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Tracy in Trouble

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Synopsis: A young 16 year old highschool teenager finds herself betrayed by her best friend and ends up being a submissive slave to them.
Tracy in Trouble.
Part one

Tracy had lost a bet with her two best friends, Linda and Christina. She had
lost these bets before, but never expected to have to do the dare she was about
to do now. The bet was made a week earlier and since she lost, she was told that
on Friday of this week, she would get the dare that she had to perform.

She waited all week to find out what stupid little thing her girlfriends would
have her do. Thoughts ran through her mind of past bets and dares and figured
she would get through this one just as easy as the last ones she had lost. Tracy
usually lost these bets, but it was fun doing the things her friends put her up

Tracy thought back to all the things she did when she lost a bet. Once she had
to go to the mens room in a mall and pee. Luckily for her, there were no men in
the bathroom when she went in and no one entered. That was pretty simple, she
thought. What could these two other girls think of worse than that?

The three girls had played this game many times, making little bets about
anything. Then the loser would get a dare to do, but usually the dare came right
after the loser of the bet was decided. But this time was different, and she was
made to wait until Friday morning, right before midterms started the following
week.  Tracy didn't have to worry about the midterms, because she was an above
average student. But her two friends needed to study all the time, just to get
some passing grades. Even though Tracy was smart, she lost most of the bets. She
knew that both girls had the most problem with math, and had said she would help
them study anytime they wished, and both of them had taken her up on it. They
usually spent weekends together at one of their houses, just to study, and Tracy
thought this weekend would be no different. It was Christina's turn to have her
friends over for the weekend, and plans were already made with the other two
girls' parents. However, no one else knew that Christina's parents were going to
be away for the entire weekend.

So, here it was, Friday morning and Tracy was waiting for her friends to arrive
at school, so she could learn what the dare was to be.  She waited outside for
her friends, and just before the bell rang to go into their classes, her friends
showed up in Linda's car. She was the only one of the three with a driver's
license and she even had her own car to drive. Tracy smiled and waved at them as
they parked the car and got out. She met them half way and the girls giggled as
they handed Tracy her assignment for the dare.

Before she could open the envelope, Christina said, "Tracy, before you look at
that, you do promise to do what ever it says?" 

Tracy said, "Of course I do."  

Then Linda said, "No matter what the dare is, you'll do it without fail?" 

Again Tracy answered, " Yes, no matter what the dare is, I'll do it." 

Both of the other girls said, "Good. We'll see you later," and off to class they
all went.

Tracy didn't have time to open the envelope right then, but once she got to her
homeroom, with a little free time, she did open it. She was shocked to see what
was written on the paper inside. It read, "Tracy, after school closes for the
weekend, you will sneak back and break into the school. Then you will go to Mr.
Frank's math room and get the test and answers to the midterms. Make a copy of
both and bring them with you to Christina's house."

Tracy was totally shocked, but she had told her friends that she would do the
dare since she lost the bet.  And, in order to keep her friends, she had to do
this, even though she knew it was wrong. She began making the plans in order to
get into the school to steal the test and answers.

First she went to the bathroom on the first floor of the two-story school. 
There she rigged the window, so she could open it up later, with the hopes the
janitor didn't see it and close it.  Then she paced herself from the bathroom to
the math room on the second floor, making sure just how much time it took.  She
didn't want to stay any longer in the closed school than she had to. Her next
step was to figure out how long it would take to get to the copy room, also on
the second floor and how long it would take to warm up the copier, run the
copies and return the original to Mr. Frank's room. The only thing she couldn't
count on was where he had put the midterm exam and answers.

She had a hard time getting through the rest of the day, and saw her friends
again before they all went home to get ready to spend the weekend at
Christina's. Once again, both girls asked her if she was going to do what they
wanted and she again, said," I lost the bet and have to do what you have dared
me to, even though I know it is wrong and don't like it. Yes, I am going to do

They all went their separate ways and headed for home. Once it started turning
dark, Tracy told her parents she was on her way over to Christina's for the
weekend to study for mid terms. Her Parents said that is good and we do hope you
can help your friends pass the exam. They knew the other two were not as smart
as Tracy and thought it was a great idea for her to help them.

So she left the house, but instead of heading for Christina's, she made a detour
to the school. When she arrived, she saw the janitor just closing up the front
doors and watched as he got into his car and leave. She waited, nervously, to
make sure he didn't return. After about twenty minutes, she decided to continue
and went around the school to where she had left the window unlocked and
slightly ajar. Lucky for her, the window was just the way she had fixed it
earlier and she carefully opened it and crawled inside.

Little did she know that Christina was watching her with a video camera as she
entered the school. And that Linda was already inside, in the math room, hidden
in a closet, also with a video camera.  Tracy made her way up the stairs to the
second floor and down the hall to the math room. Opening the door, she turned on
the small flashlight she carried and made her way to Mr. Frank's desk.  She
shuffled through some papers and hit upon the midterm exam, right on top of his
desk. Quickly, she looked through them and then searched a little more and found
the answers close by. She grabbed them all and made her way to the copy room.

This gave Linda time to get out of the room and down the stairs, so she wouldn't
be seen. Of course, she had all she needed on video. Linda then went down to the
bathroom where Tracy had entered and crawled out to find Christina waiting for
her. They both waited for Tracy to crawl out of the window.

When she did, the cameras were running and they had her escape also on video,
with the copied test papers in her hand.  They knew it would take awhile for
Tracy to walk to Christina's house and as soon as the coast was clear, they made
their way to Linda's car and sped to Christina's house. This way, they would
both be there when Tracy arrived, and had time to set up the VCR with the tapes,
so they could show it to Tracy.

Just as Tracy arrived, they finished their preparations. They greeted Tracy at
the door and asked if she got her dare completed. She said she did and showed
them the papers. But now she wanted to tear them up and dispose of them, so she
and the other two couldn't be accused of cheating.  

But Linda said, "No, just let me have them. I need to pass this test and I am
going to with your help."

Tracy was confused and said, "But I can tutor both of you and you will pass."

The girls said they didn't really want to waste the weekend by studying, so the
papers would be useful. And besides, we have something to show you."

They took Tracy into the living room and had her sit on the sofa. Christina
said, "Now, we are all alone because my parents had to go out of town for the
weekend, and we are going to have some fun."  With that, she turned on the TV
and VCR.

Tracy's jaw dropped as she saw herself climbing into the window. Then she saw
herself taking the test papers from Mr. Frank's desk and also it showed her
finding the answers to it. The next scene was her climbing out of the same
window with the copied papers in hand. She just didn't know what to say or do. 
Tracy sat there with such a puzzled look and questioned her friends as to what
and why.

Christina then told her it was time to make the good little girl do whatever
they wanted, and that if she didn't, the tape would be given to many different
people around town. Her parents, the principal, and Mr. Frank just to start
with.  Tracy couldn't talk or say anything. Linda then continued and told Tracy
that they were both tired of her getting all the good grades and most of the
cute guys in school. She continued saying that from now on, you will belong to
us and you will do whatever you are told, no matter what it is.

Tracy said, "Come on now, we are all friends and this has to stop. We had our
fun, so let's just get busy with the studying and forget about this. Let me have
that tape, so I can get rid of it."

"NO," shouted Christina, " you belong to us now and will do as we say, or the
tape is going out to everyone."

Tracy sat dazed and very confused. Her best friends turning on her. "But", she
said, "we are friends and friends don't do this to each other."

Linda spoke up and said, "We were friends, but now you are our slave and slut,
and will do as you are told, unless you want the tape distributed. What do you
think your parents and the school will do with you when it is known the only
reason you get good grades is because you steal the test papers and answers."

Tracy tried to remain calm as she spoke. "You can't do this to me. I am going to

call my parents and tell them what you are doing to me.  Then who will be in


Both girls then said, "Go right ahead Bitch, but remember, tapes don't lie"

Tracy thought for a moment and then said, "Ok, you win, but let's only do this
for a little while and don't tell me to do anything stupid."

With that, Linda slapped her hard across the face, and said, "We are going to
own you and your pretty little body for as long as we want, and you won't or
can't do anything about it. Now, cunt, stand up and strip out of those clothes."


Scared, tracy jumped up and began to strip. She removed her blouse and jeans,
but then just stood there in her panties and bra.  "Well, continue. We want you
totally naked whore," said Christina. tracy hesitated and found the other side
of her face slapped by Christina, with a warning,"You do everything we say slut,
and you won't get hit again. Now get naked!"

Trembling with fear, she slowly took off her bra, exposing her firm young tits
to the other girls, and then hooked her fingers into her panties and pushed them
down her legs to her ankles and then off. She tried to cover her body with her
hands, but only got a slap across her bare ass, with a warning of not to try to
hide anything. Linda told her to put her hands behind her back and clasp her
fingers together, then to spread her legs apart.

tracy followed their instructions with the fear of being hurt and of being

kicked out of school for stealing and cheating. "Very good" said Christina, "Now
you will find out about your new rules"

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 2

tracy stood naked, legs spread and hands behind her back, not knowing what to
do, since her girlfriends had a tape of her stealing an exam paper. she was
scared, but afraid to go against her friends.

"Now," said Linda, "we have some rules you will follow at all times. We are
going to explain them to you now, and you will listen carefully. We expect you
to know them at all times and you had better follow them, or the tape we have
will be sent out."

Christina said  "Ok, tracy, you now belong to us! You are our property and will
do exactly as we say.  The first thing you must understand is that we own you
and that whatever we tell you to do, you will do it. Is this clear to you?"

tracy stuttered,  "Y-Y-Y- E-E-E-S-S-S-S, just don't show that tape to any one,

"Oh, we won't show it as long as you behave the way we want," responded Linda.

Christina added, "Ok, tracy, listen up good. Here are the rules you will follow at all
times. Any time you don't follow them a copy of the tape will be sent and you
will also be punished.

"Number one: You belong to us. We own you. You will do everything and anything
we say, no matter what it is, where it is, or who it may be with or in front of. 

"Number two: You will always address us as Mistress Christina and Mistress Linda,
and will answer all questions with a Ma'am at the end.  Do you understand so far

"Y-y-y-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s,"  said tracy.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, three hard hand slaps to tracy's bare ass, from Linda. tracy
screamed and jumped from the spanking and grabbed her little ass.

Christina said,  "Well, guess you don't listen too good ,do you slut? I just gave you
instructions and part of your rules. And already you have disobeyed. You will
be getting more spankings if you don't obey. Do you understand now, bitch?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

Christina continued,  "Much better slut, and don't ever forget another rule, or you will be
punished much worse."

Linda added, "Number three: You will only wear what we tell you to wear. You won't be
allowed to wear pants again without our permission. From now on, your clothes
will consist of short skirts and sheer blouses."

It was Christina's turn to add to tracy's despair,  "Number four: You will not wear panties or bras again, unless we tell you to, or you get permission from both of us."

Linda said, "Number five: This is your last rule for now, but just remember, we can
add more at any time. When we are finished here, you will pick up the scissors
from the table and trim your cunt. You will cut off the hair and place it all in
this little jar. The jar will be kept with you at all times, just in case we
want to see it or show it to someone. The jar has 'slut tracy's pussy hair'
written on it, along with today's date, 5/11/2002. Then, once you have it
nice and short, you are going to take this razor and shave the rest off. Your
slutty cunt will be kept bald from this day forward. And it had better be as
smooth as a baby's ass at all times. We will check it from time to time. If it
feels like a five o'clock shadow, you will be punished."

"So, tracy," asked Christina, "do you understand your new rules and are you ready to
follow them?  If not, you may leave, but the tape goes out if you do leave."

tracy answered, "Yes, Mistress Christina, I understand the rules and will follow them

"Good," said Linda,  "now get up on the coffee table and get rid of that ugly pussy
hair.  We want a bald cunt. Get busy bitch".

tracy slowly got on the table and took the scissors and reluctantly began to
snip off her pretty little curly pubic hair. Snip, Snip, Snip, then gathered it
up and placed it in the jar. She continued to work, removing the hair from her
little cunt, until it was down to just stubble and her jar was half full. Then
she picked up the razor and shaving cream. Lathering up her pussy, she silently
shaved all the rest of the hair away, leaving her cunt totally bald and quite

But little did she know that all the time she was cutting and shaving, she was
being video taped. The girls wanted more than just the stealing tape and decided
to tape much, much more.

Once she was done, each of the girls felt her pussy and decided it was nice and
smooth. Then they made tracy rub her fingers over all of it. She was told that
it had better be this way at all times, or she would be beaten and whipped. But,
since it was her pussy that had stubble, it would be her pussy that got whipped.

"Ok," said Linda, "I think it is time to get something to eat. tracy, are you hungry?"

"Oh, yes, Ma'am."

"Good, let's go get some burgers and fries for dinner!"

tracy got up and went to pick up her clothes to get dressed, but was stopped by
the girls.

"What do you think you are doing cunt?" asked Linda.   "Did we tell you to get your

"No Ma'am, but I thought we were going out for dinner?"

"We are, bitch," said Christina,  "but you won't be wearing those clothes tonight. As a
matter of fact, you won't be wearing any clothes. Now, let's get going, I'm

The girls guided the naked tracy out the door to the car. They made her get into
the back seat, while they sat in the front. They also had the video camera
with them. They were going to have some fun.

Once in the car, they told tracy to sit in the middle of the seat and spread her
legs way out, so that each foot touched a door. Then they told her to put her arms
out on the back of the seat. Finally, they told her that no matter what, she was not to
move from this position.

tracy did as she was told, but began to cry, not knowing what else was going to
happen to her. She was so scared, she almost peed in the seat, but being afraid
of punishment, she held it in.

Linda drove around for awhile as the two girls in the front talked with each
other, mostly about their slave in the back seat and ignored tracy all together. 
They had been gone from the house about thirty minutes and tracy couldn't hold
it any longer, and pleaded with Linda to let her go someplace to pee.

"Ok, I'll find someplace for you cunt. Maybe we can go pee at the Burger
King we are going to."

"Please no, not there Mistress. Any place but in public. I don't have any
clothes on,"  tracy begged.

Both girls laughed and said not to worry. They wouldn't make her do that this
time, but it was a thought for a later day. Linda pulled off the road and
stopped.  She said, "Ok slut, get out and pee, but hurry up." 

"Oh, please Ma'am, not here beside the road. Someone might see me."  

"It's either here or you hold it until we get home. Which will it be?" asked Christina.  

Slowly, tracy climbed out of the car and tried to get off the road as far as she could. But, she was told to go in front of the car and squat to pee.

Embarrassed, she did as she was told and got in front of the car and squatted
down. Just then, Linda put on the high beams. tracy squealed, but her pee was
already flowing. Luckily for tracy, no one drove by to see her. she climbed back
into the car and resumed her position.

Linda once again began to drive, getting closer and closer to the Burger King.

They pulled into the Burger King parking lot and made a circle around, just to
check out who was in the drive through window. It was a guy doing the serving
tonight, and that is just what the two girls wanted. They pulled back out into
the street and drove down about a block and pulled over. Linda had a convertible
and when she stopped, put the top down.

"Ok slut, now you are to do what ever we say. One wrong move and
you'll be put out in the parking lot, in front of the window to play with that
bald cunt until you cum. So pay attention. You will not move at all. You will
stay positioned just like you are, no matter what. Now close your eyes and do
not open them until you are told to. Just remember that we own you and you'll
pay if you don't do what we say."

"Yes, Ma'am."

She closed her eyes tight and sat very still. Linda turned the car around and
drove back to the ordering window. The speaker came alive asking what they
wanted. Linda ordered for everyone. Double bacon cheeseburgers and large fries
and cokes. She also told the clerk to make sure the fries were extra hot. She
was told what the price would be and to please drive around to the window.

They checked their backseat passenger and she hadn't moved yet, and her eyes
were shut. They drove forward to the window to pick up their food.  As they got
to the window, Linda held her finger to her mouth indicating the clerk should
not say anything. She handed him a note, which said get some of the other male
staff to the window. He saw tracy in the back seat and grinned from ear to ear, but did not say anything. He got their food ready and also got about 4 other boys to come to the window. Then he handed Linda the food and took the money.

Christina reached into the bag and pulled out an order of fries and reached into
the back seat with them. Telling tracy to keep her eyes closed, but to bring her
hands toward the front. tracy did and was handed the box of fries.

"Ok tracy slut, reach into the box of fries and begin to stuff them in your cunt. You will get as many as you can into your tight little hole as you can. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am"

she reached into the box of hot fries and began to pull out the fries and put
them inside her. she cried out because they were really hot, but did not want to
be made to get out and play with herself in front of who ever was watching. She
got about 10 fries in her pussy and was told to stop.

"Now bitch, pull them out one at a time and eat them," demanded Linda.

tracy did as she was told, even though she didn't want to. Once the fries were
all gone from her cunt, she was told to open her eyes and smile at the people in
the window. As soon as she opened her eyes, she gasped and quickly closed her
legs and tried to hide.

"That did it cunt," said Linda.  "You failed to follow our directions and you moved.
Now, get out of the car. You know what to do, don't you whore?"

"P-p-p-l-l-e-e-e-a-a-a-ss-s-s-s-e-e-e, ma'am, not that," begged tracy.

"Do it bitch, or we'll pull you out and leave you here," said Christina.

tracy slowly got out of the car and stood there not doing anything.

"Now, play with that nasty cunt until you cum for these nice guys. We'll
just pull over here to watch and wait for you. As soon as you cum, you can join
us again."

Linda pulled away and into a parking spot close by. They got the video camera
out and began filming their little whore playing with herself in public.

tracy stood there for a moment and then opened her legs and began to masturbate
for the group. she didn't look at anyone, but just played with her naked cunt,
hoping she would cum quickly. she rubbed her clit and stuck her fingers inside
her pussy.

Finally, after about five minutes, she shook and had an orgasm. She quickly took
off to the car, but the girls wouldn't let her in. Instead, they told her to go
back and thank all those guys for allowing her to play with her cunt in front of
them. she knew she had to, so she went back and tapped on the window. she said,
"Thank you for letting me play with my cunt in front of you. I hope you enjoyed
my show."

Then back to the car she went and this time the girls let her in and told her
to get back into her position. Then they drove home, and the girls were already
planning for some good fun with their slut once they arrived. Both of them were
getting hot and horny.

To be continued

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 3

They left the Burger King parking lot, the two girls laughing and tracy crying. 
They drove around town for awhile, with tracy spread eagle in the back seat,
totally naked. She didn't look out, but kept her head down with shame. She was
sure others saw her like this, and continued to cry.

Once the girls had their thrills, they drove to Christina's house. Once there,
they ordered their new little slave out of the car. "On you hands and knees
Bitch", said Linda.

tracy fell to her hands and knees and was told to crawl like a dog into the
house. She moved slowly up the hard drive and up to the front door. Both girls
behind her laughing and making snide remarks about their little pet.

They went inside and told tracy to sit on the couch and spread her legs. They
wanted her cunt on display. She was also told to put her hands on top of her
head and not to move. Then, they blindfolded her.

Sitting in darkness, she heard the girls moving around and doing different
things. However, the things they were doing she did not know.

So, they removed her blindfold and saw a video camera sitting in front of her,
and also a flip chart on an easel. It was covered by a blank sheet of poster
paper, so she had no idea as to what it was for.

Linda: "Now, before we begin, we want you to see something."

With that, she hit the play button on the VCR's remote and tracy saw herself
squatting in front of the car taking a piss. Then, it moved to her standing in
front of the Burger King window playing with her pussy, while a group of guys
watched from inside. It even showed her cumming and walking to the car. Then,
walking back. Somehow they managed to even get the sounds of her cumming and
thanking the boys for allowing her to put on the little show. Then, she saw
herself crawling like a dog up the driveway.

She cried with shame.

Christina: "So, tracy, you see we not only have the tape of you stealing, but
also of you being a real slut for others. Now, we are going to take another tape
of you. But this time, you will be talking and telling the camera about you
being a slut and that you really want it. You'll even say you have asked us to
be in control of you and to own you as our slave."

Linda: "Now, tracy as soon as the camera comes on, you will reach down and play
with your bald cunt and when we turn this page over, you will read everything on
it out loud. We want it all on tape. Do you understand cunt?"

tracy: "Yes, ma'am, but please don't----"

Christina: "Shut up whore".

Linda: "Now, the camera is being turned on, so do it."

She reached over to the camera and flipped the switch. tracy reached down with
one hand and began to play with herself. Next, Christina pulled the blank paper

The next sheet appeared and tracy began to read it.

"Hi, my name is tracy williams and I am a slut. Of course, you can see that as I
willingly make this tape, as I play with my little bald cunt for you. I have
asked my best friends to help me become a good slut and I have agreed to become
their slave for as long as they desire. I have promised them that I will do
anything and everything they wish, no matter what it may be. I do hope they use
me well, and turn me into a total slut for everyone's enjoyment.

I have asked them to make this tape for me and have insisted that if I disobey
them in any way that I be made to take copies of this and any other videos made
of me to the post office and mail them to members of the school board, my
teachers, my friends and my family, including my younger brother. I will do as
they say and mail these anytime I am told to.

Now, with the permission of my new Mistresses, i want to cum for the camera. 
Mistresses, may i cum now, please? My Mistresses have told me yes, so please
watch as I finger my cunt and play with my clit, so I can cum for everyone who
sees this.

With that, she played harder with her cunt, just wanting to get through with the
humiliation. Soon, she was cumming for the camera. Once she was done, the camera
was shut off and the tape removed. Christina took the tape and put it away so
they could make the copies later.

Linda: "Ok slut tracy, we now have your confession on tape and it will be sent
out if you ever disobey us. Now, it is time for some more fun. Stand up."

tracy: "Yes ma'am. And she stood up, making sure to keep her legs apart. tracy
was learning well."

"Now, let's eat", said Christina.

The girls led tracy into the kitchen and they sat down to the table which only
had two places set. When tracy started to sit down, she was told not to.

Linda: "your food is in your bowl puppy dog. Get down and eat like the dog you
are. NO HANDS!"

tracy looked down to the floor and in a dog dish was her fries and burger. She
slowly got on her hands and knees and began to try to eat using only her mouth. 
Finally all the food was gone from the girls' plates and tracy had also finished
hers. Next to the food dish was another bowl with her coke in it. She was told
to drink up.

She lapped up the coke like an obedient little doggy, and was even made to lick
the bowl clean.

Then, the girls said they were both so very horny, but with no guys around,
guess they would have to have their new slave get them off. So, they quickly got
out of their clothes and sat on the sofa and spread their legs. Come on little
slut, eat us until we cum.

tracy had never even thought about eating out another cunt before, but knew she
had to or she would be forced to mail all the tapes they had. She didn't want
anyone else to know anything about this, so she crawled between Linda's legs and
began to lick her slit. It must have been good for Linda, because it wasn't long
before she was cumming from tracy eating her. Once she calmed down and let tracy
up, she pointed to Christina's cunt. So, reluctantly, tracy crawled to her and
ate her out as well, making her cum in a short time.

Then, they said it was bedtime and that tracy needed a lot of rest since she
would have a very busy day shopping for some new clothes tomorrow.

So, they hog-tied her right there in the living room and left, saying "GOODNIGHT

tracy had a hard time drifting off to sleep, but it finally came. She had
nightmares of what had taken place and what else was to happen to her. But, she
did get some rest that night.

And, all to soon, she was being awakened and told she had to get ready to go

To be continued with a shopping trip to a mall.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 4

Tracy was awakened quite rudely by her friends Saturday morning. She was
sleeping pretty well, even in the position she had been left in. The girls had
gotten up early and did their morning routine, and also fixed a few items for
tracy to wear today.

They each got a wooden spoon and went to their little slut to get her up. They
lined up behind her, admiring her upturned ass. Silently, they counted to three
and swung the wooden spoons on her bare ass. One spoon on each cheek

tracy jumped and screamed from the sting on her ass, but she could not jump
much, seeing she was hogtied. Both girls laughed and told tracy it was time to
get ready for her busy day. They were going shopping for some new clothes for
her to wear.  As they untied her, she was told to get a shower and reshave her
pussy, so it was nice and smooth for them. And, don't be long one of them told

tracy got up, stretched to get the kinks out and headed toward the bathroom. She
started to shut the door, but the girls told her to leave it open, just in case
they wanted to watch. So, she went in and got her shower and shaved her little
cunt. Rubbing her hands over her mound, just to be sure it was nice and smooth,
since she knew if it wasn't, they would punish her.

Once she finished, she stepped from the shower and dried off.  As she left the
bathroom, the girls met her and took her into the bedroom to dress. On the bed
were her clothes she had brought with her for the weekend. The other two had
gone through her overnight bag and found the clothes she was to wear. A skirt
and blouse, along with some high heels that belonged to Christina, but nothing

"Get dressed little one", said Linda. tracy started getting dressed and that's
when she realized her clothes had been altered. she put on her blouse, but found
all of the buttons were gone.

"How can I wear this, there aren't any buttons to close it up", stated tracy.

Christina replied,  "You don't need buttons, you will just tie the ends up under
you little tits."

Sobbing, she then put the skirt on, only to find it had been cut off at the
bottom and rehemmed. It now was only a few inches below her bald pussy, and she
knew her ass cheeks would be visible when she walked. But, to avoid any other
confrontation with her new Mistresses, she finished getting dressed, tying the
blouse in a knot, just below her tits. It sure didn't hide a lot, but at least
she was partially covered.

Once she was dressed, they went to the kitchen for some breakfast. They allowed
her to sit at the table with them to eat, but was told to just eat and don't say
anything. Silently, she ate and listened to the girls talk about their day of
shopping. They were going to a mall, in a different town, so no one knew them.
They had plans to spend most of the day there, and even talked about what stores
they would go into.

As soon as breakfast was done, they took tracy to the car. The top had been put
back up from last night, but she still had to sit in the back, legs wide apart
and arms along the back of the seat. This way, her little pussy was quite
visible. They left the drive and she was told that she was to just sit there,
not moving and not talking.

They drove about an hour before pulling into the mall parking lot and parked
some distance from the entrance. They got tracy out, and explained to her about
the day. To start with, she was to do everything she was told to do, without
question or hesitation. Didn't want to make any big scenes around other people.
She would also be required to walk slightly ahead of them, just so they could
keep an eye on her. And, she was to keep her hands behind her back at all times,
unless told other wise. And with that, they told her to start walking, but be
sure to swing her cute little ass like a true slut.

Walking slowly, so as not to have too much ass exposed, she headed toward the
entrance. Once there at the door, they told her to go in, but listen carefully
since we will tell you where to go and what store to go into. The first stop was
a store that had skirts, blouses and dresses.

However, she was told to sit on the bench, just outside the door and wait for
them to come back to get her. Christina told her that she was to sit with her
legs apart and not to even think about moving or trying to leave, since they
could see her from anyplace in the store. And, if she wasn't there when they got
back, the tapes were going in the mail, since they had them in the trunk of the
car. Then, they disappeared into the store, leaving poor tracy on the bench,
legs open and pussy exposed to others. She looked down so as not to have to see
who saw her. But, she knew that many people could see everything and heard some
people say, "slut, whore, shameful, and even some said WOW". Her shame made her
begin to cry and her face was a nice pretty red by the time the girls returned.

"Come with us now slut", said Linda.

They took her into the store and back to the dressing room where they had put
some clothes for her to try on. She was told to go in and strip naked, except
for the heels she had on. Then, she was to tell them when she was ready for her
new ones. Reluctantly, she went in and stripped, standing naked, trying to keep
herself calm. She spoke out, but was quiet and the girls didn't hear her. So she
had to speak a little louder, but they still didn't hear her. Opening the door
slightly, she said she was ready. Linda opened the door all the way and had two
outfits in her hands.

"Which one would you like to try first slut", said Christina.

tracy didn't answer. She just stared out, knowing she was naked, the door wide
open and anyone who walked by could see her.

Linda said, "If you don't make up your mind soon, we will just have to stand
here and wait, or maybe have you come out to get the outfit. Now, which one do
you want first."

This made her become more aware of what the other girls could and probably would
make her do, so without looking, she took the one closest to her and stepped
back to get the door shut. But it opened right back up and the girls said as
soon as you are dressed, come out here so we can see how it looks.

Just to get her body covered again, she dressed quickly. Then she opened the
door and stepped out. She looked so slutty, with the very short skirt, which
just barely covered anything and a very sheer blouse, which anyone could see her
little tits and hard nipple through. The girls made her turn around a couple of
times and even made her bend over and touch her toes. She knew they could see
all of her once private area, all the way up.

Linda said she liked it and thought they should keep it. Christina agreed and
told tracy to go back and put the other one on. This one was a dress, a very
thin dress with buttons from top to bottom. tracy knew that if the light hit her
just right, she would look almost naked. But, she put it on and again went
outside to find the girls. They were there waiting for her, but also had a sales
girl with them.

OK, tracy, model your new dress for us. She turned around for them, but very
slow. She was told to bend over again, but also she had to spread her legs
apart. She knew she was visible to her friends, but also the other girl. Linda
said she liked it and asked the sales girl if tracy could wear it out of the
store. The girls said sure, as long as she had the tag to scan.

Christina asked her to get a pair of scissors so she could cut the tag off for
her. The sales girl left, but soon returned with the scissors and handed them to
Christina. Linda stepped into the dressing room and got the other outfit and
tracy's other clothes. She asked the sales girl to go ahead and ring the two
outfits up and they would be right up to pay for them, and also stated they
would bring the scissors back when they came to the checkout counter.

Once the girl left, Linda said that they needed to make some alterations to the
dress, in order for tracy to look right. And with that, she began to cut off
buttons. Starting at the top, she cut off three buttons, which went down to just
between tracy's tits.

Next, she went to the bottom of the dress, which was about mid thigh on tracy
and began to cut those buttons off. Once done, she only had four buttons left.
One at her tits, and worked down to the last one, which was right at her cunt.
Then they made tracy walk around, turn and even bend over again. Satisfied with
the way she looked, they headed for the check out. Once they had paid for the
outfits, with Linda's credit card, they left that store.

tracy was in front of them again, walking very slowly with her hands behind her
back. She knew that with almost every step she took, her dress would open some
and glimpses of her naked pussy and tits could be seen. And, of course, the
girls behind her had to keep reminding her to move a little faster and to take
longer steps, along with making sure to swing her ass like a slut. She was so
embarrassed, but it was starting to get her excited and she could feel her pussy
begin to get wet.

She thought, maybe, i am a slut and have always been one.

Suddenly, the girls told her to stop. They wanted her to get some new shoes of
her own, and they were right next to a shoe store. They told her to follow them
in, and not to say anything at all. The three girls looked around for awhile,
until Christina told Linda that the young salesman was the one to help them. So,
they approached him and said they needed to get some shoes for their friend.
They explained that she couldn't talk so they had to do it for her. They
explained they wanted to get a pair of heels with 4" heels in them, and had to
be bright red. He asked if they knew her size and they said no, but he should
measure her feet for a good fit.

They had her sit down in a chair while he went to get the measuring device. The
girls told her to make sure she showed him a lot of her pussy and again told her
not to say anything. When he returned, he knelt down in front of her and began
to take off the heels she had on. She opened her legs just a little while he
removed her shoes and measured her feet. Then, he said that they should be able
to find just what she wanted and got up to get them.

The girls were angry with her for not showing more and each of them took a leg
and spread them apart. Don't close them up either, reminded Linda. When he
returned, he did not notice her sitting like this, until he got down in front of
her to try on the shoes. He picked up her foot and looked up, to see her pussy
looking straight back at him. He couldn't move and just stared at her open twat.
Linda broke the silence and asked if something was wrong. He said, "No", and
began to get back to work, putting the shoes on her. Once on, she was told to
stand up and walk for them. She did and with the higher heels, her ass swayed
much more. They were happy with the selection and she sat back down to get them
off so they could buy them. Linda saw the price and asked the clerk if they
could get a discount on them. He said they didn't usually give a discount, but
would consider it.

He was told that if they could get the shoes at half price, he could feel
tracy's pussy and even finger her some. His cock grew hard at this and said he
thought the shoes were too expensive anyway and took them up on the offer. But
he said he couldn't do it here in the store. "Well, guess we can go to the back
room for a while", said Christina, and off they went. Once they were in the back
room, Linda said that since he was so kind to allow them a good discount, he
could get an added bonus and told tracy to remove her dress.

She hesitated for a moment, but did as she was told when Christina said the one
word, "tape" to her. She stood naked before this stranger and he began to feel
her up. He even put his finger inside her tight little cunt and said, "My GOD,
she is a virgin, isn't she". "We sure hope so", said the girls. The clerk finger
fucked her for awhile, and the girls said, OK, that's enough, let's get those
shoes paid for since we have a long day still ahead of us. Lots more shopping to
do. They allowed tracy to get dressed again, and asked the clerk if tracy could
just wear her shoes out of the store. He agreed and then rang up the purchase
and added the discount.

Of course, this got the girls thinking more of the things they might be able to
get with the help of their slut. Half-priced items and maybe even free if they
worked it right.

They left the shoe store and started walking some more. But, the girls soon got
bored and wanted something new to do. So, they began to look for new and
interesting things to get into with their slut.

They walked a little bit more and then Linda spotted two boys standing over near
the bathrooms. They seemed to be watching girls walk by and when one did, they
would talk to each other and laugh. Christina thought that this was perfect and
whispered something into Linda's ear. Linda shook her head and they told tracy
to stay behind them now and to once again do whatever they said.

So, they headed toward the boys, with little tracy following close behind. Once
they got up to the two boys, Linda introduced herself and Christina and asked
what they were doing. The boys explained that they were bored, so they were
watching girls and trying to tell if they did it or not. Kind of hard to tell,
but it was fun guessing.

Christina then spoke up to ask the boys if they had ever seen a pair of tits up
close before. They said "No, never." "Well", she said, "this might be your lucky
day. Would you like to see a little pair of tits". The boys thought she was
going to show hers, and said sure.

Then, the girls stood apart and said, "This is tracy and she will show you her
tits.  tracy, show the nice boys your little tits." tracy didn't want to, but
knew she had no choice, so she opened her dress and let her tits come out in the

"WOW", both boys shouted. "They are cute and you are right, small. But, since we
have never seen any tits naked before, we can't judge."

Linda whispered to tracy, and she said, "please, no." Linda just said "tape" and
tracy did what she had to do.

She said to the boys, "Would you like to touch and play with my tits?" Of
course, they wanted too. So, they reached out and took hold of her tits. One tit
for each boy. "Nice", they said, as they squeezed them and rubbed her now erect

Christina then whispered to tracy, and she looked shocked, but new if she didn't
do it, she would be in trouble and probably expelled from school. So, she looked
at the boys and asked if they ever saw a bald pussy before. And, before they
could answer, she added, "If you want, I'll show you mine."

The boys were in some kind of trance and just nodded their heads yes. So, she
opened the bottom half of her dress and pulled it up. Standing there with her
tits out and now her pussy and ass on display, she began to cry some more.

The boys just stared at her shaved cunt, unable to speak. Again, Linda whispered
to her and she said to the boys. "Would you like to touch it too?" They
immediately had their hands all over her cunt and ass, feeling her up and even
probing her tight little snatch with their fingers.

The next thing Christina said really shocked everyone, especially tracy. "You
know, we know how good she can eat pussy, but don't know if she can suck cocks
too good. We need to find out if she is good or not, and from the looks of the
tents in your pants, you could use some relief. How would you both like a blow

"PPPPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE," cried tracy, "no, not that." Linda just said, "Shut
up slut."

The boys agreed that it would be nice and asked what they had to do. So,
Christina told one of them to check out the mens room to see if anyone was in
it. One of them entered the room and soon reappeared saying it was empty. Then,
they happened to find a sign that said out of order and put it on the door.

"Ok, here's the deal. You take her in the bathroom and she'll suck your cocks
for you. But, that is all you do is get them sucked. If you try anything else
with our little slut, she'll scream and we call security. We will testify that
you dragged her in there and tried to rape her. Is this clear." The boys agreed
and shoved the little slut into the bathroom.

The boys quickly pulled their cocks out and positioned tracy on the floor of a
stall on her knees. The first boy stood in front of her and had his dick right
at her mouth. she had never even seen a cock before, except in pictures and now
she was being forced to suck one.  He pushed his cock against her lips, but she
didn't open. She was really frightened and didn't know what to do. He said,
"Look, your friends said you would suck our cocks, so get busy, or we go get

Not wanting to have her friends pissed at her, she finally opened up and took
the boys cock into her mouth and began to suck. Of course, being boys, it did
not take long for him to cum. She jumped when he began to spurt his warm milky
liquid into her mouth and tried to pull away, but he held her head and she was
forced to swallow it. All, but a few dribbles that ran down her chin.

The next boy was ready as soon as his friend pulled out and she sucked him too.
This time, she knew what was coming and decided to do her best to keep it all in
and swallow it, since she knew they would tell her Mistresses if she didn't. So,
as soon as he began to cum, she started swallowing, and almost gagged there was
so much. She still didn't get it all and more ran down her chin. Then they let
her up and pushed her out the door, even before she could clean up her face.

The girls laughed at her as she came out of the mens room and said that the cum
on her looked good and she should leave it there. And then started walking away.
tracy just stood there, and cried, until Linda said "Come on slut, we have more
shopping to do. I want to get a new CD and you are going to help me get it."

Afraid to say or do anything else, tracy followed, knowing everyone would see
the cum dripping from her chin. She held her head down and just followed the
other girls.

They approached a record store and stepped inside. The girls told tracy to stay
with them while they looked. They went to the CD section and found some music
they liked. They even asked tracy if she wanted some new music. She thought
about saying yes, but decided against it, since she knew she might have to pay
for them all with her body.

They each got a Cd and went to a clerk, who seemed to be about 35 years old. The
girls told tracy to stay put and they got him off to the side. tracy saw them
talking and the older man kept looking at her and smiling.  Soon, Christina came
over to her and said that the deal was made and that all she had to do was go
into the back room with this man and give him a good blow job. Then, the CD's
would be theirs. "Now, get going slut, before he changes his mind. Oh, and by
the way, as soon as you get back there with him, take your dress off. He wants
you naked while you are on your knees sucking his cock."

So, tracy, once again was separated from her Mistresses, and alone with a man.
she was starting to get used to this, but still didn't like it very much.
Especially when she had to suck cock.  But, she went with the man and as soon as
they got to the back room, she took her dress off. He told her that he wanted to
fuck her instead, but he couldn't because the other two said they would call the
police if he tried anything other than what they agreed on. So, get on your
knees slut and suck my cock.

tracy, reluctantly fell to her knees as he pulled his fat cock out. She thought
the other boys cocks were big, but this had to be the biggest cock in the world.
She took it in her tiny hand and could not even get her hand all the way around
it. Then, she took it in her mouth and began to suck. She could only get a
portion of it in since it was so long, and her mouth was stretched to the
limits. But, as a good little slut should, she sucked him until he shot his load
down her throat, and again lost some down her chin.

Once done, she quickly got up and got her dress back on and left the man there,
to go find the girls. She found them just outside the door and they again
laughed at her and told her she looked good with cum on her face and said it
will stay there until we get home.

The man came out all smiles and fixed the CD's so they could leave. They walked
out of the store happy, except for tracy, and headed for the exit to go home.
However, as they were walking out, a jewelry store caught Christina's eye. She
whispered to Linda and then told tracy to stop. The girls talked a few more
minutes, but tracy could not hear what they were saying. Then, Christina said,
"tracy pet, lets step in here for a minute."

They entered the jewelry store and went to the back. They found a corner in the
store, and told tracy to go stand in it, with her face to the wall. "And, be
sure to keep those legs apart and your hands behind your back. We'll be back
shortly." ordered Linda.

tracy, did as she was told, embarrassed, but also excited. The other two girls
found a young female clerk and got her off to the side. They explained they
needed some nice jewelry for the other girl. The female clerk kind of glanced at
tracy, and grinned, asking, "Why is she in the corner like that? Why isn't she
here with you to pick out what she needs?"

Christina spoke up and said, "Because she is our slut slave and we pick out all
of her clothes and jewelry. Are you going to help us?"

The clerk said, "Of course, but I think I can get you something nice as long as
I get rewarded for it!"

With that, Linda said, "You have a deal, now lets see some chains that would fit
around her waist, and maybe a nice ring for her belly button. Oh, and a small
padlock too."

They went to the chains and picked out a nice gold one that looked like it would
fit her, and had loops on each end. Then, they found a nice belly button stud
with a ring attached to it, and right beside it, was a very small padlock. They
told the girl that they wanted all of these and asked if she also did engraving
here. She said they did and showed them some nice little tags that could be hung
from her new waist chain.

The sales girl asked what they would like engraved on it, so that she could get
it done before she took their little friend to the back room to pierce her belly
button.  "Lets see", said Linda. "How about on the front, 'slut tracy' and on
the back, "Property of Christina and Linda".  "I think I can do that" said the
girl and began to get the machine set up. "But, remember, I need to have
something done for me, since I am doing all of this for free." Both girls smiled
and said, " Oh, you won't have to worry about that, we will be sure our little
toy makes you real happy."

They waited while the girl did the engraving and when she was done, she showed
them the tag. They were very pleased with it and said, "Ok now, lets get the
rest done"

They went back to the corner to get little tracy  and led her to the back room
to get her ready for the rest of her outfit. "Take your dress off and lay down
on that table, slut", said Linda. tracy wasn't very happy, but did as she was
told. As soon as she was on the table, Christina found a piece of cloth and made
a blindfold out of it and placed it over tracy's eyes.

Then, the girl came in with her equipment and asked if the slut knew what was
going to happen. "No", said Linda, Maybe we need to gag her so she doesn't
scream. Why don't you take your panties off and stuff them in her mouth. It will
give her a taste of what is to come after you are done."

The clerk laughed and removed her panties from under her skirt and wadded them
up, making sure the crotch was outside of the little ball, then stuffed them
into tracy's mouth. Next she began to prep tracy's belly button, making sure it
was nice and clean. Then, went to work and pierced her belly button, then put
the new stud with the ring in the hole. After closing it up, she took a small
pair of pliers and crimped the ends together and added some super glue to it.
"This will help keep it in, just in case she tries to remove it."

They made tracy stand up and then put the waist chain around her, attached the
tag and padlocked all the rings together. Both Christina and Linda had a key to

During all of this, all tracy could do was to mumble little things, not making
any sense, and was ignored. Then, once all of the new jewelry was in place, they
pulled the gag out and removed the blindfold. tracy just stood there in shock,
unable to speak.

"OK little slut, time to pay for your new things" said Christina.  "Get down on
your knees and eat this nice lady and make her cum"

tracy just fell to her knees with embarrassment and looked into the pussy of the
clerk. Then, not wanting anything else to happen, slid her face between the legs
of the girl and began to lick her cunt. she was getting used to this kind of
treatment and was also beginning to like sucking pussies. Much more than sucking
cocks. Soon, the girl was cumming from tracy's licking and really was letting
out a lot of juice from her pussy. tracy could feel it all over her face now. 
The girl was moving around so much, tracy had a hard time keeping up with her.

Once the girl relaxed, tracy pulled her face back and looked at her Mistresses.
They stood there with a big smile and both agreed she looked so cute with pussy
juice on her face they would let it stay there until later.

They thanked the clerk for the gifts and said if she was going to be working
next weekend, they would bring their slut back for more fun. The clerk said she
would be right here and then the girls told tracy to put her dress on so they
could leave to go find something to eat before going home.

to be continued

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 5

They all left the jewelry store, with tracy in front of the other girls. They
watched as she wiggled her cute little ass for them and began to think of all
the possibilities they could have with this little toy of theirs.

tracy, on the other hand was trying to think of how she would explain the new
jewelry to her parents, should they ever see it.  They were very strict about
these things and wouldn't even allow her to get her ears pierced. Now she had
her belly button pierced and a chain around her waist. The bad part was, she had
not even had a chance to see what the girls had put on her.  She didn't know the
tag with "slut tracy" was there, and definitely didn't know they had also added
that she was their property. Nor did she know that she would never be able to
take any of it off, because of the crimped ends and the padlock that held it in
place, with only two keys available, which her new Mistresses had in their

tracy walked slowly, head to the ground, crying, knowing that others could see
her most private parts. As far as she knew, even her parents hadn't seen these
areas since she was a small baby, but now she was put on display for anyone to
look. How embarrassing and humiliating for her. But, what could she do? Her
friends had those bad tapes and she just knew they would send them to everyone
if she didn't do as they said. So, little tracy was now a slut, and a slave to
her best friends!

Before she knew it, she had exited the mall and was half way through the parking
lot, when she heard Linda say, "Stop right there slut"  tracy stopped and
automatically spread her legs like she had been told to do. Standing, she waited
to see what else the other girls would make her do.

Christina and Linda caught up with her very soon, and told her to hold her head
up and be proud of what she was. tracy tried, but had a very hard time looking
at them. She could feel all the cum dried on her face, and her tears flowing
down her cheeks. How was she going to survive another minute of this terrible

Christina said to her, "You know tracy, you should be proud of what you are and
how you look, but we don't think you are showing off your jewelry enough. So,
little slut, I want you to unbutton your dress the rest of the way so others can
see how pretty your new jewelry is on you."

"Please, Mistress," sobbed tracy, "i can't do that out here. What if someone
that knows me sees me like this and tells my parents."

A quick slap across her face and a very strong warning from Linda, saying,
"Either you do what we say, or you'll have to remove the dress completely and
maybe even have to walk home without it. Now, unbutton the fucking dress!"

tracy crying very hard now, and giving both girls a blank stare, began to undo
her last 4 buttons. Once done, they both said, "Very good, now hands behind your
back and start walking again. tracy did as she was told and could feel her dress
fall apart, exposing her nakedness to anyone who cared to look. She walked
faster now, so she could get to the car quicker. Behind her, she could hear her
new Mistresses laughing at her and wondered how long this game could last and
how she could get back at them.

She reached the car and tried to get in, but the door was locked, so she just
stood there facing the car, trying to hide her body. The other girls finally got
there and Linda unlocked the doors, allowing tracy to get in. They reminded her
to sit in the back like they had taught her. Legs spread apart with her feet
touching a door on both sides and her arms on the back of the seat. With her
dress wide open, she was in full view and her tits and cunt were on display once

Christina and Linda got in the front and reminded her to stay just like that and
not to say anything at all, unless they asked her a question. Linda put the car
in gear and started driving, but instead of leaving the parking lot, she drove
slowly to the front of the mall and made sure to go past a lot of other people,
so tracy could be seen like this.

Finally, to tracy's relief, they headed out of the parking lot and onto the
highway. The girls said they thought pizza would be good for tonight's dinner,
and asked tracy if she would like that. tracy sobbed and said, "Yes, Ma'am, that
would be good."  "We thought you might like that," said Christina.

They drove back toward their hometown and then pulled into a pizza place that
tracy knew well. she had been there before with her friends and even a couple of
times with her family. "Ok, little slut, lets go get our pizza", said Linda. 

"Please, may i button up my dress? People in here might know me", questioned

"Yes, go ahead and button up" said Christina, "but remember all rules still
apply."  "Yes, Ma'am, i know and thank you," said tracy.

They all entered the building and went to the counter to order their dinner. A
large pizza with everything to go and three large cokes. Then they went to sit
down to wait for it to be made. The girls picked a table that was a little out
of the way, but it was still visible to others. They had some things to discuss,
but didn't want others to hear. However, they still wanted to display their new
toy. So they told tracy where to sit and to open her legs. Then, Linda reached
over and readjusted her dress, so she was open enough for others to see tracy's

"Now, just sit there and keep quiet. And, you had better not move, or you'll do
a repeat performance of last night", said Linda.

tracy sat still, knowing her pussy was visible to others and then just listened
to the other two girls talk. They began by talking about what had happened
today, but then turned to talk about how they could use their slut some more.
They spoke of things they could do at school with her, making her suck off some
of the boys and maybe even some teachers. And they laughed at how she would look
eating all the cheerleaders in school, especially after practice when they knew
how sweaty their pussies would be.

Then the talk turned to how they should make her lose her virginity. tracy was
shocked when they told each other about how their cherries had been popped and
by whom. tracy thought both of them were still like her, a virgin. They
discussed so many possibilities about who would get tracy's virgin cunt and even
her tight little asshole. They laughed when they said she had lost one cherry
today, by sucking cocks. It was suggested that maybe she should lose her cherry
with the whole football team. Wouldn't it be something to watch as our little
slut got her cunt fucked for the first time and then gang banged by the rest of
the team? But, they couldn't decide on who would be the first from the team to
fuck her cunt. Maybe an auction would fit into their plans to see who might get
it, and they could even make some money doing it, at least enough to pay off the
credit cards.

Linda said, "Maybe we can get her little brother to pop that cherry for her"
Christina laughed and then suggested that maybe her father would like the
honors. They both laughed at that, saying how cute it would be to get Mr.
Williams to fuck his own daughter and bust her sacred virginity. But, they did
agree that she had to get on the pill before her cunt got a hard cock in it.
However, her tight little asshole and her mouth could be used until then.

tracy sat there with hatred in her eyes. she felt so humiliated listening to her
two best friends talk about her like she was just a slab of meat. How could they
do this to her, and why were they doing it? Maybe she would never know these
answers. she sat quietly, listening, and wondering. Her eyes, all red, were
starring holes into both of them, and she knew someday she would get even.

Their number was called and they got up to get the pizza and cokes. They told
tracy to carry everything and as soon as they were outside, Linda said,"Give
Christina the pizza and coke for a minute pet."  tracy did as she was told and
just stood still. Linda reached up and unbuttoned her dress again, but to
tracy's surprise, she took the dress off her and said, "Ok, cunt, take the pizza
and coke and go to the car".

So, once again, she was outside in public and naked. her hands were full and
couldn't even cover up. tracy cried and quickly walked to the car, hoping no one
saw her. They let her in after placing the pizza and cokes in the car and told
her to assume her normal position in the car. Christina said, "tracy slut, from
now on when you are in the car with us, you'll sit like that. We don't want to
have to tell you again, so just get in, and spread those legs so your whore cunt
is quite visible."

They drove to Christina's house and when they arrived, they made tracy carry all
the food in, but she had to leave her dress in the car. Once inside, they told
her to go back out, get her dress and the other packages from the trunk and
bring them back inside. She shot a glaring stare at the girls. Her eyes said,
"you will get yours someday."  she went outside again, naked, to get the things
from the car.

They allowed her to sit with them again while they ate the pizza and the girls
talked about their plans for tonight. They didn't want to go out again, so
decided to stay home and play with their little toy. They also decided to do
some studying, even though it wouldn't take long to know what was on the mid
term in Math, since tracy was nice enough to steal the exam for them. tracy ate
in silence, she was so hungry.

Once all the pizza had been eaten, Christina said, "I think we need to make
another movie, don't you Linda" 

"Oh, yes we should, but don't you think it should be of her having sex with her
Mistresses?" questioned Linda.

"Yes, I agree with that, but we have to be sure not to show our faces. Just our
little slut's face in our cunts and licking our asses," said Christina.

Both of them laughed and began to set up the video equipment. tracy didn't say
anything, but from the looks she was giving, anyone could tell she was not too
happy with this. she didn't mind eating their cunts, since she started to like
that, but licking someone's asshole was something she didn't want to do. How
could anyone ever like putting their tongue in another person's asshole? That
was really nasty and she hoped that they would never make her go that far with

Linda then said, "If our little cunt is going to eat my pussy and lick my ass, i
want her clean first. tracy, go in and clean up. Get all that dried up cum off
your face and make sure everything else is clean too."

tracy responded to the order with,"Yes, Ma'am, I do want to get clean for you"
and she headed for the bathroom. Once again, she tried to close the door, but
was told to leave it open, so they could watch her.

She got the water running and happened to glance into the full-length mirror.
She was in total shock at what she saw. She knew that her belly button had been
pierced against her will and a chain was around her waist. But, seeing the
padlock on the ends made her worry so much more about her parents finding out.
She now knew that she would never be able to take it off and that she could not
wear anything that didn't cover her belly around them, not even her little
bikini this summer once school got out.  She was sure they would question her
about wearing a shirt all the time while out at their pool. She had always just
worn a bikini suit to swim in and then lay out in the sun. But this year, she
couldn't do that. Then, she saw the tag hanging from the chain around her waist.
She got a closer look and saw the words, "slut tracy". She began to cry. Just
Christina walked in and asked why she wasn't in the shower yet. "We haven't got
all night to fuck with you bitch, so lets get busy"

Christina noticed she was staring in the mirror and holding her little tag. "Do
you like that, cunt?" she asked. "I do hope you read both sides of it."  tracy
turned the tag over and read what it said.

"No, I do not belong to you and I'm not your property. Let me go now"
Christina said, "sure honey, you can go anytime you want, but just remember, the
tapes will go with you straight to the mail box. Wonder what will happen then"
tracy cried harder and said, "Ok, you win, what do you want?"

"Get your hot little ass in the shower and clean up." said Christina, then
added, "but do hurry, we are so horny and we want you to eat our cunts for us"
"Yes ,Ma'am," said tracy, " I would like to do that for you."

tracy got out of the shower and dried herself off. As she was leaving the
bathroom the other two girls met her and led her into the bedroom. she saw the
video cameras set up around the bed. But, then she realized this was Christina's
parent's room. However, it didn't really bother her, since she knew she would be
doing what she had learned to enjoy. Eating pussy.

They told her to get on the bed, and spread her legs apart, so they could get
some good film of her hot pussy. "Play with that hot cunt for your audience
bitch", said Linda. She dropped her hands into her crotch and played with her
slit, rubbing her clit and fingering her hole. She could feel her juices begin
to flow from her cunt and wanted to cum. But, just before she was able to, Linda
said, "Ok whore, Stop!" "Please", she begged, "Please let me cum."  Linda told
her, "No, at least not yet. You will make us cum first. Now, up on your knees at
the end of the bed."

Quickly she got up and knelt at the edge of the bed, waiting to see what else
she had to do. Christina had removed her clothes and lay down in front of her.
"OK, slut, get busy and make Mistress Christina cum," she said. tracy went down
on her and began to lick Christina's cunt. She didn't care too much for the hair
she had to get through to reach her slit, but managed to get there. She thought
how nice it would be if she could have Christina shave her pussy just the way
hers was, but was afraid to ask for it. She was enjoying the taste of her
friend's pussy and never thought she would ever do this to another girl. But,
here she was, eating a pussy and loving it.

Suddenly, she felt Linda's hands around her ass, and felt something cool against
her little brown hole. Then, she felt her finger enter her anus. "MMMMMM",
groaned Tracy into Christina's cunt, "please, not that."

But, Linda didn't stop. Instead, she put another finger into Tracy's virgin ass,
then a third. "I think you are ready now," said Linda as she pulled her fingers
out. Then, tracy felt something bigger pushing into her tight back door.
"MMMMMMMM, please no" she again mumbled into the pussy she was licking. She
couldn't move, since Christina held her head tight between her legs.

Her ass finally opened and she felt this thing enter her. Linda continued to
push until more and more of this thing went inside her. Then her ass shut and
clamped down on the intruder. "That is so nice, I think it should stay there
until you are stretched enough to take a cock inside you." said Linda. "From now
on slut, you will have this butt plug up your ass most of the time. We will tell
you when you can take it out. Now, hurry and make her cum, so I can get mine,

tracy did what she had to do and began licking and sucking Christina's cunt
until she felt her cum. "AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH,"cried Christina, "God, what a cunt
licker she is. Such a wonderful little whore and slut"

As soon as Christina calmed down, the girls changed places and tracy found her
face in Linda's crotch, licking her pussy just as she had Christina's. Linda
didn't have quite as much hair, but it was still there. "She must trim it,"
thought tracy.  As she was licking on Linda's cunt, trying to make her cum,
Christina began playing with the butt plug in her ass, then moved her fingers to
her wet pussy. "MMMMMMM that feels so good", moaned tracy.

But the pleasure didn't last, for Christina began to slap her bare ass with her
hand. By doing this, it drove her face deeper into Linda's pussy and she licked
harder, trying to make her cum. tracy found Linda's clit and began to suck it,
which sent Linda over the edge and she to had a wonderful orgasm in the little
slut's mouth.

The girls rested some while they made tracy play with her cunt some more, but
threatened her with punishment if she had a cum. So, tracy was careful not to do
that, but they had everything on video, and would show it to their little toy

They told tracy to just lay back and relax, but to continue playing with her
pussy. "We want to explain a few more things to you now", said Linda. "Since you
have to go back home tomorrow and then we have school again Monday, this is what
you'll do. First, we don't want you in trouble at home, so you will do
everything you usually do there. You will wear your normal clothes at home and
when you leave for school. This way, you won't look suspicious to your Mom and
Dad. But, be prepared to change into something else once in school. We will
bring the clothes we want you to change into, and you will do it. Of course, we
won't make you do things for us everyday, but you'll never know what will happen
or when."

"And", Christina added, "one or both of us will check your pussy everyday to
make sure it is freshly shaved. If it isn't and we feel any stubble on your
cunt, you will have to do more for us. So, as soon as you see us each morning,
you will raise your skirt so we can see and feel you. You did notice I said
raise your skirt, right? That means you will only wear skirts from now on,
without your panties. Your cunt will be available to us at all times."

Little tracy just lay there, fingers in her cunt, almost to the point of
cumming. She was watching her friends as they talked to her, unsure of what else
might be done and where. She was getting so excited; she didn't really care
right at this moment. She just wanted to get off. The girls could see from the
glare in her eyes that she was getting close, so decided to help their little
toy out.  They got on either side of her and lowered their mouths to her little
tits and began to suck on them.

"MMMMMMM, gooooood," moaned tracy. "Please let me cum, I need to so bad"

Then, Christina went down between tracy's legs and began to lick her hot little
cunt. That did it for tracy and she couldn't hold back any longer. With a loud
moan and shuddering body, tracy got off.


The girls stopped and stood back as tracy's hand went back to her cunt and
played some more, but much slower now. She was beginning to relax and just lay
there, dazed and so relieved. "They can do anything they want with me," she
thought as she settled down, "as long as I can cum like that again"

"Ok slut, time to get up and get busy studying" said Christina. We will study
and you will eat us again." So, the girls got her up and they all went to the
kitchen. The girls sat at the table with the stolen test papers and poor tracy
was placed under the table. "Ok cunt, you are going to go back and forth between
our pussies and eat us. A few licks on me then a few for Linda. You will go back
and forth until we have finished studying, and then you'll make us cum again.
But, don't try too hard, because we need to concentrate on this and we don't
want to cum until we are done."

So, tracy crawled under the table as the girls sat down to study. Back and forth
between pussies she crawled, licking one, then the other. Her knees were getting
sore from moving back and forth and her mouth was getting sore and tired from
licking, but she continued for what seemed like hours. Finally, the girls
decided they knew enough to pass the test and made tracy stop.

"Get up bitch, it's time for something new" said Linda tracy got up from under
the table and they took her into the living room. "Ok, we have heard that girls
can get off from having their asses licked, and we are going to find out if we
can. So, you will get behind me as I lay down on the floor and lick my asshole
until I cum. Then, you'll do the same for Christina."

With that, Linda lay on the floor and put her ass in the air. Christina
instructed tracy to get in there and lick it and make her cum. tracy didn't want
to do this and just gave Christina a hateful stare. "Well, do you need something
to get you moving slut", shouted Christina, as she brought her hand back and
swung it hard on tracy's naked ass.

