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Fate of a Jewish Family

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Synopsis: Set in Yugoslavia during the Second World War, when a Jewish family get captured by Nazi soldiers and then sent to an underground interrogation center for questioning and torture

Fate of a Jewish Family

By  Sonya  Esperanto

Authors  Note:

This is the first time I am doing a story that is set in the past,  in a time of history,  in the Second World War. 

I have watched a lot of films and documentaries  about the Nazis occupying Europe,  the Holocaust ( the Nazi extermination of Europes Jewish population,   at  around  6  million ),  the fate of other groups of people ( gypsies, Slavs,  communists  etc )  and  other  brutal  things  that  had  occurred  under  Hitlers  dictatorship,  such  as  slave  labor,  conducting  cruel  and  sadistic  experiments  on  people  and  many other things.

The  story  is  set  in  1940,  since  that  was  when  the  Nazis  had  already  occupied  all  of  Europe,  except  for  Russia.

My  story  is  of  course  fictional,  but  such  things  did  happen  during  the  Second  World  War,  to  “real  people  with  lives  and  hopes  and  dreams”.

Personally,  I  do  think  that  it  is  important  to  tell,  or  rather  write,  about  such  stories,  even  if  they  are  fictional  or  fictionalized,   so  that  people  would  know  about  such  things  and learn  from  history,  hoping  not  to  repeat  and  avoid  the  mistakes  of  the past.


1940,    Nazi  German-Occupied/Satellite   country  of  Yugoslavia

The  road  faced  open  grass fields on  either  side.  A   small  1940s  type  pick-up  truck  was  driving  along  the  road,  with  no  other  cars  or  trucks  that  could  be  seen  for  miles. 

Inside the  truck  were five  individuals:  the  Serbian  driver  Stefan,  a  37  year  old  man  named  Issac,  Issacs  36  year  old  wife  Sarah,   their  two-month  old  son  Ruben  (sat  down  on  his  mommys  lap)  and  their  attractive  17  year  old  daughter  Rebecca. 

At  the  back  of  the  truck  were  loads  and  loads  of  haystacks.  But  underneath  all  those  haystacks  were  Jews,  who  had  just  escaped  from  a  concentration  camp,  somewhere  from  Srebrenica. 

Stefan  was  a  swarthy  thin  balding  brown-eyed  Serbian  Orthodox  Christian  helping  Isaac,  a  Yugoslavian  Jew,  help  other  Jews  and  even  other  enemies  of  the  Nazi  state,  escape  their  doomed fates.

“It makes me sick I tell you!!!  The Nazis putting the Ustasha in charge of  this  once  beautiful  country  and they are killing  many  Serbs  and  other  people!!  They  even  send  our  people  to  concentration  camps!!  And  who  is  it  who  are   helping  them!!  The  Ustasha,  bunch  of  Croatian  fascists,  and  even  Bosnian  Muslims,  whom  many  many  have  been  able  to  join  the  Nazi  army  and  even  become  SS  members  themselves,   because  they  are  the  only  few  Muslims  with  Blond  hair  and  blue  eyes,  like  these  German  Aryan  bastards!!”   Stefan speaking to  Isaac emotionally.

As Stefan kept on driving behind the steering wheel,  he took a temporary moment to spit outside his window.

Isaac patted Stefan on the back.

When the German troops rolled over Yugoslavia, with their Wehrmacht troops,  SS units  and  tanks  and  fighter  jets,  they  ruled  Yugoslavia,  with  their  Croatian  and  Bosnian  lackeys. 

“You are a good man Stefan!!  We have known each other  for  a  long  time,  even before  this  stupid  war of  Hitlers began.   He wants to exterminate people,  like us Jews and you Slavs!!  He calls us in his language die Untermenschen.  But the real Untermenschen are these Nazi scums!!”  Isaac  spoke.

Untermenschen”  was  a  German  word  for “inferior  race”,  which  Hitler  used  for  non-Aryans  or  non-Germans,  like  Jews,  Slavic  East  Europeans,  blacks,  gypsies  and  many  other  people  he  hated.

The  superior  race  for  the  Nazis  were  of  course,  the   Ubermensch,  the  Aryan  Master  Race ,  whom  Hitler  believed  to  be   the  ancestors  of  all  the  Germanic  people,   having  inherited  from  their  white  skin,  tall  height,  blond  hair  and  blue  eyes.

Unfortunately  for  both  Isaac  and  Stefan,  they  both  didnt  have  blond  hair  or  pale  complexion  and  were  dark  swarthy  instead.

But  for  Isaac,  it  was  even  worse,  since he  had  the  stereotypical  Jewish  Semitic  nose,  curly  black  hair,  olive  complexion,  and  thick  lips. He was shorter than Stefan,  at 5 foot 10  (Stefan was 6 foot).

Nazis  targeted  Jews,  far  more  they  did  everyone  else. 

“Cant you two guys stop talking about politics for a moment!! It is getting sick and we already know the world is bad enough as it is,  without you two having to remind the three of us over here about it!!”  whined Sarah.

Baby  Ruben started crying,  and  Sarah had to hush-hush their 2 month old baby boy.

“Now you made Baby Ruben cry for nothing!!”  Sarah talking lovingly about her son.

Sarah kissed her boy on his head.

Sarah looked different from Isaac and the typical Semitic-looking Jewish woman.  She had pale white complexion,  had  short brown hair, green eyes and could even pass for a Central or Western European.  She was the same height as her husband. 

The same goes for their teenage daughter Rebecca,  who resembles her mother in appearance and character,  but only stood at  5  foot  8. 

Baby Ruben had his mothers and elder sisters eyes.

As they were all in hiding and fleeing from the Nazis,  the men wore traditional Balkan hats while the women wore headscarves. 

“So father,  are we going to escape all the way to America??”  asked Rebecca.

“Right now we are just trying to find shelter and safety!!”  Sarah interjected.

“I always wanted to go to America!!  Better to live there than here!!  Over there, we would be safe from the Germans!!”  Rebecca commented happily.

But just as Rebecca had finished making their comments,  something shocked all four of them.  From the opposite side of the road,  was an expensive German car coming,  a  Mercedes  Benz,  followed by two German-type army  trucks.

As  the  car  had  no  roof,  they  could  see  the  people  sitting  inside.  They  were  German  officers.

One  of  the  man  from  inside  the  car  stood  up  and  waved  for  Stefan  to  pull over,  on the  side  of  the  road.

“Better pull over and tell him we are travelling together to see our old parents,  in the little town that she lives in!!!  I will tell him you are my son, Sarah is my daughter-in-law and Rebecca is my granddaughter!!”  suggested Stefan.

Stefan pulled the pick up truck over,  by the side of the road.

The Nazi officers  car and the 2 jeeps stopped too.  The Nazi officers car had three inhabitants. A driver.  And two officers,  with one of them being a  Commandant.  The Commandant, the other guy with him,  as well as the other soldiers from the back of their trucks jumped out,  carrying their machine guns.

“You………………all of you………get out of your vehicle!!!  NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  the Commandant yelled in fluent German.

As all four of them understood German,  and were shaken and intimidated by the way the Commandant had yelled to them,   they all got out of the truck.

Stefan,  Isaac,  Sara holding Ruben  and  Rebecca  stood  by the side of the truck. 

