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Parker 29: (Fore) closure

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Synopsis: A young lawyer on a business trip is enslaved while the author, struggling to complete the story, is cornered by his creations. The last Parker story.

                              PARKER29.TXT -- 1/2

                                  Part 1 of 2
                                   By Parker

              WARNING: Apart from portraying non-consensual sexual
              situations (and a bit of incest), this story is incredibly
              self-indulgent. Be warned.

           Copyright 1996 by Parker. Feel free to distribute at will
           (unchanged, of course), but please be discrete about it.

mmmmmmmmmmmmatmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmHe sits down at the computer and turns it on.

     A couple of antacid tablets and a large glass of milk, to deal with the
indigestion which had left him sleepless the night before and had provided him
with an excuse to leave work at lunch, sit on the desk beside the computer.

     He checks his watch. 

     Almost four hours before his wife would arrive home from work. He smiles.
Plenty of time to finish the latest story. Maybe he'd even have time to proof

     He pops one of the tablets and washes it down with milk.

     The start up routine finally ends. He starts WP51, calls up file "P29.DOC"
and starts to type...


     The first, wind-scattered drops struck the hood and roof of the rental car
with a hollow, metallic thump, the distant drum taps of the swiftly approaching
rainfall army, blowing quickly in behind the gutted, black rolling
thunderclouds. Elaine Mayfield fought back a sob of anger and frustration as
she glared helplessly at the dead automobile.  Less than an hour outside of the
town of Harrisburg, and the stupid rental car had sputtered and coughed it way
to uselessness, rolling to a quiet halt in the bog middle of nowhere.

     Piece of shit! 

     And that idiot mechanic back in Harrisburg obviously hadn't helped
matters. She'd had the asshole check the oil and top up the gas tank and all
that arcane mechanical stuff, just to avoid having the car break down like

     Cursing under her breath, the young woman brushed a stray, wind-driven
lock of brown hair from her face and looked up and down the road.

     No one. 

     Not surprising, given that she was on one of the obscure gravel backroads
that twisted and wound its torturous way along the fringes of the swamp. She
shook her head in frustration as a sudden gust of warm, storm wind again blew
another lock of brown hair into her face.

     More drops...

     Elaine sighed, turning her face away from the rain. She couldn't blame
that decision on anyone else. If she hadn't wanted to spend an extra night with
Richard - her fiance - back in the city, she would have flown upstate the night
before and woken up in Manning, ready for court. And it wouldn't have been
necessary to take a backroad "shortcut" instead of the Interstate. As it was,
she was already late for the first stop on the four day trip the senior
associates dubbed "Foreclose Run". The bi-annual swing though the small county
courthouses in the outlying regions of the state, bringing dozens of short,
simple motions for foreclosure on behalf of the big city banks that, through
countless low risk, high return loans, almost literally owned most of the real
property in the area.

     Standard "pay your dues" fare for young associate lawyers.

     And this trip was no exception. The trunk of her defunct rental car held
three barristers bags full of thin folders, each one containing a clip with
half a dozen precise, neatly typed court documents headed "Notice of
Foreclosure". By the end of the four day run, over two score families would no
longer own the land they'd put up as collateral. That is, if she even made it
to Manning in time for court. The way things were looking, she wouldn't even
get started.

     Elaine shook her head as another gust of pungent wind blew by, this time
bringing with it new reserves of rain. Dull thunder rumbled and shook in the
distance. The young lawyer glanced helplessly up and down the road and then
turned to get back to the silent car. At least it would protect her from the...


     Headlights were approaching from the direction of Harrisburg. Elaine
squinted through the wind, a smile of relief on her face. Her luck was
     "... and I have to be in Manning before noon." By the end of her
explanation, Elaine was leaning over, half shouting over the wind.

     The car had turned out to be a beaten up, rusted old Chevy, not uncommon
in these parts. It had rolled to a ponderous halt next to the silent rental car
after the young lawyer had waved it down. The passenger windshield had rolled
slowly down, revealing the face of a young man in his late teens or early
twenties, with long, dirty blonde hair and a splotchy complexion. "Yeah?
Whaddya want?" One of his front teeth was missing.

     For some reason, he looked vaguely familiar. 

     Elaine leaned down to explain. Two other people were in the car. A woman
in her mid-forties - the boy's mother, Elaine guessed - and a teenage girl in
the back seat. A sister? The older woman glanced over and gave a wan, empty
smile. The teenage girl just stared in silence, dark eyes squinting in squalid

     "Uhmm...". Elaine felt suddenly unsure of herself. Maybe she should
wait... but for what? Shaking off her unease, the young lawyer launched into
her story, ending with "... in Manning by noon."

     The woman looked thoughtful for a second, slowly working her jaw in
concentration. "C'mon, ma," the boy said. "We can take her."

     Finally, the woman spoke: "Well... why not? She don't look like trouble.
And we're going into Manning anyhow. Hop in."

     "Great. Thanks." Elaine pushed a strand of wind blown hair out of her face
and gestured towards the silent rental. "I just have to get some bags from my
car. Can I put them in your trunk?"

     This time the boy answered. "Sure." He pushed his door open. "I'll help."

     The young lawyer opened the back door of the rental car and watched
thankfully as the young man pulled out the three cases full of legal documents
and quickly stuffed them into the rusted truck of his mother's car. The
rainfall got heavier while he worked and, when the teenage girl opened the car
door and shouted "c'mon in", Elaine accepted gladly, and joined her inside the
Chevy. She settled down in the seat while the boy finished loading and then
slammed the trunk shut.

     "My name's Becky," the girl said. "That's my Ma in the front and my
brother Bobby outside."

     "I'm Elaine." A gust of wind splattered rain against the car window. "I
really appreciate this," she said gratefully as the wind increased. "I don't
know what..."

