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Synopsis: Two young women caught a rich man who's into alternate lifestyle. They have been transported to a training facility where they are being prepared for their new life.

Chosen Part 1

She wasnt sure what woke her first, the pain or the cold. Even though she was extremely groggy she knew right off that something was massively wrong.

She opened her eyes slowly and discovered her vision was blurry. In spite of that, she knew that the place she woke was alien to her. She was naked, lying on the floor in a dimly lit room that smelled of antiseptic.

She tried to muster the strength to get up but winced in pain that centered mainly on her breasts and genitals when she moved.  A whimper escaped from between her lips as she touched her left throbbing breast and felt a piece of metal threaded through the base of her nipple. She realized that the other nipple received the same treatment and similarly the hoods of her vagina and her clitoris. A fine chain was clipped to the rings and ran to a leather and metal collar around her neck, down to her vagina, and to two pierced lips there. There were wide steel cuffs on her ankles and wrists.

Panic began to set in, but she gulped down the fear as much as she could unwilling to show her captors, who she knew were somewhere watching, that they could break her this easily.

“Ah good, youre awake.” The voice that came over the speaker system was soft, English, cultured. “Im going to give your friend another fifteen minutes to join us. Then Ill explain your predicament.”

Friend? She tried to look around but did not see anyone from her vantage point. Then the lights above flickered to life. Instinctively she covered her eyes from the brightness.

“You must be parse. There is a bottle of water on the table behind you. Drink up. And no, its not laced with anything, from this point forth we want you lucid.”

As her eyes begun adjusting to the lights, she opened them again and looked around. The room she was in was maybe 40x40 feet, dark gray from floor to ceiling. The walls were padded cotton, the floor checkered white gray chess-board that matched the walls. Small black glass globes were everywhere; at least 20 on each wall and double that on the ceiling spread between a number of hooks and pulleys and chains with handcuffs. She realized they were cameras.

There were shelves on each wall and upon them neatly spaced sex toys, dildos butt plugs, whips and tons of things she did not recognize. To her left there were two hygienist chairs, behind them a sink, and a shower stall and a long water hose spooled on a hook. On her right a set of gym equipment, a four foot knotted cord hung from between two raised pulleys and two floor to ceiling poles with handcuffs attached at the ceiling. Behind her a table with two bottles of water. Below it, Jessica.

Sarah gasped seeing her friend unconscious on the floor, naked and adorned with similar rings and chains molded to her body. She half got up to crawl to her and yelped as the chains and rings at her privates and breasts re-arranged and pulled at the body. She touched herself and tears welled in her eyes as the realization of what was going to happen began to dawn on her. Moments later she finally gathered herself enough to crawl over to her friend. Jess moaned when she touched her, but did not open her eyes or move.

“Drink some water and pour some into your friends mouth,” the voice ordered. She complied. Her hands shook, but she managed a few swigs into Jessicas mouth. She swallowed a few drops but then began to choke on the remainder of the liquid so Sarah let her spit it out.

“Looks like she needs some incentive to wake. I want you to spread her legs, pour a bit of liquid on her pussy and massage it until she comes.”

Sarah however this time did not move to do as she was told. The room filled with a pregnant silence for a bit as Sarah tried to decide what to do. Then she screamed as jolt of electricity past through her, starting at her genitals, running through the chains, her nipples and all the way up to the collar. Small sobs followed the scream as she folded herself on the floor.

“I believe I made a request kitten, or would you like another incentive?”

She gathered herself up and crawled over to her friends legs and did as she was told. She laid her flat on her back, spread her legs apart then with her second and fourth finger she spread Jessica and begun robbing her clit with her middle finger. “Make her wet,” the voice ordered. She got ready to pour some water down, but just as she was about to do so the voice on the intercom came through again. “No, take a sip, slide it though your mouth then spit it out on her clit.” She complied and started massaging her friend with her finger. He wasnt satisfied.

“You have five minutes to bring her out of her stupor before I do, and in a manner youve already sampled. Only this time, I wont be so nice. So, suggestion, put some… enthusiasm to the task, all right kitten? Or you will be punished too.”

An electronic clock flicked on the wall before her and started a countdown. Sarah, begun robbing her friends clit and vagina, talking to her, rocking her, touching her all over. Jessica stirred a little, but continued in her overly comatose state. “Jessi, please!” Tears rolled down her face, as she worked. She looked at the clock, a minute and a half already passed and she still did not get the results. Two minutes, then three passed and Jessica continued to simply limply lay there. And so she roughly took her friends nipple into her hand and pulled hard and twisted.

