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Synopsis: Happy Valentine's Day Mom. Thanks for always putting your wicked desires and sadistic needs ahead of any silly maternal instincts you might have felt for me. These stories celebrate those delightfully cruel Mommies who love to torture there own littlle boys.

    Mommy was humping a man on the couch when I got home from school. She was on top and he must have had a huge cock cause Mom was really going at it. She was moaning and shouting and having a grand time riding that mans dick. Id never actually watched Mommy fuck a guy like that before. Usually the guys she plays with are tied up. Especially the new guys. They get a little freaked at first having to perform in front of the fifteen year old son of the woman theyre banging. Mom doesnt care about that. In fact I think she enjoys making me watch as she plays her nasty games with men other than Daddy. Oh, she plays rough and cruel games with Dad too. But its the strangers who give her the most pleasure.

    The guy she was humping wasnt cuffed and he didnt have a gag stuffed in his mouth so I knew he was an experienced submissive. Mom only fucks guys she can control. When she gets a new subbie whos not used to having a sadistic women practically fuck the life out of him she usually ties him up before sex. Cause after Mom has a couple orgasms from riding a mans cock she always has to torture him. She has to hurt him real bad if he managed to really get her off. Sex brings out the cruel side in her. Moms a natural born sadist. Just like shes a natural born blond.And a natural born dominatrix.Hurting men, and hurting me, her only son, well, thats sort of Mommys thing.

    I got sent home early. Ms. Anderson the assistant principal caught me doing something nasty, something fifteen year old boys shouldnt do at school. It wasnt my fault. Moms been forcing Cialis on me every other day. I get these huge boners all the time and I cant make them go away. And when I get home from school Mommy puts a cock chastity device on me so I cant jack off.  She makes me sleep in it all night and she only takes it off just before I run to catch the school bus. Even worse, Mommy hasnt been jerking me off either for over two weeks. I was so horny at school today and my balls were so heavy with cum I thought Id bust.

So Id given into temptation at lunch and slipped out back to get relief for my constant hard-on. I thought the back bus parking lot would be private at lunch. Ms. Anderson came out to sneak a smoke and she saw me. But it wasnt like I was jerking off or anything. I was just pressing my crotch up against the stair railing and humping the metal pipe fast and hard. Not as fast and hard as Mommy was fucking the guy on the couch but Ms. Anderson knew what I was doing. I was going to jack off. I had my zipper down. And my cock was all stiff and it made a big lump that pushed out my underpants through my zipper. But its not like my dick was exposed. Not yet at least. Ms. Anderson got real close to me before I saw her and she told me to freeze right there so I did. She looked down at my crotch for the longest time. Im pretty big down there. Id been denied a real erection for two weeks. I had a massive boner. It looked like I had a huge banana stuffed in my jockey shorts and it was poking out my zipper. There was even a wet spot on the end already. I was soooo horny.

   Ms. Anderson is pretty. And sexy.And strict.At least with the boys. But she didnt yell at me or even make me go to the office.  She did make me stand there frozen in place while she smoked her cigarette. And then she had a second one.  I stood there for fifteen minutes embarrassed yet kind of turned on. My cock stayed hard the whole time. And the wet spot got bigger.  Ms. Anderson snickered several times and she seldom took her eyes off my crotch and my big stiffie. After she ground out her second cigarette butt with her boot she took out a note pad and wrote a note addressed to my Mom. She said shes call home so Mom knew there was a note for her so Id better not try and lie to my Mommy. Then she told me to skip the rest of the afternoon and she sent me home. Where I walked in on Mommy riding the cock of a guy I didnt know.

    Mom saw me at the door and mimed unbuttoning a shirt and pulling down a zipper without breaking her up and down humping rhythm of the guy under her. Then she made that gesture where you stick out your thumb and little finger and hold your hand up to your ear and pretend youre talking on the phone. Then she mouthed the words School called and I knew I was in trouble. Mommy laughed, made the unzip motion again and went back to fucking her guy like she was never going to fuck another man again. I mean she really went at it, up and down, grinding and thrusting and moaning and shuddering every once in a while when she had an orgasm. Id seen Mom have climaxes before. I knew the signs.

I knew what she wanted me to do with that unzipping move so I stripped off my clothes and stood there naked watching my Mom fuck this stranger. Hed been preoccupied with his own private little internal fantasy and hadnt noticed me yet. Moms pretty brazen about the fact she screws around on Dad but Id never actually seen her fuck a guy at home like this. Ive seen her kiss guys in the kitchen. And Id seen her run her hands over their bodies and slip her hands down the front of their pants. And sure, Id heard her having sex with guys other than Daddy in her bedroom plenty of times. God, how Ive heard her. Mommy gets pretty worked up when shes reaching climax. And my rooms right next to hers. Lots of days I come home from school and Moms in her room with some guy and shes fucking him for all shes worth and I hear her moans and her shouts of delight. But Id never seen Mommy riding a mans cock right out in the living room, right in front of me.

   Moms fuck mate noticed me and he got kind of spooked. His body stiffened and he stopped thrusting his hips up to meet Moms cunt slamming into him. Mommy put her hands on his neck and leaned into him. I could tell she was putting most of her weight on her hands. She was choking him. She likes doing that to men. And to me.The guy panicked and started to thrash and raised his hands to pull Moms hands off his throat.  She giggled, leaned close to him and whispered something I couldnt hear. He still thrashed some but he let his hands drop away. And Mom leaned back so less of her weight was on his neck. She kept her hands wrapped around his wind pipe though and I could tell she was still half strangling him while she picked up her pace on humping him again.

   I was embarrassed. I turned to leave but Mom snapped her fingers, pointed to a spot a foot from the couch and then pointed at me. I knew what she wanted so I went and stood there. Mommy smiled at me, looked right at my cock and her smile got bigger then she started to really hump that guy. She had on a silk robe, the short red one with the black swirly pattern and it wasnt tied. I could see Mommys boobs bouncing up and down as she rode that guy. And I could see her slit as she lifted till she almost let his cock out then slammed herself back down onto his massive dick. She saw I was obeying and moving toward the couch so she got back into her rhythm and kind of forgot about me as she fucked her boy toy to a massive climax. Her climax. Not his. She could tell when he was getting close to an orgasm and shed reach under her and grab his balls and squeeze and twist and pound the mans nuts until she was satisfied he wasnt going to come. This was about her pleasure. She didnt give a damn if he got anything out of it.

    I know cause Mommy uses Dad exactly the same way. And me too now. Since I turned fourteen and had my big growth spurt and my dick got to be nine inches long when its hard my Moms been playing with me just about every day. That was a year ago. My Moms a female supremacist. Shes dominant too. Very dominant. But mostly shes a sadist who believes boys were put on earth for women like her to use and to torture. Shes even somewhat famous for that in this small group of women who like to use men for their own purpose. She was a professional Dominatrix when she was young. Thats how she met Dad.

Moms even written a couple of how-to guides on the best way to use a man and some of the fetishes women in the BDSM community might want to try. And sometimes she goes to private events to meet up with women like her where they can all watch her do live demos. She takes me with herfor that all the time now.Mommy uses me to show other women just how much fun a girl can have with a boy if shes willing to go all the way. Weve been all over the world together. Therere lots of women like my Mom in the world. Lots of them are Mommies too.

    Mom finally got to where she wanted to get fucking that guys dick. She had one of her long multiple orgasms where she just keeps coming and coming and coming. She went wild bouncing up and down on that guy, pounding his balls the whole time. She punches hard too. I know. She loves to bust my balls when she fucks me. One of her books is about how much fun that is. For months she practiced every conceivable position and ball busting technique on me. It was just research shed laugh when she crushed my balls so bad I retched.

    She must have been in a generous mood after she climaxed on that guys prick cause she let him shoot off inside her. I could see his body jerk and shiver as he pumped his cum deep inside my Moms pussy. She laughed. Then she gave a little flip of her head to let me know she wanted me by her side. I got closer to the couch then got down on my knees. Knowing what came next I tilted my head back and waited. I didnt have to wait long. Mommy swung her left leg up and over the man, sat on his chest and pulled my face between her thighs.  I licked her pussy, tasting her hot wet cunt juice and the mans sticky hot cum. I licked and tongued Mommy and did my best to give her another orgasm. Shed go easy on me if I did. Fortunately Mommy must have been in a really generous and reallygood mood. I felt her body shudder, her hips started to hump my face and her legs tightened up around my head so I couldnt breathe. I licked furiously then. If she didnt get off soon shed smother me senseless. Id have a massive headache when I revived. I hated that.

    Mommy relaxed her thighs just when things started getting dark for me. She didnt let me get my mouth and nose completely out of her crotch but I managed to suck in enough air to keep me conscious for another half a minute or so. My grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and slammed my face against her crotch so my mouth and chin pushed hard against her pussy lips. She likes fucking faces about as much as she likes taking big hard cocks inside her. She face fucked me a good three or four minutes. Im used to it. I know how to survive it. I snuck breaths whenever I could. When Mommy finished with me and stood up I was dizzy and woozy and my head hurt like hell but I hadnt passed out. Which is a small victory when it comes to getting used by my Mom.

   The guy was kind of freaking out. In a quiet and subdued way.He was fidgeting. And he couldnt seem to look at any one thing for more than half a second, his eyes darting this way and that. His neck was a little flushed from where Mommy had just choked him so hard. He probably knew better than to irritate Mom. So he just kind of stole glances at me and shuddered every once in a while when he looked at me. I guess he didnt expect an audience when he fucked my Mom. When Mommy climbed off his cock and straddled my face Id heard her tell the guy that every Mom should be so lucky and have a son like me. Thats when the guy really showed signs of freaking out. It was pretty obvious he didnt like the idea of lying there naked under my gorgeous over-sexed Mom while I watched.

  But Mom didnt really care what he thought. She didnt have to. I knew that about the guy even though I didnt know him. He wouldnt be here if Mommy couldnt control him. And if she didnt own him already she would soon. I knew she made me watch her fuck this gut then made me suck her pussy clean to make a point with her latest subbie. If a woman was willing to do use her son that way imagine what shell do to a guy she barely knows. Mom uses me like this at least once a month. So I could figure out what the rest of what this new guys lesson would entail. Mommy slapped him half a dozen times then put the cuffs on his hands and legs. There are always cuffs and whips and dildos and clamps and other toys around when Mommy plays with a guy.

“Brian, this is my boy Danny. He belongs to me in the way you claim you want to belong to me. I wanted you to see how obedient my little boy is so youll have an idea of what I expect from you. So darlin, this is your chance to prove your worthy of a Mistress like me. Are you game Brian baby? Will you obey me totally the way you said you would in your last email?”

    The dumb idiot nodded. He was too shook up to say anything. I could see how he looked at my Mom and knew he was already hooked. My Moms thirty six. But her body looks a lot younger. Shes in great shape. And her breasts are awesome. Not so much cause theyre huge although there are nice and big. But theyre firm and they jut out from her chest so perky like and so inviting like. Plus her nipples always seem to be erect. Today Mommy had on a black leather push up bra that only covered the bottom half of her boobs. The guy on the couch was looking at Mommys tits all exposed like they were and I could tell he wasnt thinking about much else as he foolishly nodded yes to whatever Mom asked him.

    Moms foolish subbie was on his knees in front of me before he realized it. Mom grabbed my dick in one hand and poked the guy hard in the throat the guy under his chin to get him to open his mouth. When he did she pulled my cock forward and plunged my hard throbbing shaft right between dumb nuts lips. He was sucking cock. And I could tell it was his first time.

   Im my Mommys slut. I dont much like it. And I hate when she hurts me and tortures me. But Im so used to the humiliation and the degrading situations she puts me in I barely notice it anymore. I do notice when a man bites my dick though. And this clod on his knees was biting down hard on my cock. I yelped. Mommy laughed. And got behind me so she could push me into the man kneeling on the floor while she grabbed his hair and pulled his head into my crotch.  I did the only thing I could. I pushed my dick hard into the guys mouth. I wanted to shove my cock so far down his throat he couldnt breathe. Then he might unclamp his goddamned teeth and let my prick go. It hurt like hell. I was crying as I poked my cock deep down the losers throat.

    Mommy loved it of course; watching two of her sluts hurt themselves for her always turns her on Thats my Mom. Any excuse to torture a man. And her son.  She took my hands and put them on the guys head and whispered in my ear that I should keep his mouth on my cock no matter what. Then she got up on the couch and pulled the guy back until I thought shed break his back. He finally bent back enough and let himself be pulled so his shoulders were laying on the couch. Id had to follow and try and keep my dick in the guys mouth for two reasons. First, Mom would be unhappy with me if I didnt. I didnt want her unhappy with me. Shed hurt me really bad then. And second, the guy had his teeth into my dick. It hurt like crazy but itd hurt worse if I tried to pull out with his chopped sunk into my cock.

   So I bent over and followed him down to the couch where Mom sat on the top of his head. Her cunt was pressed up against the vase of my dick. I was sprawled over both of them. My face and Moms face were an inch apart. She wrapped her legs around my waist and squeezed tight and started kissing me. Not like a Mom. Like a lover. A demented, over-sexed cruel lover whos only interested in her own pleasure. And that pretty much sums up my Mom.

    This was a new game. Mommy had never played with me and another guy like this. I just went along with it. Ive found thats best with Mom. She hurts me real bad when shes disappointed in me. So I kept ramming my dick up and down that losers throat and kept kissing Mommy like a lover as she humped the guys head and covered his nose with her pussy. I knew he couldnt breathe much. He was gagging and I could feel his throat tighten up real tight around my dick. Im ashamed to admit it but it felt good. Id been hard for over twenty hours and I wanted relief. I knew the guy had to be in hell but I didnt care. Hed live. Mommy smothers me all the time like that. Plus the guy was getting weaker. He was hardly biting down on my cock at all anymore. So I could really fuck his throat. I didnt want to. I dont like using and hurting guys like Mom does.  But I knew Mommy likes it when I savaged a mans mouth with my giant hard cock so I raped that guys throat for Mommy.

Because deep down I love my Mom. The way she plays with me and treats me is all I know. Its been like this for as long as I can remember. Moms taught me all about female supremacy and female dominants and about how boys like me are born to serve women like her. I dont have to like how she plays with me. But I do have to love her for being a woman, for giving me life, for teaching me my place. Mommy says I have to do those things so I do.Im her little boy. I love my Mommy. Remembering that and feeling Moms tongue probing my mouth finally gave me the sexual relief Id been seeking for almost a day.

    I came in the guys mouth. I shot a huge load of cum down his throat. It just kept gushing out of my prick. His mouth got so full of my hot stick jism it leaked out so I could feel the slimy goo running down my leg. It also made the inside his mouth really, really slippery. Mom was laughing and between kisses urging me to fuck her new bitch boy good and I had so much Cialis in me I thought I might have a boner for the rest of my life so poking my cock deep down this losers throat was easy. My cock was sliding in and out of his mouth so easy what with all my cum and his saliva. The poor guy! He was having trouble getting enough oxygen but it didnt matter. Mommy was cheering me on and humping her slit up against me and pounding her ass on that guys head. So I kept pumping my hips and driving my cock as far down his pie hole as I could.

    Mommy loved it. She was grinning at me and pinching and twisting my nipples and telling me how much fun it was to fuck over a man with me. Mother and son fucking together she laughed. Just the way Mommy does it with Daddy she giggled. Hearing her laugh like that, hearing the pure wickedness and the pure delight of Mommy cruel laugh worked me up into a frenzy of sex crazed need. I raped that guys throat hard than Id even fucked a boys mouth before. Mostly I did it for Mommy. But some of it was for me. I may be my Mommys slutty pussy boy but at least Im not as much of a loser as the guy Mommy was making suck my dick.

    I came a second time and the guy didnt seem to care as much as before. He was kind of sluggish. Hed been gagging for the last fifteen minutes or so. I kind of felt sorry for him. His retchingand choking was getting to me. Id been there. I knew the kind of agony he was going through. Or my thirteenth birthday Mommy put on a strapon and this giant black dildo and raped me for the first time. She did my mouth first. I had to suck that fake cock for what seemed like an hour. Then Mom cuffed my hands behind my back, made me bend over the edge of the bed and she pounded that fat hard silicone dick in my ass until I was screaming and bawling like a baby.

    When Mommy fucks a guy in the ass she goes in fast and deep all at once. Its just one massive and quick thrust of her hips. She gets her whole body behind it. Even tight little virgin butt holes dont stand a chance. Ive felt it a hundred times myself and Ive watched her do Dad. She pokes the rubber head of the dildo up against your butt hole and teases you some first, letting the bulbous fake cock head just tickle you sphincter. Then once shes got things lined up she almost pulls all the way out so she can thrust her hips forward in an explosive and deeply penetrating stroke. It feels like shes ripping your insides out. Sometimes she actually does tear things up in there. She did me the first few times she fucked me up the ass. She loves plunging that thing in all the way in a quick and savage thrust. Ive felt the metal ring and leather harness of Mommys strapon harness pressing tight against my ass lots of times. With twelve inches of hard fat silicone cock all the way up inside my ass. So I knew what the guy was going through.

   Even so I wasnt going to stop fucking his mouth for Mommy. He was going through hell but still he didnt have it as bad as I did. Theres this private club Mommy takes me to sometimes. Its a place where women can do whatever they want to men. And certain little boys like me. Women bring their favorite slaves and subbies and play. Sometimes at special parties where the women are raising money for charity Mom rents me out.

    It might seem odd that sadistic women who like to abuse and torture men would raise money for charity. And to be honest the charities Mommy supports arent your typical ones. She helps raise money for women who are in trouble with the law. Like women who have killed an abusing husband. Or like once when Mom and her friends raised money for this girl who got arrested for cutting off her boyfriends penis.  Mom contributed money to her defense fund. The girls lawyer was a Mom like my Mom. After a few of the women in Moms circle of friends paid the dickless wonder he changed his story and said hed tried to rape the girl and she was just defending herself and it was all his fault.  The nineteen year old girl got off and now she comes to some of the private parties and tortures the boys there just for fun. Mommy said girls like that have the right stuff. And women like Mom have to stick by them.

     So women like my Mom do sometimes care about other people. As long as the other people are women like Mom. Moms never going to care much what happens to me. Or to Dad. Or her hump toy Brian even, Thats why at these fund raisers Mom and her girlfriends bring in their slutty boys and let other women use them. Its like a fund raising festival where they get volunteers to let people pay to throw pies at them or to dunk them in a tub of water or something. Except the games Mom and her friends play always involve intense pain for the volunteered guys like me.

Theres this friend of Moms who brings in her husband and charges the other wicked ladies ten bucks for them to burn their initials into his butt with their cigarettes. Mrs. Ryan charges twenty if they want to burn his cock. And only lets the first five ladies who sign up burn her hubbys dick.  Theres not as much room for putting brands on a cock as there is on a butt. Even I know that.Mrs. Ryan is almost as cruel as Mommy. She started bringing her on Tommy to these fetish parties last year. Hes a year younger than me so his Mom doesnt rent him out much for torture play. But she does burn his cock with her cigarettes some. Just for fun.

My Moms thing is strapon. So shelets the women rape me with strapon dildos. Or they can make their own male sluts fuck me with their dicks. In the mouth or up the butt, Mom doesnt care.Mom charges fifteen dollars if they want to fuck my mouth. And twenty to do me up the ass. If its a guy fucking me Mom lets them can rape whatever hole their owner paid for until the guy comes. For the ladies Mom gives them fifteen minutes of dildo fun. She gives a discount if the same woman wants me fucked  in  my mouth and in the butt. Thats only thirty bucks instead of thirty five. And its only twenty five if they want to fuck me up the ass first and then plow their poo covered dildo down my throat second. At the last charity event Mommy raised seven hundred and forty five dollars selling my holes to her sadistic girlfriends so they could have theircruel and wicked fun. I took it in the ass almost three dozen times and at least that many times down my throat. So I know pain and this guy Brian that my Mom was making me fuck with my super hard dick wasnt feeling a tenth the pain Id felt for Mommy.

Once my Mom had Brian cuffed and gagged she slipped into her strapon harness. And fitted one of her biggest dildo on it. She picked one with knobby spikes all over the sides. Its very nasty. Brians eyes went wide when Mommy told him to lie over the coffee table. He didnt want to. Mom didnt care. She kicked him in the balls. His knees buckled and Mom spun him around so he was bent over the coffee table. Then she grabbed his balls and squeezed and shook them viciously. Brian yelped. Mom laughed. And pulled his balls down so he had to get on his knees. A quick kick to the back of Brians head and Mom had him where she wanted him, laying belly down on the coffee table with his ass sticking up in the air.

    She motioned for me to sit on Brians back to keep him from thrashing around so much he rolled off the table. Mom meant to hurt him bad and she didnt want him getting so far out of position she couldnt rape his sweet virgin butt hole as hard and as long as she wanted.Poor Brian. Im pretty sure he had a virgin hole. I could tell it was tight. He probably made those long skinny turds when he took a dump. Well, his hole wasnt small and tight after Mom got through with it. His shit would come out in big fat French bread sized turds now.

    Mom put a collar around Brians neck and chained him to the coffee table. She plays with guys a lot on that table so it was bolted to the floor. Brian wasnt going anywhere.  Neither was I. Ms. Anderson had called Mom from school about me humping the stair rail on account of I was so horny. Mom would have to punish me. And I deserved it too. Mom didnt waste any time getting down to it.

“Michael honey I got a disturbing call from your assistant principal today. Care to explain.”

“Im sorry Mommy. I shouldnt have. But I was so horny. My cock was huge and you havent let me jerk off in a couple of weeks. I, it, ahhh, Im sorry Mommy. I wont do it again.”

“So this is my fault. Because I decided you should jack off? Shame on you Michael. You know the rules sweetheart. We dont flaunt our specialness in public. Mommy doesnt use her whip on you in public and you dont play with your dick in front of vanillas either. Am I right Michael Kelly?”

“Yes Mommy. Im sorry Mommy.”

“You are sorry. And practically useless. But you did help Mommy show my new slut Brian his place. So Mommys only going to whip your butt a hundred times today. We dont let people in the outside world know about how we like to play do we Michael. Little boys keep things like that secret dont they. Well, youre lucky it was Ms. Anderson is  whocaught you and not someone else. Your friend Tommy Ryans Mom  saysyour school principal wants to join our group. So lucky for you Samanthawas very understanding about your little indiscretion. She did say shed like to see you this weekend  for a little game shes cooked up. I forget what it was exactly. But apparently youve made quite an impression on the woman. Or at least your cum leaking cock made an impression this afternoon. I think she did say her game was going to hurt. I told her good, you liked pain. So its settled. Youll spend Saturday with Ms. Anderson and youll make me proud and show he what an obedient and eager little slut you are. Wont you sweetie.”

    Of course I said yes. And Mom giggled as she picked up her whip and started on the hundred strokes she intended to give me. She made me lie across Brian. Mommy used to have to cuff me and tie me down when she whipped me. I couldnt stand it and I didnt understand how my own Mom could hurt me so bad. And enjoy it so much. But Im a big boy now. I know my place, I know my role. So I let Mommy whip me until my ass was red and sore and even bleeding some. I cried and bawled but Mom let me do that. Its one of the ways she knew she was hurting me enough. She liked to torture me until I lost it, until I was wailing and begging her to stop and promising her Id do anything she wanted. This time she whipped me until I passed out.

     When I came to she was fucking Brian up the ass again. His screams were horrendous. Until he got too weak to scream much. I was afraid hed pass out before Mommy satisfied herself. Cause then shed start on me again and I didnt th8ink I could take another whipping. Or another hour of butt rape. But Brian lasted long enough for Mommy.  She had that dreamy look on her face when she finally pulled out of Brian. She winked at me. I smiled. In spite of all of it I love my Mom. I dont know any other life. Id be lost without Mommy.

  Jennifer Kilmer ran a finger down Bobby's chest and belly until it was hovering over the waistband of his swim suit. Grinning wickedly at her stepson the woman used herfingernail to trace a line down the long hard lump under the boy's tight spandexswim suit. She giggled when a wet spot appeared at the bulging top end of that deliciouslooking lump. Glancing over at her friendCynthia she laughed at how the other woman wasenjoying the show. Apparently her friend and neighbor CynthiaSullivan was just as impressed with theboy's obedient attitude as she was with his obvious physical attributes. Bobby had a big cock. Jen loved boys with big cocks. Especially when she was their new Mommy.

"Jen, how on earth do you get Bobby to behave like this. I'd give anything to have my Johnny treat me the way your boy treats you. And I'd love it if my boys equipment was as big as your boys."

"The behaviors easy. Its all a matter of training Cyndi. Boys respond to the right training. Much like dogs. With the right motivation you can get a boy to behave properly. Bobbys big cock is a different matter. Withthe right drugs you can help your boy's body reach its full potential.  Ive had my stepson on Cialis and Viagra since I met him.Boys behave better when theyre horny and want their Mommys to play with their nice big pricks. Watch this. Bobby! Give Mommy a light hon."

Cyndi marveled how her friend Jennifer simply held up her index and middle fingers together and waved them back and forth a couple times. The woman's stepson literallyleaped to fetch a pack of cigarettes for his step Mommy.  Cynthia actually felt a flush ofexcitement as she watched the boy hurry back to the lounge chair and offer his Momthe pack of cigarettes as though she were his Queen, or his reason for being. Bobbyacted like his Mom was the center of his life. And he was just her humble servant. Herhumble servant with a huge boner.  Cyndi wished she could get her Johnny to behave halfthis well. And to get her own son as big and hard as Bobby was.

  Her son Jonathon was anything but respectful. Johnny seemed to grow more sullen and hostile by the week.  Teenaged boys! Cant live with them and unfortunately its illegal to abort them so late. What a shame. Her own sixteen year old boy just didn't compare to Jennifer'sson Bobby. The other boy was his Mommy's perfect little gentleman, a supremely well-mannered and wonderfully obedient little boy. Jen's stepson didn't try to hidehis erections from Mommy. Nor did he flaunt them. He was simply there for his Mommy.In every way wicked women like Jen and Cyndi could want.  Cyndi wanted a boy like that.

  She looked on with envy as Bobby stood still near his Mother waiting for further instruction. There was no fidgeting, no sign of impatience in the boy, no slouch in hisposture, no insolence in his attitude. Serving his Mommy like this seemed to excite theboy. The tip of his stiff cock was starting to poke above the waistband of his tight little swim suit.  What a contrast Bobby was to Jen's son Johnny.  She'd lost count ofthe times she wanted to slap her own son for his disrespectful behavior. And how manytimes had she stopped herself just in time, swallowing her frustration, suppressing hertrue instinct to punish her son for not behaving the way she wanted him to.