     "All done." Elaine stopped talking, startled, as the young man opened the
back door and slid into the seat beside her. "Shove over," he ordered, pushing
her into the middle of the seat. Flustered, the young woman slid over until she
was sitting in the middle of the seat between Bobby and Becky.

     Bobby slammed the door shut. "Let's go," he called out. 

     The car began to move.


     He sits back, rereading the last couple of paragraphs. Did it go too
quickly? Maybe he should have built up into Bobby going into the back seat a
little more.

     He reads it again and shrugs. 

     Close enough. Maybe he'll give it one more rewrite.

     He picks up the other antacid tablet and swallows it, finishing the milk.
If anything, the indigestion was getting worse.

     He starts typing again...


     Uncomfortable, Elaine sat in silence, staring straight ahead as the car
slowly picked up speed. Outside, the rain had begun its onslaught in earnest,
thrumming and slapping wildly at the car in opaque, watery sheets. Between the
caked mud of the windows and the heavy rainfall, it was all but impossible to
see more than a few feet out of the car.

     "That's a right fine set of clothes yer wearin'." The teenage girl - Becky
- reached over and touched Elaine's blue jacket. "Are you rich?"

     The young lawyer smiled. "No, I'm not. I have to dress this way for work."

     "It's purty." The blonde teenager ran an admiring hand down the sleeve and
then reached over to touch the skirt. Elaine had to stop herself from flinching
away when she saw the girl's dirty hands. "I wish I had clothes like that."

     "Awww... a tomboy, like you?" Bobby called out, laughing. "You'd just look
dumb. This here's a real lady."

     Becky pulled her hand away. "Ma..." she whined.

     "Bobby, you just leave your sister be," the mother called out from the
front seat, keeping her eyes on the road. "You know better than that."

     Bobby sniggered. 

     Elaine sighed and, as unobtrusively as possible, tried to slide a little
closer to Becky and a little further from Bobby. A brief silence settled over
the occupants of the car as the deep thrumming of the rain continued. The woman
had started up the windshield wipers, but they seemed to be doing little more
gathering mud from the side of the windows and smearing it liberally over the
entire pane. Worse than useless.

     The young lawyer shifted in her seat and adjusted her collar. It was
starting to get very warm and stuffy inside the car. She stared blankly out the
window, her thoughts drifting, lulled by the warmth and the thrumming of the
rain on the roof of the car. It looked like she'd still miss the morning
session at the Manning courthouse, but that wasn't a disaster. She could...

     She felt something against her leg!

     Elaine looked down. It was Bobby. He'd moved over in his seat until he was
right beside her, his jeans pressing up against her skirt and his shoulder
against her own. She opened her mouth to say something, but thought better of
it and, as unobtrusively as possible, she edged away, moving even closer to


     He frowns, sitting back in his seat. Hadn't he just used the phrase "as
unobtrusively as possible"? A brief review of the earlier page reveals that he

     He makes a mental note to go back and get that later.

     He wants to get at least a first draft behind him...

     Bobby reached down and put his hand on her leg.

     That was enough. "Excuse me!" Elaine reached down to push it away, but
with no success.

     "Becky's right," he grinned, squeezing her leg beneath the skirt. "That's
a right fine outfit."

     "Take your hand away. Now!"

     Bobby sniggered.

     Elaine began to feel real fear. 

     "I said..." 

     The young woman fell silent as Bobby reached over beside the seat and
pulled out a long, wicked looking hunting knife. She watched, wide eyed, as
Bobby brought the blade over and, leaning down, placed it against the inside of
her leg, below the skirt.

     Oh god. "No..."

     "Shhh..." Bobby hushed her as he slowly slid the edge of the blade up her
leg, pushing the her skirt up over her trembling knees. Finally, the knife
rested against the inside of her thighs. "Y'want somethin' from me," Bobby told
her. "Y' ask nicely. Got it?"

     Elaine just stared.

     Bobby frowned. He jerked the knife away from her thighs, raised it above
his head and plunged it into the back of the front passenger seat. "Got it?"

     Elaine nodded, eyes wide. 

     Bobby sniggered. "Good. Now, you was sayin'?"

     P... please... don't..." Elaine's voice trembled. She couldn't take her
eyes off the knife. "P-please, take your hand away."

     Bobby chuckled and removed his hand.

     Elaine sighed, but her relief was short lived.

     "Becky," he called, shifting back in his seat and moving his legs apart.
"C'm over here. Yer brother's got a hard one." The young lawyer's jaw dropped
with surprise as the teenage girl sighed and pushed herself out of her seat to
climb over her.

     "Sorry, ma'am," the girl muttered. "He's got a temper." The girl pulled
herself up over the stunned lawyer and slid to her knees on the floor in front
of her brother. Bobby spread his legs even further apart as his sister inched
forward and then reached out to pull down his zipper. Elaine opened her mouth
to... but remained silent as the teenage girl slipped her brother's cock free
from his pants. It was huge... long, thick... roped with heavy, twisted
veins... throbbing...

     Becky sighed and looked up at her brother. 

     "Go ahead," Bobby urged her. "Y'know what to do." Becky dropped her gaze
and moved her head forward, mouth open...

     Elaine felt a surge of horror. She couldn't... 

     "No. Don't... It's..."   

     Becky looked up, her blue eyes glistening. Smirking, Bobby looked over at
the horrified young woman on the seat beside him. "First y'get me all hot and
bothered, and now you don't want her to suck me?"

     Elaine shook her head, not trusting herself to speak.

     "Well ok then," Bobby continued. "You do it."


     "Someone's gonna suck me off. You or her... doesn't matter to me who does
it." He glanced over at the knife, still embedded in the front seat.


     "P-please, Miss...". A tear trickled down the teenager's cheek as she
looked up from where she crouched between her brother's legs.

     Elaine looked away, revolted at the sight of the boy's cock. She tasted
bile in the back of her throat. "I... I can't."

