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Black Pimps Sex Slaves

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Synopsis: White females are captured by slavers and sold to the black pimps to serve 7 on 7 in their many brothels.


All the captives stood sobbing and shaking in the opening of their cell door, chained on a very long chain to the center of their cell and standing completely naked ,unsteady on their high heels, with their hands clasped behind their head ,spread elbows and their tongue as far as possible stretched out of their mouth.

A very old big fat ugly black guard  stretched himself confortably in the soft armchair ,which was placed at the entrance of the basement, with two girls on their knees each on one side of him chained with a short chain around their neck to the ground ready to suck him off whenever he need it.

He raked his eyes up and down the figures of the shivering young women standing on either side of the long corridor before him.. He stand up and started to walk down the corridor pausing for each freightned white bitch , pinching and mauling their breasts and ordering them to spread  as far as possible so that he could finger-fuck them while kissing them long and deeply on their outstretched tongues,After these endless kisses and probings he let them turn around and bent over to stretch their anal opening.It always ended in the anal rape of one of these chained objects in front of everybody and when he returned to his chair his two mouth whores immediately started to clean the shit and sperme.Thats why he had taken this job ,he was a looser and now he has a whole harem of young white flesh at his disposal 24 on 24.

The clients enters the basement and walk trough the corridor doing just the same as the guard.When they finaly had select their whore they went into the  fuck cell through the bamboo curtain which gave some privacy.In the cell were 4 things:A mattress for the fuck business ,an old armchair  for the blow jobs,a toilet with wash possibilitys for cleaning the clients and themselfs after the cunt and anal rapes ,because rapes it always were. And the heavy iron ring in the center where the long chain around their neck was attached to,permitting them just to walk around the cell or just outside  the bamboo curtain to receive the new client in their forced humiliated position with their tongues out of their mouth in total discomfort.

In these underground rooms ,always in semi-darkness, because the lack of windows the only illumination was coming from red spotlights,the sex slaves will work,eat and sleep chained, doing working shifts of 18 hours and forced to serve all the old guards whenever they are called to.One of the  guards likes to shave their body hair by pulling them out one by one with a pair of pliers ,causing them to jerk violently and throwing their head back from the pain .Because of the long chains radius, he does it in front of everybody in the corridor while sitting on a chair ,talking dirty while probing and teasing their most sensitive places.Their mouth gaping wide with surprise and choc.He showed to everybody in the corridor  each hair he pulled out with a big laugh and forced the crying victim to kiss him deeply with their always available tongue to thank him for that.It could go on for hours .Their entire pussy became a livid red mass of pain and there were still plenty other whores left for his future amusement.

Against the evening the corridor is overcrowded with blacks .Each forced whore has to endure endless assaults on her body because these bastards have only to pay when they entered the cells.Most of them have just payed a little entrance fee and will stay all evening playing with the chained girls outside their cells in that awfull spread- tongue stretched position.They will stand before each and every girl and start forcing her to kiss them long and deeply , sucking on their tits entering their cunts and ars with all their fingers and forcing the whore to lick them clean , making comments for everybody to hear and to check “ I think this one kisses better then that one , try it yourself” or”I think her breast are heavier then that blonde slut there lets check it out “ “Look at that ars “ while they bent her over and put all their fingers in it one after the other.Ofcoars after a while they get to horny and enter a cell because the pimps do not allow blowjobs ore fuckings in the corridor with the exception of the guards who will do it constantly to make everybody more horny and been sure that all the visitors will enter a cell anyway.Thats why the black pimps earns so much money ,they have a selling strategy of white female meat.

The captives will never been unchainged unless they are transhipped to another basement brothel and they will live and work in these stank of sex,fear and sweat.They never see the sun or daylight,they only sees black frustrated and hated  racist ,out on vengeance for their past as slaves on the white plantages, by the thousands each month .From time to time one of whores get crazy and start screaming or bit a clients cock from frustration.The guards will make no problem of that ,They will lock her in a dark cell in an anal rape position and keep her that way until she is dead from starvation and cruel abuse.She  only gets water and will be used as painslut until she is dead.with takes at most a month or two.She will be an excellent example to get all the other whores in line again.They all are determined to comply with anything.

The whore began to trembling violently as the guard led her down on a short chain in the corridor.He had unchained her from the long chain and replaced her by a new arrival.She will be transhipped to another basement brothel but first she will be chained for months next to the guards armchair at the entrance of the basement.She will have to serve all the guards witch come sitting and relaxing in a 8 hours shift 24 on 24 .She will be their personal playtoy forced to feed and wash them with her tongue and giving them all the pleasures they need on all times.Most of the time she will not be raped ,because they can rape all the standing whores outside their cells ,but forced to smile at them and let them do everything they wanted with her whole body.She must act as their wonton slut making very erotic posings and let them grope her whole inner and outer body;They like squeezing her buttocks,sliding fingers into her anus and cunt,empty their bladder into her mouth,digging her tongue against their crap hole,taking their cock-knop down into her throat.

Sitting naked on their knees she know she must appear eager to please them with the biggest smile on her face with great open eyes and tits pushed forward by her hands and always with her tongue stretched out of her mouth ready to be slobbed and groped by them.,she will use her tits and hands to wak them off and take all their  cum in her face .She will be encompassed ,surrounded and crushed against their fat jiggling bellys ,leaving bite marks all across her neck and shoulders,assaulting her body and mind by enveloping her lips and pushing their fat,sopping ,drooling tongue into her mouth and writhed around inside her oral cavity for hours and hours, mostly drunk with a stinking breath of the alcohol.They sucked and chewed and slurped long drooling gobs and spit constantly into her mouth leaving bite marks on lips and tongue also.. They force her to masturbate and grunt loudly like a pig when she acts to come.She is not allowed to come or have pleasure but must act like the biggest nympho .To be sure of that they have removed her clit with a knive,thats why she trembled so much when she was put on the short chain..The ordeal went on for 3 whole months;She was spiritless and crushed when they send her to the next basement brothel;

Just arrived in the new filthy basement brothel she was interrupted in her first sleep by the brothel pimp who wanted to empty his balls on every new meat.He will do it every morning for the next couple of weeks.Later she will learn that each time the pimp passed all the girls standing in the corridor must bent over on their knees ,with their ass raised up as high as they could lift ,pointed  in his direction and  tits and face pressed against the floor.A pretty spectacle for all the clients and the guards.He calls it displaying the tools of his whores.As soon as he left the corridor they all assume the normal standing position, hands after their head ,elbows spread and tongue stretched out of their mouth ,continuing to serve all the black clients.,Obscene fingers start probing their buttocks,sliding  slowly down the crack of their ass,pinching their tits.They all used their hands, lips and tongue as best as they could to give the client a precarious erection.They all talk very dirty.This what they all hates the most : the pretence !!!!!!! They all preferred been brutally raped and sodomized  in the cells then  those forced stimulatings on a repugnant way for hours before been chosen.Sometimes a sex slave will not enter her cell but forced to entertain a whole gang of criminals as a sort of party beast,humiliated and probed by all gang members ,only stimulating them before they take an other whore into her cell. They all know they will rot in these basements brothels. Without ever seen the sun again. Resignated they all put their tits and faces again the ground when the pimp passes again.



