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Mandy's sickest stories - Three ladies on vacation

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Synopsis: Tracy is the splendid and youthful mother. Together with her beautiful daughter Amber, the 19 years old college student and Eva, Amber's best friend and roommate they have a summer car trip across the country, but unfortunately getting lost in the wilderness. At the edge of desperation a lovely lady picks them up and carries them to her palace like house. The seemingly happy end turns to be a living nightmare of the most extreme kind when they have to realize that their hospitable host is the owner of a snuff studio broadcasting the most wicked torture and snuff shows on the internet. This is the story of how the lovely three ladies become the stars of the newest show.


Do not read this story! 

We mean it!

The following tale is based on a roleplay between two unusually depraved females. In fact this isnít a real story what is telling something, but a rather long and concentrated bunch of the most extreme fantasies human mind able to create. This tale hasnít got real plot, hasnít got sense. All described acts are about weird fetishes which were compressed into one seemingly coherent storyline, but in reality the story is secondary and neglected. 

This tale was not intended for publishing and was not striving for being an enjoyable reading. It is just the output of the writersí mindless brainstorm, diabolic splinters from hell. We were not concerning the joy of possible readers and were not into creating a story in fact. This is a trip to the very depths of our minds where demons rule, and you, valuable reader, you have a very slight chance to enjoy this chaotic mess of the sickest fantasies. 

We were writing in great details, using the most graphic ways of writing in order to draw the clearest picture of the sickest acts. This will be boring for you, but it was great fun for us. We do not leave too much space for your creativity to fill the gaps as everything is very clearly described and you will be overwhelmed by tiny details. Be prepared.

We do not expect you to enjoy this tale. Therefore we do not expect you to rate it or sending us feedbacks. Most likely you wonít be able to read too far as you will be either bored or utterly disgusted and shocked. Reading these words you might think we are wrong, so all we can say; just go, and discover it yourself.

And finally some words for those few who will actually like what they are about to read. Welcome in our world, enjoy our darkest fantasies and feel free to contact us with your feedbacks, ideas and comments. We like to discuss our fetishes with people who are similar to ourselves.

Emma & Mandy

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Mandy's sickest stories - Three ladies on vacation

Authors: SickoChickMandy & EmmaP

Authors' email: mandydarkfantasies [at] gmail [dot] com

Tags: F+/f+, torture, snuff, feet, nc, scat, ws, zoo

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Tracy is the splendid and youtful mother. Together with her beautiful daughter Amber, the 19 years old college student and Eva, Amber's best friend and roommate they have a summer car trip across the country, but unfortunately getting lost in the wilderness. At the edge of desperation a lovely lady picks them up and carries them to her palace like house. The seemingly happy end turns to be a living nightmare of the most extreme kind when they have to realize that their hospitable host is the owner of a snuff studio broadcasting the most wicked torture and snuff shows on the internet. This is the story of how the lovely three ladies become the stars of the newest show.


This story involves quite a lot of horrible activities including, but not restricted to, torture, death, bondage, amputation, body modification, cannibalism, humiliation, nudity, bestiality, excessive scat torture and watersports, overwhelming foot and hand fetishism. In most case they are done in a non-consensual, unhealthy, insane, destructing, disrespectful, politically- and socially incorrect ways. If you do not like to read such things, we strongly advise you to stop here and now. Should you choose to continue despite our most vehement warning, you would do so at your own risk and responsibility.

This is a work of fiction. The characters and actions depicted in this story live only in the twisted mind of their authors. Hopefully they will grow in the mind of our readers as well. However, we do not condone, approve or recommend the acts we describe. This is fiction and should remain as such. Do not do this at home!

Introductory notes

This story was written as a collaborative game by SickoChickMandy and EmmaP. One of the authors was not a native speaker of English, and although we have made an extensive use of orthographic correctors, you will certainly stumble on quite a lot of barbarisms and awkward pieces of syntax. We apologise for those and hope that they will not too much detract our readers from enjoying our deviant ideas.

CHAPTER I. - Lost and found

The road was long and Tracy felt really tired. They had been travelling for over 10 hours since the morning, the GPS had missed something and they did a rather long detour through the hills, but were still unable to get back to the main road. That area of the country was more or less deserted; the road itself was also old and filled with potholes, so she needed to drive very carefully. Not only her GPS but the cell-phones had lost signals an hour ago as well, so Tracy needed to use the old atlas she found in the glove compartment, but as a woman who had gotten used to the advantages of modern technology, orientation was really not her most brilliant virtue. The fuel gauge on the top of the expensive BMW's dashboard signalled that gas would only last another half an hour, and they hadn't see any gas station, or even any farms or buildings for hours. Actually, they hadnít seen a single car neither, although Tracy was already far beyond the point to worry about her pride, she was ready to stop anybody and ask for help.

She glimpsed behind through the mirror, the girls were sleeping in the back seat. Amber, Tracy's daughter, pulled her legs up and laid her head into the lap of Eva, her college roommate. Amber was a glamorous blonde, the most beautiful kind, Tracy's pride, her 19 year old perfect jewel. The summer was hot and although the car's AC was on Tracy did not let the air cool too much down, as a caring and mother she knew exactly how bad the unnaturally cold air could be. So Amber wore only jeans and a short and colourful T-shirt, her long blonde hair covered Eva's thighs and the rest of the seat. Eva was Amber's best friend in the college, and she was also 19 years old, a child of deeply religious parents. She was a brunette with a pretty face and slightly oversized round glasses, which she wore even though she only really needed them for reading.. Eva wore jeans and a white top, an easy and comfortable dress she would have never worn in school or at home, her oldish and ugly clothes were resting in the trunk. Two nice, actually extraordinary beauties but with serious problems. Amber was attacked 5 years before and the man almost raped her, so the girl became too introvert and suspicious will all boys. And Eva, the similarly shy Christian girl shared that behaviour, they became good friends and the same time exiled from their colleague's society.

Tracy felt sorry for them. That's why she decided to take them for a girlie vacation, only the three of them in the car, searching for adventure and new places. She believed in the old wisdom that a mother should have been her daughter's best girlfriend, but as that role was taken over by Eva, Tracy had to take both of them. Two shy girls with almost the same problem, who needed the good angel to open their eyes and teach them how to get back to reality and enjoy their life. Tracy was 39, and just as blonde as her daughter. She was far the most beautiful woman among her girlfriends, the kind of a woman who attracted many of the younger guys as well, though Tracy was not that desperate houswife type. Her husband, Ashleyís father, was a succesful and very well mannered rich businessman, and despite the fact that love was no longer the link between them, Tracy proved to be faithful all her life. Still, the charming opportunity to have some adventure excited her a lot, and even she would have never admitted to herself, but secretly she was craving for an affair for long time.

It was inevitable, but eventually the car slowed to a halt. Tracy sighed as she tried turning the key in the ignition, though not really expecting much of a response from the engine. It barely made any noise at all. Not only was the gas needle quivering below the empty line, but it also seemed that the battery was completely dead too. The hum of the engine died down to a complete silence, and Tracy noticed that even the AC had turned off. Exasperated, she sat in the car for a while, thinking about the next move to take. She could walk to the nearest gas station, or try to find someone nearby, but who knows how long that could take. She didn't want to wake the girls just yet, but she would have to take them with her if she did go anywhere. No signal, so she can't call for help. With no sign on the roads of anyone else nearby, she had no choice but to wake the girls and attempt to walk somewhere, anywhere to find civilisation. She reached back and shook the young girls awake.

