holding two other plastic tubes. I was scared what else she was going to suck up. These were different, however. They were solid and had a slightly wider rounded base, about three inches wide I’d estimate. Without ceremony the first one was pushed into my pussy. Of course lubrication was not a problem. I always seemed to be wet around Nicole or when I chatted with Mistress D. Nicole told me to look in the mirror. The base stuck out just a little around my labia. She told me she could apply the latex evenly but leave easy access to my pussy this way. I nodded in a warped sense of agreement as she held up the last tube. When she pulled the first special tube out of my pussy I instantly understood what she was doing.

"Turn around and bend over," was her command.

Suddenly I was glad Mistress D had introduced me to anal plugs as it made taking the tube into my butt much easier. Slick with my natural lube and my ability to relax my sphincter learned through using the plugs, the cylinder quickly found a home in my backside. The last cylinder was then inserted into my pussy. There were five locations thus protected from the latex and I was getting very excited from the constant stimulation.

Next was the talcum powder. Nicole explained that my skin needed to be absolutely dry to make the latex adhere better. She used a large amount of talc causing a white cloud to fill the air. I coughed as I breathed some of the fine powder into my lungs. Nicole then brushed off the excess leaving me with a fine white sheen over my skin. Finally she grabbed the blue tape and began to mask out the rough shape of a very small tube top. She wrapped two strips of the 3/4" tape around the underside of each breast and then used long strips around my torso just below the bottom of my breasts to hold the edges of the first strips. She then used a second strip around the top of my breasts and around my waist at the top of my hip bone. A final strip around each leg about an inch below my pussy completed the masking. While she was kneeling in front of me with her face in front of my crotch I'm sure she could tell exactly how aroused I was. No amount of talc would hold back the flood in my pussy.

"OK pet, I think we're ready," Nicole announced. I took a deep breath.

Nicole shook up the first can and then opened it up. As she walked over to me I looked down. The color was fire engine red. With a fine brush she began to trace the outline of the tape around my breasts. It tickled a bit and I squirmed a little which brought another command to stand still so she could do a good job. I tried to maintain my pose, but it was tough.

Once the undersides of my breasts were done Nicole chose a larger brush and quickly worked around my back. She also used the large brush to paint around the cylinders still encasing my nipples in their abnormally large state.

Did she "accidently" brush against my nipples causing a shooting pain to rock me to the core? Of course she did, although always with the latex end of the brush away from my body so I didn't screw up her "art."

Once the borders were done an even larger brush made quick work of my new latex bra. The process was then repeated for my new bright red hot pants. If my new latex were real clothes they would have been the smallest pair of shorts I’d ever worn. They just barely covered from just above my clit and the top of my ass crack down to just below my pussy. Nicole told me to be still for just another couple of minutes when she could remove the tape. I looked at myself in the mirror again. Except for the cylinders protruding from my body, the latex as it started to cure began to look like real clothes.

Soon Nicole peeled off the tape and then she grabbed the hair dryer. A blast of hot hair soon hit my face. The output was then directed at my new latex to speed the curing time. As it dried I could feel the latex constricting to form a second skin. I also could see in the mirror that it was following every contour of my body, especially my breasts. Never before had I worn clothes so form fitting.

Once the latex was cured, Nicole grabbed the second color, black, and began filling in the rest of my "outfit." She used the medium brush to carefully trace the edges of my bra and shorts. Of course I had to hold desperately still for that. Once that was done she switched to a roller to complete my transformation. From the tops and sides of my feet to the underside of my chin, my hairline on the back of my neck and out to the cuffs on my wrists I was covered in shimmering black latex. The only exceptions were my fire engine red bra and micro shorts. Oh, and my nipples, clit, pussy and asshole which were all uncovered and soon to be available. It was a stunning look I must say.

Nicole then carefully removed my pussy and ass "masks" as she called them to use a painting term instead of dildos which block latex how I would describe them. She then warned me that when she released my clit and nipples there would be pain. I'd almost forgotten about my suction trapped naughty bits. The pain had subsided and with my full concentration going to what Nicole was painting, I'd basically ignored them except when Nicole would bump the cylinder. I told her I was ready. She asked where I wanted to start. I told her my clit. She released the pressure and the cylinder popped off. I don't think I can adequately describe the pain I felt right then. As the blood rushed back into my clit I felt thousands of needles hitting me at the same time. But I also felt euphoria. I know I screamed a bit, but I think I also moaned. I watched as Nicole took hold of the cylinder on my left nipple.

"Ready?" she asked. I took three quick deep breaths and then nodded.

Again the pain was an intense mix of torture and arousal. Nicole didn't even ask if I was ready for the last cylinder to come off. She just did it. My nipples were on fire and my pussy was leaking like a faucet. My new outfit was finally complete. Well almost. Mistress Nicole removed the spreader bar from between the cuffs, although she left the cuffs themselves on my wrists. With the latex painted right up to the edge of the black leather cuff, they looked seamless. In fact she loosened the cuffs just a little and slid them over the edge of the latex before retightening them just to be sure the look was what she wanted. The final item was a pair of fire engine red stiletto heeled pumps whose color matched the latex covering my boobs, ass and pussy. The heels had to be at least five inches high. I'd never worn shoes like them and as I teetered in them looking at myself in the mirror I doubted I could even walk. The toe and the heel sank slightly into the soft carpet leaving me to feel unsteady and afraid to move. The shoes were strapped to my feet and ankles and a small padlock held the buckle closed. Once I heard the clasp mechanism snap I knew the shoes would be on feet until Nicole removed them.

Mistress Nicole was helpful by taking my hand and steadying me as she led me around the suite. I had to take short careful steps. The now fully cured latex gripped my skin making me feel warm all over. I looked at the clock. It was almost 1am but I didn't feel tired. I felt exhilarated and ready for Nicole next command. At least I was until I heard it.

"Our guest should be here soon. Be a dear and go get some ice."

Caught up as I was in looking at myself I never considered other people were going to see me like this. Worse yet, Nicole wanted me to walk out into the hall. I felt my pussy gush. How could I refuse?

Nicole said she had to clean up. She handed me the ice bucket from the kitchen counter. I commented that I remember seeing the ice machine near the stairs just outside our door. That was a mistake. Nicole ordered me to use the ice machine on the north wing. She said the ice tasted better from that machine. I had my doubts as to her reasoning, but I understood her intent was for me to walk much further thereby increasing my chance to being seen. I'd already learned not to argue with Nicole once she had made a decision. I took the bucket and slowly walked out the door. My sense of apprehension was palpable. Here I was in a public hallway essentially nude. Sure my body was now covered in shimmering latex which glistened in the florescent light of the hallway, but my nipples, clit, pussy and asshole were on display for anyone to see. My nipples and clit in particular both remained swollen from the suckers to a size far larger than they normally would be when I was aroused. Of course I was also far more aroused than normal.

I looked down the hallway. At this hour hopefully everyone was already in for the night. Of course anybody just getting back to their room had probably been drinking. That would not be good. I wish I could have moved faster. I don't think I could have run in my latex cocoon anyway, but the heels made any kind of good pace impossible. I had to take short tiny steps in order to maintain my balance. The hallway looked a mile long as I passed the icemaker near our room. Walking through the elevator lobby I saw myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe the reflection. I don't think my nipples had shrunk at all and my clit was still standing out proudly from its hood. The cat suit looked like it was real latex clothes, at least from a distance. Close up my exposed naughty bits would instantly tell the tale of what I was doing in the hotel. I had the vision of the police having been called to another room for some kind of disturbance discovering me and hauling me to the station on an indecent exposure charge. I felt another rush of excitement flood my pussy.

Looking down the next hallway I began to feel a little dizzy. For a moment I thought I might faint from the stress. I had to stop and lean on the wall for a moment before I could continue. I heard the TV on in several rooms. I could only pray they didn't decide they needed ice right then. Finally I reached the little room with the ice maker and two vending machines for soda and snacks. I pushed the bucket under the dispenser but nothing happened. I tried again. The machine made a bit of a racket and shook, but only two cubes fell into my bucket. The damn thing was broken.

I didn't waste any time trying to decide if my mistress knew this machine was broken and that is why she sent me to this wing instead of the south one. For all I knew Erin had arranged for it to be emptied as a big joke. All the machines were probably broken and Nicole would start sending me to the other floors next. Disheartened I began the slow trek to the south wing to find ice. My legs were starting to get tired from the stress the heels were placing on my calves. Looking at the mirror at the elevator lobby for the second time I had to admit the shoes did make my legs and ass look amazing. The latex didn't hurt either.

Fortunately the south ice machine was working. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that the north one was broken and not some kind of cruel trick. I actually stopped in front of the mirror and admired myself on my third pass. How many other forty-something woman look as good as I did right then? Suddenly I was overcome with a feeling of pure lust. I set the ice bucket down on a table next to the mirror and began to rub my clit. The pain from 10 minutes ago was long gone. My clit was still very erect and distended from its extended stay in the vacuum tube, however, and very sensitive to even the lightest touch. The same was true of my nipples. Looking at myself in the mirror was one of the biggest turn-ons I'd ever experienced. I quickly brought myself to the brink of an orgasm when I heard the rush of air coming up the elevator shaft.

I suddenly remembered where I was and the fear of being caught masturbating triggered my flight instinct. I shifted toward the east hallway and took four or five slow steps before I realized I'd left the ice bucket on the table. The sound of air from the elevator shaft increased as I returned to grab it. I looked up at the display showing where the elevator car was located. I watched the display count 6-7-8 and listened as the wind noise intensified. I was so screwed. Damn my lust making me stop instead of just continuing back to the room.

I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw the number 9. I know I stopped breathing momentarily. But then I saw the number 10 and then 11. I heard a faint bing as the elevator arrived at its destination two floors up from me. Was I tempted to finish what I started? Yes. I have to admit that my lust was out of control. But then I heard another rush of air from the second elevator shaft and decided not to press my luck. Grabbing the ice bucket I tried to make my best speed back to the suite.

I'd scarcely made it back around the corner when I heard the sound of the elevator bing. This time the sound seemed deafening as the synthetic bell rang in my ears. I kept moving, my brain alternating between having a 1 in 3 chance that the person's room was in my wing and the thought that I'd get caught by a couple of drunk guys who would usher me into their room and have their way with me.

I silently crept down the hall slowing my pace to remain quiet. I don't know why I did that. There would be no reason for the person to come this way unless they had a room near ours. But my fear of being caught had me trying to elude my unseen pursuer. Moments later it dawned on me that if the person was coming this way they would have already found me. That let me relax just a bit.

I continued my maddeningly forced slow pace until I was finally at the end of the hall and in front of the suite's door. Truthfully I wasn't surprised when Nicole didn't answer the knock right away. This time I was sure she was leaving me out in public on purpose. She could have been in the bathroom or even out on the balcony getting some air, but in my mind it was all a plot to expose me. I heard the elevator bing again. It was softer this time, but it was obviously on this floor. I heard the sound of heels on the tile of the elevator lobby. I recognized the sound from my own three trips over the tiles. I saw an elegant form round the corner and begin down the hall. It was the form of a beautiful woman in a formal dress. As she came closer I realized she looked like she had been out on the town. Her hair flowed around her head. Her dress exposed just the right amount of leg and her cleavage was not too big and not too small. She looked refined, distinguished and sexy as hell. It was obvious her destination was our room as she began to make eye contact with me about half way down the hall. I was captivated by her beauty and began to shake as I waited for her to arrive. Although I was mesmerized by her beauty, my anxiety over actually being caught went through the roof. I’d been in the hallway about 10-12 minutes total hobbling around the floor. My dread of being caught had also been fueling my arousal as I had tried to convince myself that Mistress Nicole had everything under control and this was all part of her plan for me. My trepidation of being exposed should have been tempered by my trusting my mistress, but now as this gorgeous woman approached me, a new wave of terror washed over me. What would she think of me standing in the hallway obviously excited, aroused and dressed like a fetish wet dream? She clearly was into this kind of behavior or she wouldn’t be here. But what was she expecting me to do? What would Nicole order me to do with her? I felt my legs begin to get weak. But then, deliverance struck.

About 10 feet from me she smiled and I recognized her. She looked so different earlier in the evening I had not realized it was the bartender. She had been dressed very conservatively in the bar. No doubt if she dressed like she was now every guy would constantly hit on her. She must have changed when the bar closed. She now looked taller and much more authoritative. This was obviously Nicole's guest and one that I had already flashed. She must have liked what she saw in the bar and as she looked me up and down in my latex I had no doubt she preferred this look to my blouse and skirt.

She introduced herself as Liz. I introduced myself has Slave Sandra. It was the first time I'd use that name but it was now the correct one. Liz produced a swipe card and opened the door. She signaled I should go in first. I felt her hand on my latex covered ass as she ushered me inside. Nicole was standing in the living room waiting for us. She was wearing the same strap-on I'd sucked before. She was stroking it like a guy with her right hand. She looked menacing. In her left hand she was holding a larger strap-on.

"Glad you could make it Liz," she said. "Do you want to help me fuck the hell out of this slut?"

I looked at Liz pleading with my eyes. I wasn’t scared or nervous any longer. This was where I belonged.

Chapter 04

*** Liz's POV ***

It was with a great sense of anticipation that I stepped off of the elevator on the ninth floor. Nicole, Erin and I had played this game before. I don't know how she managed to find these women willing to do anything she asked. Nicole was certainly beautiful and exceptionally skilled in the art of love, but there seemed to be a never ending stream of attractive women willing to debase themselves for just a few minutes of her attention. Of course I was walking to her suite with exactly that same expectation so I guess I shouldn't be talking.

I work the bar at the hotel part time. I like working the weekends because it is more relaxed,  although the tips are not as good. But on a Friday night when Nicole comes to play, the compensation is great. Whenever Nicole calls that she has a new conquest for our games Erin and I both bet her that she has misread the woman. That this time the girl will revolt, not call her mistress and cease to obey her without question. The bet is always the same. A couple of hundred dollars of Nicole's money versus an hour or two of our giving her our undivided attention pleasing her. So far neither Erin nor I have ever taken Nicole's money. Not that I am complaining. For the opportunity to play with another one of her female toys I'd gladly give her some personal satisfaction. Nicole can be a tough mistress on her slaves, but she always treats Erin and I well. She knows we're really not submissive but just enjoy kinky girl/girl sex.

From the moment Sandra waltzed through the bar door, I knew Nicole would once again be calling the shots. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about what I would be doing after last call. Sandra was certainly beautiful. She looked refined and elegant. She didn't look like the kind of woman who would soon be grovelling at a younger woman's feet. But I also knew that would be exactly where she would end up. Like all the others before her, she would soon be begging for Nicole to allow her pleasure and would be willing to do anything to get it.

Nicole had briefed Erin and me on her plans. After I closed the bar the rest of my night was free and I would have time to play. Erin wasn't so fortunate. She was on the night shift and had to work. Once I was done, I quickly changed clothes in the manager's office and headed upstairs. I knew Nicole's basic plan, but I was not prepared for the vision of a latex encased Sandra standing in the hallway. To be sure after she flashed me in at the bar I knew she would do anything for Nicole, but still, this was pretty far out there. Nicole had called me when she sent Sandra on her trip but I was still doubtful that I’d find her wandering the hallway. I walked slowly both to enjoy the view a little longer and to build some anticipation. As I got closer I noticed the cat suit was not covering the shivering woman 100%. I think Sandra's nipples were as hard as any I'd ever seen. Her clit seemed equally happy. Just what had Nicole done to her? More importantly, what was Nicole going to do to her and how could I help?

As I approached Sandra I could tell she was quivering with excitement. I used my swipe card to unlock the door. I was not surprised to find Nicole waiting for us holding two strap-ons. I knew she loved to fuck women. I do to and she knows that. I was surprised to see that she was holding out the larger one for me. Usually she reserves that for herself. As I was about to find out, that was all part of her master plan.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I watched as Mistress Nicole and Liz exchanged glances. They didn't speak but their eyes spoke volumes. I anticipated Liz grabbing the strap-on. I didn't know if they were going to take turns with me or DP me. Secretly I was hoping for the latter. Mentally I was ready for it and physically I was craving it. I stood still by Liz's side waiting for instructions. Unfortunately the instructions went to Liz.

"Are you ready to pay off your bet?" my mistress asked her.

"Business before pleasure?" Liz replied.

"Pleasure is my business," rejoined Nicole. "At least my pleasure."

I watched as Liz stripped down, took the strap-on and began to wrap it around her waist. I then watched as Nicole walked up to me and spun me around. Grabbing my arms she began to pull them behind me. I instinctively put up resistance, but it was a token effort and within seconds my wrist cuffs were clipped together behind my back.

Nicole then grabbed my erect nipple, marched me over to the couch, spun me around and pushed me back onto the cushions. My latex suite constricted as I bent to sit down taking my breath away. I could only watch as Nicole unsnapped the bottom of her corset exposing her pussy. She then ordered Liz to sit next to me. We were sitting side by side on the couch. My eyes were completely focused on the bouncing fake rubber cock attached to her waist as she sat down. The phallus was pointed skyward like an obscene flagpole. Nicole wasted no time mounting it. Her pussy stretched easily accepting the whole invader with a single stroke. She landed with a juicy splash as she bottomed out the strap-on. I could tell by the expression on her face that this was what she had been waiting all night for. Her plan was devious in its simplicity. I’d have to watch her get the pleasure I craved while I was unable to give any to myself. Nicole was a wicked, wicked girl.

Nicole began to fuck herself. She was taking her pleasure from Liz and obviously didn't care if Liz was enjoying herself. Nicole's pace quickened until she was riding the dildo with reckless abandon. I never knew a woman could fuck herself so hard. Watching this obscene sex show live in front of me had the effect you would assume. My own pussy was boiling. However with my hands cuffed behind me, there was little I could do but watch and get hornier. Over and over Nicole fucked herself on Liz. Over and over I begged to be next. Both Nicole and Liz reached over and slapped by breasts for being a bad slave and talking out of turn.

Nicole's lust was clearly out of control as was my own. Only she was the only one being satisfied. My juices were literally dripping onto my thigh and then over the cat suit. I continued to watch the carnal show in front of me unable to pleasure myself. It was pure torture. Finally with an animalistic grunt, a moan and then a scream, Mistress Nicole blasted off like a rocket. For a lesser woman that would have been the end of her night. How she managed to stand up after that pounding was a mystery for me. But stand up she did. She was still in control. Both Liz and I were looking at her with longing and desire.

I was not surprised, although still a little shocked, when she grabbed my hair and pulled my body down to suck the fake dick. I was now bent over parallel to the couch cushions fellating the strap-on and savouring every tasty morsel my mistress had left behind. Surely now it must be my turn. Or at least my turn to serve Liz. Alas, their plans did not involve my orgasm for some time.

Once I had finished cleaning mistress' toy she pulled me back into a standing position and unclipped the cuffs. "Inspection" was all she barked as Liz began to stand up and remove the strap-on. I was standing in the middle of the room with my legs spread to just past shoulder level and my hands on the back of my head. Liz put down the dildo on the table and then turned back to look at me. I felt doubly naked this time based on the fit of the latex suit. For some reason when I first learned this position and only had my stockings and shoes on I was more comfortable. But now, with my nipples, clit, pussy and ass exposed and the rest of my body covered in a fetish purveyors dream, I felt dirty. The latex forced me to realize just how far I’d fallen into my depravity.

Liz took her time inspecting me. She'd already seen my breasts in the bar but she seemed to take her time testing how heavy they were and how responsive my nipples were. Of course that brought another involuntary moan of lust from my mouth. When she pushed two fingers into my pussy and then flicked my clit I almost came. It took all of my willpower to keep from cumming. A fact Mistress Nicole appeared to take pride in. Both that she could hold me on the edge where a single touch could make me cum and more importantly that I was finally learning enough self control to hold back until she gave me permission. I was not happy about being made to wait. Liz commented that she thought I was ready. She didn't say for what but hopefully shaking in need on the edge of a massive orgasm was a qualification for what she had in mind.

I watched as Nicole resnapped her corset and grabbed the blindfold she had put on me before. She put it over my head but not over my eyes. They wanted me to see what they had planned. Liz produced a thick red collar from inside Nicole’s bag of tricks. She quickly affixed around my neck.  After a quick tug to make sure the buckle was secure she then produced a leash. I was not amused. She left the leash dangling between my breasts. The final item she pulled from Nicole's bag. I guess it wouldn't fit in her fashionable handbag. The item was a bright red leather strap. As you might have guessed the colour matched my new collar and the latex bra and shorts I had painted on my body. Obviously my two tormentors had the plan from the beginning and I was just along for the ride.

The strap went through a buckle on the front of the collar near the d-ring the leash connected to. Liz had to twist the collar just a bit to get it to line up straight down my torso. Liz lifted the leash from between my breasts and replaced it with the strap. The strap was about 2 inches wide. It was not very comfortable as it pushed my breasts apart. The leather's edge was sharp, even with the latex protecting the sides of my breasts and I could never forget what I was wearing. The strap was about six feet long which seemed very weird to me. I soon understood as Liz now pulled the strap between my legs covering my swollen clit, oozing pussy and to this point neglected asshole. She then pulled the strap up my back and pulled it through another buckle in the back of the collar. It was buckled very tightly and would further restrict my ability to walk easily or with any pace. My curiosity was running wild and for a moment I had the nasty thought that they were going to march me like this to another room. Then it hit me. They were going to take me to the swinging couple's room. Certain Liz would have talked to them after I left and knows where they are staying. The thought actually relaxed me a bit.

However that emotion was very short lived. Liz now produced two opaque cylinders from Nicole’s bag. I immediately recognized them. Mistress Nicole and Liz both saw the look on concern on my face but neither took pity on me. I knew better than to complain verbally but I knew my eyes gave me away.

The new darkened nipple suckers were quickly attached. My wrists were still free and I had to fight the urge to defend my nipples from their onslaught. I wanted so much to push Liz away. Again my eyes told the story I knew my mouth could not. I could see in Liz’s eyes I had made the correct decision to be passive. I put my hands behind my back to pretend I was cuffed as a way to keep from fighting back.

I found out at I should have thanked Nicole for only using two rounds of suction from the syringe. While that was painful it was nothing like the sensation from the three rounds that Liz used on my poor nubs. Due to the collar I couldn't tip my head down to see them, but without a doubt they were stretched further than they ever had been before. I did say a silent prayer that thanked God for the strap they had wrapped over my clit. At least they couldn't use the sucker on it.

Satisfied with their handiwork, Nicole reclipped my wrists together behind my back and then took control of the leash. Liz was busy getting dressed again as Nicole pulled the blindfold down. Instantly my world went dark. Nicole led me several times around the room. I could hear the clicking of a digital camera. That must have been Liz preserving the moment. I was led back onto the balcony. It was now far too late to have any office workers watching like they had when I was fucked out here earlier. How long ago did that feel. I knew it was only a few hours but it felt like another lifetime ago. The chill of the night air felt exhilarating, at least until I felt a tug on the leash indicating we were going back inside. But we didn't stop in the middle of the room.

As we were walking I tried to count my steps. They must be taking me to the bedroom I decided, with a grin. But we didn't turn the way I was expecting. We went straight. I immediately sensed the change in carpet quality as I crossed the threshold into the hallway. While I had been safe on the balcony, I was now in public. I was sure it was at least 2:30 or 3:00am which hopefully would mean I wouldn't be seen, but fear gripped me anyway. I felt myself being led down the hall. The leash was held tightly and I felt frequent tugs as I struggled to keep pace. I finally felt the marble tiled floor underneath my feet. I must have been standing in front of the mirror I'd masturbated in front of before. This time there was no chance of a repeat performance. I heard the pending arrival of the elevator, heard the bing and felt a tug as I was led into the car. Wherever we were going it wasn't on this floor.

*** Nicole's POV ***

I was having a grand time with Liz and Sandra. I could sense Sandra's will and resistance breaking down with every step she took. Liz was taking the lead holding Sandra's leash. I was operating the video camera. I took care not to identify Liz, although I did show her hand holding the leash and had enough shots of her torso and legs to show Sandra was following a woman. I even managed a few artistic shots of Sandra showing herself in the mirror of the elevator lobby.

I could almost feel the heat radiating off her body. I knew her arousal was at the boiling point. I also knew she would be perfect for our first film. Our purpose of making this video was twofold. First and foremost it would help Jeannie with her seduction of Rose. Second, Jeannie had found a website which paid serious money for this type of footage and earning a little extra cash was always good.

While in the elevator I tried to keep a tight shot on Sandra from the breasts up showing her increasingly heavy breathing. Her wonderful boobs were gently rising and falling as she tried to remain calm, at least on the outside. The nipple cups were doing a hypnotic dance like a magician's stopwatch trying to distract the view. Even though I had just fucked myself on Liz, I was starting to get aroused again. Soon enough I'd have her alone and would be able to indulge my own needs.

*** Sandra's POV ***

My anxiety and arousal continued to build as I listened to the elevator count down the floors. As each number went by my hopes of stopping before the lobby were washed away. Surprisingly the synthetic voice announced "lobby" but we didn't stop. I heard the doors open as the announcement said "lower level." What was down here? Most of these hotels had gyms and pools for their visitors. Was Nicole taking me for some kind of perverted workout? I started to move forward but a tug on my leash stopped me dead in my tracks and then back into the elevator.

"Sorry about that," I heard Liz explain. "I hit the wrong button."

I didn't have much time to think as the lobby was the next stop. This time I wasn't so quick to move until the now familiar tug indicated we were leaving the relative safety of the elevator.

"Now you will realize why we had to cover you up a little better," Nicole chimed in. "We don't want you arrested for indecent exposure. At least not yet."

*** Erin's POV ***

I'd been following Sandra's travels in the hallways to get the ice and her trip down the elevator on the security cameras. Nicole always brought excitement to my otherwise boring job. We'd sometimes get a couple making out in the elevator or in a hallway on tape, but only Nicole would send out a woman in Sandra's condition for me to spy on. I couldn't help but finger myself in the surveillance room as I watched her struggle to get ice. When Sandra stopped to masturbate, I almost came. I knew I wasn't going to get to play with her tonight, but Nicole promised I could have her next Friday. I was already planning what I was going to do to her. As the group started back to the lobby I quickly pulled my hand out of my panties and sprinted back to the registration counter. I wanted to see her for myself. I was certainly not disappointed.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I knew we were walking through the lobby. We didn't turn coming off the elevator so we were not heading back to the bar and we were not heading to the conference rooms. I tried to count the steps as I listened to my heel clicking on the marble floor. We must have been in front of the counter by now. That meant Erin and probably the other woman was watching me. Did what they saw excite them? I hoped so.

I heard a whistle and a catcall from the area where I'd first hidden to read Nicole's instructions. That time felt long ago when I was a different person. The voice sounded very male. I wondered if it was one of the drunken businessmen I had teased in the bar. I was wondering a lot of things right then but when I felt the cool night air hitting my face as we walked out the front door, my number one question was where are we going?

It didn't take long to be helped into the back seat of a car. It must have been parked in the drop off zone in front of the entrance. It was a roomy backseat with plenty of legroom, but needless to say with my wrists cuffed behind my back was uncomfortable. Immediately I wondered if Nicole would be joining me to use me on our trip. Instead I was strapped in with the seat belt. I heard both front doors open and close. The car began to move. No words were spoken and the radio was silent. It didn't take me long to lose my bearings. I didn't know this part of town that well and after a couple turns I was totally disorientated. I do know we drove for maybe 10-12 minutes before stopping. I heard the front doors open and then my own. I felt the seatbelt being removed and then another tug of the leash indicated I should follow.

The floor of wherever we were was definitely concrete. I could tell by the rhythmic click clack of my shoes. There was also an oily smell. I walked quite a distance before being told to be careful that we were going to go down some stairs. I then felt hands on my shoulders to steady me.

The oil smell now gave way to a cool damp feeling and a musky odor as if there was mould growing nearby. The outside of my body may have been cooling but inside I was still white hot. The strap running between my legs was doing a very effective job keeping me aroused with every step. I hoped we were nearing our destination. Finally I heard a lock being released and what sounded like a heavy metal door being opened. I was ushered a little further apparently into a different room. Finally Nicole addressed me.

"Sandra, are you ready to play a little game?"

I was ready to do anything she asked in order to give my body relief.

"Yes Mistress Nicole," I answered.

"Good," she replied. "A while back I found a website that specialized in adult super heroine fetish videos. At first I thought it was kind of stupid, but then I got into them. When we met I realized you were perfect for the role of a beautiful superhero that is captured and tortured by her arch nemesis."

"Tortured mistress," I questioned.

"Sexually tortured, pet," came the answer. "We have been filming you since you came in from the balcony in the hotel. Now we are going to tease you here in my world domination evil headquarters. You will be playing the role of the Latex Avenger and I am your arch nemesis Rubber Woman."

"I don't understand, mistress," I said with a questioning tone.

"These movies, it seems, always have women dressed in latex, spandex, rubber or leather. First we're going to tie you to the bed and interrogate you. By interrogate I mean tease you until you give me the secret government information you have."

"But I don't have any government information?" I was pleading at this point. I was not happy with how this night had veered from playtime at the hotel.

"I know pet. Just play along. You'll understand what we want. Soon you will be begging to cum and pledging your faithful service to Rubber Woman. If you do a good job I'll give you the fucking I know you've been craving."

I’d already had my fill of sexual teasing, but bound, blindfolded and with no idea of where I was I didn't see any way out of playing Nicole's warped game so I agreed with her terms. I felt hands unclip my wrist cuffs from each other. I quickly brought my arms in front of me to relax them. Of course that action caused my breasts to push together and the nipple suckers to move just enough to shoot pain through my breasts and down to my clit.

"I almost forgot," cooed Liz. "We need to take off your protective gear."

Now knowing what to expect, I was better prepared for the intense pain associated with releasing the air pressure in the suckers. It still hurt but didn't seem as bad as the first time. I guess my body was just getting familiar with the pain. Taking the strap running between my legs off was easier. The cool air blowing across my overheated pussy was a welcome breeze. The collar and leash remained as I was assisted down onto a cot of some kind. The mattress was lumpy and I could feel the springs. My hands were now pulled up and attached to the headboard. I could tell only one person was hooking me to the bed. The other person was obviously handling the camera. I was told to struggle, but not too hard.

That was an easy thing to do. I rolled a bit side to side and tried to make it look like I was trying to pull my arms down. When the person moved on to my legs I tried to kick, but I made sure to let them cuff my ankles to the bed without too much trouble. I could also tell the end of the leash was tied to the headboard. Mistress Nicole in her best evil supervillian voice then began the interrogation.

I tried to picture in my mind what I must look like to the video camera. Mistress Nicole, sorry, Rubber Woman, was drilling me with questions rapid fire about who my contacts were in the Justice department. Who were the other secret agents investigating her criminal enterprise and what sting operations we were planning. Since I really had no idea how she wanted me to play along it was easy for me to resist her questions. Of course that was exactly what she wanted which gave her ample reason to begin using harsher interrogation techniques. Instead of water boarding or a different traditional torture method, she preferred alternating sessions of pain and pleasure designed to bring me right to the edge of orgasm before taking away my climax at the last moment. It was frustrating to not be able to see her or what she was doing. I know the strongest vibrator I'd ever felt was placed between my legs. I could tell by the shape it was a Hitachi Wand. Nicole was cruel about how it was used. Sometimes she would just let it rest between my thighs buzzing my legs but just barely touching my labia. Other times when she was bringing me close again she would hold it tight against my clit. Of course that would be only for a few seconds. If she held it like that any longer I would have erupted.

At other times she used a riding crop on me. The latex provided some protection and spread out the stinging snap of the leather but it never failed to kill my desire to cum as she methodically hit my thighs, stomach and arms. She took care, apparently, not to crop my breasts or pussy. I'm sure she though the shock of doing so would push me over the edge. She probably was right.

She used other "toys" on me too. They were primarily designed to cause pain. I can't really describe them since I didn't see them but I can tell you that her alternating cycle of pleasure and pain had my head spinning with lust. Rubber Girl continued to press me for information saying I would break eventually. She said that soon enough I would beg her for an orgasm. She said I would beg to be fucked. She said that once I came I would be her loyal slave and become a double agent feeding her all the classified information the government had on her and her organization.

I was ready to beg just as she had predicted. I tried to picture myself as if this situation was real. I found myself assuming the role of the Latex Avenger in my mind and I started to enjoy this game. I could withstand the pain, at least at this level, but she was right that my lust would eventually compel me to submit to her. I had the distinct impression that Nicole was enjoying her role play too. The next time she held the wand against my clit a few seconds longer. My body tensed as it teetered on the edge of a massive explosion. I was right there about to cum when she pulled it away. That was the last straw. I had forgotten about the camera at this point. The Latex Avenger was broken in mind, body and spirit.

"Please let me cum," I begged her. "I'll do whatever you want!"

I felt a lone finger slide into my smouldering pussy.