(for the illustrated storie go to my website or google “Maria Proco”

He is an escaped convict for multiple serious violent sexual crimes and became only a pimp to do everything he dreamed of without going to jail.His latest victim is 18 years old, from Fresno, California, stood 4 foot nine and weighed 80 pounds. She looked like she was twelve!!! thats why he likes her so much.Like every night he had brutally fucked little Darling in both the twat and asshole over and over again.She was scared all the time. She wanted her mom, she wanted her home.Now he teach her how to deep throat so his thick fat monsterdick could go down into her gullet and she could still give tongue and lip action .She was horrified each time he rammed his foot long prick down her throat. She was truly afraid she would choke to death, or the dick would puncture something inside of her. He force her to postpone the awful moment of the actual face fuck for as long as possible by doing an outstanding job licking his balls and asses. She would cover the fucksack with spit and lick it over and over, so the huge nuts would swing, and then she would lick underneath the nuts and up into her tormentor's asscrack. He seemed to love having his asshole licked and sucked by young freightned white girls,thats why he was sent to jail and thats why he loves to be a pimp now.He can fourfull his wildest fantasies besides getting plenty of money by using his victims in his brothels.It must be every black men's dream is not it ???

They just delivered him 2 new rape toys.First he will see to it that they get hooked on heroine and to need it so badly that they will do the most degusting things to get a fix.But first he is gonne terrorize them :"First I'm gonna fuck and arsrape you, and when I'd done, I'm gonna kill you both, and put your body where no one will ever find it. Your mama and your daddy will never even know what happened to their little white bitch."He enjoyed the panic in their eyes. He held them by the hair, smashing their heads against the floor while he ejaculated.

He has his privit basement in the ghetto brothel ,full of drugaddicted terrorized and "ready to everything "daily raped victims.Most of them would be trained for the "Animal shows" in his perverted brothels. There he can do his wildest fantasies without being caught and send to jail like last time.He had kidnapped an office girl from across town and raped her repeatedly for the better part of most of the day. His mistake was that he let her go. (he was sentenced for 30 years for multiple rapes) While he was in jail for many years he had jerked himself off between 6 and 12 times a day concentrated hard to imagine his pecker thrusting up some little white cunt hole. ! He was a confused sex maniac. No treatment could bring about a lasting cure and now he was free!!!

Now he is going to play with his 2 new toys.At 48 years old he was a muscular 6'3" with plenty of stamina,his right hand was instinctively massaging his hardening cock ,only to see the eyes of these 2 new freightned chicks makes him horny as hell.He stood erect and looked over to the now very freighted girls. They were stunned and frozen.The girls were now petrified and started to cry nervously.He was in ecstasy. He had chained them together and will now rape them together !!! 6 holes to take !!!! you vould hear their hyperventilating screams and the growing groans of pleasure until finally he came with a roar like a lion. The thrusts were now intermittent with his mighty orgasm until he turned his first captive loose and she fell on sobbing heavily.He reached to the ceiling and let out a loud laugh, his hard cock sticking straight out, wet with cum juice and blood. He intended to work himself back up and do the same thing with the other.After that he wil start to break their arshole.

He pushed one of the newcomers down on the rapehorse, forcing her to lay on her back, then start to chain her in the rape position ignoring her cries of pain as he attached the short chain between her ankle manacles directly to the sides of the rapehorse instrument.Then moved over to one of the cameras. He lifted it up and carried it, still mounted on the tripod, over in front of her and put it down, then he looked through it at her. He moved over to a couple of big portable lights and turned them on, making her blink in the brightness.He likes to record his arsrapings.He has a big collection of them and sell them on the snuffmarket.
"Raise your little white ass higher," he called. She did as told, trying not to think of how humiliating the pictures would be.
"Wha... what are you going to do to me?" she whimpered.
"Whatever the fuck I want," he said, calmly.
He reloaded his cameras and then took a variety of shots of her in lewd, crude, perverted positions.Then he brought out a pair of big black dildos and took a bunch of even more disgusting pictures, all of them with her face scrunched up or mouth wide and back arched,.Finally he brought over the video camera and start arsraping her for the first time in her life, She sreamed and sreamed and begged to stop,the more she did the more horny he became.The whole event took hours, and when it was finished he forced her onto all fours and fucked her for a steady thirty minutes before shooting into her.All the time his second new victim has watched in horror chained to the wall.She knows she will be next !!!!!!!!!!!

He went to the chained victim on the wall and grinned nastily as he sat down next to her with a pile of photo albums .Just having the girl seated within groping range was enough to flip his switch . There were dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds. He pulled one out and flipped it open,showing her pictures just like the ones he'd just taken of her raped friend.He installed a great video screen in front of them and showed her a huge collection of video tapes. He pulled one out at random and shoved it into the VCR. He turned it on and she watched a very realistic arsrape. The victim was screaming moaning and panting and grunting very realistically.He get horny and slid his fingers down between her chained legs.She gave a short cry.
"Like that, don't you, white girl. Can't resist that huh? Slut! Cheap white cunt!" "Please don't!" she begged. "Oh don't! No! NO!"
He'd showed her, and showed plenty more since then.He'd lost track of how many he'd taken. Only his files contained the true figures. The names, dates, places, , pictures of the girls and women he'd used. Young and old, rich and poor. He'd shown them all.He grabbed a thick mass of her wet hair and pulled hard. She cried out in pain, rising off her hands,jerking back against him. He slid his hand against the side of her face, twisting it back against him. His
lips sucked hungrily on her mouth.His other hand mashed and twisted her tit meat, almost beating at her breast as his fingers gouged her soft meat.Finally he came, feeling his sperm gushing up allover her chained body.
"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" he gasped. "Take it white bitch! Take my cum! I'm shootin' it up your face an tits! I'm gonna drown you in my juice!"She trembled with fear, wondering if he was going to kill her, wondering what he was going to do to her.he picked up a rag and jammed it into her mouth, muffling her sounds.