     "What's that?" Bobby jeered. "I can't hear you. You or her? Who's gonna
suck me dry?"

     The young lawyer swallowed dryly, staring out the window. "H... her," she
mumbled. "N-not me."

     Bobby grinned down at his sister. "You heard the lady. Get to it." Elaine
turned for a moment, watching in revulsion as the teenager parted her lips and
slowly lowered her open mouth down over her brother's massive cock. Bobby let
out a little grunt as his sister's wet lips slip over the head of his cock.

     Elaine then turned away.

     "No." Bobby reached over and grabbed a fistful of light brown hair.
"You're the one who told her to do it," he growled, forcing Elaine to turn her
head "Watch. She's doin' it for you." The young lawyer tried to squirm away,
but Bobby had a firm grip in her hair. Helpless, she watched as Becky slid her
wet lips up and down over her brother's cock, slowly coating it with a
glistening sheen of spittle. A thin line of drool congealed at the side of the
teenager's mouth and trickled down the side of Bobby's cock. With a quiet
slurp, the girl slid her head downward, sucking in the drool and most of her
brother's cock before bobbing her head upwards.

     Mesmerised, Elaine was startled when Bobby put his arm around her shoulder
and leaned in towards her. "Not bad, huh?" he said proudly. "I bin trainin'
her." Elaine didn't answer. She just stared in silence, eyes wide, as the
teenage girl finally managed to take her brother's entire cock into her mouth.
The young woman felt herself holding her breath as she watched the girl's
throat bulge alarmingly. "Bet you can't do that," Bobby smirked, pulling her
closer. Elaine sniffed and turned away.

     Bobby chuckled and then spoke: "Kiss me."

     Elaine choked back a sob, shaking her head. 

     "I wasn't askin'," Bobby growled, grabbing a fistful of sweat damp hair
and turning the young woman's head until she faced him. "Y'can kiss me or..."
he paused for a second to run a pink, wet tongue over his thin lips in a sick
cartoon leer "... y'can trade places with Becky. She won't mind." The young
lawyer gave a panicky glance downward. The teenage girl was fully occupied with
her brother's cock, slurping and sucking at it while alternately swirling her
tongue along the engorged head and then plunging downward, taking it into her

     Not that.

     She couldn't...

     Fighting back her nausea, Elaine leaned in towards her captor and placed
her lips softly against his. Bobby kissed her for a moment, running his tongue
along the outside of her lips, but then pulled back, angry. "Y'can do better
than that, I reckon." He looked down at his sister, busily slurping away at his
cock, and then up again at the young woman. "At least, y'better. One more
chance. I know Becky can kiss better than that."

     Elaine choked back a sob. She had no choice. There was no way she could...
she couldn't even imagine it. Trembling, she slipped her hand in around behind
her captor's neck. Pulling his face towards her own, she leaned forward and
kissed him. A quiet groan escaped her as he parted his lips to allow her tongue
access. Desperate to avoid Becky's fate, the young lawyer slipped her tongue
into his mouth and explored it in a long, deep kiss. In her mind's eye it was
Richard - her fiance - that she was kissing as she worked her soft lips against
those of her captor, but the illusion was shattered when Bobby broke the kiss
and let out a low, whistle. "I knew y'could do better," he chortled. "I could
suck face with yew all day." Before Elaine could say or do anything, he brought
lips down to hers' again. Elaine closed her eyes and opened her mouth to accept
his tongue; she was helpless to do anything but neck with him.

     The alternative was just too awful.

     A few moments later, she felt his hand slide in under her blouse, pulling
it away from the waist of her skirt, and move upwards to grasp at her breasts.
She let out a little gasp of pain as he jerked her bra strap down off her
shoulder and roughly began fondling and kneading her now exposed breast.

     The necking continued.


     He leans back in his seat and closes his eyes. The pain is increasing and,
to make matters worse, a dull headache is throbbing behind his eyes.

     Maybe he really is sick.

     Wouldn't that be ironic; going home early from work on the pretext of
being ill, and then actually being sick.

     Must be that flu bug that was going around.

     Sighing, he stands up and wanders into the kitchen; a couple of tylenol
should do the trick.

     The story was almost doneddddddddddddddalmostddddddddddddddddddaddddddld
Nodoneddas dddredddddnticddshedddndddhinddtheddoudddddanddddtodddddadddnistra
dddddddddddddddddddddd dddddd" Ms. Peabody," Stacy began, ignoring the
secretary's tirade, "you've got to recall the yearbooks. Someone has..."

     She was cut off as Ms. Peabody grabbed her by the ear and began dragging
her down the hall towards the principal's office.

     "Oww..." Stacy stumbled along behind her, trying to pull away but the pain
was too much. Finally, they arrived at the office. The secretary knocked on the
door and then pushed it open without waiting for an acknowledgment. She used
her grip on Stacy's reddened ear to propel the reluctant teenager into the
office and then entered behind her, closing the door.

     Rubbing her ear, Stacy looked around. Dr. Grossman sat behind the desk, a
serious look on his face.

     "Stacy," he said, "sit down."

     "Sir," Stacy began breathlessly, "The yearbook... you have to..."

     "SIT DOWN!"

     Startled, Stacy fell silent and dropped into the seat directly opposite
the desk.

     "This is a very serious matter," the principal explained grimly. "I've
just had some important evidence brought to my attention regarding your
academic performance this year."


     Stacy flinched as she felt a hand at her shoulder. It was Ms. Peabody,
standing behind the chair.

     "I found this cassette tape in my mailbox," Grossman continued, pulling a
small tape deck out of his desk. "Listen." He punched the play button. Stacy
listened. Almost at once, she heard the sound of her own voice:

     <"I heard you have a copy of next week's English exam. Is that true?"

     "Why do you want to know?">

     Stacy felt an absurd sense of deja vu as she listened in panicked

     <"I want a copy of that exam. I need it for this weekend."   