They could all see that the Commandant looked like the typical high ranking German Nordic officer,  with his tall stature at 6 foot 4, blond hair and blue eyes.

“You men,  go check the back of the truck!!”  the Commandant yelling his orders to his men.

“Yes  sir!!”  all the men responded in obedient unison.

Isaac was scared,  as the soldiers were going at the top of their pick up truck.  The soldiers moved the haystacks and then screamed,  ushering all twelve Jews who had been hiding underneath,  to come out.

The  soldiers had ushered all 12 of them to stand up in line.  There  were  two adult women,  three teenage girls,  two teenage boys,  two boys below 11 and three girls below 11. 

“So these are the Jews who escaped from the camps and you are the culprits who helped them escape!!”  the Commandant said.

The Commandant gave the word and the soldiers gunned them all  down,  with the machine guns making their loud firing  sounds,



,   all  three Jews  (Isaac,  Sarah  and  Rebecca)  screamed  in  crying  unison.

All 12 Jewish corpses piled up the road. 

“Dispose of the bodies!!”  the Commandant ordering some of the men.

“Yes  Commandant!!”  these men responded in obedient unison.

“You evil murderous German bastards!!”  Stefan cried defiantly.

But before Stefan could jump the Commandant,  the man with the Commandant shot his pistol at him before he could act,  making its lethal sound, 


Stefan felt bullets pierce his chest,  and he falls down towards the roads bumpy ground,  with his dead eyes still open.

Isaac  and  Rebecca  hugged  Sarah  and  baby  Ruben,  fearing  now  for  their  own  fate.

“As for these  four,  I can see that they really are Jews,  even looking and behaving like it!!  I want them taken back to the facility!!”  the Commandant said.

As the soldiers ushered the four Jews into one of the trucks.  As the four of them got loaded inside,  the Commandant told the driver where he wanted them to be taken. 

The Commandant got back on his car,  and the two trucks followed it all the way towards a  Nazi-run building,  surrounded by concrete walls and Nazi gates,  on the outskirts of Srebrenica.

When the four Jews were ushered out of the back of the truck they were in,  they saw that the building they were going to be taken to,  stood at least five stories and they saw large poles  by  its  entrance,  with the wind blowing over flags attached to them.

Flags with emboldened images of  swastikas on them.

It  was  some  kind  of  Nazi  center,  where  people  suffer  three things  to  them:

  1. interrogation

  1. torture

  1. experimentations

The Commandant had led his men,  into ushering the four Jews into the buildings front  entrance,  into  the  front  hallway  of  the  building.

Once  inside the Commandant  had  gone  to  the  reception,   and  Isaac  saw  him  talking  to  a   Blonde  woman  in  Nazi  uniform  behind  the  counter.   the  Blond  woman  left  the  reception  and  came  back  ten  minutes  later,  with  another  Commandant,  followed  by  four  Nazi  soldiers  armed  with  machine  guns. 

“This  is  Commandant  Herr  Ludwig!!  Herr  Ludwig,  these  are  the  Jews  who  helped  the  ones  from  that  camp  escape!!  It was a good thing for the Fatherland that me and my men caught them on the road!!   They were being helped by a Serbian Untermenschen but neither he nor the escaped Jews would bother us again!!  I  had  my  men  gun  them  all  down!!  Herr  Ludwig,  I  am  placing  these  four  Jews  under  your  hands!!  Deal  with  them  as  how  you see  fit!!”  the  Commandant  spoke,  to both  Isaac  and  his  family,  and  to  Commandant  Herr  Ludwig.

Commandant Herr Ludwig was just as tall and just as Blond as that Commandant who had them brought in.

The  two  Commandants  exchanged  Nazi  salutes,  with the one who had just  brought Isaac and  his  family over,  leaving  with  his  men.

“Take them to Doctor Mohammads facility!!!!”  Herr Ludwig ordered his 4 men.

“Jawohl,  Commandant!!”  the  4 soldiers responded in thundering unison.

The 4 soldiers ushered Isaac,  Sarah  (carrying Ruben)  and  Rebecca  to march forward,  with all of them walking behind Commandant  Ludwig..

They walked across a hallway,  until they went down the stairs,  taking them all to a more depressing  narrow  hallway,  where  Isaac and his family could hear people screaming.

The hallway was full of  normal doors and dungeon-like wooden doors,  with  Rebecca catching glimpse through the window,  of  two skinny Jewish-looking men having their wrist tied up,  by ropes hanging on ceilings,  while two men in Nazi army uniforms were using cigarettes to torture both mens nipples,  sending them screaming at the top of the lungs.

“Mom what is this place???”  Rebecca asked,  with fear in her voice.

“No talking!!”  yelled Herr Ludwig.

Rebecca gulped,  afraid of the way the Commandant had told her to shut up.

It was a very intimidating place.  Isaac knew what it was,  but his mind tried shutting out the truth,  in fear of what was in store for all of them.

They finally reached a large operation medical room,  full of beds,  posts,  tables  and  all sorts of equipments. 

There was a doctor in the room,   a  Bosnian man dressed up as a doctor.  He had pale complexion,  dark-blond  hair and sharp blue eyes,  standing  at  just  5  foot  9  (short by a Blond Bosnians standards).

“Dr Mohammed I had brought these Jewish prisoners for you!!!  I am also planning on interrogating them!!!  But before I do,  I am going to have some fun with them in this room!!  I am also going to demonstrate some scientific experiment before your eyes!!!  I know youre as much as game as I!!”  Herr Ludwig smiled.

“Yes please do!!  I always enjoy learning!!”  Dr Mohammed smiled,  then taking an apple from his bowl of apples, and taking a bite out of it.

“Dr Mohammed,  you Bosnians always have the worst of manners!!  Despite the fact that many of you have blond hair and have Germanic blood,  I  blame  your  mannerisms on your Arabic and Turkish Muslim heritage!!”  Herr Ludwig  shaking his head, in smiling disapproval. 

Herr Ludwig went to the table with the bowl of apple,  and took one himself,  taking a bite out of it.

“I just love Bosnian apples!!  But I still prefer Danish ones!!”  Herr Ludwig said.

Herr Ludwig ordered 2 of his 4 men  to go and get some other men.

10 minutes later,  the room was full of 15 Blond haired blue eyed German soldiers,  standing at least 6 foot 6. 

The sight of all the tall pale skinned cold aggressive-looking German giants intimidated Isaac,  as well as Rebecca and Sarah,  fearing for rape.

“Doctor could you take the baby from her hand!!”  Herr Ludwig ordered Dr Mohammed.

Dr  Mohammed walked towards Sarah,  taking Baby Ruben away from her.

“No please dont take our baby away!!”  pleaded a tearful Sarah.

Isaac and Rebecca cried and pleaded just as much.

“Be quiet or I will kill all of you,  including that damn Untermenschen of a thing you dare call a baby!!”  yelled Herr Ludwig.

Ludwigs threats shut all three mature Jews up.

Isaac felt both hurt and deeply insulted that the Commandant had just described his son as being “non-human”.

“Now I want you three Jews to take off all your clothes!! Now!!!  Schnell!!  Schnell!!”   screamed the Commandant.

