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Becoming a Model

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Synopsis: A spoiled, beautiful, young girl who needs to pay for her spring break and decides to become a model, along the way she discovers a world she’s not familiar with, and, things about herself she couldn’t imagine.

Becoming a Model


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Chapter One

       But Daddy Candi whined into the phone, her father wouldnt relent and she was getting more and more desperate with every moment. 

       All my sorority sisters are going, I need to go, pleaaassseeeee.  We can afford it. 

       No sugar, I can afford it, but youve got to learn some responsibility and how to do things for yourself.

       But Daddy!!!! 

       No Candi, I will not pay for a spring break trip for you this year, thats it, Im sorry, but it just isnt going to happen.

       Daddy  She sighed, exhasperated.

       Sugar, Ive got to go, maybe you should try to get a job on campus.  Candi felt the desperation fill her, she had to go on that trip, but she didnt want to work, she was too beautiful to work, it was beneath her to work.

       Bye Honey, Ill talk to you next week. 

       Bye Daddy.  Candi hung up the phone, almost slamming it down in frustration.  She didnt know what to do.  She picked up the student newspaper and set it front of her looking through the classifieds.  There were openings for jobs in the dorm cafeteria, but she couldnt do that, or more correctly, she wouldnt do that.  She was the prettiest girl in the sorority and she couldnt let anybody see her shelping food, or cleaning dishes. 

       Her eyes stopped when she saw the ad seeking models:

Co-ed Models Wanted-Perfect opportunity to make some extra cash! 

All photos will be tastefully done, Playboy style, some nudity,

very discreet!  We pay top dollar.  Chance of lifetime to be in

high class quality magazine publication!  Make big bucks.

Great Opportunity for anybody that wants to be a model!

Call 555-8345, or email collegsgirls@greatmodelopp.por 

       Her fingers were trembling as she tried to dial the phone, she knew she was beautiful enough, but she was still scared.  What if anybody ever found out?

       Hello, College Girls Inc., this is Ben, what can I do ya for?  Candi whispered into the headset.

       I saw your add in the

       Speak up, I cant hear ya.  Her voice trembled as she tried to speak louder.

       Hi, I saw your add in my school newspaper, and  Candi hesitated, Id like to find out a little more about the modeling opportunities.

       Good, good, How tall are you?  Blonde, brunette, redhead?  Whats your weight?  She was shocked how quickly he started asking questions.

       Um, Im 56, Im a blonde, I weigh 114 lbs.  Shed barely finished responding when the guy on the phone started bombarding her with more and more questions.  She couldnt believe how mechanical it all was, but she answered as well as she could.  His interrogation went on for a good five minutes before she could even break in and get a word in edgewise.

       Sir, how soon could we do the shoot, and how much does it pay?

       Hold on, hold on sugar, were professionals here, we only photograph really beautiful, photogenic, girls, its not like just anybody is our kind of material.  Im going to need to see some samples before we start talking about whether were going to shoot you, or about money for that matter.  Do you have any photos you can email me, as many as you have, glamour shots, beach wear, everything youve got. 

       Um, well, yeah, Ive got some pictures, nothing professional.  Um, Ive got a few of me in a bikini from over the summer, and some, um, and some graduation pictures.

       Good babe, I guess thatll do.  Why dont you drop me an email with the photos, and, well, if Im interested in you, and believe me, I aint making no promises, but if youre hot enough, well, Ill get back to you.  By the way baby, what was your name?

       Im, um, my name is Candi. 

       Candi, thats a cute name sugar.  I want to make sure now, you know if I think youre hot enough to work for me, the photos, there will be some nudity, you know that, right?

       Um, yes sir, it was in your ad, and, I was going to ask, what

       Dont worry baby, its all tasteful, like Playboy, mostly about your tits.  She felt her belly tighten.  Youve got nice tits, right sugar?

       Um.  I guess.  Candi felt her face go flush.