"NNNoooo, please, I'll do it " cried tracy, and got down behind Linda and slowly
moved her face into the other girl's ass. She could smell the musty odor of her
friend's ass and then as she put her tongue to the little brown hole, she could
also taste it. She started to gag, but kept on licking for fear of another
painful swat to her ass. But she didn't know that Christina had left the room
and gotten the video camera. She was making yet another tape of their slut.

She licked and sucked on Linda's up turned ass, until finally she did cum. It
wasn't a cum like she had when she had her pussy eaten, but she still enjoyed
getting eaten back there. Next was Christina's turn and little tracy just went
right in and began to lick. She smelled and tasted different, but it was still a
strange odor and taste. She didn't like it.

Once Christina got off from her ass licking, they decided it was bed time.
Taking tracy to the bedroom again, they tied her up on the floor, but this time,
they tied her hands the frame of the bed, and her feet were tied tightly
together.  The girls  crawled into bed with each other, cuddling up close to
sleep. But, before they did, they made sure tracy's butt plug was still in place
and told her it had better be there in the morning.

With that they said,"Goodnight, little slut, sleep well."

tracy replied, "Good night Mistress Linda, Goodnight Mistress Christina. You
sleep well also"

she was so tired from the day's activities, she dropped off to sleep very

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 6

tracy woke up before the other two and just lay there on the floor thinking of
all that had happened to her this weekend. she couldn't do anything else, since
the girls had tied her. her mind went back over the last couple of days,
thinking of how she got herself into this mess and what the girls made her do.
Until now, she had never thought about eating another girl's pussy and had not
even seen a real cock. Now, she was eating pussy, and actually enjoying it, and
sucking cocks. Even swallowing their cum. she didn't care for that too much, but
still it wasn't so bad. But, just what else will these two girls, my friends, do
to me or make me do. After all, school starts again tomorrow and they did talk
about the things they might have me do. she wasn't to sure if she could go
through too much more. Maybe, they will have had their fun with me and will just
go back to being normal again. she did know one thing for sure, and that was she
wasn't going to do any more betting, especially if she wasn't sure she could

tracy had to pee, but couldn't get up to do so, and her ass felt like it was so
big now. After having that thing in her ass all night, it felt as if it was big
enough to drive a truck inside. And she also felt like she needed to shit. But
didn't know if it was that thing or if she really had to. Wish they would wake
up soon so she could pee and get that thing out of her. However, she didn't want
to wake them, knowing if she did, they might spank her or do something worse. So
little slut tracy just lay on the floor waiting.

Finally, she heard the girls begin to move around on the bed and soon their feet
hit the floor right beside her. "Wow", said Linda, "I slept so good last night,
in a nice soft warm bed. How about you Christina?" "Me too", she said, "It was
so nice to hold you all night, feeling your naked body next to me. tracy, did
you sleep well?"

tracy said, "Yes Ma'am I did. I was so tired last night. But, i do have to pee.
Will you let me up to do it?"

"Yes, we will," said Linda, "But, we have to go first. Unless you want to come
in to watch us!!"

"No, that's Ok," said tracy, "I'll wait for you"

But, the girls had talked some more last night after tracy had gone to sleep and
had already decided that their little toy would watch them pee and maybe even
help them with it. So, they began to untie her and Christina said, "We want you
to watch us pee slut, so let's get moving. Into the bathroom tracy, and on your
knees in front of the toilet."  "Yes Ma'am" replied tracy, not wanting to be
punished, she would do whatever they said.

She walked into the bathroom, and knelt before the toilet, but about 2 feet
away. "Get closer slut, so you can see everything," said Linda. tracy moved a
little closer. "No, we want you right up next to the toilet, tracy, and rest
your chin on the lid," Linda said.

tracy had to do it since she needed to pee and if they did anything else to her,
she would be peeing on the floor, which she was sure would get her whipped or
something. As soon as she was up to the toilet, with her chin on the edge of the
seat, Linda stepped over her and the toilet and sat down. She spread her legs
apart, so her pussy was in full view of tracy. "My God," thought tracy, what is
going to happen now."

Linda said to her, "Ok, now tracy, I am going to pee and you are going to watch.
Keep your eyes wide open and get a good look at me while I do it. We want you to
know everything about us, and this is just the beginning." With that, the flow
of golden liquid began to come out of her and all tracy could do was watch.
Linda's piss was so close to her face, she could smell it, but was afraid to
move. Finally, Linda stopped and started to reach for the toilet paper, but it
wasn't there. Christina said, "I'm sorry, but we used all the toilet paper up
last night and didn't get any more in here."  "That's Ok," said Linda, "I think
we have something better to wipe our pussies with anyway. tracy pet, lick my
pussy clean, since we don't have any paper!" tracy almost choked when she heard
that and said, "I can't do that, it is so nasty and dirty!'

Linda slapped her face really hard and said, "Bitch, you are saying my cunt is
nasty and dirty. You'll pay for that, now lick the piss off my cunt!"

crying and so hurt, tracy didn't know what to do, but she leaned forward and
began to lick. It tasted so bad; she gagged, but did manage to clean up Linda's
pussy. Christina had been watching all of this and told Linda to hurry up so she
could pee too.

They switched places, without allowing tracy to move. Now she was looking
straight into Christina's pussy, knowing she would have to do the same for her
as she did for Linda. "How disgusting" she thought, "having to lick the piss off
their cunts"

But, Christina didn't start peeing right away. Instead, she said, "tracy, you
were bad with Linda and it is time to be punished. You will now put your lips
over my pussy and take everything I give to you, and don't you dare waste any of
my precious piss or you'll be sorry"

tracy hesitated, until she felt a sharp SMACK to her ass from Linda. Then she
did what she was told to do. She put her mouth up to Christina's cunt and sealed
her lips around it. As soon as she had herself ready, Christina let her piss
flow, right into tracy's mouth. she tried to pull back, but found it impossible
to do since Christina held her head in place. she had no choice but to take the
piss in her mouth and eventually had to swallow it. As soon as Christina quit
pissing, she let go of tracy's head and tracy began to gag some more. She felt
so nauseous and thought she would vomit. But she wasn't given much time, since
Christina said, "Ok, slut, lick me clean too."

Once she was clean, the girls told her she could now use the toilet, but first
she had to remove the butt plug. tracy reached behind herself and gently pulled
the plug from her sore ass. It came out with a very loud POP, and she shuddered,
knowing her poor ass was all stretched out now. Then, she sat on the toilet
ready to piss, but was stopped. "Spread your legs open slut, so we can see, and
hold your lips apart. We want to see it all," said the girls. tracy did as she
was told, and was soon spread apart on the toilet, with her pussy open wide. 
"Ok", they said, "now piss for us" tracy couldn't hold it back any longer and
began to pee. Once she was done, they handed her the roll of toilet paper and
told her to wipe her cunt. She then knew that there had been paper there all
along and they just wanted to humiliate her some more.

Once that was done, they turned on the shower and told tracy to get cleaned up
and to shave her pussy again. tracy was glad to be able to get clean and stepped
into the shower. "AAAAAGGGGHHHH, it's fucking cold water," cried tracy. Both
girls laughed and said they knew that and from now on, all she could do is take
cold showers. No hot water at any time, not even at home. "Now, hurry up and get
clean", said Christina, "My parents will be home before long and we don't want
them to see you like this, do we"

tracy took her cold shower and shaved the stubble from her pussy. She even toyed
with her newly acquired jewelry for awhile, wondering how she could explain it
to anyone, especially her parents. But she was getting cold from the water and
quickly finished and stepped out to dry off.

Once dry, the girls told her to get back to the bedroom so she could dress. They
met her there and had her old clothes out for her, except for her bra and
panties. "Thank the Lord," tracy said to herself, "they are going to allow me to
wear my jeans home"  she started to get dressed, but the girls stopped her.
"Bend over slut", said Linda. As soon as she was bent, they re inserted the butt
plug up her ass. "This will stay there until you see us again, or we tell you to
take it out," said Christina. Then, they told her to stand in front of them with
her hands on her head and her feet apart.

Then, they each took a magic marker and started writing. On her bald pubic area,
in Red, they wrote, "slut's cunt". On one of her ass cheeks, they wrote "whore"
and on the other ass cheek, they put "ass". Then, with the red marker, they
colored her nipples, and wrote "I am a slut" across her little tits.

"Ok, get dressed so you can go home. What we wrote on you stays until it fades
away by itself. Don't try to wash it away either. We will check it sometime
tomorrow in school and it had better be there."

tracy got dressed and was ready to leave. They handed her a dildo that looked
like a real cock. "Take this home with you, and practice sucking it. We want you
to be the best cocksucker in school. You will put it in your mouth and suck on
it every chance you get. Take it as deep as it will go, cunt. Someday you will
have to deep throat someone's big fat cock for us and swallow his cum.  And we
will find out if you don't do as we say!"  "Bbbbut, I don't like to suck cocks!"
cried tracy. "I'll eat all the pussy you want, but please, no more cocks."  The
girls laughed at that, thinking, she is becoming a lesbian cunt licker. Little
does she know that she'll get both pussy and cocks real soon, lots of both, and
will learn to love it all.

tracy left Christina's house to walk home. She found it hard to walk with the
butt plug up her ass, but was so afraid to try to get it out. For some reason,
she thought they would find out and punish her. In her purse were the dildo and
the jar that had her pussy hair in it.

Arriving at home, she went straight to her room to cry, but also she took out
the dildo and began to suck on it. She didn't know why she was doing it, other
than she was told to. she was really getting worried that she had truly become a
slut and slave to her best friends. "i hate cocks in my mouth", she said to
herself, "but if i am going to have to suck something, i would rather have this
fake cock. The real ones are so nasty and their cum is disgusting. How could
anyone enjoy sucking these things and getting that stuff in their mouth."

She heard her Mother call her for dinner and went down stairs, after washing her
face with cold water, so they didn't know she had been crying. She ate her
dinner rather quickly while her parents asked if she had been able to help her
friends pass the exams this week. Blushing some, she told them, yes, she had and
knew they would do well. Little did Mom and Dad know that she had stolen the
test and answers for them and was now there slave, sitting there with a plug up
her ass, writing on her body to say what she was, and now had jewelry on her,
permanently. "God help me if they ever find out. I'll have to be extra careful
around them," she thought. Once she finished dinner, she asked to be excused so
she could rest, since the exams started the next day. They excused her and she
went back to her room. Stripping down, she hoped the plug would stay in so she
wouldn't be in trouble. However, she did not put the dildo in her mouth for the
night. She couldn't do it anymore. "How disgusting it was to suck a cock. Even a
fake one was bad. Besides, they'll never know," she thought.

She soon drifted off to sleep, thinking of all the things she had to do, and had
already done, hoping she could concentrate enough during the test to pass.

Back to school tomorrow, for a long week of servitude, humiliation and disgrace.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 7

tracy woke up the next morning, rested after being able to sleep in a bed,
instead of on the floor tied up.  At least she was free to move about and do as
she wished in her sleep. They would never know she didn't have that nasty fake
cock in her mouth last night, even though she did try to suck it. How disgusting
that was.

 As she was climbing out of bed, her private phone rang. her parents had put it
in for her on her 16th birthday last year, because they needed to have the phone
at times, too. she answered it and the voice on the other end said, "Good
morning slut." tracy responded with, "Good morning Ma'am."  Linda told her not
to say anything until she was finished and her only answer was to be "Yes,

Linda said to her, "I do hope you sucked that cock all night slut, because if we
find out different, you will suck the real thing all day, and not just one
either. Now, you are to go in, use the bathroom, and remove the butt plug from
your worthless ass. If you have to shit, do it then. You will then turn on the
cold water and only the cold water and take your shower.  Be sure to shave your
cunt again too, because I will check to make sure it is smooth and free of
stubble. You will stay under the water for 10 minutes. Then you can get out and
dry off. You will wear a skirt and blouse to school today. And don't even think
about putting on a bra or panties. For right now, in order to keep your parents
from asking questions, the skirt can be a normal length, however slut, be sure
to wear one with buttons up the front, from top to bottom. Once you are dressed,
put the plug back in your ass. It will stay until we decide to remove it later
today.  Make sure you have your pussy hair jar in your purse, along with your
cock dildo. Eat a good breakfast, because you will need it. Get to school as
soon as you can, and wait for us in the parking lot, and you know how we want
you standing. Hands behind your back, feet apart, standing proud with your head
up and a big smile. We will finish up when we get there. Is this all understood

"Yeeeessssss, Ma'am," sobbed tracy. As soon as she hung up, she reached back and
pulled the plug from her ass, with a POP. Oh, that felt much better and she
didn't feel full now. But she knew she had to shit, so off to the bathroom she
went. She did her thing and then went to the shower. "I don't want a cold
shower," she thought, "how will they know?" So, she took a nice warm shower and
did shave her pussy. They would know if she didn't do that.

She found some decent clothes to wear and put them on. A skirt that came to just
above her knees, with buttons from top to bottom and a very conservative blouse.
Nothing sexy at all and definitely not sheer. She didn't want everyone in school
to think she was a slut, and did not want her tits to show, especially with the
writing on them. She almost forgot, as she turned to go out of her room, but
suddenly remembered they wanted the plug back up her ass, so she turned and went
back to get it. Coating it with lotion, she carefully pushed it up inside her.
She made sure it was all the way in, so it wouldn't come out, then left to eat
breakfast. Double-checking her purse to make sure she had what was required, she
left for school. It was earlier than usual, but she told her Mother she wanted
to get there early to review some notes.

tracy arrived at the school and went to the parking lot to await her friends.
She thought about sitting in the grass, but decided that if they saw her sitting
down, they would make it really rough on her today. So she stood as she was told
to and waited. She saw Linda's car pull up and the two girls get out. They
walked over to her and said, "Ok bitch, lets see."  tracy couldn't figure out
what they wanted, so didn't do anything. She asked, "See what?" "We want to see
your cunt, so raise up that skirt, front and back and show us." said Linda, and
then added, "and don't put it down until we say to"

tracy knew she couldn't refuse, so she reached down to the hem of her skirt and
pulled it up to her waist. Standing there half-naked, and very humiliated, the
girls began to question her. "Have you got the plug in?"  "Yes, Ma'am."   "Did
you shave your cunt?"  "Yes Ma'am."  "Did you suck that cock all night?"
"Yyyyyyeeeesssss Mmmm'am."  "Did you have a good breakfast?"  "Yes Ma'am."  "Did
you take a cold shower?"  tracy hesitated and said, "Yyeesss, Ma'am."  A sharp
slap to her naked ass followed with, "You are a lying little bitch, you took a
warm shower, didn't you?",  followed by another sharp slap to her ass. "And you
didn't suck your cock all night either, did you cunt?"  Crying, tracy said,
"Yyeeessss, MMMa'am, Nnnnnnnnooooo, Mmm'am."  "I told you a cold shower, we told
you to suck your cock all night! You  fucked up, failed to follow orders, now
you pay for it." said Linda. "Unbutton your blouse, but hold the skirt up"

tracy was now getting worried that some other students or teachers would arrive
and see her. It was getting close to the time for school to start. So she
quickly let go with one hand and unbuttoned her blouse. "OK" said Christina, "
let go of the skirt and put your hands on top of your head." Thankful to be
partially covered again, she did so immediately. The girls then took her blouse
and tied the bottom ends together, just under her little tits. Adjusting it so
her tits and writing were covered up, but her new jewelry showed nicely. Then
they started on her skirt. She had buttoned it all the way, but they changed
that too. From the bottom, they undid the buttons all the way up, until she only
had three left, from her waist down to just below her shaved pussy.

"Now bitch, you had better stay just the way we have you now," stated Linda, "or
we cut the buttons off. Now, remember, when you sit down, anyplace you will keep
those legs apart! Is this clear slut?"

"Yes Ma'am, cried tracy, "but what if some teachers see me and tell my parents?"

"So what", said Christina, "they are going to find out eventually what a slut
their daughter is, so don't worry about it. Just do what we say, and we will be
watching you all day. Remember one of us is in all your classes."

They left the parking lot and started for the building, but she was stopped
again. "You are to walk either with your hands behind your back, or if you are
carrying books, be sure to hold them away from your body. Preferably by your
side. We don't want anything hidden."

tracy put her hands behind her back after she put her purse over her shoulder,
and continued to school. Once inside, around some other girls, Linda asked, "Do
you have your jar little one?"  "Yes Ma'am, I do," said tracy.  "Then lets see
it," said Christina.

tracy was so embarrassed now, having to bring the jar with her pussy hair in it
out into the open so others could see it. she reached into her purse and took it
out, trying to hide it. But the girls said, "Show it to us bitch."  Reluctantly,
she showed it to them, knowing others could also see it and the writing on it. 
Linda said, "Tell us what it says pet."  tracy read the writing on it. "slut
tracy's pussy hair". she began to cry as the other girls around them just looked
at her. "Ok pet, put it away and let's go to class," said Linda.

tracy sat in class, with her legs open, very aware that her little cunt was
showing. she tried her best to keep it covered, but her skirt kept falling
apart. she was so happy that the first class was over and quickly headed out of
the room. She knew she did Ok on the exam, but not as good as she should have.

Back out in the hall, a couple other girls approached her to ask about her new
jewelry. "That's so pretty," one of them said. "Wish I had the guts to do that,
but my parents would kill me if they found out."  "Can we look closer to see
what is on it," asked the other. tracy started to say no, but Christina came
along and said, "show them tracy." So, she said, "Yes, go ahead and look" But,
just as they started to look at it, the bell rang to get to the next class, and
she felt so lucky they hadn't seen too much. How could she explain the tag and
padlock to anyone?

The rest of the day went by without too many incidents until the next to the
last class, and tracy thought she would get away from it all. But just as she
was thinking this, an announcement came over the loud speaker, saying, "All
sophomores and juniors will go to the gymnasium for the last period. Some of the
students from the near by college will be there and will answer questions about
college life. This is mandatory for all."

Linda and Christina knew that this is just what was needed. Linda had become
friends with some of the college students last year and hoped they would help
them set something up so tracy could lose her cherry in style. How great this is
going to be. tracy getting fucked by college boys instead of these high school
nerds. Their lucky day, the girls thought, and began to make plans on how to get
Linda's college friends away by themselves, and just how they should start the
conversation about what they wanted for their slut.

As soon as the bell rang, they cornered tracy and escorted her to the gym, just
so she wouldn't try to sneak away by herself. The gymnasium was on the other end
of the building, so they had a long walk there. Just to keep things going,
Christina said, "Well, little slut, since you disobeyed last night and again
this morning, you will have to do something extra for us." "Yes, Ma'am, said
tracy, "i am sorry i didn't follow orders, but that cock is disgusting and i
just couldn't take another cold shower. But, I'll do better from now on."

Linda said, "You're damn right you will. By Friday morning, we want you to go to
a pet store and buy yourself a collar and leash. We want them both red to match
your face from blushing and your ass from us spanking it. Do you understand

"But I don't have any money to buy things. Mom and Dad don't give me an
allowance," stated tracy.

"We know that bitch," said Christina, "you are going to earn enough money to buy
what we want."

"I don't have a job and they won't let me get one yet," cried tracy

"That's Ok," said Linda, "you will earn money by sucking cocks for us. Since you
didn't suck your cock last night, you will be sucking cocks for two reasons now.
One, to learn how to suck one and deep throat it and two to get your new things.
We might even have you continue to pay off my credit card, since I bought your
clothes for you."

Then Christina added, "Now, we know the boys around here don't have a lot of
money either, so you'll only charge them $1.00 for a blow job. That should give
you lots of practice sucking cocks. And if we find out you charged any more, you
will do it for free next time, with the whole football team."

"Yes, Mmm'am," cried tracy, "but i'll look like a whore to them. Please let me
do something else. I hate sucking cocks, especially having to swallow their

"No, nothing else," said Linda. "You'll suck cock until you are the best little
cocksucker in school. Now you only have until Friday morning to have your new
collar and leash and you had better have it on when you get to school."

tracy just put her head down and cried. How was she going to approach boys and
ask if she can suck their cocks for a dollar?

By this time, they had arrived at the gym, along with the other students. Linda
started looking for her friends, but did not see them right away. So the girls
just walked around and finally Linda saw them. "Good, they are alone," she
thought, as she approached them. "Hey, Sue," she shouted, "Good to see you
again. This is Christina and tracy, and we want to talk about college with you."
She almost laughed at what they wanted to discuss about college.

Sue introduced her friend Beth and they all started talking about what college
life was like and what they did for entertainment. Then Linda said, "tracy, be a
love and get us all a drink would you?"  "Sure," said tracy, grateful to be away
from them for a little while. At least they couldn't make her humiliate herself
if she wasn't there.

As soon as tracy left, Linda began, "I am so glad you came again this year,
because I have something special I want your help with. I know last year you
told me that since college was almost over, you usually had a dead week with
nothing to do except party. You said that your sorority usually teamed up with
one of the fraternities to have a end of year bash and it gets kind of wild."

"Yea we do and it does," offered Sue. "So what do you have in mind? You know we
have done just about everything at these parties, don't you?"

Linda said, grinning, "Have you ever raffled off a virgin before?"

"Well, no we haven't. You know how hard it is to find one of those any more,"
said Sue.

Would you like to raffle one off? If you do, we will provide the virgin for
you," stated Linda.

"Well, it does sound interesting, but who? And we won't get in trouble will we?"
Sue questioned.

"You saw the girl with us that I sent to get some drinks. Well, she belongs to
us and she is a virgin. Oh, she does eat pussy and sucks cocks, but her cunt is
still intact," was Linda's reply.

"What do you mean she belongs to you? And she looks kind of young, I don't
know," said Sue.

"You see, we have some video of her and she'll do anything for the two of us so
we don't show it to anyone," she said. "She is young, just 16, but she won't
dare say anything about what happens as long as we have those tapes. So, what do
you say?  Besides, we could use some extra money to play with. We'll even split
it with you if you want."

"Sure, why not" said Beth, "bet it would be fun. How do you want to set it up?
Hopefully she'll get to pick the winner. How humiliating that would be to have
to pick out the guy that will pop your cherry and you don't even know him."

"We haven't made too many plans yet, but I think we should just limit the
tickets to those guys you'll party with and of course, they'll have to be
present to win. If you let us know when the party is set up, we'll get the
sacrificial lamb there. Hell, we might even get some good fucking ourselves, if
you don't mind," said Christina.

Sue said, "Ok, let me see what I can do for you. Give me your email addresses
and I'll let you know when it is set up. Just make sure you don't back out."

"We won't and she can't," said the two girls as they wrote down their addresses
for Sue and Beth.

tracy got back just as they were finishing up and the conversation turned to
regular college things. When she approached, they were talking about the classes
they attended and how they had to study a lot to get through everything. Nothing
like high school.

Linda asked, "tracy, what took you so long getting back? Did you run into
something good to do? Seems you forgot to wipe it all off when you finished.
Show me what you have?"

tracy blushed and took a dollar out of her purse and showed it to Linda and
started to wipe her chin. The girls allowed her to wipe the cum off before they
said anything.

"tracy, pet, Sue and Beth are inviting us to the college campus soon, maybe this
weekend. Would you like to join us to see what it's like?" asked Christina.

Not thinking they would do anything there, she agreed it would be fun to see and
would ask her parents. Sue said, "tell them we would like you to spend a weekend
with us so you can see everything. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun. You can all
stay in our dorm with us."

They all agreed and said as soon as arrangements were made, they would contact
them. Just then, some other students came up to ask the college girls some
questions, so the three girls left them there, and headed out of the school to
go home.

Once they were outside, Linda questioned tracy about the blowjob she had given.
tracy said it was a guy who had been after her for a long time, and she just
gave in and said she would suck him off he would leave her alone, but he also
had to give her a dollar to make it binding.

The girls laughed at this and said, "You have a long way to go before Friday
morning and we don't want something cheap on our pet, now do we?"

tracy didn't say anything, and just walked away to go home as the other girls
got in Linda's car.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 8

The girls drove to Linda's house, just to make some plans for the upcoming
event. They discussed the many possibilities of how it would happen. But they
also had to figure out how to get tracy on birth control, since they doubted
anyone would use rubbers with her. Christina said, " I think my doctor can do it
for us, but I may have to give him something in return. Of course, I don't mind,
since he's quite a hunk. Mom took me to him to get on the pill, since she
thought I was fucking around. I think he would love to fuck me, just from the
way he looks at me and lingers at my cunt when he examines me."

"Good," said Linda, " let's call him up to find out. Hell, I would even fuck him
to get her on them."

Christina called the doctor and asked if she could see him with a friend. He
said," Yes, you can come in this evening, after I close up. Can't be too careful
with this you know, especially if her parents don't know. And if they find out,
I can get into trouble."

The girls continued making plans on how to get tracy to the college and to even
talk with her parents, saying they would also be going. Then it was time to go
see the doctor.

They arrived at his office just as the nurse was closing the door, so they
waited for her to leave. They went up and knocked on the door. He opened it and
invited them in. The girls explained that they had a friend who needed to get on
some type of birth control. She was still a virgin, but had said that soon she
was going to go all the way. Being her friends, they didn't want her pregnant
and her parents would never allow her to get anything, since they thought she
was a good girl.

"Well", said the doctor, "I can give her a shot that will last for a month. But
she needs to have it at least three days before she has sex. However, it does
cost a little bit. Can she pay for it?"

"Well, not exactly," said Christina with a big smile, " But maybe we can work
something out."

"Just what do you have in mind?" questioned the doctor.

Linda then spoke up and said, "Maybe you would like to have us as payment. We
are willing to have sex with you, as long as we can stop her from getting

"MMMMM," said the doctor, "that might do it. How about you girls strip for me
and then we can get down to business."

So both girls stripped in front of him and then helped him out of his clothes.
He was really enjoying this and wished more of his patients would be like this.
Once they were all naked, the girls took his cock and played with it, and shared
it between their mouths, licking and sucking him.

Then Linda said, "We don't have much time, so here's the deal. You get to eat
one of us and fuck the other. Then next month, we will switch, Ok?"

The doctor agreed and decided since he had seen Christina before and had always
wanted to fuck this young cunt, she would get his cock, while he ate Linda. 
Soon they were all on the floor, the doctor on his back with the two girls on
top. Christina rode his cock, while Linda rode his face. It wasn't long until
Christina was cumming, followed by the doctor, and then Linda.

It was decided that they would bring tracy here the next day right after school
for her birth control shot, and maybe a good ass fucking by the doctor. Now they
wouldn't have to worry about her being fucked at the college or by how many took
her young cunt during their weekend stay.

The girls drove home and Linda dropped Christina off before going to her own
home. They decided not to tell tracy about their plans the next day, until they
had arrived at the office. However, they did decide that tracy should have some
kind of speech to give when she went to suck cock to get her dog collar and
leash. They both agreed to write something down that night and then call each
other to decide which one had the best lines. Then they would email tracy with
what she had to memorize. And one of them would call her later to give her the
instructions for the night and what to do in the morning, along with what to
wear to school.

Once they were both home, and after spending time with their families, they both
started writing down what they thought tracy should have to say to her clients.

Christina thought that it should be something like, "Hi, i am tracy, a worthless
slut, who needs to make some money to buy a new collar and leash to wear for my
Mistresses. You can help me by letting me suck your cock and it will only cost
you $1.00. Please may I suck you?"

But Linda thought something else. Hers went like this, "i am a cocksucking slut
and need to practice my techniques so i can deepthroat the biggest cocks around.
If you'll let me practice on your cock, it will only cost you $1.00, and I
promise to swallow your cum. May I please suck your cock."

Christina called Linda to tell her what she had, and of course Linda told
Christina hers. Then, they decided to combine parts of each one. And this is
what was sent to tracy to memorize:

"i am tracy, a worthless cocksucking slut, but I need to practice my deepthroat
techniques. I also have to make enough money to buy a collar and leash to wear,
so if you'll help me out, it will only cost you $1.00 for me to suck your cock.
May i please suck you and swallow your cum?"

As soon as the email was sent, they got on the phone to tracy in a three-way
conversation and told her to be watching for an email from them. She was also
told that she must memorize it and say it each time she is going to suck a cock.

Then they went on to explain her duties for the night. "Be sure the butt plug is
still in your ass and you will not remove it until tomorrow morning when you use
the bathroom. It was not removed today, because you were bad, and it will stay.
However, you may leave it out tomorrow. When you go to bed, make sure you have
that cock in your mouth and it will be there all night. Don't even try to pull
the shit you did last night. You will also get some clothespins from the laundry
room. You will need just two of them. Before you go to sleep, put one pin on
each nipple and leave them there until you get up. Is this clear so far, slut?"
they asked.

"Yes Mistresses," tracy said.

"Good, now in the morning," they continued, "you will take a cold shower. Stay
in it for twenty minutes, because you still owe us ten from this morning. Shave
your cunt too. Then, when you get out, take the clothes pins off."

"You got it all Bitch," demanded Linda.

"Yes, Ma'am," cried tracy over the phone. How would she ever survive this?

"Now in the morning, you will dress in one of your wrap around skirts and a
blouse that is sheerer than what you wore today." said Christina. "NO PANTIES
AND NO BRA!! Again, you'll get to school early so we can inspect you, and make

"And remember BITCH, you need to make some money tomorrow, so plan on sucking
lots of cock. You don't have much time left," reminded Linda.

"Oh, one more thing before we say goodnight slut," said Christina. "I want you
to get your parent's digital camera and using the timer, take about a dozen
photos of your self. Totally naked, legs spread and the cock in your mouth. Be
sure your writing shows up really good. Then you will email all of them to both
of us. Am I clear, CUNT?"

"Yes, Ma'am," she said, just barely getting it out.

tracy, afraid of being punished again, did what she was told. she went to the
laundry room and got the two clothes pins, stuffing them in her pocket so no one
would see them. Then, on her way back to her room, she grabbed the camera. Once
she got to her room, she stripped down and set up the camera. Setting it on the
timer, she posed and got the first picture. Looking at it in the viewing screen,
she didn't like what she was doing. So many people might see her like this, but
she had to continue. So she proceeded to get the rest of the pictures. After
downloading them to her computer, she quickly took the camera back out, and
grabbed a snack from the fridge, just to make it look good. 

Going back to her room, she brought up her friends' emails and attached the
pics, and sent them out. She was so worried now. Next, she read what the girls
had sent to her and almost screamed in shock as to what they said she had to
learn. How could she do that in school? Everyone will know what kind of slut she
had become, especially since boys talk all the time, telling how they had this
girl or that one. She'd be the school's cocksucker when word got out. She won't
do this, she thought, and turned the computer off.

tracy got ready for bed, and almost forgot to attach the clothespins and put the
cock in her mouth for the night. I can't lie to them again, so I'll do it. Even
though she hated having a cock in her mouth, especially this thing, she did it.
She put the cock in her mouth and then put the clothespins on her nipples. If it
hadn't been for the thing in her mouth, she would have screamed from the pain.
"Shit," she said to herself," these fucking things hurt. I don't think I can
leave them on all night."  But, the pain seemed to go away and didn't feel too
bad, so with the cock in her mouth, sucking on it, she drifted off to sleep.

tracy had set her alarm to go off really early in order to get everything done.
First, she spit out the cock that she somehow managed to keep in all night. her
jaws were sore, probably because she actually did suck that thing all night.
Even in her sleep she was becoming such a slut. Then, into the bathroom to get
that other thing out of her ass. It came out pretty easy this time, since her
once tight little ass was bigger now. "It will probably never go back to," she
thought to herself. But it did feel good being out. she sat on the toilet to
relieve herself. Next came the part she dreaded. Twenty minutes in a cold
shower. she would freeze. But since she was caught in the lie yesterday, she
turned on the cold water and got in. she jumped and shivered under the cold
spray and quickly moved away from it. But she had to get back under the cold
water and get clean. She also had to shave her pussy to make sure it was smooth.
she worked fast, trying to get done and also to stay as warm as she could.
Finally, her twenty minutes were up and she jumped out, shivering from the cold.
she dried herself and tried to get warm.

she went to her room again and removed the clothespins. she almost screamed as
the blood rushed back into her nipples, but she just mumbled and clenched her
teeth together to avoid making noises. she didn't want her parents to come
running in and find her naked like this. And she didn't want them to see the
jewelry she now had to wear.

she rubbed her tits and soon that pain went away, but now she felt a sensation
in her pussy. Reaching down, she felt how wet she was. "i really am a slut," she
thought, "the pain turned me on, and my pussy got wet from it. God, what am I
turning into?"

she got out the clothes she was told to wear and got dressed. she never really
cared for a wrap around skirt, because it was so easy for someone to take the
ties that held it together, and pull. That would open up the skirt and it would
probably fall off her. she hoped no one would do that today.

Finally dressed, she had her breakfast, and headed off to school, telling her
Mother she wanted to study with her friends again before the tests. she was in
the parking lot waiting for her mistresses when they arrived, standing with her
feet apart and hands behind her back.

Pulling up near her, the girls got out and walked around her, like someone would
at a cattle auction. They made some comments on how she looked like a
cocksucking slut and a whore. Her face turned bright red, but she stayed where
she was.

"Now slut," said Linda, "just stand still and don't move." With that, she
reached down and pulled the ties that held her skirt together, and it fell to
the ground, leaving her bottom half- naked. Then she unbuttoned tracy's blouse
and pulled it away from her chest, which left her totally exposed in the school
parking lot. Good thing no one else got to school that early, or they would have
seen everything.

Christina began to question her again. "Did you take your cold shower today?
"Yes, Ma'am." "Did you wear your clothes pins all night? "Yes Ma'am."  Did you
suck cock all night?" "Yes Ma'am." "Did you leave the plug in your ass until
this morning?" "Yes Ma'am."  "Did you shave your cunt today?" "Yes Ma'am." 
"Very good, you are learning. Now recite the email we sent you, word for word!"

"Shit," cried tracy, "i didn't memorize it. i can't say that to anybody. It's
bad enough to ask for a dollar to suck a cock, without saying those nasty

"Ok, then we will have to punish you severely," stated Linda. "Bend over and
grab your ankles, cunt!"

"NO, I won't," yelled tracy.

Christina picked up her skirt and started walking toward the school. "No
problem, but you won't get this back until you do as we say."

"OK, i'll do it, but please don't hurt me," cried tracy.

With that, she bent over and grabbed her ankles. The girls left her there like
that while they went to the car. They each picked up a leather belt, and
returned to the bent over, nearly naked tracy. "Ok slut, you will now be
punished. You will get five spanks with the belt from each of us for each
infraction you have made. First, you didn't memorize your saying, second, you
told us no, and third, you didn't put your cock in your whore mouth in the
pictures," said Christina.

"So, cunt face, you will get 15 hits from each of us, for a total of 30. You
will not say a word and you will not move. If you do, we start over again, until
you get it right," added Linda.

tracy just stayed where she was, expecting the girls to be easy on her. After
all, they were friends!

Then without warning, the first SLAP to her ass came. "YYYEEEEOOOOWWWW," she
screamed and jumped up holding on to her ass. "That hurt, I can't let you do
this to me!"

'Ok, no problem," Christina said, as she picked up tracy's skirt and headed off
to school, "when you are ready to take your punishment let us know. But until
then, I keep your skirt."

"NNNNOOOOOO, wait," cried the little slut, "i can't go anyplace like this. i'll
be good. Please!"

"That's more like it cunt, now bend over and be quiet," Christina replied.

Bent over again, she braced herself for the blows to her naked ass. They came
all too soon for her. SMACK,SMACK, SMACK on her naked ass. The girls continued
until all thirty, plus the first one was given. Her ass was so red and it hurt
bad. How would she ever sit down in class?

Christina said to the crying tracy, "Ok you little cocksucker, get dressed
before someone else shows up," and tossed her the skirt.

tracy hurried to get dressed, getting her skirt on and started to button her
blouse. But as the girls were walking away, they said to make sure her blouse
was just like it was yesterday. So little tracy tied her blouse just under her
tits, making sure everything there was covered.

she slowly walked into the school as the bell rang for her first class. As she
sat down, her ass hurt even more. "How am i going to sit in here like this? It
hurts so much," she thought. Trying to get comfortable and not cause any one to
wonder, she sat there, but had to move several times because of the pain. And to
make it worse, Christina walked by her desk and said, "Spread those legs, cunt!"

she opened her legs and just knew her pussy was in the open again. How

Finally class was over, and she had a few minutes until the next one. But just
as she was walking out the door, a boy stood in front of her holding a dollar
bill. He said," Hear you suck cocks for a dollar tracy, how about mine?"

tracy couldn't say anything and just nodded. The two of them made there way into
a small janitor's closet. she took the dollar and got on her knees, took his
cock out and sucked him off. When he shot his load, she thought she kept it all
in her mouth, but some did escape and dribbled down her chin, before she had a
chance to swallow. "How disgusting sucking cock was. Why can't i just eat cunt,
instead of having those nasty dicks in me," thought tracy.

Getting back into the hall just as the next bell rang. tracy headed for her next
class just as Linda walked by her. "Good girl, slut, but you missed some cum on
your chin."  tracy started to wipe it off, but Linda stopped her saying, "No,
just leave it there, it is cute."

tracy had to sit with a sore ass and cum on her chin during the next class. When
it was over, another boy greeted her with a dollar bill. Once again, into a
closet for a blowjob, then back into the hall. This seemed to happen most of the
morning. They must all be talking about how tracy will suck cock for a dollar,
and now the whole school will know about it. After each class, she was sucking a
cock, and if there was time, she would suck two.

Now, it was lunchtime and she thought instead of eating lunch, she could make
enough to get the collar and leash her Mistresses wanted.  She only had  $7.00
so far and knew she needed more to get the things.

However, her Mistresses had some other plans for her at lunchtime, so she wasn't
able to make any extra money.

As she was walking from her last morning class, looking for a boy with a dollar,
the other two girls came up to her. Christina said, "Come with us slut." 
"Bbbut, i was going to try to get some more money to get what you told me to. If
i go with you, I can't get any, please may i do what i have to do?" asked tracy.
and added, "even though  i hate sucking those nasty cocks."

"You'll have time for that later, bitch" said Linda, "right now, you need to
come with us."

"Yes Ma'am," said tracy

They took her to the far end of the building near the Gymnasium, and into the
bathroom. "Ok, cunt, strip!!" Christina ordered.  "Bbbbuuuutt, what if someone
shows up,"  cried tracy.

"That's just to bad if they do, now get your fucking clothes off before we rip
them off," Linda yelled.

So, tracy slowly removed her clothes and stood before them naked.

Christina said, "Get into the stall at the end, kneel facing the toilet, with
your chin on the lid. We have to piss and have held it all morning, just for
you.  Now, do it!"

she didn't want to do this again, but what else could she do. So she went to the
stall and did as she was told. As soon as she was resting her chin on the toilet
lid, Christina moved around her and sat on the seat. "Now, here's the deal piss
slut. I am going to piss while you watch me, up close. But while I am pissing,
you will stick your tongue out and lap at my stream to get as much as you can in
your mouth. Is that clear whore?"

"Yes, Ma'am," cried tracy.

Then Christina let go and began to piss. tracy hesitated for a second and Linda
slapped her ass from behind her. Of course, this made her jump and her face went
into the stream of piss coming from Christina's cunt. she not only got it in her
mouth, but it was on her face now.  But in order to avoid any other problems,
she began lapping at the stream of piss, and almost choking on the terrible

As soon as Christina was finished, Linda took her place and told tracy that
since she had not had a good taste of her piss yet, she was to put her mouth on
her cunt and swallow everything. So, tracy did it and Linda's piss was soon
going down poor little tracy's throat.

As soon as Linda was done, they said, " Ok cunt, let's go eat. Hurry and get
dressed so we aren't late." she started to wipe the piss from her face, but was
told she didn't have time for that. she no more than got her blouse on, when the
girls said, "LET'S GO," and walked out the door. tracy tried to rush to get her
skirt on and blouse buttoned, but they told her she could finish as they walked
and pushed her out the door, almost naked. She quickly got her skirt around her
and blouse retied, but she knew that the teachers that were walking toward them
had to see. However, they did turn into a classroom before the girls got to

Now, they were on their way to lunch!!

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 9

As they were walking back to the lunchroom, the girls explained to tracy about
what she was to order and that she still had to do everything they said. Linda
told her,  "As you walk through the serving line, you will be sure to get french
fries. You may get anything else you want, but the fries are a must. And make
sure they are the steak fries, if they have them."

"Yes Ma'am," replied tracy

Once inside, going through the line, they all ordered their food and set it on
their trays.  Then they took tracy to the back of the room. Not too many other
students sat in the back, so they were almost alone. They told tracy to sit
facing the front of the cafeteria and they sat opposite her.

"Now, tracy," said Christina, "before you start eating, you have to prep
yourself. Reach down and undo your skirt, and lay it off to the side of you."

"Bbbbbutttt, someone will see all of me," cried tracy.

"So what," said Linda, "maybe they will get a thrill from seeing your naked
cunt, Now do it."

tracy didn't want to do this in such a public place, but what other choice did
she have, so she undid her wrap around skirt and laid it off to her side. Now
fully exposed and starting to get hot, she sat and waited for whatever was next.

Christina continued, "Now slut, we want you to take your french fries, one at a
time as you are eating, and put the fry inside your cunt. Leave it there until
you have taken a bite of something else. Then take another fry to your cunt.
Remove the one in your cunt and put the new one in. Then, cunt, eat the one you
just removed!"

Linda said, "And don't even try to fake it cunt, or you'll walk out of here

tracy, wanting to please her Mistresses, did as she was told. she thought that
if she did everything, they wouldn't be so hard on her anymore. Dipping the
first fry into her fully exposed cunt, she began to eat. This continued, pulling
out a fry, putting in a new one and eating the one that had been in her cunt,
until all was gone. She had also finished the rest of the meal and was ready to
get covered up and back to class.

Christina and Linda had also finished their meals, and said, "Ok slut, time for
class again. Stand up and fix your skirt."

tracy took the skirt and wrapped it around her before standing up. Linda said,
"Now tracy, is that what we said to do? Didn't we tell you to stand up and fix
your skirt? Sit back down, undo your skirt, then do it right!"

'How humiliating," thought tracy as she shot a glance at the girls, but did as
she was told to do. she sat down, opened her skirt and took a deep breath,
hoping no one was looking. Then she boldly stood up, leaving the skirt in the
seat. she stood still for just a moment, then reached down and picked up her
skirt and got it back on to cover up her body. "Hope no one saw that," she

"Very good tracy," said Linda, "now follow us." They took her to the girl's room
and handed her a new butt plug, and told her to put it in her ass, all the way.

tracy looked at the new toy and said, "i can't put this up my ass! It is way too
big. Bigger than that other thing you had up me."

Christina said to her, "you either put it in or we will do it for you! Now, get
busy or you'll be late for class."

So tracy, still trying to be good, took the plug and started into a stall, but
was stopped when Linda said, "No cunt, out here so we can watch and make sure it
is in."

Blushing, tracy bent over and tried to get the bigger plug up her ass. she
pushed and pushed, feeling her tiny asshole expanding even more. Finally, it
started sliding easier. Then it was in and the girls checked it to make sure it
wouldn't fall out.

"Ok," said Christina, "lets go to class. And tracy, pet, as soon as class is
over, meet us near the gym. We all have free time for the last period and we
have a surprise for you. So, don't play around. Get there right away."

tracy had a hard time sitting through class because her ass was so full and as
she sat down, the plug seemed to go deeper. "How will I ever get this fucking
thing out," she thought.

Class ended and she went toward the gym. Arriving, she saw the girls waiting for
her and they greeted her warmly. "Something is up," she thought.

The girls then explained that they were going to help her earn her dollars for
her collar and leash, and explained to her what was to happen. "you are going to
go into the boys locker room, where some of the guys are waiting for you. You
will then suck off all of the ones that are in there and make sure you swallow
all of the cum they give you. Don't worry about collecting the money from them
since each of them has already paid us the dollar to get their cocks sucked."

"i can't go in a boys locker room," cried tracy, "what if the coach or another
teacher comes in?"

"Don't worry about that pet," said Christina, "everyone is in a meeting and
won't show up, unless you take too much time sucking off all of the guys."

"Ooookkkk," whispered tracy, "if you say so."

"Oh, and one more thing," said Linda. "The boys don't want you to know who they
are, so you have to be blindfolded before going in."  And with that, she
produced a blindfold and covered tracy's eyes. Then they took her to the door
and opened it up, saying, "Here she is fellows, enjoy her mouth, but do not
touch anything else."

She felt hands guide her into the room and then push her to her knees. It wasn't
very long and she felt the first cock touch her lips. Wanting to get this over
before anyone else showed up, she took him in her mouth and sucked. It wasn't
very long before he shot his load down her throat and pulled out, but was
quickly replaced by another, and another, and another. It seemed to go on
forever. A cock in, cum, the cock out, and a new cock in.

Finally, she heard her Mistresses saying, "Ok pet, get up so we can get out of
here. We have an appointment to go to and don't want to be late." They took her
blindfold off as she was getting up. She saw she was still in the locker room,
but it was empty except for the three of them. As they left, the girls handed
her $12.00 for her efforts. Really it was thirteen cocks in her mouth, but they
didn't charge the first boy, since he was tracy's younger brother. They had
talked to him earlier and told him what she had been doing and he said he wanted
some or he would tell on her and the two girls. "Besides," he said, "I have
always wanted some of her. I want to fuck the little bitch, too. She seems to
get everything her way at home, and I want to pay her back."

The girls told him a free blowjob for now, but later on he could also fuck her
in the cunt and ass, but he had to keep it quiet. So he got his first blow job
from his own sister and loved it. And the girls had it all on video. No one even
knew they were filming the whole thing in the locker room. They really had her
now. There was no way she could get out from under their control.

They took her into the girl's room, across the hall and told her to wipe off her
face and to rinse her mouth out. "You smell like a cum bucket and where we are
going, you need to smell better," stated Linda. Once she had cleaned up, she was
told to pull the plug out of her ass, clean it up and put it in her purse with
the dildo and her jar.

She took awhile to get that big thing out of her little ass, but finally managed
it and cleaned it off under the sink. she dropped it into her purse. "Please,
Mistresses, please don't make me put that in my ass anymore. It is so big and it
hurts to much," tracy begged.

"Oh, you'll get to having that and some bigger things up your tight little poop
chute before long, so get used to it," stated Christina, as she thought of the
doctor's big cock. She knew just how big it was and how it felt in her pussy
when he fucked her. She remembered back when he drove it all the way up her
pussy, still thinking it felt more like a baseball bat than a cock. Soon little
tracy would take it all up her ass. His cock was about 8" long and very thick.
The biggest she had ever seen.

They left the girls bathroom and headed for their homerooms to get dismissed for
the day and Linda said, "tracy, our little cunt whore, as soon as school lets
out, meet us at my car. And you know what to do when you get in, right?"

"Yes, ma'am, i do," said tracy,  "i get in the back seat and spread for you."

"That's right bitch," added Christina, " but this time, as soon as you get to
the car, we want you to take your clothes all the way off. Might as well give
everyone a good look at your naked, slutty body, don't you think?"

"Please, no Ma'am, not that, " cried tracy, "i can't be seen by the whole
school. Please, my brother might be around and he'll tell Mom and Dad."

Laughing about this, Linda said, "That's your problem cunt, just do as you are

They got to their homerooms and sat down to wait for the bell to dismiss them.
As soon as it rang, the students filed out. tracy took her time leaving, with
the hopes the girls would already be waiting for her at Linda's car. With luck,
they were standing, waiting for their cunt to arrive. "What took you so long
cocksucker?" asked the girls. tracy said she got caught up in the group of kids
and it took longer than normal. The girls didn't buy it, but didn't pursue it
anymore. Christina said, "Ok bitch, let's get busy and do as you were told!"

"Please, Ma'am, can i get in the car first?" questioned tracy.

"No, bitch, strip right here and do it fast. The longer you take, the longer we
leave you outside." yelled Linda.

So tracy undid her blouse and removed it and then took her skirt off. The girls
then let her in the car and she assumed her position in the back. But they were
not satisfied yet and Linda put the top down. Once it was down, she slowly drove
through the parking lot, knowing the other kids would see her in the back.

Once they got to the end of the parking lot, they headed for the doctor's office
to get tracy her birth control shot and a hard cock up her slutty ass.

Christina had talked to the doctor earlier in the day and explained to him the
real reason they needed her on birth control. She had told him that if he would
help them, he could fuck her ass today and later on have her cunt, once she was
used at the college. She also asked if he could close up early so they could
bring the slut to him totally naked. Of course, he agreed to everything, knowing
he would get all their cunts from time to time and maybe even some extra things

His office was set back away from the road, surrounded by trees, so no one could
even see the building. The girls pulled into his parking lot and parked near the
door, just in case someone happened to drive in. They got tracy out and told her
to go to the door, get on her knees and knock. Very nervous about this, she did
as she was told and soon the door opened and the doctor appeared. "You must be
tracy," said the doctor, "I have heard so much about you and it appears to be
all true. Why don't you just crawl on in here so we can begin."

Slowly, tracy crawled like a puppy dog into his office and the other two
followed. Doctor Jim, as he had told everyone to call him, said, "Ok, lets get
her examined and give her that shot."

tracy didn't know what he was talking about, and questioned, "What shot are you
talking about?"

Linda spoke up and said, "Oh, we forgot to tell you slut, it is a birth control
shot so we can have you fucked by a lot of different guys."

"Nnnnnnoooooo," cried tracy, "i want to save that for my wedding night. I can't
lose my virginity now, please nnnnoooooooo!!!"

"Just relax sweety," said Christina, "it will be fine. You are going to lose
your cherry and you will be fucked a lot, so get over it. Now, do what doctor
Jim says."

"PPPPllleeeeaaasse, No," she cried.

Doctor Jim had her get up on the table and he began his examination. He checked
her little tits, and her belly, commenting on her jewelry. Then he had her turn
over and stuck a finger up her ass. Of course, it wasn't anything like that big
plug, so she didn't mind it. He said, "MMMM, kind of loose isn't she."  The
girls laughed and told him of the butt plugs they had used on her. He liked
that. tracy blushed with embarrassment.

Next he stuck a finger in her cunt, and pushed. "Good, she is still a virgin. I
can give her the shot now, then we can play."

He stuck the needle in and squirted the birth control substance into her. she
was crying, knowing that now she had no defense with these two girls.

"Ok, lets begin," said Linda, "How do you want her positioned, Doc?"

"How about bent over the table, so I can use both ends of her," answered the

The girls got her positioned the way he wanted and asked Doctor Jim to strip,
since they all wanted to see his big cock. He removed his clothes and came
around to tracy's face.

"NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO,"she screamed, "that is to fucking big," as she saw his
huge cock.

Linda said, "tracy, you had better suck him good and get him really wet, or it
will hurt you a lot when he fucks your ass."

"Pppplllleeeaaassee," she cried, " i can't take that much in my ass!"

He moved closer to her mouth and said, "come on now slut, suck me"

she tried to take his cock into her mouth, but it was just to big, so he got out
the KY jelly and smeared it all over his cock and put some on her ass, pushing
it into her.

"OK, bitch, time to take your medicine from the nice Doctor," said Linda, "brace
yourself, because he is going all the way in."

With that, he pushed his cock to her asshole, and got the head in. She screamed
in pain because of its size. He told the girls to put a gag in her mouth, so no
one could hear her. They didn't have anything available, so they both removed
their panties and stuffed them into her mouth.

Doctor Jim pushed more and all she could do was moan through the panties. Linda
yelled, "All the way up to your balls, Doc!" And he did just that.  tracy let
out a muffled, "AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH," through the gag.

He was deep inside her bowels now and began to rock back and forth, fucking this
tight little ass. Oh how he loved it and soon he was cumming inside her. Once he
got his rocks off, he started to soften and pulled out.

tracy was in pain, but the girls made her get up and walk to the door so they
could leave. Linda said, "I don't want all that stuff on my seats, so we better
plug up that slutty ass of hers."  They removed the panties from her mouth and
stuffed them up her just fucked ass to keep the cum inside.

Once back in the car, they left with her in her normal position and headed for
Linda's house. She lived with just her mother since her father was killed in a
car wreck about a year ago. And her mother didn't really set any rules for her
and Linda did as she wanted. Her mother was away a lot working nights as a
waitress, and then spending time with the guy she was dating. Linda knew the
house was empty.

Once they arrived at Linda's, they got their slut inside and Linda checked her
email. Great, she thought, a letter from Sue. She opened it and was happy that
she had started setting up the party. Sue told her that the weekend after next
would be set aside for their raffle and would expect them on Friday as soon as
school got out. They would spend Friday night and daytime Saturday getting their
pleasures and then Saturday night, the raffle would happen. They had already
sold some tickets and did expect a lot more. The profits should be good.

She told Christina the news, and then said we need to make sure she is super
horny for the party. We want her begging to get fucked by the winner.

And that also gave them an extra week to play with their slut and even go back
to the Mall to see their other friend at the jewelry store.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 10

The girls told tracy they were going to get her cleaned up so she didn't have to
go home smelling like a slutty cum bucket. she was led into the bathroom so she
could wash her face. Then they told her to get on her knees on the floor. tracy
thought, "Great, now i'll have to drink their piss again!"  But she was wrong.
Instead, the girls brought out something new.

"Open wide slut," said Linda, "you need to learn how to deep throat a big cock,
and this will help you."  She then showed tracy what she had. It was a life-like
cock with straps on it.  "This is called a penis gag, and you will take it deep
in your throat so you'll be used to having cocks there."

tracy clamped her mouth shut and shook her head NO!  she said, "i'm not doing

Christina smacked her on her naked ass with a ping pong paddle and she screamed.

As her mouth opened to scream, Linda pushed the big penis gag into her mouth.
"MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH,"she managed to mumble while trying to get it out. But
Linda held it firmly in place and began to shove it in more.

"Just relax little one, you'll get used to it," said Christina.  "Just relax and
swallow like it was food." She rubbed tracy's throat to help relax her.

tracy tried to do as she was told and Linda pushed in more. The thing hit her
throat and she started to gag as she tightened up. But soon, realizing that they
wouldn't stop until she did it, she relaxed again and tried to swallow. Slowly,
the penis gag was deep in her throat, and the girls had it strapped to her head
so she couldn't get it out.

"Good girl," they said together, and Linda said to Christina, "wish we had done
this before her time with Dr. Jim, then she would have taken him all the way in.
This is about the same size as his cock. 8" long, but maybe not as thick."

tracy just stayed there on her knees with her mouth so full. she was having
trouble breathing, so Christina said, "you have to breathe through your nose
slut. Just relax and breathe slowly. This is what you'll do when you have a real
cock in there."

she tried and did find it was easier, but her throat began to get sore. Since
she was doing better, the girls wanted to continue cleaning her up. They had to
get Dr. Jim's cum out of her ass, so she was told to lean over and rest her head
on the floor. she did, with the hopes if she did what they said, they would
release her to go home quicker. But she was not prepared for what was next. she
heard them doing something and talking to each other.

Christina asked, "How much do you think she can hold?"  Linda replied, "I'm not
sure, but I would like to get a full gallon, if not more into her. It will make
her stomach grow so she'll look pregnant. If we can do that, we'll get some good
pics of her and she'll look as if she is knocked up. Won't that be something to
show her parents."

tracy cried, not sure what they were talking about. she didn't want to be
pregnant or even look that way.

The girls soon returned to tracy and told her to stay still while they cleaned
up her ass. They removed their panties from her and tossed them into the
garbage. Couldn't use them again. Then, they started putting something up her

Christina explained to her that the only way they could get all that cum from
her ass was to give her an enema, and what she felt was the nozzle.

Soon they had the nozzle deep inside and opened the clamp on the hose. tracy
felt it start to enter her ass and into her bowels.

Linda said, "We will start with a quart, just to flush her out, then we'll work
up to see how much she can hold and how far we can extend her belly."

They waited until all the water was gone from the bag into her ass. Then they
pulled out the nozzle and had her get on the toilet. she expelled it all very
quickly and felt like her insides were coming out.

"Ok, cunt face, back in position" said Linda.

tracy couldn't say anything with her mouth and throat so full, but she did
manage "MMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHH," as she shook her head no.

she saw Christina with the paddle, getting ready to spank her again, and she
immediately dropped to her knees and put her face to the floor. Leaving her
naked ass up so they could get to it once again.

She stayed there crying, and didn't want to play any longer, but what choice did
she have? None!!

Once again, she felt the nozzle being worked into her ass and soon felt the
water flowing into her. Linda said, "This is a bigger bag. I don't have a gallon
size, but we can just keep filling this one up until we get the desired look."

Christina asked, "How much does this one hold?"  "Two quarts," replied Linda and
I have two of them, so we can just swap the hose once this is all in her."

They watch as the liquid in the bag started going down, but her belly hadn't
moved yet. As they waited, Christina said, "Let's see if we can get her hot and
horny!" and reached under her and began to play with tracy's cunt, rubbing her
clit. tracy squirmed at her touch and then began to moan into her gag. "I think
she likes that," said Linda.  "Yea, she does," said Christina, "her nasty cunt
is so wet!"

They did this for awhile and just before tracy thought she could cum, Christina
stopped. "Time to change bags," said Linda, and got the next one hooked up and
the water flowing. And she even filled up the other bag, just in case they
needed it.

They watched again as the water flowed into their slut's ass. And now her belly
was beginning to extend some. "Perfect, " said Linda, "she'll soon look like she
is at least 4 months pregnant."

Once again, the girls played with tracy's cunt and even pulled on her tits,
rubbing her nipples to get them hard.

Now, tracy was feeling uncomfortable. Her belly ached and she had cramps, but
the sensations in her pussy were overwhelming. she started to ride the fingers
that were in her cunt, and was just about to cum again. The girls saw this and
stopped. "NNNNNNN," tracy cried through the gag, trying to say, "no, don't
stop," but nothing came out.

The girls checked the bag again and it was almost empty. Then they felt tracy's
belly and it was so hard from being full like that. And it did stick out like a
pregnant woman. "Ok," said Linda, " time to get our pics and videos. Can't let
this moment pass by."

They got the cameras out and took a few still shots of tracy's fat belly. Then
they pulled the nozzle out of her ass, but quickly replaced it with a butt plug
so she couldn't expel her fluids until they were done.

"Stand up cunt," said Christina, "we want to see how pregnant you are." tracy
tried but had a hard time. she really hurt and needed to get this shit out of
her. They helped her to her feet and made her stand with her hands behind her
back, which made her hurt even more. But it had the desired affects they wanted.
her belly was sticking out, just like it would have if she were 4 months
pregnant. "PERFECT!" squealed Linda. "Now lets get the pictures and make a new

They took a few more stills of her showing her belly. Then they removed the
penis gag and told her she was going to talk for the movie. she was told to say
she was sorry, but just couldn't live without being fucked all the time. And
that she couldn't get on birth control and ended up this way, PREGNANT.

"You understand what we want, right bitch?" asked Linda.  "Yyyyyeeeeessss,
Ma'am," stuttered tracy, "iiiiiii'llll do my best."

"Ok", said Christina, "Action," as she turned on the camera.

tracy stood there and began her speech. "i am sorry, but i am a slut and need to
fuck all the time. i can't live with out being fucked and since i can't get on
birth control, here is how i ended up. ppppppprrregnant. but, i still want to
fuck some more."

"GREAT", yelled the girls, "this will go great in our collection and if you
don't continue to be our slut, your mom gets this one."