That seemed to do the trick. Her friend opened her eyes and screamed, her hands clutching Sarahs wrist, trying to dislodge her fingers. Sarah did not let go for another ten seconds or so, which must have been excruciating. She continued to work her friends clit, now also slipping a finger a bit into her vagina. Jessica tried to clench her thighs together, but Sarah glared at her and ordered her not to do. “You must wake, wake up. Tell me youre awake.” She sobbed and told her friend as she worked her.

“Im awake, please Sarah! What the fuck! Im awake! Please stop!”

The girls eyes met and once Sarah was sure that her friend was not going to pass out again, she let go. She looked at the clock, with two second to spare she stopped let let go of Jessica.

“Nicely done kitten. I knew you could do it. But you must be punished for stopping early.” With that the current passed through her body, this time longer than the last time and on a higher setting. She thrashed and screamed a five second count off that accompanied her over the speaker system. Once the pain subsided she fell on the floor spent, sobbing. She realized also that she pissed all over herself. Jessica too screamed. She too regained enough self-awareness finally to realize their predicament. She started touching herself, looking around the room, and crying. The ordeal her friend was going though only solidified the helplessness of their situation.

“All right girls, Ill let you reacquaint yourself for five. I suggest you clean up the mess youve made. Rehydrate and kneel down on the red xs that I just marked for you, hands clasped behind your back, shoulders back, your breasts nicely presented for me. Your knees too, I want them as far apart as possible. From this day on, this is the way you will present yourself to me or anyone that addresses you.”

Sobbing they went to task. They found a washcloth under the sync and quickly mopped up the urine trail and puddle. Sarah washed herself too. They tried to talk but were too nervous to. Shaking like two leafs and wincing at the pain their new adornments were causing at every step they scooted to the middle of the room where two laser red x signs flashed on the floor. Obediently they clasped their hands behind their backs and waited for their captor to announce himself again.

“Ah good. Now that I have your undivided attention, lets start. A week ago you two have caught the eye of a very powerful man with a taste for pretty things. His sexual tastes are a bit on an extreme side and thats where I come in.  Im a purveyor of things people want. In this case, yourselves. Your new master is too busy with his current concubines to train you to his liking, so he has contracted my company to adjust you to your new life.”

A screen appeared on the glassy surface on the wall before them with a video of what looked like their room and the facility they were in.

“Youve been brought to my facility 48 hours ago. Here we train slaves for very powerful people whose tastes encompass various fetishes. We train around 20 slaves at a time and then transport them to their new homes.” The video scanned over various rooms and people all naked in various sexual or torture positions. Some were being fucked by machines, other by people and even animals. Some were being lashed, others were exercising while still bound in one matter or another.

“Your time here will be as difficult or easy as you make it. Bottom line, accept your new fate and everything that will be done to you, because your lives will depend on how well you perform the tasks and lessons that you will be exposed to.”


Chosen Part 2

A new set of screens flashed before them. A woman was bound to a head block, her mouth stretched wide open, her teeth were being removed, one by one. From the tears she was shedding it was clear she suffered the predicament without any anesthesia. Anothers head was shaved while the third one was being branded. In another room a woman was laying on the bed, her feet were removed completely. In another still a womans breasts were augmented. “In the course of your training we might have to modify your bodies more, like weve done with these women. But you dont have to worry about that at the moment. So far your modifications have been basic. Actually, your memory of what was done to you will return to you shortly, when the meds get absorbed completely by your system, but here is a basic run down.”

A sigh escaped both girls as a video log of their own capture appeared on the screen. No voice accompanied the footage so they could only watch what unfolded on the screen. They were dragged into the room by two huge men and unceremoniously deposited in a heap on the ground. They were clearly under influence of something, barely moving, barely conscious. One of the men walked up to a panel on the wall pushed a few buttons and two modified gynecological chairs drew up from the floor. Once they were in place the men picked up the girls again and laid them in each chair. One of the men came back from the back shelf with two pairs of scissors and they proceeded to cut away the clothing that covered the girls. They tried to swat the hands of their captors away, but disoriented as they were, it was useless.

Once the girls were naked they spread their legs and placed them in stirrups, as wide as they could and bound them at the thigh, calf and ankle. They locked their hands in by their sides. They played with the height of the chairs, and turned them to best be captured by the cameras. They pulled back parts of the headrests letting both of the girls heads drop lower then their torso. The girls panicked a bit, but the men did not seem to pay attention, actually one just patted Sarah on the check, then walked away.

They men circled the girls, continuing to examine each, sometimes touching one here or there, probing lightly.  Then the men began to disrobe. First their shirts fell away, then their shoes and pants followed. Finally the boxers fell away exposing huge, long meaty cocks.

