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The Torment of Sissy Slut Tinkerbell

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Synopsis: A boy is kidnapped, tormented, and humiliated as he is forced to spend the rest of his life as a sissy girl slave for an older man.

Three months ago, Eric, a 17 year-old High School Junior, started working as a stocker at Save More Foods, the big supermarket in Mapleville. Eric was a fairly shy boy with low self-esteem - most likely a product of relentless bullying in middle school. Eric was slow to mature, so when all the other boys hit puberty before him, they teased him for not liking girls yet, calling him a "faggot" and even physically hurting him on occasion. Eric knew he wasn't gay, but his low self-esteem and social status prevented him from ever having had a girlfriend even though he now desperately wanted one.

On Eric's second day at Save More, Brian, a 50 year-old ex-marine who retired early 4 years prior after earning a small fortune with a start-up company, took his weekly shopping trip into town. He lived in a sizable house on 100 acres of mostly wooded land a half hour North of Mapleville, and Save More Foods was the closest major food store to his house. As Brian turned down the cereal aisle, he saw a beautiful sight! Less than 10 feet down the aisle, Eric was bending over to pick up a cereal box, his ass pointing in Brian's direction. Eric's pants were baggy, but Brian could still tell that his ass was perfect.

At 5'6 and 115lbs, Eric was much smaller than Brian's 6'3" 240lbs of muscle. Brian was gay and very much into young twink boys, which Eric fit the description of perfectly. More particularly, Brian had a strong fetish for young twink boys being forcefully turned into sissy girl slaves who wear dresses, heels, and makeup; beg for a fat cock in their ass and mouth; and endure humiliation and punishment simply for their owners' sadistic enjoyment. Some porn and erotic fiction he found on the Internet only fed his desire to own such a slave himself.

Eric lifted the box and turned to face the center of the aisle, and Brian felt his cock twitch as he watched Eric's slender body move so gracefully. Seeing Brian, Eric made eye contact, and gave him a shy smile and a head nod. The store had a policy that all employees must greet customers as they go by, but Eric didn't much like speaking to strangers and figured his silent acknowledgment was good enough. A cute young girl might get a more engaged greeting from him, but 50 year old Brian was just another customer to Eric.

"Excuse me," Brian requested, wanting to get a better look at the boy and determine his personality. Eric turned to face Brian and replied, "Yeah?"

"Do you know where the condoms are?" Brian inquired, trying to embarrass Eric a little. It worked and Eric blushed slightly as he replied "Half way down Aisle 2."

"Ah, Thank you." Brian responded, before adding "Do you know if you guys carry the extra large ones by chance? The regular ones always end up tearing because they're too small."

Turning an even darker red and darting his eyes around nervously, Eric stammered "Uh, I think we would. They'd just be by all the others in Aisle 2 if we do."

"Thank you very much young man," Brian said as he started walking down the aisle. "Eric, huh?" He thought to himself as he made note of the name on the boy's name tag. "What a hot piece of ass he is! So slender, with such a cute face. And he looks adorable when he's embarrassed. That boy would be perfect for me! I must have him!" The rest of Brian's shopping trip he was mostly fantasizing about Eric wearing different girly outfits, tied up, and taking it in the ass. Eric on the other hand was left thinking "Wow, what a creeper. Why the fuck do I care about his condom problems?"

Over the next three months Brian stalked Eric. He waited in the parking lot to see Eric's car and then followed him home. Brian learned that Eric didn't do much other than going to Mapleville High and working at Save More Foods. When not in school or working, Eric's car was mostly at his parent's house. Eric did like to go hiking in the woods fairly often though, and having no friends, he would always hike alone. These weren't the same woods as Brian lived in, but Eric would usually go in a secluded back way that no one frequents, so Brian knew that would be the best spot to make his move.

Brian had it all planned out now: How he would capture Eric undetected, how he would keep him prisoner, the training Eric would undergo to become a sissy slave, the things he would make his new pet do, the sexy outfits he would wear. Three days in a row Brian parked his car off the road leading to the back entrance of the woods and waited for Eric to pass. After two days with no luck, he finally saw Eric drive by on the third day.

It was quarter after three on a Saturday afternoon in early June. Brian had been waiting since noon, so he was excited to finally see Eric's car go past. He waited 10 minutes, and then headed to the the park entrance where he knew Eric's car would be parked.

Brian drove down the mile-long stretch of wooded road that lead to the entrance. There wasn't a single house on the road and it lead to a small gravel parking lot surrounded by trees and containing only Eric's car. There was no trail into the woods from this location, just untouched woodland. The solitude was one of the main reasons Eric liked this spot, it helped him get away from the otherwise crappy world he lived in. He had no idea that Brian also liked this spot for similar, but much more malicious reasons.

Brian parked his car just down the road so it would be out of sight as Eric walked back. He grabbed the utility belt he put together for this occasion and exited the car. As he walked toward the woods, Brian fastened the utility belt around his waist. On it he had a handgun, a taser, pepper spray, 3 pairs on handcuffs, a ball gag, and a blind fold. He hid behind a bush a little ways into the woods.

After waiting in the woods for 40 minutes, Brian heard Eric coming back. He grabbed the taser from his belt and hit Eric with a strong jolt of electricity as he passed, knocking the victim to the ground. Brian quickly pulled out the handgun and pointed it at Eric. He removed two pairs of handcuffs and threw them to Eric, warning him "Cuff yourself or I'll shoot your sorry ass! Hands behind your back and ankles together!"

Shocked and still stinging from the taser attack and fearing for his life, Eric quickly complied with the order, locking the one pair of cuffs around his ankles before securing the other pair behind his back. Brian then put the gun back in the holster and gave Eric a good hard kick to the gut.

Eric curled up in pain from the blow, his heart racing, mind filled with horror. He recognized his assailant as the creepy man at the store a couple months earlier and he wondered what the man wanted with him. Eric figured he was probably going to get raped, but he had no idea the extent to which Brian was going to use and abuse him. "Please don't hurt me!" Eric pleaded, "I'll do whatever you want!"

"I want you to shut the fuck up!" Brian exclaimed as he bent down to secure the ball gag in Eric's mouth. After gagging his victim, Brian attached the third set of handcuffs between the other two, forcing Eric into a hogtie. He blindfolded Eric and carried him to his car and threw him in the trunk. Brian's cock was rock hard the entire 45 minute drive home as he imagined all the fun he would have with his new toy.

Brian saw the radio clock hit 5:00 as he pulled his car into the garage. He turned off the car and hit the button to close the garage door. "Only 5:00." He thought to himself as he got out of the car. "I can train this bitch for a few solid hours, get my dick sucked, and still go to bed at a good time to be rested for tomorrow!"

Opening the trunk, Brian finds Eric squirming around, trying futilely to break free. Eric yelled as best he could through the gag "Please let me go! What do you want from me!? Please don't hurt me!", but the words came out barely comprehensible. Brian chuckles and sneers down at Eric, "What the fuck are you mumbling about? Just excited to see your new home, I'm sure." "New home!?" Eric thinks in a panic. "Is this man planning on keeping me forever? What the hell is this guy going to do to me?"

Eric squirms harder, trying to resist his captor. Brian takes the taser out of the holster and shocks Eric for several seconds. Eric screams and his body convulses as the strong electric current courses through his body. When the shock ends, he laid hogtied on his side, trembling and sobbing, but otherwise he was still. "Damn bitch needs a lot of discipline." Brian noted as he reached in to pick up his captive. Eric jolted and let out a frightened whimper as he felt Brian's strong hand touch the back of his upper arm. Brian's other hand squeezed between Eric's side and the floor of the trunk.

Eric was trembling harder and hyperventilating as Brian picked him up, but he didn't resist. Brian put Eric over his shoulder and carried him through the entry way, up the stairs, into his bedroom, and set him on the bed. Eric tried to calm himself down by taking long deep breaths as he heard Brian walk away. "You're going to be fine." Eric reassured himself. "Maybe this is all just a bad prank. Those assholes at school are probably just trying to scare the shit out of you."

Eric's mind then turns to the pain he's already experienced, and the fact that he was forcibly kidnapped. "Even if they let me go now, they'd still get in a lot of trouble." Eric realized. "Someone isn't going to do something like this only to let you go and turn them in to the cops." Eric's breathing picks up again and he tugs frantically at his bonds as he starts freaking out. "I'm never going home! This man is going to do whatever sick things he has planned for me, and then he's going to kill me! I know he is! Why the fuck is this happening to me!?"

Brian returns to Eric with a pair of sharp scissors and proceeds to cut off Eric's boy clothes. "Let's get these ugly rags off you." Brian chuckles. Eric shivers slightly as his skin becomes exposed to the cool bedroom air. Overcome by helplessness, Eric simply lays there as Brian removes all of the boy's clothes. The only things going through his head are "I don't want to get raped! I don't want to die! I want to go home!"

Once Eric was fully nude, Brian grabbed a 6" leather strap, flipped Eric onto his back, and started whipping him. Eric struggled with all his might and let out pathetic helpless screams through his gag as the strap struck hard across his stomach, then his left nipple, back across his belly, and then all over the rest of his body. After 2 minutes, Eric's whole body was covered in red marks, from his chest and arms down through his stomach and side, and down his legs. His face was streaked with tears and drool and his body was shaking.

Once Brian stops beating Eric he commands "You are not to speak unless requested! Understood?" Bewildered by what's happening, Eric quickly confirms that he understands. Brian removes the blindfold and then the ball gag and then proceeds to inform Eric a little bit about his predicament. "I've had my eye on you for a while, Eric" Brian begins. "Such a supple, petite body, a killer ass, and an adorable face. I just had to have you."

Eric's face contorted into a look of disgust, fresh tears formed in his eyes, and he started hyperventilating as he reflected on the fact that he had still never even kissed a girl before and now his first sexual experience was going to be being raped by a man old enough to be his father. His mind then quickly went back to the question of what will happen to him once this freak is done with him.

Eric looked at Brian with pleading, tear-filled eyes. "Please don't kill me" He implored. "OUCH! ARGH!" Eric yelped as the paddle struck his chest across his left, then his right, nipples. "You were not given permission to speak!" Brian yelled down at the quivering boy. "Don't worry though, I'm not planning on killing you. I'm planning on keeping you here with me for a long, long time." Brian said his a smile on his face. A tear ran down Eric's cheek and he started sobbing as Brian continued speaking.

"It's going to feel so good with your lips around my big hard cock as I push it down your throat and you caress it with your tongue. And I can't wait to ride that sweet ass of yours and hear you squeal like a bitch as I take your virginity! I'm sure you're not fond of the idea of being a little faggot boy and being completely naked for me, so I want to assure you that isn't going to be the case at all!" Eric's sobbing lessened as he waited for Brian to explain what he meant by that last part. "How can he say I'm not going to be naked and treated like a ?faggot boy' when he just said he was going to rape me!?" he wondered.

