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The Mansion

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Synopsis: Master built the mansion where males had the total control and the only the females needed to do was obey their master's every order.
This is my first attempt at a story. It contains nonconsentual torture and
is strictly fictional. I dot condone any of the actions described except as
fantasy. More chapters to follow.


By Mad Dog


By Mad Dog
Chapter 1, The Delivery

From the outside, the van looked like many others. Inside, a cage had been
constructed in the back of the van. Four lovely young women were shackled to
the cage. They sat quietly as the woman driving the van maneuvered over the
remote logging road. All worried, in their own way, about what to expect.
After over 3 hours, the forest gave way to a lush lawn bordered by a high
stone wall topped with barbed wire. Towers could be seen at the ends of the
wall a ½ mile in each direction. The road ended at a solid metal gate, over
10 feet tall. The driver got out of the van and approached the gate. She was
5’ 10" and very muscular. She wore a short leather skirt that ended mere
inches below her crotch. Her large, heavy breasts were barely held in by a
matching leather halter top that was cut low to expose the her dark skin to
just above her large dark nipples. She walked up to the gate and pressed a
button beside the gate. She smiled as she held the button for several
seconds. She then gave it 3 short pushes, chuckled to herself and came back
to the van. As she walked, the gate slowly opened. Two large scantily clad
women rode up on motor cycles and turned around, signaling the van to

The drive was hand placed brick and seemed incredibly smooth after the rough
logging road. It wove through lush gardens. Occasionally, they passed a
woman working on the garden. A huge mansion appeared out of the trees. Even
the driver, who’d been here before, was always awed at the size and grandeur
of the structure. It easily ran for a quarter mile in each direction. The
convoy left the drive before it reached the main entrance and veered down a
service road that led to the back of the mansion. The escort waved the van
to a parking spot next to a service door and sped away. Four tall, muscular
women wearing skimpy blue uniforms waited holding some sort of rods waited
by the door. The uniforms consisted of a suit jacket with the first button
attached just above the navel over a short skirt. The opening above the
button left a wide opening that revealed most of the substantial breasts of
the women.

The driver picked up a rod similar to the one the uniformed women had. She
waved at one of the guards. "Carlos hasn’t sent you out in a long time,
Marta. You do something to piss him off?" asked the guard. The driver
nodded, "Yeah, he had me service this client. The guy shit in my mouth and I
puked. Carlos beat the shit out of me and sent me." She pointed to marks on
the exposed upper slope of her tits and legs. Deep bruises crossed her tits.
Her legs were lined with welts above her knees with a higher concentration
on the inside of her thighs and even closer together as you looked higher up
her legs. The guard ran her finger along one of the bruises on her tit,
"Man, that sure looks nasty!" Marta winced with the contact, "Yeah and it’s
three days old! Then he sends me to make the delivery to the Master. Any
chance he’s away or busy or something?" The guard shook her head "No chance.
Carlos called and told him you were making the delivery. I heard him telling
the Bitch he was looking forward to fucking your ass again. He said no one
hates an ass fucking like you." A look of fear crossed Marta’s face as she
instinctively put her hand on her shapely ass.

After a pause, Marta looked up and said, "You better give me a hand, one of
the new girls isn’t being cooperative." The group of women walked over to
the van and Marta opened the back door. Marta took a key off her belt and
unlocked the cage. She motioned the women out one at a time and started
cuffing them to each other. They were naked and were trying to cover their
genitals as much as they could while cuffed to their neighbor. When she got
to the last one, an incredibly tall black woman, as she bent to cuff her
hand to the next woman, the black woman lifted her knee sharply into Marta’s
belly. Marta grunted loudly and fell to the ground. The black woman tried to
turn and run but, as she twisted, the nearest guard put the end of her rod
into her abdomen and squeezed a button on its handle. The black woman
screamed loudly as the electric prod discharged on her belly. She fell to
the ground gripping her stomach with both hands.

Marta sucked air deeply and stretched upright. "You bitch!’ she snapped as
she pushed her prod onto the large dark nipple of the woman on the ground.
The black screamed and rolled over to her side in an attempt to protect her
tit from another shock. Marta smiled and pushed the prod into the cunt lips
exposed by her bent legs. The scream was piercing as the black woman flopped
to her back and lay whimpering with both hands clutching between her legs.
"You feel like doing what you’re told now cunt?" Marta demanded. The black
woman sobbed and nodded rapidly.

The guards grabbed the black woman’s hair and pulled her up. Still shaking,
they cuffed her to the line of women. Marta walked toward the door and the
guards pushed the naked women after her. As she got to the door, she pushed
a doorbell button and again held it for a long pause. However, this time,
the sound of a woman screaming could be heard coming form the other side of
the door. Marta tapped the button three more times. Each tap brought another
gargling scream. The door opened and another guard complained, "Shit Marta,
I know you like to hurt the cunts but you aren’t next to them. It’s really
hard on the ears! I could hear the cunt hooked up to the gate down here!"
The frightened naked woman looked at the wall next to the door. A beautiful
brunette was hanging by hand cuffed hands from a hook on the wall. Large
full breasts were quivering as she sobbed loudly. A spreader bar, shackled
to her ankles, spread her legs impossibly apart. A smaller version of a car
jumper cable clamp was clipped over her clit hood and another wire wound its
way into her cunt. The shackled women cringed involuntarily.

The door guard said, "The Master wants them up in the hospital wing. He’s
sending a cunt down to show you the way." She saw Marta rubbing her bare
midriff below her halter-top and the black woman still sobbing and rubbing
her aching cunt and tits. "What happened here?" She asked. "She kneed me and
tried to get away, fucking cunt!" Marta responded. The guard smiled, "Shit,
the masters going to fuck her up good. Too bad I can’t watch!" The black
woman’s eyes widened noticeably.

They waited for a few minutes until a soft "Ugh, ugh" sound was heard coming
down the hall. A young woman of about 16 came through the door form the
hall. She was about 5 feet tall dirty blonde with very pail skin. Piercing
blue eyes were brimming with tears. Her small breasts had bright pink
nipples that were crushed between large alligator clamps with sharp teeth.
Blood stained the edges of the clamps where they crushed her tender nipples.
The tits themselves were stretched downward by large metal balls attached to
each nipple clamp by a 10 inch fine chain. She waddled with her legs spread
in a half crouch. Her cunt lips below wispy blonde pubes were clamped as
well. Each lip was stretched several inches by even larger metal balls
hanging from chains. The poor girl’s hands were shackled behind her back.
With each small step, the weights swung and the teenager let out a grunt of
pain. Even though she was obviously in great pain, the teenager seemed to
moving as fast as her body could tolerate the pain. She turned, shuffling
her feet around and started walking back out the door and down the hall. The
guards pushed the four women down the hall after the teenager. Travelling
slowly they went up a flight of stairs. Each step up caused even greater
swinging of the weights and the teenager sobbed loudly, as she had to stop
often to allow the swing to slow so she could continue through the pain. The
guards talked nonchalantly to themselves as they walked slowly. The shackled
prisoners stared at the teenager with fear and pity.

After about 5 minutes of walking, they came to a door with HOSPITAL AND
RESEARCH stenciled on it. They proceeded through the door and carried on to
a room denoted RESEARCH ROOM 3. The teenager opened the door and walked in
as the guards pushed the prisoners in behind her.

The room was the size of a high school gymnasium with jade green linoleum
floor and white scrubbed walls. There were various forms of dental chairs,
medical examining tables and other antiseptic looking devices of unknown
purpose space around the room. There were three occupants of the room. The
most imposing was a large man. He stood 6’ 5" tall and had a thick muscular
build. His hair was dark black with the occasional gray hair showing. His
eyes were dark brown and somehow menacing. He wore a fine robe that appeared
to shimmer like a pearl in the light.

To his right was a stunning woman with red hair. Standing 5’ 11" tall, she
was naked from the waist up. She had huge breasts ending in large pink
nipples that stood our like pencil erasers. Her aureoles were about 3 inches
across. All she wore was a tight nylon skirt that gripped her large muscular
ass cheeks and ended just below her cunt. Her body was well muscled and she
radiated power.

Slightly behind her was a middle aged oriental woman. She was only 4’ 10".
She wore black rimmed glasses and had long straight black hair that fell
over a short lab coat that was her only clothing. The bottom of the lab coat
parted slightly to expose dark cunt hair over thick shapely thighs.

The teenager looked hopefully at the man as he reached into his pocket and
pulled out a stopwatch. He held it up for the teenager to see, "Not even
close!" he said with a smile. The young girls started to sob gently and
looked toward the floor, "Please Master," she said, "can’t I suck your cock,
they’re just too big." The man shook his head, "No, but would you like me to
pick something else to punish you for being such a slow cow?" The pretty
teenager looked up in terror, "No! I’ll do it I promise!" The Master smiled,
"That’s a good little cunt, Karen. Bitch, take the clamps off so our little
cunt can sit down and rest." The heavy-breasted red head walked up to the
teenager. She slowly opened the clamps one at a time. The young girl cried
in pain as the blood returned to each punished nipple and cunt lip. The
master walked over to device that looked like an old metal seat from a
tractor. It was stainless steel formed in a shape meant to take a human
butt. However, from the middle of the seat, a thick hard rubber dildo
pointed up. It was at least 9 inches long and 2 ½ inches thick. Immediately
behind it, was a stainless steel rod about ¾ inch thick. At the tip of the
rod was a metal ball about one inch in diameter. There were 3 more balls
below the first, each getting larger, the bottom one being 1 ¾ inches in
diameter. The whole seat sat on a metal box with dial controls along the

The teenager looked at the monstrous seat and wept. "Time to take a seat,
cunt!" The master said happily. The young girl walked slowly to the device. A
step stool was produce by the oriental woman. The teenager stood on the
stool and turned to face the group. She slowly started lowering her but down
till the rubber dildo touched her cunt lips. Wiggling herself slowly on it
she started to press down. As the thick dildo started to spread her tight
young cunt she grunted as she was stretched. Slowly the first inch of dildo
worked into her until her small young ass came in contact with the first
metal ball. She looked up pleadingly at the Master but he just smiled at
her. Sobbing, she started to press her asshole down on the sphere. Slowly it
spread her. "Augghhh!" she grunted as she got past the widest part and
seemed to pop into her ass. She pushed down to the next ball. The dildo was
feeling impossibly large in her tight dry cunt. She pushed further and the
next ball stretched her asshole out. She cried out again as it finally slid
into her ass. She was starting to feel dizzy with the pain but concentrated
on keeping conscious. She knew the punishment for failing would be even

She started pushing down on the third ball, but with every downward
movement, she felt like her ass was going to tear. She just couldn’t force
herself further. She sat, half impaled, weeping deeply. The Master stroked
her hair, "Poor dear! Would you like some help?" The young girl looked
pitifully at him, tears dripping off her chin and nodded weakly. The Master
placed strong hands on each of her upper arms to balance her and nodded to
the tall read head, "You know what to do, Bitch!" The Bitch grabbed the
footstool and pulled it from under the young teenager> The Master used no
strength to support her but just held her upright. The young girl plunged
down on the two invading dildos. The one in her cunt seemed like it was
going to pierce her guts as the one in her ass ripped her anal ring as the
last large ball pounded its way through. The young girls scream was high
pitched as it rang through the room. The Master held her upright for the
time it took for the screams to die down to loud pleas to remove her from
the horrible device stretching her open. The oriental woman took a strap and
placed it across the lap of the suffering teenager and pulled it tight. The
master reached between the teenager’s dangling legs and turned the dials. He
then flipped a switch on the box and a humming started. The teenager
restarted her screaming loudly, "Noooo! Agghhh!" in a rhythmic chant. The
Master went behind her and checked the depth of the thrust of the torture
machine. On each outward pull, two balls were pulled from her ass only to be
thrust back in like some painful piston. The tear in the teenager’s ass was
now slowly dripping blood. Her screams and pleas were settling into a medium
level series of painful grunts as the pain coursed through her.

Turning away from the teen, he looked back at Marta, "Long time no see,
Marta. I’ve missed you. I’ll have to have Carlos send you with the
deliveries more often." Marta tried to smile, "Of course, Master, it would
be my pleasure."

Looking at the prisoners he said, "Why don’t you show me what you brought
me?" The guards quickly unshackled the prisoners and Marta approached the
first one, the tall black woman. Marta started describing the woman like she
was selling a car, "This is Mary. We bought her from the chief of her tribe
in Africa. As you can they are amongst the tallest people in the world. Mary
is 18 years old. She is 6’5" tall. Her measurements are 43DD-26-38. Her
nipples, as you can see are very large and appear to be very sensitive. She
is a virgin in all orifices. She is incredibly strong and should be able to
take much abuse. However, she is not well behaved and kicked me and tried to
run away on her trip here."

The Master walked up to Mary and nodded at 2 guards who gripped her arms. He
reached out and took one of the thick nipples between his thumb and
forefinger and squeezed hard. "Owww!" Mary cried, vainly trying to break the
guard’s grip. The master twisted harder, "You will be useful as an example
to the other 3. Unfortunately that’s going to be quite painful for you." He
let go of her tit. Dr. Ngai, please inject her with something to keep her
awake. I want to make a significant example and it wouldn’t do to have her
not awake to enjoy it.

The oriental woman motioned to the guards and pointed to the wall. They
dragged Mary over to the wall. Several straps were hanging from the wall.
They were used to pin her arms against the wall over her head. This caused
her firm large breasts to rise. Another strap was placed just below her
breasts to fix her torso to the wall. Her legs were then pulled apart and
strapped to the wall.

"I would like to inject her tits but we have 3 other guests to entertain so
use a vein so we don’t have to wait so long for it to take effect." Ordered
the master. Dr. Ngai nodded and took a hypodermic needle and a vial out of a
cupboard. Filling the syringe, Dr. Ngai walked over to Mary. She struggled
uselessly against the straps as the doctor bent over and slapped Mary on the
inside of her thigh to bring up the vein. As she bent over, the doctor’s lab
coat pulled up exposing her dark cunt hair and a hint of pink between her
cunt lips. The doctor deftly pushed the needle into the vein and depressed
the plunger. Mary felt warmth spread from the injection sight. As it spread,
she felt her pulse increase. All the sounds of the room seemed louder and
the lights seemed brighter.

"While we’re waiting for Dr, Ngai’s potion to work, tell me about our other
guests, Marta." Stated the Master. Marta walked up to the second prisoner, a
slight young blond with smallish tits and small reddish pink nipples. Her
hair is cut short and she has large steel gray eyes. "This is Magda. We
bought her from her parents in Budapest. She is 15. She is 4’ 11" tall. Her
measurements are 32A-23-34. She is a virgin in all orifices. Due to her
small stature, we’re not sure how much she will be able to take. So far she
has been very obedient."

The Master walked over to Magda and absently ran his fingers through her
sparse pussy hair. Magda looked into his eyes, silently pleading. "I am
going to look forward to fucking you. Does that scare you?" he asked. She
nodded as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Good!" he smiled.

Marta walked over to the third, a dark hared Latin woman with substantial
breasts with dark small nipples that contrasted her fair skin. Marta went
into her pitch, "This is Juanita. She is 26 years old. Her husband sold her
to us because she was caught with another man. She is 5’ 6" tall. Her
measurements are 38D-25-37. She is well used in her cunt and has
occasionally sucked cock. She is a virgin in her ass. She seems quite strong
and will likely be able to withstand considerable abuse. She has not been
very cooperative but hasn’t been downright disobedient."

The Master walked up to Juanita and intertwined his fingers in her long
thick cunt hair. She started to pull back but the guards immediately grabbed
her arms and held her in place. "We’ll have to trim this!" The master announ
ced, "but I don’t think you’ll like how!" He grabbed a tuft of pubes and
pulled them out sharply. "OOWWW!" she wailed as she tried to bend forward in
the grasp of the guards.

Marta walked up to the last of the women, a tiny oriental girl with no
breasts to speak of and only the slightest hint of cunt hair. Her hair was
cut straight just above her shoulder. "This is Jinlee. Her parents sold her
to us. She is 14. She is 4’ 9" tall. Her measurements are 30A-22-31. She is
a virgin in all orifices. She is so small we suspect she will be ripped
badly with very little use but that she should suffer greatly with even a
cunt fuck. She has been very compliant."

The Master walked behind the tiny oriental and cupped her small buttocks. "I
love fucking oriental ass, don’t I Doctor?" The doctor furrowed her brow and
nodded. "Yours looks particularly inviting." He said and reached down and
hooked his middle finger between her butt cheeks and into her virgin ass.
Jinlee couldn’t believe the level of the burning pain in her ass as he
wiggled his finger inside her. She cried out with quite "Ngh" with every

Pulling his finger out, he looked across the room at the teenager on the
torture machine. She was hunched forward against the seatbelt, barely
conscious. "Take her away." He ordered. Two guards unstrapped her and lifted
her of the dildos. One on each arm, they dragged her out of the room. The
blood could be seen trickling out of her gaping ass as she went by.

The Master walked over to Mary strapped to the wall. "You should be ready
now. Just so you know, you’re not going to be let off so easy. Dr. Ngai and
her research team have developed stimulants that keep you awake no matter
how much pain you’re in. But don’t let me be accused of being unreasonable.
If you take my cock in your mouth, cunt and ass and you do it very well, I
will only give you a light punishment." As he finished the statement, he
opened his robe. All 4 prisoners gasped. His cock was only semi-rigid but it
was already over 10 inches long and very thick.

Mary shook her head angrily, "I’ll never fuck you! You pig!" The Master
shrugged and turned to the tall redhead, "Bitch, I think I’ll give you the
honor. I’d like the skewers and maybe some electricity." Mary’s eyes
widened. The Bitch smiled and wheeled a cart over to a cupboard and started
placing items on the cart.

The Master turned his gaze to Marta. Walking behind her, he reached under
her skirt and pushed 2 fingers hard in her ass. Marta gritted her teeth and
grunted under her breath as he drove the fingers hard into her as again and
again. She knew better than to try and pull away.  "You still hate it up the
ass, Marta?" She nodded. He pulled his fingers out of her ass and undid her
halter-top. It slid off her shoulders exposing her magnificent breasts. The
Master traced his finger down a bruise that ran into her nipple and squeezed
the nipple. "I see you’ve been naughty." Marta tensed as tears filled her
eyes from the pain in her already bruised nipple. The Master released her
teat. "Bend over the table and pull you skirt up" he instructed.

Marta leaned over the table. She didn’t have to raise her skirt much. It
rode up her ass as she bent over the table. The master walked in front of
her and held his semi-stiff cock at her mouth. She opened her mouth and
sucked the fat bulb of the head into her mouth. It was so large that she had
to open her mouth as wide as possible. She sucked and licked the head
waiting for the throat fucking she knew was coming. As the huge cock got
more rigid and grew even larger, the Master started pushing forward
insistently. His cock hit the back of her throat and went on gagging her. He
pushed his cock in and out of her throat allowing her only the briefest of
moments to inhale. After several minutes, he pulled his now rock hard dick
out of her mouth.

The Master walked around the table and pulled her meaty ass cheeks apart.
"Remember how much this hurt last time?" he asked. "Yes, Master." He put the
huge knob against her asshole and applied pressure. The tiny hole stretched
as the head went deeper. "AAARRRGGHH!" Marta cried as the head finally fully
entered her ass. The pain was excruciating. The master continued to insert
his cock very slowly. Each fraction of an inch brought pain to a new part of
Marta’s ass, causing her to cry out and shake her head in agony. When his
cock was finally all the way in, he pulled back slowly, grabbed her hips and
drove his cock in as hard as he could. "AAAAAHHHHHH! OH MY GOD! OWWW!"
screamed Marta. She was sure her ass had been torn apart.

Leaning against Marta’s butt with his cock deep inside her, the Master
asked, "Bitch, you ready?" The Bitch nodded happily and walked up to Mary.
She took some thin cord and started rapping it around the base of one of the
huge black tits. With every turn, she pulled the cord tighter until the base
of Mary’s tits were squeezed into a couple of inches and the large breast
was sticking out from Mary’s chest. "Ow" and curses came from Mary as the
procedure was duplicated on her other tit.

Reaching to the tray, the Bitch picked up a 10-inch long metal skewer. She
held it in front of Mary’s face. "Do you get it yet, cunt? I’m going to
shove this through your tit!" the Bitch hissed. Mary’s eyes widened in
disbelief, "No, you can’t! Somebody help me!" The Bitch took the skewer and
put the point on the side of her tit against the rope. She slowly pressed as
the point first indented the skin and broke through. "GAGHHHHH!" Mary’s
screams echoed in the large room. The bitch waited for the screaming to die
down and picked up another skewer. "Time for the other tit!" She announced
as if she were offering another cup of coffee. Mary shook her head, "NOOOO!
YOU’RE KILLING ME! PLEASE NO!" Ignoring the pleas, the Bitch pushed the
skewer against the side of the other tit and slowly started pushing through.
Mary’s head thrashed around as her lungs gasped for air to supply her

Again, the Bitch waited for the screams to die down. Meanwhile, the Master
had set up a steady series of short hard thrusts in Marta’s ass. She kept
hoping her muscles would get accustomed but the burning pain just seemed to
increase with each thrust.

The Bitch picked up another skewer. However, this one was only 3 inches
long. Again she held it up in front of Mary. "You know what cunt, this one
may be shorter but it’s going to hurt a lot more!" Mary just sobbed and
watched through tear blurred vision as the Bitch put the shorter skewer
against the side of Mary’s nipple. "GOD NO! YOU CAN’T! NOAAARRGGHH!" Mary’s
powerful body strained against the straps as she convulsed in pain. It took
some time for Mary’s screaming to stop. As it did, the Bitch held up another
3-inch skewer. "No, please! I’ll do anything!" Mary pleaded. Mary pressed
the skewer against the other nipple and drove it through to another chorus
of screaming. Blood was oozing from her tits.

The Bitch smiled at her handiwork. In the background Marta’s pained grunts
continued as the Master pounded her ass. The Bitch reached down to the cart
and picked up four clamps attached by wires to a black box. She attached one
to the each of the skewers. Mary cried as she begged the Bitch to stop.
Ignoring the pleas of the black woman, the Bitch picked up a small box that
looked like a TV remote control. She walked over and handed it to the

The Master gave a particularly hard thrust into Marta.  "Unnghh!" she
grunted as he held his cock deep in her ass. He pointed the remote at Mary
and pushed a button. Mary’s mouth opened wide, "Ahhh! Ahhh! No! Stop! Ahh!"
The master smiled, "That’s button one. It’s the weakest. We have nine more!"
Mary sobbed loudly, "Please, no more! Please, I’ll fuck you any  way you

The Master held up the control and pushed the second button. Mary shuddered,
"Unngh, Ungh! STOP!" The Master slid his finger over to the third button.
Mary’s screams gasping cries increased in intensity, "PLEASE STOOOPPPP!" The
Master lifted his finger. Mary sucked in deep breaths. Her tied, pierced
breasts shook as sobs racked her body. "So, you’re ready to fuck me?" the
Master asked. Mary looked up, " God, yes! Please just stop hurting my tits!"
The Master motioned toward the black woman and started thrusting in and out
of Marta’s ass again. Marta restarted her pained grunts. Two guards took
Mary’s hands down and secured them behind her back. She pleaded "Please take
these out of my tits!" The Master shook his head, "No, not until you’ve
finished." The Master pulled his cock out of Marta’s ass. Marta sniffed back
her tears and breathed deeply in relief as the horrible stretching of her
ass came to an end. She stood, her asshole still open and sore, tears
streaming down her face.

He walked over to Mary, his huge cock bouncing in front of him as he walked.
He stood in front of her, "On your knees, cunt!" Mary went to her knees.
"Suck it!" She moved her face toward his dick but, as she got closer, she
could see and smell the brown streaks of Marta’s shit on his cock. She
recoiled, "It’s covered with shit!" The master pointed the control at the
box and hit the fourth button. "Gahhh! OWWWW! AHHHH!" She screamed and
bucked back wildly. As he let go of the button, she writhed on the floor.
"You want more or are you ready to suck my cock, cunt!" the Master asked.

The Bitch grabbed a handful of Mary’s hair and pulled her back to her knees.
She opened her mouth and took the huge head into her mouth. The bitter taste
of shit filled her mouth. "Suck it, cunt!" insisted the Master. She closed
her lips and ran her tongue around his cock head, gagging from the taste of
the shit. The Master pressed his dick deeper in her mouth. She started to
gag as the large knob hit the back of her throat. He pulled back and let her
inhale. Grabbing her head in both hands, he pushed his cock a full inch down
her throat. Her eyes widened as she involuntarily gagged on the thick cock
in her throat. He pulled his cock head back into her mouth again allowing a
breath. As she finished inhaling, he rammed the full length of his cock down
her throat. Her gagging continued as she her throat ached from the hard
thrust. He continued pulling back for a breath and driving his cock into her
throat for several minutes. Mary continued to gag on each thrust. Each time
he withdrew she coughed and sputtered as she fought to take a breath.
Finally, he pulled his cock out completely. Mary fell to the floor and
coughed, trying to breath. Her throat was bruised and sore.

At the Master’s signal, one of the guards pulled a mattress over. The Master
lay down on his back. His rock hard cock pointed straight up. "Time to fuck
your cunt, Mary" he stated. She looked over as the bitch grabbed her hair
and dragged her over to the mattress. "Squat on it, cunt!" the Bitch
ordered. Sobbing, Mary kneeled over the Master and raised her cunt over the
thick cock. The Bitch reached under her and held the cock against her virgin
cunt. Mary pressed down and the huge cock head started to part her cunt lips
but it quickly come up against her hymen. "It hurts!" she whined easing back
a bit. "Of course it does. Would you rather I do your tits?" asked the
master as he held up the remote control.  "NO!" Mary yelled and immediately
pressed down with her cunt. The burning pain in her cunt grew as she pushed
harder. Finally her hymen tore the fat cock tore an inch into her cunt.
"AAARRGGHHH OWWWW" yelled Mary as she tossed her head back in agony. Her
breaths started come in short gasping breasts as the pain in her
over-stretched cunt settled to a burning fire.

Tears rolled down Mary’s face. Her huge black tits swayed as she knelt over
the huge cock. "You have to take it all" insisted the Master.  Weeping, the
large black woman pressed herself slowly down the huge cock. "NNNNGGGHHH!"
she grunted with each downward movement. Her cunt walls felt like they would
split apart at any moment. Finally, she felt her cunt lips press down on
him.  The full length of her cunt ached with the stretching. She felt a tree
had been forced inside her.  She whimpered in short breaths hoping the pain
would subside.

"You better start fucking me!" the Master insisted. Mary lifted herself up 5
or 6 inches. The cock felt like it was pulling her inside out as she rode
up. There were streaks of blood on his cock. "NNGGHH" she grunted as she
force herself slowly back down a couple of inches. Slowly she repeated the
process, not taking his cock fully on the down stroke. After one up stroke
the Master said, "You call that fucking!" and grabbed a handful of her
thick, wiry cunt hair and yanked down hard on it. "NNGGHHHAAAAAA!" Mary
screamed as the pain of her pussy mound from her pulled pubes gave way to
the agony of her too rapidly stretched cunt. The Master yanked up on the
cunt hair again, pulling her cunt a full 9 inches off his cock. Without a
break, he yanked down again. "AAAGGHHHHH!’ screamed the black amazon as more
of her cunt was violently stretched.

Using her cunt hair to hold her totally impaled on his cock, the Master
waved over the bitch and a guard. Each took one arm and held Mary erect on
his cock. "You’re going to be sorry you didn’t get into a good fucking!" he
growled. The Bitch and guard took an arm each, holding Mary down firmly on
the huge cock. The Master pointed the remote control and pressed the 5th
button. "EEEEYYYIIOOO!" Mary’s scream filled the room. The Master released
the button and allowed Mary’s screams to subside. He pointed the remote, his
thumb over the 6. "NOOOOO! PLEASE NO-OWWWWWGAAAGGGHHHH!" she screamed. Her
tits felt as if she was going to catch fire. Her head thrashed wildly.

The Master took his thumb off the button and started tapping the 7th button
on and off. With every tap, Mary’s whole body tensed as the screams filled
the room. Her body would go limp in the grip of the two powerful women. The
regular shocks were making her cunt grip on the Master’s cock. After several
minutes he stopped the tapping. Mary went limp, held up only by the two
women. Her breath’s came in pants. Her tits hurt with a deep burning pain
and her throat ached from the screaming.

At the Master’s signal, they picked Mary up and bent her over a table,
fastening her ankles to the legs and her hands to cuffs on the table. Mary
cried out as her pierced, tortured tits were mashed into the hard tabletop.

The Master walked up behind her and pushed 2 fingers into her asshole. She
grunted as he twisted them in and out. Taking his cock in one hand, he
pushed the fat head against her butt. "Noo!, Please noo!" Mary wept. The
Master leaned into her ass and watched the tiny ass hole start to stretch.
"GOOOOOOD IT HUUURRTS!" Mary screamed as her butt hole slowly gave way. The
Master grabbed her hips and leaned forward with all his might.
"AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!" Mary screamed as his cock inserted to its full length. He
rested against her firm ass as she begged "PLEASE TAKE IT OUT! PLEASE! IT’S

The Master started rocking his cock in and out 2 to 3 inches per thrust.
Mary let our deep pained grunts with every thrust. Finally, the Master
rested and picked up the remote. He lifted it and pressed on the 8th button.
Mary’s screams filled the room as she convulsed, her ass twitching on the
Masters cock. After a few seconds, the Master lifted his finger. He started
long driving strokes into her as , stiffening, he shot into Mary’s ass. He
pulled his cock out of her ass as come dribbled down her leg. Mary wept.

"That’s enough for her, I don’t think you’ll try and get away again will
you, cunt?" Lost in her pain, Mary just wept. Shrugging his shoulders, the
Master hit button 9. Mary’s head snapped up and down as she screamed.
Letting go of the button, the Master asked, "You want to try and get away
again, cunt?" Mary shook her head, "God no! Please just stop hurting me!
Please!" Two guards untied the black woman.

"You want those skewers out of your tits?" he inquired. Mary nodded. "OK,
pull them out yourself." Mary looked up, tears rolling sown her face. One
after the other, she gripped a skewer and cried out as she pulled it out. As
she was pulling the skewers, a guard was kneeling in front of the Master,
gagging soflty as she licked Mary’s shit off the Master’s cock. When the
last skewer was removed, Mary clutched her breasts and blood trickled out
between her fingers.

Pushing the guard away, The Master announced, "I’ll do the other 3 after
dinner." He walked over to the Bitch, reached under her skirt and shoved 2
fingers into her ass. The two of them walked out of the room, the Bitch
grimacing as he roughly pushed her along with his fingers.


By Mad Dog
Chapter 2-The Introduction Continues

After the Master left, Marta wiped her eyes and picked up her halter-top.
Carefully, she stretched it over her large breasts. She turned to the
doctor, "I’m getting out of here." One of the guards pushed a button by the
door and a young woman in a tiny maid’s outfit appeared. "Take her to the
delivery entrance and bring some food back, cunt!", the guard ordered. The
young woman nodded and headed off down the hall. Marta walked slowly behind,
feeling discomfort in her gaping asshole with every step. The Doctor busied
herself cleaning the blood off the dildos used on Karen and sterilizing the
skewers. The three remaining victims sobbed quietly in fear. After a few
minutes, plates with plain but surprisingly tasty food were brought in and
set at a table near the wall. The guards waved the victims over motioned to
the food, "Eat it, cunts! You’ll need it." The 3 women had not eaten all day
and ate quickly.

They sat in terrified silence for about an hour. The door to the large room
opened, The Bitch walked in, her huge breasts swaying. The Master stepped
through after her. The guards pulled the new arrivals to their feet and
lined them up against the wall.

The Master strolled over and walked up to the small Polish girl. He reached
down and wrapped his hands around each small breast, "You see what happened
to Mary when she was bad?" he asked. Magda nodded weakly. "You don’t want to
be hurt like that do you?" Magda changed the direction of her nod. The
Master squeezed her tits in his powerfull hands, "Speak up, cunt!" Mary
cried out in pain, "NO! Please don’t hurt me!" The Master loosened his grip.
His voice returned to a softer tone, "You’re going to be a good girl aren’t
you? You’ll do what you’re told?" Tears rolling freely down her face now,
"Yes, just don’t torture me please!"

The Master undid his robe and pointed to his huge semi-rigid cock, "Suck on
it." The little girl crouched down and took the cock in her small hands. She
opened her mouth and pushed the fat head against her lips. The head barely
fit into her mouth even though she’d opened it until her jaw hurt. It pushed
against the back of her mouth and she sucked on it as best she could with
her over-full mouth. The Master looked down at the small head desperately
trying to please him, "Swallow it!"

Weeping, Magda pushed her head forward, gagging as her throat rebelled
against the intrusion. Magda remembered the horrible screams of Mary and
pushed forward with all her might. The huge cock head popped into her
throat. Magda pulled back gasping for breath. The Master spoke quietly, "All
the way down." Terrified, Magda thrust forward with all her might. The thick
cock crammed down her tiny throat. Pushing still farther, she rammed her
face into the Master’s pubic hair. The Master moaned in pleasure at the
tight gagging pressure of the girl’s throat. Magda pulled back sputtering
and coughing around the huge cock. The Masters powerful hand pushed her back
down on the cock. Holding it there for a few seconds, he pulled his cock
right out of her mouth. Magda coughed and gasped clutching at her aching
throat. The Master smiled, "Very good! You’ll make an excellent cock sucker!
Now lets see how your little cunt feels!" The Master laid back on a low
upholstered bench, his erect cock pointing straight up.

The young girl was terrified but determined not to suffer a fate like the
huge black woman she’d arrived with and straddled over the Master. Her firm
young legs lowered her down towards the terrible cock. As it touched her
tiny dry cunt, she pulled her cut lips apart with her fingers and settled
them over the thick knob. She pressed down and felt a burning pain as her
hymen started to feel the pressure of his cock. "Nnnngggghhh!" she grunted
as she tried to impale herself but the pain was too great. Annoyed with the
delay, the Master asked, "You want me to rip your cunt with something so you
can get it in, cunt!" Terrified, Magda immediately thrust down with all her
might. "AAAARRRGGGHHHH!" she screamed as her hymen gave way and 3 inches of
the fat cock spread her tiny virgin cunt. Loud sobs shook the girl as her
cunt ached.

"All the way!" ordered the master. Magda looked up, tears streaming down her
face. She took a deep breath, braced herself and pushed down. Relentlessly,
her tiny cunt muscles started to pull apart as they swallowed the huge cock,
With each inch, grunts of pain filled the air. Finally, she was impaled on
the huge cock. The agony was almost unbearable. "Ok, now start fucking me or
you’ll find out what pain really is!" The Master growled, obviously aroused.
Magda nodded and started riding up and down on his cock. At first, only an
inch at a time but, as the master grabbed her tiny waist and guided her, the
thrusts stroked 4 to 5 inches. "AAAAHHHH!" screamed Magda with each
down-stroke. Smears of blood streaked the Masters cock.

After several minutes of the deep fucking, the Master lifted her off his
cock and set her on the floor. Magda bent forward clutching her torn pussy.
"Very good!" said the Master, stroking her hair, "but now it’s time for your
ass!" Magda’s sobs became louder. The pain his fat cock had caused her pussy
was unbearable but the thought of that huge member in her ass was
unimaginable. "Get on all fours." The Master pointed to the bench. The girl
climbed on the bench, her young ass pleasingly round as it bent. The Master
pushed a finger hard into her tight ass. "OWWWWW! It HURTS!" Magda
complained as the finger twisted in her ass. "I’ll bet it does! I’m going to
have to use some lubrication for that little hole!" said the Master, pulling
his finger out.

He signaled to the Doctor who brought over a white jar. Dipping her finger
in the contents, the doctor started wiping the lubricant on the Master’s
cock. Wrapping her fingers around his cock, the small oriental woman ran her
hands the full length of his cock. He motioned towards the upturned ass. The
Doctor pushed her finger back into the contents and applied a liberal amount
to Magda’s tiny asshole. She then started pushing it in with her finger.
Even the Doctor’s much smaller finger caused discomfort in the tiny orifice.
Magda grunted with each thrust. The Doctor removed her finger and stepped

The Master straddled the bench behind Magda and placed the large head of his
cock against her sphincter. He grabbed her hips with one hand and used the
other to guide his cock. Steadily, he pushed forward as he watched the tiny
hole stretch. "AAAAAAHHHHH! OWWWWW!" yelled Magda, the screams increasing in
intensity as the hole stretched more. Finally, the abused sphincter muscle
gave way. A piercing, inhuman scream left Magda’s lips as the huge cock head
disappeared up her ass. The Master waited for the scream to die down to
rapid grunts of pain as the young girl strained to breathe through the pain.

Grabbing her hips with both hands now, the Master slowly started easing his
cock further up the too small hole. Magda could feel the muscles of her ass
give way as more and more of her ass was torn.  "AAAAHHHHH! NOOO!
PLEEEAAASSE TAKE IT OUT!" she begged as he relentlessly kept splitting the
tiny hole. Finally his cock was totally buried in her young ass. Her body
shook from her deep sobbing.

Slowly he pulled his cock back until just the huge head remained in the
girl. Magda felt like she was being pulled inside out. Sweating form the
exertion of forcing the virgin ass open, the Master took a firmer grip on
her hips and drove his cock all the way in with a hard, sharp stroke.
"AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!" she screamed, her mouth wide open. He started driving his
cock in and out in short hard stabs. Magda’s screams started to blend into
one long howl as the Master increased the rate of the slamming fuck. Feeling
his orgasm coming, the Master pulled his cock out of the torn butt hole.

Magda rested her head on the bench weeping softly as the burning in her torn
cunt and ass continued and as a steady trickle of blood seeped out of her
torn orifices. The Master turned to the guards "This one will make a fine
maid for the living quarters. Take her to the treatment room and then have
Hilda start training her." Two guards took Magda by the arms and lifted her
up, guiding her towards the door. Every step made her ass and cunt hurt

The Master turned his attention to Juanita. He took her small dark nipples
between his fingers and pinched them, twisting as he pulled on the nipples.
She winced as her nipples ached. "Nice tits, cunt." Observed the Master
twisting the nipples further. He let go of her nipples and slid his hand
down her belly and reached between her legs. He pushed 3 fingers up her cunt
as Juanita grunted. He jerked her fingers in and out. Juanita leaned forward
slightly trying to stop the intrusion in her cunt. "Your cunt’s not very
tight. You have any kids?" Asked the Master. Juanita nodded. "Well, I think
we can find something to fill it! Now kneel down, cunt." sneered the Master.
Juanita kneeled in front of him. The Master took his cock in his hand and
ordered her to open her mouth. Juanita looked at the blood and shit drying
on his cock and turned her head away. "Bad choice!" said the Master

He stepped away and pointed toward a device in the corner. It was a padded
pedestal with a height adjustment. On one side of the pedestal, two ankle
cuffs were attached to the floor, about  four feet apart. Two more cuffs
were bolted to the floor 20 inches away from the base of the pedestal.
Between the base and the wrist cuffs were two metal hooks tied to cables
that disappeared into the base of the pedestal.

The Bitch grabbed Juanita by the hair and dragged her to the device.  Two
guards pinned her arms to her side. The Bitch took large saw toothed
alligator clamps from a cabinet and walked over to the beautiful Mexican.
She opened one of the clamps over her left nipple and slowly let it close on
her small dark nipple, "GAAAHHHH!" gasped Juanita as the strong spring and
sharp teeth dug into her tender nipple. "No, please no!" Juanita begged as
the Bitch opened the second clamp over her right nipple. Smiling, the Bitch
let the second clamp snap shut. "OOWWWW!" screamed Juanita, writhing in the
grip of the guards.

The guards bent the crying woman over the pedestal and clamped her ankles
into the cuffs on the floor, spreading her legs apart. Next, they cuffed her
wrists to the cuffs on the other side of the pedestal. The poor Mexican was
bent double over the pedestal, her legs stretched wide causing her cunt to
gape. The bitch bushed a button on the side of the pedestal and it slowly
started to rise. Juanita’s shoulder joints started to ache as the hydraulic
pedestal stretched her out. As the tendons in her legs became stretched, the
Bitch took her finger off the button and the lift stopped. "Please, I can’t
take it!" she begged.

The Bitch slapped her ass, "We haven’t even started, cunt!" she laughed.
Kneeling beside the stretched woman, the Bitch lifted one of the hooks off
the floor and slipped it through a ring on the nipple clamp. She repeated
this with the other nipple. The Master put a stool between the cuffed hands
and sat at the poor woman’s face. "Ready to suck m cock clean, cunt?"
Juanita lifted her head to look at him, "Please, no! It’s filthy!" The
Master signalled to the Bitch who pushed another button on the side of the
pedestal. The slack in the cables attached to the nipple clamps disappeared
into the base of the pedestal, stretching the nipples downwards. "OOOOWWWW!
AHHHHH!" screamed Juanita as her head thrashed around. The Bitch lifted her
finger. "Dear God have mercy! Your killing me!" moaned the woman.

The Master reached under the woman and took the stretched breasts between
his fingers, squeezing, testing the tautness of the skin. "She can stretch
lots more." He proclaimed and the Bitch reached for the button. "NO! PLEASE
NOOOOOOOO!" the woman screamed as her tits formed into elongated cones
pointing to the floor. "You want more or you ready to suck my cock, cunt."
She nodded, her face twisted in agony. "Beg for it, cunt, or I’ll have her
do it again. "Ppp-llease, l-let me s-suck your c-cock!" stammered the woman.

The Master took his cock in his hand and held it up to her lips. Juanita
could smell the feces on his cock and gagged as she opened her mouth. He
pushed the head roughly in her mouth as the bitter taste of the shit filled
her mouth. She tried to run her tongue around the head, hoping to make him
come and end the torment. The Master put his hand behind her head and drove
it down on his cock. The gagging of the woman caused gurgling sounds to
emanate from her throat. The Master savagely drove his cock in and out of
her throat. She was unable to even draw a breath. As the color in her face
started to change, the Master pulled his cock out leaving her coughing and

"I don’t think her cunt’s worthy of my cock but maybe you could find a
substitute." The Master said to the Bitch tapping his closed fist with one
finger. Juanita didn’t even hear the comment as she gasped to fill her lungs
but the Bitch smiled. She knelt down behind Juanita’s spread legs. She
roughly pushed 3 fingers into the gaping cunt. A grunt left Juanita as the
Bitch twisted her fingers around in the cunt. The Bitch pulled back on her
hand and slid her little finger together with the other 3. She leaned
forward pushing the 4 fingers forward until her hand went in up to her
thumb. "UUUUggghhhh! Too big!" gasped Juanita. The Bitch twisted his hand
around in her cunt eliciting more grunts of pain.

She pulled back on her hand and wrapped the fingers around her thumb and
leaned forward. Her hand slid forward stretching Juanita’s cunt.
"AAAIIIIEEEE!" A full throated scream filled the room as the bitches hand
slipped into the tortured cunt. Grimacing with effort, the bitch curled her
hand into a fist in the sore cunt. "NOOOOO! NOOOO MOORRE!" Screamed the
stretched woman. The Bitch leaned forward. The Bitches fist stretched more
and more of Juanita’s cunt as the pussy lips started to stretch around the
powerful woman’s forearm. The Bitch pulled back until the cunt lips started
to stretch around the fist. The she punched her hand deep in the punished
cunt. She set up a rhythm driving her fist in and out. Juanita yelled in
agony with each punch. Finally, at a signal from the Master, the bitch
yanked her clenched fist out of the aching cunt. Juanita screamed anew as
the fist was yanked roughly out of her.

Juanita cried pitifully as tears rolled down her face and drops of blood
fell from around the nipple clamps to small puddles forming below her tits.
Her cunt gaped open, burning from the brutal fist fuck. The Master walked
over to her and slapped her ass. "I don’t think this loose cunt is good for
much. Put her in the Dairy. Doctor, give her her first treatment. Use a high
dilution and go through the nipple."

Two guards approached Juanita and reached under her and unclipped the nipple
clamps. "EEEEEEEE!" she whined as the blood ran back into her nipples.
Lowering the pedestal, they loosened her shackles and lifted her off the
pedestal and dragged her to the wall. Straps were used to constrain her arms
over her head and another strap was fastened below her breasts.

While she was being strapped to the wall, the Doctor busied herself with two
large syringes. Each was filled with 8 ounces of a fluid and had a thick 4
inch needle on the end. She placed each on a tray as it was filled. She took
the tray over to Juanita and set it on a nearby table. The Master took
Juanita’s sore nipples between his fingers and rubbed them. "These tits
should be quite productive. You see, cunt, we’ll be injecting these beauties
with hormones that’ll make you into one of our milk cows. Of course it would
only take a few milliliters to work but that wouldn’t be painful enough. The
Doctor here has invented some irritants that cause significant swelling. We
add that to the hormones so that the injections become a punishment

Juanita’s eyes bulged as she looked at the huge needles. The Master stepped
away and nodded to the Doctor. The Doctor picked up one of the needles and
grasped one of the large breasts in her left hand. Juanita begged, "Please
no! Sweet Jesus no!" The Doctor looked weary as she pushed the long needle
against the center of her small nipple. Squeezing her breast in her left
hand she slowly pushed forward. "AAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEE!" Juanita yelled as the
needle was pushed fully into her tit. Juanita clenched her teeth, her breath
whining moans.

The Doctor slowly started depressing the plunger, measuring 2 ounces into
the tit. Juanita’s screams redoubled in volume as her tit felt like it had
been set on fire and the fire was spreading slowly from the needlepoint.
The Doctor massaged her tit to spread the liquid. As Juanita’s cries died to
gurgling sounds, the Doctor depressed the plunger again. Juanita’s mouth
opened fully with a full throated scream. Her tit had turned bright red and
was swelling noticeably. Tears rolled down her face and her head shook back
and forward. The doctor depressed the plunger fully. The scream pierced the
room. After a few seconds, Juanita’s screams slowly died to moans as her
lolled forward, her consciousness fading.

The Doctor picked up a capsule and broke it under her nose. Juanita coughed
as the fumes brought her back to painful consciousness. The Doctor withdrew
the needle slowly. Blood trickle down the tit from the needle hole. Juanita
traded it for the other full needle. "Mercy! Please have Mercy!" yelled the
Mexican woman. The Doctor looked sadly into her eyes but centered the
needlepoint on her other nipple. Slowly, she started pushing the needle
through the tender tit flesh. The high pitch screaming restarted. This time
the doctor pushed very slowly but did not stop. The pain in her tit grew to
a crushing agony as the burning liquid forced its way into her. The Doctor
pulled the empty syringe out of her tit.

Juanita sobbed as the burning in her tits kept increasing. Her tits had
swollen to a third larger and felt as if they had been stung by bees. The
Master cupped the now oversized tits in his hands and squeezed. Her head
leaned back, grimacing.

Nodding to the door, "Take her to the Dairy!" he ordered. The guards
unstrapped her and each took an arm and walked her sobbing out of the room.

The Master turned toward Jinlee. The tiny oriental girl shook in terror. The
Master started walking toward her. She stepped backward, cringing against
the wall. "Come here!" ordered the Master. Jinlee shook her head. "Doctor,
get me the Cat." The Doctor’s eyes widened, "She’s just afraid. Can’t we
give her a moment?" The Master stared at her coldly. "Bitch, I think the
Doctor has forgotten about questioning orders. I think we better entertain
her and her daughters tomorrow night to remind her."

The Doctor threw herself at the Master’s feet, "No, please don’t hurt my
daughters! Punish me but don’t hurt them!" The Master smiled down at her and
shook his head. "Please, I’ll sit on your cock with my ass! You know how
easily I tear! I’ll inject my own tits! Anything!" The Master reached down
and pulled her head back by her hair, "If you don’t shut up and get the
whip, we’ll make it two nights punishment."

The Doctor got up, tears streaming down her cheeks. She got a leather Cat of
Nine tails out of a cupboard. It had a thick handle with leather woven
around it in a spiral pattern. She walked it over to the Master as two
guards tied Jinlee’s hands together. The guards tied her hands to an
overhead hook.  A button was pushed and the hook rose until Jinlee’s feet
barely touched the floor.

The Master waved the evil whip through the air twice and then whipped it
across the tiny girl’s ass. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" her scream filled the air as
another blow landed. Four more times the Master struck her ass. With each
stroke, the howls of pain increased in intensity. The tiny body flailed with
each blow. The Master rested and ran over the tiny butt, tracing the myriad
welts with his fingers.