She admired the beatuy of the girls again, Amber reminded her of the young Tracy she used to be, although her daughter was far more round, heritage of her father's family. Unlike Tracy she was slightly sturdy but still far inside the pretty category, a girl with luscios forms and with a big, always laughing mouth. But their eyes were the same, greyish blue, big and charming. Well, would had been weird to feel jealousy towards her very own girl, but Tracy definitely felt something that was close to envy whenever she took a glimpse on Amber's well-developed, and undoubtly perfect breasts. Eva's figure, however, was much closer to Tracy's, thin and slim with less dominant curves but still with the gift of prettiness. Eva was a natural brunette and, unlike Amber, her face was more cute and charming than the kind of sexy that brought kinky images immediately to men's mind. The two beauties, different in character but sharing the same curse were sleeping peacefully when Tracy reached back and gently shook Amber's shoulder. The blonde beauty performed some funny motions like she was to boo a fly, the sun's light reflected from her surprisingly long nails. Both of them, mother and daughter, shared the passion for nails, except that Tracy tended to follow the stereotype of sexy moms and mostly wore fiery red, Amber preferred more extreme styles like her recently worn French nails. Finally the motherly shaking awoke Amber, her stirring waking Eva as well, and they both stared at Tracy with tired, still dreamy eyes.

"Sorry to wake you girls, but we have hit a slight snag, I'm afraid. The car has broken down and we need to go and find a phone."

Neither of the girls were ultimately enthusiastic about the idea to walk, but as their options were obviously limited they got their feet and left the faithless car behind, carrying only one backpack for each with the most important accessories.

"Take this as part of our adventure, girls." Tracy tried save the day but neither of the college students seemed to be in the mood to look at the bright side of their situation. Eva was far too well mannered to say anything, but Amber mumbled something under her breath.

An hour had passed, and the three girls were still walking in the heat, their feet beginning to ache, when finally they saw a car approach. Amber was in the worst condition,as it  turned out she forgot to take any sporty shoes and she was struggling with her high heels all the time. Relief radiated from them as the car slowed to a stop before them, and the door opened as a beautiful woman stepped out. Her skin was quite pale and the spattering of freckles on her face just added to her apparent beauty. She had long black hair, which looked a complete contrast to her skin, and she seemed quite tall, even wearing flat, open toed sandals. She was actually dressed quite modestly, knee length skirt and a short sleeved top that enhanced but didn't reveal her magnificent breasts. Her fingernails and toenails were not too long, but painted a glorious bright red. She took off her sunglasses and began to walk over to the three exhausted girls.

"Are you gals okay?" She asked, showing genuine concern.

"Sure, we are." Tracy replied sending a glamorous smile towards the woman. "But we are facing some unexpected diffculties, our car broke down a few miles down this road. We decided to walk to see if we might find somebody who could help us in arranging a call." she said, observing the woman closely before deciding that everything seemed to be okay. A nice mannered, nicely dressed woman in a car alone, none of her senses alerted any danger.

"Broke down, yes..." Amber whispered behind and with a painful grimace raised her left foot to winkle out a sharp gravel from under her sole. She did not share Tracy's optimism about their condition.

"Bless your hearts, best you get out of this heat and come with me. I have a phone in my house, it's not a long drive from here but it's quite a walk, and you gals look like you have walked enough already!"

"Oh, thanks much, darling, that is really kind of you. I guess we could use some help." Tracy replied and even Eva nodded in eager enthusiasm, her T-shirt was dripping with her sweat, the soft fabric sticked against the cute little globes of her perky breasts. She did not wear bras, walking in the killing heat proved to be much more comfortable wothout them.

The kind stranger walked back to the car, holding the backseat door open and helping the girls get inside.

"We'll have you ready to be on your way as soon as possible! My name is Emma, by the way!" She smiled, as she got into the car herself, sitting in the driverís seat before starting the engine and pulling away from the side of the road. The car was large and spacious, obviously an expensive car, but the biggest surprise came as she drove off the road and down a hidden path, beyond some trees to a clearing with an enormous house sitting precisely in the middle. It was a grand house, larger than any they had ever seen.

"I like a lot of space" Emma giggled, noticing the awe on all three girls faces. "That's why I moved to this secluded area. I earn enough in the film industry to keep me going, and I'm so used to the peace and quiet that I cannot imagine living anywhere else!" Emma waved her hand vaguely as she continued to steer with one hand, approaching the immense building down the long road that led to it. Even the driveway was large and grand, decorated with hedges and fountains and all sorts.

The inside of the house was as grand as the outside, not like a mansion, more like a really beautiful house. The ceilings were high and the rooms were large, but far from empty. Expensive looking furniture and works of art filled the room, whilst simultaneously avoiding the cluttered look and leaving it spacious. In the centre of the main foyer stood a young girl, bright red hair and long, elegant black dress. She stood there completely still, holding a tray with three cups on it.

"Ah, thank you Sophie!" Emma said, as she took the three cups "This is Sophie, she's kind of like my personal assistant. Here, have a cup of tea..."

Emma passed the tea to the three awestruck girls and guided them into the grand living room, where Amber and Eva were beckoned to sit. The chairs were comfortable and they felt like they were sinking into the cushions, sipping at their tea and reflecting on how lucky they were to chance upon such a wealthy Good Samaritan. Emma gestured to Tracy as she walked into the next room , and Tracy obediently followed her, carrying her tea delicately in her hand.

"Here, you can use the phone in here. How on Earth did you wind up so far out in the middle of nowhere without any communication? You're lucky nothing happened! It can be quite dangerous out here if you don't know where you're going. You probably shouldn't have taken that detour into the mountains"

"You are right, honestly speaking it was my fault, after I realized we made a wrong turn I should have turned back. But you know, we are in hurry, we have booked rooms in our next station and never thought that such deserted areas are still exist in this country. By the way, how was it you drove that way? That road is completely empty, we haven't seen any sign of civilization over hours!"

"Hmm? Oh because I have been watching you on the roads for a while now, just waiting for the right moment, you know? Secret cameras, and all..."

Tracy must had been shown a rather silly face, because Emma smiled at her with a strange flash in her eyes. The blonde mother suddenly lurched and needed to grab the edge of the small table holding the phone not to fall.

"Oh... I mean... Secret cameras? I don't believe I understand... Oh my God, something is wrong with me, I feel so dizzy. Might be the sun, heat stroke or something..." she moaned as she almost slided onto the floor, her red tipped fingers held the wood so strongly that they became white.

"Ah, that'll be the tea. You really should be careful about accepting drinks from strangers. That's definitely an important lesson you should pass on to your children...."

Tracy desperately struggled to get back into the first room, her vision blurring, her legs refusing to move how she wanted them to. She clutched at the door frame, her arms and legs shaking, the last thing she noticed before everything goes dark were the two sleeping figures of Amber and Eva....

CHAPTER II. - Nasty reality

Tracy awoke to an uncomfortable tight sensation around her neck. It turned out to be a rope tied around her neck which led up to the ceiling. As she blinked, the noose around her neck pulled, forcing her from the resting lying position into an upright stance. her feet scrabbled on the floor in an attempt to maintain balance until the rope stopped pulling and she was standing upright. Her feet felt heavy and her vision was still blurry, but she scanned the room she was in as best she could. It appeared to be some kind of basement, and quite a large one too. A huge room, probably the entire length of the house she was just in, filled with all sorts of odd looking contraptions. There was a strong smell of blood and excrement in the air. The house? Memories started flooding back, the tea, the drugs, the hostess...