"Now, just a few more and then we'll let you go drain," said Linda as she began
snapping pics with her digital camera.

She was satisfied with every thing, but both of them were getting horny and
needed to cum before letting slut tracy go home. So they allowed tracy to go to
the bathroom and expel all the water. Finally she got it all out and felt much

Just as she was coming out of the bathroom, the phone rang. Linda answered it
and said, "Ok, hang on, I'll get her. tracy, it's your Mom."

"Hello," tracy said, and the just listened for a moment before she said. "But
Mom, I can come home and stay until you get back." Listening a little more, then
saying, "Ok, yes I understand, hold on a minute."

"Linda, Mom wants to talk to you."

"Hello Mrs. Williams, " said Linda. "Oh yes, that will be fine. My Mom should be
home soon and tracy can spend the night."  Then hung up the phone and yelled

It seems that tracy's parents had gotten a call and had to go to a business
meeting that night and wouldn't get home till late and wanted tracy to spend the
night with Linda. She said Tim, tracy's brother, would be at the neighbor's

So the girls had their playtoy all night, and maybe since they would all spend
the weekend at Linda's, she might even get her to stay Thursday night as well.
And, Linda's Mom wouldn't be home for a long time, if she even came home.

"Play time," said Christina and got on the phone to call her parents to say she
was staying at Linda's, also.

"I'm so fucking horny," said Linda, "and you little cuntlicker are going to
satisfy me."

"yes ma'am, " said tracy, "i will."

They took her to the bed and told her to lay on her back, and to spread her legs
wide. she did as she was told, and was soon spread out for them.

"Now, " said Christina, "here is what we are going to do. We will take turns
sitting on your face so you can eat us. But the other one will be eating you. We
will get to cum from your licking us, but you are not allowed to cum. We want to
keep you horny, and starting now, you are on a NO CUM order. You are not to cum
until next Saturday night. Then, we will let you. Do you understand?"

"YYYYeeeesssss Ma'am," she stammered.

"Good" said Linda, "but you do know that you'll be making a lot of other people
happy during this time, don't you?"

"Yes, Ma'am," she whispered, not knowing what else she would have to do and not
being able to get relief for herself.

"Ok, let's begin, " said Linda, "I'm first on her face, so Christina gets her

Linda got on the bed and lowered her cunt down to tracy's waiting mouth. tracy
didn't mind eating cunts, so went right to work licking her, sucking on her clit
and even sticking her tongue inside Linda's juicy cunt.

In the meantime, Christina began to eat tracy, but making sure she went slowly
so she wouldn't cum. If it looked like tracy was ready to cum, Christina would
stop, and then start again once tracy relaxed. Just the effect she wanted. Bring
her up, stop, let her down, start again to bring her to the brink and then stop.

It wasn't long and tracy had Linda cumming. "AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH,
pushed her cunt down tight to tracy's mouth, almost smothering her.

Once she relaxed, she got off tracy's face, and told Christina it was her turn
to be eaten. They switched places and Christina sat on her face while Linda
crawled between tracy's legs to lick her. The same thing happened with Linda. 
Just as tracy felt that aching sensation in her cunt, Linda would stop. And then
start again.

tracy was thinking to herself, "How can i last until next Saturday without
cumming, especially when they do this to me? God, i'll be a wreck."

Just then her thoughts were interrupted by Christina's wails of cumming.

Soon the girls had relaxed and they still had lots of time to play, so they
thought it would be nice to get some food. They decided to go out to eat,
instead of eating at home. tracy wasn't sure if she liked this idea, but had no
say in the matter.

"Ok, little cunt, let's get you dressed so we can go eat. They found a couple of
tube tops and told her to put them on. she looked puzzled, and asked,  "Theses
are both tops, how do I wear them both and what about a skirt?

They laughed at her and said, "One is for your top, the other is your skirt, now
get dressed."

tracy slowly put the top on and it was tight, showing her nipples very clearly
through the fabric. Then, she wiggled the other one up her legs and around her
waist. Looking down, she thought, "It doesn't cover much at all."

She said to the girls, "Please don't make me go out like this, it doesn't really
cover me up."

"Just shut up and do as we say cunt, or you'll go with us naked!" said Linda. 
"I think it looks good on you, but there is one more thing before we go." With
that, she went into her Mothers room, returning with two bracelets.

"Hold you hands out slut, " she said. As tracy held her hands out, she took one
bracelet, which was actually a chain, and looped it through her belly chain and
then around her wrist. Then did the same to the other one. "Now, we are ready to

tracy found out that she couldn't move her hands away from her sides and had to
walk like that to the car. They helped her in the back seat and reminded her to
sit as usual until they said she could move. "And, " Christina said, "you will
not talk at all tonight. Not one word, or we'll whip you hard at school tomorrow
after the others arrive. And, one more thing, you'll do just what we say. Is
that clear?"

Afraid to say anything, she just nodded her head yes.

Linda drove to a little diner that she knew about and had been in before. She
had seen some strange things happen in here, since most of the kinky people ate
there, so they could do things.

They stopped the car and got tracy out, then led her into the diner. tracy was
crying because she looked so strange and not even being able to use her hands
for anything. They found a little table in the middle of the restaurant and sat
down, told tracy to just stand for a moment, but then told her to sit after the
other people in the room could see her.

she sat down, with some difficulty, and her little tube top rode up over her
ass, showing everything as she sat there. Christina said she had to go pee, and
told tracy to follow her. tracy got up, but the little tube top she wore as a
skirt didn't go back down. she had to walk throughout the diner, with her ass in
plain view. she was turning bright red.

They entered the bathroom and Christina told her to kneel and rest her chin on
the lid. Then Christina took her position and told tracy to drink as she began
to pee. When she finished, tracy had to lick her off.

"Do you have to pee, tracy? " asked Christina.  tracy shook her head yes, and
was told to sit and pee.

When she finished, Christina said, "Ok, lets go," but tracy didn't want to
because her pee was still dripping from her pussy down her legs and she couldn't
wipe. But she followed Christina back out to the table.

"It's arranged, " said Linda as the waitress approached them.

The girls ordered their food and something for tracy. When the waitress asked
what they wanted to drink, Linda ordered a coke and so did Christina and then
said, "and for our little pet, a bowl of warm milk."

The girls sat and talked about the next couple of days and figured tracy
wouldn't have enough money by Thursday night to buy her collar and leash and
agreed to extend her time. They would get her leash on Saturday when they went
to the Mall. And they also agreed that since she earned so much yesterday with
the boys in the locker room, they would do it again the next two days. But they
would do it during lunch and their free period. This way, they would have a lot
more money for some other things and wouldn't have to put them on a credit card.

The waitress returned with the food and set it on the table. Nice big juicy
hamburgers and fries for the girls, and a bowl of hash for tracy. But the bowl
that it was in was a dog's dish. The waitress started to sit it in front of her,
but Linda said, "Dog dishes don't go on the table."

 The waitress looked puzzled and Linda continued. "Dogs eat from the floor, so
that's where it belongs." The waitress laughed and set the dog dishes on the
floor. One with the hash, the other with milk.

"Ok, pet, down and eat. And don't waste any either, or we'll whip your ass right
here," said Christina.

tracy began to cry, but did as she was told. Struggling, she got on her knees
and bent over to eat. she knew her bare ass and cunt were in plain view of
everyone, and she wanted to get done quickly, so she made up her mind to eat it

It was hard to do, since she couldn't use her hands to balance herself and
almost fell over a couple of times.  But she did manage to finish the nasty food
and drink the milk from the bowl. Then she just sat back on her heals to wait.
The girls finished their meal and paid for the their meal. The waitress said
that they only paid for two, but still owed for the dog's food. "Oh, we are
sorry, but we don't have enough for that. Guess she'll just have to work it

The waitress smiled and said that would be good. She took tracy into the back
room and made her eat her cunt, then got the cook and she sucked his cock. "That
should cover the cost, thank you, " and pushed tracy back into the room.

Then Linda had a great idea and reached over to tracy's top and pulled it down
to show her tits and then pulled the bottom up to her waist to show her cunt and
ass. "Ok, pet, follow us," she said.

They walked her all around the room and then out the door. Putting her in the
back seat, spread apart, they drove back to Linda's, so they could sleep and get
up in time for school tomorrow.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 11

When they arrived back at Linda's house, they once again got her out of the car
and made her walk to the door. she waited for them to let her in, and they
finally came up to unlock the door, after they discussed some things for later

They took her into Linda's bedroom and unhooked her hands from her belly chain.
"Ok slut, time to clean up before bed. Get your whorish ass into the shower and
get clean. Shave your cunt tonight, because you won't have time tomorrow. And be
sure it is just cold water!" said Christina.

tracy took the skimpy little clothes off and went into the bathroom to shower.
Since she was here with them, she had no choice but to use the cold water. So
she turned it on and stepped into it.  she thought she would get used to it, but
it still shocked her. she got wet, washed her hair, shaved her cunt, and then
washed her body. she got out and started to dry off, but the girls stopped her.
"No, you'll go to sleep wet tonight little one," said Linda. "but, we do need to
fix you,  so bend over."

tracy did as she was told and soon had the big butt plug up her ass again. It
felt different this time, and she soon realized why. The girls had spread Ben
Gay on it before putting it in her, and it was getting hot inside her once-tight

"IT'S BURNING ME," she screamed, "PLEASE TAKE IT OUT!"

NO, you will live with it, now stand up," said Christina, and open wide."

she did as she was told and soon had the big penis gag back in her mouth and
down her throat. "You'll sleep with this tonight pet, and by tomorrow, you
should be able to deep throat even Dr. Jim's cock."

Then they reattached her hands to her belly chain and sent her to bed on the
floor while they crawled into a nice, soft, warm bed.

The next morning, they woke her up really early, and said they had to get to
school soon. They took the gag from her mouth, and allowed her to eat breakfast
before they left. Of course, she had to eat cold cereal without the use of her
hands, but managed to get it down.

When they were dressed they said, "come on cunt, let's go to school."

"Bbbbbuut, i don't have clothes on," she whimpered, "i can't go to school naked,

"Oh, we know that and you'll get clothes as long as you are good this morning,
now let's go," said Linda, and out the door they went.

tracy dreaded what was to come, as she sat in the back of Linda's car, naked and
spread out.  Linda pulled into the parking lot and stopped. No one else had
arrived yet, as it was still quite early. Christina got out and said, "OUT
cunt," tracy started to say something, but thought better of it and crawled out
of the car. Once she was out, Christina got back in and said, "you have just two
minutes to get to the other end of the lot. If you are not there, you might as
well face the fact that today in school, you'll be naked."

With that, they drove off, leaving naked tracy standing there. "Shit, it is a
long way to the other end, i'll never make it in two minutes," she said out loud
to herself.  But she had to try, so she started running to the other end. It was
difficult to run, since her hands were attached to her side, and she didn't even
have shoes on and the pavement was hard.

she did her best and when she arrived, the girls were sitting on the hood of the
car. "Not quick enough slut," said Linda, "don't know how you'll explain why you
don't have clothes on in school today."

"PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEE!" she cried, " i can't do that. i'll do
anything but that, please."

"Well," said Christina, "since you beg so nice, we'll give you an option. You
either go around today naked, or get your ass whipped. Say, two hits to your
naked ass for every second you were late."

"i-i-i'll take the  spanking," she said.

"Ok," said Linda as she reached into the car and pulled out two ping pong
paddles. "Bend over the hood and get ready."

tracy did as she was told, and knew she would have a hard time sitting today.
Then Christina said, "Now, slut, you were late by 20 seconds, which means forty
hits. We want you to count each one for us, and then thank us. And, you'll ask
for another. Understand."

"Yes, Ma'am, "she cried.

With that, she got the first hard hit to her naked ass. "One," she said, and
then didn't say anymore.

"NO," said Linda, like this, "One, thank you Mistress, may I have another. And,
that one didn't count, so we will start over. If you lose count, you'll have to
start from one again. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress," she whispered between sobs.

Then she felt the paddle again. "One, thank you Mistress, may i have another?"
she cried.

The next one hit her opposite cheek, "two, thank you Mistress, may i have

Then the first cheek again, "three, thank you Mistress, may i have another?"

It went like this and she did not lose count for all forty hits with the
paddles, and they were not light hits either. her little ass was a bright cherry
red when they finished and allowed her to get up. she was crying and begged for
her clothes.

The girls thought for a moment, and then said, "We will take your clothes into
the girl's room with us. We want you to count to forty again, then come in and
get them. No cheating either, because we know how long it will take you to
count. Start, cunt."

she cried and started counting, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc" until she reached
40. Then she ran to the school hoping no one showed up. she entered the school
and found the girl's room, and her Mistresses were waiting for her.

"Good girl, tracy," said Christina, "but before you can get dressed, we want to
use our private toilet. Get in the stall and get ready. she knew just what they
meant, and got on her knees with her chin on the lid. One at a time, they came
in to piss, using her mouth to catch it all. And, she licked their pussies

Once done, they undid her hands from the belly chain and handed her the clothes
they brought for her. "Oh, No," she thought, "not those," but quickly put on the
two tube tops again. At least she was partially covered.

Once she was dressed, the girls said it was time to go to class, but they had a
special project for her today. "Since we are going to set up a couple
cocksucking seminars today, your job will be to show off your belly ring, chain,
and especially your little tag," they said together. Then added, "we want at
least a dozen people to see it and read what it says. Do you understand cunt?"

"Yes Ma'am," she replied, trying to hold back her tears.

They all went to class and tracy got a lot of looks as she walked through the
halls. Her little short tube top that they made her wear for a skirt kept riding
up, showing her reddened ass cheeks. She never felt so embarrassed in her whole

She got through the first class and knew she had to go out into the hall and
face all the other students, and she hated it. A couple girls came up to her and
said they loved her clothes, and wondered why she was wearing them. tracy
thought about an answer to them, and then said, "It is hard to explain, but if
you'll look at my belly chain, and read the tag, you'll know why."

So she just stood there as the girls examined her chain and held her tag up so
they could read it. "slut tracy," one of them read out loud. Then the other
said, "Wait, there is something on the other side, and flipped it over and read
it out loud. "property of Christina and Linda."  "What does that mean?' one of
them asked. tracy embarrassed, didn't say anything until Linda walked up to her,
saying, "Tell them tracy!"

"It means that i am a slut and Christina and Linda own me, I am their slave,"
she said, turning bright red.

"WOW," said both of the girls, "what do they make you do?"

"uuuuugggghhhh," stuttered tracy, and Linda said, "what would you like to see
her do?"

The girls looked at each other and then one said, "If she is your slave, make
her show her tits."

Linda laughed and said, "Well, my little pet, what are you waiting for, show
your tits!"

tracy didn't want to, but didn't know what else Linda would make her do, so she
lowered the tube top to show her tits to the two girls.

"WOW, they both said as they walked away. tracy quickly pulled her top back over
her bare tits. Linda said, "Very good slut, now continue. you still have 10 to
go." And with that, she walked away.

tracy went to her next class and the boy beside her said,  "tracy, I have been
noticing your chain, and that tag on it, what does it say."

Here she was in class and about to let a boy see what was written on her tag.
But she did as she was supposed to and said, "Here, read I,t" and stood beside
him so he could. He read both sides and then asked, "What do you do for them, if
you really belong to them?"

She told him she did everything they wanted. He replied by saying, " I don't
believe you. Show me."

tracy tried to think of something, but couldn't, except to say, "After class, I
will find one of them and you can ask me to do something. If they wish for me to
do it, I will."

He laughed and said, "OK, but I don't think you will."

As soon as class was over, she told him to follow her while she went to find one
of the girls. She ran into Christina and explained what happened. She just
laughed and said to the boy, "so what do you want her to do?"  He said, "I want
to see her pussy!"  And Christina said, "OK, tracy lift up your skirt and show
him your cunt!"  tracy obeyed her and lifted it up, exposing her bald cunt for
him to see. she didn't want her Mistress pissed off, so she had to do it. Then
Christina said, "you want to touch her cunt?"

"Ssssuuuure," he stuttered. And Christina told him to go ahead and touch it.
Then she added that during lunch, tracy was giving a cocksucking seminar in the
boys locker room and he was more than welcome to come if he wanted, but it would
cost him a dollar.

He said, "Wow, I'll be there, can I bring some friends?"  "Sure, why not," said
Christina, "the more the merrier," and she left. tracy straightened her skirt
and went to her next class.

A lot of the same happened after each class, and she had shown her chain and tag
to 7 people so far and only had 5 more to show before the day was over. she was
getting better at it. After the next class, she had to go pee and entered the
girl's room. Inside were six other girls fixing their hair, chatting about boys
and what they would do this summer. One of them happened to be the girl who
first saw her tag. She said, "hey, tracy, why don't you show the other girls
what you are?" tracy blushed and said sure, knowing that she had completed her
task of showing her jewelry.

she said, "gather round and look," and held it out for them to see. The girls
said, make sure you read what that little tag says too." They all read it and
said, "We don't believe that shit." The first girl said it was true and that
Linda had made her show her tits right out in the hall.

They still didn't believe and wanted proof, so the first girl said she would
find tracy's mistresses to show them.

She ran out of the bathroom and spotted both Christina and Linda walking down
the hall. She ran up to them and said that tracy was in the bathroom with a
group of girls who didn't believe what the tag said, and she wanted them to go
prove it was true.

Linda said, "Sure, why not have some fun!"

So they entered the bathroom and there was tracy in the center of the girls.
"What's going on girls," said Christina, "Is our slut bothering you?"

"No," one of them said, "but we don't believe she is owned."

"Well, she is owned by both of us, aren't you pet?" asked Linda.  "Yes, Ma'am,"
replied tracy.

"Prove it," said another, then one of them said, "make her strip for us."

Linda looked at tracy and said, "You heard her request pet, strip!"

tracy looked shocked, but began to remove what little clothes she had on and was
soon standing naked before all the girls.  Then, one girl said, "I still don't
believe it. How about if she eats all of us right now."

Christina said, "NO problem, tracy start licking pussies! Take your panties off
girls, so she can eat your cunts."

The girls all reached under their skirts and removed their panties and Linda
said to tracy, "Go ahead pet, eat them all."

Knowing she didn't have much time, she got down on her knees and went to the
first girl and stuck her head up her skirt and began to eat her. tracy had
learned just where to lick and suck to get a girl off and soon she was cumming
on tracy's face. tracy quickly left her and went to the next to do the same. It
wasn't long before all six girls had gotten off and tracy put her clothes back
on, telling her Mistresses that now a dozen people had seen her jewelry.

"Good girl," they both said, and added, "you will have a good lunch today,
except it will be in the boys locker room. We will see you there at the
beginning of lunch period."

"Yes, Ma'am," she said and went to her next class.

Class being over, tracy made her way to the gym area, and found the girls
waiting. Linda said, "OK, slut, time to earn some more money. The boys are all
waiting and we have collected a dollar from each of them. However, they want you
blindfolded again, and also naked, so strip."

"OUT HERE,' she cried.

"Yes, right here, right now. The boys wanted it this way. Now do it cunt,"
scolded Christina.

tracy slowly removed her skimpy clothes and the girls put the blindfold on her,
attached her hands to her belly chain once again and pushed her through the
door. "Here you go guys, enjoy, but remember, her mouth only."

The hands of the boys took hold of her, feeling everything they could and led
her into the locker room and pushed her to her knees. Then once again, she felt
the first cock against her lips and she opened up for him. But today, she took
all of them deep into her throat, which made them cum much faster. She sucked
cock for the whole period and soon found her Mistresses picking her up and
taking the blindfold off. They gave her the clothes to put on and handed her the
money to count. "Wow, " she said, "twenty dollars. i sucked that many?"

"Yes you did pet and now you almost have enough for your new collar and leash,
but you still have one more period of cocksucking today and two tomorrow, " said
the girls.

Now it was back to class, which was the last one before her free period and more
cocksucking. The last period went the same way as it did for lunchtime, but not
as many boys showed up for this one. Once it was all over, she only had  $16.00
to add to her bank. she now had $53.00.

Classes were over for the day, but before they left school, the girls made tracy
call home to ask if she could spend the night with them again, just to study
some more. her mother was reluctant to allow this, but finally gave in to
tracy's begging and said she could. She also said that she knew tracy wouldn't
be back until Sunday night, since it was the weekend that they all stayed at
Linda's. Next weekend, they were supposed to stay at tracy's, but the girls had
other plans at college and would have to work on tracy's Mom and Dad to make
sure they would be able to make it happen.

Then, with all this time to play with their little slut, they left school,
thinking of how much fun they would have with her, and all the things they
wanted to do.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 14

tracy woke up before the other two, and as she opened her eyes, all she could
see was pussy. she had fallen asleep between their legs and now was waking up
between them. "MMMMM," she thought, "maybe if i wake them up the same way i put
them to sleep, they'll be easier on me."

she started with Linda and got up close to her cunt and gently began to lick
her. tracy didn't want to go too fast, for fear that she would wake up to
quickly and be mad. So she just licked lightly until she felt Linda stir.
"MMMMM, " moaned Linda, "and began to hump her slut's mouth. tracy worked harder
now, and Linda had a quiet morning cum. She opened her eyes and patted tracy on
the head, just like she was a little puppy, and thought to herself, "she is
really getting the hang of this now, great!"

Once Linda was awake, tracy moved over to Christina and did the same for her.
Linda just lay on the bed, watching and thinking of the things that would happen
today. tracy licked at Christina's pussy and soon she was moving, just as Linda
had done.

Soon Christina was cuming, and tracy could hear her moaning, "AAAAAAHHHHH, that
is so nice."

The girls, now both awake, told tracy that they did appreciate their morning
wake up and said they might make that something she had to do whenever they were
together. Suddenly,  they changed their attitudes and said, "Ok, cunt, time to
get you ready for today."

Linda instructed, "Go get a cold shower slut, but don't shave your pussy today.
We'll take care of that later. Your clothes for the day will be on the bed when
you finish. We'll be downstairs eating breakfast."

tracy got up, but was unable to talk, because she still had that damn ring gag
in her mouth. she went in and got the cold water on and jumped in. "What a way
to wake up. A cold fucking shower, brrrrr."

Finished, she went to the bedroom and put on the clothes the girls had laid out
for her. she didn't care for what she found, but put them on anyway. First the
top, which was nothing but a small T-shirt, that didn't fit very well. It must
have been one Linda wore when she was really young. It was tight around her
chest and made her tits stick out, and clearly showed her hard nipples. Next
came the skirt. It was a flair type skirt, but when she got it on, it was only
about 2" below her pussy. Next came those damn sandals again. she really hated
them,. They hurt her feet and she knew her ass would be plainly visible all day,
and they also made her walk with more of a swing.

Finished dressing, she went down stairs to find her Mistresses. They were just
finishing their breakfast and wanted to shower. So they attached tracy's hands
to her belly chain once again and told her to eat breakfast. tracy looked down
and found her food in a bowl on the floor. she got on her knees, and bent over
to eat.

Christina said, "We are going to get our showers now pet, and when we get back,
you had better be ready to go."  They took the ring gag out of her mouth, but
the butt plug was still in place.

tracy started lapping up her food, like a dog would, using only her mouth and
tongue. They had even put orange juice in a bowl for her to drink. "How
humiliating is this?" tracy thought as the girls left.

When the girls returned, tracy was just finishing up, and raised up. Both girls
started laughing as they saw some food still on her chin and orange juice
dribbling from her wet lips. They were nice and wiped her face clean. "Can't
have a dirty whore in public, now can we, " laughed Christina.

They told tracy her rules for the day. "No talking, unless asked a question!
Walk in front of us at all times, and swing your cute little ass for us! Do
everything we say at all times! If you don't behave, you will get paddled
wherever we are! Is this clear cunt?" asked Christina.

"Yes, Ma'am," replied tracy, still wondering why this was happening.

"Now, let's go, it is a long drive and I want to spend a lot of time there
today," said Linda and ushered tracy out to the car. Once again, tracy was in
the back seat, with her legs wide apart, and her cunt in plain view. she rode
like this for the long drive to the mall.

They arrived at the mall, and as soon as they got her out of the car, they
attached her leash and let it swing in front of her. "Ok, slut, lets go
shopping, " said Christina. "The first stop is the jewelry store to see your
friend. I think she has a present for you."

tracy was worried about what kind of present this other girl would have for her,
knowing that the last time she ended up with a belly ring and chain. she also
figured that she would start out the morning at the mall with some pussy eating.

tracy walked in front of the girls, with her head down. she was so ashamed of
herself for being like this in public. A collar around her neck, with a leash
attached to it, and her hands secured to her sides. "What will people think of
me?" she thought as she walked through the parking lot.

Christina and Linda watch their little slut walking and saw how cute her ass
was, as it swayed with each step. "Those heels were a great idea," said Linda,
"we'll make sure she gets some more, only higher later today."

"Yes, it does make that ass swing, doesn't it?' stated Christina.

Soon, they entered the mall and the jewelry shop was just inside the door. tracy
stopped at the entrance and waited. she didn't want to go in, but the girls came
up to her and Linda took her leash. "Come now pet, let's see what  Jane has to
give you today," she said and tugged on the leash.

Other people were looking at the scene with disbelief. tracy dared not look at
anyone and tried to keep her head down, but Christina saw this and said, "tracy,
hold your head up and be proud. We don't want a slut who isn't proud of what she
is, now do we?"

"No, Ma'am, "said tracy and did her best to hold her head up, but was so
embarrassed by it all. She turned almost as red as her new collar.

They got into the jewelry store, and quickly found Jane, the same one who did
the piercing before. "Welcome back, Ladies, and slut," she said. "What can I do
for you today?"

"Well, you told us earlier when we talked on the phone, that you had a nice
surprise for our slut, so we thought we would get it first before doing any
shopping," said Linda.

"Yes, I do have something for her, and it is quite nice, " replied Jane. "I am
sure you'll like it. Take her in the back and I'll get it."

Linda led tracy to the back room to wait for Jane. Christina went with Jane to
ask her a question.

When they got into the back room, Christina said, "Yes, she said if we come back
in about 3 hours, someone will be here to take care of the other thing for us.
And, the same arrangements are made for payment."

"Great!" said Linda, "Now, what do we have for our slut Jane?"

Jane laughed and said it was something for them to keep track of her at all
times, and produced a little  ring,  with a short chain attached to it. On the
other end of the chain, was a little bell. she shook it and they could hear the,
"tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, " sound it made.

The girls looked puzzled and Jane went on to explain to them.  "You see, this
little ring slips right over her clit when we get it hard, then, the chain will
hang down about and inch and a half from her cunt. When she walks, the bell

"Wow, that is super!" both girls exclaimed, "let's get it on her." Then Linda
asked, "But, how does it stay on her clit?"

Jane went on to explain, "Well, this is really weird, but some how, this little
ring shrinks and expands with her clit. If she gets excited, it gets bigger, but
not big enough to slide off. Then when she isn't excited, it shrinks back down.
But don't worry, it will never get tight enough to do her harm. But it will keep
her excited all the time."

"Really," asked Christina, "does it really work that way?"

"It sure does," replied Jane. "I put one on my self last week and I go so hot, I
had to play with my cunt and get off. But I couldn't stand the constant aching
in my pussy, so had to remove it. It's hard to get off once it is on, but can be
done if you know how. I'll give you the instructions, in case you want it off

"Great," shouted both girls, "let's begin!"

"Pull her skirt up and get her clit hard for me," Jane requested. The girls
moved tracy to a table and pulled her skirt to her waist. Then they began
playing with her clit to get it hard. Soon, her little nub was sticking out like
a miniature penis.

Jane said, "OK, here we go!"   She took a small pair of tweezers and slipped the
little ring over them. Then, she took tracy's clit and held the end with the
tweezers to pull it out even more and slid the ring down them, and on to her
clit. Still holding her clit, she pushed the little ring all the way to the
base. Then she let go with the tweezers.

tracy was starring at all of them, with more hatred than she thought she had in
her. If her looks could kill, they would all have been dead. She hated this,
knowing she would now make noise everytime she walked. How could she ever go
home to her parents jingling as she walked?

"Ok, stand up, cunt," said Linda. "We want to hear it now."

tracy struggled to get up, but finally managed and just stood there, with that
little bell swinging between her legs. It wasn't too bad, since it didn't weigh
to much, but she could feel that "aching sensation" begin to return to her
pussy, and she knew she was getting wet from all of it.

"Walk for us bitch, "ordered Christina. tracy took a few steps, and the girls
laughed as they her heard her bell. "Tinkle, Tinkle, Tinkle" it went.

"Great!" shouted Linda.  Then Jane added, "The kit comes with some other things
to. If you want her to get really excited, but still not able to cum, there are
some small weights you can attach to the chain. The bell can be removed and
weights added, or you can just have the chain."

"Nice, " said Christina, "Now, would you like to get your payment?"

"Oh yes, please," said Jane. " Doing all of this has got me horny and I've got a
long day ahead. A good cum would be just what I need."

"tracy, on your knees and take care of Jane, " ordered Linda. "We'll be right
out side looking around. Guess we'll hear you when you come out." They all
laughed and the girls left.

tracy got down in front of Jane and went to lick her, but she still had her
panties on. Jane said, "Go ahead cunt, take them off me!"

"i i i i i can't, my hands are not usable," cried tracy.

"Thats no problem, use your mouth, " Jane ordered. Not wanting to displease
anyone today, she tried hard, and finally, with just her mouth, she had Janes
panties off and was now eating her cunt.

she licked, and sucked her clit, wanting Jane to suffer some, so went slow. But
Jane was so horny, it wasn't long before she was cumming all over tracy's face.
Once Jane had calmed down, she told tracy that it was good, but she had to get
back to work. "And you have to go find your Mistresses, so you can continue with
your shopping, so go now."

tracy got off her knees, and wanted to wipe Jane's pussy juice from her face,
but couldn't. she knew her Mistresses would make her keep it there all day.  she
walked out of the back room, and the girls heard her approaching them. "TINKLE,
TINKLE, TINKLE" was the sound they heard, as tracy walked toward them. "This is
great," the girls thought, "now we'll always know where she is."

tracy could begin to feel the effects of the ring on her clit. As she walked,
the chain would swing, ringing the bell, but it also made her clit move with it,
which began to make her hot. "Wonder if i can actually cum from this thing? "
she thought.

she got to where the girls were and they said, "Let's go slut, we have so much
to do today. And we have to be back here in three hours."

So, with tracy leading the way, they left the store. The girls walked close
behind her, watching her ass swing back and forth and listening to her little
bell ring. They gave her directions as she walked. Turn left, go straight, stop,

Next stop was a shoe store. They wanted to find a new pair of heels for their
slut. Some with at least 6" heels. So, Linda said, "Stop, cunt, now turn right
and enter the store in front of you."

tracy turned as she was told, and started into the store. Then, she realized it
was another shoe store, and she remembered back to last weekend in a shoe store.

All eyes turned toward her as she entered the store. Everyone heard her bell
ringing, and when they looked up, they saw her wearing a collar, leash and had
her hands secured at her sides. Some people left quickly, but others decided to
stay and see what was going on. The girls approached a middle aged salesman and
asked if he had any high heels. "Sure," he said, "what height would you like to

Christina said, "Some that are at least 6" high, and taller if you have them."
He looked strangely at her, wondering why these three ladies wanted such high
heels and why his one was like she was. But he needed the sale, so he went to
find the shoes for them. However, he forgot to ask what size was needed, so he
returned quickly.

"I forgot to ask," he said, "what size will you need?" Linda said, "I am not
sure, guess you'll have to measure the foot. Sit down pet, so he can see what
size you are."

Knowing he would be looking up her short skirt and seeing her naked cunt, she
hesitated for a moment. "Yanking on her leash, "Christina said, "you were told
to sit, now do it, NOW!"

tracy started crying, but sat down. He got in front of her, and started to
measure her foot. Linda leaned over from behind her and whispered in her ear,
"Show him everything, or else!"

tracy spread her legs apart and her little skirt rode up her legs, exposing her
naked cunt to him. The salesman looked up and almost choked at what he was
seeing. "I ,I, I think I have the size now, be right back," he stuttered. The
old guy had never seen anything like this before in all the five years he had
worked here. It was his lucky day, he thought.

Coming back to the girls with some 6" and 7" heels, he set them down and started
to put them on tracy's feet. He was really shook up, because she did not close
her legs while he was gone, but they were open even more now. He worked at
getting the shoes on her feet and buckled up. "Ok, can you walk to see how they
fit you?" he asked. Helping tracy up, she walked, very slowly down the aisle and
back. The girls liked the swing better, but still wanted the higher ones on her.

tracy sat back down, and automatically spread her legs and slid down some in the
chair, which caused her skirt to ride up more. He got the 7" heels on her and
again she walked.  she had such a hard time standing, but managed to get to the
end and walk back again. Her cute little ass really did it's number in these
shoes. Linda said, "We like these, and she'll wear them out of the store, but we
need to discuss a payment plan with you."

He said, "OK, we take cash, checks and credit cards, which will you use?"

Linda said again, "You don't seem to understand, so let me explain. We don't
have any money and want to trade something for the shoes. Now you understand?"

"UUUHHHHH,  not really, we don't barter here," he said, and then added, "what is
it you want to trade?"

Then Christina spoke up. "Her! you can have her suck your cock, or fuck her
asshole for the shoes."

He thought for a little while, and being he hadn't had sex in awhile, he said,
"Well, we might do that. You say I can have her suck me or I can fuck her ass?
What about her pussy?

"NO," Linda said, "her cunt is off limits. But I'll make a deal with you. You
can take her in the back room and let her suck your cock, then she'll get you
hard again so you can fuck her ass."

"That's a deal!" He said, "Lets go!"  He thought that he could do her pussy once
he got her back there, but the girls knew how men were and said, "We will be
watching and if you come near her virgin cunt with your cock, we'll all yell
rape. We are not afraid to rip our clothes so it will look like you tried.

"Ok, just a blow job and an ass fuck and the shoes are hers."

They went into the back room and he pulled his cock out. tracy got on her knees
and through tears, sucked him off. He shot his load down her throat really
quick, and she continued to suck, until he was hard again. Then, she got up, and
Linda bent her over and helped the guy into her ass once she pulled the butt
plug out. He fucked her little ass for a long time, but finally shot another
load into her. Christina quickly replaced the plug, just as soon as he pulled

They removed the tags from her shoes and they went on their merry way, to see
what else they could do. They just walked around for awhile, and then realized
it was nearing their three hour time. They had to get back to the jewelry store
to get the other thing done.

Christina said, "tracy, pet, we don't have much time to get back to the other
end, so we do need you to walk faster, OK?"

tracy nodded yes.  her ass was sore, her clit felt like it was on fire from
wanting to cum, and her feet hurt from the new shoes. But she did manage to walk
a little faster, which of course, made her bell ring more.

They arrived at the store right on time, and Jane said it was ready. So they
once again took tracy to the back room. There was a man siting there, and tracy
thought, "He looks dirty and disgusting." He had on an old shirt, had a bald
head and a scraggly beard.

"Ok, here is what we need," said Jane. "We need a pattern to go by.  Any ideas?"

Linda said, "Sure do,  got any paper?" Jane gave her some paper and a pencil.
Linda then went to tracy and unhooked her right hand. "tracy, on this paper, in
your neatest hand writing, I want you to write, "SLUT", then on this other
paper, write "TRACY". But, be sure it is all in lower case letters, and again be

tracy did as she was told, not knowing what would happen to her next. she
finished and her hand was again hooked to her belly chain. Linda took the papers
and handed them to the man, and he said it would be no problem. Then he added,
"You might need to tie her down and gag her, it might hurt and we don't want to
draw attention to us."

Jane found some rope and they tied her face down on the table, making sure her
legs were open wide. Christina pulled out the penis gag that she had put in her
purse before leaving this morning, just in case they needed it.

Once she was strapped down and gagged, the man began to work on her ass. He
cleaned it real good and then transferred tracy's hand writing over to her ass.
"SLUT" on her left cheek and "TRACY" on her right one.

Then, he began to give her the tattoo the girls wanted. tracy screamed into her
gag and cried as his needle penetrated her skin. she hurt so bad now, but
couldn't do anything, not even scream. Her thoughts were, "i'll never be the
same again, everyone will know i am a slut, and i'm sure they'll make sure a lot
of people see it. i won't be able to wear my bikini all year, because Mom and
Dad will see this. What will i do!"

It took about an hour to complete it all and by the time he finished, tracy's
ass was so sore. she would rather have had the paddling instead of this.

The girls were pleased with his work, and told him that he could use her for
awhile. They said her ass can be fucked and so can her mouth, but don't touch
her cunt. We are saving that for something special. But maybe next time we see
you, you can fuck it too.

"We'll just sit over here and watch you have fun, since you worked so hard

He wanted her mouth first, so he took out the penis gag and put his big hairy
cock to her lips. she opened up and almost choked. He was so big, she thought.
Bigger than Dr. Jim, but managed to take him all the way in, up to his balls. Of
course, she didn't have much choice, because she was still tied down.

This big dirty guy didn't wait for her to suck, he just fucked her mouth, just
like it was a cunt  and soon, shot a big load of cum down her throat. she
couldn't swallow fast enough and some ran from the corners of her mouth.

To everyone's surprise, he never got soft as he went to her other end, pulled
the plug out and drove his enormous cock home, all the way in one big push.

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH,OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW," tracy screamed. They had forgotten to
gag her again, but that was soon fixed as Jane stuffed her panties into tracy's

The big man rode her like a horse, pumping his huge cock in and out of her ass.
Finally, after what seemed like hours to tracy, he stiffened and shot another
load into her ass.

tracy passed out after this, and the girls decided to leave her there with Jane
while they went to grab some food for all of them.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 15

The girls walked to the food court and figured tracy would be out for awhile.
she endured a lot of pain today. her clit ringed, a tattoo and a big horse cock
up her ass. Wow, that was something, they thought to themselves. So, they got
their food and sat down to eat and talk about all the up- coming events they had
planed for their little slut. They discussed next week in school, being the
final week before it let out for the summer, the party for next Saturday at the
college where tracy would lose her virginity and probably get more than just one
cock in her that night. And they also knew that they had to take good care of
Mr. Frank, since he was the one to get them to trap tracy and make her a slut,
just like they had been trapped last year. And that they probably would  stay
that way for awhile. Mr. Frank had the goods on them and was using them for his
benefit and pleasure. But that was ok with them, especially now that they had

Once they finished, they went to get tracy's lunch for her. Fried rice and a
small salad should be enough to fill her up, they thought. They were on the way
back to the jewelry store for some fun of their own. Jane told them the big guy
would be around all day and that he never got soft as long as there were girls
around. They wanted that gigantic cock up their cunts soooooo bad. But before
they could have him, they had to get tracy up and on her knees to eat.

Linda laughed and said to Christina, "I just had a great idea. tracy loves
eating pussy, but doesn't care too much for sucking cocks, right?"  Christina
agreed and Linda continued, "And she hates swallowing male cum. So, let's get
the big guy to fuck us while she eats, then make her lick his cum out of our

Christina laughed and said, "What a great idea! This way she'll have to taste
the cum more than if it came right out of a cock."

They arrived at the jewelry store and saw Jane. "Everything ok back there?" they

"Oh sure," replied Jane, "she is out and he is just staring at her naked cunt
and ass."

The girls headed to the back room and laughed when they saw him sitting there,
right between her legs, eyes fixed on her juicy cunt. "Looks good enough to eat
doesn't it big guy?" asked Linda. "Yea, sure does, but I want her to wake up so
I can fuck her."

"NO, she is off limits for now, but we'll let you fuck us if you want," said

His eyes lit up and a big smile came across his face. "BOTH OF YOU," he yelled.

The girls just nodded their heads yes and said, "You'll have to wait until we
get our little slut up from here so she can eat."

With that, they saw tracy was nearly awake, and began to untie her. They helped
her off the table and she just about collapsed to her knees when she touched the
floor. The girls said, "Good, that's where we want you anyway," and placed her
food on the floor. "Here's lunch slut, "said Linda, "and you better eat it all
and be finished by the time we are done fucking the big guy."

Christina added, "since I am letting Linda go first, you better have it all gone
by the time he shoots his big load up her cunt, or we'll whip that sore ass of

tracy was really hungry and was getting used to eating like this, so she just
bent over and started eating her food.

By then, Linda had stripped and was climbing up on the big guy's lap. She took
his big cock in her hand and couldn't even get it all the way around it. She put
it up to her cunt, rubbed it back and forth a couple of times and then just sat
down, feeling that big thing stretch her pussy farther than anything had done
before. She was now down on his cock all the way to his balls, and beginning to

wanted it to last, but knew they still had lots to do today, so she began riding
him like a cowboy riding a wild horse. Up and down, up and down she went on this
big piece of man meat, moaning and groaning all the time.

all she could get out. Linda was riding him hard now, wanting to feel his cum
shoot deep inside her hot cunt. She was now in one big orgasm, never knowing
when one stopped and the next started. It was just continual.

Finally, he stiffened and a loud,
inside his throat as Linda felt his hot boiling cum deep inside her. That set
her off to a mind blowing, explosive orgasm that lasted for at least 5 minutes.

Then she was able to relax, and carefully got off his still hard cock. She had
to sit and rest for a few minutes, before she could move, and then watched as
Christina was starting her decent onto his hard cock, watching her pretty little
pussy lips stretch to accommodate him. Before long Christina was also on him all
the way and was beginning to ride.

Linda rested just a short time longer and looked at tracy. her food was gone and
she was also watching the show. Linda got up and told her to roll over on her
back and open her mouth. "I've got your dessert slut, " she said, and as soon as
tracy was in position, Linda squatted over her face, and lowered herself onto
tracy's waiting mouth. tracy wasn't thinking about the fact that she was full of
cum and began to lick. As soon as the first dribble came out, she realized it
and tried to get away, but Linda had her pussy right there and she couldn't move
and couldn't even close her mouth. Linda squeezed her muscles and gob after gob
of cum came out right into tracy's mouth and all she could do was swallow. Then
she had to lick Linda's well-fucked hole, until Christina was finished.

And that wasn't too long, because they all heard,

They both relaxed and soon Christina was squatting over tracy's mouth letting
his cum slide out of her cunt into tracy's mouth. She told tracy, "Don't swallow
until I tell you to, cunt."  As the big gobs of cum dripped into her mouth,
tracy could taste the bitterness of it and hated it, but had no choice. When
Christina finally got it all out of her, she stood up and said, "tracy, open
your mouth and show me how much he had."

tracy opened her mouth and it was totally full of cum, and some even ran out
around the corners. "OK, cunt, swallow!" Christina said. tracy took a big gulp
and it slid down her throat. All tracy could think of was when she tried to eat
a raw oyster and it was so slimy it just slid down her throat.

The girls got dressed and got tracy up off her back. They straightened her
clothes for her, and then unhooked her hands from her belly chain. But they
didn't stay unhooked for long, because each of the girls took a hand and
reattached them to the dog collar around her neck. By doing this, her tits stuck
out more, but even better the girls thought, it raised her skirt up over her ass
cheeks, and her little clit bell was now visible at the hem of the skirt, and if
she moved just right, her whole cunt would show.

"Ok, slut," said Christina, "we have one more appointment for you before we go
back home," and she took the leash and gave it a tug. tracy almost fell over in
her 7" high heels, but did manage to stay up and began to walk, Christina in
front of her and Linda behind her. Linda loved the way her cute little ass
moved, and every once in awhile, she could actually see the letters on her ass.

They both liked the little "tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, that the bell made, and it
seemed a little louder now that it wasn't hidden any more. Others just shot
glances at them, some laughing, others looking away in disgust, and boys just

They walked through the mall until they came to their next stop, a beauty salon! 
Linda went in first to talk to the manager, who she had phoned a couple days
ago. She told the manager who she was and that she brought the girl who needed
her pussy waxed. The manager didn't want the other customers seeing the way this
girl was treated, so she had them bring her to the back door, into a room. She
would do it in here, and no one else would see.

So they brought her in and she lay down on the table. The manager said this
might hurt and if she screamed, they would have to stop. Christina said,  "Don't
worry about her screaming.  I can fix that." She pulled out the penis gag and
stuck in tracy's mouth, then strapped it firmly in place. That will fix her so
she can't scream, and then the girls each took a leg and spread them apart, and
tied them to the legs of the table. They lifted her skirt out of the way, and
the woman was shocked by what she saw. "What's this thing?" she asked as she
rang the little bell. The girls laughed and said it had been a present from
someone at the jewelry store and it shouldn't be in the way.  She told them it
wasn't and began to get things ready.

tracy was crying and moaning into her gag, and was very nervous. The last time
they tied her down, she got a tattoo on her ass. Now they were going to do
something with her pussy. "God, help me, " she thought.

The lady then began the procedure, pouring the hot wax all over her pussy mound.
tracy tried to scream, but all that came out was, "mmmmmm, nnnnnnnnnn, aaaaa,

"Hush little one," said Christina, "it won't take long."

Finished with pouring the wax on her, making sure it was all over, she started
to stop. But Linda said, "We want her lips done too."

"But that will really hurt her there, I don't usually do those," said the lady.

But it's what we want and we are paying you, right," said Linda.

"Ok," said the woman, "just make sure she doesn't move."

The girls held her in place and with a brush, the woman painted tracy's pussy
lips with the hot wax. She finished and said that all of it had to harden before
she could do the rest. "OK," they both said. "We'll stay with her until you get

The lady left.  The girls had been thinking about something else, too. They
picked up the jar of hot wax, and carefully dripped it over her nipples. tracy
jumped and squirmed, but couldn't yell. The girls liked that and made plans to
get some candles for later on, and pulled her shirt back over her tits.

The lady came back in and said she was ready to finish now and asked if they
would like to pay now or when she finished. The girls thought she might be
scared and didn't think they would pay, so Linda pulled out her credit card and
gave it to the lady. Linda asked if they could get a discount. The lady said she
didn't give discounts, so Linda said, "How about a discount if she eats you?"

The lady hesitated for a moment, and said," Well, since you put it that way,
I'll give you 50% off if she is good. I'll ring this up when we are all done,

"Sure," said the girls.

The woman got between tracy's legs and began to peel the hardened wax from
around her cunt. tracy tried to scream again, but it was useless. The pain was
terrible and she thought her pussy was being pulled off her body. The woman
finished doing it there and then went to her pussy lips. She yanked the wax off
quickly, explaining it gets more hair out that way. "AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH,"
tracy tried to scream.

They were finished and the Lady told them that she would be nice and smooth for
2 to 3 weeks, and wouldn't need to do anything else to it.

The girls thanked her and said, "Ok, now to get our discount." They released
tracy, and took the gag out of her mouth. tracy started to tell them to go away,
but got slapped for it. "Now cunt, you owe this nice lady a good cum. Get down
and eat her out bitch," said Linda.

tracy obeyed, getting on her knees in front of the lady who was now sitting on a
stool with her panties off and legs spread wide. tracy went to work and in no
time, the lady was cumming on her face.

"God, what a nice little cunt licker you have there, " said the lady, "If I can
get that all the time, I'll wax her for nothing from now on."

"That's a deal, "said Christina. "You got a business card?"

The woman handed the credit card back to Linda and said, "This one's free, also.
Can I get her alone sometime.  she is such a good little pussy eater, God, I
can't believe that."

The woman was still talking as the girls made their way out of the salon. They
allowed tracy to lead the way, to see if she could find her way back to the car
by herself. They didn't think she had been paying attention to where they were
or had been.

"tracy," said Linda, "you will walk in front of us and we want you to lead us
back to the car. If you go straight to the car, we won't do any more to you in
here. However, for every wrong turn, we raise your skirt up more."

"So," said Christina, "don't get lost or you might just walk around with your
skirt around your waist, or maybe even off."  They were even nice to her and
fixed her skirt, so that it was down lower than it had been, making it about 3"
below her cunt.

tracy was worried now, since she really didn't know where she was or how to get
out. she started walking. she walked for a little while, trying to get her
bearings, and then took a turn down one corridor, but was suddenly stopped by
the girls. They walked up to her and said, "Wrong way sweets, let's fix that

Christina took the skirt and moved it back up, so it was only the original 2"
below her cunt. The bell didn't show yet. Once that was done, she started
walking again, going back to where she turned. Then she took the right way and
walked until she came to another place, which she wasn't sure about. Hesitating
a moment, she turned to the left and walked down the hallway. she wasn't
stopped, so she thought she was going the right way. But pretty soon, the girls
stopped her again. "Wrong way back there, cunt." said Linda. "Let me fix your

tracy stood there, with her legs apart, her hands still attached to her collar
and her leash hanging down between her tits. This time, Linda pulled the skirt
up and rolled the top over, leaving her hem, only about an inch below her naked
cunt. By now the bell was in plain site. "Ok, get us out of here," said Linda.

Backtracking to where she thought she had made the wrong turn, she took the
right one this time and soon realized that she was lost. she stopped and asked
her Mistress, "Please, i don't know where i am, please help me!"

The girls laughed and said they would, but only after they fixed her skirt
again. This time, they just rolled it up on the top and her cunt was in plain
sight of everyone, and the words, "slut tracy" could been seen quite well. Linda
said, "Ok, go down this hall, take a left."

tracy tried to hurry, but had a hard time walking in her 7" heels and her hands
up by her neck. Once she got to the corner and turned to the left, she realized
that the exit door was right there. she hurried to it and had to wait until the
girls got there to open the doors. They took her out side, and said, "Well,
since we had to tell you how to get out, I think you owe us something."

"Yes, Ma'am," said tracy, "what would you like from me?" she would do anything
to get out of there and back to the car to go home.

"Well," said Christina, "since your cunt is already on display, we think your
tits should be too." And she pulled tracy's top up and told her to hold it in
her mouth and walk to the car, which was halfway out in the lot.

tracy quickly took the shirt in her mouth and started walking to the car. The
girls followed, laughing at the sight their little slut was making.

she arrived at the car, wishing they would hurry so she could get in. she didn't
even care if she was naked and everyone saw her, just let her get in. The girls
finally arrived at the car and let her in.   tracy's ass was still sore from the
tattoo, so she had a hard time sitting in the seat. The girls saw this and
decided she could ride a different way today.

Linda told her,  "tracy, for the ride home, since your ass hurts, we want you to
kneel on the seat, with your ass to the passenger side, then put your head down
in the seat. you'll ride this way home."

Just to get back home, she did as she was told,  knowing her naked ass was
sticking way up in the air and everything she had could be seen. The girls got
in and Linda started the car, but before she left the lot, she put the top down.
Then they left to go back to Linda's to play some more.

The ride home was uneventful, except when Linda drove past a long line of
truckers and they had a good look at their passenger in the back seat. All of
them hit their air horns and gave the girls a big thumbs up.

The sun was quite bright and tracy's ass turned a nice shade of pink as it
started to sun burn. The girls liked that and thought that maybe this summer
tracy would have to get an all over tan.

They got to Linda's and let the slut out, making her walk slowly up to the door.
Once inside, they made her stand in the middle of the room while they went to
check emails.

As soon as they got on line, they found they had an email from Sue which said,
"I'll be in your town tonight. Give me a call at 991-5656. Just want to sample
the virgin for myself and that way I can tell the guys that I know for sure she
is. Also want to get some pics for the boys at the animal house, since the want
to see what they are spending their money on.

Linda picked up the phone and dialed.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 16

Linda made the phone call to Sue. The two of them talked for a little while and
when they hung up, Linda said to Christina, "Sue and Beth are close by and want
us to bring the slut to them for some fun. They want to get to know her better
and make sure she really is a virgin. In order to sell more raffle tickets, the
guys at the fraternity want some pics to see what they are spending their money

"Great," said Christina, "let's get her ready to go. What should she wear?"

Linda laughed and said, "Nothing! They want us to bring her to the motel they
are in totally naked, except her collar, leash, and high heels."

"Super," shouted Christina, "let's get her cleaned up and ready to go. I think
I'm going to like this."

So they went back into the living room where tracy was still standing. They
unhooked her hands from the collar and removed it. They led her into the
bathroom and turned on the cold water. "Get a good shower, slut, we are going
out tonight." said Linda and Christina added, "Don't be long either, we need to
get moving. Your clothes will be on the bed."

tracy got into the cold shower and cleaned up, making sure to wash her hair real
good and scrubbed her sore ass, hoping it would feel better. she didn't even
mind the cold water this time, since it helped her calm down some from lack of

she stepped out of the shower and dried off, then walked into the bedroom. All
she saw was her collar, leash and high heels.  "Mistress," she questioned, "
there are no clothes here for me to wear. Did you forget to put them out?"

The girls both laughed and Christina said, "No pet, we did not forget. You will
go just as you are, since we will be meeting someone else and we don't want to
waste time getting your clothes off. You'll be ready for anything."

Then Linda spoke to her, saying "tracy, tonight we will be with some others and
you will treat them with respect at all times. You will do whatever they say,
just as if we told you to do it. Is that clear to you cunt?"

"Yes, Ma'am," tracy cried. And thought, "What is wrong with me?  i could stop
this somehow, but i haven't even tried. i must really like being a slut."

Once the girls got dressed and tracy had her outfit on, the girls then attached
her hands together in front of her and then hooked a chain to her collar and
another to her belly chain., which held her hands about tit level.  Then, as an
added thought, they took one of the weights from the little box that Jane had
given them and attached it to the chain that was connected to her clit ring.
They dropped the weight and watched as her little clit grew longer. tracy jumped
when they did this and moaned. Next came the ring gag, holding her mouth open
and after that,  the penis gag was put in, also. She was now ready, except for
the blindfold, but they would put that on in the car.

she was told to go to the car and get in the back seat and spread wide. tracy
followed their orders and was soon sitting in the car waiting for her
Mistresses. They came out of the house, carrying the camera and camcorder.
Christina finished the preparations by placing the blindfold on her, and moving
her clit chain so it hung down in front of the seat. She wanted to be sure
tracy's clit got a lot of stimulation during the ride.

Linda drove to the motel and they got tracy out. Leading her to the room number
Sue said they were in, they made her kneel in front of the door. They knocked,
the door opened, and Sue was standing there looking pretty sexy. "Well, what do
we have here? " she said.

Christina said, "Allow me to present tracy, the little cocksucking, cunt licking
ass fucking whore!"

All the girls laughed and tracy was led into the room and told to stand. her
blindfold was removed and she recognized the girls from the college that she met
at school. "Spread your legs apart Bitch, " said Beth. Tracy, wanting to do as
she was told to avoid any problems, opened her legs more. Sue said, "A little
more slut, we want them about 3' apart!"

tracy did as she was told once again, and felt her clit pull down even more.
"MMMMMMPPPPHHHHH," she moaned through the gags.

"Horny little cunt, isn't she," said Sue.  "Yes ,she is, " stated Linda, "but,
she is not allowed to cum until Saturday night."

"Does she know what happens on Saturday?" questioned Beth. "No, we want it kept
a secret to her," said Christina.  "Good, said Sue, "it's better that way, I

They were now inspecting her like she was a piece of meat to be sold. The girls
felt her body all over, and pushed their fingers up her ass and cunt.
"MMMMM,nice," said Sue, "and she really is a virgin, isn't she?"

"Yes," Christina and Linda said together," and she'll stay that way for awhile.
At least until we want her cherry popped."

They all laughed at this and Sue said, "Well, let's get busy with this pussy
slut, I'm horny!"

The girls removed her penis gag, and told her that tonight, she would be making
all four of them cum a lot.  They took her to the bed and Sue lay down, and
said, "Me first!"

tracy was pushed up between Sue's legs and she began to lick her cunt the best
she could with the ring gag still in place. All she could do was lick, since the
gag prevented he from sucking on her clit.

Sue was enjoying this, but asked if they could remove the gag so she could feel
the full effect of the cuntlicker's mouth. They made her stop long enough to
remove it and then pushed her face back into the cunt she had been eating.
"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, much better," said Sue, "slut, make sure you suck my clit
really good. I love that!"

tracy did as she was told and licked and sucked on Sue.s hairy cunt. Beth was
watching and looking really close at the new tattoo on tracy's ass. "Bet it is
still sore from that," she said. "Guess we can't whip her right now."

"No, but she will be ready in a few days." said Christina. "Beth, why don't you
get undressed so you can be next."

Beth stripped and the girls loved her body. They both wanted to eat her right
then, but knew that she wanted the slut first. As they were admiring Beth, Sue
started cumming. "MMMM,
went limp. She pushed tracy away from her cunt and rolled over. "Damn, she is
good. You both trained her well."

By then, Beth was up on the bed, with her legs spread wide, pulling tracy into
her cunt by her leash. tracy wasted no time in getting her tongue into Beth's
cunt. This one had hair, but was neatly trimmed. she liked it better than Sue's
hairy cunt, but to tracy, a cunt was a cunt. she found out that she liked them

Soon, Beth was beginning to rock her hips and tracy was having trouble keeping
up with her. Beth just pulled tighter on the leash, forcing tracy's tongue deep
into her pussy. It wasn't long and the other girls who had been watching it all

And Beth was over the edge, having such a wonderful orgasm, she didn't want it
to end. She had tracy pulled so deep into her cunt, tracy could hardly breath.
Finally as Beth calmed down, she released her grip on the leash and tracy backed
away, her face covered in pussy juice.

The girls all decide to take a break for some drinks, but wanted something for
tracy to do. So Christina told them that tracy could cum on one condition. The
other two girls looked at her with a questioning look.  Then Christina said, "We
have decided, that if she wants to cum bad enough, she can, as long as she can
lick her own cunt."

The girls laughed and Sue said, "Ok, cunt, let's see how you do. You'll try to
lick your cunt, until we are ready to play some more."

"Ppppppplllleeeaaassee, " cried tracy, "i can't do it."

"You'll try again bitch," scolded Linda.

So tracy got on the bed and positioned herself so that she could attempt to lick
her snatch.  she bent and twisted, moved, moaned and groaned, but  was not able
to get her tongue on her pussy. she came close a couple of times, but wasn't
able to do it.

The other girls sat back to watch the show and laughed as little tracy slut
attempted to lick her own cunt. That gave Beth an idea as she watched tracy. She
said, "I'll bet it would be really cute to watch her drink her own piss!"

All the girls laughed and Linda said, "Never thought of that before. she does
drink our piss, so why not have her drink from her own cunt. It should be quite
a sight and would make another good movie for our collection. And we can even
get pictures of her for the web site."

Sue asked, "Web site?"

"Oh, forgot to tell you, we have started a web site for her, I'll write down the
address for you, so you can keep track of everything and maybe even get some
others to join in. It does cost, but for you and Beth, it'll be free."

The girls finished their drinks and told tracy to stop. "Get in the bathtub
slut, " ordered Christina.

Once she was in the tub, they all had the cameras and video equip ready. "Ok,
slut, get yourself back in that position like you are trying to eat your cunt,"
said Linda. "Then, once you have your pussy lined up with your mouth, you will
piss and catch it in your mouth to drink."

"Bbbbbbbuuuutttt," tracy started to argue and got a slap on her sore ass for it.
"OOOOOOOOOWWWWW!" she screamed.

she did as she had to, in order to avoid another slap on her sore ass. she bent
and twisted again, and once she had her pussy lined up with her mouth, she held
it there. she tried to piss, but couldn't get it out. Christina said, "Unless
you want your sore ass or cunt spanked, you'll piss."

That scared tracy and she started to dribble a little pee out. It didn't make it
to her mouth and the girls were disappointed. Linda said, "Well, guess we'll
just have to whip it out of her."