"You see, your not going to be a faggot boy, but rather a sissy girl!" Brian explained. "What!?" Eric exclaimed, shocked at the idea. Brian responded to Eric's unauthorized speech with a swift and firm slap across the face and continued speaking. "You've got such a feminine body, you'll look so hot in little dresses and high heels. My beautiful little sissy slut, that's what you're going to be. From now on, you are my little girl, and I am your stern but loving Daddy. Your new name is Tinkerbell, and you are to refer to me as Daddy. You will dress like a girl, talk like a girl, walk like a girl, and, of course, fuck like a girl. You are to obey my every command and serve me skillfully and devotedly for the rest of your life. Now then Tinkerbell, would you like to see the first outfit I picked out for you?"

Unwilling to accept the fate Daddy had planned for her, Tinkerbell pleaded for mercy "Please don't do this to me! I won't tell anyone about...AAARRRRGGGHHH!" Tink's pleading was cut short by a scream of pain as Daddy lashed her across the belly with the strap again. The lashes continued for another 30 seconds or so before Daddy stopped and said "I'm going to ask you again Tinkerbell, do you like to see what pretty outfit I have picked out for my beautiful sissy girl?"

After a second of hesitation Tinkerbell knew she had no choice and replied quietly "Yes, show it to me." She was startled when she felt another 3 hard lashes. "I think you meant to say ?Yes Daddy, please show me my pretty new outfit'!" Daddy yelled with a stern, unforgiving look in his eye. The helplessness of the situation was sinking in more and more every moment as Tinkerbell contemplated her situation, lightly tugged her inescapable bonds, and looked fearfully at the expression of absolute seriousness and disregard on her captor's face.

Tink's stomach sank as she repeated the words Daddy requested: "Yes Daddy, please show me my new outfit." "Very good Tink!" Daddy exclaimed, "You're going to look so sexy in this outfit, you're gonna love it!" Daddy went inside his walk-in-closet and came out a few seconds later carrying a dress on a hanger, a pair of heels, and some other stuff bundled in his hand.

Setting everything else down on the bed, Daddy holds up the dress for Tinkerbell to see. It is a light pink dress with 2-inch shoulder straps. White lace trims the neckline and straps and wraps around the dress under the bust area. Between the lace trim and the neckline there are several small decorative flowers with pastel-yellow centers and white peddles that go across the bust, over the shoulder straps, and down around the back. Below the lacy bust area is a long, 3-inch wide, hot pink ribbon that is tied in a big bow on the front. The bottom of the dress divided into large pleats that go up to the hot pink ribbon.

"Pretty, isn't it Tinkerbell?" Daddy says, waiting for Tinkerbell to respond. After a couple seconds, Daddy narrows his eyes and says more sternly, "Isn't it, Tinkerbell?" Finally realizing her cue, Tinkerbell gingerly replies, "Yes Daddy, it's a very pretty dress."

"Yes it is, Tinkerbell. You are going to look very pretty in it."

Daddy then sets down the dress and shows Tink the matching shoes. They are also light pink with 4" stiletto heels, a strap to go across the ankle, and a little pink bow on the toe of the shoe. "Can't wait to see you struttin' around in these!" Daddy says before putting the shoes down. He then shows Tink the light pink thong with white lace trim and a little bow on the crotch, and a pair of sheer, white, thigh-high stockings.

"Do you want to put your new outfit on, Tinkerbell?" Daddy asks as he caresses Tink's arm. Tinkerbell whined and wriggled as she thought "Fuck no I don't want to wear a fucking dress! I don't want to be this freak's sex object!" But her body was still stinging badly from the beating Daddy had just given her, so she determined putting on a dress wasn't as bad as being beaten some more.

With shame in her voice, Tinkerbell concedes, "Yes, I want to wear my new outfit, Daddy."

"Good girl, Tink" Daddy coos. "I'm going to uncuff you so you can get dressed. You had better not try anything or else you'll be in deep shit, understood?" Tinkerbell looks down and nods her head.

Daddy releases Tinkerbell from her hogtie and gets his taser ready, just in case Tink tries something. After being released, Tinkerbell stretches a little and then looks at Daddy hesitantly before picking up the thong. She slowly steps into it and pulls it up. The material feels kind of good against Tinkerbell's skin, but the string pressing against her asshole is a little uncomfortable. Tinkerbell notices her cock twinge a little as it pushes against the crotch of the thong, causing the bow to bulge out a bit. Next, Tinkerbell grabs one of the stockings and pulls it up her left leg. Again, she kind of enjoys the soft feel of the material, but more than anything she is feeling deeply embarrassed. Tink pulls the other stocking up the right leg and presses out the wrinkles.

Tinkerbell picks up the frilly pink dress and holds it in front of her for a couple seconds. The bows and flowers and lace; it's all so girly. She wants to just throw the dress down and run out of there, but glancing over at Daddy with his taser at the ready reminds her that she doesn't have much of a choice. With a sigh, Tinkerbell lifts the dress over her head and pulls it down over her body. She sticks her arms through the flowery/lacy straps and the dress falls into place. She reaches around back and zips the dress up. It hugs her chest, but the pleated bottom flows loosely over her waist and comes a good 8 inches above the knee.

"Tighten that bow up." Daddy says, one hand holding the taser in Tink's direction, the other gently stroking his bulging cock through his pants. Tinkerbell unties the bow and then re-ties it so that the ribbon is tight around her waist.

"Spin around for me baby. Do a sexy little twirl"

As Tinkerbell spins herself around, the pleats in the skirt blow up exposing the top of her stockings. "You need a lot of work on your grace; that wasn't a very feminine twirl. But we'll focus on that later. For now just put on your heels."

Tinkerbell sits down on the bed and picks up the left heel. She slips it onto her foot and secures the strap around her ankle. She does the same with the other shoe and then stands up. Looking down at herself, Tinkerbell was dismayed to see that she really did look like a girly girl. Tink had never worn any kind of girl's clothes before. The whole outfit felt weird; the way her feet bent to fit the height of the heel, the tight fabric against her legs, the thong riding up her crack, the way the dress hung on her shoulders and hugged her upper body. It wasn't really uncomfortable other than the heels, but it was very degrading.

"Perfect!" Daddy exclaimed. "You look even prettier than I imagined you would! What do you think Tink?"

"I look very pretty Daddy. Thank you for the outfit." Tinkerbell meekly replied, eyes looking at the floor.

Daddy chuckles. "You're very welcome. I know my sweet Tinkerbell is going to be thanking me all night long for it; you'll make it worth the expense, baby." Tinkerbell looks up nervously to see Daddy rubbing his cock and leering at her. Tinkerbell's breathing speeds up and her mind starts racing. "Is this man really going to fuck me?" Tinkerbell anxiously wondered. "Am I really going to be used and treated as a girl? Am I really going to spend the rest of my life as a sissy girl sex slave for some psycho?"

Tinkerbell's thinking was cut short as daddy motioned toward the bed and ordered her to cuff herself back into a hogtie. A wave of fear overcomes Tinkerbell at the thought of once again being helplessly restrained and totally at the mercy of this perverted man. A quick glance at the man - twice her size and with an uncompromising glare - pointing the taser in her direction was all Tinkerbell needed to climb on the bed.

Looking fearfully in Daddy's direction, Tinkerbell picks up a pair of cuffs and positions herself sitting upright with her legs bent in front of her to bring her ankles in closer. As she brings the cuff link to her left ankle she can't help but notice how well the light pink shoes contrast the bright white material of the stockings. After locking the cuff in place, Tink tries the release lever. When the cuff refuses to loosen, Tink quickly glances up at Daddy and sees him beaming with a huge smile of satisfaction before locking the other cuff around her right ankle.

The restrictiveness of the 5" chain keeping her feet together quickly became apparent and Tink started shaking nervously as she picked up the next pair of cuffs. After cuffing her left wrist she picked up the final pair of cuffs and locked one end around the chain on her handcuffs. With a heavy sigh, Tinkerbell repositioned herself kneeling with her thighs straight up and lower legs on the bed with her feet behind her. She brought her hands behind her back and looked at Daddy pleadingly. He showed no sympathy or second-thoughts. The look on his face was purely a combination of lust, excitement, and joy as he watched his new sissy slave submissively bring the cuff to her right wrist.

Tinkerbell lowered her gaze again as she locked the cuff around her wrist and tears started forming. She closed her eyes and started sobbing as she took the remaining cuff hanging from her handcuffs and secured it to the chain between her ankles. Her hands were now stuck behind her back and secured to her ankles in hogtie fashion. As soon as her bondage was finished, Daddy crawled on the bed and knelt next to Tinkerbell. He wrapped his arms around the lightly crying sissy girl and pressed his cheek against hers. He gently rocked her side to side as he held her in a caring embrace and whispered to her in a reassuring voice, "Don't cry baby, Daddy is here for you. I'm all you need now."

Tinkerbell continued her sobbing as Daddy kissed her cheek. "Cheer up Tink," Daddy said calmly as he started rubbing his hand up and down Tinkerbell's bare arm. "You just got this beautiful new dress, moved into a wonderful new home with a loving Daddy, and you never have to worry about what pretty girls think of you ever again. You should be joyful about this new life of yours. I think some good cuddle time with Daddy will cheer you up."

Daddy put his lips on Tinkerbell's neck and started sucking. As he gave his slut her first hickey he carefully brought her to lay on her side. As Daddy kissed, licked, and sucked on Tinkerbell's face and neck, his hands rubbed all over her body. They caressed her arms and chest, rubbed up her stockings to her bare legs then up her skirt. He rubbed Tinkerbell's inner thighs and ran his fingers over her panty line. He stroked her sissy cock through her panties, causing it to swell. Tinkerbell just whimpered and sobbed as Daddy caressed his new girl's body and told her how pretty she is and how much fun she's going to have.

After a few minutes Daddy puts his mouth by Tinkerbell's and says "Give Daddy a kiss," as he strokes her sissy cock. Tinkerbell turns her head away in disgust. Daddy brings his hand down to Tink's ball sac and squeezes it, lightly at first, but quickly increasing in pressure. "Be a good little girl and make out with Daddy, OK?"

Tinkerbell quickly gives into the pain in her sac and presses her lips against Daddy's. Daddy sticks his tongue inside Tink's mouth and their tongues twist as their lips move in unison. Daddy resumes rubbing Tinkerbell's cock and soon he has her panting and lightly grinding against his hand as they continue their passionate kissing. "Why the fuck is this turning me on!?" Tinkerbell thinks in horror as she catches herself grinding against Daddy's hand. As disgusted as Tinkerbell was at making out with a 50 year old man as he played with her body, she couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure every now and then when their lips would part.