A pair of doors opened and two more men stepped in, clearly the ones in charge. One was in a gray suit, dark and foreboding. The other, the blond, wearing jeans.

One of the naked men drew up a stool and positioned it between Jessicas legs. He sad down on it and started to examine her privates, spreading them and the red curls they were covered in, this way and that. He slipped a finger inside her and smiled. Some words were exchanged. Jessica knew instinctively what they found She was a virgin. The gray suit smiled to himself and the blond extended a hand to him as if to congratulate him for something. They shook on it.

They moved the stool over to Sarah and in a similar manner they pulled on her dark curls and her pussy. They opened her nether lips wide with their thumb and forefinger and slipped a digit in her, however, their expressions were not as giddy as with the first girl. Jess glanced in Sarahs direction just a tiny bit. Sarah never told her that she lost virginity or to whom. She was surprised.

One of the men brought two cups of lotion and razors and they proceeded to shave the girls. Jess begun to move on the chair a bit and the man pulled out a syringe from a drawer, filled it with something and injected her and Sarah both. Soon they went back to the somewhat languid state they were in moments ago. From what it looked like, they werent out completely, they just could not fight their captors through the drugs.

He also brought another set of syringes. Each man took one and injected himself as well.

Another man entered the room, this one dressed in a lab code. He wheeled in a large piece of equipment, set it and begun to press the handle of it to the girls privates. Their hair was being permanently removed. While the technician worked, the rest of the men moved to the girls faces and breasts for more examination. Their nipples were being teased, flicked, slapped, pulled upwards, stretching the rest of their breasts as much as they could. By the look on the girls faces they could feel the probing hands and everything their captors were doing. They cried out, tried to thrash on the chair, but their bonds left them helpless.

Their gags were removed and a man sat down behind each girl and begun to braid their hair out of the way. Someone rolled up a small table with various apparatus between them. The two naked men picked up their dicks and began lightly hitting the girls with them in the face, while with the other hand they were playing with their breasts.

The technician who was working between Sarahs legs said something and the gray suit walked up to the girl and touched her vagina. He smiled at the wetness he found there and the men again exchanged looks and smiles. The man who was sitting behind Sarahs head stood up and, with his fingers, he closed Sarahs nasal passage. The gray suit stuck his finger inside her vagina as far as he could and just held it there. Sarah did not move for awhile then she begun to thrash her head violently trying to dislodge the foul hand. The man at her head simply watched the gray suit for the order, if there was one to come. The gray suit shook his head and slipped his second finger inside the bound girl and begun pumping. His eyes gleamed with menace. Then he slipped his third. Sarah was on a verge of giving up her ghost when he finally nodded and the other man released her. Sarah must have cum because the man scooped up as much wetness as he could from between her legs, walked up to Sarahs mouth and slipped his digits into her mouth and asked her to lick them. She did between the coughing fit. The technician returned to her and continued his work on her hair.

Someone handed the gray suit a kerchief and he cleaned the rest of his fingers with it. Then he sat himself behind the girl on the stool and begun examining her mouth. They handed him something, and he slipped it behind Sarahs teeth. It was a spreader for the back teeth immobilizing her mouth in that extended gape.

Then he started to probe her mouth by sticking his finger in as deep as he could. When she started choking, hed remove it only to slip it in again a moment later. The two naked goons were stroking themselves, their cocks no longer flaccid but thick and hard as steel. When the technician moved on to work on Jessica, one of the goons took his place and begun to prepare himself to enter Sarah.

The gray suit took off his pants and boxers and begun stroking himself. He gave some commands to the man between her legs and the man slipped into her vagina. Meanwhile, he repositioned Sarahs head and pushed his own dick into her mouth and throat all the way to his balls.

With the air passage completely blocked, Sarah tried to thrash, but groggy as she was, she barely moved through the assault. She bunched her hands into fists, then into claws and then fists again. She moved her head up and down trying to dislodge the cock in her mouth but that too was futile. Neither man moved until the gray suit nodded then they both pulled out. Moments later they mounted her again. This time they got into the rhythm: The cock in her pussy pushed her towards the cock in her mouth and vice versa. They fucked her like that for what felt like hours. The other naked man picked up a cat of nine tails and started striking her over her left breasts then right with the rhythm to their fucking. The blond then came up and begun swabbing the breast that was not punished by the lash with iodine. He then pulled out a pair of pliers and a large nail and with a small torch he begun heating it up. Once he was content with his tool, he looked up at the gray suit who gave him the silent command to proceed. The blond took another pair of pliers, clipped Sarahs nipple with it and drew it up while pushing the nail with the other through the flesh.