Just as she said that, tracy really started pissing and it went straight to her
mouth. she didn't piss very long, but it was enough for her to get a couple good
mouthfuls of her own piss and the girls had it all on camera.

They laughed at the sight she was making and then told her to get up. she
crawled out of the tub and stood shaking, not knowing what was next. The girls
began discussing all the things they could and would do with her.

Sue said, "Let's play a game. We are going to write down different things to do,
then you will pick them out of a hat, one at a time and do them for us."

"However, we will put one in that says, 'quit', and if you draw that one, we
quit for the night and the girls will take you home," she continued.

The other girls liked this idea and decided each of them would write down two
things for tracy to do. And the one "quit", would make a total of nine.  They
all thought about what they wanted, while poor tracy stood in the corner so she
couldn't see what they were writing.

When they were all done, they put all the pieces of paper in a hat and shook
them up. "OK, tracy, time to draw!" said Linda.

They unhooked her hands and told her to pick one out. She drew it out and the
girls told her to read it out loud to them.  she reached in the hat and brought
out the first one. she turned red and began to read the paper. "Lick our asses!"
it said.

So she went around to each girl and licked their asses. she didn't like doing
that, but what else could she do? Once she had finished licking them all, it was
time to pick another. she reached into the hat and pulled out another one. This
one said, "Go out side to the middle of the parking lot, and yell three times,
"I AM A SLUT". she started to say something, but thought better of it and began
to go outside. she looked around, and saw that no one was out there, and
proceeded to the middle of the parking lot. she stood still for a moment, and
then yelled as loud as she could, "I AM A SLUT, I AM A SLUT, I AM A SLUT" and
ran back to the room. she didn't even notice the other doors opening up to see
what was going on. The girls all laughed at her and told her to pick another.

Again, she reached into the hat, and this one said, "Beg to have your pussy

"My God," she thought, "that is going to hurt, i don't know if i can."

her thoughts were interrupted when Linda said, "Well slut, beg!"

tracy tried, but found it hard to do. she finally got it out. "please, " she
begged, "please spank my ppppussy. please, do it now."

The girls laughed again and told her to get on the coffee table and spread her
legs. she did and two of the girls grabbed her legs, forcing them farther apart
and up toward her head. The other girls said they would take turns doing it.
Each girl got 5 hits to her naked cunt. Linda started and smacked her 5 times
right on her open cunt. "MMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH," she cried.
Then it was Sues turn and she also took 5 swings into her cunt. "NNNNNOOOOOOO,
please," cried tracy.  Then Beth took her turn and Christina was last. tracy's
pussy was turning a pretty red when they finished, but still she was unable to

she had to draw another one out of the hat. This one said, "Go out to the
parking lot, squat and pee."

tracy thought this was easier than getting whipped, so she headed out the door,
not even looking at who was around or who might see her. She got in the parking
lot and started peeing. Just then a carload of young teens drove by, honking the
horn and yelling. tarcy couldn't stop her pee, so just stayed there and
finished. But as soon as she stopped, she ran back in the room.

The girls were rolling on the floor in laughter. she had to draw another one out
of the hat. With a big sigh, she read the word, "QUIT!"

The girls kept there promise to stop for the night and she could leave with her
Mistresses, but they did make her pose in many ways for Sue and Beth to get
pictures of her to take back to the campus with them. These should bring in a
lot of money for the raffle,  they told Christina and Linda after they had
loaded tracy into the car. she didn't hear a thing they said.

Once again blindfolded for the ride home, tracy sat in the back, spread wide, as
Linda took off.

They got her home and made sure she was secured for the night at the foot of the
bed, with her butt plug in place, along with her ring gag and her hands attached
to her bellychain.  tracy licked their cunts until they were asleep and then she
also went to sleep, thinking that she had to be up first to lick them awake.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 17

The girls woke up on Sunday morning, the same way they went to sleep, with
tracy's tongue in their pussies. They were really enjoying this, and made plans
that from now on whenever tracy was with either or both of them, she would put
them to sleep and wake them up eating their cunts.

Once they were awake, they took care of their duties in the bathroom, and then
allowed tracy to do the same. A good pee and shit, then an ice cold shower. Next
came breakfast and tracy once again found herself eating from a bowl on the
floor. The girls made plans to get her a couple dog dishes, just to make it more
humiliating for her when she ate. Of course, tracy had to cook their breakfast
of eggs, bacon, and pancakes, while she had to fix some nasty oatmeal for

Just as they were finishing breakfast, the phone rang. Linda answered it. It
just happened to be tracy's father, and Linda took the message, saying that
tracy was in the shower. He said he wanted tracy to come home early because they
had some additional things to do at home and needed tracy's help. Linda told him
they would get her there as soon as she got out of the shower. Of course, they
planned on fixing tracy up nicely before she went home.

Linda said, "tracy, unfortunately, your parents need you home early, but you
will not go until we do what we have planned for you today."

They took her into the bedroom, and made her bend over and then stuck a butt
plug up her ass. Of course, this one was bigger than the others she had had in
her and it felt more like the cock of the guy that gave her the tattoo. tracy
really felt stuffed once it was all the way in her.

"You will keep this in your slutty little ass until we decide to take it out,"
said Christina,  "do you understand?

"Yes, Mistress," answered tracy.

Next, since she was going home, they removed her little bell from the chain on
her clit, but replaced it with a 3-ounce weight. "That will also stay where it
is slut," stated Linda.

"Yes, Ma'am," replied tracy.

They gave her instructions for the rest of the day and that night. "We realize
that you may have to change clothes when you get home, because I think you will
have some outside yard work to do, and that is ok. Wear what you have to in
order to get your work done. But tonight, we expect you to put the ring gag in
your mouth and then the penis gag. You will sleep this way. Do you understand so
far cunt?" asked Christina.

"Yes Ma'am," she replied.

"Good, now we also expect you to practice eating your slutty little cunt. We
want you to bend and twist in anyway you have to before you go to bed, to see if
you can lick yourself. Of course, you'll do this after you are properly gagged,
so you can't actually touch your pussy in case you accomplish the task. Is this
clear?" said Linda.

"Yes, Ma'am," cried tracy.

"Now, once you wake up in the morning, you will take the gags from your mouth,
and get ready for school. You will go eat your breakfast, before using the
bathroom. and then when you finish eating, you may go pee. But, you will not use
the toilet. Instead, you will get a bowl, and pee in it. Then, you will get on
your hands and knees and lap up all your piss from the bowl. Once you are done,
don't brush your teeth, because we want to smell piss on your breath once you
get to school," continued Christina.

Linda then told her, "You will wear only a small dress to school, but once you
reach the parking lot and before we get there, you will strip naked, put your
collar and leash on, and change the weights back to your bell on your clit. Then
just stand in the parking lot until we arrive. It does not matter who else shows
up, you will remain standing, naked until we tell you what else to do. Do you
understand your rules cunt?"

"Yyyyyeeessssssssssss, Ma'am," cried tracy.

Ok, now I'll take you home," said Linda.

She took tracy home, dropped her off and hurried back to her house so the two of
them could work on the web site and make the final arrangements for her last
week of school.

tracy helped her parents and finally, after a good dinner, she went to her room.
she didn't want to do all the things they said, but if they asked her, she
couldn't lie to them, so did it all, just as they had told her to do. She even
tried to eat her pussy after she gagged herself, but still couldn't do it, but
did get closer.

Monday morning she woke up, removed the gags and went to get her breakfast. She
had to pee so bad during breakfast, she almost couldn't eat. But she managed to
finish and then rushed to her room. she had gotten a bowl out the night before
and placed it in her bathroom. tracy didn't want to do this, but having to go so
bad, she squatted over the bowl and let her stream of golden piss flow into the
bowl. Then she got on her hands and knees and licked it all up, hating her
friends for what they were making her do. she managed to lick up all the piss
from the bowl and hoped that she could get out of the house without her parents
noticing the smell on her breath.

Once she finished, she got dressed just as her Mistresses had told her to, and
made sure she had everything in her purse that they required. Jar of pussy hair,
dildos and butt plugs, collar and leash, and her bell. She got ready to leave
and she felt lucky that her dad was in the bathroom and her Mom was on the
phone. She just told them good bye and left the house.

She was early and hoped that the other two would be there early too, because she
didn't want to be standing naked in the parking lot when all the other students
and teachers showed up.

she found a corner of the parking lot near the woods so she could run and hide
if anyone else arrived before Linda and Christina. tracy hesitated for a moment,
but went ahead and stripped naked. She then did everything else she was told to
do, and even remembered to change the weights from her clit chain to the bell.
And, as instructed, waited for them to show.

It wasn't long and Linda drove up and parked her car. The two girls got out and
told tracy to put her clothes in the car, since she wouldn't need them the rest
of the day. she did as she was told, but tried to question them.  "i can't go
around like this all day, please let me wear something." she begged.

"No bitch, " said Linda, "you won't need your clothes today, and maybe even the
rest of the week, so shut the fuck up and do as you are told." They attached her
hands to her collar again.

"Ppppppppplllllllllleeeaasssssssseee," she begged!

All that got her was a slap across the face and a very strict order to "SHUT

That brought tracy back down and she meekly, said, "Yes, Ma'am."

"That's better," said Christina, "now, follow us and we'll explain some things
to you." and both girls started walking toward the school, with little tracy
following them, crying.

They got to the door and were met by Mr. Frank. "Good," he said, "you have the
little slut ready for the day!"

"Yes sir, " the girls replied.

Mr. Frank then spoke to tracy, "Ok, little slut, here is the plans for the day.
First, i took the privilege of getting you out of all you classes today to help
me on a special project, so none of the other teachers will miss you."

The other girls started giggling, and remembered back to their last week of
school last year.

Mr. Frank gave them a very stern look, and continued to talk to tracy. "Now,
since you have been excused from all classes today, you will be very occupied
all day long. I know you need some additional money since Linda was kind enough
to use her credit cards to get you things you needed. So you will be making that
money today. Follow me cunt."

Mr. Frank led tracy to his classroom and ordered her back under his desk, and
said, "Since your first class is with me, you are going to suck my cock again,
just like you did on Friday. I want you to unzip my pants, with your teeth, pull
my cock out and suck me all through the class. When class is over, I will cum
someplace in your body. You'll know where at the end of the class. Now, get your
whore ass under my desk, cunt!"

tracy didn't know what to do, so just crawled under the desk backwards, so her
face would be near his crotch when he sat down. she stayed under the desk and
could hear the three of them talking, but couldn't make out what was being said.
she shivered with the thought of being there and hoped she wouldn't be seen.

Soon, the bell rang and all the other students filed into the room. Mr. Frank
told them that since they did so well Friday with a substitute teacher, they
would do it again today and probably all week long. This way, some of them that
planned on being a teacher would have experience. He picked the student to come
up and teach the class, then sat down.

tracy once again unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and put her mouth on
it. "At least he was hard this time," she thought to herself, as she began to
slowly suck him off, but being very careful not to make him cum.

her jaw was getting tired, and she was hoping class would soon be over. Just
then, the bell rang, and Mr. Frank told the class that the next day, another
student would be able to teach and that each day, they would do this. In his
mind, he wasn't thinking about class or teaching. His mind was on the sweet
little mouth that his cock was in.

Once all the others had left, except for the two girls, tracy was told to get
out. she did her best and finally got out from under his desk. Kneeling before
Mr. Frank, he said, "Ok cunt, finish me off, but when I start to cum, pull off
my cock and take my load on your face!"

With that, he stuck his cock back into tracy's mouth, and she began to suck him
once again. she sucked for awhile, and soon he was ready to cum. Not waiting for
her to pull off his cock, he did it for her, grabbed himself and jerked it a few
times, spraying his cum all over her face. The three of them laughed at the
sight, cum dripping from chin, and nose, and some even in her hair. What a mess
she was.

Mr. Frank addressed the other two girls saying, "Ok, let's get the whore out of
here and set up for the morning classes. "

"Yes, sir," stated Linda.  "Follow me bitch!"

Christina took her leash and pulled her into the hallway. tracy was shocked that
no one was in the hall, but soon found out why. "Great idea, Mr. Frank, to call
for a mandatory meeting of all students and teachers. Now we can get her there
with no problem."

They led the naked tracy down the hall and into a vacant room that was being
remodeled. But, the work had been put on hold until school was out for the
summer. They reached the room, which happened to be away from all scheduled
classes. tracy was led into the room and took to the center, where there was a
bench. she was bent over the bench so her ass was in the air on one end and her
mouth was open for use at the other. Both holes were at just the right height
for penetration of cocks.

They strapped her to this bench and blindfolded her. Linda told her, "you will
not make any noises and whatever goes in either of your whore holes, you'll
accept. Is this clear?"

tracy just nodded her head yes.

But Mr. Frank was not done yet. He said, "We don't want someone to ruin our
plans for the weekend, so we have to make sure her cunt is closed up. Can't have
some young stud missing her asshole and breaking that cherry."

So he got some clamps out of his pocket and proceeded to put them on her cunt
lips, sealing them together. "That should do it," he said, and tried to put his
finger into her. It wouldn't go past the tight clamps, and they were satisfied
that no one could accidentally break her cherry.

They laughed at the sight before their eyes, a naked whore, ass in the air and
mouth ready for cocks. And they even commented on the fine job the guy did with
the tattoo. Mr. Frank loved it and felt her ass, following the letters of slut

"Ok, tracy," said Christina, "here's the deal. you are going to be in here all
day, or at least up to lunch time. There will be a lot of people coming and
going, and all you have to do is stay just the way you are and take it all. But
you will be rewarded for it. Since you charge a dollar for a blowjob, we won't
change that, b now that your cute little ass is also available, you will get two
dollars for any cock in there. Mr. Frank was kind enough to supply some rubbers
to use when anyone fucks your ass, and we'll make sure they are all saved for
you to use later."

tracy just lay across the bench and cried. "God, what a whore they are making
me," she thought, and cried more.

Mr. Frank then told the girls they had to leave to get to classes, but he also
had a surprise for them. "evelyn, please come out here," he said. "Girls, meet
evelyn. she is my slut from a long time ago, and she will also start as my
ASSistant next year. she will stay with tracy today to make sure nothing bad
happens and also to collect the money ."

"Hello, slut, " said the girls, "looks like we may some extra fun now."

Then Mr. Frank told them, "No, you will not have fun with her. she is a man's
whore and the only time she has to eat pussy, is when she is bad and being
punished. you see, she hates eating cunt, so I reserve it for those times."

The girls laughed at that and Linda said, "Well, we will find a way to make her
bad, so she can eat our cunts!"

Mr. Frank also laughed, and said, "I'll bet you will, but for now, I have to
give this cunt her instructions. evelyn, today you are going to monitor this
little slut. you will collect the boys' money and supply them with rubbers when
they want her slutty little ass. you will also make sure that those clamps on
her little virgin cunt stay there and no one penetrates it. Do you understand
your rules, bitch?"

"Yes, Sir," evelyn replied.

"And, one more thing for you. you are not to touch any of the cocks that come in
here today. They are reserved for the cunt on the bench. And you will not play
with yourself. Your job is to watch only. Is that clear?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, "slut evelyn said, but had a grin on her face, thinking he wouldn't

Mr. Frank, saw the grin and the said to her, "I have cameras set up in here, so
I'll know if you disobey!" And he started for the door with the other two girls.
"Got classes to attend, so you two have fun."

The three of them left the room and soon, the door reopened and a young lad came
in. He didn't say anything, but handed evelyn $2.00 for an ass fuck. she gave
him a rubber and he quickly put it on. Then he stepped behind tracy, and got his
cock ready to enter her. He paused briefly, thinking to himself, "If mom and dad
ever found out what a slut my sister is, they would croak! But, thank the lord,
the girls have allowed me the pleasure to have her first today. I've always
wanted some of her ass, and they did promise that soon I would be fucking her

He drove his hard cock all the way in her upturned ass and began to fuck his
sister. He pounded her hard and soon shot his load into the rubber. Then he
pulled out and took the thing off his softening cock, and started to throw it
away, but evelyn stopped him. she said, "you need to tie a knot in the end of
it, and put it in this cooler. i guess they have plans for it later."

So he did what she said and soon left. they weren't alone for very long, when
another boy entered the room. evelyn asked what he wanted, and he said a blow
job, so she took his dollar and told him to go ahead. He positioned himself in
front of the naked and tied tracy, and fed her his cock. tracy didn't refuse it,
as if she had a choice, and soon had it down her throat, sucking him off. The
boy didn't last long and soon his cum was being swallowed.

This went on all morning, some fucking her ass, some her mouth. she even took on
two at a time sometimes. One hard cock up her sore ass and one in her mouth. The
money began to add up and the collection of rubbers did too. evelyn didn't keep
track of how many cocks had gone into tracy, but she knew there were quit a lot
of them. she just wished she could have had some of them, but her Master, Mr.
Frank, said no, so she sat watching and got so hot, she couldn't stand it much

Just before lunch period, Mr. Frank and the girls returned. "So, how did our
little slut do? " they asked.

evelyn said, "she did fine sir, but I think she is kind of sore. she has been
whimpering and crying the whole time, but has done well for you."

"Good," he said. "Christina, count the rubbers in the cooler for me and Linda,
see how much money the little whore has made for you."

The girls began doing as he said, and reported back to him. Christina said,
"there are 10 rubbers, sir." Linda added, "and there is $35.00!"

"Great," Mr. Frank said, "but, not near enough money yet, so we'll continue
after lunch. You did bring some clothes for her, didn't you?"

"Yes, we did,"the girls replied. "Should we clean her up and get her dressed?"

"Get her dressed yes, clean her up, no, " said the math teacher.

The girls untied her and put a skimpy little dress on her, making sure the cum
that had spilled out of her mouth was not disturbed. "OK, she is ready!" they

"Now, evelyn, carry the cooler and follow us. Girls, make sure to stay by her
side," the 38 year old man said, and they headed for the cafeteria. tracy was a
little wobbly from all the activities of the morning, but did manage to walk
beside the girls. Just before they got to the cafeteria, they unhooked her hands
from her collar, and told her to walk through the line with them. she was to get
a nice salad, french fries, and a hot dog, without the bun. "That should be all
you need today, slut," said Linda. "Yes ma'am," said tracy, but wasn't really
all that hungry. After all, her belly was full of cum.

Once they all got their food, the two girls went to the back of the room. evelyn
brought the cooler to their table, but left to go sit with Mr. Frank at the
teacher's table. They both sat facing the three girls, so they could watch the

The girls told tracy to sit and spread her legs, making sure her clamped cunt
could be seen by all. They gave her the instruction on how to eat. "First thing
you will do," said Christina, is to reach in the cooler and get a rubber. Then
you will cut off the end of it with these scissors. you will squeeze the
contents of the rubber out on to your salad. You will do this with five of the
rubbers in the cooler." She laughed and then added, "that will be your salad
dressing for today!"

tracy just stared at her with hatred in her eyes and swore that someday, she
would get them all back. 

"Then," Linda continued where Christina had left off, "you will take out the
last 5 rubbers, cut the ends off them and squeeze all that good cum into this
bowl. Once you are done, you will dip your french fries into it, instead of
ketchup. you will eat everything, coated with cum today, cunt! When you are done
eating, you will lick the cup clean, too!"

tracy just glared at her, with tears in her eyes. "How disgusting!" she thought.

Then, Christina spoke again. "Now, before your start, take your hot dog and
break it in half. Take one half of it and squeeze it between those clamps into
your cunt. If you have to, pull the clamps apart, but they will go back on
immediately after you have the hot dog in you. It will stay there until we tell
you to take it out to eat it."

tracy began to cry now, knowing how embarrassed she would be by the end of
lunch, but did as she was told. she did have to remove the clamps, but when she
did, the blood rushed back into her cunt lips and she almost screamed in pain.
she knew if she did, all eyes would be on her, so she just withstood the pain.
Once the hot dog was in her cunt, she clamped her pussy back together as best
she could.

Then she began to work on the rubbers, taking the scissors, cutting off the ends
and squeezing the cum out of them. First, all over her salad, then into the
bowl. Once all was done, the girls told her to start eating, just the way they
had just explained.

she took a bite of the salad and almost choked on it. Salad had never tasted so
bad to her before and she didn't know if she could ever eat another one again
after today. Taking a french fry, she dipped it in the bowl of cum and put it to
her mouth. Gulping, she ate it, but did not like it at all. she knew that she
had to do as she was told, or everyone, including her parents, would see those
tapes, and she didn't want that.

After she ate some salad and french fries, the girls told her to get the hot dog
from her cunt and eat it. "Yes ma'am," she said, and reached down once again to
remove the clamps that held her pussy together. The pain was almost unbearable,
but she managed to dig the hot dog out of her juicy cunt, and put it in her
mouth and chewed it up. Once she had swallowed it, she was told to take the
other half and put it inside her and replace the clamps. She did this, and then
had to finish her cum covered salad and her dipped-in-cum fries.

tracy didn't realize it, but her cunt was so wet, it was leaving a big puddle on
the seat once it had soaked through the dress she wore. And it left a stain on
her dress that everyone would see when she stood up.

tracy finally finished her salad and fries, and waited for the girls to tell her
what to do next. They had also finished their meals and decided that the hot dog
could stay for awhile and maybe she could have an afternoon snack with it. Bet
that would be fun to watch, especially if she had an  audience when she did it.
So they said, "Ok, slut puppy, time to go back to your room and make us some
more money."

And Linda couldn't help saying, "From now on, your earnings won't all go to you.
Once i have enough to pay off the credit card debt, we are going to split your
profits. Everything you make as our little whore, will be split up. We get 90%
and you get 10%. I think that's fair, since we have to do all the work to get
you paid. Don't you?"

"Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeessssss, Ma'am,"  tracy replied.

"Good, then it's set. Now, lets get back to work, whore," said Christina.

They took her back to the room she was in before, but it was a little different
this time. A big screen TV had been placed in the room, and Mr. Frank, along
with slut evelyn were already there. They retied tracy to the bench, so she was
facing the screen, and Christina said, "tracy, we have something we want you to
watch before you get back to work." 

They turned on the TV and VCR and the first thing that came onto the screen was
tracy kneeling in the boys locker room last week. Thena boy came up to her with
his cock out and he put it into her mouth. she was sucking him and then, she got
the shock of her life when the camera moved to show who the boy was.
"Nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo," tracy cried, "you didn't let Tim do that. my own
brother with his cock in my mouth, pppppplllllleeeeeessssseeee, NNNNNOOOOO!"

No one said anything as she watched Tim finish up on sister and then some more
boys were taking his place. They fast forwarded the film and what tracy saw next
made her cry harder and she almost passed out. There was Tim again, fucking her
ass, and really seemed to be enjoying having his hard cock all the way in,
pounding her hard. And he was laughing as he did it, looking at her freshly
tattooed ass.

"Why are you doing this?" she questioned. "Why him, my own brother! What will my
parents think of us. Please no more!"

Christina shut her up with a hard slap to her ass and said, "tracy, we are doing
it because we can and as long as you behave and do everything we want, no one
will ever see these tapes or any of the others we have. But, if you don't do it,
everyone will see!"

The TV was shut off, and Linda said, "Ok, little slut, time to get back to work.
You have a big debt to pay and we are wasting time here." she put tracy's
blindfold back on and everyone but evelyn left the room.

The two sluts were alone only for a short time and didn't even have time to talk
to each other. Soon there was a line of boys wanting tracy's ass and mouth. One
by one, they fucked her and she sucked them. It felt like she had a cock in her
all afternoon, and she knew her cute little tight ass was now so wide open
anything would fit in it, and her mouth was sore and tired.

evelyn even thought that some of the boys had returned for seconds, and she
really envied tracy. she wanted some of their cocks so, bad. But she knew or at
least hoped Mr. Frank would fix her up that night.

The final bell rang and tracy was still bent over that bench, sucking cocks and
getting fucked in the ass. The other girls got dismissed and they went to gather
up their toy to take her home. Mr. Frank joined them and they counted the money
and rubbers.

Linda had another $40.00 toward the credit card bill and they counted out 15
rubbers. They thought that was pretty good for an afternoon, but was sure once
word got around the school, there would be more.

They untied tracy and let her stretch a little before putting her butt plug back
in her ass, just to keep it ready, and told her to sit on the bench and take her
rubbers out of the cooler. Then, as they all watched, she had to cut the ends
from each of them and suck the cum out. They didn't want her to waste any of it.
Crying, she did what she had to do, just so she could go home.

But they didn't take her home right away. Instead, they took her to the gym and
she was told that from now on, everyday this week she would spend time working
out and stretching.  Christina told her, "We want you nice and limber by this
weekend, so you will do exercises everyday. And, by Friday, you will be able to
at least touch your cunt with your tongue."

"And," Linda added, "this weekend, you are going to put on a little show for us
and some friends. If you can't do it, you will have your ass, tits, cunt, and
anyplace else we find desirable, whipped by everyone. So it would behoove you to
try really hard"

"Yes, Ma'am, " tracy said, with that hatred in her eyes, "i will do my best for
you, but please don't show those tapes to anyone."

"Good girl, " said Linda, "and we won't show them as long as you do what we say
at all times. Now, let's get busy."

They put tracy through a very long, rough hour of bending, stretching and
twisting. At the end of the hour, they said, "Ok, lick your cunt!"

tracy tried, but still couldn't get her tongue into her pussy, but it was
closer. she was close enough to see how wet she was and noticed how her cunt
twitched with spasms and the sticky liquid dripped from her. "Damn, i am so
fucking horny, please let me get there," she begged herself in silence.

They saw she was getting closer, but didn't want her to actually be able to lick
it until Saturday night at the party, so they stopped her and took her to the
car. They allowed her to get dressed and took her home with instructions for the
night and the next morning.

The girls dropped her off and sped to Linda's to check the emails and find out
who joined the web site. So many had already paid, that they felt they might get
rich from it, along with what tracy made for them.

Oh, what dreams they had and knew that someday, tracy would be nothing but a
fuck machine for them.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 18

tracy went into her house and straight to her bedroom. The girls had told her as
soon as she was in the house, she had to strip naked, take the clamps off her
pussy and attach them to her nipples. Then she was to fish the remainder of the
hot dog out of her juicy cunt and put it in her mouth. she had to hold it in her
mouth for a full five minutes, savoring her own juices before she could chew it
up and swallow it.

she did as she was told, and when she got the hot dog out of her pussy, it was
dripping with her slimy juice. she knew she had to do as she was told, so she
stuck it in her mouth, sucking her cream from it for the five minutes. she
thought to herself, it wasn't all that bad. she really did enjoy the taste of
cunt and hers was pretty good. she really had to learn how to eat her own cunt,
knowing how good it would feel to cum from her own tongue.

Once the five minutes were up and she had swallowed the hot dog, she took the
clamps from her tits and reattached them to her cunt lips, just as they had told
her to. she had to keep them there until she was told to remove them by her
Mistresses. Now that she had completed this, she was free until bedtime, so she
went to visit with her family. Both her parents were home, and Tim had just
walked in. she looked at him and he just gave her a big smile, but neither said
a word.

As they were talking, the phone rang and her mother answered it. After talking
for a short time, she came back into the room and said that it was Mr. Frank.
tracy froze!

Her mother continued to tell everyone what Mr. Frank had said.  "Tracy, honey,
Mr. Frank has asked us to let you go visit the college this weekend. He told me
it would be a great experience for a smart girl like you and that if we would
allow it, it would give you a good opportunity to know just what it was like
being in college."

Her father said, "I think it is a good idea, but where would she stay and what
would she be doing?"

Her mother then explained, "He said that some of the girls in college had agreed
to let her and some of the other students stay with them and show them around.
They would introduce them to the professors and some of the other college kids
and even show them what it was like during classes, even though they are
finishing up for the summer. He said they have some mock college classes
scheduled for the students who come."

"Tracy, how do you feel about this?" asked her father.  she told him she didn't
know what to say and asked who else would be going.

Just then the phone rang again, and it was Linda wanting to talk to tracy. she
got on the phone and instructed her to tell her parents that she would love to
go this weekend, then asked to speak to tracy's mother. "Mrs. Williams, Mr.
Frank just got off the phone with me and said that he would like me, Christina
and tracy to go away for the weekend to the college. Please, can tracy go with
us. We will have such a good time and will learn so much."

her mother said, " It is up to Tracy, but I'm sure she'll go. She'll call you
back once we finish discussing it, ok?"

Getting off the phone, they talked some more and tracy agreed to go, since her
best friends were going too. Little did her parents know that she had been
ordered to agree to go with them. she had no other choice.

Her parents told her to call Linda back and let her know that she would go with
them, and then to call Mr. Frank to tell him, also.

tracy silently went to her room and used the phone, afraid that her family might
hear what was said. The phone rang and Linda answered it. tracy said, "Mistress,
this is tracy. i am going to the college with you this weekend."

"Great," said Linda, "we will make plans in school as to when we will leave and
give you instructions on what to bring and what to wear. See you tomorrow,

Then she called Mr. Frank to tell him the news. He was also very happy that she
decided to go, since he helped get it set up. He also told her he was anxiously
waiting to see her the next day.

Then she went back to her family and told them that the arrangements had been
made and Mr. Frank would fill them all in the next day as to when they would be
going and what the schedule would be for the weekend.

They all ate dinner together and then she went to her room. tracy prepared
herself for the night, making sure her butt plug, ring gag, penis gag, clothes
pins and clamps were all in place. Then she went to sleep.

she woke up the next morning and went through the ritual that the girls had
mapped out for her. Get up, take out her gags, go eat breakfast, go back to her
room, pee in a bowl, drink it, take a cold shower and get dressed.

But today there was a phone call just before she was ready to leave. It was
Christina and she said, "tracy, pet, instead of wearing clothes to school today,
we want you naked. You may wear clothes to get out of the house, but as soon as
you are a block away, you will stop and remove everything from your body. Then
you will put on those 7" high heels along with your collar and leash. Be sure
you have the bell attached to your clit chain. Leave your clothes right there,
and continue to school just like that. If you don't want to walk on the road, go
through the woods, but you had better be naked.  Is this clear, cunt?"

"Yyyyyeeeeessssss, Ma'am, bbbbuuuutttt," she tried to say, however she was cut
off when Christina hung up the phone.

tracy had no other choice if she didn't want those tapes to be seen, so she did
as she was told. she got a block away from home and stripped naked as soon as
she got into the woods. she prepared herself the way she was told, and silently
made her way to school.

she got up to the edge of the parking lot and seeing no one around, she stepped
out and positioned herself as she had been taught previously, again hoping no
one would show up except the two girls. Soon Linda's car pulled into the lot and
drove up to tracy. Christina said, through the open window, "Now, walk toward
the school, tracy!"

she started walking and when she was halfway into the lot, another car pulled in
and parked between tracy and the school. she stopped and began to think of what
to do. All sorts of things crossed her mind. "Should i run, try to hide, keep
walking?  What do i do now?"

Knowing what the girls would expect, she kept walking. she was getting closer to
the new car, and still no one got out. Just as she was almost to the car, the
door opened, and tracy froze.  she had no idea how she would explain her
situation to anyone else, especially a teacher, since the car had stopped in the
teachers area of the lot.

Just as she was trying to decide how to explain, a woman stepped out of the car.
tracy thought she recognized her, but wasn't sure. This other woman looked to be
about 5"4" and slim. she was of Asian descent, and was very pretty. she had her
back to tracy, but then turned around to show her face. Then tracy realized it
was that one with Mr. Frank yesterday. The one he said was a slut and a man's

This woman wore a very short skirt,  that couldn't have come down any more than
one and a half inches from her cunt, and a blouse so sheer that you could see
her large nipples resting on her little 34 AA tits.  And it looked like she
might have something else on her nipples, but tracy couldn't make it out.

she spoke to tracy, "Come with me, little one, and i'll get you ready for
classes today. Don't be afraid, i won't hurt you, but we both have to follow the
instructions given by my Master."

The girls sat back in the car laughing and once the two sluts departed, they got
out and went into the school. Linda had an early appointment with Mr. Frank and
didn't want to be late, so left Christina and went to his room. Mr. Frank wanted
pussy today and since he couldn't fuck tracy yet, he told Linda she had to put
out for him. So that's what she was doing before class, fucking the math

tracy followed Mr. Frank's slut into another room.  As soon as the door closed,
she said to tracy, "Don't fight this. you will someday thank everyone for making
you a slut.  i fought it for a time, but not any longer."

tracy asked her, "Why me? i don't like this and they are all doing so much to me
and forcing me against my will."

slut evelyn said, "i felt the same way when it first happened to me. we were in
college and that's where i met my Master, the teacher you call Mr. Frank. He
started asking me out, and of course, being as good looking as he is, i
accepted. But then it started getting a little weird. He wanted me to do strange
things for him. i was falling in love with him and did everything he wanted,
even showing off my little body to others. Then it was more things all the time.
That's when he tied me up and told me i was his slut, his property, his whore.
While i was tied up, spread eagled, unable to move, he opened the door and
invited all of the guys from the fraternity in to fuck me. And everyone did fuck
me. From then on, since he had it all on camera, i became his slave, slut and
whore. i just couldn't let him show those pictures to my family."

"Now, let's get you ready for the day," she continued.

evelyn began by handcuffing tracy's hands in front of her, then attached them to
another chain. she then pulled the chain up and started stretching tracy's body. 
With her hands above her head now, evelyn put the penis gag into tracy's mouth
and secured it. Next she got a spreader bar. she attached one end to tracy's
left ankle, then pulled tracy's right leg over and attached it to the other end.
Now tracy stood with her arms stretched above her head and her feet about 4'
apart.  she was still standing on her feet, but not for long. slut evelyn pulled
on the chain some more and soon tracy was just barely able to touch her toes to
the floor.  evelyn took a marker and drew a dark line around her body, just
above her tits. Next she drew another line around each leg, about where a normal
skirt would hang. Standing back, she looked at tracy and admired the handy work
she had done for her Master and the two girls.

Just then Christina entered the room carrying all sorts of different items, and
layed them on a table. With slut evelyn's help, they pushed the table next to
tracy. Looking down as best she could, tracy saw whips, paddles, canes,
hairbrushes, rulers, belts and didn't know what else was there.

"Now, little slut," said Christina, "today you will be used beyond anything you
have ever endured. But you will take whatever happens. you are gagged so we
don't draw attention to the room from your screams, but we have decided not to
blindfold you today. We want you to see everyone who uses your hot little body."

Mr. Frank entered the room while Christina was speaking and added, "Today, you
are going to get whipped, spanked and used all day. Don't worry, slut, no one
will hit you above or below the lines on your body. We will be making some money
from this, so you have to be on your best behavior for us. After all, you still
owe Linda for the clothes she bought for you. We are charging $.50 a hit, or 5
for $2.00. I think that is a very fair price to whip a bitch, don't you all

Of course, all the others agreed and tracy couldn't say anything, but shook her
head NO!  But no one paid any attention to her.

"Once they have paid the money, they get to pick the instrument from the table
and hit you anyplace they wish, as long as it is between those lines," he
continued. "My other little slut here will collect the money and monitor the

Once that was all explained, he turned to evelyn and ordered, "STRIP, slut!"

evelyn could not refuse, because she knew if she did, she would be right next to
tracy and get whipped herself. So she quickly removed what little clothes she
had on, and stood before them, naked, with her hands behind her neck, chest out.

This was the first time that any of them had seen her naked and just stared at
her body. tracy's eyes got really big and she couldn't help but think that this
may also happen to her. evelyn stood there as the girls inspected her. she had
pierced nipples, with a tag hanging from each nipple ring. The left one was a
big "C" and the right one a big "F". A chain also went through the rings,
connecting each nipple to the other, and padlocks had been placed on each end.
Looking down her belly, they noticed she also had a bald cunt, but just above
her clit, was the word in bright red letters, "SLUT". 

Mr. Frank explained that his slut would never grow hair on her cunt again,
because he had had it removed with electrolysis.  Then he told her to open her
legs, which she did so immediately, and the girls saw that she too had a chain
dangling from her clit similar to tracy's. But this was different because
instead of a ring on her clit, it was pierced, and a ring went through the
piercing to hold the chain.

Next, she was told to lay back on the chair behind her and open real wide. Like
a well-trained animal, she did so immediately. The girls saw that her cunt lips
were also pierced, but the holes seemed much larger. There were three holes in
each lip. In the middle hole, there was a padlock hanging down from her lips,
indicating that unless it was removed, she wouldn't be able to fuck.

Mr. Frank grinned, then reached into his pocket, pulled out a key and unlocked
the lock. Then he said, "slut, today, since we don't want tracy to fuck and she
can't suck, you are going to take all that she would normally get. Once anyone
finishes whipping our little whore, you will allow them to fuck your nasty
little cunt. And you are not to clean it up until I say so. Is this clear,

"Yes Sir, " his slut answered.

"Now, we have to get to classes girls, so we will leave the two sluts alone.
They all walked out and left the two alone. But they wouldn't be for long. The
door opened and a boy walked in. He was behind tracy, so she could not see him.
He handed evelyn $2.00 and a note. It said that the bearer of this note would
receive 5 free hits.

slut evelyn said Ok, and told him to do as he wished. Then he walked around in
front of tracy. her eyes got so big, they almost popped out of her head. Here in
front of her stood Tim, her brother. He was grinning and said, "Wow sis, didn't
know you looked that good."

tracy began to cry and he continued to talk to her. "You know, tracy, I have
waited for a long time to get back at you for getting me in trouble all these
years. Mom and Dad always took your side and I got punished for many things I
never did. So now it is my turn to punish you. I did pay my $2.00 for this, but
you know, Christina and Linda also gave me 5 free hits. I might even have to pay
an extra amount to get the satisfaction I want. But first I want to play some.
You see, this first period of class belongs to just me. I have you for whatever
I want for the whole period. So, where do I start?"

tracy began sobbing through her gag and the tears just flowed. "Now, now, sis,
don't do that. I know you can't talk, so I'll just begin with your tits. I
always wanted to play with those little things, so now I can." And he reached up
and squeezed both her tits, sliding his hands over them and then, pinched her
nipples between his fingers. He pinched really hard and then twisted them. She
jumped as best she could, and her feet came off the floor, stretching her arms
even more. Her little brother just laughed.

Then he continued down her tight belly and let his hand rest on her cunt. "My,"
he said, "you sure are wet. Bet you are loving this." He stuck his finger inside
her. Someday sis, my cock will be in that tight little cunt, just like it has
been in your mouth and ass. But for now, I think, I'll just eat you for awhile.
I know you'll enjoy it, but as you know, you can't cum."

He laughed and got down between her legs and began to eat her cunt. He licked
and sucked on her ringed clit until he thought she was going to cum, then he
stopped.  "MMMMMM," he said, "You do taste good. Never ate a virgin cunt before,
and may never eat yours again, but it is tasty."

Then he picked up the ping pong paddle and walked behind her, saying, "Now for
what I owe you."

He swung the paddle hard against her naked ass, making sure he got both cheeks.
Five times the paddle hit her tender ass, turning it a nice pink color. Then,
walking back to her front, he grabbed her cunt and squeezed it in his hands, but
suddenly stopped and said, "I think the free hits will be done there," and
picked up a riding crop.

"Ready, sis?" he asked and brought the crop up between her legs, striking her
tender young cunt five times in a row. tracy tried to avoid this, but couldn't
and her feet once again left the floor. "MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH," she cried,
trying to tell him to stop and she was sorry.

But he just dropped the whip and once again grabbed her cunt, saying, "Someday
cunt, this will be mine!"

Then, he walked over to evelyn and said, "I understand you are the whore we will
all fuck today!"

"Yes, Sir," evelyn said, "I am the whore."

she spread her legs and he drove his young cock in deep and fucked. But he
didn't last long and shot his load into her before she could cum. "How
frustrating this is," evelyn thought. He just put his cock back into his pants
and walked out.

But they wouldn't be without company for long, because in walked a nice looking
girl and she handed evelyn $6.00, and stood in front of tracy. tracy looked at
her and again began to cry. This girl, Tammy, spoke to her, saying, "Well, I
finally get revenge for the time you stole my boyfriend from me. And he was so
disappointed that he couldn't fuck you,  that he didn't even look at me again,
because he knew he fucked up. Well bitch, now you'll pay. I have 15 hits to give
you, since I paid for it and you'll get all of them."

Tammy took a leather belt and walked behind tracy and began to punish her ass.
Five hard swats to the already sore ass, and now it was a pretty red. She didn't
stop there. Keeping the belt in her hand, she came around front and layed five
more across tracy's little tits, making sure to get them both. The last blow
struck both her nipples. tracy was losing her balance, but couldn't fall because
of the way she was strung up. All she could do was moan, groan and cry.

Next she took the belt and brought it up between tracy's legs, making sure she
had contact with her cunt. Another five times there and Tammy said, "OK, little
bitch, we are even now," and walked out.

The rest of the day went on with boys and girls coming in to punish tracy and
some fucked evelyn. Most of them either played with or ate tracy's cunt, but no
one would allow her to cum. She really hurt from the whippings and she ached
from the need to cum.

evelyn also hurt, because all the boys who fucked her didn't last long enough
for her to cum. Now she wanted to punish tracy for not letting her cum after
getting the boys excited. But, she didn't.

Sometime later that day, after school let out, Mr. Frank, Christina and Linda
returned. They let tracy down and took the gag from her mouth, and made her
crawl to evelyn. she was told that all the cum that had been put into evelyn's
cunt that day was now hers. So she better get busy or she would be punished

tracy couldn't walk, so she crawled to evelyn and got between her legs and 
began to lick and suck all the cum from her cunt. And she didn't stop until
evelyn had a very satisfying orgasm.

Next, Mr. Frank told tracy he had talked to her father that afternoon and asked
if she could stay late at school to work on some projects to get her ready for
her weekend at the college. And that since it would be so late, she could stay
at his house with the other girls instead of going home. Of course, her father

However, Mr. Frank, Christina, and Linda had different ideas in mind than what
he told tracy's father.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 19

They took tracy down the hall, on her hands and knees, and into another room.
This was a spare room and used mostly by the teachers as a lounge. The students
hardly ever entered this room, and didn't know about the other little room next
to it. They took her in there and she saw it was very small. Just a little
bigger than a closet, but enough room to move around in. And, there was a little
cage in the middle of it.

"Ok, tracy pet," the girls said, " this is your bed for tonight, but before you
get in, we have to fix you up."

They put her gags back in place, made sure her butt plug was still in nice and
tight, and then attached something to her cunt. tracy couldn't see what it was,
but could feel a little nub pressing on her clit once they had it strapped on
her. Then, they made her get back into the cage and secured her legs and arms to
it, so she could not move. Then the cage door was closed and locked with a

Linda said, "Ok, let's try the new toy out," and she flipped a switch on a box.
tracy jumped as best she could and then began to shake. her clit felt like it
was on fire from the vibrations it gave her. But it soon stopped when the switch
was turned off.

Christina asked, "So, how do we make it go all night without her cumming from

Mr. Frank explained, "I have it connected to a timer, and it will go off at
different times all night long. It will never stay on long enough for her to
orgasm, but long enough to keep her hot and horny."

"Super," said Christina, "now can we go party?"

They all left tracy and turned the lights out, leaving her in total darkness.
Just before they closed and locked the big closet door, they all said,
"Goodnight slut, sleep well!"

They left her there and would check on her in the morning. Now, to Mr. Frank's
for some fun, since he promised them an all night fuck fest. And he even said,
"At least you won't be like tracy, at least you'll get to cum!"


After an all night fuck fest, the two girls, along with slut evelyn, went back
to the school. They were all tired, but very well satisfied. Mr. Frank said he
would be along later, but they needed to check on tracy, feed her and then lock
her back up.

The three females got to the school, and made their way to the room in which
tracy had been held captive. They opened the door and turned on the light. she
was sleeping right then, but was suddenly awake when the device on her clit
began to vibrate again. she shook, and moaned, and tried her best to hump the
device in order to cum. But, as suddenly as it came to life, it also died. she
was once again very frustrated, because it just wasn't enough for her to get
that much needed orgasm. And that's just what the girls wanted.

Christina asked, as she opened the door to the cage, "Have a good night's sleep,

"NNNNNNN, MMMMMM," is all tracy could get out.

Linda laughed and said, "Well, we didn't get much sleep ourselves, because we
fucked all night long. Sure wish you could have joined us, but since you were
preoccupied, we did it all without you."

Christina began to undo the gags from her mouth. As soon as they were off, tracy
begged, "Please, please, let me cum! i'll do anything you want if only you'll
let me cum! i'll even suck my own cunt if i have to, even though i haven't been
able to yet. i'll make sure i do it, but please let your cunt cum!"

The two girls broke out into laughter and Christina said, "Well, that's quite a
promise, but you'll do whatever we want anyway, so no, you can't cum until
Saturday night."

Then evelyn came up with a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of orange juice. she
said, "you have to eat to keep up your strength," and put the bowl in front of
her. as evelyn held it, tracy ate as fast as she could, since she was very
hungry. The other two laughed and said, "Look, a slut feeding a slut like a
little puppy dog. How cute."

tracy ate the oatmeal and drank the orange juice and begged some more. "Please,
let me go, i've been good and can't take this much longer."

Just then, the clit device became active and tracy screamed,

But the girls just laughed and while she was screaming, put the gags back into
her mouth to shut her up. Then they locked the cage back up and turned the
lights out. "See you after school, slut."

Again, she was left alone, with that wicked device rubbing her clit whenever it
wanted to.

tracy was left all day during school. she could hear voices in the other room,
and they all sounded like some of her teachers. "Why can't they know I'm here
and let me go!" she thought.

After school, the girls and Mr. Frank returned to her. she had no idea of the
time or how long she was in that cage, but she did know she hurt.  her body
ached and her cunt was on fire. But she figured that even if she was released,
they still wouldn't let her cum. They would just use her some more, leaving her
hurting with that awful aching sensation in her pussy.

Once they unlocked the cage, and removed all the bindings that had held her in
place, they made her crawl out. she almost collapsed on the floor, but was soon
slapped on her naked ass and told to straighten up.

she did her best, as Christina said, "Ok, slut, time to clean up. Crawl your
naked ass out of here and to the showers. We'll follow."

tracy couldn't believe they were going to make her crawl from one end of the
school to the other, naked. What if school was still in? What if others saw her?
What if anything?

But knowing she couldn't escape it, she did as she was told. she crawled to the
door and they held it open for her. she went into the hallway, and saw no one
around. she continued down the hall until she finally made it to the showers. No
one was around, so she figured school was out for the day. They made her take a
cold shower, then actually gave her clothes to put on. Nice clothes at that.

Then they said she was going home to get some sleep, but couldn't take the
device off just yet. They wanted some more fun.

Arriving at tracy's, they all went inside, and spoke with Mrs. Williams. Linda
said, "We are so excited about this weekend, and want to know if we can all stay
here with tracy tonight, just to get things ready. So much to do, and we all
just want to be together."

tracy's mother agreed and the girls all went to tracy's room. Christina said, as
soon as the door was closed. "tracy, we are going to pack for you, and put in
your suitcase what we want. you will not look in it until we get there."

"Yes, Ma'am," said tracy, "whatever you desire, Mistress."

Just then her device went off. tracy muffled her screams, since she didn't want
her mother to hear anything. The girls just laughed at her and continued doing
their work, going through tracy's closet and drawers to get everything she would

Once done, they made tracy sit in front of the computer, and they got into the
web site. tracy turned all different shades of red when she saw it. There she
was, naked on the front page. They made her scroll through all of it, reading
the descriptive tales, and looking at all those pictures that had been taken of
her. she cried in shame.

Linda then said, "Ok, little slut, you need to get some sleep, so we will all go
to bed. Christina and I will use your bed, you will sleep at the foot, like you
do at our houses. But you won't need to lick us tonight. We are a little sore
from fucking so much last night. And, we won't activate your clit device on so
you can sleep."

They all went to sleep. tracy was so tired, she was gone in no time, and the
other two followed soon.

The next morning, the other girls woke before tracy and got ready for school,
then awakened tracy with the clit vibrator. she jumped, almost screamed, and
just shook with the need to have an orgasm. But as soon as the girls saw her
getting close, they shut it off. They allowed her to use the bathroom, get her
cold shower, and get dressed.  They all ate a good breakfast, talking and having
fun,  as if nothing had ever happened.

On the way to school, Christina said,  "Since you need some extra rest before
the weekend, we are not going to make you do anything too serious today. The
worst that will happen to you is that that little device on your cunt might go
off.  you see pet, we each have a remote control to it, and just might turn it
on during school, just to keep you in line."

They arrived at the school and went to class. As the girls said, nothing really
happened, except for a few times, her clit vibrated. she was able to hold
herself back from screaming, but she did jump and squirm when it happened.

After school, they headed back to tracy's and asked again if they could spend
the night. Of course, Mrs. William's loved the idea, since they would be away
all weekend. After having some fun with the family, the girls went to tracy's
room. They made her strip, and checked to make sure she was ready for the
activities starting tomorrow. They ran their hands all over her body, especially
her cunt, to make sure she was still smooth. They checked her clit device and
chain, making sure both were still working good.

Then,she was given a robe to put on, and Linda said, "Ok, little one, we need
some fun. We know your parents go to bed early, so why don't you go to Tim's
room and ask him to join us for a little while."

"Please, no," she begged them, "it was bad enough he saw me naked and then
whipped me. i can't let him do anymore, please. Not in my own house."

Christina's reply was, "Do it, or before we leave tomorrow, pictures and tapes
will be left on the coffee table for your parents!"

tracy stared at them briefly, hatred and shame filled her eyes, but she put on
the robe and went to find Tim. The two of them returned, only to find both other
girls naked and laying on the bed.

Linda said, "Come on in. tracy, take the robe off. Tim, why don't you get naked
too? We want to have some fun with you."

Tim quickly stripped, his cock sticking straight out of his pants. He loved
seeing these girls naked and hoped they would both fuck him.  tracy removed the
robe and stood naked in the middle of the room, waiting to see what would happen

Christina started talking, "Tim, we are both going to let you fuck us, that is
if you want to."

His reply was, "Damn right I want to, let's get started. Who is first?"

Linda said, "Not so fast, we have a long time. tracy, make sure your brother is
nice and hard for us. Suck his cock!"

tracy, in shock, got down on her knees and put her little brother's cock in her
hands and then into her mouth. God, how she hated this, but she did it before,
even though at the time she didn't know it was him.

After sucking Tim's cock for awhile, Christina said, "Ok, that's enough, cunt.
Tim, who do you want first?"

Tim had had a crush on Christina for a long time, so he said, "I want you first.
I've always wanted you, so let's do it."

The two got on the bed, while Linda and tracy watched. tracy didn't want to, but
she was forced to watch. Not from a distance either. Linda said, "tracy, get
down there close to the action and get a good view of them fucking." she shoved
tracy down, so her face was right next to Christina's cunt and she watched as
Tim's cock entered her.

Just as Tim was sliding into Christina's cunt, she said, "Wait a minute! Tim
pull out for a second, I've always wanted to be fucked and eaten at the same
time."  She turned around, made tracy lay on her back, then straddled her face.
"Ok, Tim, put it in! tracy, as soon as his cock is in my cunt, reach up with
your tongue and lick my clit."

Tim got his good-sized cock into her pussy and hesitantly, tracy began to lick
Christina.  Meanwhile, Linda got the video camera out and captured it all on
tape, making sure to only get tracy's face in the film.  Tim fucked Christina
with long hard strokes and tracy licked her cunt. Christina was in heaven.

It wasn't long, and Tim tightened up and shot his load right into Christina's
cunt. tracy could feel his cock on her tongue as she licked her friend, and knew
that he was cumming. Shortly after that, Christina was also having an orgasm,
but not from the fucking. It was because tracy was expertly licking her cunt.

licked her.

Tim pulled out, and Christina relaxed and said, "Ok, cunt face, clean me out!
Suck Tim's cum out of my cunt."

tracy did, and when she finished, Linda said, "Me next, the same way. But it
looks like Tim could use some help. He isn't hard. tracy, suck his cock and get
it hard so he can fuck me."

tracy didn't want to have her brothers cock in her mouth again, but did as she
was told, thinking back to what they said about the pictures and tapes. she was
on her knees in front of her brother, sucking his cock like a little whore.
Soon, Tim got hard and was now ready to fuck Linda.

They got into the same position as they had with Christina, and Tim shoved his
cock all the way into her cunt. As he started fucking, tracy started licking.
Tim's balls were slapping her on her face, and as she licked Linda's cunt, she
also licked his cock. This fuck lasted longer, but it wasn't long and both Tim
and Linda were cumming.

DDDD,"  moaned Linda.


Then, once again, tracy had the duty to suck and lick her brothers cum out of a
cunt. "How disgusting," she thought.

Then she was told that Tim's cock needed cleaning again, and if he got hard
while she was cleaning it, she had to continue sucking him until he shot his
load down her mouth.

So once again, tracy got on her knees and sucked her brother's cock, trying to
clean it without getting him hard. But it didn't work. It wasn't long and his
cock grew to its full length, and tracy knew what she had to do. So she took him
deep into her throat, and sucked him off. It seemed to take forever, since he
had just cum twice in her friend's cunts. her jaw was getting tired, but she
just kept on sucking, until finally Tim filled her mouth and throat with his
creamy seed.

Then Linda said, "Ok, let's get some sleep. Tim, thank you, and believe me,
you'll be getting more pussy soon. Goodnight."

Tim left and the girls got into bed. They fell asleep with tracy licking their

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 20

tracy woke up Friday morning, just like she went to sleep the night before, her
face buried in Christina's cunt. she started licking her, so that Christina
would be gently awakened for her day. Once she was awake, tracy moved to Linda's
cunt to do the same. Soon, she was also awake and they got up to get things

The two girls used the bathroom and took nice warm showers, while tracy waited
on the floor beside the tub, on her knees. she had to pee, but knew she had to
hold it until she was told she could go. The girls got out, and instructed her
to get her COLD shower, and then they would get some breakfast.

tracy asked, "Please, may i pee first?"

Of course the girls answer was, "NO, you'll hold it until we say you can pee,
now get your shower!"

tracy got into the icy water and got herself clean. she was thankful that she
didn't have to shave her cunt anymore, since the girls had fixed that with the
waxing. Once she finished, they told her to hurry up and dress.  They were both
hungry. she put on the clothes they had given her, which to her surprise were
her normal school clothes.  They all went down to eat breakfast and talk with
tracy's family for awhile before they were to leave for school. Linda asked,
"Would it be Ok to leave for the college right after school today, so we can get
there early. We are all so excited, and want to be the first ones to arrive."

tracy's parents did not object to this at all, so the plans were to spend the
half day of school having fun, then take the two hour drive to the college,
putting them there around 2 p.m. tracy was beginning to squirm in her chair,
since she still had not peed and to add to that, the girls had made her drink an
extra glass of juice for breakfast. Oh, how she hurt!

The girls loaded up Linda's car with tracy's suitcase and a little overnight
case. tracy still did not know what was in either of them. tracy gave her
parents hugs and kisses and then they were on their way to school. tracy in the
back seat, legs wide apart and hands on the back of the seat. This made her want
to pee even more, but when she begged Linda to stop, she was ignored.

Arriving at the parking lot of the school, she was once again told to strip.
Thinking that to add to her humiliation,she would be allowed to pee there, she
stripped quickly. Standing there in the parking lot naked, she found out that
they were not going to allow her any relief. Instead, they gave her some
different clothes to wear. she put them on, and once again found that she would
be showing way too much of her body in school. Luckily for her, it was the last

Once she was dressed, she realized that her clothes were different. her blouse
was sheer and showed off her perky little nipples way to much, and there were
only two buttons on it. Both were right at her tits, and it was too small for
her.  The skimpy little skirt had slits up the front and back and both sides.
Even the waist band had been cut.  All the slits were held together with velcro
and tracy knew one wrong move and she might just lose everything from the waist
down. And if anyone wanted, they could easily pull her skirt and it would come

But right at this time, she didn't care. All she wanted was to be able to pee.
her belly hurt so much.  "PPPllleeaaase," she begged, "let me pee, please!"

The girls just laughed and Christina said, "Sure, we'll let you pee, but if we
do, you lose one of the buttons on your blouse."

tracy said, "Ok, just let me pee!"

So the girls cut off one of the two buttons and said, "Now, pee, cunt!"

tracy started to head for the school to pee, but was stopped. "Where are you
going bitch?" asked Linda, "you will pee right here, standing up, with your legs

tracy didn't really care where or how, she just had to pee. So she stood in
front of the girls, held her legs together and the flow started. Of course, by
peeing this way, her skirt got all wet, and the piss ran down her legs. Once she
had finished and felt relief, she looked at herself and asked, "May i change
please, these are all wet now?"

Christina laughed and said, "Hell no. We can't help it if you pissed all over
yourself and got your pretty clothes wet. you'll just have to stay that way, but
now you will be punished for being a bad girl."

tracy cried and thought to herself, "i didn't do it on purpose.  These two
bitches made me do it, and now i get punished. When will i be free!"

The girls told her to go to the school and to the math room and wait beside her
desk! tracy did as she was told and was waiting beside her desk when they walked
in, both carrying a paddle. tracy was scared and knew that she was going to get
spanked, but didn't know what else she could do.

They approached her and Linda said, "Ok, little slut, you need your punishment
before classes start. So, bend over and grab your ankles."

tracy didn't want it to be any worse, so she obeyed. she bent at the waist and
grabbed her ankles, leaving her ass sticking straight into the air. The next
thing she heard was , "RRRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPP", as the velcro was removed from the
back slit of her skirt. This exposed her ass, and she knew what was next.

Christina said, "Now, slut, we are going to give you ten swats on your ass. I
get ten on your left cheek, and Linda gets ten on your right cheek."

Linda then added, "And you will count each of them for us. We expect you to keep
track of each hit for us. We want to hear, 'One, thank you Mistress Christina,
may i have another,' when your left cheek is hit. And, 'One, thank you Mistress
Linda, may i have another,' when your right cheek is hit. Do you understand

"Yes, Ma'am," cried tracy.

"And, if you lose count, you get it doubled later on," said Christina.

Then both girls said, "Are you ready little one?"

"Yyyyyyeeeessssssss, Mistresses," stuttered tracy.

The first blow hit her left cheek with a loud, SMACK! "One, thank you Mistress
Christina, may i have another," cried tracy.

SMACK, came the next one to her right cheek. "One, thank you Mistress Linda, may
i have another!" she cried again.

Another loud SMACK to her left cheek! "Two, thank you Mistress Christina, may i
have another?"

Then another to her right cheek, "Two, thank you Mistress Linda, may i have
another?" she cried out in pain.

This went on until she had received all twenty hits with the paddle. she thought
she had fucked up a couple of times and didn't thank the right one, but the
girls didn't say anything.

Then, when they were finished, they told tracy to sit in her chair. she started
to redo her skirt, but found out that there was nothing to hold it together in
the back. she did try to bring it over her now sore ass, but was stopped.

Linda said, "No, you are not to cover your ass, just sit down with your naked
ass on the seat."

tracy sat down, but quickly jumped up and looked at her chair. On it, the girls
had placed a car floor mat, but it was upside down, so the little nibs stood
straight up and would make contact with her sore naked ass.

tracy eased back down in the seat and it felt like she was on fire as the nubs
dug into her ass. she started to cry from the pain that it was giving her, but,
she also felt that aching sensation in her cunt once again.