"I love you, Tinkerbell" Daddy said, staring down at Tinkerbell. "Do you love me?"

"Oh, god. Why does he make me do this?" Tinkerbell thought. "Why can't he just fuck me and get it over with? Why must he degrade me so much first?"

"Yes, Daddy, I love you too." Tinkerbell replied. Daddy then continued kissing Tinkerbell.

"This bitch is so submissive right now!" Daddy thought to himself. "It won't last though. Once the helplessness really sinks in and she sees what I all have planned for her, I'm sure she'll put up a hell of a fight. Stupid slut doesn't have any idea of how hellish her life is really going to be from now on!"

Daddy makes out with Tinkerbell for another 15 minutes. A couple of times Tink puts up resistance again, only to give up shortly after Daddy starts squeezing her balls again.

Daddy gives Tink one last kiss on the lips and gives her a big smile before he grabs the ball gag and says "be a good girl and open up." Tink resists, so Daddy pushes his knee into Tink's sack until Tink opens his mouth and the gag is secured with a D-ring in the back. Then Daddy grabs a leather paddle and starts beating Tink's ass. Tink's body jolts and she squeals in pain as the leather strikes her bare ass. After a solid minute, Tink's ass is red and tears streak her face. Daddy lays down and brings his face just an inch from Tink's. A tear rolls down as Tink tightly shuts her eyes to escape her tormentor's gaze.

"Is my sissy girl hungry for her Daddy's cock?" Tink squirms a little and groans in displeasure at the suggestion, so Daddy spanks Tink for another 15 seconds. He leans in again and asks, "Ready to suck Daddy's cock? Or do you need to get spanked again?"

More groaning leads to another minute of spanking, after which Daddy immediately grabs Tink's ball sack and squeezes firmly.

"You want to suck Daddy's cock now?" A more desperate Tinkerbell frantically nods affirmative while murmuring "MM-HM" through the gag. "Aw, my little Tinkerbell is learning. How cute!" Daddy complements as he gently strokes Tinkerbell's cheek before giving her a kiss on the forehead.

Daddy puts a shock collar on Tinkerbell and gives a couple of warning shocks that make her squeal. "If you stop sucking or aren't doing well enough, you will be shocked," Daddy explained.

Daddy removes the gag from Tinkerbell's mouth. "Say, ?I want to suck your big hard cock, Daddy.'" Looking down at the bed, Tinkerbell softly, and in a creaking voice, says, "I want to suck your big hard cock, Daddy." Tinkerbell yelps and jolts as she is shocked by Daddy, who commands, "Look me in the eye and say it like you mean it!"

Shivering in fear and helplessness, Tinkerbell turns her head up and looks Daddy in the eye. In a little louder and more stable voice Tinkerbell repeats, "I want to suck your big hard cock, Daddy."

Still not impressed, Daddy delivers another shock to Tinkerbell, who inadvertently responds by yelling out "AHH! What the fuck!?" Daddy then quickly turns the dial up a notch and shocks Tinkerbell a little longer. He chastises his captive, saying, "That kind of language is totally unbecoming of a pretty little girl such as yourself!"

Crying and looking Daddy in the eye, Tinkerbell apologizes, "I'm sorry Daddy, please just let me suck your big hard cock!"

"OK, Tinkerbell, I'll make you a deal. I'll let you suck me off, but only if you promise to swallow every last drop of my cum. Deal?" Tinkerbell just pouted and whimpered, prompting Daddy to administer another painful shock. Tinkerbell shuts her eyes and screams. After a few seconds, Daddy releases the shock button and Tinkerbell whimpers, "Please let me suck your cock Daddy. I promise to swallow all of your cum."

"ARRRGGGHHH!" Tinkerbell screams as Daddy shocks her once again. "You're not very convincing, Tink." Tinkerbell opens her eyes and looks at Daddy. With desperate sincerity, Tinkerbell begs, "Please Daddy, please let me suck your big hard cock! I promise I will do a good job and swallow all of your cum, Daddy!"

"Yeah, you're going to be a good sissy slut?"

"Yes, Daddy."

A quick shock tells Tinkerbell to elaborate, "Yes Daddy, I'm going to be a good sissy slut."

"I don't know, Tink. You haven't been a very good sissy slut thus far..." Daddy responds. "I need my sissy girl to be a cock worshiping whore. I don't think you want my cock bad enough, Tink. I think you need me to beat the sluttiness into you for another hour or two first, what do you think?"

The threat of further beatings made Tinkerbell beg desperately. "Please Daddy! I need to suck your cock! I can be a good sissy slut! I want to worship your cock, Daddy! I want to feel your big hard cock down my throat and taste your cum! Please let this sissy whore suck your cock Daddy!" Tinkerbell was disgusted by what she was saying, but she believed her body couldn't take much more abuse.

"You promise to do a great job and swallow all of it? A shitty blow job is just gonna piss me off more!" Tinkerbell wasn't sure how well she would do, but she was sure that at least trying had to be the best option. "Yes, I promise to give you a great blow job and swallow all of your cum, Daddy."

"Alright, slut. I'll give you a chance. If you keep your promise, we can just cuddle for the rest of the evening and then get some sleep. If you don't keep your promise though," Daddy paused for dramatic effect, "You're going to be punished the rest of the night in the hope that it will encourage you to try harder tomorrow."

Daddy stands up and loosens his belt. He slides his pants down and steps out of them followed by his boxers. Tinkerbell stares in horror and disgust as she looks at his rock-hard 7-inch cock. "All for you, baby!" Daddy announced as he stroked his huge member. Then he removed his socks and pulled his shirt off over his head. Naked, Daddy now crawls back on the bed and lays against a pillow on the head board. He grabs Tinkerbell and pulls her onto her stomach between his spread legs and brings her face to his crotch.

Knowing that Daddy wants her to be a cock hungry whore, Tinkerbell sticks out her tongue and licks the shaft of Daddy's cock. She then wraps her lips around the head of his cock and starts sucking gently as she flicks her tongue over the tip and his pee-hole. She lowers her head to take more of Daddy's cock in while maintaining sensual pressure with her lips and her tongue slides down the bottom of Daddy's shaft.

After a couple inches of Daddy's manhood are in her mouth, Tinkerbell gags. She recoils back, taking her mouth off Daddy's cock, coughing and catching her breath. Daddy grabs Tink's hair, pulls it back to force her head up to look at him, and then slaps her hard across the face. "Off to a bad start, Tink." Daddy warns her before using her hair to guide her head back to his cock. Tinkerbell opens up and takes it back in, resuming her sucking and licking.

Daddy uses Tinkerbell's hair to guide her face up and down on his cock. She continues gagging when his cock is a couple inches in, but he holds her head in place for a couple seconds before pulling her head back for a slight break, all the while keeping his cock in her mouth. Tears run down her face as Tinkerbell tries as best as she can to pleasure her Daddy's cock.

Every couple of thrusts, Daddy brings Tinkerbell's mouth a little further down on his cock. As she gags, Tinkerbell worries, "I need to stop gagging! I hope he doesn't judge me too harshly, this is really hard. I'm really trying my best. I really don't want to be punished again."

Daddy is also thinking about Tinkerbell's constant gagging. "This slut has a long way to go before she's any good at sucking cock. I think she needs a little more encouragement to stop gagging." As Daddy pushes Tinkerbell's face 4.5 inches down his cock, Tinkerbell gags yet again. This time Daddy responds by giving Tinkerbell a short shock as he pulled her head back.

The sudden shock made Tinkerbell flinch, causing her to press her teeth down on Daddy's cock. This infuriated Daddy, who pulled Tinkerbell fully off his cock, turned up the voltage, and gave Tinkerbell a strong 10-second shock followed by 3 hard slaps across the face. Daddy's face turned red with rage as he yelled at the terrified sissy, "You fucking piece of shit! Your teeth should never touch my cock! And stop fucking gagging! Take my cock like a good fucking whore, you stupid sissy bitch!"

After another slap, Daddy pulled Tinkerbell's head back onto his cock. This time though, he pulls her all the way down, pushing all 7 inches into her mouth and down her throat. Tinkerbell thrashes about as she chokes on Daddy's cock, unable to breathe with the large member filling her throat.

Tinkerbell throws up a little as Daddy pulls her head back off again. "You disgusting bitch!" Daddy yells, slapping Tinkerbell again. Between her sobbing and coughing, Tinkerbell tries to apologize, but Daddy delivers another long shock. "How dare you get sick on your Daddy! You definitely need to be put in your fucking place, whore!" He yells at her.

Tinkerbell's thoughts are a chaotic, frantic, mess. "God damn it! I fucked up big! I'm definitely getting punished now! Why the fuck is this happening to me!? I just want to go home!"

Daddy pulls Tinkerbell back onto his cock. Thrusting hard, he forces Tinkerbell to deep throat him again for a couple seconds before pulling a couple inches back and repeating. Tinkerbell tries frantically to keep sucking and licking as she continues to gag on Daddy's cock. She gets sick a couple more times, but Daddy just keeps fucking her face hard.

"I'm sure you realize by now that your getting punished tonight." Daddy remarks between grunts and moans of pleasure. "But you still better try swallowing my load. If you do, you'll be punished for a couple hours and then I'll put you to bed. If you don't swallow, your punishment will continue through the night 'til I get up."

"Really!?" Tinkerbell thought as she choked on Daddy's cock. "Even after all this, he can still make it worse!? I know I'm not going to be able to swallow! He knows that too! He wants to punish me all night long!" Tinkerbell continued trying to pleasure Daddy the best she could - afraid that he could make things worse still - but she knew if was mostly a lost cause.

"Here it comes Tink! Swallow my hot, sticky, load!" Tinkerbell felt Daddy's cock start twitching and then a warm salty flavor engulfed her mouth and she could feel the gooey spunk cover her tongue and run down her throat. She gagged and coughed as Daddy kept her mouth working on his cock. Cum flew out of her mouth on to the bed and Daddy's shaft as she coughed. Once Daddy was done blowing his load, he wiped the cum and saliva off of his cock onto Tinkerbell's face.

Tinkerbell lay in front of Daddy, crying uncontrollably out of disgust at what just happened to her, and fear of what the rest of the night would bring. Daddy looked down at the pathetic mess laying before him and shook his head in disappointment. "You didn't keep your promise, Tink."

"I... I... I'm sorry... Daddy." Tinkerbell apologized. "Sorry? Sorry doesn't cut it, babe." Daddy informed her. He grabbed the ball gag and locked it in Tinkerbell's mouth.

Daddy got up and walked to the closet, returning with a few restraints in hand. They had a 2-inch wide locking leather cuff on one end, attached to a 4-foot long, 2-inch wide, leather strap with small, half-inch diameter, holes placed every inch.