As the Master walked to her front, Jinlee begged, "Please no more! Please,
you’re killing me! PLEASE!" Ignoring the pleas, the Master slashed the whip
across the front of her legs. "NOOOOAAAAAHHHH!" The master struck her upper
thighs just below the tiny, hairless pussy mound. "AAAAAAAAYYYYEEEEE!" the
scream intensified. The Master laid three continuous stokes across the young
pussy mound as Jinlee thrashed in agony.

He moved to her side as Jinlee’s screams died down to pained moans as her
head hung forward. The Master swung side arm so the cruel whip beat down on
the almost flat breasts. Jinlee’s head snapped back and her mouth opened
wide as the scream echoed through the room. Five more times the whip
punished her tiny chest. By the last stroke, the screams were ear piercing.
The poor girl’s body was striped with welts, her sobs were deep and wracked
her tiny body.

The Master pointed to a medical examining table and the guards started
lowering Jinlee to attach her to her new restraints. As they were working,
the Master ordered, "Doctor, bend over the bench." The Doctor bent over a
near by bench and, as she did so, her lab coat pulled up showing her small
but well padded ass. The Master pushed 2 fingers into her ass sharply,
causing her to gasp loudly in pain. Twisting his fingers, the Master said,
"I was going to put this whip handle in your ass but I think I’ll save you
butt for tomorrow. He pulled his fingers out and placed the thick whip
handle against her dark cunt lips and twisted it hard into the small woman’s
cunt. "AAAAGGGHHHH!" she grunted as the braided leather scratched at her
stretched cunt walls. The Master pulled back ½ inch only to drive the handle
an inch deeper, causing pain to more of her cunt. The Doctor gritted her
teeth and took short breaths to try and control the horrible pain in her
cunt. However, on every hard thrust in a cry of pain came out. The Master
continued his inward thrusts until over 10 inches of the thick handle was
buried in the short woman.

"Stand up," he ordered. The Doctor straightened, the thick whip dangling
out of her stretched cunt. The Master pointed to Jinlee, now strapped to the
examination table, her little feet strapped to the stirrups. The Doctor
started walking to the tied girl. She walked with her feet apart, trying
unsuccessfully to lessen the irritation of the rough leather in her cunt as
she walked. The Master followed close behind.

As they got close to the unfortunate teen, the Master said, "She’s about the
same size as your youngest. Watch how much a good fuck ruins her and think
about how much pain your daughter will suffer tomorrow because you didn’t
obey me!" The Doctor started to weep.

The Doctor took hold of the stirrups and pulled them roughly apart,
stretching Jinlee’s legs far apart. He then pushed them back towards her
chest, lifting her tiny butt slightly off the table. Her tiny pussy lips
were pulled slightly apart from the tension and her little asshole was
exposed. The Master recognized it would be uncomfortable for him to dry fuck
such a tiny cunt and grabbed a jar of lubricant from under the medical
table. Jinlee lifted her head and her eyes opened wide as she saw him
rubbing the salve on his thick cock. "No, dear God, no! That will rip me
apart!" The Master smiled, "Yes it will."

He put the thick cock head against the tiny cunt lips. He leaned forward and
the tiny cunt resisted his pressure. Not relenting, He leaned into the cunt
and the fat knob spread the tiny cunt and popped into her cunt. "AAAHHGGG!
AAAAGGGHHH!" the tiny girl screamed as not only her hymen but her young cunt
walls tore with pressure of the fat cock. The Master pushed forward again.
Once more the tiny virgin cunt refused to give way at first. The Master
pulled back slightly and leaned forward. "AAAAAAHHHHHHEEEEEEE!" screamed the
teen as 3 more inches of her cunt tore. Leaning over the tiny body, the
Master pulled back an inch and leaned forward and shoved hard.
"EEEEEEEEIIIIIIIOOWWWWW!" howled Jinlee as the Masters cock plunged deep
into her cunt. The she felt as if her cunt had burst as the muscles split to
take the thick cock. The Master rested with his cock deeply inserted,
relishing the incredible pressure and the spasming of the cunt from the
horrible pain. Finally, he gave a coupled of deep slow thrust, each causing
renewed screaming. He then pulled his cock out entirely.

The little girl could feel the blood flowing out of her cunt and over her
ass. She was in so much pain that she didn’t notice the Master lining his
fat cock head up with her tiny butt hole but she quickly realized her plight
as he leaned in. She grunted at the incredible pressure against her
sphincter. The Master was sweating from the exertion of trying to open the
tiny hole. He kept steadily increasing the pressure until, slowly at first,
the tiny hole started to widen. "NNNNNGGGHHHH!" The tiny girl moaned through
clenched teeth while ass slowly stretched. As more of his cock head pushed
in, the tiny muscle finally gave way and a noticeable tear appeared. The
Master’s cock head plunged forward. "AAAAAAAYYYYYEEEEEEE!" screamed Jinlee
as her head bounced up and down in uncontrollable agony. The Master
continued pressing down as the cock slowly tore deeper and deeper into the
tiny hole. Jinlee’s scream was continuous as her ass was slowly being ripped
its full length. After several minutes, the huge cock was finally buried.
The end of the tearing allowed Jinlee’s screams to settle into deep sobbing
moans. The Master started a steady rocking, pulling his cock back 2 or 3
inches and thrusting back in. The screaming immediately returned. After a
minute or two, the Master could stand it no longer and shot a huge load into
the tiny ass.

He rested, his cock deep in her ass and pulled back, removing his cock.
Blood now seeped from both holes and the young girl weeped deeply. "You
better sew her up Doctor, I’ll want to do this again!" He cheerfully
ordered. The Doctor walked slowly to a cupboard, the whip rubbing in her
cunt, and got a suture kit and a speculum. Bringing them back to the
examining table, sweating as the pain in her cunt grew, she inserted the
speculum in the tiny cunt and opened it. A sharp cry left Jinlee. The Doctor
picked up the needle with forceps and inserted it into the spread cunt. She
deftly started sewing up the tear in the tiny cunt. Jinlee screamed anew as
the needle pushed through her tender cunt walls.

The Doctor cut the sutures and pulled the speculum from her cunt.
Reinserting it into the tiny ass, she once again widened the orifice
eliciting new screams. Once again the tiny body arched in its restraints as
the needle pulled the sutures through the ripped tissue of her ass.
Finishing as fast as she could, the Doctor cut the suture and removed the
speculum. The guards pulled the restraints off Jinlee and stood her up. The
Master walked out of the room with the Bitch and the guard’s led Jinlee
away, the sutures pulling painfully as she walked.


By Mad Dog

Chapter 3: Guests

The helicopter landed on a large expanse of perfectly manicured lawn. As
they exited, a stunning woman greeted them. She looked about 35 and stood
about 5’ 8". She had a firm slender build and long straight black hair. She
was wearing a dark blue suit jacket. Her full breasts were half exposed
inside the lapels. Below the jacket she wore a matching tight skirt that
ended just below her narrow rounded ass showing her long muscular legs. The
men’s eyes ran up and down her body.

She stood with her feet apart smiling, "Gentlemen, the Master sends his
welcome. He will see you at dinner. I am Veronica, the Master’s political
expert. I will see to your needs while you are here." She approached the
first, a handsome black man with wide powerful shoulders, "Reverend Cross, I
assume." The black bent forward in a bow, his eyes taking in the beautiful

She moved to the next, a giant of a man. Standing seven feet tall, he had a
thick muscular frame. The beautiful woman held out her hand, "Senator
Matthews." Her hand was tiny in the palm of his huge hand. The large man
smiled, "In the flesh pretty lady"

She went on to the last, an older man in his late sixties. He still had a
firm muscular body and sharp, clear eyes. "That would make you Judge
 Fallon." Veronica stated, holding out her hand. The older man never moved
his hand, "I’m not used to being met by the help!" he snorted. Veronica
dropped her hand and said, "My regrets but the Master is unavailable at the
moment. May I suggest you present your complaint in person when you see
 him." The Judge’s eyes widened slightly.

"Now, if you gentlemen would follow me, I will assign your servants and give
you a tour of the Mansion." She turned and walked to the ornate front door
and pressed on the large doorbell. A loud piecing scream could be heard from
inside the door as Veronica held the button down. As she let go, the scream
died off. A few seconds later, the door opened exposing a beautiful black
woman. She stood 5’ 3" tall with a full round muscular figure. She had huge
breasts barely held in by a tailed butler jacket buttoned just under the
huge tits. The jacket fit snugly around her midsection and ended 4 inches
above a jet-black thong that was stretched tight over thick dark labia.
"Veronica nodded to the voluptuous black and said, "This is Hilda, the head
of the Master’s household. Feel free to let either of us know of any of your

The 3 men walked into the Mansion. They all stared wide-eyed at the
beautiful young blond hanging from the wall. Her legs bound wide apart, the
clamp on her clit and the wire disappearing into her cunt. She sobbed
softly. The Judge asked, "She’s hooked up to the doorbell?"  Veronica
smiled, "Watch!" Veronica stepped outside the door while the young woman
pleaded, "No! Please no! PLEEEEEAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEE!" Her body thrashed as she
screamed. After several seconds, her body went limp and her head fell
forward sobbing loudly. Veronica reentered and motioned to the staring men,
"Follow me please." They walked down a hallway to a large room decorated
with expensive furniture. Nodding to a guard, Veronica said, "Before we
begin our tour, we would like you to choose your servants." The guard opened
the door and 60 beautiful women of all types walked in and formed six lines
of 10. They were dressed in various revealing outfits from maid’s uniforms
to tennis dresses. "Judge, perhaps you would care to go first. Please pick 2
servants who will be yours for today."

The Judge was obviously a tit man. He walked down each line pausing at any
woman with large breasts to pull them from whatever skimpy outfit held them
in. He would then take each nipple between his fingers and manipulate them.
Having checked all six lines, he pointed to a 5’ 2" blonde with huge 42DD
breasts and large bright pink nipples surrounded by 3-inch aureoles. She was
dressed in a very short dress that barely covered her well-rounded ass and a
cut off tee-shirt that only covered to just below her nipples, leaving the
underside of her heavy breasts exposed.

He then motioned to a 5’ 8" Black haired woman with dark complexion. Her
breasts were 44DD with dark nipples and aureoles about 2 inches across that
seemed to puff up from the surrounding tit. She was wearing bikini top that
was little more than string with two triangles of fabric that barely covered
her nipples. The matching bottom was thin material stretched over her labia
with wisps of dark pubic hair showing around the edges.

The 2 women walked over to the older man stood on each side. He reached an
arm around each, grasping the large breasts. The women leaned in to him
pressing their bodies against him.

Veronica waved toward the women, "Reverend, please make your selections."
The Reverend walked the lines but stopped only at young blondes. He would
reach between their legs, first inserting a finger roughly into their cunts
and then their ass holes, eliciting grunts of pain in each he manipulated.
After he’d completed the rounds, pointed to a young blonde, 17 years old
with a perfect 36,24,36 frame on a 5’ 4" body. She wore a pleated short
tennis skirt with no panties under. It was so short that any movement gave a
glimpse of fine blonde pubic hair. The top was a loose knit cotton sports
top with a plunging neckline.

He then pointed to a tiny 15-year-old blonde. She was barely 4’ 11" and had
small breasts with small bright pink nipples. Her golden hair was tied in
pig tails and she wore a school girl uniform of a short plaid skirt, knee
socks, saddle shoes and a white blouse. The white blouse was made of see
through material that gave a perfect view of the tiny breasts beneath.

The older girl walked up to the Reverend and took his arm, resting her head
on the powerful bicep. The tiny younger girl walked more slowly remembering
the discomfort of the Reverend’s finger in her tiny holes. As she got
closer, he put his arm around her and pulled her close to his side.

Nodding at the last of the men, "Senator." The huge man smiled, "I’d thought
you’d forgot about me, Missy!" He started his walk through the ranks of the
women. He stopped at the smallest girls in the group. He would put his
muscular hand under skirts or down shorts to insert his thick, long fingers
into tiny cunts. Each time he elicited grunts of discomfort. When he
repeated the penetration in the tighter assholes, yelps of pain emerged.

Coming to the end of the ranks, he looked at Veronica, "None of these
fillies are virgins. Veronica smiled, "The Master takes every woman who
comes here." The Senator thought of the many women he had seen so far,
"Lucky Bastard!"

He pointed to a 14-year-old oriental girl. She was 4’ 7" tall with only a
hint of breasts. Her hips had just started to widen and she had practically
no pubic hair. She was wearing a shiny silk dress that ended 2 inches below
her crotch. The sides were slit 6 inches high so that the front and back of
the dress were no more than flaps covering her cunt and ass.

He then indicated a mousy brunette 14-year-old. She was 4’ 10" tall and had
formed small pert breasts. The majority of the breast was covered by large
pink aureoles. Her ass had developed a pleasing roundness and her pussy was
covered with fine pubic hair. She was dressed in a cheerleader’s short
skirt. Her top was a sheer tank top that did nothing to hide her developing
breasts. A large letter M was sewn to the front of the top.

The two girls walked up to the Senator, dwarfed by the giant, they seemed
even more childlike than they were as they leaned in to each side of him.

Veronica signaled the guards and the remaining women were marched out.
Turning to the men and their charges she advised, "These are your servants
to use as you please as long as you don’t permanently damage them. Their
only function is to please you and they are to do whatever it takes to
entertain you. You will be assigned new servants every day. If one of them
does not please you or is unable to continue pleasing you because of
punishment, you may request a replacement. You will be asked at the end of
each day to report whether each servant pleased you. If they do not, they
will be sent for an evening of punishment. You don’t want that do you
ladies?" The six women shook their heads. The two older large breasted women
turned into the Judge more so they could press their breasts into him and
rub their pussy mounds against him. The 17-year-old did the same to the
Reverend but the younger women just looked up at their new masters in fear.

Veronica continued, "With the exception of the guards, you can use any woman
in the compound as you wish. The only exception is if they have a task to
complete. In that case, they will inform you. If you still wish to use them,
you may arrange for them to be brought to you after their duties are
complete. Gentlemen, here it is understood that the natural order is that
woman are property to be owned and used. Are there any questions?"

The Senator smiled, "You said any woman except the guards. That include you,
Missy?" She smiled at him, "Of course, however, I am charged to give you a
tour but I am at your disposal after." The Judge smiled evilly, "I want to
get my hands on that black butler’s tits when we’re done!" Veronica nodded,
"Of course, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Hilda, her tits are most sensitive. Now,
if you will follow me."


By Mad Dog

Chapter 4: The Medical Wing

The three men followed Veronica, molesting their servants in various manners
as they walked. They came to the doorway across the hall marked Medical Wing
and entered. Veronica led them to a door labeled drug testing and ushered
them in. A slight woman with brown hair and glasses was inside. She wore a
white lab coat, which buttoned above her navel but exposed the inside of her
small breasts. As with all the coats in the medical wing, the bottom of the
jacket came just below the crotch and below the buttons, the jacket was
curved revealing the pubic hair at the bottom of the pussy mound.

Strapped to a medical examining table, was a muscular black woman. Her feet
were secured to the stirrups, which had been pulled wide apart exposing a
line of pink between the dark labia. White pads with wires were stuck to her
forehead. Her eyes followed the men in fear.

Veronica waved toward the thin woman in the white coat, "This is Dr. Carter.
She’s an expert in drug research. Doctor, perhaps you would like to start by
supplying these gentlemen with your potency pill." The doctor went to a
shelf and took down 3 pill bottles. She handed one to each of the men,
"These pills will keep you semi-erect for 4 to 6 hours. Very little
stimulation will bring you to a full erection. You will still ejaculate as
usual but you will be able to return to an erection within seconds."

The men opened the bottles as Veronica poured them water. Each swallowed the
pill but the Judge seemed somewhat more excited. He had been unable to
maintain an erection for years and the prospect of having the ability back
excited him. As the pill took effect, each man felt stiffening of his cock
as it partially engorged. All three women noted with fear the substantial
bulge in the Senator’s pants.

 Veronica turned her eyes from the Senator’s crotch, "Doctor, what are you
working on today?" The Doctor turned her attention to the restrained black
woman, "I’m trying a new stimulant. We have several drugs that prevent pain
from causing unconsciousness and even make the victim somewhat more
sensitive to pain. I think I have found one that will make them
significantly more sensitive as well as keep them awake. I have prepared a
demonstration." She picked up a thick 3-inch needle and wrapped her left
hand around the substantial tit of the black woman. "Oh my god! Please no!"
begged the restrained woman. Coldly, the doctor pushed the needle into the
center of her nipple. "AAAAAYYYEEEEE!" screamed the black woman.

The doctor walked over to a computer screen and read out loud, "That
resulted in a 70 percent increase in the brain activity." She walked over to
the black woman and removed the needle. She then took a syringe and injected
her tied down arm advising, "Now I’ll administer the stimulant and give a
local anesthetic to her nipple so there be no pain from it when we test her
again." The Doctor picked up another syringe and injected the pierced
nipple. The black woman gasped as the needle inserted but her muscles
relaxed as the pain in her nipple numbed. The drug only takes a few seconds
she advised.

After a few moments, she picked up the 3-inch needle again. The black woman
wept, "Please no! It hurts so much, PLEASE!" Ignoring the cries the Doctor
grabbed the other tit in her right hand and inserted the needle deeply into
the nipple. Another scream filled the room.

Looking at the computer screen, the Doctor proudly announced, "A 120 percent
increase in activity! She was in much more pain!" This was obvious by the
pain twisted face of the black woman as the needle remained buried in her
breast. "Please," she begged, "you’ve done your test! Please take it out!"
Veronica responded, "No, I believe our guests are enjoying your suffering!
Is that the end of your demonstration Doctor?"

The Doctor shook her head, "No, we have yet to show how it can keep her
conscious through high levels of pain." The words caused the black woman to
sob uncontrollably as she realized that, not only would she get no mercy but
that more pain was coming.

The doctor opened a drawer and took out a pair of pliers and walked over
between the outspread legs of the victim. Reaching down with the pliers she
opened the cunt lips fully with her left hand. A thick pink clit appeared at
the top of the widened cunt slit. The Doctor fit the jaws of the pliers over
the clit, "To give you a comparison gentlemen, this would be the equivalent
of crushing one of your testicles." The men shifted uncomfortably at the
thought and the restrained black begged, "My god you CAN’T! YOU’LL KILL
AHHHHHHHEEEEEE!"  as the doctor squeezed slowly on the handles. The black
woman’s body thrashed in the restraints as one high pitched scream was
replaced by another. The doctor flipped a latch that locked the pliers and
stepped back. "STOOOOOPPPP! AHHHHHHHH, PLEASE STOOOOOP!" screamed the
tortured woman. The Doctor speaking loudly to be heard over the screams
said, "She’ll feel the full pain with almost no reduction for the 2 to 3
hours it takes for the drug to wear off. That is my demonstration."

Veronica motioned to the door and the screaming spilled into the hall. As
the door shut, it muffled but could still be heard through the thick door.

Veronica led them to another door marked Ward 1 and ushered them in. The
room had twelve beds against each wall. Each bed had a woman lying in it or
sitting on it. They all wore hospital gowns that did up at the back. There
were two women wearing the revealing short lab coats but one was pink
instead of white. The woman in the white lab coat walked toward them. She
had short dark hair with flecks of gray. She was about 5’ 2" tall and the
open top of the lab coat exposed the cleavage of large heavy breasts. The
pubic hair showing below the lab coat had an occasional gray hair contrasted
against a thick mat of wiry dark hair. Her legs were thick but shapely.
Veronica nodded to the men, "Dr. Weinststein, could you please show our
guests around."

The doctor nodded to the men, "Welcome, gentlemen, as you can see we have
full house today. We treat the cunts that have had the pleasure of serving
the Master so he can use them again. There are 3 wards in case the Master is
in a bad mood. Each ward has one Doctor and a nurse. The Doctors wear white
and the nurses pink. Would you like to see any of the cunt’s injuries?" The
Senator saw Jinlee, the tiny oriental who had only arrived the night before.
"What’s wrong with her?" He asked. The doctor went over to the bed and
helped her out. He untied the back of her gown and it slipped off showing
the whip marks from the night before. The Doctor spoke, "Normally, we wouldn
’t admit a patient for a mere whipping and a fuck but little ones like this
often tear quite badly."

She motioned the Nurse over and they laid the tiny girl on the bed, "Show
them your stitches. Your cunt first." The doctor ordered. Jinlee wept softly
as she spread her legs apart and pulled her cunt lips apart with her
fingers. She winced as the motion pulled on her stitches. The men crowded
around to view the black thread of the stitches as it disappeared up the
tiny hole.

"Now your ass." Ordered the doctor. Jinlee’s hands went to either side of
her ass and pulled the cheeks apart. The 2 stitches that repaired her torn
sphincter became visible and the end wound up her asshole, out of sight.

The Doctor waved around the room, "We have torn nipples from sharp toothed
clamps, punctures to tits, burns, all kinds of punishment. Feel free to send
me some business, gentlemen."

Veronica directed the men to the door and they continued down the hall. They
stopped at a door marked Laboratory 2 and entered. A stunning blond with
piercing blue eyes stood before them. She was in her mid thirties and stood
5’ 10". The low neckline of the white coat revealed the tops of firm 36-inch
breasts. The pubic hair beneath her lab coat was bright blonde and stood out
beautifully from the dark bronze tan of her firm legs.

In the center of the room, a Latin woman stood, her arms shackled over her
head. The amazing part of the sight was her breasts. They were grotesquely
huge and a bright red. There were 8 intravenous bottles hanging behind her
on stands with tubes running to long needles inserted in the top, sides and
bottom of each of the hugely swollen tits. The aureoles had been stretched
to over 4 inches across from the swelling. The woman’s whole body was
drenched is sweat. Her face was a twisted mask of pain. Her breath was drawn
through tightly clenched teeth.

Veronica looked somewhat confused and asked the blonde, "Dr. Getty, where’s
Dr. Ngai? Isn’t this her project." The beautiful blonde nodded, "Yes it is
but she is being prepared for a punishment tonight so I’ll give the
demonstration." Veronica turned to the men and said, "Gentlemen, this is Dr.
Getty, she is in charge of our research division. It sounds like you’re in
luck and will get to see the Master do a full punishment tonight. Doctor,
would you like to proceed."

The Doctor walked over to the woman hanging in the center of the room,
"Gentlemen, we have developed serums that cause swelling and pain when
injected. They can be used as a torture themselves or to prepare a cunt for
punishment by enlarging a part and making it very tender. Many can be
injected by syringe but this compound is the most effective. It requires
high volume of it to be injected slowly over time by intravenous drip. It
has taken an hour of ever increasing pain for this cunt to get to this size.
She is about as large as we can make her and any contact at all with her
breasts would be very painful." To illustrate her point the Doctor flicked
the tip of the victim’s nipple with her finger. The woman’s pain contorted
face winced noticeably.

The Judge licked his lips as he saw the hugely distorted breasts, "You say I
can use any woman? Can I use her? What I want will only take a minute."
Veronica nodded and the Judge walked up to the suffering woman and took each
swollen nipple between his fingers and squeezed. "OOOOOWWWWW  AGGHHHHH!" the
woman howled. He twisted the stretched flesh between his fingers as the
screams increased. After a few seconds he released the nipples and the cries
decreased to gasping sobs. The Judge raised his right hand high behind him
and slapped down on the woman’s left tit with all his might. A piteous
scream filled the room. As soon as it started to decrease in intensity, the
Judge dealt a similar blow to the other tit raising the level of the scream

Smiling the Judge turned to the Doctor, "Can I have that done to my
servants?" The Doctor frowned, "This compound permanently damages the breast
tissue. I can have a nurse sent up with some irritants that can be injected
though." The Judge nodded looking at the two large breasted servants he had
chosen. The terrified women involuntarily clutched their breasts.

Veronica motioned and the men followed her to another door marked Maternity.
The men entered and were in a large living area. Inhabiting the room were 20
women all in various stages of pregnancy. Another woman in a white lab coat
approached. This one was 6’ tall with white hair both on her head and
peeking out below the lab coat. Her muscles appeared rock hard and large
38-inch breasts were half revealed by the lab coat. She had a hard cruel
smile. "I am Dr. Stieger, the Mansion obstetrician. As often as these cunts
are used, we have quite a few pregnancies here. We wait until the sex of the
baby can be determined by ultrasound. Males are aborted by using large
dildos that damage the fetus. It is one of the most painful fates the cunts
can go through. You are welcome to use the fat cunts if it turns you on but,
if they are in the 9th month you can’t use their cunts. However, their asses
get very tight when they’re close.  Their tits are fun to hurt too."

The Senator walked up to a tiny 15-year-old red head. She wore a cut off tee
shirt that came just above her huge swollen belly. Riding under the bulge
was a short skirt. The Senator lifted the tee shirt to expose small breasts
topped with dark swollen nipples. He took them between her fingers and
squeezed. The young girl winced, tears coming to her eyes. He walked behind
her and reached under her skirt and rubbed his finger between her small butt
cheeks and pushed his fat finger into her ass. The young girl cried out, her
overly tight ass strained around the giant’s finger. He pulled it out
saying, "I see what you mean, that was really tight!"

Veronica looked at the men, "By this time I suspect you would like some
relief. Would you like to spend some time with your servants before we
continue with the tour?" All the men had huge raging erections by this point
and nodded, except for the Senator. "If you remember, you suggested I could
use you." Veronica’s smile became strained as she looked at the huge bulge
in his pants. The Judge spoke up, "I want to have a shot at Hilda’s tits
myself!" Veronica nodded meekly. The Reverend spoke up, "I think I’d like
some time with Dr. Getty." Veronica walked over to an intercom on the wall
and spoke into it. She turned, "Follow me gentlemen."


By Mad Dog

Chapter 5: The Competition

They followed her to a large room equipped with racks, gynecological tables,
and various other restraining devices. The walls were hung with whips,
chains, dildos and other torture devices. Several doors left the room. A few
seconds later, the busty black maid entered followed by the stunning blonde
doctor. Veronica pointed to the equipment spread around the room. "Use
anything you’d like. The doors lead to soundproofed rooms if you’d like

The Reverend spoke up, "Gentlemen, I suggest a contest. We challenge each of
these women to suggest a punishment to be inflicted on them. After, we’ll
vote on the one that we liked least. The loser will be punished by each of
us." The other 2 men smiled broadly and immediately agreed. The 3 women
frowned. The Senator reached under Veronica’s short skirt and crammed 2 of
his huge fingers into her dry cunt causing her to gasp, "Shall we go first?"
he asked.

Veronica walked over the wall and took down a huge enema bag. She took it to
a sink and ran the water until it was as hot as she could stand it. She held
the bag under the tap and filled it until the bag bulged. She took a hose
and nozzle down. The end of the nozzle was shaped like a large egg. The base
of the egg shape was the size of a billiard ball. The end was attached to a
1-inch thick rod that was 6 inches long and covered with hard plastic nubs.
She walked to a frame in the middle of the room and hung the bag on it. She
undid the button on her jacket freeing her 40D tits. Large brown nipples
topped the firm breasts. She pulled the skirt down and set it aside.

She bent over a table, "Please insert the nozzle." She said trying to sound
more confident than she was. The Senator picked up the nozzle and pushed the
end of the egg to her butt hole and applied steady increasing pressure. Her
small ass hole slowly widened on the fat nozzle. "NNNGGGHH, AAAHHHH" she
grunted as her butt split wider. Finally the thickest part of the nozzle
popped past her sphincter, "GAAAGGHH!" Veronica’s brow was wrinkled as she
tried to relax her ass muscles around the huge object invading her ass.

The Senator started pushing deeper. New muscles deeper in her ass were
forced apart as he shoved deeper. The hard plastic nubs caught on her
sphincter as they passed. Her asshole ached horribly as he relentlessly
pushed the nozzle to its full depth. He grabbed the base and pulled back on
it. The egg hurt worse coming out than going in due to the blunter shape of
the egg.

As the blunt end started to rapidly expand her sphincter, he thrust in hard.
"OOOOWWWWW" she cried out as he sawed the nozzle in and out, punishing the
tiny hole. Finally he stopped with the nozzle deeply thrust up her ass. "Now
what? He asked. She stood up, her face contorted. Undress and lie on your
back she said pointing to a padded bench. The huge man rapidly shed his
clothes and exposed his cock. All in the room gasped except for Veronica who
stared in fear. His cock was easily 12 inches long but its main feature was
its girth. The cock was impossibly fat. Veronica knew her cunt would suffer
immensely on the huge organ.

The Senator lay on his back, the huge cock pointing to the ceiling. Veronica
straddled the large man and settled her cunt against the Monster cock. She
pushed down on it, distorting her cunt lips on the fat organ. The huge head
worked in as she grunted in effort. She kept sliding further down the cock.
The stretching pain went deeper and deeper in her cunt. As she finally took
it’s full length, she paused hoping her cunt would become accustomed to the
impossible stretch but the pain just continued.

Gathering her resources, she reached up and opened the valve on the hose.
The hot water started rushing into her. Her eyes opened wide, "AAHHH! MY GOD
IT’S HOT! OWWW! IT BURNS!" Her hands clutched at her lower belly as it
strained to take the large volume of hot water. A bulge started to form and
sweat started running off her, "I PUT TOO MUCH IN! IT’S KILLING MEEEEEEE!"
She screamed reaching back for the valve.  The Senator caught her wrists and
held them fast, "NOOOO! PLLEEEAAASE STOOOP!" she howled as she rocked back
and forward trying to accommodate the gushing water. Her cries intensified
until she started grunting loudly, bending forward as horrible cramps racked

The last of the water emptied out of the bag. Her voice alternated between
whines and grunts as the cramps ebbed and flowed. The Senator loved the
clutching of her cunt as she cramped. He let go of her wrists saying, "You
won’t get that water out of you until you make me come." Weeping, the
bloated woman clutched at her belly and started pistoning her cunt up and
down the punishing cock as fast as the pain in her belly would let her.
Tears streamed down her face as she choked of cries of pain, concentrating
on trying to please the giant piercing her cunt so the pain could end. After
several minutes, the Senator bucked hard and came into the clasping cunt.

Veronica rolled of the fat cock. Her cunt felt sore from the abuse but was
nothing compared to the pain in her belly she collapsed to the floor
clutching her belly. The Senator found a bucket and placed it on the other
side of the room and pointed to it, "Go in that cunt!" Veronica pulled
herself up on all fours and crawled to the bucket, the thick hose trailing
behind her ass. She stopped often to allow cramps to pass. Finally, reaching
the bucket, she was able to pull herself into a crouch over the bucket.
Grabbing the nozzle, she gingerly pulled it out, the thick end causing
another cry of pain as it split her sphincter.

As the nozzle left her ass, the huge volume of liquid immediately started
rushing out of her. Gasps of relief left her. As the last of the water
squirted out of her she collapsed on her side, exhausted.

The 3 men applauded. The Judge stepped behind Hilda and pushed 2 fingers
into her full ass, pushing the panties aside. She grunted as he used them to
force her into the center of the room, "Your turn you black cunt. I’ve
wanted to get at those big black tits since I’ve seen you!" He pulled his
fingers from her ass. She looked up at the older man, "Do you want to hurt
my tits?" He smiled widely nodding. The full-bodied black woman walked up to
wall and pulled down a thin bamboo cane and handed it to the Judge. He swung
it sharply through the air making whistle. The black woman stared at the
floor saying, "It hurts a lot more if the tits are supported." She
whispered. The Judge looked puzzled. The black maid undid the butler’s
jacket exposing huge 45DD tits with long dark nipples. She went to a low
metal table and knelt beside it. She lifted the 2 huge breasts and laid them
on the table.

The Judge smiled and walked over to the table. He took a short stroke and
snapped the cane across the magnificent breasts. "AHHH!" the black woman
gasped as a low welt raised on her tits. The Judge raised the cane higher,
snapping down again. "AAAGGHHH!" gasped the buxom black, shaking her head,
trying to keep control. The Judge raised the cane again, putting more force
behind it. "OOOOWWWWWAAAAHHHH!" the cry increased in intensity as another
welt joined the others. The Judge lifted the cane over her head and gave a
hard stroke across the sensitive black flesh, "UUUUNNNGGGGHHHH!
UUUUNNNNNGGHHHH1"  She cried through clenched teeth as tears ran freely down
her face, her resolve weakening. The Judge, sensing the collapse of the
black woman raised the cane and brought it down with all his might.
"AAAAAIIIIYYYYEEEE" Hilda screamed loudly, leaning back, her huge tits
coming off the table as she clutched her tits.  She sobbed loudly from the
incredible agony in her tits.

The Judge looked down and smiled, "Is that all you can take?" The weeping
black looked up at him. She was terrified of losing the competition and
having to take more pain. She shook her head and looked him in the eye, "I’
ll show you something that really hurts." She lifted her breasts back onto
the table and leaned forward rolling her nipples onto the table. Blood was
weeping out of the last welt where it had broken the skin. She pushed her
tits forward so the nipples rolled onto the table. She looked at the older
man, "Give me a stroke across the nipples." She said steeling herself for
the agony to come.

The terror rose within her as the Judge raised his arm high over his head.
The cane whistled through the air as it came down and made a loud cracking
sound as it crushed the large nipples against the table. The scream pierced
the room as the black woman clutched her tortured tits and curled herself
into a ball on the floor, writhing in agony as sobs shook her voluptuous
body. Again the 3 men applauded. As they did, Hilda crawled to the corner of
the room and pulled herself into a ball, sobbing softly as her tits

The Reverend grabbed a handful of the Doctors cunt hair and lifted, "You
ready for your turn! I’ve always wanted to fuck a pretty white bitch like
you." The Doctor sucked her breath and nodded. The Reverend let go. Rubbing
her pussy mound the Doctor said, "If you would like to fuck me, we’ll have
to prepare my cunt so it really hurts." She said as she walked to the
implements on the wall. She took a dildo off the wall. It was about 8 inches
long and 1 ½ inch wide. Its entire length was covered by stiff bristles
about ¼ inch long. She handed it to the Reverend, "That’s for the inside of
my cunt. It should make it very sensitive." She returned to the torture
implements and took down a whip with four knotted ropes attached to a wooden
handle. She handed it to the Reverend, "That’s for my cunt lips."

She walked over to one of the gynecological tables and said, "I think you
better tie me down, I don’t think I can keep my legs open for the whipping."
She climbed onto the table and put her feet into the stirrups. Veronica
strapped her down to the table, fixing her feet into the stirrups. She then
adjusted the stirrups so that the Doctor’s legs were widely spread. The
Reverend placed the head of the dildo against the blonde’s cunt lips and
slowly pushed in. The bristles bent back as the instrument of pain worked
its way into the tight cunt. The Doctor grunted, as the bristles scraped
deeper into her tender vagina, her muscles tensing. Eventually, the whole
dildo was buried in her cunt.

The Reverend pulled back and the bristles momentarily straightened and dug
into her cunt lining before bending the other way. "OOOWWW" choked the
Doctor as she felt like a thousand needles had been shoved into her cunt.
The Reverend started a slow rocking in and out motion. The Doctor gave a
pained cry with every change of direction. The Reverend increased his pace
gradually. The Doctor’s cries increased in intensity as the pace increased.
As the Reverend rammed the dildo in and out as fast as he could, the Doctor’
s body writhed in her bonds, "OW! UH! PLEASE! ENOUGH PLEASE!" She cried, as
her cunt became raw form the abuse. The Reverend pulled the dildo out. He
inserted two large black fingers into her cunt, "How does that feel you
white bitch?" he asked. "HHUUURRRTS!" came the pained response.

The Reverend smiled as he removed his fingers and picked up the rope whip.
He took a position between the spread legs and raised the whip. The Doctor’s
eyes widened in terror as the whip slashed down onto her spread cunt.
"AAAAAGGGHHHH!" She cried as the whip pounded her cunt. The Reverend raised
his arm again and crashed it down on the open cunt eliciting another scream.
He raked her cunt with stroke after stroke. The Doctor’s screams ran into
each other as her cunt burnt with pain. After several strokes she begged,

The Reverend ran his fingers along the bruised swollen cunt lips making the
Doctor wince. "Do you think she’s had enough?" The Reverend asked the
others. Veronica spoke, "If I may make a suggestion?" The Reverend nodded.
Veronica picked up the bamboo cane and handed it to the Reverend. She then
stood beside the restrained Doctor and took a cunt lip in each hand, pulling
them apart. "OW! OW!" Cried the Doctor. Veronica looked up, "Use the cane on
her open slit." The Doctor snapped her head up, "God no! Don’t listen to
her! Please don’t! You’ll hit my clit! PLEASE!" The Reverend just smiled and
raised the cane. "NOOOOO! I BEG YOU NOOOO!" cried the doctor as the cane
whistled down. Her scream was deafening as the cane slashed into her cunt
and her world dissolved into white-hot pain. Her body arched and writhed
under the restraints. The Reverend undressed as her cries settled into sobs.
She looked up to see his cock, 9 inches long and very thick. Desperation
increased her sobs at the thought of the fat cock ramming into her punished
cunt. The Reverend placed his cock against the swollen cunt lips saying,
"Know what bitch! You’re my first white cunt!" He then drove his cock all
the way in with one hard stroke. "GGAAAAGGHHHH!" She screamed as the cock
spread her bruised lips and coarsely rubbed her raw cunt walls. Taking no
rest, the Reverend immediately took up long hard strokes in the tender cunt.
The doctor’s cries turned to screams, as her cunt became rawer with the
brutal fuck. The Reverend kept up the furious pace for several minutes,
finally erupting into her cunt.  Resting for a second, he pulled his cock
from her cunt. The Doctor sobbed, her cunt aching. Veronica undid the straps
and the Doctor arose. She walked slightly bent forward clutching her pussy.

The Senator waved the other 2 men over and they huddled. The three women
waited anxiously. The Judge turned to them, "The loser is, Veronica." The
dark haired beauty looked to the floor and wept softly, her arms wrapping
around her heavy breasts.

By Mad Dog 
Chapter 6: To the Loser Goes the Pain 
The Judge led Veronica to a pair of wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling 
and shackled her hands over her head. He walked to the wall and examined 
the devices stored there. Smiling, he picked up two tit presses. They were 
made of two square metal blocks with bolts on each end topped with wing 
nuts. Veronica pleaded softly, Please no. Not those, please.   

The Judge ignored her pleas and loosened the nuts on one of the presses, 
pulling the bars apart. He took her left tit in one hand and fed it 
between the bars. He squeezed the bars together and spun the wing nuts 
until they were snug against the tit. He let go and the press hung from 
her tit. He repeated the procedure with the other tit.   

He gripped two of the wing nuts and started turning, Uunnnngh! she grunted 
as a dull pain developed in her tit. The Judge gripped the nuts on the 
second press and started turning. Oooww! the pain started in her other 
tit. The bars were deeply indented in her large breasts and the tits were 
changing color.   

The Judge returned to the first press and started turning the wing nuts, 
the bars crept together, the sharp corners digging into the tender tits. 
Enough, please ENOUGH! The Judge turned the nuts once more, eliciting a 
loud scream. The Judge reached for the other press and turned the wing 
nuts until the screams were renewed. The Judge looked at his handiwork. 
The Bars were a fraction of an inch apart and the tits had turned a deep 
shade of purple. Veronicas tits felt like they were being cut off her body 
and strained moans of pain filled the room.   

He smiled and walked toward the other men. The Reverend approached the 
store of torture implements. He picked up a clear plastic box full of long 
pins with bright colored heads. He walked over to the suffering Veronica. 
She looked at the box in is hands and begged through her sobs, Oh God 
NOOOO! PLEASE STOP! The Reverend opened the box and pulled out one of the 
3-inch pins and placed it on top of the swollen tit. Veronica stared down 
in horror as he pushed it in, GGGAAAHHHGGG! She screamed as the pain 
seared her tit. The Reverend took one pin after another and inserted them 
into the crushed tits until ten were in each. Veronica went from screams 
to racking sobs. The Reverend took another pin and held the point against 
her areola and shoved it in. AAAIIIIYEEEEE! the scream ripped through the 
room. Before the scream died, he inserted another into the areola on the 
other side, restarting the screaming. He kept the screaming up by 
inserting three more pins in each areola. He brought the screams to a 
crescendo by pushing needles into each nipple. Veronica begged and 
over and bowed to the Senator. The Senator nodded back and spoke to the 
Doctor, Bend her over, I want to fuck that ass! No woman has ever let me 
up her ass before!   

The Doctor and Hilda unshackled Veronica, dragging her to a bar with cuffs 
on either side. They shackled her ankles to the floor and forced her over 
the bar and cuffed her wrists to the floor. Veronicas tits swung from the 
weight of the presses, the needles continuing to cause agony in her tits. 
She looked over her shoulder at the Senator, Please use lubricant. Youll 
hurt yourself if you dont. Please! The Senator looked down at the tight 
hole, wanting to cause it pain but not sure if she was right.   
The Doctor gingerly put her hand on her bruised clit and solved his 
problem, We can use a lubricant and make it more painful for her. The 
Senator raised an eyebrow. The Doctor walked over, slowly due to her 
bruised cunt, to the shelves and took down a jar and a box. She held up 
the jar, This is a topical irritant ointment. When its applied it causes 
awful itching and, if anything rubs the area, it burns like hell. You cant 
was it off and it lasts for hours. Of course, youll have to wear a condom 
so it doesnt get on you.   

Veronica looked up at the Doctor, hatred in her eyes, You bitch! Ill get 
you for this! The Doctor touched her aching sex again and smiled. Veronica 
looked at the Senator, Please, you cant do this! I cant take it! To her 
despair, the Senator smiled and waved the Doctor over. The doctor took a 
condom out of the box and sheathed the huge cock with it. They had been 
made for the Masters substantial penis but it was still stretched to the 
maximum on the giant prick the entire surface was covered by rubber 
ridges. The doctor slipped on a rubber glove and opened the jar. She 
scooped a large gob of the contents onto her fingers and spread it over 
the huge cock head, spreading it down the shaft.   

The Senator walked over to Veronica, I think Ill try this in your cunt 
first. Veronicas eyes widened as he placed his cock against her pussy 
lips, The itching started immediately. Tensing himself, the Senator rammed 
with all his might and the fat cock rammed up Veronicas cunt. Veronicas 
screamed from the sudden stretching of her cunt walls. Then she started 
grunting from the burning itch in her cunt.   
The Senator started ramming his cock in and out, the ridges on the condom 
rubbing the cunt walls that were already raw from the irritant. Her cunt 
felt like it was on fire as her screams grew. The Senator pulled his cock 
out and turned to the Doctor, You better spread some more of that on here. 
The Doctor applied another liberal layer of the pain inducing ointment. 
Veronica continued to whimper her buttocks clenching from the maddening 
sensation in her cunt.   

He placed his cock against her tight butt hole. He pushed with all his 
might. The small hole fought him all the way but the ointment allowed the 
fat cock head to spread the sphincter. Every fraction of an inch caused 
another gasp of pain. The Senator kept up the pressure until, with a quick 
giving way, the fat head popped in. The only reason the scream was lesser 
than its predecessor was Veronicas throat was getting hoarse. The Senator 
moved the torturing cock in inch by inch. His pleasure grew with the 
thrashing of the beautiful woman in her bonds. When his cock finally 
buried itself completely in her ass, his excitement could be contained no 
longer and he started hard deep thrusts. The over-stretching and the 
burning of the ointment were excruciating as she struggled against her 
bonds. Finally the Senator came into the condom. He pulled his cock out 
and spoke to the Doctor, Please remove this condom. While youre at it, 
drink my come! The Doctor removed the prophylactic with her gloved hand 
and he it over her open mouth, allowing the contents to flow into her 
mouth. She swallowed with a slight gagging.   

Veronica was unshackled and she stood her face a mask of pain. You can 
take the presses off and the needles out. Ordered the Judge. Veronica 
pulled the pins out one at time, wincing as a drop of blood formed at each 
pinhole. She gasped out loud as she removed the pins from her nipples. As 
she loosened the presses on her tits, the return of the circulation made 
the tits ache and she moaned loudly. Dark marks were left where the 
presses had crushed her tits. Even with the removal of the pins and 
presses, her tits ached terribly. Her cunt and ass felt as if fire ants 
were devouring them.   

The Reverend handed over her clothes, Better get dressed, I think its time 
to continue the tour! Weeping softly, Veronica pulled up the tight short 
skirt and put on the suit jacket. She gingerly did up the button to avoid 
pressure on her bruised tits. The spreading bruises on her tits showed 
clearly through the plunging neckline of the jacket.   

The servants who had stood at the back of the room cowered in terror, 
realizing their masters for the night had developed a taste for torture. 
Veronica walked toward the door, each step causing rubbing in her cunt and 
ass, making them burn. The group followed as she staggered down the hall 
in tears.


By Mad Dog
Chapter 7: The Tour Continues

They continued walking around the huge mansion. Veronica held her hand at
her sides, clenching and unclenching her fists, fighting the urge to claw at
her itching cunt and ass. She knew just touching them would start the
burning again. Just walking caused the burning to worsen. She drew her
breathes threw clenched teeth, the discomfort driving her mad.

The group walked outside to a large recreation area. A huge free form
swimming pool with natural rock and waterfalls spread to one side. Fifty or
more women in thong bikinis swam and lounged near the pool. In front of them
were tennis courts. One court had four young girls in tennis outfits but
there were no panties under the skirts. Their almost bare young pussy lips
flashing as they moved around the court.

Going back in, they saw exercise rooms with women in tight spandex outfits
working out. There were libraries, sitting rooms and craft rooms. Every
where they went were beautiful women of all sizes dressed in various
revealing outfits.

Eventually they came to a room marked Guard Training. Veronica opened the
door and the group walked in. The room was long and had 20 doors down each
side. Screams and moans could be heard coming from the rooms. A large 6’ 3"
woman with dark brown hair stood before them. She was wearing the blue
uniform they had seen on all the guards but she had 4 gold stripes sewn on
the sleeve. She had huge breasts that bulged out of the deep plunge of the
suit jacket. Her muscles rippled on her powerful legs as she walked over.
"You don’t look too happy, Veronica." Said the large woman as she reached
into Veronica’s jacket and lifted her bruised tits out. "Looks like our
guests have been quite hard on you!" Veronica winced at the manhandling of
her bruised tits.

The large woman turned to the men, "Gentlemen, I am Captain Kreuger and I am
in charge of preparing new guards. We take 6 months to train a guard.
Trainees are drugged for 12 hours a day while we condition them. Follow me."
They walked to a room where Mary, the large black woman was strapped to a
bed. An intravenous drip is connected to her arm. Several wires were
connected to her breasts, cunt and head. Her eyes are open and transfixed on
a projection of the Master was on the ceiling, soft music played. Her mouth
was open and her breath drew in and out in short gasps. Her large black
nipples were rock hard. Fluid leaked out of her cunt, which was spasming.
The black woman’s breathing increased and her body tensed. She entered into
a screaming orgasm as come spurted out of her cunt.

The Captain waved them to another room. Another large muscular woman was
strapped to a bed. However this one was groaning in pain. The projection on
the ceiling showed an angry Master walking away. The woman’s moans turned to
screams as her body arched in agony.

The Captain waved them out of the room to door at the end of the long room
and took them into a large gymnasium. The room was full of beautiful large
muscular women who were exercising and training with various weapons. The
Captain turned to the group, "When a woman is finished our training program,
they would die rather than disobey the Master. There’s nothing they won’t do
for him. The Master has ordered three of our guards to give you a
demonstration of their loyalty.

She took them to a smaller room off the gymnasium. Inside, three tall
powerful women were waiting. The first was 6’ tall and shapely with bright
red hair. She had 43DD breasts topped with large pink nipples. The second
was a dark Latin woman with wide hips over her powerful legs. She was 5’ 10
". Her 38D breasts were firm and well-shaped ending in dark thick nipples.
The third was 6’ 2" tall and light blonde. Her breasts were a 42DD and hung
heavily from her powerful frame. Her nipples and aureoles were large and
puffed up from the rest of her tits.

The Captain pointed to three "S" shaped benches in the middle on the room,
"If you gentlemen would undress and recline on these, these guards will
entertain you." The men disrobed and sat on the benches, their backs were
slightly reclined up and their legs were supported at a comfortable angle.
The red head walked up to the Judge, the Latin approached the Reverend and
the blonde approached the Senator. Each woman got a box from the cupboard
and set it near the benches. They then turned the attention to the men,
taking their cocks into their mouths.

They expertly sucked the cocks until they were rock hard. They then thrust
the cocks deep into their throats, gagging loudly. The blonde was having
difficulty getting the Senator’s huge cock in her throat but changed her
position and thrust forward. The fat cock plunged into her throat, her eyes
widening from the pain it caused as it stretched her throat. The 3 women
throat fucked the men, pulling back occasionally to take a desperate breath.