"I know you will pet," she replied. "Now beg me to fuck you. When you cum you will belong to me."

I didn't hold back. I begged. I pleaded. I gave her every assurance I was hers and would do her bidding. I promised to be her double agent. I promised to spy on my own government. I promised to feed her classified information. I basically promised to become a traitor all to quench the fire of lust in my heart and more importantly my pussy. I fully expected her to pounce on me and fill me with her strap-on. I would have cum on the first stroke and it would have been one of the best orgasms I ever had in my life. I felt the barrier between our role play and reality crumbling. Was I pledging that the Latex Avenger would serve Rubber Girl or that Sandra the middle aged executive would faithfully serve this young hellcat Mistress Nicole?

As much as I wanted her to pounce on me and fill my needy pussy, it didn't happen. Instead I felt the bonds being released. Soon my hands were free of the cuffs and my collar was removed. I felt her moving to my ankles when she spoke.

"That was great Sandra," Nicole said back in her normal, non-evil voice. "You were spectacular."

She next removed the blindfold. The bright lights hurt by eyes and I had to cover them with my hands. I was very confused. Had she decided not to fuck me after I did everything she had asked? My facial expression must have asked the question for me.

"Not to worry pet," Nicole said definitely back in mistress mode. "You're still going to get the best fucking you've ever had later tonight. But we need to get a little more footage of you and you'll never be up for it after I take you the way nobody has ever taken you before."

I guess I wasn't confused any more but I certainly wasn't happy either. Nicole helped me off the bed. Liz was making adjustments to the video camera. Nicole handed me a mask not unlike the one Michelle Pfeiffer wore in the second Batman movie. She had to help with my hair so I could put it on properly but damn, did it look good on me. I temporarily forgot about the fire in my pussy and my orgasm denied as I looked at myself in a small mirror they had. I also took the time to look around the room. It was basically a concrete block walled room. The blocks were painted white and there was a metal door. It probably was a storeroom at some point but now it was furnished to look like a cell. There was a twin sized bed which I had been bound to with a utilitarian metal headboard. It had vertical iron bars which made it easy to secure a saucy slave to it. The mattress looked dirty. I already knew it was uncomfortable. I wondered how many other women had spilled their juices on it under Nicole's care. I was sure she didn't wash it after each use.

There was also a stainless steel table where Nicole and Liz had laid out the "torture" devices as if Rubber Girl was a surgeon and the bed was her operating theatre. Off to the side out of camera range was a green duffel bag. Soon we were ready to continue. Nicole explained what to do.

"We're going upstairs. We will be in a factory, but don't worry, nobody is here at night. We're going to turn on just enough light to get a good picture. The idea is that you have tracked me to what you're sure is my secret lair. You are going to creep around in your best catlike moves searching from me. You will pretend you are trying not to be seen. The camera will shoot you hiding behind the equipment and then moving as fast as you can to the next piece of equipment for cover. We will shoot a combination of long shots when you move and close-ups when you stop so we'll have to shoot each move you make at least two times. When we edit the footage together it will appear seamless. When we get enough footage you will find me. We will struggle. We'll wrestle a bit and have a fake fight. Eventually you will pull my mask off. It is then you will realize you know who I am.”

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am the daughter of one of this city’s most prominent, trusted and politically connected businessmen. Think of me as Paris Hilton, but as a criminal mastermind instead of a talentless celebrity. This is how I can run my criminal enterprise without interference. This revelation will cause you to put your guard down. You will stand looking at me and then looking down at the mask. I will then push you back and you'll fall to the floor. Liz will drop a net on you to capture you. In the movie we'll then cut to the torture footage we already shot. In real life we'll take you back to the cell and fuck your brains out. If I fuck you now you'll cum immediately and be done for the night. If we wait 45 minutes or an hour you'll be able to take much more. And trust me, Liz wants to fuck you too so you better have enough energy for both of us."

I almost taunted her that I had enough energy for both of them twice over, but I thought better of it. Nicole obviously knew exactly what buttons to push on me. I had no doubt she really was going to fuck me into submission in an hour and that the game was really a precursor to real life. We headed upstairs.

Nicole led me upstairs for my acting debut. I was still nervous about doing what she was asking. I certainly had my reservations but I was too far committed to serving her to back out now. I just couldn't face not seeing her again and walking away from the lifestyle she had shown me. I could do this. I just thought of it as a role play like I'd done with Mistress D. The only difference was this was real life and I was being recorded.

Upstairs was the factory floor. The oil smell I had noticed when we first came in was from lubricants for the machinery. I have no idea what kinds of machines I was looking at but apparently they could cut and bend metal. The factory was dirty and smelly. Somehow it seemed right for the video Nicole wanted to make. I wondered how she got access to the building. Actually I didn't really wonder that much. It seemed even at her early twenties age she could get anything she wanted. From the suite at the hotel to a factory to shoot an adult movie to getting a strong willed middle aged woman begging to be allowed to serve her, Nicole could do anything.

Liz setup the tripod and the video camera while Nicole turned on just a couple of lights in a hallway and an office. The open expanse of the factory floor was eerily dim as it was illuminated by only a couple of security lights. Liz turned on a light mounted to the top of the camera. It was brighter and focused on the area right in front of the lens. Nicole explained to me how I should "act."

"First I need you to stand at the door," she said pointing to the exit. Move like you are sneaking around. Remember you are trying to catch me and need to remain out of sight until just the right moment."

I nodded that I understood.

"Liz will shoot the video. I'm going to look around for the best machines you can hide behind and for the best location for our confrontation."

I watched as Nicole walked off into the darkness of the factory. Liz pointed to where she wanted me. It took a couple of takes for me to figure out just what she was looking for in my "cat like" movements. The heels were definitely an issue. My standard issue 5 inch slave heels were definitely not super heroine approved. They were just too restrictive for my character’s cat like movements and reactions. In truth, however, I had to admit they probably looked great on camera. I began to imagine people watching the video and playing with themselves. The awoke the exhibitionist in me and I started to get into the role and began to play to the camera more. By the time Nicole returned Liz said she had enough footage of me in the hallways and searching the offices for "clues."

Next up was me moving through the factory. This time Nicole was watching the progress which made me more nervous as I wanted so much to please her. It also turned me on since I knew the sooner we finished making the video, the sooner Nicole could fuck me. It was frustrating when Nicole would have Liz reshoot a segment both Liz and I thought went perfectly fine. I only hoped when the clips were spliced together everything would turn out OK.

Finally it was time for the big scene where I confronted Rubber Girl. There was a small office on the edge of the factory floor where I could sneak up and catch her. Liz positioned the camera in a wide shot where she could see Nicole, sitting with her back to the factory, and me lurking in the shadows. In real life the click of my heels would have given me away, but in this fantasy world I was quickly upon her with my arms wrapped around her pinning her against the chair.

"Now I've got you Rubber Girl!" I shouted getting into my role.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Nicole. She sprung up from the chair easily breaking my hold. I admit I didn't have my full strength locking my hands, but even if I had I don't think it would have mattered. Nicole must have taken a self defense class because like a flash she was free and pushing me out of the office.

"You think I'm that easy?" she bellowed. "Prepare to taste my wrath."

Nicole advanced on me. We locked arms holding each other's shoulders like two wrestlers at the start of the match. My pussy was throbbing in anticipation of losing, but my pride meant I'd have to give her a match. Liz would call out instructions to us. I'd temporarily get the upper hand and then Nicole would counter and it would look bad for me. All the while one of us was always showing our body to the camera. I really started to enjoy showing off my body this way. I good feel myself getting juicier and the whole situation began to feel normal.

I wondered how much footage they needed as we continued for quite a while. One of us would fall and the other would stand above the other and gloat. The girl on the floor would then trip her opponent and we would wrestle for a while on the grimy floor. Liz would tell us to stop when she needed to move the camera and we shot multiple takes to account for various camera angles, wide shots and close-ups. Overall it must have been about half an hour before Liz told us she had enough and that it was time for me to be captured. I was thrilled by her decree. We were almost done and I was well primed for Nicole and Liz to both take me back downstairs.

Nicole had us move over to where there was a pallet with a number of boxes wrapped in shrink wrap. Liz then setup a medium shot with the boxes just in the edge of the frame. We struggled once more and then Nicole told me to pull her mask off. She bent her head forward as if my last shove had forced her to do so and I grabbed the back of her head. I think I got a bit of her hair too, but she didn't seem to mind. When she snapped her head back leaving the mask in my hand, her long hair flowed upward as if she was in a shampoo commercial instead of a porn movie. I looked down at the mask and then up at her. I remembered the instruction to be shocked and I hope I showed that on camera. I left my mouth open as if I was stunned. Nicole spoke.

"So now you know my real identity. Well that means either you join my organization or I'll kill you," she said without a hint of being concerned.

I stood in front of her alternating glances at the mask and at her. I didn't know what to say. I guess that was alright because Nicole quickly moved in front of me and pushed me toward the boxes. I stumbled trying to keep my spiked heels below my center of gravity and soon found myself falling backwards into the boxes. Liz yelled cut and told me to stay there.

She quickly moved the camera and focused a tight shot on me. She then had me stand up and mock falling backwards again. I be lying if I said it didn't hurt landing against the pallet again. Liz told me to lay still. She reset the camera again and then ran behind the boxes. She told Nicole she was ready. Nicole in turn told me to start to get up and that Liz was going to throw a net on me. When that happened I was to fall forward on the floor.

I guess Liz had set the camera up wide enough to capture the falling of the net and my capture in one take. Nicole loudly praised her "evil assistant" for taking me prisoner. She then announced that I should be taken to the interrogation room.

Liz reappeared and stopped the camera. Nicole said she was very proud of me which gave me a warm feeling inside. Liz setup the camera so all three of us could be in the shot. Once the camera was rolling, Nicole gave the orders. She was holding up the blindfold I had been wearing earlier.

"Put this on her. I don't want her knowing where we take her," she instructed Liz.

Liz seemed all too pleased to agree. I knew we were going downstairs but when they had originally shot the torture scenes, I didn't know where I was so emotions were real. If I wanted to make it impossible for her to blindfold me I could have. After all it was tough for her to wiggle the blindfold through the net and certainly I had enough freedom of movement to remain sighted, but I passively played along. I then heard the tripod move again and soon I was being dragged along the oily floor. It was not pleasant. The latex did little to protect me from the cutting sensation from the net. Fortunately they only dragged me until I was out of the camera frame.

After that I was released and the blindfold was removed, at least temporarily. Nicole and Liz both gave me big hugs of congratulations. They each also gave me a passionate kiss. The feeling of normalcy for the situation was reinforced.

Once we were back downstairs Liz quickly setup the camera facing the front edge of the bed. Nicole put the blindfold back on me and then tied me to the bed as I had been during the torture scene. I wished she had not put the blindfold back on me. I've seen enough movies to know even in a porno people look for continuity problems between scenes, but I really wanted to see what they were up to. I heard noises from the equipment table. I prayed that meant Nicole was donning her strap-on.

Nicole told me to beg again to be fucked so they could have a choice of angles for my official submission. That was easy for me. Instead of feeling her penetrate me as I had expected, I heard and then felt my leg cuffs being removed. My wrist cuffs quickly followed and I was pulled off the cot.

Nicole had me stand leaning against the iron footboard. It came up to the small of my back. She quickly reaffixed the cuffs to the footboard with my arms spread as wide as they would go. I was a bit surprised she didn't cuff my legs into a similar position. Not that I was complaining mind you, I just figured she would put me in a standing spread eagle.

"OK Sandra," she began. "This is the final scene. Remember we've just finished torturing you. You've begged to cum and pledged to serve me. I know you want to get fucked right now and fucked you will be. I'm going to make you beg just a bit more and then I'll give you what you want. I'm going to tell you not to cum without permission and I want you to beg for that honor also. Don't worry. I'm going to let you cum soon. I just want your begging on the video. After I'm done Liz is going to fuck you. Just so you can see that I am a good sport, you can cum with her too. If you ask nicely."

I couldn't see the expression on her face but I'm sure she was proud of the little taunt she just used. Liz said she was ready. So was I. I'm pretty sure Nicole had been looking forward to this moment from the second she first entered my house. I felt the hard rubber of her strap-on smack against my clit. I hoped the camera audio would catch the sound of my wetness. I could certainly hear it as Nicole hit my clit three more times causing me to cry out my first begging of this scene.

"Oh please rubber girl," I whimpered. "Don't make me wait. Fuck me. Take me. Make me your slave."

I was no longer playing the role. I knew deep that is what I really wanted from Nicole. I wanted to be her slave. I wanted her to control me. I wanted her to take me and use me for her own pleasure. I felt a finger slide into my pussy. I knew she was going to show the camera how wet I was. Nicole's running commentary confirmed what I knew she would do. I continued to beg. I felt her strap-on at the tip of my labia.

"Ask nice and I'll fuck you," she cooed.

I didn't care what I had to say or agree to at that moment. Nicole had me pledge again to serve her and to be a double agent against the government. In hindsight it was amazing that she kept her character so well. I was a babbling begging slut and all I knew was I had to get her rubber cock into my pussy. Finally she tired of taunting me and slowly pushed the strap-on into me. I'm sure Liz had an obscene close-up of my pussy swallowing the whole length.

Nicole was masterful as she worked the cock into and out of me. She alternated between slow loving strokes and fast pounding thrusts. Bound as I was in the standing position, I could do little but take her in the manner she pleased. One of the first things she said was my instruction not to cum without permission. I knew that was likely a losing battle. It was tough enough to control my lust during the slow strokes, but when she would grab the top rail of the footboard and really lay into me I was begging nonstop for relief. In character she would just laugh at me. Softly she would then give me assurances I was going great and would tell me just a little longer. We both knew my orgasm was going to hit momentarily and it was going to be massive.

Nicole announced that "When you come you will belong to me." She punctuated her edict with three savage thrusts which shook the entire bed. I shouted out "Yes mistress! May I please cum! I will be your slave!"

Thankfully she said, "Yes slave. Cum for me and take your place at my feet as my slave."

She then reached up and squeezed both my nipples hard. Without warning the pain mixed with another pleasurable savage thrust of the dildo and I exploded. The mix of emotions running through my body caused an information overload in my brain. I was operating on pure instinct and adrenaline as I howled in pleasure and tried to thrust forward to capture every ounce of pleasure I could take from her wonderful dick. I lost all sense of time as I quivered and shook against the bed frame. A second orgasm ripped through me as Nicole didn't bother to stop pounding me with her fuckstick. Finally I screamed, "No more!" and thankfully she took pity on me and stopped. I was still shaking. The bindings joyfully held me upright.

I was still on another planet when I felt Nicole's fingers reach into my pussy and scoop out a sloppy load of juice. She then wiped my goo against my face. "Remember I own you now," she said.

I was slumping down worn out from her monumental fucking. My weight was hanging from my wrists. I couldn't even hold my head straight until Nicole pulled it up for me. "Yes ma’am," I replied. "Thank you mistress."

I could sense Nicole walking away. I heard her confirm with Liz that everything went well technically. I was still trying to recover when I felt my wrists being released. I slumped to the floor.

"She's no good to me now," I heard Liz say. "I hope you're happy."

I know I was happy. I was pretty sure Nicole was too.

"Don't worry Liz. She's a fuck beast. Let's get the equipment put away and then you can do what you want to her."

"She had better be ready for me or you owe me this time," Liz responded.

I heard them walk out the door. I still couldn't move so I remained on the cold concrete floor. My pussy was oozing happiness and still throbbing. Just thinking about my situation brought me a mini-cum as my body remembered the pleasure my mistress had just given me. I hoped they would hurry back. It never occurred to me to take off the blindfold. My hands were free and I could have, but my brain was replying what had just happened and I didn't want to risk killing my buzz.

I felt a hand take mine and lift me up. I was then pushed up onto the cot. I was positioned my favorite way. On my knees with my hands grabbing the rail of the footboard, I knew Liz was going to take me doggie style. I didn't know if I could handle it. My best orgasms, at least my best non-toy related orgasms, always came when I got it from behind. Given how I'd just cum from Nicole's frontal assault, I wondered how much more I could take. She didn't clip the cuffs to the rail. In truth I needed it for stability so it really didn't matter. I wasn't about to let go.

Immediately I noticed she was wearing Nicole's bigger strap-on, the one she was holding when we walked into the suite when Liz arrived. It filled me completely. Even after the major league fucking Nicole had given me, Liz's added size made me feel brand new. Even though I was blindfolded I knew there was a mirror over the table at the end of the bed. In my mind I could see exactly what I looked like as Liz had her way with me. I'd always found a mirror to be one of the best bedroom accessories you could have and I wished I could take advantage of it now. But Liz obviously still wanted me blindfolded so for the time being I played along. I rocked my hips back and forth trying to match her pace and maximize the pleasure of her thrusts. I was as loud and obscene as the world's best porn star as she began to pound me every bit as hard as Nicole had. Soon I was on the edge of another massive climax and begged Liz to give me permission to cum. Instead she stopped and pulled out. I groaned in frustration. Then I heard Nicole from in front of me.

"I'm the one who will keep you on the edge for hours, pet. We just need to change position and then you can cum."

What the hell did the position have to do with anything? I was perfectly happy to cum bent over on my knees. I felt Liz push against my butt causing me to roll to my side. I could feel her lying down next to me. Not that I was disappointed to play cowgirl, but I really didn't understand the reason to switch. Maybe having me bounce on her would get the strap-on to hit her clit better. Maybe she just liked the view. It didn't really matter. I was rolled back on top of her and with a little guidance from Nicole was soon filled and moaning again. I felt two hands on my butt pushing me down onto Liz's cock.

"Hold still a moment," I heard Nicole say. Then I felt her weight on the cot. I realized what she meant before I even felt her push me forward so I was laying on top of Liz or before I felt the lube against my asshole. I made a mental note to thank Mistress D for her anal training as I felt Nicole's strap-on push against my brown eye. My first double penetration and it was at the hand of two women. I'd come a long way in a week from the sexually frustrated divorcee I had been when Nicole found me.

Logistically it was a challenge to find our rhythm, but it didn’t take long. I can tell you both my antagonists were expert swordswomen and had obviously done this before. I was screaming in pleasure almost immediately. Nicole gave me permission to cum whenever I wanted and as often as I could. She then pulled off the blindfold and I saw the camera was still pointed right at me. It had been focused on me the entire time I was on my knees. I came and I came hard. Nicole then pulled off my mask.

"Sandra, meet the world. The world, meet Sandra."

I quivered as another orgasm washed over me. I was cumming fast and furious now. Mini-cums, little cums, big cums in succession as Mistress Nicole and helper mistress Liz (I didn't really know what to call her) continued to fuck me into submission. I know Liz came at least once and I ground myself on top of her. I don’t know if Nicole did. In the end they left me as a fucked out piece of meat lying in a pool of my own juice with a gaping asshole and a pussy which had been fucked raw. I could only lie passively and watch as this time they really did pack up their gear. When I was alone in the room I wondered if they were coming back.

*** Nicole’s POV ***

The night at the hotel and factory had been a long one. By the time Liz and I fucked Sandra I think we both needed our own relief more than Sandra did, but I knew by giving her an endless series of orgasms would further draw her into my web of submission. I’d had some fun earlier and with Sandra now firmly under my control she would be giving me pleasure on command so I could let her have some fun tonight. She’d been a remarkable good sport about all we’d put her through. I could tell she loved it. No she craved it and by this time next week her daughter would be under Jeannie’s control as well.

Sandra was truly spent. If I let her she would sleep for hours. I allowed her to pass out on the cot while I helped Liz with the gear. As we were loading everything back up into the car she asked when she could borrow Sandra and be properly pleasured instead of just the mediocre cum she had tonight. I told her I had plans for the next two Fridays with my new slave but after that she and all our friends could have a party and use Sandra. I could tell she didn’t want to wait that long, but I still needed a couple of weeks to reinforce Sandra’s place in my life. I asked Liz to run the memory cards from the cameras over to Jeannie’s house and then to come back and pick us up. She didn’t seem happy about being asked to run the errand so I offered to call Jeannie and put her tongue on standby for her. Liz just laughed at how easy it was for me to order someone to service her. Liz declined saying it was getting late. Looking up I could see the first glimmer of the sunrise so I had to agree. Liz said to just have Jeannie waiting outside and that she’d be right back.

I got Jeannie on the phone. She wanted to know everything that happened. I asked if she had planning the earlier pictures on Sandra’s computer and had sent some to Rose. She said she had. I told her Liz was on her way over and that she should copy the video to Sandra’s computer also. If I wanted to see what happened all I had to do was watch the footage. I then told her I needed a finished product by next Friday when I’d see Sandra again. Jeannie said she understood.

*** Sandra’s POV **

Nicole finally did come back and she lay down on the cot with me and we snuggled for a while. It was a surreal tender moment considering what she had put me through that night. I dozed in and out of reality. I had no idea how long we lay together. She knew I needed some time to get my strength back. I assumed I would have to pleasure her before we were done, but I was wrong. Eventually she got up and helped me to my feet. She led me back upstairs. Then she held up the blindfold once again. I couldn't believe she had more planned. I passively stood in front of her as she affixed the blindfold and cuffed my hands behind my back for the final time. Once more I felt the cool outside air wash over me and soon I was in the back seat of the car. We must be heading back to the hotel. I tried to relax and rest in the back seat. When the car stopped I was mentally ready to walk through the lobby again. It had to be morning by now. Maybe Erin was about to end her shift and want her turn with me.

I heard the door open. Nicole told me to twist so she could remove the cuffs. She then helped me out of the car. Even after all these hours I wasn't very steady on these heels. I was going to have to practice walking in them. I heard the car door shut and Nicole holding my hand led me forward. "Step up," she said and I did. The ground was soft. This wasn't the front entrance to the hotel. This was grass. I was confused. Nicole spoke to me for the last time.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. I look forward to seeing you next Friday."

With that she gave me a very passionate kiss. This disoriented me further. I was outside somewhere standing on grass as my young mistress kissed me. I was stunned momentarily. I knew I was exposed in public, but I wanted Nicole to do more than just kiss me. I felt a strap which I later found out was my purse being slid onto my arm. I heard a car door shut and knew Nicole had driven off. I reached up and ripped off my blindfold in time to see her heading up the street. My street. I looked around. It was already dawn and the world was starting to stir. I was laying in my front yard in my latex suit with my pussy and nipples exposed. God help me if my neighbors just witnessed this display. I gathered my wits as quickly as I could. I fumbled with my purse to get my keys, but they were not in the compartment I usually keep them in. I stood up and started to make my way up the driveway to the back door. I kept a hide-a-key there. As I staggered up the driveway I kept searching through my purse and found my keys in a different compartment. Breathless I reached the safety of my yard. My chest was heaving with a mix of fear and arousal as I opened the door. Once safely in the kitchen I sat down and masturbated myself to another climax. I didn’t feel like I had a choice. My body demanded one last cum. Looking at the clock it was 6:45am. I had to get some sleep and I had to get this latex off my body. But which one should I do first?

I was asleep almost as quick as my head hit the pillow and I didn't move until I heard a pounding on my front door. Roused from my coma like state. I looked at the clock. It was only 8:15. Who could be so insistent at this hour of a Saturday morning? I crawled out of bed. My body was still encased in the hardened liquid latex. Just a few hours ago the warm cocoon of my cat suit felt like a second skin to me and I had decided not to remove it just yet opting for sleep instead. Now as I peeked out of my bedroom window and saw Rose's car in the driveway I realized that had been a mistake. I knew she wasn't about to leave and I knew I couldn't let her see me this way. I panicked for a moment and then began to search for my cell phone. Thankfully I had not left it downstairs.

I called Rose. She seemed very surprised. I explained that I had a late night of drinking and that she had woke me up. I told her where to find the hide-a-key in the back yard and that I was going to shower and then I'd come downstairs. I didn't know how plausible I sounded but that was all I could think of on the spot. She seemed to buy it. Now all I had to do was remove the latex and shower away any evidence of my perverted adventure. That would prove to be easier said than done.

Chapter 05

*** Rose’s POV ***

I hung up the phone with my mother. She drank occasionally but going out and getting smashed seemed a little strange for her. But considering her other recent changes in behavior, I guess partying a bit wasn’t too bad. I’d been studying her new online persona and the websites she has been visiting and I confess I’d started to get turned on by some of the activities discussed. I started to do a little research into dominance and submission. I still didn’t quite understand how my mom fit into this lifestyle, but I could see myself enjoying it. I had always been very sexual growing up. But I was raised to be a “good girl” and told that “good girls” don’t go to bed with a boy on the first date. Well they don’t go to bed until they are married was the official position although my mom was always realistic enough to also tell me to make sure I practiced safe sex and only had sex with someone I could see getting married to someday.

Throughout college I had several partners but always tried to protect my reputation as somebody who didn’t sleep around. This was in stark contrast to most of my friends who seemed to be screwing somebody new every weekend. I always looked at them with a bit of jealousy because I loved sex and secretly wished I could be more like them. But my parents had been so resolute that I shouldn’t act that way that I never did.

Now all of a sudden, I found my mother acting in a most provocative way. Jeannie had sent me pictures that she said she found on mom’s PC. Although the subject was blindfolded which hid her identity, I was sure it was my mom. I struggled to imagine why my mom was dressed as she was or acting at the obvious direction of another woman.  Although I didn’t understand it, I found myself becoming aroused thinking about being in that situation. Throughout school I’d never had any bisexual urges, but after reading so many stories of women submitting to other women and even watching some lesbian videos, I have to admit I was curious. I was also curious if that was the reason Jeannie had sent me the pictures. I wondered if she was interested in me the way I suddenly found myself interested in her.

I’d come over to my mom’s house this morning to try and get a read on her to see if these changes were real or just something that she did as an experiment or a lark. After I hung up my cell phone I quickly found the hide-a-key and walked into the house. Even though I had lived in that house for over a decade, since I didn’t live there anymore I felt like I was sneaking around as I made my way to the living room and to her computer. Fortunately it had been in standby mode saving me a couple of minutes from the boot time.

Jeannie had told me about a hidden folder she found called Nicole. A quick search exposed the true depth of my mother’s depravity. There were more pictures just like those Jeannie had sent me but also a number of files called VID00001, VID00002, etc. I double clicked on the first file. A high-def image of my mom dressed like she was in the pictures filled the screen. My heart skipped a beat when I realized my mom had also made a dirty movie. I checked the timestamp on the files. The last one was created only three hours ago and had been copied to the hard drive just over two hours ago. So this was what she had been up to last night. I quickly shut the video player. I would have been mortified to have my mom catch me watching her.

I momentarily listened and could still hear the sound of water running from upstairs. She must still be in the shower, I thought. I looked at the Nicole directory again. I had brought a thumb drive in case I found anything interesting. I wasn’t big enough to hold all the video files so I just grabbed the first one, one from the middle and the last one.  As I started the copy process I was shocked to see how long it would take to transfer 8 GB to the thumb drive. Maybe half was through I heard the water stop. I started to panic. I debated hitting cancel and just taking what I had, but I still had the last file to go and I wanted to see the climax to whatever mom did last night. I listened for any signs of her coming downstairs. Fortunately she was taking her time getting dressed. Finally the file finished copying. I ejected the thumb drive and put it back in my pocket. I then cleared the document history and put the computer back in standby. It turns out I didn’t have to rush as my mom took another five minutes to come downstairs. Even then my heart was still pounding as I wondered what I would see on the videos when I got home.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Removing the latex proved to be more of a challenge than Nicole had led me to believe. Maybe it would be easier for two people, but I struggled. I turned the shower on while I was still trying to peel the cat suit off my body. I hated to see the latex end up in the garbage can. I certainly had enjoyed wearing it. I made a mental note to order some for myself. My shower felt wonderful as the hot drops of water cascaded over my naked body. I was exhausted. The short nap had done little to restore my vitality, but at least the shower would allow me to face Rose. After she left I could crash.

I tried to put on an “everything is alright” look after my shower. I got dressed in my running clothes as if I was going to work out. I’d already admitted I’d been out drinking so Rose would be expecting me to do something to counteract the effects of my night before. All I had to do was keep her believing I’d just been out drinking and dancing and hide the truth from her.

I made my way downstairs. Rose was sitting in the living room. For a brief moment I had a flash that she’d been on my computer and found my secret stash. I glanced discretely at the PC and saw the power was off. I guess I had worried about nothing. We began our usual mother/daughter chatter. She never did say why she came over so early. She did ask where my car was since she didn’t see it in the driveway. My garage is used primarily for storage so it is not often I can park inside.

I realized it was still at the hotel. Fortunately my alibi for last night that I had been drinking easily explained my missing car.  I told her that I’d gone out with friends. I’d parked at the hotel where we all met and then took a cab home because I was too drunk to drive. I hoped this made me sound responsible although why we would have met at a hotel instead of the bar remained a mystery. Rose seemed to buy my story and offered to give me a ride to pick up my car. All I really wanted to do was sleep, but instead I grabbed my purse, car keys and off we went.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I was amused by my mother’s attempt to hide the truth from me. If I didn’t know what she really had done last night I would have believed her story. I was interested in how she got home from the hotel if she didn’t drive. I wished we had the close intimate relationship which would have just let me ask her who she was really with last night and what happened. But we don’t. We drove to the hotel with the conversation focused on my job and how I was getting along. My mom looked so different right now compared to the pictures I’d seen. As we pulled up to the hotel my mind was racing. The last time she’d been here she had been covered head to toe in latex. I had a devilish thought. I told her we should go inside for breakfast. I’m sure that was the last thing on her mind, but playing the part of “normal mom” I knew she wouldn’t be able to say no.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

This morning was going from bad to worse. I was exhausted and almost had my daughter catch me in my latex cat suit. Now she wanted to get breakfast at the scene of my lust fueled night of depravity. What could I say? “Sorry hon. I can’t go inside there again after last night?” No that wouldn’t work. My only hope was nobody who worked the night shift was still on duty. I agreed to her plan to grab breakfast. I offered to take her to a restaurant nearby that I knew. I was lying about knowing a place but I was sure we could find something. She insisted on just eating here since it would be quick so inside we went.

I looked around the lobby. It seemed total different from when I walked in about 12 hours earlier. The first time I walked in I was dressed elegantly and was the personification of a professional woman. By the time I walked out I was a wanton pussy slave desperate for an orgasm. It is funny how life can change so fast. This morning I was just a regular woman having breakfast with her daughter. We sat in the restaurant and ate. I just had coffee and toast. Rose had an omelet. I tried to stay focused but my mind was wandering to thoughts of last night. From where I was seated in the restaurant I could see the door to the bar. I thought of Liz and how well she had fucked me. I thought of how well I had cum sitting on her strap-on. I could feel my pussy moistening as Rose continued to talk about her job.

I tried to focus on the conversation but when I looked up, I saw Erin walking pass the restaurant. Apparently her shift was finally over. I was staring straight at her and caught her eye. She smiled back at me with a knowing smile but kept walking. Rose noticed me not paying attention to her and turned to see who I was looking at. She only saw the back of Erin’s head, but when she turned back I could tell she knew something was up.

I was thankful she didn’t press me on who I was looking at. In fact we didn’t talk much about what I’d done the night before at all. After she finished eating I paid the check and we walked back outside. I thanked her for giving me the ride and told her to stop by again soon. I was anxious to get away from her and get back home, but I had to hide my emotions. Fortunately she just gave me a hug and got in her car. I breathed a big sigh of relief.

*** Jeannie’s POV ***

I was in a deep sleep when I heard my cell phone ringing. I’d been up way too late last night. After I got home from the hotel I planted the pictures on Sandra’s computer and then emailed them to Rose as Nicole had instructed. I was so horny from being part of the plan that I then spent the next hour diddling myself to several nice climaxes. I’d fallen asleep but woke when Nicole called that Liz was on her way over with the video files. I yawned through most of the conversation. Nicole called me a lightweight for not being able to go all night.

I waited outside for Liz to arrive. I took the SD cards from her and quickly went into Sandra’s house using my own key. I knew I had time, but I didn’t procrastinate and quickly got the files copied to where they belonged. I looked at my watch when I was done. I figured I had at least 20 minutes before Sandra would be brought home. I double clicked on the last file. It was the one where Sandra was getting double fucked by Nicole and Liz. I was jealous. The look of pure lust and sexual hunger on her face really got to me.  If I had more time I would have masturbated right on her couch. But I had a deadline so I quickly retrieved the SD card and shut down the PC. I then made sure the lights were off and went out the back door sneaking between our yards and into my own house just as Nicole’s car arrived. I crept into our living room so as not to wake my parents and watched through the window as Nicole left Sandra on her front lawn. Again I felt jealous as I could sense the passion in the kiss Nicole laid on her new sub.