"Ah! You are awake! We were beginning to think you were going to sleep all day! You've been out for hours! The younger ones woke up a while ago, over there on the other side of the room. You can see them on this monitor!"

At that point, her vision returned to normal, Tracy noticed for the first time that the room has cameras everywhere, not to mention a whole cast of female camera operators. An ensemble of about 40 beautiful women, all wearing slender black dresses and modest jewellery that gave the impression that they were attending some formal party instead of a filthy basement like this. They were milling around, manning cameras, checking wires and communicating with each other through mouth pieces To her immediate right, which she struggled to see by twisting her head in the noose still around her neck, were a collection of large monitors showing the room from various angles, and a computer in the centre. A brunette with her back to Tracy was sitting at the computer, editing all the camera angles together into some kind of live feed. As if hearing Emmaís orders in her head, she silently and obediently pressed a series of buttons, switching the largest monitor on to show what is happening by the far wall. Tracy snarled involuntaridly as the rope cut into her skin and pulled her jaw upwards, her eyes were teary from the terror and surprise, her rather painful situation and the whole place seemed to be so extremely surrealistic, like she had fall into Alice's nightmarish kind of wonderland. At least she seemed to still wear her clothes, the sexy but not too short black skirts with the sleeveless grey shirt.

Eva and Amber were locked in a large wooden contraption that faced Tracy from all the way on the other side of the room. Eva was seated in a wooden frame halfway up the contraption, a large, clear pipe leading from the wall behind her was attached to her face, covering her nose and mouth. At random intervals, it filled up with what appeared to be mashed up food, and Eva was forced to eat it lest she suffocated. This must have been happening for quite a while because her stomach looked extremely bloated. Besides the fact that her jeans have been pulled down to her knees and her bare ass was exposed out of the seat, she was still fully dressed. Another clear and currently empty pipe led out of her anus and into the mouth of Amber, who was attached to a seat directly below her and similarly fully dressed with the exception of her bare naked waist. Her mouth was forced open by the pipe, and her head was held in place by straps, meaning only her eyes could move, darting back and forth from the spread open anus of her friend directly in front of her, to her mother on the far side of the room, and finally to the rope in her hands. Indeed, her arms were outstretched, holding a large rope in front of her that led to a stopper on a set of cogs beneath her friend. Whilst being pulled, the stopper is kept in place and prevented the straining cogs from spinning, a cast iron dildo 8 inches long was therefore held in place inches in front of Eva's pussy, which was forced open with a speculum. Eva was also straining to hold a rope that led to the straining cogs beneath Amber, another cast iron dildo twitching beneath her cunt as well. Each girl needed to hold on to the rope, which was constantly pulling against them, begging to be released from their grip. The dildos had been heating up for hours and were now bright red with heat. Both girls were beginning to sweat from the heat emanating below them, a look of terror on both of their faces.

Amber could not believe what was happening to her. After the arrival to Emma's house and falling asleep she woke up in that very room, strapped to that wooden frame facing Eva's ass, having her mouth painfully stretched by the clear pipe what was embedded by sharp hooks into her gums behind her teeth, making it impossible to remove with her tongue, the only free moving part of her body currently available. She had already experienced the very essence of Eva's fart, her best girlfriend let out a stinky and loud burst of bowel gas just minutes before, the strength of it resonated the pipe and the awful stench that filled her mouth and nostrils through her foresail, making her eyes tear heavily. Her rational mind fought against the reality, being there in that stance was far too extreme to be true, but the glowing dildo under her widely stretched pussy and the pain in her gums made it clear that she was not dreaming. Emmaís staff had placed the ropes into their hands after both of them regained consciousness, and very specifically explained that once the ropes released nothing can prevent the white hot irons from kissing their most intimate parts, as Emma, that fucking sadist bitch explained: "If you let the rope free your girlfriend will lose her virginity in the most unusual way ever...".

Amber stared at Eva's rear, at the pipe that stretched the asshole so obscenely. The blonde girl had seen porn before, all youngsters did, although since her bad experience she found sexual interaction with men a most disgusting idea, and she particularly hated anal and oral sex. It was pure curiosity that had driven her, not the excitement. She had also seen Eva's ass before, they were roomates and even if in the beginning the religious girl was far too shy, later she got used to staying in their room wearing only panties, after they locked the door of course. Amber was surprised when she realized how much she liked it when Eva became relaxed enough to leave her clothes off, Amber explained to herself this unnatural attraction with her utter digust towards men. So she loved to take glimpses at her roomates shapely bottom from time to time, but never ever wished to see Eva's ass from the perspective she had at the moment, tied onto the contraption.

Her fingers held the rope steadily, sweat was running down her forehead, she needed to apply so much force to deter the straining cogs that her fingers start to ache. 'Oh my God, please, help me, this can't be true, this can't be true!' she repeated again and again. She was smart enough to understand that once the rope was freed and that hideously bright iron burns Eva, the same fate would await her own pussy as well. Her only hope was her mother who had just struggled to her feet, far away in the room, the wicked cunt Emma told Tracy was the one who could free them. 'Mom, oh Mom! Please, help me!' Amber cried silently, her whining filled the pipe and vanished in Eva's bowels.

Eva was suffering beyond imagination, the wicked mixture what was almost continually flowing through her face pipe tasted bad like hell. She had no idea what was it but was hard to imagine it was meant for human consumption, both the taste and the smell reminded her of dog food that you can smell when walking around in pet shops. She tried not to swallow, closed her mouth tight, but the mushed substance piled up in front of her mouth and nostrils, blocking her air supply, so finally she had to gulp down every last chunk. Her belly was bulging painfully, she felt full, so extremely full that she was fighting continual nausea, not to mention the terrifying hot iron under her pussy. Eva had been crying since her awakening, even if Emma and all the other females in the room seemed to be humans the thought that she was somehow transferred to hell couldn't be cleared from her mind. It was not possible that such cruelty on Earth existed, it was not possible that people could had been so cruel.

At the other end of the room Tracy's eyes widened in utter terror seeing and understanding the predicament the girls were in, and unable to think or to come up with anything else she did the only things she could, she put her desperate thoughts into words:

"Jesus... Oh Jesus!" she cried, aching her neck as she turned her head to see Emma. "You are killing them! You are killing my girl!"

"Oh, don't worry. I do this a lot, and always give a chance of freedom to my 'stars'!"

"Stars? What? What are you talking about? You cannot do this to us! We are human beings and have rights, rights to our fucking freedom!" Tracy responded completely confused, her voice was high pitched and like a squeal, everything she saw and heard made her lose control over her daily manners.

"Why, you're all the stars of my fantastic films! Streamed live to perverts all over the world! And your freedom? Sure, just walk over to those girls and free them from their supports, and you can go! It's as easy as that. They're aware of what you need to do, and have been waiting HOURS for you to wake up and free them. Go on, get going!"

The noose around Tracy's neck pulled again, forcing Tracy up onto steps in front of her. A large balance beam stretched out from where she stood all the way to Amber and Eva, and the noose around her neck was on a pulley that could wheel in a straight line from where she stood to where her daughters were caged easily, presumably to keep her from falling off the beam. Tracy used to be quite good on the balance beam when she was a young child, and even though this was quite a long one, it shouldn't be too hard to balance on.