At a signal from the Captain, the three women lifted their heads, coughing
as the cocks left their throats. After a few breaths, the three amazons
straddled the men and lined the cocks up with their muscular ass holes. They
slowly lowered themselves on the cocks. The red head grunted uncomfortably
as the Judges cock plunged into her ass in a steady thrust. The Latin was
suffering more with the Reverend’s substantial black cock. It took several
attempts of lifting slightly and pushing back down to get the large cock
lodged in her ass. Each thrust caused a deep grunt of pain.

At the same time, the blonde was suffering mightily on the Senator’s
punishing cock. She pushed down firmly for several seconds while her tight
sphincter resisted the huge cock head. Finally, her strength overcame the
over-tight fit and caused her sphincter to tear, a loud scream tore from her
lungs as the huge cock head worked an inch into her ass. She’d lift herself
a fraction of an inch to get the momentum needed to split more of her ass as
 she’d drive down. It took several minutes of strain and painful cries for
the huge cock to split the muscles of the ass to take its full length.  The
large blonde drew deep ragged breaths, her large breasts heaving in pain.

The Captain gave another signal and each woman reached into the box and
removed a 7-inch long thick needle. They placed the side of the needle
against the side of their right breast and pushed the needle into the tender
tit flesh. Each gasped in pain. Slowly, with cries of obvious agony, the
needles were slowly pushed through the large breasts. As the needles were
inserted and moved through the tits, the women’s asses gripped and shook on
the men’s cocks. The Captain nodded and each woman took up another 7-inch
needle. Gingerly, they placed the needle against the side of the other tit.
Slowly, the painful piercing was repeated. Again the men felt the pressure
of the pain induce anal twitching. Over the next 15 minutes, 3 more long
needles were thrust through each tit. The women’s grunts turning to loud
cries with each new thrust.

The women leaned forward over the men, their tits in agony, their asses sore
from the movement of the intruding cocks. The captain nodded again and each
woman reached into the box and took out 3-inch long barbless fishhooks. Each
placed the sharp point of the hook against the side of their nipple and
thrust it through. The screams were ear piercing. The women rested to clear
their heads of the searing agony in their nipple. After a moment, each took
another hook out and placed it against the other nipple. Again, the hooks
pierced the thick nipples and screams filled the room. Blood was oozing out
of the wounds on the tits and running down the women’s tits and dripping
onto the men underneath.

Again the women reached into the boxes and came out with 2 large lead balls.
Each ball was hooked to the large eyes of the fishhooks. The women dropped
the weights one at a time, causing grunts as the nipples were terribly
stretched. The men looked at the huge tits, stretched horribly by the
weights. The women writhing in agony on their cocks. As the women settled
into the pain, each started riding up on the cocks and thrusting down hard.
The muscles of their asses being stretched by the thick cocks and, in the
case of the blonde, being torn more.

Each woman bounced faster on the cocks, making the weights bounce on the
stretched tits. Moans of pain increased as the woman set to the task of
pounding their asses onto the cocks. One by one the men could wait no longer
and erupted into the tiny ass holes. Each woman stood, come oozing out of
their asses. The blonde’s ass trickled blood and the Senator’s cock was
streaked with crimson. The three women kneeled and licked the shit off the
cocks, gagging occasionally at the bitter taste. They then stood at
attention, their tits still skewered and stretched. The Captain nodded and
the women took to removing the needles and hooks. More grunts of pain filled
the room. The Captain smiled at the women, "The Master will be told of your
obedience." The 3 women smiled gratefully.

Veronica ushered them out and led to a door marked Dairy. On entering, they
found a long room divided into 20 stalls on each side. Each stall had a cot
and a chair. A large breasted naked woman occupied every stall. Each wore a
collar that was attached by a chain to the wall. A voluptuous middle aged
woman wearing one of the short Doctor’s coats approached. She was 5’ 4"
tall, wore short-cropped blonde hair and had large breasts showing through
the lapels of the jacket. "I’m Dr. Swensen, I run the Mansion dairy. We keep
these cows milking with hormone injections. If they’re good, we don’t dilute
the hormones with irritants."

She started walking down the length of stalls. "As you can see, some of the
cows tits aren’t as firm as they used to be. They only last for about 6
months before their tits get ugly and we get rid of them." The men looked in
the stall she indicated and saw a big eyed black woman, her large tits hung
to just above her navel, her nipples were long and stretched.

The Doctor turned to the men, "We’ve held milking time for you and for a
special treat, we’ll be injecting each cow with diluted hormones." Gasps of
terror and whimpering came from the 40 women. "Get ready for milking cows!"
The women all stood at the entrance of the stall and folded their hands
behind their backs.

Twenty women in pink medical coats entered the room and got plastic cups
attached to hoses from shelves on the walls. They attached each hose to a
connection on the wall and placed the cup over a tit. The hoses must have
already been under a slight vacuum because the base of the cup would suck up
to the woman’s chest. When each nurse had attached two cups to their cows,
they got a glass bottle topped with a stopper with a hose in it. They
attached this to another connection in the wall between their two cows. The
whole procedure only took minutes.

The Doctor walked over to a control panel on the wall and turned a dial. She
turned to the room and announced, "In honor of our guests, we will use
maximum suction." Breaths sucked around the room as the women’s eyes opened
in terror. A quiet weeping started to fill the room. The doctor hit a button
on the wall and the weeping turned to groans of pain. The men approached the
women. They could see one tit being stretched into the cup, white liquid
oozing into the cup. Then the pressure would change and the other tit would
be sucked into the cup. A cry of pain would ring out every time the suction
would change.

The cries of pain and groans continued for another few minutes as white
liquid filled the bottles. Eventually the Doctor hit another button and the
cups lost suction and fell off the breasts. The women shifted from foot to
foot, their breasts deep red.

The nursed busied themselves getting trays with large syringes on them. They
approached one of the cows and unceremoniously thrust a needle into the top
of a tit. The sound of the screams filled the room as tit after tit was
punctured and pain-inducing fluid was injected. As the last injection was
given, the screaming died down to be replaced by loud grunts as each cow
writhed in place, their breasts growing even larger.

The judge walked up to a short 5’ red head with wide hips, her normally 40D
breasts swollen much larger, drops of milk remaining on her discolored
breasts. He rapidly slapped each tit. The woman dropped to her knees crying
out in pain. The Doctor grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet, "Who
said you could kneel bitch." And punched her on her left tit. The screams
were deafening.

Veronica motioned to the door and ushered them to another room marked
Training Center. The group entered to find another corridor. Several doors
lined each side of the hallway. A severe looking middle aged woman with
short-cropped dark hair and dark glasses approached. She was 5’ 3" tall and
wore an English professor’s gown that was open in the front. Under the gown
she wore a string bikini. The small triangles making the top covered
smallish breasts and thick curly pubic hair showed around the narrow bikini

Veronica nodded to the woman, "Head Mistress Langford, these are the Masters
guests. Are the demonstrations ready." The Head Mistress smiled, "I do not
think the gentlemen will be disappointed." The Head Mistress started walking
down the hall, " We train the cunts brought here to their maximum level of
service. They are tested for intelligence and aptitude. They are then
trained to perform whatever duty most suits their capacity and the Master’s

The Head Mistress stopped at a door marked Typing. They entered to a room
with about 20 young girls sitting at word processors. They were dressed in
see through blouses and very sort skirts. Another woman in professor’s robes
opening to the tiny bikini was overseeing their efforts. This professor was
older but had heavy 38D breasts barely held in by the string bikini. Her
hair was a light brown with streaks of gray both on her head and in the
pubes showing under the tiny bikini bottom.

The Head Mistress waved her hand around the room, "These cunts are turned
into first class typists. They will be able to type over 100 words per
minute, with no errors, in less than sixty days. Professor Ryan, who will we
be testing?"

The older woman walked over to a 16-year-old black girl. She had small
breasts and narrow hips. She was no more than 5’ tall. She was wearing a
plaid skirt over knee socks. Her blouse was see through and allowed a clear
view of her small nipples. The Professor grabbed her by her hair and pulled
her up. The Professor said, "This is Martha, she is ready for her first test
at 60 words per minute."

The Professor pushed the young black to the door and through an unmarked
door across the hall. The group followed and entered a small room with a
word processor on a desk. However, instead of a chair, a form-fitting pad
sat in front of the desk. Sticking up from the seat was a thick 8-inch dildo
with hard plastic spines on it. A small hole was located at the end of the
dildo. Under the seat, a thick plastic tube led under the desk. The
Professor hit a button on the desk and 5 inches of the dildo disappeared
below the seat.

The Professor turned to the small black girl, "Get ready for testing!" A
tear started rolling down the young black’s face as she walked up to the
seat and settled her small ass over the end of the dildo. With a grunt, She
pushed her ass down on the 3 inches of the dildo above the seat.

The Professor turned to the group, "Martha has recently typed at 60 words
per minute without error so we are now upping her to 70 words per minute. If
she types slower than the target speed, the testing machine shoots hot water
into her ass. The slower she goes, the faster it fills her. If she makes and
error, the dildo strokes into her. Martha hates the dildo, don’t you cunt?"
The young black girl nodded pitifully.

The Professor hit a switch and words started appearing on the computer
screen. The young girl desperately started typing. For a second or two she
actually kept up but she soon made a mistake and hit the wrong key. The
dildo rammed up into the tiny ass and pulled out, the hard spines tearing at
the stretched muscles. The young girl gasped in pain lifting her fingers
from the keyboard. The machine started pumping hot water into her bowels,
"UUUUNNNGGHHH!" cried the small black, her fingers immediately restarting
their motion on the keys. As fast as the young girl tried to type, she could
not keep up and more water slowly trickled into her. Sweat started to cover
her. Soon, she mistyped again and the dildo drove in and out of her ass once
more, her fingers clutched in pain and water shot into her as she stopped.
She immediately started typing again. As the water kept seeping in, her firm
young belly started to swell. She struggled to remain upright and keep
typing as cramps wracked her body and small grunts of pain left her lips
more and more often.

Eventually her concentration was broken by a deep painful cramp and she hit
several wrong keys in a row. The dildo rammed in and out of her ass several
times. The small black screamed as her ass was brutally reamed. Her hands
clenched on the keyboard and the water started to rush in as fast as the
machine could pump it. "GGAAAGGHHH! TOOOOO MUUUUCCHHH!" She screamed as the
bulge in her belly grew. "AAAHHHHHIIIEEEEE!" The small girl clutched at her
belly and leaned forward trying to relieve the horrible pain.

The Head Mistress pointed to the door, "You may want to leave now. It gets
rather messy when we pull one of the cunts off of a high volume enema like
this." The group followed the Head Mistress out.

Veronica turned to the group and said, "The Master wishes to see you in his
office before dinner but that gives you a few hours. Your servants will take
you to your rooms. If you wish anything, just ask them." The men followed
the women they had chosen.


By Mad Dog
Chapter 8: The Judges Entertainment.

The two huge breasted women led the Judge to his room. On entering, he was
amazed by its size. There was a king size bed, a sitting area with various
chairs and a couch and an area with manacles and chains hanging from the
ceiling and walls. Standing just inside the door was a young woman in a
revealing maid’s outfit. He looked at the woman and said, "Are you my
servant too?" The young woman looked up nervously, "Yes sir! Each room in
the guest area has a servant to take care of it. We rotate every day. Of
course, I will serve you in any way I can. If I displease you, you can
request a replacement." The Judge eyed the young woman and said, "I would
prefer larger breasts in my maid." Looking at the huge breasts of the women
the Judge had chosen, the young maid nodded and left the room.

The Judge turned to his 2 servants. He walked up to the short blonde woman
and reached under her skirt. Pushing a finger into her cunt he asked, "What’
s your name?" The buxom blonde answered, "Ungh, Brenda, ungh, Sir!" As he
rammed his finger in and out. He pulled his finger out of the tight cunt and
walked over to the taller dark skinned woman. Pulling her small bikini top
to either side, he exposed her huge tits. Taking each large nipple between
his fingers, he squeezed them, "How about your name cunt?" The taller woman
winced, "Ow! Ursala, ow, Ursala, Sir!"

He released the nipples and ordered "Get undressed, bitches!" They both
undressed rapidly. As they were finishing, a knock came on the room door.
"Come in." the Judge said, aggravated at being disturbed. A voluptuous  5’
 2" red head came into the room. She wore a maid’s outfit. The skirt was
very short and the top was strapless and pushed up huge 44DD tits. The
exposed skin was covered with light freckles. She bowed slightly and said,
"I’m Katherine, your maid."

The Judge smiled, "I was just about to enjoy these 2, you’ll have to wait
your turn." Katherine nodded and said, "Of course Sir but, the maid’s job is
to make sure that every room is stocked with devices for your pleasure and
to get you anything you need. For example, you requested injections for
these servants’ tits. They are here when you would like them."

The two servants became agitated, "Please sir," Ursula begged, "don’t use
the needles on our tits! They hurt so much and it lasts for days!" Brenda
followed, "Please sir, you won’t be sorry! Please, don’t hurt us!"

The Judge growled "You aren’t going to do what you’re told? That would be
unfortunate. How do I let the Master know?" The two women’s eyes opened in
terror. Brenda begged, "NO! Whip us! Anything, just don’t tell the Master we
didn’t please you!"

The Judge smiled. He motioned towards the shackles against the wall. The two
women walked weeping to the wall. The Judge ordered Katherine to chain the
two servants to the wall with their hands over their heads. "Inject their
tits!" the Judge ordered. The two women started weeping softly. Katherine
opened a drawer and removed a small tray with several vials and a hypodermic
with a 4-inch needle attached. Katherine turned to the Judge, "Through the

The restrained servants struggled, "Please no sir! We’ll please you. We’ll
fuck you with our cunts and asses! Please don’t" begged Brenda with Ursula
nodding agreement. The Judge smiled, "Through the nipple!" The servants
weeping increased.

Katherine inserted the needle into a vial and pulled the liquid into the
syringe. She walked up to the tall black haired beauty and wrapped her left
hand around the breast and centered the needle on the fat nipple. Slowly she
pushed the needle in. "OOOOWWWWWEEEE!" Ursula screamed. Katherine inserted
the needle steadily deeper into the pendulous breast as the screaming
increased. When the needle was fully buried in the tit, she started
depressing the plunger, "AAARRRRRGGHHHH!" Ursula gasped through clenched
teeth as the burning liquid forced its way into her tit. As the last of the
liquid was injected, Katherine pulled the needle from the tortured tit as
its color reddened and the tissue started to swell.

The Judge ordered, "Do one of Brenda’s tits now." The short blonde struggled
in her chains as Katherine filled the hypodermic again. She centered the
needle on the nipple and pushed the needle, "NooOOOOEEEEEEYYYYYEEEE!" Brenda
screamed her thick nipple in agony. Relentlessly but slowly, Katherine kept
the pressure on the needle causing horrible pain deeper and deeper in the
tender tit. As it finished its way into the tit, Katherine started the
pressure on the plunger and the screams changed their tone as the piercing
pain gave way to a burning pressure, "UUUUNNNGGGHHHH! UUUNNNNGGHHH!"
Katherine emptied the syringe and removed the needle. The blonde’s pale
white skin made the reddening and swelling of the tit more noticeable.

The Judge motioned back to Ursula. By now, her injected tit was ¼ larger
than the other and still swelling. Katherine filled the syringe again and
approached Ursula, who begged hopelessly, "Please no, please! It hurts so
much." Katherine centered over the other nipple. This time she inserted the
needle in one quick plunge. "AAAAAIIIIEEEE!" Ursula screamed her hair flying
as she thrashed her head in agony. Katherine put her thumb on the plunger
and pushed as hard as she could. "GUUUGGHH! GUGGHHH!" moaned Ursula as the
irritant forced itself into her tit. The needle was removed.

Without waiting for instruction, Katherine started refilling the syringe.
She approached Brenda who was sobbing deeply trying to look away from her
tit. Again she thrust the needle deeply into the tit. A piercing scream
shook the room as the buxom body thrashed in her chains. Katherine drove the
plunger as fast as she could, "GOOOOOODDDDD NOOOOO!" screamed the blonde.

As the needle was removed, the Judge sat down his cock fully erect. "How
long before they swell all the way?" he asked. Katherine responded, "About
10 minutes." The Judge looked at the two women moaning as the burning pain
in their huge tits increased. "Get undressed and suck my cock." He ordered.
Katherine removed her skimpy outfit freeing large pink nipples and a fiery
red cunt bush. She kneeled in front of the Judge and expertly sucked his
cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue around his head and then thrust it
into her throat. The Judge was in heaven. It had been years since he’d had
an erection let alone one that would cause the gagging sounds coming from
the beautiful red head. He looked over at the two servants who were shaking
their breasts back and forward trying to relieve the burning sensation in
their grossly swelling tits.

Katherine continued to throat fuck punctuated with expert cock sucking as
she came up for breath. The Judge grabbed her hair and pulled her off his
cock and instructed, "Sit on my cock." The gorgeous woman straddled his lap
and lined the cock up with her cunt. She worked it between her cunt lips and
thrust down hard. "UUNNGGGHHH! She grunted. His cock wasn’t as big as the
Master’s but her cunt was dry and the deep thrust tugged at her cunt walls.
She started to ride up and down the cock, clenching her cunt muscles on the
down stroke trying to please the elderly Judge.

After a couple of minutes, the Judge grabbed a handful of her cunt hair and
pulled down hard. "OOOOOWWWW!" cried Katherine, her hands clenching at her
sides. "I told you to sit on my cock, cunt! What do you sit on?" The red
head winced from the pain on her pussy mound, "My ass!" The Judge hauled up
on the cunt hair, pulling her off him. As he let go, she rubbed her sore
mound but wasted no time straddling the judge and lining his cock up with
her butt. She worked the cock into her ass, gasping from the discomfort in
her ass.  With each thrust down, she forced more of the cock into her ass,
"UUNNGGHHH!" she grunted on each downward thrust.

The Judge reveled in the fact his cock could stretch the tiny asshole to
painful extremes. He soon erupted into her tight ass and she dismounted her
ass sore.

The Judge returned his attention to the servants. Their tits looked huge and
were a nasty red color.  He stood between the two of them and grabbed one
tit from each of them and squeezed. The women winced and shook their heads.
The Judge looked at the equipment arrayed around the punishment area of the
room. He picked up two sharp-toothed nipple clamps and approached Brenda.
The blonde looked at him wide eyed, "Please no, my nipples are so sensitive
now, I won’t be able to stand it!" The Judge opened the clamp over the long
swollen nipple of the huge tit. "OOOOWWWW!" she screamed as the teeth sunk
in. He repeated the procedure on the other tit with the same result. Brenda
tried to control the pain by taking short deep breaths.

He smiled at Ursula who whimpered in terror. He took two more clamps. He
opened the clamp wide as it went over the swollen teat and he slowly closed
attached the second to the other nipple as cries filled the room. He
attached 4 thin 18-inch chains to each clamp and walked over to a box of
lead weights. He took one and attached it to the chain dangling form her
left tit. "OWW!" The pink nipple stretched. He hung another from her right
tit, stretching it out.

He chose 2 more weights and hung one from Ursula’s tit. "OOHHH HURTS!" She
shook in pain as he lengthened the other nipple. He took 2 more weights out
and held them in front of Brenda. "NO MORE! PLEASE" The Judge hung the
weights and the whole length of the tits increased. He approached Ursula she
stared in horror as he hung further weight on her tits the whole of the tit
aching from the pain. Her nipple throbbing."

He grabbed more weights, Ursula sobbed uncontrollably, "Please, you’ll ruin
our tits, please no more!" The Judge ignored the pleas and attached the
third weight to each tit. Ursula screamed in agony as the sharp teeth tore
into her nipple, blood showing. Her tits were pulled down to her navel. She
struggled to keep still in the pain so the heavy weights wouldn’t swing on
the chains and drive the teeth deeper into her nipples.

Brenda clenched her teeth as the Judge hung the third weights on her tits.
Her light pink nipples stabbed by the sharp teeth as her huge tits were
stretched to an incredible length.

"Unchain them and cuff their hands behind their backs." The Judge ordered
Katherine. One at a time, Katherine lowered the women’s arms and restrained
them behind their back. Each woman cried out in pain as the movement started
the weights swinging. The Judge opened the door to the room and stepped into
the hall, "Follow me ladies!" The women stepped slowly trying to avoid
movement of the weights. "Bring them along!" the Judge ordered. Katherine
faced the women and clutched a handful of their pussy hair and started
walking backward. The women cried out in pain as they were dragged out the

The Judge pointed to the end of the hall about 20 yards away. "We’re going
to have a little race. You 2 will go to the end of the hall and back. The
loser will get their tits caned!" The two women turned and faced the end of
the hall. "Go!" ordered the Judge.

The two women slowly stepped out and started moving down the hall, gasping
as the weights swung slowly with each step. Halfway down the hall, Ursula’s
longer strides had given her a foot or two lead. In desperation, Brenda
quickened her pace at the price of horrible tugging at her nipples as she
took quick short steps. Ursula steeled herself and quickened her pace as the
weights increased their pull on her teats. As they reached the end of the
hall, they shuffled around. On the return trip, they’d increased to a slow
trot, cries of pain filled the hall and blood trickled down the chains.

Ursula clenched her teeth and broke into a jog for the last few feet, the
clamps ripping into her nipples. As Brenda realized she’d lost, she fell at
the feet of the Judge, "Please, I can’t take any more pain, please stop!"
The Judge grasped her hair and dragged her into his room as she cried with
pain as the weights bounced on her tits.

He stood her in the center of the punishment area and asked, "You want to
get out of you tit caning." The short buxom blonde nodded desperately. "If
you fuck me very well, I’ll let you off." Excitedly she spoke, "Oh yes, I’ll
give you the best fuck you ever had! Oh thank you." The Judge lowered a
trapeze bar from the ceiling until it was at her waist height and bent her
over the bar, leaving her hands shackled behind her. The weights pulled her
tits into elongated cone shapes. She begged "Please take the weight off and
let my hands go, I’ll really fuck you well. Please."

The Judge walked up behind her and lined his cock up with her dry cunt.
Gathering his strength, he drove it in hard. "NNNNGGGHHH!" Brenda grunted as
the cock rubbed her unlubricated cunt walls and the force of the thrust made
the weights bounce. He leaned over the wide full ass and whispered, "You
better start fucking that cock or I’ll whip your tits until you pass out."
Weeping, the blonde started rocking herself back and forward on the cock
slowly, trying to minimize the pain in her swollen, stretched tits. Every
movement made the teeth on the clamps dig into her elongated nipples.

The Judge grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, "You call that a great
fuck! I’ll give you one more chance then we go at those big tits." Brenda
wept "NO! I’ll do it!" She started rocking forward and driving herself back
on his cock. However each hard thrust caused the weights to swing in wide
arcs, torturing her nipples. After only a few thrusts she stopped to allow
the weights to stop swinging.

The Judge turned to Katherine, "Get the cane!" and turning to Ursula, "Hold
her head down." Brenda yelled, "NO! GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE PLEASE!"
Katherine went to the wall and selected a thin, supple plastic rod that
narrowed toward the tip. Ursula walked gingerly next to the bent over blonde
and grasped handfuls of her hair. The Judge pulled his cock out of Brenda’s
cunt and pressed the head against her ass hole. Brenda wailed loudly as he
drove his cock hard. It only went in half way and it took 3 more hard
thrusts to totally bury his cock in the tight passage.

He nodded to Katherine who swung side arm into the tops of the stretched
tits. "AAAYYYIIIEEEE!" screamed Brenda as a nasty welt appeared on the giant
tits. The Judge smiled, enjoying the pulsing pressure of her tight ass as
she tensed from the blow. He ordered Katherine, "Keep it up until I come!"
The buxom red head stroked again and again. She’d alternate between the tops
and bottoms of the tits waiting between blows for the screaming to subside
and the thrashing to slow before laying on the next blow. It took only five
minutes for the Judge to spurt into the tight ass but Brenda’s tits were
covered with crisscrossed welts, her nipples were again oozing blood and her
head lolled from side to side from the horrible pain in her tits.

The Judge removed his cock and ordered Katherine to lick his cock clean.
Katherine dropped to her knees and carefully licked the surface of his cock
clean, gagging occasionally from the bitter taste of Brenda’s shit.
Exhausted, the elderly man collapsed on the bed and fell immediately to


By Mad Dog

Chapter 9, The Reverend’s Revenge

The Reverend hated white women. As a young man he had lived with his single
mother on an estate in Atlanta, Georgia. She had been a servant and he’d
been the servant’s child. The owner of the estate had three blonde daughters
who took great pleasure in teasing the large black boy. They’d entice him
playfully only to run off with their rich white boyfriends. Even in school,
he had attended a mostly white school and all the white women ignored him.
The one time he’d worked up the courage to ask one out, she’d laughed in his
face and told him she was too good for a nigger. Over the years the hatred
had grown.

Now he had been handed two young blondes to use as he wished and he could
not believe his good fortune. They would pay for all the years of hurt. He
watched their slender legs as they led him to his room. He looked around the
giant room, his eyes settling on a slender black woman in a maid’s uniform
made up of a short black skirt with an apron over it. The only thing
covering firm 34B breasts was the bib of the apron. She was 5’ 8" tall and
she looked incredibly fit with muscles well defined in her arms and legs.
The maid introduced herself, "I’m Louise, the maid for your room. A new maid
will be assigned every day. If any of us displease you, we will be
 replaced." The Reverend considered asking for another young blond but
stopped himself as the thought of having a black woman help him punish the
young white bitches appealed to him. "I’m going to hurt this pretty white
meat. Will you help, cunt?" The black nodded, "Anything to please you, sir."
Relief showed on her face that he hadn’t suggested she’d be tortured.

On the other hand, the two blondes looked very worried. He walked behind the
small 15-year old school girl and reached under her skirt. He plowed his
middle finger hard into her miniscule ass hole. "AAAAHHHHH!" exclaimed the
small girl, her face screwed up in pain. "What’s your name, cunt!" The young
girl grunted, "Ungh, Tina, Sir!" The Reverend sawed his finger in and out,
"Ever had black cock before?" Tina shook her head clenching her teeth
against the discomfort of the finger in her young ass. "I didn’t think so.
Well your going to get all you can handle today and I don’t think you’re
going to like it!"

He removed his finger and walked in front of the older blond. He grabbed the
deep V of the cotton top and pulled the neck wider open, tearing the front
of the tennis top open, exposing the perfectly formed breasts of the
17-year-old. He wrapped his large hands around each breast and squeezed,
twisting as he crushed the tits in his muscled hands. "OOOOWWWW!" the blonde
cried. "What’s your name, white meat?" He asked as he twisted again. "OW!
JULIE SIR! OW!"  He smiled at her discomfort, "You ever taken black cock?"
She shook her head no. The Reverend released the tits.

The Reverend seated himself in a comfortable chair and instructed, "Louise,
put some music on. Julie, I want you to dance for me. You better make it
really hot or I’ll whip that nice round ass of yours."
Louise pushed a button on a stereo system and a slow instrumental piece
filled the room. Julie started to swing her shapely ass to the music. Her
firm young tits swaying openly as the torn blouse gaped. She rubbed her
hands over her tits rubbing them until they grew stiff. One hand pulled up
on her short skirt and she rubbed her light pubic hair. Slowly she ran her
middle finger between her cunt lips and ran her fingertip around her clit.
Her breath shuddered as she rubbed her clit to erection. She slowly inserted
her finger into her tight cunt. She tried to forget the large black man
watching her and concentrate on the stirrings in her cunt.

She started a slow pumping motion with her finger. Her breath started to
come rapidly as she continued the finger fuck. As the song wound down, she
fell to her knees and pumped her cunt as fast as she could, her cunt spasmed
as her pussy leaked fluid. Finally, her whole body shook in orgasm. As she
regained her control, she heard the Reverend mockingly clapping. Her face
burned with embarrassment.

The Reverend’s cock had swollen to full hardness watching the young blond
debase herself in front of him. "Come over here and suck my cock." Julie
arose and knelt in front of the Reverend. She took the thick cock into her
hands. She started licking the head, wrapping her tongue around it. She
opened her mouth wide and slid her mouth over the dark head. She started a
gentle suction on the cock and started pushing it deeper into her mouth. She
bobbed her head up and down on the end of his cock. The Reverend put his
hand behind her head and started pressing on the back of her head. The young
blond started gagging as the fat cock stretched her throat. The pressure
drove her face into the black pubes. He held her head as gurgling sounds
started to come from her mouth.

Finally he lifted his hand and Julie rapidly lifted her head off the cock
pulling the cock from her throat, coughing and gasping for breath. The
Reverend pressed down again, her eyes widened as the pain returned to her
throat. The Reverend punished her throat for several more minutes and
finally let her pull her mouth off his cock. The beautiful blond clutched at
her throat, coughing.

The Reverend got up and walked over to the tiny blond. "Open up your
 blouse." He ordered. The small girl started opening the buttons on her
blouse. The Reverend reached into her blouse and clutched a tiny tit between
his fingers. Gripping hard, he started lifting on her tits. "OWWWWWWW!"
cried the small girl as her tiny tits supported more of her weight. The
Reverend pulled up until Tina was standing on her tiptoes. "OOOOOWWWW!
PLEASE STOP! PLLLEEEAAASE!" she begged. The Reverend let go of her small
breasts and Tina cupped them in her tiny hands, weeping.

The Reverend ordered, "Get undressed and get up on that!" as he pointed to a
metal table in the punishment area of the room. Tina removed the see through
top and wiggled out of the short skirt. She climbed up on the cold metal
table. "Lie on your back!" he ordered. She lay down, goose bumps forming as
she reclined on the cold metal. The Reverend walked to the head of the table
and took a pigtail in each hand and pulled her up the table until her head
was unsupported by the table. He then pushed her head so it hung down over
the edge.

"Open your mouth!" Tina opened her mouth and the Reverend put his fat cock
head against it. She opened her jaw as far as it would go, afraid of the
black man’s response if she didn’t. The Reverend steadily pushed his cock
into her, brutally stretching her small throat. Her tiny body thrashed as
she choked and gagged on the fat cock. The Reverend took a couple of short
strokes and pulled back long enough for her to take a sputtering breath and
drove back in. He kept this up for several minutes. Saliva ran out of the
young girl’s mouth as she choked uncontrollably, her throat aching. Finally,
he removed his cock and Tina coughed heavily, curling into a ball and
clutching her throat. The Reverend looked down smiling, "Hard to take all
that black cock, isn’t it, cunt!"

The Reverend laid back on the bed, "Julie," he ordered, "come put that white
pussy of yours on my cock." Julie climbed on the bed and knelt over the
black man. She lined his cock head up with her pussy and pushed down. His
cock wasn’t as large as the Master’s but it was big enough to cause her to
gasp in discomfort even though her cunt was still lubricated from her
masturbating dance. Slowly, she stretched her cunt down the full length and
started a slow rhythmic fuck.

The Reverend slapped her tit, "AAAHHH!" she cried as he slapped the other
one. "AAAHHH!" she cried again. "You better speed up or I’ll beat your tits
of your chest!" Julie picked up her pace. He slapped her tit again.
"OOOOOWWWW!" Rapidly, he slapped the other, "OOOOWWWWW!" "Faster!" the
Reverend spat. Julie rapidly thrust her cunt up and down. Her tits bounced
as she fucked as fast as her legs could move her. After several minutes, she
was covered with sweat from the effort, her cunt ached from the brutal
pummeling she was inflicting on herself. "Stop!" the Reverend ordered. She
pulled the fat cock from her cunt.

The Reverend got off the bed and walked over to Tina. He ordered her to bend
over the metal table. He reached down and roughly shoved two fingers into
her cunt. "UUUUNNNGGGHH" she grunted as her tiny cunt stretched. "How many
times has that little cunt been fucked? He asked twisting his fingers in her
cunt. "UNGH, just once, UNGH, just the Master, UNGH!" she answered. "How did
it feel?" he asked thrusting in and out. "OW! It hurt. OW! He tore me. OW!
They had to sew OW! My cunt and ass OW! Up." She gasped.  "How do you think
my cock will feel." He asked as he forced a third finger in. "AAGGHHH! It’ll
hurt so much! AAAGGGHHH!"

The Reverend held his cock head against her tiny cunt, "I think your right!"
he shoved forward hard into her cunt. The fat head popped and inch into her
cunt, "AAAAGGHHHHH!" She cried out as her teenage cunt was stretched. "You
want me to whip your little tits and cunt?" he asked. "OHHHH! NO!" she
cried. "Then you better push your little white cunt onto my cock. Louise,
get me a whip in case she doesn’t do it right."

The little teenager started leaning back, crying through gritted teeth as
each fraction of and inch took the pain deeper in her cunt. As she was about
half way, Louise handed a short multi-stranded flogger to the Reverend. He
slashed it down on her back, "AAAAAYYYIIIEEE!" She screamed, her cunt
grasping on his cock. "I want a fuck and I want it now!" He swung again
eliciting another scream. "PLEASE STOP!" Tina cried pushing back hard.
"OWWWWEEEE!" She cried as the remainder of the cock stretched the tiny cunt.

The tiny girl pushed back and forward on the fat cock, her cunt getting raw
from the thrusting. Her breaths started coming in sobs. The Reverend stared
in joy at the tiny cunt lips stretched impossibly around his cock. He loved
that the white cunt was forcing herself on him. "Julie, lean over the table
beside her." Julie got up and bent over beside the tiny 15-year-old.

The Reverend pulled his cock out of the tiny cunt, disappointed to not see
blood on it. He moved behind Julie, "Louise, get me some lubricant, I want
to fuck some ass!" Julie looked over her shoulder in terror, "Please no! You
’re too big! Please, fuck my cunt!" Louise bent at the Reverend’s side and
rubbed oil onto his cock.

The Reverend placed his cock against the tiny butt-hole. He leaned in as the
tight sphincter stretched as his head started to slide in, he grabbed the
hips and pushed forward with all his might. Six inches of his cock plunged
into the ass. "AAAAYYYYIIIEEEE!" her scream rang out. Her asshole throbbed
with pain. The Reverend pulled back and thrust deeper as more screams filled
the room. After three more thrusts, he was driving the full length of his
cock in and out of the perfectly shaped teenage as. Julie screamed on each
inward thrust. After several minutes, he pulled his cock out. The asshole
gaped open even after he removed his cock.

"Louise, lick it clean and relubricate it." Louise knelt and started licking
his shit covered cock. She choked and gagged as she tried not to cough up.
As she finished she got the vial of oil and rubbed it into his cock. The
Reverend turned to Tina’s upturned ass. He thrust a finger into her ass
causing her to grunt. Pulling it out he centered his cock on the tiny hole.
He pushed with all his might but all he could do was make the sphincter
stretch. Tina’s eyes were wide with pain as the butt hole stretched.

The Reverend gripped either side of the small butt and pulled harder. The
tiny sphincter stretched more and finally gave way. "AAAAAAHHHHHH! YYYOOOUUU
’RREEE TEEEAAAARRRRIINNNGG MEEEEE!"  the teenager cried as she felt
millimeter after millimeter of her ass give way as the Reverend sweated with
the effort. It took several tries and many screams to totally bury his cock.
He bent over her resting as she cried loudly from the incredible agony in
her tight ass.

He started thrusting in and out in four to five inch thrusts. Tina wailed
loudly as she felt her ass rip more and more. Finally, the Reverend thrust
in deeply and shot a huge load up the tiny ass. He pulled his cock out of
her ass, pleased at the streaks of blood on his cock.

He turned to Louise and pointed to his cock. She took to the task of
cleaning the filthy cock with her tongue. She tried to ignore the bitter
taste and swallowed the shit. The Reverend took a handful of her thick black
hair and tilted her head up. "You want to get used like that?" The beautiful
black looked at the gaping assholes and shook her head. "I’m going to sit
over there and I want you to punish these white bitches. If you do it well
enough I won’t hurt you." The black nodded.

The black led Julie to the punishment area and chained her hands over her
head. She took a thin buggy whip down and stood to one side and snapped
across the beautiful fair-skinned ass. An immediate high-pitched scream
filled the room and a dark red line formed across the shapely butt.  Louise
let rip with another slash across the ass. Julie thrashed in the chains as
her scream increased. Louise expertly laid stripe after stripe, moving down
the buttocks and the back of her legs.

Louise was breathing heavily as she approached Tina. The little girl turned
to run but Louise caught her by one of her pigtails and dragged her to the
punishment area. Overpowering the smaller girl easily, Louise shackled her
hand over her head. "Please no! Fuck my ass! Rip it more! Please don’t whip
me!" Louise took the buggy whip and laid the first stripe across her ass.
"AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH" the scream choked off further words. One after another,
stripes were laid down the small ass and slender legs. After the last
stroke, it took several seconds for the writhing of the young body to stop.

Louise paused to catch her breath and returned to Julie. She lined up and
laid a stripe a few inches above her knees and started the screams again.
Slowly, she worked the stripes up her legs. When she laid a stroked across
the pussy mound, Julie’s scream was ear shattering and she thrashed wildly
in the chains.

Louise moved over to Tina again. Realizing she would get the same treatment,
the young girl started screaming before the first blow. When the first
stroke hit her legs, the screams increased. Again the stripes worked their
way up the pail skin until a welt was drawn across the tiny pussy mound. The
young legs thrashed around in agony.

Louise returned to Julie. Julie looked down in horror realizing her perfect
tits would be next. She was not disappointed, the whip crashed down on the
top of her tits. Her voice crackled as the scream ripped from her. As the
next stroke across her nipples caused a loud scream that ended with the
young head dropping forward, barely conscious.

Tina twisted, trying to protect her tiny tits. Expertly, Louise slashed down
on the tops of the two tiny tits. The twisting stopped as the small body
arched in a loud scream. As it started to die, it increased again as the
whip crashed down on the small nipples. Finally the scream died down as her
head fell forward whimpering.

Louise unchained each girl in turn. She carried each to a punishment table
and tied their upper bodies to the table. Spreader bars were attached to
their ankles and pulled up to the ceiling so their legs were pointing upward
in a "V". She broke a capsule under the nose of both bringing them to a
pain-filled consciousness.

She stood between the two blondes and placed 3 fingers from her right hand
in Tina’s cunt and 3 fingers from her left in Julie. The two blondes grunted
in discomfort as she twisted them around in their cunts. The grunts turned
to cries as a fourth finger stretched each cunt. Twisting her hand through
90 degrees, Louise stretched the young cunts. As the cries decreased to some
degree, she wrapped her hands around her thumbs and pushed forward. It was
incredibly hard work but both cunts gave way and the hands plunged in. The
screams were pitiful as the hands worked deeper in the cunts. As her hands
were deeply swallowed by the young vaginas, Louise curled her hands into
fists. The added width tore both cunts and screams filled the room. She
started rocking her hands back and forth.

Not able to control himself anymore, the Reverend stepped up behind Louise
who was bent forward in her fist fucking duties. He lined his cock up with
her dark ass-hole and thrust it in hard. Louise cried out and jerked back on
her fists almost pulling them out. She immediately thrust them back in
deeply, recognizing that the only relief for her tight ass was to make the
Reverend come. Torturing the blond cunts would speed that. As she grunted
and gasped at the painful butt-fuck, she redoubled her efforts to pound the

The three women’s screams filled the room for the 10 minutes it took the
Reverend to come. He pulled his cock from Louise’s ass and she kept her
fists closed as she removed them from the blonde cunts. Her hands and arms
were streaked with blood and it leaked from the cunts and Tina’s ass.

The Reverend lay down and fell into a satisfied sleep.


By Mad Dog

Chapter 10: Little Holes, Huge Cock

The tiny teenagers led the Senator to his room. They looked toy-like near
his giant frame. They were terrified, as they had seen the pain the Senator’
s cock had caused the larger experienced Veronica. They knew his huge cock
was going to tear them badly. The only thing that scared them more was the
fear of being punished by the Master. So, resigned to their painful fate,
they walked down the hall.

As they entered the large room, a 26-year-old Philippine woman in a skimpy
maid’s outfit greeted them. She was 5 feet tall with well-rounded hips and a
small but well formed breasts. Her straight black hair was cut just above
her shoulders. The maid’s uniform was a short dress of see through material
that allowed a clear view of her pert breasts and shapely ass. A short white
apron covered her pussy mound. The small woman’s eyes opened wider as she
took in the Senator’s huge frame.

"I’m Consuelo, the maid for this room. We are changed daily. Feel free to
request a new maid if any of us displease you, Sir." the maid announced
bowing to the tall man. He eyed the small woman and thought about asking for
a younger one but he was attracted to her obvious subservience and small

"How long have you been here!" he asked. "10 years, Sir." she responded
without looking up. He reached below her short dress and rammed three fat
fingers into her dry cunt. She winced and grunted in pain but spread her
legs slightly and pushed down on the fingers. "Not a very tight cunt for
such a small woman" remarked the Senator. "Unnggh No, Sir, unghh I have born
ungghh 2 female children for the Master unggh" she answered, her cunt
getting raw from the twisting fat fingers.

The Senator pulled his fingers from her cunt and walked behind her.
Anticipating his next move, the short maid leaned forward to give him better
access to her ass. The Senator took 2 fingers and forced them into the
little ass. The little maid gasped from the stretching pain. Her faced
twisted in discomfort but she forced her ass back on the punishing fingers.
"That’s better!" the Senator announced, jabbing his fingers in and out. The
small woman grunted as the pain caused tears to form in her eyes.

His whole life, women had been afraid of the Senator. His huge size meant
most women stayed away from him. His huge cock immediately scared off any
that considered having sex with him. He even had trouble finding prostitutes
that would let him fuck them. When he finally found a woman that would marry
him, she was a large woman and even she insisted he fuck slowly and
carefully. He always lusted after tight young pussy that he could ram as
hard as he could.

His cock was so hard it was almost hurt as he thought about the tiny cunts
at his disposal. "You’ll do. You can help with these less experienced cunts.
Get undressed." Consuelo nodded and the two young girls shivered notably as
the maid disrobed.

He walked over to the mousy brunette in the cheerleader’s outfit. He grabbed
her see through top by the neck and ripped it off in one yank. He grabbed
the large nipples that covered most of her small breasts and squeezed them
hard. "OOOOWWW" the girl cried, lifting one leg in pain. The Senator let up,
"What’s your name, sweetie?" The tiny girl looked up and spoke through
trembling lips, "Sherrie."

He walked over to the doll like oriental girl.  "What’s your name?" The
terrified teen looked up, "Thiu, Sir." The Senator reached under the flap of
her silk dress to insert 2 fingers in her cunt but the tiny girl pulled her
legs together and turned to one side, clutching her hands against her pussy.
"Poor choice, sweetie, now I’ll have to punish you after I fuck you."

Consuelo spoke up, "Sir, these girls are so small, I suggest you punish them
first, they’re so small they might tear badly enough to need immediate
medical attention." The Senator shrugged, "How about you take care of that,
sweetie. I’ll watch."

The maid nodded and led Sherrie over to the punishment area and removed the
short pleated skirt. She chained the girl’s hands over her head. She
returned to get Thiu but as she grabbed the tiny girl’s wrist, Thiu pulled
back, resisting the maid. Consuelo’s foot snapped of the floor into Thiu’s
belly. "OOOOFFFF" cried the girl as she fell to the floor trying to catch
her breath. Consuelo grabbed a handful of straight black hair and dragged
the tiny girl over to the punishment area. She shackled each hand while her
victim was still gasping on the floor and used pulleys to lift her off the
floor until her arms were stretched over her head. She grabbed the front of
the silk dress and ripped it from the small girl.

Consuelo turned to the Senator. "I suggest I give them high volume enemas
with hot water. It should make them more sensitive to your cock and it won’t
get covered with shit." The two tied victims’ eyes widened in fear. The
Senator smiled and nodded. Consuelo continued, "I’ll use inflatable nozzles
instead of large punishment ones so they will be more sensitive to your
cock. When you are fucking their asses, I suggest needles be inserted in
their nipples as they become accustomed to your cock." The young girls
begged piteously that the Senator ignore Consuelo’s suggestions. They
offered enthusiastic fucking if only he wouldn’t punish them. The Senator
shook his head, "Thiu should have thought of that before she resisted." He
turned his gaze to Consuelo, "What about you Consuelo? What will we do with
you?" Consuelo bit her lip for a second and responded, "Of course I will do
the same to myself." The Senator smiled widely.

Consuelo went into the ensuite bathroom and returned with a large rubber bag
trailing a hose. She had to use both hands to carry it. She hung it up
behind Sherrie. She made two more trips and hung one bag behind Thiu and one
for herself. She attached a nozzle to each hose. Each nozzle was covered
with a rubber bladder attached to a soft rubber ball that acted as a pump.
She inserted the first roughly into Sherrie’s small but nicely rounded ass.
"OHHHH" cried the little girl. Consuelo gripped the bulb and squeezed it
rapid pulses. Sherrie’s eyes opened wide, "On my god!" she exclaimed as the
nozzle expanded in her tiny butt.

Consuelo took the second nozzle and pushed it hard into Thiu’s ass. "OW!"
cried Thiu as even the narrow nozzle hurt her ass. Consuelo started pumping
the rubber ball eliciting grunts of discomfort.

Taking the last nozzle, Consuelo bent forward slightly and thrust the nozzle
up her own ass. She bit on her lower lip, moaning, as she pumped the nozzle
in her ass. She turned to the Senator, "Who would you like me to fill
 first?" The Senator pointed to the maid, "Do you."

The small maid nodded and reached for the clamp on her hose. As soon as she
opened it she cried "OOOOOWWWWWW!" as the hot water scalded her. Her hands
went to her lower belly as the burning pressure increased. Her short grunts
of pain could be heard as more water ran into her small ass. As the first
cramp hit her she looked up at the bag in despair, the bag was still almost
½ full.

The cramps increased in frequency and intensity, doubling the small maid
over. Her voice went into constant cries of pain. As the last of the water
ran into her, she felt like she was going to explode. Her whole body was
covered with sweat as the hot water raised her body temperature. She gripped
the side of a table holding her up.

The Senator walked over and grabbed her hair and pulled her up straight. Her
hands clutched below a noticeable swelling in her lower abdomen. Her face
was twisted in pain and tears rolled down her face. The Senator ran his hand
over the swollen belly. "Tell me how it feels." He ordered. She sobbed,
"HURTS! IT’S HOT! OOOHHH! HURTS SO MUCH!" as her body writhed in pain.

The Senator moved to a couple of feet in front of Sherrie. He loved the way
she looked with her tiny body stretched out in her shackles. "Do her next."
He ordered. Sherrie looked him in the eye and begged "Please no, Sir!

Consuelo held her hands under her swollen belly and shuffled over her feet
apart. As she released the valve, Sherrie screamed, "AAAAIIIIYYYYEEE!" as
the hot water hit her bowels. "STOOOPP! IT’S TOOOO HOOOOTT!" Her legs kicked
around as she tried to remove the inflated nozzle from her ass. As the
cramps started, she tried to lift her knees to relieve the pain. Soon, her
legs got tired and the cramps became more frequent. She just writhed in her
shackles and cried out in pain. The Senator grabbed the bag and squeezed the
last of the water into her. "GGAAAGGHHH!" she cried out her eyes opened wide
from the pain of the increased pressure.

The Senator laid his hand on the swollen abdomen as Sherrie writhed in
agony, occasionally bouncing violently, as a particularly strong cramp would
cause even greater pain. Sherrie’s wracking sobs mixed with the grunts of
pain from Consuelo who was half bent with one hand steadying her on the

The Senator stood in front of Thiu. He looked at her tiny frame. She stared
at him with pleading eyes, "Please sir, don’t. I’ll take your cock in my
cunt. I’ll fuck it really well! Please don’t!" The Senator reached between
her legs and shoved 2 fingers in. Thiu grunted in pain but tried to lift her
cunt off and on his thick fingers in an attempt to seduce the huge man into
not torturing her. The Senator answered, "Nice try sweetie but I want to see
that tight little belly stretched out! Consuelo!" and pushed his fingers
even further in. Thiu sobbed in desperation.

Consuelo waddled over, grunting with each step and opened the valve. Thiu’s
body arched backward as she cried out from the burning of the water in her
bowels. Her cunt clasped in pain and the Senator was amazed at how hard the
little hole gripped his fingers. He pulled his fingers out and grabbed the
bag with both hands and squeezed, increasing the flow of the hot water. Thiu
’s cries increased as the pressure on her gut increased. The water was going
in so fast that you could watch her lower belly swell as the tiny girl
thrashed in agony. The last of the water made its way into the tiny ass
leaving the young body twisting from the cramps.