Isaac,  Sarah and Rebecca, swallowed their pride,  and slowly slowly stripping off their clothes,  while  crying at the same time. 

Once all their clothes were on the rooms  floor,  the Commandant then gave them another order,

“Grab your filthy Jewish clothes and put them on that bin!!  Schnell you Jewish swines!!  Schnell!!”  ordered Her Ludwig.

Isaac,  Sarah  and  Rebecca grabbed their clothes and slowly walked to wards a large bin the Commandant was pointing at.  They all dumped their clothes there. 

The Commandant smiled,  watching them crying and being humiliated like this,  right in front of his men and his good ol friend Dr Mohammed.

“You three,  go and tie them up towards those three posts!!”  Her Ludwig ordering three of his men,  pointing directly at them.. 

Baby Ruben started crying,  at Dr Mohameds  arms.

The three soldiers took each Jew and had them tied to a post,  tying their wrists behind,  and around the three posts. 


Isaac,  Sarah and Rebecca were now helpless,  feeling discomfort on their wrists,  since the soldiers had them tied up too roughly.

Herr Ludwig walked towards Sarah,  watching her cry and fondling with her brown hair. 

“Your wife is very good looking!!”  Good looking for a Jew that is!!!  She does not even have a hooked nose or the face of a rat!!  She does look more European than you!!!”  Herr Ludwig remarked.

“Keep your dirty hands off of her,  you filthy Nazi German  swine!!”  Isaac tried crying out defiantly. 

Herr Ludwig smacked Isaacs face with one strong slap from the back of his palm. 


Ludwig felt the wind blow the blood circulation off his face. 

“You ever talk like that to me again,  Jew,  and  all of you will pay the price!!!  Would you want that rat that the doctor is carrying in his hands to be exterminated right away!!”  threatened Herr Ludwig.

“NNOOO!!”  Isaac shook his head,  begging with tears.

Isaac knew Herr Ludwig was referring to his 2 month baby boy Ruben.

Herr Ludwig then walked over to Rebecca,  grabbing her by her brown hair.

“Please dont hurt us sir!!!  Please dont hurt my baby brother!!!  We are no threat to you!!”  Rebecca whimpered down with tears.

“No threat??  No threat??  You helped those Jews escape from the camps!!!  We were trying to rid this country of rat infestation and you helped your fellow rats escape!!!  Do you know how that makes our jobs much more complicated!!”  Herr Ludwig spoke in a malicious manner.

The Nazis referred to Jews,  as “rats”,  with Nazi movies always having lots of rats to symbolise Jewish world power (as stated by Hitler and his elite).

“I am no rat sir!! Not me nor my family!!  For Gods sakes,  we did nothing to you or to Germany!!”  whimpered Rebecca.

Herr Ludwig got angrier,  yanking Rebeccas brown hair a lot harder.

“What you mean you did nothing,  you fucking Jewish bitch!!!  You are responsible for everything bad in the world!!  You ruined Germany!!!  You call that nothing!!!  You ever watched the Eternal Jew,  read Mein Kampf or that American car industrialists book The International Jew!!!   There is nothing more that I hate than liars!!”  Herr Ludwig yelled at her ear.

“Please stop yelling Commandant!!  You have won!!!  You mighty Germans rule the world!!  We Jews are nothing compared to you!!  You have no reason to kill us all!!”  cried Sarah.

Herr Ludwig let go of Rebeccas brown hair.

“Now I am going to ask you a question and dont you dare lie to my face!!  What is the exact location where you and the escaped Jews are hiding and operating from??  Tell me!!  How many of you are there?  Who are your contacts?? ”  Her Ludwig yelled at Isaac.

“I......I……..I….escaped just like everyone else!!  It was my friend who, got shot by the other Commandant,  who came and freed us!!  I am not running any escape operation!!”  sobered  Isaac.

“You liar!!”  Herr Ludwig shouted at him,  then smacking him on the face.


All 15 German soldiers smirked on their faces.

“Ok men!!!  Have some fun with these Jewish bitches!!”  Herr Ludwig ordering all 15 German soldiers.

The 15 German soldiers walked closer to where Rebecca and Sarah were tied.

“Oh God!!!  Oh please no!!!  Oh please no!!!  I told you the truth!!!  I know nothing!!”  Isaac cried.

The first two German soldiers who were standing in front of Sarah and Rebecca,  pulled down their pants and pulled out their cocks.

“No,  please dont do this to my wife and daughter!!  She is my wife!!  My daughter is not like all the other gentile girls!!  She is a good Jewish daughter!!!  Please I beg you,  dont do this to her!!”  begged and cried Isaac.

Isaac begged Herr Ludwig not to let his men “rape” both his wife (because they are married and extramarital sex is forbidden in Judaism) and his teenage daughter (because she is a virgin and unlike European Christian women,  dont often practise premarital sex).

The same two German soldiers thrust their cocks into Sarahs non-virginal pussy and Rebeccas virginal Jewish pussy,   with the big cocks breaking both womens holes,  sending them screaming together in extremely loud unison,  



,  Isaac screamed in terror,  watching his wife getting raped and his daughter losing her virginity to an anti-Semitic  Nazi.

As the two Germans were hammering the two Jewish females pussies,  they were squeezing their Jewish breast very very hard. 

After the two Germans finished raping the Jewish mother and daughter,  they retracted their cocks,  with both Isaac and Herr Ludwig watching the soldiers German sperms dripping down Sarahs and Rebeccas  Jewish  pussies.

Sarah and Rebecca were breathing heavily,  having felt extremely violated far more than anything else.

Isaac was helpless.  He could do nothing but cry.

Two more German soldiers came and thrust their cocks into the two Jews holes,  sending them screaming once more,


Herr Ludwig and Dr Mohammed were enjoying the show. 

“I thought the Reich and the Fuehrer did not approve of sexual contact between Germans and Jews!!”  commented Dr Mohammed.

“Keep your fucking opinion to yourself Bosniak!!”  Herr Ludwig expressing his annoyance.

“Sorry!!”  Dr Mohammed trembled a bit.

Dr Mohammed did not want to anger his boss.  Despite the fact that Bosnians had Germanic blood,  more so than they did Slavic blood  (which Hitler himself said,  making them more racially important and higher than Serbs or other predominantly Slavic people in the Balkans under Nazi doctrine),   Bosnians were still considered beneath Germans,  the Dutch and Scandinavians,  as they were not as tall, or as Blond or Nordic or as more paler or more muscular.

Two hours had passed since at least six men took turns violating mother and daughter simultaneously. 

When the sixth men for each female,  had finished raping and violating them,  the mother and daughter both looked like wrecks.

As for Isaac, he wished all of them were dead.

Baby Ruben was still in Dr Mohammeds arms,  as the doctor was doing s professional job of keeping the bay to be still and quiet.

“That is the difference between a German and other people,   especially Jews!!!  We are the superior Master Race and Jews among the  lowest race!!!  See how we easily destroy them!!”  remarked Herr Ludwig,  with pride and fire surfacing from his blue-grey eyes. 

Herr Ludwig went back to Isaac,  grabbing him by his dark and yelling at him.

“So Jew,  are you gonna start talking now or do you want to see my men violate your women!!”  taunted Herr Ludwig.