"You'd better hurry up! You have a time limit" Emma sneers, "Eva has been eating non-stop for hours, and many laxatives have been slipped into her food too. Plus their arms are looking tired too. You have until they cannot hold on anymore! Go on, go!"

She had no option but to play Emma's game and heading fowards, towards her girl. Tracy cried profusely at that time, fat teardrops flowing along her beautiful face and messing her mascara, drawing long lines of black paint over her cheeks as she grinned her teeth and did her best to focus on the task what was given to her.

As Tracy stepped onto the large metal balance beam, carefully and unable to look down, her heavy feet struggling but managing to keep her balance, Emma smiled and clicked her fingers. "Oh, silly me! I forgot to turn it on!"

The balance beam began to glow red, heated up internally all across the length. At that point Tracy realised that her shoes had been replaced by huge metal boots, covering the soles of her feet with straps that pressed tightly against the top of her feet. They resembled metal sandals, and began to feel tingly.

That special foot gear was heavy like hell, but what was more worrisome was the fact that the soles were made of thin metal. The balance beam, made of conductive ceramics, was acting like one huge heating element, the electric wires running deep inside heating up the surface within half a minute. Tracy, stumbling like a drunk sailor, stretched upwards by her aching neck made step after step, placing her iron wearing feet carefully in front of the others. The top of her feet were mostly naked, and when the soles of the boot were just starting to heat up and tingle Tracy's pampered, soft soles, the tops were already sweating profusely and the skin started to redden, not because of burning, at least not yet, but because of the veins filling up with blood acting as natural coolers. Tracy made another step, her face was a mask of anguish, she felt like her head was to be pulled off her body by her neck, walking with that rope around her throat was much more complicated and uncomfortable sensation than she ever would have thought.

Her red painted long toes were the closest to the heat. Everytime she lifted and placed a foot on the beam they arrived at a 45 degree angle and Tracy soon realised that the heat that was radiating from the surface was close to the unbearable level. She was balancing on the very edge of extreme discomfort and real pain, but she was sure, if there would be any hairs on the top of her toes (what she did not have of course, as she paid hell a lot money for having a whole body permanent depilating) those hairs would had been already burnt off. Every step was an agony, everytime her next foot placed over the beam she felt like that she flicked her toes over a candle's flame. Unfortunately for her, the sole part of her boots soon heated up enough to change the gentle tingle into a more sharp pinching sensation, especially when she placed her weight onto one foot and her sole was pressed hard against the warm metal.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! Hot! Oh no, fucking hot!" she exclaimed in a loud voice, describing the painful sensatons that she felt during her rather inelegant walk in equally inelegant colloquiasms. Despite the hard time, she was progressing pretty fast. As a woman who always paid attention to her body, regularly visited gyms and still attended aerobic training three times a week, Tracy was in perfect condition, having the gym inside her personal trinity of nailshop, wellness centre, shopping centre helped her a lot to accomplish the hurdle of the balance beam. The heat increased some more, and the boots started to glow. As the sudden increase in pain caught her by surprise, both her feet tried to escape the heat at the same time and she half jumped, half fell off the beam. The noose around her neck was being controlled by a pretty, but still sadistic, red head far behind her, who was feeding it through her hands as Tracy walked, allowing enough of it to pass through the pulley on the ceiling, whilst the pulley itself was on little wheels and was being dragged behind Tracy by Tracy herself. It was tight enough to constantly remind her that it was there, but loose enough to get pulled along behind her. As she fell, it quickly changed to extremely tight, the redhead pulling hard on the entwined rope as Tracy choked and flailed in the air as her fall was cut short in seconds. She swung and hit into the side of the beam with her leg, the extreme pain from the heat applied directly to her naked flesh causing Tracy to immediately wish she had worn jeans instead of shorts. Unable to swing herself away from the bar, her skin melting to its side, she hung there, both choking from the noose and suffering from the burn on her leg. She emitted sounds which were the mixture of high pitched screams, very deep wet grunts playing along the scale of gamut like a crazy opera singer, while a big gob of yellowish scum drooled from her lips, the rope drove up the content of her throat and her pain born grumblings let it coughed out. The redhead pulled at the rope, and forced Tracy up, her leg sliding slowly against the bar, tearing the burnt flesh off as she rose until she was at the right height and her feet swung slightly above the bar. Grabbing at the noose around her neck, her eyes rolling into the back of her skull, she managed to get her flailing feet to find the bar, and pressed against the heat with her iron footwear, catching her grip. As her feet made contact, the rope became looser, and she began limping forward again quite quickly, aware that the beam was getting hotter. Her left leg was red and heavily burnt, some skin slightly removed in form of ugly, angry red blisters which were leaking some water like liquid already. Tracy's was a mask of agony, her pretty cheeks were crossed with the black stripes of messed mascara, and all her body was bathing in sweat. 


Amanda made herself comfortable on the couch and switched on the screen, the huge plasma covering almost half of the wall came alive. It was late, very late, the source of that broadcoast was on another continent, but she preferred live shows against recorded entertainment, she really enjoyed  of being part of the happenings and the power she had via the customer request system. The wepbage was a so called 'B' site, not a public webpage but a hidden and secret address known only by the chosen few, by those who had the power and money for being a member of the world's sadist cult. Amanda, or Mandy, as she was mostly known among the dark side of humankind, was a rich and powerful woman, she started her career as an imprisoned  teenager who committed a horribler crime, but after her release she became one of the darkest figures of the underworld dealing with the mysterious snuff porn. She was a sadist, the worst kind, a hearthless, imaginative and cruel specimen whose greatest pleasure was to inflict pain upon all those unfortunate people who were falling into her hands. She ran her own business and earned almost unlimited money, there were always a surpsisingly unlimited amount of rich people all over the world who were more than willing to spend shitloads of money for authentic and horrible torture videos. At the same time Amanda was an art lover and adored the work of her competition, mostly because the real snuff and torture studios all had their specialities, therefore they did not really interfere with each other. Amanda's speciality was the torture of females, as a strict lesbian 99% of her releases had females stars, and she was known as the best foot fetish related snuff dominatrix all over the world. At the same time she was a business woman, she knew how important it was to closely observe her colleagues in order to learn new techniques and steal ideas, not the mention the curiousity she had, so she followed up as many internet activities as could fit into her daily schedule.

Emma's studio was one of her new findings, a professional team with huge staff and the most modern equipment, a studio that had created such popular live shows that week by week more and more customers paid to watch their performance. Amanda knew little about the things they are dealing with there, but as she heard from friends Emma was the kind of woman who was really among the limitless dominatrixs. Beside hellish torments and excessive pain, Emma's studio offered wide range of mental and emtional torments related to bodily functions, she was a real specialist in using the starletts' bodies against themselves, forming natural body functions into diabolic tools of extreme torture. This was Amanda's first attendance to one of Emma's shows and she decided to buy VIP access, wanting to not only watch the show but  be granted the chance to influence the happenings. The VIP access meant Amanda could communicate with the staff and even place requests of what should happen to the movie's stars, and she was ready to use that extremely expensive but rather appealing opportunity.