Sarah must have let out a horrendous scream, which was muffled by the cock in her mouth. The vibration around the shaft took the gray suit over the edge and he pumped his seed directly down her throat. He held her there with himself buried all the way in her mouth while the other goon never lost the momentum continuing to pump in and out of her vagina.

The blond meanwhile finished cauterizing the hole and then slipped a round copper ring in the hole and locked it in place. The moment he stepped away from the table, the goon with the lash descended the leather straps over the newly pierced nipple. She bucked a bit then and screamed out into the cock that moved out of her throat. By the look at it, it was already hardening for round two and it took only a few moments before the gray suit slipped back into Sarahs mouth and begun pumping while the blond positioned himself over her other breast and repeated the piercing process, which ended with another flogging.

At last the goon at her vagina withdrew and walked around to her face, slipped his cock between her lips and proceeded to fuck her throat. It was tough to watch: his member was much larger and longer than that of the gray suit and Sarah ended up choking on it again. Meanwhile the blond slipped between her legs and again proceeded to warm up another nail and pierce her nether lips. The cock in her mouth just pumped away, never wavering until the final ring was in place and a chain was being locked in place from one ring to another through the length of her body.

Then he did pull out of her for a few seconds only to slip in again after Sarah had a moment to take a breath. He went so deep into her he almost sat on her. He just let himself relax there for a moment until she started tensing, her air passage completely blocked by his cock. Only then he took the chains that started at her pussy and drew up to her breasts and he started pulling on them as he pushed into her. She must have been screaming and gurgling like a banshee when he finally released his seed into her.

The goon with the flogger stepped in between her legs then and begun to flog her exposed vagina and clit. Sarah must have had enough as she let out a trickle of pee, unable to hold it in any longer. That only amused the goons. The gray suit threw his kerchief into the pool of urine. Once it was completely soaked through, they bunched it up and deposited the soiled fabric in Sarahs still open gaping mouth. They gagged her then with a red ball they slipped between her teeth.

It was only then that they turned their attention in Jessicas direction.

She was frantic, her eyes wide and desperate. Too drugged up and bound as she was she could not do anything about what was happening around her, but she had the cognoscente of Sarahs screams and moans of pain. It was the gray suit that approached her first. Reverently, almost gently he placed his hands on Jess bald vagina and kissed it. Then he spread her nether lips in search of her clit. He found it with his mouth and fastened himself upon it for a duration so long Jessica thought shed loose consciousness from the pleasure and eventual pain he gave her traitorous body.

He lapped at her, teased her, licked her, nipped at her then teased her some more. She screamed and screamed and tried to mentally throw him off, but he persisted and continued to take her with his mouth in wild abandon. He brought her to so many orgasms she lost count even now as the scene replayed itself before her. And still he went on and on, until finally, she gushed out so much liquid she thought she actually peed on him. He drank of her exalted but it was then did she also notice a small beaker now half full with her fluids in his hand.

She must have lost consciousness because only when he did not get any response from her did he raise from between her legs and moved towards Sarahs head. Someone brought a long rubber tube with an end tapering outwards. They dislodged the ball out of her mouth and the kerchief and slipped the tube past Sarahs lips and down her esophagus. She tried to fight the rubber intruder but it was no use. The gray suit begun to jack off and filled more of the beaker with his own cum. The rest of the room followed and added their own juices to the mix. Then they poured the concoction into the rubber hose and into Sarahs stomach.

The gray suit returned to Jessica, when she came to again; this time to her breasts and her own mouth. He slipped his flaccid cock in Jess mouth and begun to tease her with it. A bit in then out, then in again. Then he told her to start licking it. She must have been clumsy about it because he slapped her cheek once, then again, before settling his hands back on her shoulders where they stayed caressing. When his cock stated coming back to life he began to push in a little deeper. More words were exchanged in a lesson like manner then, he plunged in again still further in, this time penetrating her throat before pulling out.

He said something to his company and they all nodded, smiling. One of the naked goons moved between her legs and begun to suck her clit again. He also readjusted her in the chair a bit, bringing her legs and her middle further up and exposing her virgin anus. He slipped his finger in her vagina and spread her wetness over her back opening before slowly slipping his digit into her ass a bit. She tensed immediately and must have adjusted her head somehow because it was in that moment that the gray suit plunged all the way into her mouth. He stopped then nodded towards the man between her legs who begun pumping his index finger from her ass slowly.

The door to the room opened again and the technician who worked on the laser hair removal earlier was back with two enema bags hung on rolling stands. The girls were readjusted. The nozzles wetted. They were fixed up with balloon type stoppers that could be inflated and adjusted inside them, pumped to just the right size to make sure they kept their bowels nicely leak free until they were ready to be emptied.