“I told you the truth Herr Commandant!!!  I know nothing!! It was that Serb you just show, who saved us from the death camps!!  Please let us go!!!  I told you everything!!”  whimpered a  psychologically  defeated Isaac.

“You still continue telling me lies,  you fucking Jew!!!”  yelled  Herr Ludwig.

Baby  Ruben started crying very loudly again.

“Can you shut that fucking thing up!!”  Herr Ludwig screamed at Dr Mohammed.

“I cant keep him quiet any longer!!!  He needs to feed from his mothers breast,  Herr Commandant!!”  responded Dr Mohammed.

Baby Ruben wanted to drink from Sarahs nipple.

“You know what I think!!  If Jewish babies can no longer drink from their mothers nipples,  they would not be able to live very long!!!  Now imagined of something could be done to their mothers nipples,   let  say,  to  make them so useless that no baby can ever drink from their nipples again,  the world today would not have to deal with the Jewish problem!! I mean think about it Herr Doctor!!!  You are a medical man!!! If he cannot drink,  he cannot survive very long!!! That means he may even die early and never grow up to become another evil Jewish adult,  that will help his kind plague the world with all its troubles!!!”  Herr Ludwig speaking like some kind of madman.

“Wouldnt it be easier to just kill this baby now,  Herr Commandant!!”  suggested Dr Mohammed.

“God,  oh no!!!  You bastard,  dont touch my boy!!”  screamed Isaac.

Herr Ludwig simply laughed. 

Sarah and Rebecca still looked and sounded all  wrecked-up. 

“You are an evil man!!!  You Germans are not the Master Race!!  We Jews are the Master Race!!  We are Gods chosen people!!”  Isaac screamed towards the Commandant defiantly.

“We are the Master Race!!! You are the leeches who leech off  the Aryan race!!!  You use our word God,  when your god is Yahweh and not the Aryan God.  We invented everything in history!! You just come and migrate to lands we live and occupy!!!  You make money off us, since you are  a  race of businessmen!!!   Not warriors!!  Not inventors!!  Businessmen,  praying to some idol desert god!!   We are the chosen race,  since our ancestors  left  Atlantis  for  Germany!!!  How come you live here in Europe and not we in the desert Mussulman lands!!!”  Herr Ludwig ranting off very very philosophically as well as emotionally,  in a high pitched tone.

The way the Commandant had talked Isaac down,  made Isaac tremble with fear. 

“Look at this Jewish coward Herr Doctor!!!  You talk to him like the rat he is,  and his head cowers away in fear!!”  Herr Ludwig talking to Dr Mohammed.

“No Herr Doctor!! Killing is very easy!!  I would like to see you conduct an experiment,  like say,  stopping their Jewish breast from ever producing milk again!! If they cant produce milks,  these Jewish babies cant drink!!  If they cant drink, they die from thirst!!   You get my point!!”  smiled Her Ludwig.

“I see what you mean!!  I can conduct such an experiment for you but I need one of your men to hold this baby for me while I do the conducting!!”  spoke Dr Mohammed.

Herr Ludwig ordered one of his men to go and assist Dr Mohammed.  While Dr Mohammed made that man carry baby Ruben,  Dr Mohammed went and took out a pair of gloves,  putting them on.  .

“So you see Herr Doctor,  something must be done to those nipples to stop them from being able to milk their own children!!”  Herr Ludwig commented in a soft humble tone.

Dr Mohammed fingered both of Sarahs and Rebeccas pussies,  causing both females to cum, and their nipples to harden.  Since he wore gloves, the cum stains from the women only stained the gloves,  not Dr Mohammeds fingers.

Dr  Mohammed  then went to one of the cabinets and took out some candles,  putting them down at the counter and picking one of them up.  He lit that candle,  so that it had flames burning at its top.

The Bosnian  Doctor walk closer over to both Jewish mother and daughter,  while still  holding the baby,  with Baby Rubens eyes looking glued towards Sarahs nipples.

“What………what………what….are……….you…………doing?????????”  Isaacs dark Jewish eyes shot wide open,  with fear.

Dr Mohammed moved the candle closer to Sarahs nipple,  to her right nipple in particular. 

Baby Ruben looked thirsty for his mothers breast.

“You bastard!!”  Isaac cried,  before a German soldier whacked him on the belly, with the butt of his machine gun,.


The moment the candles flames touched Sarahs right nipple, it started being burnt to dark red coloring,  while Sarah screamed really loud,


“Remarkable!!”  Herr Ludwig shaking his head,  with no remorse.

Herr Ludwig turned to Dr Mohammed.

“I want to see if this boy can still drink from his mothers nipple!  Let him drink!!”  Ludwig told Mohammed.

Dr Mohammed asked the soldier carrying Ruben  to  allow him to drink from Sarahs right nipple.

“My baby!!  My baby!!”  Sarah cried emotionally,  having been physically and psychologically inflicted.

After letting Ruben suck Sarahs burnt-up right nipple for a minute,  Dr  Mohammed made the soldier carrying Ruben , take his lips away from his mothers nipple.

He then used the candles flame to burn her right nipple again,  sending her screaming.

Dr  Mohammed kept on burning Sarahs right nipple and always stopping for a while to let Ruben just have a suck on it, if only for a minute,  just to see how long it would take to permanently stop the milk from flowing through her right nipple.

And of course every  time Ruben was taken away from his mothers breast, he always reverted back to crying.

Ludwig kept tracked on his Swiss wristwatch,  and his mind was splendid at keeping tracks of records.

After so much trials,  Sarahs right nipple was so burnt and disfigured,  that it  could no longer produce anymore milk.

“Success Herr Commandant.  Her  nipples are finally useless!!  Once we do the same to her left nipple, for the same amount of time,  this rat will no longer be able to nourish itself,  ever again!!”  chuckled Ludwig.

“You Monster!!!!!”  Isaac cried in self-defeat.

Herr Ludwig and his 14 men chorused in sadistic unison.

Dr  Mohammed then  did the same thing to Sarahs left nipple,  sending her screaming frantically,   until it was also finally so burnt up that neither nipples could squirt out milk anymore. 

“And now for the young daughter as well,  so that she too can no longer nourish any Jewish baby she could possibly have in the future!!”  suggested Herr Ludwig.

Dr Mohammed started burning Rebeccas right nipple,  sending her screaming for a much longer duration her mother endured.  When the right nipple was permanently damaged,  the  Bosnian  doctor  did the same to the left one.

The Nazis had enjoyed watching pain being inflicted upon mother and daughter,  and watching them screaming like Hell as well.

“These Jews are such screamers!!”  commented in a whispery tone one of the soldiers to his nearest comrade.

Baby Ruben just kept on crying and crying.

“Neither Jewish nipples can give out milk anymore Herr Commandant!!  Take note of this and you can explain this to Jews and Serbs and gypsies that you hope to experiment on,  when you are here by yourself,  in the future!!”   Dr Mohammed  told  Ludwig  and  his  men.

“You swine!!!  I hope you burn in Hell!!”  cried Isaac,  sounding bogged down.

“So Jew, you ready to talk now!!!  I have just started here!!!  You ready to confess,  giving out some valuable information!!”  interrogated Herr Ludwig.

Isaac was not ready to give out any secrets yet, of the people he worked with and the other escaped Jews and non Jews.