  Her friend Jennifer noticed Cynthia's fascination with the scene playing out on the pool's deck and laughed. The boy simply kept his eyes on the ground. Hewould look at his Mom when she spoke to him and he needed to answer her questions.Otherwise Bobby avoided his Mother's gaze. Jen liked it that way. She'd trained himto stand still and respectful like this.  He did the same with Cynthia too andshe liked it as well. In the year she'd known Jen Cynthia had come to enjoy being aroundthe cruel Mom and her obedient and submissive boy. Cyndi had even started to thinkshe'd have to find out Jennifer's secret with boys and start applying it to her Johnny.

CyndiSullivan watched Bobby take up the box of matches, quickly strike one and hold it out until Jennifer was ready for her light. She had to laugh as her neighborJen played a cruel game with the boy. The cigarette was dangling from Jen'slips. As Bobby brought the match to the tip Jen stuck her lower lip out justa little and her cigarette rose up, the slender shaft poking straight out fromher mouth. As Bobby moved the match to follow Mommy's dancing cigarette Jenrelaxed her lips and the cigarette fell again. Poor Bobby. He couldn't keepup. And the match kept burning, it kept getting shorter, the fire at its tip keptinching its way toward the tender skin on the boy's smooth young fingers.

  The boy hardly reacted at all when his Mommy let the match burn his fingers. He simply let the first match burn him until it died out, whimpering ever so softlyas he lit another match for his Mommy. Cynthia had watched this same scene play outseveral times in the past. The boy was too well behaved to defy his Mommy. He'dsimply held the second burning match, waiting patiently for the woman to acknowledgehim. When his Mom finally allowed him to hold the tiny flame to the end of hercigarette Bobby had offered her a tight smile and said 'Thank you Mommy'.

  Four months ago Cynthia would have been shocked by such a wicked display. But such cruel play was becoming increasingly common between Jennifer Kilmer and her sonBobby. Or at least it was becoming more open when Cynthia was around.  Cyndi suspectedJennifer was willing to torment her own stepson in plain view because from the firstshe'd made it clear she didn't care what Jen did to the boy. In fact, Cynthia usuallywatched with keen interest whenever Jennifer hurt Bobby.

Cyndi also suspected Jen did much more severe things to Bobby in private. She'd seen the welts and bruises and burns on the boy's legs and arms and could only imagine whatmight be hidden under his swim suit. She hoped the boy had lots of marks down there,down where a boy was different from a girl. Last winter such a thought would have givenCyndi pause, perhaps even disturbed her. Now it only made her curious. And excited.And a bit bold.

  She really couldn't say what got into her but as Bobby knelt in front of his Mommy whimpering and cradling his hand and his burnt fingers against his chest Cynthia feltthis powerful urge to hurt the boy herself. He looked so vulnerable, so weak, sopitiful. And something about that turned her on and made her want to do something wickedto the boy. So she reached out and grabbed a handful of the boy's hair. Twisting herfingers in his boy's unruly locks Cynthia yanked the boy's head back hard. She waspleased when he squeaked in surprise and pain. She was even more pleased when the boy'sMother smiled at Cyndi and nodded her consent.

"Don't make a fuss little boy. It upsets the mood. Now stop your crying. If you'd been faster with that match you wouldn't have gotten burned. I watched your Mother give youevery opportunity to give her a light. It was all your fault Bobby. And so is my emptyglass sweetie. Crawl over to the table on your knees and bring back the pitcherof Margaritas. Make sure you don't spill any or there'll be hell to pay darlin."

  As usual on fine summer days like this the two women were sunning themselves by the Kilmer's backyard pool. Lounging on two reclining chairs the women would spendthe day smoking, talking about men and boys, drinking the Margaritas that Bobbyprepared for them and otherwise enjoying the pleasures available to idle women withrich husbands.  And as usual Bobby was attending to their every need. Cynthia had grown used to these  lazy afternoons with Jennifer. She especially liked seeing theway Bobby behaved. And the way the bulge in his swim suit seemed to grow whenever shesmiled at the boy and called him by name.

  Today was the first time Cynthia had joined in the fun of tormenting the boy. She really didn't know what had gotten into her. Perhaps it was the argumentshe'd had with her own son about him not doing his chores. Perhaps it was thefact that the twenty year old fuck stud she'd been banging the past six monthshad been out of town all week. Or maybe it was just seeing how casually andnaturally and enthusiastically Jennifer mistreated and tormented her stepson.Whatever it was Cyndi decided she should give into that inner urge of hers. Thaturge she'd had since high school. That delicious urge to hurt boys.

  Jen had been getting increasing harsh with the boy the last few months. Cyndi hadn't said anything at first, the day Jen slapped Bobby half a dozen times for failing tofetch her cigarettes quick enough. They'd been savage blows, stinging blows. The boyhad cried uncontrollable and his cheeks had been red all day after. Cynthia had secretlyenjoyed seeing the boy embarrassed like that.  And hurt like that. Her calm reaction hadseemed to energize her friend Jen.  She'd slapped Bobby around quite a bit that day.Much more frequently and openly than she'd ever done before in front of Cynthia.

Cynthia looked forward to watching Jen do things to Bobby. The first time she'd been secretly thrilled as she  watched her neighbor smack the boy hard on his butt when hemoved too slow to suit his Mommy. Cynthia had laughed nervously. Her laugh had beenless nervous the next time. And her laugh had been approving the day Jen slapped theboy hard across the cheek for complaining after being asked to let his Mommy use hishand as her ashtray.

  As Jen's treatment of her stepson became increasing cruel Cynthia had remained silent, her thrill at seeing the boy hurt battling with her own maternal instincts to protecthim. In the end her darker nature won out and she simply sat back and enjoyed the showas Jennifer did increasing wicked things to her stepson. Today's match burning incidentwas the latest and most sadistic little game Jen had played yet. And it seemed to haveopened a well of emotion in Cyndi. Positive emotions, Delicious emotions. Utterly wickedand predatory emotions that Cyndi was now eager to explore.

  That's partly why she spent so much time over here now. She'd grown to enjoy watching Jen interact with Bobby. It shamed her somewhat, but when Cyndi washonest with herself she had to admit she was aroused by the boy's subservientmanner. She'd even hurt the boy before once herself. Last week Cynthia had dug hernails into the boy's chest, pinched Bobby's nipples hard and twisted his titsviciously when he'd put too much sun screen lotion on her thighs and messedup her towel.

  The sight of the boy kneeling here passively, his head twisted back awkwardly by her iron like grip on his hair, his face turned up to her, the tears stillin his eyes from the way his Mommy had deliberately burned him had a strange effect on Cyndi. She was aroused on by the episode. Turned on. Wet betweenher thighs from the heat that raged within her, not from the sun that shoneabove her.  For the last year Cynthia had watched her neighbor use the boy inincreasingly wicked ways. And never really protested. Cynthia was intrigued byJennifer's relationship with the stepson. She'd started to wonder how shecould create the same kind of relationship with her own son Johnny.

  Her Johnny would have been cursing her before the match even got close to his fingers. That's assuming she could ever get her own boy to even agree to lighther cigarette, much less fetch her a pack the way Bobby had just done for hisMommy. Cynthia was impressed with the boy. And envious in a way. This wasn'tthe first time Cyndi had seen Jennifer mistreat the boy. But it was the mostsevere. And strangely, the most exciting.

  What especially thrilled her about what she'd just seen was the way Jen had so casually burned her boy's fingers.  The woman had seemed to enjoy her son'spain. Enjoyed it in the way Cynthia imagined herself enjoying the pain she'dbeen wanting to inflict on her own husband and her own son for more than a year now.Jen burned her boy without guilt, without a second thought. As though that waswhat a woman did with a boy if she felt like it.

  And the boy had acted just like his Mommy had every right to hurt him anduse him and do what she pleased with him. Even now, cradling his hand with hissore fingers Bobby looked attentively at his stepmom, clearly waiting for hernext instruction, her next demand. What a good little boy.

  For the last year Cynthia had fantasized that men and boys should act that wayfor her. She'd been friends with Jen for three years, ever since the Kilmer'smoved in next door shortly after Jen married Richard. And after three yearswatching the way Jennifer treated both her stepson and husband Cynthia haddecided to act. She'd decided to ask Jen for help in teaching her own son howto behave the way Bobby did. Then maybe later the two women could do somethingabout her husband David. That man needed a serious attitude adjustment.

"Ohhhh, does that hurt Bobby. Come here sweetie. Let Aunt Cyndi kiss it andmake it all better." she leered at the boy.

  Jen laughed, pinched her boy's tit and told him to give his hand to Mrs.Sullivan. The woman took his fingers, pulled them up to her lips, gently kissedthe boy's burnt flesh, pinched his fingers together, twisted them hard,

laughed when Bobby's body stiffened from the pain as the boy grunted under thestrain of keeping his composure. She was smiling at the boy when she askedhim to give her a cigarette.

"Well sweetie, aren't you going to offer your guest a cigarette like you didfor Mommy? What's the matter Bobby. Are manners only for Mommies? Perhaps youneed a lesson in etiquette young man."

  Bobby started to shake ever so slightly. Jennifer laughed as she handed Cyndi thebox of matches.

"Would you mind if I burned Bobby's other hand Jen. To help him remember nexttime that I smoke too."

"Be my guest. The boy deserves it. He's practically worthless. If he didn'thave such a nice body and pliable mind I'd have gotten rid of him months ago.But now that he's sixteen and can legally drop out of school I've decided Ilike the idea of having him around all the time in case I want to play."

  The two women laughed and made small talk as Cynthia made the boy use fourmatches before she finally allowed him to light her Virginia Slim. He couldbarely light the last match, his fingers singed so badly that he had troubleholding the match. Mommy made him use his other hand for the last match.She said she wanted him to feel the fire somewhere else besides his right one.

Cynthia had been spending more of her afternoons at the Kilmers this summerfor another reason as well. She enjoyed watching the Sullivan boy moving aroundthe patio in his swim suit as he waited on his Mother.  Judging from the bulgein Bobby's swim suit the kid had to be swinging ten inches at least. She wishedher own boy had a cock like that. Not her boy Johnny. She wasn't quite ready toview her son as her sex toy although lately the though had crossed her mindmore than once.

  She kept other boys for that.  The woman had always liked sex. Young boys were best.She liked the way young boys recover so quickly after they came. Young mens penis stamina let her ride those hardcocks as long as she wanted.  Cynthia's current sex toy was a boy named James, a sweettwenty year old college student she'd met at a coffee shop four months ago. She'd beenscrewing the boy silly since that first afternoon. Her Jimmy-toy provided her an outletfor her pent up sexual energy. And the growing need she felt to take control of herlife and her men.

  For her part, Jennifer had noticed the recent changes in Cynthia. She knew about herneighbor's boy toys. It'd been impossible not to see the change in her friends mood. She'dcome back from her afternoon romps positively giddy, still flushed and excitedfrom a good hard fuck. Her current boy toy was kid named James. Cynthia had evenintroduced him to Jen, gloating a little about having such a young stud at herbeck and call, proud of the fact she'd broken out of her rut and finally goneout and grabbed what she wanted instead of just thinking about it. Jen had encouraged her friend Cyndi for more than a year to start an affair. Cynthiadeserved that pleasure. Jen just hadn't anticipated how quickly her friendwould embrace the wanton and lustful life she herself had been living all herlife. But she could use her son to test the other womans comfort with truly sadistic play.

"He's well behaved for a teen don't you think." Jennifer laughed.

"He certainly is. I doubt my Johnny would even pick up a pack of cigarettes forhis Mommy much less offer me a light unprompted. James wouldn't to do that forme either. I did like that thing you did with the match. I'll have to try thaton Jimmy someday. How on earth did you train Bobby to be such a, ahh, youknow, to be so good, to mind so well."

  They were sunning themselves by Jen's pool on a lazy July afternoon. Neitherworked so weekdays were spent here. Or at the spa. Or the gym. Or shopping.With school out Jen could keep Bobby home too. To help Mommy. To serve Mommy.To light Mommy's cigarettes and freshen Mommy's drink and be Mommy's bait asshe enticed her best friend into exploring her wicked side.

"Of course, it took quite a bit of my attention and energy to train Bobby. Itaught his father first. But Richard was already a submissive when I started.All I had to do was turn the man into a masochist. Richard's probably even moreloyal and obedient than Bobby. I'll almost regret putting him down when thetime comes."

Cynthia laughed.

"You talk like they're animals. Like men are just beasts we can train to do ourbidding. And then dispose of when they've out lived their usefulness."

"Well aren't they? And if they aren't, shouldn't they be. In fact, I'd saymen are lower on the scale of life than pets. You can love a pet. All you can dowith a man is use him to satisfy that insatiable hunger between your legs. Or as asource of wealth. No, men are little more than clay for a woman to shape as shesees fit."

They both laughed at that comment. They'd shared similar sentiments about menin the last year and a half. Jen knew Cynthia was unhappy in her marriage. Sheknew her neighbor had been in half a dozen affairs with much younger menthan her husband David Sullivan. Which made perfect sense to Jennifer. Cyndiwas still young, only thirty six, in her prime. David was in his late fifties,over weight and out of shape with a body incapable of providing his wife with thepleasure she deserved. Jen was hoping to goad her friend into making thenext logical step, into realizing just how much better off she'd be if shegot rid of her husband but kept his money. Because that's what JenniferKilmer intended to do with her Richard and she needed Mandy's help to get away withit.

"I'd like to shape my two men, my Johnny and my James."

"Speaking of your boy Cyndi, where is Johnny? Not that I'm complaining. Ilike that we can be ourselves with Bobby when it's just the two of us. But ifyou're sincere about wanting to turn your Johnny into a boy like my stepson there'sno better time to start than now."

"He's off with his father visiting the boy's granddad. They went into the cityfor the weekend to help David's old man with some repairs. Every time they go I hopethis'll be the time there's an accident. I know that's a terrible thing to say,a terrible thing to want. But it is how I feel. An accident would solve so manyproblems for me."

"Trust me Cyndi I know exactly how you feel. And divorce is so time consuming. Andexpensive. I was married three times before I met Richard. My current little incomeproducer probably has another couple years in him before I want to get rid of him. LikeI wanted to get rid of the other men I married. Lucky for me all three of the foolsdied for me. With a little help of course."

  It was a rather bold admission for Jen. But she'd gotten to know Cynthia wellenough these last few months to know the other woman had these same kinds ofthoughts, these same kinds of desires. Besides, she'd waited for Cyndi to firstraise the idea of arranging an accident for her husband. Now all she had to do washelp her neighbor see how they could get away with snuffing their husbands. And havinga bit of wicked fun when they did. And she knew Bobby would be the key to helpingCyndi Sullivan enthusiastically embrace her sadistic side. The boy was perfect.After all he was already Mommy's slut. Now he could be Cynthia's too.

"Bobby, don't be rude dear. Mommy needs another cigarette. Mrs. Sullivan doestoo you stupid boy.  Pay attention hon. Or Mommy will have to teach you a lesson."

"Yes Mommy. I'm sorry Mommy."

"Don't apologize to me dear. Apologize to Cynthia. She's the one you've ignored.She's the one who ought to punish you."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Sullivan. Would you like another?"

"Not right now Bobby. Tell me sweetie, what are those marks on your legs. Andyour butt. Where'd you get those red, raised lines running across your rearhon. Do they hurt?"

Cynthia ran her fingers over the largest welt on Bobby's leg. It was about six inches long. That welt crossed another that angled up under the boy'sswim suit. The woman let her finger follow it, pushing under Bobby's suit withfirst one finger, then another. Hooking her fingers under the thin nylonmaterial she tugged, pulled the boy's suit down a couple inches, then used herhand on his ass to turn Bobby so he faced her.

"Take off your suit for me Bobby dear. Is that OK Jen? I'd like to see whathe's covered up back there on his ass. And I'd love to see what's making thiswonderful bulge in his crotch."

  The boy looked at his stepmom, waiting for her to tell him what to do. Hewas fifteen, for three years his Mommy had been training him to be her obedient,submissive little boy. But she'd always impressed on him the need to keepsecret the games she played with him. True, he'd noticed that Mommy was beingpretty open about their special relationship in front of Mrs. Sullivan. AndMommy had just encouraged Mrs. Sullivan to burn him with the matches. But hewasn't going to tell unless he knew Mommy approved.

"Go on dear. Strip. And tell Cyndi what we did this morning. And why we did it.She should find it amusing."

  As Bobby stood and slowly stepped out of his suit he explained the sourceof the fresh marks on his legs and ass. Cynthia hardly heard. She was staringpractically open mouthed at the boy's cock. It was marvelous. So thick. Andso big for not being fully erect. She guessed he was nine inches already. Andstill partially limp. She licked her lips as the boy spoke, her eyes glued tohis dick. She wanted to touch it, to fondle it, to take it between her legsand feel it thrust deep within her. She suspected Jen wouldn't mind.

"Mommy whipped me this morning Mrs. Sullivan. She used a cane on me. Six timeson each thigh and six times on my butt. She said she just wanted to see howwell I took a caning."

  Smiling Cynthia ran her fingers along the length of Bobby's dick. The boyresponded instantly. Wrapping her hand around his meaty member the greedy womanstroked the boy's shaft until he lost his train of thought and stopped talking.His hips started to pump and drops of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his dick.Cynthia kept him there, fully aroused, close to orgasm but just far enoughaway he wouldn't shoot off. Yet. He was huge. She judged eleven inches. Cynthiahad known a number of ten inch dicks in her time but never an eleven.

"And how did you take it sweetheart. Were you good for your Mommy?"

  Again Bobby looked at Jennifer. He'd tried to be good. He'd tried to staystill while she beat him. He didn't have to answer the question though. Insteadhe could focus on the wonderful sensation in his dick as Cynthia jerked him offand Mommy answered the question for him.

"He was just OK Cyndi. Mostly he stayed quiet but he did cry some after theeighth or ninth blow. And he moved way too much. I think he needs anotherlesson. Would you like to do the honors. I think my little boy needs anotherwhipping. At least a dozen or so more blows. And after you beat him you can fuckhim if you want. I know you like your lovers young hon. And I've seen the way youstare at my little Bobby's dick. It's taken me three years to grow it that big."

  Both women leered at the boy. From what Cynthia could tell he'd been hard allmorning. She fondled his cock with her toes. It was thick and heavy and long.She looked forward to feeling it slid inside her. Her boy toy Jimmy was big toobut not as big as Bobby.

"I'd like that. What do you mean you grew his dick that big?"

  Jen laughed.

"I put the boy on steroids and Viagra almost as soon as I met him, evenbefore his father Richard asked me to marry him. I was still just 'dating' the boy's Dad when I started preparing his son to be my slut. The foolish man never did figure out I was just stalking him. Anyway, aftera few months preparing Richard I was spending most nights at his place. Mostmornings too. I'd get up and fix my boys a nice nutritious breakfast. I addeddrugs to both their meals. The poor boys. Neither one understood why they hada boners all day. Or why they fell so deeply in love with me."

"You're kidding. So Bobby was what, thirteen years old? And you've had him on asteady program of hormones and Viagra to enlarge his dick all this time. MyGod Jen, imagine if you'd started earlier. He could have a foot long dong bynow. Do you think it's too late for my Johnny?"

  For the last few months Jen had watched with growing satisfaction as herfriend kept quiet about the little torments Jen imposed on her stepson.Burning Bobby with the match was the most sadistic thing she'd done yet. Andshe could see Cynthia was more curious and fascinated by the episode than she was offended. Which is what Jen had hoped. If Cynthia had the right attitudeabout men, especially about men she was close to, men she was intimate with,then Jen and Cynthia could help each other. For fun and profit.

  Jennifer chuckled. Cynthia was coming around. She'd accepted the fact thatBobby was little more than his Mommy's sex slave. And she was starting to viewher own son in the same way. Jen was pleased that her months of effort hadpaid off. She suspected lots of women would jump at the chance to treat men aspersonal slaves. And she'd been positive Cynthia was of that persuasion. Gettingconfirmation pleased Jen. She wanted to free her friend and neighbor fromthe psychological chains society put on women like her. Jennifer had realized her sadisticnature at a young age. Over time she'd allowed herself to pursue it and nurtureit and express it without guilt or fear. Now she wanted to share that specialjoy with other women friends. Cynthia was her closest friend. Now the two wouldbe even closer.

"We may not be able to grow Johnny's dick but we can certainly change hisattitude. I've got some ideas that we can talk about later. But first,let's have some fun with Bobby. Bobby, darlin, Mommy's cigarette ash is toolong. Show Mrs. Sullivan how you make an ashtray for Mommy. That's a good boy."

  The boy got down on his knees between the two chaise lounges where the womenwere sunning themselves. He tilted his head up, opened his mouth and patientlywaited for his Mommy to use him. Jen wasted no time. She held her cigaretteover her boy's open mouth, flicked the long ash down his throat then used hislip to shape the tip of her cigarette to a sharp, hot point.

"Nicely done sweetie. Now turn so Mrs. Sullivan can use you. Don't be shy Cyndi.Use his mouth as your own personal ashtray. Burn his lip if you like. We'llsay he had pizza for lunch. And it was so hot it burned my little boy's lip.Go on, you know you want to. Burn my sweet boy on his lip Cyndi. Bobby's usedto it. I do it all the time. He likes it. Don't you hon."

Cynthia saw tears in the boy's eyes as he turned his head toward her. Hislip was twitching from where his Mother had just burned him. With his head stilltilted back and his mouth open poor Bobby couldn't nod his head effectivelybut he could whimper that yes, he did like being Mommy's ashtray, he did likebeing a good boy for Mommy and doing what she told him to do.

  Something about the way the boy looked hit Cynthia hard, the way he waskneeling on the pool deck with his head tilted back, the look of fear anddevotion and pain and confusion in his eyes. She liked the way he looked, likedthe idea of a boy being so devoted to her he'd gladly let her burn him if sheliked. Best of all she liked the way the his cock looked, the way it pokedstraight out from his crotch, the way it seemed to reach out to her, all tenglorious inches. He was hard.  He must like the way his stepmother treatedhim. At least that's what Cynthia allowed herself to think. Because she didwant to hurt this boy. She wanted to hurt him more than he could imagine, maybeeven more than he could handle.  She wasn't sure why exactly. And she didn'tparticularly care. The desire was almost overwhelming.  She had to burnBobby's lip. She just knew it would feel so good when she did.

  The woman held her cigarette over the boy's open mouth, lightly tapped thethin cylinder, smiled as the inch of spent ash fell on Bobby's tongue. In afluid motion she raised her cigarette to her mouth, inhaled hard, sucking in alung full of smoke, her fingers momentarily releasing her cigarette as her lipsclamped down ever so gently yet causing the white tube to rise up. When the tipthe tip of her cigarette was glowing all hot and orange and fierce with fireCynthia wrapped her fingers around the shaft and quickly pulled it from hermouth, her lips seemingly reluctant to let it go. And just as quick she guidedthe still glowing tip to Bobby's mouth, pressing the tiny fire to the cornerof his open mouth where the boy's dark red lip merged with the smooth tan skinon his cheek. She pressed lightly, keeping the tip of her cigarette justagainst the boy's flesh so as to burn him without putting out the lovely fire.The boy gasped, his sharp intake of breath causing Cyndi's cigarette to glowbrighter. She laughed, a delighted giggle, held her cigarette steady, lookedat the boy and smiled when she saw the agony in his eyes.

"God, that's fun. Jesus, Jennifer, how can we do this to the boy. It's, it's,I don't know. It's depraved. Immoral. Fuck. I know I should feel bad, Jesus. I'm a Mom. I know I should feel guilty. But I don't. Are we monsters? Maiming him like this? Christ,it's fun. But he's just a boy Jen. Do you think he deserves kind of tormentthis just to give a couple of bored, over sexed, over pampered thirty somethingwives and mothers a thrill?"

"Of course he deserves this. Because he is just a boy. It's why they existCyndi. To serve us. To provide us pleasure and entertainment and thrills.And my Bobby is very good at it. Almost as good as his father."

"You mean you do the same kinds of things to Richard? And he doesn't complain.My God Jen, what did you do to him? Hypnotize him? Make him some sort of slave?Does he know what you do to his son?"

  Jennifer just laughed, flicked some ash in Bobby's open mouth, used his burntlip to shape her cigarette, sucked in a lung full of smoke and blew it slowlyin the boy's face.

"Richard knows all about Bobby. It's the first thing I made him do when heproposed. He was so desperate to marry me he agreed to let me turn the boy intomy very own slave. I made him betray his son. It was the only way I'd agree tomarry him. He had to give me Bobby. Of course, it helped that he was on a threeday bender of Ecstasy and Cialis. The poor man. He was so trusting and hard andhorny he'd have done anything for me."

  Jen laughed as she flicked more ash down Bobby's mouth. Cynthia laughed too.Earlier her laughs had been a little nervous, tentative. Now her laugh was oneof delight, of whole hearted amusement with just a bit of the predator mixedin. Cyndiflicked her ash down Bobby's open mouth, caressed the boy's lip withher hot coal, traced a burning hot line along the top of his upper lip, smiledat the boy as she held the tip of her cigarette close to Bobby's right nostril,laughed cruelly when her cigarette turned a bright orange, his inward breathpulling life giving oxygen past the burning tube of tobacco. Slowly, savoringthe moment Cynthia guided the fiery tip up into Bobby's nostril, letting hercigarette burn the boy inside his nose. He was in agony, his head thrashingwildly.

  Jen wasted no time grabbing Bobby's hair with her left had to hold his headsteady. Wrapping her right arm around her stepson's neck she pulled the boyback so his head was nestled between her legs. As the boy's head jerked andtwisted between her thighs Jennifer laughed, the look of pleasure on her faceunmistakable. Nodding to her own cigarette clutched securely between thefingers of her right hand she encouraged her friend Cynthia to have some morefun.

"Cyndi, take my cigarette and shove it up the other side of his nose. I thinkit's time Bobby learned how to smoke."

Cynthia needed no further prompting. She grabbed Jen's cigarette, took a fiercedrag to get the tip burning brightly then slid the hot coal up Bobby's nose.The boy screamed, fought wildly, kicked out with his legs. Both women laughed.Cynthia was surprised at how excited the boy's pain made her. Without thinkingshe reached out and grabbed his right tit between her fingers, pulled on ituntil she thought she might pull it off then twisted and pinched the boy'snipple until his scream turned into a high pitched wail.

  Gradually Bobby's struggles weakened. As they did the women's passion seemedto strengthen. By the time the boy slumped over, inert andunmoving his stepmotherwas banging his head between her legs with vicious, pounding blows.Cynthia was brutalizing the boy's tits, her strong slender fingers pinchingand twisting and pulling on his skin so hard he'd have bruises for weeks.

  Eventually Jen released the boy's hair and opened her legs. Bobby slid downto the concrete deck. His Mommy put her finger to the artery in his neck andsmiled.