     "Stacy, you mean you want a copy of a stolen exam paper so you can cheat
on next Monday's English test."

     "Yes. I need it eoepass the exam... I'll pay money. How about $100?
Please?" eeee    eeee   eee

     "Alright, I'll sell yoee the stolee exam paper for $100. Will that be all,
Stacy, or doeeou want any eore exams? I can probably get whatever you
want." eeeee        eeeeee     eeeee

     "That sounds great. I'll buy whatever you can get for the classes I'm in.
$100 a eaper."     eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

     "It's a deal. Meee me tomorrow after school in the woodworking shop. It
ehould be deserted on Friday a eeeeeeeeee Don't forget the money.">

     Theeeeesiegeetepped for a second as the tape felleeeeent. Stacy struggled
to get to her feet, but the secretary heldeeee down, her hand firmly pressing
down on the teenager's shouldere

     "There'semore," she whispered menacingly.eeeeeeeee

     Stacy kneeeehaeeeShe knew exactly what was coming. Treeeeiegeeseelistened
eeeeeheeeoieee beeaeeeeeeee   eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeneee
eeaineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


     The jacket lay crumpled and useless on the seat. Her grey blouse was
ripped open down the front. Her bra hung, useless and empty, off one shoulder
and her small firm breasts, shining with sweat in the torrid confines of the
car, bounced and jiggled in plain sight as Bobby's rough, calloused hand groped
and squeezed at them. Finally, he pulled away. Elaine leaned back, gasping and
trembling on the seat. Her light brown hair was matted against her head, and
her eyes were wild with fear. It felt like they'd been necking forever, his
tongue entwined with her's, all the while he slowly undressed her with his free
hand, groping and fondling...

     Bobby reached down and pulled her skirt up to her waist, exposing her
crotch. Grinning, he reached over and jerked the knife from the back of the

     "No..." Elaine jerked back in her seat. Not...

     "I ain't gonna cut you," Bobby told her. "Jus' don't move." Trembling,
Elaine sat frozen in place as her captor brought the knife closer.

     "Now, don't you go cuttin' her up her in the car," the mother called out.
"Y'hear me, young man? You wanna be cleanin' it up?"

     "I said I ain't gonna cut her," Bobby called out, annoyed. 

     He turned her attention back to the frightened girl. "Spread your legs."
Terrified, Elaine obeyed. He brought the knife down to her crotch and, using
one hand to pull the elastic material of the pantyhouse away from her skin, he
slid the blade in and sliced it away. A second cut slit the waistband of her

     Her pussy was completely exposed.


     Bobby grabbed his sister's head and pushed it away from his cock. The
teenage girl let out a quiet gasp for air as her brother's cock slipped from
between her lips. A thin trail of spit and pre-cum dribbled out from between
her lips and glistened on her chin as she slowly regained her breath.

     Her break was short lived.

     "Becky, where are your manners?" Bobby sneered. "This here girl is our
guest. Y'gotta give her some attention too." Becky gave a pout at this new
command, but didn't argue with her brother. She slid over on the floor of the
car until she was positioned between the young lawyer's widely spread legs.
Sniffing, the blonde teenager leaned forward...

     It was only then that Elaine, dazed and terrified, realized what Bobby had
been talking about. "Please... no, don't...". She reached down to push the
teenager's head away, but Bobby grabbed her wrist and jerked it back.

     "Relax," he told her.

     The young lawyer stiffened in his grip, half in fear half in revulsion, as
she felt the teenage girl's lips on her pussy. She tried to close her legs, but
it was too late for that. She felt Becky's warm lips as they pressed against
the outside of her pussy lips.


     Bobby gave her ear a lick.

     The girl's tongue, soft and wet and gentle, trailed slowly along the
outside of Elaine's gaping pussy. The, with a precision borne of experience, it
darted inside the open pussy and nudged her clit. The young lawyer couldn't
help but let out a quiet moan of pleasure as the teenager nuzzled, licked and
then nibbled at her clit. It was too much... the heat in the car... Bobby's
tongue in her mouth... the feel of his rough hands against her stiffening
nipples...  Against her will, the young woman felt a small spark of lust ignite
in her pussy.

     She moaned again, tossing her head to the side.

     "There," Bobby whispered, his face close to hers for another kiss. "You
like that. All sluts like that."

     Elaine shuddered and parted her lips...

                                  END PART ONE

                              PARKER29.TXT -- 2/2

                                  Part 2 of 2
                                   By Parker

              WARNING: Apart from portraying non-consensual sexual
              situations (and a bit of incest), this story is incredibly
              self-indulgent. Be warned.

           Copyright 1996 by Parker. Feel free to distribute at will
           (unchanged, of course), but please be discrete about it.

     Elaine shuddered and parted her lips...


     He takes a deep breath. 

     The pain in his chest has blossomed into a steady throbbing, alternating
with short, sharp pains. He thinks about calling the doctor, but feels foolish
doing so about something that is likely no more than a bad case of heartburn.
He decides to wait a couple of hours until his wife gets home; if it's still
bad then, he'll head down to the clinic... aaaclinicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaa<"Well,aaaaraaaiaaaaaaan, "aa you aave it?"a aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa"Iave got
ia. One stolen aaglish exam paper for Stacy Richards. And my monea?">

     There was a brief moment of silence, anaaaaey the sound of paper being
crinkled.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

     <"It's all there; you don't have to worry abaaa aaat... now or in the

     "Fine, It's all yours."


     The voices fell silent, and she heard a door slam: the shop door slamming
when she left the room. The hiss slowly faded as the recording came to halt.

     Stacy went limp, yearbook forgotten; magazines forgotten... Nothing
mattered any more. How could that one incident of cheating on the math test
have brought her to this? She brought her hands up to cover her face.

     The school principal hit the "stop" button. He looked over at her,
struggling to hold back a smile.

     "I think you know what this means young lady," he told her.