"Tomorrow its arsraping time for you" he said while leaving the basement not after he had pissed on her to clean her as he said.She smelt dirty and was in choque for what is comming up to her when he comes back.

He rinsed off and stepped out of the shower stall,grabbing a big fluffy towel off a nearby rack and drying himself.He remembered his first white girl, years back, the snooty blonde who'd thought she was too good for him,who thought the sun rose and fell on her white flesh ?she is still in his dungeon forced to lick all the other slaves before a camera in a cage.Sometimes she had to do special things and i put them in the cage in the reception of one of my brothels to suck all the incoming clients. They must show her visitor and the other men the cum in her mouth before she swallowed. Sometimes they had her play stupid games, like scooping the cum out of her mouth and then rubbing it on her little pussy slit and poking it up inside her pussy with her fingers.He specialy remembered a huge fat man. The guy was gigantic and gross, rolls and rolls of fat. His legs were so thick and heavy he could hardly lift them. His stomach hung over his crotch, and a tiny head with three chins rested neckless on broad shoulders. The man smelled so of fat sweat that one could hardly stand to be near him.This man was allowed to sit naked on top of the cage to be arsrimed by one and dicklicked by the other,it was a disgusting sight,only thinking of it made his dick ready to start with another available chained chick.

"Hello sweethart ready for some hard time ???"
Terrorozing and torturing the helpless is what he knows the best and it's what he like to do.And as he wants to cum it is usually on the crying faces of the desperate girls.When he get tired of them ,mostly only after a fiew years ,theyl be forced to work as prostitutes at the whorehouses for "BLACKS ONLY "
"Fucking whore ! I despise you ! You're nothing but a pile of shit !","Madame tight ass will now be a good girl and open her ars with her own hands for me is not it??? "Fucking sub-humans ! You are up to no good ! You all should be killed ! by burning alive with gasoline in your cages !!"For terrorizing them he has always some gasoline standing in the corner of the basement and sometimes he wil pouring the contents over a terrified screaming girl who will promish everything not to be burned alive.Just by showing his lighter or his sigarette is enough to make them doing the most depraved acts in their cages.It's exciting and it makes his cock big and hard.A year ago when he was completely drunk and stoned he has setting it on fire. In a second the whole meat was in flames. He has enjoy the screams of pain and the smell of burning flesh stayed for weeks is in the air.All the caged captives were witness of this atrocitie ,he has raped ,beat and violated the crying women and girls and has satisfied his animal lust for weeks on caged girls who saw just burning to death one of them in front of their eyes.He hung the black burned dead girl in her cage on the celing of the basement as an example for all the newcomers,who will hear this awfull story from the other captives.It is what he cals promoting the fear and terror !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When he wants to piss he takes his cock out. It is limp , but it doesn't matter,He walks to the caged women of girl and let a stream of piss flow down on them.He is thinking that this is funny and he's merrily describing to the captive how fun this actually is.He force them to open their mouth and swallow the yellow brown stinking liquid thats why his basement stinks like rotten fish.They are completely broken and do whatever he commands. After pissing he whip her face with his cock and let clean his boots with her tongue, they are covered with shit, dust and blood, but his captive has no possibility to protest and so she begins to lick his dirty footwear with a disgusted expression on her face.For that he wil severely punish her because she must do it with a big smile on her face and beg for it and masturbate him slowly after the boots are cleaned.
"please master ,may i polish your boots ??? "

His sex life is flowering like it has done never before. Partly because of the super abundance, and partly because of the unlimited possibilities.It is good to be a Black Pimp is not it ????


(for the illustrated part go to my website (blog) or google :Maria Proco)

Black penises were a part of psychological landscape of the white sex slaves life in the black pimps brothels. All the slaves were being forced to worship the big, black dick at least 50 times a day.Can you imagine how many times these girls must have been raped if they were turned into whores when they were just 18 hundreds of thousands of times by age 40.Over and over she had to take one cock after another in her vagina,ars and mouth.When they had done the deed, more men showed up in and took their place in line..... She was unable to rest for even a moment,her pussy was loose and constantly packed with semen ,they were insistent and demanding for 18 hours long. The clients made her experience the dirtiest unspeakable sex acts they knew. By the time the black client left, he had violated her in the deepest parts of her being.They are just a walking corpse after that much rape.You probably cannot understand the depth of harm that is done to a good educated white girl who is beaten and raped and tortured and so totally controlled and sexually destroyed that she has no self left.The pleasure the blacks took from degrading her as a woman and especially a white woman was always very apparent.They had slammed her into a world of degrading,only suicide will erase her memories.

Some women will be traded as much as seven to 10 times between pimps.Make no mistake. This is inhuman slavery. The pimps are animals, but they are smart. The whole operation is run with a kind of military-style precision that's scarcely believable,some of the women are just outright kidnapped. The most light-skinned and white girls will be shipped as far away as Cape Town after been brutilized and gangraped for months by the black pimps practice of sending her out to be a whore.They are trained to serve 50 negroes a day for the rest of their life.The pimps have honed their methods over at least three generations. they pulled her hair, withheld food and told her that she had to practice sex acts on him so she would perform well with the clients.The pimps will dehumanize them breaking down their self-esteem so that they do not think anymore.It is the "proving ground" where women are tried out as prostitutes before being moved to South America.

They use all their perverted imaginations on these poor victims . These fine specimen of the white race are fully trained to use all three orifices to service a blackman's cock.No respectable man would ever consider a liaison with a woman defiled by thousands and thousands of ghetto niggers.They had been defiled in the most significant manner possible and mostly in front of a camera who recorded all the perversities done on them for sale on the internet. They are doomed for life.During their 18 hour barshift they are forced to dress and act like the most perverted whore and continue forced to make all these niggers as horny as possible. There were times when their body hosted the cocks of three clients as they repeated the experience of being used as a mouthwhore , raped and sodomised. The pimps use a combination of threats, mistreatment, unkept promises.

