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Milk Maid

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Synopsis: Slave & Master hold a milk squirting party,Milk that comes from slaves breasts.

Rubbing my breast vigorously with the Turkish towel I dried as I finished my
shower.  Then I attached the breast pumps Master has been having me use for a
long time.  Using these made my breasts fill with milk.  He loved this!

My breasts full I walked into the living room.  Still nude, I knelt before
Master.  He was sitting in his burgundy leather wing chair. Reaching out he
fondled my left breast letting it drop as he lifted the right breast.

Taking the nipple in between his fingers, he gently squeezed and pulled at the
same time. A stream of milk splashed at his feet. "Very good my slave, you are
still full."  He bid me to rise and sit beside him.  This I did, moving
gracefully to my feet.

I had the breasts that were full of milk but not the cumbersome body of a
pregnant woman. Turning, I sat beside my Master, perching on the arm of the wing
chair. He turned his head. Perfectly level, his mouth and my breasts.

Tentatively, he slowly sucked my heavy breast. After just getting a taste he
reached and lifted my breast, he let it fall gently. " This will do just fine
slave. Now go and make canapes we are going to have 10-15 guests this evening." 
He slapped my ass easily as I rose from the arm of the chair.

Later that evening, around 7:30pm, the guests started to arrive in couples. 
Still nude, I took their coats and saw that a few of the ladies were pregnant
and all had large pendulous breasts. The ladies were also nude under their

The gentlemen were in evening attire; they started making wages against each
other.  And very soon I would know why these wages are made and for what.

"Gentlemen, take your ladies and place then in front of You.  Use them as Your
shield."  Taking me by the arms, Master placed me squarely in front of him.  He
grabbed both of my breasts by the nipple. He squirted the milk out at a gray
-headed gentleman. The man fired his breast back.

It was a sort of water gun battle. And the battle was on.  They were squirting
milk at each other using the ladies as shields (and as their guns). They were
laughing and just having a good time shouting and yelling at one another.

The ladies obviously did not know what was happening for a few seconds as they
were twirled and spun around. But soon they were caught up in the game!

Milk dripped from the faces of the women.  It dripped from every place on their
bodies.  The men had fared no better, milk dripped from their hair onto their
clothes and was all over the floor. A few had slipped and fallen.  

Afterwards all had drinks, towels were passed around so everyone could dry.  The
ladies retrieved their coats from the closet.  Everyone thanked Master saying
what a good time it was and that there should be more play such as this. After
everyone had gone, Master hugged me and said, "You are a good slave."

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