The Senator unshackled the two girls and cuffed their hands in front of
them. As he let them go, each curled into a ball on the floor crying out
from the pain. "Consuelo, we need something for each of you to shit in!"
Consuelo ,half bent over, shuffled through a door into a storage area and
came out with 3 stacked plastic buckets. He set them out a couple of feet
apart. "Sweeties, if you want to empty your bellies, you better get squatted
over these." Consuelo waddled over as the other 2 rolled onto hands and
knees and crawled over. All three managed to settle into a squat over the

The Senator took a thin plastic rod down off the wall and swished it through
the air. "A little contest, sweeties. The one that finishes shitting first
gets one stroke of my friend here on her nipples. The one that finishes
second gets two strokes. Of course the third gets three! Now open the pump
valves and you can take the nozzle out when I say go." The 3 small women
fumbled with the valves. As they finished the Senator said "Ready, steady,

Sherrie and Consuelo reached down to their asses and pulled the nozzles out
but Thiu just grunted and it shot out of her ass followed by a huge stream
of fouled water. Sherrie was pushing as hard as she could but that just
increased the cramps and the water stream varied from a rushing torrent to a
trickle as her muscles betrayed her. The more experienced Consuelo just
tried to relax and let the water leave at its own rate resulting in a steady
stream of water. However, the rush of water out of Thiu never decreased and
she finished well before the other two. Consuelo finished scant seconds
ahead of Sherrie. The three tiny bodies stood.

"Thiu" come here and put your hands behind your head. The tiny oriental
stood in front of him and locked her fingers behind her head. The Senator
lined the plastic rod up with her tiny nipples. He brought his arm back and
crashed it down on the sensitive buds. "AAAAAYYIIIIEEE" the tiny girls
scream filled the room as she dropped to her knees clutching her tits.

Consuelo didn’t wait for an order and stood in front of the Senator with her
hands behind her head. The Senator lined the rod up and swung hard on the
dark nipples. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" She screamed bending forward from the waist. As
her cries died down, she extended her body again. The mark from the last
stroke was clear on her nipples. The Senator lined up again and slashed the
rod across the nipples. It was Consuelo’s turn to drop to the floor
screaming in agony her hands covering the tortured nipples.

Sherrie was backing away from the Senator in terror, her hands covering her
small tits. The Senator turned to the maid still lying on the floor
"Consuelo, get up and hold her." Consuelo pulled herself up and cornered the
smaller girl. She dragged her back to the center of the room and pulled her
arms up into a full nelson, exposing the small tits and the large pink

The Senator lined up the rod and cracked it down on the nipples.
"AAAYYIIIIEEE!" Screamed the small brunette. The Senator struck again and
Sherrie screamed loudly as another ugly welt formed over her nipples. She
thrashed in Consuelo’s grip desperately trying to get away from the last
blow. The Senator dealt the final blow drawing another loud scream. Consuelo
let go of the tiny girl who fell to the floor clutching her tits. After a
few seconds, she crawled over to the Senator’s feet and wrapped her arms
around his ankles, "Please, sir! Please don’t hurt me anymore, Please!" The
Senator pushed her away with one of his huge feet.

He walked over to the punishment table. "Consuelo, get the needles and then
you sweeties bend over and grab the edge of the table." Consuelo got a box
of 2-inch pins with large colored heads and put them on the table. The three
tiny women bent over at the waist and grabbed the edge of the table.

The Senator walked up to Consuelo and lined his fat cock head up with her
tiny cunt. He rubbed it up and down to seat it between the cunt lips and
pushed forward hard. The cunt walls resisted for a second but the huge head
eventually popped into her small cunt followed by 4 inches of the huge cock.
"AAAAAGGHHH!" grunted the maid, her cunt walls stretching unbearably. The
Senator pulled back and jerked in again, burying another 3 inches. "UNNGGHH"
she grunted as more of her cunt was hurt. The Senator pulled back on his
cock and rammed forward again, his full length pounding deep into the tiny
woman. "AAAAAHHHHOOOWWWW!" She screamed. The Senator took a couple of more
stabs at the tight cunt and removed his gigantic prick.

He walked over to Sherrie and put his cock head against her small cunt. He
leaned forward, pushing hard. The tiny cunt resisted but Sherrie moaned at
the pressure on her tight cunt muscles. Finally, the large cock head split
her cunt muscles and worked its way in. The small brunette screamed loudly
at the tearing of her cunt. Her legs bounced up and down as the Senator had
to hold her hips to keep from being dislodged. The giant pulled back a
fraction of an inch and forced another inch into the screaming youth. Her
screams were continuous as he sawed out and back in, tearing deeper into her
cunt on every in-stroke. Finally his huge cock had worked all the way in.
The Senator’s body was sweating with the effort. He took 2 long deep stabs
with his cock and pulled it from the torn hole. Blood streaked the huge

He stepped behind the tiny Thiu. He lined his cock head up as the little
teenager wept loudly in fear. He placed the cock head against the little
hole and jabbed forward. It took 3 jabs to get the huge cock head to split
the tiny hole. Thiu wailed loudly, "STOOOOOP! YYOOOUUUURR RRRIIIIPPING
MEEEEE APAAAARRRT!" relentlessly the giant jabbed his cock into the tight
cunt again and again. Thiu thrashed in agony as the huge monster ripped more
of her cunt. The Senator finally made a brutal thrust, burying his cock. The
little oriental wriggled on his huge cock begging the Senator to remove his
huge cock. He pulled back until just the fat head was inside her and drove
back hard. The little teen screamed again as her cunt split more. He
continued with several long thrusts and removed his cock.

He stepped back as all 3 women sobbed at the pain in their cunts, blood
leaking out of the 2 younger girls’ cunts. He inserted a finger in Consuelo’
s ass, eliciting a gasp. "How many times have they had to sew up your ass.
"Twice, Sir" she responded through her tears. He removed his finger and
pressed his cock head against the tiny hole. Consuelo tried to relax her
sphincter to let the giant cock in but it was too large. He leaned harder,
stretching the hole until it finally gave way and the huge head popped past
the torn sphincter. Consuelo howled in pain. He restarted the pressure on
his cock, the tight hole squeezing hard on the huge member. Slowly it moved
forward, splitting deeper in her ass. Her scream constant except for her
ragged attempts to inhale. It took several minutes to finally bury the
monster cock in her ass.

He reached over and picked up a pin. He pushed it against her left nipple
and jabbed it in. Consuelo’s head thrashed in pain as her over extended ass
muscles tensed around his shaft. He took another pin and drove it in the
other nipple. He gasped in pleasure as she spasmed around his cock. He
pulled the cock all the way out. Her ass hole gaped open and a trickle of
blood ran out of it.

His cock almost ached from the dry fucking of the Maid’s ass so he went to
the cupboard and found a tube of KY and applied it liberally to his cock as
he approached Sherrie. She looked over her shoulder with pleading eyes,
"Please, sir, put it in my cunt again. Please, my ass can’t take it!"
Ignoring the pleas, the Senator put his cock against her tiny ass and leaned

Unlike Consuelo, the little teen clenched her ass muscles preventing entry.
Keeping the pressure up, he reached for a pin and quickly inserted it in a
large pink nipple. The scream was ear shattering as her ass first tensed up
and then relaxed slightly as the girl’s scream died down. Feeling the
sphincter relax slightly, the Senator drove hard. The head tore its way in.
"AAAAYYYYEEEEEE" she screamed as her ass burnt with searing pain. The
Senator gripped her hips and leaned in. With the lubricant, the progress was
faster. A minute later, he was fully buried in the ass. "PLEEEAAASSSEE
screamed. You get 2 pins per nipple because you resisted. "NNNNOOOOO!" she
screamed as he reached for more pins. He pushed one against the other nipple
and drove it in. She thrashed around his tearing cock. He placed another pin
in each hand and thrust them simultaneously in each nipple. The teen
screamed and writhed on the huge cock. He held the hips and reveled in the
sensations the gyrations of the teen caused on his cock. He pulled his cock
out, leaving the second ass hole gaping and torn. He stood behind Thiu
smearing KY on his cock. "You going to be good or do you want extra pins
too?" he asked. The little oriental nodded slowly as she wept. The giant man
pressed his huge cock against her ass hole.

She tried to relax her butt as the Senator pressed his cock head against
her. He rubbed his cock up and down on her ass until he felt the muscle
relaxed and plunged forward hard. "OOOOHHHH MMMYYYY GOOOOD!
 OWWWWAAAAYYYIEEE" she cried as her felt her ass rip. The Senator kept up
the pressure, tearing deeper and deeper into her ass. The screaming
continued until he’d pressed his body up against the firm young ass. The
screams turned into deep grunts of pain. The Senator took 2 pins. The tits
were too small to insert the pin straight in so he put the needle against
the side of her nipple and drove it through the teat. The scream restarted.
Just as it died down, he drove the second pin through the other nipple. The
tiny body twisted and bounced on his huge cock. He felt the orgasm coming
and started pumping in the tight hole. Finally, he pushed all the way in and
shot deeply into the abused ass. He removed his cock and watched as blood
streaked come trickled out of the torn ass.

Consuelo spoke up through her tears "Sir, I think we’re all badly torn and
need medical treatment. Allow me to call for nurses and a replacement maid."
The Senator nodded and took a comfortable chair. A few minutes later, three
beautiful women in the pink nurse’s lab coats came in followed by a small
black woman in a maid’s uniform. The black looked wide-eyed at the three
women bent over the table, bleeding. She turned her gaze to the huge man,
seeing his huge semi-rigid cock. "I’m Barbara, your new maid" she said in a
terrified voice.


By Mad Dog

Chapter 11: The Master’s Briefing

All three men were escorted to a large reception area. Four young women
worked at phones or typewriters at a row of desks. A severe looking brunette
occupied a larger desk. She looked about 40 and wore a sleeveless blouse
with a plunging neckline that exposed the sides of small firm breasts. Below
the blouse, she wore a short black skirt that showed off long muscular legs.
The woman’s face seemed to be distracted as she hit a button on an intercom
and announced "Master, you’re guests are here." A voice returned from the
intercom "Show them in Judith." The slender brunette slowly arose from the
chair, a fat 10 inch dildo pulling itself from her cunt and a shorter but
almost as thick 8 inch dildo emerging from her ass. Both dildos bristled
with short hard plastic spines and were attached to the chair. The woman’s
face cringed as her cunt walls pulled over the dildos.

The secretary walked gingerly to a door, her cunt raw from the dildos, and
ushered the men through. The adjoining room was large with a sitting area of
easy chairs and couches arranged around a large mahogany desk. There was a
full bar and the usual selection of restraint tables and torture devices
that seemed to adorn every room in the Mansion. A short buxom red head stood
beside the desk wearing a short skirt and black silk stockings. Garter
straps that showed below the short skirt held up the stockings. The Master
was seated at the desk and stood indicating the seating area "Gentlemen,
please be seated. Judith, please take notes."

The slender brunette got a note pad from a credenza and approached a chair.
Before she could sit, the Master said, "You didn’t think you could get out
of your punishment because you were in here did you? Get the stool." Turning
to the 3 men, the Master explained "Judith made a mistake on a letter this
morning. I decided she needed to be reminded of the importance of accuracy."
The slender woman nodded and went to a closet and removed a round stool on
casters. Sticking up from the stool were 2 fat dildos similar to the ones
attached to the office chair.

The attractive secretary hiked her skirt up exposing a neatly trimmed pussy
and firm tight ass. She squatted over the stool and settled her pussy over
the larger dildo and pushed down. She gasped as the spines rubbed her
already raw cunt. As she moved down, she soon ran into the shorter dildo.
She reached down and lined it up with her ass and started her descent. As it
pushed into her as she grunted and her face twisted in obvious pain. She
continued down until she sat firmly on the stool and let her skirt settle.
She opened her pad, ready to record the details of the meeting.

The Master turned to the short redhead "Beth, go get the master file on the
US project." The short woman walked in stilted stiff-legged steps giving a
slight groan with each step. She approached the wall which had a series of
file drawers built into it however the drawers were all at floor level. Beth
bent over at the waist to reach the drawer. As she did, her skirt rode up
exposing her cunt and ass. The men’s eyes opened wide. Two of the garter
straps were attached around her waist but the other two were clipped to her
cunt lips by sharp alligator clips. The elastic of the garter straps had
pulled her cunt lips out several inches. She groaned louder as she bent,
increasing the stretch on the elastic. She arose with a thick file and made
the painful walk back to the Master’s desk.

The Master turned to his guests "I thank you gentlemen for accepting my
invitation. You have been invited to help me introduce legislation to return
women to their proper position as property to be owned by men." The men
stared at each other and the Senator spoke up "That won’t happen in the US."
The Master leaned back and asked "Why not? I have been successful in most of
Asia, Africa and South America. Recently, Mexico, Poland and Hungary have
passed legislation and Germany will do so any day now. I expect to have
several more countries on line in the next few months including England,
Italy and Spain."

The Senator leaned forward "You don’t understand, Sport, those countries don
’t have as strong constitutional protection as the US. Even some of those
countries have formed underground movements to fight the changes." The
Master shook his head, "Women have had the vote for less time than they
haven’t. As for the oppositions, they are mostly underground are little more
than inconveniences."

The Judge spoke up "The Supreme Court will never let the legislation stand."
The Master smiled "That reminds me, when you get back, Judge, you’ll be
nominated for the Supreme Court. With your vote, I’ll have enough to win the
Supreme Court." The Judge’s eyes opened wide. "I can see maybe two others
supporting you but not enough to uphold it." The Master lifted three fingers
I have a commitment from enough once I have Justice Harrington on-side" The
Judge laughed, "That feminist bitch! She’ll never support you!"

The Master pressed a button on his desk and a wall panel slid aside to
expose a 60 inch TV screen. As the picture came up, four naked women were
shackled with their hands over their heads. The first was an older 5’ 1’"
woman with large 40D breasts. Although older, she was still very attractive
with perfectly manicured shoulder length dark hair, obviously died because
her thick pussy hair was liberally mixed with gray. The Judge gasped as he
realized it was Justice Harrington.

Next to her was a 5’ 3" younger woman in her mid thirties. Her tits were
even larger than the older woman’s at 44DD. She had wide shapely hips and
straight dark hair.

The third woman was 16 years old, 5’ 2" and very pregnant. She had swollen
39D breasts with darkened nipples that hung over her swollen belly. Her hair
was cut to ¼ of an inch and a tattoo of a butterfly could be seen on her

The final woman was a 4’ 11" 14-year old with well formed 34B breasts over a
narrow waist and nicely formed hips. She wore her blonde hair straight and
down to her ass. However, her pussy hair was the same dark color as the
other women. All three women bore an obvious family resemblance.

The Master pointed to the screen "Gentlemen, this is Justice Emily
Harrington, her daughter Beth and her granddaughters. The pregnant one is
Cheryl and the younger one is Ann. Cheryl is a runaway and was used as bait
to get the Justice away from her security. Trust me, I have ways of using
her family to make her agree with our point of view."

The Judge was aghast "You’ll never get away with this!" The Master smiled "I
have more times than you know and if I don’t, this country has no
extradition treaty with the US and I own the government so they likely won’t
sign one. As far as anyone knows, she is on a retreat for this week and I’ll
have her back on time. However, she will be very cooperative, as we’ll be
keeping her relatives as insurance. Just like you, she has no idea where she
is or how she got here. I have a great deal of experience in these matters."

The three men looked at each other in amazement. The Senator was the first
to break the shocked silence "Well what do you want the Reverend and me
 for?" The Master answered "I will need the support of many members of the
House and you are one of several I have approached. I’ll need you to support
the Judge’s nomination and to help usher the legislation through. As for the
Reverend, he is a black leader. I’m looking to him to convince the black
community that women are servants, possessions to be protected. Of course it
will have to be subtler but I have faith in his skills. Let me put it this
way gentlemen, I have set up a complex organization that has started the
move toward returning women to their place at men’s feet. It is I who
started the movement. All the countries that have moved to this goal have
done so by my plan. The US is no different. All I want from you is to
perform your assignments. I will pay you well, cede you power and will ask
you to take no risks except to support my position."

The men thought for a moment. The Senator again took the lead "So all you
want is for me to support this legislation and the Judge’s nomination?" The
Master nodded. The Judge spoke up "All you want from me is to vote the
legislation constitutional?" The Master nodded. The Reverend asked "And I am
to speak as to the weakness of women and their duty to men?" The Master
nodded and spoke "In return, I will pay you $250,000 now and $250,000 on
completion of your duties whether or not the legislation passes. Also, my
plans involve raising your political profiles significantly. However, you do
not need to answer now. We will speak again at dinner. We’ll eat in an hour.
Judith show the gentlemen out." The slender woman pulled herself of the
spiked dildos, pain again twisting her expression and led the men out with
small careful steps.


By Mad Dog

Chapter 12: The Dinner

Each man had been taken to choose a dinner escort and was ushered to a large
dining room. They had been informed that, unlike most times at the Mansion,
clothing was not worn at mealtime.

The Judge had chosen a 5’ 1", 19 year old, Egyptian woman with firm 42DD
tits and large dark nipples. She had shoulder length dark hair and wide full
hips. Her eyes were large and dark brown. The Judge had affixed two large
heavy-duty clamps to her nipples and tears rolled down her face. Her name
was Fatima.

The Senator had picked a freckled 14 year old dirty blond called Jane. Her
tits were just starting to form and she had a pleasingly full ass and light
pubic hair. Her hair was cropped short with short bangs. She couldn’t take
her eyes off the Senator’s huge organ and was terrified of being impaled on

The Reverend had selected a 30-year-old blond, Pam. She was 5’ 3" tall and
had a well tanned athlete’s body. Her muscles showed clearly. She had small
34B breasts with puffy pink nipples and a neatly trimmed blonde pussy.

The dining room was furnished with a huge dining room table, elaborately set
with fine china and cut crystal goblets. The table was 8 feet wide and 30
feet long. Two place settings were set at the head of the table. A remaining
six was concentrated near the head of the table, two at one side and four on
the other. Three candelabras lit the table. The most curious part of the
dining table was that two shapely legs framed every other place setting. A
woman had been place head first through a hole in the table and her legs
bent forward and strapped to the table forming a "V" with the exposed cunts
just above the serving plate.

Along the side of the room were four beautiful women in butlers’ outfits
made up of short skirts and tailed jackets over large partially exposed
breasts. Several guards stood at attention near the door. Shortly after the
men arrived, the Master entered accompanied by the Bitch and a small 5’ tall
24-year-old woman with large 37D breasts. All 3 were naked.

The Master nodded to his guests, "I think it is apparent which place is
yours, perhaps you would pull the chairs of your escorts." He pulled the
chair at the head of the table for the setting that wasn’t framed by the
naked legs. As he pulled it out, 2 fat dildos were exposed on the chair. The
longer dildo in front was 10 inches long and 2 inches across. The shorter
dildo was 6 inches long and was made up of 3 balls, the bottom ball was 2
inches across, the second 1 ½ inches across and the top one was one inch
across. The short woman accompanying the Master looked at them with
wide-eyed fear.

The Master stroked his hand across her hair. "Time to take a seat Millie."
The buxom young woman looked down knowing that disobedience would only
result in greater pain and stepped in front of the chair and lined her cunt
up with the longer dildo. She clenched her teeth and started letting her
weight down on the thick artificial cock. She whined loudly as the dildo
entered her cunt. It continued to split her tight pussy until her butt hit
the shorter punishing dildo.

She looked to the Master for pity and seeing none, lowered her head and
thrust her butt down. The first ball drew a gasp on pain as her ass popped

around it. She let her weight settle more and cried out as the larger second
ball stretched her sphincter as it passed. Her head was bent forward and she
breathed in ragged gasps as her cunt and ass ached. Finally, she lifted her
feet off the floor and the last ball thrust itself into her ass, her head
leaned back as she screamed in pain as it tore past her ass hole. Her head
rocked back and forward as the pain continued.

The guests stepped forward and pulled out the chairs for their escorts to
reveal identical dildos to the ones hurting the buxom Millie. The blond
accompanying the Reverend shook her head in refusal as he pointed to it. The
Master looked to the guards and said "We’ll spend an evening punishing this
cunt but persuade her to have seat for now." One guard pinned the blonde’s
arms behind her back as the other paced her prod over her left nipple. As
she pressed the switch, the blonde’s head snappåd back in a full-throated
scream. As the prod was pulled away from her, the blonde fell limp in the
grip of the guard holding her. The second guard asked "You want another shot
in your cunt?" The blond shook her head weekly and all 3 women moved towards
their seats.

They settled their cunts over the longer dildos and settled their weight
down on them. A series of cries and gasps filled the room. As the shorter
dildos started to work their ways into tight assholes, the cries turned to
screams of pain. The 14-year-old felt her ass tear at the second ball but,
in terror of a punishment evening, she lifted her feet so her full weight
rested on the last large ball. Her asshole resisted for several seconds
before splitting and swallowing the huge ball causing a loud scream of pain
from the young woman.

The Master took a seat between the outspread legs that framed his plate and
the other men took their seats. As they sat, 4 women entered the room. Two
were young teenagers who seemed to be in some distress of unknown origin.
The only clue was a clear tube with a clamp attached hanging between their
legs as they clutched at their lower abdomens.

There was no mistaking the source of distress for the other 2 women. Hanging
from large nipple clamps was a clear plastic bladder. On one woman, the
bladder was full of a straw colored liquid, on the other a deep red liquid.
The women walked into the room carefully as the movement caused the full
bladders to sway and increased the stretching of their burdened tits.

The Master said "Gentlemen, red or white wine?" Each man gave his preference
as the female butlers took their glasses and placed them under a valve on
the bottom of the bladder and filled the glasses. They then took the glasses
from in front of the escorts and walked to the teenage girls. They knelt in
front of them and placed the wineglass in under the tube and opened the
clamp. Urine poured out of the tube into the glasses as the Master explained
"These young ladies had a catheter inserted 24 hours ago. It has allowed
their bladders to become rather full and will serve as your escorts’
beverage for the evening. I suggest they enjoy it."

The women looked at the urine filled glasses in front of them with wide tear
filled eyes. The Master stood and lifted his glass "To male dominance!" The
other 3 men stood and lifted the glasses. Millie lifted herself off the huge
dildos, gasping as the wide part of each ball passed her sphincter.
Realizing it was expected of them as well, Fatima and Jane pulled their
tight cunts and asses off the punishment dildos and took their glasses. Pam
just shook her head and said, "No, please no!"

The Master nodded to the Bitch who walked behind Pam and quickly grabbed 2
handfuls of hair and yanked the slender blond off the dildos. Pam screamed
and started to struggle and was immediately subdued by 2 large guards. They
pulled her away from her chair, pinning her arms at her side. The bitch took
a multi-stranded leather flogger from the wall and laid four hard strokes
across the small firm tits. "AAAAAAAAGGGHHHH" yelled the blond as red
stripes covered her tits. "You ready to be good or should we get serious
about punishing you?" asked the bitch. Pam begged "NO! PLEASE DON’T HIT ME
AGAIN!" The Master nodded and the weeping woman was released. She slowly
walked to the table and picked up the wineglass.

The Master lifted his glass and drank. The men followed suit but the women
sipped lightly at the piss gagging at the bitter taste. The Master said "If
the ladies’ glasses aren’t empty within 1 minute, we’ll get some hypodermics
and inject some tits." All four women gasped in terror and started drinking
in earnest. They gagged and coughed as the piss was swallowed.

The Master sat and was quickly followed by the three guests. The escorts
sobbed and lowered their bruised cunts and asses back on the horrible
dildos. The women cried softly at the pain from the dildos.

The Master nodded to the women in the butler’s uniforms and they disappeared
through a door. Moments later they returned accompanied by two women. The
first was a large naked black woman. A tray was attached around her waist
with a belt. The other side of the tray had a chain from each corner leading
up to sharp nipple clamps biting into thick dark nipples. On the tray, a
large soup tureen weighed down the tray. The full vat stretched the fat tits
to a point and the woman breathed through clenched teeth. She had to lean
back to keep the tray level and she walked in small steps in an unsuccessful
attempt to stop the tray from swaying on her tits.

The other woman was a slender 17-year-old Latin girl. She had small tits and
a narrow waist but her belly was swollen. Her whole body was covered with
sweat. Her hands cupped under belly and she wept openly. A fat butt plug was
shoved up her ass and a hose hung from the center of the plug and was closed
with a surgical clamp. She walked in a shuffle to the head of the table. The
butlers busied themselves taking the guests’ soup bowls and ladling soup
into them for service to the guests. That task completed, they took the soup
bowls from in front of the escorts and holding them under the hose hanging
from the young girls ass. They opened the clamps and creamed soup poured out
flecked with brown lumps of shit. The soup was placed in front of the

The men at the table started eating the soup. The Master spoke, "Bitch, tell
the cooks they have outdone themselves with this." He turned to the busty
woman next to him, "How’s yours Millie?" The woman picked up the spoon and
swallowed a mouthful she gagged but managed to keep it down. The other women
started eating the disgusting mixture. Gagging and retching could be heard
from around the table.

As the first course was finished, four more women entered the room with
trays hanging from their tits. Full plates of braised meat and vegetables
were placed in front of each person. The Master stood and turned to Millie
and held his cock at her mouth, "Time to make some sauce for your meal.
Millie opened her mouth and the Master shoved his cock deep into her throat.
The other men followed his lead. The room was filled with gagging as the
four women were violently throat fucked. One after another the men pulled
their cocks out of the escorts’ mouths and shot come over their plates.

The men retook their places and started to enjoy their meals. The women
sadly picked at their plates. The Master asked, "Have you gentlemen
considered my offer?" The Senator responded, "I think I’ll give it a try. I
don’t think you’ll make it but I sure hope you do." He reached over and gave
Jane’s teat a hard pinch, "I rather like the result." The other 2 men
confirmed they would comply.

They continued through dinner and as dessert was being served, the Senator
picked up a table knife and held its tip in a candle flame for several
seconds. He then rested it on the thigh of the legs framing his plate. A
muffled cry was immediately heard from under the table as an angry red burn
mark appeared under the knife. He placed the knife back in the flame and
branded the other thigh in the same manner eliciting another cry. Heating
the knife again he burnt each cunt lip. He then reached out and held the
cunt-lips apart exposing the tiny clit. He left the knife in the flame
longer and then dropped it on the sensitive clit. The gagged scream was high
pitched and the muscles on the legs vibrated in their bonds.

The other men started shoving fingers into the cunts and assholes of the
cunts at their place settings. Moans and grunts emanated from under the
table. The Master curled his fingers around his thumb and drove his large
muscular hand into her cunt. Animal like sounds came from under the table as
he formed his hand into a fist and drove at the cunt.

The Judge whispered into Fatima’s ear and her eyes opened wide. She pulled
herself to a standing position cringing as the dildos pulled out of her
cunt. She stepped to the place setting framed by the shapely legs. She
formed her hand around the thumb and pushed it into the restrained cunt. The
punished cunt added her muffled cries. The Judge stepped up behind Fatima
and drove his cock into her already bruised ass. He then reached under and
pulled at the clamps punishing her nipples. Fatima continued a deep fist
fuck and gasped in pain from the Judges brutal ass fuck.
The Reverend whispered to one of the butlers who nodded and returned moments
later with 2 huge double headed dildos. He took one and lined it up with the
cunt staring up from his place setting. Using both hands, he drove it hard
into the restrained cunt. Muffled screams came from under the table. He let
go of the dildo and the remainder of it pointed up from her cunt.

He took up the second dildo and placed it against her butt-hole. He twisted
and pushed until the fat head worked its way into the ass hole. Louder
screams came from under the table as the tiny hole was stretched. He let go
of the dildo.  He turned to Pam "Sit on those." Pam opened her mouth to
protest but the pain in her tits reminded her of the cost of disobedience.
She climbed up on the table and squatted over the dildos. She took one in
each hand and slowly lowered herself down. As they pushed into her already
sore holes, the dildos pushed down into the woman tied below her. The
Senator ordered her to fuck the dildos and Pam pushed her lithe body up and
down, whining in pain as she punished herself and the restrained woman.

As the men were about to start new pleasures, the Master yanked his fist out
of the cunt in front of him and announced "Gentlemen, please save some
energy. I will be punishing one of our doctors and her daughters tonight.
Please follow me."

The men stopped their abuse of the women and followed the Master.


By Mad Dog

Chapter 13: Dr. Ngai’s Punishment

The four men accompanied by the Bitch went to a large room. Several large
guards were in the room and one of them approached the Master and whispered
in his ear. He nodded and the tiny nude figure of Dr. Ngai entered the room
flanked by 2 guards. Her breasts were well formed and proportioned to her
tiny frame. Her hips were wide and well shaped. She kneeled at the Master’s

The Master turned to the men "This is Dr. Ngai, she didn’t immediately obey
and I intend to punish her and her daughters. However, she has asked
permission to speak prior to punishment." He turned to the kneeling woman
"Speak, cunt!"

The tiny woman never lifted her eyes "Master, I know I deserve punishment
but my daughters are blameless. I know they are yours to do with as you wish
but I have spent all day thinking of ways to cause myself pain. Please let
me torture myself and have pity on my daughters. I promise I will cause
myself great pain."

The Master motioned to the 3 guests "I had planned on having you and your
daughters entertain these friends of mine so I’ll leave it to them whether
they want to watch you punish yourself or would like to torture the 3 of
you. Would you like to try and sway their decision?"

The Doctor crawled on all fours over the guests. She stood and spoke "Sirs,
if you let me torture myself, I will be very severe and I will use all
orifices of my body to please you while I cause myself pain."

The 3 men eyed the tiny body and thought of her abusing herself and each
nodded. The Master spoke up "This better be good or your daughters will
spend a couple of nights in my room." The Doctor’s eyes widened and she
nodded firmly.

The Doctor went to a closet and came out with a wheeled IV rack with 8
plastic bags hanging on it. A tube left each bag and was hung over the rack.
At the end of each tube was a thick 1-½ inch IV needle. The Doctor faced the
men "If I am to suffer long enough to please all of you, I will need drugs
to prevent me from passing out. These bags contain serums that will prevent
unconsciousness and irritants that will cause swelling of my tits. Of
course, they are highly diluted so that a large amount of fluid will be
injected into my breasts causing further swelling and pain. Putting in this
much fluid will require some time so it will have to be put in by IV. Also,
it will take longer to take effect than injecting it into a vein.

The Doctor reached up and took down one of the IV needles and took her small
breast in her other hand. She gritted her teeth and slowly drove the needle
into the top of her tit. She rested for a moment and grabbed the second
needle. She steeled herself again and started inserting the needle in the
top of the other tit. Her breathing was heavier now from the stabbing pain.
She took another needle and placed it in the side of her tit. Deep grunts of
pain escaped as she pressed it in.

She rested for a few more moments to regain her composure. She took the
fourth needle and pierced the side of the other breast. Now tears started
trickling down her small face as the pain in her tits increased. She took
the fifth needle and grasped her nipple between the fingers of the other
hand and lifted her tit. She then inserted the needle to the underside of
her breast. Shaking her head to clear it, She grabbed the sixth needle and
repeated the procedure on the opposite breasts.

She held her face in her hands, trying to control the agony in her tits. She
uncovered her face and reached with trembling hands for the seventh needle.
She wrapped the other hand around her tit and lined the needle up with the
center of her nipple. She pushed in hard. "AAAAARRRGGHHHH" she screamed as
the needle pierced the tender teat. Her hands clenched and unclenched in a
futile effort to control the pain. She mustered all her courage and reached
for the last needle. Her hands trembled so much it was hard for her to line
the needle up with her nipple but she eventually made contact and drove it
home with another scream of pain.

She stood, rocking slightly, for a few seconds. Finally she opened the clamp
at the bottom of each IV bag. A little gasp of pain was heard as the fluid
from each bag started flowing into her tits. She knelt on the floor and said
"It will be, uh, several minutes, ohh, before the swelling, ow, and pain
get, ungh, severe. If, ahh, you come here, OWW, I will, nngh, suck
your cocks, OOHH!"

The Judge approached first and the little woman opened her mouth wide. As he
inserted his cock, she immediately closed her lips around it and alternated
between gentle suction and twirling her tongue around his cock head. After a
few moments, she thrust her head forward, driving his dick deep in her
throat. She gagged loudly. She pumped her throat up and down on the hard
cock, pulling back for a breath, sucking the head and then would push down
again. It took only a few minutes for the Judge to erupt in her mouth. She
swallowed as fast as she could, afraid of upsetting her tormentor.

The Judge stepped back and the doctor took deep breaths trying to ready
herself for the larger cock of the Reverend. The Reverend stepped up to her
and she again opened her mouth wide. He placed his thick head in her mouth
and she started her sucking motion again but the size of the thick cock made
it difficult to manipulate her tongue around it. Finally she thrust forward,
taking half the longer cock in her throat. The thickness hurt her throat and
choking sounds emitted from her throat.

She pulled back and took another deep breath and drove down again. This time
she held her place and pushed harder taking the full length into her throat.
She pulled back 2 inches and rocked forward again before pulling back to
gasp for air. The sensation of the tight throat choking on his penis brought
the Reverend to climax with only 3 more plunges of the little head. He
grasped her head and pulled his cock into her mouth so she would have to
taste his come as she swallowed it.

As the black cock was pulled from her mouth, the tiny woman coughed and
sputtered, trying to regain her breath. She leaned forward onto her hands,
her throat aching. As the Senator walked up to her she looked up at his huge
cock and her eyes widened. She desperately drew several deep breaths and
pulled herself back to a kneeling position and opened her mouth as wide as
she could.

The Senator put his huge cock head on her bottom teeth and rocked it
forward, pushing it into her mouth. She closed her lips around it but was
unable to move her tongue at all as it was pinned to the bottom of her mouth
by the fat cock. She pushed forward and got an inch into her throat. The
pain was incredible as her neck muscles tried to stretch to accommodate the
huge cock. She pressed forward, her eyes bulging from the strain as
millimeter after millimeter forced its way down her throat. After only 3
inches she pulled her head off the cock and coughed violently, clutching her

She regained her breath and again forced her tiny mouth onto the thick
organ. Pushing forward slowly, she was able to lodge 5 inches of the monster
cock into her throat before pulling back gasping for air. She again leaned
in, swallowing a full 8 inches. She continued pulling back and slowly
working the cock into her throat until 10 inches was buried in her. The
Senator could take no more and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her off
his cock. As it popped out of her mouth, he shot a huge load on her coughing

The Senator stepped back and they watched the Doctor coughing and trying to
recover from the throat fuck. About ½ the fluid had dripped out of the IV
bags and her tits were much larger. They had a red coloring and looked
unnaturally large on her tiny frame. The Master asked, "How do your tits
feel, cunt?" The Doctor looked up "They ache, Master, and the needles hurt
more as the tissue around them swells." The Master ordered "Stand up and put
your hands behind your head so we can watch them grow."

The Doctor put her hands behind her head and the swollen breasts became more
prominent. As the minutes passed, the tits became larger and the Doctor
started to writhe in pain. By the time the last of the fluid ran into her
tits, they were grossly swollen and pointed out from her chest. The Doctor’s
face was a mask of pain as her tits burned from the irritant. The doctor,
her face twisted in pain, said, "The presence of, oww, the irritant, nngh,
makes the, ahhh, removal of, mmgghh, the needles, aaggh, a torture, agh, in
itself."  One by one, she removed the needles, a cry of pain accompanying
each one.

The Master instructed "Let them examine your tits." The Doctor kept her
hands behind her neck and walked up to the Senator. He wrapped a huge hand
around each tit. The mere touch of his hands made the Doctor wince. "They’re
hot!’ he observed." The Doctor responded "The irritant increases the blood
flow causing swelling and an increase of temperature." The Senator squeezed
with both hands. "OOOOOWWWWWW" the Doctor cried as her hips twisted with the
pain. The Senator let go and the Doctor stood in front of the Reverend.

The Revered asked, "Do the nipples get sore?" The Doctor looked him
fearfully in the eye, "Yes, particularly when the needle is inserted through
it. The combination of the wound and the swelling from the irritant are very
painful." The Reverend pinched each nipple hard. "GAAARRRGGGHHH" screamed
the Doctor, one foot lifting of the floor as pain spread through her swollen
tits. As he released the teats, the Doctor leaned forward and gasped trying
to let the pain subside. Slowly she stepped in front of the Judge.

The Judge rubbed the side of her tit with his open hand. As the Doctor
winced, the Judge drew his hand back and slapped the swollen breast hard.
"AAAAAIIIIYYYYYEEE!" Screamed the Doctor dropping her hands to cover her
tits and bending forward. The Master spoke up, "You better stand up and take
it or should we bring your daughters in?" The Doctor shook her head
violently and stood upright replacing her hands behind her neck. The Judge
slapped the other tit eliciting another scream but she managed to limit her
reaction to a 45-degree bending of the hips.

The Doctor stepped away and picked up two large nipple clamps with sharp
teeth. She turned to the guests "Adding weights on a length of chain to
nipple clamps make any movement very painful." She opened one clamp over her
left nipple and let it close on the swollen teat. She clenched her hands and
writhed in agony. She grabbed the other clamp with a shaking hand and opened
it over the other nipple. Taking short breaths through clenched teeth, she
released the strong spring of the second clamp. She covered her face with
her hands as her knees started to buckle with the pain. She steeled herself
and lowered her hands allowing the guests to see her tiny pain wracked face.

She picked up a large lead ball on an 8-inch length of chain and hooked it
to the clamp. As she released the weight, her head leaned back as she
grunted "NNNNGGGHHHH!" Her swollen tit was stretched down to a point. She
reached tentatively for the other weight and chain. She hooked the chain on
the clamp and let it fall. "OOOOHHHH MMMMMMYYYYY GGGOOOOOD!" she cried as
the second tit stretched unbearably. The pain in her nipple was intense as
the clamps dug into the tender flesh. The rest of the tit ached deeply.

The doctor looked up at the men through tear filled eyes. "I, ow, will
be, ohh, turning my attention, ungh, to my cunt." She shuffled to a drawer
trying unsuccessfully to avoid starting the weights on her tits from
swinging. She took out a large bottle brush and shuffled back to the men,
grunting as her tits were punished by the swinging weights.

She held the brush up and said "Due to my small size, oh, I will find
your, ow, cocks quite painful." She looked fearfully at the Senator’s
monstrous cock. "However, ah, I am not as tight as, ungh, I was before I
had my, ow, daughters. Therefore, agh, I will use this, ngh, to make my cunt
raw, ow, and tender."

The doctor shuffled over to a gynelogical chair that kept her upper body at
a 30-degree angle while spreading her feet wide in the stirrups. She gasped
in a pain often as the weights swung wildly as she climbed into the chair
and slid her feet into the stirrups.

She lined the brush end up with the entrance to her cunt and slowly pushed
in. Her mouth opened wide and she inhaled sharply as the stiff bristles
scraped her cunt walls. She continued pushing deeper as the bristles stabbed
ever deeper into her cunt. As the whole brush buried itself in her tiny
cunt, she started twisting the handle of the brush, "AAAAAHHHHH" she cried
as the brush rubbed at her cunt. She reversed the direction and writhed in
more pain. She started pulling the brush in and out of her cunt. Her muscles
tensed and she cried out with each thrust and pull. After several minutes
she removed the brush and took 2 fingers from each hand and curled them
between her cunt lips and pulled the tiny hole open. "OWWWW, you can
see, ohh, my cunt is, ungh, very raw, ow, your cocks will be, aahh, very

The 3 guests walked over and looked in the open hole. The walls of her cunt
were bright red. She pointed to a low upholstered bench and the men walked
to it. She gasped as she climbed off the chair and the weights fell forward.
She shuffled over to the bench, each small step increasing the pain in her
tits and reminding her of the tenderness in her cunt. "Please, ow, lie back
on, ungh, the bench, Sir." She said to the judge.

The Judge lay on the bench, his erection pointing straight up. She straddled
him and worked her cunt lips apart. She lowered herself down crying out
"AHHH! UUUNGGHH! OWWWW!" She continued her press downward until the cock was
buried in her. "How’s that feel, cunt?" asked the Judge. Through a pain
twisted face, the Doctor answered "Hurts …ow… so much pain." The Doctor
started pulling up. As she reached the top, she thrust back down with all
her weight. She cried out with the pain but started a regular deep fuck on
the Judge’s cock, her tits jerked and stretched by the bouncing weights. The
writhing of the tight suffering cunt on his cock soon brought the Judge to
orgasm. The Doctor rested for a moment and pulled her aching cunt off his

The Judge got up and the Reverend took his place. The Doctor stared at the
much larger cock with despair but straddled over the thick black meat. She
settled her cunt on the fat head and jerked down hard. As the fat head
popped into her cunt, her head leaned back as she loudly cried out
"GRRAAAAGGHH!’ She worked herself down inch by inch until he was fully
buried in her. Her hands clutched at her lower belly as she rose up the fat
shaft. Knowing her audience wanted maximum pain, she thrust herself down as
hard as she could. She cried out but started another deep driving fuck. The
weights continued their painful bounce on her teats while the fat cock raked
at her raw cunt. It only took a few minutes for the Reverend to shoot into
her cunt but it felt like hours to the suffering Doctor. She pulled her cunt
of the black prick and motioned to the Senator.

The Senator shook his head and said "Bend over." The Oriental woman wiped
the tears away from her face and bent over, leaning on the bench. Her breath
caught with pain as the weights swung forward.

The Senator lined his huge cock up with the cunt hole. He grabbed her hips
and pushed forward. His cock head slowly stretched her cunt lips open as the
Doctor grunted "NNNGGGHH! HHHUUURRTTS!" As his fat cock head buried itself
in her cunt, he gripped hard on her hips and drove his whole huge cock into
her cunt in a vicious thrust. The horrible scream filled the room as the
Doctor’s cunt was brutally stretched. The Senator pulled back on his cock
and drove in again. He set up a brutal regular pounding of the tiny hole.
With each thrust, the Doctor’s cunt ached. As he plowed against her butt,
the jerk bounced the weights on her tits, punctuating the pain in her cunt
with agony in her nipples. Finally, the Senator shot a huge load into the
tiny woman and removed his fat cock.

The Doctor reached between her legs and clutched her aching pussy as she
straightened up. She shuffled over to a cabinet and removed a medical tray
with a suture kit and a metal object with a cable attached to it. She
shuffled over to a table near the guests and set the objects down.

"I …uhh… will now make it …ow… so any movement …ahh… will hurt my cunt" the
doctor stated holding up an metal egg shaped object. The thick end was the
size of a baseball. Attached to the thick end of the egg was an 18-inch long
metal wire. On the other end of the wire was a large lead weight. "I will
insert the …ngh… metal egg into my …agh… vagina. It is large enough
that …ow… it will hurt significantly. The weight …ohh… will try and pull
the …ungh… egg out. I will …uhh… have to grip with my vagina muscles …ow… to
keep it in. I will …ohh… sew my vagina shut …ngh… around the wire …ahhh… if
the egg is pulled …agh… down it will try and …ow… rip out the stitches. When
you fuck …ngh… my ass, I will have …oh… difficulty trying to …ahh… hold it.
If you hold …ow… my hands, I will …ngh… not be able to …oh… push it back in.
The stretching …ah… of the sutures will …agh… be very painful."

The Doctor gasped with pain as she again mounted the gynecological chair.
She placed her feet in the stirrups and pushed the wide end of the egg
against her cunt lips. She pushed as hard as she could to force the fat ball
into her cunt. "GGRRRRRRGGHHH" she grunted as her tiny hole gradually spread
around the base of the metal egg. As the fattest part passed her cunt lips,
she gasped loudly. She pushed the end of the egg with 2 fingers to get it as
deep in her cunt as possible. She then squeezes her cunt muscles as hard as
possible "NNNGGGHHHH" as the pressure on the egg forced it deeper into her
cunt, inches of the wire disappeared into her. The Doctor leaned her head
back in the chair and gasped deeply, trying to recover from the agony of her
distended cunt.

As she regained a measure of her composure, she took a surgical needle and
thread from the medical tray. She leaned forward and gingerly inserted the
needle into the bottom of one of her cunt lips. "AAAAAAAGGHHHH" she cried as
she pushed the needle through her cunt lip. Yelps of pain came out as she
pulled the length of thread through. She proceeded to push the needle
through the next lip "AAYYIIIIEEE!" She stitched each lip two more times
working her way up her cunt. However, she had to stop as the incredible pain
was making her hand shake so badly she couldn’t control the needle.

She rested her head back and took short timed breaths to try and control the
agony. After a few seconds, she restarted the stitching. Through her cries
of pain she deftly stitched around the wire disappearing into her cunt. By
the time she had stitched each lip 8 times she had firmly sewn both lips
together tightly with only the wire protruding. She lay back on the chair,
weeping wracking her body. Her cunt was a mass of pain from the stretching
ball and the tight stitches. Only the thought of protecting her daughters
gave her the strength to climb down from the chair.

Her feet hit the floor, pulling the lead weight at the end of the wire off
the table. As it swung between her legs, the egg in her cunt pulled down
several inches. As it did so, it applied pressure to her lower cunt, trying
to separate the stitches. She grunted hard and squeezed her cunt muscles,
the wire slipped 2 inches back into her cunt, raising the weight.

Unable to speak, she motioned the Judge to the bench. He laid back on it.
She waddled with her legs apart to the bench. The huge weight between her
legs and the tit weights swung with the side to side motion bringing more
pain to the tiny woman.

When she got to the bench, she motioned the Judge down so his ass was on the
end of the bench and spread his knees. She backed up to him and squatted
over his cock. She lined his cock up with her tiny ass hole and lowered
herself onto it. Horrible moans of pain were heard as her tiny ass was
stretched. As the pain increased, she relaxed her cunt for a moment and the
weight pulled the fat egg to the bottom of her cunt, stretching the
stitches. She cried out and went to push the egg back into her cunt with her
fingers but the Judge grabbed her wrists preventing her.

She sat impaled on the cock trying to squeeze her cunt muscles to pull the
weight back up. Slowly, it receded into her cunt and relieved the stress on
the stitches. Keeping her cunt muscles tight, she started a deep painful ass
fuck, driving up and down on the cock. The Judge reveled in the sensation of
the tight ass spasming as she gripped with her cunt muscles. Shortly, he
came into her ass.

Weeping, the tortured Doctor lifted herself off his cock as he released her
wrists. She immediately reached between her legs and pushed 2 fingers into
her cunt between 2 stitches to force the egg deeper and allow her to rest
her tired cunt muscles. Holding her fingers inside her she waited while the
Reverend took the place of the Judge on the bench. She backed into position
and lined her ass up with the fat black cock. She pushed down forcing the
tiny hole open but it just wouldn’t stretch enough to swallow the fat head.

Realizing the inevitable, the Doctor lifted herself a fraction of an inch
and drove down with all her weight, tearing her tiny sphincter to allow the
fat head in. She screamed loudly as her butt tore and the fat cock drove
into the tiny ass. The agony caused her to forget the need to grip with her
cunt and her writhing allowed the egg to slip far down her cunt. The
Reverend grasped her wrists as she reached forward. The agony in her cunt
was intense. The stitches were stretched to maximum and blood was seeping
from around them.

Ignoring the torture of her split ass, she concentrated on squeezing her
cunt muscles and pulling the egg back into her. She then started the driving
fuck she knew would be needed to satisfy the black man driving into her ass.
She screamed with each down stroke and had to squeeze her cunt with each up
stroke to pull the egg back into her. Finally, the Reverend could hold no
longer and he erupted into her ass.

She pulled her ass off the cock, her ass on fire. Again she clutched at her
cunt pushing the egg back in and resting her burning cunt muscles. The
Senator walked over and said, "Bend over!" She bent forward and he grasped
both her tiny wrists behind her back with one hand. He lined his cock up
with the tiny butt with the other. He drove in hard and the torn sphincter
split farther eliciting a room-shaking scream. He continued driving forward
splitting the tight ass muscles deeper and deeper. The Doctor screamed at
the pain in her ass and her cunt muscles went limp. The weight pulled the
egg hard onto the stitches, pulling them in the tender pussy lips. A glint
of metal could be seen between the sewn cunt lips as the volume of the
scream increased with the added torture of her cunt.

The Senator plowed in and out of the tiny hole. The constant pounding of her
asshole didn’t allow the Doctor to apply the consistent pressure needed to
pull the egg back in and more and more pressure was applied to the stitches.
The Doctor was now screaming constantly with only a change in volume as the
Senator plowed in. After several minutes, the Senator came into her ass. As
he pulled his cock out and released her wrists, she fell to the floor
clutching at her pussy to push the egg in deeper and take the pressure of
the stitches cutting into her pussy lips. Her ass gaped open with mixed come
and blood leaking out. She writhed in agony, her body a sea of pain.