"He's still got a pulse. It's weak and erratic but he'll live. This time."

"And he's still hard too. God Jen, how much Viagra did you give him."

“Enough for us to have fun with him all day. I used Cialis and Viagra on him. His cock will stay hard well into tomorrow. If he lives that long. I want to try out something new on Bobby.”

  Bobby survived the rest of his day with the two women. But he did go to bedthat night with more than four dozen new cigarette burns on his cock and ballsand tits and more welts on his thighs and ass than he could count. Cynthia hadbeen curious how Jen was going to keep all those marks and scars hidden whenBobby went back to school in the fall. She had to laugh when her friendexplained.

"Bobby's not going back to school. I filed the papers last week to home schoolhim. I only have to fake a home education for ten months. He'll be sixteen by thenand can legally drop out of school. I've already got the paperwork in motion to takecare of that. So you see, Bobby's only going to be out in public as much as Idecide to let him. And he's such a good boy for Mommy I'll probably keep himhome all the time now."

"I should do the same with Johnny."

"I'm not sure that solves your problem. Would David go along with you making aslave of the boy? You could keep him at home but what's his father going todo when he finds out you're torturing Johnny?"

"You're right. So you think I should train David first? Turn him into my slavethe way you did Richard? Dave's pretty stubborn. It's what makes him sosuccessful in real estate development. I doubt he'd go along willing with hisown enslavement."

"No Cyndi, I'm afraid David's a lost cause as far as training him to serve you.The way you deserve to be served. No, I was thinking Johnny could run away."

  As they'd talked about what to do about Cynthia's son Johnny and her husbandDavid the two women had been taking turns reaming Bobby's ass hole with alarge dildo. The boy's screams sometimes interrupted their conversation. Notbecause he was too loud. They could easily make themselves understood over hispitiful screams. No, the interruption was because Bobby only screamed whenthe pain was unbearable. And that's when he was most enjoyable, when he wasthrashing and jerking and twisting in agony. That's when Jennifer and Cynthiahad to concentrate all their attention on the boy, savoring his every agonizedspasm.

"What if Johnny ran away. Not really of course. We'd just make it looks like hehad. We could take him to un-laws place. It's a farm outside town.Richard's old man still lives there but he suffers from dementia. He barely knows where he is much lesswhat's going on around him. I can control him. And Richard. The farm's safe. Wecould keep Johnny there and do whatever we liked to the boy.  The house is a thousandfeet back from the road. Nobody would know we had the boy there.  You can train himto be an obedient slave for his Mommy. Or you could just play with him, keep himchained up while you had your fun with him."

"How would we make it look like he's a runaway? I'm not sure I could pull thatoff with the cops. I mean, wouldn't I have to act all frantic and upset and sadand broken hearted. I doubt I could do that. Getting rid of Johnny would be adream come true. I'd probably screw it up by laughing my head off."

"I'll work with you on that. All you need to do is think about the consequencesif you get caught. That should sober you up, make you feel anxious, upset. That'sthe trick, to have the right emotions but for different reasons. You'll be upsetand angry and scared and sad. Mot for Johnny. For you if we don't pull this off."

Cynthia was keenly interested in taking her Johnny someplace where she could torturehim. And at the same time the woman found herself slightly appalled that she couldeven think about doing that to her own son. But then she looked at Bobby, burned andbleeding with a goofy grin on his face after being smothered half to death. Cynthia haddone a lot of that to the boy herself. And she had liked it. A lot. It had turned her on. It hadturned her on tremendously. She'd almost climaxed when Bobby passed out. But it had alsoexcited her in ways that weren't just sexual. She could sense that dark side of herselfexerting itself. It felt good to let it out. Cyndi made up her mind. She'd kidnap herson, take him to a safe place and she'd hurt him more than he could survive. And she'dlove every delicious freaking minute of it.

"When? When can we do him? I want to hurt Johnny. Bad. Let's grab him tonight."

"Hold on girl. I admire your enthusiasm. But we'll need a few weeks of prep. Are you sureyou're up for this Cyndi. Johnny is your son. You carried him for nine months, you gavebirth to him. This is a big step Cyndi. Once we take your Johnny we probably can't everlet him go. He'll never be free again. You'll have to ignore any traditional maternalfeeling you may feel.  You'll have to treat him as a slave, a piece of meat, a toy whoexists solely for your pleasure, your amusement. Can you do that to your own son?"

"Oh, I can do that. And more. I'm ready for this Jen. Hell, it's worth it just todestroy my David. He'll be heart broken when his only child runs away. Can we makeit look like Johnny left because of his Dad. That'll push my sweet husband over theedge. God I want to hurt that creep. I want him to suffer like no man's sufferedbefore. And the best place to start is to hurt my son, my flesh and blood."

  Jennifer laughed. And hugged her new best friend. The passion in Cynthia's voiceconvinced Jen she could count on the woman to follow through. It was funny how manywomen had this cruel streak buried just below the surface. Unfortunately too fewwomen ever got the chance to express that wickedly cruel side of themselves. Jen wasglad she could help her neighbor let her dark side out for some fun and games. And

pleased with how eager the woman seemed to explore her naturally sadistic nature.

"Good. I'm glad you feel that way. And sure, we can make it look like it's David'sfault Johnny ran away. If we play it right after a few months we might even be ableto let David know what you've been doing to his son. But first we have to make yourboy disappear without anyone suspecting you and I took him. Does Johnny have a bankaccount of his own? A credit card. And cell phone?"

"God I'd love to see David's face if he could see me fucking my own son. His own son.Shit, we could load Johnny up with Cialis, get his cock so fucking big and hard. Thenmake David suck on his own son's prick. While I burn the boy's tits and stickneedles in his balls and shove the biggest dildo we can find so far up his ass it'llnever come out."

  Jennifer Kilmer giggled at the image. She'd done all those things to various menand boys. She'd just never done all of it at once. But it sounded fun. And sheloved Cynthia's enthusiasm. Now if she could just get the woman to take it one stepat a time. They'd get to torture Johnny. But first they had to get him to the farmwithout leaving a trail that pointed back to them.

"We'll do all that girlfriend. All that and more. Trust me. Your boys are going tosuffer Cyndi. And you're gong to get to do things you can't imagine. But first wehave to make it look like you son's run away. So, credit card? Cell phone? Bankaccount?"

"Yeah, Johnny has all of that. Except the credit card. He has a debit card instead. And hehas email, a Facebook page, a YouTube blog and some sort of play character or avatar thingin an online virtual reality game. Why? Does it make it more difficult to make him disappear?"

"Not at all. All that helps actually. We're going to leave some false clues behind.Bobby's going to dress up as Johnny and withdraw his bank money from an ATM theday Johnny disappears.  You and I are going to make up some entries to post onyour boy's Facebook page to make it look like he's thinking about running away.Then after we take him to the farm and tie him up Ill take Bobby and drivethree hundred miles west. During the trip I'll stop every so often and have Bobby use Johnnysdebit card. We'll leave a fake trail so it looks like the boy left home.They'll never think to look locally. Then we can do what we want with your sweetlittle boy."

Cynthia had gotten more and more excited as she listened. It was going to happen.And she didn't feel guilty about it. Or bad. Or scared. With Jen encouraging her andshowing her how much fun it was to play rough with Bobby it was easy to contemplate torturing her son. Her only regretwas she hadn't met Jennifer years ago. Cyndi was in a marvelous mood when she went home to tell her boy life as he knew it was over for him. Snuff didnt sound too terrible extreme as she how good itd felt when she tortured Bobby Kilmer. His shrieking and his flopping about had wakened something in Cynthia, something she liked, something cruel she wanted to explore, something wicked she wanted to embrace. Her Johnny would be the vehicle she used to free herself from convention as she gave in to the sadist that had always lived within her. Cyndi laughed. Her son had no idea what Mommy had in mind for him.

"Johnny honey I want you to pack enough stuff for the week. We're going to the beachwith Jennifer Kilmer and her son Bobby. You can spend the time playing video games if you want.  I just want to get out of the city for a bit."

  It was as simple as that. The boy didn't even complain. And he packed his favoritethings like his iPod and his portable DVD player and his Gameboy. So it would seemplausible later that he ran away. Cynthia Sullivan was almost giddy as watched her son puther things and his in the back of the SUV. The poor dumb kid was helping in hisown abduction and enslavement and he was clueless. Johnny waseven glad to ride in back so he could watch movies on the SUV's video player. Little did heknow that the tinted windows would ensure nobody saw him as they drove away thatmorning. 

Cyndi grinned to herself as she turned the first corner. And massaged the throbbing spot between her legs. When the wicked woman reported her son missing later that night it would all seem so believable, so plausible. Officially her boy would be listed as a runaway. And shed be free to torture Johnny as much as she wanted. Cynthias only concern as she pulled onto the highway was shed get to excited and snuff her ungrateful bastard teenaged son before she could have all her wicked sadistic fun with him. To take the edge off her desire to do the boy right then, right there the cruel woman unzipped her jeans so her fingers could probe her hot slit already moist just from thinking about what she was about to do. The near orgasm she experienced only served to remind her why she was taking her son to his date with torture and pain and death. It was all about sex when you got down to it. Sex and power and pleasure.

  Allison Sinclair giggled and pumped her arm in silent salute.  Her teenaged sonjust got punched in the cheek hard enough to break bone. She raised her fist and urged her chosen assailant to beat her own precious boy to a pulp. Most mothers would weep if they saw their fifteen year old boy getting pummeled that hard time and time again. Not Allison. She loved watching Tommy get hurt. She heard the damage being done to her sons face and laughed. Of course it was more fun to beat the boy herself. But watching her Tommy getting beat uphad its charms.Itd do for now. Her Tommy was staggering about the concrete pool deck from the massive blows to his head. God she loved seeing her boy get hurt. She wasnt mad at her son. She didnt hate the boy. She wasnt trying to teach him a lesson. She watching him get hurt. Almost as much a she enjoyed torturing the boy herself.

   Obviously Allison wasn't like most mothers. Although there are a lot more Moms like Allison out there than people might think. In fact,  just in the Boston area Allison herself knew more than a dozen wicked and sadistic women like herself, womenwho routinely arrange for their sons and their nephews and their husbands to get cruel beat downs. All the women did it for the same reason as Allison. They just loved seeing a man get hurt.Allison certainly was having fun today watching her little boy get the shit beat out of him. Especially since Tommys beating was entirely on her terms. She'd picked the time, she'd picked the place and she'd selected and seduced the young man currently pounding her hapless son into the ground.

"Hit him on the mouth Brian. See if you can split his lip open. Come on baby. Hit him hard brianslut. Make my little shit of a boy hurt darlin. Bust the little creep up real good and I'll let you put your face between my legs slut. You already made my cunt hot and wet when you broke his cheek just now."

  Allison spread her legs wide for Brian as she calmly sipped her margarita and egged on her champion. She had on a short skirt but no panties. Her slitreally was wet already. She was horny from watching her son get beat up. Brian looked at Allisons glistening slit a long time. He licked his lips and reluctantly turned his attention back to his fight. In the six months hed known Allison the man had become addicted to her. And especially to her pussy. Hed never been comfortable around women. Ms. Allison was different. She wasnt like any other women Brian had known. Ms. Allison liked that he was a brute and not too intelligent. Hed do anything for his Ms. Allison. So he grabbed her little boy and started punching him again.

It wasn't a fair fight. Brian was seven years older than Allisons son Tommy and outweighed the boy by fifty pounds. Brian also had real fight training. He'd competed locally in amateur Mixed Martial Arts fights. He'd had a dozen fights and hed won them all. Allison had seen most of Brian's fights. She'd picked him as her favorite the night she watched Brian launch a flurry of kicks and punches that savaged another boy so badly it put the broken loser in the hospital for three days.

  Allison couldn't help herself. Watching boys beat each other senseless turned her on. She'd practically climaxed that night at the amateur fights when she heard the crunch from Brian's last kick.  She knew that wonderful sound. She was sure Brian had broken a couple of his opponent's ribs. She'd been front side so she heard the crack of bone breaking. And seen that wounded look in the other fighter's eyes. That's when she'd felt that familiar and wild and wicked sado-sexual desire overwhelm her.

    Check out the fans at the local Ultimate Fighter even. Notice how many of them are attractive women. Notice how many of them are really into the mayhem and viciousness of the fights. Listen to them shout for blood. Theres a lot of Moms in that group. Chances those women are there because they love seeing boys get hurt. And love hurting their own boys when they get a chance. Just like Allison Sinclair.

   That night she'd gone to watch some boys get beat to a pulp. And seen Brian. Shed seduced the not too bright young man that very night in a dark hallway leading to the locker room. He'd still been hot and sweaty from his fight when shed mounted him. And rode him to a wickedly delightful orgasm. She'd made the boy-man hotter than hed been in the ring pounding his last hapless opponent. And shed started right in on training him to serve her.

  Brian was strong. He was skilled. He was fearless. When it came to fighting. But with women Brian was timid. And easily intimidated. Allison probed her warrior once she'd seduced him and got him to admit his attitude toward women had a lot to with some things his aunt had done to him as a boy. He'd been sexually abused in the most cruel and hurtful way. It'd made him a fighter and it'd made him a latent submissive.  Allison was intrigued by the revelation much more than she let on. But she didn't press Brian just then. She didn't need to. She could see that he was a classic closet submissive. Women scared him. Women like Allison intimidated him. Which made him the perfect choice for Allison.

  Brian was a slut. He just hadn't known that when he first met Allison. So she helped him unlock all those powerful feeling of inferiority and guilt and shame his Aunt had so conveniently instilled in the young boy. Allison helped Brian discover his true inner self, his true submissive destiny.  Allison trained him to serve women. She conditioned him to always think of himself as a worthless shit. Unless he was in the service of a woman,unless he obeying her and pleasing her and most of all,  suffering for her. It'd taken half a year to turn the man into a slut she could be proud of. And it'd worked far better than she'd hoped. Now Brian was her submissive. Her slut. Her slave. And soon her son Tommy would learn to be her slave as well.

  Given Brian's experience and strength and training the fight with Allisons son Tommy was brutally one sided. It didn't help that Mommy had cuffed Tommy's hands behind his back. Nor did it help that Tommy was completely naked. And it certainly didn't help that Allison would stop the fight every few minutes so she could kick her son Tommy in the nuts half a dozen times. Hard. Allison was in complete control. Brian was simply one of her cruel tools. She could order him to do whatever she wanted done to her son and Brian would comply. And Tommy would suffer.

  Unfortunately for Allison her warrior Brian's heart wasn't totally in this cruel beat down. Brian was a conscript in this little event. He was a reluctant bully. He felt sorry for Tommy. Beating the boy silly like this reminded Brian of the way his Aunt had treated him all those years ago.  Brian was here against his better judgment, almost against will. He didn't want to hurt the boy. He didn't want to beat a pathetic kid to a pulp so the kid's Mom could get her jollies. Brian didn't enjoy hurting this innocent kid just so his gorgeous and sultry Mother could achieve an orgasm watching all the mayhem.

  Brian had beaten the boy every day for the last three days at Allison's insistence. He knew how the boy's Mommy could get all hot and excited watching her own son get savaged in a cruel and grossly unfair fight. He knew how she'd get so worked up she'd want him to beat her son senseless over and over again. She'd get so caught up in her own pleasure she'd want to see Tommy get hurt so bad he'd carry the damage forever. Brian knew all that and he hated himself for doing Allison's bidding like this. But in a perverse way he couldn't help himself. Especially when the wicked woman pushed him down on the chaise and spread her legs and slid her hot wet slit over his prick. Mrs. Sinclair was by far the best fuck Brian had ever known. She did things to his cock that almost made him forget how brutal she could be.

   Brian knew that obeying Allison, that hurting boys for her, that it was, well, it was wrong. But she turned Brian on so much. He didnt know why. Sure, she was a knock out. And she had the sexy little grin, that leer shed use on him. Even so, Brian knew she was using him for her own perverse pleasure. He tried to stop. But no matter how much he tried he would get so hard watching Allison watching him while he beat up some boy hed just get swept up in Alisons sick little world.  He got massive boners beating up boys for Allison. And later, after she'd had several violence inspired orgasms and after she'd made Brian eat her cunt till she came over and over again Allison would mount  her savage man and ride his cock until it erupted in a geyser of cum.  Even so, Brian didn't enjoy it the way Allison did. He didn't really want to cause pain the way Allison did. So she had to continually encourage her slut to go further, to push harder.

"Split the boy's lip Brian. I want to see blood. You know what I like. Do it slut.  Knock out a couple of teeth. Make your Mistress happy babe or I'll have to punish you."

  Tommy was still staggering from the recent blow to his cheek. Brain had to grab a handful of Tommy's hair to hold the boy still. He punched the kid with the other. His right hand flicked out in a series of fast jabs. Tommy's head snapped back. If it'd been a fair fight, if it'd been a sanctioned bout then Tommy would have a mouth guard. But Mommy didn't believe in playing fair when it came to using and hurting men. Brian's punch caught the boy with his mouth half open. Twenty one year old Brian's fist drove Tommy's upper lip hard against his teeth forcing the boy to basically bite his own flesh.  Blood immediately started pouring from the savage wound. Mommy laughed. Brian let go of the boy. Tommy slumped to the concrete deck, his body writhing in agony.

  Allison Sinclair refilled her margarita glass, plucked a cigarette from the pack on the side table and motioned for Brian to attend to her. The young man sauntered over to Allison's chaise lounge with his head down. Humble. Meek. Submissive. As he moved along in his rolling fighter's gait his cock bounced up and down, his oversized balls swung from side to side. He was wearing spandex shorts. They had a hole in the crotch. Allison had cut it out herself. Brian's cock and balls were hanging out, his rigid ten inch shaft poking straight out in front, bobbing up and down, amusing Allison.

"You did good honey. Now do good on my cunt baby. Eat me sweetheart. I want you to bury that tongue deep inside my slit. Don't stop till I come. Then Ill fuck you slut. Now get down and eat Mommas pussy baby"

  Allison Sinclair really did not hate her son. She just liked controlling men. The boy was just a toy to her, something she could use to satisfy her dark needs.  She loved seeing a man get hurt. She needed to see men in agony. The fact that it was her own son getting the crap beat out of him made it all the more erotic for the cruel woman. Something about torturing those closest to you, those who trust you and love you and know you turned the wicked on almost more than she could control sometimes. She shifted on the chaise so Brian could lay on his back. Then she swung a leg over the man and straddled his face with her thighs, grinding her clit against his chin and his cheek and his lips.

   The man started to lick his Mistress. He used his tongue to pry her slit open then plunged the thick muscle into Allison's cunt. The cruel woman humped his face forcing him to lift his head and follow as her pussy bounced up and down hard on his head. Allison laughed delighted at the pleasure the man's thick tongue provided. She giggled at his grunts as one of her all too vigorous downward plunges smashed her pubic bone into his nose.  EventuallyBrian's tongue slowed in its advance down her slit.

  Allison wrapped her legs around tighter Brian's head and squeezed hard until he got the message. He strained his neck, extended his tongue as far as it would go, twirled itaround and thrust it side to side the way he knew Allison adored. The cruel woman smiledas the waves of pleasure washed over her.  She snapped her fingers in Tommy's directionthen pointed to a spot by the chaise.

"Crawl to Mommy sweetheart. Come let Mommy see all the fun things Brian did to you today."

  Yesterday she'd pointed to a spot on the pool deck and told her son to crawl over there. He'd refused. She'd sent Brian to fetch her little boy. A couple of kicks in the balls anda punch in the ribs did the trick. Today Tommy crawled over to Mommy without hesitation. Allison had been keen to seeif her boy obeyed on his own today. She'd been training him for five days now. He shouldbe getting the idea. A little thrill ran up her pine when Tommy got on his knees and painfully crawled to her side. He was her slave now. Even if he hadnt quite accepted it yet.

  She sneered at the boy when he started crawling to her side. When he was close enough she reached out and took his face in her hand. She put her thumb on the spot her reluctantwarrior had slammed so hard. Tommy's cheek was already starting to swell up. A lovelyblack and blue bruise was making itself visible. Allison pressed her thumb down hardinto the center of the discolored wound and mashed her injured son's flesh some more.Tears ticked down the boy's savaged cheek. Allison laughed. And asked Tommy if he knewwhy she was treating him like this.

"Do you remember why Mommy's doing this to you sweetheart?"

  The boy didn't have a clue. She hadn't really told him why his life had changed so drastically five days ago. Theyd just dropped Dad off at the airport. As they pulledaway from the curb Tommy was still waving bye to his Dad when Mommy had said something aboutnot needing Tommy anymore. She'd laughed and said something about not needing Daddyanymore either. She'd said that in a way that got Tommy's attention. She was laughingand making fun of him but somehow the boy knew his Mom wasn't joking.

   They made a stop on the way home that day from the airport. Twenty minutes  after they'd dropped Dad off for his trip to China so Dad could sell his company. He'd gone overthere for three months to help with the transition. Dad hadn't wanted to sell. He likedowning a company. He'd built it up into a very lucrative business. But Mommy insistedhe sell his pride and joy. She said the offer from the Chinese firm was too good to passup. She said twenty five million would be enough to last her a lifetime. She'd laughedat that, made a joke about it. On the way to the airport she'd teased Tommy and hisDad about how she didn't know what the two of them were going to live on but she'd bequite content with her twenty five million.

   On the way home she'd stopped at a run-down house. And picked up Brian. She made Tommy getin the back of the SUV. The boy had been embarrassed and angry when this big rough looking guy got in and Mommy leaned over and kissed him right on the mouth. It was a long, deep kissthat was more about sex than friendship. Tommy had coughed to let them know he was rightthere. Mom's hand shot out and caught him across the face. The hard slap stung. He started to complain and Mommy slapped him again. And again. And two more times before he managedto get his hands up to defend himself.

  Tommy was too shocked to fight back. He wanted to run, he wanted to hide. But Mommy was already driving away from the house before Tommy could gather his thoughts. By thetime he did they were on the highway. And Mommy was driving one handed while her freehand unzipped this guy Brian's pants. The SUV had spilt front seats. Tommy was buckled inbehind his Mommy. He could see between the gap in the seats.  He could see Mommy's fingersslip under the man's jockey shorts. The boy watched dumbstruck as his Mom pulled the guy'scock out of his pants and started to play with it. The man was huge. Tommy had a decentsized penis. He'd measured himself when he got hard a couple months back. He was eightinches. Brian was bigger. Much bigger. And much thicker too.

  Tommy watched as his Mommy fondled the guy's dick all the way home. It was horrible.Kind of. Yet at the same time Tommy was mesmerized. The guy was mostly silent. He'd gruntor moan every so often. But Mommy was really into it. She was laughing and talking and carrying on like playing with some strange guys prick after dropping her husband off atthe airport was a normal thing. Tommy was shocked and embarrassed and disgusted a little.But a big part of him was also keenly interested. Excited even. He felt his own penis get superstiff in his jeans. He even touched himself down there when Mommy started stroking theguy's cock fast enough he started to leak pre-cum.

  Months ago Tommy had discovered some dirty magazines at home. He figured they were his Dad's. He'd been sneaking around in Mom and Dad's bedroom and found this sex magazine inthe bottom of Daddy's closet. The pictures in the glossy magazine showed these really prettywomen in leather standing over naked men. The women were holding whips and chains. Themen were groveling as the women beat and kicked and spit on them. At first it scaredTommy. But he kept looking at those pictures. He was a shy boy. Girls scared him. Theidea of sex scared him. Those pictures of women whipping a man's naked butt until it wasbright red scared him.

  But the pictures also excited him. He'd been getting erections for a couple years bythen. He'd learned how much pleasure they could be if you rubbed your penis in justthe right way.  When he looked at the pictures of the pretty women with the big breastsand the  tight leather halters tops and pants holding those whips so seductively Tommywould get an erection. And he'd touch himself. And he'd look at the pictures some more.And he'd pull his little boy penis out and jerk it and think about what it'd be liketo have one of those women with their whips and their hand cuffs and their pretty redfinger nails hold his cock and jerk him off.

  It didn't take long for Tommy to get hooked on those magazines. It was funny how there was a new one in Daddy's closet every other week or so. Tommy checked for new ones everyday after school. He'd take a magazine into his room, open it up, pull off his jeans andjack off two or three times looking at those picture. Within six months he was addictedto his routine. He'd been doing just that the day before Dad was leaving for China. AndMom had walked in on him. With his hand wrapped around his cock, the filthy magazineopen on his bed, pre-cum leaking from his prick.

   He'd stopped jacking off of course. He'd expected his Mom to get mad. Instead she'dwalked over, sat on the edge of his bed, smiled down at him and told him to finishwhat he'd started. Tommy had stuttered and tried to say he hadn't really been doinganything. He'd even said he was sorry. Which didn't make sense if he hadn't been doinganything but the boy was mortified at being having his Mom walk in on him while hewas beating off. He wasn't thinking clearly.

  His Mommy had picked up the magazine then. And commented on how nice the girls looked. And the boys looked nice too she'd smirked. Especially the ones all tied up naked and getting the crap beat out of them. Shed asked Tommy if he liked the pictures of boys gettingbeatwith paddles more than whips. Tommy had turned red. He stuttered, tried not to answer. Mommy had smiled at him, told him it was alright to like things like that. And asked him again which he liked more: the whippings, the paddling or the canings. He muttered that he liked it all. 

     That's when Mommy asked her son if he wanted a woman to whip him the way theladies in his magazine whipped the boys they played with. When she'd asked that questionshe'd leaned in and leered at Tommy. And her forearm had brushed against his still hardcock. When Tommy pushed his hips into his Mommy's arm Allison hadn't said anything.She hadnt moved her arm away either. Instead she'd just smiled seductively at her son and leaned in real close so her lips brushed his ear when she whispered that maybehe needed a good hard whipping.Her arm slid d own his cock. The boy felt his Mommys fingers close around his shaft. Shed whispered that she wanted to spank him, spank him hard. Thatswhen Tommy had shot off. A great gusher of cum spurted out of his dick and splashed down in the middle of the magazine. Mommy grabbed her boy by his hair and pushed his face down to the magazine.

“Lick that nasty spunk up you little creep. Did I give you permission to come? Did I tell you it was OK to drip your filthy cum on my magazine?”

    Tommy didnt realize it at the time but that was the instant his life started to change forever. And not for the better.  For two hours that afternoon Allison had used that magazine on her son. First shed rolled it into a tight cylinder and whipped his balls with it. When Tommys hand reflexively reached down to protect his testicles as Mommy whipped them with her rolled up magazine Allison had laughed. Then she tied her boys hands to the beds headboard. Tommy was so surprised and confused he didnt even resist as the wicked woman used four of his Tee shirts to secure his wrists to the iron posts. She got in a dozen good blows to his balls before he thought to close his legs.