Having her tiny keyboard and remote control in her hand she sipped a mouthful of red wine from the slender glass before setting it down on an elegant glass table. She was naked on her couch, a beautiful woman of age 24, a raven with long dark hair and a bright smile, pretty face and perfect body, ready to witness the torment and death of some unlucky losers whilst fucking herself into multipled orgasms with the huge set of dildos placed next to the couch. She playfully flickered her sensitive clit as the connection was established and finally the screen was filled with the images of a huge, windowsless room. Even through the screen she felt the well known atmopshere of fear and desperation, and when the first images appeared in her home about two young girls fancied with clear pipes in their orifices plus desperately holding back white hot iron dildos in order to prevent the cruel tools from sliding into each others stretched cunts, Amanda sighed. She loved Emma's studio already. Soon she had the chance to admire a very nice looking blonde lady's painful walk over a heated balance beam, which was especially arousing for her, watching the torment relating to a woman on screen identified as Tracy, her carefully polished, bright red tipped, sexy feet on screen accompanied by information about her. Images were shown in the screen corner, IDs and driving license's of the starletts proving what was already told by the live show's narrator; Tracy was the tied, blonde bitch's mother. Family fun, Amanda loved that, a kind of element she had never involved in her movies before.


CHAPTER III. - Girls in trouble

Eva was struggling to hold on, the gurgling in her stomach was getting worse and worse, and she needed a release. She knew her best friend was below her, but she couldn't hold on any longer. She concentrated, trying to release a tiny bit of gas to help the pressure in her stomach without totally losing control. It was meant to be a small fart, but turned out to be a monstrous one that vibrated the very tube itself. She could hear the protests of Amber somewhere below her, and she apologised in her head, unable to voice her sorrow out loud due to her mouth being held painfully open by the pipe which had just filled up, once more, with something that she had decided was definitely dog food, not that this made her feel much better about the situation she was in. The taste was foul, and as the chunky, beef tasting food slid down her throat and entered her cramping and distended stomach she couldn't help but feel like each mouthful was missing her stomach heading directly for her bowels, the cramping in her ass was awful and she wanted more than anything to just release it, but she knew where it was going.

"Well, the good news is that if your best friendís mother gets to you both before you lose control, you can all go free!" Emma said, appearing as if from nowhere. Eva hadn't even seen her approach and almost dropped the rope in her arms upon hearing her voice. She still gripped it tight, but her muscles were sending warning signals to her brain that they couldn't hold on any longer. Eva could hear sizzling coming from beneath her. Even her face could feel the heat of that dildo below her now, and beads of sweat were dripping from her pussy lips onto the red hot monster, hissing quite loudly. She tried to recap what sins she might have committed to get her into such a position as this.

"Did you hear me? Freedom! That's good, isn't it? Of course, it doesn't look like she is trying very hard, but hey, now you have hope! Just keep hold on to those ropes, and make sure you don't go shitting everywhere, and you can all go safe."

Eva tried to look in Tracy's general direction, but from the angle she was at and with the strap around her forehead keeping her head in place, she could only see Tracy from the waist up, and she had no idea that Tracy was walking on burning feet. As far as Eva could see, she was just walking slowly.

"She is moving VERY slowly though. Itís almost as if she doesn't care about you. How much do you trust her? How much do you trust either of your friends? I am sure your arms must be getting VERY tired, and she is taking her sweet time. It must be frustrating. Oh, look at me talking to you like you can speak back. Silly me, your mouth is full. How are you enjoying your dinner, anyway? That's some good quality dog food, nothing but the best for my sluts!"

Eva, being in such a pressure was unable to act wisely, she tried to answer, mostly to beg, but her oral cavity was still filled with the mixture of dog food and the sounds that left her lips were only weak protests which quickly died away in the feeding tube. But her expressions talked on her behalf, her beautiful  face was contorted in utter disgust clearly radiating the feeling Eva had; she was in pure hell. Her eyes, those brown innocent mirrors of her soul were wide like never before in her life, and they were trembling through the thick layer of never drying tears, showing not only the disgust but the terror as well. Because she was terrified and scared beyond human limits, everything about her situation was something Eva could not accept or understand. But no matter how foul the pouring dog food was, the most horrible thing she had to experience was the heat radiating dildo under her virgin pussy. A naked pussy, surprisingly, another little trick she learnt from Amber and a secret she carefully kept hidden in front of her family. If her mother would have ever found out that Eva had started to shave her pubic hairs she might had been in big trouble, although in a bigot family like hers, not even naked limbs were acceptable at home, so ever showing her private parts was out of question. But in Emma's basement that fresh and never touched naked pussy was enlightened by the sinister glow of a red hot phallic torture instrument, and every single nerve ending there alerted Eva about the seriousness of her situation.

"Of course, if you don't like that, there are other things I can feed you." Emma nodded to a beautiful Asian associate nearby, who hurried off through a door just below the origin of the pipe in Eva's mouth. Soon after, the dog food stopped pouring out and there was a slight delay. Eva peered at the murky pipe in front of her, and her eyes widened as she saw what came out.

A mass of live, wriggling worms were pushed through, hesitating at the bend in the pipe before falling with a slap against Eva's mouth and nose. She instinctively closed her mouth and eyes, but the mass of worms she could feel wriggling against her nose was preventing her from breathing, and as she opened her eyes she noticed a load of cockroaches had also been dropped in behind the worms, followed by live spiders and finally a load of wriggling maggots, which managed to fill the pipe both preventing the spiders and cockroaches from escaping as well as being heavy enough to push them down. Eva, whose irrational fear of all creepy crawlies had up to now caused her panic attacks if she ever had to touch one, began to freak out when she looked at the pipe in front of her. She shook visibly, making the wooden frame around her shake too. Her grip on the rope tightened, her knuckles turning white and her long nails pressing so tightly against her palm that they drew blood. She tried shaking her head, but they were still pressed against her face and the strap around her forehead forbade her from moving too much. She could feel a worm sliding slowly into her nostril, and instinctively opened her mouth to scream, opening the floodgates and allowing a mass of worms to slide down her mouth and down her throat. The pure volume of insects entering her mouth now prevented her from closing it again, and her eyes began to glaze over as the worms passed by, and as they emptied into her mouth, the cockroaches began pouring in, scratching at her throat. Some muffled and really terrified whines leaked out even through the pipe, the kind of noise that is made by mice trapped between a pussy cat's jaws, right before the kitty breaks their spine.  

Amber watched as her best friend began shaking violently, worrying about her. A loud sizzling noise drew her attention to the glowing dildo beneath her friendís pussy, and terror gripped her as she realised that whatever was happening to Eva was making her piss herself. A steady stream of pure, golden urine was flowing from her sweating pussy and splashing over the burning dildo, dribbling over the jeans around her ankles and splashing against the woodwork below her. Steam rose from the glowing dildo, the extreme heat evaporated some of the peedrops and the tiny clouds born from urine quickly faded away in the air. Amber's eyes moved up to the ass so close to her face, the pipe between the two of them was still empty but had a slight brown tint to it, presumably from all the farts that she had to endure. A small stain was on the bottom of the pipe, created when the farts had been too much and she had gagged and choked up a small amount of vomit, which just flowed back into her mouth. But she could see now that in Eva's terror, her anus was expanding, and she was very close to shitting herself. She looked back to her mother, she still seemed so far away now, but she needed more than ever for her to come to her, she needed rescuing. She needed her mother to prove that she can help her, she can rescue her! 'Fuck you, you stupid bitches!' she screamed inside her head and without even realizing it she started to hate both worthless cunts, the stretched assed Eva for threating her with that stenchy shit, and her flumbering mother for being so extremely slow. 'Don't shit, you idiot, don't fucking dare to shit! Mom, you lazy cunt, move your butt, fucking move your butt faster, I don't want to die!' Amberís wild thoughts were twirling inside her pretty head as time was passing impossibly slowly.