     She knew. Oh... she knew.

     Ms. Peabody, still keeping her hand firmly on the blonde teenager's
shoulder, bent down put her lips to Stacy's ear. "Summerschool," she whispered.
Her tongue flicked out and licked at Stacy's ear.

     "I'm sure," Dr. Grossman continued, watching with glee as his secretary
slid her hands down and began mauling the breasts of the unresisting teenager,
"that this summer will be a learning experience for all  of us..." aaaaaaaaale



     Helpless to do otherwise, Elaine abandoned herself to sensation. The
teenage girl's warm, probing tongue slithered and sucked at her throbbing clit,
sending deep waves of pleasure rolling and swelling out from the warm, wet
swamp of her exposed crotch. Her eyes closed, Bobby's lips and tongue became
Richard's, familiar and welcome in her open, panting mouth.


     Her white blouse hung, tattered and sweat-soaked off her arms, leaving her
effectively naked from the waist up. If possible, the interior of the car had
become even hotter, and her breasts glistened and jiggled, wet and shiny in the
half light that seeped in through the dirty, rain and swamp splattered windows,
nipples hard and red under Richard/Bobby's rough, groping hands.

     "I knew it," Bobby breathed, breaking a kiss, "You are a hot little slut,
ain't ya?"

     Elaine let out a little moan, but didn't answer.

     Eyes closed...

     Seeking Richard in her mind's eye...

     A hand griped her chin. "I said, 'you're a hot little slut, ain't ya?'"
Frightened back to reality, she opened her eyes. Bobby's face was inches from
her own. "Ain't ya?"

     Whimpering, the young lawyer nodded. 

     Tell him what he wanted.

     "Tell me!"

     "I... I'm a... h-hot little... oh" she let out a little squeal as Becky's
tongue found a particularly sensitive spot. "...s-slut." She squirmed in the
seat, pushing her pussy into the teenager's face. "I'm a hot little... slut."

     Bobby nodded, his hands toying with her nipples. "That's right. And h-hot
little sluts need to be fucked, don't they?"

     Elaine stared at him.

     Bobby tightened his grip, squeezing a nipple.


     The young woman twisted beneath him.

     "Don't they?"

     She nodded. "H-hot little sluts... n-need to be... f-fucked," she mumbled.

     Bobby grinned. "You wanna be fucked?" 

     Elaine felt a wave of resignation pull her under. She had known that this
was coming for some time now, ever since Bobby had pulled the knife. She hadn't
foreseen all of the other stuff with Becky and the necking... and the wonderful
feel of the girl's tongue on her pussy... but the end result had been


     Get it over with...

     She nodded miserably, a sob escaping her lips. "P-please," she sobbed.
"F-fuck me Bobby."

     The boy grinned. "I knew it. The moment I saw you at the gas station. A
high and mighty lawyer. But I knew you were just another slut."

     Elaine frowned. The gas station? But that meant... 

     Bobby continued to speak, derailing her train of thought. "Here's the
deal," he told her, reaching down to push his sister away from the young
lawyer's crotch. Becky let out a quiet whimper, but didn't say anything. She
just sat in silence, her face glistening with sweat and pussy juice, watching
from the car floor. "We're gonna be in Manning in 'bout ten minutes or so," he
gestured vaguely out the opaque windows. "I'm gonna sit back here and you're
gonna climb on and fuck my brains out like the dirty little slut you are. If
y'make me come before we get into town, we'll say goodbye and we'll let you out
where ya like. If y'don't... well, maybe we'll need a little more time
together. Got it?"

     Elaine sniffed and nodded, pushing a strand of sweat damp, brown hair out
of her face.

     She understood. 

     Grinning, Bobby leaned back in the seat and crossed his hands behind his
head. He nodded down at his crotch, where his cock, hard and wet, sat waiting.
"Git to it, then. Only ten minutes."

     Elaine swallowed, gathering her courage. 

     She could do this. 

     Just fuck the bastard and get the hell out of here.

     That was all.

     Taking a deep breath, the young woman pushed her ass off up the seat and
swung one leg over her captor's lap. Keeping her back to him - no need to look
at him any more than she absolutely had to - she settled back against him,
moaning in fear and... lust as his cock nestled in between her legs. She froze
for a moment, staring at it; at the angle she was sitting, it might well have
been an appendage of her own body.

     "Do it."  Elaine looked down.  Becky stared up at her from the floor of
the car, blue eyes wide and wet under blonde curls. "Fuck 'm," she whispered.
"We're almost there."

     Elaine closed her eyes, reached down and slipped her fingers around
Bobby's massive cock. It jumped and twitched in her hand, coming alive as she
raised her crotch and positioned it against the opening to her sopping pussy.
Gritting her teeth, she spread her legs and allowed herself to sink down onto
it, groaning softly as the cock slowly filled her.

     Behind her, Bobby let out a moan.

     Becky smiled. 

     "Fuck 'm."

     Grimacing, Elaine braced her long, slender legs against the car seat and
began to slide herself up and down on her captor's cock, drawing herself up as
far as she could and then allowing herself to sink back down, swallowing it to
the hilt. Becky's tongue had done its job well and her pussy was wet enough to
take even Bobby's huge cock with little or no pain. In fact, the sensations
which surged through her body as she bobbed up and down had nothing to do with


     A quite moan escaped her lips and she slowly picked up speed. The
sensation of the massive cock sliding in and out... in and out... its veined
exterior rubbing against her burning clit...


     Elaine leaned backwards, gasping in pleasure as Bobby's hands snaked
around to grasp and knead her jiggling breasts. Sweat trickled and then flowed
down her glowing, wet skin as she bounced and shook and shuddered on her
captor's lap. Her fear was gone now, replaced by the impendence of the orgasm
growing in her crotch...

     "Oh, you slut..."


     "Almost there," Becky called out. "Fuck'm!"