“Spread those legs honey. Or Mommy will hurt you worse. What you did with your prick shooting off like that while I was right here in the room was disgusting Tommy. There are rules men have to obey when it comes to their dicks sweetie. I havent taught you these things because I thought you were still my good little boy. I thought you were too young. But good little boys dont whack off on their Mommys special magazines. Youre fifteen now. And old enough to know how to obey Mommy. How dare you shoot your filthy cum on MY magazine!”

“I, ahhh, I thought they were Dads magazines. I mean, ummm, I, ahhh, I find them in his sock drawer. So I assumed they were his.”

   Allison whipped Tommy across the face with the tightly wound magazine half a dozen times. She hit him hard. There would be bruises. Shed keep him home from school a couple days. The weekend was three days away. By Monday Tommy would be ready to go back to school. By Monday Mommy would teach her little boy about being a good boy, about behaving nice for Mommy, about obeying Mommy and keeping Mommys secrets. The boys father was leaving in the morning for three weeks. Allison would have all that time alone with her son to shape him into the kind of boy she wanted. And shed have five days before she had to have him presentable for school. Five days to have some fun with her son. Five days to start the process of training her teenaged son to be her slut. And if she needed longer, well, she could always take the boy out of public school and home school him. Shed do that eventually anyway.

    It turned out Allison would only need five days to break her son down enough she could trust him to keep Mommys special secrets. Shed actually had more problems with her husband Richard than she would have with the boy.  Leaving the femdom magazines out where Tommy could find them had helped prepare the boy for his new life. His Mom only needed five days of hard and intense training to turn him into her obedient slut.

That morning after dropping her husband off at the airport and picking up her boy toy Allison Sinclair had opened the garage door as she turned into the drive. She drove directly in and pushed the remote so the door was on its way down before they stopped.Tommy unbuckled his belt thinking he'd make his escape now and run into the house. Maybeeven leave and go to a friend's house until he could figure out what all this meant. ButAllison was quicker. She unbuckled, turned round and grabbed a handful of Tommy's hairbefore the boy's hand made it to his seat belt. Then she yanked her boy's head between theseats and wrapped her own seat belt around his neck. In one quick motion she snapped the buckle into the tab sticking out from the seat and Tommy was caught.

  Tommy remembered how his Mommy had pulled on her belt then. Choking him. Pinching the skin on his neck so hard it hurt when she yanked the  nylon webbing and tightened the beltso tight he could barely breath.

"In a hurry to go somewhere sweetheart. Stay a bit. Watch Mommy play with her new toy.I want you to get to know Brian baby. He's staying with us this summer. He'll be sleepingin my room. In my bed. And he'll be using your room for a workout space. Brian's am athlete honey. He needs to keep in shape."

"But, ahhh, but where will I sleep Mommy." the boy managed to choke out.

"We'll put a couple blankets on the floor of the basement darlin. Back behind the furnace.You'll be staying there from now on."

  It hadn't seemed fair to the boy. Why couldn't this Brian guy use the basement as a workout space. Tommy wanted to complain some more but Mommy yanked on her seat belt and  tightened it real tight around his neck and it hurt real bad so all Tommy could do waschoke and cough and beg Mommy to stop.

  He'd tried to grab on to the belt and pull it loose. When he did his Mom took hold of his index finger, bent it back so far Tommy screamed, then she pulled his armaway and jerked it behind his back. She made Brian hold that arm in place while shedid the same thing to Tommy's left arm. Then she slapped some hand cuffs on her son'sleft wrist, pushed the other end of the cuffs under his jeans belt and then locked that end of the cuffs over his right wrist.Tommy's hands were bound behind his back now, cuffed to his belt. He was stuck. He couldstruggle and twist and fight all he wanted. But he couldn't get free.

"You can fight all you like Tommy. Go on baby. I like to see you struggle. Does it make you feel better baby? No? Well you'll get a chance to fight some more later. I'm goingto let Brian beat you up Tommy. So you might want to save some of that energy for later.Why don't you relax honey? Just sit back and watch Mommy play with Brians cock till he comes. You can suck his dick after. And lick off all his hot sticky cum."

  Tommy had had no choice. His Mom had trussed him up so he couldn't do anything other than watch as she took hold of Brian's huge cock and jerked the man off. Tommy had afront seat view. It took about ten minutes for Brian to get close to orgasm. Tommy knewthe signs. Tommy was fifteen. He jacked off every chance he could get. When Brian's hipsstarted to pump and his breathing got real shallow and real fast Tommy readied himselffor the fountain of spunk he expected to see.

  That's when his Mom pulled on Brian's cock and pointed it right at Tommy's face.The boy turned his head away and tried to get out of range but Allison grabbed him by thehair and yanked his head back so violently Tommy saw stars. Next thing he saw was Mommypulling on Brian's cock with one hand and punching Brian's balls with the other. At the first punch a huge glob of cum shot out of Brian's dick and hit Tommy in the nose. WithMommy's second punch another huge wad of Brian's jism shot of his dick and hit Tommy inthe eye.

  Mommy kept Brian's cock pointed right at her son's face and kept punching Brian's balls long after the man was out of cum. Tommy's face was dripping with the man's gooey white spunk. It was inTommys eye,  it covered his lips, some had even managed to lodge in his nostril. It was awful forTommy. Nothing about it was fun or erotic or nice. So the boy was confused about why hewas so hard. And why his cock was practically twitching in his jeans. He wanted to jack off. He wanted to run, to hide. But mostly he wanted his Mom to pull down his pants and jack him off.  One of the photo stories in the last femdom magazine hed gotten was about a Mom, the pictures caption has said she was a MILF. That woman, the one called a MILF in the photo, was jacking off her own son. Thats what the caption said. Tommy had wondered what itd feel like to have his Mommy jerk him off. Hed wondered what a MILF was too. The next day hed asked a guy at school what it meant.

   The guy at school had said it stood for a “Mother Id Like to Fuck”.  Tommy had asked a twelfth grader, a senior he knew at his school. After the kid told Tommy what MILF meant the older boy asked Tommy if he was Tommy Sinclair. When Tommy said yes the guy leered at him and said Tommy was lucky cause his Mom was a MILF. Then hed leered and said all the older boys talked about what a hot bitch Tommys Mom was. Then hed poked Tommy in the ribs and asked him if hed ever fucked his own gorgeous and sexy Mom. Tommy had turned red and walked away embarrassed.  But hed thought about it for days and dreamed about it and even jacked off thinking about fucking his own Mommy, his own MILF. Itd made him feel dirty. And guilty and ashamed. But excited too. Especially when he dreamed about Mommy jacking him off and spanking him after the way that MILF in the dirty magazine had done to her little boy. So Tommy guessed he was  horny and hard now because he had this sick attraction to Mommy.

If he'd known Mommy had slipped a double dose of Cialis into his breakfast he would haveunderstood that his penis wasn't strictly under his control. But Tommy didn't know that sohe figured he must be a pervert if getting splashed in the face with another man's cumand wishing his Mom would jack him off turned him on. It was his own Mom who was jacking the guy off so he'dshoot off all over Tommy. That somehow made it OK. Or at least bearable. So Tommy did what Mommy told him. He stuck out his tongue and tentatively licked at Brians gigantic boner.

Allison had hoped her boy would think along those lines. She'dbeen preparing Tommy most of his life to be her submissive little slut. Shed never wanted the boy. When shed found out she was pregnant shed hoped for a girl. A daughter would have been so nice. But shed gotten Tommy. Before he was even born Allison had known how shed raise the boy, how shed train him. Shed stuck to her plan to shape Tommy into her own personal little slut over all these years. And now she was finally getting some use out of him, finally having some of her own special kind of fun with her son.

She didn'tknow exactly what was going through Tommys head as he lay there between the SUV's seatsbut she had her hopes. She hoped he was suffering, that he was scared, that he was in hell. But also that hed obey. The fact that her precious little boy wasn't throwing a fit and cursing her and yelling and threatening to tell everyone what she did to him encouraged Allison. So was the fact thatshe saw the boy use his tongue to lick some of Brian's jism from his lips. Apparently the years shed spent preparing her boy had paid off. She'd decidedon the spot to push her boy a little further. She knew how difficult forced bi wasfor most men. She'd forced dozens of men to suck cock for her. She also knew that oncea man got over the initial shock and revulsion the second time wasn't nearly asfrightening. Or difficult. She watched for a few seconds as Tommy licked cum off hisface seemingly oblivious to his Mommy or the man sitting in the front seat next to her.She patted her boy's head affectionately and apologized to him. Sort of.

"Sorry that took so long sweetheart. Usually Brian comes right away. I think you makehim nervous Tommy. brianslave isn't used to having my favorite boy watch while we play. But youknow what Tommy. I think you can help Brian get over his shyness. Why don't you suck hiscock Tommy. Suck my big man's big hard dick. He likes slamming his huge prick down little boy'sthroats. And I'd love to see my little boy get his throat raped. Go on baby. Mommywill help."

Tommy was still in a bit of a daze. He heard Mommy's words but didn't fully comprehend.Allison gave him time to digest her latest suggestion. She pulled a Virginia Slim fromthe pack in her purse and punched in the car's cigarette lighter. When it popped out shelit her cigarette. Sucking in a cheek hollowing lung full of smoke she contemplated herboy. After blowing her thick cloud of smoke in his face she held the still hot cigarettelighter close to Tommy's face. The ring inside the metal holder was dull orange and hotenough to burn. Tommy felt the heat. He tried to pull his head away. Allison let him untilhe couldn't pull back anymore. She moved the lighter closer. And barely touched the edgeto the boys bottom lip.

"Hurts doesn't it darlin. Does it burn tommyslut. Well, it was a lot hotter a minute ago. So here's how it's going to be slut. Mommy want you to suck cock for her. And if you getany ideas about biting Brian's dick Mommy will burn your balls honey. With her lighter.She'll burn you down there until your nuts are black and shriveled and you're insane withpain. Understand baby?"

  Tommy didn't say anything. He didn't move. Allison didn't wait for his response. She didn't need it. She pulled Brian's cock toward Tommy mouth. Her submissive fighter had to twist in his seat to keep her from pulling his dick off. But he was as limber as he was hung. Finally he was up on his seat, up onhis knees straddling the console where Tommys face was pinned inches away. Allison wasted no time. They were stopped at a light. She jammed Brians thick ten inch cock in her son's mouth. And laughed when her little boy gagged and struggled and tried to spit out the huge fat dick in his mouth.

"Fuck my boy good Brian. Ram that thing all the way down his throat. I want to hear him choking babe. I want to see his face turn red, then white, then blue as you smotherhim with your dick. Remember Brian, I can burn your balls off too."

  In one sense it was insane what Allie was doing to her own son. It certainly was perverse. And immoral. And illegal too. But she didn't think about any of that. Shedidn't care about that sort of thing. For Allison it was all about what felt good to her.What felt right. What thrilled her the most and gave her the biggest orgasm. And torturingboys like this and using them for herown sadistic sexual needs felt good. It felt right.It felt natural to the wicked thirty six year old wife and mother and cruel woman.

  Besides, she'd been treating boys like this since she started sixth grade. And she'd gotten away with it all these years too. For Allison it was natural to punch a man in theballs to make him come. It was good to make boys suck cock whether they wanted to or not.It was thrilling to turn a normal healthy male who harbored even the slightest interestin dominance and submission games into her totally obedient and completely debased sexslave. For women like Allison it was even better to do those things to your husband. Andbetter yet to do it to your own son.

  She let Brian fuck her son senseless. Her warrior still had his cock jammed down the boy's throat when Tommy's body went still. Brians prick was hard too. Allison could see the big fat stiff thing in her sons throat. Brian hadn't climaxedbefore Tommy passed out. So Allison massaged Brian's balls. Not as roughly as she usually did but rough enoughto hurt her fighter. Over the months she'd conditioned Brian so he couldn't achieve orgasm without some pain, some humiliation. Allison knew just how to squeeze and fondleand play with her slave. Less than a minute after she'd started Brian arched his back,jammed his cock deeper into Tommy's mouth and shot his load down the boy's throat. The cruelMom kept massaging Brian's nuts as the man's frenzied spasms forced cum down her son'sgullet.

  It had been a brutal way to start her son's new life as her slave. Brutal and cruel and vicious. Which was exactly the point. She wanted to break Tommy's spirit. And his soul. And his body.But most of all she wanted to have fun. And torturing her son offered the sadisticwoman the most fun of all. Allison succeeded in all that. Tommy was broken. And the cruel woman managed to have more sadistic fun with her son than she could ever have imagined.

  That trip home from the airport when she'd forced Tommy to suck real cock for the first time had happened just five days ago. Since then Allison had started each day by watchingBrian beat her son senseless. After that she'd torture the boy herself. And used him forsex. Then shed torture him some more. For hours. Until Tommy's poor little body and weak littlemind both collapsed and her son was a whimpering, trembling, frightened little boy. Thepoint was to show Tommy how she had total control over him now. She wanted the boy'sabsolute obedience. She'd teach him to love her more than life itself later. The firststep was to turn the boy into a pain slut. And it looked like she'd had a breakthrough.

Allison beckoned to her son, urged him to crawl over to her. It was difficult for Tommy to crawl to his Mommy with his hands cuffed behind him. He stayed on his knees. The hard concrete deck around the backyard pool scraped skinfrom his knees. He was still dizzy from the blows Brian had pounded him with. He fellover three times. Once he landed on his jaw, the one Brian broke with the savage punch toTommy's face. Tommy almost passed out from the pain. The agonizing waves of hurt in his jawmade the boy sick to his stomach. He threw up. He wanted to lay there, to stay there, to die there.

  But he didn't. His Mommy wanted him. He got up. He looked at Mommy. She was smiling at him, beckoning him forward with a crooked finger, laughing at her boy and his need to crawl toher despite the agony burning through his body for no other reason than she'd told him to.It was amilestone for Tommy. And Allison. She'd turned her boy into a slut. A slave.There was no going back now. Mommy and son and soon Daddy would be locked onto a pathof utter depravity and total life ending submission.

  Allison leered at the boy tearing himself apart to reach her side. Tommy was hers. To do with as she pleased. The knowledge thrilled her. She grabbed Tommy's head and forcedit tight between her legs. In the few days she'd been training Tommy she'd taught him to use his lips and his tongue exactly the way she liked. Shed had to beat him to get him to obey. Shed had to smother him to teach him to poke his tongue deep inside her and swirl it around and lick and suck until hed exhausted himself. He did that now as she watched her only child debase himself for her.

  Allison climaxed. The orgasm was as powerful as any she'd known. Her hips danced andclenched tight around Tommy's head as pleasure rippled up and down her entire body.She'd made a slave of her son. The thought cause her second orgasm just seconds afterher first. She forced herself to peek at her son s battered body convulsing in tight little spasms as she smothered him between her thighs just so Mommy could haveher third climax. Allison was in a frenzy now. She saw her future. She saw herself torturingTommy until the boy was reduced to little more than a beast. She'd take his future fromhim. She'd take his hopes away from him. She'd dash his dreams, suck away his soul,destroy his individuality. Seeing him crawl to Mommy was too potent, too perfect.

  Allison's back arched and her heart raced. Her orgasm was one continuous surge of ecstasy now. She was transported to a place where gravity and time and laws and morals simply didn't matter. She knew what she was doing to her son was good. Right. Natural.And she knew where it ended. She was going to snuff Tommy. He'd die a low agonizing death. By her hand. For her pleasure. Because torturing her boy to death would be theultimate thrill for a sadistic and wicked woman like Allison Sinclair.

Tommy was so much like his father Richard. He was born to be her slut. Just like his father. Allison had made her relationship with Richard crystal clear on the wedding night. She'd invited the best man, the guy shed chosen to stand with Richard back to the hotel to party the newlyweds. And shed fucked the boy silly. Laughing as her new husband watched. Dominance and submission had beenalways been the basis of Allison's relationship with Richard. So as soon as they were marriedshe made sure Richard understood his submission to her needs and whims would definehis life from then on. Allison was sure that making Richard her cuckold mere hours afterhe'd vowed to love, honor and obey her till death would get him off to the right start.

  It took the entire two week honeymoon to persuade Richard that life as he knew it was over for him. She let him keep his work. In fact, Allison drove the man to workeven longer hours at the office so he could grow his industrial design firm into the sizeshe'd decided she needed to support the lavish lifestyle she intended to live. The chastity device she locked on his cock and balls the night of their wedding contributed to Richards devotion to his work. And his utter devotion to his lovely and cruel young wife.  Allie made sure all ofRichard's sexual energy would be frustrated so he had no choice but to focus that pent up lust and desire on his company and not on his silly sexual needs. She was a sexual being with real and violent sexual needs. Her husband was merely a sex toy now. Her sex toy.  His needs and wants and hopes didnt matter anymore.

  All that history was running through Allisons mind as she watched her fifteen year old son crawl to her on bloodied knees. It'd taken months to fully break Richard's sprit.But he'd been a healthy thirty four year old accustomed to running his own life. Herson Tommy wasn't as set in his ways as his father had been when Allison first met him.And Allison had learned quite a bit about manipulating men, about shaping their lives,about modifying their behavior so they made decent sluts. So the fact that her badlymauled son was crawling to his Mommy on his own volition after only five days of torturehardly surprised the stunning blond. She knew men. She knew what made them work. Andshe intended to make her son work to her purpose without regard for his own wants orneeds or safety.

"Good boy Tommy. You love your Mommy don't you sweetheart. You'd do anything for Mommy wouldn't you honey."

  The boy nodded yes and immediately regretted it. The movement cause his broken jawto throb with an intensity that almost made him faint. Allison noticed. And laughed.

"Do you remember why Mommy's doing this to you sweetheart?"

  The boy didn't have a clue.  All he knew after five days of Mommy's sexual torture and sadistic games was he had no choice in the matter anymore. Mommy would do whatever she wantedto him. Daddy was half a world away and wouldn't be back for weeks. This new guy namedBrian was big and strong and willing to do whatever Mommy told him to. Tommy understoodhe was supposed to be like Brian, that Mommy wanted her little boy to become a slave likeBrian was.

The day after they got back from the airport, and after Mommy made him suck Brian's huge dick. Allison had told Tommy she wanted him to be her slave, not her son. Allison told her boy shed always intended to turn him into her slut. Tommy had been frightened.He didn't understand. He asked her why.  Mommy had taken a whip to him then, beating his naked ass until it was covered in red welts. Then she'd said why didn't matter. She'dgiven birth to him. He belonged to her. He'd do what she wanted or she'd make sure he diedtrying. Tommy had been stunned, petrified, silent.

The Saturday after Brian beat him to pulp and Mommy asked him if he was ready to be her slave. Tommy had gotten angry then. He'd looked back at her and refused to speak. Allison made Brian hold the boy down so his Mommy could use her whip on the bottoms of Tommy's bare feet. She beathim for twenty minutes, the whack, whack, whack staccato sounds of the whipping neverfaltering. The pain had been unbearable. Mommy kept laughing. And whipping her littleboy's feet. Tommy screamed, he sobbed, he shrieked, he begged her to stop. But hewould give in, he wouldn't agree to be her slave.

  Sunday morning Mommy used her cigarette on Tommy's cock and his balls.  She burned him dozens of times. And asked him each time if he wanted to be Mommy's slut. He'd refused to answerout of denial more than anything. He refused to believe his own Mommy only wanted him as a slave. Allison smiled at her stubborn little boy and took a lit match to his tits.

Monday, which was just yesterday, Tommy had endured yet another beat down from Brian. After Mommy asked herlittle slave boy to crawl to her for more torment. Tommy almost did. He started to crawlto Mommy. But he hurt so much. And it wasn't right. It wasn't fair. He had his own hopes,his own dreams. He didn't want to be Mommy's slut, his Mommy's slave. He didnt understand why what he wanted and needed didn't matter anymore. Tommy wanted his Daddy back home.  He wanted Daddys protection, daddys affection. He wanted to be normal again. He wanted to go to school and play soccer and see his friends.

  Today Tommy's anger was gone. He was too tired to be afraid anymore. And the fairnessof it all, the rightness of it didn't matter. Because he believed Mommy when she said therewas no escape for him and she was willing to his torture going on forever until he agreedto be her slave. So he started his crawl. It hurt. It was humiliating. And with eachinch he got closer to Mommy the boy felt that much less in control. And that much morelike a slave.

  Now, groveling in front of her while she rode Brian's face to climax, Tommy could see no point in denying what he was. He was Mommy's slave. She owned him. She coulddo whatever she liked to him. He even had this small spark of an idea that Mommy gavehis life meaning, that his life wasn't worth living without Mommy.

"Tell Mommy what you are sweetheart." she cooed.

"A slave." the boy mumbled.

"Whose slave honey." she whispered.

"Mommy's slave. Your slave."

  Allison Sinclair laughed. There was still a lot to teach Tommy, still lessons he needed to learn. But she'd broken his first line of resistance. And in less than a week. Tommywas going to make a fine slut. Allison could hardly wait for her husband to get back and seewhat she'd done to their son. It would destroy the man. It would extinguish the last bitof free will and motivation her dear husband Richard possessed. Which was fine with Allie.When Richard got back the sale of his company would be completely done. The money would bein the bank. Millions of lovely dollars just waiting for her to play one more game.Then all that lovely money would be hers. Once she snuffed the man who'd given her Tommyand given her wealth she never could have imagined as an eighteen year old gold digger.

  Tommy never really had a chance. He was destined to be his Mommy's slave almost from the day fifteen years ago when she found out she was carrying a boy. Allison had waited fifteen years before turning her son into her slut. Now she pushed her sons head from between her legsthen lashed out viciously with her foot. She kicked the boy, her boy, her slut. She kicked him in the jaw. Bones crunched. The boys eyes went crosseyed. Tommy screamed. Then the pain overwhelmed him and he passed out. Allison laughed. And pointed between her legs. Brian got down on his knees and buried his face in the sadistic MILFs cunt. Allisons body quivered with excitement and contentment. It was good to be a Mommy. Especially when you had a son like Tommy.

I was jacking off when Dads girlfriend walked in on me. She totally surprised me. She was by my bed before I even knew she was there. I was so embarrassed I practically jumped out of my skin when she asked me what I was doing. I hadnt known she was in the house. Heck, I didnt even know she had a key to the house. Dad had only been seeing her for a couple weeks. Ms. Ashley didnt yell at me or anything. She just stood over me looking down as I lay on Dads bed with my hand wrapped around my huge erection. And a pair of her panties that Id found draped over my nose. Id been too surprised and ashamed to even move. Im fifteen so I jack off a lot but Im really shy around girls. Ive never had a girlfriend. Ive never even kissed a girl much less made out with a girl. Having a gorgeous and sexy twenty year old standing over me and smiling at me and giggling while pre-cum oozed from my prick froze me in place.

“Youre a freak Michael. Get my panties off your face you little creep. Tell me pervert, what do you think we should do about this.”

    Immediately I thought of my friend Jimmy and what his Mom had done to him when she caught him jerking off last month. When Jimmys Mom caught him playing with himself in her bed she beat him silly. Of course Mrs. Simpson beat her son Jimmy all the time. The woman drinks too much and then she gets really mean. Really, really mean. When shes in a mean mood she whips and slaps and beats Jimmy something awful. I know because Id seen her slap her son. Heck, shes slapped me more than once after shes gotten all worked up about something.

    Jimmy told me after his Mom caught him jerking off in her bed she beat his butt with a hairbrush until it was so red and sore he could barely stand it. Then she started punching him in the balls. And raking his dick with her long sharp fingernails, digging the wicked things into his cock head until she drew blood. When all that punishment didnt make him lose his boner completely Jimmys Mom made him follow her to the garage. She grabbed him by the balls and pulled him so fast he fell down several times. Jimmy showed me his knees after. They were all bruised and cut up from where he fell on the hard tile floor. His Mom didnt care. She kept hold of his nuts and laughed when he struggled to get up. Once she had him in the garage she had him stand against the wall and then she kneed him in the balls until his dick got small. She made him stand there crying while she wrapped duct tape around his penis. She wrapped it real tight and told my friend he had to wear it until she cut it off.  Jimmy didnt know if she meant cut off the duct tape or cut off his penis. She said if he took it off before she was ready for him to shed hurt him real bad.Like she hadnt already hurt him pretty bad.

    I know all this cause Jimmy and I are best friends and he came over to my house after his Mom did that to his cock. He showed me his tape covered penis. And the hole his Mommy had burned in the tip so he could pee. Shed used her cigarette. Jimmy said when she burned through the tape she burned the end of his penis a little. It hurt like hell he said. Hed cried. But that just made his Mom madder. So she got some car battery charger cables and attached the clamps to Jimmy nipples. She clipped the red clamp on his right tit then tossed the cables over a rafter in the garage and snapped the other clamp, the black one, on Jimmys left nipple. Then she made him stand there like that on his tippy toes while she went back inside for a couple of drinks. Shed told my friend that if the clamps came off while she was gone hed be sorry.

Mrs. Simpson has a mean streak. I think she hates men. And boys. She works at a strip club downtown. She used to dance but now she works tending the bar. Which isnt a good job for her. She drinks too much. And shes always bring men home from the club. Jimmy says she can hear his Mom and these strange men going at it all night. He knows shes fucking all these guys. She does it for money and she does it cause shes some kind of sex fiend Jimmy says. He doesnt like it but what can he do. Hes just a boy. His Dad never even married his Mom. Jimmys not even sure who his Dad is. All Jimmy has is his Mom. And me. Im probably his only friend.

    Mrs. Simpson left Jimmy to hang from the rafter with those big tight clamps on his nipples for two hours. When she came back Jimmy said she asked him if he was going to jerk off again. He said “no Mommy, I promise Mommy”. Mrs. Simpson just laughed at him and said of course hed do it again. He couldnt help himself. He was a useless worthless boy. Just like all men were useless and worthless. She laughed when she taunted him and said hed have to keep the tape on his dick until she cut it off. She laughed then and said she meant cut the tape off, not his dick. Thats what she called it. Jimmys dick. His Moms like that. She doesnt care what she says in front of us. Or what she does apparently.Causewhen Jimmy asked if she could cut the tape off right away cause he had to pee thats when she used her cigarette to burn the hole in the end of the tape and she singed the skin around his pee hole. Jimmy said his Mom took her time burning that hole. He kept shouting that he could feel her cigarette burning his penis but she didnt care. She said shed just as soon cut or burn his dick off him if he wanted but if not hed wear that tape until she was satisfied hed learned his lesson.