Daddy removed the handcuff from Tinkerbell's right wrist and replaced it with a leather cuff that he locked snuggly into place. He took the strap attached to the cuff, and brought it up to the bed post at the top right of the bed. He looped the strap around the post and then locked it into place with 18-inches of strap between the bedpost and Tinkerbell's wrist cuff.

Daddy repeated this process with Tinkerbell's other wrist and then her ankles so Tinkerbell was spread eagle on her back. Daddy adjusted the straps so they pulled Tink's limbs apart, but left a couple inches of slack so her muscles wouldn't strain. The whole time Tinkerbell, not wanting to make things worse for herself, simply lay limp and let Daddy maneuver her.

Once Tinkerbell was secured to the bed, Daddy went back to the closet and returned with a box. Daddy set the box on the bed next to Tinkerbell and opened it. He pulled out some weird looking devices with wires and pads and things. Silently, Daddy picks up a device consisting of two short metal studded leather straps connected together and a wire running from the straps.

Daddy hikes up Tinkerbell's dress and pulls her sissy cock out of her thong. He wraps one of the straps around the base of Tinkerbell's cock and the other wraps around the shaft. They both snap into place and Daddy puts Tinkerbell's cock back in her panties.

Then Daddy picks up a 2-inch long oval shaped pad with a wire coming out of it. He brings it up to Tinkerbell's left inner thigh and peals off a plastic film on the bottom of the pad, exposing an adhesive surface. Daddy pulls down Tinkerbell's stocking a little bit and carefully adheres the pad to Tinkerbell's inner thigh. He pulls the stocking back up, and repeats with another pad on Tinkerbell's right inner thigh. Then a pad goes on the outside of each thigh, under the stockings, followed by 4 pads that are attached to Tinkerbell's belly.

Daddy attaches a pad a few inches below each armpit on Tinkerbell's side, and another goes on each bicep. A pair of nipple clamps with wires running from them are attached to Tinkerbell's nipples. Daddy then takes out a large box that he plugs into the wall. The wires running from Tinkerbell's body are then attached to this box. A final wire is run from the box to a small plug in Tinkerbell's collar.

Daddy presses some buttons on the box and Tinkerbell's body jolts as a mild shock goes through her thighs, cock, stomach, nipples, sides, and biceps for a couple seconds. Daddy hits a couple more buttons and Tinkerbell experiences another shock, stronger this time. The shocks come and go in unison, a few seconds at a time. Every couple cycles the intensity increases a little.

"These shocks are going to get keep getting stronger over the next hour" Daddy informs Tinkerbell. "I have this setup to run all night. It'll keep shocking you with increasing intensity over the next hour. Then you'll get a 15-30 minute break, after which the shocks will start again for the next 30-60 minutes. The exact duration is random so you wont be able to know when it will start and stop. For this first hour the shocks will all be synchronized, but in the rest of the cycles tonight the patterns will be more random."

Tinkerbell jolts an whines each time she is shocked. It's not really painful yet, just uncomfortable. "It's quarter after 6 now. I have a few things I still need to get prepared for you, so I'm going to work on that stuff for a few hours. I'll come check on you occasionally, but I'm sure you'll be doing fine." Daddy kissed Tinkerbell on the forehead and then left the room.

Tinkerbell pulled at her bonds and squirmed about, trying to get the electrodes to fall off of her, but there was nothing she could do. "I have to spend all night like this!?" Tinkerbell thought in fear. "I'm not going to be able to sleep at all! And what will happen to me tomorrow?"

After 15 minutes, the shock intensity became painful. By half an hour in, Tinkerbell was thrashing about and crying in pain as the shocks coursed through her body. Once the first hour was finally up, Tink savored the relief. Her body was sore and laying spread eagle was getting very uncomfortable on it's own. She stretched as best she could, but she couldn't move much.

Daddy came back in the room during her break and sat next to her for a minute. He brushed his hand across Tinkerbell's belly over her dress and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "I hope you're learning your lesson, Tink." He said to her. "Are you going to be a better sissy girl tomorrow?"

Tinkerbell whimpered and nodded. "I hope I can do better tomorrow," She thought. "I don't want to keep getting punished like this." "Yeah, I'm sure you'll try much harder after tonight" Daddy confirmed. "Well, it looks like you're doing fine. I'll be back a little later to say good night."

Around 10:00 Daddy came back to find Tinkerbell screaming through her gag and frantically pulling her bonds as intense electrical pulses shocked her body erratically. "Looks like you're having fun." Daddy mocked with a smile on his face. He climbed on the bed and straddled the sissy's chest. Daddy rubbed his cock across Tinkerbell's face, causing it to stiffen.

"You're so pretty, Tinkerbell" Daddy cooed as he stroked his cock. "See how hard you make me? I've gotta blow a load, and then I'm going to bed." For the next few minutes, as Tinkerbell jerked about and screamed in pain from the shocks, Daddy kept stroking his cock and rubbing it against Tinkerbell's face.

"This is what it feels like to be a bad girl, Tink. If you would just suck my cock properly and fully submit to me you wouldn't have to deal with this." Daddy reminded his slut."Fuck you, asshole!" was what went through Tink's mind. "I didn't do anything to deserve this! I hope you fucking die!" All Daddy could hear though was muffled gibberish mixed with screaming and sobbing.

"Does my pretty little sissy want a bedtime facial?" Daddy asked rhetorically. "Of course you do Tink. What sissy girl doesn't love a nice facial?" Daddy's breathing picked up and he pointed his cock right at Tinkerbell's face. Cum started spurting out and landed all over her face and hair. Once Daddy was done, Tinkerbell had streaks of cum across her cheeks, over her eyes, on her ball gag and lips, and on her forehead.

"Damn, that felt great!" Daddy exclaimed as he got up. He looked down at the sissy slave, still being tormented by the electricity, and sneered. "Welcome to your new life, bitch! Have a good night. I'll be back for you around 8 tomorrow morning. Try to get some sleep if you can, I've got a busy day planned for you tomorrow." With that said, Daddy left the room and closed the door, leaving Tinkerbell alone to her torment for the next 10 hours as the cum dried on her face.

Daddy woke up with the sun at 5:00AM. He had slept very soundly knowing he finally had his beautiful slave girl and that she was spending the night learning her place. He laid in bed with his eyes closed and he remembered the look of shame in Tinkerbell's eyes after she put her feminine pink dress on. Then he remembered the way she looked when he left her last night; her face covered in cum, her body twisting around in pain from the shocks.

"I wonder how she's doing now." he thinks, opening his eyes and getting out of bed. "I bet that bitch is exhausted. I'm sure she'll be more obedient today." Still naked from the night before, Daddy heads straight for Tinkerbell's room. When Daddy opens the door, he is greeted with the stench of sweat and urine and the sound of whimpering and sobbing. As he enters, he sees Tinkerbell is in the middle of one of her shock sessions.

Her whole body is gently trembling and she is making a constant weak sobbing noise. The different parts of her body jerk as they are shocked out of sync with each other. Tinkerbell opens her eyes and looks at Daddy when she hears him close the door. She makes eye contact for a split second before shutting her eyes and making a scared whining noise.

Daddy sees that Tinkerbell must have rubbed most of the cum off her face onto the sheet, but there is still a bit of dried residue splattered across her face and clumped in her tangled hair. Her pale cheeks are stained by tears and a thin layer of sweat coats her fatigued and twitching body. He sees a dark spot on her dress and on the bed around her crotch - she had obviously pissed herself during the night.

"Good morning, Tinkerbell." Daddy says, calmly sitting down on the bed next to her. "Looks like my little girl had an accident last night, didn't she? So much to learn... I guess we'll have to add potty training to your todo list. You probably didn't get much sleep at all last night, did you?" Tinkerbell just continues her sobbing, ignoring Daddy. Daddy brings his hand to Tink's cuffed left wrist, then slowly runs his fingers down the length of her arm in a sensual caress. "That's good though. Sleep is just a luxury for sissy slaves..." Daddy gives Tinkerbell a disappointed look and shakes his head as he continues, "And you certainly didn't earn yourself any luxuries last night."

Tinkerbell's trembling and sobbing grew stronger and a of couple tears run down her cheeks and onto the bedsheet. Daddy was correct, she hadn't gotten any sleep last night. Much more than half of it was spent writhing about in pain, unable to think of anything other than how desperately she wanted it to stop. Her cock felt as if it were on fire, her nipples throbbed, and the muscles under the electro-pads contracted tightly causing an intense cramping pain.

When the shocks subsided after each painful session, her muscles relaxed and her mind cleared as she took a few deep breaths through her nose. For a few short seconds, Tinkerbell felt relieved. "Thank God!" She would think, "It's finally over!" But as she tried to stretch her sore arms and legs, the straps that kept her immobilized quickly reminded her of the hopelessness and severity of the situation. As the pain induced haze lifted from her mind, the brief feeling of relief was quickly replaced with unmitigated fear as she remembered the sick fuck who kidnapped her and imagined the horrible things he had planned for her.

Although she was crying all the while being shocked, it was at this point she started bawling. "I'm not going to escape here, am I?" She asked herself, realizing her helplessness. "That man is twice my size and sadistic as fuck! There is no way I could fight him, he'd beat my ass in a second! This can't be real! I'm dreaming! Or maybe this is all just a school-bully related prank gone too far. He'll fuck me in the ass and then release me so all the kids at school can say it proves I'm gay. Maybe there will even be videos on the Internet everyone can see. But then I can just move far away and start life fresh at a new school." Tinkerbell tried reassuring herself, not wanting to believe the things Daddy told her. "It has to be something like that! This isn't how my life is supposed to go!" She tugged violently at the straps, hoping that by some stroke of luck they would rip and she could run to freedom.

The straps held up perfectly fine of course and tears of helplessness and desperation poured from her eyes. "Is this really how I'm going to spend the rest of my life!?" Tinkerbell thought in horror as visions of Daddy's perverted plans for her flooded her mind.

While she was imagining how painful it will be when Daddy's thick, long, cock rips her tight, virgin, ass hole open, the next round of electro-torture began. Tinkerbell's dreadful predictions of the future subsided as the pain throughout her body once again dominated her mind. This cycle repeated all night and Tinkerbell was 15 minutes into another shock session when Daddy came to start her day.

"Do you want me to turn this stuff off, Tinkie?" Daddy asks his worn out slave with a certain warmth in his voice. The hope of finally being done with this punishment takes over Tinkerbell's mind. She opens her eyes, looks at Daddy, and nods vigorously. She doesn't know what Daddy has in store for her today, but she figures that as long as she does her best to please him, it can't be much worse than this.