     Almost blind with lust... desperate to make her captor come before they
reached town... and equally desperate to come herself, Elaine turned her head
and opened her mouth, her tongue seeking his. Bobby complied, fastening his
lips against her's and meeting her tongue thrust for thrust. Hoarse, guttural
moans sounded deep in the young woman's throat as she abandoned herself
completely. She bounced and shook and bucked wildly on her captor's impaling
cock, pulling herself up and driving it in as deeply as she could, all the
while twisting and whining against him, plunging her tongue into his mouth and
sucking wildly at his spit. Her small, firm breasts jiggled and bounced in his
grip, nipples hard and swollen.


     Bobby let out a moan.

     Elaine felt the telltale swelling of his cock.

     He was going to come.


     "Oh god..." 

     She could feel it build in herself as well... 

     "I'm coming!" Bobby gripped her breasts and pulled her tightly against
him. "Fuck... I'm coming!"

     Desperate to come herself, she dropped her hands down to her crotch and
began rubbing furiously... trying... trying...

     "Fuck 'm!"

     "Ohhhhhh... yesss....."

     Bobby stiffened and then she felt the warmth of his cum spurting into her
overheated pussy. The sensation sent her over the edge. Letting out a scream of
pure lust, she bounced and bucked as best she could in Bobby's grip, tossing
her head back in forth in blind ecstasy as a massive orgasm ripped through her
battered, sweat soaked body. Wave after wave of dark lust swept through her as
she felt Bobby's cock spray its hot cum inside of her...

     Finally, it was over.

     When she opened her eyes, the car had stopped. 

     Bobby's cock had slid free of her pussy and now rested on the inside of
her thigh, a white trail of cum trickling out onto her bruised skin. Confused,
she looked up, peering out of the windows. The rain had let up a bit, and she
could make out their surroundings... an old mobile home in a small clearing in
the swamp... a rusted pickup truck on blocks beside it...


     The woman in the front seat turned, grinning. 

     "We're home."



     Stacy gasped for air as Dr. Grossman plunged his fat, greasy cock in and
out of her aching mouth. The blonde teenager was bent double over the
principal's desk, slurping and sucking on the man's cock while the secretary,
Ms. Peabody, stood behind her, holding her in place with one hand and running
the cold, bony fingers of her other hand over the captive teenager's bare,
squirming ass.

     "Oh my..." The older woman was muttering to herself as she mauled the
helpless student... "what a lovely backside... so firm and red... I wonder..."

     Stacy did her best to ignore the woman's words, concentrating instead on
the task at hand. Get him to come quickly and get the hell out of here. Maybe
she'd be able to...

     Something happened.

     Dr. Grossman stopped moving his hips and his cock, suddenly limp, fell
away from her mouth. Ms. Peabody's hands slid down and then left her body.
Puzzled, Stacy looked up. Everything looking kind of... well, weird. The school
principal was sitting in his chair, eyes open, staring straight ahead. The
teenager turned her head to see that Ms. Peabody was in much the same state:
standing, arms limp at her side, staring.

     Cautiously, Stacy pushed herself away from the desk and stood up. The
blonde teenager looked around as she straightened her blouse and skirt.
Something had happened. Something felt... different...

     She wandered out of the office and into the hallway. Students stood, not
frozen, but limp, staring... silent... what...

     Then, suddenly, she knew. 

     She'd always known, but just hadn't expected it to happen.

     How could it have?

     It didn't matter.

     It finally had.

     A tiny smile touched her lips as she turned and walked purposefully down a
hallway. Towards a particular room.

     That was where the bastard would be... 


     "Daddy! Daddy!"

     Randall Eckhart looked up and grinned as his daughter, Becky, ran down the
lane towards him, blonde hair flying in the breeze. He barely recognized her;
the two years he'd spent as an inmate at Point Hope had been a lifetime.

     "How y'doing, Beck?" he asked.


     She rushed into his arms. 

     They hugged for a moment. Then the teenager grabbed his hand and pulled
him towards the family's home, gossip flowing from her mouth like water from a
spring. Echkart looked around... taking in the smell of the swamp... the sight
of the old, mobile home... the kennels out back...

     It was good to be home.

     "Hello Randall." Eckhart turned his head to see his wife, Jessie, walking
towards him from the chicken coops, a pail in her hand. "I didn't know you were
due out already."

     The man shrugged. "Wanted to surprise you."

     His wife grinned. "You did."

     They hugged.

     And then... 


     Randall Eckhart turned and, for the second time that day, was struck by
how much a child of his had grown up in his absence. Bobby Eckhart walked out
from inside the mobile home.

     "Good to see you, son."

     Becky jumped up and down, barely able to conceal her excitement "Tell him!
Tell him."

     Eckhart looked around. "Tell me what?"

     His wife supplied the answer: "Our Bobby's a married man now?"

     "What?" That hadn't been in any of the letters.

     "Yup," Bobby confirmed, grinning. "Almost four months now. Just a second."
He turned towards the mobile home. "Ellie May," he called. "You git yourself
out here right now."

     Eckhart watched in silence as the screen door swung open and a girl walked
out. She was barefoot, dressed in a pair of tight, cutt-off jean shorts and one
of Bobby's old shirts tied under her breasts to form a rough tank top. Her
light brown hair fell in greasy tangles over her shoulders, half covering her
face as she walked, eyes turned downward, towards her waiting husband and his
family. Bobby slipped his arm over her shoulder and cupped her breast, pulling
her against him. "Daddy," he said proudly, "this here's Ellie May. My wife." He
looked sternly down at the girl. "Say hello to my Daddy, now."

     The girl looked up, her brown eyes half hidden under her bang. "Hello,
sir," the girl said, her voice a whisper. She turned her eyes downward again.

     Eckhart raised his eyebrows in puzzlement. "She's not from around here,"
he said, noting her accent.

     "No sir," Bobby grinned proudly. "She's from up north. A lawyer."