     When Jimmy told me all this all I could think of was how glad I was it was just me and Dad at home. My Mom died when I was five. I guess one advantage of growing up with just my Dad was I didnt have to worry about a Mom who punished me when I jacked off. Cause I did it all the time. The only Mom I really knew was Jimmys. As far as I knew all women beat and whipped and burned the little boys they caught them jacking off. So when my Dads girlfriend found me in Dads bed whacking off I was afraid shed get mad and do things to me like Jimmys Mom did to him. But Ashley did get mad. She laughed. And called me a freak. I thought it was because I was jerking off. Or more likely because I had a pair of her panties hanging on my face.  So I could smell Ms. Ashley. Thats why I was in Dads bed instead of my own. Her perfume and her scent were on the pillow. And of course her musky erotic scent was all over her panties.

    But that wasnt it. She sat on the bed next to me and asked me why I was a freak. I mentioned the jacking off. She smiled and shook her head no. I asked if it was the panties. She giggled and said no, that wasnt it. I was stumped. And pleasantly surprised Ms. Ashley wasnt mad at me. She was laughing and smiling and seemed to be in a good mood. Which was the exact opposite of the mood Jimmys Mom seemed to be in all the time. So I laid there on my back in my Dads bed, my jockey shorts down around my ankles and I got even more aroused than I had been. My penis got soooo stiff and big and I wanted to grab it and stroke it soooo bad. But Ms. Ashley beat me to it. She beat me off. Kinda. She wrapped her long slender fingers around my cock and squeezed real gentle. Then she ran her hand up and down my shaft real slow and told me why I was a freak.

“Youre a freak of nature darlin because of that dick. Jesus its big! You have a huge cock Michael! It must be ten inches at least. I seldom see pricks this big on grown men. Youre a good inch and a half bigger than your Dad. Its freakishly big baby. But thats OK. In fact, thats fucking great. Because I really like boys with big dicks.”

     I was relieved. She hadnt said anything about the panties or me jerking off. Still, it seemed wrong what Id done. And getting caught at it too. So I asked her if she was going to punish me. And a funny thing happened. As soon as I asked about getting punished I got even harder. And a little bit of cum started to ooze out of my prick. Ms. Ashley noticed. But it didnt make her mad. If anything it seemed to put her in an even better mood.

“Do you need to be punished sweetheart? Is that what this is about dear? You want me to punish you? I can if thats what you want Michael. I can hurt you hon. I can hurt you bad if you need it. But just to help you remember this day forever. Im not mad at your for playing with yourself. But from now on dont do it. Leave your penis alone unless Im with you. OK baby?”

    God I was confused. She kept playing with my dick while she asked me if I wanted her to punish me, to hurt me. And she said shed play with it gain. At least I think thats what she was implying when she sid I shouldnt play with it. It felt so good the way her fingers slid up and down my erection. I was freakishly big. I knew that. Its why Id quit the soccer team. The other boys made fun of my big dick. Even limp I was over seven inches. In public restrooms I pee sitting down in a stall rather than stand at a urinal. I hate the way other guys look at me when they see how big I am. So yeah, I have a hang up about my big dick. And I feel like a freak. So maybe I do need to get punished.

When Ms. Ashley asked me again if I needed to be punished all I could think of was Jimmy and what his Mom did to him when he got caught jacking off. So I told Ms. Ashley all about Jimmy and about how his Mom beat him then wrapped his cock with tape then burned a whole in the tape and in Jimmys penis.And when I told her I kind of shot off. Not all the way. But a whole bunch of cum leaked from my dick. I would have shot my whole load but Ms. Ashley dug her fingernails into my penis and it hurt just enough I didnt reach climax.

    I whimpered some at the pain. Ms. Ashley laughed and lit a cigarette. She blew her smoke right in my face and my hips started to pump all by themselves and I started  leaking a lot of pre-cum again. Ms. Ashley smiled at me and it seemed like the greatest smile Id ever seen. Then she took my cock in her hand and started to slowly jack me off with the hand that held her cigarette. Every time her hand slid down my throbbing shaft the tip of her hot cigarette brushed against my balls. It was hot and it hurt a little but it wasnt bad. It wasnt like the tiny burns Ms. Ashley was giving me would leave a permanent burn mark on me the way the burns Mrs. Simpson gave Jimmy did.

Igot kind of mesmerized by watching her hand move up and down my dick. After a while I was pushing my hips up to meet her down stroke so her cigarette would burn my balls longer. I dont know why I did that. It just seemed like I had to. Ms. Ashley laughed and said I was a natural born subbie. Just like my Dad. I had no idea what she meant but if being a subbie meant you got slowly jerked off by a really sexy dirty girl then I was all for being a subbie. Even if my balls were getting branded by her cigarette.  Shed finished smoking her cigarette. She snubbed it out on my left ball then teased me about sniffing her undies.

“So you like sniffing my dirty panties little boy? Howd you like to smell the real thing Michael? Want to stick your nose up my slit baby? Have you ever eaten a girl? No? Is Mikey a virgin? Well we can fix that cant we. And theres no time like the present is there freak.”

    I just looked at her and nodded my head like a fool. Yes I wanted to get my lips on her pussy! Hell yes! Id read about that and boys at school talked about it. It was supposed to be almost as god as fucking a cunt with your dick. Some guys even said they liked it better. So I nodded yes over and over again.

“Use your words sweetie. A boy with a big dick like yours is old enough to use his words. Want to eat my pussy slut?”

“Yes Ms. Ashley. Id love to lick your pussy.”

“Are you sure you can do it Michael? Do you want to do it now honey?”

I didnt really know how to eat a girl but I had an idea. I knew it was close to like having sex. So I nodded yes. Ms. Ashley slapped me hard. And laughed.And whispered I should use my words. I was kind of getting into the whole teasing and slapping and dick stroking and ball busting. It was the first time Id been naked with a girl and the first time a girl had ever touched my penis. Now she wanted me to lick her between her legs. I had a boner so stiff it stuck straight out from my body and seemed to vibrate it was throbbing so hard. I almost shot off when Ms. Ashley pulled off her jeans. Then she told me to pull her panties off her. I started to but when my fingers slipped under the elastic she slapped me real hard. Then punched me in the balls half a dozen times.

“Use your mouth Michael. No hands darlin. I want to feel your lips on me. And dont slobber. Or Ill burn your dick so bad youll never pee right again.”

“Yes Maam.”

     I used my teeth and very gently pulled her panties down. She made me pull them all way down just using my mouth. When I got them just below her knees Ms. Ashley bumped my nose with her knee. It could have been an accident but she did giggle. And she did manage to bump my nose real hard several more times. She kept slamming her knee into my face until I couldnt feel my nose or my lips. Shed pop me good in the face then clamp her legs around my head and Id smell her erotic woman scent and Id get hard and leak pre-cum and shed laugh and grab my hair and grind her crotch against my face so long and hard pubic hair would scratch my cheek and chin and itd hurt all the next day. But I didnt care. I loved having my face between her legs. I loved smelling her cunt juice. And I loved hearing her sexy dirty laugh as she used me to satisfy her sexual needs.

    She had a couple orgasms. Id never seen or felt a woman climax before but it couldnt have been anything else. She arched her back, let out a low guttural growl, pounded her cunt against my face and scratched the heck out of my chest and shoulders. Second time she did that I figured out thats how women come. The third time her body started humping my face in a frenzy and her legs clamped so tight around my head I couldnt breathe I got so aroused my own hips started pumping and I arched my back as much as I could with Ms. Ashley sitting on my face. She noticed. And started to punch me in the balls real hard. Then she sat up and put her lips close to my ear and told me I wasnt allowed to come. She said if I shot off shed hurt me so bad Id never have an orgasm again. I believed her. Not because she yelled or spoke to me real mean like. I believed her cause I saw the look on her face.

It wasnt anger or hate or anything. It was more like she was looking at me like I was a dog, a stray animal she was thinking about adopting. Or a pair of shoes she found useful and pretty and fun and might decide to buy. I knew if I didnt do what she wanted shed discard me without a moments thought. I knew I was right about how little she thought about me when she said I could eat her pussy as long as I continued to obey her. Then she slammed her fist into my balls three more times and even as I was doubled over in agony and my stomach felt like it was going to rip itself out of my body she pulled my head between her legs again so she could clamp her thighs around me face and push her pussy up hard against my mouth. So I licked. And sucked. And slowly learned how to give Ms. Ashley oral sex the way she wanted me to.

    She must have kept my head locked between her legs for an hour or more. I know she had three more orgasms. I stayed super hard the whole time. Ms. Ashley would grab my balls and squeeze real hard while I continued to eat her pussy. The pain was just enough to keep me from shooting off. By the time she pushed my head away from between her legs I found I was getting aroused every time her hand closed around one of my balls and I felt her start to squeeze until I wanted to cry.

I asked her about that when we were lying in bed after. I asked if all boys got excited when a woman hurt their balls. Ms. Ashley laughed. And brushed my hair real gentle and kissed me on the top of my head and said only the good boys got hard when a woman busted their balls. She laughed again and said if boys were good for her sometimes she let them fuck her. Then she smiled at me. She has a fantastic smile. I felt so good when she smiled at me like that. I told her I wanted to be good for her all the time. All I could think of is how fantastic it would be to poke my big hard dick inside that wonderful pussy of hers. I wanted to fuck her so bad Id do anything she said. At least thats what I thought then. I was so sure Id do anything to have regular sex with her I even told her that.

She laughed then. It was a little girl kind of laugh, full of delight and surprise and fun.  She was still laughing that sexy yet almost innocent laugh when she started punching me in the balls again. She kept punching and laughing and I tried to stay still for her. I tried to be good for her. And I guess I was because things started to go dim for me and I dont know exactly what happened but one second I heard her laughing and I felt her fist pounding into my balls and I felt so sick to my stomach it hurt so bad but I tried to keep my legs spread wide for her the way she told me to because I wanted to be really, really good for her so shed fuck me. It hurt so bad! I was sure she was smashing my nuts to a pulp. I got dizzy. Her smiling face started to fade. Then the next thing I knew I was lying on the bed by myself and Ms. Ashley was across the room talking on her cell phone. She noticed I was awake and looked my way.

“Welcome back honey. Did you have a nice rest Michael? You passed out baby. And I only busted you in the balls for a few minutes. Ive done much worse to men and they didnt pass out on me. I expect better from the boys I play with. Michael Next time try to do better OK darlin.”

     I just nodded yes. Ms. Ashley whispered something into  the phone then hung up. She sauntered over to the bed, leaned over and slapped me so hard I started to cry. She hit me again. And again.And again. “Use your words Michael.” she said as she smiled down at me. So I did. I told her Id do better next time. I told her I was sorry. I told her I wanted to be a good boy for her. She just smiled that wonderful dreamy smile at me and stroked my cheek where shed slapped me. It stung a little but I liked it when Ms. Ashley caressed me like that.

“Would you like to fuck me now Michael?”

“Oh yes Ms. Ashley. I would.”

“Do you really think youve been good enough for me hon? You did black out on me. And I saw you leaking pre-cum when I let you lick my pussy. Is that how good little boys behave Michael?”

“No Ms. Ashley. Im sorry. Ill be good. Honest. I promise.”

“I know you will sweetheart. But as much as Id like to slip that gorgeous cock of yours up my cunt I think itd be best to wait on that until you earn it. Dont you baby? You want to earn a good hard fuck dont you Michael.”

     I reluctantly nodded yes. Then remembered I needed to use my words so I quickly said yes, I wanted to earn it. I was so disappointed. And so horny. Ms. Ashley noticed. My dick was standing straight up, stiff as a steel rod, quivering with anticipation and need and desire.

“Make it go limp for me Michael.” she whispered. “Well fuck tomorrow. Now I want you to make your cock go soft. Be a good boy honey and make your dick small.”

    I tried. I really did. But she was holding cock in her hand and her fingers would tighten slightly then relax and shed kind of rub her hand up and down along the length of my cock and I couldnt go soft. If anything I got harder. Ms. Ashley kept laughing and giggling and playing with my dick while she urged me to make it go soft.

“Do you need my help Michael? Do you need me to make it go limp darlin?”

    I thought she was going to jerk me off. So Id ejaculate and finally my cock would be satisfied and my dirty sexual needs would be satisfied. So I said “Yes, please Ms. Ashley. Help me make my dick go limp.”

   She lit a cigarette. And kept holding my cock with her one hand while she used her other hand to hold her burning cigarette close to my super hard dick. Shed slowly drag the hot tip of the Virginia Slim up and down the length of my erection, moving the glowing hot orange coal just fast enough so it didnt burn through my skin but slow enough so it was hot and it hurt and it scared me. And it made me even more excited. Cum oozed from the tip of my cock. Ms. Ashley touched the edge of the milky gooey mess on the tip of my penis with her cigarette. I shrieked in agony as the fiery end of her cigarette seared the skin around my pee hole. She laughed.

“Does this help honey? Can you go limp for me now? I bet Jimmy went soft for his Mommy when she burned his prick.”

    I might have gone limp. It hurt enough. And I was terrified shed do permanent damage to my dick. What if I could never pee again without pain? What if she burned my hole shut? I was so scared I was shaking. That seemed to please Ms. Ashley. She snuggled in close to me and practically wrapped her body around mine. That helped calm me a little. But it didnt help me lose my erection. I whimpered some cause I was so confused and frightened and horny and it just seemed to overwhelm me.

“Id like to burn your cock Michael. I want to burn your prick a lot more than you friends Mom burnt his dick. But I can tell that upsets you. Youve been so good for me today.  And I want it to be special the first time I put my brand on your dick. So Im not going to burn your prick with my cigarette today. OK baby. Does that make it better?”

“Yyyyeessss Ms. Ashley.”I  stammered.

“Good. But we still need this thing to go limp dont we baby. So Im going to help. And after I get it soft Im going to put something on your cock so you wont get hard again. Until Im ready for you to. OK darlin. We cant have my little boy getting erections when hes not supposed to now can we.”

    She didnt wait for my reply. Instead she picked up this stick that shed brought in with her and I hadnt even noticed till now. It was a thin plastic rod. It was a little more than two feet long and maybe only a quarter inch in diameter and it was real springy when Ms. Ashley waved it around some. Ms. Ashley took it in one hand and told me to get on my knees right there on the bed.

“Put your hands behind your head sweetie. And lock your fingers together. No matter what happens I want you to keep your hand locked behind your head. OK baby?”

“Yes Ms. Ashley” I half whispered.

    She whipped my dick. Hard.Dozens of times. She took that long slender rod and savaged my cock. It hurt so bad! I saw stars. I could barely breathe. I felt sick to my stomach and a couple of times I started to use my hands to push her away. Ms. Ashley looked at me those times and smiled and said shed have to burn my dick off if I didnt obey her so I cried and shook and kept my hands behind my head while she whipped and whipped my penis until it was limp and shriveled up and as small as Id seen it in a long time.

She didnt stop whipping my dick when it went soft though. She must have hit it twenty more times after it was limp and shriveled. Then she used that vicious little whippy rod on my balls. She made me lay down on my back with my hands still locked behind my head and she told me to spread my legs wide and keep them there. And she took that two foot long torture device and smacked my balls so many times so hard it felt like they were on fire. I did what she said though. I kept my hands behind my head and mostly I kept my legs spread for Ms. Ashley. I did scream though. I screamed and cried and begged her to stop. She didnt Not until she was satisfied my cock would all of a sudden get hard again.

“Now I know how teenaged boys like you get all horny and cant control yourselves Michael. So Im going to fix your dick in a way that will discourage you from jacking off until I say you can. You told me your friends Mom wrapped his dick in duct tape to keep him from getting a boner. That certainly works but its a little primitive. So Im going to use chastity device on you baby. I keep one on your Dad when Im not using him. Wearing a tight cock restraint helps to keep his mind on me when were apart.  His dicks not as big as your freak show prick but I think I can get one of his cock cages on your huge thing. With some effort.”

     It took a lot of effort. Even limp and shriveled my cock is much bigger than Daddys. At least thats what Ms. Ashley told me. The thing she wanted to put on my dick fit easily on Dads. But the hard plastic tube like thing was really tight on me. Fortunately it split along its length. When Ms. Ashley opened it up to put it around my dick I started to shake again. The inside was lined with tiny plastic teeth. There must have been a hundred of them all inside the plastic dick prison. They didnt look all that sharp but as soon as she put the bottom side of the wicked looking device on the underside of my dick I could feel those small spikes poke into my ravaged penis. They hurt! Especially when Ms. Ashley closed the top half over my cock and squeezed the two halves shut around my throbbing dick. She pinched some skin in the hinge part and I yelped. Ms. Ashley laughed as she locked the straps around my balls. When she finished my dick was encased in a four inchlong tube of plastic with a thin steel cable wrapped tight behind my nuts that fastened with a small brass padlock.

“There. That should keep you from playing with yourself tonight. If you want me to fuck you Michael then you have to pledge your cock to me and only to me. You cant jack off anymore sweetie unless I give you permission. OK babe? Will you do that for a fuck Michael? Or should we just forget any of this ever happened. Of course if we do Ill go back to ignoring you and treating you like you dont exist. So whatll it be darlin? Stay in the cock cage and get fucked tomorrow. Or go back to being nothing more than a useless and worthless perverted little boy?”

     I chose to leave the cock cage on. I pledged my cock to her and only her. She made me say it out loud. Twice. I had to say my dick belonged to her. I had to say she could do anything she wanted with it. She kissed me after I said that. Then she took me to my room.

“We dont need to tell your Dad about this Michael. It will just make him sad. He knows I like to fuck other boys besides him. I even make him watch sometimes when I get a boy with a big huge dick like yours. He doesnt like it but he does it. Because your Dads given me his cock too honey. I own his dick just like I do yours. But for now he doesnt need to know that yet does he Michael. In fact, why dont you stay in your room for the rest of tonight.  Ill bring you some supper after I fuck your Daddy.  Maybe you and I can play some more then. Would you like that sweetheart? “

“Id like that a lot Ms. Ashley. Ill stay here until I see you again.”

“Thats my boy. But just to make sure why dont I tie you to the bed Michael. In case you get restless when you hear me fucking your Dad. If you let me tie you up Ill answer any three questions you want to ask me.”

“Ok. Ahhhh, do you hurt, I mean, ummmm, do you play this hard with Daddy too?”

“Oh we play much rougher than this sweetheart. Your Dads all grown up. Its not that hes stronger than you. And you certainly have a much nicer and bigger dick than he does. But hes an adult hon. He knows who he is and what he wants. Or at least he knows what I want. So yeah, I play this hard with your Dad. Harder even. What else do you want to know Michael?”

     She was tying me to the bed while she talked. Actually she used cuffs on my wrists. Ms. Ashley had this big black leather bag that had all sorts of things in it. I didnt see all of the stuff in there but she pulled out several whips and canes to get to her cuffs. And when she went to get the rope to tie up my legs she pulled out a black leather dog collar with studs. She put that on me. She said I looked cute in it. Ms. Ashley buckled the collar real tight around my neck. It didnt choke me too much. Just a little. But if I stayed still I could almost breath normal. When I was all tied up she asked me what my other two questions were. Id thought of one. So I asked her.

“Do you punch my balls and burn my cock because youre angry with me the way Jimmys Mom is with him when she gets drunk? Is it because Im bad. Thats what Jimmys Mom says about him.”

    Ms. Ashley stopped tightening the rope on my right ankle and looked at me for a long time. She sat on the bed real close and stoked my cheek real gentle and smiled that beautiful angelic smile she has. Then she pinched my right nipple and twisted it till I shouted in pain. It was like she was going to twist and pull my tit right off. She kept pinching and twisting and jerking my poor nipple back and forth so hard I shrieked. She laughed.

“Im not mad at you sweetheart. Why would I be mad at my little boy? You did everything I asked you to do Michael. As long as you obey me I wont get mad. I did those things to you simply because I like to play like that hon. I like to play rough. I like to play by my own rules. You liked it too I could tell. Or at least your prick liked it. I saw how you got harder when I touched the hot tip of my cigarette to your cock. And how you leaked cum when I used my short little cane on your cock and balls. You were born for my kind of games Michael. Just like your father was. Boys who obey me are good boys dear. Just remember that and well get along just fine.”

“Does that mean youll play hard with me tomorrow too? Are we going to have sex before you hurt me or after?”

“Thats too many questions dear. Youre all tied up nice and tight for the night Michael. Im going back to my bedroom to get things ready for your father. Youll stay quiet for me wont you sweetie. You wont make any noise tonight will you.”

“No Ms. Ashley. I promise. Ill be good for you.”

“I know you will honey. And Ill let you in on another secret sweetie. Im going to be your new Mommy. Youre Dad doesnt know yet. So dont tell him Im going to make him marry me. Youll keep our secrets wont you Michael. I can count on my little boy cant I?”

“Yes Ms. Ashley. You can! Ill keep your secrets.”

“Good boy! Its going to be fun when Im your real Mommy. In fact, you can start calling Mommy now hon. Butonly when its just us. Now, just to make sure you stay quiet tonight why dont we put this onyou.”

     From her black bag she pulled out a leather strap with a red ball in the center. When she slipped the strap around the back of my head and centered the two inch red ball over my mouth I figured out what it was. Ms. Ashley was gagging me. I didnt mind. Itd help me stay quiet for her. I wanted to do that for Ms. Ashley. I wanted to do whatever she told me so wed have sex tomorrow. I had a plastic sleeve entrapping my cock but I was still horny and aroused. I wanted to have sex with this sultry, cruel and exotic woman. Id suffered for her today. Id earn the right to have my fuck.

    She didnt come back to my room that night. And she played hard with my Dad almost all night long. I was used to hearing Dad and Ms. Ashley moaning and shouting in what I thought was sexual pleasure. But that night I listened to Dads cries with a new understanding. She was hurting him. Bad. I could tell. Dad was in pain. And Ms. Ashley was enjoying herself. As I lay awake all night listening to her punish and torment and hurt my Dad I tried to imagine what she was doing. Images of how shed pounded my balls and burned my penis and slapped me till my head spun filled my brain. And apparently those same visions filled my dick cause I got an enormous boner.

    Except Ms. Ashley had put my dick in a cage so my erection caused the tiny sharp spikes inside the plastic penis prison to bite into my tender  cock flesh. It hurt. I cried and screamed into my gag. And got harder. And thought of how sexy and pretty and desirable and wicked Ms. Ashley had looked when she sat on my bed and jacked me off and then started hurting me. I remember how she said I was a natural born submissive. And I knew she was right about that. And somehow that made me glad. I couldnt wait to see her again and tell her.

A couple weeks ago my Mom sent me over to Jimmy Holloway's house. I was in my room jerking off when she yelledup to me from downstairs.Id found a new dirty magazine in Dad's sock drawer.  It had pictures of hot women in tight leather outfits playing wicked games with naked guys. The women were hurting the men. I found the first magazine like that six months ago. There were seven of them. Ive memorized all the pictures in all of them. AndI've grown to really, really like the pictures of women using whips and paddles and big fake penis things strapped to their waists to torment and hurt guys. I don't know why I like it. I just do. It turns me on. Now I can get a boner just thinking about getting paddled by a cruel woman.My Mom can be cruel. It used to bother me. Now I like it.

So I ignored Mom at first when she called me. I just kept jacking off. I knew if I irritate Mom enough shed spank me. Mommys always spanked me butrecently shes been spanking me more often and much harder than she ever has. Shes been leaving bruises and marks on my bottom that take more than a week to heal. Its odd too cause Mom started spanking me every day and harder the same time I found that first dirty Femdom magazine in Dads dresser. Moms gotten good at really hurting me now when she puts me over her lap. Most times now shell use a wooden ruler on my butt.  Or this leather p[addle she bought just to spank me.

    Ever since I started looking at Dads dirty magazines Ive decided I like it when Mommy spanks me. She doesnt do it often as Id like her to though.She spanks me maybe nine or ten times a week. And she doesnt always paddle me hard enough to satisfy this strange need I have. But lately shes been making me pull my jeans down so Im just in my undies. That makes me get a boner. And I like getting a boner in front of a woman whos about to spank me.Even if she is my Mom.

I wear white jockey shorts. I know my Mom can see I have an erection when she spanks me. She stares at my crotch sometimes when I stand in front of her in just my underpants. Shed leer at me and lick her lips and slap her leather whip against her hand and start to giggle. That makes me even harder. So soon after Mom started making me pull my pants down for my spankings I dug out some old underwear thats too small for me. If I can I try and have that on when I do something wrong so Mom will want to spank me. That way when Im standing in front of Mom and I get a huge boner, which I do all the time now, well, lets just say the big hard lump in my crotch is impossible to miss.

Sometimes when Im really hard the head of my cock even pokes up over the elastic waistband. It seems weird and slightly dirty that I get such a thrill out of standing in front of my own Mommy with my stiff cock headpoking out the top of my undies but I do. Standing there so vulnerable and almost naked makes me feel like I imagine those men in Dads magazines feel as they stand in front of a leather clad Dominatrix holding a nasty whip in her hands. I wish Mommy had a bigger whip she could use on me. But at least she snickers and leers at me when my dick pokes out of my undies. I like that. She must like it too cause she laughs a lot now when she spanks me.And she always makes me pull my pants off too. She even manages to get my undies to slid down so most of my cock is exposed when she puts me over her lap. Somehow it doesnt seem so dirty and perverted getting hard in front of Mommy when she laughs at me like that.

  Anyway, I ignored my Mom calling me at first because I wanted her irritated enough to spank me good. And also cause I was so close to shooting off.  I was looking at one of my favorite series of photos in one of Dads magazines. The woman in the pictures was practically killing the man she was torturing! She had her legs wrapped tight around his neck and she was pounding his balls with her fist. It was hot!

But Mom yelled up at me again and I could tell she was getting a little pissed. So I started to tuck my super stiff and still throbbing dick back in my shorts. I sat looking at the pictures and I just had to turn the page. The last photo takes up the whole page. The womans laughing as shes ramming this giant wooden pole up the guys rear end. I almost always shoot off when I turn to that page. And I was about to shoot a huge load of cum when I heard Mom start up the steps. I reluctantly closed the magazine, slipped it under my pillow and went to see what Mommy wanted. Shed never exactly caught me jacking off before even though I did it three or four times a day. I wasnt sure I wanted my Mom to see me playing with myself. I have a pretty big dick compared to other boys at school but Im nowhere near as big as some of the men in Dads magazines. I mean, Im only six teen and I have a ten and a half inch cock when Im hard but guys in Dads magazines are much bigger than me. And Ive seen Dad get out of the shower and I know hes at least an inch and a half bigger than me. I dont want Mommy to be disappointed in how little my cock was compared to a real man.

    Even so I made sure my boner was showing before I went downstairs. I even pulled my undershorts down some so half of my erection was poking out. Over time Mom and I have sort of developed this little game we play. At least I think shes playing the same game I am. To me it seems she pretends not to notice I have a hard-on as I lay across her lap for my spanking. Even when I make sure I grind my boner against her thigh. The harder she spanks me the more aroused I get. And the more I push my cock into Mommys thigh the harder she seems to spanks me. And the more she laughs and tells me what a lovely big boy Im getting to be.