Mandy was impressed, the show she had been watching made her whole body react in such a pleasant way. She was a hearthless sadist, the kind who left the last chunks of humanity long time ago behind, one of those people who considered sexy women as disposable toys, only good for screaming and suffering. Even if, until now, the methods of toilet slavery or the forced feeding of disgusting foodstuffs were outside of her interests, what she saw made her shiver in excitement. With one hand she fucked herself, the red slippery dildo covered by her pussy juices moved in and out from her cunt with increasing speed, while her other hand was twisting her nipple harder and harder. Her long legs were stretched forward and the muscles were bulging under the skin as she was shaking like a bitch in heat, which was actually a reality, and she moaned rather wildly gazing at the screen and feeding on the most cruel predicament she was lucky enough to witness.

Emma's director did a perfect job. The screen was split into three parts all of them showing one of the victims in the very middle of their personal hell, the angles were changing dynamically showing every juicy detail about the horrors the 'stars' had to face. Being a foot sadist freak she especially enjoyed the angles where the ladies' feet were visible, she soon found out how much she loved Tracy's hot red toenails which were elegant and short but still cute and sexy, how much she adored Amber's bigger, almost sturdy feet with her long toes and french pedicured toenails which were wide enough to allow application of above average torments, and she even liked Eva's special foot structure with extremely long and thin finger like toes craddling nicely manicured shiny nails at their end.

At the same time she loved the angles which showed how Amber's mouth was stretched to its maximum as the first drops of fart-carried liquid shit reached her lips, the way Amber's mouth pipe stretched Eva lucious asshole, and of course the glowing sinister dildos under the appetizingly fresh dripping pussies. The two dildos stood up like two rockets and despite the girls' painful efforts they were trembling slightly, ready to be launched upwards into the wet holes. Still, her mostly beloved scene was Tracy's painful march on the top of the sizzling beam, the camera angles changed between her pain contorted face, balancing arms and roasting feet. Mandy came like a crazy woman, screaming on her crouch as she was watching with wide open eyes the mother's next steps.


The heat was unbearable, blistering Tracy's feet with every step. She tried to push it out of her mind, trying to focus on the task ahead. The tingling had stopped long ago, and now there was just red hot pain on her feet. If she dared to look down, she could see how red her feet actually were. Large blisters were appearing all over the top of the foot, and she could feel the blisters beneath her too. She was not sure if there was any skin intact left on her soles but she felt like she was walking in something wet and although she was not sure, she thought she had seen through her tear covered eyes that some dense liquid was leaking from under her soles. Thick drops of the material dripped onto the beam and some of them suddenly set alight, tiny flames reached up just to die away within a second. 'Fat!' Oh my God, that is my sole's fat!' the shocking idea ran through her mind. The slutty red polish on her luscious toenails started to crack, clear zigzag stripes were drawn onto the surface of her nails as the heat dried the lacquer and the edges curled upwards like the sides of an old parchment. The remnants of her polish then blackened with extreme pace and even seemed to be smoking slightly as the paint evaporated due to the extreme heat. She felt like her toenails were replaced by heated up coins which were pushed into her nailbeds, the warm pieces of horn became the instruments of torment by temselves. Tracy took another step, pressing her foot against the metal, pushing down as she walked, screaming in pain as some blisters popped. She looked ahead; noting that even though she was halfway across, Amber was within her grasp. She pressed on with determination, her leg aching, her feet beyond pain. The bar was getting hotter and hotter, and even her shoes had begun to glow with heat now, her head was tingling and she felt a bit queasy, but she was desperate to rescue her daughter. She was close enough now to see the look of terror on her face, and she was close enough to watch as... all happened at once. Eva was able to hold on throughout the worms, as they slithered down her throat, and even the cockroaches, as they too scratched against her insides on their way down. But she was terrified of spiders. Watching them fall into her mouth was too much, and she lost all control of her body. Her legs began to spasm, the muscles in her arms flexed and, ultimately, her bowels released a torrent of explosive diarrhoea. Although Amber was preparing herself for this moment for a while, it still took her by surprise as the pipe in front of her changed from slightly stained to completely opaque as a flood of sticky, putrid liquid shit exploded out of Eva's ass directly into Amber's mouth. It splashed against her tongue, making sure that she could taste every foul bit, and poured down her throat. She could feel it going down, like she was drinking a concoction of syrup and vinegar. It flowed, fast at first, but then slowly and constantly, like a never ending waterfall. But the initial burst was enough to put Amber's body in shock, and her hands instinctively opened up, releasing the rope. Cogs turned, wheels spun and a clicking noise got louder.

Eva may have been able to enjoy her few seconds of relief as her aching bowels let loose of its entire contents at last, but it was hindered by the foul taste of maggots sliding down her throat, and her mind seemed to be in another place at that time anyway. As the maggots continued to writhe and dance on her tongue and down her oesophagus, her mind danced away in some mental garden, away from this place, thinking of heaven. But she was snapped back to reality by the intense and excruciating pain in her pussy. She screamed into the emptying tube, blowing some maggots back up for a moment. The painfilled scream was wild and out of control, Eva was not simply screaming but coughing at the same time, blowing the air through her lips and even through her nostrils, pushing a maggot up to her nasal cavity and blowing it out, the little animal hanging from her nostril and wiggling 'happily'. The white hot dildo had plunged at speed up into her open pussy, scalding all of her insides. It slowed down as it forced itself against the vagina walls, but still deepening inside her, pushed deeper and deeper by the cogs' mechanism. Her pussy quickly reddened and blistered, as the heat plunged into her quivering slit. Automatically, she reached down to ease the pain, but realised a second too late that it was far too hot to remove and her futile gesture had resulted in her letting go of the rope herself.

Amber tried to scream too, but her mouth was now filled with a seemingly never-ending shitstorm. The pain was just as bad for her as her pussy was ravaged by that blistering beast. Her clitoris burned as it slid in, and she felt it was going to somehow burst. Not having the rope anymore her free hands clawed into the air like she was to grab something, reaching down towards the dildo but the radiating heat just stopped her desperate fingers. She grabbed her own breasts through her shirt, and in her pain generated frenzy she acted rather irrationally, letting her long nails cut into her breasts through the thin fabric. The muscles in her arms bulged from under her skin and she yanked her tits upwards, like she was to lift herself off from the torturous tool. She tried to trash her head too but as it was firmly connected to Eva's ass the best she could do was to writhe and flail with her arms, and she made a good use of her upper limbs. In her agony she literally tore off her own shirt and even hurt her own breasts with her nails opening half dozens of tiny wounds on the now naked globes of perfect tit flesh, her self-punishing frenzy lasted until Emma stepped closer to her. In her ear, she could hear that bitch Emma lean towards her and say:

"That wasn't very nice, Eva punishing you like that, just because you let go of the rope..." Ambers eyes widened as this thought sunk in, and Emma stood up, leaning close to Eva. Eva was far less fiercy compared to Amber, though the sizzling pain felt just as bad. In her foggy mind she realized the fact that her hymen must have been already torn, not by her future perfect love's member, but by a glowing fake cock designed for torture. Normally she would have cried at those thoughts, but the situation she was in was more serious to deal with than with her emotional losses. Eva could feel Emma's breath on her earlobes as she whispered, softly.