In the black pimps world , any white woman can be transformed into a purring sex kitten by the complete physical and psychological destruction. The sidewalks of our brothels are lined with local blackmen ,they just sit there staring at your daughters and wife ,selecting one of them like fuckmeat .There is nothing they can do without making things worse and they realize that.They have always a black hand on their ass and a couple of fingers being forced into their tight little vaginas. From time to time they were pulled down and forced to kiss one of the drunken clients even pulled into their laps and made to feed their young breasts into the customer's mouths.Some of them will bent one of your daughters over and fucked her right there in front of her sisters and mother.He seemed to be going out of his way to make it as humiliating for her as he possibly could.There weren't any assignments. They just pointed out the fuckdoll that they wanted and led them away to the raperooms. Women who survived months of brutal training will act without thinking and follow any request or command no matter how sick or pervert it is.They learn to dress like whores ,to think like whores and to act like whores for every black who want their holes or titts or mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The clients really know about the force and torture tactics involved to make girls available for their use but they do not care of the misery of the girls,they are all aware that the sexslave they use are beaten and 'trained' and terrorized so she will have sex with many men each day which cause excruciating physical damage.The indifference is based on the years of racist revenge which reign among these 'customer-rapists' for what whites have done to their grandmothers in the past.They will all committing such an unthinkable act of sexual torture on a helpless girl without regret. To terrorize the girls, the brothel owners make them watch the whipping ,branding and torture of a "girl who had fought customers.".All these black clients like to forcing themself on a fighting imprisoned sex slave by putting the girl on the soaked mattress, tongue stretched out of her mouth to rape her in all her holes.

The clients in those brothels are eager to debase the white woman and use them for their ancient lusts.Their will failing, and body abused and exhausted their heart pounding with terror, they can only plead with the nigger as he begins his conquest of their body and dignity.After a while, they became accustomed to the degrading routine of a black pimps whores life. Each morning her pimp would take her to the “BLACKS ONLY”, where she would be handed over to those who had paid in advance to use her first . Afterwards, she was returned to the gangbang room. There, she would be gang raped by a further group of clients, in full view of several hundred blacks. Shaken and exhausted by endless nightmares, aware of how unprepared they are to be a sexslave far away from the safety of her house and family. Inside the rotted brothel of some obscure nigger ghetto, they finally understands the depths of the niggers sick fascination with the total domination and humiliation of sweet white women, good educated and shy ,who are forced to act as sluts as a revenge of the years of racisme.

The brothel room was under the constant scrutiny of several hidden cameras, and tiny microphones picked up every sound they made. With each passing day, they found it more difficult not to surrender to despair. They all were like little trained rabbits , all sense of decency and humanity had been erased from them. They were beaten, humiliated, fucked over and forced to perform the most painfully degrading acts with a large groups of blacks. The whole object is to produce anxious little fuck-bunnys ,entirely controlled by their all-consuming fear ,who are so deeply traumatised that they are willing to do everything, motivated and fucking hard, performing the most obscene, depraved and degrading sexual acts shamelessly and without hesitation .They like that there new apprenty whores pose on a very exciting and suggestive way, and forced them to smile like an obedient sex slave ready to do whatever the customer wants.Never in their wildest nightmares, had they ever imagined anything this horrible would happen to them.They beg each and evey nigger to take them in all their holes ,otherwhise they never get the quota done .

The features of the negroes lit up and they looked with gathering interest at the new arrivals. All had eight or nine, thickly girthed inches hanging down between powerful thighs... inches which would stiffen up to twelve inches or so. Showing respect had its own meaning for these black pimps. They forced the newcomers to line up each for every seated pimp stretched confortably in a soft armchair .On their knees one after the other they are forced to crawl forward, and insinuate them self up the pimps strong limbs,crushing their breasts to them. When their mouth came to the monster dicks they must swallow and suck it in full length with slavish fervour whilst cradling the large banana of black male flesh with their tits. With lustful cruelty these monsters tapped on the head which means that the sex slave must give her place on the next in line and craw to the backside pushing her splendid, full breasts thrust forward as she clasped her hands at the back of her head and with her tongue in sobbing pose to form a never ending sucking and swallowing platoon.Each half hour the pimps changed from seat..They splattered the girls tits, thighs, and faces with their wad. It was a mass of grunting, moaning, tearing, gasping, sobbing movement.Big, rough, muscular, dirty hands were clamped over their mouths other hands were at their hanging breasts, pinching and twisting and squeezing and yanking and jerking their nipples in rhythm with their rutting.They had no protection for the huge black pricks that jammed into each and every hole available. They hardly even knew that their mouths were filled with more spongelike, expanding padding, so distraught they had to be by the way the men would slobber in their ears or sloppily lick their up-turned faces. And then they choked, jerking, as a negro came inside one of their holes.

The process involved getting mounted every 15 minutes by a different rough hard brutalblack thing is ripping them apart.The unimaginable world of the black pimps were they are naked, raped, and humiliated beyond repair.. 'rendered' only for sexual use: rendering-plant fuck where the body is slaughtered for sex so that negroes can get their white rape fuck.can you imagen !!!!continuous mounted by one black after another for 18hours a day perhaps for many days non stop when she is placed in the gangbangroom.Being caged and raped continuously in order to make her 'bestial' enough to take the bestiality of many blacks in a row to become a free-for-alls, delivered to the poorest and drunken ghetto negroes full of crazed frenzies of lust ,fully pimped and only thinking on their quota of 50 negroes a day 7 on 7,that and of course being coerced and controlled by the black pimps.

These women experience long- lasting psychological and emotional problems, include depression and anxiety over possible pregnancy, loss of esteem by family and friends,and constant dehumenalization by the BLACKS. All they could sense was the stark fear of being faced by naked, sweating, foul-smelling BLACK men; the look on the rapists' faces as they laughed and leered; the shock of slappings and beatings; and finally the tearing pain as violation after violation took place in the most forceful and crude manner. The sexual enslavement in the black pimps brothels is beyond any imagination.Sex slaves are  treated like garbage being forced to endure the 'turnstile' sex of 5 men an hour .Imagine the tremendous emotional damage resulting from this in addition to the inflammation and swelling and pain from so much sex. How disgusting it is to serve one black after another. Each time their pimp called they have 5 minutes to make them as beautifull as possible and must present themselfs as fuckdolls with the bigest smile on their face as if they were very happy to serve him . THEY HATE IT ALL.They had come to think of them as devils or demons. They were required to circulate among the customers completely naked or dressed like a slut and the negroes were free to feel their tits, cunt and ass as they wished. They worked from 12 a clock to sunrise.

They cannot escape ,it is either serve niggers with all their holes or serve dogs and horses and get whipped and punished until they complie with the daily quota.It is hell on earth for these pampered whities. When a black man has white fuckpets unable to resist anything no matter how depraved, it gives him some very bizarre ideas! Every depraved thing those psychos could think of, they did. They were inhuman. Together, they pushed each other to deeper depths of sadism than should exist anywhere in the world. They do all humiliated poses as they have been trained to.They must show that they are no longer ladies but fuckmeat for "blacks only ".The pimp is watching and they will be heavely punished if they do not act as a slutty whore.They are al broken and know that the best thing to do is to comply .