I had an orgasm yesterday while Mommy was spanking me. She had to know. I shuddered and moaned and pushed my dick into her thigh over and over again. But she didnt say anything. She did put her finger on the cum soaked wet spot in the front of my undies after. My limp cock was right under the wet spot and when Mommy touched that spot I shuddered again and got super hard real fast and almost had another orgasm. Mommy laughed, gave me a really hard slap on my behind and told me to go cleanup for supper. Then she pulled me close and slipped two fingers under my underpants and touched my cock and rubbed her fingers up and down the length of my dick four or five times and asked if I needed help getting cleaned up. I nodded yes.

     Mommy slapped me half a dozen times on my face and told me to use my words because I was a big boy. She hit me really hard. It stung. I got tears in my eyes and that seemed to disgust Mommy. She slapped me about ten more times, each slap harder than the one before. I was sobbing when she finished. She pulled me close. I was shaking and Mommy hugged me and she slipped her leg between my legs and I felt her thigh move and my Mom started rubbing my cock with her leg and I got real hard but it didnt help me stop shaking so bad. If anything I trembled even more.

    Mommy giggled and her body kind of quivered and she moaned and for some reason I shot off again. Mom put her lips to my ear and whispered to me I was such a big boy. She bit my ear then. It hurt! Mommy giggled again. Andput her hand on my jockey shorts andwrapped her hand around my boner and squeezed it in a really, really nice way. I got a huge boner again and I started to pump my hips it felt so good to have Mommys hand stoking my penis like that. Thats when I shot off again.

    Mom laughed again, used her thumb and forefinger to kind of milk my dick so all my jism squirted out and when the wet spot on my undies got bigger she smiled and said big boys can clean themselves. Thats when she let her hand slip down to my balls and she kind of cradled them in her fingers then squeezed them real hard. It hurt something awful. I tried to pull away but Mommy held on tight. And squeezed them even harder.  She got done squeezing them and wrapped her hand around my scrotum so my balls were all scrunched up and the skin over them was real tight and my testicles showed through my underpants like two tennis balls.

    Mommy started to punch my balls. She hit them hard! Really hard. My knees buckled and I felt sick to my stomach and I wanted her to stop. But she didnt stop. Instead she whispered to me that shed stop when I made my boy parts behave. I said I didnt understand. So Mommy stopped punching my balls and put her hand back on my cock. I had a nice erection before she started to fondle my dick again. Even though she was killing me punching me in the balls. When her fingers wrapped around my dick I get even harder. Mommy laughed and said I needed to learn how to control this boy part now that I was a big boy. I was pushing my hips in and out in a frenzy. I needed to shoot off so bad. Mommy let go of my cock though before I could come. And started to pound on my balls again. She didnt stop until Id gone limp. She must have slammed her fist into my balls a hundred times before that happened.

    Mommy kissed me then. On the lips. And said she wouldnt tell Daddy about how nasty and bad Id been in front of her. She said Daddy would be so disappointed to find out his son couldnt control his boy parts. Then she said a strange thing. She said she was glad I got so excited by pain. She said thats what shed hoped would happen to me when she left those magazines in Dads sock drawer for me to find. Mommy giggled when she said that and punched me in the balls one last time. She giggled that now I was ready for Ms. Holloway. When she said that I got even harder. Ms. Holloway is real cruel and wicked to her son Tommy. I just cant resist cruel women anymore. Mommy could see Id gotten harder. So she ran her fingers up and down my long hard dick and giggled some more.

She kissed me then anddismissed me. Dismissed may seem like a strange word to use but its what I felt she did. She dismissed me. She said “You can go now. Go clean up the mess you made. Then I want you to wash my panties my hand. In cold water.”She left me standing there with my erection sticking out of my underwear and walked away. Like I was suddenly invisible.Or unimportant.

I was disappointed of course. Even though shed given my boner a nice squeeze when she dismissed me. I was a little hurt by her attitude. She made me feel almost worthless. But I went into the bathroom. And I jacked off again before I wiped my cum covered dick and stomach off and washed up and changed undies.While I jerked off I thought about how nice it would have been if Mommy had decided to whip me until my butt was a bloody mess instead of sending me away.  Thats what the women in those magazines did. The punched and kicked men in the balls then whipped them and then had sex with them. I thought about that happening with me and Mommy. I thought itd be wonderful to have Mommy fuck me.I had the most powerful orgasms ever thinking about all that.

   I was remembering what Mom did to me yesterday when she called to methis morning while I was jacking off. So I was intentionally slow to respond to Moms shout from downstairs when she wanted me to go to Jimmys. I was hoping shed play with my boner again like she had yesterday. I wanted Mommy to hurt me real bad then have sex with me. I thought thats what happened when women fucked boys like me. In the magazines women like that always get irritated with their men and then hurt them pretty bad and then they fuck them. So I thought if Mommy was irritated with me maybe shed whip me and bust my balls some and then we could have sex. I even said I was busy with something important so thats why Id taken so long to answer her call. I said I probably needed a long hard spanking. But Mom had other ideas. She stood at the bottom of the stairs and shed just talked with Mrs. Holloway and our neighbor wanted to know  if I would come over to play with Jimmy. I didn't want to go.

    If Mommy wasnt going to make me pull my pants down so she could spank me so it hurt then I wanted to look at the photos of hot women ramming those fake cocks down men's throats. And up their butts.I wanted to stay home and look at pictures of women tormenting men. Then I wanted to do somethingnaughty that would make my Mommy pull my pants down so she could spank me really hard and then rub my boner. I'm fifteen. I'm still a virgin. I don't have a girlfriend. I don't really know anything about sex. But I know what I like. And I like cruel women doing wicked things to men. I like getting spanked hard by Mommy and having her touch my boner. I like that a lot. At least I thought I did. And I knew I liked the idea of a cruel woman tormenting me a lot more than I liked the idea of spending an afternoon with stupid Jimmy Holloway.

I knew Jimmy Holloway but we werent really friends. I didnt like him much. Nobody did. He acts weird. He's kind of slow. Like he's brain damaged or something.But his Moms is really pretty and sexy and she slaps Jimmy a lot and I like seeing that. I only hang out with Jimmy so I can watch when his unbelievably sexy Mom decided to slap him around real good. SoI told Mom Id go over to Jimmys.Why not I thought. If Mommy wasnt going to spank me then maybe I could get Mrs. Holloway to spank me. Or at least slap me. Shed done that a couple of times. And for no good reason that I could tell. Of course she hit and kicked and slapped Jimmy all the time. Even in front of me. So I thought maybe shed be willing to treat me like those evil women in Dads magazine treated their men.

Jimmy has the hottest Mom in the city. She has these wonderfully full and luscious boobs that I love to stare at. And she wears skimpy clothes all the time so sometimes I can see her nipples outlined behind her thin cotton tee shirts.  Jimmys Mom and my Mom had become close friends the last few months.  Id heard them talking about how much trouble it was to raise a teenaged boy one day a few weeks ago. Mrs. Holloway had said something about how often she had to discipline Jimmy. And how the spankings and other techniques she used were having a positive effect on Jimmys behavior. Mom had laughed and said maybe she should try some of those methods on me. It was right after that conversation Mom had with Mrs. Holloway that she made me put Dads socks away. Thats when I first found the dirty magazines in Dads sock drawer. And soon after that Mom started to spank me regularly. And then a week and a half ago she started slipping her hand down my undies when I got a boner.

I knew Jimmys Mom did things like that to him too. Id seen Mrs. Holloway spank Jimmy. And slap him. She beat him something awful. Much harder than Mom beat me. That scared me some but I was also envious of Jimmy some too. His Mom let him swim in his pool naked. While she was out sunning herself and looking at her boy. Jimmy always got a boner when he swam naked in front of his Mommy. At first it was really weird. But then I found those magazines, and Mommy started to spank me, and I got a boner in front of my Mom and that was kind of nice in a way. So I decided maybe Jimmy was lucky he got to be naked in front of his Mom with his big hard dick.

Its confusing being fifteen and always thinking about sex and women and what the can do to you. Spending an afternoon with creepy Jimmy would be worth it if I could get naked in from of Ms. Holloway and get her to spank me like Id seen her spank Jimmy. She spanked so hard. Itd be especially good if she spanked me while she was in one of her skimpy little bikinis. She kind of reminds me of the women in Daddy's dirty magazines.Mrs. Holloway not only has big boobs, she has strong looking legs that seem to go on forever. She doesnt seem embarrassed at all about slapping and spanking Jimmy in front of me or even touching her son between his legs while Im around.

Id even seen her punch Jimmy in the crotch more than once. Now I always get hard when I saw that. I tried to do things that would encourage her to slap and punch and spank meas hard as she did Jimmy. But she hadnt done that yet. She looked like she wanted to last time I was over there delivering a package that got sent to our house by mistake. But she didnt. I left disappointed which was really weird, being disappointed because I hadnt got slapped or spanked or slammed in the balls. Sometimes I wondered if I was turning into a pervert. But Id discovered that getting hard looking at cruel woman hurting men felt so good I didnt care if I was a freak. I just loved getting boners that hard.

So I might have gone over to Jimmys even if Mom hadnt insisted I go. Because of his Mom and how hot she was and how cruel she could be. I liked that. But Id never have gone just to spend time with just to be with Jimmy. Id done that a few times when his Mom wasnt there. It was boring and stupid and a waste of time.

But that seemed to be kind of what Mom wanted me to do. I asked my Mom if Ms. Holloway was going to be there. Mommy laughed. And slapped me half a dozen times. She said that was none of my concern.

    Then Mommy kneed me in the crotch. She only caught my balls a little. It hurt but not as bad as when she punched me in the nuts yesterday. Even so I doubled over in pain. Mommy grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back until my neck was stretched and I was looking up at her. She was laughing again. And only half serious it seemed when she said it didnt matter why she wanted me to do something, only that she wanted it. I should behave myself and do what she told me to do. Or what Ms. Holloway told me to do she giggled at the end.

   Mommy looked at me real serious then. And said I could learn some things from the Holloway boy. Mom said she liked how polite and well-mannered he was. She especially liked how Jimmy treated his Mommy with respect. Mommy said she hoped Mrs. Holloway would teach me to be like Jimmy. My Mom was going on and on about how I should be more like that creepy boy and it was driving me crazy. So I went right then. It was easier that arguing. Plus it was hot outside, at least ninety five and if Mrs. Holloway was home shed be out by the pool and she'd probably be half naked in some tight little bikini. At least I hoped so.

Mom stood right by me as I slipped on shorts over my underpants. I started to put on a shirt but Mommy said I wouldnt need it. Then she pulled me to her by slipping her finger under my shorts. I got hard immediately. Mommy felt my boner I know. She unzipped my shorts and told me to take off my undies. She said I would need them today.  I did what she told me too. And stood in front of my Mom almost naked, my cock poking straight, pulsing and vibrating it was so hard. Mommy ran her finger from the base of my dick to the end until she was pushing the sharp tip of her fingernail down my pee hole. I shuddered in pain. And in desire. I moaned. And I said Please. Please Mommy.”

“Please what Michael. What does my little boy want me to do?”

“Play with it Mommy. Make it hard. Make it come Mommy. Please. Please play with my cock.”

    She laughed then. And stuck her sharp fingernail way down my pee hole and grabbed my dick with her other hand and held my huge boner still while she twisted her finger around inside my cock. It felt like she was reaming out the inside of my cock the way she did with  the knife used to core apples for the lunches she used to make for me when I was little. She pushed her finger way down the inside of my cock. I bucked and twisted but Mom had a really tight grip on my dick and I couldnt get away. It felt like she was cutting my dick in two. I looked down at my crotch expecting to see Mommy had sliced open my cock the way she did bananas when she made banana splits.

   But my cock was OK. It was still in one piece. It hurt like hell. Andit was oozing cum. As much as it hurt, as much as I was scared, I was more turned on. That made me feel good some but it also made me feel dirty and worthless and perverted. But I stayed hard anyway. And Mom keep twisting her long sharp fingernail inside my dick while using her other hand to jerk me off and she was laughing and calling me her slutty little boy and giggling about how Ms. Holloway had been right and abusing your own son really was the best way to have fun with a boy.

Mom kissed me then. Usually its just a peck on the cheek. This kiss started that way but then I felt Mommys tongue licking the corner of my mouth and then she was pushing her tongue between my lips and I liked the way it felt so I kissed Mommy back like that and it made me super, super hard. Mommy broke off the kiss, put her hand over my crotch and felt my cock real good for about half a minute. It still hurt from when shed reamed it out with her fingernail. Mom felt me flinch. She laughed and whispered in my ear that next time she was going to cram two fingernails down my dick. That got her laughing real hard. Finally she stopped giggling long enough to look at me real long and said it was time for me to go.

“Dont put your tightywhities back on Michael. You wont need them anymore today. And leave the zipper on your shorts down too. Youll just have to try and keep that cock of yours tucked in when you go over to Jimmys.”

    Mommy took my shirt off me too. She used it to wipe the end of my dick and my leg. I had cum all over me.

After Mommy cleaned my cum off me she told me to open my shirt. She wanted to pre-soak it she said. When I opened my mouth Mom stuffed my shirt in it. She pushed it all in until it was jammed in my throat and I could barely breath. She left it there, grabbed my dick and hustled me downstairs. I was gagging and getting dizzy and halfway down I tripped. Mom kind of pushed me too I think. Anyway, I fell and landed on the hardwood floor with a thud. Mommy laughed. And grabbed me by the hair, pulled me up and yanked my shirt out of my mouth.

“You need to get next door now Michael. But first, take some more of your special vitamins for Mommy baby. You look tired.”

    Mommy was playing with my dick when she said that. I was aroused and hard but not nearly as hard as I had been. My dick hurt for one thing. And Id ejaculated half a dozen times since Mom called to me an hour and a half ago. I was tired. All over. But Moms special vitamins werent going to help with that. All theyd do is make my dick big. Her special vitamins were Viagra. Shes had me on the stuff for years. I think thats why my cock is so big. And why I get and stay hard so easily. Mom never says shes giving me boner pills. She still calls them vitamins. But Ive seen the ads in Dads magazine. I know what those funny shaped purple pills are.

   She made me take three pills. I knew from past experience Id be hard for a day and a half and my cock would get so fat and stiff itd hurt. But I didnt complain. Moms got me trained with the pills. I dont even need water anymore. She just pops them in my mouth, flicks my throat with her finger a few times and I swallow. I was frightened when I first realized my Mom was making me take boner pills. But after a few days looking at those magazines I decided real quick that its neat having a Mom who likes giving her boy pills to make his cock big and hard. I know Mommys going to have sex with me soon. I just have to be good for her and obey her until its time.

    Mom was looking at me funny when I finished downing the pills. Id started to fondle myself without even thinking about it. She playfully slapped my hand away, tucked my throbbing and quickly growing dick back in my shorts and kissed me on the cheek as she put  hand on my back and gently moved me towards thedoor.

“Have a good time with Jimmy hon. Stay as long as you want. And dont give Jimmys Mom any trouble honey ”she smiled.

    Mommy was giggling when she pushed ne out the kitchen door. She told me to take the back way to the Holloways. Jimmy lives four house away and if I go through the woods I can get there quick. And nobody sees me.

When I got to the Holloways yard and let myself in by the back gate. Right away I heard Jimmy grunting and crying. I hid behind a bush and peeked around the corner. I saw Jimmy and Mrs. Holloway by the pool. Jimmy was in the water. His Mom was sitting on the side of the pool.  Her bikini top was way too small for her delightfully large boobs. Her wonderfully tan and round tits were practically spilling out of the skimpy white top. Every once in a while shed move just so and her nipples would show some. At least I think they did. Or I hoped they did. Anyway, I was staring so intently at Ms. Holloway's boobs that at first I didn't really see what Jimmys Mom was doing to her son.

  Jimmy had his back to the edge of the pool. He was backed up against his Mom. She was sitting on the deck by the edge. And she had one leg wrapped around Jimmy's neck and she was strangling him! I mean for real! Thats why he was grunting like he was. She wouldnt let him breathe! She'd grab her ankle with one hand and shed pull on her leg so it was real tight around Jimmy's neck and she'd laugh and Jimmy would thrash and try to pull her leg loose but Mrs. Holloway would slap his hands away and laugh and pinch his nipples real hard and laugh some more and squeeze her leg so tight around my classmate's throat I couldn't see how he could breathe.Jimmys Mom would lean back and shed raise him up out of the water by this neck and he couldnt breathe at all when she did that to him.

Hed fight but it didnt help. Mrs. Holloway had her legs tight around his throat and chest! When Jimmy did fight back his legs would thrash and kick water in the pool and I could tell Jimmy was naked. He had a big cock like me. And he had a boner. Like me. I realized Id pulled my cock out of my shorts. And my hand was wrapped around it.

  Al I could do was watch, mesmerized by the sight. If I'd thought before that Mrs. Holloway reminded me of the women in Dad's dirty fetish magazines I was sure of it now. She was hurting her son! Heck, she was torturing him. And enjoying it too! That was obvious by the way she laughed and the way she thrust her hips and ground her crotch into the back of Jimmy's head. It was erotic. It was sexual. She was getting aroused. Even I could tell that.

  I thought Ms. Holloway might have seen me hiding by the bushes a couple times. I'd moved a little too far out from the corner to see better. Jimmy's Mom looked right where I was standing. She kept looking at me for half a minute. And grinned in my direction. I didn't move. I was scared she'd get mad that I was watching.  But then she laughed as she turned her attention back to Jimmy and

   I stayed where I was and watched. I must have watched for at least twenty more minutes. Jimmy's body was jerking uncontrollably before his Mom stopped choking him. Then finally he stopped fighting so hard. I watched the whole thing.  I jerked off too. I couldn't help myself. She was soooo hot. While she was choking Jimmy her bikini top slid down. I could see her tits real clear then. They were fabulous! And with her legs spread wide as she clamped Jimmy's throat between her thighs I could see everything in between there whenever Jimmy fought hard enough to almost get away. I shot off a big geyser of cum whenI heard Mrs. Holloway giggle right when Jimmy's body went into spasms just before he stopped moving.  It was about the best orgasm I'd ever had.

   As cum dripped off the end of my cock I watched the sexy and cruel Mrs. Holloway relax her legs and giggle again as she pushed on Jimmys face and then used both her feet to push her own sons head  under the water. I'd just shot the biggest load of my life and yet I started getting hard again as I heard her delighted little laugh. She was drowning her boy and I was getting off on it! So was she! This was way better than looking at magazines! God she was something. My cock twitched when her hand slid between her legs and she started to stroke herself down there. And I got fully erect again as I watched her causally lean down and grab her son by his hair so she could turn him over and expose his face. She was so deliciously cruel. To her own son no less! A small part of my brain thought Jimmy Holloway was the luckiest boy in the world to have such a sexy and wicked Mommy.  That's when she called my name. I practically jumped out of my skin.

"Is that you Michael? Come on out sweetie. I know you're there Michael Baxter. No need to hide darlin. Come over and join me and Jimmy. Or I'll call you Mother and tell her how you jacked off on my rose bush."

  She was looking right at me. And pointed to Jimmy floating there in the pool. She called my name again and said she needed help getting her boy out of the pool. Before he drowned. She didnt seem upset that Jimmy might be drowning. She even giggled when she said he'd drown without my help. Then Id be my fault her boy died she laughed. What could I do. I went over and stood next to her and waited for her to tell me what to do.

   Mrs. Holloway put her hand on my crotch. She felt my dick! I'd already been hard when I walked over to her. Now I got huge. She smiled as my cock grew under her fingers. And started to rub her hand up and down the length of my prick. My knees felt rubbery and it was like I was floating in the pool instead of Jimmy. She slapped my balls then. Pretty hard too. I yelped. And she told me to pull Jimmy out of the water.

   As soon as I'd dragged Jimmy's inert body up on the pool deck his Mom leaned over and put her finger on his neck. She smiled. I cocked my head curious about what she'd found and why she was amused. Mrs. Holloway said she couldn't get a pulse. And laughed that she'd stopped her boy's heart again and probably killed another couple millions of Jimmy's brain cells. Suddenly I understood why Jimmy was so screwed up. He wasnt born stupid. His Mommy made him that way. Having her sadistic fun with him. I got sooo hard and the wet spot on my shorts got bigger as I leaked pre-cum thinking about how wicked Mrs. Holloway must be to do that to her own little boy. And thinking about what it would be like if my Mommy did something like that to me!

I snapped out of my daydream when Jimmys Mom asked me if I knew CPR. I told her I did. She pointed at Jimmy. I looked down at him. She smiled and nodded her head. I got up pulled Jimmy out of the water and turned him so he was on his back by the table and chairs near the pool. I bent over Jimmy and started compressions on his chest and gave him mouth-to-mouth. After about two minutes his body heaved, water poured from his mouth and his eyes opened. He was breathing again. It was ragged and it looked like it hurt but he'd be OK I guessed. His Mom must have thought so too cause she told me to leave Jimmy and come to where she was sitting.

“You must have liked watching what I did to Jimmy. It made you hard didnt it Michael. And it made you come. Would you like me to choke you like that? I could put your head between my legs and squeeze real tight baby. Jimmy knows CPR too. He looks revived and strong enough now to bring you back if I go too far.”

    God she scared me! But it thrilled me too! Mrs. Holloway had spread her legs real wide as she asked me things. Her bikini was so small that with her thighs opened wide like that I could see her slit! It glistened! It was wet! And the fleshy parts around that provocative burrow were swollen and distended and looked like they were eager to feel something big and stiff and long slide in. Which is exactly what happened while I stood there. Mrs. Holloway put her hand between her legs and giggled as I watched her slid first one, then two and finally three of her fingers deep inside her pussy.  She slid her fingers in and out, in and out. And moaned as she did it.  I wasnt even aware of it but I slipped my own hand down my shorts and started to stoke my cock, my hand sliding up and down my shaft in time with Mrs. Holloways fingers sliding in and out of her cunt.

    She kicked me in the balls then. And told me I shouldnt jack off without permission. So I asked permission. She laughed and said no.  But I could get on my knees she said. And she told me I could put my head between her legs. And lick her pussy. If I didnt mind getting smothered a little.

I didnt mind. I was on the concrete deck on all fours and pressing my face between her thighs before I even thought about what I was doing.  My cock was dictating what I did. My brain had checked out. I was going to taste a woman down there! Id dreamed of this for a couple of years now. I figured shed let me lick her and tongue her and eat her pussy some then shed want me to fuck her. With my dick. Thats how it happened in the picture stories in Dads magazines.

   Mrs. Holloway has strong legs. I got my face between her thighs and she wrapped her legs around my head and pulled my mouth and nose against her crotch so tight all I could was lick and eat her the way she told me to. When I followed her instructions and stuck my tongue deep inside her and wiggled it side to side the way she wanted shed let me breathe a little every so often. If I failed to please her she grabbed my hair and pulled on it

So hard I thought shed make me go bald. So I paid attention to what she said and I did what she wanted as best I could. Still, she didnt let me breathe a lot. I could feel myself getting dizzy and weak. It got harder to obey her. Which meant she let me breathe even less so I had even more trouble obeying her.

    I guess I passed out eventually. One second I was poking my tongue as deep into Mrs. Holloways pussy as I could and the next I was on my back on the concrete looking up at her standing over me. She was smiling at me and using her bare foot to fiddle with my dick. I had another boner. My balls hurt and my cock hurt the way it does if I jerk off half a dozen times in a row. But I didnt care. Mrs. Holloway was standing over me naked. And smiling at me.

“Not bad for a first time Michael. But you can do better honey. And you will before summer is over. Well have lots of time together baby. I called you Mother while you were resting. I told her how much fun you and Jimmy were having. And suggested you spend the summer with us. She agreed Michael! Isnt that fantastic! Were all going to have so much fun the next three months.”

   I was still kind of groggy so I didnt really understand all that she was saying. But I understood when she sat on the edge of the chaise lounge and spread her legs and pointed to me and then to her cunt. I crawled over to her and got on my knees. I didnt have to do anymore. Mrs. Holloway put her legs on my shoulders and pulled me in close. Then she wrapped her thighs behind my head and soon my face was buried in her pussy again. And she was whispering to me exactly how I should use my lips and my tongue to give her the pleasure she wanted. I did my best. But I guess it wasnt good enough cause I passed out again. I lasted longer this time. Or Mrs. Holloway was more patient with me. I know I gave her at least one orgasm. I felt a gusher of hot sticky liquid ooze out of her cunt after Id tongued her for about five minutes without stopping. It covered my face and made it harder to breathe. Mrs. Holloway didnt care when I started to gag and struggled though. It wasnt about me she said. It was about pleasing her. That was my job now. My purpose in life. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else would ever matter to me again.

    That first day with Mrs. Holloway was two weeks ago. I think. I dont remember as good anymore. Im starting to act like Jimmy. I cant always make the words come out right when I talk. It scares me. Mrs. Holloway tells me not to worry. She says its natural for boys to get a little stupid when theyve been smothered a lot. Especially if they get choked and smothered enough to stop their heart. I ask her if that happened to me.

She always laughs and asks me if I remember getting smothered. I do kind of. But mostly I remember her smiling at me when I wake up and her laughing when she opens her legs for me and invites me to push my face deep between her thighs. I remember that and it makes me feel good. Because I know how much she likes that. And I know it pleases her when I eat her to a climax. And thats all I want to do for Mrs. Holloway now. Its all I want to do for any woman. Its only what they deserve.

   I remember something from a couple days ago, or maybe it was a week. Anyway, Mrs. Holloway wrapped plastic warp all around my body. Well, not everywhere. She left my head free. And my cock and balls. But my arms were pinned to me sides and my legs were bound together and I couldnt really move at all. I was naked too. Mrs. Holloway made me stand by the edge of the pool and she wound layer after layer of clear plastic wrap around my body. Then when she was done she grabbed my cock in her left hand and played with it till I got hard. It didnt take long. Shed put me on a steady diet of Cialis and Viagra and stimulants and anti-anxiety drugs that first day Mom sent me over here.

   As soon as I got hard Mrs. Holloway started to punch me in the balls. She kept hold of my cock in her left hand, made a fist with her right hand and just started to pound the crap out of my balls. She must have hit me fifty times. I wanted to throw up. But all I could do was back up and even that didnt help. Shed move forward every time I stepped back. Before long my heels were hanging over the edge of the swimming pool and I had nowhere to go. Thats when she started to punch my balls so hard I was sure Id puke. I did get dizzy and the only thing keeping me from falling into the pool was Mrs. Holloways tight grip on my boner.