I was in the dark of the living room with my hand down my pants as I watched Nicole leave and Sandra realize she was on her front lawn. I wanted so badly to run outside and grab her. There was no doubt in my mind she would have done anything I told her. Instead I stuck to the plan of using Sandra to get to Rose, although I did rush upstairs to finish what I had begun. The video Nicole provided proved to be most inspirational along with the audio of Sandra screaming in ecstasy playing in my headphones.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I could hardly wait to get back to my apartment and watch my mom’s video. I was already pulling off my clothes before my apartment door had shut all the way. The couple of minutes it took my computer to boot seemed like an eternity. I didn’t need any foreplay. My fingers were in my pussy and rubbing my clit from the moment I double clicked.

I came a total of three times, once on each file. I didn’t understand why my mom was doing what she did in the first two but that didn’t stop me from wishing it was me in her place. The final file where she is fucked by two women at the same time didn’t need an explanation. She was obviously so hot she would do anything. I too was that hot. If either of the women fucking my mom were to walk in the door right then I would have tackled them and forced them to do me. 

Suddenly her motivation hit me like a ton of bricks. My mum had brought me up to be "good" and, I'm sure, back then she was also "good". But now, by submitting to this "Rubber Girl", by playing along, she was effectively being given permission to indulge all those suppressed desires she'd had for so long, suppressed desires I, unknown to both of us, shared with her. If I too would make that first step, if I too could allow another to decide my actions, then I too would be able to indulge the way she so obviously was. I could break free of my miss goody two shoes repression and really live my dreams. I decided then and there that I would have to find someone to share my new few found sense of adventure. Jeannie was the obvious choice. She’d already told me she found an email that my mom’s new friend was coming over Friday night. I began to hatch a plan to spy on them with Jeannie. If I could get her excited, maybe I could talk her into trying some of the things my mom so obviously enjoyed with me.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I didn’t do much else on Saturday. I mainly tried to recover from Friday night. Late Saturday night I did send Mistress D a complete recap about what happened to me, but we didn’t chat. I wondered what she would think of my committing myself to another mistress in real life. I didn’t hear back from her on Sunday. I didn’t hear from Mistress Nicole either. Life seemed to be returning to normal as another work week began. I was fairly focused on my job that day, although I must admit I did have more than a few passing thoughts about my Friday adventure throughout the course of the afternoon.

When I got home and logged onto my computer I found a message from Mistress D. She wanted to chat that night at 9. Our conversation was centered on her making sure this was the lifestyle that I really wanted. She told me my escapades sounded exciting, but she wanted me to be sure I knew what I was agreeing to when I told Mistress Nicole I’d be her slave. I told her not to worry. She appeared not to be convinced.

“Sandra, you have to be prepared to do anything Nicole will ask of you,” she told me. “She’s already shared you with one person at a time but what if she brings in 5 or 10 people? Are you willing to get gang banged for her?”

I didn’t type a response right away, but I was definitely thinking. I wasn’t sure how I would react to that scenario.

“What if she has a boyfriend? Are you just attracted to women as a submissive or are you willing to surrender to a guy? How would you react if she beat you, teased you and didn’t let you cum? What if she forced you to perform live for an audience instead of just on video?”

Mistress D continued to ask very probing questions. I did my best to answer them honestly. There was a couple I had to reply I simply would not do. But for the most part, I had to admit to both of us that I was willing to do almost anything for her. I’m sure Mistress D was wishing our relationship was more than cyber. I’d never seen her but I’m sure she would want me.

In the end Mistress D told me that I’d make a fine slave and that she was sure Nicole would be very pleased with me. She concluded our chat by repeating the instructions she had given me before to always treat my superiors with the utmost respect and to obey without question. She also told me it was inappropriate for her to give me any more tasks as I was now dedicated to another, but it I ever needed advice or wanted to write her a juicy email about my exploits she was happy to read it. I was disappointed, of course, as I’d come to rely on her counsel and always enjoyed completing the tasks she would give me, but I could see her point too. In practical terms it’s tough to serve two mistresses.

After our chat concluded I took a spin around my favorite story site looking for new publications. My mind really wasn’t into it, however. Nicole had not ordered me not to play with myself, but somehow I knew I shouldn’t without her permission.  I was just about to retire for the night when I received an email from her.

“Dear Slave,” the message began. “I look forward to having you serve me again on Friday. I want you hot and ready for action. Each night this week before bed I want you to masturbate yourself right to the verge of cumming and then stop. Do the same thing in the morning when you get up and before lunch and dinner. Obviously this means you need to play with yourself at work or someplace close by. On Friday I’m not sure when I can get to your house, but I want you to be prepared for me. You should be keeping your pussy shaved for me, but in case you forgot, make sure you are smooth and clean, inside and out for both your slutty holes.”

I already had my hand in my panties at this point reading her message. She obviously had plans for my ass. I wondered why she would want to wait to Friday.

“Dress in the robe you were wearing last time I was at your house along with stockings and heels and nothing else. You know how I like you to look. Make sure your pussy is slick and ready. Have your toy collection on the dining room table for inspection. Leave the front door unlocked. When the door opens, assume the presentation position. Don’t disappoint me.”

The email left no room for discussion. It was also deviously vague on details. The take away I got was to tease myself all week and then to wait for my mistresses to arrive and make me act like a depraved slut. That certainly didn’t sound bad at all. But what time would she arrive? She didn’t say. How was I going to be sure I was wet and ready for her? And what was up with putting my toy collection on display? Did she expect me to sit around waiting for her while looking at my toys desperate to play with them but only able to give myself just enough pleasure to stay aroused? I don’t even know why I had to question her. As soon as I had that thought I knew the answer was yes. As soon as I was home from work I would have to eat quickly and then get ready. I’d probably have to sit looking at my toys for hours as my arousal built until once again Mistress Nicole could use my lust to control me. I was already getting excited at the prospect.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I’d been running different plans through my head of how to seduce Jeannie when I received an email from her. She’d been remotely snooping on my mom’s PC again and forwarded an email from someone called “Mistress Nicole” detailing plans for her meeting with my mom next Friday. I immediately replied to Jeannie asking if she wanted to help me spy on my mom and “figure out” what was going on.

My plan was simple. With Jeannie’s help I would spy on my mom. Hopefully Jeannie would get as excited as I knew I would be. I’d give her subtle hints that I was getting aroused watching my mom and see if she was willing to take me to bed. I knew Jeannie could at times be aggressive but at other times was pretty passive. I wasn’t sure which side of her personality might come out in bed, but I felt much more comfortable being with somebody I knew for my first lesbian (and hopefully first submissive) sexual experience. I knew I couldn’t just come out and ask her to fuck me, but if I made myself attractive enough to her and made sure she knew I was willing, perhaps she would respond. If she wasn’t interested, at least I wouldn’t be as embarrassed as I would be if I just came out and told her I wanted her and then she rejected me.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

This week had been the longest of my life. Monday night and Tuesday morning I’d masturbated as Nicole had ordered me to do. It was frustrating to stop right before I climaxed, but I kept telling myself I wanted to please her and that made it a little easier.  Tuesday at work was another story. As Nicole had instructed I needed to find a safe place to play with myself around lunchtime. The obvious place was the bathroom. I locked myself into one of the stalls and hiked up my skirt. Pulling the elastic from panties aside it was easy enough to get a couple of fingers into my pussy. I have to confess I’d been wet for the better part of an hour just thinking about playing with myself at work. I quickly realized the Machiavellian nature of Nicole’s plan. At home I could moan all I wanted as I worked myself into a frenzy. In the office, I didn’t have that option. She knew I was screamer, but the near constant flow of women into the bathroom at the noon hour meant I’d have to stifle any sounds coming from my stall. I think that was more frustrating than not allowing myself to cum.

I couldn’t quite bring myself to the edge of ecstasy like I did at home. I was too worried about having the nastiness of being in public push me over the brink. But I got close and I knew that after a few more days of this I’d be willing to do anything. I even began to doubt the tasks I’d told Mistress D was off limits would remain that way. If Mistress Nicole order me to do them, I’m pretty sure I would.

I stood up and smoothed out my skirt as best I could. I took a deep breath, flushed the toilet so people would think I’d just peed and walked out to the sink. There were two other women standing at the sink. I knew they really couldn’t know what I had been doing, but in my mind I pictured a look of disgust on their faces proving they recognized who I was and what I’d done. I quickly began to wash my hands to cleanse away any scent of my aroused pussy. Looking at my face in the mirror I saw the flush of sexual excitement. But again I wasn’t sure if that was real or just my perception. Thankfully neither of the two women said anything before they walked out. I took another deep breath. I’d survived.

As I said Monday night and Tuesday morning were not too bad. Tuesday afternoon was tough. The excitement of masturbating in public fuelled Tuesday’s dinner session with my fingers and each of my next two sessions in bed. It was getting harder and harder to not allow myself the luxury of cumming. Wednesday in the bathroom at work seemed twice as hard as Tuesday. My perception was there were more people waiting for the stalls, more people who could hear me struggling to be quiet and more people who knew exactly what I was doing. Of course that was probably all in my mind, but it was unbelievably exciting nonetheless. I tossed and turned Wednesday night trying to decide if I could cum without Mistress Nicole finding out. I wanted to believe I was a good enough liar to get away with it. On the other hand she was a very good mistress and probably could tell instantly.  After my Thursday morning session I was a wreck. I considered calling in sick because all I could think about was my pussy and my growing need for satisfaction.

I decided I had to get out of the office for lunch Thursday. There is a mall near our building which had a food court. More importantly I knew the bathrooms were fairly isolated at the edges of the mall. I was less than confident in my ability to control my lust and I didn’t want to cum in the office. In retrospect the mall was a poor choice. The bathrooms were perfectly isolated. In fact, I had the whole thing to myself. This meant I could moan (discreetly) and didn’t have to worry about getting caught. But it also meant my mind could run wild with nasty thoughts of the vicious things Nicole might do to me tomorrow. My typical slow build to orgasm was nearly instant. After just a few strokes of my clit I felt a strong contraction through my body. I had to brace myself with both arms against the stall walls. I remember thinking I’d already pushed my body too far and that I would cum without touching myself again.

Then a miracle happened. I heard the bathroom door open and a couple of young girls, high school probably based on the giggle, walked in. This allowed my mind to focus on them instead of the pulsation between my legs. By the time they finished using the stalls on either side of me, I had calmed down just enough to pull up my panties and make myself presentable. I waited until they walked out of the bathroom to exit the stall. This time my reflection in the mirror clearly showed the flush of sexual excitement. My new look was not simply my perception anymore. I took a few deep breaths, washed my hands and splashed some water on my face. Only one more day of this too go I kept repeating to myself.

*** Jeannie’s POV ***

Nicole had copied me in on her instructions to Sandra and Rose had replied very quickly about her plan to spy on her mother. To me this was a sign that she was really interested in what her mom was doing. That was also a red flag to me to have my act in order. I talked to Nicole and we decided it would be fun to give Rose just a taste of what her mom was doing and then I should get her up to my room to spy on mom in her bedroom. Nicole, in her disguise as Mistress D, had told me how much Sandra had enjoyed watching me undress. This time she would make sure Sandra was the center of attention and that Rose and I could watch from my darkened room.  Nicole told me she would be over between 10 and 10:30 but that Erin would probably get there by 9:15. She told me to have Rose arrive no later than 8:30 so she could have her excitement build even as her mother’s did. I told her I would and created a fake email claiming the party would be starting at 8:45. Rose told me she could be there by 8:30 and would park around the corner so her mom would not see her car.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Friday was hell. I wasn’t getting anything done at work. My mind was only focusing on sex. My panties had been soaked all day. I didn’t even bother going to the bathroom to masturbate. I just reached under my skirt at my desk and tapped my clit three or four times. That was enough to make me squirm. I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming in orgasmic pleasure. Once again I was out of control on a Friday. I called my boss and told her I was sick and had to go home. How I managed to drive safely is a mystery. They say texting and driving isn’t safe but neither is thinking about how your mistress might fuck you either. My car reeked of female arousal by the time I got home. I was scarcely through the door before I was pulling my clothes off.

Per Mistress Nicole’s demands I’d been keeping my pussy shaved smooth, but I wanted to shave it again for tonight. The struggle not to play with myself while I tended to my hygiene needs was the hardest thing I’d ever done. As I pulled on my stockings and put on my red high heeled pumps I was overcome with a wave of lust and a pressing need for sexual satisfaction. I slipped on my silk robe and walked downstairs in an effort to take my mind off my boiling pussy. But it wasn’t that easy. The living room had the computer and TV calling out to me. The kitchen reminded me of the first time Nicole had looked at me as a sexual object when she called the pizza shop. Even the dining room was now a parlor of desire as I setup my collection of dildos, vibrators and assorted other toys I’d collected since my divorce. I knew by Nicole’s standard at the hotel my collection was pretty tame, but as I positioned them standing up in a line, they looked like a fun evening. As I had been taught, I left the blinds open so as not to hide my shame. I’d gotten better about showing who I was to anybody who wanted to know, but I still hated the idea of a neighbor being able to see my collection.

I sat down in the living room and tried to calm down. It was only 2pm in the afternoon.  I knew Nicole wouldn’t arrive for hours. I also knew if I so much as touched my pussy I would cum. I needed to figure of some way to prevent that, but to also keep my arousal high just in case she popped in early. In the end I decided to boot up my computer and setup a playlist with my favorite porn videos. I had downloaded a collection of clips of various activities that interested me. All told it was about three hours worth. After clicking play, I secured my wrists behind my back with one of my more recent acquisitions, a set of chrome handcuffs with a safety release. Sitting on the couch I could not touch myself nor could I stop the playback without a serious contortion. I was horrified by the requirement to leave my living room blinds open. At least Nicole had not ordered me to open the windows. My pussy bouquet would have floated outside like the aroma of buttered popcorn outside a movie theatre. As it was anybody walking down the street could see what I was watching if they bothered to look. I hoped the sun’s glare off my windows would discourage that, but I had a sinking feeling that I was going to get busted by somebody.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I’d come home early from work. I was too distracted thinking about Jeannie to be very effective anyway. I wanted to dress sexy for her but not be too overt in case I had misread her intentions. I felt like I was back in high school dressing up for a date. With my training as a “good girl” I had always dressed fairly conservatively but I would try to have something just a bit out of place that I would hope my date would find.

I decided to wear my typical club clothes for Jeannie. She wouldn’t be surprised if I wore a modest skirt with a side slit. I usually wore that when we went dancing only tonight I was hoping her hand would be taking advantage of the easy access instead of my fending off some guy. I thought about what little treat I could wear for her and decided on sliding a lacy garter up onto my thigh. If her hands ended up where I hoped they would, I wanted to see the look on her face when she found my surprise.

Up top I wore a simple light blue blouse. It was a little more shear than I normally wore to the club and I purposely left my bra in my dresser drawer. I’m not blessed with large enough breasts that I really need one anyway. I usually wear it just to hide my nipples. Tonight I didn’t care about that. I wanted her to see me and how excited I anticipated I’d be.

For shoes I put on my tennis shoes. Although I was getting very excited my mind was still focused on my plan of spying on my mom. I wasn’t about to creep around her house in heels. I grabbed my dancing shoes too, a modest heeled pump that I could still move pretty well in, and headed out. I intended to maintain the illusion that I planned to go dancing with her as long as I could.

I was almost out the door when I decided to add one more item. I had a thin man’s tie that matched my skirt’s color. It was long as if it was designed for somebody very tall and it was made of silk. I picked it up in a resale shop some time ago thinking I’d wear it as an accessory someday but had never worn it. I’d heard that a man’s tie was really just a way to draw attention to his penis. Well I don’t know about that, but after I put it on it did point to my pussy. I wondered if Jeannie would take the hint.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

My self imposed three hours of watching lesbian domination videos had the desired effect of keeping my pussy warm, wet and inviting. But it did little to ease my growing sense of anxiety. It was now a little after 5 and I guessed I still had a few hours to go before Nicole would arrive. I decided I had to at least try to do some of my “normal” routine to both kill some time and to keep myself from going insane with lust. I started by dusting the furniture. I always kept the house neat and tidy but since I was having guests an extra quick polish of the tables and shelves was appropriate. Unfortunately that only took about 20 minutes. I guessed I should vacuum. I felt like I was in a bad housewives movie as I paraded throughout the house in my sexy robe with only stockings underneath while tending to the carpet. I felt like a kept woman doing the household chores with my breasts swinging free under the silk covering I was wearing and my pussy slick and constantly demanding attention. I have to admit I liked the feeling. I could see spending the day keeping the house clean for my mistress so she could come home after a hard day’s work to a happy home and a grateful slave. My mind began to drift back into its fantasy world. Once again I was struggling to keep my fingers away from my sexual core. I was upstairs cleaning my bedroom and I thought I heard the doorbell over the din of the vacuum. I turned off the motor and listened. The doorbell rang again. Who could it be? Nicole had told me to leave the door unlocked for her and I had. She would have just walked in. I prayed it wasn’t Rose again. The bell rang for a third time. I looked at the clock. It was 6:15.

I hurriedly left my bedroom and headed for the stairs. By the time I reached the first floor I was also trying to tie the sash on my robe so I would not be exposed to whoever was here. I also heard my cell phone which I had left on the dining room table beeping that I had a text message. I should have brought it upstairs with me, but I had forgotten it. Oh well, it could wait.

I slowly opened the door a crack and peeked out. There was a young man of 19 or 20 standing on my doorstep. He was wearing the uniform of the pizza shop Nicole worked at and was holding a pizza box. There was a second rectangular box on top which they used when they delivered sandwiches. He was smiling. I opened the door with one hand clutching my robe to protect it from any gusts of wind.

“Special delivery, ma’am,” he said. “That’s $16.90 total.”

I froze momentarily. Obviously I had not ordered a pizza. Clearly Nicole had sent him. What did she want me to do? I invited him in and told him to set the pizza on the living room table. I was thankful I had turned off the TV when I started to clean. I heard my phone chirp again.

“Let me get you some money,” I told him. “Wait here.”

I could feel his eyes following me as I walked out of the room. My heart was racing. I had not had any real cock for quite some time. I wondered if that was why Nicole had sent him to me. I grabbed my purse off the dining room table and then grabbed my cell phone. I wasn’t surprised to see the message was from Nicole.

“I’m sending you dinner. Josh is a good kid. Give him a nice tip. I couple of bucks and a good look at your tits and kitty kat will be sufficient.”

I momentarily lost my balance as I read her message and ended up leaning against the wall. I had to steady my nerves before I could grab a $20 bill out of my wallet. Summoning up all my courage I untied the tight knot I had used on the sash for my robe. Instead I just looped the sash lightly over itself. It would look tied but could easily be pulled loose.

I wondered if Josh was going to pounce on me. Nicole had not said one way or the other what I should do if he did. I wasn’t prepared to fend him off if he made an advance on me. Who was I kidding? I wanted to pounce on him and I certainly wouldn’t struggle if he jumped on me. I walked back into the living room. OK, I sashayed back into the living room. If he was going to watch me walk at least I could give him something nice to see.

My strut and the loosely tied robe gave him a look high up between my thighs. I felt deliciously naughty teasing him that way. I could feel my boobs bouncing around under my robe but I don’t think they were popping into view. I felt like dropping to my knees and pleasing him right then and there. What viral young man could resist that? I decided to find out. I raised my hand with the $20 bill as I walked toward him.

“Here you go. Keep the change,” I told him. As his hand was about to take the money I “accidentally” dropped the bill to the floor. “Oops, how clumsy of me,” I said. “Let me get that for you.”

Before he could react I began to drop to my knees in front of him. Did I inattentively let my hand pull the sash of my robe open? Of course I did. I pretended like I didn’t notice that my breasts were now completely exposed to his gaze from above me. I fumbled briefly for the bill giving him a better look. I then paused giving him the chance to unzip his fly if he chose. But he didn’t. I guess he had orders from Nicole too. I stood up pretending not to notice my charms were now on full display.

“Sorry about that,” I said handing him the $20. His eyes were riveted to my chest. He then looked down. I was not as embarrassed as you might think to be exposing myself to him. Nicole’s training was obviously working. Still I wasn’t just going to stand there and let him think I was flashing him on purpose. I looked down to see what he was looking at and pretended to be shocked that my robe had fallen open. I quickly grabbed the edges and pulled it tightly closed across my body ending his free show.

“You could have said something!” I scolded him, although my tone had a playful edge. For all I knew Nicole had told him to expect a show so I didn’t want to be too harsh with him.

“The next time you need a delivery, ask for Josh,” he told me before walking out with a shit eating grin on his face. I shut the door and quickly retreated to the couch. I lay back emotionally exhausted but oozing a fresh batch of happy juice.

I slid the sandwich box over and opened the pizza box. A couple of slices would taste very good right now. It was just a small plain cheese pizza. I pulled a slice out and took a big bite. It tasted very salty, not at all like their pizza normally tasted. I got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Upon my return I took another bite. It tasted worse. Something was definitely not right. I decided to try the sandwich. I opened that box and got a shock. Instead of a sandwich or garlic bread the box contained a large black dildo. It had a suction cup for a base and two big balls at the bottom. There was also a silk blindfold and a note. I didn’t have to guess who it was from.

“Hello slave. I know Josh likes to put his distinctive protein sauce on the pizzas for my special friends. You can probably guess what it is. I want you to eat the whole pizza. I also figured you needed this for your collection. You might want to be sitting on it in the living room when I arrive.”

Suddenly I realized the source of the salty taste. I winced. The small pizza suddenly looked extra large. I then looked at the dildo. How was I ever going to fuck myself with it and not cum? I was going to have to be extra vigilant to sit on it but not give in to my temptation to bounce. Tonight was already off to a wild start. I took a big swig of water and began to eat my dinner. I also licked the base of the dildo and slammed the suction cup down on the edge of my table.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I drove around my old neighborhood for about half an hour. I didn’t want to be early. Part of me wasn’t sure I wanted to be there at all. Finally I summoned up my courage and parked around the block from my mom’s house. As I sat in the car I decided to commit to my plan 100% and slid my thong off from under my skirt. If Jeannie did make a move on me I wanted her to be sure I was on board. I also didn’t want to give myself the option of backing out. It was also already soaked so it would do much good anyway.

Walking to her house sans underwear was a very new experience for me. I’d never felt the breeze blowing over my pussy lips that way. It was kind of thrilling in its own right. Of course knowing why I was dressed that way was even more exhilarating. The closer I got to Jeannie’s house the more I was convinced I was doing the right thing. I picked up my pace. I was glad I was wearing my tennis shoes. I crossed the street so I could try to look in my mom’s front window without her being able to tell it was me. I could see her in the living room. She was just sitting there. The TV was on. I didn’t recognize the show. It looked like some kind of reality TV garbage.

I walked past her house without stopping. I went to the end of the block and then crossed the street and doubled back to Jeannie’s house. She was waiting for me dressed head to toe in black. She seemed surprised I was dressed to go out.

“I thought you said we were spying on your mom tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah, but I thought we could go to the club later,” I responded. “Are your parents home?”

“No, they’re up at the lake house again this weekend,” she replied.

I noticed she was holding a pair of binoculars. She obviously had put some thought into tonight. I looked at my watch. It was 8:40. Jeannie noticed and said we had better get in position. I nodded.

Into position for her was across the street behind the well groomed hedges of the neighbor directly across the street from my mom’s house. The house was dark. Apparently they were not home.  Jeannie sat down. She obviously was prepared to get her black pants a little dirty. I had not thought my plan through as thoroughly as she had. I had to squat, although I could use the house as a backrest. In this position my pussy felt very open and available. The binoculars came in very handy. I could see into my mom’s house like I was in the room. She was staying remarkable still. Almost too still I thought. I panned my view to the other windows. The only other light was from the dining room. I had to do a double take when I saw what was on the table. I dropped the binoculars and looked at Jeannie. She had been looking at me. I guess my clothes were having their desired effect.

“Look at her dining room table,” I said. “You will not believe it.”

I handed Jeannie the binoculars. As she took them I looked down at my legs and noticed my position was giving Jeannie a very good view of my thighs. Maybe squatting wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Just then a car pulled up. I wondered if this was the Nicole I’d been reading so much about. Instinctively I slumped down a little lower. Jeannie was looking at the house through the binoculars. I doubt she even saw the car. If she did, she didn’t seem to care. I noticed the car’s turn signal was blinking on this side of the street. Shit, it was the owners of the house we were hiding at. Intuitively I grabbed Jeannie’s shirt and pulled her to the ground falling on top of her in the process. I tried to lie still as I heard the garage door open and the then the car drive past us and pull inside. My heart was pounding and felt like it was going to burst through my chest. As soon as the garage door started its decent I stood up and told Jeannie we had to get out of there. I sprinted back to her house. Looking back I saw Jeannie brushing off the dirt and walking as casually as somebody could carrying binoculars and having almost been caught peeping on their neighbor. When she finally got back to her front door I gave her a playful backhand against her shoulder.

“Great plan Einstein.”

We didn’t have time to discuss the merits of what we were doing as another car appeared. This one parked in front of my mom’s house. I watched as a woman, impeccably dressed, got out. She was dressed as if she were going out for a night on the town. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, a black blouse and appeared to be wearing black leather boots. She walked up the front sidewalk with an air of superiority about her. Was this Nicole? It must have been. She looked determined. She marched right up to the door and walked inside. I had to see what was happening.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

After I finished eating the Josh flavored pizza I tidied up the rest of the house as best I could but I was too excited to concentrate on anything but the impending arrival of my mistress. I knew in my soul that she would not be arriving anytime soon. I could tell she enjoyed keeping me on edge. Heck she might not have come by at all just to test me. But none of that really mattered. The only thing that mattered was that I followed her instructions and was ready to serve her in any way she wanted. By 8pm I had finished cleaning everything I could clean. My pussy was still oozing sauce in anticipation of another Friday night spent as her fucktoy. I felt the dildo Josh had brought calling out to me. I was out of excuses. It didn’t matter how long it took for her to arrive. It was time for me to sit patiently and wait.

The big black dildo I had attached to my table looked menacing, but in truth wasn’t any bigger than the strap-on Nicole had used on me last week. I think the inclusion of the suction cup and the fake testicles made it look bigger than it was. I had placed it on the edge of the table so when I settled myself over it, my feet would rest comfortably on the ground. I had no idea how long I would have to wait so I figured the less stress on my legs the better.

After I skewered myself on the new toy I put on the blindfold. Deprived of sight my other senses began to compensate just like they had last week. I could already feel my skin tightening up as it became sensitive to the slightest touch. My hearing was picking up every little sound in my house and my nose was detecting every little fragrance. The urge to fuck myself was overpowering. I’m sure that was Nicole’s plan. I was determined to sit absolutely still and not tempt fate. Any more than a few strokes on the dildo or any fingering of my clit would have sent me off like a rocket. I tried to pretend I was a human mannequin or that I was posing for an art class. I was suspended in time waiting for my champion to come and release me.

*** Erin’s POV ***

Nicole had told me she wouldn’t show up at Sandra’s until after 10 at the earliest. She told me to go over whenever I wanted and to have fun with her new slave as payment for my setting up the hotel for her last week. I’d been dreaming of Sandra since she first delivered her soiled underwear to the front desk of the hotel. Nicole and I share a love for submissive women, although Nicole seems to enjoy humiliating them more than I do. I’m more masochistic. I enjoy paddling a slave’s bottom or whipping them into shape. Nicole had not shared with me too many details of how much she had trained Sandra in the finer points of serving her mistress. Obviously she had the woman wrapped around her little finger. Nicole had shared that she told Sandra not to cum until she was given permission. I had no doubt I could force her to break that decree which would give me the justification to punish her.  These are the nights I gladly give up part of my pay check to have some fun. Nicole told me the door would be unlocked and it was. This one was going to be too easy. I approached Sandra. She was sitting bolt upright on the edge of her table. Her eyes were blindfolded and her hands were behind her back, although she was not restrained in any way. Nicole had told me Sandra’s instructions were to be waiting in the presentation pose. She clearly was not doing so. I wondered why not. I decided to ask.

“Slut, were you not told to be in the presentation pose when I arrived?”

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I had heard the door open but could not tell where my mistress had positioned herself in the room. The question cut through me like a knife. I had been instructed to be in the presentation position when she came through the door. But I had also been instructed to be sitting on the dildo. I’d totally forgotten about the first order. This must be some kind of test. At first I considered questioning her. But I quickly decided against that course of action. It is not the position of the slave to question her mistress. Instead I slowly stood up. I would have jumped up but I knew the dildo I was speared with required a delicate movement. I’m sure I left the shaft slimed. I hoped that would please my mistress.

Once free of the invader I quickly turned to where I perceived the voice to have come from, untied my robe, dropped to my knees and cupped my breasts as I had been taught to do. I imagined a big smile on my mistress’ face.

*** Rose’s POV ***

Jeannie and I had been standing on her front porch when the woman arrived. I had to see what she was going to do with my mother. Leaving Jeannie behind, I sprinted back across the yard to my mom’s house. I peeked through the kitchen window from the driveway but couldn’t see them. Next I tried the dining room. The sex toys were still there but neither my mom nor the woman was anywhere to be found. Throwing caution to the wind, after all my presence on the driveway could be explained easily enough, I crept through the bushes to get a look in the front window. It was then I saw my mom kneeling on the floor. Not only that but she was lifting her breasts and holding them out to the woman. The woman was slowly walking around my mom as if she was inspecting her. I saw the woman’s mouth move, although I couldn’t hear what she said, and I saw my mom quickly stand up and place her hands on top of her head.

I couldn’t believe was I was seeing. The woman once again circled around my mom. This time she wrapped her hands around my mom and began pinching her nipples. My mom appeared to moan and bend forward slightly, but she never removed her hands from her head. My mom’s nipples were hard as rocks and I could feel my own nipples joining her in sympathy. I looked over to the table and saw a dildo right where I’d seen my mom sitting before. Oh my God, she must have been sitting on it when we were watching her earlier. I felt my own pussy tighten in empathy as I looked at the size of the fake dick.

The woman now reached around and pushed two fingers into mom’s pussy. They slid in without any apparent effort. Still my mom kept her hands on her head, but I could tell she was struggling. Oh how I wanted to feel that way. I was overcome with a desire to finger myself, but getting caught that way would have been even harder to explain than my presence in her bushes. I managed to control myself a little longer.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Nicole was driving me crazy. She knew what state I was in and had not given me permission to cum, but she seemed intent on making it happen anyway. The nipple play was bad enough but when she began to finger me too I almost lost it. “Please let me cum,” I begged her. She just laughed.

I felt her pulling me by the nipples back toward the table. No doubt she was going to have me mount the toy she sent me. I also had little doubt this was how I would first cum this evening. The only question was whether I’d have permission. She told me to keep my hands on my head.

Once the dildo acted as a bayonet on me again my mistress ordered me to fuck it properly. I could tell she was standing in front of me because she took a strong grip on both my nipples. As she began to squeeze my nipples hard giving me the same pain/pleasure sensation which had driven me so crazy the week before. She then told me to remove the blindfold. My orgasm was just moments away. There was no stopping it now. My breasts were shaking wildly as I humped the dildo up and down. The death grip on my nipples kept their position fairly constant meaning with each stroke my nipples were being pulled and stretched very painfully. None of that mattered right then, however. My week of self teasing had me so ready to cum I can’t equate the need to anything else. I pulled up the blindfold but it wasn’t Mistress Nicole’s face I saw. It was a very happy looking Erin. I came immediately with a scream that rattled the windows. Erin looked quite proud of herself.

I bucked and rode that dildo like a cowboy in a rodeo rides a bull. It kept trying to throw me off but I stood tall in the saddle and rode it like a woman possessed as the orgasm, five days in the making, ripped through me. There was nothing that could have stopped me right then. Neither ice cubes on my clit, a riding crop on my nipples or whatever the unsexyest thought you can muster was going to stop me from shamelessly taking my pleasure on the rubber cock. I was delirious with pleasure. Erin seemed amused. Finally I began to calm down and slow my assault on the dildo. Erin let go of my nipples.

“Nicole said you were a wild one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone cum to hard.”

I took that as a complement. I was unable to speak but I managed a weak smile. We both turned our heads in unison when we hear something hit the window. Erin bolted toward the door.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I couldn’t believe I was watching my mom act this way. I could hear her screams of passion through the glass and finally could not resist the temptation to push my own finger into my pussy. I found it wet and inviting. With my other hand I began to rub my clit. I couldn’t believe how long my mom’s orgasm was lasting. I could see her shaking on the dildo but that didn’t stop her from continuing to fuck herself. Hard. I’d never had such an intense orgasm. I was more than a little jealous but that seemed to only stimulate my need to play with myself right there and then. In fact by the time she began to show signs of slowing down, I was reaching my own peak. I knew I could cum in just a few more seconds when it happened. I somehow lost my balance in the bushes and my head came out of the shadows. It bounced against the glass. I couldn’t believe I’d been that careless. I was sure they had heard me.