The Master said "Doctor, come here." The agonized tiny woman dragged herself
to her feet and with her hands clutched to her pussy, staggered over to the
Master. "Lie on your back and open your mouth." He ordered. She lowered
herself to the ground and lay back, opening her mouth wide. He squatted over
her and said, "I’m going to shit in your mouth. If you eat it all, your
daughters are off the hook." He grunted and dropped a large turd into the
open mouth. Gagging and choking, the Doctor forced herself to swallow it.

The Master stood up and turned to the Bitch "Clean my ass!" The Bitch
motioned to a guard who immediately knelt behind the Master and worked her
tongue between his ass cheeks, licking him clean. As she gagged and lapped,
the Master said, "Bitch, did I told YOU to clean my ass. It’s been a long
time since you’ve had a hard punishment. Tomorrow is your turn." Terror
crossed the large red head’s face.

The Master signaled to 2 guards who took the arms of the Doctor and dragged
her sobbing out of the room, the weights swinging wildly with the rough


By Mad Dog

Chapter 14: The Persuasion of Judge Harrington

The three men had slept soundly. The next morning, beautiful scantily clad
maids awoke them. They were taken to a smaller dining room where they were
served a delicious breakfast. They were taken to choose two new servants.
They were left in their room to entertain their new charges for the morning.
After lunch, the three men were told to bring one of their servants and
follow a maid to a room dominated by a large video screen. The secretary,
Judith was there, wearing a short skirt and skimpy halter-top. The room was
littered with the ever-present torture and restraint devices.

The Judge had come with Evelyn, a 5’ 10’’ tall blonde woman with very white
skin. She had huge 48-inch breasts topped with fat long nipples. She
constantly moaned in pain, as there was 10 long needles in each tit. Two
more were shoved through each nipple.

The Reverend had chosen Joan, a 18-year-old blond. She was only 5’ tall but
had beautiful 36D tits and wide well rounded hips. Her light skin was
striped with red welts that were more concentrated around her tits and inner

The Senator was with Tonya, a slight 5’ black girl with small 33A breasts
and a small hard ass. She was 15 and wept as she walked. A fat butt plug was
inserted in her ass.

Judith motioned the men in and explained, "Considering your positions, the
Master felt it wise for Judge Harrington not to see you. He has arranged for
you to observe by close circuit TV. She pressed a button and the screen came
to life.

The four women were lined up along one wall trying to cover their tits and
cunts with their hands. Several large guards lounged around the room. The
Master strode in followed by the bitch wearing nothing but a short skirt. He
walked up to Judge Harrington, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am the
Master. I don’t think I like calling you Madame Justice so we’ll go with
your first name, Emily."

The older woman straightened herself to her full height and snapped, "You
don’t know what trouble you’re in Mister! I’ll see to it you spend the rest
of your life in jail." The Master nodded to a guard who pinned Emily’s hands
behind her back. The Master gripped several pubic hairs and yanked them out.
Emily yowled "OOWW!" The Master held the hairs in front of Emily. "You are a
woman which means your only value to the world is what pleasure you bring to
men and child bearing. I will use you anyway I wish and you will do what you
are told. Failure to obey me immediately will result in severe punishment
for you and your family." He slapped her hard on her tit causing another cry
of pain. The Master spoke again, "For your impertinent attitude, I will fuck
you and your family. Guards!" The guards busied themselves restraining the
women on various tables and racks.

The Master approached Emily who was strapped to a medical examining table,
her legs stretched wide by the stirrups. He rammed 3 fingers into her cunt
causing a grunt. Emily snapped, "You Bastard!" The Master smiled, "You just
arranged an ass fucking for everyone. I suspect that will be rather hard on
your granddaughters but it’s your fault." He twisted his fingers in deeper.
"You can’t you bastard!" She screamed. The Master shook his head, "I guess
we’ll add a whipping. Would you like to go for several hours of torture?"
Her eyes widened and she shook her head.

He jerked his finger in and out several times, "Your cunts too loose to
bother with a fuck but I think we can arrange to entertain you." He curled
his fingers around his thumb and pressed his hand into her cunt. Emily's
head bounced up, "OOHH MMYYY GGOOODD" she cried as her cunt stretched. The
Master curled his hand into a fist and pushed in again. "AAAAGGGHHHH"
screamed Emily as the huge fist pounded into her cunt. He stabbed back and
forward with his fist several more times and the yanked his hand out.

He walked over to the 30-year-old mother, Beth. She was restrained bent over
a bar her hands and feet fastened to the floor. The Master reached under her
and grabbed the large nipples and a fistful of tit and squeezed hard.
 "OOWWW" cried the middle-aged woman. Twisting the tit flesh more he said,
"We’ll have fun with those!" He walked behind her and roughly drove his cock
into her dry cunt. She grunted, "Ngh! Please no! Ngh!" The Master took a
couple of more thrusts, "I think we’ll have to move on to younger meat to
get a good fuck!"

Beth cried "No! Please fuck me, please leave them alone." Emily chimed in,
"Whatever you want of me, I’ll do it. I’ll get you money anything." The
Master shook his head, "I have more money than you could ever raise. We will
discuss what you will do soon but now we must finish your punishment." He
walked over to the pregnant teen that was strapped into a chair with her
arms strapped to the arms of the chair. On the front of the chair just below
the arms, there were leather straps that wrapped around her ankles. Her huge
belly and cut were totally exposed between the spread legs. She stared at
him in terror.

He pushed his fingers into her cunt, "Well, we know you’re not a virgin but
this doesn’t feel too bad. He pulled his fingers out and thrust his fat cock
into her cunt "God NOOO! PLEASE NOOO!" He rammed in and out several times
and removed his cock and walked up to the 14 year old Ann. Her tiny body was
strapped down to a table with her ass hanging over the edge. Her legs were
attached to either end of a spreader bar that was suspended from the

He pulled her tiny cunt lips apart, "Hm, nice tight virgin cunt. I’m afraid
this will hurt quite significantly, Ann. Your grandmother should have been
more cooperative." Ann struggled in her bonds "Please no! You’re too big!
Please!" The Master ignored the young girl and rubbed his huge cock between
her legs and pushed in. "OOWWWW! HHUUUURRRTS" she cried as the punishing
prick pushed against her hymen. The Master grabbed her hips and jerked his
cock through the virgin barrier "AAAAYYYIIIEEE" she cried as he ruptured her
hymen and over-stretched her cunt. Relentlessly, the Master slowly forced
his whole cock in the screaming girl.

Emily begged "Stop! You’re tearing her!" Beth chimed in, "Please stop, she’s
only 14! Please!" The Master ignored the pleas and banged his cock in and
out of the virgin cunt several more times to renewed screams from Ann. "You
think that hurt her! Wait until I fuck her ass. Of course, I’ll give you
ladies a sample first."

The Master walked over to Emily and pushed 2 fingers into her ass.
 "UNNNGGHH" she grunted. Even when she was married, Emily hated a regular
fuck. She let her husband make love to her once a month out of duty but she
never liked it. She was almost relieved when he died. Now this beast had
raped her and was forcing thick fingers into her ass as he prepared to
bugger her. She had never felt more humiliated or helpless in her life.

The Master twisted his fingers deeper into her ass, "Nice and tight. I will
really enjoy this!" He pulled his fingers out and grasped his huge cock.
Rubbing it against her tiny butt-hole, he worked the tip around the
sphincter. Emily clenched her ass as hard as she could to fight the
invasion. The Master grasped a tuft of the thick pussy hair and yanked it
out. "AAAAAAHHHHOOOWWWW" screamed the grandmother. The Master grabbed
another tuft of pubes and yanked again. Emily screamed again.

As the pain on her pussy mound subsided, she let her muscles relax and the
Master jerked his fat cock head into her ass. Her eyes opened wide as she
as the short older woman’s ass squeezed his cock. He reached between her
spread legs and grabbed two handfuls of cunt hair and pushed forward on his
cock as he pulled her pubes. "UUNNNGGHHH! OOOWWWWAAIIIEEE" she screamed as
her butt was split deeper and deeper.

As his cock finally buried itself inside the ripped ass, he leaned over the
suffering Grandmother, "Remember, this is going to happen to your daughter
and granddaughters because you didn’t cooperate!" Through her pain twisted
smiled "You should have thought of that before". He pulled back on his huge
cock and drove it back in three more times ripping more screams from the
tortured grandmother. He hauled his cock out and walked over to the bent
over Mother, Beth.

He lined up his cock with the tender asshole as she wept. He pushed against
the tight butt muscle until it started to stretch. Beth grunted "HHHHNNNGG!
UNNGHH!" as her sphincter tried to stretch around the fat cock head.
Finally, it popped through as she screamed "AAAAYYYYIIIIEEE! TTTTAAAKKKEEE
IIITTT OOOUUUUTTT!" The Master bent over and reached under Beth and took a
handful of each of the giant tits. Gripping them hard, he rammed his cock
fully into her ass. She screamed loudly. He left his huge cock in her ass
and spoke into her ear, "Hurts doesn’t it, cunt. Think about my cock up your
daughters’ asses. Think how it’ll tear them apart, all because your mother
wouldn’t behave. The huge breasted woman shook her head wildly, "GOODD NOO!
HAVE MERCY, THEIR JUST TEENAGERS!" The Master started a deep driving ass
fuck. Beth’s cries turned back into screams until he pulled the torturing
dick out of her ass.

He walked over to the pregnant Cheryl. He pushed a finger hard into her ass,
eliciting a grunt of pain. "I really like a pregnant ass" he said, twisting
his finger around, "the asshole gets so tight. I don’t think you’ll enjoy it
very much though. Too bad your grandmother is such a bitch." He pulled his
finger out and signaled to the bitch "This is tight enough I’ll need some
lubricant. She took a jar of lubricant and rubbed it onto his cock.

He rubbed the greased monster against her puckered asshole. Sitting reclined
in the restraint chair, he could look directly into her terrified eyes as
she begged for mercy. He started applying steady pressure to the tiny hole.
"GGAAARGH" she grunted as the fat head widened her sphincter. It continued
to grow wider and her cries increased until the sphincter could resist no
more and gave way. Four inches of the huge cock tore into her butt. Her head
snapped back, "AAYYYIIIEEE" she screamed as her ass tore under the
tremendous pressure.

The Master leaned forward with all his weight until he was leaning against
the teen’s swollen belly. "HHHHUUURRRTTTSS!" she cried, "SSTTOOOOOP
PLEAAASSEEE!" The Master said, "Now I’m going to fuck your little ass.
Remember to thank your grandmother for being such a cunt!" He started a deep
hard driving fuck that caused the pregnant girl to scream louder. In the
background, Beth and Emily could be heard. They pleaded with the Master to
stop, promising anything if he’d stop his attack on Cheryl’s asshole. The
Master looked over at them, "I’ll be happy to stop ladies, I’ve been waiting
to fuck that little bitch anyway" said the Master looking at Ann.

Emily and Beth gasped. Emily pleaded, "You can’t! You’ll ruin her! Please,
she’s just a little girl! Stick your cock back in my ass! I’ll fuck it very
well! Untie me, you won’t regret it, please!" The Master looked at her, "It’
s too late now, you should have been nicer to begin with. However, if you do
what you’re told, you’ll save your family a great deal of suffering."

He walked up to the restrained 14-year-old. Ann begged, "Please, don’t. My
cunt still hurts and I can’t take it up my ass, it’ll kill me, please don’
t!" The Master pushed a large finger in the tiny ass. She screamed with
agony. "It will feel like I’m killing you but you’ll survive and every time
your grandmother doesn’t cooperate, worse things will happen to you. Bitch,
lubricate my cock again." The beautiful red head kneeled and carefully
applied a generous layer of the lubricant.

The Master approached Ann and rested his cock head against the tiny girl’s
ass, he realized that the older women were most distraught about the tiny
young girl and decided to really give them a show. He rubbed his cock up and
down on the tiny bud of her sphincter. Her muscles would tense as he neared
the opening and relax as he passed it. Without warning, he changed rhythm
and brutally drove the fat head and 5 inches of his cock into the tiny ass.
"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAGGGHHHH" the scream was deafening as the small girl
bounced in her restraints, desperately trying to dislodge the huge cock
tearing her ass. Pulling back an inch, the Master rammed the full length of
his cock into the tortured ass. The screams renewed at the tearing of more
of the tender young ass. The Master started jabbing into the ass with hard
short thrusts. Finally, the incredible pressure was more than he could take
and he pulled his cock out and shot jets of come over the belly and tits of
the tied teen.

The Master surveyed the room. All four women had blood trickling out of
their asses. He looked to the guards, "I promised them a whipping didn’t I.
Get them ready!" The guards went to work untying the women and hanging them
by their hands from hooks hanging form the ceiling.

In the viewing room, the Judge had Evelyn tied to the wall with her hands
over her head. He had removed the needles from her nipples and was crushing
one with a pair of metal pincers. The large fat nipple was flattened in the
metal jaws and her cries increased and waned with the varying pressures
applied by the Judge.

The Reverend had Joan bent over a punishment table and had his thick black
cock crammed in her ass as Judith was crouched behind him, fist fucking her
cunt. The short blond screamed with each thrust.

The Senator had the small black girl, Tonya, bent over his lap. He was
brutally beating her ass with a studded paddle. The fat butt plug remained
in the tight young ass as she thrashed in his grip.

The men’s attention returned their attention to the screen. The guards had
tied all 4 women to overhead hooks, their feet spread wide and tied to
eye-bolts in the floor. The raised arms made their breasts lovelier than
ever. Four guards removed their jackets revealing huge breasts below
well-muscled shoulders and powerful arms. The topless guards picked up short
multi-stranded whips. They slashed them through the air making whistling
sounds. The hung victims’ eyes widened in terror.

The Master spoke up, "Do grandmother first so she knows what her family will
feel because she was such a cunt!" One of the large powerful guards took up
a position behind Emily and raised her arm. She lashed the whip across Emily
’s ass. Emily’s eyes and mouth opened wide, "GGAAAGGHH". The whip
immediately struck again and the cry was louder. Eight more times the whip
crashed down as the guard slowly lowered her aim to include the back of the
older woman’s legs. With every lash, her screams grew louder. Her large tits
bounced as she bucked under the whip. The guard, her body starting to glow
with perspiration, stopped and looked to the Master.

The Master walked up to the wide striped ass of the grandmother. He clutched
a welted cheek in each hand increasing the weeping of the pained woman,
"Your family will be tasting this soon but we haven’t done your tits and
cunt yet!" he said. Emily shook her head, "Please no! I’m sorry!"

The Master slapped her ass and nodded to the guard who walked to the front
of the bound woman. She lifted the whip and struck across the front of the
heavy-breasted grandmothers left leg. The whip curled around and welted the
inside of her thigh. A loud scream rang out as Emily’s head flew back in
pain. The guard laid four more strokes on the well-shaped thigh, each
raising another scream. The guard rested, wiping her brow. Emily sobbed

Repositioning herself, the guard went to work on the other leg renewing the
cries. Five strokes laid multiple stripes around the leg. As the guard
rested, Emily’s head lolled forward, her legs and ass hurt deeply as she
breathed with deep sobbing gasps.

The guard raised her arm again as Emily begged "Please NOAAAHHHYYYIIIEEEEE"
as the whip crashed down on the large tits. Four more vicious strokes lashed
the large breasts as the buxom grandmother bounced with each blow. Red
stripes crisscrossed the white skin of her tits. Her teeth clenched as she
tried to overcome the horrible pain. Sweat drops formed on the guard’s body
from the effort of swinging with all her might.

The guard stood directly in front of the writhing woman and swung backhand
into the woman’s exposed cunt. Emily’s head flew back as her mouth opened
wide in an inhuman screech. Rapidly, the guard snapped four more strokes
into the tender crotch. The woman screamed for several seconds after the
blows stopped. Her body shook from her sobs as her whole being ached from
the beating.

The guard walked behind the tied woman and took the handle of the cat and
placed it against her tight asshole. Unceremoniously, she rammed it deep in
the grandmother’s ass. "AAARRRGGHHH" she cried as the rough leather further
irritated her already brutalized ass. She grabbed the whip and twisted it in
the tight hole, forcing several more inches into the suffering woman. Emily’
s ass hurt brutally. The pain and humiliation was more than she could bear.
For the first time in her life, she had no control. Now, she could not even
control what happened to her but she realized she was about to see her
family suffer the same agony she was enduring.

The Master walked up to the topless guard. He ran his hands over the sweat
covered breasts, He turned to another guard, a 6 foot tall brunette with
heavy 44 inch breasts on a body builders frame, and said "Sharon get a
strap-on dildo that will really hurt your ass. Ingrid here is going to ream
your ass while I fuck hers." The large woman responded, "Yes, Master. Do you
want to tear me?" "Yes," he answered "I want you to really suffer." She
bowed and went to a cupboard.

She took a 2-½ inch thick, 12-inch dildo out. It had a fat 3-inch head on
it. The body had a spiral of hard spines around it. It was attached to a
leather strap. She walked it over to the muscular blond, Ingrid. Ingrid
wiggled her butt as she worked her short skirt down her legs. She took the
dildo and strapped it around her waist. Two more straps went between her leg
s and attached to snaps on the back of the belt, firmly attaching the
torture dildo to her torso.

In the meantime, Sharon took of her uniform and got down on her knees and
put her head on the floor. She reached back with both hands and pulled her
ass cheeks apart. Ingrid got on her knees behind her and lined the thick
fake cock up with her asshole. Sharon said, "I’ll relax my ass. Drive it in
hard, the Master wants me to suffer. Ingrid nodded and jammed forward hard.
The huge head drove in. Sharon’s ass tore as the huge head popped past her
muscular sphincter. Sharon screamed loudly as her butt was split. As the
yell died down she took several short breaths and ordered, "Drive it in.
Tear me for the Master!" Ingrid jerked forward driving two more inches into
the ruptured ass. Sharon screamed "AAAAAGGHHHHIIEEE! MMMOOOORREEE PAAAIIIN.
HUURRRT MEEEEE!" The muscular blond grabbed Sharon’s hips and used all her
might and drove the remainder of the punishing dildo into the guard’s ass.

The Master knelt behind Ingrid. She bent forward over Sharon’s back and
reached back to separate her ass cheeks. The Master put his cock head
against her sphincter and jerked his head in. Ingrid yowled at the painful
stretching. "Fuck my cock with your ass!" the Master ordered. Ingrid drove
herself back on the fat cock, howling in pain as the huge dick pounded into
her ass. The action pulled most of the torture dildo out of Sharon who
grunted in pain as the stretching in her ass lessened but the stiff spines
scratched her torn ass muscles. Ingrid immediately drove back. The dildo
pounding back into Sharon caused more screams as Ingrid gasped at the
feeling of the Master’s cock almost pulling out of her ass. Ingrid set up a
punishing rhythm that had both women constantly crying out in pain.

The Master spoke to the 3 guards with the whips, "Let grandmother see her
family whipped!" The 3 powerful women started the whipping of the restrained
women’s asses. Screams filled the room as the woman thrashed in their bonds,
the grandmother pleaded for mercy for her family and the ass fucked guards
continued their dance of pain. The guards moved on to the legs of the trio,
their heavy breasts swinging with each stroke. The pregnant Cheryl’s bloated
belly swung from side to side with the whipping. By the time they moved on
to the tender tits of the women, the screams had become deafening. The three
guards stopped to rest and the sounds died to the moans and weeping of the
three whipped women punctuated by the grunts and cries from the continued
ass fucking.

The guards took their places in front of the trio and started the whipping
of the cunts. The three women’s screams became high pitched as the pain
twisted their bodies. On the last stroke, the women’s heads lolled as agony
waved over them. The guards took their positions behind the women and
crammed the whip handle into their tortured ass holes. The screams came
anew, particularly from the tiny Ann and the pregnant Cheryl.

Meanwhile, the Master pushed Ingrid forward into Sharon’s ass and started
pounding his cock in and out of Ingrid at a furious pace. The two women
winced as the pounding fuck continued for several seconds until the Master
shot a huge load of come into Ingrid’s battered ass. The Master leaned
forward resting as the two women moaned, their asses still overfull.

Sharon spoke up, "Master …ohh… can I please …oww… have your come?" The
Master pulled his cock out of Ingrid’s ass, "Ingrid, squat over her!" Ingrid
pulled the monster dildo out of Joan’s ass. Joan’s cry and pain distorted
face showing the pain of the motion. The dildo was streaked with blood and a
trickle ran down Joan’s ass. Joan collapsed onto her back and held her mouth
open. Ingrid squatted over her mouth and brown stained come dripped out into
the waiting mouth. Joan choked it down. After the last of the come worked
its way out, Joan said, "Thank you Master!" Two nurses were summoned and
they helped the two ass fucked guards out.

The Master turned to the four women hanging from the ceiling. Their bodies
were streaked with welts and the whips hung from their asses like bizarre
tails. They sobbed and moaned from the ongoing pain. The Master commented,
"I think I’ll let you ladies enjoy your pain for a while before we talk
again. I trust you’ll be more cooperative Emily, if not, I have some
wonderful ideas how I can entertain your family. Bitch, come with me, I have
a cock for you to clean. The Master and the Bitch left with the Bitch
looking at the shit covered cock with trepidation.

In the viewing room, the Judge had attached 2 large C clamps to Evelyn’s
huge tits. He took turns tightening each one so that the fat breasts were in
agony and screams filled the room with each new twist. Joan was hung from
the ceiling fishhooks pierced through her nipples and heavy weights
attached. She whimpered in pain. Tonya was restrained bent over a bar. A
huge dildo had been forced into her tiny cunt. Two clamps sere attached to
the end of the dildo and were clipped to her cunt lips. She was trying
unsuccessfully to hold the huge fake prick in her cunt but, as it was forced
out by her over-stretched muscles, her cunt lips were stretched more and
more. In the center of the room, Judith was being fucked in the cunt by the
Senator while the Judge ravaged her ass. She screamed with each thrust of
the huge cocks.


By Mad Dog

Chapter 15: Emily Comes to Her Senses

The Master and the Bitch returned to the room an hour later. Emily’s and
Beth’s asses had painfully shit out the whip handles and the whips lay on
the floor beneath them. Ann’s and Cheryl’s asses were still significantly
impaled. The Bitch reached under Ann and yanked the rough leather handle out
as the young girl cried out in pain. She then repeated the procedure on her
pregnant sister to another shriek of pain.

The Master stood right in front of Emily and lifted her head by her hair,
"You ready to cooperate?" The older woman nodded as far as the grip on her
hair would allow. The Master signaled the guards to release the woman. While
they were unshackling her, he took a position on a narrow reclined chair.
His immense cock erect and hard.

Emily wobbled her knees weak and her body aching from the abuse of the
morning. The Master ordered, "Come over here and lower your ass on my cock
and I’ll tell you what is required of you."

Emily’s eyes widened as she remembered the horrible pain his cock had caused
her ass. However, terrified for her daughter and granddaughters, she
staggered over to the Master and straddled the narrow chair. She took the
massive organ in one hand and lined it up with her asshole. With a deep
grunt of pain, she drove her ass down on the head. Gasping and crying out,
she lowered herself on the monster prick until she was fully impaled. Her
ass throbbed with pain.

The Master smiled with pleasure as his cock was tightly gripped by the
suffering butt hole. He looked into Emily’s eyes, "We need you to rule a
certain way on a piece of legislation that will be challenged. We’re going
to go back to the natural order and make women objects to own again!" Emily
responded, "You’re crazy! You’ll never get that through!" The Master slapped
one of her large tits. "OOOWWWW" Emily cried, bringing her arms up to her
chest. The Master’s voice got hard, "Don’t you dare call me crazy! Fuck up
and down on my cock HARD or we’ll replace you with Ann.

Emily started weeping again as she pulled herself up the thick cock and
drove back down increasing the pain in her ass. She set up a slow steady
rhythm, punishing her own butt. The Master started speaking again, "You don’
t have to worry if it passes or not. All you have to do is rule in our
favor." The grandmother kept up her fucking of the huge cock, "What if
you …oww… can’t get the ..uunnggh… legislation through?" The Master paused
enjoying the brutal fuck then said, "That would be most unfortunate for your
family." Emily tried to think through the pain in her ass. After several
more thrusts, she responded, "No, it’s too much, I can’t make all women
slaves!" And she defiantly pulled herself off his cock.

The Master shrugged and said, "I was almost hoping you’d say that, I rather
enjoyed hurting you and your family this morning." The 3 women still tied up
cried and begged him not to hurt them more. The Master said, "It’s up to
Emily." Emily looked at her family weeping, "I’m sorry! I can’t help him! It
’s against everything I believe in!"

The 3 women begged her to change her mind. Cheryl hissed, "You and mom are
the same. You don’t care about us! You always put your crappy ideals first!"
Emily shook her head, "I’m sorry but this effects all women!" Cheryl spat in
the direction of her grandmother.

The Master applauded then he ordered the guards to cuff Emily’s hands behind
her back and hold her. The Master got a large tit press made up of 2 curved
boards that were 2 inches wide held together by bolts and wing nuts at each
end. A large eyebolt came out of the center of the top board. A guard
separated the boards and pushed them over Emily’s tits and pushed the curve
of the boards against her chest.

The Master started spinning the wing nuts to bring the boards together. As
the boards started to indent the fat tits, the Master slowed down the
spinning and slowly tightened the boards, crushing the tit meat between
them. Emily gasped as burning discomfort spread through her tits. As the
boards continued the pressure, her tits started to turn a dark red and the
discomfort became a burning pain. Finally, the Master had to struggle to
turn the nuts one more time and a scream split the air.

The fat tits bulged as the boards crushed their base. The tits were now
turning purple and Emily struggled in the grip of the guards. "NNNGGHHAAAHH!
TOO TIGHT!" The Master stood back and one of the guards pulled a rope
through a pulley. A hook on the end of the rope was attached to the eye on
top of the tit press. A hook on the other end was attached to a large metal
bucket. As the guard let go of the bucket, its weight pulled the slack
through the pulley and pulled up on the tit press. "UNNGH" grunted the
grandmother as her crushed tits were jerked upward by the weight of the

The Master walked over to Beth as a guard brought him another evil looking
tit press. The master opened the press to its widest setting and attempted
to slide it over her tits but the huge udders were too large to simply slide
through. The Master held the press against her tit with one hand and grabbed
a handful of tit-flesh and pulled it between the metal bars. Beth cried out
as her whip punished tit hurt from the rough handling. The Master roughly
repeated the procedure with the other tit, raising further cries of pain.

It took only a few turns of the wing nuts to press the bars of the tit press
into the fat tits. The Master took several more turns on each wing nut. Beth
writhed and cried out as each of her magnificent tits suffered more and more
pain. The Master increased the pressure until Beth begged, "YYOOOUUR
Master took 3 more turns, driving the press into her tits and raising the
volume of the screams. He stepped back as the guards repeated the procedure
with the pulley and the bucket. Beth cried out as her whipped tits took up
the weight of the metal bucket.

The Master approached Cheryl who’s eyes widened as a guard brought another
tit press. She pleaded, "Please no! Please Grandma, please make them stop!"
Tears rolled down Emily’s face as she begged, "I’m sorry but we can’t let
all women down! Please forgive me!" As the tit press was pushed over the
teens pregnancy enlarged breasts she spat, "You piece of shit! You don’t
care what happens to us!" Emily wept louder at the accusation from her

The Master started tightening down the wing nuts and grunts of pain started
from the pregnant teen. Relentlessly, he increased the pain, slowly
tightening the torture device. Turn after turn, the young girl’s tits felt
like they were being crushed to a pulp. Finally, the Master took 2 hard
turns causing a loud scream as the swollen tits bulged out of the press.
Once again the guards connected a rope to the press and suspended a metal
bucket from it via the pulley.

Ann hoped her smaller young tits would dissuade them from repeating the
torture of her tits. However, the Master approached the young girl and
another tit press was produced. A guard stood behind Ann and held the device
in place while another pulled on her nipples so they stood out through the
press. The Master spun the nuts down and the cries of pain started. Slowly
he increased the pressure and the pain in the firm young tits. As he
completed the last couple of turns, the small teen screamed
"GRRAANNNDMMMMAAA, SSSTOOP THHEEMMM!" Emily shook her head in horror as the
Master turned the nuts one more agonizing turn. Once more, a bucket was
suspended from the tit press through a pulley.

The Master walked around the three women as they tried to remain still to
avoid any swinging of the buckets that would increase the pain in their
crushed tits. The Master casually pushed each bucket, raising whimpers of
pain from his victims.

He turned to 2 of the guards and said, "We’ll let them enjoy the presses for
a while. One of you will entertain me. Which one wants to?" Heather, a 5’
 10" blonde with heavy 42DD tits spoke first, "Please Master, use me for
your pleasure!" and pulled her short skirt up over muscular legs and exposed
a light blond pubic bush as she thrust her pelvis forward.

Robyn, a 5’ 9" raven haired beauty with 41DD tits responded, "No Master,
please let me serve you!" and reached under the short uniform skirt and
roughly drove 3 fingers into her own cunt, grimacing at the invasion.

The Master smiled, "We’ll have a little contest. Each of you get a vibrator.
You’ll masturbate with it and the one who comes first gets my cock up their
ass while the loser tortures her cunt." The 2 guards undressed and obtained
2 fat 9-inch vibrators. They stood in front of the Master and squatted
slightly. As the vibrators were turned on, they gave off a deep thrumming.
The two powerful women placed the humming dildos against their pussies and
gasped as the devices thrummed against them. They started rubbing the dildos
between their cunt lips. Slowly at first, they stroked the vibrators. As the
rate of movement increased, the two women started breathing in deeper

Robyn changed the angle of the fat vibrator so it lined up with her
cunt-hole and slowly but steadily inserted 4 inches of it into her cunt. Her
teeth clenched as the width of the vibrator stretched her cunt but the
lubrication of her pussy juices and the powerful humming soon caused
pleasure to over come the discomfort and she started a steady thrusting into
her cunt. On each in stroke, she pushed the vibrator another ½ inch deeper
causing another gasp of pain as another part of her cunt was stretched. As
her cunt swallowed the full length of the vibrator, she started taking hard
6-inch thrusts into her cunt. Her body was starting to glisten with sweat.
Her huge dark nipples were hard and crinkled. A huge thick clit was erect
and peaking out from her cunt.

In the meantime, Heather chose to take the pain in one dose. She continued
to rub the vibrator between her pussy lips until pussy juice ran freely down
her legs. She changed the angle of the vibrator and reaching to the bottom
of the vibrator. She grunted as she worked the tip into her spasming cunt
and then drove the full length of the vibrator in with one brutal hard
stroke. "Gaaaggghh!" she cried out as her head flew back and her knees
partially buckled as her cunt ached. She let the humming prick sit deep in
her cunt while her pussy muscles got used to its girth and the pleasure
overcame the discomfort. She started deep hard strokes as her breath rasped
with every thrust.

The two women continued the rapid pounding of their cunts. Their ragged
breaths were punctuated with mews and cries of pleasure. Their bodies
started to shake with the tension.

Robyn reached between her legs with her left hand and took the fat clit
between her fingers rubbing it between them while she thrust the vibrator
deep with her right hand. The new sensations sent her into cries of ecstasy
as all the muscles of her body stiffened. Her head thrashed back and forward
until she leaned her head back in a scream of release as come drenched over
the vibrator and her hands. As the orgasm wracked her body, she dropped to
her knees, clutching the vibrator deep into her cunt.  Her cries subsided
monetarily but rapidly increased as a second powerful orgasm raked. Finally
she fell to her side, weak and spent as the vibrator slipped out of her
sopping cunt.

Heather was starting to gasp loudly as orgasm approached but the Master
shouted "Heather, Stop!" She froze with the vibrator deep inside her. "Take
it out!" the Master ordered. Heather moaned as she pulled the vibrator out
of her cunt. She teetered on the edge of orgasm and her cunt clutched,
juices flowing, as she craved release of the tension that had built inside
her. Her hands clenched as she her cunt muscles rippled in frustration.
Slowly, the tension released and she turned off the vibrator.

The Master nodded to the 3 women, their tits aching from the presses, "Time
to entertain the ladies. I think we’ll use 4 twenty-five-pound weights. Give
them the first one." Four guards went to a closet and each came out with a
large weight, a "25" stamped on each.

The first guard stood in front of Emily and held the weight over the opening
of the bucket. Emily realized the guard was going to drop it in the bucket.
She looked at her stretched discolored tit and shook her head her eye’s
pleading. The guard relaxed her grip allowing the weight to drop into the
bottom of the bucket! "OOOOWWWWWWAHH!" screamed Emily as the weight caused
her tits to snap upward as it bounced on the bottom of the bucket. The pain
in her tits increased as the press dug deeper as it pulled her tits upwards.
The guard set the bucket swaying causing Emily to moan loudly in pain.

The Master commented, "I want you to think about how much that hurts as we
stretch your family’s tits." He nodded to the other 3 guards. The first
dropped a weight into Beth’s bucket "AHHHHH! MMOOMMM IIIIT HHUUURRTSS!" She
cried out as her fat tits jerked upward. The second dropped a weight in
IIII HHHHAAATEEE YYYOOOUU!" screamed the pregnant teen as the pain in her
tits increased. The small teen Ann stared in terror as the weight was
 MMMEEEE!" she screamed as her small breasts stretched.

The guards set all the buckets swinging and the room filled with grunts and
cries of pain.

The Master spoke, "I think well let the ladies stretch for a while." He
turned to Robyn and Heather, "You ladies ready to entertain me?" The two
huge breasted guards nodded obediently. The Master reclined in one of the
narrow chairs and instructed. "Robyn, come lower your ass on my cock.
Heather, you should suffer for coming in second. Pick out something to hurt
yourself with that won’t get in the way of torturing Robyn’s cunt."

Robyn straddled the chair facing away from the Master. She wrapped her hand
around the fat head and lined it up between her muscular ass cheeks. She
roughly rubbed it on her shit hole until the tip started to work its way in.
As the huge cock head started to stretch her sphincter, she drove herself
down hard, pushing the fat head and 3 inches of cock into the tight passage.
Her head flew back as her mouth opened wide in a full-blown scream of agony
as the too tight passage stretched agonizingly wide.

In the meantime, Heather had got a huge punishment butt plug from a
cupboard. The 4 inch long top half was a substantial butt plug in itself. It
tapered from its rounded head to a base of 2 ½ inches but that was just the
start of the torture device. Immediately below the base of the top half, the
plug rapidly narrowed to 1-½ inch only to start another taper to a 3-½ inch
base at the end of the 4-inch bottom half. It then narrowed rapidly to 2
inches and a flat base to prevent further insertion. The horrible plug would
first stretch an ass to 2 ½ inches and then to an impossible 3-½ inches
before being held open by the 2-inch base.

Heather held it up to the Master, "This will be the biggest thing I’ve ever
had in my ass. It should be incredibly painful and will leave my hands free.
However, it will rip me badly and I will be unavailable for several days in
the hospital. Is this acceptable, Master?" The Master nodded to the powerful

Heather bent forward, her huge tits swaying and lined the evil plug up with
her ass hole. She rubbed the tip against her ass working it in. Her face
twisted with pain as her sphincter stretched around the fat plug, ever
wider, as she inserted it deeper. "GAAAGHHHH!" she screamed as the first
level of the butt plug forced its way past her tight ass hole.

"How does it feel?" asked the Master as he grabbed Robyn’s hips and pulled
her down on his huge cock, eliciting further cries of pain. Heather
answered, "So big! …uuunnggh… Hurts! …owww… Almost tearing me! …ooohhhh…"
The Master smiled, "That’s good! Leave it there for a while. Robyn, fuck my
cock with your ass." Robyn started lifting her aching ass off the huge cock.
On nearing the head, she drove herself back down, crying out in pain. She
set up a steady rhythm of punishing the tight hole on the fat prick. "I
think our guests need a second weight!" the Master ordered.

The guards got more 25-pound weights and approached the 4 family members.
The first weight was dropped in Emily’s bucket. "OOOHHH MMMYYY GOOOOD!" she
cried out as her tits felt impossibly stretched. The tit press cut into her
tits as the weight pulled on it.

The next guard approached Beth’s bucket. She just stared in terror, shaking
her head. The guard dropped the weight in. The rope jerked up on her crushed
tits, "OOOWWW!" she cried. She gasped deep breaths as her tits hurt

As the next guard approached Cheryl, she begged, "Please no, please! My tits
hurt so much, please no more!" The guard piteously dropped the weight into
the bucket. "HHHEEEELLLPPP MMMMEEEE!" she screamed shaking her swollen belly
back and forth trying to relieve agony in her tits.

The last guard approached Ann. She pleaded, "No more pain. Please, no more
pain." The master smiled, "Thank your grandmother!" The guard dropped the
weight into the bucket, "MMOOOMM! PLLLEEAAASSEE HEEEELLPP MMEEE!" the young
girl screamed at the horrible stretching of her tits.

The Master looked to Heather as Robyn kept up the brutal raping of her ass.
Her huge tits flopped with the pounding anal fuck. "Time to take the rest of
your butt plug, Heather." The huge breasted blond reached behind herself and
gripped the bottom of the torture plug. She pressed against the base and
pressed. The fat lower part of the plug slowly spread her sphincter wider
and wider. Her face contorted in agony as millimeter after millimeter worked
into her ass. However, no matter how hard she pressed, her muscular ass
rejected the widest part of the butt-ripping device.

After several painful minutes of unsuccessfully stretching her ass, the
beautiful blond waddled over to a stool and crouched over it. She lowered
herself until the base of the plug touched the chair. She gritted her teeth
and lowered her body weight on the plug. Slowly her sphincter spread and her
face twisted as whines of pain left her mouth. Finally, she thrust down
"AAAHHHYYYIIEEEE!" she screamed as her butt split. Her screams continued as
she stood and clutched at her bleeding ass. As her cries died to moans of
pain, the Master ordered, "Tell us how your ass feels!" She cried, "ON FIRE!
RRRIIIPPPED SOOO MUUUUCH!" Heather cried as she rocked back and forth in
agony, her huge tits swaying.

The Master ordered, "We need to give Heather a moment to compose herself.
Time for the third weights!" Cheryl cried out, "No! Grandma you piece of
shit! Do what they want!" Emily stared over her stretched tits and cried but
said nothing. The first guard dropped the weight in Emily’s bucket.
"GAAARRRRRGGGHHH!" she cried as a full 75 pounds pulled on her tits. The
tissue felt like it would pull off her chest and the full mass of her large
tits throbbed. She grunted deeply in pain with each breath.

The second guard walked up to Beth’s bucket. Beth begged, "Please, mother,
please! I can’t take any more!" Emily just kept her eyes closed and tried to
ignore the agony in her chest and her families pleas. The guard dropped the
weight and Beth’s head bent back in a full throated scream as the incredible
weight caused the press to dig into her huge tits as it pulled up. As the
scream died, deep sobs wracked her body.

Cheryl pleaded, "No! No!" The third guard dropped her weight. Cheryl’s
swollen belly bounced forward at the shock, "OOOWWW! IIII’MMMM GOOIINNGG
her fat young tits pounded with pain.

Ann wept loudly as the last guard approached and dropped the weight into the
bucket. She screamed and begged for mercy as the small portions of her
breasts showing through the press discolored more. All 4 women whimpered in
pain as the 3 heavy weights tortured their tits.

Robyn was sweating profusely now as she continued the pounding ass fuck.
"Heather, are ready to hurt Robyn’s cunt now?" Heather’s pain contorted face
nodded. The Master grabbed Robyn’s hips and forced her ass all the way down
onto his cock. He then pulled back on her shoulders so she rested back on
his muscular torso. "Robyn, pull your knees back and hold your legs open."
Robyn pulled her knees back to her heavy breasts and supported them with her
hands. She then spread her knees as far apart as she could, exposing her
cunt. The Master spoke to Heather, "Get the large punishment speculum. Lets
see how wide Robyn can stretch."

Heather slowly rose from the stool, her hands clenched in pain. She took
short, faltering steps as the pain from the monster plug in her ass made
every move agony. A trickle of blood seeped from her torn butt. She got to a
cupboard and came out with an oversized speculum. It was 8-inches long and
2-inches across even closed. It had a knurled knob to control a threaded rod
that opened and closed the large metal jaws. Slowly and painfully, she
worked her way back to Robyn. She lined the cruel device up with the spread
cunt and rammed it in, causing a grunt of pain. The Master groaned in
pleasure as Robyn’s ass twitched on his cock from the discomfort.  The
Master ordered, "Heather, start opening the speculum. Turn it so its
horizontal, we’ll want to work on her clit after. Robyn, tell her when it
starts to hurt."

Heather got down on her knees grunting with the discomfort caused by the
huge butt plug in her ass. She took the knob controlling the speculum and
started twisting it. Slowly the two metal plates separated. Robyn hissed
"Stretching! Getting uncomfortable!" as her cunt was slowly widened.
Relentlessly, Heather kept twisting the knob and Robyn’s cunt started to
become a gaping hole. "Ow! Hurts! OW!" cried Robyn as the opening passed a
couple of inches. Still Heather kept turning the knob. Robyn’s head started
to rock from side to side. "AAHHGG! HURTS …OW… SO MUCH …OHHH… STRETCHING SO
MUCH …UNNGHH!" as Heather widened the hole to close to 4 inches, Robyn’s
body was shaking in agony, each turn caused a scream to fill the room. The
Master signaled Heather to stop. "He spoke into Robyn’s ear, "Can you take
more?" Robyn gasped "More will …OW… rip me open …SHIIIIT HURRRTS!" The
Master asked, "Will you tell her to open it more?" Robyn nodded, "Please …OH
FUUUCCK!… open it more …OOOOWWW!… please hurt me …UNNGH!… for the Master!"

Robyn’s cunt was already stretched wide open and the top and the bottom of
her pussy were almost stretched into straight lines as Heather started to
turn the knob again. As the pussy was deformed wider, the flesh ripped at
the edges of the speculum and a blood-curdling scream filled the room. Robyn
’s body bounced up and down on the Master as she bucked in agony. The Master
gasped as her ass gripped his cock like a vice. The women hung by their tits
stared in wonder at the guard’s cunt, now stretched to over a 4 inch
opening. A large fat clit hanging in the center.

As Robyn’s thrashing settled to a pained writhing, the Master instructed
Heather, "Get some topical irritant and rub it on her clit. I want it fully
erect. Robyn lay on the Master holding her legs apart and drawing ragged
breaths. Heather slowly rose, wincing at the pain from her butt plug. She
waddled over to the cabinet and came back with a jar of ointment. She dipped
her finger in and gasped as it immediately caused a burning itch on her
digit. Bending, she applied a liberal dab of the irritant on Robyn’s large
fat clit. "CCHHRRIIIISSST! BUUURRNS!" cried Robyn her eyes bugging out as
she wiggled her hips uncontrollably. Her already large clit grew to the size
of a fingertip with the flow of blood caused by the irritant.

As Robyn writhed from her mounting pain and discomfort, the Master ordered,
"Get a safety pin and a 2 pound weight." Grunting, Heather waddled to the
cupboard and got a large safety pin and a round lead weight attached to a
fine 3-inch chain. She waddled back and knelt in front of Robyn’s painfully
stretched cunt. "Pierce her clit and stretch it with the weight" ordered the
Master. Tensing, Robyn pulled back harder on her knees. Heather opened the
safety pin and put her finger on one side of the swollen clit. She put the
point on the other side and rammed it through. Robyn let loose a
blood-curdling scream. Her body went stiff in agony and her legs shot
straight as she thrashed on the Masters cock. Her screaming continued for
several seconds. As her screaming decreased to cries of pain and wracking
sobbing, the Master whispered in her ear, "Pull your knees up again."
Nodding through her sobbing, Robyn pulled her knees back up to her chest.
Heather grasped the safety pin and closed it, "AAAHHHYYIIEEE!" screamed
Robyn as even that small amount of movement caused agony in her clit.

The Master instructed Heather to remove the speculum. She grasped both sides
of the torture device and started pulling out on it. The stretched cunt
tried to grip the chrome and louder sobs left Robyn as her torn cunt
stretched further.  As the last of the speculum pulled out, her cunt snapped
shut and she gasped loudly.  Heather took the chain and clipped one end to
the safety pin. She held the ball over the punished cunt and let it fall. As
it reached the end of the chain and jerked on her pierced clit, a new scream
filled the room and Robyn’s body shook in agony.  "Robyn, time to fuck me
with your ass."

Robyn, her face contorted with pain brought herself upright. Taking her
weight onto her feet again, Robyn started bouncing on the huge cock in her
ass. Her screams got louder and louder as the swinging of the weight on her
clit caused indescribable pain. Her ass grasped and twitched with the pain
as the painful fuck continued. Finally, the Master came in her ass. Robyn
stood pulling the huge cock out of her tortured ass, crying out anew from
the weight swinging on her clit.

Keeping her legs spread wide, Robyn turned slowly, crying out with each
movement of the weight. "May I …ow… suck your cock …ungh… clean?" She asked.
The Master nodded and Robyn painfully got to her knees and set about licking
her shit and the Master’s come of the rapidly growing prick. "Time for the
last weight!" The Master ordered.

All four women begged him to stop. The first guard approached Emily’s bucket
and held the weight over it. Emily just stared in fear as the last weight
was dropped. Her head snapped back as she screamed. She was sure her large
tits would rip off her body at any moment.

As the second guard approached Beth she begged, "Please have mercy! Please,
my tits can’t take any more!" The guard dropped the weight and Beth screamed
at the increased agony in her tits.

Cheryl wept openly knowing she’d be next. "Grandma, God, please don’t let
them do this, please." Emily just shook her head slightly. The third guard
dropped the weight and the pregnant teen screamed, "AAAHHHHHOOOOOWWW!

The fourth guard approached Ann who’s weeping caused her whole body to shake
as the expectation of the increased pain terrified her. As the guard dropped
the weight, the bucket slowly started dropping to the floor and the small
teenager was pulled of the floor by her tits. Her screams split the room one
after the other, punctuated only by deep gasps as she inhaled. Her body
twisted as she screamed.

Emily screamed, "Let her down! You’re killing her!" The Master spoke loudly
to be heard over the screaming teen, "It’s your choice." Emily begged,
"Please let her down! Please, I’ll do what you ask! Just LET HER DOWN!

The Master signaled the guards and the buckets were removed from the ropes
and the tortured family gasped as the weight was taken off the tits.
However, when the tit presses were loosened, all four women cried out in
pain as the blood flow returned to their brutalized tits. As they were
released and grasped their aching tits, Cheryl looked at her grandmother
with hatred and said, "You wouldn’t stop them from hurting me but you
stopped them for your precious Ann! I hate you, you old cunt!" Emily wept.

The Master got up and grabbed a handful of the Bitch’s cunt hair and walked
out of the room leaving the women in the charge of the guards.

The Mansion

By Mad Dog

Chapter 16: Cheryl’s Revenge

The Master was seated on an overstuffed easy chair. A 5’ 2" slight blonde
girl had his cock in her mouth and was gagging loudly as he grasped a
handful of her hair and drove her head down on his fat cock. Occasionally,
he pulled her head up allowing her to gasp a desperate breath. The Bitch
stood behind him, her large breasts hanging over a short skirt. Cheryl was
escorted in. Her ass and cunt were still aching from the brutal fucking and
her tits were developing ugly bruises from the horrible tit torture she had
endured. "I understand you wish to see me" the Master stated driving the
blonde’s head all the way down his cock.

Cheryl quivered remembering the terrible pain she had suffered from the
cock. Any movement seemed to restart the bleeding from her ass. "I want you
to let me torture my mother and grandmother." The Master smiled, "Why would
you like to do that?" Cheryl’s face hardened, "Grandmother was always more
concerned with her fucking campaigns and job than us. And my cunt mother
always did whatever Ann wanted and ignored me. I want to make the cunts

The Master shook his head. "I have plans for them, why should I let you risk
them?" Cheryl licked her lips nervously, "I’ll give you a great fuck." The
Master laughed, "I’ll take you anyway I want any time I want!" Cheryl nodded
and said, "But I’ll do you voluntarily. I’ll take you up my ass and fuck you
as hard as I can. It’ll hurt like hell, you’ll like that."

The Master pulled the young blonde’s head of his lap, "Jill push your ass
down on my cock. Do it really hard." Jill took a few deep, gasping breaths
and stood. She faced away from the Master. Cheryl could see the thin girl
had narrow hips and practically no breasts. Jill squatted and grasped the
Master’s huge cock and lined it up against her butt-hole. She worked the
cock head back and forward on her sphincter until it started to stretch and
shoved her weight down. She screamed as the fat head and inch of his cock
popped through her sphincter, splitting the muscle. She drew a deep breath
and drove down hard on the cock, screaming loudly again as the tight ass was
ripped. She sat impaled weeping and moaning.