   When my knees gave out from the agonizing pain in my balls Mrs. Holloway laughed and let go of my dick. I fell backward into the pool. I couldnt use my arms or my legs. I bobbed around for a few seconds and then I turned over so I was face down. My mouth was under water!  I was drowning! Id turn my head and try to lift it clear and I would for a couple seconds so Id get just enough air to keep me going another half minute or so,. Then Id start to sink and my face would slip under water and Id try to stay calm cause I knew Id float up soon but it was so hard not to panic. I must have spent five minutes like that and I was almost completely exhausted when I felt Mrs. Holloways hands on me. Shed grabbed my cock and balls and she was pulling me to the surface and turning me over so I was face up.

“You have a lovely cock Michael. Its bigger than my Jimmys and hes two years older than you. Im glad your Mother wanted you to learn some respect this summer. It means we get to spend some quality time together.”

My Mom wanted this for me? I sputtered.

   My gorgeous sexy tormenter had laughed and said yes, it had all been arranged the week I got out of school. Mrs. Holloway explained how my Mom was always commenting on how sweet and respectful and well-mannered Jimmy was. My Mom had asked and asked how a woman turned her teenaged son into such a nice boy. Mrs. Holloway had said Mom should be careful what she asks for. She may not like the result. Well, according to Mrs. Holloway my Mom had insisted she was willing to do whatever it took to turn me into a boy like Jimmy. The two women had had a long talk then. And come to an agreement of sorts. The day before Mom sent me to Jimmys shed gone to the Holloways herself.

    Thats when Mrs. Holloway had shown my Mom how she trained Jimmy to be an obedient and good little boy. When Mrs. Holloway told me this story shed laughed at this part. Shed said Mom hadnt been squeamish at all about the methods used to make Jimmy behave. In fact, she said, my Mom had been eager to try some of the more interesting torments out for herself. Apparently my Mom has a cruel streak too. Shed used her hands to choke Jimmy and shed loved it. Mrs. Holloway said if she hadnt stopped my Mom then Mommy would have snuffed Jimmy without a second thought. At least thats what Mrs. Holloway told me.

    And I believed her. I was wrapped in plastic wrap floating in a pool and the only thing keeping me from drowning was Mrs. Holloways hand gripping my cock and balls. The more she told me about how Mom tortured Jimmy that day the harder I got. Mrs. Holloway wasnt even jacking me off and I got the boner of a lifetime just visualizing my Mom with her hands wrapped tight around Jimmys neck. And my neck. I could see Mom doing that to a boy. To me. In fact, I wanted her to do that to me. I told Mrs. Holloway that. Shed laughed and said a boy like me should be careful what he asks for. Especially when he asks a sadistic woman to tell his equally sadistic Mommy to torture him.

Jimmys Mom did start to jerk me off then. She pushed me under water too. I could see her looking down at me though the water. She was laughing. And stroking my penis and making me horny and hard and crazy with lust even though I couldnt breathe. Just before I shot off she dipped her face in the water and kissed me. My lungs were burning from lack of air and my balls ached from when shed punched me there so many times. And my cock almost hurt from getting jacked off for ten minutes at least. But I kissed her back. Passionately. I loved her at that moment. I kept my eyes open. So did she. I could see she was leering at me as she kissed me and drown me and jacked me off all at the same time.

I came. Big.A geyser of cum shot out of my cock. It was so strong the surface of the pool rippled with my cum. My whole body shook it was so intense. Mrs. Holloway felt it too. She broke off the kiss, let go of my cock and put her hand over my mouth. She had my cum in her hand. I licked it off.  She liked that I did that without being asked. I could tell. I was in agony then. Id swallowed water when Id climaxed it was so powerful an orgasm. Mrs. Holloway put her hand around my neck and held my face just under the surface of the water. She turned my head so my left ear was above the surface. I heard her whisper that she was going to enjoy drowning me. She was going to enjoy stopping my heart and killing ten million of my brain cells. Sweet dreams Michael she whispered. Have a nice trip my little slut she purred just as I blacked out.

    When I came to my head was on the top step of the pool. Jimmy was leaning over me, his mouth just leaving mine. Hed given me CPR. Mrs. Holloway said Id been out for almost five minutes. She laughed and said Id probably lost twenty IQ points. My Mommy would be pleased she giggled. Then she asked if I wanted to do it again. I started to cry. And begged her not to. I said Id be good for her. Id do anything she wanted. Just please dont drown me again.

   She laughed. And said what if I want you to drown for me Michael. You want to do anything for me so you want to drown for me again dont you honey?

    It was all so confusing. She looked so good leaning over me. Shes really pretty. Her blue eyes and golden blond hair an her high cheek bones are like a super model. I was on my back, my hands and legs wrapped tight with plastic wrap. I couldnt move. All I could do was look up at her. Her boobs were right over my face. Theyre so big and firm and round and luscious looking. Shed been teasing and tormenting and hurting me for over a week by then. I dont know, it was all too much for me I guess. I could feel myself getting hard again. I knew it wasnt just the drugs she forced on me. I wanted to please this cruel woman more than Id wanted anything before. I needed to please her more than I needed to live. It was odd. I was in love with Jimmys Mom. I was in lust with her. She was my life, my reason for being. I just knew it in that moment. It suddenly seemed so clear.

   So I asked her to drown me again. I told her to do it slow. To take her time.To enjoy it. And I said I wanted Mommy to drown me too. Could she call my Mom and ask her to come over so she could see what a good little boy I could be. I said I wanted Mommy to drown me too. I got so excited I practically begged Mrs. Holloway to call my Mom so she could come drown her little boy and snuff him too if she wanted.

She laughed a good long time after I said all that. I was a little embarrassed Id blurted out all those dark secret Id been thinking these last few weeks. Mrs. Holloway seemed to enjoy my outburst too. Although she did stick out her lusciously plump lips in a pout and asked why I didnt want Mommy to snuff me instead of her. Didnt she deserve to have that kind of fun too. I got real embarrassed then. And without thinking I said yes, she deserved to have all the fun she could. You can snuff me too Mrs. Holloway. With Mommy. The two of you can do anything you like to me.

    She kissed me again. And crushed my balls till I screamed. Then she pulled out of the water some more. I was so weak I kept sliding under whenever she let go of me. She like that but I could tell she didnt want me to drown just yet in spite of what Id said about how she and Mommy could snuff me if they wanted to.

    It hurt lying there half in and half out of the pool. The hard concrete edge dug into my back. Mrs. Holloway noticed. And sat on my chest. That made it hurt worse. She giggled and told  Jimmy to bring her the phone. She called my Mom right then. And told her what Id said about how she and mommy should snuff me. Mrs. Holloway listened to what Mom said in reply and laughed  and looked at me and said, Yes Tammy, I think its time. Come on over lover and lets have us a fuck and snuff party. Your boy Michaels ready. And my Jimmys been ready since the day I gave birth to the little creep.

    Ten minutes later Mommy was there and she got in the pool with me and Ms. Holloway. Mom grabbed me and pulled me to where the water was two feet deep and then Mommy turned me so I was on my back and she spread her legs and straddled me and used her hand to guide my cock inside her slit.

“Ive been wanting to do this for a long time honey. Can you fuck Mommy good Michael? Will you fuck Mommy while she drowns you sweetheart?”

    I nodded and said yes, yes, yes I would. And I did. Although actually Mommy did most of the work. She used me. She raped her little boy and while she rode my cock like a wild woman she pushed my head under water over and over again and it was scary and it hurt and I wanted Mom to stop and I wanted her to do that to me forever. I didnt have an orgasm. Mom had four. Id learned with Ms. Holloway how to tell when a woman reaches climax. Mommy climaxed four times riding my cock. I didnt climax but I did drown. When Moms body started to buck and write that fourth time she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips. Then she pushed my head under water just far enough my nose was at the surface. Mom was humping me real good and her thrusts and gyrations made little waves that washed over my face and sent water up my nose. I coughed and sputtered and hurt and eventually drowned. Because things went real dark and then all of a sudden I was awake again and Mommy wasnt riding my dick anymore and my head was resting on the top step of the pool and Jimmy was huffing and puffing and blowing air in my mouth.

   After that Mommy and Ms. Holloway played their wicked games with both me and Jimmy. And heres the crazy thing. When my Mom tortured Jimmy I got jealous. I wanted her for myself. I told her that. I told her I wanted her to have more fun than she had with any other boy. I told my Mom she could do anything she wanted to me. And I begged her to jack me off, to wrap her hand around my cock and make me shoot off. Because I loved that.  I needed that. Id do anything for that.

   This morning Mommy and Ms. Amberstarted teaching me a new game. I call Jimmys Mom Ms. Amber now. Mommy insisted. My Mom said she and Ms. Amber both own me. And Jimmy too.  Mommy says me and Jimmy are nothing but sluts. It mist be true because Mommy fucks me all the time now. Just like those women in Dads magazines fuck their little boys.

    Mom and Ms. Amber came in my room, this morningwell me and Jimmys room and Mom had this contraption on her waist. It was a strapon cock. Id seen things like it in Dads dirty magazines. Gosh, that seems like so long ago that I used to jerk off looking at pictures of cruel women tormenting men. Now I have Mrs. Holloway to torture me. And my Mommy.Its not what I expected. It hurts lot more than I thought it would. And its a whole bunch scarier. But I get huge boners. And Mrs. Holloway makes Jimmy jack me off sometimes. Its nice having someone else jerk you off.   Even if it is a boy.

“Michael honey. Mommy wants to teach you a new game today.  Ill let you eat me later. But I think its time you had sissy sex sweetie. A big strong slutty little boy like you cant stay a virgin all his life. So, heres what were going to do. I want you to bend over the bed. Thats my boy. Jimmy! Julie, help us out. Tie Michaels feet to the bed posts. Pull his legs apart. Thats it. Pull them wider. I want his hole exposed for me. His Mommys going to have some fun with her boys ass hole and she wants easy access to that butt.”

    Mommy split me in two. At least thats that it felt like. She just poked the end of her huge fake cock against the outside of my anus then shoved it in. All at once.As deep as it would go. It felt like Mommy rammed that thing all the way up into my throat. She couldnt have forced it in that far though cause I could still scream. Which I did at the top of my lungs for at least fifteen minutes while Mommy raped me up the butt. I shrieked and screamed so loud I could barely hear Mommy and Ms. Amber laughing. And planning on how they were going to snuff me and Jimmy just as soon as they were doing having fun fucking and torturing our dicks.

   Mommy was having trouble with her new strapon harness. Every time she tried to attach the Big Bubba dildo to the leather crotch Mom would prick her finger on one of the three dozen sharp spikes poking out from around the hole where the dildo was supposed to fit. Mommy would swear under her breath but then shed laugh and giggle about how much damage those spikes were going to do to my butt hole. Then shed laugh even harder and correct herself. “Mommys going to fuck up all your holes with this thing baby. Youre going to hurt sooo damn good for me Jmmy darlin”.

I could tell she was eagerto get the huge black rubber cock fitted and start raping my already tender ass hole.

And my throat.And my nose and ears and eyeballs if she could figure out a way to ram that evil dildo in those tiny holes.Moms like that. She likes to torture me mentally as much as she does physically. She was doing a pretty good job of both this morning. Shed already fist fucked me today. And pounded my balls about twenty times after that.I hurt real bad and it wasnt even lunch time. Mom was in rare form today.

    So was Ms. Amber who lives in the trailer next door. Ms. Amberwas poking a needle under one of my fingernails. She was working on my right index finger. The pain was excruciating. I was writhing in pain and flopping around. Mommy and Ms. Amber had tied me to the bed pretty good though so I wasnt going to get away. Or even stop them from having their cruel fun with me.  Mommy was sucking her finger where the sharp little dildo spike had nipped it while she watchedMs. Amber ruin my finger. Mom was laughing at how I was crying and twisting and trying to get away. Ms. Amber grabbed her end of the acupuncture needle and shook it. I saw stars and felt like I was going to vomit the pain was so excruciating. Both of the women laughed. Then kissed.  All I could do was suffer.

Ms. Amber had used duct tape to fasten my hand to the headboard  so I couldnt move my fingers and spoil her wicked fun. Still I was flopping around and twisting and jerking like crazy. It hurt so much I thought Id lose my mind. Ms. Amber always hurt me worse when she had Mom as an audience. And Mom was always way more sadistic when Ms. Amber was around. The two over sexed and overly cruel women seemed to feed off each other. This was going to be a really bad torture session. The fetish club where both Mom and Ms. Amber work got flooded yesterday.Itd be three more days before the club was ready again. The womenhadnt been able to work last night. Today they were both bored and wanted to have some funand unfortunately for me I was handy. So Mom and Ms. Amber decided to have a little wicked fun with me.  And my Mommys kind of fun always hurt.

    I was screaming into my gag at the pain Ms. Amber was causing me. So I almost missed hearing it when she leaned close to me and whispered in my ear. She cooed real soft that today was the day she was finally going to talk Mommy into snuffing me. It was an old threat Ms. Amber used to scare me. She told me she wanted to snuff me three or four times a week. Id heard her say it a hundred times at least but even so it worked. I was scared. I always knew Ms. Amber really did want to torture me to death. She never made a secret of it. But Mom had never really shown much interest in it. Even though I knew she really wanted to snuff me Ms. Amber never pushed Mom too hard about it. But hearing the coldness in her voice today, the certainty in it, well, it scared me about as bad as all those nasty spikes on Mommys new strapon harness. I guess it was because there was something in Ms. Ambers voice that made me think she was serious this time. Dead serious.

    Ms. Amber pushed the needle stuck under my finger nail in another half an inch. As I lay on the bed flopping around our pretty neighbor lady kissed me on the cheek then turned to Mommy and said it plain as day. “Tammy” she said, “Its time to torture this boy to death for real. Itll be fun lover.” Ms. Amber chuckled then and repeated that itd be fun. Lots and lots of fun.And maybe even profitable. She giggled coyly.  Ms. Amber twisted the needle  shed stuck under my fingernail again and it hurt really bad and every muscle in my body went into spasms but that just made her laugh more. It was tough concentrating with all that pain but Iwanted to see how Mom reacted to Ms. Ambers suggestion that it was time to snuff me. Buttrying to maintain my sanity against the agony playing out in my finger took most of my attention. So I wasnt watching my Moms reaction real close. I was kind of scared tosee how Mommy reacted anyway.Lately whenever Ms. Amber suggests they snuff me Mom seems more and more inclined to agree. But whenI finally did look at my Mommy she didnt seem to be paying too much attention to what Ms. Amber was saying. Mom was sucking on her finger where one of the sharp spike had nipped it as she finally got the dildo attached to the harness.

Mom saw me looking at her and she smiled at me. Well, she kind of leered at me. She does that when shesgetting ready to have her own kind of special fun with me. I knew Mom was about to start pounding a big fake cock up my butt. Mom likes raping her little boys ass hole. So I wasnt surprised she was preoccupied with her own coming sadistic pleasure. She had her new strapon harness today too. With all those devilishly sharp spikes poking out. When she took it out of the box and showed it to me this morning shed laughed about how all those sharp teeth were going to turn her little boys butt into hamburger.

    Usually when Ms. Amber says something about how much fun itd be to snuff me Mom laughs the suggestion off and says Im too much fun to play with. Mommy always says shed need a lot of money to get rid of me.  Last week when Mommy and Ms. Amber were whipping my cock balls right before I passed out Ms. Amber had asked Mom what itd take to get her to kill me. Mom had laughed and said about four months pay.

“How much is that lover? Are you including just Club tips  that? Or do you count the money the johns pay for after hour sessions too.” Ms. Amber had asked.

“All of it counts. This time of year I can clear six thousand a month thousand. Round it up and say twenty five thou to snuff my Michael.” Mom had giggled.

“I suppose youd want a tip included for the snuff too?” Ms. Amber had replied in mock exasperation.

Mommy had laughed and said of course shed want a tip for snuffing her own boy. She said she planned on doing me for free eventually but if someone was dumb enough to pay her to do it shed want a tip too.  Thats how Mom and Ms. Amber talk around me. They joke about snuffing me because compared to the kinds of things they actually do to me snuff make sense. I mean, for at least two years now Ive just kind of figured Mommy was going to torture me to death someday. She just likes playing rough so much and pushing the boundaries of cruel sadistic sexual torture is so easy for her that shes bound to get carried away one day and go too far. I figured it be an accident of sorts, something Mommy didnt really intend at the time but something she wouldnt mind too much if it happened. I knew she wouldnt lose any sleep if she killed me. Unless I didnt suffer for her enough. Thatd piss her off for sure.

    As Mommy lined up the fat tip of the dildo against my ass hole Ms. Amber started in on poking another needle under one of my fingernails. She picked on the right middle finger. This time I almost blacked out from the pain. Ms. Amber stopped wiggling the needle long enough to snap an ammonia capsule under my nose so I stayed conscious and alert. When Mommy and Ms. Amber torture me they like for me to stay awake. Its more fun for them when I scream and flop around. As soon as Ms. Amber saw my eyes were focused back on her she repeated to Mommy that they should snuff me. Mom just smiled and asked Ms. Amberwhy they should do me. I remember Ms. Ambers exact words.

“Give me one good reason to snuff my sweet boy Amber. Well, make it two good reasons. I admit itll be wicked fun to torture him to death.  Hell, its fun torturing him like this. So why kill the little bastard?”

“We should snuff Michael because itll be fun and we can make a bundle torturing the little creep to death.Weve never actually gone all the way with a guy Tammy. Youve always said snuffing the kid will be a blast darling. And last time I asked you did say youd do it for money. Well, I know a guy wholl pay thirty thousand dollars to watch while we torture the life out of your boy.”

“You dont mean old man Parker do you lover?” my Mom said. “He made me the same offer six months ago.And three month before that. I dont think hes serious. Its just a fantasy the man has. Sure hes loaded. And hes a true subbie pervert. But I doubt hell pay.”

   Mom said that in a dismissive way. She was kind of busy when Ms. Amber brought up my snuff. Mom had me tied face up on the bed with my ass hanging over the edge and my legs spread wide apart and tied over my head. She was wearing the spike studded strapon and Mom was raping my ass with her biggest dildos. It was hard and big around and way too long with dozens and dozens of knobs on it. It hurt like hell when she shoved it up inside me. I guess Mom was in a good mood because she was really reaming me out. She wasnt just fucking me. She was tearing things up inside me. On purpose.Her hips were pumping and shoving that hard rubber cock up my butt so far and so fast I couldnt help but scream from the pain. The sharp spikes poking up from the crotch of Moms strapon were the worst though. Even worse than feeling my ass hole getting torn from the inside by Mommys dildo. My balls kept flopping down whenever Mommy shoved her hips into me. The sharp teeth on the strapon were tearing my testicles apart! It hurt so bad I got dizzy. And I shrieked so hard it felt like I was tearing my throat apart. I was gagged though so my screams were muted. Mom only gagged me when she was going to hurt me real bad. She liked to hear me scream but she didnt like my shrieking interfering with her visiting time with Ms. Amber.

     My names Michael Callahan. Im six teen. Moms been doing this kind of stuff to me for years. Or at least ever since I went through a growth spurt in seventh grade and my dick got big enough to interest Mommy.She likes big cocks that stay hard for a long time. Maybe its because of her work. She started as an exotic performer when I was born.  But there was better money working in a fetish club. And you can dominate men longer than you can dance. Not that Mommys old or anything. Shes thirty six. And shes in really good shape. Also, shes a natural blond. I know cause Ive spent lots of time with my face wedged between Mommys thighs. She likes for me to lick her pussy when she wakes up. Sometimes when she makes me use my mouth on her down there shell wrap her legs around my head and shows me how strong she is by smothering me till I pass out. Just for fun.

Ms. Ambers a lot like Mom only younger. Shes only twenty two.  Shes a natural red head. I know that for the same reason I know my Moms a blond. Although Ms. Amber mostly likes to smother me with her pussy. Shes OK with me licking and sucking it too. But she always ends up smothering me till I pass out. Mom only started doing that to me after watching Ms. Amber do it.  I think Mom lets up on smothering me if I do a good job of eating her cunt. It doesnt how good I am for Ms. Amber; she always smothers me long enough to kill a few thousand brain cells. At least thats what she says when I wake up. So even though Ms. Amber may be a lot younger than Moms shes just as vicious and wicked and cruel.

    Moms got a great body. And shes still real limber and strong and graceful. But the men that frequent Moms club like their dancers younger. So Mom works the room until she meets a guy who wants  a private party. Mom takes guys into the back room and plays with them. For money of course. She gets paid a lot to spank and slap and do other sadistic and dominant like things to men who like that sort of thing. But theres still never enough money in our house. Thats causeMom likes to drink andsmoke and party and buy clothes and jewelry. So she goes through whatever she makesat the club pretty fast. Mom always wants more money. Thats why I was more than a little worried when Ms. Amber mentioned a thirty thousand dollar pay day for snuffing me. I got even more worried after what Ms. Amber said next.

“Trust me Tammy hon. The old perverts as serious about this as you can get. Sure, snuff is a big fantasy for the freak. And yeah, Parkers usually more talk than action. But the poor dear has liver cancer now. Hes only got a few months to live. Youd never know to look at him. But hes going to start to deteriorate real soon now. It seems watching a couple of cruel and sexy women snuff a boy is on dear Mr. Parkers bucket list. Who knew.I think the man wants to watch a couple of bitches like us snuff a kid before the cancer takes over completely. Lucky for us thesilly old subbie had plenty of money to spend on us to help himlive out his snuff fantasy.”

“So when youd talk to Parker? And youre sure hes serious?”

“I saw him yesterday when I went in to get our checks. And yeah, hes serious about it Tammy. He says he wants to watch a Mommy snuff her little boy. He says hes willing to pay big bucks to see it. He gave me a thousand dollars cash to try to talk you into it. He promised me another two thousand as soon as I did. He means business lover. I believe him. In fact, Ill bet if we do Michael right and get the old bastard to climax when we snuff your boy we be able to talkParker into letting us snuff  his old ass too. What guy wants to die from cancer? Hes got the snuff fantasy bad baby. We can make him think he needs to get snuffed too. But a couple of sadistic girls just like us. This could work out to be a huge payday for us lover.”

“Well, thats one good reason to snuff my boy. Moneys always a good reason. But Ill need two really good reasons before I can go all the way. What sort of girl do you think I am.I could never kill my own son just for the money.”

   Ms. Amber and Mom both laughed at that. Because they both knew it wasnt true. Mom didnt care a thing about me. Shed told be hundreds of times she only kept me around because I was decent fuck and I was fun to hurt. Shed kill me for a lot less than twenty five thousand. And enjoy doing it too. But so far she hadnt taken tit that far. Shed come close a few times, smothering and raping so severely Id passed out and my heart stopped. That hadnt scared her though. If anything it seemed to make her even more open to the idea of eventually snuffing me for good. If she had the right reasons. So far Ms. Amber hadnt found the right one.

“Hows this for a reason. The fucking Clubs flooded and we cant probably wont get to play with our regulars for another five days. Im bored girlfriend. You are too. Admit it. Snuffing Michael here is exactly what we need to cheer us up.”

   Mom stopped raping me for a minute. I was relieved the torture had stopped but my relief was short live when I saw the expression on my Moms face. She was smiling this wicked, mischievous little smile that Id seen before. I knew that grin. In her head Mommy was counting up all that money up in her head and thinking about what a good time she could have with her share of the twenty five thousand dollars. I knew I was in trouble when Mom said what she said next.

“We could have a fucking good party blowing the first thousandtonight Amber honey. And when we snuff Michael I should get an extra five thousand. After all, well be snuffing my own little boy. Asking a Mom to torture her own son to death ought to be worth that much.”

Ms. Amber laughed. She leaned over and kissed Mom hard. And long. Mommy kissed back. When they stopped kissing Mom looked at me a long time. She thrust her hips forward violently and I screamed into my gag as dozen of sharp spikes ripped away at the inside on my ass hole. Mommy winked. At me And started to pump her hips in a frenzy as she blew me a kiss and singing

Goodbye Michael. Goodbye Mikey. Goodbye little boy. Its time for you to die.

   That got both of the cruel women laughing. And kissing again. Mom had gotten my balls in vise grip  and was using my nuts to brace herself and get  leverage to drive that evil dildo deep into my ass. She let go of my balls long enough to put one hand down Ms. Ambers jeans. I could see Mommys fingers slipping inside Ms. Ambers pussy. And MS. Amber getting all hot and bothered and excited. Mom buried the spiked dildo deep inside me as she moaned with pleasure.

    Ms. Amber almost swooned as she grabbed another needle so she could work on my little finger. The women love torturing me like this. Usually Mommy rapes me with a giant soft rubber cock that stretches my hole so wide I shit softball sized turds for a week until my anus regains itsshape. And Ms. Amber mostly jams needles under my toe nails. Its inconvenient for Mommy when I cant use my hands. I have chores to do and Mom likes me to massage her feet and her back when she gets off work. So Ms. Amber leaves my fingers alone most of the time. But I guess it was a special day since they were deciding whether or not they were going to snuff me for money.

“I told Parker youd go for it Tammy. Lord lover. Were going to be rich. Listen, that guys loaded. If we can convince him itll be better for him to die on his own terms, well, on our terms really, well shit girl, we could hit the jackpot. Hell, he can cash in his pension and his 401K  andsell all his stuff before we do him. Shit girl, we may be able to take off from work for a couple years if we play this right.”

   Mommy just smiled. And rammed that fake cock up my butt the full fifteen inches.The needle like spikes dug into my ass. Mommys laughed as she ground her hips into my butt  in a circular motion. The flesh on my butt was getting shredded and I could feel something tear deep inside me. I screamed into the gag as loud as I could and begged Mommy to stop. She just laughed more though.And pounded that huge dildo into me over and over again as she giggled and told Ms. Amber that the Parker deal sounded like fun. Then she giggled and said first theyd  have to try and keep from snuffing  me today. Then they both started giggling and kissing each other and Ms. Amber twisted and shook all those needles shed stuck under my fingernails and Mommy kept ramming that fake cock up my butt and thankfully I finally passed out from the pain. But my last thought as the pain overwhelmed me was how Mommy had said When we snuff  Michael, not If we snuff Michael. It was like shed already decided to do me. For the money. Well, Mommy does like to party. And that takes a certain amount of money.

    I was still tied up when I came to. And Mom was still in her strapon and that giant fake cock was still jammed all the way up my behind. My butt was numb so I didnt feel those sharp spikes so much. Mommy was looking at me in a kind of dreamy eyed state she gets into sometimes when she hurts me really bad. She kept pumping her hips in and out kind of slow and easy like while she hummed to herself and sang a little song about thirty thousand dollars. Until she noticed I was awake again. Then she gave me a couple of hard deep thrusts to get my attention.