I quickly deduced there wasn’t time for a sprint back to Jeannie’s house so I dove headfirst under the bushes. The branches scraped against my face, arms and legs causing me great pain. Somehow I managed not to yell out and I heard the front door open. I was face down in the dirt under the bushes. I was praying my legs were covered although I couldn’t really tell. I heard the screen door open. Somebody was looking around. My face was buried in my hands and I was trying not to make a sound or even a breathe. I was frozen to the spot not moving a muscle except my wildly beating heart. Every second seemed like a minute as time stood still.

Finally I heard the screen door shut again. I remained on the ground cowering under the bushes for several additional minutes before I had the courage to slowly crawl back to the window. My impending climax was long gone. When I looked in the window so my mom and the woman was nowhere to be seen. I made a mad dash back to Jeannie.

*** Erin’s POV ***

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sandra fuck herself and cum so hard. Nicole had briefed me on how Sandra had reached the point last week of cumming almost non-stop by the end of the night and I was intrigued by whether we could get her to achieve that level of excitement again tonight. I’d been with multiorgasmic women before, but never one who could cum continually. Nicole had asked me to call her when I was done with my initial play with Sandra. We had left the living room in favor for the kitchen in order to get water for Sandra. I didn’t want her getting dehydrated as I planned on making her cum all night. While she was serving herself I unzipped my skirt and dropped my panties. Now was the time for Sandra to pay me back while I called her mistress.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I finished downing a large glass of water just as Erin began talking to my mistress. She didn’t break the conversation but simply pointed to her pussy. I understood what she meant and dropped to my knees in front of her. The roughness of my porcelain tile floor hurt my knees, but that wasn’t important right then. I wish I could have heard both sides of the conversation as the two women discussed me. Erin for her part spoke as if I wasn’t even in the room instead of between her legs.

“Yes, you have a live one here.”

“Yes, she came without permission.”

“Brazenly and absolutely shamelessly.”

“No problem.”

“Sure I can punish her until you get here.”

“No, nothing permanent although she might be a little black and blue for a few days.”

“How long?”

“OK see you then.”

And like that the conversation was over. I paused to look up but a stern look from Erin left no doubt what she was expecting me to resume eating her out. She let me continue to lick her for maybe another minute before she pulled over a chair and sat down. She had me crawl over to her and then ordered me to keep my hands behind my back while I serviced her. I held them as if they were cuffed. It would have been easier if they were so I would not have had to fight the temptation to put a hand between my legs. I knew that was strictly verboten though, so I concentrated on pleasing her. I was saddened that I couldn’t make her cum. She pulled my head upward with a strong grip on my hair and told me I needed to be punished for cumming without permission and for being a bad pussy licker. I’d never had any complaints from Nicole or Liz and my face was cover in her juice so I must have been doing something right.  But it was my job to be agreeable so I just nodded.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I was out of breath when I landed back on Jeannie’s front step. She seemed amused by watching me sprint across the yard and even more so by having to brush the dirt off my clothes.

“Yeah it’s a riot,” I scolded her. “I almost got caught.”

“Well I could tell what you were doing right before you dove into the bushes,” she countered. “So don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy watching your mom.”

She was right, of course, but I almost died of embarrassment having to admit that to myself. And to her. The fact that she could tell I was masturbating was even worse. But then I remembered that was why I was here in the first place. Jeannie didn’t seem disturbed by what I had been doing. She implied that she condoned it. I started to think I had read her intentions correctly.

Looking back toward my mom’s house I could see shadows moving in the kitchen. My initial shock of almost getting caught was forgotten. I didn’t run this time, instead I cautiously made my way back to my mom’s driveway and then over to the kitchen window. I was standing with my back against her house and slowly tried to turn my head to steal a look without exposing myself to being seen. What I saw caused me to reverse my caution and instead I began to stare openly.

I saw my mom on her knees with her face buried between the legs of the woman. The woman had a look of pure contentment on her face. Not only that my mom was holding her hands behind her back. I didn’t understand that. I read plenty about bondage from my mom’s story websites, but from what I could see she didn’t have anything wrapped around her wrists. She was just holding them there herself. That puzzled me.

I didn’t have long to decipher what was going on. I watched as the woman grabbed my mom by the hair. She then appeared to be scolding her. I watched as the woman got up while my mom remained on her hands and knees. The woman walked around my mom and then had her sit up on her knees. Quick as a flash my mom’s robe was dispatched. I felt envious as my mom’s well formed boobs bounced into view. I’d always wished my breasts were bigger. The woman then pointed back at the floor and my mom was once again on her hands and knees. It looked like she was asking my mom additional questions and then she looped the sash of the robe around my mom’s neck. I could feel my pussy starting to moisten again. Before the woman led my mom crawling behind her out of the kitchen toward the back of the house, she put her skirt back on. I felt my pussy begin to pulsate. The woman was apparently leading my mom to the basement. I looked back toward Jeannie’s house. She was still standing on her porch but she was watching me. I waved at her and motioned for her to come over. She walked over slowly.

“The woman just led my mom out,” I told her.

“What do you mean led?” Jeannie asked.

“I mean she tied a leash around her neck and had my mom crawl after her.”


“I think they went downstairs.”

Just then we heard the back door open. Once again I froze, but Jeannie seemed unfazed. My mom’s yard has a 6 foot privacy fence which wraps around to a detached garage. As long as they stayed in the back yard Jeannie and I could stay on this side and not be seen. Jeannie led the way holding my hand and pulling me out into the open along the fence. We moved around a bit but couldn’t see much through the slats of the fence. I was getting dejected. I could hear the woman’s voice. They were moving toward the garage. Jeannie looked at me as if she had a eureka moment. She hastily moved behind me and dropped to her knees pushing her head between my legs. She then started to stand up so as to give me a shoulder ride. My skirt rode up to around my waist and we were so unsteady that I reluctantly had to put my hands on the fence to steady myself. I was worried about the noise but in retrospect the noise of us falling over would have been much louder and my mom and her friend we far too busy to be worrying about the minimal noise Jeannie and I were making. 

I teetered on Jeannie’s shoulders just long enough for two things to happen. First I saw my mom still crawling behind the elegant woman and heading towards the garage. Then I saw the woman open the door, turn on the light and walk inside. I could tell she dropped the sash and my mom remained outside the door. Just then we almost lost our balance and I had to grab the top of the fence harder to stop me from falling. To me the noise was deafening. I had a vision of my mom looking over and seeing my face peeking over the fence. Jeannie was wiggling under me trying to regain her balance which forced her head deeper into my crotch. My mom, on the other hand, was laser focused on what was happening inside the garage. Her head never turned and I quickly saw a slender hand pick up mom’s makeshift leash and she then crawled inside. My pussy was even more on fire than before. The combination of watching my mom submit to this powerful woman and the way my pussy was rubbing directly on the back of Jeannie’s neck had that itch inside me returning with a vengeance. It was all I could do not to wriggle harder against her.

We heard the garage service door shut. I think that was the sound Jeannie was waiting for as she let out a large breath. Apparently holding me on her shoulders was more stressful than she had bargained for. She began to dip her knees and I began to fall forward. Fortunately I had the fence to grab onto and this time we didn’t have to worry as much about being heard. As soon as my feet touched the ground she dipped her head further and I was able to dismount. I was horrified to see her reach up and wipe the back of her neck with her hand; I knew exactly what she was wiping off.  I tried to read her face as to whether she enjoyed my inadvertent flaunting of my excitement or whether she was distressed. But I couldn’t get a read on her. Her face was noncommittal. When she finally spoke, she didn’t say what I expected.

“Are there any windows on the back side of the garage?”

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Erin was a much sterner task master than Nicole. I loved when she led me through the yard to the garage. She had hinted at her plans for me and we determined the garage was better suited than my basement. She said she needed something she could loop a rope over. My basement is unfinished so the floor joists are exposed, but the floor decking from the main floor covers the tops of the joists. She said she knew people in the trades which could finish the basement for a reasonable price if I was interested. She said they made a wonderful “playroom” for her. The way she said it made it clear the room wasn’t designed for kid’s toys.

My garage has a large attic with pull down stairs to access it. Erin said in a pinch the staircase will have to suffice for my punishment. As I knelt outside watching her exploring my garage my excitement was palpable. I’d forgotten totally about Nicole. My focus was 100% on the beautiful woman in front of me. I watched as she found some cotton rope I kept in the garage for lashing boxes to the roof of my car. She also pulled down the staircase. She briefly climbed into the attic before returning for me. As she led me into the garage my line of sight was drawn to her backside. It was a very nice view. The garage floor was cold. I was glad I didn’t park my car in the garage anymore. I was embarrassed by how much junk I stored out here, but that also made it easy for Erin to simply push some boxes out of the way so I could stand under the stairs. She began to wrap the rope around my wrists. Once they were secured, she looped the rope over the top stair and pulled it tight.

Erin left me stretched tightly with my arms over my head and my toes just touching the ground. The position put a great deal of stress on my wrists and calves. Once she had me positioned she took her time admiring her handiwork, but she didn’t touch me. I expected her to toy with my erogenous zones or even spank me, but she didn’t. Instead she began to explore the garage while I stood and tried not to twist around.

She apparently was not satisfied with what she found in the garage because she made another trip up to the attic. I could hear her walking around. I tried to remember what I had stored upstairs. It had been years since I had been up there. I knew there were boxes of Rose’s old belongings from her middle school and high school years. I think there were some old clothes. There was probably some of my husband’s old junk. Who knows what else I never got around to throwing away? When she returned Erin walked around in front of me. She was smiling.

“You don’t have a very good selection of punishment toys. Not to worry. I’m sure Nicole will give you a list of what you need. I promised not to mark you too bad and you don’t need to worry. I’m an expert and I found exactly what I need.”

I looked in a mixture of intrigue and apprehension as Erin help up a piece of rubber hose. Back when we first moved in my husband had planned to put in an underground sprinkler system. He had bought most of the parts but like many of his grand plans this one never was completed. The hose Erin was holding was about three quarters of an inch in diameter and about 4 feet long.

“I’m going to go easy on you tonight. I know you have not built up much of a pain tolerance. In time you will crave Nicole’s lash. But tonight’s lesson is mainly about learning to follow her instructions. Your shameless orgasm as if you were a common street tramp must be dealt with. Nicole will be here soon and I want to be sure you give her the proper respect she deserves. If you are sincere about serving her and she believes you, I’m sure you will be given more pleasure.”

I didn’t say a word. I just braced for the bite of the first snap of the hose. Erin didn’t disappoint. She also didn’t lie. She was an expert wielding the hose. The pain wasn’t what I expected at all. My limited punishments with Nicole, spankings and a riding crop, were very focused on which nerves were impacted. There would be a jolt of pain, but it would quickly pass. The hose caused a very different sensation. Because of its length, it would wrap around my body. The first contact would not hurt much at all. There was a little sting at the point of impact, but nothing too painful. However as the centrifugal  force built as the hose wrapped around my body, the sensation built too until the tip of the hose snapped against my skin almost like a crop would. It didn’t hurt as bad as a riding crop, but the progressive nature of the pain caused my brain to build a level of anticipation unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. All though the impact, maybe half a second from first contact to the stinging snap of the hose end, my body could feel every inch contact my skin as if it were a separate event. My mind processed each event in slow motion building up to the moment of final contact in a manner not unlike how my climaxes build from a series of smaller touches.

Of course that was all on the subconscious level. Outwardly I was howling at the pain. Each time the hose wrapped around me I screamed and twisted putting more and more stress on my arms and legs. I’d read about being whipped but now that it was happening to me, I finally understood what the characters in the stories had been feeling. Erin concentrated on my legs and torso. There was no pleasure happening in my garage. I’m confident Nicole would have been teasing me if she had been in charge giving me at least a sexual thrill besides a beating. But that wasn’t part of Erin’s game.

I’d also read in the stories about women who’s pain turned to pleasure in these situations. That certainly wasn’t happening to me and I didn’t grasp how that was even possible. Maybe if Erin wrapped the hose around my breasts or across my pussy I could get a thrill, but the intense pain that would cause overrode the potential for pleasure.

I was sure I would be black and blue from the thrashing I was taking. I did my best to be a good sub and not yell or curse Erin. I know I did a couple of times but I think she enjoyed it. It seemed like she thought if I wasn’t screaming or begging her to stop she wasn’t doing her job. I questioned in my mind whether this type of activity would become part of Nicole’s fun time with me. I hoped it wouldn’t. I hoped this was a onetime thing. Suddenly I heard her voice and looked up to see her standing in the doorway.

“Have you learned your lesson about following instructions?” she asked.

I held my head down defeated. “Yes mistress.”

*** Rose’s POV ***

Jeannie and I had taken up a position behind the garage. The windows were filthy and the view was obscured by the boxes of junk my mom kept in the garage. I could see that my mom was hanging beneath the stairs, but the woman was nowhere to be scene. For a brief moment I thought that maybe she had heard us and was about to come around the corner and catch us. I thought that maybe we would be joining my mom in the garage ready to submit to whatever devious plans this woman had for her. I was thinking a lot of nasty thoughts when I noticed the woman coming back down out of the attic.

I admit I was fascinated watching the woman hitting my mother with the hose. Thanks to the thin walls of the garage we heard mom’s reaction to every blow. Watching her get beaten did not turn me on. I actually felt a little bit of relief that I didn’t find this exciting. I could understand her motivation to follow instructions when the woman ordered her to lick her pussy. Those were the same motivations I had myself. But this was something different. I wanted to rush in and save my mom. What was happening to her just wasn’t right. I looked at Jeannie with a “let’s go” expression and a nod of my head in the direction of the service door. She shook her head. I had decided to go without her and started to move in that direction, but I felt Jeannie grab my hand and pull me back.

She whispered in my ear, “I know it’s hard to believe, but she is enjoying herself.”

I shook my head. “She is not enjoying this.”

“Yes she is. This is what she wants. Look for yourself.”

I looked in the window again. Mom was twisting in her bindings and I could now clearly see her rock hard nipples and could even see the wetness on her labia.

“I know it’s tough to understand, but that woman could make her cum with that hose if she wanted to. Your mom may not even understand yet but pain can mix with pleasure under the hand of an expert.”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Let’s just say I’ve been on the receiving end once or twice,” she replied.

And there it was. I had wondered if Jeannie’s aggressive nature translated into the bedroom. Apparently it did not if she allowed herself to be beaten like my mom evidently did. That didn’t mean I didn’t still want to take her to bed tonight. After all I’d witnessed tonight and all the mental foreplay I’d engaged in during the week, I wasn’t going home without satisfaction. If Jeannie wouldn’t accommodate me my fingers would do the trick in the car.

I was about to ask her for more details about her history when the second woman entered the room. Immediately my focus was back on what was happening in the garage and not on Jeannie.

*** Nicole’s POV ***

I was very pleased to find Erin so effectively punishing Sandra. I enjoy spanking an insolent sub but I’ve never been good at giving someone a whipping. Still I knew the experience was necessary for her to grow in her submission. I also knew Erin was thoroughly enjoying herself.

I had discussed the details of this night with Jeannie and how best she could position Sandra’s daughter. When I pulled up to the house I made sure to move as silently as I could. Jeannie had been instructed to make sure Rose was watching her mom get punished. I knew Erin had planned to use the garage and that meant Jeannie and Rose would have to be hiding behind it. As quietly as I could, I crept around the edge of the garage until I could get a quick peek around the corner. I didn’t linger. Both girls were there. Jeannie had done her job. Rose would now know the cost of disobedience. She should have also seen the pleasure her mom received for conforming. I was sure by the end of the night Rose would fall into place on her knees just like her mother.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

My hero had arrived just in time to vanquish my tormentor. I felt a great sense of relief at seeing Nicole standing in the doorway. She wasn’t dressed up in her mistress gear like last week. In fact she was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but she looked as radiant and sexy to me as anyone ever had. She walked up to Erin and took the hose from her hand. At first I thought she might swing it herself, but instead she said I’d had enough. Erin looked a little disappointed, but she quickly changed her expression when Nicole gave her a passionate kiss and thanked her for disciplining me. She then told Erin to get me down and bring me upstairs to my bedroom. Nicole then walked out of the garage leaving us alone.

Erin didn’t say a word after that. She gently let me down from my bondage. She didn’t make me crawl or even wrap my sash around my neck again. We walked back to the house next to each other as equals. I started to understand the hierarchy. Nicole was on top with Erin and Liz taking orders from her. If we were alone, Erin and Liz had dominion over me, but if Nicole was there, she was definitely in charge. This was an interesting development to me.

Back in the house, instead of heading up to my bedroom we went to the kitchen. Erin said Nicole would be hungry after working and that I should make her a sandwich. I had some tuna salad in the refrigerator. Erin instructed me how Nicole preferred it to be served. I carried the plate and a glass of water and we headed upstairs.

Nicole must have brought in her gear before she came out to the garage. The strap-ons she used last Friday were on my bed along with the movie camera. I saw a couple of additional dildo including one with a strap which wasn’t big enough to fit around someone’s waist. I didn’t understand that one. The video camera was back along with the cuffs and a paddle. I didn’t see the nipple suckers thankfully. I did see my collar but no leash.

Nicole had shed her clothes and was sitting in a chair next to the bed facing the window. Her legs were spread and her pussy looked inviting. Erin walked in front of her and grabbed the collar off the bed. She buckled the collar on my neck and then went back for the wrist and ankle cuffs. Once I was prepared, Nicole asked if I thought I could eat pussy better than I had done earlier with Liz. I figured the question was rhetorical. She began to eat her sandwich while I began to eat her pussy.

*** Rose’s POV ***

The arrival of another woman who seemed to be in charge was an interesting development and one I had not anticipated. We stayed behind the garage until my mom was released and they walked out. We snuck around to the edge of the garage but we couldn’t see anything because of the fence. I wasn’t about to get on Jeannie’s shoulders again. I didn’t see them, but I could hear the squeak of the screen door on my mom’s house open and close. I wondered whether I should risk another trip to the bushes in front of the house. Jeannie tapped my on the shoulder and pointed to the second floor. The lights were on in my mom’s bedroom. There was no way they could have made it up there so fast. It must have been the other woman.

“Let’s go up to my bedroom,” offered Jeannie. “We’ll leave the lights off. They’ll never see us.”

I doubted my mom’s shades would be open. I knew she didn’t leave them that way normally. But I knew we would never see anything from the ground so I agreed. We ducked through the backdoor of Jeannie’s house. I was glad her parents were gone for the weekend. I couldn’t imagine how we would explain what we were doing. We quickly made our way up to her room.

I stumbled a bit without the aid of her lights being on. There was some light from the hallway, but the room was dim. I found the window and looked across. The second woman I’d seen in the garage was sitting in the bedroom. The lights were on and the blinds were open. They were not pulled up, but the slats were flat and I had a good view. Jeannie handed me the binoculars again. Just like before I was suddenly transported into the room. This time though, instead of seeing just seeing my mom’s back as she sat, I saw the woman sitting naked with her legs spread. She was lazily rubbing her fingers over her pussy as if she was just patiently waiting for something… or someone.

I saw no evidence of my mom or the first woman. I sensed Jeannie behind me and heard something sliding on the floor. I felt something brush up against my legs. Turning I saw in the dim light a chair.

“Here,” she said. “Sit down and be comfortable. You might be watching for a while.”

I sat down and returned my gaze to my mom’s house. Nothing seemed to have changed in the bedroom so I turned my attention to the only other lit room, the kitchen. I could see the other woman standing next to the counter but I couldn’t see me mom. The woman was talking so my mom must have been in the room. Finally she appeared with a plate with a sandwich. My mom seemed out of place standing naked in her kitchen while another woman in clothes watched her. I saw them turn and walk toward the stairs. I quickly refocused my attention on the bedroom.

This time I had a front row seat as my mom dropped to her knees and began pleasuring the second woman.  I decided this must be Nicole. I still didn’t have a clue that the first woman was. I found this voyeuristic activity very exciting. I could feel myself getting very wet. My mom appeared to me to be very skilled since the woman in the chair showed signs of being very happy. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to put my own fingers under my skirt. With the lack of light I wondered if Jeannie would see me and if she did if she would object. I decided against it for the moment. Looking back in my mom’s bedroom I saw the woman grab my mom’s hair and pull her tightly against her crotch. She was shaking. I assumed she was cumming. Apparently satisfied she then pushed my mom away. I was struck by the callous nature of the woman discarding my mom so quickly after she had climaxed. Was that all my mom was worth to her?

I watch as the first woman, who apparently had stripped in anticipation of her next turn on my mom’s tongue, took up position in the chair. My mom was between her legs as quickly as she had been between Nicole’s. She took had a look of pure satisfaction on her face. The primary difference this time was Nicole took my mom’s wrist cuffs and clipped them together behind her back. As I had seen earlier in the kitchen, my mom was now reliant just on her mouth to please her tormentor. I looked back to Jeannie again.

“This time they cuffed her wrists instead of just having her hold them behind her back. What’s up with that?”

Jeannie told me to keep watching. When I returned my focus to my mom’s bedroom she leaned over my shoulder. I could feel her hot breath on my ear as she whispered. She spoke slowly and quietly. I had to strain to hear her and stay focused on the action in my mom’s bedroom.

“Without the use of her hands she has to concentrate more on what she’s doing with her tongue.”

The soft gentle tone of Jeannie’s voice was almost hypnotic. Her voice was dripping with lust. She had me right where I wanted to be. My plan was working perfectly.

“Have you ever licked a pussy,” Jeannie asked me.

I hoarsely answered, “No.” I suddenly had a frog in my throat and was having trouble breathing.

“But you’ve sucked cocks before haven’t you?”

In scarcely more than a whisper I answered, “Yes.”

“And I bet you used your hands a lot to help get him off, didn’t you?”

I was breathing heavily and beginning to involuntarily arch my back bringing my head closer to her, “Yes.”

“Next time just use your mouth. With your hands behind your back your center of gravity changes forcing his cock deeper into your mouth. He’ll also love feeling that he is in more control of you.”

My focus on my mom and her friends was waning. My eyes were starting to glaze over as I hung on every word Jeannie spoke. My hands holding the binoculars fell to my lap. Almost silently in a timid voice I responded, “And do the boys like feeling in control?”

I felt Jeannie’s hands taking the binoculars out of my hands. I didn’t know what to do with them so I left them in my lap.

“Yes they do. And so do the girls.”

Her last comment was scarcely more than a murmur. I had to focus fully on her hot breath on my ear to hear it. My eyes were closed and I could feel control of the situation falling away. Was this what my mom felt with Nicole?

Jeannie didn’t speak again, but her hot breath was causing the hair on my neck to stand up. I felt like I was building to a great orgasm, but I hadn’t even been touched. I heard myself moan as I felt Jeannie begin to loosen my tie. I realized she was undressing me and my fantasy was coming true. I sat passively as she pulled the tie from around my neck. She continued to whisper in my ear and electric shocks from her hot breath continued to cascade through my body.

“I know you want this Rose. You’re just like your mother.”

I shivered in anticipation. I think she was right. I felt her begin to unbutton my blouse. My hard nipples were on display ready to greet her. The first time she touched them my back arched and I cried out “Yes!”

“Patience Rose,” she intoned. “We’ve got all night. Now put your arms behind  the chair.”

I felt the soft silk wrapping around my wrists. Jeannie didn’t tie me very tightly and I knew I could break free from the chair if I wanted. But that was the last thing on my mind right then. I felt Jeannie unbuttoning the rest of my blouse and spreading it open. I then felt her running her hand under my skirt.

“Hot and wet just the way I like it,” she said back in her normal voice.

The abrupt shift in tone jarred me back to reality. I’d just allowed my best friend to bind me to a chair and she was now feeling me up.

“Continue watching your mom while I get some toys. You are going to have a long night,” was the last thing she said. I didn’t have any choice. The night was turning out perfect.

Chapter 06

*** Rose’s POV ***

“Keep watching your mom.” The words echoed through my head. I was now bound to the chair facing Jeannie’s window so I had little choice but to keep watching my mom. Jeannie had unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it open, but because of my bound hands I was still wearing it. She’d also run her hand up under my skirt and confirmed my level of arousal. This is exactly what I wanted and what I had planned for, but now that it was actually happening, I somehow couldn’t believe it. I’d made the assumption earlier in the evening that Jeannie was passive when it came to sexual matters. She was now proving that hypothesis to be wrong. She quickly returned to me holding a small vibrator and three medical clamps. She tossed them on the bed and then knelt down in front of me.

“Let’s get this skirt off, shall we. It’s just getting in the way and I know you must be uncomfortable sitting in it.”

She was half right anyway. Jeannie lifted my legs and put them on her shoulders. That made my butt rise enough for her to get her hands underneath me and unzip my skirt. With a little effort she quickly dispatched the garment. I was right about putting the garter on. She wasn’t expecting it and seemed entertained by its presence.

“Do you have any other surprises for me?” she asked.

“Like what?” I questioned.

“I always figured you for a closet sub.  But coming here without panties and wearing a sexy garter? That was a surprise. Do you do anything else fun like wearing a butt plug or Ben Wa balls in public?”

She had put my legs down and was lightly tapping on my clit while she asked.  I was too distracted to answer. She snapped her index finger against my clit. “I asked you a question,” she stated emphatically.

“No,” I answered.

“No ma’am,” she corrected.

“No ma’am,” I repeated.

“At such time as I decide you will call me mistress. But let’s see if you are worthy before we get to that step. Spread your legs and keep them out.”

I did as she commanded. Jeannie moved behind me. I heard the sound of vibrator buzzing.

“Keep looking out of the window. What do you see?”

“I see my mother and two women.”

“Detail, Rose. Give me details,” she replied.

“I see my mother sitting on a chair. She’s looking straight ahead. I’m guessing the window is reflecting like a mirror. She’s watching herself.”

“Good. Go on,” Jeannie instructed me.

“Her legs are spread like mine. The second woman is sitting in front of her. She’s hitting her with something. I can’t quite make out what it is.”

I watched as Jeannie set down the vibrator and picked up the binoculars. “Oh, I heard her say. That’s hot.”  She then held the binoculars to my eyes so I could see. “Now what do you see?”

“I see the woman hitting my mom’s pussy with, ah, what is that? It looks like a bunch of straps.”

“It’s a cat or cat-o-nine tails. It looks like she’s just teasing her with it. Your mom looks pretty aroused.”

“Yes, I guess she does,” I said trying not to sound like spying on my mother was having the same effect on me.

Jeannie put down the binoculars against and grabbed the vibrator. “This one’s not too strong, but the batteries last a long time,” she announced before sliding it into my pussy. “Don’t let that slide out.”

Instantly my excitement level shot through the roof. It had been high before but the joy spreading from the vibrating toy definitely had me climbing the arousal ladder.  I pulled my legs together to make sure I could hold the magic toy in place. Jeannie noticed immediately.

“Didn’t I tell you to spread your legs?”

“Yes ma’am, but I was afraid to lose the vibrator.”

“Not following orders already. That’s not a good sign. Do you want to be punished like your mom was in the garage? I’m sure I can find something to make you understand.”

“No ma’am. I’ll be good.”

She looked down at my legs. I quickly spread them as wide as I could. The pussy slicked vibrator slid out and fell on the floor.

“Oops,” I said sheepishly.

“I’ll cut you just a little slack because you’re new at this. But you had better learn self control fast. I won’t beat you, but now you’re going to get the clamps.”

In my mind I laughed a little. Not out loud mind you, but I assumed she meant to use them anyway or she would not have brought them over next to me. I didn’t think they were for her. I continued to watch my mom as Jeannie began to suck on my left nipple. If there is one part of foreplay I like above all else it’s nipple sucking. Maybe it is because my breasts are so small, my nipples are exceptionally sensitive. They had been hard since we first walked across the street to spy on my mom but now under Jeannie’s expert care, they were absolute rocks. Every time she sucked my nipple into her mouth a jolt of pleasure raced straight down to my clit.  I was starting to lose the ability to focus on my mom.

Too soon after she began, Jeannie deemed my left nipple ready for her clamp. I’d never worn a nipple clamp before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d seen pictures of my mom with the nipple suckers. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to try those. They looked very painful.  Of course so was the surgical clamp. It was designed to hold itself in place so after she clamped it on, which was very painful by itself, Jeannie tightened it further by adjusting a set-screw on the side. I was stomping my feet on the floor trying to fight against the pain. I hoped my display would convince her not to use the second one. Of course it didn’t. My right breast was treated to the same treatment. The nipple sucking didn’t feel so good this time. Maybe it was the anticipation of the pain to come or maybe the throbbing of my left nipple overriding the pleasure signals from the right, but I was not nearly as enthusiastic the second time around. At least until she was done. This time in addition to stomping my feet I screamed.

Jeannie responded with a condescending “Tisk, tisk, tisk. Let’s not have any of that.”

With that she pulled off her black pants and peeled off  her panties. I could smell her panties even before they were pressed into my mouth. Without a doubt she had been wearing them for a while. She probably planned to use them as a gag and had masturbated in them. Either that or she had enjoyed being outside with me much more than she led on.

“We have one more clamp to go. Guess where it is going.”

I looked at her wide eyed.

“Come on. Don’t play the innocent girl with me,” she mocked.

I was split in my feelings right then. I had no doubt having Jeannie suck on my clit would feel great. I had no doubt a little clitoral attention would even override the ache in my nipples. But I also knew the pain that would follow and I didn’t think I could handle that. My little clit was far too sensitive for that kind of abuse. I wondered if Nicole ever did this to my mother. Jeannie gave my clit a quick rub to make sure it was standing at attention. It was already peeking out of its hood so there wasn’t much need to play with it. Thus I didn’t get much pleasure before I anticipated receiving the pain. Jeannie then picked up the vibrator. She didn’t bother to wipe it down she just pushed it back inside me.

“I’m not really going to clamp your clit. That would be too much for you. Try to be more careful with the dildo next time,” she said before walking out of the room.

I was left alone with my thoughts. My thoughts plus, clamped nipples, a vibrator buzzing in my pussy and a live sex show staring my mother just outside the window. There were worse ways to spend a Friday night. Absent any other real options, I turned my attention back to my mom. Nicole was still using the cat on her. It didn’t look like it hurt that much. More like a little sting as I watched my mom flinch slightly each time Nicole flicked the straps against her. All of a sudden she stopped. I watched as the first woman grabbed a cell phone from Nicole’s bag and handed it to her. Nicole flipped open the top to answer and handed the other woman the whip. Nicole then walked out of the room.

As she was in the garage, the other woman seemed more in tune with inflicting pain on my mom. Not content with lightly striking my mom’s nether region, this woman used much more force and concentrated on her breasts. My mom’s demeanor changed immediately. Instead of flinching, my mom now recoiled as the woman strapped her boobs. I could tell my mom was shouting as well. I felt sympathy for her, but given the pain my own nipples were in at the moment, my reaction was tepid at best. I heard Jeannie walk back into the room.

“Ready for more fun?” she asked.

I wanted to give her a smart ass response but I figured now was not the time. “Yes ma’am,” I said not sure of what I was agreeing to.

Jeannie warned me before she took off the clamps that it was going to hurt. I’d expected taking them off would be worse than putting them on based on all the stories I’d read.  I told her to get on with it. She corrected me that a slave didn’t get to make demands. The stories did not lie. Taking them off was worse. But I got through it OK. Now with the vibrator buzzing away and no other stimulations to counteract its pleasure, I started to feel real good. Jeannie sat on her bed watching me for a bit.

“You realize I’m in total control of when you cum don’t you?” she asked.

“No you aren’t,” I challenged her.

“What would you do if I took that vibrator away?”

I thought for a moment. “Curse you probably,” I told her.

“That’s not very nice. What if I tied you to the bed and didn’t touch you the rest of the night?”

“Then tonight would be the last time we ever talked.”

“I doubt that. You may not realize it yet but you need this kind of attention.”

I didn’t respond. I just sat there buzzing happily thinking about what she just said.

“You know I’m right. But don’t worry. I’m going to enjoy fucking you and making you cum. In fact we’re going to start right now. “

Jeannie stood up and I felt her begin to untie my wrists. I also noticed Nicole had returned and that my mom was on the floor kissing her feet. I turned to face Jeannie. My eyes had adjusted to the limited light from the hallway. I could see her well enough to see she was holding a dildo. My mouth began watering.

“If you want me to fuck you with this you first have to prove yourself worthy. You claim to have never eaten a pussy before. That is about to change.”

Jeannie indicated I should get on the floor. She then took my place in the chair. I’d seen my mom do this enough in the videos and pictures to know what I was supposed to do, even if I wasn’t sure exactly how.  Apparently I was a natural. At least that is what Jeannie said. I found I liked her taste as well. We were a good match. When I told Jeannie she tasted heavenly she told me that was a good thing because I could expect to be in this position a lot. Between her moans she was giving me a running commentary on what was happening in my mom’s room. When she got to the point of telling me my mom was wearing a chin dildo and the first woman was fucking herself on my mom’s face I stopped licking Jeannie and asked for permission to look. Jeannie seemed charmed by my interest and told me to take a glance but then to get back to work.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I know I wasn’t expecting to see the elegant looking woman grinding herself against my mom’s face. My mom was just the vessel for her pleasure and not a very active participant. I saw Nicole standing behind my mom. She was putting on a strap-on. My own pussy twitched in sympathy.