He did not want to see the Nazis win and achieving their goal,  in exterminating every single Jew in Europe.

“I will never tell you anything!!  Never!!”  whimpered a crying Isaac.

Isaac spat at her Ludwigs face.  Herr Ludwig got so angry that he kept on slapping and punching and kicking the bonded-up Jew.

Isaacs noses and lips were full of his own blood.

“You got me so angry that I am motivated into doing something!!”  Herr Ludwig spoke in a pissed tone.

Dr Mohammed told the soldier  put Baby Ruben down on the table,  leaving him to lay down and cry on the table.

Herr Ludwig looked at both Sarahs and Rebeccas nipples.  All four nipples looked dark-red, as if they were just burnt-off flesh.

“So ready to talk now??”  Herr Ludwig taunting Isaac.

“Told you the truth!!   Told you everything!!”  Isaac sighed.

The lives of thousands of Jews depended upon him not confessing the truth.

“Doctor give me the candle!!”  Herr Ludwig told Dr Mohammed.

Dr Mohammed handed him the candle.  Ludwig knelt before Sarah and then started burning her clitoris,  sending her screaming, 



,  Isaac screamed.

When  Herr Ludwig was done burning Sarahs clitoris,  he then went on to Rebecca,  doing the same to hers,  and making her scream really loud too.

The Nazi soldiers under Ludwig just simply laughed maliciously and sadistically.

“Now both your Jewish whore of a wife and that whore you call a daughter are no longer capable of ever enjoying sexual pleasure again!!  Ever!!!  Now are you going to talk???”  taunted Herr Ludwig.

The entire fate of the Jewish race is in my hands!!  If I talk,  we will all die,  Isaac kept on telling himself.

Watching his wife and daughter get “destroyed” like this was too much but he didnt want to see Herr Ludwig and his Fuehrer win.

“Doctor,  even though I burnt their clitoris,  one can never be so sure if they are permanently damaged!!!  Can you make sure that they are!!”  Herr Ludwig spoke to Dr Mohammed.

“Yes but it will be easier if you can have your men untie them here and then tie them up again on the beds!!”  Dr Mohammed suggested.

Herr Ludwig ordered four of his men to untie Sarah and Rebecca from their posts and then lead them to two beds  inside that operation  room,   forcing to be laid on their backs and strapping their wrists and ankles down.

Isaac cried,  watching Ludwig and Dr Mohammed standing by his wife and teenage daughter.

Dr Mohammed out gloves in.  first he fingered Sarahs pussy,  causing her to cum and her burnt clitoris to still get solid.  Once it was solid,  he took a knife and aggressively cut if off.


,   Sarah screamed,  feeling severe pain from her crotch.

Dr Mohammed placed the sliced clit into a small transparent thin plastic bag,  handing it over to Herr Ludwig,  who then went back to Isaac,  showing it to him.

“We have your wifes clit!!”  taunted Herr Ludwig.

“You evil Nazi bastard!!”  cried Isaac.

Herr Ludwig gave him a tight slap on the face.


“Are you going to talk now??”  yelled Ludwig.

“Never!!!  You Nazis will never win!!!”  Isaac cried.

“Doctor, do the same to his daughter!!!”  ordered Herr Ludwig.

“Yes Commandant!!”  responded Dr Mohammed.

Dr Mohammed fingered Rebecca,  causing her to have an orgasm and her clitoris to solidify.  Once it did, he sliced that one too and put her clit in a second transparent plastic bag,  causing her screaming,


“Doctor,  since there are many German soldiers who are wounded,  they are in need of organ transplants and kidney transplants!!!  Do you think you can operate on both the two Jewish whores!!!”  suggested  Herr Ludwig.

“It will be my pleasure!!”  Doctor Mohammed bowed.

Herr Ludwig ordered two of his men to stay behind and assist Dr Mohammed,  while he and the 13 other men were going to leave Dr Mohammeds operation/torture room for a while. 

Herr Ludwig had not returned again for that same day.  While Dr Mohammed operated on Sarah and Rebecca,  surgically removing their organs and hearing them scream and cry,  Isaac tried shutting his mind and ears and eyes down from his surroundings.

As for Baby Ruben,  the doctor had a nurse come to his room and attend to him,  feeding the babys lips with a milk bottle,  since the Doctor did not want to let the baby die just yet,  as it would be beneficial to Herr Ludwig to have Isaac convinced that his 2 month old son is alive and well.

They operated on Sarah and Rebecca until midnight.  Mother and daughter were in so much pain,  that their minds were not on Isaac and baby Ruben,  but on their own physical pains.

After 1AM in the morning,  the Bosnian Doctor and the nurse who attended to Ruben,  left the operation room,  needing to go back and sleep for a while,  while the two German soldiers just occupied the other beds on that room,  sleeping on them for a while.

By 10AM in the morning,  Dr Mohammed was freshly awaked and he and the two Germans were all in the operation room. 

As for Baby Ruben,  she was asleep on the table.

Somewhere in the  afternoon,  Herr Ludwig showed up with his 13 Blond haired blue eyed men.

“Please….Im hungry!!”  whimpered a tired and exhausted Isaac. 

Isaac only a temporary moment to sleep,  since was bound upright and could not get a full rest,  since his hands were tied behind his back and could not lay down.

“We are thirsty!!!”  whimpered a groaning Rebecca.

“Please feed me!!  Feed my baby!!”  whimpered Sarah.

Herr Ludwig and his men laughed. 

“So Herr Doctor,  do you have their kidneys and other organs ready!!”  spoke Herr Ludwig.

Dr Mohammed handed Herr Ludwig and his men boxes,  containing kidneys and other surgically removed organs from the mother and daughter.

Herr Ludwig ordered 5 of his men to go and drive all the way to a certain Nazi-run location,  to deliver the removed organs.  Those 5 men took the boxes,  and left the room.

The kidneys and organs were going to be given to hospitals,  meant for German patients (soldiers and the wealthy).

“Please sir,  let us go!!  I know nothing!!  We dont know who sent that Serb to free us!!”  lied Isaac.

“You Jews are very smart!!!  You still persist,  even if I had your wifes and daughters clitoris,  kidneys  and  other organs taken away from them!!!  Now what if I decided to shift my focus instead on your baby son and have my men shot him or blind him or do other things towards him!!”  threatened Herr Ludwig.

“No!!!  No!!!  He is an innocent boy!! He has got nothing to do with this!!!”  wept a weakened Isaac.

“I am a man with short patience and whatever patience I still have,  you are putting it to the test!! You know what I think would be a good idea!!!”  spoke Herr Ludwig.

Herr Ludwig took out a candle,  set it on fire and then went back to where Isaac was bound.  He moved the candles flames over Isaacs  Jewish balls,  causing the resilient Jew to scream really loud, 


Isaacs balls turned RED,  having been reduced to burnt-up hanging flesh.

The 10 remaining soldiers inside that room burst out laughing.

“Listen to the Untermensch scream!!”  commented a soldier.

“Hey that was what our Fuehrer said in Mein Kampf!! They are physically weaker than Aryans!!!  Why do you think we are the warriors and they are the businessmen!!”  commented a second soldier.

“We are tall and brave and they are weak and cowardly!!”  commented a third soldier.