"Geeze, calm down there Tink." Daddy says with a chuckle and a smile. "You're acting like you're in a hurry, like you've got something more important to do. But there's no reason to rush, babe. It's only 5 in the morning. I wasn't planning on starting the day for another 3 hours, so you don't have to worry, we'll have plenty of time for all the fun things I have planned for today. Besides, I think this is a great way to demonstrate one of the fundamental rules of being a sissy slave..."

Daddy moves himself so he is straddling Tinkerbell, his legs kneeling on either side of her belly and his hands on either side of her head. He lowers his head to a foot above Tinkerbell's and his smile turns to a sneer as he tells her the rule. "What you want... DOESN'T! FUCKING! MATTER!" He yells boomingly at her and then slaps her hard across the face. "The only thing that matters, is what I want!"

Tinkerbell feels her heart sink and she starts bawling. Her body shakes and twists as she brakes down crying, tears streaming down her face. In between her sobs, Daddy hears her muffled attempts at begging for mercy. They mostly come out as murmurs, but he hears a couple "please"s, a "don't" something, and what sounded like "let me go."

Daddy stares angrily down at Tinkerbell and shakes his head. "Wow! Un-fucking-believable! You disrespectful fucking bitch! If there is one thing I will not tolerate, it is a sissy whore acting like she's too good for her Daddy! You want me to let you go? You don't want to be my sissy slave? Well that's just too fucking bad, slut! Because you're already tied up, in my house, dressed as a sissy bitch! Once you've become a sissy slave, you're a sissy slave for life!"

Tinkerbell stops yelling and her sobbing grows louder as Daddy continues. "Here is another fundamental rule of sissy slavery: You must accept and acknowledge that you are a sissy slave and that you will always be a sissy slave for the rest of your pathetic life. When you beg me to stop doing something to you, you are implying that your wants and desires matter, which is of course punishable. But when you beg to be 'let go' and no longer be a sissy slave, you are implying that we are equals and that you deserve the same rights and privileges that I and the rest of society do."

"But we are not equals, Tinkerbell! Not even close! As a sissy slave, you are the lowest form of life on the planet! Sissy slaves exist solely for their Master's pleasure and enjoyment!"

"It's bad enough to second-guess my orders and bitch about what your sorry ass wants - and as your training progresses you will be punished harshly for any such outburst like that, no matter how slight. For now though, I'm willing to tolerate some small slips here and there so we can focus on the basics. But I will never, ever, tolerate the suggestion that you should go free!"

Daddy repositions himself crouching on Tinkerbell's right. His left hand wraps around Tink's neck, choking her, and his right hand goes to her balls and he squeezes them tight for a couple of seconds. Tinkerbell instinctively tries to gasp from the pain in her balls and goes into a panic as she unsuccessfully attempts to suck some air into her lungs. With most of her body still suffering the sharp stinging pain of the electro-torture and thrashing about desperately, she feels like she needs air now more than ever, but Daddy keeps his grip tight on Tink's neck.

Daddy releases Tink's balls, only to give them a firm slap a split second later. Daddy continues slapping Tink's balls in a rhythmic manner, yelling "Bad! Girl! Bad! Girl! Bad! Girl! Bad! Girl! Bad! Girl!" one slap on each word. After 15 seconds that feel like an eternity, Daddy releases Tink's neck and she desperately hyperventilates through her nose as a tear runs down her cheek. The electricity still pulsing through her keeps her body jerking around a bit, but she stops yelling.

"Good thing I got up early today." Daddy says looking down at his fear-filled captive. "It looks like you may need a bit more training than I anticipated." A mischievous smile crosses Daddy's face and a few seconds later his hand is once again choking Tinkerbell. "If you really don't want to be my sissy slut, I can just keep my hand here for a minute and you'll never have to suck cock again!" Tinkerbell's eyes open wide in terror and whines desperately as Daddy implies he will strangle her to death. "Is that what you want bitch!? You're never going back to your old life, but I can end your sissy slavery here and now!"

"I don't want to be a sissy slave," Tinkerbell thinks frantically as more tears fall from her eyes, "but I really don't want to die! There's always a chance I could escape eventually, or get rescued. Or maybe if I'm really good, he won't treat me so badly." Tinkerbell shakes her head frantically to signal to Daddy to stop choking her. Daddy sees Tinkerbell's submission, but he wants to push her to the edge and ensure she realizes the severity of her misbehavior.

With his left hand still tight around Tinkerbell's neck, Daddy reaches back down to her sissy ball sack and squeezes it repeatedly like a stress ball. Each time the pressure on her balls increases, Tinkerbell lets out a pathetic whine and her face cringes in pain. As he abuses Tink's balls, Daddy looks down at her. "No? You still don't want to be my sissy slut?"

"What!? No!" Tinkerbell tries to yell with no success as Daddy keeps her air cut off. "I want to be your sissy slave! Please don't kill me!" Unable to get any words out, she shakes her head harder. "Damn, I can't believe your so afraid of being a sissy slave that you'd rather die!" Daddy tells a horribly frightened Tinkerbell, fully knowing what she really means by shaking her head.

After 30 seconds of being choked, Tinkerbell starts to feel herself slip away. Tears pour down her face as she thinks "This is it. This is how it ends." Tinkerbell looked down the length of her spread body. Past the hand squeezing her neck with a deadly grip she sees the ornate flowers sticking up from the breast of her pink dress. Further down the sheer white tights clinging to her legs run down from under her short pleated skirt into the bright pink heels strapped to her feet. The humiliation of her girly appearance adds to her suffering as she thinks, "I can't believe this is how I'm going to go..."

As Daddy sees Tinkerbell starting to fade away, he releases her neck. Tinkerbell desperately gasps for life giving air as a creepy smile crosses Daddy's face. "You stupid bitch. Did you really think I would go through all of this effort to capture you just to kill you right away? Like I said yesterday, I'm going to be keeping you for a long, long time."

Tinkerbell shuts her eyes and takes short sharp breaths as she sobs. Her body twitches as electricity continues searing through her, but she's so overwhelmed by everything the pain barely registers anymore. Knowing his slave has been defeated, Daddy turns off the electricity.

In an instant the stinging pains in Tinkerbell's body disappear. Her eyes shoot open and a look of relief and gratitude fills her tear-stained face. "Now that you know some of the rules, I think it's time we start our day. And there's nothing like a good blow job to start the day off right!" Daddy says as he rubs his stiffening cock against Tink's disgusted face.

"You want me to take that gag out so you can suck your Daddy's cock?" Daddy asks. Tinkerbell cringes a little, but she knows there is no choice. She gingerly nods yes. "Good girl. Now can you ask politely to suck your Daddy's cock?" Daddy asks as he removes her gag. Once the gag is out, Tinkerbell looks up at Daddy and says "Can I please suck your cock Daddy?"

Daddy slaps Tinkerbell across the face. "That didn't sound like a little girl's voice..." Tinkerbell clears her throat and then, in a high pitched voice, pleads "Please let me suck your cock Daddy." "Much better" Daddy commends as he pushes his cock to Tink's lips. They part as her tongue hesitantly moves forward and gently licks the tip of Daddy's cock. Daddy moans in pleasure as he slips his manhood into his sissy's waiting mouth.

This time Daddy was much more gentle than the night before. He didn't shove his cock all the way down, but instead just gently thrust it back and forth as Tinkerbell's lips suck rhythmically and her tongue caresses his shaft. Every now and then he pulls out completely so Tink can catch her breath. Daddy then holds his cock just far enough that she has to lift her head and stretch her tongue to reach his cock. Tinkerbell savors the quick break until a slight nod and raise of the eyebrows is Daddy's cue for her to get back to work.

"Yeah, you really want that cock, don't you slut?" Daddy mocks as Tinkerbell strains her neck and stretches out her tongue, reaching for his cock. After Tinkerbell manages to give it a gentle lick, he guides it back into her waiting mouth. As much as Tinkerbell hates sucking her sadistic tormentor's cock, she does so with as much enthusiasm and effort as she can, knowing it is much more enjoyable than going back to the electro-torture.

As Daddy begins to cum, he removes his cock from her mouth and strokes it with his hand, pointing it towards Tinkerbell's face. She closes her eyes as hot, gooey, cum shoots from Daddy's cock and lands all over her face. Daddy rubs his cock in the cum, giving it a nice thick coating, and then brings it to Tink's mouth. "Clean me off like a good cum-hungry whore." Daddy commands.

Tink opens her mouth and sucks the cum off Daddy's cock. It has a horrible salty taste and gross slimy texture. She gags a little as she swallows it. "MMMM, doesn't that taste yummy?" Daddy mocks as he continues feeding his load to her. "Sissy girls love their Daddy's love juice!"

After Daddy feeds Tinkerbell the last large glob of cum, he grabs his cock, aims it at Tink's face, then starts pissing. Tinkerbell turns her head to get away, but Daddy grabs her hair and turns her head back so his hot stream splashes against her face. Tinkerbell shuts her mouth and eyes as tight as she can and whines in disgust.

"You like being soaked in warm piss, don't you? That's why you pissed yourself last night." Daddy mocked Tinkerbell as his golden stream showed no signs of slowing. "Good thing you have a caring Daddy who knows how to treat you like the filthy whore you are!" Daddy lifts himself up and directs his stream onto Tinkerbell's pink dress. He moves it side to side to make sure her whole dress gets soaked. His pee slows to a trickle and Daddy lowers himself so he is again sitting on Tink's chest.

"Tell me that you're a filthy sissy bitch who loves being drenched in piss." Daddy says looking down with a smile on his face. Tinkerbell knows she has no choice and replies, using a girly voice, "I am a filthy sissy bitch who loves being drenched in piss."

"I can tell baby" Daddy says with a chuckle as he caresses Tink's wet face. "Since you love Daddy's piss so much, I'm sure you'd love Daddy's shit too, wouldn't you?"

A look of shock crosses Tinkerbell's face. "Yeah, some stinky slimy shit smeared all over you. You think that would be fun, Tink?"

"Uhh.. Um... I..." is all Tink can say as her breathing quickens. Daddy helps Tinkerbell find the right words and tells her "Say 'Please shit on my face Daddy'." Tinkerbell's face cringes and she starts to sob, knowing what is about to happen. With her eyes shut tight, Tinkerbell pleads softly, "Please shit on my face Daddy."

"What a filthy bitch." Daddy says as he turns himself and positions himself with his ass over Tinkerbell's anxious face. Tinkerbell feels a breeze of warm air as Daddy lets out loud fart. Not wanting to open her mouth in this predicament, Tinkerbell has no choice but to inhale the rancid air through her nose. Using one hand to hold himself and the other to hold Tinkerbell's head in place, Daddy starts to squeeze out his shit.

The turd feels warm and slimy as it hits Tinkerbell's face. She whines and tries to turn her head, but Daddy pulls her hair to keep it in position. Daddy slowly moves himself on top of Tink so the length of the turd runs up Tinkerbell's cheek and over her left eye. After Daddy pinches it off, he turns Tink's head and rubs it against the mattress, smearing the shit across the left side of her face.