       Tell me babe, tell me now, I dont want find out when I get you on the set, if I think youre our kind of material, and I hire you, youre not going to pull some modesty shit with me and not want to do the nude shots?  Tell me now if youre alright showing your body, or, if youre not, well, you might as well hang up now and not even send me the photos.  Ive got no need for you if you dont want to strip.  Candi could feel the blood pounding through her head. 

       I have no problem stripping sir.  Im, Im really interested in working for you.  She could hear him on the other end of the line, it sounded like he was puffing on a cigar.

       Okay babe, drop me an email with some photos, the less you have on the better.  Itll let me get a better assessment of your body, then, well see if we can use you, if so,  Ill get back in touch.  She chimed in quickly, before he could hung up.

       The photos are all tasteful, right, I just want to make sure, I

       Yeah babe, tasteful, just like Playboy, you flash a little skin, squeeze your tits a some and smile, but dont get your hopes up sugar, weve had 3 girls go onto be in Playboy, and we get tons of girls that try out, are standards are pretty high and we dont just take anybody, most girls dont have what it takes so, well, just dont think its a done deal quite yet honey.  Candi felt another shiver down her spine.

Ive got to go sugar, send me an email and Ill get back to you.

       Tha  She tried to thank him but hed already hung up, her heart was beating like mad and she could feel her face was flush.  She didnt know what to think, perhaps for the first time in her life she didnt know if she was going to live up to a guys standards. 

       It took almost two weeks before Candi got a call back.  It was a Friday afternoon and shed just finished with class when her phone rang.  Shed sent off a dozen or so photos right after shed talked to the guy from the ad.  Shed been reluctant to send some of them, especially the ones from over the summer; ones where she had on a thong bikini and was showing a lot of skin.  At the time the picture was taken, she hadnt thought much of how skimpy the suit was, but when she was looking through the photos, she couldnt believe how revealing the bikini had been, itd barely covered her breasts. 

Her heart was in her throat as she listened to the headset.

       Hey babe, what was it, Candi?

       Yes sir.  She could barely get a whisper out so was so nervous.

       Yeah, sorry about the short notice, but looking at your photos, it looks like youll work for us.  I liked your puffy nipples, and that bikini didnt leave much to the imagination, did it.  Ben chuckled at the other end of the line, Candi could feel her ears burning and her nipples went hard involuntarily. 

       I think we can use you on a shoot.  She felt her heart beating faster.

       Really, really, thats great.  She felt a shiver run down her spine.  She didnt know if she was more scared, or excited.

       We had a girl back out on us for a shoot this weekend. Would you like to fill her spot?  Candi didnt know what to say, she couldnt believe that it was all happening so quick.

       Umwell, I guess, I mean, Ive

       Yes or no baby, weve got to move.  She felt the sweat on her brow, she thought she was ready to do it, but now, at the actual moment of decision, it was so much harder than expected.

       Yes.  Candi blurted out her response, she could barely believe that shed said yes.

Do you think you could be ready in, oh, say two hours honey, weve got to move quick?

       Umyeah, I guess.  Her head was spinning, she couldnt believe it was happening so fast.

       Could you come down to our office, do you know where its at, on State St., you know, right by the student union?

       Um, I think so.  She could feel the butterflies in her stomach buzzing.

       Weve got to pack up and hit the road, the shoot is out at a country estate, weve got the place to ourselves, its beautiful and we should get some great shots.  You wont have to pack much, well provide the clothes you need, when you wear anything.  Candi was almost too embarrassed to catch the innuendo, her mind was racing, and she was trying to broach the subject of money. She managed to eek out her question.

       What about the pay, Im--.  Ben cut her off.

       Dont worry sugar, we pay top dollar, especially if you look as good in person as you do in the photos.  It looks like youve got some nice tits and we can use you.  She tried to protest.

       But, I, I--.

       Trust me babe, well make it worth your while.  Why dont you meet us down at our office, weve got to get moving, well talk about it then, were on a tight schedule.  Okay babe? 

Okay.  Candi felt the perspiration on her skin as she hung up the phone.  She trailed the back of her hand over her hard nipples and sat down on her bed.  She didnt know what she should do, shed thought shed convinced herself she was fine with posing, but now, with the shoot really at hand, she wasnt quite so sure anymore.  Even though shed said yes, now she was tempted to back out.  