Christina told her, "you will sit like that all during class, and when you get
up, you will not straighten your skirt. That is part of your punishment for
being bad. your ass will be on display all day to everyone."

"And," added Linda, "if you are bad again, more of the velcro will be removed as
we go through the day. So, you best be on your finest behavior and do what ever
we say!"

tracy sat through class, feeling the burning, hurting pain in her ass, along
with the aching in her cunt. she needed to cum so bad, she would do anything for
a chance.

The bell rang, indicating the first period class was over. tracy hesitated
getting up, knowing her naked ass would be seen by all as soon as she did.
Christina walked up to her and said, "Come on slut, we have other things to do
today. We will make our last day of school this year very memorable.

tracy got up, feeling some relief from sitting on those nubs, but it even hurt
more after getting off them. she walked toward the door of the class room and
could feel the draft on her ass. Linda met them in the hallway and said, "Go to
the girls room, slut!"

tracy went toward the bathroom and could hear others saying, "slut tracy, slut
tracy!"  they were reading the words tattooed on her naked ass. she knew that
soon everyone in school would know about her.

They didn't have much time between classes, so the girls told her to get into a
stall on her knees, so they could piss. she did as she was told, and the girls
took turns pissing into her mouth, and made sure some dribbled down her face and
onto her blouse. Then, before they left, the took the velcro from the front of
her skirt off, leaving it open for view as well as her ass. she tried to beg
them, but they just walked out and told her to follow them.

Humiliated beyond belief, she walked down the hall with Linda and Christina to
their next class. her skirt was moving back and forth now, showing her ass and
cunt, and everyone could see all of her, including the chain with the bell
attached to her clit. Being like this, made the bell sound even louder than
before, but she was determined to do what she had to.

she sat in her chair for the next class, with her skirt falling off to the
sides, her naked ass on the seat and her cunt clearly visible to everyone. she
was trying not to cry, but it wasn't easy and tears flowed down her cheeks.

They didn't do anything to her for the rest of the morning, but just before they
were to be let out for the day, they got her good. An announcement came over the
loud speaker that there would be a short assembly in the auditorium before the
final bell rang. The principal wanted to say a few words to them before letting
them out for the summer.

The girls led her into the auditorium and picked their seats. They made her sit
between them for the speech that the principal gave. While he was talking, they
each took one side of her skirt and removed the remaining velcro from it,
leaving four slits up the sides, which would definatly show everything she had
from the waist down. She sat there between her two Mistresses almost naked, and
she was really worried about how she would get out of there without being seen
by everyone.

The speech finally ended and the principal bid everyone a farewell and hoped
they all had a great summer vacation. All the other students got up to leave,
but the girls told her to sit still until they said to get up.

They watched the other students leaving and when just about everyone had left,
they told her to stand, but not to leave. tracy stood up, and the girls took the
remaining velcro that held her skirt on and ripped it off, letting her skirt
fall to the floor. Now, she was naked from the waist down.

"Ppppppllllleeeaaasssseeee," she begged, "let me wear something out of here."

The girls laughed and Linda reached up and cut the last button from her blouse,
and the girls then pulled it off, leaving her totally naked, except those 7"
high heels and collar she had to wear.

Laughing, they took her clothes and stared out of the auditorium. Christina,
said, "Now slut, you need to meet us at the car in 15 minutes. Don't be late!"

tracy just stood there dumbfounded and had no idea what she could do. she
watched the girls leave the auditorium, and she was left alone, naked! "Well,"
she thought, "If i don't want more punishment from them, i have to get out of
here."   she slowly walked out of the auditorium. she looked around, and found
no one was nearby, so she started down the hallway.

she finally made her way to the exit, and looked outside. she saw Linda's car in
the distance, but between the school and the car were some other students. They
were lined up in two rows, with an aisle between them. tracy backed away from
the door, thinking to herself, "i can't go out there like this."

Just then, she felt a sharp sting to her naked ass from the whip that Christina
held and she said, "Go ahead, cunt, walk the gauntlet for me."

tracy stood still, but Christina pushed her out the door, and she was now moving
down the row of the boys and girls in the line. They all had a good feel of her
naked body. They grabbed her tits, and ass, and felt her pussy. Some even added
to the humiliation by smacking her on her naked ass, tits, stomach and pussy.
Finally she had made it to the end and her face was a bright red from the

At the end of the line stood Linda. She was laughing and told tracy that she had
one more thing to do before they left. "Yes, Ma'am, as you wish," said tracy,
feeling totally embarrassed because she was standing in front of all the others

Linda said to her, "Before we leave for the college and some good times, you are
going to give everyone a farewell performance. I want you to get down in the
grass, and eat your cunt!"

"Bbbbbut, i have never been able to do that before and it is so hard for me,
please, any thing else but that," cried tracy.

"Bullshit," said Linda, "I know you can do it if you try hard enough, and if you
don't accomplish it now, you'll be punished even more."

So tracy got onto the grass and bent her body, twisting and turning, attempting
to get her tongue on her cunt. Everyone was laughing and cheering her on. "Go,
tracy, eat your cunt, lick your pussy, do it whore," were some of the things
that tracy heard as she tried hard to get her tongue on her own pussy.

And, to her amazement, she finally got a taste of her juice as it leaked from
her slit. she had done it! tracy licked her pussy in front of everyone, and
really enjoyed the feeling and the taste. she remembered back to what she had
been told. "If you can lick your own cunt, you can CUM!"

So she began to really get into eating herself and knew that she would be able
to cum and get the relief she really needed. she licked her clit really hard and
even got her tongue into her slit to get all the moisture from it.  But it was
short lived, as Linda saw that she was nearing an orgasm.  She stopped tracy by
pulling her head back away from her pussy.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO," tracy cried, "You said i could cum if i could lick myself."

"So, I lied," said Linda, "you still can't cum until tomorrow night, but it was
fun watching you eat yourself. Now, get up and get your slutty ass into the

Crying, tracy tried to stand, but her legs gave out and she fell back down. By
now, Christina had joined them and said, "Well cunt face, if you can't walk,
you'll crawl to the car. Now, be a nice little puppy slut and get moving."

tracy did as she was told, because she couldn't get up. she crawled on her hands
and knees to Linda's car. It was parked on the other side of the parking lot,
and her hands and knees ached as she crawled across the pavement.

Once at the car, she got into the back seat and sat as she had been told to
earlier. Legs spread wide apart, and her hands on the back of the seat. But the
girls changed that and reattached her hands to her collar for the ride to
college. And, before they left the parking lot, Linda put the top down.

They slowly drove out of the parking lot, making sure to go past all the other
students. They stood and cheered as they passed them. tracy was so humiliated to
be seen doing everything her two friends told her to do.

Soon they were on their way to the college and all the fun they would have for
the weekend.  Christina and Linda already knew that she would lose her virginity
on Saturday night, and also that the girls from the sorority of Kappa Alpha
Theta (KAT) would have fun playing with tracy from the time they arrived until
she got her first cunt fucking. Wow, they would have a lot of fun with their
little slut. And they also knew that they would get their share of hard cocks
later on.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 21

Linda drove down the highway toward the college, making sure to go by as many
truckers as she could, and blowing the horn to be sure they looked into her car
and saw little tracy spread out in the back seat. The truckers acknowledged her
by blowing back, and waving.  Everyone but tracy was having a great time.

Soon they were approaching the campus and the sorority house of KAT. Pulling up
in front, Christina and Linda got out and told their little pet to "stay", with
instructions that when they whistled to her, she was to get out of the car, get
on her hands and knees and come up to the door. They released her hands from her
collar and left.

The girls walked to the house and knocked. Sue answered the door and invited
them in, leaving tracy in the car, with the sun beating down on her naked form.
she didn't dare move. To her it seemed like they were inside for hours before
she heard a whistle and Christina calling, "Come on girl, you can come in now!"

tracy got out of the car, got on her hands and knees and crawled to the door.
Once she arrived, which took awhile, Linda patted her on the head as if she was
nothing but a dog and said, "Say hello to Sue, pet! Lick her feet!"

Embarrassed, tracy leaned over and licked Sue's feet. Sue didn't have shoes on,
and she could smell and taste the dirty oder on them, but she continued to lick
until she was told to stop. Christina said, "Our apologies, Sue, sometimes our
little pet gets carried away and doesn't know when to stop."

Sue laughed, patted tracy on the head and said, "That's ok, I understand how
pets can be. Sometimes obedience school works well with them."

They led her into the living room of the big house and it seemed no one else was
around for the moment. Linda said, "tracy slut, get in the corner, nose to the
wall, and don't make any noises. We have a lot to discuss about this weekend and
don't want you interrupting us. And be sure to keep your hands on top of your
head, too"

tracy gave her a blank stare, then went into a corner of the room. The three
girls laughed and then all sat down to have some cold drinks to unwind. They
began to discuss what was going to happen today, tonight, and Saturday daytime.
However, they never mentioned Saturday night.

Sue told them of the initiations that some of the girls had to go through to get
into the sorority, and some were quite comical. The other two high school girls
laughed at what they might have to go through in another year in order to belong
to this party house.

But tracy, kneeling in the corner was not laughing. she had heard some of the
things and was really worried about having to do them now, against her will,
instead of being in a sorority that used good grades to be accepted.

tracy heard Sue talking as she said, "The others will be here soon. They had to
go out to get some things set up and pick up a few little items for us to play
with. I'm sure you'll like what we get and what we will be doing later."

It wasn't long before several other girls came into the house. Sue introduced
everyone to Christina and Linda, and then said, "That in the corner is their
pet. her name is tracy, and as you can see from what's tattooed on her ass, she
is a slut. Between today and tomorrow evening, she will be indoctrinated into
KAT as an honorary member."

tracy could hear the giggles from all of them, but still could not see their
faces. Christina asked, "Where will we be sleeping and I need to freshen up
some, if you don't mind."

Sue laughed and said, "No problem, Beth will show you and Linda where you'll
sleep and then we'll get your bags in. The bathroom is just around the corner
and down the hall."

Christina thanked her and turned to go use the toilet. Then she said, "tracy,
follow me!"

tracy worked her way out of the corner and on her hands and knees followed her
Mistress. All the girls laughed and asked Linda why she took tracy with her.
Linda replied, "Oh, we forgot to tell you. tracy is also our piss slut. We use
her as our toilet and toilet paper whenever we have to pee."

This brought some laughter and some asked, "Can we use her like that too?"

"Sure," said Linda. "If you want, we'll keep her in there for awhile, in case
anyone has to go. Is that ok with you?"

They all liked the idea, so Linda went to the bathroom and whispered into
Christina's ear while she was sitting on the toilet and pissing into tracy's
mouth. Then she left. When Christina finished and had been licked clean, she got
up to leave. tracy started to follow, but Christina stopped her saying, "No,
slut, you stay here, chin on the toilet. The others will be using your toilet
mouth whenever they have to pee, so I expect you to comply and swallow every
drop. Don't forget to clean them good afterwards!"

tracy didn't say anything, but she was thinking, "Drinking their piss is one
thing, but drinking from all those others! UUGGGHHHHH!"

she was left alone, in the bathroom, chin resting on the toilet lid. Another
girl came in. Linda had told them how to use the toilet, so she took up her
position if front of tracy and started pissing. tracy drank it all. She must
have partied last night, because her piss was so strong, tracy almost choked,
but managed to get it down and lick her clean. This went on for awhile, tracy
drinking piss from one girl after the other, and licking their pussies clean.

she heard noises coming from the big room, but couldn't tell what was going on,
but was to find out very soon.  Linda came in, used her toilet, and then said, 
"Ok, slut, follow me!"

tracy was relieved to get out of the bath room, and quickly followed on her
hands and knees behind Linda. she stopped suddenly when she entered the living
room. In the middle of the floor, was a frame, like a big X, that had straps
attached to it. she was afraid it was something for her, and didn't want to go
any further, but with a slap to her ass with a whip, she moved toward it.

Christina had her stand up, then with the help of the other girls, tracy was
placed on this X, leaving her spread eagled and in full view of the whole room.
Sue said, "Ok, girls, you can inspect her and find out all about her. But
remember, she is still a virgin, so nothing goes into her cunt. Anyone breaking
her cherry will find themselves displayed just like she is, except it will be
outside in the front yard."

They blindfolded and gagged tracy, so she could not see anyone and could not
scream. They also put headphones on her head, playing music, so she could not
hear what was said. Then she felt hands all over her body, rubbing, pinching,
twisting, and probing. Some even pulled on her clit chain which made her little
nub stick out even more. One of the girls asked about putting weights on it to
see what it did to her, so Linda pulled out the little box and found a nice 5
ounce weight, and attached it to the end of the chain. Then she just dropped it.

"MMMMMMM,NNNNNNNNNNN, AAAAAAA," tracy moaned through her gag as her clit was
pulled on even more. They all enjoyed that and Christina took it and started it
swinging! And she said to tracy, after removing one headphone, "Now, slut, you
are to keep your chain moving until we tell you to stop, understand?"

"MMMM," tracy moaned again and did her best to move her hips and cunt to keep it
swinging. "God, this hurts," she thought. With every movement of her body, the
weights would swing back and forth, making her little clit stick out even more.
It started to look like a miniature cock sticking out from her hood.

The girls laughed and then there was silence. It seemed they all left her alone
on this X, with her clit hurting once again with the need to cum. Oh, how her
cunt ached. The sensation was so great, she almost passed out. And she didn't
dare stop, because she didn't know if they were still watching or not.

After awhile, she felt more hands on her body, and the X frame she was on began
to move. "It must be on rollers," she thought. The girls pushed the frame until
they had it in the position they wanted. Then, tracy's blindfold was removed,
and she was told to stop swinging her chain. When she got her eyes adjusted, she
was looking through a big picture window, and saw the street in front of her.
Cars were going by, and even some people were walking past the window. she knew
that it wasn't far from the window to the street, and that she could be seen by
anyone passing the house.

she tried to protest, but since her gag was still in her mouth, the only thing
that came out was, "NNNNNNNNN,MMMMMMM." she tried desperately to shake her head
no, to tell them not to do this, but it didn't work. she was on display for
everyone to see, and it didn't matter to the girls who saw her.

she saw Sue putting something at the bottom of the window, but couldn't tell
what it was. she knew it was some kind of sign, but since it was facing the
street, she couldn't read it. But all the girls laughed, because they knew it

                                           VIRGIN SLUT ON DISPLAY
                                            CHERRY POPPING PARTY
                                            SATURDAY NIGHT
                                            RAFFLE TICKETS ON SALE

tracy was crying because she was so obscenely displayed, knowing that the whole
world could see her if they walked or drove by. she watched the people in the
street, stopping for a look, and some even came up to the window to see her up
closer. Then they would disappear around the corner, appearing to be going to
the door. Of course, she couldn't hear anything because of those headphones.

The girls left her there like that for at least an hour and she lost count of
how many people saw her naked form in the window. she was so embarrassed and
humiliated, she turned a very bright red every time someone looked her way. 
Finally, all the girls returned to her. she didn't know what they were saying to
start with, but soon Linda took off the headphones and asked, "Do you have to
pee, little one?"

All tracy could do was nod her head yes, indicating that she did. she hoped by
doing this, she would be let down and away from the window. However, she was
wrong in her thinking again. Christina came up to her, carrying a clear plastic
glass, with a handle attached to it. she proceeded to attach it to tracy's clit
chain. Once it was in place she said, "OK, slut, go ahead and pee. With the
glass there, you won't have to worry about messing up the floor and we won't
have to untie you either."

"NNNNNNNNNNNN", she mumbled, shaking her head no at the same time. Linda said,
"you will stay right where you are until you pee at least once. We want to see
just how much your clit can hold and how long it will get."

tracy thought again, "If i pee for them, they'll let me down," so she did her
best to piss for them. she did have to go, and soon a strong stream of piss came
from her cunt and went straight into the glass. The more she pissed, the more
her clit was pulled. "GOD, how it hurt now," she said to herself. she could feel
the weight of the glass and the other weights pulling her clit out and down. It
felt like it was stretched an inch or more from her body.

The girls all watched her pissing and saw how her clit grew. One of the other
girls said, "Wow, look at the size of that thing. Bet we could pierce it good
being that long."

They all laughed and thought it was a good idea to pierce her clit, but maybe
later once they decided what they wanted in it for jewelry. They definitely
wanted something to mark her as a part of their sorority, but didn't know what
just yet. Maybe later they could find something.

They sat around the room, discussing things they wanted to do today, just to
pass the time away before the preshow tonight. Then, one of them said, "How
about we go swimming?"

They all thought that was a great idea, and went to get into their swimming
suits. Once again, tracy was left alone. she didn't know if she had a suit to
wear, since she couldn't pack her own clothes. she didn't know if she even had
clothes to wear at all.

When they all returned in their bikinis, they let her down and took the heavy
weights from her clit, but did leave her bell on. Then they took her out to a
van that belonged to one of the girls. They made her sit in the back of the van
with her legs apart. They headed for the beach.

Once they arrived, they found a quiet area of the parking lot and told tracy to
get out. Of course, since she was naked, she didn't want to. Then Linda said,
"tracy, get out and we'll give you something to put on."

tracy got out and they handed her a white bikini. she quickly put it on, and
didn't pay to much attention to it. All she wanted to do was get covered up.
They all headed out to the beach and the water.

They found a nice little area to put their blankets and towels and then went for
the water. "Come on, tracy," yelled Christina as she went to get wet. tracy
decided this might be the only fun she would have, so followed them all into the
water. Everyone swam around and had a great time, even tracy. Then Linda told
her to get out of the water and go to the blankets. Everyone else was also
getting out, so tracy started out of the water. It was then that she realized
what they did to her bikini.

As she stepped from the water, she looked down and she might as well have been
naked. Her Mistresses had cut all the lining out of her bikini and when it got
wet, it was transparent. she tried to get back into the water, but Christina
just pushed her and said, "Get out, cunt, and go lay on the blanket. And lay on
your back, with your knees bent and legs spread apart."

Knowing if she didn't do it, she would be punished in front of every one, she
obeyed. she slowly walked to the blanket, knowing her tits and pussy was on
display once again. she got to the blanket and lay down like she was told to.
"How humiliating this is," she thought, as others walked by and stared at her.
Then, Christina put her collar back on and attached her hands to it.

The other girls all sat around talking about the little dinner party they would
have tonight and how the initiation should go for her. tracy couldn't hear
everything, except she knew she was going to have to do some crazy things for
them all later.

They made her lay like that for quite some time, and whenever it looked like her
suit was drying out, they would pour water on her. One girl even went to the
little snack bar and brought back some ice. The girls put some cubes in her bra
against her nipples and stuffed some into her crotch, right against her cunt. As
it melted, it kept the bikini wet and transparent. But, it also sent shivers all
over her. she thought her nipples and cunt would freeze, but it made her juices
flow. "What am i turning into," she thought, "a true little whore and slut?"

The girls all decided it was time to get back to the house of KAT, to get things
ready for tonight, so Linda took tracy back into the water to rinse off. Once in
the water, she removed tracy's hands from her collar, she said, "Give me your
clothes cunt!"

"NNNNNNOOOOOOO!" shouted tracy, "leave me alone. i won't do it!"

"Ok," said Linda, "we'll just go home and start sending out tapes. And, we'll
watch you drop them in the box yourself."


"STRIP, BITCH!" yelled Linda.

tracy slowly took the little bikini off. Then Linda said, "Ok, go to the van,
and expect an ass whipping when you get there."

tracy, crying, slowly walked out of the water, completely naked and headed to
the van. Everyone on the beach saw her and had many comments to make, but she
tried to ignore them all and continued walking.

Once at the van, Linda said, "Bend over, cunt!" then she explained to the others
that she refused an order, so she needed an ass whipping.

"You know the rules, don't you, slut? Count, thank and ask!" Linda said.

"Yes, Ma'am," tracy answered her, as she bent over.

she felt the first blow to her ass and cried, "One, Mistress Linda, may i have

"Two, Mistress Linda, may i have another?

This went on for ten swats to her ass and then she was allowed back into the

They all took off back to the house to get prepared for the evening events, and
hoped to make some more money from selling raffle tickets. The little bitch
tracy could make them rich soon.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 22

Once back in the van, they headed to the KAT house to prepare for the night's
activities. Pulling up to the house, they ordered tracy to crawl out on her
hands and knees, and wait in the yard for them, on her knees, hands behind her

she was so humiliated now, she did as she was told, not wanting any more
punishment. she was in sight of anyone who happened to drive by, and some
actually did, but she just hung her head in shame, trying not to look.

The girls unloaded all the things from the van, and said they all needed to get
cleaned up. Linda said, "tracy also needs cleaning, but there are so many of us
to shower, I don't want her wasting our time in there."

Christina then added, "So, why don't we just give her a shower out here. I
noticed the garden hose by the steps and I'm sure we can find some soap to use."

Sue left for a moment and came back carrying some car wash and a car brush. "I
think this should work!" she said.  "Let's get her up there in the yard and wash
her good."

They took tracy up into the yard and Christina said, "Stand right here, spread
those legs, and hold your arms straight out."

tracy did this, against her will, and gave them all a glaring hateful stare. Sue
turned on the hose and put it on a jet stream, then focused it on tracy. The ice
cold water made her jump and she tried to get away, but this move just got her a
hard smack on her bare ass from Linda who said, "Stand still cunt! Move again,
and we'll whip you until you bleed!"

Shocked, tracy stood still feeling the powerful jet of cold water dancing all
over her naked body. They even got up close and aimed the stream directly at her
clit. she hurt with this, but was afraid  to move. Once she was wet from head to
toe, they took the car wash soap and poured it on her, then took the brush and
began to scrub her. They worked it over her body, just as if she was a car. They
paid special attention to her tits and her sensitive cunt. It felt as if the
bristles of the brush were actually going inside her pussy.

The girls took turns washing her, having a great time doing it. They would run
the brush up and down her back, and across her ass, then push it between her
legs. They worked around to the front side to do the same. Her face was brushed
and even had her hair washed this way.

Once they had their fun, Sue took the hose again and rinsed her off. Then
Christina said, "Ok, slut, now you are clean, but we don't have any towels, so
you just stand out here like that and drip dry. Don't move until we tell you to.
Is that clear?"

Shaking, tracy said, "Yyyyes, Ma'am"

The other girls went inside to get cleaned up and left tracy standing in the
front yard, looking almost like a scarecrow, naked and in plain sight of

It seemed to tracy that she stood there for hours, and it almost was. Once the
girls had their showers, they started the preparations for the night. They moved
two rather large tables into the large living area, putting one table at each
end of the room. These tables were reinforced ping pong tables, sturdy enough to
hold the weight they would be asked to bear tonight. Then they spread
tablecloths over them. They also attached restraining devices in different
locations to each table. They were going to have lots of fun tonight, and since
the guys from the animal house would join them they would make some additional

Once they had everything ready, Linda went to get tracy. She found the little
slut standing just as they had left her, standing out in broad daylight, legs
spread, arms straight out. Linda felt her body and found that it had dried
nicely, and noticed tracy was beginning to tan a little, and didn't have those
lines that she would have if she had been wearing her bikini.

Linda took her inside and placed her on one of the tables making sure her ass
was close to one end. Then she said, "Ok, cunt, bend your knees and put your
feet on the table!"

Doing as she was told, tracy had both feet on the edge of the table. Then
Christina tied her ankles to her upper leg, making sure that her legs stayed
that way all night. She then did the same to the other leg. Next she attached a
rope to each leg and had a couple girls pull them apart, leaving her wide open
and her cunt quite visible.

Then they put a wedge under her head, so when she was lying there, she could
look straight down toward her cunt. Putting her collar on her, they attached it
to hooks on either side of her head, so she could not look anyplace, but down
her body. And, as an added precaution, they also put a strap around her
forehead, just to make sure she couldn't look away from what was happening to
her body.

Next came her arms. they were stretched out above her head, and attached to each
corner of the table. This made her body tight and she already could feel the
numbness setting in.

Beth said, "Ok, the food is ready, we need to get it on the table."

All the girls helped set the table, bringing in various dishes of food and
placing them on the table around tracy's body. When they ran out of room on the
table, some was even put on her body. Then they left her there. She had heard
some voices that sounded familiar to her, and soon found out she was right.

Mr. Frank entered the room, with the little asian slut evelyn following behind.
she was also naked, just as tracy was. tracy watched as they placed her on the
other table, tying her down just as they had tracy, and surrounded her body with
food, also. In the position the tables were in, the sluts could look at each
other. slut evelyn smiled, but tracy didn't return it. she just cried.

Mr. Frank came over to tracy, and ran his hands over her tight body, ending up
at her cunt. He rubbed her clit some and said, "Yes, I think she is ready, but
we can wait until later on." Then he motioned two big boys to the table. He
said, "Boys, I picked you for a special duty, because of your sizes. You will be
the guards of this sweet young virgin cunt tonight. You will make sure that no
one puts anything up inside her. We don't want that cherry popped, yet."

"Yes, sir," the boys said, "we'll be sure no one touches her."

"And since you'll be occupied all night watching her," continued the math
teacher, "and won't have time to participate, you get to be first to eat."

Everyone laughed at this, except for tracy, since she didn't see anything funny
about the situation.

Linda said, "Go ahead boys, enjoy the food, and do try a little of that virgin
cunt, but just remember tongue only and she cannot cum."

Sue added, "And if you need to fuck, the slut on the other table will be used
for that."

The boys loved this, as they began to lick all over tracy's body, sucking her
nipples and finally both had a chance to lick her cunt. One of the girls would
be with tracy all night as well, just to make sure that no one got carried away
with eating. They would not let her cum.

Once the boys finished playing with tracy, they took turns fucking slut evelyn
on the other table. Then they went back to stand guard over tracy.

Just before the guests arrived, Linda came out of the kitchen and walked to
tracy and said, "Open wide, cunt face!"

What else could she do but comply. As soon as her mouth was open, Linda placed a
ball gag in her mouth that looked like a bright red apple in it and then said,
"Hold that in place all night. Do not bite it or push it out. If you do, I'll
whip your hot little cunt with my whip."

So there was tracy, laid out like a part of a meal, with an apple looking ball
gag lodged in her mouth. She looked like a pig on a serving tray. she could see
all the activity around her, but couldn't say anything. Next they put the
headphones back over her ears, so she couldn't hear what was being said, either.

As both sluts lay on the tables, the guests began to arrive. Mostly guys from
the animal house, but there were some others as well. The room filled up quickly
and tracy watched as everyone walked past her, admiring her stretched out body,
and making comments about her cunt. she tried to read their lips, but it was
hard to do.

When it seemed that most of the people had arrived, Sue climbed up onto tracy's
table and Linda on evelyn's table. Sue called for silence and soon every one had
shut up to hear what she had to say. Of course, tracy couldn't hear anything.

Sue straddled tracy's body, with her legs on either side of her head, and tracy
looked straight up into her cunt, since she didn't wear panties either. Sue
started out by saying, "Welcome to the KAT house! Tonight, we have some very
special guest to entertain us. As you can see, both tables are set up for your
eating pleasures. Please feel free to eat whenever you wish. The drinks are in
the kitchen, so please make yourselves at home. Now, as you can see, I have a
naked slut below me. she is here for eating only. This slut is a virgin and we
expect her to stay that way tonight, so no one gets to stick a hard cock into
her cunt tonight. I am sure many of you have never tasted a virgin cunt before,
so I would like to invite all of you to taste her during the party. But there
are rules that go with this. You can eat her cunt all you want, but she is not
allowed to cum. There will be someone with her at all times and if she looks
like she is going to cum, we will ask you to stop. Also, we are selling raffle
tickets for tomorrow's festivities. That is when one of you lucky guys gets to
bust her cherry. The tickets will be $25.00 each and the drawing will be at 9
p.m. sharp. And, as you might guess, you have to be present to win."

Then Linda, who was over evelyn's face, said, "Now, if any of you wish to fuck a
pussy or an ass, or maybe just enjoy a blow job, you are welcome to use this
slut below me. There is no charge for her and you can use any of her three holes
that you wish."

Then Christina spoke from the side of the room. "Now, we know that some of you
horny guys would like some extra pussy, so the rest of the girls here have
agreed that you can also fuck them. And for you girls out there who want to have
your cunts eaten during the party, you are free to share with all the other
girls here, and you may also use slut evelyn if you wish. As you can see, our
little slut tracy can't eat cunt tonight, but will be available to all of you

Once she was finished, Beth said, "Ok, let the party begin," and turned up the

Sue took the first watch over tracy as the boys from the animal house started
lining up to taste some virgin pussy, and if they hadn't bought there raffle
tickets yet, they did so then. She watched as each one of the guys came up to
tracy and licked her cunt. Some would run their tongues up and down her juicy
slit, while others sucked on her clit. Some even stuck their tongues inside her.
Most of them asked if her asshole was off limits, and Sue told them they could
use her there for whatever they wished.

tracy was in a state of constant arousal as they licked her cunt and some fucked
her ass. she wanted to cum so bad, but every time she got close, Sue had the guy
stop. tracy was up and down all night, getting excited, ready to cum, then had
to come back down without the much needed relief. she hated everyone for doing
this to her, and her poor cunt felt those aching sensations into the night.

Of course, the guys all took advantage of slut evelyn's wide open cunt, ass and
mouth. she was beginning to feel like a porcupine with so many cocks in her, but
she loved every minute of it! And, there were many of the guys who got the other
girls to give blow jobs and fucked them as well. They all had a great time.

Then, once the four girls thought that everyone had all they wanted, they had
Sue make another announcement. And, they removed tracy's headphones, so she
could hear what Sue had to say.

She once again got up on the table with tracy, but this time she was totally
naked, just like almost everyone else in the room. She got everyone's attention
and as soon as it had quieted down, she said, "As a finale for tonight, we want
to pierce this little slut's nipples. The girls from KAT have decided that they
want to do her clit later on, so they are offering her nipples to the guys from
the animal house. Kind of a gift to our brothers. We have taken it upon
ourselves to purchase some nice jewelry for her tits and we hope you approve.
But if you don't like what we have picked out for her, you can always change it
later. What we have for her right tit, is an "A", which stands for animal, and
for her left tit, we got you an "H", which is for house. This little slut will
wear your fraternity proudly on her tits forever, and once she has been broken
in, will be yours to use whenever you wish."

As tracy listened to Sue tell about her nipples being pierced, she cried and her
eyes looked at everyone she could, with fear, dread, and hatred. she didn't want
this to happen to her, and tried to talk with her eyes, since she couldn't say
anything with her gagged mouth. Sue looked down at her and saw the pleading,
begging look she received from the little slut, and said, "Sorry slut, but you
will be a groupie for our brothers very soon, and will always be their whore."

tracy eyed her even more, with a blank stare, knowing that Sue meant what she
said. If only she could protest and escape this torture. "What else will these
wicked people do to her this weekend and for the rest of her life. How can
anyone be so fucking cruel"

A big cheer erupted throughout the room, and all the guys wanted to be the ones
to do the honors.  But the girls wanted her cleaned up first, so a bunch of the
guys picked up the table with tracy on it, along with the left over food, and
carried her through the double doors into the yard. One of them picked up the
hose and began to rinse her off. tracy tried to scream, but the only thing that

The guys all took turns rinsing the food from her body and some even took the
car wash brush that had been left there earlier and scrubbed her. Once
satisfied, she was carried back into the room.

They had a hard time deciding who would do the honors, until one of them said he
worked in a place that does piercing and knew just how to do it. So he was
elected to pierce her sensitive nipples.

He went to his car and got his equipment, and asked for some help from the
others. He said, "We have to get her nipple really hard, so they stick out for
the needle."

Of course, all the guys wanted to help, so they took turns rubbing, pinching,
pulling and sucking on her tits to get her nipples just right. Some of them even
took ice cubes and ran them over her nipples, which served two purposes. One to
get them hard and the other to numb them.

The one who would do the piercing said that she was ready and began the task. He
took the piercing tool and placed it on her hard nipple of the left tit. she saw
what he was doing and tried to struggle, but being tied like she was, it didn't

He began to squeeze the tool, and if she could have screamed from the pain, she
would have done so, but all she could get out was, "AAAAAAAAAAAA,MMMMMMMMMMM,"

Soon her nipple had a hole in it and he fed the new gold ring through it. Then
he clamped it shut, so it could not be removed and attached the letter "A". Then
he went to work on her right tit. Soon she had been decorated with the other
letter, and she was now partially owned by the fraternity of the animal house.

tracy was crying hard when he had finished his work, and everyone admired her
new tits. They all agreed that they liked what the girls of KAT had picked out
for her, and thanked them. The guys all knew that soon, she would be taking all
their cocks anytime they wished, and that in another year, she would be at the
college with them.

Then it was time to break up the party, so everyone could rest before the big
raffle the next night. The girls all said goodnight to the boys, and then went
to bed. They left both tracy and evelyn where they were, tied to the table and
unable to move. They had a plan for breakfast the next morning, and wanted all
the cum in evelyn's cunt to get stale inside her. tracy would have such a good

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 23

tracy and evelyn looked at each other for awhile. They had no choice, since both
had been tied so that they had to. tracy couldn't talk and evelyn didn't say
anything to her. she knew the humiliation tracy was suffering. Soon, despite
their awkward positions, both of them drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Christina, Linda, Sue and Beth all woke up in the same bed,
holding each other. What a wild night they had together. They got up quietly, so
as not to awaken anyone else. Before getting cleaned up, they went to the big
living room to check on the sluts. Both were still asleep. They went back, got a
shower and dressed. Then they began to count the money that was collected. As
they counted, they discussed the ones they hoped would win. They all had
different ideas as to who should be the first to get tracy's virgin cunt, but
did agree that the one who did should have a huge cock.

Linda said,  "I hope whoever gets to pop her cherry has a huge cock, so she'll
get stretched wide the very first time."  Christina added, "And I hope he is so
horny that he pops her cherry and cums, without letting her cum."

Laughing, Sue said, "Yea, the little cunt is so horny and has been promised a
good cum tonight. Wouldn't it be a shame to get fucked and still not be able

They all laughed and continued counting. Once finished, Christina said, "Wow, we
have nearly $2500.00. That means almost 100 tickets were sold to fuck the

Linda asked, "Does that mean there will be 100 horny cocks for her?"

Sue answered that saying, "No, a lot of the guys bought more than one ticket.
These guys, or at least most of them are here with family money, and don't care
if they blow it."

And Beth spoke up, "I think we will probably have about 30 or 35 guys with hard
cocks to pick from and believe me, most of them are really animals."

They figured out how much each girl would get after giving tracy her 10%. Of
course, out of tracy's cut, they had to pay for the food, the jewelry, etc. So
she wouldn't really get all that she should.

They heard some other girls moving around, so headed back to the living room.
They saw that evelyn had woke up, but tracy was still asleep. This is going to
be so much fun, thought the girls. They checked evelyn's cunt and found a puddle
of stale cum under her ass. "Can't let that go to waste," said Linda, as she got
a spoon and began to scoop it up and deposit it on and around evelyn's wide open
hole. But they also noticed that she still had a lot of the cum from last night
still in her.

They noticed tracy was now awake and went to check on her. They looked at her
tight little cunt which was red and swollen from all the attention it received
last night. she had been eaten all night long and was so hot, her juices flowed
from her like a river. her clit was still huge from all the sucking it got, and
the tugging the guys did with her clit chain. It will be perfect for piercing
soon. tracy also had some cum puddled up around her ass, but not from pussy
fucking. A lot of the guys had their hard dicks up her ass last night. The girls
had to really watch closely when a guy wanted that. They even had to guide some
of them in so they didn't hit the wrong fuck hole.

All the other girls in the house were now up, moving around, so the four of them
decided it was time for tracy's breakfast. Of course, before anyone went to bed
last night, they were told that they should not get showers or clean up before
breakfast. And if any of them had any cum left in their pussies, tracy would
lick it all out for breakfast.  And most did.

Most of the girls gathered around tracy's table to watch, while some  went to
untie evelyn. They didn't want to lose any cum from her cunt, so they carried
her over to tracy. Then Linda removed the ball gag from her mouth, and said,
"Don't say anything, cunt. We have your breakfast ready, and all we want you to
do is eat."

They placed evelyn on the table with tracy, making her squat over the young
girl's face. Then they pushed her down so her cunt was right on tracy's mouth.
Christina said, "tracy, clean this whore out and we want everything out of her
cunt, so you'll need to lick and suck really hard."

tracy tried to say something, but couldn't because now she had a well fucked
pussy, full of stale cum covering her mouth. she tasted what was coming from the
cunt, and almost choked. "What a nasty, dirty taste!" she thought, but if she
wanted to breathe, she had to suck and lick it until the girls were happy. After
what seemed like an hour, the girls pulled the little asian whore from her face.
But it didn't stop, becauseone by one all the girls sat on tracy's face to get
their cunts cleaned. One of the girls said, "Wow, this is better than a douche,
and feels so good."

Everyone laughed at that and started calling tracy a "douche bag"! This really
hurt her feelings and tracy cried as she humbly licked and sucked all those cum
filled cunts. Some of the girls that were getting their cunts licked said they
had to piss, and Christina said, "Well, the douche bag is also a piss slut, so
let her have it!"  The girls giggled and not only did she eat stale cum, she
drank hot piss, straight from the cunts on her face. she was feeling quite
nauseous by the time they finished with her, but held it all in.

After all the girls had their cunts cleaned by the little slut, Linda asked her,
"tracy, pet, do you have to piss now?"

tracy answered very meekly, "Yes, Ma'am, i do."

"Ok," said Linda, "we will let you go pee." And she began to untie her from the
table. Once she was untied, she tried to stand, but her legs were so weak from
being tied all night, she fell to her knees.

"Well, what do you know," said Christina. "The little whore wants to crawl for
us. On your hands too, cunt, and crawl like a dog."

tracy couldn't do anything but comply and she was soon on her hands and knees,
getting ready to crawl to the bathroom. But Sue stopped her and said, "Wait a
minute, bitch, dogs don't use a bathroom, they pee outside."

tracy stopped, and wanted to plead with them, but knew better. Beth said,
"evelyn, since you are such a good little slut, take our pet outside to pee."
And she attached the leash to tracy's collar and handed the end to slut evelyn.
The two of them headed for the back door, but were stopped by Linda. "No, take
the little whore out front!"

evelyn reversed her direction and soon, both of them were outside in the front
yard. And both were still very naked. They walked to a grassy area, and stopped.
evelyn told tracy, "If you don't want to be punished by them, i would suggest
you piss like a dog."

tracy cried and did her best to act like a dog, squatting some and began to pee.
she thought, "How fucking ridiculous i must look, pissing in the front yard,
like a fucking dog."

But she finally finished and tried to crawl back into the house, but once again
the girls stopped her. Christina said, "No, you can't go in until you are
properly cleaned. your nasty little ass is so full of cum, we have to get it

tracy saw Linda coming across the yard with the water hose. she thought they
were going to give her another bath, and just stayed still waiting for the cold
water to hit her naked body, but what they did next really shocked her and she
begged for mercy.

Linda came up behind her and stuck the hose into her ass, and shoved it in deep,
then yelled to one of the other girls, "Ok, turn it on, but not to much. We want
it to go in slow."

tracy jumped as the ice cold water started filling up her rear cavity, and going
into her belly. she knew it would start to cramp soon, and waited for it. And it
did just as she thought it would. As her belly began to fill up, she started
having terrible cramps and begged them to stop.

But they did not listen to her pleas and let the water continue to fill her up. 
her belly started getting bigger as more and more water entered her. she
remembered the last time they gave her an enema, but it was warm. This was ice
cold and she hurt so bad.

Christina then said, "Ok, pet, stand up, so we can see how pregnant you are.
tracy stood as best she could and her little belly was stretched way out. More
than before, and it was getting bigger, since they didn't take the hose out of
her ass. she stood there shivering, staring at all the girls, and now hated them
more than ever. she vowed she would get back at them soon.

As tracy's belly grew, Linda and Sue began taking pictures of her. And Christina
had the video camera going. Last time she looked about 4 months pregnant, but
now she looked at least 6 months. But the girls wanted more and Linda said,
"Turn the water up more! All the way up!"

tracy screamed in pain, as the water really went into her fast now. And her
belly got even bigger. But she just stood there watching and praying she could
withstand it all. When the girls were satisfied with the way her belly was
pushing out, they told someone to turn the water off. tracy now looked 8 months
pregnant. They pulled the hose from her ass, but replaced it immediately with a
huge butt plug.

Then they made her pose for more pictures and movies, showing she was pregnant,
and could be due to deliver at any time. When they had enough, they made her get
back on the ground like a dog. They told her to remove the butt plug and give

Totally humiliated, tracy reached back to her ass and pulled the plug. Then she
let everything out of her. "God, i hurt so bad now, what else will they do to
me," she thought to herself.

Once she had expelled all of the ice cold water, she felt someone sticking
something else up her ass. she looked back, and it was Christina, and she said,
"Since tracy likes being our pet, I think she should look like one too." And she
pushed a rather large plug into her ass, but this one had a tail attached to it.
"Now, that's better, isn't it tracy. A little puppy dog with a tail."

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO," tracy yelled, "don't do this to me. I hate all of you!"

They all laughed and said, "Ok, back into the house, sluts. evelyn, lead her

They watched tracy from behind, as she crawled back into the house. They all
thought it was quite cute, a little slut acting like a dog, and having a tail,
too. They were going to have a good time today, before the big party tonight.
The little bitch was going to be so horny, that she would do anything to get an
orgasm. Even beg to be fucked!

Once inside, they made her do little tricks for them. They had her roll over,
sit up, play dead, fetch a ball, and lick feet. They taught her how to wag her
tail for them and how she should bark when she wanted something. Linda said,
"tracy pet, today you are a dog. you will act like one at all times. If you need
something, you have to bark and try to let us know what you want, without
talking. Such as, if you need to pee, you'll bark and go to the door. You'll
keep doing this until we figure out what it is you want. The same goes if you
get hungry or thirsty. You will stay on all fours like a dog, and lay at our
feet so we can pet you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," moaned tracy.

That earned her a hard smack on her ass, as Christina said, "you were just told
you are a dog, dogs don't talk, they only bark. Now do you understand."

Crying, tracy barked for them. They all laughed and Linda said, "Much better,

All the girls played with tracy throughout the day, making her do many different
things. When it came time for lunch, they even put dog bowls down for her to eat
from. Whenever she had to pee, she did as she was told, and barked, crawled to
the door, barked some more and went back to the girls. They knew what she
wanted, but they made her keep up the charade for awhile until they figured she
might piss on the floor. Then they made slut evelyn take her out for a walk,
both very much naked.

That afternoon Christina said, "You know, I've watched dogs a lot, and they
always lick themselves. So, tracy pet, I want you to get in the middle of the
floor and lick your cunt for us."

tracy didn't want to do this, but thought maybe they would allow her to cum and
she could finally get the relief she needed so much. So she got into the middle
of the floor, bent around and began to lick her pussy. she tasted pretty good to
herself, and knew that whenever no one was watching and she wasn't tied up, she
would eat her own cunt a lot.

They watched her going down on herself, and was quite impressed to know that she
could actually do it. Maybe they would make her do it tonight. Linda and
Christina whispered to each other and decided that after she was fucked by all
the guys, she would clean herself out, sucking the cum from her own cunt.

The other girls thought they should all rest for the night's activities, since
they were sure they would all be up quite late. So most of them went off to
bedrooms and some snuggled up on the furniture to sleep for a while.

The four girls didn't want to rest much, but did want tracy wide awake for
tonight. So they made a little bed for her in the corner and tied her there. 
she looked so cute, with her new tail. This was something she would wear a lot,
even out in public. Once tracy had fallen asleep, the girls set up for the next
procedure. They were going to do a little more piercing before the guys arrived
and then later on during the festivities, they would attach the sorority logo to

They let tracy sleep for about an hour and then made her get up. evelyn was made
to walk her outside again to pee. This time, it didn't bother tracy as much, but
she was still ashamed of being seen naked outside, acting like a dog.

When she was brought in, she was put up on the table again. Most of the other
girls were also awake, and ready to play some more. They helped the four girls
attach tracy to the table, making sure her legs were wide open, and her cunt was
totally available to do the task.

Sue said to evelyn, "slut, we want you to get her clit super hard and long.
Don't waste time trying to make her feel good, just do what you need to do!"

evelyn hated eating pussy, but since Mr. Frank had told her to obey the girls,
she didn't have much choice. So,she got between tracy's legs and began sucking
her clit. she nibbled on it and sucked it until it was sticking out really nice.
The girls kept checking the progress of her clit, and finally decided that it
was big enough to work with.

So, they brought out the tools needed and began to work on tracy's sensitive
clit. They took a small pair of pliers, and gently attached them to the very end
of her clit.


The girls put a penis gag in her mouth to keep her quiet while they finished
their work. Next they had to decide where on her clit they should put her new
jewelry. They thought it would be cute just in front of the ring she had there,
and then later on, the could remove the ring, leaving her with just the pierced
one to hold her jewlery, including her bell.

So they went to work, pulling her now sore clit out even more so they could
perform the operation. Then it was time to do it.

Linda took the piercing tool she had borrowed from the guy who did her nipples,
and placed it on her clit, then she squeezed, but did it very slow.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMM, NNNNNNNNNNN, AAAAAAAAAAAA," tracy moaned through her gag. she
tried to move away from the pain, but couldn't. she just cried.

Soon, Linda had a nice little hole in tracy's clit and began inserting the ring
that would be a permanent part of her. This ring had a clasp that when closed,
it could never be opened. Christina thought, "poor tracy, all this work to make
some money and it was spent on something she didn't even want."

Soon,the ring was through her clit, and clasped together. The girls still had
room to add other ornaments to it, and especially their motto, and decided to
cut her clit ring off, since it was no longer needed and might just get in the

tracy lay on the table, almost in shock and crying. God, how her clit hurt, but
she was soaking wet and her cunt was dripping like a faucet. They let her rest,
before they continued with her preparations.

When they returned, they had candles with them, and began to drip wax over her
pussy mound. They were going to make sure she was totally smooth for one lucky
guy tonight. They waxed her cunt, making sure no stubble was left. Satisfied
with their work, they once again left her to rest, so they could set up her
stand for tonight. she was going to be totally displayed for the party tonight,
and she would be able to see and hear everything.

The girls had to hurry, since they only had a couple hours left to get things
set up.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 24

As tracy lay on the table, still hurting from having her clit pierced, she
watched the girls make the preparations. They began to bring in different items
and started to put them all together. They assembled something like an "A"
frame, with braces at the top and mid way. Then they  put together another
frame, setting it in front of the first one. They brought in ropes and
restraining devices. Once they were satisfied, they began to untie tracy from
the table.

The girls got her up, and ordered her to her knees again, and told the little
asian slut to take her out to pee for the last time tonight. slut evelyn started
to say something, but was slapped across the ass, and Christina said, "I am
tired of your mouth!" and with that, put a ball gag in her mouth. "That should
keep the cunt quiet for a while," said Sue.

tracy was led out side to pee. she didn't hesitate this time, since she had to
go bad, especially after all that had just happened to her cunt. Once finished,
evelyn brought her back into the house, and led her to the new frames.

The girls took her from the asian cunt, and made her lay over the "A" frame,
with her belly resting on the top brace. Once she was in position, they spread
her legs apart and quickly tied her ankles to the sides of the frame. This made
her cunt and ass quite visible and wide open. Next, they brought her hands down
and also attached them to the frame, beside her feet. Now, she was bent in the
middle, her ass and cunt on display, her little tits hanging down, and she could
see everything behind her through her spread legs. Then, just to try out the
other frame, they told her to pick her head up. When she did, they pushed the
frame under her chin, and had her rest it on the top brace.

Linda stepped in front of her and said, "Perfect. her mouth is now at crotch
level, just like her cunt."

They pulled the frame from under her head, and she was once again looking back
between her legs. They pulled her butt plug with the tail out of her ass, and
saw that it was quite a sight, seeing that they could actually look inside her
poop chute. It was stretched out perfectly.

Christina said, "Let's have a little fun before the boys arrive."

"What you have in mind?" questioned Linda.

"Lets spank her, then put on that vibrating clit thing that Mr. Frank used
before," laughed Christina.

"Great idea," said Sue.

So they got the little device, some whips and paddles and went to work on her
upturned naked ass. They whipped and paddled her until her ass was a pretty
shade of red, then attached the vibrating clit device. It didn't come on right
away, but when it did, tracy shook and moaned through her gag,

Linda removed the penis gag, but quickly replaced it with the ring gag, saying,
"Want her to be able to suck some cocks later, so with this she can suck, but
won't be able to talk."

No one had arrived yet, and all the girls went to get ready for the party,
leaving tracy over the frame and evelyn was put into the corner. she would do
nothing tonight, except serve drinks to everyone.

tracy tried to move, but couldn't, since the girls had her tied so tight. The
little clit thing kept going on and off, never allowing her to cum, but kept her
horny and hot. she would shake violently each time it came on, and then had to
rest after it went off. she never knew when it would come back on.

After all the girls were ready to party, they decided to add a little extra to
tracy. They got some weights and attached them to her pierced nipples, which
made them longer and put extra pressure on her. Then they also attached some
weight to her freshly pierced clit ring, making sure the bell was one of them.
This way they could tell when her clit was vibrating with the device. And once
they got all the weights and bell on, the thing started again.

All the girls laughed as they heard, "Tinkle, Tinkle, Tinkle" from the bell.

It wasn't long and all the guys started showing up. No one was going to miss the
chance to pop this little slut's cherry. After all, it was hard to find a virgin
any more. Girls were so easy to get and most of them had lost their virginity a
long time ago. But now they all had a chance to get one. The boys knew their
chances where 1 in 100 to win, but they accepted those odds with hope.

slut evelyn was playing a good hostess, letting the guys in and serving drinks.
she hoped that if she did ell, the girls would allow her to be fucked later.

Everyone came over to inspect the prize, rubbing their hands over tracy's naked
body, and some even got down to taste her virgin cunt one last time. They didn't
know when or even if they would ever get to taste a young virgin cunt again.

tracy watched everyone come through the door, since the girls made sure to
position her so she could watch. she knew something was going to happen tonight,
but didn't know what. she just watched everyone walking around, and could feel
them all molesting her naked body. she did notice that all the guys had hard
cocks in there pants, and figured that later on, she would suck them off or her
ass would be taken again. she had no idea she would lose her cherry tonight, and
not even know the guy who took her for the first time. she always wanted to wait
for her wedding night!

About 8:30 PM, Linda came to stand beside tracy and called for everyone's
attention. Once the room was silent, Linda spoke. "As you all know, the reason
you are here tonight is to see who is the winner of our raffle. We will be
drawing that winner really soon, but we are going to draw some other names
first. We will draw the names of the first ten guys to have a go with this young
virgin cunt, but when the names are drawn, we are going to go backwards. The
first name drawn will be number ten, then nine, and so forth, until we get to
number one. That one lucky guy will get to put his hard cock into this little
slut's virgin cunt and bust her cherry."

tracy heard this, and tried to tell them no, that she wanted to wait until she
was married, but nothing came out, except, "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, PPPPPPPPPPP,

Linda laughed and continued, "Now, since this will be a one time shot for our
little cunt, we will be taking pictures and movies of the act, so the lucky guy
can watch it all later, and we can also put it onto tracy's web site."

Cheers erupted throughout the room and everyone wanted to get to the drawing.
All the guys wanted to be number one.

Christina came around to the other side of tracy and said, "Now, once your name
has been drawn, we would like you to pull your cocks out, come to the front and
let her see what you have. We also would like you to stick it in her mouth and
leave it there until the next number is drawn. We think you should all get your
money's worth from our slut."

More cheers and clapping from around the room, with cat calls, and some of the
guys saying, "Let's draw.  Hurry up. I want the cunt."

tracy began to cry and shook her head no, trying to tell them she didn't want it
this way, but no one paid attention to her. Linda and Christina picked up her
head, while Sue and Beth pushed the other frame up to her. Now her chin rested
on it, and her mouth was ready to accept cocks. 

They got the bucket with the 100 raffle tickets in it, and then untied one of
tracy's hands. she tried to get lose by reaching back down to untie the other
ropes, but the girls quickly grabbed her hand and retied it at the elbow to the
front frame. Now, she couldn't do anything.

Linda put the bucket up to the one hand and said, "Ok, tracy cunt, draw the
first name!"

tracy did not do anything, except put her hand into a fist, refusing to draw
names so she could get fucked. Linda said to her, "you either draw the names, or
we will whip your cunt until you do. Then you'll be so sore when you get fucked,
it will hurt you so very much, you'll never want to fuck again."

This scared tracy, since she didn't want the pain in her cunt. It hurt enough
already. So she reached into the bucket and pulled out a slip of paper. Linda
took it, unfolded it and said, " The first name is, Brad Johnson! You will be
the tenth person to fuck her cunt. Come on up and get your cock sucked."

He came up to the girls and pulled his cock out, showed it to tracy and then
stuck it in her mouth. He wasn't that big, thought tracy. Only about 7" and not
real thick. she lay there with his cock in her mouth, when the vibrator began to
buzz. This made her squirm and suck the cock in her mouth all the more. Brad was
enjoying it, but knew he couldn't cum yet, so he held off.

While this was going on, Linda once again held the bucket to tracy's hand and
told her to draw number nine. tracy did as she was told, as the vibrations quit.
she was getting hotter now, and felt that if she went through with this game,
maybe she would get to cum. she needed to get off so bad, it hurt.

Pulling out the next number, she gave it to Linda who said, "Number nine in this
virgin cunt will be, Joe Garcia! Joe, come on down so the slut can see your

As Joe came to the front, Brad pulled his cock out of tracy's mouth. Joe came
around, pulled his cock out and tracy's eyes got huge. His cock was at least 9"
and quite thick. He stuck it in her mouth and pushed all the way down her
throat. she gurgled around it, trying to push it back out, but he held it in
tight. He was deep inside her throat and his balls rested on her chin. He didn't
move, but felt her throat contracting around him.

The drawing continued. Next was number eight, then seven, six, five, four, 
three, and two! All of the boys came up to show tracy their cocks and stick them
in her mouth. Everyone was enjoying this, and waited patiently for her to get to
number one. The one lucky guy to bust her cherry!

The drawing of the nine guys took almost thirty minutes, but they still had a
few minutes to go. As promised, the girls waited until the clock struck 9 PM.
Everyone was anxious for the clock to tick by the extra minutes, and tracy was
getting ready to draw. she now wanted to cum and would do anything, even give up
her virginity to do it.

At exactly 8 PM, Linda told her to draw the last name. The one guy who would pop
that cherry and fuck her virgin little cunt for the first time. The cameras and
video equipment was ready, and the girls were going to make it last a little

tracy reached in and drew out the paper! Linda took it and looked around the
room. By now, most of the guys were naked, holding their cocks in anticipation,
hoping they would be number one.

Then she read the name on the paper. With silence in the room, she said, "LeRoy
Brown, you are the lucky guy to fuck this virgin!"

The silence was broken when he heard his name, and yelled,
But you could also hear others saying, "she'll never take it." "He is huge."
"It'll rip her in half."

He made his way to the front and walked up to tracy's cunt. He bent down and
planted a big juicy kiss on her pussy lips before he moved around to the front.
He was one of the guys who had removed his clothes.

When tracy saw his cock hanging between his legs, she cried, "NNNNNNNNNN,

she knew she wouldn't get that thing in her cunt, at least not the first time.
Maybe if she had some others first, but not that thing.

Before her stood LeRoy, with his big black cock sticking out. It was a good ten
inches long and appeared to be as big around as a horse's cock. He tried to get
it in her mouth, but could only fit the tip in. The thing wouldn't even go past
the ring gag.

The four girls started laughing, and knew he would break their little slut in
just right. Of course after getting that monster cock into her cunt, the other
guys wouldn't even feel her.

The girls congratulated LeRoy and told him that he would have to wait for just a
little longer, since they wanted tracy to do one more thing before her cunt got
fucked. He said, "That's no problem, I can wait. As long as this black monster
gets to bust the ripe cherry."

The girls then took tracy's head from the frame and let her head fall back down,
so she could look between her legs as this big cock entered her. Then they
removed her gag, but told her she was not to say anything until they told her
to. If she did, she would be whipped first, directly on her cunt until it was so
red and sore, she would hurt for a week.

Linda said to her, "Ok, cunt, you are about to have that cunt fucked for the
first time. And if you can cum, we are going to let you. But we want you to beg
Mr. LeRoy to fuck you and take your virginity away. And you had better make it
convincing, using some nice and nasty language. Understand whore?"

"Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeessssssss, Ma'am," she was able to get out.

"Ok, begin bitch!" said Christina.

"Ppppppllllleeeaaasseee, sir, fuck my cunt for me and make me cum,." she

A SMACK to her ass, and a warning, "Not good enough cunt, beg!"

Leroy was behind her now, rubbing her cunt with his fingers and all tracy could
see was his huge cock.

"Please, sir, Leroy, please fuck me. Take my cunt and bust my cherry for me. i
need your cock in me, please," she begged.

It was better, but not good enough for the girls, so another "SMACK" to her
naked ass. "More, cunt," said Sue.

By now, Leroy was rubbing his cock up and down her slit. The girls told him to
wait until they said Ok.


"Much better," said the girls, "BUT say more!'


The girls gave Leroy the go ahead, and he started to enter her virgin hole, he
got the head in and then stopped, savoring the feel of this tender young virgin
cunt around his meat.

tracy could feel him begin to enter her and screamed, "PUT IT IN, YOU BASTARD!

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 25

Leroy was still rubbing his big black cock up and down her tiny slit, letting
only the head penetrate her. tracy was begging hard now,
BLACK SON OF A BITCH, FUCK MY HOLE!" Oh, how she needed to cum!

Everyone was laughing and cheering her on. Linda said to Leroy, "Take your time
stud, make the little cunt beg more. Make her want you!"

Leroy pushed a little deeper into her tight juicy cunt. tracy tried to back up
onto it, but the way she was tied, she couldn't move. Leroy pulled all the way
out again, and tracy screamed, "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO, PUT IT BACK IN, PLEASE, FUCK

With that, Leroy pulled back and with one swift push, he was balls deep into her
yelled tracy.

Her cherry had been busted. Not like she had imagined all her young life, but it
was gone. her dreams of being pure until marriage was lost forever, but right
now, she didn't care. All she wanted to do was cum, and this big black cock
would do it for her. At least thats what she thought.

Leroy began to pump into the tight hole that he just stretched and before long,
shot his creamy load of milky white cum deep inside her. He got soft very
quickly, and pulled out, watching as the cum and blood dripped off his cock and
from her wide open cunt.


But, he didn't listen and walked away. The cameras were going strong, catching
all the action. These would look great on the web site and for show and tell
later on.

Christina yelled, "Next! Come on, fuck this whore. Everyone will have their
chance tonight. This hot little cunt will take every hard cock in here tonight!"

The next guy stepped up and filled her cunt with his cock. It wasn't quite as
big as Leroy's, but almost. He drove it deep inside her used cunt and began to
fuck her. she was pushing back against her bonds and trying to take more of him
in her. she was definatly in heat, and needed cock.

However, this guy was also quick to cum and once again, she was denied the much
needed orgasm. As soon as he had pulled out of her, another cock took his place.
He fucked her cunt hard and fast, pounding against her naked ass. she was on the
verge of cumming when he shot his big load and pulled out before she could
achieve it.