"I said fuck it hard!" said the Master threateningly. Jill started up the
fat shaft and started a brutal deep ass fuck. Her cries of agony filled the
room as she tortured her own ass. As she ripped her ass, the Master said,
 I can have a young girl fuck me any time." Cheryl thought for a moment,
"Yes, but this time you’ll see her torture her mother and grandmother
afterwards. Think how much they’ll hate it." The Master smiled and started
driving his cock up into Jill as she drove down. After several thrusts, he
came into the torn ass. He pushed the slender girl off his cock as she

He smiled at Cheryl. "I admit it is tempting to think of you having at them.
If you suck my cock and give me a good ass fuck, I’ll let you whip them and
fist-fuck them." Cheryl shuddered in fear as she looked at the slender Jill
weeping, her hands clutching her small ass cheeks. However she felt her face
flush at the thought of punishing her mother and grandmother and she nodded.
The Master turned to the Bitch and said, have them brought in with some

A few minutes later, 4 guards escorted the two huge breasted women in. As
they approached the center of the room, the Master spoke, "This young lady
has made an interesting proposal. She wishes to punish you two. To entice
me, she has offered a blow job and ass fuck. I have accepted."

The two women gasped, "Cheryl, don’t do this. Please!" Cheryl spat back,
"You two notice me now. I didn’t matter much before but you’ll notice me
when I’m whipping you!" The two older women wept and shook their heads.
"Please no, we’re sorry!" The Master smiled, "Don’t worry, she still has to
do a satisfactory job of sucking my cock and ass fucking, maybe she won’t
measure up!"

The Master sat in his chair and motioned Cheryl over. Her belly was swollen
under her discolored tits. She knelt in front of the chair and took the huge
cock in her hands. It was covered with now drying shit and blood from the
young Jill’s ass. Steeling herself, she started licking the foul streaks off
the huge prick. She gagged at the bitter taste but was careful to do a
thorough job of the cleaning. As she licked off the last of the foul
mixture, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and forced it over the
huge cock head. Her jaws ached from the stretch. She started rubbing her
tongue against the head and sucking on it.

The Master stroked her hair, "If you don’t swallow all of it, the deals
 off!" Cheryl gasped in a deep breath through her nose and pushed the huge
head against her throat. She got barely ½ inch into her throat before she
pulled her head back, gagging loudly. Desperately, she jerked her head
forward, swallowing 2 inches before she pulled back gagging. By violently
driving herself forward, she was able to take the punishing cock deeper and
deeper with each thrust, punctuated by her coughing and gagging as she
pulled back. Finally, She arched her back up and drove the full length of
the cock into her bruised throat. She kept up the painful driving on the
huge cock until the Master grabbed her hair and pulled his cock out of her
mouth. She fell to all fours coughing loudly as drool ran out of her mouth.

"Very nice!" commented the Master, " If her ass fuck is as good, I’d say you
ladies are in trouble!" He grasped the base of his fat cock and motioned her
to it. Cheryl rose with difficulty due to her pregnancy-swollen belly and
turned away from the Master as Jill had. She was terrified, her ass was
still sore and torn from the earlier anal rape. She reached between her legs
and lined up the fat head with he ripped sphincter. She winced as the
pressure hurt the bruised muscle. She pressed down as she moved the cock
back and forward on her ass hole. Tears started to form in her eyes as she
forced herself down on the horrible cock. The prior tear in her ass reopened
as the fat head popped into the tiny hole. She cried out loudly but didn’t
stop her downward pressure. Cries filled the room as she slowly split her
ass deeper and deeper. As the last of the cock disappeared up the tiny hole,
she rested against the Master, her body wracked by deep weeping.

The Master asked, "Is that the best you can do?" The Young pregnant girl
shook her head and started rising up the cock. After several inches, she
started pushing down again. She continued the motion, picking up speed with
each thrust. Her cries of agony grew louder as the speed of her fuck
increased. She thought the brutalizing of her ass would never end but,
eventually, the Master came into the tortured hole. Cheryl lifted her self
off the huge cock, her face streaked with tears and blood starting to
trickle from the torn ass hole.

"Yes, I think that will do." Turning to the older women, he noted, "She must
really hate you two." The two women hung their heads in despair. He
addressed Cheryl again, "In that cupboard there are several whips and canes,
go choose one." Cheryl walked over to the cupboard, her hands involuntarily
cupping her ass cheeks as each step caused further pain in her ass. She
found a flexible plastic rod about 3 feet long that narrowed toward the end.
She swung it through the air as it made a whistling sound. Emily and Beth
stared wide-eyed in terror.

At a signal from the Master, the guards tied the two older women’s hands
over their heads and used a pulley to lift them off the ground. Their feet
were tied together and attached them to eyebolts on the floor. The guards
then pulled on the ropes stretching their bodies taut. Their large bruised
tits jutted out from their chests. The guards stepped aside and the Master
looked at Cheryl and motioned her toward her Mother and Grandmother. Emily
pleaded, "Please Cheryl, don’t do this!"

Cheryl walked up behind Emily and swung a vicious stroke across her ass with
the plastic rod. "AAAYYYYEEEEE!" screamed the grandmother, as an ugly red
welt formed, darker than the existing whip marks.  Cheryl smiled cruelly and
started a slow steady rhythm of hard stokes across Emily’s ass. Her large
belly swung with every stroke as scream after scream filled the room. As
Emily’s ass became a mass of welts, Cheryl started whipping her legs raising
even louder screams.

Cheryl stopped, sweat starting to make her young pregnant body glisten. She
took deep breaths as her grandmother begged, "GOD PLEASE! NO MORE! PLEASE
STOP!" As Cheryl caught her breath she snarled, "Fuck you, cunt!" and walked
in front of Emily. She brought her arm up and slashed down on the tops of
Emily’s huge breasts. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHOOOWW!" Emily screamed. Cheryl started a
rain of strokes across the fat tits as they bounced in agony.

As welts crisscrossed the tops of her grandmother’s tits, she paused and
laid the rod on Emily’s large nipples. Through loud sobs Emily pleaded, "NO!
NO! NOT THERE!" Cheryl brought her arm back and slashed across the nipples.
Emily’s head flew back as a piercing scream filled the air and her body
bounced as far as the ropes allowed her. Cheryl laid three more strokes
across the areolas turning Emily’s cries into a long rending shriek of

Cheryl put her hands on her hips. Sweat dripped off her tits and swollen
belly. Her mother looked at Emily, terrified at the ugly welts, many of
which were oozing blood. She beseeched her daughter, "Cheryl, please don’t.
I’m sorry I wasn’t always there for you. Please, let me make it up to you.
Don’t do this." The words seemed to revive Cheryl as she straightened up,
"All the time you ignored me over the years you bitch and now you want to
make it up to me? Fuck you!" She walked behind her mother and started laying
strokes on her full ass. Beth screamed and her gigantic breasts bounced with
each stroke to her ass. As her daughter moved to her upper legs, the screams

Finally, Cheryl rested as her mother writhed in agony, her ass a mass of
welts. Cheryl took her time and breathed deeply, regaining her strength. She
walked in front of her mother and rubbed the tops of huge breasts, "You
really think these tits are something, cunt! Well, they’re so big they
should take even more strokes than grandmothers tits." Beth shook her head,
her eyes pleading.

Emily smiled and laid the first slash on the fat pendulous breasts. The
screaming restarted as Cheryl slowly worked down from the top of the breasts
to just above the large aureole. It took a full twelve more strokes than the
grandmother to cover the tits with welts. Cheryl started rubbing the rod
over her nipples, "I wonder how many strokes I can get on these big teats
without hitting the same spot." Beth shook her head violently as the first
stroke hit the top of her teats. Shrieks filled the room as Cheryl laid
seven tightly spaced strokes across the huge nipples. Beth joined Emily in
hanging and weeping loudly from the agony of their tits and asses.

The Master instructed the guards bend the two women over a table and secure
them. He whispered something in the Bitch’s ear and she left the room.
Moments later, she returned with Hilda the huge busted black head maid. The
Master addressed Hilda, "We are about to teach this young woman the
pleasures of fist fucking, We need someone for the Bitch to demonstrate on.
You don’t mind do you?" Hilda’s eyes opened wide in obvious fear but she
nodded. She rapidly removed her clothes and bent over the table next to the
2 restrained women.

The Bitch smiled and walked up behind the black maid saying, "The hardest
part of a fist fuck is trying to get your hand in. Unless the cunt is really
loose, don’t try and push your fist in. Form your hand into a point like
this." The Bitch curled her fingers around her thumb. Cheryl repeated the
motion with both hands.

The Bitch continued, "Work the end of the longest fingers in and twist them
and push until the end of all the fingers and the thumb are in the cunt."
She proceeded to work the end of her fingers between Hilda’s fat cunt lips.
Hilda grunted as her cunt started to feel uncomfortable.

Cheryl lined the fingers of her right hand up with her grandmother’s cunt
and twisted her fingers in. Emily pleaded, "Cheryl, don’t do this. Please!
OWW!" Cheryl repeated the procedure with her left hand in her Mother’s cunt.
Beth gritted her teeth as her cunt started to spread painfully.

The Bitch continued her lecture, "Now, you have choice. If you want to
stretch the pain out, you can slowly push your hand in. If you want maximum
pain you can ram it in hard." The Bitch proceeded to driver her hand fully
into Hilda who cried out in a desperate gasp of pain.

Cheryl leaned into her right hand. After a moments resistance, it drive into
Emily’s cunt. "TOOO BIIIGGG! OOOWWWWAAAA, HHHUURRRTTS" cried Emily as her
cunt stretched. Mercilessly, Cheryl leaned into her left hand. Rapidly, it
slid into her mother’s cunt as her head lifted in a howl of agony.

All three impaled women sobbed as the Bitch continued, "Now curl your
fingers into a fist. If they’re long enough, scratch the cunt walls with
your fingernails. "NNNNGGGHHHH!" cried Hilda as the hand in her cunt curled
into a large fist.

Cheryl curled her right hand, gouging the cunt with her long painted
fingernails. "SSHHHIIIT!" cried Emily as her cunt stretched larger around
the fist. Beth screamed, "FFFUUUCK! TOOO BIIIG!" as Cheryl repeated the
painful procedure in her cunt.

The tortured women’s sobs were now pained grunts as the Bitch went on, "I
like to give them a couple of twists. It makes the cunt muscles stretch even
more. Then I drive it in as far as I can." She twisted her hand back and
forward to squeals from Hilda. Then she viciously drove her fist deep into
the black woman. "GGAAAAAGGHHH!" cried the black woman as the pain rippled
down the length of her cunt.

Cheryl smiled and started twisting both hands. Her victims thrashed in pain
until she leaned forward on both fists with all her weight. The howls filled
the room. The Bitch and Cheryl started a steady punching of the abused
cunts, filling the room with cries of pain.

Cheryl reveled in the tight spasming around her hands realizing it
represented pain to the two women she so hated. The punching continued until
her arms ached. As she slowed, the Bitch spoke, "When your ready to stop,
leave your hand in a fist as you pull it out. It really hurts. Pull it out
as fast as you can." The Bitch yanked her hand out of Hilda as she yelped.

Cheryl rammed in hard once more and yanked out with all her might. The two
older women screamed as they felt like their cunts were being pulled inside

The guards untied the two women. The older women and Hilda stood, clutching
at their aching cunts. The guards led them away. The Master turned to the
Bitch and said, "You might want to rest up for your punishment tonight." She
shuddered and left the room.

The Mansion

By Mad Dog

Chapter 17: The Bitch Suffers

The three male guests were escorted to a large punishment room. Several
guards and Dr. Weinstein were standing around the room. The Dr. was wearing
the usual short lab coat with her upper breasts and pubic hair exposed. A
few moments later, the Master, the Bitch and 3 women entered the room. All
were naked.

Each woman had obviously been chosen with one of the guests in mind. The
first was a 5’ 3", 28 year old, tall woman with pendulous 43dd breasts with
thick nipples. She had jet-black hair that hung to just above her full ass.
Her name was Janet and the Master directed her to the Judge.

The second was a 13 year old mousy blond. She was 4’ 8" tall and had breasts
that barely raised from her chest and her pussy mound only had wisps of
faint hair. She had narrow hips. Her name was Jessica and she was sent to
the Senator.

The third was 5’ 10" tall with fair skin blue eyes and long blonde hair. She
was slender with small 33b breasts but large bright pink nipples. Her name
was Monica and she was escorted to the Reverend.

As the beautiful women were being eyed by the guests, the Master spoke,
"Welcome, gentlemen. Tonight the Bitch is to be punished. She loves to hurt
other women but is very sensitive to pain herself. She has been my personal
slave for a year and should know her responsibilities so her punishment will
be particularly severe. Dr. Weinstein has thought up a new tit torture we
will be trying."

He gazed over at Dr. Weinstein, "Doctor, didn’t I request every one to come
naked?" The Doctor’s face flushed as she spoke, "I forgot! Please forgive
me!" She opened the buttons as fast as she could and threw the lab coat into
the corner. Her heavy 39d breasts had long dark nipples and sagged slightly.

The Master smiled, "As you are the innovator of our entertainment, we will
be forgiving but we must remind you of your responsibility to follow orders.
Jacqueline, get a dildo strap with a punishment dildo and butt plug." A huge
6’ 3" black guard with gigantic 48dd breasts and hard well-defined muscles
went to a cupboard and pulled out leather straps connected by metal rings.
She took a huge 12-inch dildo that was 3 inches thick. She attached it to a
snap on one of the straps. Jacqueline then got a shorter 6-inch dildo that
was 2 inches thick and covered with hard plastic nubs and attached it to the

She walked over to the Doctor and handed the contraption to her. Dr.
Weinstein took it with trembling hands. She stood with her feet apart and
lined the fat punishment cock up with her cunt. She squatted slightly and
twisted the head against her thick cunt lips. Using both hands, she twisted
the fat dildo until the huge head started to spread her vagina open. She
grunted deeply as it worked its way into her. Inch by inch she forced the
monstrous device deeper into her cunt until a full 6 inches were buried in
her. Her breath was ragged from the pain and her body had started to glisten
with sweat.

Reaching behind herself, she grabbed the shorter dildo as it swung from the
leather strap. She looked over at the Master with pleading eyes, "Nnngh… it’
s so thick …ow… please let me lubricate …ohhh… it." The Master smiled and
turned to the Bitch, get her some irritant ointment." The doctor gasped in
terror, "Plleeeaaassee noooo!" The bitch got a jar and walked up behind her
and pushed the end of the shorter dildo into the jar smearing a thick layer
of the ointment on the dildo.

The Master spoke, "Bend over doctor or would you rather take the Bitch’s
place in tonight’s punishment?" Weeping, the doctor bent over at the waist
and grasped the end of the table. The Bitch grasped the dildo and placed
against the doctor’s sphincter. "AAAAHHHH, BUURRRNNNSSS!" The bitch started
pushing in. The pain inducing ointment lubricated the passage so the huge
dildo quickly split the tight passage. "AAAAYYYYIIIEEEE!" she screamed from
the combination of the bruising of her ass muscles and the fire of the
ointment. Not letting up, the Bitch put her hand against huge dildo half
buried in the doctor’s cunt and shoved it with all her might. The doctor
screamed at the over stretching of her cunt.

The Bitch started pulling the leather straps through buckles so that one
strap went around the doctor’s full waist while another ran between her
legs, firmly holding the painful dildo’s in her tortured cunt and ass. The
doctor stood, squirming from the pain. The Master ordered, "Let’s give the
doctor a moment to get used to her dildo’s. He nodded to the guards, "Get
the guest’s escorts ready for them to use while they view the punishment.
Gag them so they don’t distract us."

One guard placed the huge breasted Janet on a medical examining table her
torso was strapped to the table and her legs were affixed to stirrups and
pulled towards her chest until her butt started to lift off the table. They
were then pulled impossibly apart, lewdly exposing her cunt. A huge ball gag
was jammed into her mouth. Two huge nipple clamps were snapped on the fat
nipples each eliciting a yelp of pain, muffled by the gag. Thin cords were
run up to pulleys and allowed to drop so they hung over her lower abdomen. A
large metal hook was tied to each line. A box of lead weights was placed
beside the bound woman, as was a box of long metal skewers.

Janet watched with horror as the guard whispered in the Judges ear bringing
a large smile to his face. The Judge walked between Janet’s spread legs and
rudely jammed his cock into her dry cunt. Janet grunted into the gag. The
Judge reached into a box and took a large weight and hung it from one of the
dangling hooks and let it drop. Janet’s eyes widened and a whine escaped
from under the gag as her nipple jerked upwards. Another weight was attached
to the other hook and Janet strained against her straps as her other nipple
was painfully stretched.

In the mean time, the tiny Jessica was lifted to a device reminiscent of a
dentist chair. Her head was strapped to the headrest. A ball gag was jammed
in her mouth. 2 straps held her against the backrest of the chair. Her feet
were strapped to independent footrests. A remote control pad was attached to
the chair and was picked up by a guard. The guard touched a button on the
pad and the bottom of the chair rotated backwards leaving the tiny teen
supported by the straps holding her to the back. The guard pressed another
control and the seat back tilted backwards until the tiny body lay at a
30-degree angle. As the chair settled, the guard had the chair start
separating the footrests. They slowly moved apart till her legs were almost
at right angles to her tiny body and she writhed in discomfort in her bonds.

The guard handed the controls to the Senator and gave him a quick
description of the functions. The Senator stepped between Jessica’s
outspread legs and place his monster cock against the tiny cunt lips. He
pressed in and the tiny hole started to stretch as grunts grew behind the
gag. Suddenly, the Senator jabbed in hard, tearing the tiny cunt as the fat
cock head jerked in. A muffled high-pitched screech came from behind the
ball gag. Relentlessly, he slowly drove his cock deeper into the splitting
vagina. Jessica’s muffled screams changed only as she desperately tried to
suck air into her tiny chest.

Finally, the Senator had poor Jessica totally impaled. As she writhed to the
extent the straps allowed, the Senator pushed a button and the footrests
started pulling further apart, stretching her legs. Again the muffled
screams fought the gag as the hydraulics painfully pulled at the tiny legs.
The Senator eased of on the stretching of her legs and started a hard cunt
fuck, introducing a new area of pain.

At the same time, Monica was gagged and strapped to her own examining table
with her legs split wide. A guard whispered instructions to the Reverend and
 handed him what looked like an 6 inch knitting needle with a wire attached
to the blunt end. The Reverend walked between the spread legs and held the
metal rod against the tiny opening of Monica’s urethra. He steadily pressed
against it and the tiny piss-hole. As it entered, it stretched the narrow
passage and Monica whined into the gag. Slowly, the Reverend drove it
deeper, increasing the pain. As it was inserted to its full depth, a mean
looking nipple clamp, also attached to a wire, was handed to the Reverend.
He attached it to her right nipple as the slender blonde arched in pain.

The Reverend brutally drove his cock into Monica’s cunt while a guard
attached the wires to a black box next to the restrained blond. A remote
control was handed to the Reverend. He pushed a button marked one and Monica
’s head snapped up as mild electric shock jangled the nerves in her nipple
but caused a horrible discomfort in her urethra. The sensations caused the
tight dry cunt to spasm around the Reverend’s huge cock.

As the muffled cries and grunts of the 3 women ebbed and flowed, the Master
approached Dr. Weinstein who was weeping, her hands involuntarily clutching
her ass as the horrible ointment burnt her. "You ready to begin?" he asked.
The Doctor nodded, knowing to delay would only mean more pain.

The Doctor signaled 2 guards who secured the bitches hands over her head
making the thick tits raise. While she was being secured, the Doctor waddled
over to a cart and slowly pushed it toward the Bitch while the huge dildo in
her cunt rubbed the walls raw and the fat butt plug rubbed the irritant into
her ass-hole. She picked up a set of 3 rings. The smallest was 2 inches in
diameter, the middle one was 3 inches and the largest 4 inches. Each ring
was attached to the next by 3 short fine chains. Four holes were drilled in
the ring’s rim.

The Doctor lifted the set by the smallest ring and centered it over the
Bitch’s huge left nipple. With her other hand, she grasped the nipple and
pulled it through the ring until the wide aureole had been pulled through
and the ring was indenting the tit above it. The Doctor nodded to a guard
who picked up two thick 2 ½ inch needles. The Bitch bit her lip in terror.

The guard put the point of the needle in a hole in the top of the rim.
Slowly she pushed it through the hole into the sensitive tit.
"AAAAYYYYIIIIEEEE" screamed the bitch as the thick needle punctured her
breast. The guard continued pushing the needle through the tit until it met
the ring on the other side. Loud screams filled the room throughout. The
guard wiggled the needle until it lined up with the opposite hole on the
ring and pushed it through. The guard took the second needle and held it
against another hole in the ring. The Bitch begged, "Christ NO! PLEASE!" as
the guard pushed the second needle into the huge breast. Slowly it was
driven through the tit accompanied by horrific screams.

The Doctor let go of the other 2 rings. The Bitch gasped as the two needles
piercing her tit took up the weight of the other 2 rings. Dr. Weinstein
picked up another set of attached rings and pushed the smallest over the
right nipple. The guard repeated the insertion of 2 more needles through the
Bitch’s breast. The Bitch writhed as she screamed.

The Doctor returned to the left breast and pulled the 3-inch ring onto the
tit. She clutched at tit flesh and pulled it through the ring until it
bulged up around the ring and the attaching chains. The guard came with 3 ½
inch needles. The bitch started screaming in terror even before the needle
was pushed through the hole in the second ring. However, the volume
increased when it drove into her tit. Again it was driven through to the
opposing hole on the ring. The second needle was inserted at a right angle.

Moving to the other tit, the second ring was forced up the tit until the
breast bulged around it and the chains. Once more, the volume of screams
elevated with the forcing of the needles through tender breast meat.

The Doctor returned to the left tit and grabbed the largest ring. She pushed
it over the tit and pressed until it was forced against the rib cage of the
tortured woman. The Bitch cried out as the needles in her tit were pulled
backwards and her tits were compressed to the point that her tits bulged
between the rings. The Bitch’s fears were confirmed when the guard came with
two 4-½ inch needles. Slowly, the guard pushed each needle through the base
of the tit. The Bitch’s screams were becoming raspy as her throat ached from
the ear shattering cries.

The agony was repeated with the right tit. The Doctor stepped back to give
and unobstructed view of the torture devices attached to the Bitch. The
suffering woman’s head shook as she gasped at the agony in her tits. Both
tits stuck straight out and the rings formed deep indentations in them.

The Master nodded, "Very good, Doctor, but is that it?" Dr. Weinstein shook
her head and picked up a huge syringe topped with a 5 inch needle, "I will
be injecting her with stimulant and irritant diluted to 200 cc’s." The Bitch
started to panic, "You can’t inject my tits when they’re like this! YOU’LL
KILLME!" she cried as she thrashed against her bonds in a futile attempt to

The Doctor grabbed one of the bouncing, tortured tits. She lined the needle
up with the center of the nipple and pushed an inch in. "OOOOWWWW MMYYY
GOOOD, NOOOOO!" screamed the tortured red head as the Doctor started
depressing the hypodermic plunger. After injecting a portion of the pain
inducing fluid, the Doctor pressed the needle deeper into the tit and
restarted the pressure on the hypodermic. The Bitch’s hoarse screams rang
through the room. Twice more the Doctor increased the depth of the needle
and injected more serum.  When the hypodermic was finally empty. She pulled
it out of the tortured nipple. The Bitch’s tit was larger than its mate was
and was turning an ugly red color as the rings and chains dug deeper into
her tit.

The Bitch begged and pleaded for mercy, offering to perform any lewd or
disgusting act if only they stopped the torture. Ignoring the victim, the
Doctor repeated the procedure with the other tit, changing the Bitch’s pleas
to screams of agony.

As the Doctor was pulling the needle out, Jessica was suffering with the
vicious raping of her tiny cunt. Her whole lower half of her body ached from
the Senator stretching her legs apart with the chair to the point of
dislocation and before allowing easing off to restart his pounding of her

The Reverend had increased the electrical flow and was hitting the 5th
button. Monica bucked as the probe in her piss hole seared with the shocks.
She bucked around the Reverend’s fat black cock with every touch of the

Janet’s tits were stretched grossly upwards. The Judge had been able to fit
10 large weights on each hook and Janet felt like her breasts would tear off
her chest at any moment. Her nipples trickled blood from around where the
horrible nipple clamps had dug into the huge nipples.

The Master asked, "How long before they swell to maximum?" The Doctor
responded, "About 15 minutes." The Master looked to the guests, "I suggest
we take a break before we start working on the Bitch’s cunt." The Bitch
shook her head through her deep weeping. The three men started fucking the
cunts with pounding strokes until they came into the brutalized women.

They left with the Master to a lounge where they were served drinks while
their victims awaited their return.


By Mad Dog

Chapter 18: Pain to the Bitch’s Cunt

After 30 minutes, the 4 men returned. The Bitch’s tits had swollen to a huge
size with the rings and chains digging deeply into the enlarged tits. She
immediately started begging as the men entered, "PLLEAASE …OWWW… TAKE THE
and slapped one of the bound tits, filling the room with new screams and
dashing any hopes the Bitch had of mercy.

Dr. Weinstein had tried to remain as still as possible. She realised that
any movement would only make the huge dildo in her cunt more uncomfortable
and would increase the burning the irritant ointment was causing in her ass.
Regardless, her cunt and ass hurt horribly and tears ran down her cheeks.

The agony in Janet’s terribly stretched tits had settled into a throbbing
ache topped by burning pain in her nipples from the clamps. Blood trickled
down the sides of her huge distended tits from around where the clamps dug
deeply into her teats.

The bleeding from Jessica’s tiny ravaged cunt had just slowed and her joints
ached. Although the Senator had not left her with the hydraulics pulling on
her legs, they were still at right angles to her body and ached terribly.

Monica was limp with exhaustion. The electric shocks had made her whole body
convulse. Her nipple ached terribly from the clamp where its teeth had
worked their way deep into her nipple. However, her urethra stopped her from
getting any rest. It ached from the stretching of the probe and was raw from
the electric shocks. Her lower body writhed as far as the straps would
allow, trying to alleviate the discomfort.

The Reverend walked between her legs and flicked at the nipple clamp. Monica
yelped, "OOWWWAHHH" as the pain in her nipple increased. The Reverend asked,
"Would you like me to take the clamp off?" Monica quickly nodded. The
Reverend reached out and opened the clamp. The pain from the returning blood
flow caused Monica to cry out. The Reverend opened the clamp over the other
nipple and let it snap shut. Monica yelped into the gag.

The Master spoke, "Doctor, shall we continue?" Doctor Weinstein waddled over
to a medical examination table and motioned to the guards. The guards busied
themselves with restraining the Bitch on the examining table. As the guards
restrained the tall redhead, the guests restarted their abuse of their

The Senator stepped up between Jessica’s tiny spread legs and lined his
monstrous cock up with her tiny ass hole. Her body quivered with terror as
the Senator forced his cock into the tiny hole. As her butt started to tear,
high pitched whines came out from behind the gag. As the head ripped past
her sphincter, the gag couldn’t muffle the horrible scream. The Senator
continued driving the punishing cock into her.  He rammed the last 4 inches
in with a vicious thrust, raising another scream. He settled into a rhythm
of hard punishing thrusts.

The Reverend lined his thick cock up with the white skin of Monica’s ass. He
gripped her thighs and rammed half of it in. Monica’s eye’s bulged with pain
as she bit into the gag. The Reverend thrust again, as her ass tore from the
abuse, he pushed the 5th button on the remote control and the slender blonde
whined through the gag as her body shuddered from the burning deep in her
piss hole. The Reverend lifted his thumb on and off the button making the
narrow ass spasm on his cock.

The Judge stepped up to Janet and lined his cock up with her full ass. He
jerked the full length in as she squirmed from the intrusion. When he
reached into the box of skewers and picked up an 8-inch long thick metal
skewer, she tried to beg for mercy through the gag. The Judge put the skewer
against the over-stretched tit and slowly pushed it in. Janet thrashed as
far as the straps would allow and her head thrashed as the gag muffled a
horrible scream.

The Bitch was now strapped into the gynaecological table and her muscular
legs were stretched wide apart. Her grossly swollen tits still pointed
straight up due to the rings confining them.

Dr. Weinstein, rolled the cart over to the restrained victim. She picked up
a huge speculum. It was 8 inches long and large around, even closed. She
placed the tip of the device between the Bitch’s cunt lips. Placing her hand
behind it, she leaned in with all her might and drove the full length into
the suffering red head. "NNNGGGHHH" grunted the Bitch as the discomfort
added to the pain in her tits.

Dr. Weinstein looked at the Master, "Do you want me to tear her cunt?" The
Master shook his head, "Make it painful but I don’t want her ripped until
after I fuck her." The Bitch bit her lower lip in fear.

The doctor started turning a knurled knob on the speculum and its jaws
started opening. The whole length of the cunt stretched as turn after turn
opened her further and further. "My god, HURTS! STOOOP!" the Bitch screamed
as her cunt felt like it was being split apart. Finally the doctor stopped.
The Bitch’s cunt gaped open several inches as she gasped breaths through
clenched teeth.

The Doctor picked up a huge hypodermic with a 5-inch needle. The Bitch
stared in horror as she held it up and said, "I’m going to inject the full
length of her cunt with diluted irritant. It will cause significant swelling
that will make her as tight as a little girl. Not only will she be very
tight, but also her cunt walls will be very sensitive. I believe a good hard
fuck will be very painful."

The Bitch tried to look over her huge tits as the doctor put the hypodermic
deep into the gaping cunt. She started by inserting the needle into the
tissue that made up the cervix and depressed the plunger. The Bitch’s mouth
opened as far as it could as she screamed loudly. The doctor started
injecting the cunt walls on both sides. She started deep in the cunt and
pulled forward a ½ inch to reinsert the needle and force the painful serum
into the sensitive flesh. The Bitch’s screams waxed and waned as the needle
was pulled in and out of her.

After 15 minutes of torture, the doctor had finally emptied the hypodermic
into the cunt of the tortured Bitch. Putting the huge hypodermic down, she
picked up a very small hypodermic. Holding it up, she announced, "I will now
inject her clitoris to make sure she feels no pleasure from use of her
 cunt." The Bitch sobbed and begged, "NOOO MOOORE! PLLEEAASSSE III CAAANN’T

Ignoring the pleas, the Doctor placed her fingers on either side of the clit
and lined the needlepoint up with the base of the sensitive nub. She jabbed
it in to the accompaniment of a room-shaking scream. The cries got louder as
the doctor depressed the plunger.

The doctor pulled the speculum out. As the horrible injections did their
work, the Bitch sobbed from the increasing pain in her cunt and the agony in
her tits. The Master waved Dr. Weinstein over pointing to his cock. She
waddled over as her cunt and ass hurt. When she reached the Master, she
kneeled and opened her mouth as wide as she could. The Master grabbed a
handful of her hair and rammed his cock into her mouth. She gagged as the
huge organ drove into her throat.

The Master continued his violent throat fuck of the doctor while the Bitch’s
cunt became more swollen. After several minutes, the Master removed his cock
from the middle-aged doctor’s mouth as she gasped for breath. He walked over
the tied up bitch and pushed his middle finger into the swollen cunt.
"OOOOOOWWWW!" cried the bitch.

The Master continued screwing his finger in and out of the abused hole. He
looked at the doctor, "Wow! This is the tightest hole I’ve ever seen! It’s
really hot too!" He pulled his finger out and lined his fat cock head up
with the tiny cunt hole. The Bitch could only shake her head as she sobbed
in fear. Mercilessly, the Master pushed his cock into the swollen cunt. The
hole was so tight it took concerted pressure to force the lips to gradually
spread around the fat cock. As they did so, grunts of pain escaped from the
Bitch. The loss of her virginity hadn’t been this painful and he didn’t even
have his cock-head all the way in.

The Master pulled back from the cunt-lips as the tightness was making it
uncomfortable for him. He motioned to the huge black guard, Jacqueline, who
nodded her understanding and obtained a jar of lubricant. Kneeling before
the Master, she liberally applied it to his huge prick rubbing it over the
full length.

The Master resumed his position between the Bitch’s outspread legs and
pressed his cock against the puffy lips. This time they spread more easily
as the fat cock head forced its way in. The Bitch cried out in pain,
surprised at how much her cunt ached from the familiar rough fucking of the
Master. Her cries increased to screams as more of her tender cunt walls were
stretched painfully. As the Master rammed the last few inches in with a
vicious stroke, she screamed, her cunt feeling on fire.

The Master started fucking her with deep jabbing thrust, changing the angle
regularly to hurt different areas of the punished cunt. "GAAAHH! Please
stop! NOOHHOOOWWW! Fuck my ass! OOOOHHNNFG! Shit in my mouth! AANNGGHHH!
Anything! OOWWWW!" she begged between each thrust as the burning pain in her
cunt increased with every thrust.

The Master stopped with his cock half inserted. He spread the upper cunt
lips with the fingers of his left hand, exposing the Bitch’s clitoris,
swollen unnaturally from the injection. He reached down with his right hand
and pinched the fat nub. The Bitch’s mouth snapped open in yet another
screech of pain. The yell increased as the Master twisted the tortured clit
with his fingers.

Sweat poured off the tortured woman as the Master started pumping the cunt
again, never releasing his grip on her swollen clit. The Bitch wept and
cried out as the punishing fuck kept up for twenty minutes, the burning in
her cunt getting worse with each thrust. Finally, the Master gave one more
hard thrust and shot deep into her abused vagina. He pulled his cock out if
the tiny hole.

The Bitch wept as the pain continued in her tits and cunt. Her sweat
glistening body shook with her deep sobs. The Master bent over her and gazed
into her tear-filled eyes. "That felt great! I think we should do it again!"
he said as he gripped his rapidly hardening cock. The Bitch pleaded, "NOOO!
Please, let me rest. PLEASE!"

The Master straightened, "You didn’t want to lick my ass before. Are you
ready to eat my shit and lick my ass clean now?" Sobbing, the Bitch slowly
nodded. The Master grabbed a hugely swollen nipple and yanked hard on it, "I
can’t hear you." As her scream subsided, the Bitch gasped, "I’ll eat your
shit!" The Master looked up at the rest of the room, " I don’t think she
really wants to." He slapped one of the ring bound tits with a hard
backhand. He waited for the screech to die down and said, "Ask nicely." The
Bitch writhed, "Please, shit in my mouth. Please. I’ll eat it all and lick
you clean. Please."

The Master motioned to the guards who set about releasing the Bitch from the
examining table.

The Judge had come minutes earlier but pained moans still escaped Janet’s
lips as the Judge had skewered each huge stretched tit 12 times. Blood
leaked from around each skewer.

The Reverend had also climaxed but was still shocking Monica’s urethra and
tit. He had worked up the numbers on the keypad and was now pushing 8.
Monica’s slender body spasmed in her bonds every time he pressed the button.
Her eyes rolled unnaturally every time he gave her a rest.

The Senator on the other hand had not come. Rather, he was pounding Jessica’
s tiny ass as hard as ever. The sphincter was badly torn and oozed more
blood with every thrust. Even worse, he had forced his giant hand in the
tiny teen and was brutally fist fucking the tiny cunt. The muscles of the
cunt were also seeping blood where they were torn. Jessica was unable to
scream any more but her eyes were opened wide in agony and the gag muffled
hoarse cries.

As they finished releasing the Bitch, the Senator grunted and came into the
teen’s tortured ass. Resting for a second, he pulled his fist out of her
cunt and his cock out of her ass. The small girl went limp. Her cunt and ass
gaped unnaturally open as blood trickled from them.

The Bitch was laid on a narrow bench. The Master squatted over her as she
opened her mouth wide. The Master forced out a long thick turd, which the
Bitch immediately worked on swallowing. She would swallow as much as she
could before she gagged and then would start swallowing again as soon as she
could control it. As the last of it was swallowed, she immediately thrust
her head up and started licking the Master’s ass. She continued licking
between gags until he was clean.

She lay her head back coughing in disgust at the foul taste still in her
mouth. The Master grabbed her hair and said, "I need to piss, let me wash
the shit out for you." The Bitch sobbed as the Master turned around and
lowered his ass over her upright breasts. The Master unexpectedly settled
his whole weight onto the restrained tits. The Bitch’s mouth opened in a
scream. As she screeched, the Master sent a stream of piss into her mouth.
She coughed, gagged and screamed as the piss poured into her mouth and over
her face. Finishing, the Master stood and motioned to the Doctor. The Doctor
waddled to a phone and nursed entered the room and removed the victims of
the night’s entertainment.

The Mansion

By Mad Dog

Chapter 19: Going Away Party

The three guests were escorted to a large room. The Master and several
guards were lounging around the room. The Master stood as his guests
entered, "Good morning, gentlemen. Today is your last day here so I have
arranged special entertainment."

The Master motioned the Judge over. A guard opened a door and a nude huge
breasted woman was walked in with large powerful guards holding each arm. A
nurse followed them. The guards tied the woman’s hands over her head and her
feet were spread wide apart and tied to eyes in the floor.

The Judge examined the woman, she was 5’ 10" tall and had dark hair and
white skin. Her tits were huge 47DD and topped with long nipples. The Master
spoke, "You asked if you could have a cunt’s tits injected with the serums
that caused maximum swelling. We are going to let you do Marilyn here even
though it will permanently damage those lovely tits." The victim’s eyes
became huge as she gasped in terror and struggled in her bonds.

Two nurses entered with an IV tree, which had eight clear bags of fluid
hanging from them. Tubes led from each bag ending in thick 3-inch long
transfusion needles. The nurse waved over the Judge and asked, "Would you
like to insert the needles." The Judge smiled broadly and took one of the IV
needles from the nurse.

The nurse wrapped her hands around one of the huge breasts and squeezed to
make the flesh taught. The Judge lined the needle up with the top of the tit
just above the nurse’s hands and pushed it in hard. Marilyn cried out loudly
at the pain. The nurse roughly pulled the tit to ones side and the Judge
took another needle and pushed it into the side of the huge breast.

The procedure was repeated until needles were inserted in the sides, top and
bottom of the pendulous breasts as Marilyn whined and begged for them to
stop. Marilyn released clamps below each bag and set up a slow drip.
"UNNNGGHH! BURNS!" grunted Marilyn as the first few drops started to seep
into her tit flesh.

The Master spoke, "It will take about an hour for all the serum to be
absorbed. Marta, come show us what you’ve brought." A door opened and Marta
entered with 3 small girls. The terrified girls were marched to the center
of the room and formed into a line. The Master turned to the Senator, "You
asked if there were any virgins here. I’ve ordered some and you may choose
one to use for the day. Marta, tell us about your delivery."

Marta walked up to the first girl. She was a tiny oriental, "This is Phien,
she is Cambodian and was bought from her parents. She is 14 years old. Her
measurements are 31A-21-33. She is 4’ 6" tall and a virgin in all orifices.
She is so small, she will likely tear badly with any use."

Marta walked to the second girl. She was only slightly larger and had white
skin and long jet-black hair. Marta continued, "This is Nadia, she is
Romanian and was purchased from her father. She is 14 years old. Her
measurements are 32A-22-34. She is 4’ 10" tall and a virgin in all orifices.
She is a gymnast and should be able to take much abuse."

Turning to the last girl, a small shapely black girl, "This is Sally. She
was brought from the chief of her tribe in Rwanda. She is 15 years old. Her
measurements are 34B-23-35. She is 5’ tall and a virgin in all orifices. She
is well muscled and should be relatively resilient."

The Senator walked up to each girl in turn, as they looked up at him
terrified. He was tempted by Nadia’s muscular body but could not resist the
tiny size of Phien. He took her by the hand and led her over to a bench. As
he did so, the Master instructed a guard to take the remaining young virgins
to his room. The Master walked behind Marta and reached below her short
skirt, pushed 3 fingers between her muscular ass cheeks and past her
sphincter. Marta’s body stiffened as her asshole was rudely stretched.

The Senator walked behind Phien and rubbed his middle finger between the
small ass cheeks. He then hooked it hard into the tiny virgin ass.
"GAAARRGGHH!" Phien cried as her eyes opened wide at the pain and she
reached behind her in an attempt to push out the intruding finger. Grabbing
both thin wrists in one giant hand, the Senator started ramming his finger
in and out of the little ass. Phien yelped and cried at the horrible pain in
her ass.

While the Senator finger fucked the young tight ass, the Master waved over
the huge guard, Jaqueline. He whispered something in her ear and she nodded
and started taking the small uniform off her 6’ 3" black body. She walked to
a cabinet and took out a dildo strap with 3 dildos attached. On the strap
that would go between the wearer’s legs, was an incredibly fat 10-inch dildo
that was covered with short stiff bristles. On the front of the strap were 2
dildos. The top one was made of steel balls the size of pool balls. They
were attached by a stiff wire running through the middle to make a 10-inch
long dildo. The lower dildo was 12 inches long and covered with dull metal
studs. It was so thick that the women in the room shuddered in fear.

While Jaqueline was getting the punishment dildos, the Senator had Phien
strapped to her back on a metal table. A spreader bar was affixed between
her legs. A rope from a ceiling pulley was attached to the spreader bar and
her legs were lifted until they were at right angles to her tiny body.

In the mean time, Jaqueline handed the dildo strap to Marta. A tear started
at the side of Marta’s eye as she realized she would be part of the Master’s
entertainment. The Master instructed her to put the strap on. Marta hiked
her skirt up and lined the fat bristled dildo up with her cunt. She twisted
the impossibly fat head into her pussy as her face contorted with the pain
of the intrusion. She took several short sharp breaths and grunted
"nnnggGGHH!" as she pushed a few more inches of the torture device into her
cunt. Her head hung forward as she gasped, trying to control the horrible
pain inside her. She squatted over a stool and lowered herself onto it. Her
weight pushed the punishment dildo slowly into her as she gingerly lowered
herself. As the last of the horrible fake cock entered her, she leaned
forward on her knees as sobs shook her large breasts.

On the other side of the room, The Senator had instructed 2 guards to get
short cat o’ nine tails. One stood on each side of the restrained Phien. The
Senator stood at the end of the table and rubbed lubricant on his huge cock.
Phien looked at the monster cock in terror, "Please, sir! Please don’t put
that in me! It’s much too large, please!"

Putting his huge greased cock head between the tiny girl’s legs, the Senator
leaned in. The thin pussy lips spread around the fat dick until it pushed
against her hymen. Phien squirmed in discomfort and fear. Bracing himself,
the Senator jerked the massive cock forward, tearing the hymen and forcing 3
inches of the fat cock into the tiny cunt, tearing its walls.
 "AAAYYYIIIEEE!" screamed the little oriental. Sweating with the strain, the
huge Senator forced inch after inch into the writhing young girl. Every
movement of his cock brought fresh screams as the girl’s vagina was split
further. Finally, the horrible prick was fully buried in the tight hole.
Phien sobbed loudly.

The Senator started long, slow, deep strokes in and out of the ripped cunt.
Phien cried out in agony with each thrust.

Marta stood, the huge bristled dildo lodged in her raw cunt. She pulled the
straps around her waist and tightened them, bringing the two huge dildo’s in
front of her. Two straps were pulled over each cheek and attached to the
strap around the waist. She looked bizarre with two huge cocks jutting out
beneath her large breasts.

Jacqueline bent over a metal table and reached back and pulled her large ass
cheeks apart. "Fuck her!" ordered the Master. Marta waddled over with the
huge fake cocks bouncing in front of her. She reached the huge black guard
and pushed the huge head of the studded cock against the thick black lips.
Tensing her powerful legs, Marta thrust forward, driving the head and
several rows of studs into the black guard. "GGAARRGGHHH!" cried Jacqueline
as her head snapped up from the pain.

"How’s that feel in your cunt?" asked the Master. "Ngh! Christ! So fucking
BIG! HURTS!" gasped the black amazon. "Ask her to hurt you more" ordered the
Master. Jacqueline looked over her shoulder at Marta and begged, "Please ram
both dildos in me! Hurt me for the Master!"

Marta lined the first metal ball of the second dildo against the dark spot
of Jacqueline’s ass. She worked it back and forward on the tiny hole,
pressing with her hips. Slowly the opening grew as Jacqueline gritted her
teeth and gasped in pain. After a few seconds, the ball popped in to a loud
scream by the black guard. Jacqueline’s breaths were ragged with pain at the
horrible stretching of her cunt and ass. Marta continued driving forward. As
each ball passed her sphincter, Jaqueline’s ass was more bruised and the
pain increased. As each row of metal studs forced into her over-stretched
cunt, it became rawer. As the huge dildos were finally fully inserted,
Jacqueline looked over at the Master with a pain-contorted face, "MASTER! IT
Master’s signal, Marta started a slow painful fuck of the huge black woman
who cried in pain with each movement.

Phien’s screams had subsided to gasps of pain. The Senator thrust in hard
and held his cock there. He nodded to the guards on either side of Phien and
each lashed a tiny tit with a cat o’ nine tails. Phien arched her back and
screamed. As she untensed, the Senator pulled back on his cock and drove in
again. As the cry from the thrust subsided, the guards stroked her small
breasts again. The Senator continued with this jerky dance.

The Master walked up behind Marta and pushed her deep into Jacqueline. He
then grabbed Marta’s hair and pushed her forward. With his other hand he
grabbed his large fat cock and lined it up with Marta’s ass. "Remember how
much this hurt bitch?" he asked. Marta nodded wide-eyed. The Master jerked
his fat cock head into her tight ass. Marta yelped in pain. With a hard
thrust he rammed the full length of his cock into Marta. Marta screamed
loudly as her ass muscles were impossibly stretched.

Holding Marta tight against him, the Master pulled back several inches. He
then released his grip on her hips. Marta rammed forward as hard as she
could, trying to get as much of the painful cock out of her ass as fast as
she could. In the process, the fat balls and studs ripped into Jacqueline
harder than ever. Jacqueline’s screams mingled with the small oriental being
raped and whipped on the other side of the room. The Master rammed forward
as hard as he could, raising a scream from Marta. He once again pulled back
holding Marta against him and repeated the process.

The brutal fucking and whipping continued for several more minutes. Finally,
the Senator came into the crying oriental girl with deep bone-shaking
thrusts. He pulled his cock out of the weeping girl and blood mixed with
come leaked out of her ravaged cunt.

The Master showed no signs of letting up as he spoke over the agonized
grunts and gasps of his victims, "I have something special for you too,
Reverend." He remarked signaling to a guard. The door was opened and a tall
slender blonde entered the room. She looked in her mid thirties but had firm
35C breasts over a firm hard body. The Reverend’s eyes widened, "Felicity!"
The blond looked at him in relief, "Martin Cross! Thank god you’re here!
These animals have kidnapped my daughter and me! Help us!"

The Master spoke over the grasps of pain coming from Marta and Jaqueline,
"This is one of the daughters that Reverend Cross’ mother served when he was
being raised. Do you want to help the lady, Reverend?"

The Reverend walked over to the statuesque blond trying to cover her breasts
with her arms. As he approached, two guards grasped her arms and held her
still. The Reverend looked in the terrified woman’s eyes, "You want my help?
After all the times you treated me like shit, you want my help? After all
the times you flashed your tight little ass at me, you want my help? I wasn’
t good enough for you to talk to, but you want my help?" The Reverend
slapped one of her tits. The women yelped as her hopes of help were dashed.

The Master gave a particularly brutal thrust to Marta’s ass and spoke as her
cry died, "If she doesn’t do what you want, she’s got the loveliest little
15 year old daughter we can bring in to entertain you." Felicity’s eyes
opened wide, "No, leave her alone! I’ll do whatever you want!" The Master
pointed to the Reverend, "It’s Reverend Cross you have to please!" Felicity
turned to the Reverend, "Please, Martin, please! I was just a teenager. I
was just teasing! Please help me!"

The Reverend forced his large, black hand between her legs, despite her
struggles to stop him, and forced 3 fingers into her dry cunt. He spoke as
she grunted, "Sure, you were just a teenage girl teasing the black boy. How
many blacks did you hang out with? After you grew up, how many black friends
did you have? What would you do if your daughter went out with a black?
Well, you’re going to get it from a black now, cunt!" He spoke to the
guards, "Hold her legs apart!"

The two powerful guards lifted the blond woman with no difficulty. Each used
one hand under a knee and yanked her legs apart. The Reverend twisted three
fingers back into her cunt. As she grunted, he worked his thumb and little
finger into the stretched hole. Felicity gasped as her cunt spread wide.
Brutally, the Reverend twisted his hand into the tall blond.
 "NNNGGHHHOOWWW!" she cried as her cunt burst with pain at the invasion. He
set up a hard punching motion as the slender woman screamed and struggled in
the steel grip of the guards.

In the corner of the room, Marilyn was begging the Judge to stop the IV
drip. Her tits were grossly swollen but less than half the liquid was gone
from the bags. The Judge was taking pleasure in the occasional slap of the
punctured tits as Marilyn screamed for mercy.