Candi got up off her bed and stripped down.  She stood in front of her full length mirror and stared at her body.  She had nice breasts, nothing huge, obviously they werent fake, but nobody had complained.  She slid her palm over her smoothly shaven sex and groaned as she thought about posing nude in front of a bunch of guys, a shudder ran through her frame and she almost came on the spot. 

She climbed in the shower and turned the water to hot, she closed her eyes and let it run over her body, loving the feeling of the droplets against her aching nipples. 

By the time Candi finally got out of the shower shed made her decision.  Each time she thought about the camera focused on her, and the guys that would see her, all of them lusting after her body; and then the guys who would buy the magazines, she couldnt help but notice the fire growing in her belly.  It was so dirty and disgusting, but the thought of all those eyes on her nearly drove her to the edge of orgasm again and again. 

She packed a small bag, if you could call small at all, after she put in her make-up, all her different outfits, almost anything you could imagine, it looked more like she was going away for a two week journey than a quick weekend photo shoot.  As soon as she was done packing, she hopped in her BMW convertible and started toward the photographers office.

Her heart was beating like mad, at every stop light she was tempted to turn around and go home.  She had her hair up in a pony tail and was wearing a white t-shirt and tight blue jeans.  Shed thought about dressing up, trying to wow them, but she decided to go casual instead. 

As Candi pulled into the office parking lot she saw the van sitting out in front.  Her mouth was so dry she didnt even think she could speak when she saw all the activity.  After she parked her car, she just sat with her hands locked on the steering wheel for a good five minutes, trying to build up the courage to go through with it all. 

There were at least five guys scurrying around the van as Candi pulled her bag up and tried to get their attention.

Hello.  She approached the van timidly as the men continued to move around with purpose. 

Hello.  Candi finally caught the attention of one of the guys, he was the oldest, probably about 62 with a big gut.  He had a sleazy looking mustache and she felt a twinge of fear run through her. 

You Candi?  He moved towards her, she took and unconscious step back as he almost touched her with his chest.  She could smell the strong scent of cigar on him. 

Im glad you showed, Im Ben, we talked on the phone.  She yelped as Ben grabbed her by the shoulders and squeezed his fingers into her skin. 

Nice body sugar, very nice body.  She felt her face go flush.  It finally felt like she could breathe again when he finally let go of her. 

Turn around sugar, let me see that ass.  Candi could feel the eyes on her, she noticed the other men had stopped packing the van and were now standing, staring at her as she felt Bens hand on her ass. 

Nice body, I think itll do.  One of the other men chimed in.

Shes got a nice ass, and her tits, theyre not perfect, but theyll do.  She Candi let out a small whimper of protest.

Shes got those puffy nipples, I like that.  Another voice chimed in.  Candi spun around and looked back at Ben, she tried to make eye contact but he was looking her up and down.   She almost jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand on her hip.

Turn around again baby.  There were probably 8 guys standing around her now, all in close, looking her up and down.  All spitting out comments about her body, she couldnt speak, her mouth was dry and she felt herself shaking like a leaf as she spun on her heels.

Ben grabbed for her arm and pulled her out of the center of the gauntlet. 

Get back to work boys, weve got to be off in 15.  He led Candi out of the line of traffic. 

I think youre going to work for us baby.  Ben looked over her body once again. 

Now youre sure youre ready to work for me, you know, nude shots, you look a little nervous.  Candi could feel the sweat on her brow and her heart was slowly coming back to a normal pace. 

Yeyeah, I guess.  Why are there so many guys?  I thought it was a small shoot.  

Honey, Ben put his hand on her shoulder and tried to calm her down, honey, this is a small shoot, but even so, its a lot of work to put out quality photos like we do.  Believe me, a lot of work.  Ben slid his hand down over Candis back, she was more attractive than hed thought, he knew hed got lucky, sometimes pictures could lie.

Why dont you sit here for a few minutes, then well have the van loaded and we can leave.  Ben could feel Candis muscles twitch under the movement of his hand.