One hard cock after another used her freshly fucked cunt. Driving in deep,
fucking her hard. But always pulling out before she could cum. This is just what
the girls had hoped for. They didn't want the little slut cumming yet. They
wanted her tortured and fucked until she couldn't move. And they were well on 
there way to getting what they wanted.

tracy's pussy lips were red and swollen after the first ten guys fucked her, but
it didn't stop. she took big cocks, little cocks, average cocks,, white cocks
and black cocks. tracy's poor little cunt was well used that night, and was
beginning to get so sore, she couldn't take much more. But, she still hadn't
cum, so she begged for more.


she went for a straight 6 hours of fucking. One horny cock after another plugged
her cunt. There was 32 men at that party and each of them got their cock inside
her cunt, one after the other. and while she was being fucked by them all, the
girls got in front of her and she ate their pussies. They could hear her tiny
little bell ringing, ringing, ringing, with each thrust of a cock in her cunt.
Even some of the guys who wanted more came around to her face and fucked her
mouth. But, she was never given the opportunity to cum.

Finally, she was so exhausted, she passed out. When this happened, she was
untied and layed on the floor. They all waited until she regained consciousness,
and then told her she would be allowed to cum, but only if she licked her pussy
and sucked all the cum from herself. she was very sore and worn out, but needed
to cum, so she twisted herself around and began to lick her cunt. she was so
horny, she actually got her mouth over her slit and sucked the cum from it,
swallowing every drop.

Once again, she was about to cum, and the girls stopped her by pulling her away
from her own pussy. Linda said, before you can cum, you have to answer some
questions for us. "Yes, anything, but please let me cum, i need it so much" she

"Will you fuck anyone we say?" asked Linda.  "Yes Ma'am, anyone!" tracy replied.

"Will you always do everything we want?" questioned Christina.  YES, Ma'am," she

"Will you fuck the whole football team before every game?" was Linda's next
question. "Yes, Mistress, all of them!" she answered. Then Christina asked,
"Will you fuck your father?"  tracy hesitated, but said, "Yes, Ma'am, if i have
to, please let me cum!"

Of course, the girls had all of this on video tape, and would use it against her
later on.

Linda said, "Now slut, tell us all who you will fuck!"

tracy said, "i'll fuck anyone you want, anytime you want. The football team, my
teachers, my brother, even my father."

Christina wasn't satisfied and said, "tracy, beg us to let you do what you just

"Please, let me fuck everyone. Let me fuck the football team before each game,
let me fuck my teachers during school, Let me fuck Tim all the time, Please let
me fuck Daddy. Make me fuck my father! i'll fuck everyone, anyone! Please let me

"No," shouted Christina, "Tell us how you'll beg others to fuck you. Tell us how
you'll beg Daddy to fuck your whorish cunt!"

hard cock in my slutty cunt! Fuck your little girl, shoot your cum in my fuck
hole. Daddy, fuck me, please!" tracy got out.

"Thats not bad whore, lets try something else now." said Linda, "Lets hear how
you beg to eat your mothers cunt!"

"NNNNNOOOOO, not that please," she begged.

"SMACK" came a paddle across her ass.

"OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW,Ok, i will" she cried.

"Mommy, i want to eat your cccccuuuuuuunnnnnnttt, please mommy, let your whore
daughter lick you and make you cum!" she was able to say.

"More!' said Linda.

Please mommy, i need to eat your juicy pussy. please let this little slutty
daughter eat your cunt. let me lick you please." said tracy

"Ok, thats enough for now," said Linda, laughing.  "Do you want to cum now?"

"Yes, please, let me cum!" she cried.

"Then spread those legs Bitch," came a voice from the rear of the room. Mr.
Frank walked forward, naked with a huge hard on. He got on the floor with her,
then rolled onto his back. "Climb on cunt, and ride me. You can fuck me till I
cum, and if you don't cum with me, you won't cum for another week."

tracy didn't take anytime climbing up on Mr. Frank and impaling herself on his
big cock. she just went down all the way onto his cock and began to bounce up
and down, hopeing to achieve the much needed orgasm. But, they weren't finished
with the whore yet. Mr. Frank told her to sit still. tracy had such a hard time
doing this, but complied! Two more men came up to her, and one got behind her,
positioning his hard cock at her asshole and shoved it in. The other put his
cock in her mouth.

Then, Mr. Frank said, "Ok cunt, fuck and suck us."  This was the first time that
tracy took on three at a time and she felt so full, but she once again began
bouncing and gyrating her cunt and ass, along with deep throating the cock in
her mouth.

she was going strong and could feel her orgasm building. Two weeks of denial,
and being fucked all night with the opportunity to cum, it would be a strong
one. she could feel all three cocks begin to swell inside her and she knew she
had to cum with them, or else.

All of a sudden, the cock in her mouth erupted shooting cum down her throat. she
swallowed quickly and also felt her ass being filled with another hot load of
cum. Then, it happened! Mr. Frank tensed under her and drove upwards into her
hot cunt, cumming as he did.

This was it, she finally got her wish. Feeling Mr. Frank cummming, made her go
over the edge and she began to cum with him.


her tiny little body jerked and twisted, bounced and suddenly just went limp.
Such relief, to finally get to cum. tracy fell forward with  his cock still
inside her. she had passed out again, but this time from such a powerful orgasm.
Mr. Frank rolled her off of him, and she lay on the floor, covered in cum and
sweat. her legs just fell wide apart, showing the cum dripping from her cunt and
asshole. she was going to love seeing this on the movie after awhile.

tracy slept for a long time, and no one moved her or attempted to clean her up.
However, they did take lots of pictures and added to there movie.

Finally, after everyone else had cleaned up and all the animal house guys left,
the girls got tracy to wake up. They helped her into the shower, so she could
clean herself, and even allowed her a nice warm bath, with a shower after she
soaked. she felt much better now, but her poor little abused cunt was so sore.
she didn't know who or how many had taken her last night. First she had lost her
virginity, to a black man, and then had her first Gang Bang. All in one night.
she even had her first with three men. tracy hoped that now that she had been
used so much, they would all leave her alone.

Once her bath and shower were done, she was made to watch parts of the movie, so
she would know just what she did and what she had promised to do for them, just
to cum. When it got to the part of begging to fuck anyone and everyone, she
cringed. And then, she saw herself begging to fuck Daddy! "Nnnnnnnnoooooooo,
don't make me do that. i can't fuck Daddy! it isn't right!, please no!" she

Linda said, "You will fuck  any one we want cunt, and if we want you fucking
your father, you will. But, don't worry, he probably wouldn't know it was his
sweet little innocent tracy he was fucking. But you will know it's him, if we
make you do it."

tracy just cried. they shut the movie off, and started getting ready to leave to
head back home. But, the girls from the KAT house had one more thing to do with
tracy before she left.

Sue said, "Come over her cunt face, I have a present for you!"

tracy went to her and stood before her. Sue said, "Spread your legs bitch and
hold your pussy lips apart for me"

tracy did as she was told, and when she touch her cunt lips, they felt so sore
and abused. she stood and listened to Sue as everyone else watched.

"Since the boys from the animal house have marked you as their property with
their initials on your tits, the girls want to make you a part of them also. We
are going to give you something that says you belong to us for whatever we want,
at anytime we want."

With that, she took three little letters from a box, and began attaching them to
her freshly pierced clit. On the ring that hung from her clit that also carried
her bell, she attached the letters. "K.A.T." now hung from her clit, and she was
told that they could never be removed, just like everything else on her body.
The only way to get them off, would be to cut off her clit.

Everyone cheered and applauded, as Sue said, "You tracy slut, are now a member
of this sorority and also our property for use at all times.  However, you are
still owned by Christina and Linda, which means we will go to them when ever we
want you."

tracy stood crying, wondering what else all these people would do with her. And,
how she would explain all of this jewelry to Mom and Dad should they ever find
out. "When will it end!" she wondered to herself.

They got tracy to the car, but still naked. They would stop on the way home and
allow her to dress before getting to her house. Then, drove away from the
college with plans to reunite sometime again this summer for some more fun with

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 26

Tracy, still naked was told to go to the car and wait beside it for them. she
didn't like it, but had to do as she was told. she knew that she would be seen
by others, but it wasn't the first time. So, she stood beside the car, hands
behind her back, and legs spread. Before the girls got there a couple of cars
drove by. she closed her eyes, but knew she was seen. The boys honked the horn
and whistled at her, but she had no idea who they were.

Christina and Linda finally showed up at the car and told her to get in the back
seat, sitting as they had trained her. Then, they said they were going to take
her home.

Worried, tracy said, "Can i put some clothes on, please."

"Not yet slut, but we'll allow you to dress before we get there." said Linda.

"Thank you Ma'am," said tracy.

They drove away from the campus and down the highway. Once they got close to
their home town, Linda pulled into a small rest area and stopped at one end of
the parking lot. "Ok, cunt, get out." said Christina. Slowly, tracy exited the
car, and stood waiting.

Linda said, "Do you want to get dressed pet?"  "Yes, Ma'am" said tracy.

"Well, you'll have to earn your clothes. Now, get on your hands and knees!"

tracy obeyed, not knowing what else she would have to do, but she wanted to get

"Ok," Linda continued," we are going to drive to the far end of the lot and wait
for you. you will crawl on your hands and knees to us, then, if we think you did
good, we will give you some clothes to wear. But, if we think you were to slow,
or didn't act like you should, we will drive onto the road so you can crawl
there to meet us. This will continue until you act right."

Christina added, "Put this in your ass before crawling." she handed her the butt
plug with the tail. Then she said, "Make sure you wiggle your fucking ass like a
dog too."

tracy cried, but took the plug and shoved it deep into her ass while she was on
her hands and knees. Then, she watched the car drive away. she watched them go
to the very end of the lot and stop, and thought, "That is so far away, hope no
one else shows up."

she started crawling on the pavement, but it hurt her knees, so she move over
into the grassy area and continued crawling. she made sure to wiggle her ass,
making her tail wag. How humiliated she felt. she heard other traffic on the
road, and tried to hurry. Finally she got to the car, and both girls were
laughing at her. They handed her some clothes to put on, but told her the plug
stayed in. she pulled on a pair of jeans and a shirt and got back into the car.
Sitting down, the plug went deeper and she knew it could be seen in her jeans.
What would she tell her parents? How could she explain?

They drove a little more, and just before arriving at tracy's house, Linda
stopped the car and said, "tracy, get out, drop your pants and pull the plug
out. Wouldn't want to try to explain the bulge in your pants, would we."

tracy was relieved and quickly got out, dropped her jeans to her ankles and
pulled the plug out. she pulled her pants back up and got back in the car.

They got to her house and they all went in to talk to her parents. The girls
wanted to make sure everything was cool at home and tracy didn't fuck up. They
did most of the talking, telling of the great time they had and how much they
learned about college. tracy agreed to everything.

When the two girls left, satisfied they had convinced tracy's parents of the
learning experience, tracy asked to be excused to go to bed early. she was
exhausted from everything that happened to her. she crawled in bed, fully
clothed and fell asleep.

The next two days were very normal for her. she helped her Mom clean and cook.
tracy heard nothing from the girls, and was relieved that they had left her
alone. "Maybe they are done playing games and now will set me free." she

Then, Tuesday evening, Tim, her brother approached her. "Sis, I've been thinking
about how nice it would be to fuck you!"

"No" said tracy, "You are my brother, that would be incest, and I won't do it!"

"Yes you will cunt," he told her, "Or should I tell Christina and Linda? Or
maybe tell Mom and Dad what a slut you have been. Maybe they would like to see
your tattooed ass and new jewelry!"

"Please Tim, NO," she cried. "Don't do this to me!"

"All you have to do is fuck me, and nothing will happen," he responded.

"Ok, i will, but just once." she said.  "After Mom and Dad go to bed"

"Good little slut," Tim replied, "Tonight, but you will be as I want you. On
your bed, naked and those legs spread wide. And, your cunt better be nice and 
wet for me."

"i'll be waiting as you say." was her answer.

When tracy excused herself from the family, she went to her room and stripped
naked. Got on the bed, spread her legs and waited. she dipped her hand to her
sex to check the wetness, and found she was really soaked. "God," she thought,
"i'm about to get fucked by my own brother and i'm so hot. What is wrong with

Soon, the door opened and Tim walked into her room. This startled tracy, since
she had always had her privacy and no one came into her room without knocking.
she started to say something, but thought better of it, since he had the upper
hand now.

Tim was wearing a robe with nothing under it. Once the door was shut, he removed
the robe and stood beside the bed with his cock, already hard, and watched tracy
play with her cunt. Then, he said, "Suck my cock whore!"

"Please don't call me that. i'm not a whore, i'm your sister."

"Shit, from what I've seen you doing, you are a whore, Now suck!" he told her.

Embarrassed, she got on her knees in front of her younger brother and took his
hard cock into her mouth. she hoped she could make him cum this way instaed of
in her cunt. she deep throated him and suck really hard. But, before long, he
made her stop, and said, "Enough cunt, now back on the bed and spread wide.
Little brother is going to fuck your slutty cunt!"

tracy did what he said. she knew it was wrong, but still she needed to be
fucked. Tim climbed onto the bed and just sunk his cock deep inside her juicy
pussy. Then, he fucked her hard, pounding her cunt, driving in deep with each

tracy was so horny, it wasn't long and her orgasm started. her hips were raising
up to meet his every thrust, matching him stroke for stroke. Then, it happened,
she was cumming!

IIIIIIII,NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" she groaned, trying her best not to
make any noise.

With her cunt muscles clamping on his cock, Tim also came, deep inside her.

They lay still for a moment, and then Tim pulled out. "Now" he said, "lick me

she moved around and took his cock back into her mouth and sucked all the juice
from it. Then, he said, "And, lick my cum from your cunt, my little whore

she twised around, and bent in order to get her mouth on her cunt. And then
began to lick her slit, and sucked all his cum from her pussy into her mouth,
swallowing it all.

Tim left her alone while she was sucking her cunt, and when she finished, she
turned over to sleep.

The next morning, tracy got up and cleaned herself inside and out. It felt good
to get warm showers. The girls hadn't told her not to, so she took advantage of
it. Once dressed, she headed downstairs for breakfast. As she entered the
kitchen, she was shocked to see Christina and Linda talking with her parents.
"God, what now?"  she thought.

Her mother was laughing and said, "You girls are so enjoyable to be with. I know
why Tracy loves to be with you so much. Tracy, come on and have some breakfast."

tracy ate her breakfast, but while she was eating, she almost choked when her
Dad said, "We are going away on a business trip Sunday and won't be back for a
couple of weeks. Since you won't be able to come with us, Linda said it would be
OK to stay at her house. Tim will be staying with his friend Barry. Isn't that

tracy couldn't believe she would be alone with these two evil friends for two
weeks with no escape. Wouldn't even be able to get away from them in her own

Her Mom said, "Since we will be away, we invited the girls to stay with us until
Sunday when we leave. I think it will be good, don't you Tracy?"

"Sure," she said, "i think we'll have lots of fun."

So, it was set! tracy had two and a half weeks to be tormented by her

Linda wanted to make sure everything was set with her Mom, so she said, "Lets go
to my house and pick up a few things, and I can talk to Mom about tracy staying
with me. Then, we can go to Christina's to get her things and talk to her

"Good idea, " said tracy's Dad. "We also have to get things together for our

The three girls went out to Linda's car and of course, tracy had to sit in the
back. As soon as they were away from the house, tracy was told to srtrip. she
did what she was told, knowing if she didn't, she would be punished for the next
two weeks.

Linda knew no one was at her house, so it wouldn't hurt to have the little slut
naked when they arrived. Once there, she was told to get out and crawl. tracy

They entered Linda's house and Christina said, "Ok, my little cunt, we have gone
two days without sex. Now, it is up to you to get us off. Eat my cunt you little

tracy didn't mind eating these two, since she really enjoyed the taste of hot
pussy, so she went to work, eating Christina's cunt. Then, moved to Linda's to
get her off as well. Both girls were now satisfied and started their plans for
the next 2 weeks.

This is when tracy found out, that she would be spending some time at a camp.
But, it wasn't an ordinary camp like most girls went to. She heard them say
something about a slut training camp.However, this would be later on, toward the
end of the second week. In the meantime, they would begin to train her to be
ready for camp.

The girls sat down at the computer and checked the web site. tracy also had to
watch as they went through the different pictures of her and even some of the
videos. How humiliating she thought. Everyone in the world could now see her.
her only prayer was that her Mom or Dad didn't get into this site.

Then, Linda clicked into the chat room of the site, and turned on the web cam.
Christina positioned tracy in front of the cam, and told her she was going to do
what others told her to. Then, Linda typed the message.

"Hi everyone, this is tracy the slut. I am here to do what you want me to. Just
type in your request and i'll do it!"

Suddenly, the screen filled up with requests. The first one said, "Play with
your cunt"

Linda repeated this to tracy and told her to do it. tracy reached down and
played with herself, knowing that others were seeing her do it. her face was
turning red.

The next request came in! "Put nipple clamps on your tits!"

Linda laughed as she handed tracy the clamps and repeated the request to her.
tracy was hesitant, but put them on her sensitive nipples.

Next, request was, "put a dildo in your cunt!"

Christina got the dildo out and handed it to tracy, telling her that she was
told to stick it up her cunt. The dildo Christina pulled out, was quite large.
tracy took it and worked it up her pussy, all the way in.

The same person wrote, "fuck your self"

The request was passed on, and tracy began to fuck her hot little cunt with the
huge toy.

Then, a request came in from Sue! "Eat your cunt, slut!"

she was told what to do, and tracy got bent to eat her cunt, while the whole
world watched. The girls let her eat her cunt until she had an orgasm, then
logged out of the site. They still had to get to Christina's to get some things
for the next few days.

They had her crawl back to the car and they drove to Christina's house. As they
approached the house, Linda said, "Looks like they are home, and we can't have
our slut seen by them just yet."

tracy was hopeful she would be allowed to put some clothes on, but they just
drove past the house and down the street to a wooded area. Once there, they got
her out of the car and led her to an area that was used by the neighborhood to
walk dogs. They told her to stay, and attached her leash to a tree. It was short
enough that she wouldn't be able to stand up, or get away. They even padlocked
the leash to the tree, so she could not unhook it.

Linda said, "We'll be right back pet, don't go away."

Laughing, they went back to Christina's house to gather up her things. They
talked to her parents for a little while, and explained that tracy had to stop
by another place before they went back to the William's house.

Once they had loaded up the car with Christina's things, they went back to get
their pet. Of course, they found her right where they left her, but also found a
couple of the neighborhood teens watching her. The boys started to leave when
they saw Linda and Christina pull up, but the girls told them not to run off.

Christina asked them, "You boys like our little pet?"

One of them said, "Sure do. wish I had a dog like that!"

Linda then said, "You want to fuck our dog?"

"Yea," they both shouted.  Linda told them, "Well, go ahead and fuck it then,
but do hurry. We have things to do."

The boys dropped their pants and took turns fucking tracy as she was on her
hands and knees. They didn't last to long, but did enjoy her pussy, shooting cum
inside her. Once they finished, they got ready to leave, but told the boys that
they might get some more of her next week, but they had to bring all the friends
they could find to help.

The boys said they would and to let them know when they would be back. Giving
Linda their phone numbers. Then, Christina unhooked the leash and led her back
to the car. They put a towel down on the seat and headed back to tracy's house.

On the way there, they talked to tracy, giving her instructions on what to do
from now until Sunday when her parents left.

Christina said, "Well little pet, since we are going to be together for a couple
of weeks, we can get a lot done. But, your parents will be around us for the
next few days, so things will have to be curtailed some until they leave."

"So, cunt," said Linda, "we will tell you what to wear at all times while at
home. And, we'll be there to monitor you. Once you are dressed in the way we
desire, you are going to put on some little shows for us. We expect you to show
off for Tim at all times. We want him horny, so he can fuck us. We also expect
you to start showing your Dad parts of your body. You will flash some tit around
him, bend over in front of him, showing your ass, and sit across from him,
giving him a view up your skirt to your cunt."

tracy crying said, "Please, don't make me do that in front of Dad. He'll whip my
ass. He'll think I'm a whore. Please no!"

Christina spoke up saying, "Well, then I guess we'll just show him what a little
slutty whore is sweet daughter is. Maybe we can watch a movie tonight, with you
as the star."

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO, i'll do it, but i don't want to!" cried tracy.

They were now approaching the house, and the girls stopped so tracy could dress.
they gave her a short skirt and a blouse to put on. Then, drove to the house to
have some fun.

Before getting out, Linda said, "Remember, we will watch you and you'll do as we
say. You will be told when and where to flash both your brother and Dad."

Then, they walked to the house.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 27

Once they were inside, the girls told tracy to be sure to follow their
instructions at all times, no matter what. First, they had her bend over in
front of her brother, just to be sure everything was plainly seen. she bent over
and Tim's eyes got big, and he smiled. Of course, the girls were also looking
and could see tracy's little butt cheeks poking out from under her skirt. Not
enough to show everything, but just enough to get someone's attention.

Linda said, "Just right, now we can continue with your Daddy!"

tracy looked shocked, thinking, "They really are serious and are going to make
me show Daddy my body." she stared blankly at the two girls.

They took her into the kitchen where her parents were sitting, having a cool
drink. The girls  thought they should all have a drink also, and since her
mothers back was toward the cupboards, they asked tracy to get some glasses and
they would get the drink and ice. Of course, tray had to raise up on her tiptoes
to get the glasses and when she did, her tiny skirt rode up over her ass. They
watched her Dad's reaction when he saw the lower half of tracy's naked butt. His
eyes got big, but didn't say anything. Instead, he just looked! tracy knew that
he could see her and her face was turning red with humiliation.

she got three glasses down and the girls fixed the drinks. However, Christina
dropped an ice cube, and said, "tracy, I've got my hands full, could you get the
for me?"

Embarrassed, tracy bent over and picked up the ice, but when she did, her ass
was once again in full view of her father. Her mother still couldn't see what
she was doing. This time, her little short skirt rode up her ass and the bottoms
of the letters tattooed on her ass could be seen. The girls watched as tracy's
father reached down and adjusted his now hard cock in his pants. They both
smiled at each other and whispered, "YES"

Once the drinks were finished, Linda said, "Why don't we all go into the den to
drink these. The chairs are more comfortable and we can talk in there."

Mr. and Mrs., William's agreed with her and they picked up the drinks and headed
toward the den. The girls told tracy to sit opposite her father and follow their

tracy sat down, trying to be very lady like in front of her parents, and
succeeded for awhile. But, her mother soon said, "Please excuse me, I have to
use the bathroom."

This is just what they wanted, and got tracy's attention. Linda pointed to her
legs and then opened them some. She looked at tracy and nodded she was to do the
same thing. Embarrassed, and not wanting to be punished later, she opened her
legs up slightly. But, she wasn't showing enough for the girls to see, so she
was instructed through hand signals to open more. tracy did what she had to do,
and tried to avoid her fathers looks.

As soon as she had them open enough the girls told her to stop there. tracy's
Dad almost did a double take when he saw straight up his daughters skirt to her
bald cunt. But, he didn't say anything. He just stared in awe at the cute little
sight he was seeing. tracy was turning bright red, knowing her own father was
getting turned on looking at her pussy.

The girls knew he wouldn't say or do anything, because they knew of the secrets
that the William's had hid from their children for years. But, soon enough tracy
would find them out also. However, they still didn't want to appear to obvious,
so when they heard Mrs. William's coming back to the room, they signaled to
tracy to close her legs.

They could see Mr. William's had a nice hard on now, and couldn't wait to have
tracy touch it. So, they made plans to do just that. Linda said, "Can we go out
to wash the cars? Mine is so dirty and when we drove up, it looked like yours is
in need of a bath also."

"Of course you can," said Mr. William's. "We have some more packing to do, so
we'll be in the bed room."

This was just what they wanted, and Christina leaned over to tracy and
whispered, "Go kiss your Mom and then your Dad. But, when you kiss him, pretend
to slip and put your hand on his cock. Leave it there for awhile to get a good
feel of it. Then, be prepared to tell us about what he has in his pants."

tracy got up, went to her Mom, bent over and kissed her cheek. Then, went to her
Dad, and leaned over to kiss him. she did what she was told to do and slipped,
letting her hand come to rest right on his hard cock. she seemed to struggle
some when she tried to get up and felt his cock for just awhile. Then, she got
up and kissed his cheek. she quickly left the room.

The girls took her into the bedroom so they could change to wash the cars, and
Linda said, "Ok fucktoy, tell us about your Dad's cock."

IIIIII TTttttttt's," tracy tried to say,  "IIIIItttt's bbbbiiiiigggggg."

"You can do better cunt, try again," HHHHHHiiiiiissssss cccoooocccckkkkkk is big
and ffffaaaaatttt," stammered tracy. "It seems long and fat!"

The girls laughed and Christina said, "Well fucktoy, maybe someday soon, you'll
know just how long and fat Daddy's cock really is when he fucks you with it."

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO," tracy yelled, "i won't fuck daddy!"

"Oh, but you told us you wanted to fuck him. you even begged to fuck him. We
have it all on video to prove it." said Linda.

tracy just cried as she remembered back to what she did say when she needed to
cum so bad, and that was one thing she had begged for.

The girls threw her a long T-shirt and told her to strip out of her clothes and
put it on. she got it on, and it did cover her a little more than the skirt, so
she didn't mind wearing just the shirt. However, she wasn't thinking of what
would happen when it got wet.

They took her outside and they all started washing the cars. This was going to
be fun thought the girls. Linda had the hose and to start with, she just sprayed
the cars, but tracy had to do the washing, making sure she bent over at the
waist when she had to wash the bottom parts of the cars. Of course, by doing
this, her ass was seen by anyone that happened to look. And, the girls noticed
that her Dad was in the bedroom window watching. They figured Mrs. William's
would be getting a good fucking this afternoon.

Then, Linda turned the hose on tracy, soaking her from head to toe. she didn't
notice anything at first, but once she looked down at her body she saw her naked
skin under the shirt. she tried to cover herself, but Christina said, "Don't do
that fucktoy, we want you seen!"

tracy moved her hands away, and continued washing the cars. But, Linda made sure
she stayed wet. tracy tried to get as close to the cars as possible, but the
girls made her step back, in order for her body to be seen. They also kept
watching the bedroom window, and Mr. William's kept appearing there, watching
his little girl. They could also see he was naked and his cock was really hard.
But, Mrs. William's never showed herself at the window.

They kept tracy like this for quite a long time. Tim and Barry even came out to
help, but didn't do much except watch tracy. They loved it! But, finally the
girls had all the fun they wanted for now, and sent tracy back into the house to
change back into her clothes.

When she left, Tim spoke to Christina and Linda. "I think it would be fun to tie
her nipples and clit together. We can run a chain from her clit up to her tits
and make it tight. Then, everytime she moves, it will pull her nipples down and
her clit up."

"Great idea!" said Linda, "Lets go fix her!"

They all headed up the stairs to her bedroom. she was just finishing up getting
her clothes on when they all walked in. "Strip cunt!" ordered Linda.

"BBbbbut, i just got dressed." said tracy

"We don't care, cunt, just strip." said Linda, getting disgusted with her.

As soon as she was naked, they took a chain and attached it to her clit chain,
then up to her nipples. They made sure it was really tight so it was already
pulling on her.  But, the girls went a little farther than Tim had suggested.
They also ran a chain from her clit, down her crotch, through her ass crack, up
her back and over her shoulders. Then, attached it to her nipple chain. Then
told her to bend over. This caused the chain to pull on her tits and her clit at
the same time, and it hurt. "OOOOOOOWWWWWWW," she cried, "it hurts."

"Good," said Christina, Thats what we want. Can't have a fucktoy being to
comfortable, can we?"

"Now get dressed cunt," said Linda.

tracy put her clothes on, but every time she moved, her clit and nipples ached.
But, her juices were beginning  to flow from her cunt. she knew that soon, they
would be running down her legs and she didn't know what to do about it,
especially in front of her parents.

They all headed back down stairs, but as they walked past her parents house,
they heard the sounds of fucking. They made tracy stand with her ear to the door
and listen to them fuck. And, she couldn't move until she was sure her Daddy had
shot his load into her mother.

"Just think slut," said Christina, "you will be doing that with Daddy someday"

tracy cried at the thought of her own father fucking her like he was fucking her
mother right now. she stayed at the door until she heard her father groan and
say he was cumming. Then, she joined the rest of them down stairs.

Once downstairs they all went into the kitchen again. They decided to fix lunch
and had tracy doing all sorts of things, just so her father could see her more.
Knowing that he would soon be hard again, and ready to fuck anything. They made
her bend over, reach for things on the top shelves, and sit with her legs open.
All for his eyes, but not where her mother could see. They were all having such
a good time with this little cunt, and knew that Mr. William's was getting a
good view of his little girls naked body.

This went on for the next few days, with tracy showing every part of her body to
her father, brother and Barry. At night, the boys would come to tracy's room to
fuck the girls and watch as tracy cleaned everyone up with her tongue. They also
used her as a piss slut every chance they got, especially at night and early

When Saturday evening arrived, Mrs. William's said she had to go to the store to
get some items for their trip. It was perfect timing thought the girls. Now,
tracy's father could see al of her. They made the plans and when he went to the
bathroom, they got tracy ready. They made her strip naked, and pushed her into
the hall. she was told that she needed to pretend she was going to the bathroom
and to not notice her father as he stepped out of the bathroom. tracy stood in
the hall, frightened, but excited. she rally did enjoy showing off her body, but
was scared of what her Daddy would do to her if he saw her naked around the

He stepped out, and tracy froze right where she was. He looked her way, but
didn't say anything to her. tracy stood still, afraid to move. she knew he was
seeing all of her, and even the piercing she had been given, along with the
jewelry she now wore.

Suddenly, she realized he was standing there staring at her, and she said, "i'm
sorry Daddy, I had to go pee really bad and didn't realize you were up here."

He said, "No problem Tracy, but from now on, put a robe on." Then he just turned
and walked away. tracy quickly walked to the bathroom like she had been
instructed to do. she couldn't pee, so she just stayed there for a short time,
then started back to her room. Once again, she saw her Daddy watching her and
she hurried back.

"i hope you are all happy now. Daddy got a good view of my naked body. He
probably thinks i'm a whore now." said tracy.

They all laughed and Linda said, "Well cunt, at least he knows what you are. And
now He has seen what he'll someday get to fuck. We'll make sure of that!"

Mrs. William's returned and the show continued into the evening. tracy showed
more of her ass, tits and cunt to her father and he was super hard when they all
went to bed. Once her parents had closed the door, they made tracy go listen as
they fucked again. Of course, she was naked with her ear to their door. Once she
heard the moans and groans of her parents signaling that they had both cum, she
made her way back to her room. she walked in to see the two boys fucking the
girls and really having a good time. she stood and watched, knowing that soon,
they would make her lick them all clean and she would have to get both boys hard
so they could fuck her too.

And, thats what happened as soon as the boys shot their cum into her Mistresses
cunts. she cleaned them all up, sucked the boys cocks, getting them hard.  Then,
they took turns fucking her, so she could suck their cum from her own cunt. 
But, while she was sucking the cum from her cunt, they all started fucking
again. she was told to continue sucking her pussy until they got off, then she
could clean them all up again.

Once every body was totally satisfied, she once again put the girls to sleep by
sucking their cunts, then she fell asleep.  And, woke up the next morning doing
the same thing. The girls didn't even bother to take her to the bathroom this
time. They just pissed in her mouth as she ate them, and she swallowed it all.
Then, the boys came in and also used her mouth for a toilet, pissing directly
into her mouth.

Once everyone was finished, they went down stairs and helped her parents get
things loaded up for their trip. What fun they would have once they left. Linda
told the parents that they would clean up the house, then drop the boys off
before going to her house. Just before they left, tracy was told to show her
father her cunt one more time. This time, she had to raise her skirt up right in
front of him. she hated doing it, but had been told if she didn't, she would be
publicly punished.

So, tracy asked her father to help her get something from the house. He went
with her, and she raised her skirt up for him to see. He said, "Tracy, why are
you doing this in front of me?" she answered, "Daddy, i'm sorry, but i lost
another dare and thats what i had to do."

"Well, don't let your mother see you doing that. I don't mind, but she would not
understand. You are very pretty and look so inviting. Maybe when we get back,
we'll have a little talk, and even try some other things too." said Mr.

With that, he turned around and left her standing there, with her pussy exposed.
she realized he was gone, and let her skirt fall back down, then walked out to
say goodbye to her parents. tracy couldn't understand why he didn't do more than
just say what he did, but would know more at the end of the two weeks.

As soon as their car was out of sight, Linda said, "STRIP cunt face!"

Knowing she had no choice, tracy removed all her clothes right there in the
drive way, and tried to cover her naked body with them.

Christina noticed this and ordered, "Drop the clothes fuck toy!"

"Please, not here," she begged. "The neighbors wil see me and the drive is

"I don't give a fuck about who sees you and could really care less obout your
cheap clothes. Drop them now cunt!" yelled Christina.

tracy didn't dare refuse, so she dropped her clothes onto the pavement and stood
there naked waiting for something else to happen. And, it did!

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 28

tracy stood naked in her driveway, waiting.  The other four just watched her for
a while, then Linda spoke to her. "Now cunt face, we have you to ourselves for
two whole weeks. During this time, you will be humiliated, exposed, used,
abused, tortured,and well fucked. you will do everything we say, no matter what
it is, with anyone we want, wherever we want. And, if you hesitate, refuse or do
it wrong, you'll be punished. Then, at the end of this two week period, you'll
be going to a special camp for sluts like you."

"Pppllleeaaasssseee, Nnnnnoooooo" cried the little naked slut.

Then, Christina spoke, "My little fucktoy, you will learn proper discipline and
beg for more when we are done with you. We have set up some special events for
you during this two weeks to get you ready for camp and you don't have to worry
about packing anything to go to Linda's or to camp. You won't be needing

They all laughed. That is everyone but tracy was laughing.

"Now," said Linda, "we all want to fuck this afternoon, and we don't want to be
disturbed. We are going to take these two young studs into the house and fuck
their brains out, but you are not invited. You will stay out here, out of our
way. NOW, on your knees fuck face and crawl to the flag pole."

crying, tracy dropped to her hands and knees. like an obedient pet and crawled
to the flag pole. she had no idea what else she could do. If she refused, she
would be punished, so she just obeyed her Mistress.

Once they got to the pole, she was made to stand up with her back to the pole.
Then, Christina attached her wrist together and clipped them to the clip that
would normally hold the flag. The other 4 started pulling the rope and raised
tracy's arms in the air above her head. They kept pulling until she was on her
tip toes. Then, they tied the rope off. Next, the boys pounded tent pegs into
the ground, about 2 feet away from both sides of the pole. The girls attached
some rope to her ankles and pulled her legs apart, and tied them to the tent
pegs. Now, her legs were about 4 feet apart and she was having a hard time
touching the ground.

Tim said, "It looks like there is some slack in these, we need to fix that." He
began undoing the flag pole rope, and they all got together to pull her up some
more, making everything tight. tracy couldn't move and her feet were now off the
ground, her arms stretching, holding her weight.

"That looks good," said Christina, "Now for the finishing touches."  She got
some weights out and attached them to tracy. One weight for each nipple and
another on her clit.

"All done," said Linda, "Now, lets go fuck! the slut won't be going anywhere for
awhile, so we don't have to worry about her bothering us. Be good cunt face!"

Leaving tracy suspended from the flag pole, the other four left to go in the
house and into tracy's parents room. They were going to fuck on their bed, but
they also needed to look for a few things they knew were hidden someplace in

Once in Mr. and Mrs. William's bedroom, the four of them stripped and jumped on
the king size bed. They ate each other and then fucked like rabbits. Tim with
Christina and Barry with Linda. They fucked hard and when all of them had a good
orgasm, they switched partners and fucked some more.

Meanwhile, tracy hung from the flag pole in plain view of anyone going by. she
felt so humiliated and exposed to the world. she cried as she saw several cars
drive by, slow down and look at her naked form. There was some other students,
some neighbors, some teachers, and even the principal of her school. But, no one
stopped. The afternoon sun was beating down on her naked form, all of her
jewelry glistening in the bright sunlight. her shiny things sparkeld and sent
out little reflections of the sun, causing every one to notice her even more.
she could feel her naked tits and cunt getting hot. she never sunbathed in the
nude before, and these parts were quite sensitive to the hot sun. tracy just
knew, that they would be getting sunburned soon, which would only make things
worse for her.

The other four finished fucking and started looking around the William's
bedroom. Pulling out the dresser drawers, moving things in the closet, even
looking under the mattress. They thought they wouldn't find what Mr. Frank had
told them would be there. At least not until Linda found a small box stuck away
in a corner of the closet, which had been overlooked before. She quickly opened
it and saw the contents. But, she didn't want the boys to see what was in it
just yet, so she hid it back in the same spot. She said, "Guess it isn't in
here, lets try someplace else."  The boys agreed and headed to the den to see if
it might be in there. Once they left, Linda got the box out and removed the
contents and put them in her purse. Then the girls joined the boys in the den.

With no luck there, they decided it was time to leave and get the boys to
Barry's house, so the phone calls could be made to set up a little party for the
night. They all cleaned up, got dressed and went to get tracy down.

When they got to the flag pole, tracy was begging for relief  from the pain in
her arms. But begging for more relief to her sensitive cunt. For some reason,
she needed to cum. she had that aching sensation in her cunt again, and couldn't
figure out why. Maybe she got turned on from the torment and exposure.

The 4 of them got her down, and she immediately started to play with her cunt,
but was stopped by Christina. She said, "NO fucktoy, you will not touch that
whore hole until we say you can. You have to learn control, so get your fingers
away from it!"

tracy stopped, looking at Christina with pleading eyes. she wanted to cum and
thought she could beg, but didn't want to piss them off. So, she just stared!

They loaded her in the car so they could drop the boys off and go to Linda's to
work on the web site. The two girls in front, the other three in the back, with
tracy in the middle, spread wide with her legs over the boys laps. On the ride
to Barry's house, the two boys played with her horny pussy, but wouldn't allow
her to cum.

Dropping the two boys off, Linda reminded them, "Don't forget to call all those
others we discussed and have them bring a friend if they wish. And, remember the

The boys laughed and said, "Oh, we'll get everyone there and maybe some others

Once arriving at Linda's house, tracy had to crawl in on hands and knees.
Christina said, "Ok fucktoy, we need some time alone and don't want you in our
way, so go into the bathroom and wait."

tracy crawled into the bathroom and waited for her Mistresses. Soon, Christina
and Linda came in and gave her the instructions to keep her occupied. Linda
said, "I want this place spotless by the time we finish with what we are doing.
So, you are going to clean it for me. Start with the toilet, then do the floor."

tracy looked around to find something to clean with, but didn't see anything.
she asked, "Do you have some rags and brushes?"

Laughing, Christina said, "No, we don't slut! Use your slutty tongue in the
toilet, and here is your toothbrush for the floor. Now, get busy!"

tracy hesitated and got a good swat on her naked ass from Linda. "You were told
to get busy, now get that tongue busy in my toilet, cunt!"

tracy slowly put her head into the toilet and began to lick the sides. "How
disgusting!" she thought. But, continued to lick the bowl. she was told to keep
licking until one of them returned to inspect her work and then she could do the

They watched her for a few minutes, then went to the computer to upload the
things they found into the web site. They also added more of tracy. The hits
kept coming in and they were collecting quite a good sum of money from it. After
they had uploaded what they needed, they went in to check on tracy. she was
actually doing a good job of cleaning the toilet, and she was told to stop.
Then, Linda said, as she gave tracy the toothbrush. "Scrub the floor now bitch
and make it shine!"

tracy saw the toothbrush and realized it was her own that she used at home. she
took it and thought, "i'll just get a new one later," and started scrubbing the
floor.  The girls left her alone again and started making some phone calls to
get the food and drinks needed for the little party. They would have it all
delivered to the place they would be at for the next 24 hours.

Once that was done, they went back to get tracy. she was just finishing up with
the floor and she was told to get up. Linda said to her, "Ok cunt, clean your
face and brush your teeth. can't have you smelling like a toilet mouth, now can

tracy got up and started to wash her face.  she looked around for another
toothbrush to use. When she saw none, she knew they expected her to use the one
she had just cleaned the floor with. she didn't want to piss them off, so she
brushed her teeth and then was ready to go.

Taking her to the car and getting her in the back seat once again, Christina put
a blindfold on her, making sure she couldn't see anything. At least not until
they had her at the party place and she was all secured.

They drove off. tracy had no idea where they were since Linda took a lot of
different turns and stopped a couple of times. tracy was totally confused as to
where she was. Finally, the car stopped and they had tracy get out. The girls
led her on her hands and knees to an area, which was soft with grass. tracy
still couldn't figure out what they were doing.

Christina said, "Ok fuck meat, stand up!"  tracy did as she was told and felt
the girls stretching her feet apart and tying them so her legs were spread wide
apart, exposing her hot cunt. her feet were about 4' apart now. Next, they took
her arms and  pulled them up and put, secured them to something. she was now
spread eagle on a frame and looked like a bid X!

Next came a set of ear phones and once they were on, she couldn't hear anything
except the words coming from the head phones. "tracy is a slut, tracy is a slut,
tracy is a slut!" It went on and on, and thats all she could hear.

Meanwhile, others began to arrive, but tracy didn't know it yet. More and more
cars pulled into the party area, and soon, there were about 20 people there. The
girls were pleased with the boys work, and as soon as Tim and Barry got out of
the car they were riding in, they went to thank them and to ask if everyone was
in agreement. They also waited for the food and drinks to arrive, which they did
very soon.

Now, everything was set up on a table behind tracy, so once they took her
blindfold off, all she would see is the people present. All the food and drinks
were placed on a table and the other toys on a separate table. On this toy
table, they placed, dildos,vibrators, butt plugs, whips, paddles, belts, canes,
switches,ben gay, oil, paint, magic markers, lipstick, and a special jar that no
one knew what was in it. The jar was covered with black paper and the word
"secret" was written on it.

Once they had everything arranged the way they wanted it, the girls gathered
everyone around in front of tracy.  Then Christina pulled off her ear phones.
tracy couldn't hear any noises, so still didn't know what to expect. Then Linda
pulled off her blindfold.

tracy adjusted her eyes and when they were focused, she saw everyone in front of

Before her were all the kids that at one time or another she had pissed off or
had done something to.  There was Kim, whose boyfriend tracy stole, Jim, the
boyfriend, who never even got a blow job from tracy, Allison, the little brat
who tracy beat up all the time when they were younger, Todd, the boy she told
the teacher had grabbed her butt, even if  he didn't do it, Karen, the one she
beat out for being a cheerleader, Jeni, the one she accused of cheating on a
test because she got a better grade than tracy. And, so many more! she couldn't
remember what she had done to all of them, but now, she was totally exposed
naked in front of them. And, she couldn't do anything about it, since she was
tied so tight.

Linda called for silence and then said, "We want to thank all of you for coming
to our little party today. Over the next 24 hours, we will be playing a lot of
games and will also have some special contests. Our little slut tracy, which you
can see is ready to entertain us will be your toy for the next 24 hours. Please
feel free to use her in any way you wish during this time. she will also be
available for punishments for what she has done to you in the past, and be sure,
that she'll never do anything to any of you again."

Then, Christina said, "The only thing we ask, is that while using and abusing
our whore, you do not leave any marks on her body that won't disappear in a
week. We have other plans for her and can't have her marked up to bad."

Linda spoke again, saying, "We have some games we will play with her and have
contests in which, she will be the prize for the winners. There is plenty of
food and drinks here, compliments of tracy, who has asked us to set up a web
site for her to expose her true nature to the world. All of you here will have
access to it at no charge. But, those that have paid us have given us enough
money to put on this party. Thank you tracy!"

Everyone laughed at this. That is everyone but poor little tracy who just cried
in shame.

"Now, the first game we have planned, is to see how much of her body we can
write on and paint. We have all the things needed to do this on the table behind
her, so lets get busy." said Christina.

Linda and Christina were the first to take a permanent marker and write on her
naked body. Christina wrote, just above her hairless cunt, "FUCKTOY" in bright
red letters. Then Linda wrote, also in red, across tracy's cheek, "COCKSUCKER"

Then, they stood back as all the others had their turns at writing or drawing on
her. When it was all over, she had a lot of writing and drawings on her. Not one
inch of her body had been missed and she looked like the tattoo lady in a
circus. Some of the things written were, "CUNT, WHORE,BITCH, PUSSY LICKER, SLUT,

They also drew pictures on her, of her sucking cocks, eating cunt, getting
fucked, drinking piss,etc. Once everyone was done, there was a photo session,
where everyone who wanted their own pictures of this young cunt, could take the
pics. Along with the video tape of the whole process that Tim and Barry made.

They all decide this had been fun, but they wanted to rest and have something to
eat before they moved on. So, leaving tracy there they all went behind her to
eat and have some drinks. Of course, everyone talked of what they wanted to do
to this cunt. tracy heard everything and was crying about what she heard. But,
for some reason, her cunt was beginning to feel that aching sensation again and
she wondered why her pussy was betraying her. she knew she was a slut now and
would always be a slut. however, she didn't want it that way. her cunt was wet
and her mind tried to stop the feeling she was having.

After everyone was ready to play some more, Linda announced the next game. "Now
that everyone has had a chance to discuss our fucktoy, we want you to have some
more fun. You all noticed that on the table there is a wide variety of toys and
devices to be used on her. So, I would like you all to line up and one at a
time, pick an instrument to use. Once you have decided what you want, step
forward and use it on her. Everyone is allowed 10 hits anyplace on her body.
But, her face is only to get hit with a bare hand and nothing else. The rest of
the sluts body is open and available and you may hit her anywhere you wish."

Then Christina added, "tracy cunt, when anyone comes up to you, you will greet
them by name and call them Sir or Ma'am.   You will also count the hits from
each of them, thanking them after each hit and beg for another. DO you
understand fucktoy?"


Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 29

Kim was the first to step up and punish tracy. As she approached her, tracy
began to think back of the time she stole Jim from her. She wanted him to be her
boyfriend and promised him everything, just to be his girl. But, when he dumped
Kim for her, she didn't give him anything. Kim was pissed and never forgot what
tracy did to her. Now it was revenge time, and tracy knew she would pay for
being a cock teaser.

Kim stood in front of her, but tracy didn't say a word. she just stared at Kim,
with a blank look on her face. Kim looked back at her with a big smile, and
waited to be greeted properly. But nothing came.

"SMACK", was the sound as Kim slapped the bound tracy across the face. "You are
supposed to greet me cunt," she said. And gave her another hard slap across the
face. tracy was now crying, tears running down her cheeks.

"HHHHheeeellllllllooooo, Kim, Ma'am," cried tracy

"Much better bitch," said Kim, then turned to Linda asking, "Linda, do those two
count, since the whore didn't greet me properly?"

"No," said Linda, "you still have ten hits. And tracy pet, don't forget to count
like you have been trained to do!"

Kim laughed and picked up a willow switch. Raising it up, then bringing it down
across tracy's left tit. "One, thank you Ma'am," cried tracy. Then added, "May i
have another"

"Of course you can darling," said Kim, and hit her right tit with the switch.

"Two, thank you Ma'am, may i have another," tracy said. she was determined to do
everything right and not show the pain she felt. But, it was hard to do as the
tears dripped from her eyes.

Kim then decide she wanted to hurt her someplace else, so she hit her across her
belly, just above her cunt. "Three, thank you Ma'am, may i have another," cried

The next one hit her cunt, as Kim brought the switch up between her legs.
"MMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHH, Four, Thank you Ma'am, may i have another" tracy cried out.

Kim liked that, since she promised to let Jim fuck her cunt if  he dropped Kim
for her. Then, backed down. The little bitch will pay now, and the next 6 hit
her sore cunt. It was starting to turn red and puffy now. tracy was able to keep
count and soon Kim had to stop to allow the others to punish her.

Jim was next and he too wanted her cunt to pay, since he was never able to fuck
the little cock teaser. He picked the riding crop and continued where Kim had
left off. tracy counted each blow to her sore cunt, and thanked him. Always
remembering to ask for another.

Once Jim finished, the rest of the group took their turns at her naked body.
tracy was hurting all over and had welts and bruises on every part of her body.
The welts could be seen quite well, even through all the writing.

The last one stepped up to her, and tracy stared at her, and said, "Hello
Allison, Ma'am."

"You do remember me, don't you tracy? The one you always beat up whenever you
felt like it." said Allison.

"Yyyyyyyyes, Ma'am," stuttered tracy.

"Well, you are going to pay for what you did to me when we were younger." she
said, then turning to Linda and Christina, and asked, "Can we get her clit out
more. I want to make her suffer?"

"Sure" said Christina and got some clamps out. She attached one to each cunt lip
and then puled them to the sides and attached them to the frame. This pulled her
clit out and it was standing up like a little dick.

Allison picked up her tool, an antennae from a car, then slapped it hard against
tracy's exposed nub. "MMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH, one, thank you Ma'am, may i
have another," she cried out.

Allison laughed and gave her what she asked for. All ten hits directly on
tracy's clit.

tracy was crying with the pain, but also found herself getting hot and wet from
it. she was about to cum when Allison quit.

"NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO, Don't stop, make me cum,

Linda laughed and said, "You heard the whore Allison, make her cum."

So, Allison continued hitting tracy's swollen clit, until finally, tracy
screamed out,

tracy went limp and just hung there on the frame. she almost passed out from the
pain and pleasure combination, but was able to stay awake.

Then, Christina said, "Ok, lets let the cunt rest for awhile. We'll get some
cold drinks before moving on to the next part. I'm sure you'll all enjoy it as
much as this."

tracy was left on the frame, like a big X while everyone went to the tables and
had some cold drinks. her body ached, but her cunt was on fire with the need to
cum again. she needed more in order to get off, but was afraid they would hurt
her more if she asked. So, tracy just hung there, with the sun beating down on
her bruised body, and the things hanging from her bruised clit  and tits shining

Finally, Linda and Christina came back to her and released her so they could get
her ready for the next game. When she was released, she fell to the ground and
couldn't move. The girls showed no mercy and got her up on her knees, so they
could prepare her for the fun.

Linda handcuffed her hands behind her back, then with Christina's help got her 
turned over on her back. They slipped a pair of rubber panties up her legs and
just before they had them all the way up, they stopped.

tracy layed there in a daze. Christina went to the table and picked up two jars,
and a roll of duct tape. When she returned, she opened one jar and handed the
other to Linda. Then, she poured the contents of the jar all over tracy's cunt
area, and forced some of the substance inside her pussy and ass.

Then, they pulled the rubber panties up and taped the legs to make a seal. Then,
the pulled the top of the panties open, and dumped the contents of the other jar
inside them. Quickly, they made a tight seal around the waist band.

tracy didn't know what they were doing or what they had put inside the panties.
At least not to start with, but then she realized what it was. The first jar was
honey and was quite sticky. The next jar was ants and now they were beginning to
crawl around inside the rubber panties. Some were biting her and she screamed
loudly, "PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE, take them out!"

"Oh, we will," said Christina, "Just as soon as you give everyone an orgasm with
your mouth."

"Here is what you have to do slut, in order to get the panties off and the ants
away from your cunt and ass," said Linda. "You'll crawl to everyone, and orally
pleasure them. You will have to unzip the guys pants and get their cocks out
with your mouth. Then, suck them off until they cum. Be sure to swallow it all

"And, for  the girls, you'll have to get their panties off with your mouth and
eat them until they cum." said Christina.  "Then, once everyone has cum in your
mouth, we'll get the ants off you."

"Better get busy whore before the ants eat you all up, inside and out!" laughed

tracy did her best to crawl on her knees to where every one was sitting in a
circle. The first one she came to was one of the boys and she worked at his
pants until she got his cock out. taking it in her mouth, she sucked hard,
wanting to get him to cum quickly. she had learned the best way to suck a cock
to get them to cum fast and she used her expertise to do so.

The ants were crawling all around inside her panties, and she could feel some of
them going up her cunt and others up her ass. she could feel them biting her on
the inside and around her swollen pussy lips. some were even nibbling her sore

Moving to the next person, she figured out how to get the girls panties down and
dove into the hairy cunt. tracy was doing great with getting every one off, and
was soon half way around the circle. her mouth was sore and her jaws ached, but
her cunt was now on fire and it was getting to be difficult concentrating on her
duties with her cunt hurting so bad.

Finally, she finished eating and sucking everyone, making each of them cum for
her. Now, she could get these panties off and get the ants off her and out of

Linda and Christina were true to their words and pulled the panties off her.
Then, they took a bucket of ice water and poured it over her crotch to wash the
ants off. But that did nothing to get them out of her cunt and ass. tracy

Next, they uncuffed her hands and gave her a baseball bat. Linda said, "The only
way to get those little creatures out of you, is to kill them. So, slut, shove
this bat up inside you and kill them."

tracy hesitated and just stared at her tormentors. her mouth was so sore from
sucking cock and eating pussy, she couldn't talk. But, she knew she would never
get that big thing in her little cunt.  she shook her head no and refused to
take the bat.

The girls saw this and decided to help her out. They got a couple of girls to
hold the bat straight up, then asked some of the boys to pick her up. she was
raised from the ground by her shoulders and a couple others took her legs. she
was positioned in a sitting position in their arms. Then, they put her over the
bat, with her cunt at the top of it. Then at the count of three, they began to
lower her.

The big end of the bat was at the beginning of her fuck hole and they just
lowered her more, causing her lips to separate. Soon, the bat had penetrated her
tunnel and they continued lowering her down on it. she now had about two inches
inside her cunt and she felt like she would be split in half.

Everyone laughed and just kept lowering her onto the bat. Once they had about
four inches in her cunt, Linda told them to stop. Then she said, "Now, let her
stand up." The boys carefully put her feet back on the ground and Linda
continued. "tracy pet, you will now squat on this bat and take it up your cunt.
I want to see at least ten inches inside that whore hole."

"PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEE, Mistress, I can't," cried tracy.

SMACK,SMACK,SMACK, came the three blows to her sore ass, which made her jump and
another inch went into her cunt.

Christina said to her, "Now, you squat on the bat, or we continue with smacking
your sore ass, and if we have to work to hard, we'll make you take more than the
ten inches."

tracy cried, but didn't want to be beat anymore, so she slowly bent her knees
and began to take the big bat inside her sore cunt. The girls had it marked, so
they could watch the inches go inside the whores cunt. They all began counting
as the bat disappeared.

"Six, Seven, Eight" they all chanted.

"NINE," was the cheers.

Then, finally with a little push from Christina, all ten inches were up her
stretched out pussy hole. "Thats ten tracy, now you don't have to take anymore,
at least not now," said Linda.

Christina said, "Ok, slut, on your hands and knees and don't let any of it slip
out from that dirty cunt either."

Hurting, tracy obeyed and was soon on her hands and knees, with the bat sticking
straight out from her cunt.she was the told to crawl around so everyone could
see what a whore she was and that her cunt was good for only one thing. FUCKING!

tracy crawled around and could feel this big bat in her pussy moving with each
movement of her body. her pussy would never be the same after this, she would
probably never feel a normal cock again since she was so stretched out.

After everyone had a good look, Linda grabbed the bat an yanked it out of the
cunts fuck hole. "AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" cried tracy as her hole was left

Linda then said, "Now Bitch, eat your dirty cunt for us!"

tracy wanted to cum again, even though she hurt so bad. she twisted and turned
until she once again had her mouth on her pussy and was licking it. she could
tell how big it was and how much she was stretched, but she was determined to
make herself cum.

And, soon, she was having another great orgasm.
she came.
As soon as she was finished cuming, she was told to crawl to another area.
There, she was tied spread eagle on the ground and was told that she could rest
for awhile. The others were going to party some.

Once away from their little pet, Linda said, "Now, we will have our fun without
the cunt. But, if any of you have to piss, please feel free to use her. You can
piss anyplace on her body you wish, and if you want, you can also piss in her
mouth. she is trained to be a toilet slut, so please feel free."

It was getting dark now, and tracy was still tied up away from everyone. she was
covered in piss and her mouth tasted like a toilet, since many of them had used
her this way. The boys would come to her with their cocks out and piss all over
her, while the girls would squat over her face and piss in her mouth. she must
have gallons of piss in and on her. she had to pee, and did just that, right

Christina came to her and said, "We are all going to get some rest now, so just
be a good little pet and don't go away. We'll get you in the morning. Sleep well
fucktoy."  But, before she left, she took a dildo and pushed it in her cunt, and
a butt plug up her ass.

"That should keep you occupied for the night slut, Good night." she said as she
walked away.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 30

The girls woke tracy up the next morning ready to relieve themselves. Linda
said, "Good morning cunt, I hope you slept well."

Christina added, "Yes, fucktoy, I hope you had a good nights sleep, because we
are going to play some more today. Your 24 hours are not up yet!"

"No, i didn't sleep very much.  i hurt and need to stretch some. please let me
go," she begged.

Not yet bitch, we have to pee, and you are our toilet!" laughed Linda.

Then, Linda squatted over tracy's face and told her to open wide. "I've been
saving this just for you cunt face"

tracy knew what was coming and also knew better than to refuse. So, she opened
her mouth and Linda got her cunt right up on tracy's mouth. She then let out her
piss, directly into tracy's mouth. she did her best to swallow all of it, but
there was so much, some dribbled from the corners of her mouth.

tracy was thinking to herself, "This is horrible. it taste bad and it shouldn't
be happening to her."

Linda finished pissing into her toilet and said, "Ok, slut, lick me clean like a
nice piece of toilet paper."

tracy licked all the rest of the piss from Linda's cunt, but also tasted some
dried up cum that was on the edges of her pussy and also inside her.

Then, as soon as Linda got off the toilet, Christina got on. tracy had to take
all of her piss, just like she did for Linda, then lick her clean. Christina's
cunt also had some dried up cum on it.

Once they were finished with their morning relief, they untied tracy and
attached a leash to the chain between her tits and tugged at it, which made
tracy follow. The pulling made her nipple stick out from her breast and also
made them hurt even more.

The girls took her to where the rest of the group was waiting and, Christina
said, "Ok, we are going to give all of you a chance to use this cunt one more
time. We will put her in the sling we have prepared, and once she is there,
you'll notice her cunt, ass and mouth will be accessible to anyone who wants to
use her slut holes."

They put tracy up into a sling and fastened her in. she was fixed so that her
legs were wide apart, and then attached her arms to her feet. Then, they pulled
hard so that she was in a perfect split, exposing her gaping cunt and ass. Her
mouth was also in a place where it could be used.  Then, they raised the sling
up, so she was right at crotch level for everyone.

Linda then said, "Ok guys, you can fuck her anyplace you desire for as long as
you wish. And girls, she is a great cunt eater too, so feel free to get your
pussy's licked."

Christina added, "And, to let you know, the cunt has never been fisted before,
so if you would like to sample what it is like to have your whole hand in a
cunt, please feel free to do so."

Everyone cheered and lined up to use tracy. The first guy stepped up and sank
his cock deep into her ass, and fucked her until he shot his load of hot white
cum deep into her bowels. But, at the same time a girl positioned her cunt at
tracy's mouth  and made tracy eat her until she had a great orgasm.