"There you go, Tink. Does that feel as good as you thought it would?" Tinkerbell replies with a distraught whine. "Let's get your whole face covered. That'll make you feel better." Daddy then repeats the process with another long turd on the right side of Tink's face. Once that is smeared around, a slightly smaller turd is laid across Tink's lips as she whines in disgust. Her eyes are shut tight to prevent shit from getting in them. Daddy lowers himself slightly and rubs his ass against Tinkerbell's face, smearing his shit across the helpless sissy's lips and nose.

Daddy crawls forward and straddles Tinkerbell's chest. He grunts as he begins shitting right on top of the flowers decorating the breast of Tink's already piss-soaked dress. "I ate a nice big meal last night to celebrate the beginning of our new life together," He informs Tink as the end of a fat, 4-inch long, turd plops onto her chest. "Since this is a big event for both of us, I thought it's only fair to share my celebratory meal with you, right?" Daddy continues followed by a chuckle.

Tink opens her eyes slightly for a second and sees some more shit starting to come out of Daddy's ass. "Almost done, Tinkie" Daddy says as Tinkerbell feels the warmth of the fresh turd hit her chest. Done with his shitting, Daddy crawls further up to the skirt of Tink's dress. He grabs a pleat and brings it to his dirty asshole, smearing the residual shit across the soft pink fabric. By time Daddy's ass is clean, there are 5 large brown spots staining the pleated skirt.

Daddy pivots on his right leg as he goes from straddling Tinkerbell to crouching to her side. He presses his hand against the shit on her chest and rubs it around, spreading it all over the flowery breast and straps of the dress as well as Tink's shoulders, neck, and upper arms.

Wrinkling his nose in disgust, Daddy speaks. "You nasty, filthy whore. Look at you! Covered in shit and soaked in urine. You disgust me! In fact, I feel a little sick just looking at you right now!" Finished with spreading the shit around, Daddy cleans his hand by wiping it on Tinkerbell's hair.

Daddy looms over Tinkerbell, looking at her with a sneer of disgust on his face. After a couple of silent seconds staring at the trembling slave's shit covered face, Daddy hocks up a large lougie and spits it directly on Tinkerbell's right eye.

"Seeing something as pathetic and worthless as you are right now fills me with utter contempt and disgust. I feel that it is wrong for something as contemptible as you to not be suffering." This revelation causes Tinkerbell to start trembling in fear. She doesn't say anything, just keeping her eyes shut tight trying to escape into her mind. Daddy continues speaking. "Anything lowly enough to be bound up and covered in shit doesn't deserve the enjoyment of respite. The only just thing to do with something like that is to ensure it's existence is painful and tormented." Daddy flips the electricity back on and Tinkerbell lets out a long loud scream as the horrible stinging pain courses through her body once again.

Tinkerbell's body twitches violently as Daddy gets off the bed. "I'm going to take a shower, bitch. I'm not a disgusting piece of shit like you, I like to be clean. After that, I'll be right back here and we can have some more fun." Daddy walks out of the room and Tinkerbell's shrieking becomes muffled as he shuts the door behind him.

The smell of the shit is overwhelming and Tinkerbell can taste it on her lips. Once again suffering from the painful shocks she had hoped were over and covered in her captor's bodily waste, she felt hopeless as ever. "Why must he do this to me? Will I ever get out of here? If not, will he ever treat me better? Or must I suffer like this for the rest of my life? What other horrible things could he have in store for me?" Tinkerbell's mind raced with anxious, frightened, thoughts and her body shook in pain as she fearfully awaited her Daddy's return.

Daddy returns to Tinkerbells room about an hour later, completely naked. Seeing him return, Tinkerbell feels both relieved that the electro-torture is almost over, and terrified of what Daddy will do next.

Tinkerbell casts nervous glances at Daddy as he walks toward her. He wrinkles his nose and makes a sound of disgust as the smell from Tinkerbell gets stronger. He turns off the shocking device. Tinkerbell closes her eyes as she savors the wave of relief, knowing by now that it will be short lived. Daddy crawls onto the bed and leans next to his slave. He feels a strong sense of power and a smug grin crosses his face as he looks at her pathetic form.

Tinkerbell is taking long, deep breaths and her whole body continues trembling. Her dress is still wet with his piss; still stained with his shit in several places. She smells very strongly of shit, urine, and body odor.

Daddy gently runs his fingers up Tinkerbells arm. Hey lover. Daddy says sweetly. Tinkerbell says nothing, simply staring back at him with fear in her eyes. Want Daddy to make love to you? Tinkerbell responds only by closing her eyes and whining.

Swoosh! Tinkerbell opens her eyes just in time to see Daddy bring the paddle down hard on her belly. She lets out a loud scream and her body recoils from the blow. As her scream fades, she looks Daddy in the eyes and sees him glaring back at her. You filthy piece of shit... he says, causing Tinkerbell to shut her eyes in shame.

Are you ready to be a good little sissy whore? Daddy asks. Trembling, Tinkerbell replies, Yes Daddy.

Want to feel your big strong Daddy deep inside of you?

Tinkerbell sobs, but obediently replies, Yes. Please, Daddy. I want you deep inside of me. She knows she has no choice.

Daddy reaches up under her dress, slips his finger under the fabric of her panties, and pushes against Tinks tight ass hole. She squirms and moans in discomfort as he wiggles his finger inside her. Yeah, you want Daddy to fuck this hole?

Yes Daddy! Tinkerbell yells back frantically.

Tell me you want me to take your virginity and beg to be my sissy girl!

With tears running down her cheeks, Tinkerbell cries out Please take my virginity, Daddy! Please make me your sissy girl! I want to be good!

Daddy unchains Tinks left ankle from the foot of the bed. He brings it up over Tinkerbells head and secures it to the head of the bed. Then Daddy brings the other leg up similarly. He adjusts Tinkerbells dress so her ass is exposed. He gags Tink, pulls the string of the thong out of the way, and positions himself.

Yeah. This is what sissy girls are meant for. Daddy mocks as he pushes his way into Tinkerbells tight ass. Tink struggles, and cries, and screams in pain as her virgin ass is ripped open. Daddy grunts and moans in pleasure as he fucks his sissy slave hard.

After several minutes, Daddy finally cums. He pulls out and a trail of cum, blood, and shit follows his cock. Youre a good fuck, slut. He says as he wipes his cock clean on Tinkerbells dress.

Now, because Im a nice guy, Im going to give you a choice for what you want to do today. You can get cleaned up, changed into a new outfit, and learn how to be a good sissy girl... Daddy says, rubbing Tinkerbells strained thigh. ... or you can stay here all day, a filthy mess, and keep experiencing what happens when you dont want to be a good girl for Daddy. He slaps Tinks balls hard to emphasize that the second option means a day of suffering.

After Tink screams from the slap and catches her breath, she quickly replies, I want to learn to be a good sissy girl, Daddy. She had suffered enough. Whatever degrading things he wanted her to do couldnt be worse than being punished more.

Good choice, Tink! Now lets go get you cleaned up.

First Daddy uncuffs her legs from the bed, then attaches them with a foot long hobble chain. Then Daddy frees Tinkerbells arms and cuffs her hands behind her. He attaches a leash to her collar and has her stand up off the bed. Her body is sore and shes exhausted from her long ordeal; it takes much effort to stand, and she wobbles on the stiletto heels. Come on. Daddy orders and he tugs her leash.

The force of the tug pulls Tinkerbell forward faster than she can get her feet to move, causing her to stumble and to fall to the ground. I cant do this! Tinkerbell thinks to herself as she begins crying on the floor. How am I supposed to walk in these things!?

You better get used to wearing heels real quick bitch, or were going to have a problem. Daddy says sternly. Im sorry Daddy! Tinkerbell cries.

Ill make sure that walking in heels is part of your training today. For now, just crawl on your knees. Daddy commands as he tugs the leash to get her moving.

Tinkerbell raises herself to her knees and crawls behind Daddy. As she crawls, she looks down and sees the leash attached to her collar, and the pink shit-stained dress with its big girly bow. Is this really my new life? She thinks to herself, tears running from her eyes. Dressed as a girl, being lead on my knees with a leash by an old man who makes me call him Daddy? I dont want to be his girl! I dont want to be a girl at all! Im not a girl!

I dont want to keep being punished either, though. she continues thinking. I have to play along. I have to do what he wants. She begins audibly sobbing. I cant believe this is happening to me! Am I really going to spend the rest of my life as this perverts sissy slave? What does that all mean? Whats he going to do with me? Will he cut off my dick? Will I ever enjoy any of my life ever again?

Almost as if he was reading her mind, Daddy tells Tinkerbell The sooner you accept your new life and realize that youre now a girl and your purpose is to please and obey me, the easier this will all be on you. Just forget about your old life. That person is dead. Youre a sissy girl named Tinkerbell; a pathetic slave who deserves nothing but humiliation and suffering. Thats all youll ever be.

Tinkerbells fear grows. She wants to protest, to run away. But she knows it will only make things much worse. So thats all I have to look forward to? she continues thinking, Humiliation and suffering? Why me!? What did I do!? Why!?

Daddy continues speaking as they near the bathroom. Im very stern, and demanding, and harsh. But... if youre a very good girl, and put Daddy in a really good mood, you wont suffer as much. In fact, if you're really good you might even get rewarded... Sometimes. Daddy knows he has to give some incentive for his slave to stay in line.

Sometimes? As much? I guess I have to take whatever I can get Tink considers as the hopelessness sets in. I guess all I can do is be a good girl and hope for the best.

They reach the bathroom. The tiled floor is hard on Tinkerbells knees. Is my little girl thirsty? Daddy asks. Tinkerbell nods that she is. Alright, just a sec, Tink. Daddy leads his leashed sissy to toilet, lifts the seat up, and pisses. Then he pulls Tink so shes kneeling in front of the toilet and pushes her head into the bowl. Drink up! Tinkerbell stares down at the yellow water an inch from her face, but does nothing. She feels overwhelmed. This is disgusting! I cant! I cant! She thinks frantically.

Suddenly, Daddy pushes Tinkerbells head down into the toilet water. Tinkerbell starts to put up a fight, trying to get Daddy off of her as he keeps her head submerged in the toilet. After 20 seconds Daddy pulls Tinks head up. She gasps for air, not even having enough breath to protest.

After she gets several quick, deep, breaths, Daddy dunks her head back in. Tinkerbell resumes her struggle as she fights the thought of drowning in a pool of pissed in toilet water. When Daddy feels that Tinkerbell is on the edge, he pulls her back out. As she catches her breath again, he slaps her soaked face hard.