So are all your friends excited about youre being a model?  Candi looked over at Ben with trepidation.

I didnt tell them, ImIm not sure what theyd think.  Ben tried to hide it, but he could feel his lip quiver ever so slightly as he almost broke into a smile. 

       And your parents?  What do that think.  Candi hesitated for a second.

       Oh they wouldnt approve.  My Dad wants me to work and learn responsibility, but Im not sure hed like this.  Theyre kind of, well, I dont think theyd like me doing nude modeling at all.  Ben moved his hand gently down over Candis back and stopped his hand on her hip. 

       I understand.  Dont worry, everything we do is high-class.  Ben urged Candi to sit down on the cement flower box.

       Have a seat, well be ready in a few minutes, and then we can start making you into a model.  Candi tried to smile and cover her uncertainty.  She didnt know whether she could go through with it or not.

       Need anything to drink sugar?  Soda, water  She nodded softly no. 

       Okay babe, sit still and well be off in a couple minutes.  Ben slipped away and left Candi sitting alone.  She could feel her heart pounding hard in her chest as she watched Ben talking to a couple of the guys.  She couldnt hear what they were saying, but she saw them start to smile and smack each other on the back. 


       Candi fell asleep in the van as they drove to the shoot.  She didnt know how shed passed out, stuffed as she was in between two huge guys.  The van was packed full, camera equipment was piled high on the roof and strapped down tight.  The storage area in the back was filled with Candis, and the guys bags, then, somehow theyd managed to still fit the 6 guys and her into the seats.  Ben sat in the passenger seat up front and they were following another van that held the rest of the crew.

Candi knew that she wouldnt date any of the guys from the shoot, they ranged in ages from Ben, who she thought looked in his fifties, to a few guys in their forties, then a younger crowd, a couple of who were probably her age.  Most of the older guys had big pot bellies and looked dirty, Candi could smell the cigarette smoke on them, they reeked of it.  And then there was the pungent odor of Bens cigar that wafted through the stall air of the van.  Shed been introduced to most of the guys, but she didnt remember their names; she thought there was a Tony, and maybe a Rick, but she wasnt for sure. 

       Candi was jolted awake as they bounced over the rough washboard road.  One of the young guys was to her right.  His face was so close to hers, Candi couldnt help by look him in the eye and smell garlic on his breath.

       Hey sugar, were almost there.  Candi felt his hand on her thigh and she tried to wiggle away. 

       How long have I been out?  Candi managed to brush his large hand off her leg.

       Oh, bout a half hour, thats it.  Candi pushed the hair out of her eyes, she could feel the heat from the guys body on her skin, it was very uncomfortable and she felt dirty. 

The sun was still high in the sky, they were heading down a dirt road that seemed to be tunneled out of the trees.  Candi felt a little apprehensive.

       The rest of the drive only lasted another 10 or 15 minutes.  Candi couldnt believe how good it felt when she finally escaped the sardine can theyd traveled in.  She could feel the back of her shirt was soaked with sweat from where shed been pressed against the vinyl in the hot van. 

       Sorry about the van baby, its not that far a drive, so we suffer through it.  Candi could smell the acrid smoke that radiated from Bens clothes.  He handed her a plastic shopping bag. 

       Why dont you go inside and change into your outfit, well set up the cameras and try to get some shots in tonight.  Candi opened the bag and saw a black bikini inside, there was also a pair of high heels, taller than ones than shed normally wear, but not as tall as some shed seen. 

       Matt here will take your bag and show you your room, okay?  Candi looked at Matt, he might have been the youngest guy on the crew.  He looked kind of homely, a little cute, maybe she thought, but nobody shed date.  He just looked nave, she couldnt think of it any other way to describe him, he had all the gangly, uncomfortablness of a high school kid, but she thought he was probably 20 or 21. 

       Hi.  Matt reached out to shake Candis hand, his voice broke as a big smile cut across his face.  Candi could feel the nervousness as he shook her hand, his palm was wet and she felt his eyes on her chest looking at her breasts. 

       Hi, you want to show me where my room is?  Matt let go of Candis hand and picked up her bag. 