"Poor Eva, it was an accident after all. Amber punished you far too cruelly then..." Emma stood back, admiring the girls, who were writhing in pain as much as they could in the straps. They were shaking really wildly. Few people know how it feels when a glowing iron is pushed into their vagina, but the two young girls' inhuman reaction helped a lot to form an idea. It was painful, more painful than anything else they could have ever imagined, it was like their whole sexual organ was a ball of fire which fed not only on their sensitive pussies but through their spine upto their brain. The smell of cooked meat lingered in the air, and both the girls were now pissing uncontrollably over their heated sex toys. Steam rose under both girls, their own evaporated urine formed a quickly disappering cloud at their waists' level.


Mandy recalled an old memory, when she snuffed a girl in the middle of the woods by inserting a metal bar into her pussy while the other end was placed into a campfire. Amber's and Eva's cruel treatment was very similar to that and she loved it that Emma's staff came up with something familiar. Even if glowing phalluses in dripping cunts were rather common ways of torture and killings in humankind's long history, the perverse idea was still top listed. The only things she felt pity about was that the girls were to be killed so early, she could hardly believe that having glowing irons in a cunt would have let the cunt's owner survive for too long, when a very pleasant female voice filled Mandy's home explaining some invisible details.

"The hot dildos are really hot, metal cannot glow without reaching a certain temperature which is around 900 degree Celsius. That is rather an extreme heat, and direct contact with human tissues destroys the tissue within minutes, including the prescious nerve endings which are the source of pain. In order to avoid such a rapid effect, our special glowing dildos contain inner cooling tubes which are circulating cold water all the time, right under the surface. This method has two main impacts. First of all the outer surface is glowing like it was really on that degree, and in small local spots the temperature is really around or even above 1000 degrees. At the same time, the general surface temperature is much lower, which allows us to extend the suffering as our stars can 'enjoy' much longer the sensation of being scalded by hot iron." the voice said with a girlish giggle at the end, and the voice system switched back to normal mode where the live action was to be heard again on full volume.


"Okay, let the mother go." Emma clicked her fingers, and the redhead let go of the rope behind Tracy, letting it feed through the pulley system. Tracy was watching, with tears in her eyes as it all happened. She could hear her daughter screaming in pain and she was too far away to help. Her heart ached, and felt like it was going to explode in her chest as she watched the two girls in her charge suffer untold pain. Suddenly, the pressure on her neck lightened as the noose fell to the ground, and Tracy, who had been leaning forward all this time in an attempt to pull the noose along with her, fell forward. Her hands spread out reflexively in an attempt to soften the fall, and Tracy fell onto the beam below her, her hands and knees pressing against the burning metal. She screamed again, unable to move for seconds as the flesh on her palms and knees burned, the weight of her body pressing them down. She finally managed to roll herself off to the side, landing on the floor with a loud thump. She couldn't stand. The metal boots still glowed with heat and the pain was still too intense. Instead, she grasped at the ground with her hands frozen in a claw-like position, and pulled herself along. Her reddened palms were interspersed with blotches of white and were oozing pus, but she still dragged her smoking body closer to her daughter.

Emma watched as the mother pathetically crawled across the floor, the noose dangling below her, and turned to Amber.

"Tell you what, because I am REALLY generous. I shall give your mother one last chance. An extension to her original time limit. She has five more minutes to rescue you."

Amber, despite the pain she was feeling in her pussy and the shit that was still pouring down her throat, tried to smile, hope in her eyes. Although she never stopped emitting the squeal like high pitched screeches but at least she gained some hope that the pain might be finished.She watched as her mother crawled closer and closer.

The five minutes seemed to last a lifetime. Tracy had made it to the contraption, and was pulling herself to her feet holding on to the wood. Eva's suffering voice became louder, she tried her very best to grab Tracy's attention but for Tracy her own daughter was far more important. Her feet screamed at her through the scalding metal boots, but she was standing now. Rest of the nail polish burnt for that time, only some spots of half-red, half-black lacquer reminded that those toes were perfectly manicured only half an hour before. Disgusting liquors were leaking from the popped blisters and the once so silky skin was wrinkled in many pieces, every tiny movement was pure agony for Tracy. She grasped the pipe in Ambers mouth and pulled, letting go only as Ambers face screwed up in pain. Amber could taste blood in her mouth along with shit as the pipes hooks pulled against her gums. 'Biiiitch! Stupiiiid biiiitch!' Amber screamed although her words were unrecognizable, she wanted release and ease not fucking pain. Her mother proved to be incredibly stupid, and the additional pain caused anger and hatred to rage inside Amber's young heart. Unsure what to do, Tracy tried the burning dildo, but it was too hot to touch and the cogs weren't moving backwards at all. Her silky palms were already burnt when she fall onto the beam, but the reckless action of grabbing the dildo really gave her a good idea what her little daugther was feeling. Tracy screamed together with Amber as the dildo's hot surface scalded her hands, though she could yank on it for almost five seconds before she needed to let it free, blowing her aching palms for another twenty seconds in utter pain. Finally she tried to undo the straps holding Amber in place, but they were far too tight and Tracy was unable to move her fingers at all. She scrabbled desperately at the straps, but to no avail. She turned to look into her daughters face, and her heart sank even more. Ambers eyes watered, and tears streamed down her cheeks. She couldn't speak, but her eyes were screaming "Help me mommy". Tracy opened her mouth to speak, to console her suffering daughter. But instead of words, a choking noise gargled out as the noose around her neck tightened once more. Tracy involuntarily spat as she choked, her saliva splashing onto Ambers face and stinging her eyes. The noose pulled Tracy off her feet and to the ground, then dragged her body across the floor to a large wooden rack, where the rope was being fed into a wheel, being spun by that same redhead again. Tracy's feminine figure dangled at the end of the rope like a hanged Barbie, she couldn't scream, wet gagging sounds emitted from her drooling lips.

"Time up!" Emma said to Amber, as tears poured down her cheeks. "She should've tried harder. I did say five minutes!"

Amber watched as Tracy was pulled onto the rack, strapped into place and then the whole rack was turned upside down, blood rushing quickly to Tracyís head as she hung upside down, her arms and legs outstretched and strapped in place like a starfish. A funnel was shoved inside her ass by the Redhead, and two blowtorches were attached via clamps to the racks, right next to her feet. As the blowtorches flickered to life, their flames set against the soles of Tracy's metal shoes burning once again her already raw feet, Emma turned to the brunette at the computer by the monitors. Tracy had forgotten about them, filming her every move.

"Charlotte! Any requests?" Emma called out, walking away from Amber and Eva. The high pitched throat emitted screams of the girls were mixed up with Tracy's full power animalistic shrieks, the reheating of her metal shoes made her almost completely skinned soles radiate increasing pain again, every single nerve ending sent pain signals like a flashlight, and the poor mother, completely immobilized, got to know what real hell is. On the beam she could move and fight, she had hope and goal, but tied to the rack she was just a puppet, a piece of human flesh exposed to the most horrible agony.

The woman identified as Charlotte turned away from the computer screens, holding a hand against the microphone which she was just speaking into. ďJust one, from a Mandy69, asking for an extraction." She respondedÖ


Mandy managed to stop for fucking herself for a brief moment and got advantage of having two pussy juice covered, dripping hands she started to type.