     Eckhart frowned. 

     He hated lawyers.

     "It's alright," Jessie told him. "You'll like this. She was workin' for
the bank that loaned us money a few years back when you went inside. Was on her
way to Manning to take our property away from us. Bobby was workin' at the
station off the interstate. He figured out who she was and set it up so her
car'd run down on Old Mill Road." The woman smiled. "Her car went to make the
mortgage payment and she's been with us ever since."


     "And now she's part of the family. Even helps out with the bills by
sellin' herself in town. Only blowjobs and handjobs, but it makes the mortgage


     "And I'm gonna have a little cousin!" Becky cried out, unable to contain
herself any further. "Bobby 'n Ellie May are havin' a baby." Stunned, Eckhart
turned his gaze to the girl's stomach. There *was* a bit of a bulge.

     Again, his wife explained: "Once we found out she was pregnant, Bobby
wanted to marry her. We got Reverend Tyler to do it. He didn't care noways
where she was from or what was happening. He even helped us get some papers for
her." The woman gazed fondly at her daughter in law. "She's just Ellie May
Eckhart now, isn't that right girl?"


     "An' right happy with it."


     Eckhart swallowed. Hedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddthepainindhischestgetsw


     He looked around.

     It was a high school classroom.

     Confused, he walked over to the long row of windows which covered one of
the classroom walls and peered out, trying to figure out where he was. The
window looked out onto a couple of green football fields, surrounded by running
tracks and, farther away, a set of bleachers. Beyond that, a block of ranch
style houses stretched into the distance.

     He frowned. The landscape certainly didn't look familiar.

     Where was he?

     Looking closer, he saw that there were dozens of teenagers, probably
students, scattered about on the fields and closer to the school. But they
weren't moving; they just stood there. The whole scene had a pale, washed-out
look about it, as if some capricious sort of god had suddenly reached down and
sucked the energy right out the world.

     Or maybe it had just run down.

     Nothing more to say.

     "Look familiar?"

     Startled, he turned around. 

     A teenage girl stood in the doorway. Her shoulder length blonde hair
framing an exquisite, almost elfin face, with large green eyes, pert nose and
thick, pouty lips, all carried gracefully on a slender, small-boned body. He
felt his cock stirring in his pants. This girl looked like she'd stepped fresh
from his high school dreams.

     A thousand clever things to say ran through his mind. He opened his mouth:
"Uhhmmmm... no... I don't think so."

     The girl smirked. "You should." She walked into the classroom. "Let me
refresh your memory."

     <<<< Neil was the one to notice it: Stacy Richards cheating on an
     examination! He nudged his friend Gary and pointed towards the front of
     the class.

         "Check it out," he whispered.

         Gary saw, but couldn't believe what he was seeing. Stacy Richards -
         the ice-queen cock tease of the senior class at Greenwood High - was
         staring intently at a slip of paper hidden on her desk under the exam.
         Just then, Mr.Edgar, the teacher, coughed quietly and shifted position
         in his seat at the front of the class. Stacy quickly pushed the
         cheat-sheet back under the exam paper and looked up guiltily, her face
         flushing a pretty shade of red. If Mr.Edgar had glanced over at her at
         that moment he would certainly have known that something was wrong
         with her. But why would he be checking out Stacy Richards, who had
         been getting straight A grades ever since she had begun attending
         Greenwood High four years ago?>>>>

     The scene faded away. 

     He stared, speechless. What the hell...

     "Remember now?" The girl - Stacy Richards, it had to be Stacy - walked
forward. "This room was where it all started. All the Parker stories. You sat
down and wrote those lines." She pointed towards a desk. "That's where I was
sitting." She pointed across the room. "Neil and Gary were over there." She
turned to him. "This was where the whole thing started... the blackmail, the
drugs... the rapes. My life was pretty much fucked up in this room."

     He stood, speechless.

     Stacy stared at him. "Nothing to say?"

     "I... uh..."

     "Why so silent? You had plenty to say in the story. How about this?"

     <<<< Sharon paused and looked Stacy up and down as the bitch crouched,
     wailing, on the coffee table. Her blonde hair was matted with sweat and
     cum; her face, once beautiful, was red and splotchy with tears and sperm;
     her lithe body was bruised and caked with dried sperm. And, all the while,
     her left hand continuously frigged at her exposed pussy, the metal charm
     bracelet glinting mockingly in the light.


          Sharon looked up at the football players standing at the back of the
     room. To a man, they were hard again.

          "She's all yours," she said, smirking. "Just get her back in one
     piece." She turned and walked out the front door.

          "Nooooo!!" The blonde bitch broke down, sobbing and crying as the
     members of the football team moved towards her.>>>>

     Stacy looked at him.

     He shifted uncomfortably. "I... but that was just... you know... a story.
Didn't really happen."

     The blonde girl sneered. She opened her mouth, but before she could speak,
another voice sounded from the entrance to the classroom.

     "What about me?"

     Stacy and Parker both turned to see a short, brown haired girl walk into
the room. She was dressed like a comic strip hooker: a tight tank top around
the full swell of her breasts; an ultra short miniskirt; bare, bruise-spotted
legs trailing down to a pair of bright red "fuck me" pumps.


     "My name's 'Sandra Little'," she told them, walking slowly forward, a half
smile, half smirk almost touching her lips. "Or, at least it was. I'm known as
'Squealer' now." She looked directly at Parker. "You must remember me."

     He was again speechless, staring at the brunette in frank astonishment.
"I... uh..."

     A sneer blossomed on her face. "Remember this?"

     <<<< A few moments later, she felt naked flesh against her upper legs.
     Before she fully realized what was going to happen, she was overwhelmed
     with pain as the man behind her rammed his thick cock straight up her
     partially lubricated asshole with one brutal shove. The pain was
     unbelievable; she felt as though she was being split in two.