       Follow me.  Candi was a little scared, and also kind of disgusted, by the guys on the shoot, it was a little different than shed expected.  She knew she was from another class and didnt usually hang out, or even talk, with guys like these.  She felt the disdain growing in the pit of her stomach and wondered if shed done the right thing. 

       When Candi first laid sight on the house she didnt think much of it, but as Matt led her in the front door, she realized shed misjudged it, the place, it was huge.  The architecture was modern, with hard straight lines and lots of glass.  The front of the house was shielded by large trees, but the back opened up into a broad panoramic view of a gorgeous valley. 

       Wow.  Matt turned and looked back at Candi as they mounted the stairs.  At the top she leaned over the railing and took in the bright afternoon view that presented itself through the glass.  She stared out the two story windows, she could see the glimmering blue water of a pool just outside.  She noticed guys setting up the cameras on the brick that surrounded the water. 

       Your room is just up here.  Candi looked up at Matt, who was trying to urge her on.  

       When they got inside her room Candi was impressed, it was large and well decorated, everything was very strict and modern, but she liked the look.  Matt set her bag down on a small table next to the dresser. 

       Um, um, B-B-Ben said you should change into your  Matt seemed too nervous to get out the word, y-your bikini, and then come down to the pool.  Candi could see the lust in his eyes as he stared at her. 

       Okay.  Thanks for bringing up my bag Matt.  He broke into a smile and left, shutting the door behind him.  

       Candi pulled the bikini and the heels from the bag and set them out on the bed.  Her mind was racing as she closed the blinds on the window and started stripping out of her jeans.  She pulled her t-shirt over her head and felt the cold blast of the AC on her naked skin, involuntarily she crossed her arms over her chest. 

Candi felt the butterflies in her stomach grow as she pealed away her bra and panties and slipped on the bikini.  She sat down on the edge of the bed and started putting on the high heels, she looped the leather straps around her ankles and got gingerly to her feet.  She wasnt completely comfortable in the heels, they were taller than she was used to and she had to step lightly as she nervously opened the door to her room and started toward the pool.  The loud clap of her heels on the polished marble floors rang through her head like a tell-tale heart. 

Candi took a deep breath as she grabbed for the handle on the back door, she could see the guys around the pool, setting up the cameras and getting everything in order.  Shed always been comfortable in a bikini when she was at the beach, but as she held the cast iron door handle, she felt so naked and so exposed. 

Hey sugar.  Ben noticed Candi almost the instant she stepped out onto the patio.

Let me see that body.  She had her arms crossed over her chest as she stepped carefully over the interlaid brick.  She reluctantly dropped her arms to her side and she felt all the eyes on her again. 

You look good honey.  Ben flipped away a few stray hairs from Candis shoulder.

Were almost ready to start baby.  What Im going to want you to do is strut around the pool and well get some shots.  Try to be sexy, look at the camera, pretend its some guy you want to fuck and youre trying to catch his attention.  Im sure you do it all the time, you look like a tease.  Candi sighed in protest.

I-  Ben preemptively shot her down.

Yeah, yeah I know babe, you never do that, right, right, I know.  Candi started pouting. 

I think were about ready baby, go over there, remember, make love to the camera, like youre sucking a big tasty cock.  Ben sat down, there were two or three guys with cameras and video recorders in hand, ready to capture every angle, there were lighting guys making sure Candi was lit properly, and so many guys watching her every move, she thought shed double over in shame.

Candi took her spot just at the edge of the pool and tried to take a deep breath, she could feel the butterflies in her stomach and she was embarrassed that her nipples were hard as rocks. 

Move those arms away from your chest baby.  Ben was directing traffic, telling the crew where they should be. 

Okay honey, I want you to start posing, spread those legs, bend over so we get a nice cleavage shot.  Candi felt her face go flush, but she tried to comply as Ben shouted out position after position.  She tried to walk with confidence in the tall heels as she strutted along the edge of the pool. 

It seemed to go on for hours but it was probably only 15 or 20 minutes.  Candis calves ached from the heels already, and her feet hurt.  Ben waved her to him.