They positioned the bags off to the side of each girl and fastened the nozzles inside them. Sarah tried to push the tubing out but the man with a flogger pulled out his whip again and struck her breasts with all his might. She gurgled some of the solution from her mouth in a spasm, but they just poured more in. She stopped fighting them.

Jessica did not fight at all. She just wasnt in the mental position to. And they seemed to be satisfied with her pliable nature. The gray suit returned to her mouth and begun his exploration of it again, his cock at a ready to plunge into her again. The goons descended on her breasts too, each taking one in his mouth playing with it. The blond man slipped between her legs and proceeded to rub her clit. He also kept an eye on the nozzles and the enema bags.

Meanwhile one of the goons returned over to Sarah, stepped over the rubbing hose between her legs and began fucking her vagina with hard intensity. As he did so he rubbed her swelling belly and teased the piercings by pulling on them and flicking them. His friend removed the tubing from her throat and sunk into it instead. He fucked her hard for a few moments then pulled out to give her a breath and then started up his assault again.

The gray suit and the blond men exchanged a few words and the gray suit moved over to Jessicas privates again. He examined the enema bag and then Jess extremely swollen tummy rubbing it gently. He then inserted one of his fingers in the girls vagina and smiled. He started stroking her inside letting his thumb play with her swollen clit… Blond man was there too, a 2” long needle clasped in between a pair of pliers in one hand and the small torch in the other.

Jessica sitting and watching this unfold before her knew what was coming. She instinctively knew as a dull pain between her legs begun to throb now as if in memory of that faithful moment. The gray suit pulled up her swollen clit up as hard and high as he could while positioning himself between her spread thighs ready to enter her virgin canal. He gestured to the goon fucking Sarahs mouth and he quickly stepped in and plunged deep between Jessicas lips and halted there. He was huge and she was left without a breath instantly. The moment the panic of suffocation overtook her the blond pierced her clitoris from side to side and the gray suit entered her to the hilt.

She gurgled her pain as loud as she could but no one listened. Rather, both men in sync begun fucking her hard, the gray suit playing with her clit and swollen belly, while his partner rubbed her tits and squeezed her nipples. Jesss tight canals now made even tighter through the solution in her ass, panic and pain served as an extra aphrodisiac to her captors. They fucked her with all their might, through her spasms of pain and fear.

The gray man continued to play with her clit and she came in spite of everything. As her pleasure spiked the blond and the technician who huddled in the back till that moment quickly grabbed Jess tits, pulled them up to the ceiling by her nipples and pierced them both with hot nails. Jessica gave off a wild howl, vibrations of which made the man in her mouth loose his seed. The man in her cunt came again, too. As they were coming off the high the blond affixed the copper rings, copies of those that were affixed to Sarah, to Jess tits. The gray suit returned to Jess mouth and told her to clean him off. As she did, he rubbed the breasts for awhile, dulling the pain a bit.

In about that time Sarahs rapist too climaxed and filled her. Like the gray suit, he had her clean his prick.

But they were not done. The blond pierced Jessicas labia, and added a new ring at the base of her clit and strung a series of chains from ring to ring all leading up her body to a padded leather collar that was fastened around her neck tightly. A similar collar was attached to Sarahs neck as well. While both men played with the girls mouths, the technician re-arranged the girls again. He put a bucket between each girls legs and begun emptying their bowls. Sarah was first. The process lasted a few minutes after which the man slipped a long water horse into the girl, filled her again but fast now two more times and again had her push everything out. Jess turn came next.

Next the technician placed small electro pads on the girls breasts and clitoris and sides of their vagina. The tens device must have been wireless because the moment the technician moved away and touched a few buttons on a small controller in his hand, the girls started riving in discomfort and then pain.

The men laughed to themselves watching them curl their toes and bunch their hands into fists. The whole thing was comical to them. They were unfastened from the chairs and placed on two tables that emerged from the ground next to them. They were placed on all fours, their wrists cuffed to the corners, knees spread wide apart and cuffed too. The task was made somewhat harder with their victims spasming beneath them, but that did not seem to deter them at all. They seemed to enjoy the challenge actually. One of the men put his hand a little too close to Sarahs clit and got a shot himself. He jerked his hand away with a laugh, shaking his wrist to dull the pain.

Then they started playing with the girls asses; the gray suit behind Jessica, one of the goons behind Sarah. The blond undressed by this time and pushed Sarahs arms down and head so that he could slip his penis into her mouth. She did not have a choice. Once he was in her, he started bouncing her head like a basketball, enjoying the feel of her while he fucked her. He quickly figured out when the spasms from the tens unit would hit and drew himself completely into Sarahs throat at that moment so that she would not bite him.