Forcedprostitutionby Black pimps.

(for the illustrated storie see my website (blog) or google: Maria Proco or sent me e mail to get the direct links tomy internet storys )

Testimonies of victims :

"I was bought like catle ,those niggers were free to feel everywere before they bought me.Fingers entered me, wiggling their way inside ,my breasts were groped and squeezed, nipples pinched and yanked and twisted. I squealed and sobbed and moaned to the endless crowd of eager black men ,my body jerked to and fro as big black dicks slapped against my upraised buttocks.They all let me feel I was just fuckmeat”

" Upon arrival in their brothel , without any ceremony, they roughly jammed a huge glob of vaseline up my bum-hole. Pausing for a moment they put some more on their fingers and rubbed it all over their cocks. After completing this chore, without any ceremony, one after the other jammed his willy up my dirt-pipe. It hurt. It hurt. It hurt like a motherfucker. I tried to relax and push out like i was taking a shit, but it didn't do much good. . Not as long as they were using their pecker as a battering ram. After the first came the next nigger was ready to resume sodomizing me. The whole first 48 hours i must be ready for the next anal onslaught"

" There was a lot of laughter when they were gangraping us during the first week.They were a bunch of sick black bastards making disgusting comments while they raped us ."You girls are gonna be three holers.You know what that means?"

"Every hour was the same ,some black waived me over. I got up and walked over to him. He stood up and pulled his pants and shorts down and sat back down. He didn't even bother to tell me what he wanted. He didn't have to. I squeezed in between his legs and bent over and took his semi-hard cock into my mouth and sucked him off with little difficulty. He came soon and I swallowed his double mouthful of cum and then I licked up the last few drops from the end of his cock and straightened up again until the next black will call me"

"It was worse than anything I could have ever imagined. This nightmare had no end, and it was my fault for everything that had happened. At best, we would be sold to some disgusting pervert after we served at least 40 years in those black pimps brothels "TOURING "for the rest of our lives from one to the other whorehouse to serve 50 blacks each day,mostly two or three at a time to get our quota done"

"They raped us each morning without any feelings of remorse. To these criminals, a naked woman who was once a member of high society and now nothing but a cheap prostitute ,still was an exciting sex partner . It didn't take long for them to begin groping our tits and poking their unwashed hands into our cunt, they enjoy former high class white woman's sex flesh. It proved to be a revelation and made every pimp excited about having a chance to enjoy our cunt, tits, mouth and tight asshole."

"There was nowhere to go. Not with fifteen horny negroes surrounding us hungrily.Then they make their choice: blonde or brunette, schoolgirl orcheerleader, front or back, standing, sitting, or prone. They had no time for any nonsense.Get us, fuck us, and go ... next!."

"We all preferred been brutally raped and sodomized then those forced presentations as a whore for "blacks only "to give the client a precarious erection.Mostky walking in the middle of a crowd of admirers,forced smiling,forced provoking. We are certainly not educated to entertain a whole gang of criminals as a sort of party beast,humiliated and probed by all black gangmembers ."

"From the moment a client unzip and show his monstercock we have to open our mouth and wait until he put the tip of his cock in it before we are allowed to close over the head of his stiff member.Mostly the client will force us to sit like that before he makes his choise or use us all one after the other before he puts his load in one of us"

"Three-minutes of intimacy" that's all those negroes in the ghetto brothels need as they lined up to use us as a thoroughly fucked, raped-a-100-times-a-day black pimps prostitutes ,they only got to ram us for three minutes because so many other blacks were lined up to do the same."

"The sexual enslavement in the black pimps brothels is beyond any imagination.We are treated like garbage being forced to endure the 'turnstile' sex of 5 men an hour .Imagine the tremendous emotional damage resulting from this in addition to the inflammation and swelling and pain from so much sex. How disgusting it is to serve one black after another."

"I am a mattress for "Blacks only" now.My last client spent six hours sexually assaulting me and calling me obscene names."

"that lifestyle, it really does rip you apart until you have absolutely NOTHING left--and, you will even lose your soul ! "said some of the victims.

“I was drugged in a bar, abducted and sold into sexual slavery in a secret underground facility along with hundreds of other slaves, coerced into total submission by various means including severe beatings and total isolation in a pitch dark rat infected concrete pit for days on end by a white slavery ring . Then, after a brief period of intense practical training and motivational conditioning, displayed, chained in a line-up for selection scheduled to be sold to blacks who would employ me as a prostitute in a black pimps brothel .”

“The clients never understand how the pimps turned us , classy white ladies into dirty sluts for niggers.We know better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The pimps starved us, beat us unconscious frequently, whipped our front and back with various implements, had them raped us dozens of times daily, kept awake with stimulants that scrambled our mind, forced gallons of water and urine down our throats, fisted us to the point that our reproductive organs were irreparably damaged and had us tattooed with the word "BLACKS ONLY" or other humiliating and obscene pictures on various parts of our body's, not to speak of the frequent dog and horse rapes which they considered as educating how to serve giant black monsterdicks.”

“They broke me completely with sodomizing while he held my head under water. He would fill the bath tub to its limit and tie my hands behind my back. He would bend me over the edge of the tub and work his cock into my tight ass. Once he built up a head of steam he'd plunge my head into the water, hot or cold depending on his mood, and hold me there as he sawed away inside my puckered asshole. Naturally more times than not i would wind up ingesting large quantities of water before he had the good sense to let me up so i could catch a breath before her next dunking .After 3 hours i did and promished all perversities he wants to hear.”

“Now I know better and smile to every nigger who can help me to get the quota done , trying to handle the sexual needs of 50 niggers each day while breached and battered, penetrated, plundered and pummeled, skewered, stretched and split,not to mention being filled and drilled, reamed raw and sore, slammed, jammed , rammed ,sucked and swallowed,smooched and slobbered, slathered and slithered and did whatever movements were required to harden, soften and cleanse the big black monsterdicks of my clients.Not to say that i ignored my obligations to the guards and the pimps whenever they needed me for personal abuse.”

“I had seen the look in his eyes. And I was not sure I liked what I had seen. I was shit-scared , helpless,this big black nigger could let me do whatever he liked . The only thought in my scrambled brain was to get it over as soon as possible. He will fuck me hard and strong .... He could always fuck me again. And again and again and again. Just whenever he wanted.I understand now the true torment of sexual slavery in the black pimps brothels. ”

“My lips were trembling, my cheeks twitching.. i fought down the bitter fury in my heart. I had to accept... had to submit..... my prime object was to please the niggers. I had become quite unstinted in my efforts to please the niggers. That was my duty. My duty as a white sex slave. My arrogance, selfishness and short-temper had been subdued and eradicated in a matter of 3 days. I had been through so much with so many niggers,dogs,pigs and horses that there did not seem to me now any lower depths to which i could sink. The guests of the brothel had to be treated with courtesy and their requests fully complied with. I had become an object merely to be used only for blacks pleasures.”