“I dont know how much you heard before you passed out Michael. You remember Mr. Parker dont you baby? Well hes dying from cancer and he wants to see something real special before he dies. And hes willing to pay Mommy more money than shed make in months behind that shitty bar. Just to do something that will only take her a few hours. Itll mean a lot to Mommy to do it too sweetie. And I dont just mean the money although that is good. Itll be fun for me baby. Lots of fucking fun trust me. So what do you think sweetheart? Should Mommy accept Mr. Parkers job? Ill need your help if I do honey. Heck, Mommy cant do this without her little boy. Youll be happy to help your Mommy wont you darlin?”

   Mommy was still slowly working that nasty dildo in and out of my ass while she asked me all this. Ms. Amber was sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette and sipping at a beer. She was done with sticking needles under by fingernails for now. I realized I wasnt gagged anymore. So I tried to answer Mom but all I could do was croak out a grunt. My mouth was all dry and crusty from all the screaming Id done into the ball gag before. Ms. Amber giggled and leaned over me. She tapped my Adams apple and I knew what she wanted. I opened my mouth wide. Ms. Amber spit in my mouth. She spit a lot. At first there was more beer than spit but then it was mostly her spit. I caught all of it in my mouth and swallowed it even though it was really gross. I knew shed start jabbing needles under my fingernails if I didnt.

   I muttered thanks Ms. Amber and then set about answering Mommys questions. Id heard everything before Id passed out. I knew Mr. Parker wanted to watch Mom and Ms. Amber kill me. By slow torture from what Ms. Amber said. I didnt want that. Not at all. But I belong to Mommy. Im her little boy. I do what she says. I do what she wants me to. Still, agreeing to let my Mom snuff me in the most painful way possible wasnt something I could just do on my own. So I tried to reason with Mommy.

“Ahhh, I heard Ms. Amber say something about torturing me to death  me Mommy. I, ahhh, I dont want to, I mean, ahhh, please dont snuff me Mommy. Please let me stay with you. Ill be good. I promise.”

    Mommy and Ms. Amber just laughed. Ms. Amber picked up another needle and pressed it against my little finger. She didnt stick it in yet. She just let me feel the sharp end sitting there under my fingernail. I started to cry. Mommy laughed. And pumped her hips hard against my butt half a dozen times. I was sobbing before she finished. Mommy reached down and gently wiped some of my tears away. Then in her calming Mommy voice she tried to soothe me in her own warped way.

“There, there darlin. Dont cry. Dont worry baby. I know my sweet boy will put on a good show for Mr. Parker wont you hon? You want to make Mommy proud of her little boy dont you Michael?”

“So itll be a show Mommy?  Just a show.Youre not going to snuff me for real?”

“Dont be silly honey. What does Mommy always say about the customers at the club? Remember baby? How does a girl like me get men to give her great big tips?”

“Ahhh, the customers always right? Thats what you say Mommy. But, ahhh, doesnt that mean youll have to torture me to death. The way Mr. Parker wants you to. So hell be right?”

    Mommy smiled at me. With genuine affection I think.

“See baby. You do  understand. And it will be right Michael. Not just right for Mr. Parker. Itll be right for Mommy too. Ive been looking forward to snuffing my little boy for a long time. I just never had a good enough excuse. But now I do honey. And itll be right for you too Michael. Youre Mommys slut baby. Youre just Mommys slave darlin. And a slave only wants whats best for his Mistress doesnt he sweetheart.”

    All I could do was nod yes. I was devastated of course. Mom was really going to snuff me! And she seemed to be happy about it too. I looked over at Ms. Amber and she was smirking at me. Gloating I think. She grabbed a couple of needles and started working on my left hand. God it hurt when she jabbed that sharp point under the fingernail and wiggled it violently back and forth! I started to scream. Mom laughed and slammed a dildo between my lips and shoved it in hard. She kept shoving on it until I had a foot of fat rubber cock down my throat.

“Shhh. Its OK baby. I know. Its not what you wanted is it Michael. But its never been about what you want has it hon. Its only about Mommy. And Ms. Amber. You exist to make us happy baby. And snuffing you is going to make Mommy so very, very happy. So  scream darlin. Scream all you want Michael. Mommy cant hear you. And even if she could she doesnt care.”

    Mom and Ms. Amber finally got tired of torturing me. I had needles under three of my right fingernails and four on my left hand. It hurt even when Ms. Amber wasnt twisting and jerking hem around. Both my forearms were tingly from the constant pain. And from the tension in my muscles as I fought against Ms. Amber even though I knew I couldnt escape her cruel play.

    Mom wanted to leave that great big fat cock rammed up my butt when she finished fucking me herself but she wasnt about to fool with detaching it what with all those sharp spikes at the base. So she just unbuckled her strapon harness and left the dildo up my ass. She put the straps around my thighs and buckled it on me real tight so the prickly spikes dug into my ass and balls and so the dildo wouldnt slip out.

    Mommy and Ms. Amber had wild and loud girl on girl sex. They left me tied up so all I could do was watch and listen as the two horny women kissed and licked and fingered each others pussies next to me for a good hour before they slowed down enough to plan my snuff. I kind of wished they hadnt stopped fucking each other once they started giggling and talking about how theyd make me suffer when the killed me. Listening to them laughing as they discussed all the ways they could snuff me gave me a headache. Or maybe it was from the three inch diameter cock Mommy had rammed up my butt. Either way my head felt like it was going to explode.

“How do you think Parker wants us to snuff my little Michael? Did the pervy old fart say?”

“Not really. He just said something about making it last a long time. And making sure it was a spectacle. He wants us to focus on the boys dick of course. Men! So much of their sense of self-worth is focused on their cocks. Kind of makes our job easier doesnt it Tammy love?”

“Mmmmm. I love cock torture. Yes it does make it easier Amber darling. And fun. So, you think hell let us do Michael any way we want? I guess we have to snuff my boy in a way that arouses the old freak. But that shouldnt be difficult. Hell, Im getting all horny now just thinking about snuffing my boy.”

“I hear that lover. But my cunts sore from all that finger fucking you did to me. You were fabulous by the way. So just give a kiss darling then tell me your favorite snuff fantasy and Ill tell you mine.”

    God it was awful listening to that. Mom lit a cigarette and told Ms. Amber shed always dreamed about setting me on fire. She wanted to watch me writhing in agony as the flames ate away at my flesh. Ms. Amber laughed and said that was a good idea but fire might be too quick. Itd be better to do it slower. How about impaling the little monkey she asked. Mom wondered how. Ms. Amber said they could rig up a hoist in the living room, hog tie me then raise me up so they could lower me down on an upside down stool. Theyd guide one of the upside down legs up my butt then let my weight pull my body down until that lovely metal pipe went all the way up my ass, through my stomach, pierced a lung and, if they got lucky, poked out my throat while I was still alive. That should make a good show for old man Parker. Mom loved that idea.

    But she wondered, couldnt they combine both motifs? Thats what Mom was calling the methods of my death, motifs. It was really depressing to hear my Mom discuss ways of snuffing me like she was talking about one of her costume designs. Mom use to make her own dance costumes. Now she makes them for the younger dancers at the club. Shes always going on about how a good costume needs a theme and each part of it needs reinforce the overall decorative pattern or motif. So thats what Id become to Mom. I was simply a decoration to her life. I existed to make her look good, feel good, climax good. And my death at her hands was going to accomplish that.  Mommy made that crystal clear to me that day.

    Ms. Amber agreed that they could do both. Theyd burn me a little at a time. They could pour oil on various parts of me while I slid down the pipe rammed up my ass. Mommy giggled and said Id squirm and buck and thats make me slid down even faster. Ms. Amber said they could always use the hoist to slow my decent so the impaling would last as long as they wanted. Mom like that idea. But shed be disappointed if she could torture my cock and balls as she killed me.

    No problem Ms. Amber volunteered. Theyd  save burning my dick till last. So they could pierce me with needles or slice my balls open with a knife and pack my testicles with hot coals. Or Acid. Anything to make me suffer she laughed. And turn on that old freak Frank Parker Mommy laughed just before she put her hands around my throat and choked me till I gagged and finally passed out.

    Mommy tied me up real tight. She was going to snuff me. For money she said. And because she was bored and wanted to have some fun she laughed.  Her friend Ms. Amber from the Club where Mommy works talked my Mom into torturing me to death. Mommy didnt need much convincing. Not after Ms. Amber showed her the ten hundred dollar bills shed gotten from the man interested in watching a woman torture her own little boy to death. The thousand dollars was just an advance. Mommy would get fifteen thousand in all to kill me.As long as she did it real slow. The man had told Ms. Amber. And made me suffer more than anyone could imagine.

Mom and her best friend Ms. Amber were going to snuff me together. Theyd probably take a long time too. Moms been playing rough with me as long as I can remember. Thats what she calls it when she whips me and smothers me and burns me and sticks needles in my cock and balls and tongue. Whats the matter Jimmy? she laughs. Is Mommy playing too rough for her little boy?

    Ms. Ambers been playing rough with me for years. Whenever the Mom and her torture me they get all aroused and horny and wind up jumping in bed to fuck each other for about as much time as they spend on torturing me. Mom says Im lucky she likes sex with girls as much as she does with boys cause it means I get lots of rest time when she and Ms. Amber play their sadistic games with me. I dont know though. Mostly what it means is I get just enough rest to put on a good show for Mommy when she starts torturing me again. Mommy and Ms. Amber like it when I scream and buck and jerk and go into convulsions because of what theyre doing to me.

So I knew Mom was going to prolong my torture when she snuffed me. If she did good and impressed the man paying to watch her to kill me shed probably get a good tip. Mom works at a strip joint/fetish club. Shes good at her job there too. But actually she works men more than she does the bar or the dance floor. She knows how to push mens buttons, how to manipulate them, how to get them to so what she wanted. Most nights she can make ten times as much in tips as she does in pay. So shed do whatever she needed when she snuffed me to make sure she got a good tip from this guy Mr. Parker who wanted to watch a sexy woman snuff her boy. I knew Mom would hurt me so bad Id be begging her to kill me.

And Ms. Amber was sure if they put on a good show when they snuffed me they could even get that dirty old man to let them snuff him to. She found out old Mr. Parker is dying anyway. He has cancer. It was just a matter of months for him. Mom and Ms. Amber were pretty confident theyd talk him into spending every cent he had on one final perverted session with two very wicked and extremely cruel dominas. Id just seen the dirty old man yesterday when he brought Mom her blood money. Mr. Parker didnt look so good. Mom said he had liver cancer and hed die a miserable and painful death. Shed chuckled when she said that. And said she hoped shed be there to watch when Mr. Parker kicked the bucket. Then Mom had laughed and kissed me and said at least old man Parker had put something fun for her me on his kick the bucket list of things he wanted to do before he died.

   Apparently the most important thing on this Parker guys bucket list of things he wanted to do before he died included watching a boy like me getting snuffed by a woman like Mommy. Ms. Amber knew Parker pretty good. He was a regular at the club. Mon knew him too. She said he was a real masochist. Ms. Amber claimed he was more a subbie than a masochist. And she said watching an innocent boy get snuffed was his all-time favorite fantasy. Its what he made her talk about when she dominated him. Fort months Ms. Amber had been weaving this tale for Mr. Parker about a boy and his Mom and about how much she wanted to snuff her own son. Shed gotten the poor man so worked up about the idea shed convinced him seeing something like that would make his life meaningful.

   Shed been working on Mom to snuff me for months too. Ms. Amber didnt even bother to make it a secret. Shed come over to see and make love to Mom and shed just start talking about how much fun she and Mom could have torturing me without any limits. Shed ask Mom to imagine what itd feel like to snuff me. Mommy would giggle and laugh, and if I was close shed kick me in the face or b7urn me with her cigarette or shove something up my ass and shed grin at Ms. Amber and tell her it would be fun, but tormenting me all the time was fun too. Shed need a better reason to snuff me than just having some wicked fun.

   I could tell Moms attitude always disappointed Ms. Amber. But she didnt give up. On convincing Mom or on getting Parker to pay to watch me get snuffed. And eventually Ms. Amber got her way. She persuaded Mom it was time to do me. And she manipulated old man Parker into paying a ton of money to watch. So thats why I was tied up in the barn, cuffed to a bar suspended from the ceiling while Mom and her lover Ms. Amber get ready to fulfill Mr. Parkers fantasy. Im the boy whos going to get snuffed.By my own Mommy.Because she was bored and a few thousand dollars is lots more interesting to her than I am.

    The only good thing about getting tortured to death by your own Mom for money is she had to kind of lay off me for a few weeks. She wanted me strong enough and look decent enough to put on good show for the dirty old man. Not that it mattered as far as the twenty five thousand Mom and Ms. Amber were getting to snuff me. Hed already given them all that in cash. So Mom could have screwed the guy, taken his cash and let me live. What could he do, go to the cops and complain Mom would snuff her little boy for him?I was in pretty good shape considering. Mom and her friend had really worked me over a few weeks ago. Id healed enough I almost looked normal with my clothes on. All Mommy had to do was tell the guy to go fuck himself and she could let me live. So I could continue being her slave and slut and good little boy.

    But thats not what Mommy wanted to do. Parker had a lot more money. Ms. Amber and Mom wanted it. All of it. And if snuffing me was the key to getting the old guy to open his bank accounts then Mom was happy to torture me to death. Heck, over the last few years thered been plenty of times when Mom almost snuffed me just because it turned her on to push me past my limits. Now she had good reasons to go all the way and indulge herself in her ultimate fantasy. Shed get the delicious pleasure of killing her boy and profiting from it too. I knew there were no further arguments or reasons I could give Mommy get her to reconsider. So Id die today. Mommy would be a few thousand dollars richer and sooo much happier after snuffing her boy. She was already excited and eager to get started. I could hear it in her voice. And see it in h9w she kept fondling her breasts and rubbing her fingers between her legs. Mommy was aroused. The thought of torturing me always did that to her.

“Ready Amber?You ready over there Mr. Parker? Good. Ive been waiting to do his for a long time. So, lets get this show started. Lets snuff this little boy. God, this is going to be so goddamn fucking good.”

Mom didnt ask me if I was ready. I didnt matter. Id never really mattered to Mom. Unless she could use me for her own pleasure.Or her own purpose. Youd think Id be used to it, having been raised as the slut of a Dominatrix. But I wasnt. All the time I was growing up Mommy loved to torment me by inviting normal boys over to play. Shed supervise of course. So I wouldnt say anything private or secret. Mommy had always drilled into my head that what she did to me at home was special and private and nobody had to know about it. If I tattled theyd take me away and put me in jail and probably cut off my penis.

Thats what Mommy always told me. So I never said anything.To anybody. But I did envy those kids Mom let me play with. As far as I could tell they never had bruises on their butt or cigarette burns on the inside of their legs like I did. They laughed and fooled around and even cuddled with their own Mommys sometimes. We didnt do that at my house. Mom said it was because she was so special And I was so worthless. I was lucky she didnt flush me down the toilet when I was born shed laugh when I asked her why she hurt me so much. Shed wanted to waste me and flush my worthless body away so many times shed giggle as shed slap me for being a boy.

    And now I guess she was going to flush me down a toilet. Probably not literally although she did have a portable bedside commode in the barn where she was going to snuff me. She kept one of those at home in her special sound proofed play room where she had her sessions with the endless stream of guys who came to our trailer. Some guys liked golden showers. Thats when a woman sits over a guys face and pees in his mouth. Scat play is when the woman takes a dump in his mouth. Not many guys like that. I sure dont. But Mommy does. She likes it a lot. So she uses me for a toilet all the time. Sometimes Im her only toilet for days at a time. The taste of Mommys piss isnt so bad. Especially after she doesnt let me drink anything else for a week.

But Ill never get used to the smell or taste of Mommys poop. It makes me physically ill. When Mom chains me under the commode seat and I look up at her ass, even though its a gorgeous ass, I start to feel queasy. I want to gag even before she shits in my mouth. She doesnt care. Its not about me she tell me. Its about her. So she makes me put my mouth over her ass hole and I have to start by licking shit out of her poop chute. Usually before I finish with that though Moms pushing a long smelly turd out and right into my mouth and down my throat. I eat it. If I dont she uses her cigarettes on my cock and balls until Im begging her to let me eat her shit. Lots of times even when I do lick up all Moms nasty brown crap she burns me. Just for the fun of it.

   But I guess all thats over now. Or will be soon. Moms ready to start her snuff party. Im the guest of honor. She hasnt gagged me yet. Shes going to ask me questions first. She wants me to answer in a way that will make Mr. Parker happy. I asked Mom what I was supposed to say. She just laughed and said shell make sure my answers please the client.

“Whats your name little boy?”


  Mommy used a whip and sliced me across the balls.

“Youre a big boy. You know how to show a lady respect. Show some to me.”

“Yes Mommy. Im sorry Mommy. My names Jimmy.”

   Mommy started to whip me then. She wasnt unhappy with my answer. That dirty old man Parker didnt seem to be either. He had his cock out and he was hard and he was playing with himself. Ms. Amber went over and gently pulled the mans hand away from his boner. Then she wrapped her hand around his dick and started jacking him off. About every third down stroke she went too hard and managed to pound the heel of her hand in the guys nuts. Hed grunt. And get harder. I knew exactly what he was feeling and thinking. Mommy played with me like that all the time. Ms. Amber did too.

    I knew what Ms. Amber was doing. Ive watched her and Mom work guys since I was a baby. Moms always been a dominatrix. Not away a capital “D” professional Dominatrix. But shes always enjoyed controlling and hurting guys. Growing up I got to watch Mom work her boyfriends. Ms. Amber was studying Parkers reaction to the things Mommy was about to do to me. Moms cruel lover would find out what tortures turned the man on most. A nod, a grin and a hundred other subtle signs from Ms. Amber would guide Moms actions as she tortured me. The two evil women meant to get Parker super excited and horny by what they did to me. Once he was in that heightened state of arousal hed be only too happy to give Mommy whatever she wanted. Including his life when she asked.

    She didnt have to ask me if Id sacrifice my life and die a painful death for her. I was tied up. Helpless to fight back against Moms sadistic appetites. Id always been powerless to stop Mommy. Shed raised me to be that way. I was her slut from the day she found out she was pregnant with a boy, that most worthless of creatures.

    Mom picked up an acupuncture needle. It was six inches long with a ruby red bead on one end. The other end was sharp but not super sharp. The needles were used. Ms. Amber had stuck a bunch of them under my finger and toe nails a couple weeks ago. When she was persuading Mommy that snuffing me would be fun. Mom was using the dull old needles cause itd hurt more when she jabbed them into me and started piercing all the sensitive male parts of my body. I knew thats what she was going to do because Mom was explaining it all to Mr. Parker. To get him aroused and excited. He seemed to like hearing Mommys seductively sultry voice purr about how she was going to hurt her little boy.

“Im going to start on Jimmys lips I think. Half a dozen of these dulled needles should make the boy squirm.

How about it Frank. Want to see me put a six inch needle through my sons lip?”

    I glanced over at Mr. Parker and Ms. Amber. He was nodding yes to Mommys question. And I saw Ms. Amber leer towards Mom and give a little nod yes too. She had her hand wrapped around Parkers cock and she was jacking him off. I could see pre-cum oozing from his hole. Ms. Ambers leer and nod meant Parker was reacting positively to the idea of Mommy piercing my lip with that wickedly long needle. I also knew that if sticking needles in me got Mr. Parker excited then Mommy was going to stick a lot of needles in me. She and her lover Ms. Amber wanted Parker excited and aroused. Mom always says men cant think straight when their dicks are hard. And a man who cant think straight is easy to control.

   That first needle hurt like hell. Mommy made me stick my tongue out first. Then she picked up a pair of vice grip pliers, locked them on my tongue real tight and pulled and pulled and pulled until I thought shed pull my tongue out. Thats when she stuck the end of the needle into my lower lip. She poked it in and out half  adozen times pretending she was trying to find the perfect spot.

“No, not there. Its too close Jimmys chin. Nope. Not there either. Itll be on a slant when I push it all the way through my little boys lip.”

    Mom was having a good time. She was grinning at me as she jabbed the needle half an inch deep in my lip, shook it around a bunch till tears were pouring out of my eyes, then pulled it out and poked it in a new spot so she could do all that over again. I could barely see across the room where they had Mr. Parker cuffed to his chair but Ms. Amber was grinning and nodding yes to Mom. Parker was getting all excited watching Mommy torture me Ms. Ambers eyes said. Keep up the good work lover her grin encouraged. So Mom did.

“There. Thats the spot. Now. If I can just push it in far enough I think I can make Jimmy tongue tied. My boy talks too much sometimes anyway. Mommys going to quiet sonny boy down now.”

   Mommy pushed the needle through my lower lip and into my tongue. She knew the point had pierced my tongue by the way I jerked and screamed. I could feel Moms body pressing hard against me as she tried to keep me still. Im not supposed to fight Mommy when she hurts me. Oh, she likes it when I buck and scream and jerk. But Im not supposed to really try and get away. Or thrash around so hard I mess up her fun. But Jesus it hurt when she stuck that needle in my tongue. It was like an electric shock going straight through my head. Even my teeth hurt the pain was so extreme.

   Mommy slapped me real hard, pulled the needle all the way out and told me to explain to Mr. Parker why I was ruining his party.

“This nice man had paid good money to watch you suffer Jimmy. Tell him why youre being so difficult. Its not like Im doing anything wrong here sweetheart. Youre my son. I could have aborted you and flushed you down the toilet when you were a twelve week old fetus and I found out I was pregnant with a prick. But I didnt honey. I let you get born. And Ive let you live all these years. Well sonny boy, Mommy wants her abortion now. I know its a really, really late term one Jimmy. But Mommys reserve that right with boys. Mommy can get rid of a boy anytime she wants. Isnt that right darlin.”

    While she explained things to me Mom had been playing with the needle shed just taken out of my lip and tongue. She was sticking the dull pointed thing in my left tit over and over, jabbing it in, pulling it out then jabbing it in again. For her it was just play, some idle fun while she tormented me and put on a show for her client Mr. Parker. For me it was hell. Which Mom knew.And enjoyed.

“Well Jimmy. Were all waiting for your answer. Can Mommys abort their sons anytime they want?”

“I dont want to die Mommy. Please dont kill me. Please dont torture me anymore. I cant take anymore Mommy. Please stop. Please.” I begged incoherently.

   I doubt anyone understood what Id said. Mom still had the pliers clamped on my tongue. When I spoke the words came out muddy, indistinct. Mom laughed. Ms. Amber did too. Only her laugh had an element of triumph in it. Through tears that blurred my vision I looked over at Ms. Amber. She was jacking off old man Parker. And he was shooting off. His back was arched in the chair, he was making these primitive animal like grunts and a geyser of cum was spurting out of his dick. Mom followed my gaze and she started to laugh too. And stuck the needle back in my lower lip.And wiggled it a bunch before she jammed it into my tongue and kept pushing until I felt that long sliver of steel pop through the top of my tongue and bite into my upper lip.

   There was no going back now. Mom and Ms. Amber were going to snuff me. Not because I had a needle poking through my lips and tongue. Mom didnt care if she disfigured me. Shed done far worse over the years. No, I was going to be tortured to death because Mr. Parker, the man with all the money, the pervert who wanted to watch Mom torture me to death liked what he saw. And what he heard. Apparently the talk about Mommy having the right to abort her grown son had struck a nerve with the man. Hed had an orgasm then. So Mom and Ms. Amber were going to build on that and make sure old man Parker got more of what made him easier to control. They were going to give him me. Dead.Tortured to death.Aborted at the age of sixteen by a Mom who puts more value on her own pleasure than she does on the life of her son.

    I cried. Mommy laughed. Ms. Amber snickered. Old man Parker gasped as he watched Mommy shove that needle all the way through my lower lip and up into my nostril and on and on until the pointy end popped out of my nose and how Mommy, smiling at me, giggling at how I shook in her arms kept pushing that needle until she got it to poke up into my eye.

   Itd been awful sitting there tied up and unable to move while my Mom kept pushing and wiggling that long wicked needle closer and closer to my eye. Mom took her time. She made sure my eye was staring right at that needle. She positioned herself so she was right behind the needle so her laughing face, her leering lips the only other thing I saw. I saw her tongue dart out and lick her lips when the almost sharp point first penetrated my eye ball. Mommy paused then with the needle just piercing my cornea. She moved some to the left. She wanted Parker to get a good look at how she played with her little boy.

    He must have seen what he wanted to see. I heard him gasp again and then he made a bunch of those animal like panting sounds. Ms. Amber was laughing and teasing him about being so horny and having such a strong active cock for an old man. Mommy laughed at that and teased Ms. Amber how forty eight wasnt so old. Especially for a man. I heard all that but I wasnt understanding it. I was in agony. Not only physically. Mom had ruined my eye! Shed never gone that far before. Shed branded me and maimed me and left me with permanent injuries.

   Last year shed bent the second finger on my left hand back so far shed broken it where it joins my hand. Then she wiggled it and pulled on it and hurt me so bad Id passed out. When I came to Mommy grabbed that same finger and bent it at the middle knuckle and broken that joint as well. And then gotten some pliers and snapped the last working knuckle in that finger. Shed laughed while she did that. And she hadnt let it heal properly so my second finger on my left hand is permanently bent in a weird shape and its practically useless.

But I have seven other fingers and two thumbs that Mommy and Ms. Amber have burned and pierced with pins but always stopped short of disabling me completely and forever.

    And now Mommy has just about ruined one of my only two eyes. Shes practically blinded me. Shes going to snuff me for real this time. I know it now. Its confusing knowing your Mommys going to torture you to death. Especially knowing shes doing it for money but mostly because she wants to experience the thrill of taking her own sons life. Im scared mostly I think. My bodys convulsing from the pain from what Mommys done to me with the needles. But also cause Im terrified about what else shes going to do to me. When Mom and Ms. Amber get excited like this they can do some really wicked and nasty things to me.

   Theres a little part of me thats almost glad Mommys going to snuff me. Some of thats because I dont want to be her pain slut anymore. And I know the only way out for me is death. But a bigger part of the being glad part is knowing Mommys going to have fun torturing me and killing me slow. I hate being Moms pain slut but that doesnt change the fact that I am. And a good pain slut, one whos been trained practically from birth to suffer so his Mommy can have her cruel fun. Well, boys like that cant help but feel glad their Mom is about to have the best time ever had torturing a boy.

    Still. I hurt sooo bad! I tried to tell Mommy that. But shed stuck needles through my tongue and lips so when I talked it came out funny. At least Mommy laughed at me when I croaked out that I wanted her to kill me quick. I dont know if she understood what I said but I could tell she knew what I wanted. Mommy laughed at me and blew me a kiss and said she was going to keep me alive for days while she tortured me. Mommy giggled and said by the time she let me die I wouldnt even be a boy anymore. Id be less than an animal. Id just be a huge, raw nerve twisting and burning and writhing in agony. I believe Mommy. Shes having too much fun torturing me like this to want to stop until shes ripped every bit of sadistic pleasure from me that she can.

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