“You see Jew,  even my own men know the truth when they see it!!  And tell me men,  what is it about Jews that define their characteristics the most!!”  Herr Ludwig addressing his 10 men.

“That they are rats who lie and connive and deceive!!”  the 10 men responded in unison.

“And where are they in the race category!!”  Herr Ludwig addressing his men.

“Beneath the Slavic people but above the Negro and the Gypsy!!”  the 10 men responded in unison.

“And who are the highest in the race category!!”  Ludwig speaking to his men.

“The German and the other members of the Nordic Race!!”  10 men yelled in proud and high toned unison.

Herr Ludwig turned to Dr Mohammed.

“Do you think he will still be able to have children,  even though I burned his balls??”  Ludwig asked Dr Mohammed.

“Well if you want to make sure that he cannot have children anymore but this is not permanently,  as even the Chinese admiral to Arabia even had his back,  you would need to severe his testicles from his body!!”  Dr Mohammed speaking like a cold intellect.

“What????  You cant cut off my balls!!!”  Isaac screamed at the top of his voice.

“So he can still have his balls back??”  Herr Ludwig asked out of curiosity.

“But so long as he does not have them,  he cannot have kids….ever!!”  stated Dr Mohammed.

“Ok Doctor,  do it!!  Castrate him!!!”  ordered Herr Ludwig.

“Yes Herr Commandant!!”  bowed Dr Mohammed.

Dr  Mohammed  took  out  his  burdizzo,  a  castration  device.  The Commandant  asked  two of his men to go and assist Dr Mohammed.  

Dr Mohammed knelt by Isaac,  pressuring the burdizzos  squeezing  chisels over his balls,  dramatically shrinking and causing there to be a cut off of blood circulation.

Isaac felt loss of blood on where his balls were.

Once the burdizzo shrunk the balls,  by  cutting air and blood to it,  he had one of the man use a knife and slice it off him,  letting the testicles drop on some bucket that had been placed under him.


,   Isaac screamed like never before. 

The two soldiers walked away,  with one of them carrying the bucket that had Isaacs balls in. 

Herr  Ludwig told the soldiers loudly, 

“He wont be needing his balls anymore!!  I was thinking of a good way of how to dispose of his balls…permanently!!!  Wait,  I know how!!!  Later we can have it grilled and fed to the dogs!!!”  suggested Herr  Ludwig.

All the soldiers and Dr Mohammed.

“No!!  No wait!!  No wait!!!  Please give my balls back to me!!!  I will tell you what I want!!”  Isaac begged.

“You have nothing that I could possibly want!!”  Herr  Ludwig taunted him.

“Wait!!!  You said you wanted information!!!  I will tell you who I work with, and where we operate!!”  Isaac confessed out of fear.

It was one thing for Isaac to see his wife and daughter suffer,  but for him to lose something that was really his own,  his testicles,  and a part of him,  was something not worth the lives of other people.

Herr Ludwig told the two men to just put the bucket down. 

“Now hear this!!!  I will listen to you!!  But if you lie to me about anything……….”  threatened Herr  Ludwig.

“No Commandant!!!  I  will tell you everything!!!  You will know I am not lying to you!!!”  Isaac cried.

“Isaac no!!!”  screamed Sarah.

“Dont betray our people father!!”  cried Rebecca.

“Shut up you two!!!!”  Ludwig yelled at them.

Herr Ludwig turned back to Isaac.

“Now after you tell the truth and my men do go and check out your facts,  I will give you your testicles back!!  But if you lie to me Jew,  I promise you this!!!  I will have far worser things done to your family and I will do far worser things to your baby boy!!!  Am I understood???2  taunted Herr Ludwig.

Isaac nodded his head eagerly.

“I will tell you everything sir!!!”  cried Isaac.

Isaac gave Herr Ludwig the information he wanted to hear.    Herr Ludwig sent one of his men to pass the information to that other Commandant who had brought Isaac and his family into the facility the day before.



When Herr Ludwigs man drove all the way to the headquarters of that other Commandant,  hading vital information to the secretary,  the secretary passed Isaacs information to that Commandant,  when he got back with his men.


The Commandant and his men tracked down that bunker,  where the other Jews that Isaac worked with,  had hidden and operated from. 

To the resistant Jewish army and the other escaped  Jews hiding there,  they were caught by the Nazis by surprise. 

It was a massacre.  The  Nazi soldiers killed and gunned down every  men,  woman and child. 

No  one  was  spared. 

No survivors were around.



Commandant  Ludwig and his men entered Dr Mohammeds operation facility,  around noon.  Ludwig walked over to Isaac. 

“You did tell me the truth!!”  Commandant Ludwig smiled.

“I told you the truth!!!  Just please give me back my balls!!  They are a part of me!!!”  Isaac whimpered. 

“Please give us something to eat!!!  We havent eaten in days!!”  begged a strapped-up Sarah.

“My father told you everything you wanted to know!!”  whimpered a tired exhausted Rebecca.

The three mature Jews had not eaten or drank anything for three  days  now.  It was only baby Ruben who had been milk-fed.

“Doctor,  we dont need them anymore!!  I am going to have my men take his wife and daughter to a cell.  I  want you to start operating on this man next!!” Remove his organs!”  Herr Ludwig ordered Dr Mohammed.

“As you wish Commandant!!”  bowed Dr Mohammed.

“You lying Nazi bastard!!”  Isaac screamed ferociously.

Herr Ludwig ordered one of his men to hit Isaacs head with the butt of his machine gun.  Once Isaac ad been hit on the head, he became unconscious. 

The soldiers unstrapped Sarah and Rebecca,  carrying them on their arms and taking them all the way to some cells,  on that same underground floor. 

They even gave Ruben back to Sarah,  in her cell.

Unfortunately for Sarah,  as she was lovingly fondling her baby sons hair,  her nipples could no longer nourish him.

As for Isaac,  two soldiers untied him from his post and let him laid strapped up on one of the beds.

During that entire day,  Dr Mohammed did surgery on him,  removing his kidney and other organs. 

As for Sarah and Rebecca, they had been in separate cells,  fearing for what laid ahead of them.   but on the bright side,  despite every bad thing that had ever happened to them,   they had been given food and water,  which they hungrily consumed in their respective cells. 

On that third day since they were captured,  neither mother nor daughter looked beautiful anymore.  Their brown hairs were untangled and wild.

As for Isaac,  Dr Mohammed had taken out his organs and the Bosnian doctor called it a night,  after 1AM,  leaving the poor  37 year old wrecked-up Jew to lay down on the bed,  where he managed to get some sleep but still worried about his testicles and organs,  and whatever fate that awaited him next.



In  the  morning,  Sarah  (with  Baby  Ruben)  and  Rebecca  remained  in  their  respective  cells.  Isaac  remained  strapped  up  inside  Dr  Mohammeds  operation  room. 

At  around  1PM  in  the  afternoon,  Commandant  Ludwig  and  his  men  showed  up  in  the  operation  room.  Dr  Mohammed  handed  them  boxes  full of  Isaacs  organs.  Commandant  Ludwig  had  two  men  deliver  them  to  their  intended  destinations.