“I was turned into a fucking machine with no mind. I wondered if the clients knew how i'd been pimped in. I doubted they'd care. I wondered what my husband would say if he saw me like this. This whole thing was so totally perverted, so disgusting and filthy. I was trussed up like a pig, and lewdly prepared for the black men's sexual amusement. I came to hate every single one of those niggers.”

"My attempts to please both of them resulted in just more physical abuse. There was no winning and it might just drive me mad.This was it; the moment they'd really ruin me. These monsters were about to dirty me in a way i could never wash away. I knew it was pointless to try and stop them, I'm your snooty, pudgey, pale assed, black cumdump, i was forced to say in the end ."

“After been transported to a new brothel my new pimp will have constant demands on my body.His hands roamed all over my body, my hips and thighs, my waist, my breasts and pussy.It was most satisfying to him and was moaning his pleasure constantly as he fondled me, his new sex slave ,in a heated caressing and forced kissing of deep sexual arousal and tonging. If I showed any reluctance at all i would find myself dog or horse raped. I would provide his entertainment during the coming years and would surely suffer much in the course of my duties when i serves his many black clients.”

"I was a very happy girl before they kidnapped me. These men were monsters. They didn't see me as another human being, but just a fun, little distraction. I was meat to starving animals and they wouldn't think twice about putting a bullet in my head. If i wanted to make it alive, I'd have to be and do everything they wanted. "

Forcedpresentations in the Black pimps brothels.

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Horror testimonies of victims .

“Those presentations were designed to humiliate white women in the most sadistic way possible.The only purpose of these presentations is to make black cocks hard and happy!.We must act as cheap cock hungry whores! It was so disgusting that most of us just wanted to die.Only a year ago I was a all upper class ,the look-but-dont-touch ice princess. I always have to do the new clients !!!!!!!!!!!!.The prices are so cheap.It is the black pimps promotion for making new clients .They charge only 5 dollar a quarter then.”

"There is something especially degrading about been presenting like a -Blacks only- .Completely naked or dressed like a slut , the negroes were free to feel our tits, cunt and ass as they wished.. “passed around” while violated,petted, touched, felt. The most degrading thing was being forced to “rim” a negros anus - having to put our mouth on his smelly asshole.They played with us,unable to escape the hands molesting me, obscenely exposed, like a piece of fuck meat, ready to do all sorts of dirty tricks. Blacks stood by and laughed at us as i was sullied and shamed. Men held our legs wide apart while i was sweating like a pig; my face, neck, underarms, and back were constantly shiny and dripping with sweat,I always looked like a demented doll, All the "blacks only " have to do it between each and every client. My holes were for rent at two different prices. The low price was for individuel use, the high price allowed the customer to use me together with his friends.”

"I hate the way we always have to present ourself to those niggers,it is wors then the rapes,it kils our dignity as a women or a girl.Specialy among the good educated like the most of us ,it is devastating !!!”

"I am always ashamed when i have to present myself ,they let us do degrading poses before they made their choice."

"The forced dirty talk i always must do together with the provocatif poses ,let me feel I am just meat to fill with their cum , It reaffirmed my worst fears that i had been reduced to a “thing” and would never again be a person.”

"I cannot stand it anymore ,i got crazy from those niggers ,i was a good educated girl and now they let me do this mind-numbing routine in front of everybody ,i want to die "

"They like to play with us before they choose one,we are not whores we are good educated white girls with a nice family ,we never would speak to a nigger like these who use and abuse us day after day ,it is wors then dead "

"More then 50 times each day ,who can survive this mentaly ???The clients began showing up every day starting at midday. The pimps would arrange I was dressed like a wanton slut or sometimes completely naked "

"We always must say :yes Sir yes Sir Yes yes yes ,we are not alowed to refuse anything those bastards ask ,it made my blood run cold. they looked at me as if i was a slab of beef. “

“Those presentations let us feel worthless and constantly remind us that we are just whores to them,fuckmeat,cumbags for niggers , we are compelled to do a striptease in front of everybody in the brothel.having to expose be humiliated in front of niggers we hated from our childhood was the worst thing.”

" During the presentation they always grab my tits and squeezed them. Following this,teased my nipples until they erected and then pulled and pinched them roughly, rolled my nipples between their thumb and forefinger and then gave me little openhanded smacks on my nipples,bounced my cheeks up and down lewdly in the palms of their hands, each chubby, brown hind occupying one of their big hands. My dimpled hinds jiggled as they shook them. It was very degrading. "

"They can do whatever they like with us ,we are there to be groped and probed before they make their choice ,and they have all the time in the world to do it "

“Having to take off my clothes as the men verbally assaulted, mocked and taunted me was their idea of foreplay. i was made to do “jigaboo” dances for their entertainment. And then theyd make me take my clothes off slowly, piece-by-piece, they made me play with myself, squeezing my tits, pulling and pinching my own nipples and then rubbing my be a black mans plaything burned deep in my soul and made me an emotional wreck.”

“The contrast between the beautiful bright sunny day before i was captured and my forced presentation as a whore for the black clients was chilling.My overwhelming fear let me promise them sexy perverted delights and exhibit myself shamelessly to prove that I was a completely vulnerable piece of fuckmeat who offers them things no decent, self-respecting female would ever accept”

” Now i understand that bad things don't only happen to poor girls ,my cute face and shapely build had marked me as a fuckbeast to be captured, broken and trained from the moment the slavers  had spotted me walking innocently down the street.Repeated gang rapes and excruciatingly intimate torture sessions has robbed me of all dignity and self-respect, inflicting permanent psychological damage and traumatised me for life."

“Anybody looking at me would instantly know that i was an utterly shameless, completely submissive slut for BLACKS ONLY , a transformed woman, a broken beaten bitch,a way past having problems with any obscene, depraved, degrading performance required of me. I did the most utterly depraved acts because i feel myself no longer as a human. I could be led around like a fucking farm animal.”

“Each time I presented myself to a client i saw at their faces that they wondered what it would be like to rape me and fuck me like their fucking sucking slut whore!”

I had no other options!!!As a socially marginalized and isolated, traumatized, devastated sexslave i had to present myself as a fuck barbie. a woman that no one would take seriously except as a piece of fuck and suckmeat.I was committed to life as a fear trained white trash whore left to the dogs,horses, my trainers and my black customers.”