Honey, lets get that top off and get some shots of your tits.  Candi tried to cover her chest, she thought shed been ready, but now

Come on honey, take off that top, we only have a couple more hours of good light and I need to get some shots. 

But, II

Come on babe, youre hot, what have you got to be embarrassed about.  Just think of all that money youre going to make.  Candis face went flush as she undid the tie on the front of her bikini top.  She held her arms across her chest for a few seconds before finally letting her top fall to the ground. 

Thats it baby, why dont you squeeze your tits for me, lick your nipples if you can.  Candi felt her ears go bright red, her mind was in a blur as she started following the directions without even thinking.  Ben made her get on the ground and start crawling through the grass.  Her nipples were so, so, sensitive as they scraped the manicured grass.

Lets get that bottom off baby.  Her hands were trembling as she undid her bottom, her belly was like a caldron, bubbling, and convulsing, with uncertainty. 

Youre beautiful honey, get up on your haunches...yeah, thats beautiful honey, just like that.  Candi could hear the constant clicking of cameras, she saw the ominous little red light on as it focused in on her naked body. 

Pinch your nipples honey, youre hot, the camera loves you.  Ben kept up a constant commentary with her and the crew. 

Spread those legs babyoh, beautiful sugar, show me that smooth pussy of yours.  She felt so confused, she could feel the nervousness, the shame, of being naked, but she knew the guys were watching her and thought she was hot, she could feel the lust as they stared at her and the thought turned her on, she felt her pussy start to throb. 

Thats it honey, lick your nipples, run your hand over your snatch.  Oh yes, thats beautiful baby.  Candi felt ashamed as she ran her hand over her sex. 

Crawl to me baby, keep your head lowyeah, thats it.  Scrape those nipples against the ground, keep that ass in the air.  She didnt know why she followed his directions, she was so humiliated; down on her knees, crawling like a dog. 

       Come here sugar.  Candi started to get to her feet.

       No honey, stay on your knees, its hot and you look beautiful.  She could feel her heart pounding like mad.  She didnt know what to think, she felt completely humiliated on her knees, but she couldnt deny the tingle in her sex.  She heard the crew talking about her like she wasnt even there, she didnt know whether to be angry or  She heard them talking about her body, her tits, her ass, her pussy, she heard them calling her names as crawled on the ground toward Ben.  

       Here honey, put this on.  He handed Candi a black leather collar.

       Whats this?  She held the collar in her hand, the leather was smooth and the silver buckles clanged together as she held it, she was revolted and wanted to drop it on the ground.

       Its a collar baby, its for the shoot.  She stared at the black leather collar for a second then looked at Ben.

       I cant, you said tasteful, this is-

       Baby, this is part of the shoot, dont you want to be a model sugar?  She held the collar with disgust. 

       Dont pull this crap Candi, be a big girl, you wanted to be a model and its not going to be easy, its not all going to be champagne and roses.  Candi suddenly realized her nakedness and crossed her arms over her chest again.  She could feel her nipples hard against her forearms.

       Come honey, were wasting time.  Her hands trembled as she brought the collar up around her neck.  The leather felt like acid against her skin as she buckled it and locked it around her neck. 

       Thats it baby.  Get back on your knees. 

Will.  Ben screamed and Candi looked up to see one of the guys from the crew, he was dressed in black leather and had on a mask, he was coming toward her.  She started to scurry away as he reached for her hair, catching her, he took hold of her long mane of blonde locks and arched her head back. 

       Wha-  Candi tried to cry out as the guy clipped a leash to the collar around her neck.  There was a look of utter shock on her face. 

       Get that shot, get it!  Did you get it?  Ben yelled out to the cameramen with urgency and Candi could feel them moving closer, she could feel the powerful camera lens focusing in on her face.  She felt tears welling in her eyes as the man in the mask tugged on her collar. 

       Crawl for me girl. Candi heard the voice from behind the mask.  She could hear the cameras clicking away, capturing her crawling on all fours. 