“It looks like Nicole is getting ready to fuck somebody,” I said. “Are you going to reward me the same way?”

“Make me cum and we can talk about it,” Jeannie replied.

I dove back between her legs. This time I crossed my wrists behind my back like my mother had done. Jeannie was right. This forced my face deeper into her pussy. It was intoxicating. I imagined my mom being fucked by Nicole. I wanted the same from Jeannie. This inspired me to make her cum. I didn’t know what would bring her off so I tried to make up for my lack of experience with enthusiasm. I don’t know if it was my skill or the show she was watching, but I was soon rewarded with my first mouthful of girl cum. My immediate reaction was why I had not done this sooner.

Jeannie took her time enjoying her orgasm and rubbing herself on my face. I didn’t mind in the least. I wore her cum like a badge of honor. Finally she told me to stand and face the window. When I did I saw my mom joyfully riding Nicole’s cock. Nicole was sitting on the chair facing the window. My mom was in a reverse cowboy. She seemed to be enjoying watching herself bounce up and down in the window. I’d seen that look of pure satisfaction on her face before from the video she made last weekend. That expression of pleasure made me want Jeannie all the more. I wanted that for myself.

Jeannie told me to bend over and grab the window sill. I was positioned looking directly at my mother fuck herself while my own pussy was pointing straight at my best friend, open and available for her use. And use it she did. She wasted no time pushing the dildo she showed me deep inside my pussy. I moaned immediately at the intrusion. It felt heavenly. In a fit of passion I dropped my head and looked at the floor. When I looked up Nicole and mom had changed positions. Mom was now holding onto the window the same way I was which Nicole was taking her from behind. My mom’s expression had changed from mere pleasure to animal instinct. I watched as the other woman got underneath her and pushed a vibrator against her clit. I knew my mom wouldn’t withstand that treatment for long. I knew I couldn’t. I was barely holding on for dear life from Jeannie and her dildo. If she had been vibrating my clit at the same time I would have cum already.

Jeannie switched from fucking me with the dildo to holding it still. “Rock your ass back and forth on this slut. I shouldn’t have to do all the work.”

I wasn’t about to argue. I was now bouncing forward and back much like my mother only I was in control of my motion and my mom was reacting to Nicole’s thrusts. Jeannie started to spank me.

“You’re going to be a great slave Rose. The best. I’m going to mold you into a perfect playtoy. You’ll cum when I tell you to cum. You’ll fuck who I tell you to fuck. And you’ll eat whatever pussy I tell you to eat. How does that sound?”

I was too far gone to care. She could have told me to go out and turn tricks for her and I would have agreed right then.

“That sounds great, ma’am,” I babbled. I was quickly reaching incoherence as I rutted back and forth on the fake cock.

“Not ma’am, slut. That’s mistress to you,” she sternly corrected.

“Mistress, ma’am,” I said. Then I restated the obvious, “Yes mistress.”

“Continue fucking yourself. When you’re ready to cum tell me. Don’t cum without permission. Never cum without permission.”

I continued to slam myself back and forth on the dildo. I kept looking down concentrating on my own pleasure but also looked across to my mom as often as I could. She continued to get fucked hard. I knew if I saw her cum I would too. I held out as long as I could, but eventual my climax was inevitable.

“I need to cum now mistress,” I hollered.

“Not yet new fish. Count down slowly from 20. Once per stroke should be fine.”

I did what she asked. It was completely debasing. I pushed myself harder and harder against the dildo. She told me to slow down. Each complete stroke was several seconds in length as I struggled to hold myself back from climaxing until I reached zero.

At ten she started spanking me again. At 5 I lost control. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I screamed and came harder than I ever had before in my young life. I fell to the floor out of control rolling back and forth. I couldn’t see her expression but I hope it was one of pride for having reduced me to this quivering mess.

“Not good slave. You came too soon. Now you are going to have to be punished.”

I was still in the throes of a violent orgasm. I heard her speaking, but I didn’t understand a word she said.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I was having a great time with Erin and Mistress Nicole. Even though I didn’t enjoy Erin’s proclivity to hurt me, my clit apparently didn’t mind as the two of them brought me to orgasm after orgasm. My greatest thrill that night was watching my reflection in the window as I was pounded relentlessly from behind. If only my husband was enough of a man to give me that much pleasure I never would have gotten divorced. But he wasn’t as much of a man as Erin and Nicole proved to be that night.

Nicole had brought a few new toys with her. One was a dildo which strapped on to my chin. They took turns fucking themselves over my face. It was frustrating to say the least. My field of vision was straight up my antagonists’ bodies. Their juicy pussies were bouncing just above my mouth and nose, but I couldn’t make contact. I could see the expression of elation on their faces but could do nothing to give myself that feeling. Nor could I do anything to hasten their eventual ecstasy. All I could do was hold still and dream of my own eventual pleasure. The sounds of womanly joy filled the room. Every so often whoever wasn’t on my face would rub my clit or pinch one of my nipples to make sure I was still paying attention. That was hardly necessary. They could tell how excited I was to be used this way. My only solace was I knew they were not done for the evening and eventually I too would get more satisfaction.

*** Rose’s POV ***

After my ferocious orgasm had run its course Jeannie helped me up and led me out of the room. I was docile while we worked our way downstairs to the basement. I was shivering as we walked naked through her house. I could only imagine what would happen if Jeannie’s parents suddenly came home. I had to admit it was thrilling to be in this position. The basement in Jeannie’s house was semi-finished. We’d always played downstairs growing up. There was a big TV where we watched movies. I wondered if Jeannie was going to put on my mom’s video. She wasn’t. Instead she led me to a locked door. I always assumed it was a laundry room. I guess I never questioned why a laundry room would need a lock.

Jeannie flipped on a light switch just inside the door. There was a single bare bulb hanging from a wire in the center of the ceiling. The room was small, but full. The central thing I noticed was a leather swing hanging in the middle of the room. I recognized the contraption immediately from my investigations of the websites my mom frequented. It was a bondage swing. Looking around the room I noticed the floor was covered in gym mats. They were cold but squishy as we walked on them. There were also shelves mounted to the bare framed walls. The shelves held a cornucopia of sex toys. I looked at Jeannie confused.

“Mom and dad can still get pretty wild,” she told me. “I bet you didn’t know that my dad is a sissy boy.”

I didn’t know that. He was very masculine looking. I would have bet just the opposite was the case. Then again if you had told me my mom was sexually submissive I wouldn’t have believed it either. Jeannie walked over to the swing and turned around so she wasn’t facing it. I watched as she grabbed the upper support straps and with a will timed jump, pulled herself up and deposited herself into the seat.

“Help me get my ankles in the stirrups,” she told me.

She was kicking her legs trying to hook them in a loop of leather. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her leg into position. It was a pretty simple task for me but would be very difficult for someone to do on their own. I repeated the assignment on her other leg. When I was done I looked at the position she was in. She looked quite comfortable suspended as she was from the ceiling. Her legs were spread wide open and her pussy and ass were very available at just below the level of my waist. I wondered just what she had in mind for me.

“You need to practice your pussy eating skills,” my new mistress informed me. “We will be down here for a while. You will get to know this room well.”

I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that. Did she mean even when her parents were home she intended to bring me down here? Or did that mean her dominant mother knew of her plans and planned to us me too? At that moment I didn’t really care. I just wanted to prove myself worthy. I dropped to my knees.

How many times did Jeannie cum swinging back and forth against my face? I’m not entirely sure but it was more than twice. For the first time I gave my first rim job. For the first time I saw a woman squirt. That was very up close and personal as I worked a g-spot vibrator in and out of her pussy until she hosed down my face with her joy juice. I’d had boyfriends give me a facial before, but this was different. Jeannie’s juice was much lighter in consistency and there was also much more of it. It sprayed out of her in a much wider pattern. My entire faced was some of my hair was layered in her happiness. Jeannie too was very thankful to me. She complemented me on my skills in making her cum which warmed my heart. I was just following her instructions and trying to think about what would make me happy.

I helped her out of the swing. I could tell her legs were a bit wobbly. She asked if I wanted to try the swing. That was a stupid question.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I was having a grand time with Erin and Nicole. The more degrading demands the pair of vixens put on me the more aroused I got. After they had both fucked themselves on the chin dildo and came on my face Nicole announced it was time for a break. Of course I wanted to cum again. I knew she could see the disappointment on my face, but once she makes a decision there is no going back. The first stop was a return to the kitchen for water and more snacks. We were all naked by this time. I knew the blinds were still open, but none of us seemed to care. Looking into the dining room Erin commented that my sex toy collection had gone unused. Nicole responded that from now on I was to carry the collection in a bag in the car so I would always have them available. She told me that I should bring them into the office with me each day at work in case she wanted to issue me any orders. She said she would drop by one day next week to check and if I wasn’t prepared I was going to be in trouble. I asked if she meant prepared like I was tonight. She looked at me confused. I know she knew exactly what I was talking about but she wanted to hear me admit it out loud.

“With my pussy clean shaven, wet and read for you.”

“Oh, that. Yes. That does sound like a good plan,” she said.

And although I knew it would be hell, I asked if I was to continue teasing myself 4 times per day until she decided I could have the relief from an orgasm. Surprisingly she said no. The confusion on my face was obvious.

“I want you to tease yourself 6 times per day. Add a morning and afternoon coffee break to your schedule.”

Why didn’t I just keep my big mouth shut? Of course I agreed to her new terms. “Yes mistress. As you command.”

Refreshed Nicole told me to show them to the basement. I led them down the stairs and turned on the lights. The basement is unfinished. The walls were still the bare concrete of the foundation but the floor had been painted and there was some furniture, lights and a TV. My ex had insisted on buying a pool table although it was covered and used for storage these days. The mechanicals area where the furnace and water heater were located was messier. Nicole toured the basement and declared it “had potential.”

I questioned her about what “potential” she was talking about. She explained every one of her slaves had a fully equipped dungeon. I remember Erin saying a playroom. I guess those were synonyms. She said the layout of my basement was perfect. With the addition of a couple of walls the mechanical area could be closed off. Nicole swung her arms showing where she would put up a wall. You can divide the basement in half. On one side will be the pool table and TV and then behind a locked door, your new toy collection.

“My new toy collection?” I asked.

“I’ll give you a list of what we’ll need. You’ll need restraints and a couple of whips. Various sizes of dildo, vibrators and plugs. Some cuffs, clamps and a few collars. An assortment of blindfolds and gags.  And a pulley system to suspend you from.”

I was taken aback. This sounded like a major construction project.

“Don’t worry about the costs. I have friends who remodel houses. They work cheap. In fact you can get a wall framed for just oral sex. You can earn an entire basement build out.”

Nicole was now prostituting me for lumber. I didn’t like the sound of that. I wondered what I’d have to do to earn all the toys. While Nicole had been discussing her plans with me I noticed Erin was once again rubbing her pussy.

“I never did get to spank that cute tush of yours,” she announced.

“Bend over the pool table,” Nicole ordered. “Good, now spread your legs a bit more.”

Erin lay into me with the palm of her right hand. The sound echoed off the bare concrete walls. My screams soon followed. Nicole taunted me.

“You can’t even be quiet for one spank? We’re definitely going to have to get you on a program. What if I was at your office and needed to punish you?”

Erin was alternating between my left and right cheeks. I was a little quieter as I adjusted to her hand action, but not much. Nicole continued to berate me.

“Seriously, am I going to have to keep a gag at your office? You’re hurting my ears. I wish my panties were not upstairs.”

Erin stopped spanking me long enough to push three fingers into my pussy filling me quite nicely. She then pulled her hand back and began to push her middle finger into my anus. It was now her turn to deride me.

“I hear you like getting fucked up the ass. Is that true little girl?”

My cries and screams had been replaced with moans the moment she penetrated me.

“Oh yes,” I hissed.

“We’ll next time you are at my hotel I will have to take my turn with you. It wasn’t fair that Liz got to fuck you and I had to wait. You did look cute walking down the hallway though.”

Erin continued to finger my ass but now she began to rub my clit with her other hand. Needless to say I was very happy about the change in her demeanor.

“That girl you have with you at breakfast. Who was she? She’s cute. I wouldn’t mind drilling her butt too.”

I took me a moment to realize she was talking about my daughter.

“Um, that was Rose, but she’s not like that. She likes boys,” I said trying to shield my daughter from Erin, Liz and Nicole’s perverted lifestyle. The lifestyle I was so happily embracing.

“All women secretly want to be taken Sandra. That’s why you were such easy pickings,” Nicole chimed in.

“Invite her around next Friday night,” Erin offered. “Liz will get her drunk and then we’ll have our way with her.”

I stammered something about knowing she would not being interested. My problem was I was building back up to another climax. I knew both women could tell. I also knew Nicole understood that by denying me that climax she could get me to agree to anything. She wouldn’t make me sacrifice my daughter to them would she? Fortunately Nicole stepped in with an alternate agenda.

“I’ve got plans for Sandra next Friday already. Maybe another time,” she said.

I breathed a sigh of relief. But Erin wasn’t easily dissuaded. She started rubbing my clit harder and finger fucking my ass more insistently.

“Well if not Friday then another night. Sandra here will do anything to cum. Isn’t that right slave?”

I moaned again but didn’t answer the question. Erin responded by pulling the finger out of my ass and smacking the left cheek very hard. She didn’t stop rubbing my clit though. I felt the first pang of pain as pleasure as both nerve impulses began to mix. A stinging blow to my right cheek soon followed.

“Look slut. If you want me to spank you until you cum, all you have to do is agree to setup a meeting. If not this Friday then maybe Saturday. Are you doing anything with this tramp on Saturday?” she asked directing the question to Nicole.

“No, no real plans that I can think of. She’ll need to recover from Friday night, but she can do that during the day.”

The spanks continued to rain down on my poor buttocks. Then the pleasurable finger on my clit stopped. I responded on instinct snaking my own hand between my legs. That brought a quick rebuke from Mistress Nicole.

“Get your hand away from my pussy. You agreed it belongs to me now. Just give us her name and phone number and we’ll do the rest. Just two easy things and you’ll be cumming in no time.”

Another sharp blow to my butt had me crying out. Without the finger action on my clit the pain wasn’t nearly so pleasurable. “Sally I cried out. Her name is Sally. Her number is in my phone.”

Six rapid fire spanks followed alternating between my two cheeks. I was in agony.

“Why are you lying to us slave?” Nicole asked with disappointment in her voice. “You already said her name was Rose.”

I was busted.  I’d tried to protect my daughter and probably cost myself another whopper of a climax not to mention earning another punishment.

Nicole took one of my arms and Liz took the other. I expected them to push me to the floor or somehow bind me but instead they turned me around and lifted me up onto the pool table. The cool vinyl cover felt good against my hot ass. As if on cue, both women took one of my hard nipples into their mouths and started sucking. My mews of pleasure were a welcome relief to the spanking I had just endured.

“I’m sure Rose’s number is in your cell phone. I doubt you know more than one girl named Rose. Even if you do we’ll just seduce them both.” Erin said triumphantly.

I was undone. Erin and Nicole resumed sucking on my nipples. I felt two fingers penetrate my pussy. I felt another two fingers rubbing my clit. There was no way I could last like this for long.

My legs were spread obscenely wide as they worked me over. I knew Nicole was going to force me to cum without permission again. It was a game she apparently loved to play. She now had Rose’s name and would soon have her number. I had earned more punishment and had been warned that Nicole intended to show up at my office to deliver it. What had I become. I came hard on her hand. I think both of them were a bit surprised at the vivacity of my climax. I collapsed back onto the junk stored on the pool table. I needed to sleep for a while.

***Rose’s POV ***

It wasn’t quite as easy to hop into the swing as Jeannie made it look. I guess she had practiced before. It took me three tries before my ass settled into position. Jeannie made short work of affixing my ankles in the stirrups. She then retrieved two buckles from the shelf which effectively secured my legs in place. My legs were now spread as obscenely as hers had been. The only difference was I wasn’t going to close them on my own. Jeannie was now in charge. My pussy creamed a little when I made that realization. Jeannie went back to the shelf and grabbed two more buckles. She had not secured her wrists into the back of the swing when she used it so it was a surprise to me when I discovered my arms could be spread much like my legs were.  Jeannie then adjusted one of the straps and a pulley moved dropping me into a horizontal position. It wasn’t too bad. It was almost like lying in a hammock. The only problem was my head wasn’t supported. I could tell my neck would be sore very quickly. Fortunately Jeannie had an answer to that issue too. She brought over a padded strap which went around my head. The straps clicked in above me to the harness. It supported my head and neck quite comfortably. Too comfortably I realized as it meant I could be held in this position for a long time. Still if Jeannie was here was that such a bad thing?

The next thing she did was blindfold me. She explained my other senses would be heightened and she also didn’t want me to see what was happening. I wasn’t in a position, either physically or emotionally, to protest. I could hear her moving around my body. I was tense. She warned me not to move. I quickly realized that was good advice.

I heard the snip of the scissors even before she clipped the first strands of my pussy hair. I tried to remain motionless. I also tried to picture the look on her face as she began to trim my most private of areas. I was surprised that she was clipping the hair so close to the skin. I always kept myself well groomed and didn’t think I needed a trim. When I felt the shaving cream I realized the folly of my assumption. I’d only shaved myself bare one time at the request of a boyfriend. But it was too much work to keep it smooth so I started to let it grow back almost immediately. We broke up soon after because he said the stubble was painful to him. I was glad to let him go. If that was the most important thing to him I didn’t need him around. I remember telling Jeannie about him and why we broke up.  I began to wonder if she was just as shallow as he was or if she had some motivation I didn’t know about. It hardly mattered. Soon I was smooth and bare. As she rubbed a towel over my mons I couldn’t help but try to push against her hands. I was involuntarily showing how much I wanted her made her happy. I could sense Jeannie moving away. I was gently swaying back and forth in the swing. My newly bare pussy made me feel doubly naked.

“No doubt you are wondering why I shaved you,” Jeannie said from behind me. “I remember you telling me it was a pain to keep yourself smooth. Well that will be a little test for you to prove your loyalty to me. You’ll never know when I’ll show up at your apartment, office, that bar you hang out at or will summon you to where I’m at. I expect your pussy to be as clean shaven as it is right now at all times and I will be checking on you. If you are as committed to me as you claim, I expect to always find you have been taking care of your pussy. Or should I say my pussy. From now on nothing happens to it without my consent. Nothing goes in and nothing comes out. When we are together you need permission to so much as pee. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress,” I replied.

I could tell Jeannie walked away from the swing. I heard a click and then the sound of a motor. This time the entire swing lowered. It must have been supported on a hoist. I think I was lowered about 6-8 inches. Jeannie then released the neck strap. I held my head still for a moment, but then had to let it tilt down. It was very stressful to have it bent backward like that.  I then felt hands on my shoulders pulling me backwards slightly and then felt Jeannie’s wet pussy slide across my forehead and nose before settling once again over my mouth.

“You will learn to love my flavor, slave,” Jeannie spoke, only this time her tone sounded more like a command. “Your pleasure is secondary to mine. If you keep me happy, I will make sure you are pleasured. If not, you will be punished. I know your neck is very strained by this position. The sooner you finish me the sooner you will be receive relief.”

Jeannie continued to force her pussy into my mouth. I did the best I could to lick and nibble her but she seemed intent on just smothering me. I could tell her pleasure was being derived by the position she held over me not by my oral talents. This concept was further illustrated when she reached down at took both my nipples in a vise-like grip while she pushed down even harder on my mouth. I was struggling to breathe. What air I was getting was tainted by the smell of her ass. My nose was between her cheeks and while not as forcefully pinned against her as my mouth, my nose wasn’t going anywhere either. Even though I had licked her asshole earlier, this seemed fouler to me. I began to gag and cough. I heard Jeannie laugh, but then she did back off giving me fresh air.

“You’re going to have to learn to do better than that Rose. I’m a softy. Some women would have kept you in that position until you vomited.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say. Finally I thanked her although I’m not sure for what.

“I’ll make a deal with you,” Jeannie said. The blood was still rushing to my head from being slightly inverted. Jeannie noticed my distress and cradled my neck so my head was higher giving me temporary relief.

“I have two things for you on the shelf. The first is a rabbit vibrator with new batteries. The second is a leather riding crop. Here’s my deal. I’m going to lower you again. This time I will not force myself on you. Instead I will hover over you. You will show your gratification with your tongue. You will have to work your neck muscles to reach me. You have 5 minutes. If you succeed, your head gets the support strap and your pussy gets the vibrator. If you do not, you get the crop. I think you should have some incentive to do a good job, don’t you?”

“Can I choose neither?” I asked.

“Slaves don’t get choices. You don’t have to agree with it. You already agreed when you called me mistress for the first time,” was her reply.

This time Jeannie just straddled my head. She didn’t force my mouth into her pussy. She just squatted slightly giving me access to her pussy and clit as I saw fit. I did my best. I really did. But I couldn’t tell if I was going a good job. Jeannie was expert at hiding her feelings. Either that or I was not stimulating her in the least. She was calling out a countdown of the minutes. I was beginning to get frantic. I’d pull my head back, look at her and then take a big breath and continue trying to please her. She set down the vibrator on my stomach using me as a table but she kept hitting the shaft of the riding crop against her palm. This was very distracting. With two minutes to go I was resigned to the fact that she was going to use the crop on my pussy. Apparently my clit didn’t understand what was about to happen to it as it has swelled in anticipation of any kind of contact from Jeannie. With one minute to go my mistress began rubbing the tip of the crop against my inner thighs and across my labia.

“Just think how nice it is going to feel when I snap this across your clit,” she cooed.

I knew this is what I signed up for, but I wasn’t going to go gently. If she was going to abuse my clit, the least I could do was return the favor. I arched my neck and finding her happiness nub I sucked it into my mouth with all my might. Apparently I had been doing better than I though and Jeannie was better at hiding her feelings than I gave her credit for because as soon as I did that, she moaned and began to lose her balance slightly. Apparently I’d found what really turns her on.

I sucked with all my might and darted my tongue back and forth along her clit while taking fewer breaks to breathe. I was waiting for her sweet nectar to once again fill my mouth. My own arousal was building to a fever pitch, but I knew my satisfaction would only come after hers. In my head I counted down the seconds. I could tell she was close. I’m pretty confident the five minute limit passed, but she did not start using the crop so I did not stop my new found technique of pleasing her. Was it mercy on her part or just the desire to cum on my face? I don’t know the answer to that question. I can answer what happened to the rabbit as it gave me untold pleasure.

Jeannie had stepped away from my head and set down the crop. She then turned the rabbit on and slid it into my grateful pussy. I was so wet I was afraid it would fall out as she walked back to the shelf.  It didn’t take me long to cum. In fact I had an orgasm before she returned wearing a strap-on. I’d been wondering what it would be liked to be fucked by another woman since I’d first seen my mother taken that way. Now I was going to find out. Or was I? Jeannie walked back around to my head.

“I found a video my mom and dad made. The one time my mom lets dad have a little control is when she is in this swing. She’ll never admit it but I know she loves giving head. If dad has been good to her, she’ll get in the swing and blow him. I’m sure he would love to have you the same way.

With my pussy occupied and very happy, I didn’t grasp what she had just said. As she pushed the strap-on into my mouth I realized she had just told me she was going to make me blow her father. I was repulsed. Inch by inch Jeannie’s cock filled my mouth. Her dad would never be as large as the strap-on I remember thinking as she filled my oral cavity.

“Have you ever deep throated a cock before?” Jeannie asked.

I couldn’t speak. I was effectively gagged by her strap-on.

“No matter. You’ll learn,” she notified me. “Dad’s not this big but he’s close. Mom will probably fuck you while you’re doing him. You’re going to have so much fun.

My lust went into overdrive as I thought of Jeannie’s mom pummeling my pussy while I sucked on her dad’s cock. If Jeannie’s plan was to give me another mind numbing climax she succeeded. I was totally out of it as she helped me down from the swing. She had me lick the vibrator clean and then laid me down on the mat covered floor. I was curled into a ball shivering. She removed the blindfold and then told me she would be right back.

I stared up at the swing, the shelf and the light bulb. Tonight went sort of as I had planned, but not entirely. I’d successfully seduced Jeannie or did she really seduce me? I didn’t know for sure but I had my first submissive sexual experience and I adored it. I knew it would not be my last. Jeannie returned from the other part of the basement with a sleeping bag, a pillow and more wrist cuffs. She told me it was late and I should get some sleep. I nodded my agreement.

“I can’t trust you not to play with yourself. Remember that pussy belongs to me,” she said as she cuffed my hands behind my back. That was going to make it tough to sleep. Jeannie helped me back up and then helped me into the sleeping bag. She zipped it up all the way to my neck and then helped me back to the floor. Cocooned in the sleeping bag the mats were not nearly as cold. The pillow was comfortable enough and I looked straight up and saw Jeannie flip off the light switch.

“I’ll see you in the morning, slave. You’ll be making breakfast. Have a good night’s sleep.”

With that the door was shut and the room was pitched black. I was left alone to think about what had happened and contemplate where my life was going. The cuffs were not very comfortable, but I had to admit to myself that without them I would have masturbated. Eventually I did fall asleep. Once I did, I slept through the night until Jeannie opened the door again.  She was wearing a nightgown. She looked beautiful as always.

“Wake up sleepyhead.  It’s 11am. You’ve got 15 minutes to use the bathroom and make yourself presentable. Then you are going to make breakfast. Afterwards we’re going shopping for some things you will need.”

Jeannie unzipped the sleeping back and unhooked the cuffs. I stretched my arms and tried to embrace her. My lips were puckered leaving no doubt as to my intentions. But she pulled away.

“Never be so presumptuous, pet. If you please me you get pleasure. If not you get pain. That is the deal.”

I gave her a flirty look and we walked upstairs. She went toward the kitchen. I went toward the bathroom. My first full day as a slave was about to begin.

Chapter 07

*** Rose’s POV ***

The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind.  Jeannie had me make us breakfast. I then had to kneel on the floor beside her while she ate. When she was done, she fed me her leftover scraps. I received chunks of crust from her toast and was allowed to drink coffee from a bowl on the floor. The plate of eggs and toast I had prepared for myself went untouched on the table. I was famished, but I had to wait my turn. I could do nothing without her approval. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday until just before her parents were due home alternately pleasuring her (I’m getting much better she says) and acting as her domestic servant cleaning the house, doing the dishes, washing her clothes and the like. She kept stringing me along with promises of the opportunity to act out my slut fantasies like we had Friday night, but it never happened. To be sure, she did fuck me with the strap-on both Saturday and Sunday. She also ordered me to masturbate a couple of times while she watched. I had orgasms in several places around the house including her parent’s bed and on the kitchen table. But it wasn’t quite the same as Friday night.  There was something special about last Friday. I don’t know if it was the thrill of possibly being caught spying on my mom or the newness of first hooking up with Jeannie, but I never reached the peak Saturday or Sunday that I had on Friday. Jeannie now seemed inexperienced to me. She appeared to have been well prepared for Friday night, but after that wasn’t sure what to do with me. We had fun on the weekend, but I was thinking I needed something more. Maybe I needed somebody with more experience like Nicole or the other woman I’d seen with my mom. As I was leaving, Jeannie told me to keep Wednesday night open. She said she knew of a club I would love and that we were going to go out dancing. I was about to tell her no when she planted an adoring and passionate kiss on my lips. I could feel my knees buckle the way they had Friday night. Maybe I should give her another try. I told her I’d see her Wednesday.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Just like last weekend I needed all day Saturday to recover from the night Nicole and Erin had given me. At least this time my daughter didn’t show up early in the morning and I could sleep in. Before she left Nicole told me she had another fun filled Friday planned for me next week. Apparently this was going to become a habit. I wondered if she had other women scheduled on the other nights of the week. She also reiterated her instructions that I should masturbate six times a day but was not to cum. I was also to keep my pussy bare and to bring a bag of toys to the office, just in case. I think the last instruction was the most difficult. By the time my afternoon “coffee break” was over Monday afternoon and my juices were running down my leg again, all I could think about was the bag of toys under my desk and the wealth of pleasures they promised. I had two more sessions with my finger scheduled for Monday night. I was never going to make it.

Fortunately for me Nicole was apparently feeling horny herself and allowed me some relief. Just before bedtime Monday night she phoned me. Our conversation was all business and by all business I mean there was no idle chit chat. We started with me describing how I had masturbated at the office and ended with her ordering me to be naked and bent over the couch with three fingers in my pussy.  Nicole apparently was masturbating too because I could hear her moaning. I begged for permission to cum, but she would not relent. I could tell she was getting close to cumming as I described everything I was feeling, how juicy I was and how much I was in love with her. Yes, I told her I loved her. I kind of slipped out the way you call out someone’s name in the heat of passion. She didn’t tell me she loved me, but her own animalistic sounds did ramp up after I made the confession. Once again I pledged my loyalty to her as her sex slave. That seemed to do the trick and soon I was treated to the heavenly sound of my mistress achieving orgasm. She didn’t even make me beg after that. She just told me to cum and hung up the phone. I was disappointed she didn’t want to listen to me climax. I knew I was born to give her pleasure and that is what I had done, but at least she could have stuck around for a few minutes. Of course all those thoughts and a dissection of her motivations happened after I came when I was lying in bed alone. In the moment, my brain was focused on the three little words she said, “You may cum.”

The moment she said them the dam burst and I climaxed. How naughty I must have looked bent over the arm of the couch like a wanton whore drilling myself with my fingers. My cries of passion reverberated around the house as three days worth of teasing were released. My orgasm washed over me in wave after wave. When I finally calmed down I was covered in sweat and pussy juice. I felt grimy physically and filthy emotionally. But my lust was temporarily satisfied. At least until morning when I started the teasing process over looking forward to the next time my mistress said those three magic words.

*** Rose’s POV ***

Jeannie didn’t call me either Monday or Tuesday. I started to wonder what was happening between us. I got an email from her early Wednesday morning that she would pick me up at 9pm to go to the club. That seemed a little late, but I was certainly game. She told me to wear the same skirt I had worn last Friday but to wear a white blouse tonight instead of the blue one I’d worn then. That seemed like a strange detail. She didn’t mention underwear. All morning I obsessed over why she had not specified what kind of underwear she wanted me to wear. I also was distracted wondering what she had planned. All in all it was a day spent thinking about sex instead of working. Fortunately my manager doesn’t keep a close eye on what I do.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Tuesday I returned to my schedule of teasing myself six times per day. Having cum on Monday night I wasn’t too stressed about not cumming Tuesday. Sure it would have been nice, but I wasn’t feeling as desperate as I had on Monday afternoon. Maybe I was learning how to control myself better. Late Wednesday afternoon my phone rang. It was our receptionist. I had a visitor. At first I couldn’t imagine who it was and then I remembered Nicole said she was going to stop by one day to check up on me. I was glad I had shaved my pussy this morning. I also didn’t have to worry that it wasn’t wet and ready like she commanded. It always seemed to be that way these days. Even so, just hearing she was in the office had me feeling all squishy.  I hurriedly walked to the reception area to greet her.

I was shocked by what I saw. Nicole was dressed every bit as a professional business woman right down to a monogrammed leather briefcase. I’d only seen her dressed either very casually (at my house) or as a dominatrix (at the hotel) and it had never occurred to me that she could play this role too. I tried to act as if she was there for a business meeting, but inside my guts were churning thinking about what she would have me do in the office.

I didn’t want to bring her back to my area where my coworkers would see her. They might begin to ask questions. So I asked our receptionist if any of the conference rooms were available. I told her I mistakenly had forgotten to reserve one. She offered me two choices, the main conference room and a small auxiliary one. I imagine she was surprised when I picked the smaller one. It was a simple choice for me. The large conference room has a glass wall along a busy hallway. Whatever Nicole had planned I didn’t want her doing it where I would be seen. The small conference room was really more of a closet with a small table and four chairs. More importantly, the room had no windows. Nicole didn’t seem surprised when I led her there. She commented that I probably was smart not to let her coworkers in on my secret life. I blushed.

Once the door was closed, Nicole was clearly in charge. The first thing she had me do was remove all my clothes. I stood before her naked at the day I was born. She didn’t lock the door. I commented on it but she told me not to worry, but that didn’t stop the butterflies in my stomach. If anybody walked in I’d be fired for sure. Even though my brain was concerned, my pussy and nipples were clearly not worried. Both displayed my arousal. Nicole had me stand in the inspection position. Even though she had examined me many times, standing with my hands on my head while she moved around me never failed to get my juices flowing. Of course today my pussy was already wet, but now when she first pushed a finger inside of me she felt a torrent.