Daddy gives his slave a stern look and yells, The first rule of being a good girl is that when I give you an order, you fucking obey it! Im gonna keep dunking you til I believe youve had your fill! Daddy pushes Tinks head back into the toilet, an inch or so above the water. This time Tinkerbell begins to lap up the water with her tongue. It tastes horrible. Some of the shit from Tinks face washed off into the water, making it even worse.

Now thats a good girl. Daddy complements. Youre never gonna get hydrated that way though. Slurp at it. Suck that water down.

Tinkerbell complies and Daddy can hear the slurping sound as she sucks the water up with her mouth. After a couple minutes, Tinkerbell starts coughing. Im feeling sick Daddy. I think Ive had enough. she says, her voice echoing slightly from the toilet bowl. Thats your fucking problem! I dont think youve had enough! Keep drinking bitch!

She does, but less than a minute later she begins throwing up. As she stops, Daddy pulls her head back up. I think youre good on water for now. Can you say thank you to your Daddy?

Thank you Daddy.

Daddy pulls Tinkerbell from the toilet and releases her legs. He removes her shoes, stockings, and panties before reattaching the hobble chain. Then he uncuffs her hands to remove her filthy dress before securing her hands in front of her.

Daddy turns on the shower. Get in there and wash yourself off. he commands her. She carefully crawls into the shower and lays in the tub, afraid of falling while bound as she is. She shivers as the cold water runs down her body. Ive spent enough money on outfits and toys for you. Im not wasting my money on hot water for a slave. Daddy informs her.

Tinkerbell grabs the washcloth and soap and quickly washes her body. Then she shampoos and conditions her hair. Daddy then hands her a bottle and turns off the water. Stand up. Rub this everywhere except the hair on your head. Your legs, arms, crotch, face, everywhere. Use the whole bottle and apply it evenly.

Tinkerbell stands up gingerly, careful not to slip on the wet tub. As she rubs the cream over her body, she feels a slight burning sensation. Its uncomfortable, but not painful; she assumes the feeling is supposed to be normal. Leave it on for a minute so it can do its work. Daddy tells her. Shes unsure whats happening, but knows better than to ask questions.

After a minute Daddy turns the water back on. Tinkerbell is shocked to see that as the water washes the cream away, its taking all of her hair with it. He wants me hairless, just like a girl! She realizes. The humiliation sets in further as she feels her masculinity washing away with her body hair. How much further will he go? She wonders. She fears for her cock and balls.

That cream does more than just remove hair, Daddy informs her, It burns out the roots, preventing the hair from ever growing back. From now on, youre going to have a smooth, feminine body. Just like a sissy girl should.

Daddy turns the water off and has Tink step out of the tub to dry herself. Once dry, Tinkerbell holds the towel and looks at Daddy uncertainly. Hang it over the shower curtain rod so it will dry. he tells her.

He pulls his sissy girl close and rubs her hairless body. So smooth... he whispers in her ear. Then he pulls her face to his and begins to kiss her. Knowing whats best for her, Tink parts her lips and lets Daddy suck on them. His tongue enters her mouth and rubs against hers. They make out for a solid minute before Daddy releases Tinkerbell.

Lets go get you dressed, little girl. he says. He pulls Tinks leash and leads her back to the bedroom.

Daddy has Tinkerbell sit on the bed as he goes to the closet to grab her new outfit. He returns with a thin white button-up blouse with short ruffled shoulders for sleeves, a short white and red plaid pleated skirt, a pair tall white socks, white panties, and some 6 black platform heels with buckling straps.

Time to get dressed for school, Tink. Daddy chuckles as he sets the clothes on the bed and uncuffs her. Tinkerbell picks up the panties first, and steps into them, slowly bringing them up her smooth legs. She grabs the blouse, slips her arms through the ruffled sleeves, and buttons it up. Its a little tight and exposes her belly button. I cant believe Im wearing this, she thinks, thoroughly degraded. She looks at Daddy and sees him smiling lustfully.

Next she picks up the skirt and steps into it, bringing to her waist, where the elastic gently squeezes around her, holding it up. The bottom hangs a good 8 above her knees. She slips the socks on and kind of enjoys the way they feel sliding up her smooth legs, the top reaching just an inch below her knee. Finally she sits on the bed and puts her foot in the tall shoe, buckling the strap over the middle of her foot, holding it in place. Once she finishes putting on the other shoe, Daddy comes over and cuffs her hands behind her.

He grabs her shoulder with his left hand and puts his right hand on her thigh, which he caresses gently. He leans in to kiss her, and when their mouths lock he continues leaning forward, pinning Tinkerbell to the bed, still rubbing her thigh. His left hand moves to her head and he strokes her hair as he lays on top of his slave, making out with her. Well, this is better than being whipped and electrocuted Tinkerbell thinks, still feeling greatly degraded, as her tongue plays with Daddys.

Daddys grinds against Tinkerbell, his cock stiffening, as they continue making out for several minutes. Youve got Daddy nice and horny, you sexy little cock whore. He whispers to Tinkerbell before kissing her some more. Get on your knees and suck Daddy off like a good slut.

Daddy climbs off Tinkerbell and pushes her to the floor. Good sluts always beg for their Daddys cock. He informs her.

May I please suck you off Daddy? Tinkerbell asks, blushing from shame.

Why do you want to suck me off, slut?

Uhhh... Tinkerbell pauses, unsure what to say. Obviously she doesnt want to suck him off, but she needs to say something. Daddy raises his eyebrows and gives her a well, come on kind of look.

Because I want to pleasure you Daddy. She continues.

Thats a good reason. Daddy commends, stroking his sissys soft dark hair. Is it also because youre a cum hungry whore, and you love eating your Daddys cum?

Yes Daddy.

Yes what?

Yes, I want to suck you off because Im a cum hungry whore who loves eating my Daddys cum.

You like the taste of your Daddys warm, sticky cum?

Yes Daddy, I love the taste of your warm, sticky cum!

Alright then slut, Ill feed you my cum. Just make sure to swallow every drop to prove to Daddy how much you love his cum. And everytime I feel your teeth, itll be 2 lashes from the leather strap once you're done.

Tinkerbell leans forward towards Daddys cock, but he stops her. Im letting you suck my cock just like you asked for, and youre not even going to thank me? Sorry Daddy. Thank you for allowing me to suck your cock and eat your cum, Daddy.

Thats better. Now you may go ahead.

Tinkerbell leans forward again and gently licks up the shaft of Daddys large swollen cock. Then she puts her mouth around the tip and begins to suck and flick her tongue over the head. Daddy moans in pleasure and affectionately strokes her hair. After a few seconds, Tinkerbell lowers her head down, taking Daddys cock deeper; licking her tongue over the underside of Daddys cock as she does so. Thats a good girl. Daddy complements. You were totally born to worship cock.

Tinkerbells head bobs up and down on her Daddys cock, sucking like a hungry whore, afraid to do any differently.

Hey! No teeth bitch! Daddy yells as Tinkerbells teeth accidentally graze his cock. Shit! Gotta be more careful! Tink realizes, quickly wrapping her lips around her teeth and continuing sucking. Yeah, like that. But go deeper! Daddy commands as he grabs his slaves head and forces it all the way down on his cock, causing her to gag and struggle.

Thats right you dumb slut! All the way down! He yells as he holds her head for a couple seconds. He lets up and she pulls her head off his cock, coughing and gasping for air. Daddy slaps her for good measure, adding Get used to it! Now do it again!

Tears well up in Tinks eyes as she goes back down on Daddys cock. He forces her all the way down again. Fucking teeth! Daddy yells as she forgets to be careful.

I cant stand this! I want this to stop! Tinkerbell is freaking out inside of her head. Every time Daddy thrusts his cock deep into her throat, she gags and cant breath. Why cant he be gentle? Ill suck him if he wants. Im trying to be good. Why cant he just go easy on me? Ill learn to deep throat if I must, but this is too much at once! Tears roll down Tinkerbells cheeks. I want to go home! Will this ever end?

Daddy sees the desperation and fear in Tinkerbell. Shes terribly overwhelmed, just as he wants. Work that tongue sissy! he commands. And stop with the fucking teeth you lousy cunt! He wants to push her to the edge. Get her used to trying her absolute hardest to please him. Make her desperate for any relief he will grant her. To instill in her a mindset of total fearful obedience and complete lack of control.

By his count, he felt her teeth 8 times already. His slave was nowhere near performing to his demands. But that was the idea. To keep her desperate, but trying; knowing she isnt doing good enough, and being terrified of the consequences, yet knowing better than to disobey altogether. The promise of respite is dangled in front of her, but kept just out of her reach. Then when the punishment comes, she will know its not because Daddy is cruel and unfair - he gave her the chance and she knew what was expected - but because she wasnt good enough to meet those expectations.

Daddy guides Tinkerbells head with increasing speed. His breathing quickens. Tinkerbell feels Daddys cock twitching, and hears him moaning. Fuck! Hes about to cum! Theres no way I can swallow this! Tinkerbell keeps sucking hard, lips pressed firmly against Daddys stiff cock and her tongue caressing its sensitive underside, as he begins to cum. She tries to swallow, and manages to gulp the first couple spurts down, but shes quickly overwhelmed and coughs up most of the rest.

Daddy slaps her hard. Cant you do anything right you worthless bitch!?

Im sorry Daddy! I tried! Tinkerbell protests.

Trying isnt good enough you stupid bitch! You dont get effort points as a sissy slave! And stop using that faggot boy voice! Speak like the sissy girl you are!

Im very sorry Daddy! Tinkerbell responds, raising the pitch of her voice.

Yeah, you will be! Daddy yells as he pulls Tinkerbell over his lap. Tinkerbell is crying and sobbing heavily, Im sorry Daddy! Im sorry! Daddy just ignores her as he picks up the leather paddle. I felt your teeth 11 times. he casually informs her as he lifts up her short pleated skirt and pulls down her panties. Tinkerbell continues apologizing profusely.

The first blow lands hard on Tinks bare ass. ARRGGGG! She screams in pain before sobbing some more. Without any delay, the Daddy beats the paddle down hard once again. Tinkerbell squirms about, screaming and sobbing and kicking her legs, but Daddy holds her tight over his knees as he continues the relentless spanking.

After 22 lashes, Daddy puts down the paddle and rubs Tinkerbells beet red ass. Shes stopped squirming and kicking, but her chest heaves as she breathes heavily and sobs. Has my sissy girl learned her lesson? He asks. Yes, Daddy! she replies, making her voice as girly as she can manage. And what lesson is that, slut?

No teeth when sucking your cock Daddy.

Thats right bitch. And youll be punished every time you do.

Any why didnt you swallow Daddys cum like you were supposed to?

Tinkerbell whines. Shit! Hes going to punish me for that too isnt he!?