Later,  the  Commandant  had  his  men  escort  not  just  Isaac,  but also  Sarah  and  Rebecca  (baby  Ruben  was  given  into  the  care  of  a  nurse),  towards  outside  the  building,  towards  the  woods  near  the  building  headquarters  of  Commandant  Ludwig.

Isaac,  Sarah  and  Rebecca  were  still  naked  and  Ludwig  had his  men  force  all  three  mature  Jews  to  crawl  towards  the  trees,  on  all  fours  like  dogs. 

One  soldier  carried  a  camcorder.  Two  soldiers  had  4  Dobermans on their leashes. 

While  Commandant  Ludwig  ordered the husband,  wife and daughter to remain on all fours,  on a certain spot,   he then ordered his 2 men holding the Dobermans,  to make 3 of the 4 Dobermans attack the three Jews from behind,  and thrust their doggy cocks into their Jewish assholes. 

“You three move and I will shoot you!!”  Commandant Ludwig threatened the three doggy-positioned Jews.

The moment the three Dobermans buggered the three Jews,  all three Jews screamed in sexually assaulted unison,


All three Jewish anuses were being flooded by Doberman sperm,  while the soldier carrying the camcorder filmed the entire beastiality scene.

The soldiers laughed,  watching all three Jews being degraded and humiliated like this. 

Commandant Ludwig stood in front of the camcorder,  but not completely, so that it still would film the three Jews being doggy-fucked.

“As you can see what is happening behind me,  the Fuehrer is right!!!  Jews are not even humans!!  What human on earth would allow his or herself to get fucked on his or her ass,  by a dog!!!  I know that an ubermensch wouldnt!!!  But then again, Jews are not really human!!  They dont have our morals,  as you can see for yourself behind me!!  They would participate in any sport,  for money!!!  It is for money, that they are now having sex with dogs behind me!!”  Commandant Ludwig pretended sounding disgusted.

Commandant Ludwig moved away from the front lens of the camcorder and then told the soldier holding it,  to continue filming the beastiality scenes.

As for the three Jews, they were disgusted at themselves,  allowing dogs to fuck them from behind.  They all felt cold doggy sperm flooding their assholes,  and  being violated.

The other  Nazi  soldiers who were watching all this,  kept on laughing and calling all three Jews demeaning and degrading names.

Commandant Ludwig allowed the dog-fucking-ass scene to last for 45 minutes  (since they started filming)  until he told the men to get the dogs off the Jews butts.

The next thing Commandant Ludwig did,  was order all three Jews to lay on their backs,  while using their mouths to give blowjobs to the three dogs,  whose cocks had fucked their asses. 

The camcorder was recording all three Jews using their hands,  to suck the cocks of all three Dobermans.  They were drinking dog sperm,  down their throats.

The soldiers kept on cheering and laughing at them.

Isaac,  Sarah  and  Rebecca  hated  taking  in  the  dogs  cocks  into  their  mouths  but  unfortunately  for  them,  since  the  camcorder  not  only  recorded  the  animal  oral  sex,  but  also  that  what  sperm they  could  not  get  into  their  mouths,  would spill  onto  their  Jewish  faces,  coating them and making their faces dirty and sticky.

“No moral at all!!”  commented Commandant  Ludwig.

Commandant  Ludwig allowed the oral scene to last for about 30 minutes,  until he told the Nazi  soldier with the camcorder to stop filming and the other soldiers to get their Dobermans away from the  3  Jews.

Commandant  Ludwig planned on sending the tape back  to  Berlin,  capital  of  Germany  and  of  the  Third  Reich,  to the people  in  charge  of  the  Nazi archives,  so that it would join the other videos,  especially ones where Jews were shown to be in concentration camps to ones where they were paraded next,  to ones where they were shot dead and their corpses piled up on grounds,  by the dozens.

For  the  rest  of  the  day,  the  three  mature  Jews  were  made to  serve  Commandant  Ludwigs  men,  inside  the  buildings  cafeteria,  where  they  brought  them  their  food  and  drinks  on  trays,  to  having  Isaac  licking  each  of  their  boots  clean,  with  his  tongue,  to  the  soldiers  taking  turns fucking  Sarah  and  Rebecca,  and  this  was  done  from  threesomes  to  foursomes,  as  Ludwigs  men  wanted  to  violate  the  beautiful  mother  and  daughter  as  much  as  possible.

They  were  even  made  to  clean  parts  of  the  building,  naked  and  always  under  supervision. 

Whenever  the  soldiers  gave  them  orders,  they  would  yell them  really  loud.

The  soldiers  also  would  take  them  to  one  of  the  torture  chambers  on the  same  underground  floor  where  all  three  Jews  had  lost  their  sex  and  other  organs,  at  the  hands  of  the  Bosnian  doctor  who  operated  on  them.

Inside  that  torture  chamber,  all  three Jews  had  their  wrists  toed  together,  above  their  heads,  from  ropes  hanging  from  the  ceiling.  While  they  were  in  this  position,  one  of  the  soldiers  would  take  out  a  whip  and  lash  out  at  the  backs  of  all  three  Jews,  while  the  other  Nazi  soldiers  would  laugh,  drinking  their  beers  and  smoking  their  cigarettes.

Isaac,  Sarah  and  Rebecca  would  plead  for  that  soldier  whipping  them  to  stop,  as  the  whiplashes  caused  them  not  to  just  scream  extremely  loud,  but  also  leaving  red  lashes  and  welts  all  over  their  backs,  making  them  feel  that  their  skins  were  being  torn  away  from  their  bones.

But  getting  whipped  all  day  wasnt  the  worst  thing.

As the soldiers did nothing but drink their alcohol bottles excessively,  they were losing control and getting carried away,  regardless of the consequences.

Another  Nazi  soldier  took  over  from  the  one  whipping  them,  asking  the  rest  what  they  think  ought  to  happen  next  to  the  three  tied-up  physically  abused  Jews.

What  shocked  Sarah  and  Rebecca,  was  when  one  of  them  suggested  to  have  their  breasts  and  nipples  cut  off.


,  mother and daughter shouted in unison.

The soldiers cheered,  supporting  that  sadistic  idea. 

“Ok,  now will someone  hand  me  a  knife!!”  the  soldier  who asked the rest what they wanted happening to them,  asked his comrades.

A soldier came up and handed him his own large army knife. 

“Please dont cut off our breast!!”  pleaded a frightened Sarah.

“Well do anything you want!!!  But not this!!!  We have been obedient to you!!!  Please dont torture and destroy your most loyal slaves like this!!”  begged a crying Rebecca.

Isaac was just trying his best to shut his mind from what was happening around him,  being extremely afraid for his wife and daughter.

“Shut up you two!!  Or would you rather lose your lives as well!”  threatened that same soldier.

Mother and daughter wept,  shaking their heads frantically.  Fear could be seen in their eyes.

That same soldier who was now holding the knife,  roughly  grabbed  Sarahs  right  breasts  nipple,  holding  on  to  it  really  hard  and  firm,  while  slowly  slowly  sawing  off  her  right  breast,  away  from  her  chest,  sending  her  screaming  like  she  had  never  screamed  before,


That same Nazi soldier who had cut off Sarahs right breast,  held her sliced off breast over for his comrades to see.  They cheered really loud,  with excitement.

As  for  Sarah,  blood  dripped down continuously from where her right breast once was.

