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The Knife

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Synopsis: A girl's lifetime erotic obsession...

For as long as Laura could remember The Knife had been kept at the very back of the cutlery draw in the kitchen. She remembered that when she was small her mother used to use it for chopping vegetables when preparing dinner, saying, as she tidied away after washing up “better put this out of sight at the back of this drawer, we wouldn't want a burglar to find it and murder us in our beds”.


A new wooden knife block was purchased and the largest knife of that set then used for food preparation, but The Knife, with its broad 10 inch blade remained unseen at the back of the drawer. As Laura blossomed into a beautiful young woman her mother started asking her about any boyfriends she might have. However all Laura's friends were other girls. The crowd she messed around with mostly didn't have boyfriends either and were thrilled to tussle with Laura, which allowed them to handle her slim body. However Laura only hung around with them for friendship, the only time she experienced any thrills was when she got The Knife out and imagined it thrusting into human flesh. Sometimes she thought about it slicing into one of her friends' bodies but she knew her own belly was far more trim and elegant a target so that turned her on much more.


Playing with The Knife one evening when her parents were out she took some photos of her holding The Knife in front of her bare belly and posted them on her blog, she almost had an orgasm just looking at the photos with the comments viewers had made on them. The next time The Knife was out she pressed the tip into her tense hollow belly as she took a deep breath, she couldn't help but thrust her other hand between her thighs and bring herself to an orgasm.


A few weeks later she was emptying rubbish into the wheelie bin the night before collection day when she spotted The Knife just visible beneath some vegetable peelings. Her heart raced as she realised how close she had come to losing it forever! But now she could secretly keep it in her room so she could look at it and handle it whenever she wanted.


Then, as she waited at home for her exam results, her parents asked if she would be okay at home on her own for a weekend. What a stupid question, she was 17 for God's sake! They said they were visiting Aunt Sarah and Uncle Bertie (actually Sarah was really her mother's cousin) and that when they returned her second cousin, Steve, would be returning with them to stay for a while, as his parent's were in Belgium for a week of conferences. Her mother kept on and on about what a handsome young man 'skinny Steve' was growing into, how he was expected to graduate with a first class degree and how good his prospects were... “You cow!” she thought “trying to marry me off, and with a relative for fuck's sake”.


To cheer herself up she got out The Knife soon after they had left. She played with it for a while, took a few photos with her camera on a tripod with the remote control, then lay naked on her back masturbating. “There must be more I can do” she thought. The next day she wondered whether to ask her friend Tina over and get some different photos or even a video. She knew Tina would jump at the chance to get into her room with just the two of them. However she wasn't sure she could trust herself with The Knife and Tina, naked, in the same room.


Then the day her parents were due back she had a brilliant idea. She could take some more photos playing with The Knife, then if she snapped off the blade she could pose as if she had thrust it deep through her abdomen. Blood. She would need blood. She considered tomato ketchup, but no, if she was to destroy The Knife in order to get the ultimate pics of it thrust into her belly it would need to be real blood. The butchers? No, what would she say she wanted it for, making black pudding wasn't blood used for that? Too much chance of being asked questions she would be embarrassed to answer, anyway The Knife deserved a real victim before she ruined it forever. Then she remembered the pet rabbit the couple two doors up kept which was always escaping. They would be out at work so she could easily slip over a couple of garden fences to steal it and slaughter it over a bowl.


Once she had got the rabbit's warm blood in the bowl and pushed the bag containing its carcass to the bottom of the bin she was ready. Naked she she took the most erotic shots yet of her wielding The Knife, some with blood trickling across her belly as she gently pressed its tip into her skin. Now it was time. She went through the door from the kitchen into the garage, the cold concrete beneath her bare feet adding to her excitement about what she was about to do. She clamped The Knife in her father's vice and pulled the handle over as hard as she could. Shit! It was bending not snapping. Swearing she swung back with all her weight. Snap! She fell backwards, crashing onto her back over the lawnmower. Feeling a warm trickle down her back she laughed to think that perhaps bunny's death had been unnecessary after all.


Though her ribs hurt and her elbow was also badly grazed the pain added to her excitement. “Must allow enough time to clean up” she thought, then stood nude in front of the camera, posed with the sharp broken edge of the knife, about 2 inches from the handle, pressed into her belly. Half a dozen photos, now time to add some more blood. Must remember to twist to get in the wounds from her fall in the garage into some of the shots. “Oh my” for the first time she felt close to an orgasm without having to finger her clit! She arched her back then thrust the broken knife as hard as she could into her belly. The excruciating pain caused by 2 inches of steel sinking into her abdomen brought her back to reality. What had she done! She dropped the knife and staggered forward, warm blood streaming down from her flat belly, running down the inside of her legs. She grabbed the phone with a bloody hand, then paused. What would she say had happened? She could never bring herself to say what she had been doing.


Time seemed frozen, the pain seemed to flow across her belly up into her chest in waves, her feet sticking to the bloody floor. She couldn't bring herself to speak to anyone so she dropped the phone.


Then she heard her parents car pulling into the drive! She would have to explain to mummy and even perhaps that snotty little Steve ... No! Shakily Laura reached for the knife block, her bloody hand grasped the handle of the largest of the new knives. Its 8 inch blade was puny compared with The Knife's former glory but she thrust it deep into her belly. Deeper till it grated against her spine. Her legs collapsed but she was still very much alive and could hear her father turning the key in the front door. She crashed onto her back knocking over a chair, using both hands she pulled the knife back out then, even as she heard the footsteps in the hall she carefully located the base of her sternum and thrust the knife upwards and slightly to the left.


The knife speared Laura's heart seconds before her mother opened the door, the green light on the video camera still blinking away......

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