The gray suit pushed one finger into Jessica ass and massaged her this way and that, pushing in and out then to the side and vice versa. Then he stretched her with two fingers. Her head shot up a bit, but then one of the goons was there pushing her head down towards his dick. She must have clamped her teeth down while one of the spasams from the tens unit took her over and good slapped her hard when she refused to open her mouth. He grabbed her nose and pinched it until she complied, then further still until she was able to work through the spasm with her mouth open. Then he slammed into her, still keeping a lock on her nostrils until the gray suit told him to release her.

He continued his ministrations on her ass, now slipping a third finger into her. He said something to the goon working Sarahs anus and the man nodded and slipped two fingers into the brunette, working gently the muscles of her ass. Then he slipped the third finger and Sarah tried to pull away pushing herself forward. The man slapped her ass cheek and brought her back to himself. The disobedience won her a lesson: five hard stabbing penetrations with the mans four digits in her vagina. He then removed his fingers, collected some of her wetness and returned to the back hole. This time though, he brought a fourth finger to the opening and started pushing in, flexing them.

The men exchanged a few words and repositioned themselves, each taking their dick into their hand and sliding it into the girls asses, slowly. The men who were fucking the girls mouths smiled and nodded in approval, pushing their pricks deeper into the vibrating throats of their victims.

They spread the ass cheeks as wide as they could burring themselves to the hilt. They moved their hips side to side and grinded themselves as deep in as they could. And then began to fuck. Slowly at first so that the crying, scared women on their fours could feel each invading millimeter with as much agony as possible. The tens units were lowered in pressure, but not completely turned off and they squeezed their orifices with each new sting of the program that accompanied the fucking. The gray suit actually nodded to the technician with the remote who began adjusting the force of the unit while he moved inside Jessica and had him increase the pressure steadily. When he slipped his finger into her vagina, he jerked visibly himself. He withdrew his hand and put it on Jess hips and began moving at a faster pace in her accompanying the blond at her throat with his strokes.

It was obvious that he felt at least some of the tens unit on an in stroke but he only gripped the girls hips harder and pushed himself deeper inside her, actually enjoying the extra stimulation the machines provided. Then his hand moved over to Jesss chains. He took one in each hand and proceeded to pull on them in rhythm to this pounding. He came on a roar a few minutes later, almost completely spent this time. The goon at Sarahs ass followed in suit, slapping Sarahs ass as he came. The men at the girls throats released too.

They exchanged positions, each making sure that the girls cleaned their ass soiled cocks with their mouths. They both choked on the smelly, feces encrusted cocks, but they had no choice, they had to do what they were instructed to do.

The men exchanged words and smiles and it was obvious they were planning another depravity. Someone let a large Great Dane into the room. The dog bound for his owner the blond man. Each man gave the dog a pat or a rub, laughing. The dog walked then over to the girls to sniff them. He licked Jessicas face then moved to Saras and licked her too. The blond said something to the dog and he rushed to the back of the girl. He raised himself on his front paws and proceeded to lick Sarahs ass and cunt all the time wagging his tale. Sarah moaned something out but a slap on the face shut her up. She slumped her head downward and one of the goons took that opportunity to slip his cock into her mouth. He also unfastened the girls wrists from the table. Two other men stepped up to her head. She was instructed to grasp a cock in each palm and massage it.

Jessica wasnt left alone for a long time either. The technician removed the tens pads of her body then he clipped weights to her nipples. He also removed the restraints that held her in place. She slumped on the table, almost spread eagle. The dog took that opportunity to lick her wetness off. She tensed visibly at the coarseness of the dogs tongue, but she did not remove herself from his path. One of the goons came by and stroked her red hair lightly then he set down on the edge of the table and proceeded to climb upon it, dragging the spent girl over himself. Then he sunk into her vagina and let her body cover him, his hands holding her above him, the weights on her tits lightly brushing his chest. He started moving in her. The gray suit stepped behind her then and entered her ass. Jessica raised her head at the new fullness and tried to push herself off the invaders inside her, but it was no use. For one she was so tired by this point. A third man grabbed her by the hair and pushed his cock into her mouth and throat. This time the three men went slowly, each one taking as much pleasure as they could from the girl. The gray suit proceeded to also massage her anus as he moved inside her, trying to slide a new digit into her ass even as he fucked her. He pulled out just enough to stick his middle finger over his prick and proceeded to push in with both invaders. By the bowing of Jess body it was obvious that she was in excruciating pain, but the men did not pay have any heed, just continued to enjoy her.