That  soldier threw the right breast,  like a married woman throwing flowers to the next group of women who had just attended her wedding,  to the other soldiers.

One of the soldiers successfully caught it. 

“Hey what should we do with this???”  asked the soldier who had just caught Sarahs right breast. 

“Feed it to the dogs!!”  suggested one soldier.

“Use it as decoration!!”  suggested another soldier.

“Turn it into a hat””  suggested another.

“Or a belt!! But the nipple could be turned into a necklace or a ring ornament!!!”  suggested another.

“Ok guys, just shut up for a while!!!  What we do to that breast,  we can decide later!!!  Right now,  I was thinking of cutting off her left one as well!!!”  yelled the soldier who had just sliced off Sarahs right breast.

Sarah was psychologically devastated.  But the moment that soldier had hang on to her left nipple,  while slicing off her left breast too,  she  screamed once more at the top of her lungs,


The soldier who was cutting off Sarahs breasts,  tossed the left breast over to the other Nazi soldiers as well.

Blood also dripped now from where Sarahs left breast once was.

“You bastard!!”  Rebecca screamed hysterically towards that soldier who had cut off her mothers breasts.

Rebecca defiantly looked towards the other soldiers as well,   with  emotional  hatred  in her green Jewish eyes.

“You are all bastards!!!  You Germans are monsters!!!  You barbarians have not changed since the days of the Roman Empire!!!  This is why you lose ever war you fight in!!!  You are not the Master Race!!  You are not civilized!!  How could a group of people who tells the rest of the world that they are a superior race,  when they stoop so low into doing something like this!!!”  Rebecca screamed hysterically.

The soldiers just stared drunkenly at Rebecca.

“Hey we are doing the bitch a favor!!  Did you know that Amazon women cut off their own breasts too!!”  joked one of the soldiers.

The other soldiers started laughing,  after hearing that comment.

The soldier who had cut off both of Sarahs boobs,  then went over to Rebecca.  The moment he grabbed Rebeccas right nipple  and still  holding  his  large  Nazi-made  knife,  Rebecca spat at his drunken face.

The soldier holding the knife was furious.  He slapped Rebecca really hard on the face.


Rebecca felt a blow towards her face.

“You ever spit on me again and I will cut out your fucking Jewish tongue!!”  threatened that same soldier holding the knife.

Rebecca gulped in fear.  She did not want to lose her tongue,  since it allowed her all this time to remain and sound defiant.

The soldier with the knife grabbed onto her right nipple,  and  started  slicing through her right breast,  sending her screaming the same way her mother Sarah did,  


The soldier with the knife tossed Rebeccas  right breast to the other soldiers,  while Rebecca kept on bleeding from where her right breast once was.

He also later did the same to her left breast too.


From  1940  to  1942,  Isaac,  Sarah  and  Rebecca  remained  as  slaves  to  their  Nazi  masters,  inside  Commandant  Ludwigs  headquarter  building. 

Isaac remained a kidney-less Jewish eunuch while both his wife and daughter not only had no more kidneys and other organs,  but that where their breast once had been, were now covered in bandages. 

While they were forced to do all kinds of work for Ludwig and his men during the day,  from cleaning their boots to bringing them food to allowing themselves to suffer physical and psychological abuse  and  force them to get videotaped  while making them perform beastiality,  and were allowed to sleep in the same cell,  during the night,  with baby Ruben being given back to them once more. 

As long Ludwig kept Ruben alive, he knew he would always be able to make the three Jews obey him,  no matter how many other bad and monstrous things he allowed them to endure.

But  in  the  summer  of  1942,  Commandant  Ludwig  had  received  orders  from  Berlin. 

In that same summer,  the Nazis under Commandant Ludwig were forced to kiss their Jewish slaves,  whom they had so much sadistic fun with,  good bye.

The Commandant had Isaac,  Sarah  (with their baby Ruben) and Rebecca to be escorted towards a train station,  with  having  clothes  on  of  course,  where they were  handed  over  to  another German Commandant. 

During that same faithful day,  Isaac and his family were herded along with some other Jewish  prisoners and slave laborers,  to board a train,  which was ultimately destined to take them all the way to Poland,  to  a place called Auschwitz.

As the ride to Auschwitz took days and that Sarah could not breast feed Ruben,  the baby boy ultimately died,  inside that train cart they were in.

Sarah cried that entire night,  eventually becoming a traumatised psychological wreck,  alongside Isaac and Rebecca.

When they finally reached Auschwitz,  the Nazi guards in charge of the place separated Isaac  from his wife and daughter,  since Jewish males (boys and men) were taken to separate males-only prison  camps,  while the females (girls and women) were taken to females-only prison camps. 

The prison camps were the same  concentration camps,  where Jews were eventually mass murdered. 

They were all worked to death,  by the prison guards,  until they all finally died,  when being made to bathe inside shower rooms,  which they thought were made by  Nazi  guards to clean their bodies  with.

Instead of being washed collectively by water,  they were instead mass murdered with a poison gas,  which was the Nazis called Zyklon B.

Isaac died two days before his wife and daughter did.  As they had not seen Isaac on the other side of the fence for two days, Sarah and Rebecca were frantically worrying in their psychologically vulnerable heads. 

Two days after Isaac died from poison gas,  inside the camps special shower room,  Sarah and Rebecca also died from the female camps special shower room.

When the Second World War ended in Europe,  in 1944,  when Hitler took his own life,  the liberating American-British-Canadian armies liberated Western Europe from the Nazis,  only to be confronted by a new enemy:  the  USSR.

The USSR had occupied Poland and East Germany, as well as the eastern half of the European continent.

By 1945,  World War 2 ended, with America dropping two atomic bombs, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But in the coming decades,  the world was going to learn about the concentration camps,  where  6  million  Jews  had  been  mass  murdered  by  the  Nazis,  and  of all  the  concentration  camps,   none  would  be  more  well  known  and  infamous  and  be  the  ultimate  symbol  of  the evils  of  Nazi brutalism,  as  the  ones  that  were  in  Auschwitz.

To the Jews,  it  was known as the “Shoah”. 

To the rest of the world,  it was simply known in plain English,  as the “Holocaust”.

To  the  Jews  who  had  survived  the  horrors  of  being  slave  laborers  and  prisoners  in  Nazi-ran  concentration  camps  (after  having  been  liberate  by  America,  British,  Canadian  and  Russian  forces),   later  living  in  America,  Britain  and  the  small  Jewish  State  of  Israel  that  had  came  into  being  in  the  faithful  year  of  1947,   they had one  thing  to  tell  the  rest  of  the  world,

“Never  again!!!”

As Hollywood kept on making Second World War or Nazi-related or Holocaust-related movies over the decades,  such  as  Schindlers  List  and other forms of entertainments like comic books giving us Captain America or video games giving us games like Wolfenstein,  the world tries its best to keep on reminding us what had happened in the past,  ensuring that ever generation does not keep on repeating the same mistakes,  as the generation before the Second World War,  whose inactions allowed the Nazis to come to power and then later,  invade other countries  or to even show us what would have happened if history turned out differently,  as a disturbing HBO movie like Fatherland has  (a film where what if the Nazis had won the war),  making us glad that World War 2 had ended the way it did.


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