Nicole played with me a little but she would not let me cum. She had me stand in inspection for about 15 minutes as she slowly toyed with my pussy and nipples. It was clear she wasn’t going to give me the satisfaction I desired. While it was agonizing for me, she seemed to take great pleasure in keeping me from going over the edge. Finally she said she must get going. I hoped that meant she would get me off. Instead it meant I had to clean her fingers and then she told me to get dressed. I was very disappointed and I’m sure that showed on my face. Just before I thought she was going to open the door, she paused and looked at me.

“I almost forgot. I brought you a treat,” she said placing her briefcase on the table. Now that I was dressed again why did I think she was pulling out a vibe to fuck me in my clothes? Instead of a vibe she produced a cylinder that looked like a test tube. I had to squint to focus on what was inside. Immediately I wished she had fucked me in my clothes instead of handing me the vial and telling me to drink up.

“I was at a party last night,” she told me. “I was telling my friends about my great new personal slut. They all wish I had brought you. Well the guys told me that. Their girlfriends were pretty happy that I didn’t. Anyway I passed around that container for the guys to fill with their jizz. About 10 of the guys did. The girlfriends of the others objected so it’s not full. But it is good enough for you.”

It had been a while since I’d tasted the load of a young man. I’d never really liked it anyway. I would swallow my husband’s seed on special occasions, but it wasn’t a regular thing. Now I was being ordered to drink down the fluids of 10 men.  I think it was a tribute to how much I’d grown with Nicole that I didn’t even give it a second thought. I just popped the cap, tipped my head back and poured it in my mouth. As bad as warm cum is, day old cum which felt like it had been in a refrigerator is even worse.

“Don’t swallow it right away. Swish it around your mouth and then gargle with it,” Nicole commanded.

I felt like I was tasting a fine wine as I swished the semen back and forth. Instead of spitting out the wine however, eventually Nicole told me to swallow it. I felt a little nauseous.

“Don’t have anything else to drink or rinse out your mouth until you get home.”

With that one final command she left. I was alone in the conference room with my juices running down my thigh and the sperm of 10 guys giving me cum breath. As I walked back to my desk I tried not to talk to anybody and when I had to, I tried to speak at an angle instead of directly to them. I had the distinct feeling everybody could smell the cum on my breath and the scent of my arousal from between my legs. The rest of the afternoon was the longest in my life. 

*** Rose’s POV ***

When I got home I quickly got prepared to go out with Jeannie. Even though she said she would not pick me up until 9 I wanted to be ready in case she arrived early. I made sure I dressed exactly as she instructed. My short easy access skirt, stockings with a garter and a white blouse were easy enough to put on. With my heels on I looked great. I didn’t put on a bra because she said to dress like last Friday and I had not worn one then. It probably would just get in the way anyway.  I struggled to choose underwear. Last Friday I had not worn any, but we were going out to a club so at the last minute I slid on a cheap thong. If I happened to lose them during the night I wouldn’t be too upset.

Since I was ready early I sat in my living room waiting for her. I tried to still my pounding heart. It wasn’t easy. Tonight was going to be my second adventure with Jeannie. I hoped she had put as much effort into planning tonight as she did into last Friday. Part of me was worried it would turn out more like Saturday and Sunday had. I watched as the minutes clicked off the digital clock on my DVD player’s front panel. Time seemed to stand still. Finally at 8:55 the door buzzer alerted me to her arrival. I hit the talk button.

“Hello. Is that you Jeannie?” I asked.

“Hi sweetie it’s me,” was the reply.

“I’ll be right down,” I told her.

“Buzz me in I have something for you,” she said, this time in a more commanding voice. I liked the sound of her voice. It sounded much more forceful than it had last weekend. I hit the door lock button. I also stood at my front door trembling with anticipation.

Jeannie arrived dressed for a night of clubbing. She gave me another passionate kiss like the last one we shared at her house on Sunday. Quickly any thoughts I had of tonight being a disappointment were washed away. We were still standing my doorway making out as she began to run her hands up my legs and under my skirt. Anybody in my apartment building’s hallway could have seen her squeeze my ass and would know she was rubbing the front of my thong. I gasped as she pushed the thin material to the side and easily slid a finger inside of me. What would my neighbor’s have thought if they had seen her then push that finger into my mouth so I could taste my own flavor? I pulled at her to get her inside and tried to steer her toward the bedroom.  She gave me a disapproving look.

“Are you trying to dictate what we do tonight?” she asked?

Suddenly I realized the errors of my ways. I paused and carefully considered my reply.

“No mistress. I’m sorry.  Would like a drink before we go to, um, loosen up.”


“So you’re nervous about tonight,” she replied. “That is understandable. OK let’s have a drink. The club isn’t going anywhere.”

Jeannie walked into my apartment and we went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine. While I was standing at the counter preparing to open it, Jeannie came up behind me and pressed me against the cabinet. Her hands reached around me grabbing my breasts in a firm grip. She began to squeeze them and then she began to pinch my hardening nipples through the thin material of the blouse.

“No bra, I feel. You must have assumed I would want to play with these,” she said as she gave my hard buds a firm tweak. My squeal appeared to please her.

“Yes, my pet is in a saucy mood and wants to play, doesn’t she?” mistress asked while running her hand under my skirt and between my legs for the second time. I didn’t respond, I just moaned and leaned forward against the counter pushing my ass backward toward her.

Jeannie continued to pinch my nipple and rub my thong covered pussy. I continued to whimper. Suddenly she stopped. “Do you have that wine open yet?” she asked.

I fumbled back to reality. How could she just stop like that? I quickly opened the wine and poured two glasses. I moved to hand her one but she refused. “How soon you forgot,” she said. “You may serve me in your living room.”

Jeannie walked out of the kitchen. I was left to follow holding both glasses of wine. Jeannie chose to sit in my recliner instead of on the couch. I was hoping she would pick the couch so I could snuggle next to her and we could kiss some more. I handed her the glass of wine and then walked back over to the couch. Jeannie didn’t say a word but her eyes spoke volumes. She was clearly upset with me. She kept looking at me and then looking at the floor next to the chair. Eventually I got the message a stood up. I began to walk toward her. I was about to sit down on the floor next to her when she asked where the TV remote was located. I pointed toward the TV stand.

“Hand me your glass and then fetch the remote. If we’re going to waste time here at least I can be entertained.”

That last comment pissed me off. How could she think the TV was more entertaining than I was? Of course I handed her the glass and walked over to the TV. After picking up the remote I turned to walk back but I saw her hand was in the air giving me the halt gesture. I was confused.

“Crawl to me,” she commanded.

I dropped to my knees and crawled back to her. After I delivered the remote she positioned me sitting up on my knees so she could pat my head like a dog. She was treating me like the family pet. I loved it. Next she handed me my glass of wine and told me to drink up. I took my first sip as she turned on the TV.

Jeannie continued to pat and scratch my head like she was petting me. She didn’t talk much. When I finished my first glass of wine she told me to bring the bottle. Of course I had to crawl back to the kitchen. I hoped she was watching my ass sway back and forth although I dared not turn my head to check.

I couldn’t crawl well holding the open bottle, but I did manage to knee walk back to the living room. Jeannie seemed pleased and poured me another glass of wine. We continued to watch TV and not talk while Jeannie petted me. She was nursing her glass of wine, but I was happy to drink mine quickly. In the end she had just the one glass and I had three. It was now time to go. My head was spinning a bit as she lead me out of the apartment and to her car.

Jeannie told me to the door for her. It felt like we were on a date, which in a perverted sense I guess we were. After she sat down I walked back to the passenger door. As I was pivoting to slide into the passenger seat Jeannie grabbed the back of my skirt and held it up.

“Always sit bare-assed when you are with me. Never have your clothing between your skin and the seat.”

I took the back of my skirt in my hand and carefully sat down. The leather seat was cool to the skin but I knew it would warm quickly. I also knew it would be wet by the time we got wherever we were going.  I hoped that was part of her plan. Actually I just hoped she had a plan like she did last Friday.

We drove through the night until we reached a bar I had not heard of before. It was definitely not on our usual dance club circuit. It was an out of the way place in an industrial section of town. There were many motorcycles parked outside. I never would have walking into a place like this alone. I was glad Jeannie was with me and didn’t just tell me to meet her here. The parking lot also had a number of high end cars. They seemed out of place to me. I began to slide off the leather seat holding my skirt so I wouldn’t fall until I was clear of the door. I felt deliciously naughty looking down at my fluids pooled on the bucket seat. I was thankful Jeannie didn’t order me to lick them up like I’d read in so many stories. Instead we began to walk toward the door arm in arm.

Just then the roar of a Harley turned the corner. I paused scared of who was pulling up. The biker backed the snarling machine to the curb and cut the engine. Jeannie tugged at my arm indicating we should continue. I kept my focus on the rider and was surprised to when the helmet was removed the rider was a woman! I realize that is a sexist remark, but I was surprised. I turned my head to look at her again as we rounded the doorway. Jeannie didn’t break stride.

“You had better be looking at me instead of her,” she instructed me. “Now open and hold the door.”

Again I realized I’d made a mistake and quickly moved to open the door for Jeannie. As she was walking through it she spoke to me again.

“Since you are so interested in that woman, you may stand here and hold the door for her. Then meet me at the bar. You know how I want you to sit.”

I felt like a fool standing at the door of the bar waiting for the woman who had just rode up. She took several moments to stow her helmet on her bike, but eventually she walked toward the entrance. She looked amused that I held the door for her. She didn’t strike me as the kind of woman who would let a man hold a door for her, but I guess it was different because I was an innocent young girl. She dismissed with a simple “thanks” and walked into the bar. I followed her. Her butt looked great in her leather pants. I wondered if Jeannie knew her.

The woman stopped at the near end of the bar and ordered a beer. I found Jeannie sitting at the far end of the bar. The stools were all full except for one next to her. As I walked over I tried to think of how she wanted me to sit. She said it like she had told me before, but I was struggling to remember. Fortunately just before I sat down I flashed back to her telling me that I was never to sit on my skirt. Jeannie was smiling as she patted the vinyl covered bar stool. I looked around to see if anybody was watching me. Convinced nobody really cared that I was there, I turned my back to Jeannie and lifted my skirt. It was a humbling experience as I scooted my ass up onto the stool. I was thankful the club was dark because I knew anybody who cared to look would be able to tell how I was sitting. Jeannie then leaned over and told me a lady would be sitting with her legs crossed.

She was right, of course, but crossing my legs also meant exposing a great deal of thigh. This was obviously her plan. I wasn’t happy about it, but I did it. Without having the benefit of sitting on the back of my skirt, the slit now opened far wider than I had anticipated. From the right angle (or the wrong angle from my perspective) someone at the bar would be able to tell I was wearing a flimsy thong  instead of panties as the top of my hip was now exposed. I hoped she wouldn’t keep me displayed like this for long. I looked at Jeannie.

“Can I have another glass of wine?” I asked her.

“You may, but don’t get too wasted. I don’t want you out of control,” she told me.

I spun around on the barstool to get the attention of the bartender. I kept my legs crossed. This meant my exposed leg was now on display to anyone walking past instead of just the woman sitting next to me. The bartender walked over. She was an older woman. It found out later she was also the owner of the bar. She was an older woman but was still very attractive. In many ways she reminded me of my mom. She examined me intently apparently trying to size me up.

“What will you have sweetie?” she asked.

“White wine,” I answered.

“Of course. Where did you find this one, Jeannie?”

“We were neighbors growing up,” Jeannie replied. “She just now is learning who she is.”

The bartender seemed happy with that response and soon a large glass of white wine was presented to me. Jeannie asked the woman to start a tab and then told me to turn back around and face outward. As I sipped my wine Jeannie pointed out people she knew. I don’t know why I didn’t realize all the patrons were women sooner, but my awareness of my situation was tainted by my concern for the length of my skirt and how I was sitting. Suddenly I recognized that I was in my first gay bar. That helped me relax a bit. At least if Jeannie was going to show me off I’d only be in front of other women.

Jeannie seems to be taking pride in the fact that my posture on the stool was giving the other women in the bar the impression that I was available and looking for action. Several of them approached me and tried to pick me up just like a guy would. With Jeannie’s silent prompting I turned each of them away until an older woman approached me. She looked like she could be the bartender’s sister and also was about my mother’s age. When she asked me to dance, Jeannie tapped me on my thigh and nodded her head in the direction of the dance floor. I took the woman’s outstretched hand in mine and hopped off the stool.

I love to dance. It is something Jeannie and I did together frequently. Tonight was different, though, and not just because of where we were. Jeannie was watching me dance not participating. The woman I was dancing with had a hunger in her eyes I was not prepared to see. It was as if she expected me to do something. Sure I’d seen that look with guys dancing with me before when they had put in an evening trying to pick me up, but this woman had the look from the moment I took her hand. I began to wonder if she knew Jeannie and this wasn’t some kind of random encounter. Either that or she recognized that I required Jeannie’s permission to dance with her. If she had and thereby recognized me as a sub on loan, she would be right to assume I would do more than dance.

When the song ended I turned to head back to the bar. A slow song began and I once again felt the woman take my hand. I was pulled back onto the floor and spun around so I faced her. She was much taller than me and as she pulled me close my head nestled against the tops of her breasts.  Her arms were wrapped around me very possessively. It felt wonderful and I melted against her.

We were swaying gently in time with the music. I had completely forgotten about Jeannie. My world had become this stranger and her pillow-like breasts I was resting my head against. Slowly she guided me across the dance floor until before I realized it we were in a dark corner of the club. Her embrace changed to a cradling of my head and an adoring kiss. I didn’t stop to think. I just reacted returning her passion. Soon one of her hands left my head and began an exploration of my body. She stopped briefly at my breasts for a quick squeeze and check of my nipples for excitement. Apparently satisfied that I was reacting positively, her hand continued down and around to squeeze my butt and to pull me closer against her. I let her hand roam. I was lost in the fog of the moment. She now stepped back slightly giving her hand room to go up under my skirt. Here she could not mistake my body’s overwhelming reaction to her touch.

She was still kissing me passionately when I felt her finger push aside my thong and slide inside of me. I passively allowed her to finger fuck me on the edge of the dance floor. Her middle finger curled inside of me tapping the soft spongy tissue of my g-spot while her thumb danced on my clit. I never stopped returning her kisses. I was putty in her hands. She was obviously experienced in bring a girl to orgasm. I never stood a chance.

I know she knew exactly what she was doing as I began to shake against her. Jeannie’s command to only cum with permission was the furthest thing from my mind as my orgasm ripped through me. There was no way I could have prevented it anyway. I shuddered on the woman’s hand and flooded my thong and thighs. When I finally opened my eyes and could focus on her again, she had a look of pride in having reduced me to a quivering mess. I could feel the heat on my face as I blushed at my sordid behavior. All of a sudden I remembered we were on the edge of the dance floor. Looking around the woman’s shoulder I could see that our encounter had not gone unnoticed by some of the other patrons. I was overwhelmed with humiliation and I broke away from the woman and sprinted back to Jeannie. In retrospect that wasn’t very nice of me after the woman had made me cum, but as seemed to be happening more and more frequently, I wasn’t thinking straight. Fortunately there was a fresh glass of wine waiting for me on the bar. I needed it.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Wednesday night was boring. There was no other way to describe it. After Nicole’s visit to the office I had incorrectly assumed she would show up at my house, call me to come and meet her somewhere or at least send me some cyber instructions. But she did none of those. I tried to contact Mistress D but she wasn’t online either. I was incredibly frustrated. I almost came during my dinner masturbation session. By the time I went to bed, I had convinced myself it was Nicole’s fault I could not control myself and I allowed myself to cum. Truth be told, I didn’t take much convincing. Drinking cum in the office today was so wicked and I felt so dirty spending the afternoon with cum breath that it was a foregone conclusion I’d have to cum soon. Now the only question was whether I could keep my indiscretion a secret.

*** Rose’s POV ***

As I approached Jeannie at the bar she was not smiling. I guessed she didn’t mind that another woman had just fingered me to orgasm on the dance floor but she was upset with how I treated her after I came. She patted the stool. I hitched up my skirt and sat back down. I then grabbed the glass of wine and drained it. Setting the glass back on the bar the bartender was Johnny-on-the-spot and quickly refilled it. I looked straight in Jeannie’s eyes.

“How could you do that?” I asked her.

“Do what?” she replied innocently.

“Let her to that to me?”

“I didn’t let her do anything to you. You chose to let her do that. From what I could see you like it too.”

“I thought that is what you wanted?” I told her in a whiny voice.

I watched as instead of responding Jeannie slid her hand under my skirt. She pushed my thighs apart giving her full access to my wetness.

“Well I can tell it was definitely what you wanted,” she said emphatically. “This thong is doing no good. Slip it off.”

I stood up and started to walk toward the bathroom. Jeannie grabbed my arm as I passed her.

“Do it here and leave it on the bar,” she commanded me.

I looked at her in horror. Not only had strangers watched when I was brought off on the dance floor but now they would see the results of my actions. They would also see me taking orders from Jeannie. My embarrassment factor skyrocketed.

“Don’t make me wait slave,” Jeannie announced louder than necessary. “You’ve already earned punishment for cumming on that woman’s hand. You don’t want to earn a second do you?”

“No mistress,” I meekly replied as I reached under my skirt and slid the soiled thong down my thighs and then off my legs.

I handed the thong to Jeannie. I didn’t dare look around the bar but I was sure we had an audience. My horror continued as I watched Jeannie take my thong and rub the crotch around my wine glass. The glass became streaked with my juices as she ran the soiled underwear around the base and then all-around the rim. She then dropped the thong around the stem. She then patted the stool again. I gave her a look of disgust and then I sat down properly. She told me to pick up the glass. I did. She spun me around and told me to toast my fans. There were several women who had obviously watched me remove my thong and knew what was going on. I raised my glass for their approval. A couple of them clapped. My blush deepened. I took a sip of wine. It didn’t taste as good now that it was mixed with my thong juice. But that didn’t stop me from draining another glass. I could already tell I could only survive the night if I was wasted.

After killing two glasses of wine within minutes and having a very nice orgasm I was starting to feel the effects. I’d forgotten about the wine I drank at home or the first glass I had at the bar. I should have felt drunk but my body was surging with adrenaline. I spun back around and put the glass back down inside the strap of my thong. I then motioned to the bartender for another pour. Jeannie kind of laughed and told me I was finally relaxing and getting into the spirit. I reached over to her and pulled her head to me and kissed her hard. I’m sure my audience liked that too.

The rest of the night became a blur. I remember other women asking me to dance. Sometimes Jeannie would approve. Sometimes she would not. I was felt up and fingered every time I was on the dance floor, although not to the point of orgasm. At least not until Jeannie pulled me onto the floor during a slow song. She didn’t worry about leading me to the dark corner like the first woman. She made me cum in the middle of the floor surrounded by other dancers. I had to wrap my arms around her neck to prevent myself from collapsing on the floor. After she was done I needed to sit down. Back on the stool she flipped the front of my skirt up completely exposing me. She also continued to stroke my inflamed clit.  I continued to drink wine so I couldn’t be held responsible for my actions. I was at total peace with the situation. I felt nothing but bliss.

I was wondering who Jeannie would choose to share me with next. I was actually looking forward to the next time she sent me to dance and then it happened. The door to the club opened and another older woman entered. That was not a problem in itself. But right behind her was the woman I’d seen with my mom last Friday. Thankfully she didn’t know me but in my alcohol and orgasm fueled haze I couldn’t distinguish if this was planned or was a random occurrence.  I had no clue how many lesbian bars there were in our town. I can’t imagine there were many. But all of a sudden I was struck with the thought that somebody I know or somebody who knows my family might discover me here. I began to panic as I thought about the woman asking me to dance. She looked about the age of the ones Jeannie approved of. Even if she didn’t know who I was, how weird would it be to hook up with the same person my mom was seeing? My mind struggled to comprehend all the possibilities. My solution was to drain another glass of wine.

*** Jeannie’s POV ***

The night had been perfect so far. Rose was systematically having her defenses broken down and I was loving every minute of it. I wasn’t too surprised when Erin and Liz walked in. There were not many good lesbian bars in this town and certainly this was the wild one. I knew Rose would recognize Erin. She would not know Liz. I was sure both women knew I was bringing Rose here tonight. I hoped they would have a good sense not to interfere. At least not tonight.

*** Rose’s POV ***

Soon  I reached the point of alcohol consumption where the blur of the evening became a spinning room with seemingly non-stop feelings of euphoria and laughter. The next thing I knew I woke up in my bed. I was naked. The blinds were open, the sunlight was streaming in and I had a pounding headache. There was a garden gnome in my skull and he was using a jackhammer to try to get out. Why did I drink so much? Oh, that’s right. Jeannie took me to a bar where I felt compelled to drink like a fish so I could act like a complete idiot. Well I can be an idiot without drinking but acting like an out of control slut required alcohol.

I crawled out of bed and into the bathroom where I threw up. At least I made it to the toilet. I felt a little relieved. I checked the time. It was 10am. I had totally slept through my alarm. I called my boss and told him I was sick and wouldn’t be in today. That obviously was the truth. Thankfully he didn’t press me on why I was under the weather. What could I tell him?

I made a pot of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. There was a note waiting for me. It must have been from Jeannie.

“Good morning Rose,” the note began. “I’m sure you are still pretty wasted. I tried to stop you from drinking the last several rounds, but you kept telling me you were fine. Although I was shocked by the show you put on, I was pleasantly surprised at your apparent love of exhibitionism. We’ll have to explore that further. I took  a video with my cell phone as a memory. I’ll send it to your email. I have plans for us tomorrow night. Drink lots of water today. It will help you recover. I’ll talk to you later.”

I had no memory of putting on a show last night. Actually I didn’t have much of a memory of anything after my mom’s friend came in. What did I do? I felt like I was going to be sick again, but it passed. I took Jeannie’s advice and poured a large glass of water. I also took a couple of aspirin. I had to check my email. I needed to know what happened.

I sat down at my PC and turned it on. The wait was agonizing. Finally I got online. There were three emails from Jeannie each with one video. I downloaded the attachments to a folder. I double clicked on the first one opening Windows Media Player. The sound was tinny and mostly background noise of the bar. The picture was grainy but I could see myself grinding on the knee of the woman who came in with my mom’s friend. I knew in my heart that the other woman couldn’t be far behind. I heard my phone ring. I didn’t look at the caller ID. I assumed it was Jeannie calling to tell me to get out of bed. Instead I heard my mom’s voice. I dropped the phone and scrambled to stop the video or at least turn off the speakers.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I didn’t usually call Rose too often during the week. We usually chatted only on the weekend. But I knew Mistress Nicole had something special for me planned Friday which by and large meant I would be worn out on Saturday. I didn’t want to risk having Rose show up at my house again early in the morning so I figured I would call her in advance and tell her I was going out of town. I wasn’t expecting her to pick up the phone. I called when I did so I would get her answering machine. I was surprised to hear her voice. She apparently dropped the phone. I heard a loud pop as it hit the floor. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I cheerily told her I would be gone this weekend and that I would call her next week. I tried to make the usual chit chat that we normally have, but she seemed very distracted. I really didn’t want to get into what was going on since it was time for my morning “coffee” break in the bathroom so I told her goodbye and hung up.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I managed to get the speakers turned off on my PC before my mom heard the sounds of me moaning as I did a nasty bump and grind on the woman’s knee. I was sort of listening to my mom talk but my focus was really on watching my own perverted behavior. Apparently I was having a grand time rubbing myself on the woman’s knee. She seemed perfectly happy to allow a young girl to use her leg as a masturbation post. There was a crowd around us cheering me on. I didn’t look like I was blushing. In fact I seemed to be reveling in the attention. How much must I have drunk last night?

Even if I was no longer humiliated last night, I was humiliated now. The fact that my mom was talking incessantly in my ear made it worse. The video ended right after I came soaking the woman’s leg after which I fell onto the dirty floor. Why didn’t I remember that? Did I block it out because it was such a bad memory?

With the video stopped I was able to concentrate a little more on my mom. Thankfully she didn’t want to chat too long. I was glad because I was desperate to start the next video.  After I started it I was not sure I wanted to let it continue. I was sitting back on my bar stool. There were two other women I didn’t remember one standing on either side of me. One had her hand inside my blouse. She was obviously manipulating my nipples. The other had her hand under my skirt. Fortunately the video didn’t show exactly what they were doing, but like the video of me grinding on the woman, it was clear from my facial expression that I was enjoying myself immensely. The bartender appeared behind me a pour yet another glass of wine.  I must have drunk two bottles total. No wonder I couldn’t remember any details and had a splitting headache. Like the last video, this one ended with me orgasming with the help of a stranger.

I was scared to click on video three. I was also getting turned on again. Even with a splitting headache, watching myself following the direction of these powerful women was fascinating.  I reasoned that another orgasm would make me feel better so I let my left hand’s fingers do the walking while I double clicked the video file with my right. I think I was glad I didn’t remember what I did. The video started with my mom’s friend holding my hand. Jeannie must have been holding her cell phone taking the video. A chair was pulled out from one of the tables and I used it as a step until I was standing on the table. Granted I wasn’t graceful getting up there. I was far too intoxicated for that. Apparently, however, I was not too intoxicated to begin dancing for the assembled crowd.

Jeannie moved around capturing me from all sides and even showed how everyone in the bar was watching me as I did a slow and playful striptease. If that wasn’t bad enough, when I was naked I began to pleasure myself for their amusement. The crowd was totally into my performance and cheering me on. At some point a dildo was passed forward. I guess the bartender probably had it hidden behind the bar. I didn’t care where it came from only that I needed it right then.

Did I fuck myself in front of all those women? Yes I did. I was shameless. I also apparently was very happy. Even over the din of the cheering crowd my own cries of passion were clearly audible on the media clip. I noticed several couples in the background of the video were actively engaged in pleasing each other, but mostly everyone was watching me. I started to sway a bit too much as I began fucking myself in earnest. I must have been losing my balance as my arousal built toward its eventual release. A couple of good Samaritans helped me off my feet and onto my back. This limited everyone’s view, but helped me to no end in being able to really give it to myself.  Jeannie positioned herself above my head in a point-of-view shot of how I would see myself as I pounded the dildo in and out of my pussy. My eyes were closed. I was lost in the moment. I vaguely remember having three orgasms while dancing last night. Now I knew I had at least three more shown on the video footage. The crowd went wild when I brought myself off. They were hooting and hollering. I was naked on my back with the dildo deep inside of me when my blouse was tossed unceremonially back on top of me. The crowd began to disburse. I guess my show was over. The video ended shortly after that.

The video ended but my fingers did not. I was too aroused to quit now. I restarted the third video and I came twice more before it ended the second time. I was out of breath when I finished. I wondered if anything else happened last night. If something did, I hoped I would remember instead of having video evidence.

Chapter 08

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I was looking forward to tonight with great anticipation. Each of the last two Fridays my young mistress had taken me to sexual heights I’d never known before and I expected no less for tonight. It was already late in the afternoon and I had not heard from her yet to instruct me what to wear or how to prepare. My anticipation was starting to turn to nervousness but thankfully I received an email which put my uneasiness to rest.

“Good afternoon slave,” the email began. “We’re going out on the town tonight. I want you to dress elegantly. Wear your finest dress, stockings and heels. Lacy lingerie, not too much make-up and just a hint of perfume are appropriate. Make me proud to be seen with you. I will pick you up at 10pm.”

As I read the email I wondered where she planned to take me. The last time I dressed up I ended up encased in liquid latex at Erin and Liz’s hotel. Not that I would complain if we did that again, but I really was hoping for something different this week. I began to think through my wardrobe to decide what to wear.

*** Rose’s POV ***

Jeannie had told me we were going out tonight and that I should expect another fun filled evening. Two nights ago we had gone to a lesbian club. I got rip roaring drunk and ended up humiliating myself by doing a striptease on a table for the patrons. I also put on a masturbation show for them and allowed myself to be fingered shamelessly on the dance floor. I didn’t remember most of it, thankfully, due to the alcohol, but unfortunately Jeannie had thoughtfully made a video of me with her cell phone. I must have watched the video 20 times in the past two days. I had to admit the humiliation and shame I felt was also mixed with more than a little bit of arousal. After all, being able to act this way was a big part of why I was driven by the need to submit to someone. Last Friday when I first tried to seduce Jeannie into being my mistress I had secretly hoped for someone who would order me into exactly this kind of wild sexual situation. Now that it had happened, who was I to complain? I wished it had happened in private instead of in a club, but I’d never cum so many times in one night so obviously subconsciously I loved it.

Jeannie arrived at my apartment carrying a weekend bag. She had brought clothes for me. She was dressed very smartly. She was outfitted in fairly typical club clothes for her, but a little less revealing and flashy than normal. Perhaps we were going a little more upscale than usual. She was smiling a knowing smile like she had a nasty plan for me. I was excited to see that look. Last weekend I’d worried that when she didn’t think our encounters through well enough and have a good plan, our rendezvous were less pleasing. That is how I felt last Saturday and Sunday went. Last Wednesday when she had a plan was amazing. From the look on her face I could tell she definitely had a strategy for tonight.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Mistress Nicole’s instructions for how I should dress were easy enough to carry out.  I chose a blue floor length dress. It was very formal. I had recently worn it to a wedding. There was a light blue speckle pattern and it really highlighted my blue eyes. The dress was designed to be worn off the shoulder and had a deep V neck line. Wearing a bra was not an option as clearly evidenced by my expansive cleavage on display. I also wore dangling pearl earings.

Of course I wore stockings as commanded. Nicole had not specified whether stay ups were allowed, but I opted for a garter belt anyway. I always felt sexier wearing a garter belt and that was what tonight was all about. The stockings wouldn’t really show because my dress was so long, but I would feel them and know what was hiding for Nicole’s discovery. I chose nude colored stockings. I thought black stockings would look weird if Nicole had me pull up my dress. Finally I chose a simple cotton panty. I knew I would be wet in anticipation by the time Nicole arrived and I needed something absorbent. Otherwise I would have chosen a thong or even a g-string.

I then did my make-up. I went very simple and understated with just a hint of eye shadow to match the blue dress and set off my eyes with lipstick just red enough but not so bright as to draw undo attention.

Looking at myself in the mirror I was sure I’d meet my mistress’ expectations. I looked absolutely stunning if I do say so myself. Now all I had to do was wait.

*** Rose’s POV ***

Jeannie had a plan for me alright. Her first order was for me to strip. I liked that order. I hoped our games were going to begin before we left my apartment. Jeannie pulled a make-up case out of her bag and sat me down in front of my dressing table. She worked quickly. I guess she wasn’t worried about being perfect. She caked on the make-up. She was painting my face. That is the only way I can describe it. Heavy foundation and rouge on my cheeks. Heavy eye shadow and mascara.  Fire engine red lipstick layered onto my lips and to top it off, a platinum blonde wig. I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror when I was done.

I was sitting on my stool shivering by the time she finished. Yes it was cool in my apartment, but mainly I was nervous about why she was making me up this way. My apprehension didn’t improve when she pulled my outfit out of her bag. Onto my bed Jeannie tossed what I guess could be called a skirt, although it was so small it almost qualified for a headband. OK, it was bigger than that but not by much. It also looked like it was made out of the same material my mother had been wearing in the video. I would later learn it was not latex but rubber. Where did she find such a thing?

Next a matching top came out of her bag. I will not call it a blouse. It was more like a tube top, only not so wide. I could see that it would wrap around my breasts, but not much more. She continued in her bag finding a black pair of high heeled pumps and a set of black stockings that had obviously seen better days.  What I didn’t see was a bra or underwear. I can’t say I was surprised.

Jeannie wasted no time in getting me dressed. With the limited scope of my outfit, there really wasn’t much that could take time. The skirt took work for me to wiggle into. The rubber was exceptionally tight. I don’t think I would have been able to get it on by myself. Jeannie had to hold it tight and pull it while I jumped and wiggled to get it into place. The top wasn’t any easier.  I had to hold my arms straight above my head while Jeannie struggled to get it into place across my chest. I admit it felt great when she maneuvered my boobs underneath the constrictive material, but I could tell immediately I wouldn’t feel that way for long.  The stockings had tears and runs throughout them. They were stay-ups and came up to my mid thigh. The holes appeared strategically placed so anyone looking at my legs would see them.  They made me feel cheap, especially compared to the way Jeannie was dressed. Satisfied with her handiwork Jeannie turned me back toward my mirror and asked what I thought. It didn’t take me long to form an opinion.

“I look like a hooker,” I told her.

“Yes,” she replied. “My hooker.”

I looked at her confused. Were we going to a costume party tonight? Once again though, my brain and my body were on two different agendas. While consciously I hated to be dressed this way, I was excited that this is how she wanted me to look. I wondered if the club was having a pimp and whore party. While I was lost in thought, I noticed Jeannie was back in her bag. She tossed out a roll of black tape onto the bed. She then pulled out a chrome egg. I’d never worn one but I knew what it was. Jeannie tossed it to me and told me to warm it up. I knew she meant in my mouth so I popped it in. I was expecting a metallic taste, which it had. I wasn’t expecting to taste my mistress, but it was clear she had used the toy recently.