One after the other, the boys fucked her ass and cunt, shooting their cum deep
inside her. And the girls were enjoying her loving licks to their pussies. Once
everyone had their turn with her, Allison said she wanted to fist fuck her cunt.

She stepped between tracy's wide open legs and placed her hand at tracy's love
tunnel. First she just stuck a couple of fingers inside her. But soon, she added
more fingers and then, she had her hand in up to the knuckles. But, suddenly she
pulled her hand out and made a fist. Luckily for tracy Alisons hand were small.

Alison put her fist at the entrance to tracy's sore pussy and shoved. It was
still difficult to get her fist in, even though tracy had just been fucked by so
many guys. But, with persistence, she got her fist inside tracy's pussy.

Allison said, "Damn, she is tight!" pushing deeper into tracy's hole, she
started to twist her hand around. Allison pulled her hand back to the entrance
and then shoved it hard into tracy's cunt.


But, Allison didn't pay her any attention and just pushed deeper and deeper into
the sluts fuck hole. She was all the way up to her wrist and was beginning to
fuck her back and forth. She heard the cheers and the yells, saying, "DEEPER,

Alison took their cheers in stride and pushed deeper into tracy's cunt. She was
now up to her wrist, but knew she could get more in. Allison wanted to go to the
elbow and pushed deeper into the sluts fuck hole.

tracy was crying from the pain! her cunt was being stretched to new limits.

But, Allison just laughed and said, "Not until you take my arm up your slutty
cunt. All the way to my elbow!"  And she pushed more. she was now half way up to
her elbow and still pushing. Allison pulled out some and then drove her hand and
arm in deeper. Almost there!

tracy was hurting bad now, but the juices from her stretched pussy said she was
excited and needed it. It wasn't long, and all of Allison's arm was inside tray.
All the way to the elbow and just a little beyond. Then, she started to fuck
tracys cunt with her arm. Back and forth, in and out!

She was watching tracy's reaction and could tell the whore was about to cum.
But, she wasn't going to give her the pleasure. She pulled her arm and hand out
quickly and a very loud "POP" could be heard as she removed it.

Yelled tracy.

"NO FUCKING WAY WHORE! I won't give you the pleasure of cumming on my arm.
Suffer Bitch!" laughed Allison as she walked away.

tracy was trying to hump the arm that just left her empty, but all she got was
air in her cunt. she needed to cum, but was once again left unsatisfied. she
cried, gasping for breath and wanting more in her used hole.

Everyone was laughing at her predicament and thought that it was quite amusing
to see this whore slut humping air. tracy soon calmed down, realizing she was
being laughed at again and knew she would be denied.

Now it was time to give tracy something to remember her torment from the people
she pissed off throughout her young years. Her Mistress got the ring gag out and
pushed it into her mouth, causing her to open wide. tracy thought it seemed
bigger than the last time they put it in her. And, it was. Linda had gotten one
that made her mouth open much more and put a bigger strain on her jaws.

Christina was getting everything else ready to add a little more jewelry to the
slut. She layed everything out, close to tracy's head, but where the little slut
couldn't see it. She asked, "Linda, are we ready to do this?"

"Yes, we are," replied Linda as she picked up a small pair of vice grip pliers.
adjusting them so they wouldn't be to tight, but tight enough to hold, she
entered tracy's wide open mouth with them and grabbed the end of her tongue. As
soon as she clamped down and tracy's tongue was caught, they heard,
she tried to get the grips off her.

Linda just laughed and pulled her tongue out and layed the pliers on her chin.
Then, the two of them started the rest of the preparations. But, from the group
watching, one of them said, "Wait a minute girls, Can we do something else
before you pierce her tongue?"

The girls stopped and it was Kim who approached them and whispered to them so
tracy couldn't hear what they wanted to do. Both Linda and Christina laughed,
but did agree to the additional torment the group wanted to place on tracy.

Kim said, "Ok, get the ice chest boys!"  Some of the male members in the group
picked up the ice chest and placed it on the ground right under tracy's naked
ass. Kim continued, "Now, I think everyone should line up and one at a time,
come forward, get an ice cube and put it in this whores hot cunt."

Cheers and hollers erupted from the crowd as Kim was the first, she retrieved a
good size ice cube and pushed it into tracy's waiting hole. They results were
great as tracy tried to scream, but couldn't.

her wide open mouth and with the pliers attached, she couldn't speak.

The next person stepped up and got another piece of ice and pushed it into her
hole. This followed by another and another, until all twenty had placed a cube
into her cunt. Kim checked to see how full her cunt was and announced that her
hole was so big that she could probably take twenty more, so they lined up again
and each put a second cube into her.

By the time they all had their second turn, tracy's cunt was stuffed full of ice
and felt like it was frozen on the inside. water was dripping from her fuckhole,
and she was no longer hot inside. But, she was still wanting to cum so bad. she
made little gurgling sounds, trying to ask them to stop, but don't stop. her
poor little mind was confused.

Now it was time for her item of remembrance. Christina picked up the vice grips
and pulled tracy's tongue straight out as far as she could. Linda now had a nice
target and picked up the piercing tool and the new jewelry. This was a special
stud a friend gave her. It was a regular stud to go through her tongue, but had
little rings at both ends so later on, they could attach a chain to it.

Looking into tracy's eyes, she noticed the hatred she was showing. tracy had a
cold hard glare and if she could talk she would really be cussing them now. But,
the stare she was receiving didn't bother her as she placed the tool in the
center of tracy's tongue. She made sure it was perfect and in a place so that
when she licked pussy, the nice stud would give the recipient a nice feeling.

Then, it happened. Linda squeezed and a hole was in tracy's tongue, along with
the new jewelry. Then, before they removed the vice grips, they hooked a chain
on the top and bottom of the stud, which made a loop. Then, to make it a little
rougher on the cunt, they took the chain hanging between her nipples and
attached it to her new tongue chain and tightened it up. Now she either had to
keep her tongue out or pull on her tits. They were proud of their work and
wanted to show it off.

The vice grips were removed and automatically tracy tried to pull her tongue
back into her mouth, but found it was difficult and when she did, her nipples
pulled upwards. she layed their in the sling, spread wide apart, ice in her
cunt, freezing from the inside, her tongue hanging out. she cried but could do
nothing else.

her mind wandered to what would happen when her parents saw the jewelry in her
mouth. How would she explain this to them. she knew how upset they would be when
they saw it, since they disagreed with any form of piercing. her parents felt
that if a person was supposed to have holes in their bodies, they would have
been born with them. she began to worry and cried harder.

It was now time to clean up the area and go home. Everyone helped clean up and
pack up the cars. They didn't want to carry back everything and someone found a
can that hadn't been opened yet, but was warm. One of them asked if they could
let tracy carry it back for them.

Linda and Christina couldn't figure out what they wanted to do, but said go
ahead and do it.

The one that found the can, pulled the tab up slightly, but not enough to open
it. Then went to tracy and hooked it to the chain hanging from her clit and let
it fall.

"AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH" tracy weakly got out as the can was put into motion,
swinging like a pendulum on a clock. As it swung back and forth, she could feel
her little love button pulling and growing.  It hurt her, but at the same time,
she was getting excited. Every time the can moved, her bell would ring and
everyone thought it was cute.

Christina said, "Ok fuck face, now that you have that on you, it is your job to
keep it moving. We want to hear the music while we finish cleaning up. Now, get
those hips in motion cunt!"

tracy didn't want anything else to happen, so she did her best to move her hops.
It was hard to do, but finally she managed it and had the can swinging and her
bell ringing. she looked like she was trying to fuck, which got everyone
laughing once again.

They finished the clean up and everyone said goodbye, thanking Linda and
Christina for the great time. They also thanked tracy for allowing them to use
her to get back for what she did to them. tracy couldn't do anything but stare
at them, as they walked by her. she was strapped in, moving her hips, everything
still on display. she could never face anyone again. How could she ever go back
to the same school, knowing that everyone would know what a whore she was.

Finally, everyone had gone and they let tracy up, but left her tongue and tits
attached to each other and the can hanging from her sore clit. Linda said, "Now,
cunt, walk to the car and position your self in the back seat, making sure that
can hangs down in the front over the edge."

tracy almost fell from being so stiff, but she managed to walk very slow to the
car. With each step, the can moved and her bell rang. But, she finally got to
the car and into the back seat, with the can still pulling on her clit as it
hung over the edge of the seat.

Linda drove to tracy's house instead of her own. She knew her mother would be
home and they also had some things to take care of at tracy's. She made sure she
hit a lot of bumps going home, just so the can at the end of the sluts clit
would bounce.

Once they arrived at tracy's, she once again had to get from the car to the
house, with that can swinging between her legs. But, once inside, Christina
removed the can and checked her clit. It looked all red and angry, but didn't
appear to be damaged. It had grown and was sticking out from under her hood. The
girls hoped it would stay like that and they would have to take her to the
doctor to make sure it wasn't hurt to bad.

Once they had checked her, she was told to get a cold shower and was cleaned up
really good. Then, when she was finished, to go to her room where she would find
a list of chores to do. she was to read the list and complete everything on it
before she got them out of tracy's parents bed, where they would be relaxing and
having sex.

tracy wanting to get clean went to the bathroom to get washed. she dreaded what
was to happen next, but for now, she could get some relief just by being able to
shower, even if it was with cold water.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 31

tracy stepped out of the cold shower refreshed and clean. she hated cold
showers, but what had happened to her for the past 24 hours made her feel dirty
and she needed to be clean again. As she stepped out, she noticed the girls had
been nice enough to give her some towels to dry herself with, instead of drip
drying. she was feeling so good now.

As she finished brushing her medium length hair, she headed for her bedroom, not
knowing what to expect, but held her chin up, figuring she could handle almost
anything they gave her to do. After what had happened so far, she thought it
couldn't be any worse. But, how wrong she was.

Entering her bedroom, tracy saw the list on the bed, but also saw a pile of
trash bags and a fairly large box that was leaning against the foot of her bed.
she stopped and looked, wondering what it could be. Maybe it was a nice gift and
all of this would end. But, again, she would be wrong.

tracy went to the bed and read the list her two Mistresses had left her. And,
suddenly she started crying and thought to herself, they can't possibly want her
to do this. she read the list again, still not believing what it said. Sitting
on the edge of the bed, she read it one more time. Now, she knew they expected
her to do everything it said.

But, before she started doing what it said, she read it one more time, except
this time it was out loud to herself.

1) Go to your closet and remove all of your clothes. Put them all in one or two
of the trash bags we left you.
2) Take all of your shoes, except the ones that are 4" high or higher and put
them in a bag.
3) Open all of your dresser drawers and remove everything from them. Put it all
in a trash bag.
4) Take all the bags you have filled up down to Linda's car and put them in the
5)Open the box you see leaning on your bed. Take the contents out and assemble
6) Once it is together, put it in your closet.
7) strip your bed and remake it with clean linen.
8)When this is all done, crawl on your hands and knees to your parents bedroom.
If we are busy, do not disturb us. Just wait on your knees until we acknowledge
your presence. Further instructions will be given once we are done.

The list was signed, Mistress Linda and Mistress Christina.

tracy just cried for awhile, before starting to work. she knew if she didn't do
what these two bitches wanted, they would punish her hard. So, she got up from
the bed and went to her closet with a trash bag in hand. Slowly she began to
remove her clothes from the closet, removed them from the hangers and folded
them neatly to put into the bag. she thought they would give them all back just
before her parents came home, since they couldn't make her walk around naked in
front of her parents. Item by item, piece by piece all of her nice clothes were
folded and put into the bag. she even had to get a second bag to get them all
in. But, finally the closet was empty, except for her shoes. she had quite a few
shoes, but only three pair that she was allowed to keep. One pair was just 4"
high, and the others were 5" and 7" in height. So, she took all the rest and put
them in another bag.

Then, she opened up all her dresser drawers and began to pull out her panties,
bras, pantyhose, shorts, t shirts, swim suits, and other little items. They al
went into the bag together and now her dresser was as empty as her closet.

she re read the list again and started to carry and drag all the bags with her
clothes in them down to Linda's car. she hoped that no one was around since she
was naked. The trunk was already open and she made several trips getting all the
bags down the stairs to her car. Finally, all were down and she shut the trunk.
Now, she couldn't get them back until Linda gave them to her. she hoped it
wouldn't be long before that happened, because now she had nothing to put on at

she went back to her room and stretched out on the bed to rest a bit before
tackling that box. But, she didn't rest very long, because her curiosity got the
best of her. she had to find out what was in the box, so she got up and tore it
apart. Once she had it opened, she was in total shock. she couldn't understand
why they had made her get a dog cage to put together. her family didn't own a
dog. But, after a short while, she put it together and saw it wasn't that big.
Then, she shoved it into the closet. It was a tight fit, but she managed to get
it in, with the door to the cage right at the opening to the door of the closet.

Still wondering why she had to do this, she stripped her bed and put fresh
sheets on it. It needed changing anyway and she loved the feel of freshly
laundered sheets. she always slept so good when she changed them.

Now, everything on the list was done, so she got down on her hands and knees and
crawled down the hallway to the stairs. Then, having a hard time getting down
this way, finally made it to the bottom and crawled into her parents bedroom. As
she entered the room, she heard the noises of people having sex. When she looked
at the bed, Linda and Christina were in a "69" position, eating each others
cunts. Knowing if she disturbed them, she would be in trouble, she just knelt at
the side of the bed and watched these two girls eating each other. They were
really getting into it and she heard the slurping of their tongues as they
caressed the others pussy.

tracy wanted to join them and get her cunt licked too, but knew she couldn't
disturb them. she thought about masturbating, but knew if they caught her she
would get whipped. So, she just watched. It wasn't long and she knew her
Mistresses were ready to cum. They were moaning and pushing their crotches hard
against each others face. It would have been a great sight to watch if it wasn't
for the fact that she couldn't join them.

Soon, their screams of orgasmic joy filled the air as both of them came
NNGGGGGGGG," both of them shouted into the others cunt, then all was quiet as
they just relaxed. All tracy could hear was their heavy breathing, until Linda
looked up and saw her kneeling beside the bed. She said, "What the fuck do you
want cunt?"

Shocked at the sudden noise and the tone of voice Linda had used, tracy replied,
"i i  i i i i i i'mmmmmmmm done Ma'am."

"Good" said Christina as she pulled her face from Linda's cunt, "now crawl your
slutty ass back to your room and wait for us. We have some new things for you.
And don't get on the bed either fucktoy!"

Once again, tracy cried at the way she was treated. she felt like a piece of
meat. They had no concern for her at all. But, she began to crawl out of the
Master bedroom heading towards her room. Once she arrived, she just sat on the
floor and cried.

It wasn't to long and the other two girls arrived and told her to get up on her
knees and open her mouth. As soon as she was in position, Linda put her ring gag
into her mouth and strapped it onto her. tracy hated this thing, but had no
other choice but to take it all the way down her throat. she had learned how to
breath through her nose, so it wasn't as bad as the first time.

Christina's voice snapped her back into the world as she said, "Now cunt, get on
your feet and bend over!"

tracy couldn't say anything, so just did what she was told. Once she was bent
over, she felt a large butt plug going up her ass without any type of
lubrication to help it. "MMMMMMMMMMM" was all she could get out through her gag.

Then, as soon as the pug was firmly in place, her cunt was full with a rather
large dildo, and it was secured in place with a chain running from the front of
her belly chain through her cheeks and attached to the back side of her belly
chain. Then she was told to get back on her knees and put her hands on her head.

What they did next was very uncomfortable. They attached a chain to the one
running between her tits and brought it down to her clit ring and tightened it.
Then, the went down the new chain with little weights, each of them about 3
ounces. But, those ounces added up when the lined the whole chain with them.
tracy could feel the pulling of her tits as they finished up.

"Now ĉucktoy," said Linda, "back on your hands and knees and back your whore ass
into your cage."

As tracy got down on all fours, she felt the weights shifting and now they began
to pull on her clit as well as her nipples. Hesitating momentarily, she backed
into the cage until her ass was tight against the back panel and she noticed
that her face was just inside the front of the cage.

The other two worked quickly and secured her hands to the sides of the cage and
shut the door. Her face was now right against the door and she saw them put the
padlock on it. Tears dropped from her eyes and she stared blankly at them,
hating them even more.

"Now cunt, we have some new rules for you," said Christina. "From now on, when
ever you are home, you will sleep in your new bed, just like you are now. The
other bed in the room is off limits to you. It now belongs to us. And, all other
furniture is also off limits. You will not sit or lay on any furniture, unless
we say so."

And, cunt," continued Linda, "that includes the toilets. Not only here, but
anyplace. We will give you a liter box for use at home, but when you are away
from home, you'll do all your business outside."

Then, both of them said, "We are tired, so we are going to sleep in our new bed.
We'll get you up in the morning. Sleep good tracy, because you have a long day
or two ahead of you."

With that, they turned off the light and shut the closet door, leaving tracy in
total darkness and all alone. she heard them getting ready for bed and it was
even quiet enough for her to hear them crawl into her bed. she began to cry even
harder and her tears rolled down her face onto the hard floor.

tracy had a very hard time falling asleep because of the position she was in and
the weights pulling on her nipples and clit. But, she finally managed to doze
off by resting her head against the front of the cage. However, she didn't sleep
long before the door to the closet was opened and the light turned on. she
jerked awake, but couldn't move. her little body felt so stiff.

The next thing that happened, was the girls putting some sort of tube into her
mouth and attaching it to her head and ring gag. Then, they reached in and took
her hair in their hands, tied a rope around it and pulled her head up. They
attached the rope to the top of the cage. she couldn't see what was at the other
end of the tube in her mouth, but from what she could see, it looked like some
type of funnel.

Then Linda spoke to her. "Now, cunt, we are going to get rid of our morning piss
and you had better swallow it all or we will whip you as soon as you get out of
your bed."

Christina went first, positioning herself over the funnel and letting her piss
stream out of her cunt into the funnel and down the tube to tracy's mouth. tracy
gagged, but was able to swallow all the yellow liquid running into her throat.
Then, as soon as Christina moved, Linda did the same. They left her like this
while they went to clean up, shower and get dressed. tracy had to pee really bad
by the time they got back.

Linda asked her if she needed to use the bathroom and all tracy could do was
mumble, "mmmmmmmmmmppppphhhhh"

"I guess that means yes" said Christina as she began to undo all the devices
attached to her and unlock the cage. They had her crawl out and she started
toward the bathroom, wanting to piss really bad. But, she was stopped. "You were
told that the bathroom is off limits, bitch. Your liter box is in the corner, so
go use it." said Linda.

Having to pee so bad, she didn't try to argue and went to the box. She started
to stand up so she could turn around and squat over the box, but Christina
stopped her this time, "No fucktoy, you have to piss like a dog!"

A blank stare came over her face as she tried to remember how a dog would piss.
But, Linda helped her and said, "Just back up to your box, spread your legs and
lower your ass. Then, piss!"

tracy could almost picture in her mind what the dogs did that she saw and tried
to do the same. Finally, she was positioned and started peeing into the box. she
had a lot of piss in her and it took awhile for her to finish. When she started
to crawl away, she was told that dogs and cats cover up their piss holes when
done, so she turned and scooped the liter around the wet spot to cover it up.

With that done, they told her since she took so long this morning, she would
have to skip breakfast, since there was so much to get done today. They made her
crawl down the stairs, out the door to Linda's car. Then, as usual, she sat in
the back seat and spread her legs apart. It was difficult, because she still had
the chain hanging from her tits to her clit and all the weights were still on
it. She felt lucky that they had removed the dildo and butt plug earlier.

Once in the car, Linda started driving. They talked about many things, but what
caught tracy's attention the most was when they discussed what to do with her
clothes. There was no way she could say anything since the ring gag was still in
place. Linda said, "I think we need to donate them to the Goodwill."  But,
Christina said, "No, lets find some homeless people to give them to. We can make
a good trade. Their rags for her nice clothes."

The girls discussed the clothes more and decided to do both. They would exchange
her clothes with some homeless people and then give the rest to the Goodwill.
Linda said, "We'll find the homeless people first and give them the chance to
sort through them and take what will fit them, then we'll drop the rest off to
the Goodwill."

Linda knew just the spot to find the homeless people to contribute tracy's
clothes to and decided to have some fun while they were there. She made a big
circle, going back into the town and the park. She drove into the park and
stopped near a wooded area and got out, telling Christina she would be right
back. Walking just a short distance into the woods, she found the ones she was
looking for and approached them. After talking to them for a little while, she
returned to the car and told tracy to get out.

Then she said, "Cunt face, get those bags out of the trunk and follow us."

tracy removed the bags and tried her best to get all of them at one time, but
couldn't. So, Christina offered to help her. Linda and Christina both took some
of the bags, and tracy got the rest. Going back into the wooded area, they saw
the homeless folks waiting.

Linda said to them, "OK, you ladies go ahead and look through those bags and
take whatever you want. I do hope some of them will fit. The men have something
else to do, so I want you to make two lines.

There were 10 men and split up into two rows. Linda got them to make the lines
so they were facing each other. Then, she said, "OK slut, on your hands and
knees between the lines."

tracy fearing what was going to happen hesitated and shook her head no. But, all
that got her was a slap across the face and another on her naked ass from the
girls. she then got on her hands and knees. Her face was toward one line of men
with her ass toward the other line.

"Now," said Linda, One at a time, walk up to our cunt and either fuck her  mouth
or her cunt."

The first two men stepped up and pulled their dirty cocks out of their pants and
shoved them into her fuck holes. One in her mouth and one in her cunt.

tracy almost choked from the smell and nasty taste of the man in her mouth, but
couldn't do anything except take it. he pumped her mouth just like it was a
pussy, while the other was fucking her cunt. It didn't take either of them very
long to cum, shooting their loads into the slut. The next two stepped up just as
soon as the first two pulled out and she had her mouth and cunt full of dirty
cock again. This continued until all ten men had used her. tracy felt so used
and dirty now. she didn't mind being fucked, but this she hated. Hope they
didn't have any diseases she thought to herself.

Once they had finished, the girls asked the women if they found enough clothes
that fit them. They all said they did and had even changed into them, leaving
their ragged clothes on the ground.

Then, Christina asked if any of the women would like to have their pussies
licked. Some of them said no, but three of them said they would like that since
the men here wouldn't do it. So, they lined up and tracy was forced to lick
those nasty cunts until they had an orgasm.

tracy was choking and ready to vomit as she licked each of the cunts in front of

Linda asked, "How long has it been since you washed your pussies ladies?'

One of them said, " probably at least 6 months since we've had a bath. Not many
places to get cleaned up. You know, it is hard to find a shower to borrow."

tracy choked some more and began to cry hard, knowing that these pussies were
really dirty and she had to eat them. Especially after she had taken the mens
dirty cocks into her mouth. she felt so low and abused.

Once she finished eating the last girl, Linda said, "you can't ride in my car
with that cum running from your cunt, so get busy and suck it all out."

tracy almost fainted at the thought of licking her own cunt again, especially
after those men had their cocks in her. She didn't move fast enough for the
girls and Christina said, "If you don't hurry up, we'll leave you with them!"

she didn't want that, so she bent herself around and began to suck the cum from
her cunt. Once again, she almost vomited, but was able to get finished.

Then, she was made to carry her clothes back to the car, but this time they went
into the back seat. Then, she had to return and get the rags the homeless ladies
had been wearing and put them in the trunk.

Linda said, "Now bitch, since you have been with those dirty homeless people,
you have to ride in the trunk too. I don't want that smell in my car."

slowly, she crawled into the trunk and the lid was closed. The smell of the
clothes and the stink on her body was sickening, but she couldn't do anything to
avoid it. Once she was locked in, the car began to move. Soon, it stopped and
the trunk was opened and tracy got out. They were next to a Goodwill trailer and
tracy was made to carry the rest of her clothes up to it and put them inside.

Now, tracy had no more nice clothes to wear and she didn't know what to do. Her
parents would be very mad and she would be punished by them as well as the two

They loaded her back into the trunk and again drove off. They were now ready to
go to the animal house where there would be a big party and tracy would be part
of the entertainment. Of course, from what Mr. Frank had told them, the little
asian slut, evelyn would be there too.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 32

tracy had no idea where she was, except in the trunk of the car. It seemed like
an eternity of riding in that closed up space with those awful smelling clothes
that she had to trade for her good ones. she hoped they wouldn't make her wear
those rags, but she didn't have anything else now, since she had to give all her
clothes away. she cried as she tried to think if she had heard either of the
girls say where they were going.

After a long time of driving, the car finally stopped. she heard Linda and
Christina get out and the doors shut. Maybe she would be able to get out and get
cleaned up. she smelled really bad. But, the trunk didn't open. And she heard
nothing either. What were they doing to her. she was hungry now and needed to
pee, but she couldn't even yell for help with the ring gag in her mouth.

Finally, she heard noises outside the car and hoped it was the girls. But, the
trunk still didn't open right away. tracy couldn't figure out what was going on,
until all of a sudden the trunk flew open and Linda yelled, "GET THE FUCK OUT

This scared tracy and she jumped out of the trunk, not knowing anything. After
being in the dark trunk for so long, the bright sunlight blinded her and it took
some time to focus. But, once she got focused, she saw a large group of people
around the car. she tried to cover up quickly, but her hands were slapped away
and Christina said, "Don't  even try to hide fucktoy!"

Being scared, she put her hands down and just stood there humiliated, naked,
dirty, smelly and not knowing who was there. she thought she recognized some of 
the people, but didn't know from where.

Linda then said, "OK slut, on your hands and knees and follow us!"

she cried harder as she got down and started crawling. As she got closer to the
building they headed for, she recognized that she was at the same place she had
lost her cherry. The Animal House!

They got up on the lawn and the girls told her to stop right where she was.
Christina said, "You can't go inside smelling like a dirty little whore tramp,
so you need to get a shower."

tracy saw four or five guys coming toward her with water hoses and then she felt
the cold water on her body. They squirted water all over her and paid special
attention to her cunt and ass, directing the powerful streams right into her
cunt and on her clit. she tried to scream, but couldn't.

Linda ordered, "On your feet cunt, spread your legs and arms straight out."

tracy didn't like the way she sounded. Linda was meaner now than she had ever
been before and this scared tracy. she quickly got on her feet and spread her
legs with her arms straight out from her sides. The guys continued spraying the
water all over her and then, some others came out with scrub brushes and soap.
They poured the soap over her head and allowed it to flow down her body. Then,
they began using the bristled brushes to scrub her. They were not being easy on
her and she thought they would take her hide off. They even used the brushes
between her legs, scrubbing her outer pussy lips until she thought they would

Then, someone came up with a bottle brush and shoved it right up her sore cunt.
she jerked when they did this and tried to get away from it. But all that got
her was several slaps on her face, ass and tits. The guy kept sliding that
bottle brush in and out of her pussy, making sure she was clean inside as well
as out. But, finally he pulled it out and a hose was pushed inside her to rinse
her cunt. That hurt almost as bad as the brush.

Once she was totally clean and rinsed off, she was told to get back on her hands
and knees and crawl to the house. she obeyed, afraid of what else would happen
if she didn't. Once to the door, she was told to stop and stand up.

As soon as she was on her feet, someone wrapped her tits with rope. It was very
tight and made them bulge out and started turning color. Then, they took the
loose ends of the rope and threw them over a beam above the door, and pulled.
she felt her tits raising upward and thought they were going to pull them off
her. she tried to tell them to stop, but nothing came out. Partially from the 
ring gag, but mostly because of the pain in her tits. They kept pulling until
she was on her tip toes and they tied off the ropes.

One of the guys said, "The cunt can stay like that until she is dry and then, we
might let her down. We'll make sure she's ready for camp after these two days
are up."

tracy heard that  and it scared her. Two days with these animals and then to a
camp. What will they do with her next she thought. she didn't know how much more
she could take. her little tits were really hurting now, being wrapped up like
that and almost holding all of her weight. she felt like they were being pulled
off of her. she tried to rest herself on her heals, but that just made her tits
stretch more. so, she stayed on tip toe, hoping she would dry quickly.

They had all left her alone, in plain site of everyone else passing by. she was
crying harder now and the sobs made her hurt more since her tits were being
pulled more with each sob. Soon, she heard some noises behind her and could tell
it was her Mistresses as they talked with each other. They walked by her and
said, "tracy, slut, we have to leave now, but we'll be back later. you be a good
little cunt and do as your told. If you don't, we will punish you severely when
we get back."

And, they just walked away. But, tracy wasn't alone for long when a couple of
the guys came out and ran their hands all over her to decide if she was dry yet.
she figured she must be, since they began to let her down and take the bindings
from her tits. she gasped as the ropes loosened as this hurt almost as much as
when she was hoisted up by them. The circulation returned and the purple faded
back to normal color.

Was she was free, she was told to get back down like the dog she was and crawl
into the house. Knowing that if she didn't these guys might hurt her and then
her Mistresses would punish her later too. So, she was on all fours, crawling
like a dog into the Animal House.

Once inside, she noticed all the men standing around naked with huge hard ons.
One of the guys that freed her spoke. "OK, cocksucker, we want to see just how
good you are. You will go to each person in this room and suck his cock until he
cums. As soon as one finishes, you'll go to the next and do the same. If you
take to long getting anyone off, a needle will be stuck in your ass, tits or
cunt. Now get busy."

tracy hesitated, but not for long, because the first needle was shoved into her
naked ass. After that, she quickly crawled to the first cock she saw and put it
in her mouth. The ring gag didn't help her much, since she couldn't suck that
good, but managed to get the first guy off rather quickly. At least she didn't
get another needle in her.

On to the next guy and his cock went into her mouth. She had trouble with this
one, because it was rather small and she couldn't get much suction. So, he
didn't cum for quite awhile. The others thought she was taking to long and
another needle went into her ass. But, she still couldn't get this guy off and
another needle was added, but this was stuck into the side of her tit.

Finally, before another needle could be put into her, the guy shot his load down
her throat, and she moved to the next one. she was sucking cocks for a long
time, when finally she was told she had sucked everyone of them off and
swallowed their cum. But, not before she had a lot more needles in her body.
They were in her ass, sticking out of her tits, and some went into her cunt

One guy said, "Guess she won't need lunch now. she just drank cum from 25 cocks.
she should be full."

They all laughed and one of the others said, it was break time, so they could
get rested for the long night ahead. They took tracy to the center of the room
and attached her arms to a rope and began to pull her up. Then, they attached
ropes to her ankles and pulled them apart until she was almost in a perfect
split. Then, they raised her up some more until she was well off the floor.

Next came a different kind of device that tracy had never seen before. It was on
a stand, with a very large and long dildo attached to it. They placed it
directly under her cunt and raised it so the end was right at her lips.

Then, the inventor of this device explained what it did. He said, "Once I turn
this thing on, it will slowly extend. The pole the dildo is attached to is a
jack screw and as the motor turns, so does the screw. Which in turn makes the
dildo turn and raise up. The way I figure it, by the time we are all rested and
the other two girls get back, it should be at least ten inches inside her cunt."

They all cheered and said "TURN IT ON, TURN IT ON!"

He did just that and tracy heard the motor begin to buzz. Then, she felt the end
of the dildo begin to split her cunt. It moved in very slow causing her great
pain. Not from it going in, but because of the need to cum. It continued it's
journey up her cunt and before the boys all left, it was already an inch and a
half inside her.

tracy hung there, with her legs wide open and a fake cock going slowly up her
hot pussy. It not only was going in her, but it turned as it went, which caused
more friction on her inner walls. Little by little the huge dildo, which was at
least 3" in diameter, was making it's way up her love tunnel.

she could feel it going in her, turning against her walls. "i hope they don't
rest too long," she thought as she hung from the ceiling, "and my Mistresses
hurry back."

Ever so slowly, the huge object penetrated her swollen cunt. It was now in about
four inches and still going. her arms hurt, as did her legs from being spread
apart so far and for so long. inch by inch it went deeper into her. But it was
slow, just like the guy said it would be. There was no other noise in the room,
except the faint noise from the motor and tracy crying.

tracy hung there for at least an hour and now the huge cock was up inside her
cunt a whole ten inches. And her hole was stretched way out. she could feel the
thing tuning inside her pussy and she wanted to cum so bad, but couldn't quite
make contact with her clit. That awful aching sensation was there and she knew,
it wouldn't take much to make her cum.

Finally, the room began to fill up with men again and they all just watched the
thing intrude poor little tracy's cunt. It was going deep and it still had a
long way to go before it came to the end. "That thing must be at least fourteen
inches long." said one of the on lookers. The inventor said, "No, it is actually
sixteen inches. I had it special made for my machine."

Hearing that tracy tried to move up the ropes. There was no way she could take
all sixteen inches up her pussy. But, it kept going in more and more. Now it
reached eleven inches.

Just then, Linda and Christina walked in. "What's going on here?" questioned

"OH, just having some fun and trying out this little machine," said one of the

"And just what does it do?" ask Christina.

The inventor described what it did and then added, "But, I didn't tell the rest
of what it can do. I was waiting for you to return so you could see."

"And what is that?" asked Linda.

"Well. you see to start with, it slowly works its way up inside a cunt, just as
it is now with your slut.. But, when it reaches the twelve inch mark, it stops,
but only for a moment. Then, it begins to fuck her with long, deep hard

"WOW," exclaimed everyone at the same time.

And, just then, the dildo stopped. A few seconds passed by in silence and then
the machine began to move back, making the dildo slide almost out of tracy's
cunt. But, suddenly, it rammed itself back into her and began the fucking
motion. In and Out of her cunt it moved, just like a guy would if he was fucking
her. tracy was squirming in her ropes as this huge fucking device raped her.
IN,OUT,IN,OUT the dildo went. tracy's pussy lips were being pulled first one
way, then the other. she was on the verge of a big orgasm.

Suddenly, the scream from her gagged mouth was all anyone could hear.
through her gag as she had the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced. And the
machine just kept fucking her.

The inventor was going to turn it off, but Linda stopped him. "No, leave it on.
i want to see how much her cunt can handle. It will be good practice at slut

So, he left it on and it continually fucked her. But now, it was going all the
way up her cunt. All sixteen inches! tracy didn't realize that, as she was in a
constant state of orgasms now. she couldn't even beg for it to stop. she was
ready to pass out from the extreme pleasure she was getting from this toy.

They all watched for awhile longer and then Christina said, "OK, lets turn it
off, but leave it all the way in her cunt. she can hang around like that for a
little longer. At least until our other guest arrives. Then, we'll have some
more fun with another slut, and also we get to do something new with this cunt."

The machine was shut off, and it worked just right, because when he shut it
down, the dildo had just finished going all the way in her. Now she just had
sixteen inches of rod in her. she hung from the ropes, with her head down. she
couldn't move at all.

Then, the door opened up and in walked Mr. Frank. He stopped and said, "Follow
me cunt."

They all looked at the door and entering was a naked asian slut. evelyn. They
all noticed right away that she had her arms tied behind her back and shackles
on her ankles, with a short 2' chain connecting them together, forcing her to
take short baby steps. They also saw she had a bit in her mouth, like a horse
would wear when ridden. But, they didn't notice the huge butt plug up her ass or
the big vibrating dildo in her cunt.

Mr. Frank said, "Ladies and gentlemen, my slut evelyn has been bad and needs
some new training. So, she will be left here with the other cunt for your
enjoyment and we will also be doing some piercing with her. she has such a foul
mouth and doesn't ever learn to keep quiet. So, her tongue will be done with
chains so I can stop her noise."

This brought tracy's head back up, knowing what the little asian was going to go
through. That is when evelyn saw tracy hanging there with that huge cock up her
cunt, and saw her tongue hanging out with the rings in it.

"No, not me" she tried to say, but couldn't because of the bit.

"Great, " said Linda, "when can we start.

"Not for awhile yet. Remember we have a couple of days to play before the camp."
said Mr. Frank. "And, by the way, I have talked with the other person who will
be bringing a slut and he said everything was all set. Camp is going to be fun
this year. At least three new sluts to have fun with."

Christina told him, "We also have that other thing. It is all set, and getting
hot right now."

"Well, does anyone want to fuck before we begin? asked Mr. Frank.

Of course all the guys wanted to,so they took slut evelyn in another room and
pulled her dildo out. Then one after the other fucked her until all were
satisfied once again. tracy was left hanging again. But Linda, Christina and Mr.
Frank all went to another room and he fucked them both really good. While he
fucked Linda, he ate Christina. Then, when he fucked Christina, she ate Linda.

Once everyone was done, they decided to get things moving and would do tracy

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 33

Going back into the main room, where tracy was still hanging from the ceiling
and that monster cock up her cunt. Mr. Frank had the boys raise her up so they
could get her off the thing. As she was pulled up and the dildo began to slide
out, tracy moaned into her gag. It sounded like she didn't want it out of her.
Maybe she was enjoying it.

Finally, it came out with a pop and tracy moaned more, "nnnnnnnnnnnnnn" was all
that was heard and she shook her head back and forth as if to tell them not to
leave her empty. her cunt was wide open and she felt empty now with a big void
in her pussy.

Once it was all the way out, they lowered her back to the floor to her feet.
But, when they finally allowed her to stand on her own, she fell to the floor,
unable to stand on her own. she was weak from hanging there, but mostly because
of the great orgasms she had received.

The girls asked a couple of the boys to help them get her into the bathroom and
the bath tub. Once she was in the tub filled with nice warm water, the girls
washed her and rubbed her sore aching muscles. tracy felt like she was in
heaven, since they had not treated her this way before. It felt wonderful to get
a massage. The two girls made sure she was clean all over, but paid special
attention to her pubic area. They washed her there several times, making sure
she was extra clean for what was going to happen next.

Once she was cleaned to their satisfaction, they helped her from the tub and
even dried her off. tracy couldn't figure out why they were treating her so
good. Once dry, they told her to walk with them. she was able to walk on her own
now, even if she was still a little unsteady on her feet.

Out of the bathroom, down the hall into the main room. Then, they went through
another door and down some stairs to the basement. Of course, the boys at the
Animal House referred  to it as a dungeon. As they all got to the bottom of the
steps, tracy saw the little asian slut standing on her feet, bent at the waist
and her head and hands in a stock. she was stuck between  the upper and lower
halves of the contraption and tracy noticed that the bit had been removed,
replaced by a big ring gag. It looked even bigger than the one in her mouth. she
also noticed evelyn was crying. tracy wondered what else they had done to this
slut, who was going to be an ASSistant at school this year.

tracy was led over to a table and ordered to lay down on it, on her back. she
wanted to rest, so immediately got on the table as she was told. But, she wasn't
ready for what was to come next. The girls worked quickly to strap her in place.
First her arms were secured to straps at the sides of the table. Then, another
strap came up and over her forehead holding her head firmly in place. tracy
couldn't even raise her head up to see what else was happening. But, she could
feel them working.

her middle body was picked up and a block was put under her, positioned at the
small of her back. When she was let back down, her body arched and her pubic
area was forced up, giving free access to it. Then, her legs were spread apart
and placed on some blocks under her feet before they were strapped in place. she
was now split, her feet about 4' apart. The way her body had been positioned and
spread, her cunt and ass were totally accessible. But the main reason was to get
the area just above her slit in the air and out so it could be worked on. Next,
came straps around her belly and across her chest. One above her tits and
another below them. And, some were put around her legs. When they were finished,
tracy could not move any part of her body.

Then, she felt the table move. It was being raised up so that her body would be
in the full upright position. They wanted her to see some of what was taking
place around her and it also gave them a better working area in her pubic
region. As the table came to a stop, and she was full upright, tracy saw the
other slut not far from her. evelyn's position hadn't changed, but behind her
was that same machine that had been up her cunt. But, this time it was attached
to the wall behind her and the huge dildo was slowly working it's way into the
asian's cunt. tracy knew how she felt and felt sorry for her, but also envied
her, knowing what she was feeling. tracy wanted it again.

Now that she was in the position they wanted, the girls got out the shaving
cream and razor. her cunt needed to be very smooth for the next step. So, she
was shaved, even if she didn't really need it. Of course, when the girls were
shaving her cunt, they also fingered her some, just to keep her ready. Mr. Frank
had told them she needed to be extra hot for the next procedure.

Once the shaving was complete, Christina got two new chains out and attached
them to the rings on her tongue. Then, she pulled on them and attached one chain
to her left nipple ring and the other to her right one. This made tracy stick
her tongue out through the ring gag and was unable to say anything now.

tracy's eyes grew big when she saw some of the boys wheel in a grill with red
hot coals in it. she couldn't figure out why they needed it. They pushed it
right up close to her and she could feel the heat on her bare legs. she was
scared now, and hoped they weren't going to use those hot things on her. she
could never stand that much pain.

Mr. Frank went to the grill and put his hand over it and said, "Not hot enough
yet. Get me some more briquettes, so it will get extra hot."

A couple of boys went back upstairs and got the bag of charcoal. when they
returned, Mr. Frank poured about half the bag on top of the coals already there.
Then, he took the long rod that had been sticking out from the side and stirred
them up. tracy had not seen that before and wondered what it was and what he
would do with it.

Then, Mr. Frank said, "Since this thing is not hot enough yet, I guess we'll
have to work on this other cunt first. But, I want tracy to stay nice and hot.
So, why don't some of you boys eat that little teenage cunt and keep her going.
It's ok if she cums, but I don't think she'll be able to, since she can't move."

The boys loved this idea and one of them got right down in front of her and
began to lick her pussy. she tried to squirm when his tongue went to work, but
being bound the way she was, it was impossible. He licked up her slit and sucked
her clit. And made her want more. she didn't know why, but everything they did
to her turned her on, even if she tried to fight it, that strange aching
sensation always returned to her cunt.

she heard Mr. Frank say, "Well, since the fire isn't quite hot enough yet, we
have to find some way to occupy our time. Why don't we do this other slut first.
By the time we finish with her, the coals will be hot enough so we can continue
with tracy."

Everyone was in agreement to that and watched as Mr. Frank, Linda and Christina
prepared the items needed. First came the vice grips, which Christina took and
grabbed evelyns tongue with them. she quickly got them at the tip of her tongue
and clamped them shut. Then, just let them hang from her tongue. slut evelyn
tried to pull her tongue back into her mouth, but the grips were too heavy and
it just hung there.

Then, a table was moved over close to the slut and she could see the implements
on it. A piercing tool, and three studs with rings, along with different size
chains. The studs looked just like the one tracy had in her tongue. evelyn began
to feel uneasy, but with that machine going slowly up her cunt, she also felt

Linda asked, "Are we ready to do it?"

Mr. Frank replied, "No, not yet. That thing in her cunt is almost at the 12"
mark and I want it fucking her while you work. Should make things quite

So, they waited and watched as the huge cock like thing invaded her where no
cock had ever been before. Then it happened. The 12" mark disappeared and the
machine stopped momentarily. Then it started it's journey back out of her cunt,
but at a faster rate than when it went in. It pulled out until just the tip was
in her cunt, and then with a great force, drove back up her cunt hole. Then,
once it was past the 12" mark again, it began to fuck her, going deeper with
each thrust.

As they saw this happen, Mr. Frank said, "OK, girls do it!"

Christina took the vice grips in her hand and pulled straight out, exposing
evelyn's tongue for Linda to work on. Linda centered the hole puncher at the
right side of her tongue, about half way back and squeezed. The hole was made
and she quickly inserted the stud, then attached a fairly long chain to it.
Next, she moved to the left side and found her mark, directly across from the
first one and squeezed again. She also attached a chain to the top of the  stud
she put into the hole.

As Linda finished up with the second piercing, evelyn let out an almost
animalistic gutteral scream through her ring gag, even if she couldn't use her
tongue. It came from deep within her soul,  as she had the first of many intense
orgasms. Her almond shaped eyes showed the pain and the pleasure from the
fucking machine and piercing.

Then, Linda explained, "These studs are special made and can't be undone. They
have to be cut off, so we don't have to worry about them ever coming out."

Mr. Frank said, "OK, boys, time to stop eating tracy, so we can connect the
sluts together."

The boy who was eating tracy's pussy stopped and Linda took one of the chains,
while Christina took the other and pulled them until they reached tracy's clit
ring. Then, they pulled a little more until slut evelyns tongue was way out of
her mouth, and connected the ends to the ring on tracy's ring in her clit.

"That should hold her for awhile and she won't be able to talk again, until we
decide to release her, said Linda.

"And, that won't be for awhile," stated Mr. Frank. "The cunt just tries too talk
to much when she should keep quiet. Now, she can't talk." And he laughed along
with the rest of the group.

Christina said, "But, we aren't done yet. We still have one more stud to put

With that, she took the vice grips and released them from her tongue. They
weren't needed any more, since her tongue was out enough to do the last one.

Linda picked up the punch once again, and got it right at the tip of her tongue
and squeezed. The last hole was in and she put the last stud through it, and
attached another chain to it. Then it too went to tracy's clit ring. Now the
cunts were joined until someone decide to let them go. And, that may take awhile
before they were separated.

All the time that the girls were working on evelyn, she moaned and groaned
through her ring gag. Of course, because of the gag and having her tongue pulled
almost out of her mouth, she couldn't do much more. And, the big dildo working
on her cunt was going all the way in now. The full 16" was going in and out of
her fuck hole, always going deep and hard. evelyn was in a state of constant
orgasm now and didn't know if she could last much longer. But, she was curious
as to what was going to happen to tracy once they finished with her. she was
sure she knew what the hot coals were for, and hoped that it was only tracy they
did it to.

"OK, gang," said Mr. Frank, let's take a little break, while the coals get a
little hotter and the cunts get to know each other some more."

They all left the room for a short break and get something to drink, leaving the
two sluts attached to each other. And, it also gave tracy some extra time to
contemplate on what else was in store, especially what was going to happen when
they returned.

The two girls just stared at each other, unable to talk. Their eyes met and they
each knew that the worst was yet to come.

After a 30 minute break, everyone returned to the basement. Mr. Frank put his
hands over the hot coals and said, "I think it is hot enough now, so let's
finish prepping her."

Once again, the two girls proceeded to work on tracy's pubic area. First they
wiped it clean with towels. Then got some rubbing alcohol and poured it over
her. Some got down in her slit and it burned as it trickled over her clit and
into her cunt. But, that didn't stop them from doing it more. They wanted her
extra clean for the procedure. Once the alcohol was dried off, they got some
anti bacterial scrub and washed her cunt area again.

"Can't have our cunt getting infected." said Christina.

Once she was scrubbed and dried, Linda said, "OK, she is ready."

Mr. Frank stepped up to tracy, and gave her a kiss on her forehead. He said,
"You know we all love you tracy, but this has to be done. Be a brave little
whore and it will soon be over."

tracy just stared at him. Her eyes were glassy from the tears, but they showed
hatred, disgust and fear all at the same time. she couldn't do anything about it
anyway, and she didn't know why he was even telling her these things. she had no

Next, he took the rod from the hot coals and looked at it. The end was white hot
and he knew it was ready for use. He didn't want to take too much time, but he
still wanted the image to last. He wanted tracy to remember this for the rest of
her life and also wanted his other slut to know that it could happen to her. So,
he showed evelyn the end of the rod so she could read what it said. her eyes
opened wide, knowing that tracy would have this word on her forever. But, she
could also feel the heat from it and hoped he never did this to her.

Then, he turned around and showed it to tracy. she now knew what they were going
to do with her. she wanted to die, but knew they wouldn't let that happen. her
eyes got extra wide and tried to plead with him not to do it.

Then, he put it back in the coals to get it a little hotter. He said, "I just
want to be sure it is hot enough. The hotter it is, the better it works. You
girls have the salve ready for when it's over, don't you?"

"Yes sir," they both said. And Christina asked, "Will the salve make her heal

"Yes, it does, along with making the scar stand up from her body. It is
something special that a friend of mine in the science department made and he
said it was like a wonder drug. It promotes quick healing, stops infections and
will make the scar tissue raise. Just like we want."

"Are we ready now?" asked Linda. "All this work is making me horny and I want to
get fucked."

Mr. Frank chuckled and said, "Yes, we are ready, and I'll make sure you both get
the fucking you need when we are done."

He picked up the rod once again, and pointed it toward tracy's pubic area.
"Watch her closely now." He said.

Then slowly, he got closer and closer to her. tracy could feel the extreme heat
on her pussy. And the closer he got, the hotter it became.

Then, it happened!


was the only sound in the room as everyone held their breath when he touched the
white hot tool to her bare skin. They could smell her flesh burning as the word
"FUCKTOY" was branded into her pubic area.

Mr. Frank held the branding iron to her skin while he counted out 20 seconds. He
knew it had to stay that long in order to burn deep into her skin. Then, he
pulled it away and the girls immediately began to put the salve on her. They
rubbed it in, so it covered all of her.

tracy passed out as soon as the hot branding iron touched her skin. she couldn't
scream or move. her eyes were closed and Mr. Frank checked her vital signs to
make sure she was OK. Finding her pulse rate a little high, he was satisfied
with his work. he knew she would be out for awhile and would leave one or to of
the boys there to watch her while the rest went upstairs to play with the other
two girls. He would also leave the little asian slut there, just as she was. He
wanted her cunt totally abused and well fucked before going to camp.

The  rest of them went up stairs. Mr. Frank had plans for these other two girls
and they owed him. After all, they wouldn't have tracy as a slut/slave if it
hadn't been for him. Now, they would find out what it was like to be a slut.
Even if it was just for a day.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 34

Just as the two girls went through the door to the main part of the house, they
were grabbed by a group of the boys. Their hands were cuffed behind their backs.

"What the fuck!" yelled Linda.
"Let me go!" screamed Christina.

Then, Mr., Frank entered the room. He said, "Good job boys.  Now you two cunts
are going to take tracy's place for a little while. After all, everyone was
promised a slut for a couple of days and tracy is not available right now. So,
you belong to us until she recovers."

"NNNOOOOO, You can't do this to us!" they both yelled.

"Well, we can and we will," Mr. Frank calmly said. "Now, why don't you boys get
them ready."

The boys did as he said and began to rip off their clothes. They didn't care
about them and when they were finished the clothes lay on the floor in shreds.
The girls stood naked before them. They were both scared now and knew what tracy
felt like as they used her.

Both girls were pushed into the large living room and forced down on their
backs. Next, ankle cuffs were attached to each of them and a single rope went to
each of the girls legs. Mr. Frank told them to relax and enjoy. He gave a nod
and the boys started pulling the ropes. The girls felt their legs being lifted
into the air. But, at the same time they were going up, they were being spread

Higher and higher went their legs and soon, they both felt their bodies being
raised up as well. As the boys continued to pull, the girls continued going up,
until all that was left on the floor, was their hair.

Mr. Frank said, "Lets take them a little higher so their cunts are at mouth
level. I have a special game we will play with them."

So, the boys all got together and hoisted the girls up so their cunts were right
even with one of the average size males. Then, they quickly tied them off and
left them swinging while Mr. Frank explained the rules to them and the boys.

"The game is going to be where you two cunts suck all the boys off. And, since
your mouths will fit right into their crotches, it makes it that much easier.
However, while you suck their cocks, they will be eating you. If you both can
get all these boys to cum before you do, you'll be released. But, if you cum
before they are all done, you will be punished and remain slaves until tracy
wakes up. And that may be quite some time."

Both of their eyes began to get big and they wondered how they could do that.
Both girls were so horny from the excitement with tracy, their cunts were
already dripping. And, it wouldn't take a lot to make them cum.

"OK, boys, lets line up. Half in front of Linda the other half in front of
Christina," said the teacher. "Then, when I say go, the first two will step up,
stick your cocks in their mouths and begin to lick their cunts. Do your best and
try to make them cum. Girls, do your best not to cum, but make sure each boy
cums in your mouth,"

He waited for a short time, then said, "GO"

The first two stepped up and shoved their cocks into the two girls mouths. They
gladly took them since they wanted this over with soon. As soon as each girl had
a mouthful of cock, the boys began to lick their cunts and suck their clits.

Linda was thinking how hard this was going to be, since she felt her orgasm
begin to build with the first lick. But, she was determined to hold out.
Christina was feeling the same effects on her cunt. They both had that aching
sensation beginning and didn't know for sure how long they could last. Both of
them thought about tracy and how they had denied her the ability to cum when she
needed to. Now, they knew how she felt.

The first two boys didn't last too long and shot their loads down the temporary
sluts mouths. The next two stepped up and once again, their mouths were full of
cock and their cunts had a mouth on them. It was getting harder all the time.

Boy after boy stepped up for a blow job and to lick a cunt. The only thing that
was saving the girls, was the fact that these guys got off quickly and it gave
them both an opportunity to calm down between cocks.

It seemed like they might just beat the boys in this game. That is until two
well hung guys stepped up. They didn't know it, but both of them were known to
be long lasters. Sometimes they could fuck for hours without cumming. The two
cocks went into the girls mouths and they could feel the tips at their throats.
But then they went all the way in and all the others could see the bulge in the
girls throats as the cocks slid way down. But the girls were trying to
concentrate on their cunts and didn't even realize how much cock was in their
mouths and down their throats. These two guys were doing a great job of eating 
the girls and both Linda and Christina knew that if they didn't get these two
guys to cum soon, they would be in trouble.

The boys began to fuck their faces just like they were pussies and at them same
time ate the girls cunts like it was their last meal. The girls began to squirm,
feeling the orgasms building, knowing if it ever started, there was no way to
stop it. They sucked hard on the cocks, but couldn't make them cum. How can they
hold out like that the girls thought to themselves.

Every one was cheering now. "Suck those cunts. Make them cum. Don't shoot yet.
Make them cum first!"

This just encouraged the two boys to lick harder and just as one of them sucked
Christina's clit into his mouth between his teeth, she let loose with,
" around the cock that filled her mouth. But, she wasn't alone, because as soon
as Linda heard Christina, she also mumbled,

The girls lost and as soon as they had both cum, the boys shot their loads into
their mouths and down their throats. But, it wasn't over for them yet, as two
more stepped up and fucked their faces while licking their cunts. Now the girls
were in a constant state of orgasm. They couldn't quit. The boys just kept going
at them, until everyone had their cocks sucked.

Once the last two had shot their spunk into the girls mouths, Mr. Frank
announced. "Well, it looks like we have a couple sluts for the rest of the day,
since they couldn't hold out. But, before we do anything else, we need to check
on the other two cunts downstairs. Just leave these two here to rest while we
check on them."

Leaving Linda and Christina swinging upside down, they all made their way back
down the stairs to the basement. The sight they saw was quite amusing. slut
evelyn had not stopped cumming from the constant fucking her pussy was getting,
and her head was now falling down, which pulled the chains attached to her
tongue and tracy's clit. tracy was still out.

slut evelyn's eyes looked at Mr. Frank, pleading for him to stop the machine. He
could tell she was pleading, begging, bargaining with her eyes. He also knew she
wanted to say something, but all that came from her mouth was little animal like
sounds. she couldn't do much else and her throat was so sore from trying to
scream as she had one orgasm after another.

"Well, it looks like you learned a lesson cunt. Maybe from now on you'll keep
that little asian mouth shut," He said, as he walked away. evelyn thought he was
just going to leave her with that awful machine with the big dildo fucking her
very sore pussy.

But, as he started up the stairs, he said. "Lets shut the thing off, but leave
it in her cunt. Don't want her feeling empty."

And, he continued going up the stairs. The inventor of the machine timed it just
right, so when he shut it off, the full 16" inches were all the way up her cunt
hole. Then, all was silent again as they went back up to the main room of the

Mr. Frank approached the two girls and said. "Now that you have failed at our
little game, you will be punished. Do you remember when you had tracy in school
and all those kids were able to whip and spank her. Well, we are going to do the
same with you. but, there is a little twist to our game."

He watched their faces as he spoke. He saw the fear and hatred in their eyes. He
knew that they didn't like this, but they also had to learn both sides of the
lifestyle in order to continue as Mistresses. Especially since it wouldn't be
long and they would have someone new to play with.

He continued with what was to happen next. "Now, each of the boys will get to
choose what item they will use on you. I have them all layed out on the table,
just like you did back at school for tracy. They each get ten hits anyplace on
your naked bodies and you won't scream or make a sound."

He produced a penis gag for each of them and had a couple of the boys put them
in the girls mouths. They fought it at first, but when Mr. Frank slapped both of
them on the ass, their mouths open and the gags went in.

"And, just for some additional fun, I am going to put a glass in your cunts.
Then they will be filled with ice cold beer. While you are being abused, you
will make sure you don't spill a drop. I will keep track of how much you started
with and how much is left when we are done."

He handed the beer glass to the boys and they proceeded to put them in the girls
cunts. It wasn't hard getting them in since both girls were still quite wet and
juicy from all the eating they had gotten.  Then the beer was added. The girls
felt the coldness enter their cunts and squirmed some.

Mr. Frank continued. "Now, if you can hold it all without spilling any, I'll
release you. But, if you spill it!" And, he left it at that.  "Now, lets begin."

Each of the boys took their turns on one, then the other. They were being hit,
spanked, whipped all over. The first few blows caused them to jerk and they knew
the beer was spilling out as they could feel it running down their pussies and

Their bodies began to get red and welts showed up. The boys were enjoying
themselves as they punished these two girls. And, they all knew that once they
were done, the girls would be released. However the girls thought they would get
more punishment.

As the boys beat them, the girls cried. How could they have done this to tracy.
If they had known, they might not have been so mean to her. But, it happened and
they couldn't just let tracy walk away. They had to continue with her, but maybe
they would be a little easier on her in the future.

Once all the boys had finished, they spread cream all over the girls bodies and
let them down. They were allowed to get cleaned up and relax for awhile. Then
Mr. Frank said, "OK, now one more thing before you leave to set up for camp. You
will fuck all the boys here. You will not be tied up and you can do whatever you
wish with each of them. But, all the boys must cum in your pussies. Have fun."

He left with a couple of the boys. He went down to the basement where he found
his sluts. tracy had woken up and evelyn had calmed down some. He untied tracy
and let her off the table. Then he undid evelyn, removed the giant cock from her
cunt and had the boys help them into the big tub that was located in the corner.
It had been filled with nice warm water and some special ingredients to help
heal the wounds on tracy. The boys stayed with them and Mr. Frank went to make
some phone calls to make sure everything had been set up for camp. he would take
the two sluts with him. The other two girls would go on ahead and set everything
else up, per his instructions. He called the one person who would be bringing
the special guest. The other slut. This was going to be a great ending to a long
two weeks. But, he also knew it wouldn't stop at camp, because school would soon
be starting again and he had to get ready to teach. He was just happy he taught
in a private school instead of a public one. He would never be able to do what
he wanted with the girls if it wasn't.

Once he had made the preparations, he went  to where Linda and Christina were
just fucking the last of the boys. He stood and watched for awhile and saw both
the boys cum deep inside their cunts. The boys got up and left the room. Mr.
Frank looked at the girls and both of them said,

"Thank you sir. We needed that, Now we can do better with tracy and anyone else
you want us to dominate."

"You are welcome girls. But now you have to leave to go to camp. I have left
instructions in your car and a map on how to get there. You have to set it all
up before anyone else arrives, so do hurry. And, one more little thing. You will
drive naked to camp. Don't stop for anything. I'll bring tracy and evelyn with
me. See you there tomorrow,"

With that, he left and went to rest in the one bedroom that had always been set
aside just for him.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 35

As Mr. Frank rested, the two sluts in the basement were getting more from the
boys. They had disconnected the two from each other and now had them on their
hands and knees, side by side. Each of the girls had a hard cock in their mouths
and one in their cunts. This was the fourth set of boys who fucked them. Then,
as those two shot a load of cum into the sluts, two more took their place. This
continued until all the boys had at least one turn with the two. Some had even
gone back for seconds and the girls now had their cunts and bellies full of cum.