The Senator’s huge cock had grown to full erection and he stepped between
the tiny spread legs as she stared at the huge cock that had caused her such
pain. "Please," she begged through her sobs of fear, "my vagina hurts so
much, please don’t put it back in there."

The Senator said, "Don’t worry, I won’t!" as he lined his giant prick up
with the teen’s asshole. Phien immediately tensed at the touch of the huge
cock head against her sphincter. "PLEASE NO! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! IT’LL NEVER
FIT AAAAAHHHYYYYEEE!" she screamed as the Senator started tearing the tiny
hole with his huge cock. As the cock head finally passed the torn sphincter,
her screams reached a new height. As the tiny body shook from the pain
searing her ass, the Senator pushed his cock very slowly into the little
hole. Tissue tore deeper and deeper in the tortured ass until the massive
organ was deeply buried. Phien twisted in her bonds and cried out in
constant pain. The Senator started a slow deep fuck of the tiny torn hole as
Phien’s screams ebbed and flowed with the thrusting.

As the tiny oriental girl was being brutalized, the Reverend pulled his
clenched fist out of Felicity and motioned the guards to set her down. The
tall blond bent at the waist and gripped her aching cunt with both hands as
she sobbed from the pain. The Reverend grabbed her hair and lifted her head
so she was looking at him. "We’re just starting, cunt" snarled the Reverend.
The guards lifted the beautiful blond and laid her on a metal table. As they
strapped her down, She begged, "Martin, please, don’t hurt me!" Her feet
were connected to metal cuffs that stood up from the table. The cuffs were
attached to a bar that arced from beneath her feet to either side of her
waist on a plane with the surface of the table. The Reverend talked to guard
who led him to a cupboard. Several items were placed on a cart and rolled
over to the bound Felicity.

The Reverend pushed a button on the side of the table and a whirring
started. Very slowly, the ankle cuffs started travelling on the curved bar,
spreading Felicity’s legs ever farther apart. When the victim’s legs were at
a 45-degree angle from her body, The Reverend released the button and the
motion stopped.

He went to the cart and picked up 2 barbless fishhooks attached by an
elastic string. He reached between the blonde’s legs and grabbed a pussy
lip. He pulled it out with his left hand and pushed the hook through the
lower part of her inner labia. "AYYYIIIEEE! SSSTOOOP" yelled the punished
woman. The Reverend pulled on the hook at the end of the elastic. Stretching
the elastic slightly, he pushed the hook into her inner leg. Felicity whined
in pain as her cunt lip was stretched and the hook was plunged into her leg.

Picking up another set of attached hooks, the Reverend went between the
gorgeous legs and pulled out the same pussy lip and sunk the hook through
the center of the labia. Felicity’s body shook as she screamed. Again, he
stretched the cord slightly and sunk the second hook into her inner thigh.

A third set was applied to the top of the already punished cunt lip. Three
more sets were used to pierce the other cunt lip and pull it out as the
matching hooks were pushed into her leg. Felicity sobbed at the pain from
the punctures and the stretched sensation of her pussy.

The Reverend reached down and started pushing the button again. Ever so
slowly, the tortured woman’s legs spread wider as the cuffs move along the
arc of the bar. As her legs spread wider, the tension on the elastic
connecting the hooks increased, pulling her cunt lips out and apart. Very
shortly, the woman’s sobs turned to cries of pain as the hooks
over-stretched her pussy. By the time the woman’s legs were at 75-degrees
from her body, she was screaming loudly as the tension was causing the hooks
to rip small holes in her pussy lips.

As her legs spread close to 90-degrees, the tendons on the inside of her
legs were stretched to their limits and causing her great pain. As her legs
spread to full right angles, the Reverend stopped the movement.

Her legs were pulled wide apart, her cunt lips were spread wide open, her
vagina gaped open, and blood trickled from the hooks in her cunt and legs.
The Reverend ran his fingers over the stretched cunt lips and pushed 3 large
fingers into the open cunt hole. Felicity shook her head in horror. He
pulled his fingers out and grasped the nub of her clitoris between 2 fingers
and squeezed hard, eliciting further cries.

Releasing the sensitive clit, he went to the cart and picked a black box. A
plug cord and wires were hanging from it. The wires ended at 2 chrome probes
coming out of plastic cylindrical insulators. The metal probes were 3 inches
long and 1/8-inch thick. He set the box on the table below the gaping cunt
and plugged it in. He turned a dial on the box and picked up the probes.
Holding them over her face, he brought the probes close together and a spark
arced from one to the other. Felicity shook her pain twisted face in terror.

The Reverend took the robes and placed one on each side of her left tit. As
the electricity shot through her tit, Felicity gritted her teeth and writhed
in her bonds. The Reverend held one probe against her left nipple. He
reached toward the other nipple with the other probe as the desperate woman
begged, "GOD NO!" Pushing the other probe into her right nipple, Felicity
cried out in pain as her tits ached from the shocks. Sweat glistened on her
body. The Reverend placed both probes on both sides of one nipple and the
cry of pain increased as the pain centralized on her tender pink teat.

Removing the probes, Felicity rolled her head as she cried and pleaded for
the torment to end. Ignoring her pleading, the Reverend took the probes down
to the exposed cunt. He touched them against a hook in each cunt lip to
refreshed screams as Felicity’s cunt was shocked. He shoved one probe up her
ass and started touching her cunt walls with the other. The victim’s cunt
and ass spasmed with pain.

Pulling the probe from her ass, he lined it up with her tiny urethra and
pushed the thick probe into the tiny piss hole. Felicity grunted as the tiny
hole was stretched. Terror gripped her as he started touching the other
probe around her inner cunt. She felt as if her urethra was on fire. When
the Reverend touched the probe against her clit, Felicity’s head tilted back
as a horrible scream filled the room and every muscle in her body tensed.

The Reverend pulled the probe from her piss hole as she panted trying to
recover her breath. The Reverend pointed to the box and announced, "Good
news! That was setting one! There are 3 more!" Felicity cried desperately,
realizing her torture would continue.

As the Reverend continued shocking Felicity at a higher setting, the Marliyn
’s tits had swollen until they hung just above her navel. Her nipples had
swollen to a huge size. Her whole body was covered with sweat as she
continuously moaned in pain. As the last of the serum was flowing into her
agonized tits, the Judge had taken a swollen nipple in each hand and was
squeezing them viciously as Marilyn’s moans turned to cries of pain. The
nurse advised, "They’ll continue to swell for about 20 minutes but they’re
almost as large as they’ll get."

Giving her nipples a particularly hard twist, the Judge asked, "Maybe I
should take a whip to these big tits. Would you like that?" Marilyn shook
her head violently as she cried out in pain. The Judge released the painful
teats and ordered Marilyn to be released. The nurse yanked the needles out
one at a time, eliciting a cry and grimace each time. She the unshackled the
weeping woman.

The Judge lay back on a low bench and ordered, "If you don’t want me to whip
your tits, come over here and fuck me. If you don’t make me come, I’ll beat
your tits to pulp!" Marilyn tried to steady her huge tits with her hands as
any movement hurt but any contact stung the irritated tit-flesh. She grunted
as she walked as the swaying of the swollen tits hurt. "Hurry up or we’ll
skip the fucking and get the whip!" Marilyn quickened her shuffling and
approached the Judge.

She gingerly straddled the Judges cock and lowered her cunt onto it. She
started a slow fuck, trying to avoid any movement of her huge suffering
tits. The Judge raised his hand and slapped her tit hard. Marilyn screamed
and stood up, pulling the cock out of her cunt as she shielded her tits with
her arms. "You better start fucking me hard or you’ll regret it!" threatened
the Judge.

Marilyn lowered herself back on the hard cock and started a slightly faster
rhythm. The Judge slapped her tit again. Marilyn howled in pain but
increased the speed of her bouncing. After two more slaps to the suffering
tits, she was pounding up and down on the cock. A gasp of pain escaped her
lips with every bounce of the swollen udders.

After several minutes of the painful fuck, the Judge pushed her off. "This
cunt is never going to make me come!" he spat as he got up. The nurse
whispered in his ear bringing a smile to his face as he nodded. The nurse
spoke to 2 guards who left the room and returned with a sheet of thick
plywood with an oval hole cut into it. Four eyebolts and straps decorated
each corner. Four chains were lowered from the ceiling and attached to each
eyebolt. The chains were pulled until the plywood lay horizontally at
Marilyn’s waist height.

The guards lay Marilyn face down on the board so her grossly swollen breasts
hung through the hole. Her hands and feet were strapped to the corners. The
judge climbed onto the board, kneeling between the spread legs of the
victim. Rudely pulling her ass cheeks apart, he rammed his cock into her
tight asshole. "NNNGGHH!" grunted the punished woman. The Judge lay forward
on the woman and started a brutal fucking of her ass.

As Marilyn gasped from the raping of her ass, the guards pulled on the
chains, raising the board until it was just over their heads and the fat
tits hung in front of them. Two large muscular guards took off their tops,
freeing their large breasts. Each lifted their fists like boxers.

When the first one punched a thick swollen tit, Marilyn’s mouth opened wide,
"AAAAYYYIIIEEE!" The other guard punched the other tit, raising another
scream. The guards started hitting the tits again and again. Marilyn’s cries
turned into one long scream. The guards picked up their pace, pummeling the
fat breasts. Marilyn thrashed in agony, her ass gripping the Judges cock as
she writhed.

For 10 minutes, the guards kept up their pounding of Marilyn’s tits until
the Judge finally shuddered in orgasm. Drenched in sweat, the Guards stopped
the punching. Marilyn’s tits were blotchy and becoming discolored. She wept
loudly as the Judge’s cock slipped out of her ass and the guards lowered the

Felicity’s screams were filling the room as the Reverend had turned the
transformer on high and was shocking her piss hole and cunt. As he pulled
the probe out he held his cock by her mouth, "Suck me off or we’ll start
again!" She rapidly opened her mouth as the Reverend drove his fat back cock
into her throat and started a pounding throat fuck of the blond. Finally, he
came into her mouth.

The men rested as snacks were served. Shortly, they restarted the screams as
the men spent the afternoon enjoying their victims.

The Mansion

By Mad Dog

Chapter 20: The Flight Home

Reluctantly, the 3 men proceeded to the helicopter. Each had developed a
taste for having women being their possessions. Each resolved to do their
part to make the Master’s plan succeed.

They boarded the helicopter and took a short flight to an airstrip cut out
of the forest. They had come by a small private plane with no windows. It
had been explained that they could not know where they were going. Expecting
to see the same small plane, they were shocked to see an unmarked, full
sized Boeing 737.

They were led up stairs to the entrance and were greeted by a statuesque
blond stewardess. She was 5’ 8’ tall and 38D-24-37. She was deeply tanned
and had cobalt blue eyes. She was wearing a very short skirt that
occasionally flashed blond pubic hair below its hem. Over the skirt she wore
a thin silk uniform blouse that only had one button just above the top of
her skirt. The blouse showed generous expanses of cleavage and long hard
nipples were outlined by the thin material. As she motioned the men up the
stairs, her large breasts moved enticingly beneath the fabric.

As the last of the 3 men entered the plane, they noticed that 2/3 of the
length of the plane had been turned into a large torture chamber with varied
racks and punishment tables. The chamber ended at a bulkhead with a door in
it. All the windows were blocked off. Four large guards lounged in their
abbreviated uniforms, standing as the men entered.

The stewardess stood before the men and smiled, "Hi sirs! I’m Millie. The
Master has instructed me to see to it that you gentlemen enjoy your flight.
Make sure you let me know if there is anything I can do to please you."

The Judge reached out and put his hands between her legs. She separated her
feet slightly to give him access as he worked 3 fingers into her cunt. She
pushed down slightly to force the fingers into her cunt as she grimaced at
the invasion. "The Master …ngh… told me you …ohh… liked pain so …ouch… I
have arrange …gah… special company for you" she grunted as the Judge worked
a fourth finger into the tight hole "but first we …ah… have to …ngh… take

The Judge pulled his fingers out and Millie pointed to three narrow
upholstered seats set up a few feet apart each man took a chair as Millie
instructed, "I’ve developed a new seat belt system I’ll think you’ll enjoy."
Millie motioned to the guards and they returned with 3 women.

The first was led in front of the judge. She was a 5’ 1" tall and 26 years
old. Her measurements were 40dd-26-38. She had long brown hair that
complemented huge reddish brown nipples. A thick mat of dark hair covered
her pussy mound. Millie exposed the judge’s cock and started an expert cock
sucking. As she worked his cock, a guard took each arm of the large breasted
woman as a third approached with two 4-inch metal discs that looked like
shallow bowls. The inside of the bowl was lined by hundreds of sharp wire
bristles. The two discs were attached by a strap and had straps hanging from
the sides to form a cruel looking bra.

The buxom woman struggled in the guards’ grip as the third guard approached.
Millie lifted her head, "Eva has most sensitive nipples and I understand you
like hurting big tits" she said looking up into the Judge’s eyes for a
moment before driving his cock into her throat again.

The guard lined the cups up with the huge nipples as the last guard pulled
the straps around the terrified woman. As the straps were pulled tight, she
cried out as myriad wire bristles were plunged into the tender teats. The
guards holding her arms forced the weeping woman forward as Millie arose.

When they got to the Judge, they forced her legs apart so she stood
straddled over the seated man, facing him. Millie reached between Eva’s legs
and lined the hard cock up with her cunt and nodded to the guards. They
forced her down as she gasped from the cock entering her dry, unwilling
cunt. A guard grabbed each foot and pulled it forward. As her feet were
pulled out from under her, her full weight pushed her down on the cock. Her
feet were put into cuffs at the back of the seat. A button was pushed and
hydraulics pulled the ankle cuffs until her crotch securely held the judge
in his seat while his raging hard on impaled her.

The guards pulled her arms on either side of the back of the chair and
pulled her against the Judge, mashing her large tits into his chest and
making the bristles drive further into the punished nipples. The guards tied
her hands behind the chair. The Judge found he could move from side to side
and grind the metal cups on the raw nipples and make the buxom woman scream
in agony as the bristles tore at the tender flesh.

Millie went to work on sucking the Reverend’s thick black cock. She still
sucked expertly but now strained as gagging could be heard as she stretched
her throat on the thick cock. The second victim was brought forward. She was
17 years old, 5’ 3" tall and blond. Her body was a lean firm 35-23-35. She
looked terrified as she saw the large black cock gagging Millie. Millie
lifted her head, coughing as the fat head pulled out of her throat, "Meet
Giselle. She comes from a rich French family. Unfortunately, their
investments did poorly and her father sold her to us." The young blond
stared at the fat black prick.

Two guards held her arms fast while a third approached with a box of 3-inch
long pins. The guard grasped one breast in his hand and pushed a pin into
the small pink nipple. Giselle’s mouth opened wide as she screamed. One foot
lifted off the ground as she tried to twist free. Her cries increased as a
second and third pin were pushed into the tender flesh.

The guard stepped back and let the tortured young woman writhe in pain
before she stepped back and renewed the screams by pushing three pins into
the other nipple.

Giselle sobbed deeply as Millie got up and the two guards marched her
forward to straddle the large black man. Millie lined the fat cock up with
the young cunt lips and the guards forced Giselle down. Giselle’s face
twisted in pain as her young cunt stretched around the thick cock. The
guards pulled her feet from under her, "AAARRRGGHH" she cried as the full
length of cock forced into her. Her feet were shackled behind the chair and
the hydraulics pulled her crotch taught over the Reverend’s cock. She was
pushed forward so her punctured nipples were pressed into the Reverend,
eliciting more cries of pain. Her arms were wrapped around him and tied
behind his back.

Millie approached the Senator, her eyes showing uncertainty as she kneeled
by him. She opened her mouth wide and stuffed the huge cock tip into her
mouth. She adjusted her position and worked the thick monster a couple of
inches into her throat. She gagged loudly and her eyes popped open wide from
the horrible strain. She pulled back and took a gasping breath before
pushing the giant cock back into her throat. She twisted and pushed until
several inches were lodged in her throat and pulled back, desperately trying
to breath through her coughing and gagging. Leaning forward once more, she
gagged down several inches before driving forward on his cock. Her thrust
drove her face into his crotch as her whole body shuddered from the
brutalizing pain in her throat. She set up a hard throat fuck, driving the
length of his cock and pulling back to catch a hurried breath.

The last victim was brought forward. She was 5’ 3" tall and very slender.
She had long shocking red hair that was matched by faint wisps of red pubic
hair. Her skin was very light and covered by faint pink freckles. She was
32-22-33 and her breasts were just small mounds topped by puffy bright pink

Millie pulled her head of the Senator’s cock and spent several seconds
coughing and trying not to wretch. Finally she gasped, "This is Shannon. She
was bought from an orphanage in Dublin. She is 14 years old and has only
been fucked once by the Master."

The young girl’s mouth opened in terror and tears formed as she looked at
the gigantic cock in front of her. She had spent a week in the hospital
after being fucked by the Master and this prick was even bigger.

Again, two guards pinned her arms as a third approached with two surgical
clamps. One was opened over a small nipple and shut and clamped. Shannon
howled at the horrible pain in her tiny tit. "Sweet Jesus, no!" she begged
as the guard approached the other nipple with the clamp. The cries were
renewed as a clamp crushed the second nipple.

The youth begged for mercy as she was forced toward the Senator. As they
approached, she thrashed her legs wildly in an attempt to avoid straddling
the huge cock. The guard’s reached down with one hand and each grabbed a
slender thigh and lifted the thin body, forcing the legs apart. The spread
cunt was placed over the gigantic cock head and rested on it. The guards
forced the tiny hole onto the huge cock forcing the cunt stretch around it.
"GGOOOOOD! TOOOO BIIIIIG!" Shannon cried as her cunt began to tear from the

The guards rested a second before driving several more inches of cock into
the screaming red head. Finally, they released her thighs as her body weight
slowly pulled her tearing cunt down the fat cock. Shannon’s red hair flew
through the air as her head thrashed in agony.

Her feet were shackled behind the Senator and the hydraulics pulled the last
fractions of an inch into the screaming girl. As her arms were tied behind
the chair, her clamped nipples were pushed painfully into the broad chest.
She slumped against the hard muscles, sobbing loudly from the agony in her
teats and cunt.

Millie spoke into a telephone and the plane started taxiing down the runway.
As it did so, 3 guards removed their tiny halter-tops and picked up leather
straps. Each took a position behind each of the victims. Each guard raised
their strap and slapped the victims across the back with it. The women cried
out as the men enjoyed the writhing cunts on their cocks.

The guards kept up the thrashing through the take off. Each man came at
least once as cunts gripping from pain bounced to the rhythm of the straps.
As the plane came to level flight, the guards stopped the whippings. Each
guard was covered with sweat from the exertion. All three tied women were
breathing raggedly, their backs were a mass of welts.

The guards approached Eva and released her from her bonds. They lifted her
from the Judge’s cock. As she stood weak kneed they undid the horrible bra.
Her large teats wear raw and red. The Judge stood and pinched the tender
flesh. Eva stiffened and howled in renewed pain. The Judge twisted and
pulled the tortured nipples viscously. Eva’s screams filled the plane until
the Judge finally released the damaged nipples.

The guards walked the woman to the rear compartment and returned to Giselle.
The slender blonde’s back smarted from the welts and her dry cunt was raw
from twisting on the fat black cock. She winced as she was lifted off. The
Reverend stood and slowly pulled each pin from the aching nipples. Giselle
grimaced from the pain as drops of blood formed at the puncture sites.

Giselle was escorted back to the rear compartment. The guards approached
Shannon. The young girl’s body was still shaking from deep sobs of pain. The
released her and lifted her off the huge cock. Streaks of blood stained the
huge organ as Shannon yelped in pain as the fat head pulled out. The guards
set the slender girl on the floor. The Reverend got up and instructed the
guards to release her arms. The teen fell to the floor and clutched her
ripped cunt, curling into a ball. The Senator reached down and grasped the 2
surgical clamps attached to Shannon’s nipples. He started pulling up
steadily, stretching the tiny tits into pointed cones. The teen cried out as
she crawled first to her knees and then stood, trying to relieve the
stretching pain in her tits.

As she stood, the Senator released the clamps. Shannon whined loudly as
blood flowed back into her tits. Shannon was led back to the rear cabin.
Mollie smiled and said, "We have several more slaves available, enjoy
gentlemen." The men smiled as three more beautiful women were led to their

The Mansion

By Mad Dog

Chapter 21: Recruiting the Governor

Moira Regan swore and turned of the TV in her office. As the first female
Governor of California she was already well on her way towards her goal,
becoming the first woman President. When she first heard about the move to
have women removed from the protection of the constitution and becoming
possessions of men, she had laughed it off. Surely no one would take it

The last few months had shaken her complacency. Powerful political leaders
had taken up the cause. Religious leaders and entertainers had lent it
credibility. She had just watched the popular Senator Matthews interviewed.
He spoke eloquently in support of the proposition and the journalist doing
the interview hadn’t attacked the whole concept. Well, she would fight it
with all the skill and cunning 20 years of politics had taught her.

She rubbed the back of her neck and wished Luanne was back from visiting her
family. No one knew her assistant was also her lover. As far as society had
come, they weren’t ready for a lesbian political leader. However, she really
could use a good cunt licking. She looked at herself in the mirror. At 43
she still looked good. She was 5’ 8" tall. Her body was a full and
voluptuous 40D-26-38. She worked out daily to keep herself firm.

Her intercom buzzed and her secretary announced the representative of
Masterline Enterprises was here. She went behind her desk and asked for her
secretary to show him in. She hated having to stroke these corporate
assholes. However, Masterline was a huge corporate player and was looking
for a place to locate their new research facility. If flashing a smile and a
little cleavage at some middle-aged corporate geek got a few hundred jobs in
her state, it all went to her master plan.

As the door opened, she was taken aback. Instead of a man, a huge 6’ 8"
black woman entered the room. She was wearing a suit jacket that exposed the
top of huge 48DD breasts. A short skirt exposed muscular legs. Her secretary
announced, "Jacqueline D’Arcy, Governor."

The Governor shook the black giantess’ hand as she felt a stirring in her
cunt. "Welcome to California, Ms. D’Arcy! Can I offer you a coffee or
something to drink." The black woman shook her head and the Governor waved
the secretary out of the office.

As they took seats, the Governor spoke, "I hope your company has been
impressed with our state." Jacqueline smiled, "Actually, I will require you
to come with me for the afternoon."  The Governor thought, "Who does this
bitch think she is!" but maintained her smile and said, "I’m sorry but that
isn’t possible. Perhaps I can arrange an aid to accompany you?"

Jacqueline reached into her purse and pulled out a portable DVD player, "You
might want to have a look at this before you decide." Frowning, the Governor
watched while the huge black woman hit a button on the small player. The
small screen came to life. A small woman was tied upside down and was
screaming loudly as a large muscular blonde had her whole hand driven in her
cunt. It took a moment for her to realize that it was her assistant/lover
Luanne who was being brutalized. "What’s going on here!" she snapped, "I’ll
see your ass in jail you bitch!" Jacqueline crossed her legs, "That would be
most unfortunate for your friend in the video."

Moira felt herself flush with anger but as the screams continued from the
DVD player, she realized she had better go along with the woman if she was
going to help her lover. "What do you want?" She snapped. Jacqueline stood,
"You will come with me and we’ll discuss that." She reached into her purse
and came out with a fat 6 " butt plug. "You’ll have this up your ass while
we go." Moira stood, "You’ve gone too far!" She hit the security button
under her desk and, a few seconds later, two large men in suits led by a
large red headed woman burst into the room, guns drawn.

Moira shouted, "Arrest her!" The two large men grasped Jacqueline’s wrists
and hand cuffed them behind her while the Governor pointed toward the DVD
player, "Chris, look what they’ve done to Luanne! You have to find her!" The
large red head looked at the screen where a huge dildo was now being shoved
up the victim’s ass.

The tall red head walked over to the black giantess and grabbed her lapels,
"You better tell me where she is cunt or I’ll lock your ass up and throw
away the key. Jacqueline smiled, "I won’t tell you anything and, if I don’t
make a call by tomorrow, your little lesbian bitch will be slowly and
painfully tortured to death." Chris reached back and drove a focused punch
into the hard belly of the black giantess but Jacqueline barely grunted.

Chris waved the Governor over to the corner of the room and spoke in hushed
tones, "I don’t think we should arrest her. She’ll lawyer up and we won’t
get a word out of her." The Governor panicked, "But she said they’d kill
Luanne! I love her! You can’t let that happen! You’re my security chief do
something! The statuesque red head licked her lip slowly, "There is another
way. We have until tomorrow morning to make her talk." The Governor raised
her eyebrows, "What are you saying!" Chris lowered her voice more, "If you
want to see Luanne alive, we have until tomorrow morning to persuade this
bitch to talk. I say we can’t do that legally. However, I know someone who
could make her tell us whatever we need to know. The only thing is we can’t
let our friend here leave afterward."

The Governor’s head swam. She was being asked to condone torture and murder,
to risk her career and her freedom and if she didn’t agree, she would lose
the woman she loved. She turned to Chris, "Can we get away with it?" Chris
shrugged, "Most likely but there’s always risks."

Moira thought of the image of her lover being abused on the DVD, "Do it!"
she said. Chris picked up the phone and made 2 calls. The first brought 2
muscular women to replace the male security team. Chris needed people she
could trust and both these women were members of her inner security team.
What the world didn’t know was that they were all ex soldiers and police who
’d been let go for their homosexuality. Bitter, Chris had recruited them to
help elect Moira President and they were fiercely loyal.

Moira stood in front of Jacqueline and stared into her eyes, "Don’t expect a
nice safe jail cell, cunt. We’re going to find out where Luanne is if we
have to tear you apart an inch at a time. You can tell us now and save
yourself a lot of pain or we can make you wish you were dead!" Jacqueline
smiled and said, "What you do to me will be nothing compared to what your
little friend will suffer." Chris motioned towards the desk and the two
female security officers bent Jacqueline over the desk. She picked up the
butt plug that had been meant for the governor. It was incredibly fat,
almost 3 inches across the widest part and had a gritty surface like fine
sandpaper. She looked at the officers and said "We’re taking her to Madame
Chang.  But first we’ll make her a little uncomfortable so she knows what
she’s getting into." The 2 officers’ eyes widened. Madam Chang ran a
prostitution ring for one of the Asian drug lords and was known for her
sadistic streak.

Chris lifted the large black woman’s skirt and was surprised to find she
wore no panties. She pulled an ass cheek to one side and roughly forced the
plug deep into the muscular ass. Jacqueline grunted loudly as the fat rough
plug stretched and scratched her ass walls. Chris pulled the fat part of the
dildo back through her sphincter and twisted it in again. She jerked the
torture plug in and out several more times as Jacgueline whined in pain. "We
’re just getting started, cunt! Stand her up!"

The two guards straightened the black giantess up. Chris pulled open the
front of the business suit open, exposing the huge breasts and the fat long
nipples. She went to the outer office and returned with an oversize stapler
used for attaching large numbers of pages. She put the end of one large
nipple in the jaws of the stapler and depressed the plunger.
 "AYYYYIIIIEEEE!" screamed Jacqueline as the oversized staple drove through
her teat and folded over. As Jacqueline panted in agony, Chris asked, "You
can end this any time you want. Where is Luanne?"

The large black woman shook her head and Chris positioned the other nipple
in the stapler, "Last chance!" Again Jacqueline shook her head and the room
was shattered by another howl of agony as staple drove through the dark

Chris called to have a car brought to the back entrance and the two guards
walked Jacqueline to the door. As Chris joined them, she instructed the
Governor, "You stay here, I’ll take care of it and call you." She walked
behind the guards and Jacqueline watching the black woman struggle to walk
with the huge butt-plug rubbing her rectum raw. As they got to a limousine,
Jacqueline was forced in and grunted again as she sat on the plug and it was
forced deeper in her ass. The limousine pulled off.

The Mansion

By Mad Dog

Chapter 22: Jacqueline’s Interrogation

The limousine pulled up to a large house in an exclusive area of town. They
drove to the back door where a small middle aged oriental woman met them.
She was 5 ‘ tall with short black hair. She wore a short leather skirt and a
sheer white blouse that did little to hide small pert breasts. Chris
acknowledged the woman. "This is our problem, Chang." she said nodding
toward the beautiful large black woman being dragged out of the car, "Do you
think you can persuade her to tell us what we want. She’s a tough nut!" To
emphasize her point, Chris pulled open the suit jacket and exposed the
stapled nipples that were now swollen around the staples and marked with
clotting blood.

Chang shook her head and grasped one of the torture nipples, "You western
fools. You always go for brute force. A more gradual, subtle approach is
much more elegant. However, don’t worry, I have experience in these
 matters." Gently squeezing the swollen nipple, she looked up into
Jacqueline’s pained eyes, "I used to be an interrogator for the People’s
army before I found more lucrative work. Everyone I question ends up
talking, it’s just a matter of how much pain before they talk. This is your
last chance do you want to avoid being tortured." Once more Jacqueline shook
her head. Chang smiled, "I was hoping you’d say that!" The two guards were
joined by 2 large men who marched Jacqueline into the house and down a set
of stairs. The basement they entered was a large room equipped with
restraint devices and decorated by whips and other torture instruments.

Chang instructed the guards to strip the large black woman and hang her from
her hands using a chain and pulley hanging from the ceiling. While she was
being restrained, Chang poured a vial into a huge enema bag. She then wet to
a sink and filled the bag with hot water. The smell of menthol filled the
air. She affixed a hose that ended with a nozzle shaped like a butt plug. It
was 3 inches across at the thick point. She pulled on rubber gloves and
opened a jar of lubricant and spread a generous layer on the butt plug.

She carried the full bag over and hung it from the chain suspending her
victim. She saw the thick base of the butt plug already in Jacqueline’s ass.
She grasped it and pulled it as fast as she could causing Jacqueline to cry
out. Jacqueline’s asshole was raw from the rough surface of the butt plug
and she winced as Chang worked four fingers into her ass. Chang taunted,
"Having that big plug up your ass with no lubricant must of hurt. Don’t
worry, I’ve greased this one up good for your." She took the fat nozzle and
roughly drove it into the muscular black ass. Jacqueline grunted at the
intrusion but the pain from the painful intrusion was soon replaced by a
horrible burning in her ass. She writhed uncontrollably as her ass felt like
it was on fire. Chang sneered, "How do you like my lubricant. I have it
mixed by an herbal practitioner. He assured me the burning sensation will
just get worse with time."

Chang stood back and let Jacqueline twist as she tried vainly to move her
ass muscles to relieve the itching. Chris walked up to her and whispered in
her ear, "Aren’t you taking it a little slow? We need this information in
the next 12 hours. Chang smiled, "Everything in its own time." Chang turned
to Jacqueline and spoke again, "The bag hanging over your head holds 5
liters of water and a herbal extract. The herbs will make your guts burn but
will also increase what will be quite terrible cramps. Normally 5 liters
would ruin a woman but I think a big girl like you can take it. Of course we
can avoid all this by telling my friends what they want to know."
Jacqueline stared at the woman with hatred in her eyes but said nothing.

Chang reached up and opened the clamp on the enema bag. Jacqueline’s eyes
opened wide as she whined through gritted teeth as the hot water spurted
into her. As the herbs started to irritate her innards, her head started to
thrash back and forward as she gasped for breath between cries of pain. The
burning increased as was joined by a horrible pressure. Chang reached up and
closed the clamp on the hose. Jacqueline felt as if her guts were going to
explode. She looked up at the bag and saw to her horror that it was still
half full.

Chang reached between Jacqueline’s legs and thrust 3 fingers into her cunt.
"Ah yes!" she commented, "You’re starting to cramp nicely. The rest of the
enema will be incredibly painful. You sure you wouldn’t rather tell us where
our friend is?" Jacqueline shook her head as sweat started to drip off her

As Chang reached up and opened the clamp again, tears started to run down
Jacqueline’s face. Her belly started to swell with the pressure. Her body
started to shudder with the cramps. Chang signaled a guard to start
squeezing the enema bag to force the liquid in. With the first squeeze
Jacqueline’s cries turned into full-throated screams. The cries grew louder
as the pressure became unbearable. As the last of the water was forced in,
Chang had Jacqueline’s hands removed from the over head chain but kept them
shackled in front of her. As they let her go, Jacqeline curled into a ball
on the floor as the cramps wracked her body. She desperately tried to reach
behind and remove the plug from her ass.

Chang let Jacqueline writhe on the floor for several minutes. She stood over
the large black woman, "Would you like to get the plug out of your ass?"
Jacqueline nodded desperately. Chang put her foot on her swollen belly,
"Yes, I think I’ll let you, it’s time for the real torture to start." At
Chang’s nod one of the large men grabbed a handful of hair and dragged her
into a large tiled area of the floor with a drain in it. He reached down and
yanked the plug out of her ass. "Gaarrrgghh" grunted Jacqueline as the water
started shooting out of her ass.

Jacqueline cried and moaned as the horrible fluid was forced out of her. The
guard picked up a hose and turned on a spigot. He ran the hot water and
turned the nozzle to a hard spray. He roughly washed Jacqueline down as she
whined from the scalding hot water.

Chang instructed Jacqueline to be tied to her back on a metal table with her
legs tied to a long spreader bar. A rope was lowered from the ceiling and
pulled up so her legs were wide spread and at a right angle to her body.
Chang took a long pin and pulled one thick cunt lip until it stretched onto
Jacqueline’s inner thigh and pushed the pin through the labia and into the
muscular leg. Jacqueline whined through gritted teeth. Chang repeated the
procedure on the other side, holding Jacqueline’s cunt lips wide apart.

Chang leaned over the restrained victim, "We won’t be playing around any
more. From now on, it is just going to get worse and worse. You will talk
anyway, why not do it now and save yourself the pain." Jacqueline snarled a

Chang picked up a jar and opened. Again a menthol fragrance filled the room.
Chang pulled on a rubber glove and scooped a glob of ointment onto her
finger. She positioned herself in front of Jacqueline’s cunt and rubbed the
ointment onto her thick clit. Jacqueline’s eyes opened wide and her body
shook as the ointment burned her tender clit. As she rubbed the ointment
around the swelling clit, Chang spoke, "I hope you don’t think this is the
torture. This is just to swell your clit so it’s easier to work with. In a
minute you’ll be begging to go back to this level of pain."

Chang picked up a device. It was a piece of flat metal bent into a "U" about
3-inches high. A bolt passed through the bottom of the "U". The hole the
bolt passed through was threaded so the bolt could be turned in and out of
the "U". On the end of the bolt inside the arms of the "U" was a small sharp
toothed clamp. On the end outside the "U" there was a "T" formed to turn the

The end of the "U" was placed either side of Jacqueline’s swollen clit.
Chang turned the bolt until the clamp just touched the clit. Reaching down
with her other hand, she opened the clamp and let it close on the very end
of Jacqueline’s clit. "GGAAHHGGEEEEEEE!" Jacqueline screamed as the teeth
dug into the sensitive tip of her clit.

Chang stood over Jacqueline, "You think that hurts, cunt! We’re just getting
started! Let us know when you want to stop!" Chang went back between the
powerful legs and started turning the bolt. With each turn the clamp pulled
a fraction of an inch farther away from the victim’s cunt, stretching the
clit. Each turn caused another scream and Jacqueline’s powerful muscles were
shaking in agony. As the sensitive clit was stretched to a thin point,
Jacqueline’s head snapped from side to side as she tried to escape the
horrible agony in her crotch.

Chang spoke, "That really hurts doesn’t it, cunt. What you don’t believe
right now is that it can get much worse. All you have to do is tell us what
you want to know and we can stop." Jacqueline shook her head, "NNNOOOO!"
Chang picked up a box of thin 1-inch pins, "Well then, we’ll have to step it
up a notch. We’ll see how many of these we can stick through your clit. I’ll
bet you didn’t know that different parts of your clit are more sensitive
than others." Jacqueline’s eyes opened wide as she lifted her head in a vain
attempt to see her crotch. Chang pressed a pin against the center of the
stretched clit and pushed it through. Jacqueline’s mouth shot open in a
blood-curdling scream that carried on for several seconds. As the scream
turned to body racking sobs, Chang drove a second pin through the center of
the clit. The second scream was as loud as the first.

Chang looked up, "As much as that hurt, the nerves at the base of the clit
are more sensitive. Care to talk?" Jacqueline was unable to talk through her
pain and weakly shook her head. Chang drove a pin through the base of the
clit and was rewarded with another loud scream. Waiting for the intensity of
 the scream to lessen, Chang drove a second through the base of the clit.
writhed in her restraints.

Chang waited for the black woman to regain her senses, "That’s a good girl.
Tell what we want to know and the pain will go away." Jacqueline shook her
head, "I can’t but please, no more pain!"
Chang smiled, "Sorry, the pain will just increase until you tell us what we
want to know." Jacqueline broke down into sobbing tears as Chang walked back
to face her cunt.

Chang looked up, "You’ve made a very poor choice, my dear. The end of the
clit is the most sensitive of all." Jacqueline lifted her head up, her eyes
wide with fear, "NO, NO MORE!" Chang pushed a pin through where the clamp
dug into the tip of the clit. Jacqueline howled in pain. Waiting a moment,
Chang thrust another pin through the end of the clit. Jacqueline bobbed up
and down against her restraints as her screams filled the room.

Chang looked into Jacqueline’s eyes, "I bet you’ve never hurt like this
before. I know you want it to stop, don’t you?" Jacqueline nodded weakly.
"Will you tell us what we want to know?" Jacqueline shook her head. Chang
went back to the black woman’s crotch, "I think we’ll give your clit a rest"
she said while opening the sharp clamp. Jacqueline whined in pain as blood
returned to the tip of her suffering clit. "We’ll leave the pins in to keep
it sore though."

Chang motioned toward a bondage chair and the 2 male guards removed
Jacqueline from the table. They took her to the chair and placed her wrists
and ankles in cuffs on the chair. A broad strap was tightened around her
torso, just under her tits. Chang took a metal attachment that looked like
the table on a high chair and fitted it into slots on either side of the
chair back so that Jacqueline’s huge tits rested on the tray. A guard lifted
both tits and a 2-foot length of 4 by 4 lumber was placed under the huge
breasts. Chang adjusted the position of the lumber so it rested under the
ends of the fat tits.

Chang stood back, "What beautiful tits! I bet you’re really proud of those
huge nipples. If you don’t tell us what we want, they won’t be something
your proud of for long!" Chang went to a cupboard and returned with a hammer
and a box of thick 4-inch nails. Jacqueline’s eyes widened in horror, "NO!

Chang took a nail out of the box and held it on the huge tit two inches
above the nipple. She pushed down on it until the point indented deeply into
the tender tit. "You have anything to tell us?" Jacqueline shook her head
weekly. Chang lifted the hammer and drove down on the nail. Jacqueline’s
head snapped back as she screamed uncontrollably. Chang struck twice more,
driving the nail deep into the wood so the nail head dimpled the breast.
Jacqueline screamed for several more seconds. Chang picked up another nail
and held it over the other tit. Jacqueline begged desperately for Chang to
have mercy but again refused the request for information. Chang pounded the
second nail deep into the other tit. Jacqueline renewed the ear-shattering
scream, shaking her head violently.

Chang stroked Jacqueline’s hair until the screaming settled to a loud pained
whining, "I really don’t want to do what comes next, you’ve suffered so
much. Please, tell us where Luanne is." Through her sobbing, Jacqueline
mustered her strength to shake her head one more time.

Chang picked up the hammer and lined a nail up on one of the thick nipples,
just above one of the staples. Jacqueline started screaming "NO!" even
before the hammer hit but the scream cut it short as the nail punched
through. Several more blows of the hammer were required to drive the nail
down so that the flat head crushed the nipple into the board. The last
couple of blows increased the screams as the hammer mashed the tender

Chang held another nail in front of the panting victim, "You suffer
magnificently. Are you ready for the next nail or will you talk?" Jacqueline
’s head fell forward in desperation but she valiantly shook her head. Chang
placed the nail against the second nipple and started pounding the nail.
Jacqueline’s screams and thrashing grew so strong, the chair bounced in its

Chang stood back and told the guards to release her. The cuffs and strap
were removed and a guard grabbed a handful of Jacqueline’s curly black hair
and pulled her to her feet. As she arose, her punctured tits lifted the 4 by
4 and Jacqueline cried out in renewed pain. As she got to her feet,
Jacqueline looked down to see her magnificent tits stretched to below her
navel by the heavy beam. Any movement caused the pain at the nail holes to
exacerbate as the board swung.

Jacqueline’s hands were cuffed behind her back. Chang picked up a bamboo rod
and swung it across the tops of the huge stretched tits. Jacqueline screamed
as the thick wooden board bounced uncontrollably on the ends of her tits. As
she was swinging a second time, a gunshot rang out through the room, "Stop
or die, cunt!" Chang and the others turned to see 4 tall muscular women with
submachine guns standing at the bottom of the stairs.

The Mansion

By Mad Dog

Chapter 23: The Rescue

Two of the large beautiful women kept the room covered while the other two
searched the guards for weapons and handcuffed them to fixtures around the
room. Chris and Chang were left unrestrained. One of the women called up the
stairs that all was clear.

The tall figure of the Master came down the stairs accompanied by the Bitch,
and a well dressed oriental gentleman. Immediately behind them, Governor
Regan staggered down the stairs supported by two more large women who held
her by each arm. Her blouse front was torn open and horrible welts covered
her large breasts.

Chang recognized the elderly oriental as Mr. Leung, the leader of the
oriental syndicate in California. She walked in front of him and bowed
deeply. Mr. Leung motioned her up. "What are you doing involved in this
affair?" he asked. Chang kept her eyes down, "This woman is the security
director for the Governor. She has contacts with all the major law
enforcement agencies. I believed assisting her would be good for our

Mr. Leung turned to the Master, "Master, I’m sorry you were inconvenienced.
As you can see, this stupid cunt out-stepped her bounds and acted on her
own." The Master nodded, "I’m sure it will all work out." Chang was
confused. She had never seen Mr. Leung defer to anyone.

Mr. Leung turned back to Chang, "The woman behind me is the Governor. This
man can kill her at will or have her removed from office. Your meddling has
inconvenienced him. Go beg his forgiveness." Chang looked up at the woman
who wept in obvious pain as she stepped in front of the Master and knelt at
his feet, "Please sir, I was only trying to serve my leader. Forgive my
ignorance." The Master pushed her aside and strode over to Jacqueline who
was staying as still as she could to stop any movement of the wood nailed to
her tits.

The Master stroked her hair, "That looks quite painful." Through her
sobbing, Jacqueline answered, "Master …ohhhh… hurts so much …nnggh… needles
in my …ohmygod… clit too." The Master walked behind her, "Pull your ass
cheeks apart and lean forward."

Jacqueline slowly and carefully moved her arms behind her and pulled her
muscular cheeks apart. Gingerly, she leaned forward, often gasping in pain
as the large block of wood swung on her large breasts. "Did they torture
your ass?" Jacqueline nodded slowly. The Master opened his fly and Chang
stared at the big cock, terrified that it would be used on her small cunt
and ass.

The Master stepped up to Jacqueline’s ass and lined the fat head against her
asshole. He placed one hand on her hip and grasped his cock with one hand.
Roughly, he crammed his cock into the black woman’s ass. Jacqueline cried
out in pain as her sphincter stretched around the cock and the force of the
thrust caused her to rock forward and the board to bounce on the nails in
her tits.

Leaving just the head in her ass, the Master ordered, "Fuck my cock!"
Jacqueline nodded and started slowly pushing back on the thick penis,
whimpering in pain. Chang and Chris stared in amazement as the black
giantess impaled herself and then started a slow rocking on the cock.
Slowly, she picked up the pace of the fuck as she started to scream in agony
from the pain in her ass and the pendulum motion of the 4 by 4 nailed to her
tits. Her body vibrated from the screams and agony but she never missed a
beat. Several minutes later, the Master shot into her ass and removed the
punishing cock, "Good girl!" To the room’s amazement, Jacqueline smiled
through her sobbing.

The Master walked in front of her and held his semi-rigid cock by her mouth.
Jacqueline opened wide as the Master pushed his cock into her throat. As she
gagged, she leaned forward forcing her face into the Masters pubic hair.
Jacqueline wrapped her lips around the base of the fat cock. Holding her
lips tight around the cock, she pulled back cleaning his cock as it pulled
between her lips. The Master pulled his now fully erect cock out of her
mouth. Turning to one of his guards, he ordered her to help the suffering
black woman.

Turning to Mr. Leung, he asked, "Your cunt here has delayed my plans. I
expect her punished and recompense for my inconvenience." Mr. Leung licked
his lips nervously, "Allow me to give Chang to you as a gift and I will
arrange repayment for your inconvenience" Chang’s eyes opened in fear as she
looked at the Master’s large cock. Mr. Leung walked to a corner and made a
call on a cell phone.

The Master walked over to Chang and reached into her blouse and cupped a
small breast in each hand, "You will regret interfering with my plans, he
started squeezing each tit and twisting. Chang cried out. Releasing the
tits, he walked over to Chris, "You’re in for a painful experience too." He
turned the Bitch and ordered, "Bitch, entertain us with this cow." He turned
back to Chang, "You will take my cock in your mouth, cunt and ass and do it
very well or you are next." Chang was terrified of the huge cock but knew
there could be much worse fates and nodded.

Chris tried to struggle as two of the large guards ripped her clothes of but
was quickly stripped naked. She was a muscular 41D-25-37 over a 5’ 10"
frame. Her large breasts were topped with thick long pink nipples. Her cunt
hair was thick and fiery red.

While Chris was being forcefully subdued, Chang undressed. Although she was
40, she was still firm. Her measurements were 32B-22-34 and her small
breasts had dark mid sized nipples. She’d had to fuck many men in her life
but none were as large as the Master was. Adding to her fear was an absolute
hatred of anal sex. Her asshole was very small and even a finger in her ass
hurt greatly.

Chang walked over to the Master who had undressed. She knelt in front of him
and wrapped her small hands around the fat cock. She ran her tongue around
the head and licked into the piss hole. She then opened her mouth as wide as
she could and took the fat head into her mouth. She closed her lips around
it and pushed her head up and down, banging the large cock head against her

The Master barked, "Swallow it, cunt!" Terrified of the man who even
frightened Mr. Leung, Chang started forcing her narrow throat down on the
thick rod. Gagging badly, Chang’s eyes bulged as her throat stretched. Inch
after inch, the painful stretching of her throat continued until her face
was buried in his pubic hair. Rapidly, she pulled back sputtering and
gasping for air as the monstrous cock left her throat. Desperately she
worked her way back down the cock again.

While Chang’s throat was being brutalized, Chris had been hung from her
hands from the ceiling. The Bitch had removed her top to expose her large
tits and was rummaging through the drawers and cupboards of the dungeon. She
gathered several items and set them on a table near the suspended Chris.

The Bitch grabbed one of Chris’ large nipples and twisted it hard. Chris
grimaced as her back arched in pain. The bitch picked up a thick 3-inch long
pin and held it in front of the tied red head, "Think about this going
through that pretty nipple. Think about how it will hurt!" Chris struggled
in her bonds, "You fucking coward! Let me loose and we’ll see how tough you
are!" The Bitch smiled, and wrapped her hand around the large tit and pushed
the pin against the side of the nipple with the other hand. "AYYIIIEEE!"
screamed Chris as the sharp point entered the tender teat. Her screams
continued as the Bitch pushed the pin through her nipple very slowly.

Chris shook her head in a vain attempt to clear the pain emanating from her
nipple. The Bitch took another pin and placed it against the top of the
nipple. Chris glared at her, "You fucking sluOOOWWW!" she cried as the pin
worked its way into her nipple until it protruded from the bottom of her
teat. The two pins formed a cross through her nipple.

Chris felt the tears running down her cheek and was angry for showing
weakness to these cunts. The Bitch picked up a third pin and lined it up
with the side of the other nipple. Chris gritted her teeth as the inevitable
sharp pain seared her nipple. She stifled the cry between her teeth as she
arched back in agony. Her breaths were coming deeper as the fourth needle
was thrust into the top of her nipple. Unable to control herself, she gasped
out in pain.

Chris bit her lower lip to try and prevent sobs of pain as the Bitch picked
up some cord and tied a slip not in the end of it. Looping the knot over the
crossed pins in one nipple, she pulled on the cord and tightened it around
the base of the nipple behind the pins. Chris winced as the tightening cord
exacerbated the pain in her teat.