Jeannie told me to slide the egg into my pussy. She then used the tape (bondage tape I would later learn it was called) to fashion me a shield to prevent the egg from falling out of my pussy. Jeannie held a remote in front of her a click the button. The egg came to life. My knees buckled.

“That should keep you happy,” she exclaimed with joy. I looked at her hoping she would take pity on me. How could I wear that thing and not expect people to know. I had the feeling Jeannie was going to try to break my record of 7 public orgasms from Wednesday night.

*** Nicole’s POV ***

As I drove over to Sandra’s house I almost felt sorry for her. Almost. I’d given Jeannie advice on how to seduce Rose and recruited Erin and Liz to help. From what Liz told me about Rose grinding on her at the club I knew she was on the hook just like her mother. Tonight would be the coronation of our plans. Neither of them knew about each other, but that was about to change. Their lives would never be the same.

I pulled up to Sandra’s and walked up to the front door. I knew she would be dressed exactly as I had instructed. I also knew she would be surprised to see me in torn jeans and a wife beater t-shirt. I could read her sense of disappointment when she opened the door. She must have known my promise of taking her out on the town was a ruse.

I didn’t explain my attire. Mistresses don’t need to explain themselves to slaves.  To her credit, Sandra didn’t ask. I escorted her out to the car with my arm wrapped over hers as if I was a gentleman escorting her into a fancy club. She definitely was the eye candy in our pairing. If she was nervous about being seen with me by her neighbors she didn’t show it. Once into my car I pulled her close for a passionate kiss. I also ran my hand up under her skirt. I could feel her tension release as she gave herself to me emotionally. I smiled.

*** Rose’s POV ***

My outfit for the evening complete, Jeannie wasted no time walking me out to her car. As humiliating as it was to be dressed this way, especially since she was dressed very nicely, I had to admit it was a little exciting teetering out into the night on the sky high heels she had provided. I did pass one of my neighbors, a woman who lived down the hall, in the lobby of my building. I was probably blushing like I had at the club but of course you couldn’t tell through my make-up. Once I was seated in the car, Jeannie turned the egg back on. I took an involuntary deep breath. I’d almost forgotten it was inside of me.

“Tonight do not worry about hitching up your skirt when you sit. You’d never manage in that one,” she told me. “We don’t have far to drive and that egg should keep your mind in the right place.”

I knew the egg would keep me on edge as we began to wind our way through the streets. I had no clue where we were going, but as long as I was with Jeannie I knew I’d be safe. As it turns out that feeling of safety would be short lived. We ended up going two towns over. This town is more industrial than mine and definitely lower class on the income scale. The houses and apartments we passed looked more run down and just dirtier in general than what I was accustomed to seeing. Of course given what I was wearing, I’d probably fit right in. I was getting the sense that Jeannie was the one who would be dressed out of character instead of me. As we passed out of the residential area into zone characterized by seedy looking bars I started see other women dressed similar to me standing on the sidewalk. I definitely felt uneasy at that discovery. About a block past the last bar Jeannie pulled over. It was in front of a factory and there was nobody around.

“Get out here,” Jeannie told me. I looked at her in disbelief.

“I said get out. I’ve got an errand to run. You’ll be fine. Just wait for me.”

“I can’t stand out there looking like this,” I protested. “I’ll get arrested for being a prostitute.”

“You can’t get arrested for standing on the sidewalk. If anybody stops just say no thank you. If you don’t offer sex for money, you can’t get arrested.”

“Really, Jeannie,” I pleaded. “I can’t do this. Don’t make me get out of the car.”

“Look Rose,” she countered. “I know how much you like showing off that tight body of yours. Just two nights ago you were grinding your pussy on a stranger’s lap and then did a strip and diddle show for a crowd. Don’t tell me you’re not excited by showing off that hot little pussy of yours. You’ll be fine. I’ll be back before you know it.”

My mind flashed back to the video from the club. It was obvious I had enjoyed myself last Wednesday, but I was drunk. Now I was sober. I had an excuse before because I wasn’t thinking. If I had the courage to do this now, I was admitting to myself that I liked being looking at and that Jeannie really was in control. Suddenly the buzzing in my pussy stopped at Jeannie turned off the egg. I looked at her with disappointment. She looked back with a stern scowl.

“Look Rose, it’s either the sidewalk and the egg or home to your apartment and our games end.”

She really wasn’t leaving me much of a choice. I got out of the car. Jeannie rolled down the window and I returned for final instructions. I’d seen enough movies with hookers to know she would want me to bend over into the window. I’m sure if anybody had seen me they would have been impressed with my ass and legs in that position.

“Looking for a date?” I propositioned my mistress. She held up the remote and turned the egg back on.

“Yeah sweetie. Sure thing. But not just yet. I’ll be back around soon.”

I stood back up and took a few steps away from the curb. I watched as Jeannie drove off. Just like Wednesday when I first danced with a stranger who finger fucked me I wondered how I got here. The buzzing in my pussy was my answer.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

My body was tingling as we drove off into the night. I didn’t know where we were going but as long as Nicole was leading me, I would gladly follow. I expected to go back to Erin’s hotel. In fact we did drive by it, but Nicole didn’t turn. Instead we got on the highway and traveled a couple of towns over. I was now totally lost. I mean, I knew where we were, but I was unfamiliar with any hotel or clubs in this area where we might be going. Maybe we were just going to a friend’s house where Nicole would share me. My pussy began leaking just at the thought.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I had been pacing up and down the sidewalk along the street corner where Jeannie left me. I knew it had only been a couple of minutes but I was already counting down the seconds until she returned. I knew I looked like a cheap imitation of the hookers we saw up the street. I was not happy about being left out here on my own dressed this way. I could tell it was only a matter of time before some guy cruised up and propositioned me. I felt like hiding in a doorway or in the entrance to an alley. But I knew when Jeannie returned if she didn’t see me out strutting my stuff she might just go home and not spend this weekend with me. Even worse than that thought, she might leave me here to fend for myself and find a ride home. No, she wanted me to be seen and that was what was going to happen. I wouldn’t dance around to attract attention like the working girls did, but I would not hide either.

After feeling proud of myself for making that decision, I immediately regretted it as a car full of boozed up college kids drove up. Of course they stopped and asked if I wanted to “party.” They were very crude and I felt ashamed for standing there like a fool taking their verbal abuse. They seemed to get agitated when I turned them down and for a brief moment I was scared. But then they drove off and I took a deep breath.

I temporarily relaxed. Other people drove up and slowed down to get a good look but nobody else stopped. That was fine by me.  Nobody until a strong looking man pulled over and waved me to the window. I reluctantly walked over. He seemed very different than the drunk kids or the men who leered at me as they drove by. I got a strange vibe that he was an undercover cop. I remembered what Jeannie had said about never offering sex in exchange for money.  Having her exhibit me was one thing. I wasn’t going to jail for her.

The man wasn’t crude. He was very businesslike. Before last weekend I would probably have let him pick me up if we had met in a club. Tonight, however, in this location, things were different. I wanted him to move along, but as I was talking to him I was unexpectedly struck by a desire to tease him a little. Much like at the bar on Wednesday, I felt myself getting into the role I was playing. With my feet still on the sidewalk, I bent over at the waist and rested my arms on the window jam of his car door. I knew he was getting a good look down my rubber tube top. There was no hiding where his eyes were focused. I thought they were going to pop from his head. I began to flirt with him, but I made sure not to say anything that could lead me to be arrested. I felt empowered by using my sexuality to control the situation. This strong man was allowing me to dictate the conversation. I could tell he was willing to pay to be with me which was liberating. But I also knew that wasn’t going to happen. That’s simply not who I am. I also remembered the first impression I had of him being a cop so I stood up and waved him on his way. I’m sure he was shocked. If he was a cop, he probably figured I had recognized him and was just playing with him. If he wasn’t, I’m sure he was pissed off, but he probably went and found somebody else. I took a few steps back onto the corner as he drove away. I hoped Jeannie would be back soon. I needed her touch. Now.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

We were driving through an industrial town. It was grimy. Nicole’s outfit fit here but mine certainly did not. There were a few run down looking bars and I hoped none of them were our destination.  We started to pass a couple of adult stores and I saw women standing around outside. Nicole pointed one out and we slowed down.

“She looks like she would be fun for us,” she said. “Maybe we should ask her to join us?”

I looked at my mistress as if to say “Are you kidding?”

Nicole pulled the car over in front of the woman. She walked over.

“Hey baby,” Nicole called out past me. The woman bent over and looked in the window. “You want to party with us?”

The woman looked at Nicole and then she looked at me. “Who’s she, your mother?”

Nicole responded, “No, she’s my slave.” I blushed. The two woman were talking right past me like I wasn’t there.

The hooker told us she didn’t do women. Nicole tried to convince her I was very talented and would take care of her. I was not thrilled with having Nicole offer my tongue to this woman. Maybe I was paranoid, but I assumed she was not the cleanest person in the world. I couldn’t understand why Nicole would want to expose me to possible diseases. I didn’t understand her game.

The hooker told us to move along. Nicole made one more pitch to her offering her the option to fuck me instead of the other way around. The woman paused as if she was contemplating the offer. Then she said something I definitely wasn’t expecting.

“I get that you’re trying to teach your slave some kind of lesson. But I’m not right for you. I’m a cop. If I give the signal, you’ll be pulled over and arrested as soon as you turn the corner. But I’m down with what you’re doing and your slave is hot so I’m going to let you go. Now leave before my cover is blown.”

Nicole smiled. “We’ll be at the Blue Light tonight. Stop by after your shift if you like. The offer still stands.”

She didn’t wait for an answer but pulled away from the curb. I turned to look back and the woman was watching us as we drove away. For all I knew she was memorizing our license plate. I turned my attention back to Nicole and the road. At least I had a destination now. Blue Light. It sounds like a nice club. Nicole drove without speaking for a couple of blocks. She then slowed down.

“How about that one?” she asked. Why is she so into picking up a hooker I wondered to myself.

I looked and there was a young girl not wearing very much bent into a car window. Her clothes, what little clothes there were shinny like the latex suite I’d worn at the hotel. She had the most outrageous platinum blonde hair. From a distance she reminded me of Julia Roberts in the beginning of Pretty Woman. As we got closer, that comparison faded.

“What do you think?” Nicole asked as the girl walked away from the car and it drove away.

“I think we should just go to the Blue Light and forget about picking up a hooker.”

Nicole drove slowly up to the girl. For a brief moment we locked eyes on each other. She looked sad to me. I wondered why she felt she had no option but to sell herself. I couldn’t quite place it, but she looked familiar. Nicole stopped and rolled down the window. The girl looked into the car but then turned and quickly walked away. I guess she didn’t feel safe with us. I figured that’s an occupational hazard and the girls probably can sense when not to get in a car. Knowing what I know about Nicole, it was probably a good choice. Nicole chose not to pursue her.  Instead she just closed my window and we continued pulled away. The strip of bars and hookers had ended and we drove into the darkness.

*** Rose’s POV ***

After I had sent the guy away I looked up to see another car slowing down. I had the feeling this was going to be the pattern until Jeannie returned. Looking into the front window as the car approached I saw two women. As the car got closer I recognized the driver first. It was the woman I’d seen with my mom. The one I assumed was named Nicole.  I think I assumed the worst before I even panned my head to look at the passenger seat. As I did, I saw my mom. It was horrifying and I was frozen in fear. We stared at each other, but I could not tell if she recognized me. I saw a flash of recognition, but also some doubt of who she was looking at as if she couldn’t quite place me. Suddenly I was glad I was wearing the wig. I certainly didn’t look anything like what she expected me to wear. I was freaking out on the inside but I couldn’t show it on the outside. The car was slowing down to talk to me. The last thing I needed was them trying to pick me up. As tough as it would have been for my mom to explain that she had a mistress, doing so would be nothing compared to me having to explain why I was apparently out turning tricks. I felt a surge of heat over my entire body as I struggled to remain calm. How could Jeannie have put me in this position? Why was mom in this city? Were she and her mistress picking up hookers? Maybe her mistress was trying to find a new partner for her. Maybe that is what mistresses do and that was why Jeannie brought me here. My head was spinning with possibilities. I could feel myself losing control. I suddenly felt tremendous pressure to pee. I struggled to not give myself away. I felt like dropping to my knees and confessing my sins. I considered just blurting out “I’m sorry mom,” and crying for forgiveness.

The car pulled to a stop and the tinted side window rolled down. Although I was petrified and close to an emotional breakdown, I had to get a look at my mom’s mistress close up. I glanced at her a noticed she was scruffy looking. She was young, maybe a year or two older than Jeannie and probably could look very attractive although she wasn’t dressed to impress. My mom looked absolutely stunning in a formal gown, but Nicole looked messy. My disguise had apparently fooled them but I knew the longer I stood there the more likely my mom would recognize me so I hurriedly spun around and walked away. I prayed they would not follow me. Even after I peeked over my shoulder as they drove up the street I was worried that it would dawn on my mom who they just saw standing on the street corner and they would back up and confront me. My emotions were overloading my ability to control them. I broke down and started to cry. I couldn’t take the reality of my life right then.

Another car pulled over to the curb and the window rolled down. There was a young boy driving. A kid really. He was probably out just trying to lose his virginity. He opened his mouth to speak to me but I didn’t give him the chance. He certainly did not deserve to take the brunt of my anger right then. But I was far to our of control to worry about his feelings.

“Fuck off you loser!” I yelled at him. He sped off and I staggered over to the building I was next to for support against the wall. I could feel the bricks scraping my arm but I didn’t care. Where the hell was Jeannie?

*** Sandra’s POV ***

A short distance after we passed hooker alley, Heather pulled the car into a motel parking lot. The place was run down and dirty. It didn’t even have a name. The half lit neon sign just said “Motel.”  In smaller type under the neon it said “Daily / Weekly / Monthly.” I remember thinking who would want to live here for a week let alone a month. After she parked the car Heather handed me four $20 bills and told me to get a room. I jokingly asked for how long. She told me for four hours. I couldn’t tell if she was teasing me or took my question seriously. I really didn’t want to walk into the office alone. She was the one dressed like she belonged here. I most certainly was not.

I made my way to the office. Nicole stood next to her car leaning on the fender. There was an attractive woman working at the front desk. This surprised me. I had expected a dirty old man because that is what the motel looked like. There was a sign on the desk that said “$50 per night / $275 per week / $750 per month.” There was no mention of an hourly rate. I began to suspect Nicole had tried to set me up to ask for something they didn’t offer. The woman looked at me without any hint that I was out of place. When she spoke her voice was raspy like she had smoked for a long time.

“What do you need sugar.”

I tried to find a voice which did not show my nervousness.

“I need a room for 4 hours,” I said.

“Of course,” she replied. “That will be $80.”

I looked at her confused. “The sign says $50 per night.”

“Yes it does. I’ll give you a room for the night, but then I need ID from you. For $20 an hour instead I will pretend you are not here.”

“I see. OK, $80 it is,” I said handing over the four twenties. The woman slid me a key. It was room 214. Upstairs on the end she told me.

I walked back over to the car. Nicole was grabbing two large suitcases from the trunk. I didn’t bother to ask what she had brought. I knew I would find out soon enough. She had me carry the bags. It was difficult due to my dress. I must have looked pretty silly following her. I was tripping over my gown and struggling to carry the two heavy pieces of luggage while I trailed her up the stairs to the room.

“Always follow me two steps behind and offset to the right,” she told me. I did my best.

Our room was the first one off the stairs at the end of the building. I was thankful that I didn’t have to carry the bags any further. Nicole opened the door and ushered me in.  The room was exactly like I pictured it. I was definitely overdressed but I was sure Nicole would rectify that situation quickly enough.

Spartan was the best description. The room was definitely a far cry from the suite Nicole used at Erin’s hotel. There were two twin beds. The headboards were little more than laminated particle board screwed into the wall. There was one dirty looking chair and a small table in front of the room’s window. The curtain looked like it had not been cleaned in years, but it did protect the room from prying eyes for which I was glad. Along the wall opposite of the bed was a long low dresser with an old TV on it. In the back of the room there was a small bathroom and a closet. Dingy would be the best word I would use to describe my home for the next 4 hours.

Nicole had me place the suitcases on top of the dresser and open them up. As I expected they didn’t contain clothes. I had been carrying a wide variety of bondage gear, sex toys, paddles, blindfolds, gags and of course a video camera. I was not surprised in the least. I turned to face Nicole. She asked me a simple question one that I should have expected.

“So slave, did you fail my command not to cum without permission?”

*** Rose’s POV ***

I was quite hysterical leaning against the wall and crying. I had no idea how I could get home. I had no money for a cab and I wasn’t about to get into a car with a guy. Jeannie had broken me. I was reliant on her for survival and I hated admitting that to myself. Several additional cars pulled to the curb, but I couldn’t even bring myself to look at them. Finally I hear an insistent car horn and I willed myself to look up. It was Jeannie’s car. Thank God. I was saved. I’m sure make-up was ruined from the tears running down my face. As I approached the car I had a feeling of dread that she wouldn’t want me anymore. That was quickly followed by an assumption that she had left to pick somebody else up and that person would meet me in my current state and think I was a freak. But I had no choice. I opened the car door. Looking inside I saw Jeannie’s smile quickly change to a look of genuine concern. I looked into the back seat. It was empty. I was at least relieved that were were alone.

“Oh my God, Rose, what happened?” she asked me.

“I’m sorry Jeannie,” I exclaimed. My emotion core had been rocked. I sat down in the passenger seat and then I buried my face in her lap blubbering uncontrollably. She stroked my head.

“You’re safe now Rose. I’m here and I’m going to protect and take care of you.”

I continued to sob but eventually I regained enough control to sit up.

“Why did you do that to me?” I asked in a pleading voice.

“You needed to learn an important lesson. I was watching from around the corner. I would not have let any harm come to you. You looked like you were actually enjoying yourself for a while.”

My emotions were calming down. Just the sound of her voice was bringing me back to a happier place. I wiped the tears from my face.

“I did have some fun,” I confessed sheepishly. “At first I kind of like teasing the guys. But then when my mom drove up I freaked out. She can never know about us. I’m so glad you gave me this wig. If she had recognized me I think I would have died.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that. I was as surprised as you, I think,” Jeannie replied. There was a glint in her eye that I took as a acknowledgment that she really did enjoy seeing me squirm when mom and Nicole arrived.

“Can you take me home now?” I pleaded. “I’ve had enough for one night.”

“I could take you home, but I don’t think you’ve had enough. The night is young. There is a motel just up the street. How about I take you there and fuck your brains out instead.”

I was still mad at her for leaving me on the corner, but now that my flight response had been quelled, her offer of wild sex in a no-tell motel was just what I needed right then. Of course I accepted.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Hidden away in the safety of our motel room, Nicole ordered me to undress her. She stood before me and told me to take my time. As each inch of her delicious flesh was exposed I was order to kiss it. Inch after inch of her incredible body was exposed to my lips and I worshipped her like a goddess. I felt so naughty kneeling before her in my formal gown as she was becoming naked. When I finished that task, she sat down in the old chair. She spread her legs placing them over the chair arms and in the process scooted her butt forward. That put her pussy right on the edge of the chair. I didn’t have to think too much to determine what she wanted.

I admit it felt strange being the one fully clothed while I serviced my mistress’ pussy. But every time we got together something seemed strange. She tasted as tempting as ever to me as I lovingly lapped at her sweet folds. I could never get tired of her flavor. Each time we got together she had used my tongue for longer and longer periods of time. In the back of my mind I knew we were on a 4 hour clock. I could picture her using me for her own pleasure the entire time. I wouldn’t be happy by that arrangement, but if that was what she wanted, I would do it.

I licked, nibbled, sucked and fingered her until she came on my face. My face was between her thighs glistening with her affection. I could think of nowhere else I’d rather be. I hoped it would be my turn now. It was, but not for pleasure. I had admitted to her that I didn’t follow her rule not to cum without permission during last week. I knew this was a punishment worthy offense. She had me take off my dress. She told me to hang it in the closet. At least she didn’t have me throw it on the dirty carpet. God only knows what mixture of alcohol, dirt and bodily fluids had stained the floor over the years. I could tell she was pleased by my hidden surprise of stockings and garters underneath my classy exterior. She told me to leave them on. She then told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed.

She had me wait on the bed watching her as she inspected the wide variety of implements I had carried up the stairs in the two cases. I fully expected her to pull out a riding crop but instead she chose a ping pong paddle.

“My hand will get too sore spanking you,” she told me. “This will do the trick nicely.”

I quickly learned that a hand spanking is much less severe than a paddle spanking. The shape and hardness of the wood spread the force of the contact over a much wider area. A hand also has cushioning which the paddle lacked. The paddle also gives the spanker much less feedback. It turned out this was important since Nicole really didn’t have as good a feeling about how I was suffering. Or maybe she did but wasn’t concerned. Either way she tanned my hide well.  When at last she was done she allowed me to stand and look at my poor buttocks in the mirror. They were bright red having passed pink at least 20 strokes ago. I assumed by morning they would be black and blue. But Mistress Nicole was right to punish me for not following her orders.

While I was examining her handiwork, she put the paddle away and grabbed a tube of ointment. The cool gel was very soothing against my battered bottom. While she was rubbing the gel against my ass with her right hand, her left hand began to explore my pussy. This was exactly the kind of good cop / bad cop routine from Nicole which drove me crazy. As firm as she had been during my punishment she was now 180 degrees reversed being tender with the balm and pleasing with her fingers. Soon all the pain was forgiven and I begged her for permission to cum.  Of course she wasn’t about to give me an orgasm that easily. Instead I watched as she went back to the bags to remove cuffs, rope and naturally, her favorite strap-on.  My mouth was salivating.

Nicole tossed the cuffs and rope onto the bed. She then had me kneel in front of her to help put on the strap-on. It’s bulbous head bobbed in front of my face. Without being prompted I took it into my mouth. I’m sure that pleased Nicole as she allowed me to blow her for a couple of minutes. My pussy was drooling in anticipation of finally being fucked. Nicole popped her cock out of my mouth and walked back over toward the chair. She pulled the chair in front of the window so its back was to the glass and sat down. She waved me over and told me to mount up. I joyfully did exactly what she told me to do.

Nicole instructed to take it easy and go slow. Of course that was pure torture to me. As I leisurely slide myself up and down her fuckstick my arousal grew and grew. I didn’t want a delicate loving fuck right then. I wanted wild passionate sex and to be pounded. I wanted to put my hands on her shoulders and slam my pussy down full force. I wanted to ride her like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco. But she was in charge and she wanted me tormented. So I was tormented. I pleaded with her, but instead of allowing me to set the pace, she instructed me to wiggle my ass back a forth a bit. That caused me even more torment as the strap-on began hitting all the right happy zones but not with enough pressure to take me over the edge. I was begging to be allowed to really fuck myself but Nicole was having none of it.

Nicole definitely seemed amused. I was watching her face the whole time I fucked myself. I hoped she was enjoying the show as she looked up at my heaving breasts and contorted facial expressions. Finally she told me to dismount. At last, I hoped, she was going to get me good. Instead she told me to turn around into a reverse cowboy and remount her. As long as she would let me do my thing I didn’t mind. This position gave me more leverage with my legs and I knew I could give myself the orgasm I craved if my mistress would allow it. I felt Nicole moving underneath me. Was she trying to get herself in a position to thrust? I hoped so.

Then I heard the curtain mechanism begin to creak. I didn’t have to turn around to know what she was doing. She was opening the drapes so any passersby would see my depraved behavior. I started riding the dildo again. I was mortified but I had to cum.  My one saving grace was that anybody walking by our second floor room would be at the hotel for the same reason we were. I could tell Nicole could sense my apprehension. She told me to relax and enjoy myself. That was easier said than done.

I tried to focus on two things. Visually I focused on the cuffs lying on the bed. Soon I was sure they would be encircling my wrists and protecting me. I know it sounds funny to say they would protect me, but if Nicole cuffed me to the bed, I wouldn’t have to make any decisions. If somebody walked by the room now, they would see me bouncing up and down by my own choice. That was far more terrifying to me. Still the sensation of the dildo sliding in and out of my pussy could not be denied. As humiliated as I was at that moment, I wasn’t going to stop. I was going to make Nicole proud of me and play her game. She told me to pick up the pace. I did.

Her cock felt heavenly as I rebounded up and down its length. I knew I would cum soon with or without permission. I heard a tapping on the window. I was scared to turn and look. I just kept riding the fake cock. A surge of adrenaline coursed through my body at being seen. There was another knock. I moaned and begged Nicole to allow me to cum. There was another rap on the glass. I squirted a touch of juice on the well lubricated shaft.

“Please mistress may I cum now,” I begged in the throaty voice.

“Count down from 20,” my mistress replied. “Then you may cum.”

I through my head back and slammed myself vengefully down on her cock. “20,” I shouted. “19, 18, 17,” followed rapidly each number punctuated by a savage stroke on the dildo.

“No so fast pet. Enjoy the moment,” she cooed.

I slowed down, but didn’t change the force I used to thrust against her. “16, 15, 14.” Each number bottomed out the strap-on deep in my womb as I slammed against her. I was quickly reaching a euphoric state as pleasure signals began to overflow my brain and any thoughts of humiliation were washed away. I felt time begin to slow down and the room become silent. I knew I was moaning and screaming in pleasure. I probably was hurting Nicole’s ears. But to me all I could hear was my breathing and my long drawn out number countdown. I looked down and saw the dildo slide in and out of me seemingly in slow motion. I was in tuned with every detail of the moment. The feeling of Nicole’s hands on my ass. The nerve endings in my pussy being stimulated by the dildo’s hard shaft. My hand rubbing veraciously against my clit trying to maximize my coming orgasm.  My juices glistening on the dildo with every upstroke reflecting the yellowish glow  thrown by the single bare bulb in the ceiling light fixture. Any thought of an audience outside the window was long gone as I felt my climax building ready to shatter my core. “10, 9, 8,” it was getting closer. I slammed myself with all the force I could muster. “7,6,5,4,” here it comes. “3,2…” I feel my mistress’ strong arms wrap around my waist and grab me tight keeping me impaled on her cock. I groaned in frustration. How could she get me so close and then deny me. I felt the first quivers of my orgasm rocket around my body. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I was in a dream state as I felt myself being to cum. The room was no longer in focus. All the edges of my sight were soft and rounded. I was beyond out of control. I was floating on a cloud and looking down on my earthly body. I felt the dildo push even deeper into me as Nicole somehow managed to push herself up out of the chair. I don’t know where she found the strength, but with her arm still wrapped around my waist and my pussy stretched around her fake dick, I found myself marched over to the bed and bent over. I’d been having mini-cums around her cock since she grabbed me as my massive release was delayed but couldn’t be totally denied. As soon as I was in position with my hands on the bed and my legs locked straight, Nicole began to fuck me from behind.  This wasn’t making love, this was primal sex.

My long denied massive explosion of lust broke free on her first savage thrust. I howled in delight as she brought me to the kind of climax I had learned only she could do. My complete dedication to being her slave was reinforced once again as my mind once more bent to her will. I can not adequately describe how hard I came as she continued to pound into me. My thighs were plastered with my juices as girl cum literally ran down my leg. I was panting and struggling to breath but she didn’t relent.

“Who does this pussy belong to slut?” she repeated over and over as I tried to catch enough breath to answer her.

“You mistress. It belongs to you,” I finally was able to utter.

With that she popped the dildo out. I slumped to the floor, my back against the bed with my right arm spread across the top for support. I was still shaking and experiencing cum aftershocks. I looked out the window and saw an older man with a much younger woman watching us. But in my post orgasmic glow I felt no shame. I had received what my body craved and it didn’t matter that I had been seen.

Mistress Nicole waved to the pair and then moved in front of me blocking their view. They could not see the details, but I know they could tell when Mistress Nicole pushed her manhood back in my mouth to be cleaned. I lovingly tried to take the whole phallus into my mouth and then my throat which caused me to gag and choke. Nicole just laughed and told me we’ll have to work on that as she pulled a few inches back to give me some relief. I licked the dildo all over savoring my flavor on it. Satisfied I’d done a good job, Nicole pulled back and walked over to the window. Waving again to our audience she shut the curtain giving us our privacy. I was still on the floor. I was too worn out to move. I wondered what else she had planned for us. We still had about three hours to go on the room.

***Rose’s POV ***

Safely back in Jeannie’s car I felt protected for the first time in about an hour. I snuggled up to her arm. I’m sure that made it difficult to steer, but I didn’t care. I had to touch her. I had to feel close to her. I needed her security. My nerves her finally calming down as we drove into the darkness. I couldn’t see where we were going. From my angle the street lights were just a blur. We didn’t drive far, though, as I felt her turn and then the car bottom scrap against the pavement as we went up a slight incline. I sensed the car stop. Jeannie rocked her arm indicating I should sit upright. Looking around I noticed we were at a motel. I watched as Jeannie pulled her wallet out of her purse. She handed me two twenty dollar bills.

“Go get us a room for 2 hours. They are familiar with girls who dress like you so they will not give you any trouble,” she instructed. I then heard the car lock open.

I was trembling as I got out of the car, my hand clutching the two old wrinkled bills. Jeannie had parked at the far end of the lot facing the street. I looked at the distance to the office. There was plenty of parking spaces right by the office she could have chosen. I heard Jeannie’s door open. I was standing behind the car looking at the route to the office stood next to me. Perhaps she was going to relieve me the degradation of going into the office dressed like this. Instead she opened the trunk. There were two suitcases which she started to pull out. She then gave me a playful swat on the tush.

“Get going. The sooner you get the room the sooner we can play.”

I could tell I wasn’t getting out of this assignment. My eyes were focused on the office door. I saw nothing on either side of me. My peripheral vision was gone. I saw only a tunnel guiding me straight to the office. I gingerly walked on the high heels I was wearing. I’m sure Jeannie was enjoying the show of my butt swishing back and forth as I covered the 150 feet or so. I didn’t look back to check. I had to get the room and get it fast. I cover the distance swiftly and soon found myself face to face with the woman running the front desk. To me she looked too good to be working at a dump like this. I tried to sound calm as I push the money across the counter and asked for a room. The woman didn’t even bat an eye. She just handed me a key.

“Two hours, not a minute more. Leave the sheets on the floor. Don’t steal any towels.”

She was blunt and to the point. I turned to get back to Jeannie. I was surprised to find her standing outside the office door with both suitcases. I wasn’t sure, but I think I saw her wink at the clerk. I walked through the door. She took the key out of my hand and looked at the tag to find the room number.

“You can carry the bags,” she told me as she started to walk toward the stairs. I grabbed the suitcases and scurried after her.  We walked up the grated metal stairs next to the office. I had to be very cautious not to catch a heel lest I tumble back down the stairs. I was relieved to make it to the second floor without incident. The motel was L shaped. I followed Jeannie as she walked past four or five rooms and then turned right. The long side of the motel had about 12 rooms, I guess. We were in the 11th, two from the opposite side near where our car was parked. I didn’t understand why Jeannie carried the bags to the office instead of leaving them at the car. I guess it was worth her carrying them a little way to force me to carry them back. Jeannie unlocked the door and ushered me inside. As soon as I put down the bags, she pulled me into her arms in a passionate embrace.

We kissed like high school kids at the prom. She was very passionate and I found myself melting into her arms. As soon as she felt me acquiescing to her control, I felt her hands begin to roam over my body. I’d like to tell you that she was about to strip me while we continued to make out, but of course that wasn’t possible given what I was wearing. Eventually we had to stop sucking face long enough for her to help me struggle out of the rubber hooker outfit. I felt relieved to finally be free of the constricting garments even though I was now naked before her and she was still fully dressed. I moved my hand to begin undressing her but she pushed me away.

“Lose the wig and wash all that make-up off your face while I see what fun toys I have for you,” she exclaimed as she lugged the suitcases over to the dresser.

She opened them up and I saw one was clothes and one was toys. I guess I will not be wearing the hooker outfit home. I was thankful for that. The other side was pretty much what I expected having seen her parents playroom last weekend. Ropes, cuffs, a crop, a blindfold, a couple of dildos and vibrators completed the collection.

“Strip that nasty blanket off the bed and lay down spread eagle,” Jeannie commanded me.

I’m glad she wanted me to take off the blanket. Just looking at it I could tell it was filthy. The sheet was off-white. When I realized it probably didn’t start off its life that way I felt dirty without even touching it. Still it was cleaner than the mattress pad so I lay down. I reached my arms and legs toward the corners of the bed. I felt horribly exposed and very turned on. The room was as dingy on the inside as the exterior of the motel looked from the parking lot. But somehow it seemed just right for what Jeannie was about to do to me. I trembled again, this time in anticipation.