Mr. Frank woke from his short nap and went to the basement to get the girls
ready for the long trip to camp. He couldn't wait until they met the new slut,
but that wouldn't be until camp was almost over.  He got to the basement just as
the last two boys pulled their cocks out.

"Some of you boys get these cunts into the tub. They need to get clean before we
leave. Can't have these whores smelling up my car, you know." ordered Mr. Frank.

The boys picked them up and took them into a room off the basement and put them
in a tub of warm water. They were told to get cleaned up, making sure they also
douched to get all that cum from their cunts.  The boys left the girls alone and
left them alone.

The two sluts stood looking at each other. They had sympathy showing in their
eyes, but couldn't voice what they were thinking. evelyn reached out and touched
the brand that tracy had just received and traced the lettering. tracy began to
cry, knowing that a lot of people would see this and that it was permanent.
tracy reached up to evelyn's mouth and reached inside to feel her tongue. evelyn
stuck it out and tracy felt each stud. evelyn held her head down in shame. They
hugged each other briefly and then climbed into the tub to get clean. They had
become so much closer now and helped each other get clean. They even assisted
the other with her douche. When they got out, they dried each other off, combed
and brushed each others hair. Then they brushed their teeth to be presentable
for Mr.Frank. Just as they were finishing, Mr. Frank walked in and said, "OK,
get your asses up the stairs and wait for me out behind my car."

Afraid to do anything else, they obeyed and went up the stairs and outside to
where he had left his car. Knowing they were outside naked! Knowing anyone who
went by would see them. Knowing that if they disobeyed, they would be in

When Mr. Frank arrived at the car, he opened the trunk. He said, "tracy, get in
and lay on your back with your legs spread." tracy crawled into the trunk, but
really didn't want to. she got on her back and spread her legs for him. Then, he
reached in and put a blindfold on her. Then, said, "OK, your turn slut! Get in
and put your cunt on her mouth and your mouth on her cunt."

evelyn did as he said and soon they were in a "69" position in his trunk. Then
he also blindfolded her. next he got some really short chains and proceeded to
attach their tongues to the others clit. Once he had the chains connected, he
pulled them tight and brought their cunts and mouths closer together so they
each had a clit in their mouth. They could not move. Then, he handcuffed their
hands around each others waists.

"OK, now we can go to camp," He said, as he shut the trunk.

Both little sluts were in total darkness as he started the car and drove away.
They could feel every bump he hit and also tasted each others pussies during the
long ride to camp. At first, tracy was enjoying evelyn's cunt, but after awhile,
it started to taste different to her. Of course, slut evelyn hated eating pussy,
and hoped the trip didn't last too long.

It seemed like they rode this way forever. Actually, it was a five hour ride and
for the full five hours, the girls had to suck a cunt. tracy had to pee badly,
since she had not been given the chance to do it back at the Animal House. she
did her best to hold it, but with the bumpy ride, she couldn't. So, slut evelyn
got her first taste of piss. she choked and tried to spit it out, but the way
she was connected to tracy's cunt, she couldn't do anything but swallow. she
hated tracy now and Mr. Frank was no longer her favorite person. she vowed

As they rode in the trunk, connected to each others cunt, the girls were not
enjoying this at all. Unable to see, or do anything except lick the others cunt,
they both had their thoughts of what would happen next. Both of them had heard
of a new slut who would join them at the camp. Both wondered who it might be.
evelyn knew about most of the sluts that Mr. Frank had, but all of them had
already been introduced to slut camp before. tracy  didn't know any of them,
since she was also brand new to this. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too bad for any
of them.

As they rode, evelyn's belly began to cramp with the need to piss. she didn't
want to do what tracy had done to her. she thought it was disgusting to piss in
someone else's mouth, but she couldn't hold it much longer. Finally, after
hitting a few more bumps, she let a stream of hot yellow piss out into tracy's

tracy was used to drinking piss, since Linda and Christina made her drink theirs
all the time. she quickly swallowed all that evelyn gave her. It was a different
taste than her Mistresses piss, but still wasn't to bad. Maybe asian cunts had a
different flavor to them. Or, it was just that she was beginning to like it. she
didn't really know.

After a long ride, they felt the car slow down and turn onto a bumpy dirt road.
It went slower now, and the two cunts were hoping that their ride would soon
end. And, it wasn't too much longer before the car came to a stop and they heard
Mr. Frank get out of the car and slam the door. But, the trunk still did not
open. They lay there in silence expecting him to open the trunk. But, it didn't

Mr. Frank left the car and went to the center of the camp area. There, he met
with Christina and Linda, who were still naked, since they had no clothes to put
on. He looked around and remembered all the times he had been here. The little
cabins had been built in a full circle, leaving a big area to play in. The large
main hall and dining facility were placed off to the side, and was used to have
meals and lots of entertainment. The only ones who would not eat in the main
hall were the sluts,at least not at the tables.  Each little cabin had hitching
post directly outside the front door just beyond the porches. Also each cabin
had rings attached to the outside walls and a larger pole at each side of the
porch. The cabins were used for the guests and the slut owners. All but the
first cabin, that is. The fist one was called the slut cabin. This is where all
the new sluts were brought to and forced to wait for inspections by Mr. Frank.

He approach Christina and Linda saying, "Well, I see you found your way here. Is
everything ready?"

"Yes Sir," said Linda. "Your new slut is waiting for you, just as you

"Very good. Now you girls go get some rest. You will need it for all the
activities coming up," said Mr. Frank as he walked toward the slut cabin.

He walked inside and found the new slut waiting. she was naked, except for high
heels, a blindfold and ring gag. her hands were cuffed behind her back and her
feet were held apart with a spreader bar. he walked around the lady, inspecting
her and making notes of what needed to be done.

"Too much hair on the cunt," he said, "but that will be taken care of later.
Tits a little saggy, but the nipples are nice. Might have to get them bigger.
Nice firm ass. Be good for spanking. cunt may be a little too big, but I guess
after having children, those things do stretch some. But, over all not too bad."

the lady was shaking now, not really knowing what was going on or what would
happen. she didn't know how she ended up like this. Maybe it was because she
fucked Mr. Frank a long time ago and then decided she didn't want him. she
married someone else instead of him. Or, it was because her husband had owed Mr.
Frank and it was time to pay up. Or, could it be that her husband found out what
she did back in collage with Mr. Frank and had seen all those pictures. Whatever
it was, her husband told her she had to do this. He forced her to take part in
whatever might happen. He even threatened to leave her and take the kids away if
she didn't. So, here she was!

Once the inspection was over, he put a collar around her neck and attached a
leash. Then, he made her follow him as he jerked on the leash. It was hard to
walk with that damn spreader bar, but, she managed to follow him, taking very
short awkward steps.

Mr. Frank led her to the center of the compound and made her stop. First he
unhooked her hands and took the spreader bar off. But, almost immediately, she
was bound again. But this time on an X frame, which totally exposed all of her.
He readjusted the frame, making her body stretch even more and when he was
finished, she was pulled tight from all directions. Then, he put something over
her ears. When he spoke to her, she could hear him, but his voice was now
different. It didn't sound like him at all. Mr. Frank had designed these special
headsets, just for this purpose. This slut and tracy would wear them at all
times at the camp, so neither of them could tell who was talking to them. He was
going to enjoy this session.

Once he had her just the way he wanted, he went to his car and opened the trunk.
He laughed when he saw the cute sight of the two sluts. Each with the others
cunt in her mouth. But, he needed to get them out and ready for the
introductions. So, he disconnected the chains from them and pulled them out. He
allowed them just enough time to stretch and then told tracy to get on her hands
and knees. He removed evelyn's blindfold and ring gag, then made her stand in
front of tracy, with her ass toward tracy's face. Then, he took a long chain and
put it on tracy's tongue ring. he ran the chain up through evelyn's legs and
attached the other end to her clit ring. Then, he put the special headset over
tracy's ears.

"OK, cunt, lead this cunt over to the center," he ordered evelyn.

She started to walk, but was stopped suddenly when tracy didn't move and her
clit was pulled by the chain. she said, "tracy you have to move. follow me."

Then, she started again and when tracy felt the pulling on her tongue, she began
to crawl. It was hard to do on the dirt and her tongue felt like it was being
pulled out of her mouth. she did her best to keep up.

They finally made it to the center and evelyn noticed the other female bound to
the X frame. she looked familiar, but couldn't quite place her. she knew she had
seen this slut someplace before, but didn't know where.

Stopping as soon as Mr. Frank told her to, she waited. He disconnected the two
cunts and picked tracy up and put her on the X frame right next to the other
woman. Making sure she was completely stretched just like he did with the first
one. But, he took a large butt plug and pushed it up tracy's ass, and put a
platform under her. This would stop the plug from coming out. And, later on, he
could adjust it to add a dildo to her cunt.

Satisfied with his work, he instructed slut evelyn on her duties. He said, "You
cunt are going to be the watcher. You are going to stay with these two cunts and
make sure they are OK. If they are in need of something, and you can figure it
out, you will ring the bell. There was a rope hanging down beside her that went
to a large bell above the girls heads. Don't ring it until you are positive they
need help. Understand bitch!"

evelyn nodded her head up and down. Then he placed her on her knees between the
two women, attached a collar and leash to her neck. Then, tied it to a post in
the ground next to her. As he walked away, he laughed and said, "Don't go away,
I'll be back soon."

He went back to his cabin to get himself ready for the introductory ceremony.
All he had to do was get out of his clothes and shower. Then, put his robe on.
This is all any of the masters would wear during the camp. The sluts were not
allowed to wear anything at anytime.

He finished and returned to the center of the camp. Once again, he checked the
two sluts to make sure they couldn't move or see anything. He also checked the
frames to make sure they worked properly. The motors began to whir and the
frames went from being upright to laying flat, then back up again. Another
switch was turned on and the frames bent forward, causing the sluts to bend.
Very good he thought as he put them back in the upright position to start the

Then, he rang the bell and announced through the P.A. system that slut camp was
about to begin. He said, 'Will everyone please come to the center of the
compound so we can begin our activities at this year's slut camp."

All the cabin doors opened up and the men began to come out, followed by their
own sluts. All the men had the robes on, while the sluts were naked. Some were
walking behind their Masters, while others crawled on their hands and knees to
the center. There were enough chairs for the Masters, but none for the sluts.
And, in the front row, there were five chairs marked reserved.

As soon as everyone had gathered, Mr. Frank looked around, seeing the Masters
sitting and their sluts either standing beside them, or kneeling at their feet.
Then, the last four people entered the center of the compound. They all wore
robes to mark them as Masters. Christina and Linda were escorting two new men
into the center. They brought them to the reserved chairs and all four sat down.
The last chair was for Mr. Frank.

Then, Mr. Frank began the announcement. "Welcome back to slut camp. I am happy
to see all my friends with their sluts and I am sure we will all get to use them
during our time together."

He took a short pause, then continued. "Now, I would like to welcome some new
people. It has been awhile since we have had new Masters and sluts join us, so
we are privileged to have both this year. First, I would like to introduce the
new Masters. However, I can't tell you their names right now, since they do not
want the new sluts to know who they are. So, please welcome them both."

A short burst of applause and some welcomes followed. Then Mr. Frank held up his
hand for silence and he continued. "Now, as you can see we have some new sluts
up here behind me. The one kneeling is my personal slut and her name is evelyn.
Please feel free to use her at anytime. The other two cunts will be known only
by cow and puppy. At least until the end of camp when they will get to meet each
other for the first time. As you might guess, the cow is the one with the saggy
tits and puppy is the younger one."

Laughter erupted from the crowd, and both the sluts faces turned red with shame.
Even evelyn laughed at that.

Once it was quiet again, Mr. Frank continued. "Now, as you all know and can see,
a slut that is here at camp is to have a bald cunt. But, we have one with hair.
So, we will take care of that before we go to have dinner. Once this is done,
all the sluts will go to the main building to get ready to serve dinner. The men
will stay around here to get aquatinted with the new people."

The men made sure their sluts knew what to do when Mr. Frank dismissed them,
then they waited to see how the hair would come off this new slut.

He waited until all was quiet and then announced. "I have some special tools on
the table next to the sluts, and I would like each of you, including the sluts
to come up one at a time and help remove this cunts disgusting hair. The first
ones will be our two new members. The girls with them will assist in
demonstrations of the tools."

Christina and Linda led the two men forward and explained what was to happen.
Then Linda said, "This is how it is done."  She took the special tools, which
looked like pliers and grabbed about ten cunt hairs right close to the woman's
clit. Making sure they were tight, she yanked and pulled the hair from her cunt.

NNNNNN" was what came out of this sluts gagged mouth. Everyone laughed and
cheered as Linda handed the instrument to the older man.

He was smiling as he clamped on to hair on her pussy lips. He pulled about a
dozen hairs out. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' was heard once again. Then, the younger
man did the same. Next, all the others lined up to pull the hair from this cunt.

While everyone was having fun pulling the hair from the new slut, the two new
members went to tracy. They examined her tattoos, jewelry and her new brand.
They were both pleased with it and the older one said he wanted to fuck her. So,
Mr. Frank turned on the switch and the frame went backwards until she was laying
on her back with her cunt wide open.

The new Master stepped up and pulled out his huge cock and just drove it all the
way up tracy's cunt. He didn't care if she liked it or not. He drove it home and
then pulled back out before driving it in deep again. Then he began to fuck her
hard. It wasn't long before he shot his load of cum into her young pussy. Once
he pulled out, Mr. Frank put her back up into position and watched as the cum
dripped from her pussy and ran down her legs.

By this time, everyone had taken a turn to pull the hair from the new cunt. It
was almost bald, but still had a small tuft of hair left. Mr., Frank took his
turn and grabbed the rest of the hair and pulled. There was at least thirty
hairs left, and when it came out you could hear it rip. Of course, the new slut
yelled with pain through he ring gag.

Mr. Frank instructed evelyn to care for the abused cunt and apply some healing
cream to it. Then, all the men left to have dinner served by naked sluts.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 36

All the men, along with Christina and Linda had a wonderful meal served by naked
sluts. As they ate, everyone got aquatinted with each other and found out some
interesting facts about the new members.

Once everyone had finished their meals, all the leftovers were placed in a large
bowl. Then, Linda and Christina were left with the sluts to make sure the area
was cleaned and the sluts got something to eat. The two girls took the large pot
of leftovers and scrapings from the plates and filled up all the bowls placed on
the floor. Once the area was cleaned, they told all the sluts to get busy and
clean up the bowls. The sluts had to get on their hands and knees and eat like
dogs. All the food that was left over had been mixed together and the sluts had
to finish every drop.

While that was being done, the men all went back to the center of the compound.
Mr. Frank lowered both the sluts so they were on their backs and told the men
that both of them needed to be fucked before they retired for the evening. The
new young Master was the first to take the cow slut. He really enjoyed it and
was soon cumming in her cunt. The older man went to tracy and stuck his cock in
her mouth to get a blow job. Then, all the others took turns with both the
women. They either put their cocks in the sluts moths or in their cunts for a
fuck. Some even took them up the ass. Of course, all of this was on video tape
for future use and some additional blackmail in case it was needed.

Once everyone had finished fucking the two cunts, Mr. Frank announced that it
was now time to get some sleep. He said, "These two cunts will be here all night
in case anyone has the need to fuck some more. And, if you need to piss during
the night, feel free to use their mouths. Now, all of the other sluts will be
tied to the hitching posts outside your cabins. They all have to be tied the
same  way. You will take your slut and bend her over, attaching her feet to the
bottom poles to keep them spread. their hands will be spread along the top rail
and secured. Each slut will have a ring gag in their mouths also. And, as you
know, they are open and available for anyone to use. All of their slut holes
will be open for everyone."

As soon as he was finished, all the men gathered up their sluts and got them in
position for the night. Then, the men just wandered around and checked out the
sluts. Christina and Linda were both quite horny, so they went to the two sluts
in the middle of the camp and sat down on their faces. tracy began licking
Christina's cunt right away, but the older slut tried to get away. she had never
licked a pussy before and didn't want to now. But, Linda cured that problem when
she picked up a small whip and began to punish the cow's cunt. Linda said, she
would continue whipping her cunt until she decided to lick her pussy. The older
woman only took a few more hits and then went to work on Linda's juicy pussy.

They laughed at the sight and when they had both cum, they switched places. Both
agreed that they would be getting more of this in the future. Even after slut
camp was over. Once both girls had cum twice, they left the two sluts alone and
went to find the two new Masters. They wanted to fuck now. And who better to
fuck than these two. Especially since they knew them both and would get to fuck
them quite often later on.

Mr. Frank wandered back out to the center and decided that evelyn needed some
additional attachments. He was still upset with her for running off at the mouth
all the time and he wanted to teach her to be quiet.

He took the ring gag that had been removed earlier and put it in her mouth.
Then, he took some chains out and attached them to the three stud rings in her
tongue. Next, he pulled her head back and put her hair into a pony tail. Once he
finished that, he attached the rope for the bell to her hair, which held her
head up quite nicely. Then, taking the chain that was attached to the front of
the slut's tongue, he pulled it down to her clit and attached it there. Pulling
it tight made her tongue come farther out of her mouth and her clit stood out
from under it's hood. Then, he did the same with the other two chains, except he
attached them to her nipples and pulled them tight, which made them stand out
and up.

Satisfied with his work, he said, "Now, I expect you to stay just like that all
night. I know you can move your head down and relieve some of the pain, but if
you do, you'll ring the bell. If the bell rings and there isn't a problem,
you'll be severely punished in the morning. Something different for each time it

Then, he just walked away. As he was passing the cabin that he had set aside for
Linda and Christina, he heard a lot of noise. Looking through the windows, he
saw both girls getting fucked by the two new men. He hoped they didn't wear them
out, since he wanted to be sure they got lots of action with the new sluts

He went to his cabin for another short nap, since he still wanted to get some of
the other sluts around camp. Especially the principal's wife. He showered and
crawled into his bed and drifted off to sleep.

While he was sleeping, the others made their rounds of the tied up sluts. They
used their cunts, asses and mouths throughout the night. All the sluts had very
little time to rest. tracy and the new slut didn't get any rest that night.
There was a continual line of men to fuck them. Of course, they had no idea who
fucked them or had their cocks in their mouths. They just accepted it all,
hoping that it would soon be over. And, they both wondered who the one next to
them was.

It was just about daylight when Mr. Frank got up and went outside. he knew where
the principal's wife was and went right to her. He said, "It's been a long time
cunt. Now, you are mine.!"

He drove his cock deep in her cunt and fucked her hard until he shot his load
into her. She really hated him doing this to her, since he was the one who made
her become a slut to him and her husband. If it hadn't been for him, she would
just be the pretty little housewife she wanted to be. But, since she cheated on
her husband one time, she now had to suffer.

Once he left her, he went to check on the tracy and the other cunt. They were
both resting for the moment, since everyone else had gone back to bed to rest
before the days activities. He had to piss, and went to the new cunt and placed
his cock in her mouth. He let out his stream of hot urine, straight down her
throat. The cunt gagged and coughed, but had no other choice except to swallow.
Her first taste of piss had to be his.

It was now starting to turn daylight and everyone was getting ready for
breakfast and some fun. They all gathered in the main building to be served once
again by naked sluts, once their Masters had untied them.

During breakfast, Mr. Frank told everyone they had lots of games to play today
and that their sluts would be left to clean up the dining room and all the
cabins. The three other sluts would be taking care of everyone while their sluts

Once breakfast was over all the men along with Christina and Linda went to the
center area again. Mr. Frank got the three sluts untied and allowed them all to
stretch. Then, he announced that they were going to play the first game. He had
the two new sluts stand with their legs apart, while he had Christina and Linda
bring two long planks to him.  Both planks were about one inch thick, four
inches wide, and eight feet long. He slid the wooden planks between each sluts
legs and the with some help, raised them up onto some supports. This brought the
wood right up into the crotches of the women. They were able to keep their feet
flat on the ground, at least to start with, since the end they were starting at
was lower than the other end.

Then, he explained the rules of the game. "Each of you cunts will crawl your way
to the other end of the planks between your legs. The first one there will be
rewarded while the other is punished. The bad part of this, is that you are
going to be tied to the planks so you can't get off until you reach the end."

He then took rope and tied each of them to the plank. Then, he added, "If you
stop at anytime, you will be whipped.  When I say GO, you are to start and I
don't care how much you hurt, you will go all the way."

He waited for a moment and counted backwards. "3, 2, 1, GO!"

Both tracy and other slut started moving. Their swollen cunts rubbing against
the wood as the shuffled along. Both of them were crying, wanting to beat the
other, but it hurt so bad, they both almost quit.

About half way to the end, tracy stopped. she couldn't go any more. Then, she
felt the whip on her bare ass and it made her jump. she tried to go more, but
couldn't. her little cunt was so sore and raw now, she couldn't stand the pain.
But the other slut kept moving. tracy was now getting beaten with the whip and
she still couldn't move. Finally, the other slut got to the end and slid off the

Mr. Frank announced that the cow was the winner and she would be able to eat
breakfast. But the little puppy would have to be punished for her failure. He
had the men take tracy off the plank and put her on another object. This was a
pole sticking up in the air. On the end of the pole, was a large dildo made of
shiny metal. The men tied tracy's arms above her head to a pulley and hoisted
her up over the pole. Once her tight little ass was directly over the pole, they
lowered her down so it just barely entered her asshole. Then, they tied the rope
off, so she didn't go any farther.

Mr. Frank left her like that while the cow slut ate breakfast from a bowl on the
ground. He liked the way her ass stuck up in the air and wanted to fuck it. And,
he would soon, in front of everyone.

Once she finished eating, he said they were going to play another game with her.
The game would be trivial pursuit. The men would ask her questions and she would
answer them. For every right answer, nothing would happen. But, for every wrong
answer, the little puppy slut would be lowered onto the dildo up her ass. Every
time she didn't give an answer, there would be a small electrical shock going
into the dildo. The shocks would start out small and gradually build up. But,
since she didn't know who the other cunt was, it wasn't fair, because she
wouldn't care about the other one.

So, he told the cow that he was going to remove the gag first, so she could
answer the questions. And, then he would remove the blindfold. Once he removed
the two items. she was not to say anything except to answer the questions. If
she did, the two sluts would change places.

"Do you understand slut," He asked. the cow shook her head yes. Mr. Frank
removed the gag and allowed her a little time to move her sore jaws around.
Then, he removed her blindfold. Once her eyes adjusted to the bright light, she
gasped and almost called out tracy's name. But, she caught herself before she
said anything, because she didn't want to be on that pole.

her mind started racing as she saw her daughter tracy, naked, adorned with all
types of jewelry, and the word "fucktoy above her pussy. mrs. williams began to
cry and thought, "What have they done to her. what is going on. John wanted her
at this awful place, but never said anything about tracy." And, she looked away
from tracy and looked straight into Tim's eyes. "My god," she mumbled, as she
saw her son there. He was looking at her naked body and had a big wicked looking
grin on his face. she could never live this down. her daughter a slut, her son
looking at both of them and her husband making her do it. she knew she would

Mr. Frank asked, "Are you ready cunt for the first question?"

"YYYYYyeeeesssssss!" she cried, as her eyes wandered back to her naked daughter.
she felt sorry for tracy, but knew she couldn't do anything to stop it.

Mr. Frank pulled the first question from the box. He said, "The first question
is about history. Who was the sixteenth president of the United States"

she hesitated, not thinking clearly, she said, "Roosevelt."

"Wrong answer cunt, lower the little bitch" he said.

The men lowered tracy and the big metal dildo went a little farther into her
ass. tracy groaned through her gag and tried to pull herself back up with her
arms, but couldn't.

The other men started drawing questions out of the box. They would ask rachel,
her real name, the questions. she was able to get the next two right and nothing
happened. But the third question, she didn't have a clue. she knew if she told
them she didn't know, tracy would be shocked, so she just threw out a dumb
answer. Mr. Frank said, "Now, I know you didn't have a clue as to the right
answer. so we will lower the little cunt and then shock her."

tracy was lowered down again, driving the big object deeper in her ass. And
then, she felt the first of many shock waves inside her. she struggled and again
tried to pull herself up, but just wasn't strong enough. The shock stooped and
tracy calmed down.

The next question was answered wrong again and tracy was lowered down more. It
seemed that mrs. williams didn't really know a lot about anything and soon,
tracy had over half of the large dildo in her ass, stretching her to the limits.
tears were falling from under her blindfold. who ever this other cunt was, tracy
didn't like her. she was so dumb. tracy knew the answers, but wasn't able to say
them. she hated this other woman for being so stupid.

The questions kept coming and rachel couldn't answer most of them. some she even
said she didn't know. the dildo worked it's way deep into tracy's bowels and the
shocks kept getting stronger. she was in agony and vowed she would get this
other whore for what she was doing to her. But, tracy still didn't know it was
her own mother who was so dumb.

Finally, Mr. Frank saw the dildo slide the last few inches into tracy's once
tight asshole. she had a full twelve inches up her ass and the shocks were
really strong now. But, he also noticed her cunt was dripping with juice. This
game really excited the little cunt. He wanted to play some more before he
allowed tracy to see her mother as a slut slave.

So, he said, "OK, cow, now that you have managed to get that big dildo up this
young whores ass, it is now time to soothe her. Get your fat ass over there and
lick her cunt."


A sharp slap across her ass from her husband, John, made her jump and she
crawled to tracy. rachel was crying as she got her mouth up to her daughters
juicy pussy and started licking. tracy squirmed at the first touch. she wanted
to cum so bad now, it hurt. As mommy licked daughters cunt, the shock treatment
began again. rachel could feel them on her tongue and knew tracy was hurting
inside her ass. she had to get her off quickly so they would stop.

While rachel was licking at tracy's cunt, Mr. Frank reached up and removed
tracy's blindfold and gag. He got them off just as she was cumming for the first
time. her eyes remained closed as she had a wonderful orgasm. the woman below
her kept on licking. she was afraid to stop until she was told too. tracy kept
on cumming again and again, and didn't look out. If she had, she would have seen
her Daddy watching with lust in his eyes.

Finally, Mr. Frank told rachel to stop, and stand up in front of the little
puppy. Once tracy calmed down, she opened her eyes only to stare right into her

And she looked away in shame, only to look right at her Dad.
"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO,not you, too." she screamed.

Everyone else was laughing at the little family reunion. tracy and her mom just
looked at each other and cried.

Mr. Frank announced. "OK, now that we all know who is here, let's continue. I
wanted to wait until later to introduce everyone, but John insisted we get it
out in the open now. So, as you can all see, tracy and rachel are now sluts and
will be forever."

Both tracy and rachel cried. tracy still perched atop that big dildo in her ass.
But, rachel wasn't doing anything to be used, so Mr. Frank said, "Well, we have
some more to do to get this new cow ready to learn her role as a slut. So, since
she is a cow with saggy tits, I believe we need to treat her like a cow."

He left the center for a moment, but soon returned with something to help the
situation along.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 37

Mr. Frank came back with what appeared to be a sucking machine. He  said,  "OK,
let's see if this cow can give us some milk!"

He started attaching the suction tubes to rachel's udders and  positioning  the
tubes so that they would go into a bucket. Then, he turned the  machine  on.
rachel's nipples started getting longer as they were sucked into  the  cups,
which were transparent so that everyone could watch. The more  suction  that was
applied, the more her nipples went into the tubes. They were  now  about one-
quarter inch long and still growing.

Mr. Frank announced, "As soon as she gives enough milk for all of us to  enjoy a
sip of it, I'll let the other cunt, tracy, off that machine.  But the  longer
she waits to produce, the more shocks her daughter gets."

"PPPPlllleeeeaaaasssee," cried tracy, "i can't take anymore. Please  stop."

"I will stop as soon as this cunt mother of yours produces some milk  for us  to
drink. It is all up to her now," stated Mr. Frank.

As soon as he said that, he gave tracy a very mild jolt of electricity  in  her
ass. tracy squirmed and did her best to pull herself off the big  thing  in her
ass, but she had lost all her strength from hanging there.

rachel was starting to feel the pressure in her tits now. her nipples  had  been
elongated to one half inch and still growing. she was in pain like  she  had
never felt before. she was begging now, along with tracy. "Please  sir,  please
stop. i can't do this. John, stop him, please."

Everyone laughed when John said, "Sorry, slut, but that's what you  deserve  for
fucking around before. How am I to know who tracy belongs to now.  You  were a
whore and I don't have any idea if tracy is really my daughter  or  not. Maybe
she belongs to Charles."

"No, she is your daughter. i didn't get pregnant until I slept with  you. 
Please, John, don't do this to us," begged rachel.

"You beg so well, rachel, but I think it is time you shut your  cocksucking 
mouth," said John. Then he picked up a ring gag and forced it back in  her 
mouth. This one was bigger than she had before, and stretched her jaws  wide 

Then he left for a few minutes to get something Mr. Frank had told him  about.
When he returned, he had a rod in his hand. He said, "Maybe we  can  get this
cunt to give milk faster if we use this on her."

Mr. Frank said, "I don't know if it will make her produce milk, but it  sure 
will get her jumping alot. Go ahead and try it."

John took the rod and checked it out in front of rachel. Her eyes got  really 
big as if to beg him not to use a cattle prod on her. But it didn't  work. He 
placed it against her naked ass and hit the switch. A shot of  electricity  went
through her and all she could do was try to scream.  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," was
all that came out of her gagged mouth. Her  body  jerked and spasmed like it was
in heat. Then he positioned it next to  her  cunt and zapped her again.

once again and everyone watched her pussy wink at them. They all  laughed and 
someone said, "It looks like the cow is in season, with her cunt  winking at 

The suction on her tits was now very intense and her nipples had gone  into  the
tube a full inch. But there was still no sign of milk from those  saggy  tits
she had. He put it to her cunt once more and gave her a good jolt,  holding the
switch a little longer.

from her mouth. rachel shook from the jolt of electricity shooting  through  her
most private area.

"Maybe she needs some more incentive to give up the milk," said Tim,  who was 
standing with his robe open and his cock straight out.

"What do you have in mind?" asked Mr. Frank.

"Well, she is so intent on keeping that cunt tracy safe and unharmed,  maybe  we
should zap her with the cattle prod instead. Then, if she can't give  us  some
cow milk, we continue with tracy until she does. And, in the  meantime,  let's
get everyone here to fuck her ass," said Tim.

"That's a great idea son," said John. "Let me get tracy going while you  are 
the first to fuck your whore mother's cheap ass!"

As Tim stepped up behind his mother, ready to put his hard cock in her  ass, 
John stepped over to tracy. He held the cattle prod inches away from  her  naked
cunt, and said, "OK, for every two strokes in rachel's ass, I'll  give  this
young cunt a jolt. In the meantime, let's continue with the  electricity  in her

Everyone was laughing as Tim stepped up closer and positioned his cock  in  his
mothers asshole. He moved up a little more and drove his cock deep  into  her
naked ass.

"AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH", she mumbled through the gag, just as tracy felt  the 
cattle prod hitting her bald cunt.

"MMMMMMMM,AAAAAAAAA, OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH," cried tracy as her own  father  hit
the switch and zapped her. she felt so violated, yet she had that  tingling
sensation in her cunt and she was dripping with pussy juice.

Tim continued fucking rachel, his own mother, in the ass. John and Mr.  Frank 
took turns giving tracy the jolts of electricity. First to her cunt,  then in 
her ass. The other men kept watching the bucket and rachel's tits to  see if 
she produced any milk yet.

Tim was fucking her ass hard now and soon he was shooting the first  load of 
cum into her. He yelled, "IIIIIIIIII'MMMMMMM cumming into my mother's  ass!"

As soon as he pulled out, John swapped places with him and he fucked  his 
wife's ass while Tim continued with tracy's cunt. It wasn't long before  John 
shot his load and then all the men lined up to take her from behind.

Finally, after about eight men had fucked rachel's ass, and tracy had  been 
electrified in her cunt and ass, she was starting to give out some  milk.  They
could see the white cream coming from her udders and down the  tube.

But all the other men still needed to fuck her ass and they continued,  even  as
her tits began to push more milk out and into the bucket. Once the  milk 
started running, the men quit on tracy and just left her impaled on the  big 
dildo. tracy was shaking from being hurt, but mostly from the need to  cum.

They left the two cunts as they were and went to get some lunch and to  play 
with the other sluts who had been cleaning the cabins and the main  hall.  They
were under the strict supervision of Christina and Linda. Some of  them, 
especially the principal's wife, had been made to lick their cunts to  keep 
them satisfied until the men returned.

Once the men got to the main hall, Mr. Frank told the girls to go out  and  get
their little cunt off the big device and clean her up. "But leave  the  cow
right where she is. I want her totally milked before we start  again."

Christina and Linda went to the center of the compound and raised tracy  up  off
the big dildo in her ass. When it came out, there was a loud,  "POP". The  girls
laughed and continued with her. They got her back to the ground,  but  she
couldn't stand up. she fell to her knees. tracy was so weak that  she  could
barely move.

They almost had to carry her over to the hose and when they finally got  her 
there, they just began to wash her down and then soaped her up. After  she  had
been washed and rinsed, they led her dripping body to the cabin.  Once  inside,
they tied her to the bed and told her to sleep for awhile.

The girls went back to watch tracy's mother. They saw the milk flowing  steady
from her udders and laughed, wondering what it felt like to be  milked. Maybe
someday they would have to find out. Just then, the men  all  came back with
their sluts.

"OK, mrs.cow slut, it is time to get these other sluts ready for some  serious
fucking. So, you are going to lick them all and get them juicy  for  us,"
ordered John, her husband.

The first lady, who happened to be one of the ladies she knew from her  women's
group, stepped up and put her cunt up to rachel's mouth. she  had no  other
choice but to eat it. mrs. williams hated this, but licked at the  cunt  in
front of her until she was nice and wet. Then the next one stepped  up and  she
continued licking. This continued with all the women and as soon as  she  had
them wet, they were taken away to get fucked by one of the men.

Finally, she had licked all the women and her milk bucket was getting  quite 
full, so Mr. Frank stopped the suction on her tits and released her  nipple 
from the cups. They were sticking out quite nicely now and were ready  to be 

They left rachel alone for awhile, while they took the other sluts to a  large
area just outside the compound. There, they were lined up on  their  backs with
their legs spread wide. The men all took their positions  with a  slut that did
not belong to them and all at the same time drove their  cocks  into them. They
fucked each cunt fast and hard until they shot a load  of cum  into them. Then,
they moved down to the next one in line and fucked  that  cunt. Before it was
over, each slut had felt every cock that was there  in  their pussies. And,
their pussies were really full of cum.

The sluts were ordered to stay on their backs with their legs spread.  Christina
and Linda went to get tracy. When they returned with her, she  was  told she had
to start at one end and suck all the cum out of each cunt.  They  even took the
gag from her mouth, so she could do a better job.

tracy was tired and didn't feel like arguing with them, because she  knew if 
she did, she would be punished. So, starting at one end of the line of  sluts,
she got down and began to eat the first cunt who had just been  fucked  by all
the men. she gagged a little as she swallowed the cum running  out of  the
woman's pussy, but continued sucking until it was completely empty.

Then, she moved to the next woman and did the same. she sucked every  cunt  that
was spread open to her and now had a belly full of male and female  cum.  she
hoped they wouldn't make her do any more, but then she thought,  "they  call
this slut camp, so i guess there will be more."  she had almost  given  in to
the fact that she was really a slut and knew she would have to do  more  later.

Once she was finished eating all the cunts and swallowing the cum, she  was  led
back to where her mother was kept, still on her hands and knees.  tracy  saw the
bucket of cow milk beside her and also noticed how big her  nipples  had
extended. she felt sorry for her mom, but knew that it wouldn't do  any  good to
try to get them to stop using her.

Mr. Frank announced that it was time to pierce the new cow slut. He  told  Linda
to get the equipment and had Christina get her ready.

Christina made mrs. williams turn over and lay flat on her back, so her  tits 
were sticking straight up. Then, she tied her in a spread eagle  position.  Just
as she finished getting rachel ready, Linda returned with the  piercing  tools.

Then, Mr. Frank told tracy to sit on her mothers face so she could lick  her 
cunt while the work was being done. tracy obeyed, but stared at Mr.  Frank  with
such hatred that he knew that someday the little bitch would do  her  best to
get even with him. He really had to be careful.

Next, tracy was told that she had to do the piercing on her mother's  udders. 
"Linda will explain what to do, and you had better do it", said Mr.  Frank.

Linda explained the steps to tracy and handed her the tools. While mrs. 
williams ate her daughter's cunt, tracy took the tools and positioned  them  at
her mothers swollen left nipple. her hands shook and she was crying.  she 
didn't want any part of this, but knew if she didn't, she would feel  extreme 
punishment from her friends and Mr. Frank.

She got the tool around her mother's nipple and squeezed it hard,  making a 
nice hole in it.

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH," cried rachel into her daughter's cunt  as  she
felt the pain in her tit. As soon as tracy released the piercing  tool,  the
girls put a nice big loop ring through the hole and closed it shut.

Mr. Frank said, "That's very good tracy, now do the right one."

Crying and shaking, tracy put the tool up to the other nipple and  squeezed.


Then it was over as another large ring was inserted into her nipple.  she was 
crying, but continued eating her daughter. tracy was now ready to cum  and  with
just a few more licks, she came with great strength.

ground her pussy hard into her mother's face.

The girls pulled tracy off her mother's face and took her to another  area. 
They left mrs. williams on her back so all the men could use her one  more  time
before camp let out. This would be one of the best slut camps they  ever  had
and they knew that tracy and her mom would be doing a lot more in  the  weeks to
come. Especially with school starting.

Mr. Frank, Christina, Linda, and the principal all thought about how it  was 
going to be with a naked student, a naked ASSistant and a naked  homeroom 

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 38

Soon after all of them finished with rachel, they went to where tracy had been
taken, leaving slut rachel all alone to think about her new life as a slut.

tracy was tied spread eagle on a bed, with her pussy wide open. They had placed
clamps on her pussy lips and using a chain, attached them to her thighs, which
pulled them apart leaving her big hole wide open. The girls, with the help of 
Mr. Williams, were inserting a new device inside her. It was an inflatable
dildo, which would really stretch her fuck tunnel. The dildo was ten inches long
and about three inches thick to start with. It had a air valve at the end and by
using an air pump, it could expand to enormous sizes.

They got it very deep inside tracy and then started the torturous expansion of
her fuck tunnel. Mr. William's wanted to be the one to open her up, so he
attached the pump to the valve at the end of the dildo and started pumping it
full of air. When he started using the foot pump, everyone could see her pussy
wall expand.

John continued to pump air into the dildo and tracy's eyes were getting bigger
along with her pussy. Tears were forming and she was sobbing.
cried out.

"Easy baby, it won't take long and I'll be finished. Just relax." said her
father. as he continued pumping the air into the toy, opening her up wider and

"Just think tracy, when we are done, you'll be able to take anything we want
inside that pretty little cunt of yours. And besides, when we have our sex
classes in school, you'll be able to show everyone what the inside of a cunt
looks like, "said Christina.

tracy's cunt hole was now huge. But, the pumping continued. she was now five
inches wide and still stretching. They wanted her big enough to be able to fit
the large end of a two liter bottle in with ease.

Mr. Frank continued to measure her hole and when he thought it was big enough,
he told tracy's father to stop. tracy layed there on the bed, her cunt obscenely
big, and crying hard from the pain. He said, "OK, thats good. Now, we'll just
leave it there for awhile, while her pussy takes on the shape it is in and soon
it will never close up. she'll need an huge dick in her in order to feel
anything at all."

Then, they all left her alone while they went to clean up the compound. Of
course, the other sluts had done a good job of cleaning, so there wasn't much to
do, except get dressed and ready to leave. Most all the other guests had left to
go back home and the last few said their good-byes and departed, leaving just
the eight of them there.

John and Tim would be taking rachel with them. They untied her and put her in
the car. Of course, now that she was their slut and slave, she had to sit in the
back seat just like tracy was taught. Arms along the back, her legs spread wide
apart, exposing all of her naked body. They left to go home to prepare her
living quarters. They had already purchased her cage and  it was set up in her
bedroom at the foot of the bed, so she could watch everything that would happen.

The other three went to get tracy. They got her up and made her walk to the car.
All of them laughed at how she now walked. she couldn't close her legs due to
the thing in her cunt, which is just what they wanted. she would always be
spread for them, even after they took that device out. Loading her in the back
seat of Linda's car, they said goodbye to Mr. Frank and headed toward tracy's

Mr. Frank finally got evelyn from her spot in the bedroom where she was forced
to watch what was happening to tracy. she just hoped he wouldn't do that to her
cunt. He loaded her in the car, right next to him so he could play on the way
back to his house. It was going to be a fun year he thought as he drove home. He
would have three naked cunts around him all the time to play with.

Once the girls arrived with tracy, they went into the house, to check on things
with rachel. she was on her hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor. Not with
the usual scrubbing tools, but she had been told to lick it all clean. They
brought tracy in and put her on her back on a coffee table in the living room,
with her legs wide apart and that big dildo stretching her pussy really wide.

she was left alone there while they all watched rachel finish up the kitchen.
Then, they brought her into the living room to explain to both sluts the rules
for the rest of the year. she was placed between tracy's legs and was told to
lick her daughters clit, but she was not allowed to let her cum. If tracy got
off from her licking, she would be severely punished.

Christina started with the rules, saying, "Both of you cunts are going to be
naked at all times from now on. The only clothes you'll wear are those we
authorize. tracy has given all her clothes away, and rachel will do the same
thing once she bags them all up."

Then Linda interrupted with, "And, Christina and I are moving in with you all.
Our parents have said it was OK, especially since they will be going away quite
often and would rather we stay here than be alone."

John then spoke up saying, "Now that we have an extra big family, there will be
new sleeping arrangements. rachel, you will not sleep in my bed again. Instead,
we have a cage, just like tracy's at the foot of the bed for you. Linda and
Christina will be sharing the bed with me from time to time and also will be
sleeping with Tim."

Christina then continued. "You will both be used as our servants and fuck toys.
We will get you fucked quite often, but not always by one of us. You will fuck
and suck anyone we desire, at any time and at any place."

Linda said, laughing, "And your first big fucks will be the football team next
week. They start practice and they will need some incentive to win this year.
And you two cunts will provide the incentive at practice and also after each
game they win."

"Now for some more house rules," continued Christina, "From now on, since you
are both going to be in cages at night, beds are off limits unless you are being
fucked in it. And, the rest of the furniture in the house is also off limits."

"And so are the bathrooms," added John. "From now on, you will be drinking each
others pee everytime. But, we don't want you getting sick, so we will allow you
to shit in your liter boxes. And, just to be nice to you, you may have toilet
paper to use. The litter boxes will be cleaned each day."

"You will both clean house and cook meals for all of us, and then serve us. You
meals will be taken from the bowls you'll find on the floor in the corner in the
kitchen. We have your names on them so you won't be eating each others food,"
said Tim.

"Now lets move to school!" said Christina. "tracy, you'll go to school either
naked or in the rags you got from those homeless people. We will decide each day
how you'll be.  rachel, you are also going to be in school. you no longer have a
job, so you are going to be a homeroom mother. But, don't worry, it won't be
just the two of you. Mr. Frank's ASSistant, evelyn will also be there naked
while she teaches."

While they were explaining everything to the sluts, rachel was busy licking
tracy's clit, being very careful to stop whenever she thought tracy might cum.
she didn't want to get punished anymore. tracy was wanting to cum so bad, even
if she knew it was her mother eating her cunt. her pussy was so full and she
knew it would be huge by the time they took that big dildo out, whenever that
might be. she wanted to cum, but her mother always stopped before she could.

Then, Linda said, "OK rachel cunt, thats enough. It is now bed time. crawl your
ass into the bedroom and get into the cage thats waiting for you. tracy, go to
your room and kneel beside the bed and wait for us."

They all went into the master bedroom and watched as rachel crawled into her new
cage, which would now be her bed. As soon as she was in, backed up so her ass
was against the wire, Tim took a butt plug and put it in her ass and a dildo
into her cunt. Then, he came around to the front and put a ring gag into her
mouth before shutting the door and locking it.

Then, John and Christina stripped in front of her and got on the bed to fuck.
Linda and Tim went to tracy's room. rachel was position so she could watch her
husband fucking the young girl. she hated it and vowed to herself, that she
would get revenge, especially against these two young whores. she knew tracy
would help her and soon enough the other two girls would belong to them.

Tim and Linda got into the other room and tracy was kneeling just like she was
told too. her legs were open, since she couldn't close them with this big thing
up her cunt. Tim pulled his cock out and made her suck him, to get him hard
before he crawled onto tracy's bed to fuck. They made tracy watch it all and
then when they had finished, she was made to lick both of them clean.

Once she finished cleaning them up, she was pushed into her cage and a ring gag
was also placed in her mouth before the lights in the closet were shut off and
the door closed leaving her in the dark.

The rest of the family went to sleep with each other, while the two sluts had a
hard time sleeping. But, they both finally drifted off and it didn't seem like
it was very long and both were woke up by the others.

"OK, cunts, time to get up and get busy. you both will have a busy day. But, to
start with we want breakfast, so lets crawl those slutty asses into the kitchen
and fix us some bacon and eggs." said John.

Both cunts had to piss, but no one asked them if they had to. So, not wanting to
be hurt, they crawled into the kitchen on hands and knees. Once there, they were
told they could get up long enough to fix breakfast and serve them. While they
were fixing the others breakfast, Linda and Christina fixed their breakfast.
Everyone thought it was funny when they opened four cans of "mighty dog" canned
dog food and placed it in the bowls on the floor and filled up the water bowls
with water from the toilets, after everyone had pissed in the toilets.

The two sluts fixed and served breakfast and then Christina said as she started
to eat, "OK, you two, find your bowls and eat. And, it had better be all gone by
the time we finish. Don't use your hands either! Pets eat with thier mouths

tracy and rachel got back on the floor on their hands and knees and crawled to
the bowls. They read the names on them, so they knew which one was theirs.

One said, "fucktoy tracy" and the other said, "cunt mom, rachel"!

They got to the bowls and could smell the nasty dog food. They wanted to refuse,
but Linda said, "Eat what is there cunts, or you'll be sorry!"

So, they both stuck their heads into the bowls and began to eat. They both
gagged and choked on it, but did manage to eat it, knowing if they didn't finish
by the time the rest of the family was done, they would be in trouble. Once done
eating, they both started lapping at the water in the other bowls. It tasted
terrible, but they needed to wash down the dog food, so they drank it all.

Now, they needed to pee really bad, and tried to get someone's attention to let
them know.

"MMMM, ppppppppppppp" muttered tracy.

"PPPPPPppppppeeeeee" rachel was finally able to get out between her ring gag.

The other four just laughed and then took them to the back yard and made rachel
lay down. They position tracy over her, so her cunt was right above her mouth
and then pushed her down, so her pee hole was right at rachel's mouth.

Then, tracy's dad said, "Go ahead tracy, give mommy your piss!"

tracy didn't want to do this, but she had to go so bad, she let loose a stream
of hot golden piss, right into her mothers mouth. rachel had no choice but to
drink everydrop, since tracy was on her mouth and the others were holding her in

Once tracy was finished, rachel had to lick her clean and then they changed
places and tracy got to drink her mothers hot piss.

Once done, they were told they were going out for awhile, but before they go,
rachel had to gather up all her clothes and put them in bags. They were going to
give her clothes away, just as tracy had to. John knew of a place that had a lot
of poor homeless people and he would drive them there to get rid of the nice
clothes rachel had.

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 39

Now that tracy and rachel both had dirty rags instead of nice clothes,  they
made them put all the things away in boxes at the back door. They had  to wad
them up and throw them in. Each day, they would randomly pick out  something to
wear, but they could not see as they picked the clothes out.  Whatever they
grabbed would be what they wore.

School was to start in two days, but the football team had already  started
practice. They had gone through all the tryouts and those that were  left would
be on the team. And, according to the coach, he had a winning  team this year
and had already promised them a good reward if they did well.

That night, the three sluts, tracy, rachel, and evelyn were all taken  to the
gym. They were taken naked into the boys' locker room where they saw  three
mattresses layed out on the floor. Mr. Frank, Tim, John, and the other  two
girls busied themselves arranging the three sluts, tying them spread  eagle on
the mattresses. Then they were left alone for awhile.

Meanwhile, the boys had all gathered around the coach after a great  practice
game with an opposing school. They had beaten them and the coach said  their
reward was waiting in the locker room.

The boys all ran to the room to find what the coach had for them. As  they
entered, they all shouted and clapped their hands. They saw three  cunts, ready
to fuck. All the boys stripped out of their uniforms and lined  up. The first
three guys dove right on the whores and started fucking them. As  soon as they
shot their loads three more jumped on. This went on all night  until the early
hours of the morning. They even went to the other locker room  and invited the
losing team to join them. The three cunts were fucked continually all night by
everyone. Most of the guys were so horny, they  went back for seconds and
thirds. Needless to say, the three girls' cunts  were like raw meat when they
were finally released. They stood up and cum  just ran from their holes. The men
put them in the shower long enough to  rinse off the excess cum and then out to
the car to go home. They didn't even fight it when they were put into the cages.
That is, everyone but  evelyn. she had a job to do and that was to suck off Tim
and John before Mr.  Frank took her home to her own cage.

They were all allowed to sleep for as long as they wanted that day and night.
But they would have to be up early the next day to get ready to  start school.
They were really cramped up when they were finally released  from their cages,
and stretched to get the kinks out of their bodies. They  had to fix breakfast
for everyone and then were allowed to eat again. This  time it wasn't dog food,
but a nice warm mush the girls had fixed for them.  However, it was still eaten
from the bowls on the floor like dogs.

Then it came time to get dressed. They were both blindfolded and led  outside to
the box of rags. They each reached in and pulled out a garment to  wear. They
were only allowed one piece of clothing each day, and if they only picked a
blouse or skirt, the other half would stay uncovered.

tracy was first and reached in to her box and luckily pulled out an old dress.
However, it had half the buttons missing, but at least she would  be mostly

Next, was rachel's turn. she reached in and felt around. she thought  she had a
dress in her hands, but when she was allowed to look it was only a  tiny blouse.
she tried to complain, but Linda slapped her and said, "Look,  cunt, you picked
it out, now you have to wear it. Now put it on."

tracy saw the fear in her mother's eyes and said, "May I exchange  clothes with

The others had a little conference and decided they would allow it for today,
but rachel had to do something else during the day to make up  for not wearing
what she picked. And, they would tell her what sometime during  the day.

So, the two girls swapped clothes and rachel was now mostly covered,  but tracy
was naked from the waist down. And, she had to go to the first  day of school
like this. But she had saved her mother from the embarrassment,  at least this

They were taken out of the house and put in the car. Linda drove them  all to
school while John went to work. Once they arrived at school, Linda  parked as
far away as she could and then told the sluts to get out. rachel got  out first
and hoped she could stay in front of tracy, to help hide her nakedness, but
Christina wouldn't allow it. They had to walk side by  side through the parking
lot and into the school.

tracy was blushing a deep red now, knowing all the students were  watching her
and they could see her exposed cunt, with the word "fucktoy"  branded into her
skin, along with "slut tracy" tattooed on her naked ass. she  did wonder if any
of them could see just how big her cunt had been  stretched and if any of them
would ever want to fuck her again. Even though she had  been put through so much
hell, she needed to be fucked all the time, and  would gladly lay down and
spread her legs for any stiff cock that wanted her.

They were taken to different rooms to wait for the day to begin, but  had a
speaker in the room so they could hear everything that was going on.  Both tracy
and rachel knew it wasn't going to be easy for them today or any  other day, but
had no choice as to what happened.

Once the bell rang for school to start, an announcement came over the
loudspeakers in every room, including the ones the sluts were in. It  was Mr.
Frank's voice saying, "There will be an assembly in the auditorium in  twenty
minutes. This is mandatory for every one. All students and teachers  must go
there now."

Since this was a very private school, where all the students' parents  paid a 
lot of money for them to attend, just about anything could take place.  No  one
from the state or federal government ever bothered them, because  the  school
paid them extra money to stay away. They also got to benefit  from the  many
strange things that took place at this school. Mr. Frank never had  to  worry
about any interference from any one. Even the parents of the  children  who went
to school there had taken a vow of silence before they were  able to  get their
kids accepted. And, most of the parents knew about the things  that  happened in
the school, especially the sex that had been taking place  since  the school was
started. All of the parents encouraged it and even went  as  far as to tell the
faculty that they would be glad to participate in  some of  the rituals that
took place there.

Once the auditorium was full, Mr. Frank stepped up to the podium and  called for
silence. Everyone got quiet and he spoke to the school.

"This year, we will be doing some things a little different at school.  I have
some good things planned for everyone and with the help of a few ladies, it will
be a fun year. Now, I would like to introduce my  ASSistant to you. Christina,
please bring evelyn out."

Everyone looked astonished as Christina walked on the stage with a  naked woman
following her. this woman was on a leash and her hands were  handcuffed behind
her back. Christina pulled her along until they stood beside Mr. Frank.

Then, he said, "Students, meet evelyn. she will be ASSisting me in  different
areas of studies this year, such as the female anatomy and sex  education. As
you see, she is naked and will be this way all year. she is never  allowed to
wear clothes, and is to let each and every one of you touch her and do whatever
you desire with her. That is for both boys and girls. Let's  give her a nice
round of applause to welcome her to our school."

Cheers and claps erupted throughout the auditorium and evelyn just  stood there,
naked and turning a very deep red. God how she hated being like  this in front
of all the students, but she had no choice. she also wondered  what tracy and
rachel would have to go through.

she was soon to find out, when Mr. Frank said, "And, I also have a new homeroom
teacher and a student who will be helping us learn. Linda,  please escort the
two sluts to the stage."

Linda came up the aisle with tracy and rachel, both on leashes from the collar
on their necks and their hands attached to the collars. Of  course, rachel was
covered in the dirty dress she wore, but tracy's ass and  cunt were quite
visible. Everyone could see the words, "slut tracy" tattooed across her ass
cheeks and "fucktoy" burned into her pubic area. The  bell between her legs
jingled as she walked.

The students all looked amazed, even though some of them knew about  tracy, but
were shocked to see her mother being led this way. They got on the  stage and
were positioned next to evelyn.

Mr. Frank said, "You all know tracy, since she is one of your fellow students.
she will be taking care of all your needs, especially sexual needs. Of course,
she will also do anything else you wish. And, I want  you to meet her mother,
rachel. She is also a slut and will be the main  homeroom teacher. I have
allowed her clothes for right now, but if you wish to  see her naked also, let
me know."

Another loud cheer arose from the auditorium and shouts of "Naked, we  want her
naked" came from them.

"Well, I guess that means they wish to have you naked, rachel, but  since you
can't get undressed by your self, I'll ask Linda and Christina to do it  for

The two girls stepped up to mrs. williams and just tore her dirty dress  from
her body, and then moved to tracy and ripped her little blouse from  her. Now,
all three sluts stood naked before the entire school.

Shouts, cheers, whistles and claps filled the auditorium. Mr. Frank  told the
sluts to walk around in circles to allow everyone to view them from all angles.
They hated this, but did it, knowing if they didn't there would  be some severe
punishments given to them.

Mr. Frank called for silence again. He said through the microphone,  "This
concludes the first of many student body meetings. From now on, our  three sluts
will be naked everyday and please feel free to use them in any  way you may
desire. From time to time, there will be guests in our school and  they also
will be subject to being naked and used while with us. And for  those of you on
the football team, any time you win a game, these sluts will be  there to reward
you. But, if you should lose, you don't get them. Everyone is  now dismissed to
go to class."

All the students filed out of the auditorium and into their classrooms.  The
sluts had their own schedule and Linda, Christina, Tim and Mr. Frank  would
escort them to each room they had to be in.

They took rachel to homeroom and made her sit on the desk, with her  legs wide
open for all the students to see. The students were told that she  would remain
there all during the period and if anyone desired, they could do whatever they
wanted to her, as long as she was not removed from the  desk. Linda added, "And,
we have made sure that the desk drawers are full of  toys to use."

Then they left, warning mrs. williams not to move from her spot, or she would be
punished. they took tracy to the sex education class. As they walked in, the
teacher said, "Great, now we can begin teaching about  real sex."

Mr. Frank addressed the class and said, "This year, you will all learn
everything there is to know about sex. The boys will know how to fuck  and will
have their cocks sucked. The girls will learn how to fuck and know  what it's
like to have their cunts eaten by a girl. tracy will be the one to  do all of
you. tracy, get up on the desk and show everyone what the inside  of a cunt
looks like."

tracy got on the table, without question, spread her lags and showed  her
wide-open hole. she didn't even need to pull her lips apart since that  time
with the huge dildo. The other students were encouraged to come up one  at a
time to examine her pussy and she just layed there and took it. she was  so hot
and horny, she wanted to cum. she wanted everyone to fuck her and  didn't care
where or when they did it.

Mr. Frank left them all there and took evelyn to his office for a good blowjob
before he put her to work in the teachers' lounge. Linda,  Christina and Tim
stayed with tracy.

They moved from class to class, always naked and available to everyone.  All
three sluts were fucked plenty during the day and each of them had  their share
of hard cocks and sweet cunts in their mouths.

School let out and the two williams' whores were taken home and made to clean up
the house, fix dinner and get ready for bed. They were allowed  to eat before
the others and then put to bed in their cages. Then, the  others ate and retired
to the bedrooms. This time Christina slept and fucked  Mr. Williams in front of
his wife.

This routine continued all week and then carried on into the first  semester.
Finally, mrs. williams and tracy had their chance to be alone with Mr. Frank.
tracy spoke first saying, "Mr. Frank, Master, we would like to  talk to you
about something. we know we are whores and sluts and we'll do anything you wish.
But, we want revenge."

Mr. Frank looked puzzled until mrs. williams began to talk. "You see,  Sir, we
feel that since we are both dirty little cunts to be used for the pleasure of
all, we think that you should have a couple other cunts to assist us and take
some of the burden from our cunts. we are both  getting worn out from being
fucked so much all the time and we know that we  probably aren't as good as we
used to be."

"So, what are you suggesting?" questioned Mr. Frank.

"Well, Linda and Christina love to fuck too. They fuck Daddy and Tim  every
nigh,." said tracy. "So, we thought that with all of us working  together, we
can get them turned into slutty whores just like us. We really would  like this,
Sir, and will do whatever you want to make it happen."

Mr. Frank thought for a moment and then said, "Well, maybe you have an  idea
there. But what happens to you two should I agree to go along with it."

mrs. willams spoke up quickly. "we will still be your sluts, since we  really do
love it. we will belong to you for whatever you wish. But, those two  need to be
treated just as we were and we want to control them for you, if  you don't

"Mmmmmmm. I like this," said Mr. Frank. "Let's work out a plan to trap  them and
then, once we have them, they will be yours to play with."

Both tracy and rachel jumped up to hug, kiss, fuck and suck Mr. Frank  and to
get the plan into action really soon.

The next semester started with tracy and rachel, still both naked,  leading
christina and linda into the auditorium on their hands and knees, naked  with
big dildos jutting out of their cunts and asses.

I hope you have all enjoyed the story of tracy in trouble.

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