          "AAaahhhhh...." She let out a long wail as the man on the couch
     removed his hand from her mouth.

          "How d'you like that whore?" he asked, laughing.

          "Nnooooooo.... please... please..." All pride forgotten, she begged
     piteously for release. "Ooohhhh... it hurts," she cried. The man behind
     her shifted slightly, pulled back so that only the head of his cock
     remained inside her anus, and then brutally shoved forward again.

          Sandy squealed loudly at the sharp pain of this repeated intrusion.
     The people in the room laughed. "That's good," the man on the couch
     grinned. "That's good. Just like a pig. Do it again little pig-slut."
     Sandy shook her head in abject refusal, still panting and groaning with
     pain. In response to this refusal, the man on the couch made a gesture,
     and the thug repeated his actions, pulling slowly back and then ramming
     his cock up her tight asshole. Sandy, sweating with pain, tried to remain
     silent and endure the pain, the humiliation, but it was too much.
     Shuddering, eyes wide with panic at the intrusion, she moaned and cried
     with pain.

           "Squeal," she was told, "and I'll get him to stop moving."


           Anything to stop the movement of the cock in her ass.

          "Squeee... squeee..." She started quietly, but quickly picked up
     volume as the man fucking her asshole slowly pulled back out. When he
     rammed his cock back in, her squeals took on a loud, panicked sound. Damp
     with sweat, she squirms and squealed for all sče was worth. Everyone
     laughed as the white girl squealed loudly on the floor in front of them.
     But Sandy didn't care. All she knew was that the man raping her asshole
     had -finally - stopped moving, leaving his cock fully sheathed in her
     twitching asshole.


     "I was a medical student." She stared at him. "You turned me into a

     Parker regained his voice. "Well... yes... maybe I did. I guess. But it
was only a story. Fiction. Get it? It... and you... and you..." He gestured at
Stacy. "...came from my imagination. It's only words on a computer screen." He
looked back and forth between the two girls. "It didn't really happen."

     "It felt real enough."

     A new voice. All three turned to see a third girl enter the room. She had
long, jet black hair, teased up in a wild, sluttish cascade over the back of
her head and down over her shoulders. Like Sandra Little, she was dressed like
a comic book slut. "Hello Parker." She spoke in a cartoon bimbo voice.
"Remember Jennie? Jennie Fucktoy?"


     "How about me?" 

     Another girl entered the room, a tall, willowy blonde girl, with pale blue
eyes, wearing a revealing maid's outfit. Parker recognized her immediately:

     He'd never given her a second name.

     "And me?"

     He didn't recognize the girl, but the two young, half black children told
him who she was: Lara.

     "How about us?"

     A tall, blonde "California Beach Girl" type walked in, leading an older
woman by a leash. The older woman was naked except for a diaper: Pamela Brown,
nee "Pam Pam".

     The women were now filing into the room too fast to be recognized. Parker
slowly backed up against the teacher's desk as the room filled up, a dull pain
throbbing in his chest. Annie Speers... Lady Jane Greystone... even Elaine
Mayfield, her belly now swollen with pregnancy... they were all there.

     Had he really written all those stories?

     Where had he found the time?

     This was getting too weird. "Bloody hell," he muttered to himself,
surveying the room. "What is this? A fucking 'Twilight Zone' episode?"

     Stacy, now directly in front of him, laughed. "Oh no," she giggled.
"That's just television. This is real."

     Parker shook his head. "No," he protested. "It isn't." He looked around
wildly as Stacy and the other women slowly moved forward, crowding up against
him. "This isn't real. I made it all up."

     He turned away, trying to slide over the desk, but his arms were caught.
One was held by a teenage boy dressed as a beautiful girl and the other by a
large, rough looking man, his stomach hideously distended. "Goin' somewhere?"
the man growled.

     Twisting helplessly in their grip, Parker could do nothing but stare as
Stacy walked right up to him. Green eyes shining, she reached down and undid
his jeans. The pain in his chest grew as she lowered his pants and underwear
and began coaxing his penis into erection. "Do you like this?" she whispered.
"Does it feel real?"

     He groaned. 

     It felt real.

     "How about this?" The tall, black haired girl stepped forward. She held a
long, metallic device with a plastic handle. He recognized it immediately from
his stories.

     A cattle prod.

     Giggling, the black haired girl placed it against his balls.

     "I... I..." He looked around at all of the characters... the victims...
with which he had populated his stories... Cindy... Rachel, her prison garb
splattered with cum... Melissa... Lara, with her two children... "I didn't... I

     "Speechless?" Stacy mocked him. "After all those stories... all those
words... you have nothing to say to us?"

     "I..." The pain in his chest grew. "I... didn't know. I didn't know you
would be... be here... I didn't think it was... was real..." He looked at

     God, she was beautiful. 

     "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

     The blonde giggled. Her hand left his rock hard penis as she stood on her
toes and leaned into his face. Smiling, she brought her lips to his for a short
kiss. Then, whispering, "Here's the secret: It's only as real as you make it.
You're writing this. You're doing it to yourself."

     One last giggle.

     "You sick fuck."

     She moved away and nodded at the black haired girl.

     Parker opened his mouth to say something, but a sudden, intense burst of
pain erupted in his crotch and shot into his chest where it exploded into


     She closes the door.

     "Peter," she calls. "I'm home."

     No answer.

     She walks down the hallway and looks into the living room. 

     Not there.

     She goes through the kitchen, down the stairs into the den.

     She sees him. He is slumped over his desk in front of his computer, one
hand resting limply on the keyboard. The letter "d" shoots across the screen,
left to right, again and again and again...


     A cold finger of dread slides down her spine. "Peter?" She walks forward.
He looks so... limp?

     "Peter, are you alright?"

     She touches the back of his neck.


     Frightened, she reaches down and pulls his hand off the keyboard

                                    THE END
                         This is the last Parker story.

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