The Bitch repeated the procedure with the other tit. She reached into a box
and pulled out a large lead weight. Chris shook her head in disbelief as her
tormentor hooked the weight onto a loop at the end of the cord. The Bitch
let the weight drop and Chris yelped in pain as the weight bounced at the
end of the cord, pulling against the pins and constricting the cord around
the end of the nipple. Chris’ nipple ached terribly.

The Bitch picked up a second weight and attached it to the cord on the other
tit and let it drop. Chris cried out again. Any movement of her body made
the weights swings and tightened the cord further.

The Bitch stood and admired her work. Reaching over, she started the weights
swinging on the end of the cords. Chris’ face twisted into a mask of pain as
she gritted her teeth to avoid further yelps of pain. The Bitch leaned
closer and spoke quietly, "Good news, cunt! I have 3 more weights for each

Chris’ eyes opened in terror, each nipple was already stretched and ached
terribly. She was terrified that four times the weight would be more than
she could bear. The Bitch picked up another weight and attached to the cord
on the right tit. Chris gasped in pain as her tit started to elongate and
the cord pulled against the pins. Without a delay, the second weight was
attached to the other tit. The pain in her nipples was being joined by a
stretching discomfort in her tit as a whole. Chris had to use all her
control to keep from twisting in agony and further exacerbate the pain by
swinging the weights. It was to no avail as the Bitch reached out and set
the weights swinging. Chris cried out loudly and settled into a deep

She started shaking her head gently as the Bitch approached with 2 more
weights. Ignoring the pleading eyes of her victim, the Bitch attached a
weight to each cord. Chris’ head went back as she screamed with the addition
of each weight. Her tits hurt badly and were stretched to a downward point.
She stared in horror as the bitch pushed the weights to one side to start
the weights swinging again. This time, the momentum of the weights made the
whole stretched tits swing from side to side as the victim screamed in

The Master grabbed a handful of Chang’s hair and pulled her face off his
cock. The diminutive oriental coughed and clutched at her throat, grateful
for the release of the pressure. Her relief was sort lived as the Master sat
on a chair and ordered her to lower her cunt on the fat erect cock. Chang
stared down at the fat cock and shivered in terror.

She straddled the man’s lap and lined the thick head up with her cunt. She
rubbed her cunt on it until the cock spread her cunt lips. Twisting her hips
back and forward and pressed down. Her face twisted with strain and she
grunted through gritted teeth as her dry cunt stretched painfully over the
large penis. She kept up the pressure as the painful penetration went deeper
and deeper into her cunt. Chang’s legs started to shake with the pain and
she was only half way down the large organ.

Chang steeled herself and started down again, her eyes forced shut as she
winced in pain. Seconds later she was totally impaled on the fat cock and
her cunt felt raw. The Master ordered, "You better start a hard fuck or we’
ll find something bigger to put in your cunt." Chang started sliding up and
down the thick cock, slowly picking up speed as she yelped in pain with each

The Bitch waited for Chang’s fuck to settle to a pounding rhythm and the
Master’s attention to return to the sobbing red head that hung from the
ceiling. Picking up the last 2 weights, She approached Chris. Chris shook
her head, "GOD NO! YOU’LL RUIN MY TITS! PLEASE NO!" The Bitch hooked one of
the weights on to the cord and let it drop. Chris screamed loudly as her tit
stretched down to her navel. The weight made the pins tear into the nipple
as the cords dug into the flesh behind them.

The Bitch repeated the procedure with the other nipple and waited for the
room-shattering scream to settle. She started the weights swinging and the
stretched tits swayed from side to side, "PLLEEASSSEE AARRGGHH STOOP

The Bitch grabbed her hair, "Would you like me to take the weight off your
tits?" Chris nodded frantically. The Bitch grabbed the cords above the
weights and lifted. Chris gasped with relief as the terrible pain relented
somewhat. The Bitch continued lifting until the large tits started to
stretch upward. Chris’ cries increased again until the Bitch dropped the
weights. They fell from above the tits and bounced as they reached the end
of the cord. Chris’ legs jerked into the air as she tried to curl her body
into a ball. She screamed till she was hoarse as her teats felt as if they
were going to pull from her tits and the pins dug deeper into her nipple.
Drops of blood started to run down the cord.

As Chris writhed in agony, Chang kept up the pounding of her cunt. The walls
of her cunt burnt from the stretching but she kept the rate up in fear of
being tortured. The Master grabbed her small waste and pulled her down on
his lap, impaling her totally on his cock. "There’s only one hole left,
lower your ass on my cock."

Weeping softly, Chang lifted her body, wincing as the large cock slowly
pulled out of her. She lined her small ass over the fat cock head and tried
to work it in. Every time the tight hole started to stretch, the pain would
overcome her resolve and she’d pull up. After the fourth try, she gave up
and knelt in front of the Master weeping, "Please, sir! You are much too
large for me!" The Master smiled benevolently at her, "Would you rather I
used your cunt again?" Relieved, Chang nodded eagerly.

The Master motioned toward an examination table and Chang got on it and
placed her feet in the stirrups. Her eyes showed fear as the Master
instructed the guards to strap her down. After she was secured, the guards
pushed back on the stirrups until her knees almost touched her chest. Each
leg was grabbed by a guard and pulled hard sideways. Chang cried out as her
bent legs were pulled almost flat against the side of the table. The
stirrups were fastened in place.

The Master walked up and ran his fingers over the small cunt lips. Forming
his fingers around his thumb, he pressed the long finger into the cunt. As
Chang realized what he was going to do she screamed and pled "GOD NO, YOU’LL
RIP ME APART!" The Master cruelly pushed more of his hand into the cunt.
Chang started to gasp in pain as her cunt opened wider. Just before the last
knuckles entered, her cunt started to tear, "YYAAAAIIIEEEEE!" Chang’s cries
turned louder as the knuckles passed into her and he formed a fist inside

Chang screamed until her throat was sore. Slowly the Master started pushing
his hand in further as Chang started to scream uncontrollably again. The
Master started a slow, twisting fist fuck that went deeper into the small
woman with each thrust. Streaks of blood started to show on his wrist and
forearm as he twisted into the cunt.

As Chang screamed in agony, the Bitch took a thick leather strap from the
wall and struck Chris’ over-stretched tits. As the heavy weights bounced
from the contact and an ugly red mark formed on her tits, Chris added her
screams to Chang’s. Chris waited for the weights to slow their swing and
struck again. For 15 minutes the Bitch pounded on Chris’ elongated breasts
and the Master stretched Chang’s cunt.

Chris’ head lolled in near unconsciousness. Her tits were marked and bruised
from the strap. The weights pulling against the  pins had torn her nipples
further and she hung limp in her shackles.

Chang’s screams had diminished to agonized grunts as the pain in torn cunt
continued. The Master pushed his hand deeply into the brutalized cunt and
asked "You ready to take it up the ass or should I entertain you some more?"

The Master pulled his closed fist out of the ripped cunt and Chang was
unshackled. She immediately grasped her suffering cunt. The Master walked
back to the chair and sat down, his raging hard on pointing up "You may
lubricate yourself but I want a really hard fuck. Chang got a tube of
lubricant and generously greased her ass.

Chang walked over to the chair and reluctantly backed up to the big cock.
She rubbed it against the tiny hole and pressed down. The pain was immediate
but she was terrified of more torture. She kept up the pressure as her
sphincter widened. As the fat head finally popped in, she cried out from the
incredible pain. Her whole body trembled as her ass stretched painfully.
"Sit on it!" the Master ordered and she started a slow painful slide down
the long fat cock. The agony was incredible but she eventually took the
whole large prick.

The Master grabbed her hips and started moving her up, "You better get into
a hard fuck right now, it’s your last chance!" Weeping loudly, Chang started
a hard deep fuck. Every down stroke she shuddered in pain. Fortunately for
Chang, the Master took only 10 minutes to shoot into her bowels. She stood,
pulling the cock out of her butt.

The Master pointed to his cock, "You dirty little slut, look at the shit on
my cock! Lick it off!" Chang knelt and carefully licked the mixed come and
shit off his dick, gagging with every lick.

While she was performing the disgusting cleaning, an oriental man came down
the stairs. Mr. Leung walked over and whispered in his ear. The man nodded
and went back up the stairs. A few seconds later he returned 3 young girls
accompanied by two tough looking thugs.

Mr. Leung approached the Master, "Allow me to give these girls in payment
for the inconvenience Chang has caused. The Master approached the young
girls. They were all blonde with short cut hair. They all had lean firm legs
and hips.

The smallest stood barely 4’ 8" tall and was 13 years old. She had only the
faintest wisps of pubic hair and her breasts barely raised from her chest
and were topped with small nipples. The second was 4’ 10" tall and had well
formed but small breasts. She was 15. The third was 5’ tall with full
breasts. Her measurements were 36D-23-34. She was 17. They all stared at the
Master’s huge cock in terror.

Mr. Leung spoke up, "They are sisters and are all virgins. They come from
Russia. Their parents were killed in an accident and I bought them from the
orphanage. I was going to auction them off as a set on the black market

The Master smiled, "Yes, they will do!"

The Master turned to the Governor who was cringing in a corner of the
dungeon. At his signal two guards grabbed her arms and walked her into the
middle of the room where she was undressed. The Master grabbed her bruised
tits and squeezed them in his large powerful hands. The Governor begged,
"Please OW please stop OOWWW my tits can’t take OW any more!"

The Master released the large breasts, "Well, we can’t ignore the wishes of
the Governor of California now can we? Bitch, lets leave the Governor’s tits
alone. Perhaps you can find something else to entertain us?" The bitch
ordered the guards to secure the Governor over a padded horse in the middle
of the room. The Governor was bent over the horse and her hands were
shackled on one side while her ankles were shackled to the corners of the
horse on the other side so that her feet were spread wide apart.

The Bitch walked over to a selection of punishment dildos displayed on the
wall. She held up 2 large dildos. The Master shook his head, "We need
something that will really make an impression on the Governor. I want her to
understand the importance of cooperating." The Bitch perused the wall and
came down with 2 horrifying devices. The first was 12" long and 4" across.
It was black and covered with metal studs. The second was 10’ long and 3"
across and covered with short stiff bristles. As the Bitch held them up, the
Master nodded. The Governor, lifting her head, looked on in horror, "MY GOD

The Master walked over to the wall and selected a 10" dildo that was 3 ½"
across that was covered with a coarse grit like sandpaper. He ordered the
Bitch to bend over and grip a table. He placed the thick dildo’s head
against her lips and twisted it back and forward. The Bitch cried out as her
cunt opening was rubbed raw. As her cunt started to stretch around the
dildo, the Master pushed in hard. The Bitch’s head bounced up and down as
she screamed. The Master drove the dildo all the way in and brutally fucked
it in and out several times as the Bitch cried out in agony. Leaving the
dildo deeply lodged in her raw cunt, the Master returned to the wall.

Scanning the wall, he chose a 9" dildo that was 3" across. It was covered
with hard plastic spines about 1/8" long. The Bitch’s brow furrowed as she
looked over her shoulder at the Master approaching with the huge punishment
dildo. The Master lined it up with her asshole and twisted it until the head
popped in and the Bitch screamed in agony. Not letting up, he slowly forced
the fake cock into her ass. The Bitch’s screams grew louder as each plastic
spine tore through her sphincter and the incredible girth of the cock tore
her ass muscles. The Master twisted the device and the squirming woman
gasped as the spines moved in her torn ass.

The Master instructed the Bitch to stand. The Bitch stood, tears streaming
down her face from the pain in her cunt and ass. The Master fit the dildos
destined for the governor to a dildo strap and handed it to the Bitch. She
affixed the belt around her waist and the Master went behind her and pulled
the strap between her legs. Pulling hard upwards, the Bitch cried out again
as the strap through her crotch pushed the dildos deeper into her cunt. He
attached the strap to the belt at the back.

Slapping the Bitch on her ass, the Master ordered, "Go get her!" The Bitch
started a slow painful walk over to the doubled over Governor. On reaching
her, she lined the impossibly fat head of the larger dildo up with her cunt
lips. Being a lesbian, the Governor had born no children and had not had
anything other than fingers and tongues in her cunt. The huge cock head was
causing her tight cunt to spread uncomfortably. As the Bitch pushed it
further, the pain became intolerable. She begged, "PLEASE …GAARRRGGHH…
STOOOP …AHHHH… RIPPING MEEEE!" Relentlessly, the Bitch kept up the pressure
until the huge head tore in. A high pitch scream filled the room as the
opening of the Governor’s cunt tore. The cries continued as the first rows
of studs pushed into her cunt and the smaller dildo head touched against the
tiny asshole.

The Governor had never had anything bigger than a thermometer up her ass. AS
she panted heavily from the ripping pain in her cunt she pleaded,
"GOD …NNNGGHH… NOT MY ASS …ARRGGHH" The huge 3-inch head was so large that
the Bitch couldn’t force it in no matter how hard she tried so she forced
the middle finger from each hand into the tiny hole. Pulling apart with her
fingertips, the hole started to stretch and the tip of the bulbous head
worked its way in. As she pulled her fingers out, the asshole closed around
the end of the curved head. With this start, the Bitch was able to lean
forward and force the torture dildo in. As the head was barely half way in,
the tiny sphincter tore and the Governor’s screams again filled the room.
Pushing harder and enlarging the tear, the Bitch got the whole head in. The
Governor’s body bounced in agony at the tearing of her ass.

The Bitch was glistening with sweat from the combination of the huge dildos
impaling her and the effort of forcing the two monstrous cocks into the
Governor. She grabbed the Governor’s hips and started forcing more of the
torture dildos into the screaming woman. The studs bruised the tender cunt
flesh while the bristles on the smaller dildo scraped her ass hole. The
girth of both was causing tearing of deeper into both orifices as they split
the small holes. The Governor screamed as the pain went deeper and deeper
into her. The Bitch didn’t stop until both huge fake cocks were firmly
planted in the screaming woman.

The Bitch rested for a second and then started slowly pulling out. The studs
and bristles gouging her innards prevented the tortured woman from enjoying
any relief from the removal of the dildos from the depths of her cunt and
ass. As the fat head started to stretch outward on her sphincter, the Bitch
drove in again. The Governor screamed pitifully. The bitch started a hard
deep pounding of the Governor’s cunt and ass. After the first two strokes,
streaks of blood could be seen on the dildos.

The Master let the punishing fuck continue for 5 minutes and signaled for
the Bitch to stop. The Bitch pressed the dildos all the way into the
horribly torn holes and rested. The Master grabbed the Governor’s hair and
lifted her pain twisted face up, "Would you like us to stop?" The Governor
screamed, "GOOOOD YEEESSSSS!" The Master asked, "Will you cooperate and
follow instructions?" Nodding her head rapidly in his grip "ANYTHING!
PLEEEAAAASSSEE STOOOOP!" The Master looked cruelly into her eyes, "You have
a choice, we continue torturing you all night and we let your girlfriend go
or we let you go and keep her for our entertainment."

The Governor sobbed desperately, "PLEEAASSEE NOO! I CAAANN’T TAAAKE
AANNYMOOORE!" The Master nodded to the Bitch who pulled the tearing dildos
out of the Governor who fell limp in pain and shame. The Master pulled her
head up again, "We’ll find you again if you don’t follow orders exactly. Do
you understand?" The Governor pleaded, "NO MORE. I’LL DO WHAT YOU WANT!"

The Master dressed and left the room. His guards took the three girls given
as gifts and followed.

The Mansion

By Mad Dog

Chapter 24-The Flight Home

The Master boarded the plane followed by the Bitch and Veronica. Seconds
later, the guards herded the three teens given to the Master by Mr.Leung.
Jacqueline and Chang, aided by 2 nurses joined them. Millie greeted the
Master as he entered the aircraft and immediately started undoing her

She removed it, exposing her magnificent 38D breasts topped with large pink
nipples. She handed the Master a broach with flight attendant wings on it.
After he took it, Millie folded her hands behind her back and steeled
herself for the pain she knew was coming. The Master opened the broach and
placed the thick pin against the side of Millie’s nipple. Pinching the teat
with the other hand, he drove the pin through. Millie shook her head as a
cry struggled out between her clenched teeth. A drop of blood formed at
either end of the pin as the Master closed the broach.

Millie released her hands from behind her back but chewed on her lower lip
as she fought the pain in her nipple. Trying to smile, she asked, "Would you
like one of the new girls brought up to be your seat belt." The Master shook
his head, "No, I’ll work on all 3 of them after we take off and Veronica has
briefed me. Bring Jinlee in.

Jinlee had been released from the hospital only 3 days before. She had been
instructed in an exercise program each day and had allowed freedom of a part
of the mansion for the rest of each day. Other women she had met had told
her of fearful tortures and instructed her to do everything she could do to
cooperate with her abuse as not obeying only led to more pain.

The day before a guard had taken her to the private airfield and led her
onto the jet. She was taken to the rear compartment where she and 20 other
women of all descriptions had been chained to rings in the floor. Their
leads had been long enough to allow them access to a cooler with food, a
water fountain and a toilette. Now, a day later, two guards came and
unshackled her and led her into the main compartment of the plane. Her heart
fell as she saw the Master seated in the armless chair, his huge erection
pointing skyward as Millie rubbed oil on it. Her hands immediately covered
her pubic mound as she remembered the agony the fat cock had caused her tiny
cunt and ass.

The Master waved her over, "Do you remember how much the whip hurt you when
you didn’t do what you were told?" Jinlee nodded slowly, a tear forming at
the side of her eye. "Are you going to do what you are told?" She nodded as
the tear ran down her face. "Straddle me and lower that tight cunt of yours
on my cock." Resolving herself to do whatever the large man said to avoid
any more pain than necessary, the tiny oriental placed a foot on either side
of the Masters seat and lined her tiny cunt hole up with the large cock. She
rubbed herself back and forward on it, trying to press down. After several
seconds, she was able to force the fat head into the tiny she gasped
painfully at the over stretching of her cunt.

She tried to remain still to allow her cunt to become accustomed to the
stretching. The Master ordered, "All the way down!" Weeping, Jinlee pressed
downwards. Slowly, the huge cock split her deeper and deeper. After about 6
inches had made its way into her agonized cunt, she begged, "PLEASE! I CAN’T
TAKE ANY MORE!" The Master waved to the guards. Two took one leg each and
lifted her slightly and then forced her down hard on the big prick.
"AAAARRRGGGHHH!" Jinlee screamed as the sudden intrusion bruised her cunt.
The guards affixed her ankles behind the seat and the hydraulics pulled
Jinlee as far onto the cock as possible. She leaned into the Masters chest,

The Master ordered, "We need to teach her to do as she’s told. Give her a
large enema. Jinlee’s pain twisted face twisted from side to side as the
Bitch obtained a huge enema bag and filled it with steaming hot water. She
then added a vial of irritant. She attached a nozzle that was 5 inches long.
The end was a sphere 2-inches in diameter on top of a 1-inch diameter
cylinder. The Bitch hung the enema bag from a hook on the cabin ceiling over
Jinlee. The tiny oriental girl begged "Please NO! I’ll fuck you! I’ll fuck
you good!" The Bitch knelt behind Jinlee and placed the large sphere against
the little asshole and drove it in hard. Jinlee screamed loudly as the
Master winced at the volume. "Gag her!" He ordered. A large cylindrical bit
was force into the small mouth.

The Bitch opened the clamp and the tiny body stiffened as scalding hot water
shot into her bowels. The gag was only partly successful in preventing the
scream as a high pitched whine filled the cabin. Jinlee’s body writhed as
she tried to accommodate the burning liquid. After several seconds, her body
started to jerk as the volume of water and irritants caused painful cramps.
The Master smiled in pleasure as the small oriental spasmed on his fat cock.
By the time the last of the water left the bag, Jinlee’s belly was
noticeably distended and choking grunts of pain escaped the gag as her body
clutched in discomfort with worsening waves of cramps.

The Master looked to Veronica, "What do you predict for the vote?" Veronica
opened a clipboard, we will carry 80% of the Senate and 85% of the Congress.
We’ll have a bare minority in the Supreme Court but it is solid. We’ll have
70% of the states on side. The Amendment should pass." The Master shifted in
his seat, changing the angle that his cock impaled Jinlee, "I thought I told
you I wanted 90% of both Houses and a solid majority in the Supreme Court.
Also, the state support is no where near our goal. What have you got to say
for your self?"

Veronica felt her face flush with terror, "We just couldn’t get any more. We
even got a video of Justice O’Shea whipping a young girl to death and
threatened to blackmail her. She wouldn’t vote for the amendment! She said
she’d resign the bench and go to jail first!" The Master’s face set in
anger, "When I give an order, I expect it to be carried out. If you couldn’t
meet the goals why didn’t you tell me you were having difficulty?" A tear of
terror rolled down Veronica’s cheek, "I thought you’d punish me." The Master
shook his head, "Of course I would have but, now, I have to punish you for
failing, for not telling me about it, and for trying to avoid a deserved
punishment. Instead of 1 night of torture, you’ll have 3. I would have
thought an experienced slave like you would have known better."

Veronica wept loudly now, "I’m sorry Master. Please, have mercy." The Master
looked at the weeping woman and smiled, "You’re lucky I’m in a good mood.
The impending victory has made me generous. We’ll just punish you on the
flight back and one more night. Get undressed!" Veronica tried to look
grateful while being terrified of the impending torture, "Thank you,
 Master!" Veronica removed her clothing exposing her muscular body and large

The Master waved the Bitch over and whispered in her ear. She smiled cruelly
and went to a cabinet. She returned with a flexible, 8-inch long plastic
device. It was made up of teardrop shapes, one on top of the other. The
first teardrop came from a point and widened to 1/16 of an inch. The point
of the second started after the large end of the first and was slightly
larger. The teardrops continued getting larger until the last one was 3/8 of
an inch wide. The Bitch handed the strange device to Veronica. "Put it in
your urethra!" the Bitch spat.

Veronica looked in terror at the Master, "It will ruin me!" The Master
shrugged, "If it does, that’s what we have doctors for. Perhaps you would
rather I think of something more severe?" Veronica shook her head violently.
She sat in a punishment chair that had a slightly angled back and a narrow
seat that left ½ her ass hanging in the air. She put her feet in stirrups
near the edges of the seat that forced her knees up to her chest and pulled
her legs apart giving everyone a clear view of her cunt and ass. The Master
instructed the Bitch, "Spread her cunt lips so we can see the show."

The Bitch returned to the cabinet and obtained 2 leather straps attached by
short elastics to 2 mean looking alligator clamps each. She approached
Veronica and wrapped a strap around one muscular thigh, pulling it tight.
She then pulled one of the clamps over to a cunt lip, stretching the heavy
elastic. She opened the clamp and put a generous portion of cunt lip between
its jaws and let it snap shut. Veronica cried out in pain. As the Bitch let
go of the clamp, the elastic pulled back and stretched the cunt lip sideways
as Veronica whined in pain. Picking up the second clamp, she snapped it on
the bottom of the same cunt lip. The second elastic stretched the cunt lip
further. The Bitch continued clamping the other cunt lip and stretching it
out so that Veronica’s cunt gaped open. The plane started its takeoff.

Veronica’s hand shook in fear as she lined the small tip of the first
teardrop with her tiny piss hole. She rubbed it until it caught in the tiny
hole. Pushing, the small teardrop worked its way into her urethra. Veronica’
s breath caught as the little hole stretched. Applying pressure, the next,
slightly larger teardrop forced its way into her cunt. The little hole
burned as it stretched further. After ½ the beads were pushed in, the piss
hole was stretched to over 3/16 of an inch and the stretching pain was

Veronica begged, "PPPPlease. NNNooo MMMore!HHHurts!" The Master waved for
Jinlee to be pulled of his thick cock. Two guards lifted the tiny girl, her
swollen belly swaying. The Master walked over to Veronica, "If I have to
push it in, you’ll regret it."

Veronica’s hand trembled as she reapplied pressure to the probe in her piss
hole. Another teardrop bead forced its way in. Veronica’s head snapped back
as she hissed through her teeth. Grunting, she pushed again as another bead
threatened to rip the tiny hole. She tried to work up the courage to push
another in but the pain and pressure stopped her every attempt.

The Master slapped her had away and gripped the based of the probe. He
Jerked in hard and 3 beads pounded into the hole, the last causing it to
tear as Veronica screamed loudly. Veronica bent forward in pain and saw
there were three increasingly large tear shaped beads left. Her hands
gripped at her cunt. The Master waved some guards over and had them grip
Veronica’s arms and legs. "God NO! I CAN’T TAKE THE REST! YOU’LL RIP ME
APART!" The Master gripped the probe and forced another bead in, tearing the
urethra more and eliciting more screams. The Master forced the last two
beads in as Veronica thrashed in the guard’s grip, screaming herself hoarse.

The Master stood and waited for the screams to die to wracking sobs. He
reached down and started fucking the probe in and out of the torn piss hole.
Veronica struggled as the tearing beads ravaged her piss hole. Finally, the
Master stopped and stood up. Veronica wept loudly as blood trickled from
between her cunt lips and her urethra hurt terribly.

The Master went to a cabinet and took out two vicious looking nipple clamps.
As he walked to Veronica, two guards pinned her arms to her side. The Master
opened one of the large clamps over her nipple and pressed so that the sharp
teeth lined up in the middle of the large areola. He let the clamp go and
its sharp teeth dug into the large teat. Veronica cried out in pain. Turning
a knob at the side of the clamp, the spring tension grew and the teeth dug
deeper into her nipple as she screamed and begged for mercy. Without pity,
the Master repeated the procedure on the other nipple. Veronica wept loudly
as she hung limp in the grasp of the guards.

The Master got 2 leather wrist cuffs and strapped them around Veronica’s
wrists. Two fine 6-inch chains hung from the cuffs and the Master hooked
them to the clamps crushing Veronica’s nipples so that her arms were bent
with her hands just below her full breasts. He then took two large lead
balls and hung them from rings on the bottom of the cuffs.

At first, Veronica found no difficulty in supporting the large weights with
her bent arms. However, it only took a few minutes for her arms to start to
burn from the strain. She became desperate as she realized that her tortured
nipples would have to support the weight of her arms and the lead balls if
she didn’t keep supporting the weights. Her hands developed a slight tremor
as the muscles started to weaken.

The Master turned to Chang, "I understand you have some experience in
torturing women." Chang nodded. The Master looked to the Bitch, "You may
have some competition, my dear." He turned back to Chang, "I keep the Bitch
around because she is very good at inflicting the most delicious agonies on
the female body. When we aren’t in public, she must remain topless so I can
use her lovely tits at will. You on the other hand will have to prove
yourself worthy of being a personal slave or I will just torture you to
death." He grasped one of Chang’s small breasts, "These are nothing to speak
of but I did enjoy fucking your ass. When we aren’t in public, you must not
wear a skirt, pants or panties. Your ass must always be available."

A loud gasp from Veronica caught their attention. Her left arm had weakened
for a moment and dropped. The pain of the clamp yanking her nipple down
caused her to cry out and jerk her hand back up.

Looking back from the suffering Veronica, Chang nodded in fear. The Master
continued, "Of course, I will punish you at will but will be particularly
vicious when you do not obey me. Now, lets make sure you understand." As the
Master walked to a cupboard, loud moans came from Veronica as her tiring
arms slowly straightened more. Her tits were starting to point downwards as
the horrible clamps stretched her nipples. The Master returned with two
large double headed dildos. The larger was 24 inches long and 4-inches in
diameter. Its whole surface was covered with short stiff bristles. The
smaller was 20 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Every ½ inch there was
a ring of short hard plastic spines around the dildo. Chang stared in horror
as the Master approached with the punishment dildos.

"Millie, get down on all fours. Chang you get down with your ass against
hers." The two women got on their hands and knees facing away from each
other. The Master handed the huge dildos to the Bitch and instructed her,
"Put one in their cunts and the other in their asses. Their going to put on
a little show for us." As the Bitch knelt to insert the dildos, Millie
begged, "Please Master, may I have some lubricant?" The Master smiled, "You
can have irritant ointment or you can have them dry." Millie bit her lower
lip before speaking, "No Master, I’ll have them dry."

Chang couldn’t believe her ears. No matter what was in the irritant
ointment, it would be better than having the monstrous cocks driven inside
her cunt and ass without any lubrication. She immediately spoke, "Please,
let me have the ointment. Please don’t put them in me dry." The Master
nodded to the Bitch who took a jar from a cabinet and plunged one end of the
larger dildo into it. She lined the greased end up with Chang’s cunt and
rubbed it between her cunt lips. Chang immediately gasped as the irritant
started burning her cunt. Without warning, the Bitch drove the huge head
into the small woman. Chang’s head snapped back as she cried out at the
over-stretching of her cunt.

The Bitch crammed more of the monster cock into Chang who’s eyes bulged from
the incredible pressure in her cunt. "GAAGGHH! NO OINTMENT ON THE OTHER!
PLEASE!" she begged as her voice gargled from the agony. The Master laughed,
"Too late to change your mind now!" The Bitch jammed one head of the smaller
dildo into the ointment. Chang started to crawl away but was hauled back by
2 of the large guards. The Bitch rubbed the greased head against the tiny
butt hole. Chang quivered from the irritation of the ointment.

The Bitch tried to push the huge dildo head in but the tiny hole resisted at
first. Grabbing the dildo in both hands, she lined it up again and twisted
in hard. The tiny hole stretched and gave way as the fat head and one of the
rings of hard plastic spines. "AAAAHHHHIIIEEE!" screamed the small oriental
as her ass spread impossibly wide, "PLLEEAASE …OWWW… TAAAKE IT OOOUT!"

The Bitch left the huge dildo’s hanging out of Chang and motioned Millie
over. As Millie backed up on all fours, the group’s attention was caught by
a loud cry of pain from Veronica. Her endurance had weakened and her hands
had lowered several inches and her tits stretched downwards. Veronica’s face
was a mask of pain as the muscles in her arms burnt and her whole tit
screamed as they were stretching further and further with her weakening

The Bitch returned her attention to the two women in front of her. She lined
the larger dildo up with the blonde’s cunt and pushed the head in. Millie’s
cunt was larger than Chang’s but the lack of any lubrication made it a slow
painful struggle to work the huge head in. Millie took short breaths as she
tried to control the pain in her cunt. The smaller dildo bumped against her
ass. Tears started tracing their way down Millie’s cheeks as she waited for
her ass to be brutally invaded.

The Bitch twisted the fat head against her tiny rectum. Millie tried to
relax as much as possible, knowing that the pain would only increase if she
struggled. However, the incredible width of the head and lack of lubrication
made the insertion difficult. The Bitch jabbed several times before the head
slowly widened the tiny anus. Millie gargled a cry of pain as the bitch kept
forcing the torture dildo into her ass. The cry turned into a loud shout
when the widest part of the head forced its way in. When the first row of
spikes tore through the sphincter, she screamed loudly. The Bitch stood up
and admired the two women moaning in pain, the two huge double dildos
painfully connecting them.

The Master ordered, "I want to see your ass pressed against each other.
Bitch, use the cat if they aren’t cooperative." The Bitch got a nasty
looking cat-o-nine tails from the wall. Both women stared at it in fear.
"Start fucking!" the Bitch ordered. The two women started leaning back into
the punishment dildos. Each woman gasped and moaned in agony as each
fraction of an inch worked its way into her cunt. When a row of spines
passed their sphincters, a loud cry filled the room. Ever so slowly, the
huge dildo’s went deeper into the suffering women. Deep guttural grunts
wrenched out of both women as they pushed the last inches in. As they leaned
with their asses pressed together, their bodies glistened with sweat. They
each gasped air as they writhed in pain.

The Master ordered, "I want a hard pounding fuck and I want to see lots of
dildo showing before you drive it back in." Both women knew the price of
disobedience would be more pain and started moving back and forward on the
huge double dildos. As the dildos pulled out, the women gasped from the
bristles and spines. As the rammed their asses back together, they screamed
from the horrible impaling pain. Every time they slowed down, the Bitch
would raise a scream with the horrible cat stroke on the offending ass.

The Master ordered the 3 young gifts to be brought in to entertain him
through the rest of the flight. As he waited, Veronica’s last vestige of
endurance ran out and her arms dropped. She screamed loudly as the weights
and her arms pulled her large tits unbearably. The Master smiled and turned
as the young teenagers were brought to him and he prepared to enjoy the rest
of the flight.

By Mad Dog

Chapter 25-Victory

The Master watched the large TV monitor with interest. It showed a group of
women marching with placards, protesting the legislation being debated in the
legislative building behind them. He was pleased with the unsympathetic tone of
the press coverage.

His mood improved even more as a group of men gathered around them, many yelling
rude comments. The men started to jostle the women and a few started to grab at
their clothes.

Fear started to show on the women's faces as the men started to close in on
them. Emboldened by their numbers the men started holding the women while others
visciously ripped their clothes off.

One tall, muscular brunette broke away from the crowd, one heavy floppy breast
bouncing out of her torn bra. She ran to a helmeted police officer screaming "Do
something!" Reaching out with one hand, the policeman grabbed a handful of her
hair and punched her hard in the stomach. The woman doubled over, gasping for

The policeman waved over another patrolman as he pulled the screaming woman over
the back of a park bench. The second policeman grabbed the top of the brunette's
skirt and yanked down, ripping it off her shapely hips. The news camera started
to close in on the trio as the second officer ripped her panties off. Removing
his nightstick from his belt, he wrapped one powerful arm around the woman's
waist. With his other hand, he placed the blunt end of the stick against her
asshole and viscously drove 4 inches of the fat stick up her ass.

The news camera zoomed into the woman's pain twisted face as her lips pulled
back from her teeth in an opened mouthed scream. Her eyes opened wide as the
raping stick was pulled back but winced shut in agony as a full 8 inches of the
club were driven back into her ass, forcing another scream.

While his partner raped the woman's shapely ass, the other officer pulled the
remains of the damaged bra off the struggling woman. Holding the woman by her
hair so her large breasts hung over the back of the bench. Taking his night
stick out of his belt, he raised it over his head and swung it into one of the
hanging, pendulous tits. The tortured woman's screams increased as the policeman
pounded the sensetive tits with the heavy stick.

The crowd of men worked into a frenzy as the police savaged the brunette. The
camera panned from woman to woman as they were raped in every orifice. It
lingered at a scene of a petite older woman screaming loudly while 2 men held
her down as 2 others were twisting the rough wooden handles of picket signs in
her cunt and ass. A trickle of blood flowed from both orifices.

The scene cut back to the news anchor desk. A male and female anchor filled the
screen. The male anchor spoke "Well Linda, I'd say those women were getting what
they deserve!" The female anchor's mouth gaped f or a split second before she
spoke "Walter, you must be joking! Those women are being brutally raped! They
have rights to police protection just like you!"

The male anchor set his papers down and turned to the attractive blond "I've had
enough of your women's lib shit particularily when everyone knows you slept your
way to the top. Harry, help me out here!" A muscular sports caster stepped in
view of the camera. The men each grabbed one the startled newswoman's arms and
forced her over the desk.

Linda struggled desperately but the muscular Harry held her firmly as Walter
pushed her skirt up and yanked her panties and pantie hose down to her knees. As
Linda begged him to stop, Walter curled his hand around his thumb and pushed it
into her cunt.

The Master waved a guard over and bent her over and drove his cock into her ass
as he watched the TV picture go to a split screen. Half showed Linda's pain
twisted face while the other half showed Walter's fist push deeper into the
tortured cunt.

As Walter's fist plunged deeper into Linda's cunt, his shirtsleeve started
working into her cunt. As he went still deeper his gold cuff link pushed into
the stretched vagina, cutting into it. Linda's cunt lips. Her cries turned to
screams as he twisted his hand in the cunt, dragging the sharp cufflink around

The Master smiled to himself. He knew he’d succeeded.

By Mad Dog

The Mansion Epilogue

By Mad Dog

The Master walked down the busy New York Street. He had one arm around the Bitch
and one around Chang. An entourage of guards and slaves bracketed them.

The Bitch's brow was knitted in pain. The Master usually made her go topless and
almost never allowed her to wear a bra. This morning the Master had given her a
bra to wear. Unfortunately for her, it was lined with course sandpaper-like
grit. Now, several hours later, the jiggling of her heavy breasts against the
grit had rubbed her large pink nipples raw. Every motion just increased the pain
and the Master was taking every opportunity to molest her tits and really grind
the teats into the sandpaper.

Chang had fared no better. A huge spiked butt plug was digging into her anal
walls with every step. The Master had found how much she hated having anything
put in her ass and took great pleasure in keeping the tiny hole painfully
stretched. The butt plug he had forced into her today was the most painful yet.

The Master observed the other pedestrians with satisfaction. The fashions for
women had changed since they had gone back to being property. Short tight skirts
were worn under revealing blouses as women found it necessary to please their

Businesses were starting to adjust to the new reality. As they walked, they
passed a shop called the Tortured Tit. Various torture devices were displayed in
the window. A large breasted woman hung from the ceiling of the display window
by her hands. Her tits were brutally crushed by an ornate tit press made of two
teak boards and stainless steel threaded clamps. Two large spherical weights
hung from the tit press, stretching the base of her tits.

One nipple, protruding from the press, was pierced by a 3-inch barbless
fishhook. Another heavy weight pulled the nipple down from the edge of the

A clamp similar to a battery jumper cable clamp crushed the other nipple.
Another heavy weight pulled that nipple downwards. The display slave's face was
twisted in pain and streaked with tears.

A young couple stood at the window. The man looked in the window lustily while
the young woman looked worried and clutched his arm, "Please, Jack! You don't
need to go in there! I promise I'll learn to suck cock!" The Master smiled as he
walked on. Indeed, all was unfolding as it should.

They got to the door of the restaurant. A gorgeous black woman in a very short
red skirt and halter-top opened the door for them. As they entered, a
middle-aged woman with snow-white hair greeted them. She was tall with the
cleavage of large breasts showing through the deep neckline of a small waistcoat
that ended just above her navel. Below the waistcoat, she wore black satin

The woman identified herself as the maitre de. She escorted them to a coat check
area. She took the Master's leather coat and handed it to a short buxom woman
dressed in black leather panties and a bra made of 2 small metal rings and
leather straps. The coat check girl's large tits were forced through the small
rings so they bulged on her chest.

The coat check girl placed the leather coat on a hanger and walked over to a row
of naked women hanging from rings set into the wall. All the women had alligator
clamps connected to each nipple with a short chain connecting the clamps.
Several of the women writhed in pain as 2 or 3 coats hung from the chain
attached to their nipples.

The coat check girl approached a woman who already had 2 coats painfully
stretching her nipples. As she approached the suffering woman, the victim begged
"GOD NO! NOT ANOTHER AGGHHH!" as the hanger was hooked on the chain between her

The maitre de led them to another room where 12 beautiful naked women stood.
"Please, choose your server." The Master walked from woman to woman, pinching
nipples and forcing his fingers in cunts and asses.

He stopped behind a muscular woman in her 30's. She was 5 ' 4" tall with short
cut sandy blond hair. Her measurements were 35-25-37 with firm breasts topped
with medium sized dark pink nipples.

The Master reached between her full ass cheeks and drove 3 fingers into her ass.
"OOOWWW!" she cried as she stepped forward slightly from the force of the
thrust. The Master continued twisting his fingers in the tight hole as he said,
"This cunt will do." He pulled his fingers out of her ass and held them up to
her mouth. She dutifully sucked the fingers into her mouth and sucked her shit
off them, gagging occasionally.

The maitre de handed the Master a book with pictures of women suffering from
various torture implements. He casually flipped through the book. "I'll have the
sharp toothed nipple clamps, the large weights, the cunt stretching garter and
the extra large butt plug." The blond server's eyes opened wider and she

The maitre de nodded and left the room. A few seconds later she returned
carrying a tray with the requested items.

The Master handed a pair of black silk stockings to the server. She took a seat
and pulled them on to her shapely legs. As she rose, the Master handed her a
black garter belt. She wrapped it around her waist and fastened it. She attached
the clips to the tops of the stockings.

The Master took 2 short elastic strips from the tray. A heavy springed clamp
with sharp teeth was attached to one end of both elastics. A garter clip was
attached to the other end. He knelt in front of the servant and slapped the
inside of her thighs, forcing her to stand with her feet apart. He hooked each
elastic strip to the top of a silk stocking. He pulled one of the clamps up and
pinched a cunt lip with the other hand. He squeezed opened the clamp and let it
snap shut on her cunt lip. The server flinched in pain. As he let go of the
clamp, the elastic stretched the cunt lip stretched down over 3-inches. The
server’s legs shivered as she leaned her head back and hissed in pain.

The server gritted her teeth in anticipation as the Master repeated the
procedure with the other cunt lip. The server took deep slow breaths, trying to
maintain control through the pain.

The Master pointed to a small table and ordered the server to lie back on it.
Two guards grabbed her feet and pulled her legs apart and back. The server
grunted loudly as her cunt lips stretched even further.

The Master picked up a huge 8-inch long butt plug. It bulged out to 4 inches in
diameter. Raised plastic spines were spaced around the surface in a spiral from
the narrow tip over the widest part of the bulge. If the torture plug were
pushed straight in, each successive spine would hit a slightly different spot on
the sphincter.

Placing the rounded tip of the plug against the small bud of her asshole, the
Master slowly applied increasing pressure. Gradually, the tiny hole expanded and
the punishment plug worked its way in. As the plug expanded the hole, the spines
pushed their way through the stretched sphincter. By the time the thickest part
of the plug pushed through, the server was screaming for mercy as her body
bounced in the grip of the guards.

With the huge plug firmly planted in her ass, the server was allowed to get up.
She painfully rolled to her side and slid off the table.

The Master reached down and grabbed a tuft of pubic hair and used it to pull the
server closer to the tray held by the maitre de. He took a nipple clamp and
snapped it on the server's left nipple. She cried out and bent forward, lifting
her left foot in pain. As she regained her composure and straightened, the
Master had the second clamp ready and snapped it on her right nipple.

While he waited for the server to recover from the crushing pain in her nipples,
the Master took the 2 large weights from the tray and hooked them to the nipple
clamps. The server started to sob as the weights pulled her tits downwards.

Nodding his satisfaction, the Master followed as the server shuffled in agony to
a banquet table. As they entered the room, several tables were occupied. At one,
a buxom black server with her tits tightly bound, was having an empty wine
bottle shoved up her cunt as she cried out in pain. At another, a slight blonde
server was having her cunt hair burnt off by the candle in the center of the

As his entourage approached the table, he noted a middle-aged couple sitting at
a table. She was staring at the Master’s server and snapped at her companion,
"Look at that. I don’t know what made you think you could bring me here even if
it is your birthday!" The man looked sheepishly down, "Yes, dear, I’m sorry."

The Master grabbed a slight 16-year-old from his entourage and led her over to
the couple. Looking at the man he offered, "I’d like to trade this young woman
for your bitch." The man’s eyes opened wide and the older women spurted, "How
dare you! We want nothing to do with you, do we Fred." The man didn’t speak and
just stared at the girl. She was 5’ 1" tall and very slender. She wore a see
through white blouse that showed small pert tits with bright pink nipples. Her
plaid skirt was very short and showed firm legs wearing knee socks. She was
blonde and her skin was very light.

The woman tired of waiting for a response and punched his shoulder, "You wait
until I get you home!" The Master continued to stare at the man "Perhaps you
would care to try her first. Kat, convince this gentlemen to make the trade or
it will be very bad for you."

The young woman opened her blouse and held up her small tits, "Please sir, I’ll
be a very good slave! My tits are very sensitive." Reaching down she lifted the
front of her short skirt showing a tuft of fine blonde pubic hair. She spread
her legs and pushed her crotch forward. Using 2 fingers she pulled her cunt lips
aside, "My pussy is really tight. You can use it any time you want. Here feel
it." Kat walked over and took Fred’s hand and pushed it into her crotch. He
instinctively thrust a finger into her tight cunt as she wriggled to let it deep
inside her. The older women just stared open mouthed.

The Master spoke, "Try her ass. It’s very tight. She hates things up her ass but
she’ll let you use it any time you want. Won’t you Kat." The young woman nodded
sadly as she turned around and bent over. Fred didn’t hesitate and pushed a
finger in Kat’s tight hole as she gasped from the intrusion. The older women
started to look worried, "Fred, this has gone far enough. Tell this man that you
aren’t interested and we’ll just forget this ever happened."

Fred seemed preoccupied with making the young woman squirm on the end of his
finger. After a few seconds, he looked up, "Do I understand you? I give you my
wife and I get this girl?" The Master nodded smiling, "Kat, suck his cock."

The teen kneeled at Fred’s feet and opened his fly. Reaching in she took his
cock out and proceeded to give an expert blowjob punctuated by deep throat
fucking. The older woman gasped, "Fred, stop that immediately!" Fred frowned and
snapped "Leanne, shut up!" as he returned to enjoying the blowjob. Leanne’s face
turned red. Fred leaned slightly back in the chair, "Mister, you got a deal!"
Leanne’s mouth gaped. The Master turned to the Bitch, make our new possession
realizes what pain really is.

The Bitch waved 2 guards over who quickly ripped the clothes off Leanne. She was
5’ 7" tall with a lean hard figure. Her hair was chestnut brown with the
occasional gray streak. Her cunt hair was also dotted with gray. Her tits were
small with dark nipples. Her over all measurements were 34B-25-36.

She struggled and swore as the powerful guards pulled her over to the Masters
table. The Bitch took several of the candles on the table and lined them up in a
row. She used a napkin to pick up a table knife by its tip and held the length
of it over the candle flames. As she did so, the guards laid Leanne back on an
empty table. Two more guards grabbed her feet and pulled her legs apart.

The Bitch held the knife in the tip of the flames for several minutes. The she
lifted the knife out and rapidly walked over to Leanne and rammed the hot knife
into her cunt. Leanne’s screams filled the restaurant as she writhed in the
powerful grip of the guards. As Leanne’s yells turned to pained sobbing, The
Bitch turned to the Master "I think a hard fuck by a big cock would be most
educational for the cunt."

The Master smiled and got up as the Bitch pulled the knife out of her cunt and
the guards pulled her legs back. The Master pulled his erect cock out and drove
it into the burnt cunt. Leanne screamed and begged, "PULL IT OUT, HUURRRTTS!"
Relentlessly, the Master pounded at her punished cunt. Leanne’s cunt felt like
it was on fire, as her burnt cunt walls were rubbed raw by the abuse. In the
meantime, the bitch was heating another knife over the candles.

After several minutes, the Master pulled his cock out and held it to the face of
the older woman and came on her face. Leanne wept in humiliation. She was so
spent from the painful fuck she didn't struggle as the guards bent her over the
table. However, as the Bitch touched the second hot knife to her sphincter her
muscles tensed and her eyes opened wide as she screamed again. Rapidly, the
bitch crammed the hot knife into her anus as Leanne bounced up and down in the
grip of the guards.

The Master turned to Fred who was still enjoying Kat’s cock sucking "She’s not a
very good fuck, would you like to keep her. Leanne turned her head from her bent
position, "Please, Fred! Take me back! I’ll do anything!" Fred laughed, "I’d
much rather have this one." Pointing to the young head bobbing up and down on
his cock. The Master shrugged "You can have them both if you want. If not, the
Bitch here will enjoy torturing her when we get home."

Leanne’s pleas became desperate as she promised to perform any act Fred wanted
if he would take her back. Fred pulled Kat’s head off his cock and told her to
sit in a chair. He turned to Leanne, "Suck her cunt! You better make her come or
I’ll turn you over to this gentleman permanently."

Weeping in humiliation, Leanne knelt in front of the younger girl and
tentatively started licking her pussy. Fred shook his head, "I think we need to
make you want to make her come." He knelt behind Leanne and lined his cock up
with her burnt ass hole. Leanne started to straighten, "God no! My ass is burnt!
Not there!" Fred grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her head back, "You’d rather
go with him?" Leanne shook her head and bent forward again.

Fred put his cock head against the small hole and thrust forward as Leanne cried
out. He set up a hard rhythmic fuck as her cries continued. "You better start
sucking because we’re not going to stop until you make Kat come!" warned Fred.
Leanne desperately started licking the young cunt between gasps of pain as her
sore ass was viciously buggered. After a few minutes, Kat’s body started to
tense and she came to a shuddering orgasm. The sight of the young girl coming in
his wife’s face finally sent Fred over the edge and he came in his wife’s ass.
As he stood, Leanne collapsed on the floor weeping.

Fred turned to the Master, "I’d love to have them both. What’s the catch?" The
Master shrugged, "Just keep that cunt in her place." Fred smiled, "Sure!" The
Master handed him a card, "Call that number if you change your mind and want to
get rid of her. One of my agents will pick her up."

The Master returned to the table and Judith, his secretary, touched his arm, "We
have to get back to the Mansion soon, we have some politicians and a Judge
coming in from Sweden." The Master shook his head, "Ah, no rest for the wicked."

The End

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