“They were all gazing at me lustfully and I was forced to turning them on. I whimpered miserably as one of them reached out and groped for me .”

“I was reduced from a proud, self-reliant, educated, young woman to a sex object,a thing to be used and abused. If I didnt show enough enthusiasm and give a big smile to them while they were probing me they will punish me with dogs and horse rapes.”

“I could not believe how many customers frequented the brothel, and it was clear that just about every one of them came to use my 3 HOLES.I always had the most nervous look on my face, and was trembling in fear while putting the biggest forced smile on.”

“The pimps intent on making as much money as possible from me, and never gave me more than a minute to rest between customers. These clients constantly reminded me that I was a piece of shit whore and only useful for fucking niggers.They demanded that I begged them This slutthis slut will do what you want!!!”“Yes!! This slut will be good! This slut swears to be good!!”

“I am so terrified when I am forced to start to talk dirty as instructed during the presentations .I always had to say Yes, this whore…this whore will lick your asshole sir,”

“My pimp was very proud that he could let me present myself within 3 days after he had bought me from the slavers.The audience of men began shouting,there were so many of them talking and gesturing at the same time that it was sheer chaos. All were dedicated to humiliating and degrading me as well.They know i was a famous politica know for my racist thoughts. They let me servicing the rough trade, the absolute lowest rung on the brothel ladder. This brought all sorts of obscene comments from the men forcing me of doing anything perverted that could be imagined”

“I was forced to inform the clients, during my presentation, that i would work three shifts with no relief . In addition i would handle a minimum of two clients at the same time in each session.”

“The black clients always gloated over the power they held on the sex slaves like me. Seeing me as a frightened sex slave cringing before them turned them on.They are making my life a living hell with forcing me in all different provocative poses to turn them on. They shouted ill be a cum-rag and piss mop for them.”

“I was at their beck and call during my presentations , turned into a mindless fuck slave capable of the most disgusting sex acts.They trained me mercilessly until every move of my presentation was programmed into my brain. I just followed orders, regardless of what they asked me to do,whatever the client asked I performed without hesitation. “

“I had to do the disgusting thing that was being demanded of me and this for a full room of yelling niggers.”

“One could see what an effort it was for me to resume that so humiliating posture, i must appear eager to please them with the biggest smile on my face with great open eyes ready to be slobbed and groped by the client who selected me. Before i had been abducted i did not even know that a woman did such dreadful things”

“The black client was going to have the infinite pleasure of reducing me into a state of complete submission. The effort I had to obey these obscene demands was horrendous.”

“I knew now what this man could do to me ... and I knew, too, that I would submit to him, whatever he demanded. It was the most terrible piece of knowledge in my life.”

“I was reddened and contorted and my eyes were puffed.Tears flowed constantly during my presentations. How horible it was to be picked just from the street ,gangraped for weeks and then sold for big money to the black pimps knowing i will be a whore for the rest of my life “.

“I smiled as i was forced to do and now he was going to choose me.He strove to control his fast-mounting lust. He said how lovely it was to make me do things i hated so much.I lived in a different world now, a world of terror in which I was forced to present breasts , vagina ,tongue and ars in different ways to please those black clients. I felt profoundly humiliated, degraded, less than a human being…I remembered everything except how i was kidnapped !!!!!!!!!!!! “

“Each presentation before my regular client I had to pretend that i likes to be his whore.He liked to let me talk very dirty.He liked my repugnancy.He liked the forced humiliated position with my tongue out of my mouth in total discomfort.. He liked the forced smile on my face with great open eyes.He liked to strip me of all my remaining dignity, to let me concede the utter hopelessness of my situation.. He likes to use me with his friend ,He likes to force me to deep kissing him ,He liked that i hates him for this.”

“My lips were trembling, my cheeks twitching.. i fought down the bitter fury in my heart. I had to accept... had to submit..... my prime object was to please the niggers. I had become quite unstinted in my efforts to please the niggers. That was my duty. My duty as a white sex slave. My arrogance, selfishness and short-temper had been subdued and eradicated in a matter of 3 days. I had been through so much with so many niggers,dogs,pigs and horses that there did not seem to me now any lower depths to which i could sink. The guests of the brothel had to be treated with courtesy and their requests fully complied with. I had become an object merely to be used only for blacks pleasures.”

“I was quite helpless, totally available, bulging with horror, a shrieking jelly of juddering flesh, breasts rolling and bouncing wildly, haunches jerking and twisting out of control ..i was a forced sex slave who hated negroes before. “I... I... w-will please... you... in every way... yes... in every way, Sir...” i managed to choke out. My abasement was complete. Every fibre, every nerve, had been concentrated on forcing myself to smile utterly to this vile black monster... “

“I have been put through Hell on Earth in order to be made to offer myself in this fashion. I am a ravishing young white beauty who would do whatever a ghetto nigger is demanding of her and this up to 50 times a day ,7 on 7. Once my eyes had sparkled with pride and confidence. Now they were dulled with despair and dread”

“"One of the less salubrious members of the ghetto came to visit me everyday. He was sexually aroused again. That was clear from the saliva around his mouth and from his half-closed bloodshot eyes.” He always demand and pays hour of dirty presentation before he grabbed me by the hair and made me clean his dick with my tongue, licking and sucking...the tip was covered in his revolting, slimy, smelly semen. There was thick, oily semen everywhere on my body, and its smell impregnated the already stale smellof the brothel”

“I was turned into a fucking machine with no mind. I wondered if the clients knew how i'd been pimped in. I doubted they'd care. I wondered what my husband would say if he saw me like this. This whole thing was so totally perverted, so disgusting and filthy. I was trussed up like a pig, and lewdly prepared for the black men's sexual amusement. I came to hate every single one of those niggers.”

“The black client spoke a series of curt commands. As each command was spoken i instantly obeyed, saying "Yes, Sir," in a low voice, bowing, rising, bending, rolling, spreading my legs apart, or crawling forward to lick his feet. Then, with a click of his fingers the client motioned to me to approach him.The negro undid the front of his trousers to reveal his full erection. The sight of the throbbing thickness of his member have been enough to make me ready to do anything to prevent been ass raped by this monster. “

“It always cost me an tremendous effort to say Your whore is willing and happy to please you... to be fucked by you... in all her holes” as we are obliged to say each time a dirty ghetto negroe selected me after my presentation”

“The pimp has turned me into a mindless animal, and displayed me before his clients each time I had finished one.I only got 10 minutes rest to prepare me for the next.I had the life of one who had no status, my life was totally controlled by niggers. I could be stripped, chained, beaten, fucked entirely at their whim.They used me as an example of how weak the whites were, how easily crushed were their spirits.”