       Thats it, youre my pet, were out for a walk in the park.  She felt completely and utterly humiliated, she could feel her breasts swaying from side to side as she moved around the pool and through the grass.  She felt the inexorable tug on her collar as the man led her like a dog. 

       Heel.  Candis neck jerked back as the man in the mask pulled her to a stop before one of the patio chairs, she heard Ben bark out directions, to her and the crew.

       Bend over the chair honey, push those tits into the cushion.  Reluctantly Candi leaned over the chair and crushed her breasts against the seat.  She felt the masked man to her right, holding the leash taut in his hand.  She saw his big black boot next to her face as he put his foot next to her cheek on the chair. 

       Look back at the cameras baby, smile for me.  She twisted her head back and looked over her body, but there was no way she could smile.  Shed never felt so ashamed in her life, but she couldnt stop the heat from growing in her pussy.

       Thats it baby, spread your cheeks for me.  Candi started sobbing. 

       I cant.  Candi choked out the words, she could feel the wetness of her sex, her body was on fire and she couldnt let them see.  She heard the man in the mask yelling at her.

       Come on girl, spread that ass.  She started sobbing louder and louder, the mans shiny black boot was inches from her face and she could feel him tugging on the leash.  She could hear the crew mumbling. 

       Shes a bad girl.  Candi couldnt stop crying.

       She needs to be spanked.  She heard the guys talking at her, about her, like she was some kind of object.  She could feel her pussy getting hotter and hotter. 

       Will. Candi heard Bens voice call out to the masked man, then she felt the him tug hard on her leash.  She had to arch her head up to relieve the strain.  She grabbed for the collar with her hands and tried to fight the pull, she struggled to her feet like a new born calf as she staggered on the high heels.  The tears were streaking down her cheeks in torrents sending her make-up running. 

       Youve been a bad girl.  Candi looked at the man in the mask, all she could see was his eyes, his cold blue eyes.  He twisted her out of the way and sat down in the patio chair.  She tried to fight, but he easily manipulated her with the leash and pulled her belly down over his lap.

       Youve been a bad, bad, girl.  Candi tried to unclip the leash from her collar but she couldnt work the latch.  She felt her breasts crushed against the smooth leather of the masked mans thigh, her nipples were hard and her pussy burned with desire. 

       You deserve a punishment little girl.  She felt his open hand come down on her ass.  She heard the loud crack of flesh on flesh, then felt her nerve endings light and she wanted to explode. 

       Youve been a bad little girl.  Again and again the masked mans open hand came down on her body.  Candi felt the tears dripping off her chin as she looked up at the flashing cameras.  She wanted to scream when she felt his hand on her breasts and his fingers pinching her nipples.

       Again and again he smacked her ass, first one cheek, then the other, till she thought she couldnt take it anymore. 

       Youre a bad little girl.  Candi continued to sob but she could feel the mounting orgasm in her belly.  She felt her face go flush with shame as the feelings in her sex grew more and more intense.  With every blow of the masked mans hand, her body started to buck off his thighs in need. 

Does Daddy spank you when youre a bad little girl?  She couldnt stifle the moans that escaped her body as once again the masked mans hand smacked her ass.  Her hips were bouncing up off his thighs and Candi bit her lip trying to keep quiet, she felt the waves of orgasm start to flood through her belly. 

Her hips hopped off the masked mans thighs as her pussy started to convulse and her belly contracted and spasmed.

OHHHHHHH GGOOOOOOODDDD!  Candi didnt even know where she was anymore, she forgot about the men standing around her, the cameras clicking, recording every contorted look on her face.  She ground her hips against the smooth leather on the masked mans thigh, desperately trying to rub her hard, swollen clit harder and harder against him.

OHHHHHHHHHHH!  Her hips were gyrating, pressing hard against the masked mans muscles.  She could hear herself panting.  She screamed in shock when she felt his hand slip between her spread legs and finger her pussy. 

Her eyes shot open in horror and she jerked to her feet seeing all the eyes on her.  She started screaming and bolted toward the house, the leash trailing after her on the ground as the tears streamed down her face.  She could hear the raucous laughter of the men as she ran inside and raced to her room.  Candi locked the door and collapsed in a heap on the bed, balling herself tight into the fetal position and sobbing.  Her heart was beating like a race horse and she couldnt stop crying.  Shed never been more humiliated, or ashamed, in her life. 