Sarahs table was meanwhile lowered to the ground, with the girl still tied to it. Her head was positioned over one of the goons who kneeled before her. She knew what was expected of her and she obliged obediently by taking the mans thick cock in her mouth and down her throat. It seemed to have gone down much easier than it did earlier. She dutifully started fucking her captor, who induced her to take him in even deeper by pushing on her head rhythmically up and down, as if he was playing with a basketball.

The dog, now with more access to the girl returned to her ass and vagina and started to lick her again. She wiggled her behind to get him dislodged, but it was to no avail. The gray suit started laughing at her girls plight and was soon joined by everyone else in the room. He then said something to the blond who nodded and said something to the Great Dane. The dog obediently mounted the girl, his whole prick bulbous and extended now in search of Sarahs vagina. Feeling the K9 at her backside Sara tried to swat him away with her hands, but the goon at her face gripped them both at the wrists prepping her for the dog to straddle her. It did not take the animal long to find his target. The dog surged forward with a few strokes then began to readjust and pushing in even deeper. Eventually he lodged himself in her to the knot. Then he started truly moving. His strokes were fast and deep as he fucked her. Sarah had enough and she started fighting again, but in her position and without the help of her hands she could only bear the assault from behind and front.

This part of the session lasted maybe 20 minutes on the video, but it just have seemed like hours to the girls. The men fucking Jessica came first. The one at the mouth had her swallow all his semen. The one in her vagina came right inside her. The gray suit didnt come that easily. Rather, he let the man on the table slip off from under Jess as he continued to fuck her. He turned her over at some point and remounted her ass while with his hand he explored her wet vagina. He pushed into her three of his digits, and fucked her with them. Then four. Then he had someone add more lubrication onto his hand and started slowly pushing his whole fist into her.

The video here zoomed in on his digits. He fucked her ass and her cunt. As he pulled out of her ass, he stared pushing more of his fingers in. Curled in as they were they made for a smaller impailer, but his hand wasnt small. He worked hard stretching her, pushing with his digits this way and that. With the other he worked her clitoris, bringing her to the edge then taking her away from it. He enjoyed seeing her tighten, writhe beneath him, all of it turned him on even more. Then it happened. She orgasmed and almost came off the table. He continued to rub her clit with his left and he pushed his whole fist into her. What begun as pleasure must have turned into agony because Jessica screamed out and lifted her whole chest off the table. But in that moment the blond reached across to her neck and pulled hard on the chains bound to her nipples and clit and vagina and she slumped forward.

The gray suit brought his writs up a bit and pushed his dick into her completely and fucked her hard, enjoying the screams of the girl on the table. After he finally withdrew his limp dick from her, he renewed his assault with his hand in her cunt. He pushed in as deep as he could, with short strokes he fucked her with his first then begun clenching and unclenching it in her canal. As he did so, he started to play with her clit again. By the look on his face he loved Jess reaction, her protests that turned more pliable, more aroused as he fucked her with his hands. When she came, they all boomed and clapped and laughed.

By this time she was so spent she was barely moving on the table. The gray suit walked up to face and said something to her and lightly run a finger over her cheek and her breasts. He kissed her brow and pushed the hair that clung to her sweaty face behind her ear. With a finger he opened her mouth and had her lick her own juices off his fingers. She did not seem to have much energy to do that though, so he squeezed her nipple hard to draw her back from her state. When she seemed to come more to, he made her clean his cock as well. Then he pushed himself into her and…. Started urinating. Jess hands went to his middle to push him off and she spilled some of the piss. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face upwards and said something to her in a menacing voice. When she did not wholly obey him, he slapped her and shook her head. He repeated his question and she noticeably nodded, in spite of his hard hold on the back of her head and hair.

He ordered her again and she opened her mouth. He slipped his prick in, holding himself in part and released another steam of piss. Another order. She swallowed. Another stream of urine. Another swallow. He released the back of her head then, and stroked her hair lovingly. Another order. She opened her mouth and waited, fear and distress and repulsion vivid on her face. He slipped his dick into her then and started urinating again. She closed her lips around him and in small gulps accommodated his relentless order. It was obvious she wanted to throw up, but fear of reprecautions kept her at bay.

The video expanded to a wide lens again and again Sarah came to view. The man at her head was no longer there, her face was hidden beneath a mass of unruly curls and tangles. Her cheek rested on a surface of the table, her ass still high in the air the dog still in her. It was obvious the dog was stuck, his knot still embedded in her pussy. He scratched her back as he tried to dislodge himself. Sarah only curled her fingers at the discomfort he caused.