The bed proved to be a bit of a challenge to secure me as the headboard was bolted to the wall and the frame was not designed to accept chains. Jeannie sorted it out by running rope under the frame and tying my wrist cuffs to each end. I probably had more play in my arms than I would have in her parent’s dungeon, but I wasn’t about to complain about that. My legs were similarly trussed. Jeannie put a leather cuff on each one of my ankles and then ran a rope from one cuff under the bed and then attached it to the other. I was now her happy prisoner ready to do her bidding. She then went back to the suitcase and returned with the blindfold. Apparently she didn’t want me knowing her plans.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Nicole shut the curtain and then helped me onto the bed. She rolled me onto my side and spooned me from behind. I felt warm, happy and safe.  She was letting me rest without thinking about her own needs. I’m sure she had turned herself on while fucking me, but she seemed content to let me recuperate. I heard people in the room next to us through the paper thin walls and wondered if it was the man and woman who had just watched us. If it was, I wondered how long it would be until we could hear them in their dance of passion. Did we inspire them with our own performance? Would they be extra loud as payback for watching us? I should have been concentrating on my mistress, but my thoughts were with the couple. More specifically my thoughts were with the hooker. I wondered if she ever had the kind of orgasm I’d just had. It was doubtful as the John was just a job for her. Get him in, get him off and move on. I didn’t know much about the hooker lifestyle but I knew it was a volume business. Nicole didn’t comment as we started to hear the sounds of passion.

To my surprise, it was a woman’s voice echoing exclamations of pleasure. I figured I would hear the guy grunting and the woman faking it. I didn’t hear the squeak of the mattress or any sounds of fucking so I deduced that the girl was being pleased by a talented tongue. How strange was that? Certainly it was not hygienic. The guy must not have been worried about catching a sexually transmitted disease. The voice stylings of the woman continued to build until they reached a fever pitch and were joined by a knocking on the wall. I tried to guess what position they were in which would result in such a noise. She certainly didn’t sound like she was faking an orgasm. I could feel myself getting excited again as the audio show led my body back into a state of arousal. I tried to turn in my lover’s strong arms to address her face to face. I got only about a quarter of the way around.

“My I eat your pussy mistress?” I asked.

*** Jeannie’s POV ***

Nicole was a master planner. I knew she and Sandra were in the room next door. I had watched two people peeping in their window as I waited for Rose in the office. I was still skeptical of Nicole’s concept of how tonight would end, but I trusted her.  At this particular moment I was taking my own pleasure from Rose’s tongue. I had her strapped to the bed and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. I was sitting on her face feeding her my pussy. I’d made sure to blindfold her per Nicole’s orders. Rose’s pussy eating skills had definitely improved in the last week a fact I was benefiting from immensely.  Soon she had me right on the edge of a delicious climax. As Nicole had instructed me, I made sure to be loud. I really didn’t need to be told to act that way as I didn’t have much of a choice given the job Rose was doing on me. I did knock on the wall on purpose. That I would not have done. I balled up may hand into a fist and I hid the wall several times. Then I came.

I grabbed Rose’s head and pulled it as deep into my pussy as I could. She probably couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care right then. I ground my crotch on her mouth and then up onto her nose. When she came up for air she was going to get a strong whiff of my musk. She responded like a trooper never complaining and happy to serve me. I rolled off her and went to retrieve the strap-on. It was time for her to have some fun too.

*** Nicole’s POV ***

After hearing Jeannie’s knock on the wall I knew our plan was working. It was now time for part two. I released Sandra from my bear hug and left her on the bed. I loved the look of longing in her eyes as I moved just six feet away from her and back to the suitcases. I retrieved the cuffs and the rope. How many girls had I tied to this very bed? Jillian, the motel’s owner Sandra got the key from, and I had met a couple of years ago. While she catered to the working girl trade, she kept this room for herself and her special clients. The sheets were always clean and except for on special occasions, she was able to keep the room next door vacant. Of course this was one of the special occasions.

Our plan was pretty simple. Mom and daughter were both bound to their bed. Because of the layout of the room, their headboards were opposite each other on the same wall. I knew Sandra would soon be screaming again in pleasure and unless I missed my guess, Jeannie would have Rose doing the same. I had used the “picking up a hooker” ruse to throw Sandra off from my true plans for tonight. Having the girl watch us earlier was an unplanned stroke of good luck as I’m sure Sandra would assume they were in the room next door. I knew Jeannie had planned to humiliate Rose on the way to the motel, but we should have coordinated that better. As soon as I recognized Rose on the street corner I knew I had to get Sandra out of there. I don’t think she recognized her daughter because she didn’t say anything.

By the time I finished tying her to the bed Sandra’s pussy was a swampy mess with need. I had no trouble sliding my strap-on back into her. This was now the fourth position I’d taken her in less than an hour. According to our plan, Jeannie would soon be doing the same to Rose. I bet that little tramp’s pussy was as wet as her mother’s.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I loved eating Jeannie’s pussy and loved hearing how much she was enjoying it. I hoped that it would soon be my turn after she had cum on my face. Bound to the bed I couldn’t wipe off my lips so her moisture just sat there and finally dripped slowly down my cheek.  Jeannie returned from the suitcase with two toys and a bottle. My eyes got wide when I saw the butt plug. At least she brought a generous supply of lube. She also had a large vibrator. Bound as I was I could not stop her from spreading the lubricant around my asshole. She started by pushing in her index finger so she could spread the lube more thoroughly. She had a bit of a problem because I was on my back getting to my dirty hole, but she managed. Then she pushed the plug into me. I grimaced in pain as she forced the ring past my sphincter with little time to let me adjust to the invader.

“You’ll thank me later when I fuck your ass,” she hissed at me. All of a sudden the lovable girl was gone and Mistress Jeannie had taken her place. “I want you to be louder than I was,” she commanded as she turned on the vibrator and shoved it into my pussy. The inside of my pussy tingled as she pushed the happiness wand into me. All of a sudden my clit was shocked with lightning. I looked down over my chest and saw there was a rabbit nub on the top of the vibrator. It had just hit my clit. Just as fast the wonderful sensation was gone as Jeannie pulled the vibrator back out.

“Let me hear you,” she repeated as she pushed the vibrator back home. This time I did as she asked, not that I needed any real coaching. I moaned, I howled and I begged. I’m sure everyone in the entire motel heard me. All of a sudden, in between my own cries of pleasure, I heard another woman in the throes of passion. Jeannie continued to fuck me with the vibrator while I began to hear a knocking on the wall. Only this wasn’t a fist like Jeannie had done. This was clearly the sound of the bed frame knocking into the wall. Somebody was getting fucked next door and fucked hard. Soon the sounds of enthusiasm could be heard from the next room as they mixed with my own sounds of zeal. The room was a regular adult movie orgy of sexy sounds as me and the other woman came forcefully. It was turning out to be one heck of a night.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

Mistress Nicole didn’t let me eat out her delicious pussy. Instead she mounted me again with her strap-on. Not that I was about to complain. She loved to fuck me and I loved to be fucked by her. I knew when the time came she would present her pussy for my oral ministration. For now, I was going to enjoy her being inside me again. Nicole was as aggressive as she had ever been with me. I could feel the bed shaking beneath me as she slammed the dildo into my pussy over and over again. Her hips were grinding against me with every stroke. The bed was moving on its casters and hitting the wall too. I wished my arms and legs were free so I could have wrapped myself around her and held on.

I could hear the couple next door to us. The woman was obviously enjoying herself. I remembered back to when my husband would have been above me instead of another woman. I remembered the weird looks on his face and how his cum felt as it shot out of his cock. I began to wonder if the guy next door would shoot inside the girl or pull out. I felt strange thinking of other people as my mistress hovered above me and sawed her fake dick in and out of me. My own pleasure and accompanying moans seemed to echo what the girl next door was experiencing. When I heard her cum, it triggered my own orgasm. It wasn’t the best one I’d ever had, but it was nice. I make sure to scream out “I’m cumming,” so my neighbor would know she wasn’t the only one having fun. I felt naughty after that and even giggled a bit as Nicole looked down at me and smiled.

Nicole got up and removed the strap-on. She then dangled it in front of my face until I stuck my tongue out. She let me give it a quick cleaning and then returned it to the suitcase. Before I could wonder if she was done with it for the evening, I heard a knock on the door. “Great,” I thought to myself. “Somebody complained we made too much noise.

Nicole looked at me and then threw the blanket on top of me. She covered me from head to toe while the knock became more insistent. “Just a minute,” I heard her call out. She told me not to move or make a sound. I tried to breath shallow. The blanket was musty smelling and I was afraid I would sneeze. I heard her moving around the room again. I figured she was grabbing a robe from the suitcase. Then I heard the door creak open until the security chain snapped tight. I tried to listen but Nicole and person at the door were whispering. I could not make out what they were saying. The door shut and the blanket was pulled back from my outstretched body.

“That was our neighbor next door. They think we sound fun. Would you like to fuck them?” Nicole asked as if she had not already decided the answer.

I knew tied to the bed as I was and pledged to serve Mistress Nicole in any way she commanded, my response was largely ceremonial. Still, it was nice to be asked. “Of course mistress,” I replied. “If that is your will.”

Nicole smiled at my subservient answer. Truth be told, I was horny enough to fuck anybody with a stiff cock or dildo. I watched as Nicole went back to the bag and got her strap-on again. Boy was the girl next door going to be surprised. Nicole also grabbed a blindfold. She told me she didn’t want me to get jealous watching her fuck the hooker. This struck me as strange. Wouldn’t she get jealous watching somebody else fuck me? I had to shake the question from my mind. Whatever Nicole desired was what was going to happen. Once she slid the blindfold into place and plunged me into darkness I was again transported to the ethereal plane of slut slave. I didn’t care who would be fucking me only that I was going to be fucked again.

“They will be over in a minute. Make me proud of you. Don’t speak. That is not your job right now. Just serve them as you serve me. You have permission to cum as often as you can. I think you will enjoy this,” Mistress Nicole instructed me.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I had watched Jeannie slip on a robe and walk out of the room. She wasn’t carrying an ice bucket so I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. She returned about a minute later with a big smile on her face. She told me she had gone next door to visit our noisy neighbors. She said they wanted to meet me. I immediately found it exciting. After all not making any choices and being allowed to act slutty was what attracted me to Jeannie in the first place. Jeannie untied me from the bed but left my cuffs on. She then had me pack up our bags, although she had me remove a thick leather blindfold before zipping the suitcase shut. I was not thrilled as she took away my sight with it. Suddenly I felt very not in control. Jeannie told me not to speak again and then ordered me to grab the suitcases. I had to fumble around a bit to find the handles. I then heard the door open and Jeannie instructing me to walk toward her. I gingerly stepped forward. Without vision I was tentative. Jeannie kept coaxing me until I’d taken enough steps that I knew I would be at the door.

Suddenly I realized I was still naked and was now standing on the walkway outside our room. I could feel the cool night air blowing across my hot skin. I heard the sound of traffic driving past and knew anybody who happened to look up would see me. I waited to hear the sound of a car crashing as the driver was distracted by seeing a naked girl outside the motel room door, but all I heard was the pounding of my heart. I could feel my skin flush as Jeannie led me next door and I heard her knock. It seemed like an eternity until the door opened. Jeannie grabbed one of my erect nipples and used it to guide me into the room. She then told me to put down the bags while I heard the door shut and the deadbolt click.

I was expecting to be given directions, but Jeannie and the other people were silent. I felt a hand on my bottom pushing me forward until I felt my knee tap the side of the bed. I then felt hot breath in my ear and received a whispered instruction from my mistress.

“There is a slave tied to the bed in front of you the same way you were tied. Eat her pussy, but don’t let her cum.”

I leaned over the bed and moved my hand until I found the woman’s leg. From there it was easy to find her very wet and inviting pussy. I hoped the view of my backside and I lay between the woman’s legs was appealing as I began to lick and nibble her.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I heard our neighbors enter the room, but I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when without warning I soft feminine hand on my leg and then a tongue begin to lap at my labia. I couldn’t move much, but I could rock my hips enough to put a little firmer pressure on her mouth and force her tongue deeper into my pussy. Since my mistress had told me I had free reign to cum, I wanted to take every opportunity to do so. Unfortunately the girl between my legs apparently had not been given the same memo because she kept stopping each time I heated up. She was definitely teasing me. I realized she had probably been given opposite instructions from what I had. When I felt her weight leaving the mattress I was not surprised that I had not climaxed.

Soon I felt the weight return only this time it was at the head of the mattress. Someone was on their knees straddling my chest. I assumed it was the woman who had just eaten me ready for me to return the favor, but I was prepared for a hard cock to push past my lips. Fortunately a wet pussy was pressed against my mouth instead. She had a flavor I didn’t recognize. It wasn’t Nicole, Erin or Liz. I had not been given instructions to tease so I didn’t. I did my best to make the woman cum. She was moaning, but didn’t say a word. The sounds reminded me of those from the next room and I assumed it was the same girl. She was grinding herself on my mouth and seemed to be enjoying herself greatly. I would have been jealous had she cum. I was doing my best to make that happen, but part of me didn’t want that to happen until I came again.

I could sense she was close. I kept expecting my mistress to use a vibrator on me so both of use could cum together, but my relief was not to be. Fortunately for my jealous nature, neither was the girl’s. I heard her groan as she lifted herself off my face. I had to assume she was pulled back to prevent her from climaxing. At least both of us had suffered the same fate, I thought.

I lay on the bed wondering what was going to happen next. My pussy was pulsating in anticipation. Certainly it was going to be good. I heard the other bed creak. Maybe my mistress was going to fuck her while her partner fucked me. That sounded like a great plan. Instead I heard the sound of rope sliding through cuffs and around the bed frame. I also heard a grunt as apparently the woman was stretched tight to the bed. Apparently the neighbors played the same games Nicole and I did.

I was surprised when I felt my bed begin to move. I had not noticed the frame was on casters but I supposed on the rare occasions when these rooms get cleaned it would help to be able to move the bed to vacuum underneath. I felt the bed being moved into the center of the room and then turned. I tried to picture my new position as I heard the other bed now being moved out from the wall.

I felt weight on the end of the bed as my unseen partner climbed on top of me. I was expecting my new champion to be a man. She was not. As soon as I felt the cold rubber of her strap-on slide along my thigh I knew. I was pretty sure Mistress Nicole wanted the woman from next door so I had to assume the person on top of me wasn’t her. The woman lay down on me and began kissing me. Our breasts mashed together. I could feel the hard points of her nipples and knew she could feel mine.

I heard the other bed begin to squeak and then felt it bounce against mine. The moans of a happy woman soon filled the room while my new partner continued to passionately kiss me. I was squirming beneath her in an effort to make clitoral contact with her or her strap-on. Fortunately she took the hint and soon I was filled again. She quickly built a steady rhythm with her dildo hitting all of my jovial nerve endings. I was moaning in concert with the other woman. The bed frames continued to bang together clanking out a cadence like an erotic metronome. I wished I could see the sight we must have made. I imagined the woman’s breasts flopping wildly as my mistress continued to pummel her. I imagined the look on her face as she received the same pleasure I was receiving. If you have never been fucked in the same room when somebody else was also being fucked it is a surreal experience. It is hard to tell when your cried of pleasure end and hers begins.

Our antagonists kept up their pace for about 5 minutes before mine paused. I had been getting very close to orgasm and I had to assume the other woman was too. I felt my binding being released. I wondered what position I would be put into. My new partner twisted me indicating I should get on my knees. Apparently she knew doggie was my favorite position. My mind raced as I tried to decide if it was Erin or Liz behind me wielding the strap-on. I decided it was probably Erin.

The woman mounted me with the confidence of an experienced swordswoman. She gave me four quick thrusts and then stopped again. I groaned in frustration when she pulled her cock out completely. She then pushed on my butt indicating I should move forward. I crawled about 6 or 8 inches until I felt the other girl’s wrists. She was still tied to the bed. The bed was still moving back and forth as Mistress Nicole continued to fuck her. From the sounds she had been making I was sure she had cum at least once.

Once I was in my new position, I felt the dildo sliding back into me. I then felt a hand on the back of my head. The hand was coming from in front of me and it pulled my head down until my lips met the tied woman. I was tentative, but she was not. She lifted her head and passionately kissed me. That was all the inspiration I needed as I brought my lips down crushing hers. She was not free to resist me and I had no intention of allowing her to.

I was now being pumped relentlessly from behind while the other woman was being fucked from the opposite direction. It was a struggle to keep our lips locked as we were moving in opposite directions at different tempos. We managed to sloppily French kiss which I’m sure amused our mistress’. The girl below took the worst of that as gravity assured her that my saliva would drip on her face. I didn’t care, though. I was too close to cumming to worry about her. I rocked my ass back on my unknown assailant trying to match my movements to her thrusts. I am pretty adept at maximizing my own pleasure by matching my partner’s lunges. I was no less successful tonight and soon the girl beneath me received a scream of release in the middle of our lip lock. I suddenly felt dizzy as my orgasm rushed through my body and the rolled off my knees onto my side. I could hear the other woman cumming as my orgasm apparently triggered her own. The air in the room was saturated with female musk and then, suddenly silent. The two of us were spent and our mistresses still had not said a word.

*** Rose’s POV ***

As humiliated as I was to be standing on the balcony before we entered the room, as soon as I was tied back to the bed I was excited by the prospect of being fucked by a stranger. I had assumed it would be a man who would take me. I was shocked, although I’m not sure why, that it was a woman. The shape of the dildo was different from Jeannie’s. I wondered if all women chose a different strap-on so they can feel unique like how every cock is a little different. Whatever the reason, this woman filled me better than Jeannie did. It was an amazing sensation. I was receiving the fucking of my young life and at the same time somebody else was getting fucked right next to me. I wished I wasn’t wearing the blindfold so I could see my partner and the other woman. I suddenly had the thought of how cool it would be if there was a mirror on the ceiling and we both could see each other while we were fucked.

After some time and two small orgasms, I felt a pair of lips brush against mine. I didn’t want to let them get away so I stretched my neck to try and reach them. Whoever they belonged to knew how to kiss. It was a major turn on and when she came, my brain exploded in a massive release. I was left panting on the bed trying to catch my breath. If this was the payback for having Jeannie leave me on the street corner, the cost was minimal. It was probably the best orgasm of my young life.

The room was quiet as I began to calm down. I anticipated Jeannie removing the blindfold, but she didn’t. I did feel my bindings being removed. I considered removing my own blindfold, but I waited for direction from my mistress.

No vocal instructions happened, but I did feel my arm being pulled in the direction of the other bed. I guessed I was going to have to service the other woman again. I was half right. I was positioned on my back and the other woman lay on top of me in a 69. I heard a woman’s voice I didn’t recognize tell us to pleasure each other. The woman’s pussy was very juicy from the fucking she had just received. I knew she would be having the same reaction when her tongue first made contact with my slit. I’m not sure how to describe my emotional reaction at that moment. I had just experienced one of the best orgasms of my life at the hands of a stranger and now I was licking another woman’s pussy while she ate mine. As of one week ago I’d never even kissed a girl and now I could think of nothing else.

I did my best to make the woman cum, but it wasn’t easy. I could tell she was giving a fine effort with me too, but it was hard for me to peak again so soon. I could hear the sound of a woman playing with herself at the side of the bed. We may not be making each other cum, but apparently our show was making somebody happy.

Although neither of us came again, whoever was standing to my left sure did. I even had a finger put under my nose so I could smell the evidence. It must have been Jeannie because as she drew the finger over my nostrils I heard the same voice that instructed us to gratify each other complain that neither of us had cum. Apparently that was what she wanted to see. She told Jeannie to help her get us up to a standing position. I was tingling with excitement to see what would happen next.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I felt two strong hands help me to my feet. I was then moved over to the wall where the bed was originally located. I felt two hands take my wrists and push my hands against the wall spread as if I was being arrested. I then felt a foot kicking my legs apart until I was basically standing spreadeagled in front of the wall. I knew the other girl was being positioned next to me. Her right hand was paced over my left and her right foot was against mine. We were not given instructions. We just had to wait in silence.

I heard the whistle of a leather strap before it struck. I was poised for the snap of the crop, but instead it hit the other woman. Of course she screamed. I heard the air moving again and guessed I would be next. I was right. I didn’t scream, though. The blow was not that hard. It was really a love tap I guessed to warm our butts. Either that or she got hit much harder. We each got 10 spanks, 5 on each cheek. I wiggled my ass a bit to entice them to use more force, but they were remarkably consistent in their strength. I then felt cool gel being applied to my warm ass. Immediately I knew what was coming next. I bent myself over a little to show I was OK with getting penetrated up the butt.  I was remarkably relaxed given the situation and my tormentor had little difficultly putting the plug up my ass. It wasn’t the largest one I’d ever worn, but I was still pretty full. Judging from the sounds next to me, my submission partner was not as experienced as I in taking a plug. She fought the insertion. I could tell by the sounds that one of the women had to hold her while the other plugged her. I would put money down that she just earned more punishment.

Instead they seemed to be giving her pleasure. Her scream transformed quickly into a mew of pleasure. Before I could wonder what they were doing to her, I felt a finger begin to rub my pussy and clit. Soon I too was joining her in a chorus of happy sounds. These women were playing us like fine instruments and I loved my mistress for it. They played with us long enough to get us good and wet. We were then backed away from the wall but not all the way to the beds.

I felt my arms being wrapped around the other woman. She felt so good. Her skin was very soft and she had the body of an athlete. To nobody’s surprise, except maybe the girl, my cuffs were clipped behind her back. She was positioned the same way with her wrists clipped behind me. We were now standing toe to toe bound to each other. I didn’t wait for an order to begin kissing her. Now that she was in a more neutral position, she kissed me back with a fiery determination.

I tried to imagine what we must have looked like bound together and making out for our mistress’ pleasure. The girl certainly knew how to use her tongue and her passion was working wonders on my libido. I could feel my juices leaking onto my thigh as I began to grind my crotch against her. She quickly got the message and soon we were pushing our pussies together. Our bodies were locked together. Our sensitive flesh melded against sensitive flesh in an embrace that focused our passion as our mouths met. I forgot where I was and that I was being watched. My arousal was peaking and I started to feel like I could cum without the aid of a finger or toy on my clit. The girl’s tongue was ruthless in its pursuit of my own and I wanted it between my legs again. I pulled my head back at shouted to my mistress, “Please, please mistress, make her eat me!” There was no immediate response and I quickly found myself begging again to serve the unknown woman in front of me.

Almost on cue I felt the blindfold being removed. The first thing I recognized was Jeannie. What the hell was she doing here? I can tell you what she was doing. She was removing the blindfold from the girl I was bound against and whose talented tongue had been driving me wild. I felt the flush of sexual excitement drain from my body. I knew who it was even before the blindfold was removed allowing me to look into my daughter’s eyes. I was in shock. My legs gave way and I felt like I was going to faint. Rose was basically holding me up. I could see in her eyes that she was as shocked as me. I felt Rose maneuvering me over to the bed. We fell tethered together to the mattress landing in a heap of female flesh. I was breathing hard and starting to hyperventilate. I struggled to voice any kind of objection to Nicole.

“How could you do this to us?” I pleaded in a raspy voice as I looked up at my mistress.

I felt my cuffs being removed and soon both Rose and I were free from our forced embrace. I rolled onto my back and stared at the ceiling. My world had just crashed down around me. Nicole began to explain.

“Actually you have your daughter to thank for everything,” my mistress began. Rose immediately interjected, “What?” I saw Jeannie spank her bottom. “Don’t interrupt,” she scolded Rose.

“Rose caught you being your naughty self when you were masturbating in your living room with the windows open. She was shocked and told Jeannie. I’ve known Jeannie for years and she knew I had a particular appetite for older submissive women. You were such an easy mark to seduce. I could tell from the moment we first met you were ripe for the taking. When Jeannie told me she wanted to seduce your daughter, I knew eventually we would have to bring you together as a team.”

I heard the words but I wasn’t really comprehending the meaning right then.

“I think they need some time alone. Maybe we should go next door and let them talk,” Jeannie said to Nicole.

“That’s a good idea,” Nicole agreed.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I was struggling to come to terms with what had just happened. I had just made out with my mum and it had been so hot. Although I had had an orgasm while watching her with Nichole I never imagined that we'd ever do anything together. But like so many recent things I’d done under Jeannie’s direction that I wouldn't otherwise have done, this was thrilling. If I could get past giving a sex show in a public bar then a little thing like incest should be easy. I looked again at the hot sexy woman who happened to be my mom and my body tingled as I remembered the session that we just had. I felt an urge to kiss her again, to kiss her lips, to kiss her breasts, to kiss her all over. Was that really so wrong? And, if Jeannie ordered it did I really have a choice? At that moment I just wanted to hold my mom tight and let whatever happened happen. However I could see that mom, unlike me, was still deeply conflicted.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I rolled over enough to watch our mistresses walk out the door. Then I looked at Rose. Summoning all of my remaining strength I got off the bed and stood up. Rose got off the bed too and we began just staring at each other. Finally I found my voice.

“I’m sorry I got you involved in this,” I told her.

“I’m not. I’ve really found myself with Jeannie. She’s released my inner slut just like Nicole has done with you,” she said.

“You really think I’m a slut?” I asked her.

“I think we are both very passionate women who needed to be told what to do in order to act out our inner most desires. At least that’s what I feel is happening to me. Ever since dad and you split up you needed to get laid and Nicole gave you what you needed and more.”

I sighed because I knew she was right.

*** Nicole’s POV ***

As Jeannie and I headed back to the other room I was very concerned that we had pushed this too far. I mean, both Sandra and Rose are consenting adults and nobody was going to get hurt, but still, maybe putting them together was a taboo I should not have crossed. I asked Jeannie what she thought and she said she felt everything would be OK.

In the room we were both eager to eavesdrop so we grabbed glasses from the bathroom sink area. We each sat on one of the beds and put the glasses to the wall. We could hear their discussion pretty well. From what I gathered Sandra was having more of an issue than Rose. Rose confessed to her mom that her time with Jeannie had been the most exciting of her young life and that she had no intention of stopping now. She said she now understood that she had been born a submissive, craved the touch of a mistress and knew Jeannie was right for her. She told her mom she was in love with Jeannie. Both Jeannie and I pulled our ears off the glasses and looked at each other. She was smiling at Rose’s pronouncement. I felt very happy for her. We returned our ears to the glasses on the wall. I wanted to hear Sandra confirm what I hoped was true for her. Namely that she was in love with me and there was no way she would give up now. We were surprised that the room had gone silent. There was no conversation going on at all. Jeannie and I both looked at each other again. Perhaps I had misjudged Sandra. Perhaps you can push a mother too far even if she is a submissive.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I could see by the look on my mom’s face when I pledged my love to my best friend that my mom knew the consequences of my confession. She didn’t respond. We sat there staring at each other for the longest time. I could tell she was fighting an internal struggle. Clearly she felt the same submissive calling that I did. I knew she loved Sandra even if she would not admit it now. At the same time I knew she loved me and I wondered if that would manifest itself as a protection action against Nicole and Jeannie or acceptance that if Jeannie made me happy then this was what was right for me. I continued to stare into her eyes.

*** Sandra’s POV ***

I wasn’t sure how to respond to Rose. I just sat there like a zombie. My natural instinct was one of flight. But what she had said about this being the most exciting relationship she ever had held true for me too. I could only imagine what other adventures Nicole had planned for me. The question in my mind was whether I could get past having been so turned on by being with my daughter. She was a great kisser and our embrace when we were locked together was one of the most passionate moments of my life. Could we ever go back to a normal relationship? Would I want her tongue between my thighs every time I saw her? Would I instinctively drop to my knees before her if she asked? I continued to stare at her as my mind raced through all the possibilities. While in a way I was glad Nicole and Jeannie had left us alone, it would have been so much easier if they had stayed and just ordered me to have sex with her again. I can’t resist Nicole and if she commanded me that would have made things easier. If Nicole simply bent me too her will, my being with Rose wouldn’t count as incest, would it? It would be just like when we had been blindfolded. At least that is what I tried to tell myself.

*** Jeannie’s POV ***

“Do you think we went too far Nicole? I’m worried that we don’t hear anything? Do you think they left?” I questioned.

“No, we would have heard them if they walked out. Plus you’ve got Rose’s clothes so she’s not going anywhere. By the way, she looked nice on the street corner. I was worried that Sandra would recognize her and blow the whole night, but we got lucky. I think you should dress her like that and have her hang out at Liz’s bar.”

“Can we bring Sandra along to watch?” I asked.

“I’d love that but I’m not sure I’ll be seeing Sandra after tonight. I’m getting a bad vibe from this silence. How much fun would it be to put a remote controlled egg inside her and then tease her while her daughter fended off some men at the bar. I’d love to watch her squirm. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.

*** Rose’s POV ***

I continued to stare at my mother. Finally I started to see her defenses coming down. She’d made a decision. But would she yell at me or embrace me?

*** Sandra’s POV ***

As I looked at Rose I saw a face of love. Love for Jeannie and love for me. I wanted to protect her, but more than that I wanted her to be happy. I reached forward and gave her a big tight hug.

“Be careful honey. Submission can be a powerful thing. It makes you do things you would not normally do and some of which probably are not a good idea. I’m OK with you being with Jeannie, but I don’t see how I can carry on with Nicole,” I told her.

I started to pull away from her but Rose grabbed me and pulled me into another tight embrace. She then began to kiss me. It wasn’t a loving peck on the cheek from your daughter. It was another fiery tongue in your mouth meant to turn-your-knees-to-jelly lust fueled kiss. When our lips parted a strand of saliva kept up connected and hung in the air.

“I’m not letting you quit, mom,” she said. “We both know how much you need this. I want you to be happy too.”

Rose moved in close again this time like a predator. I’d seen the look in her eyes before when Nicole would take me. Being submissive helped Rose understood what I liked and what I needed. Her passion overwhelmed me and any resistance I felt quickly faded away. We fell back onto the bed in a tangled mess of arm, legs and tongues. My brain knew it was wrong, but my lust overruled any semblance of restraint. I kissed her back as hard as I’d ever kissed another person. I felt Rose’s hands begin to run all over my body. There was no stopping her as she began to maul my breasts and pinch my nipples. I should not have been getting excited, but I was. When her hand moved down my body and found my now very wet pussy, I moaned.

*** Nicole’s POV ***

Jeannie and I were still sitting with our heads pressed against glasses on the wall. The deafening silenced was shattered by a loud moan. I recognized it immediately as Sandra. I jumped up and hopped over to Jeannie and gave her a hug. We had not destroyed the family after all. Jeannie was still trying to listen. I was more interested in celebrating so I pulled her away from the wall and pushed her onto the bed.

*** Rose’s POV ***

My mom’s reaction to my kisses and fondling was pretty much as I expected. I knew she had that level of lust in her and just needed a little nudge to let it out. My fingers danced against her clit making her squeal. She was a volcano just waiting to erupt. Leaving her lips, I kissed my way down her body. I never knew she had such spectacular nipples. I sucked on them both for about a minute. It had been over two decades since I’d done that only now it was for pleasure and not sustenance.  My mom was holding my head tight while I feasted on her breasts. However she quickly released me when she felt me wanting to move further south to her waiting pussy and I slid off the bed. Although I’d already eaten her earlier when I was wearing the blindfold, this felt like the first time. I relished her taste as I dove my tongue between her soft folds. I had no sense of wrong as I lapped at her flowing nectar. Her continual animal grunts urged me on. I expected Jeannie and Nicole to barge back through the door to stop her from cumming without permission although I prayed they would not before I could finish her.

Fortunately for both of us, the door remained closed and soon mom shuddered through a violent and loud orgasm. I felt proud giving her that much pleasure and hoped I could do it again soon. Mom lay on the bed worn out from my tongue and the pleasure she had received. I thought she might just fall asleep. I hoped she would return the favor and gratify me, but it was clear she would need some time. So I just climbed back into the bed and nuzzled up to her and held her tight. I held her there for a while, both of us naked and happy, until I heard a knock on the wall. I’d almost forgotten. Our mistresses were in the next room. I tapped on my mom rousing her from her post-orgasmic coma.

“I think we’re supposed to go next door,” I told her while pointing toward the wall.

She nodded and we rolled out of the bed. I took the lead and held her hand and we walked outside as naked as the day we were born. It was late and the night air was cool and still. Before she knocked on the door my mom said that if we walked through the door our lives would never be the same. She asked if I understood what that meant and I nodded yes. She got down on her knees and tugged on my hand to indicate I should follow her. I watched as she cupped her breasts and held them up. I did the same. She then dropped her right breast and knocked on the door quickly grabbing her breast again when she was done.

We didn’t have to wait long. The door swung open. Nicole was standing there. She was wearing a strap-on. I looked past her and I saw my mistress face down on the bed. Her butt was in the air and her asshole was gaping. Nicole asked which of us had the noisy orgasm without permission. Mom immediately admitted to her transgression.

“You’ll be punished later, but first you are going to clean my cock so I can fuck your daughter. Do you have any objections?” Mistress Nicole asked.

I looked at my mom and we both answered in unison, “No mistress.”

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