Candi didnt know how long she lay on the bed bawling.  In complete and utter disgust she took the collar from around her neck and threw it on the floor.  Her mind was flying, every time she thought about what had happened, she felt the weight of shame on her, her face burned with disgrace and she felt the hollow, embarrassed, aching in her stomach. 

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the knock at the door, she rushed to pull the blankets around her naked body. 

Miss...H-Hi, its MaMaa-Matt, Ive brought you something to eat.  Candi could fell the blood pounding through her head as she pulled the blankets tighter to her body. 

LLL---Leave it at the door.  Candis legs were like jell-o when she got to her feet, the long blanket trailed after her on the cold tile floor as she gingerly opened the door, just outside she saw a tray of food, she tentatively lifted up the meal, making sure to keep the blanket closed tight around her naked body. 

Candi tried to eat, but she wasnt hungry.  She took small bites but felt like she was going to sick and she raced to the toilet. 

A while later, when she came out of the bathroom, Candi could hear the crew roaring in laughter downstairs, she could hear them bellowing in joy, and she knew they were drinking.  She couldnt believe that they were having a good time the way theyd treated her.  She made sure the door was locked and slowly nibbled on her food. 

Shes ahot slut,...did youcum.  Candi couldnt make out the complete string of words from below, but she knew they were talking about her.  She heard the word slut, and cum, and she knew they were talking about how shed orgasmed while was being spanked.

Candi threw herself back in the bed and started to sob again.  She felt completely and utterly humiliated.  She didnt know how she could have cum in front of them, especially while being spanked.    

She didnt know what to do, how she was going to get home, she didnt have a car, she didnt even know where she was.  How stupid could she have been she thought to herself. 

       Candi pulled the covers up to her nose and tried to close her eyes.  She could hear the men laughing downstairs and she started thinking about the afternoon.  How could she cum in front of them, all of them, and on camera.

       Slowly, unconsciously, Candis hand slipped over her belly and between her legs as she started thinking about it, the humiliation of all those eyes on her. 

       Oh God. She thought, what would her friends think, her family; Mom and Dad, and then, her little sister.

       Her knees raised under the covers and she spread her legs, a jolt went through her body as the nail on her finger scraped over her clit. 

       Candis eyes were closed, she thought about the afternoon, the feel of the leather collar around her neck, the sensation of the grass tickling her puffy nipples as she crawled along on the ground, pulled along like a dog.

       Her fingers spread her labia and Candi eased one inside her.  Her pussy was soaking wet as she thought about going over the mans knee. 

       OOHHHH.  She started moaning as she brought her left hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit while still plunging a finger into her pussy with the other hand. 

       OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  She started stabbing a second finger in her slit, driving them deep in her body, slamming her knuckles into her pussy with each thrust.

       OOOO FUUUCCKKK!!!  Candi could feel of the mans hand slapping down on her ass, his palm imprinting itself on her soft skin over and over again.

       OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  She remembered the orgasm, shed never cum like that before in her life, how every muscle in her body had seemed to contract and the spasm that came over her pussy.

       OOOOOOHHHH GGOOOOODDDDD!!!  Candi buried her fingers to the hilt in her pussy and clamped her thighs together on her hand as her hips bucked up and down on the bed.

       OOOOHHH MMMMYYYY GGGOODDDDDD!!!!  She screamed out as her body exploded, her skin was soaked with sweat and she could feel her fingers inside of her as her vaginal muscles clamped down, squeezing tight.

       Candi was panting as she slowly moved her free hand up over her belly and started playing with her nipples.  They were rock hard and ached as she rubbed them between her fingers.  She could still hear the men laughing below, and she hoped they hadnt heard her cry out.  She almost came again at the thought, the humiliation of them hearing her orgasm again would be too much. 

       She slowly faded off to sleep with her fingers still buried in her pussy.

To be Continued

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