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my wife turned me in to a whore

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Synopsis: a wife sick of a husbands fucking whores turns him into one

Wife made me a whore

I woke up and tried to move ,but nothing ,as my groggy state started to fade I realized I was pinned down ,my legs and arms where bound and I had what appeared to be a ball gag in my mouth. As I ran my tongue around it, oh my god its in a shape of a penis, I started to panic how I got here, where am I last thing I remembered was

My wife giving me a whisky kind of tasted a bit strange but I drank it anyway.

Laying there in a state of fear I heard the clicking of heals coming towards me, there you are dear, comfortable? as she started laughing. My god its my wife as I started mumbling through my cock gag, have you got something to say Hun, laughing at my predicament. You see hunny I know about your cheating on me all the women the high class prostitutes, you promised me so much when we got married money nice car house but you spent it all on whores, well im not going to live on the street you shit you arsehole,a pain came over my face as she hit me with her fist,panic rose as I tried to tell her im sorry but we just got mumbles as the cock gag was so effective,shut the fuck up you sissy fag,what did she mean sissy fag im no sissy im a mans man I love fucking women thats all there good for,as i was thinking my wife brought me back to my predicament. I didnt see the man come in and stand next to my wife he was about 6 foot tall blonde blue eyes rather muscular man .good morning sissy time to start your new life,with that he untied me,you may get up now and look in the mirror ,I was still very week and could barly stand little alone run from this nightmare,asi turned to look I was mortified I had tits tits shit what my mad wife done my face it had makeup but it was tattooed on ,my wife saw the panic in my eyes and interjected,let me explain your new life Stephen ohh sory Stephanie,the good doctor here has helped me turn you in to a bit of a girl dont panic you still got your cock ,but will get to that modification in a see , as you can see we tattooed permant makeup into your face and your new collagen filled cock sucker lips so even if you could get away youll always have to live as a girl,Stefanie dear you now are the owner of a wonderful set of c cup breasts very nice arent they,a pain ripped through my groin as I dropped to my knees in pain,answer me you shit there nice arent they,the pain ripped through me again this time I screamed in to my gag yes yes I said pain ripped through my balls for the third time,you always was a slow learner im going to take the gag out and your not going to talk until a question is givig understood I nodded my head to comply,as my wife removed the gag she said to me Stephanie,its mistress thank you mistress always call me mistres in every sentence and always thank me got it slut.YES MISTRESS THANK YOU MITRESS,thats better now lets continue,now Stephanie you remember your big cut cock mmmwhat was 7inches I believe well thr good doctor and ithought thats to big for a sissy its intimidating to pull that out of your panties at me and besidesit to big to fit into the silky panties ive brought you and secondly your not sticking it in to any pussy ever again are you Stephanie?mistress no mistrees I said as my brain was spinning in fear.

You see the doctor mad it a bit smaller (my god no ,my bueatiful cock)now my wife came over and touched my now ting cock the feeling was so good I started to get hard as she started laughing,tahats better Stephanie look doctor at least 3 inches hard,no I started crying,there my pet she said you dont need a big cock where your going just a little worthless one(what does she mean where am I going).As my wife started stroking my cock she continued to explain the best part about your new tiny dicky is we made extra sensitive a few strokes or a rub in your panties and bam youll cum ,with that I had a intense orgasm buckling to my knees with pleasure as I came out of my orgasm I felt the embarrsment off ho easy I cam e I use to fuck for hours now I didnt even last a minute.Oh hun didnt my sissy make a messy,the sting of pain ripped through my groin again I asked you a question bitch yes mistress yes better she said oh by the way we have a electric device inside you to control you a bit my love so best to think a bit lick your cummies up now ,quickly I got down on the floor and started eating my own cum I was so ashamedbut fear is a powerful thing and I didnt want to get hurt so I lapped it up like a dog,good girl stepahanie now what do you say thankyou mistress for letting me eat my cummies.good girl your learning.

Chapter 2 my fate

My wife now mistress pulled a white silky panties white corset and matching white stockings out of a draw put these on slut, I quickly put them on as so to please her the pain in my groin was still very real to me, good girl, now let me fill you in all the money you blew on whores ,you owe me that money all the surgery I so generously did to you owe me that, and your going to work it of as a whole-wheat a whore no I cant I wont the pain ripened through me again this time longer than the last t causing me to faint. When I awoke the doctor and my wife where standing there naked, passionately kissing as he fondled her lovely firm breasts I could smell her wetness from where I lay on the floor, oh Stephanie your wake good as you can see the doctor and I are lovers and partners in this brothel with that mistress grabbed me by the hair and said start licking my pussy slut see if your good at that I quickly started licking her clit gently as she got aroused I could fell her pussy juice running down my throat and my pathetic 3 inch cock started to get hard in my silky white panties,mmmm good girl get me wet ,now that im ready for cock you better go and crawl over to the doctor and get him nice and hard, I quickly crawled over shame and broken I put my lips around his cock and started sucking it got hard real quick as I gagged on his massive cock as I was sucking his cock he gently started rubbing my cock through my panties I got hard straight away and as now the case I exploded into my panties with a great orgasm ashamed they started laughing as the doctor said I must really enjoy sucking cock if I came in my panties that quick. Now stand there in your own filth and watch a real man fuck. he went to my mistress and stuck his monster cock in her pussy he stretched her so wide and looking at my small 3 inches I knew I could never satisfy a women a gain I started crying, the two of them just laughed at my sham we as they fucked for what seemed to fore ever, finally my wife screamed in pleasure as she had a massive orgasm a few seconds later the doctor blew a load so fierce into my mistresses sopping wet pussy. now crawl over here slut and clean my cock of ,I crawled and sucked my mistresses pussy juice of his now soft cock, now stay there he said I got something else for you ready now as a stream of hot piss hit the back of my throat, shit no not a piss whereas well as I quickly swallowed his steaming piss finely he stopped pulled his cock out of my mouth ands said to me well what do you say ,there was only one answer thankyou master for your piss, good slut now go over to your mistress and lick her clean, I crawled over and started sucking and licking this reelmans cum from my mistress sloppy wet pussy at least it got the taste of the piss out of my mouth as I hungrily licked the last drops of real mans cum into my mouth and into my stomach I knew I was broken now with my tiny cock and tits with my own cum soaking into my panties a load of masters piss and cum in my stomach I new I be forever a sissy slut.

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