The men for once too seemed spent, simply enjoying the show. The dog barked a few times when the blond man said something, but kept on and in the girl for another 5 minutes before finally descending.

Then the video went dark.

Both Jesss and Sarahs faces were streaked with tears. They started crying some time ago but neither was brave enough to wipe their cheeks. Then Sarah lost her composure all together. She slumped forward and vomited. She was shaking uncontrollably. Jessica thought to reaching for her and comforting her, but she was pretty sure that any sort of movement than perhaps the readjustment on her knees would be met with violence.

“Return to position,” the voice announced few moments late when Sarah did not scramble back up from the floor. The man have her 15 seconds before he flipped the switch. Sarah spasmd and let out a loud wail.

“Im not going to tell you twice, kitten.”

It took a few moments, but the girl did manage to get back up and crawl to her red x.

“Jessica Putnam, youre an orphan, yes? You were only recently put in the care of the family youre staying with, correct?

Theyve done their homework. “Yes”

All right, from now on you will be known as Slut 538. Do you understand?”

A whimper escaped from between her lips.

“Your name?”

“Cunt 538”

“Good. Your owner is very pleased with you. He was exceptionally pleased to find you a virgin. He was actually betting on the both of you being pure and rather disappointed to have paid for spoiled merchandise. So, we will have to do something about that. But he as pleased with you, and very happy to see how you were reacting to his touch. So, we will hone your skills to his liking, make you irresistible. How long you keep him that way, well, thats up to you. To start, you need to loose 15 pounds. We need to tone you, make you more flexible among other things.”

Jessica let out a little whimper. Her nose was runny, snot slowly descending over her lips and dripping on her chest and breasts, and lower.

“You may now thank me for your new lot in life.”

Jessica wasnt sure what to say to that. A one-two second current of electricity, low voltage ran through her, jarring her senses. She gasped.

“T..thank you.”

“No, from now on you will address me as Sir. You will in third person thank me properly or I will administer a much harsher incentive.

She understood his meaning now.
“This Cunt 538 thanks you Sir.”

“Good. Now to our little trouble maker. Sarah Cummings, age 17, born in Winston, New York to John and Alexandra Cummings. Sister to Peter and Amy Cummings, 5 and 3 respectively.” Sarahs eyes jerked up at the mention of her family in such a formal way. It did the trick As the worry for not just herself but her whole family intensified, he had her attention now. “So, Sarah, when did you loose your virginity?”

She was shocked at the question. Her cheeks flushed and she opened her mouth as to say something, but in the end she stayed quiet.

“Pity really as your master was especially taken with you, you know. It was you who actually got his attention at the Wet T-Shirt contest in Florida. You seemed so meek and modest, flirty yes, but modest. So the fact youve been fucked before took everyone by surprise.”

Silence. Then she felt it, a small tinge in her groin area, a low current running through her, teasing her. She shifted uncomfortably a tiny bit, but then the current intensified. She let out a whimper, but beyond that stayed silent.

“Did you like fucking Duke? In case you did not get that from the film, Dukes the Great Dane youve been pleasured by. You should be honored, we dont let him fuck just any slut. There are ten Great Danes on the property. Theyre all genetically altered as youve probably guessed by now. Their dicks are longer than any other dog on the planet and they are bread for two purposes only: protection and fucking. Duke is the best of the bunch. That dog can go for hours. Literally. Did you enjoy his affections?”

The current went up a notch. Sarahs stiffened and let out a moan that seemed however to be more of pleasure than of pain.

“Yes… I thought so… You are enjoying this too, arent you. The sensor in the piercing is registering that youre wet, as if about to orgasm…” The current immediately spiked so high that Sarahs whole body convulsed as she was thrown backwards. “I believe, I asked you a question bitch.”

“My father started raping me when I turned twelve.” She finally exclaimed.

Silence for the moment, then. “Did he now. And did you enjoy his affections?

Sarah scrambled back up to her kneeling position before answering, loudly and angry. “No, I hated every moment of it. I fucking loathed his hands on me, as I hated everything youve done to me till now. SIR. And I hate that he will turn his attentions to my younger sister. I loathe that I wont be there to stop it. That youve taken away my familys only protection. I FUCKING HATE YOU ALL!”

The silence prolonged for a few more moments then, “Would you like an opportunity to punish your father for what he has done to you?”

Now it was Sarahs time to ponder. A moment later, she gave a resounding, “Yes.”

“Then I have a proposition for you. You promise to be obedient under every circumstance we throw you, learn to submit, to become the thing that your master wants of you. You promise to learn to be the best slut interested only in one thing, pleasing your master and I will guarantee that your sister will never be bothered by your father. What is your answer?

Sarah wasnt sure what to say.

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