Im sorry Daddy, I couldnt. It was too much, too fast. I tried, I really did! she replied.

I thought you loved the taste of cum. Isnt that why you begged me to let you suck me, so you could eat my cum? I thought you said you were a cum hungry whore? Youre not a liar are you? Daddy lightly squeezes Tinks balls causing her to squirm a little.

No Daddy! I wasnt lying! I do love the taste of your cum! I just wasnt ready! I swear! Ill swallow it all next time! I really am a cum hungry whore, Daddy! Im sorry!

Do you think you should be punished, Tink? You were a very naughty girl.

Tinkerbell is trembling. Its obvious what he wants her to say. She quickly thinks to herself, Im sure hell punish me either way. And Im sure hell make it worse if I dont obey. I cant believe I have to say this stuff.

Yes, Daddy. I deserve to be punished for being a naughty girl.

I think so too. And I think I know just the thing to make you remember what a dirty cum-hungry whore you know you are.

Daddy pulls Tinkerbell off his knees and has her lay on the bed. She lays there trembling, sobbing lightly, tears building in her eyes which stare straight ahead. She doesnt watch Daddy as he walks to the dresser to get whatever punishment device he needs. She knows shell find out soon enough, and shes preoccupied by her buzzing in her mind.

Her inner voice is mostly silent. She simply contemplates the total control Daddy has over her. That he not only can do whatever he wants to her, but he can get her to beg for it, and thank him for it as well. She feels disgusted and ashamed by the things shes had to do and say. Her inner voice speaks, I cant believe how quickly hes gotten me to submit to these awful things. But what choice do I have?

A chill goes down her spine, causing her to shiver, as she remembers the horrible electrocution she endured all last night. It was by far the most painful experience of her life. Thats the alternative to submitting as a sissy sex slave for this depraved old man. Even getting fucked in the ass and drinking piss from the toilet wasnt nearly as bad as that.

Looking down at her permanently hairless legs between her short skirt and high heels, tears run down her face as hopelessness overwhelms her. She knows this is how the rest of her life will go. Dressing, speaking, and acting like a girl. Being used by this man anyway he wants, and to act grateful for it. A life of bondage, humiliation, submission, and punishment.

Daddy returns with a small metal device in his hand. It looks something like a vice. With his other hand, he wipes a tear from Tinkerbells face. I can see youre really upset about not being able to drink all my cum. But dont worry, Ill make sure you remember to be a good cum slut next time.

Daddy brings the vice to Tinkerbells balls. She trembles as she feels the cold metal around them, then whines as she feels the two metal plates move towards each other, squeezing her balls uncomfortably between them as Daddy turns a crank on the device.

This will stay on until you suck me again. If you swallow everything next time, itll come off; if not, itll get tighter.

The device isnt clamped too tightly. Its only slightly painful, but it is uncomfortable. Daddy pulls Tinks panties back up, and lowers her skirt and smooths it out. What a pretty girl I have. He says, running his hand down Tinks upper arm. He leans in and gives her a quick kiss on the lips.

You hungry baby? Daddy asks.

Mmhm. Tinkerbell responds, nodding. She hasnt eaten in close to a day, and after everything shes been through the past several hours, shes starving.

Alright baby, Ill get some food for you. Wait right here for me. Daddy says as he locks Tinks leash to the head of the bed.

Daddy returns with a plate full of food and an empty glass. “I made my little sissy a nice breakfast” he says as he walks to the bed and sets the plate on the end table. It does look like a nice breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon. And it smells delicious.

Daddy sits on the bed next to Tinkerbell. “Want Daddy to feed you breakfast?”

“Yes please, Daddy.” Tinkerbell responds using her girl’s voice.

“Say, ‘please feed me breakfast Daddy.’” Daddy corrects.

“Please feed me breakfast Daddy.” Tink obeys.

Tinkerbell watches as Daddy cuts off a piece of pancake and picks it up on a fork. She expects him to bring it to her mouth to feed her, but instead he and puts it in his mouth. “MMMM, yummy.” he says as he chews.

Tinkerbell is confused. “Is he just teasing me?” she thinks hungrily.

He begins cutting off another piece. “Open up, Tink.” he commands her. Daddy puts down the knife and brings his hand under Tink’s chin. He pushes it up so she’s facing up at him with her agape mouth.

Daddy brings his mouth above Tinkerbell’s and then uses his tongue to push the mush of already chewed food and saliva into Tinkerbell’s mouth. She cringes as she feels the mush enter her mouth, but she keeps her head still, knowing better than to resist. “Finish chewing it and swallow, then open for more.” Daddy commands.

Tinkerbell is disgusted as she chews the moist clump of food, but at least she’s being fed something real. “Well, at least this is one of the least disgusting and degrading things to happen to me in the past day.” She tells herself. She gags slightly as she swallows it down.

By time Tinkerbell opens her mouth again, Daddy is all ready with another mouthful and he spits it right in. “You like the way Daddy feeds you?”

“Yes, Daddy. I like the way you feed me.” Tinkerbell replies after swallowing.

“See baby, Daddy takes good care of his little sissy girl.” Daddy tells his captive while rubbing her upper arm. “I love you, Tinkie.” Then he bends down to give her a kiss on the lips.

“I love you too, Daddy.” Tinkerbell responds meekly, casting her eyes down to the foot of the bed in shame. She wiggles her feet, not wanting to believe it was really her wearing those high heels.

Daddy slaps Tinkerbell hard across the face. “That didn’t sound very sincere, Tink. Look me in the eyes and say it like you mean it.”

Trembling, Tinkerbell looks up at Daddy and looks him in the eyes. Trying to sound as sincere as possible, she tells him “I love you, Daddy.”

“That’s better.” Daddy tells her before kissing her again. Then he resumes cutting up the pancake to feed it to Tink.

Tink’s eyes tear up as she watches her new Daddy cut up her food and put it in his mouth. How has she been reduced to this? Eating already chewed up food right from another man’s mouth? It’s so disgusting. Degrading. She doesn’t love him. She hates him. But she fears him. She’s never felt so afraid and desperate in her life. No choice but to obey. Her helplessness overwhelms her and the tears begin to run down her cheeks and she sobs gently.

Daddy brings his mouth to hers and Tinkerbell obediently opens up for her next mouthful. “What’s wrong, baby?” Daddy asks, wiping a tear from Tinkerbell’s cheek. “She’s so cute when she cries.” He thinks to himself.

“Nothing Daddy.” Tinkerbell replies.

“Nothing? Are you sure?” Daddy gently runs his hand through his slave’s hair. “I think you’re just overwhelmed, baby. You’re beginning to realize what a pathetic sissy you really are. I’m sure it’s tough to come to terms with, Tink, but you need to just embrace your true nature. It’s shameful, but it’s just part of who you are and you need to accept that. Don’t worry, I’m going to train you to be the perfect little sissy you were always meant to be and I’m sure that someday you’ll realize that deep down, all you ever really wanted was a strong, dominant Daddy to use you for his pleasure.”

Tinkerbell holds back her tears and stares past Daddy with a pouty look on her face. There is no hope. This is her new life now. “I’m a sissy girl. Tinkerbell. A slave for this man’s pleasure.” Tinkerbell reflects. The growing pain in her balls from the clamp Daddy attached reinforces her helplessness. “I’m scared, Daddy.” she tells him, her lip quivering, her eyes wide.

“As you should be, Tinkerbell. I expect nothing less than perfection from you, and as you’ve experienced, you will suffer greatly when you don’t live up to that. Fear and desperation are the only things that keep sissy slaves motivated and trying their hardest.”

“I will take care of you, baby. And I will treat you better when you’re being a good submissive sissy slave, but I will make sure that you always know your place, and that you always fear my power over you. Always remember Tinkerbell, that no matter how much pain or humiliation I make you suffer, if you’re a naughty girl, I can always make it much, much worse.”

Tinkerbell stares silently ahead. How can this be real? How can someone be so cruel? She closes her eyes and remembers what her life was like not even 24 hours ago. The freedom, the possibilities, the contentment. Gone. Forever. Replaced by fear, desperation, and suffering.

“Are you thirsty baby?” Daddy asks, interrupting her daydream. Tinkerbell looks at him nervously. “Yes, Daddy.”

Daddy stands up and picks up the glass. He gives his sissy a devious smile as he lowers the glass to his crotch. Horror and disgust fill Tinkerbell as she watches him fill the glass with his piss.

“Here you go baby.” Daddy says as he brings the glass to Tink’s face. “Fresh and warm for my cute little sissy.” Tinkerbell wrinkles her nose and whines as she catches a whiff of the pungent yellow liquid. Drinking his piss from the toilet earlier was gross enough, and now it’s not even diluted with toilet water.

“Open up, you disgusting slut.” Daddy commands her. A hopeless sigh, and then she obeys. She know’s he’ll be getting her to drink it one way or another. Her mouth opens slightly and Daddy brings the glass to her lower lip. “MMMM. Yummy.” Daddy patronizes her as he begins to pour his piss in the helpless sissy’s mouth.

Tinkerbell shudders from the horrid taste as her Daddy’s piss fills her mouth. He tilts the glass back to give her time to swallow. She closes her mouth and swallows it all down. “Ehh.” she makes a sound of disgust as she opens her mouth again. She fights the urge to vomit and anxiously anticipates the next mouthful.

“You’re such a lucky sissy.” Daddy tells Tinkerbell as he resumes pouring his piss in her mouth. “You have a Daddy that feeds you, and lets you drink his piss, and buys you such pretty clothes, and lets you suck his dick, and gives you the discipline and training you need to become the perfect sissy girl you’ve always wanted to be. I love you Tinkerbell, and that’s why I want to help you become the good little sissy slave you desire.”

“Why does he keep telling me that I want this?” Tinkerbell asks herself as she swallows the new load of piss. “Does he actually expect me to be grateful and happy about what he’s doing to me? This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had to do!”

Daddy brings the still mostly full glass of piss back to the table and sets it down. “Do you like the taste of Daddy’s piss?” he asks her with an expecting glare.

“Yes Daddy, I like the taste of your piss.” Tinkerbell replies meekly in her girl’s voice. “Play along,” she reminds herself, “it’s the only thing you can do.”

Daddy smiles down at her. All that discipline and punishment is quickly paying off. “That’s my Tinkerbell. Enjoying everything her Daddy gives her, just like a good sissy girl should.” Daddy picks up the fork and resumes chewing food for Tinkerbell.

15 minutes later, Daddy has fed Tink all of her breakfast and the whole glass of piss. She nearly got sick a couple of times while drinking the piss, but giving her only a couple sips at a time between the rest of her food made it easier for her to keep it all down.

“I hope you’re nice and full Tink, because you’ve got a long day ahead of you. But before we do anything else, I have another sexy outfit I want you to change into.”

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