The presentation for the client was the most degrading, the most utterly humiliating of all. Forced to aid in the helpless display of my own slavery and obedience , i was then made totally available for inspection and examination by him.He invade with his fingers the moist coral depths of my sex, parted the tight round cheeks of my ass and probe into the tight bud of my anus.The assault on my private areas continued for long time, my tear-stained face full of misery and defeat ,i was forced to kiss him like he was my first lover

“The negroes will look with interest at my bulging mons and gaping labia, my prominently clitoris, while i stood displaying myself with legs widespread for their selection. I know the consequences if I fail to receive the niggers as sexy and submissive as possible. For the most part i will be sandwiched between two of them or join them in the gangbang room,were i will be pounded, hammered, jolted, jammed and slammed by dozens of big black gangmembers. “

“The mind-numbing shock of being reduced to the status of a pleasure-slave is the worst a white women can happen specialy when she was rich and good educated as i was .My inborn dignity and pride had vanished.I must always introduce myself forced smiling with the following words "I am a full pimped fuck -pig for blacks only Sir ,what can i do for you ?? "

“ My clients were a twisted mass of lusts no more human in their thought to revenge for all the racist remarks i had made in the past. That much i knew from the orders theyd given me… the things they made me do … during my forced presentations .I detest being prostituted to blacks only. To actually lie down with negroes and maybe to have their child cause insanity and despair”

“I was kept as a pet, one that was fucked minimum 50 times a day. The black pimp who bought me enjoyed screwing me every day in the ass after my 18 hours shift .Several months of such heavy service under the black pimps had taken a toll deeper than anybody could imagen . Good service" was another phrase I learned to my peril. And this all started with my presentation to the client .If a client complained he did not receive "good service," ,meaning he did not get a hard on, I will be send to the ganbangroom and become a free-for-alls, delivered to the poorest and drunken ghetto negroes full of crazed frenzies of lust.. Since I was too far gone in rapepain, rapemisery, rapeshock, rapesuffering, I made sure there were nerver complains about my presentations.

“We could hear the negroes, outside, laughing, joking, pushing to be first to get in, all the noises of men at play, men about to 'party.' I tried, with trembling hands, to put on the requisite whore make-up, drop the lipstick, not be able to keep fingers still enough to paint an eyebrow. I was so petrified and sickened with the terror of what was to come.The first presentation of the day is always devastating because all the pimps will watching and punish severely those who did not gave Good Service I always vomited, had diarrhea, peed down my legs before i could start my first presentation of the day. So deeply frightened, that I had no control ,it was involuntary, as was the heavy beating of my heart, the way my body broke out in a hot sweat, and my stomach felt full of cold misery.Thats how the black pimps makes natural born whores who expose themselves shamesly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Cunt, pussy, poon, pink, whorehole, fuckhole, cuntpit, tunnel, slit, slantslit, fuckslit, cuntslit, gookcunt, all sorts of variations hit my ears during my parades in skimpy lingerie before black clients who pick me according to their tastes. To have these ghetto negroes touch my intimately was a supreme violation. After one,an other took a turn ,i was mauled by 36 blacks before been choosen.Ill be treated like this all the time by hundreds or even thousands of drunk niggers each week. if i did not present me well i was fucking dogs and eating doggie cum!!!!!!!!”.

“I had to present my self in obscenely revealing clothes and grotesque make-up and those torture devices called high heels, subjected to any kind of violence or humiliation ,insulted, abused, battered, violated before been chosen by 'accepting' my customers perversities;Those presentations were unbelievably cruel and brutal sexual slavery with sexual roughness,crudeness, and violence called the 'assembly-line'because we have to do it to get our next client.we were treated like garbage

“They had abducted me, stripped me of my belongings and my clothes and sold me naked to a black pimp who like many of his people, despised the whites who had oppressed his people for so long under colonial rule. He had put me to work as a whore for the amusement of his rough black clients. The erotic effect for him was accentuated by the undisguised terror in my eyes”

“After been transported to a new brothel my new pimp will have constant demands on my body.His hands roamed all over my body, my hips and thighs, my waist, my breasts and pussy.It was most satisfying to him and was moaning his pleasure constantly as he fondled me, his new sex slave ,in a heated caressing and forced kissing of deep sexual arousal and tonging. If I showed any reluctance at all i would find myself dog or horse raped. I would provide his entertainment during the coming years and would surely suffer much in the course of my duties when i serves his many black clients.”

“I was a spoiled white ,a cozy, pampered princess sobbing my way hysterically through repeated presentations. They all grinned down at me in triumph as they watched my shame and humiliation. I am forced to act like a dumb cunt that doesn't know any better then pleasing niggers and do it as quickly as possible to entertain the next customer”

"Just one command and i quickly reached back and spread my pale ass again, the raw, pinkness of my sex and asshole inviting to the thugs in the room. The exploring fingers had been joined by a larger thumb. Each small movement sent a shock wave of pain through my body, but the hardened cock in my mouth took away the luxury of even biting down on anything. I had no option but to writhe around in the discomfort of two filled holes.I lurched forward from the pain, but my scream was swallowed whole by the suited mans cock invading my mouth. The thugs began to thrust back and forth, rocking me back and forth like a two man saw. The suited fellow was just as rough with my mouth, giving no consideration to the fact i was also trying to take a full penis in my womb."

“I did not stop moving for even one second, running off nothing but adrenaline and pure fear of the five black men lounging around me. Show me how little white sluts kiss one of them said. I leaned forward and our lips met. The small thug did not hesitate in shoving his tongue down my throat,for a split second i thought about pulling away before realizing what a terrible idea that would be. The thug continued to kiss me over and over, his lips meeting like magnets. His breath reeked of liquor and smoke, but i had no option but to French back and let him molest my bosom.”

“I had seen the look in his eyes. And I was not sure I liked what I had seen. I was shit-scared , helpless,this big black nigger could let me do whatever he liked . The only thought in my scrambled brain was to get it over as soon as possible. He will fuck me hard and strong .... He could always fuck me again. And again and again and again. Just whenever he wanted.I understand now the true torment of sexual slavery in the black pimps brothels. ”

“My only purpose of life was being deeply penetrated, with taking black cocks in every hole 18 hours a day.I only could expect to spend the rest of my life being used sexually by black men in some obscure whorehouse .The clients did not care for me, except as a receptacle for their lust or to ensure they were never deprived of a soft belly and pert breasts.”

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