[Mandy69] says: Please, you sicko ladies, I do really LOVE the show. Great work, great entetainment! Could you remove some toenails? The big ones for sure, but wouldn't mind some smaller ones as well. Slowly, very slowly! Use pliers, and screwdrivers, and knives! Heat them up, or cool them down, just make the silly bitches scream! Can I have them? I mean the extracted toenails? I love souvenirs. If you send them to me I promise to pay another VIP for your next session!

Mandy typed so fast her fingers almost started to ache, but she needed to send all this information to Emma, she wanted her to do this. Mandy loved the show indeed, but Amber's sexy toes which grabbed her attention since the beginning deserved special treatment.


"Make it happen!" Emma giggled. Charlotte turned back to speaking softly and sensually into the microphone, narrating the whole show to online viewers. Emma walked slowly to a trolley on wheels, and wheeled it towards the young girls. Light gleamed off the various blades and handles of the tools on the trolleys as Emma picked up a pair of pliers.

"Well girls,"  she said, a wicked smile on her face. "Looks like a customer would like some toenails to keep as a souvenir. Who wants to volunteer each other first....?"

With loud, crackling voice the hot dildos were slowly withdrawn from their burning pussies, the cogs turned continually until both metal shafts left the sick red openings and set to a low position that not even their heat reached the girls' crotch. Both lovely ladies let out a loud sigh of relief, though the damage their most sensitive bodyparts already taken could not been reversed anymore. The cameras zoomed onto their now clearly visible sexual organs revealing the horrible truth. The hot bars did their job very well and cooked both pussies completely, having torn away big chunks of roasted skin and flesh when they were withdrawn. The pink meat turned to angry red everywhere, except on the numerous places where it darkened to smoky black. The shafts slid right into the girls' slits and must had made irreversible destruction inside, but the heat radiation effected the outer parts just as bad. Their clits were erect, the horrible pain and intense heat made their cunts fill with blood, but both clits' tip was charred and obviously beyond the ability to be ever healed. Huge spots formed blackened circles where blisters popped out and yellowish liquids were leaking freely from the damaged tissues, the sight of those heavily roasted parts hurt even the spectacors, it was hard to imagine what agony the girls had to bear. All the edges of their inner labias black from the roasting, the black streaks were followed by angry red ones, this part of the girl's pussy lips seemed really crispy like well roasted chips freshly taken from the oven. No blood was visible, the extreme heat immediately cauterized every ruptured blood vessel.

Emma closed the pliers' jaws with loud snaps three or four times as she observed the two roasted cunted beauties with a sadistic glee in her eyes.

"Eva!" she decided finally and stepped to the writhing brunette. "Your feet are rather... special if I may say so. I have never seen such long toes, they are almost like fingers. Have you ever had any bad experience with them? Did somebody ever tell you they are ugly? Or the opposite maybe? That they are sexy?" Emma asked as she kneeled down at Eva's left foot. Her feet were big, much longer than rest of the females and her toes were extremely long with suprisingly wide nails at the end.

"Let's start with a warm up, I don't do this too often so need to practise on easier level before get to the real challenge. So, Eva, if you don't mind, we will proceed from the baby toes towards the big one." Emma giggled then with her left hand she took firm grip of Eva's foot, right above the toes, making the worm like digits immobile. She snapped the jaws of the pliers again then slowly approached Eva's smallest toenail with it.

Eva's eyes followed the pliers as they drew closer to the nail, then she closed her eyes tight as the tip of the pliers clasped around the nail with a slight 'snipping' noise. She could feel a slight pulling on her smallest toe, and she didn't need to open her eyes to know what it was. The pliers had gripped the adorable painted toenail and Emma had begun to pull. The nail offered resistance, but with a bit of effort the nail was ripped from the toe, some strange pink blood oozed out as the nail slid away. Eva bit her lip as it was removed, her hands gripping tight against her thighs, her eyes watering, short bursts of screams kept vibrating in the tube of her mouth. With only a momentís pause, Emma gripped the second toenail, and pulled ever so slightly, lifting it up and off, bending it back against the toe until it broke away from the flesh.

Eva was screaming now on the very top of her young and strong lungs, even through her mask the inensity proved to be close to unbearable, but Emma was just smiling as she systematically ripped out toenail after toenail. She attempted to apply her instrument to the third nail, but Eva was beginning to shake her foot. Although she was unable to move it much, it still proved to be annoying and Emma grabbed it with one hand as she clamped the pliers around the nail with the other and tore it off quickly. Eva screamed again, her knuckles turned white as her long painted fingernail dug in to her thighs, drops of blood dribbling out and flowing down her flesh. All her muscles tighten to the maximum and her eyes were tearing profusely, in her sheer agony the last thing she was aware of was the comfort of Amber, her ass opened again and another huge burst of liquid shit oozed and gushed towards Amber's wide open mouth. Amber couldn't do anything but accept the foul liquid and swallow all of it as it hit the back of her throat, she heaved and coughed heavily, her pretty face started to turn to blue as some of the liquid shit entered her lungs instead of her esophagus, but the desperate coughing was almost completely useless as long as the shit from Eva's guts were arriving. As a final result Amber started to puke, swallow, cough and puke in short circles, her whole body tighten against her bonds, her boobs were trembling heavily, her eyes widened to their very maximum, in her final desperation she grabbed her own neck and started to massage her larynx. Finally, God knows how, she managed to clean her lungs, but Eva's shit was still flowing, the incoming mess and Amber's vomit met in her oral cavity. As a result Amber nostrils suddenly opened wide and the poor girl started to puke through her nostrils. Sick brown shit flowed out from her nostrils in strong stream, splattering around with some drops even landed on Eva's ass. Eva believed that the insects were a form of hellish torture, until the dildo scalded her insides. But as Emma applied pressure on her fourth nail, and the familiar and agonising pain quickly began, she felt like this was the worst of it. Eva's fingers were trembling as they squeezed against her leg. Emma slid the last nail off, the blood of her toes making a mess on the floor beneath her. Her feet arched and tensed, the muscles in her legs were aching from the tensing that she was inevitably doing. She risked looking down, unable to see much with the mask in front of her face.

Meanwhile, Charlotte indicated that the audience demanded the removal of Eva's mask; they wished to listen to her screams. Emma finished with the fourth nail, placing all the bloody little pieces of horns onto a white napkin on the floor before standing up and removing the mask from Eva's face, revealing the pain contorted but still pretty cheeks.

"Pleaseeeee! Pleassseeeee doooon't!" the deeply religious brunette cried immediately and her hands reached towards Emma entwined in a praying position. "I beg youuuu! I beg youuu don't torture me mooore! I caaan't staaaand it! Phleeaaseeeee! Leaveeee my feeeet aloneeeeee!" she cried miserably, and let out a stomach churning, bubbling, loud fart like her ass was also begging. This brought general happiness into the studio, everybody burst into laughter except Amber and Tracy, the blonde teen had to swallow what was followed after the fart, a burst of more liquid shit with the usual foul taste, while the blonde mother was too busy with her high pitched shrieks as her soles cooked blacker and blacker.

Indeed, Tracy was also going through her own hell. A funnel was placed inside her ass as she hung upside down, and the redhead that she quickly associated as being a total bitch walked past carrying clear containers of insects, deliberately in view so that Tracy could see each one. As the red head disappeared out of view, she could nevertheless feel the inevitable result as the large fire ants that she just observed were poured inside her. She could feel them scratching and biting away inside her. Tracy's ass was not virgin; she used to be the kind of young girl who really took advantage of her body and beauty, and also used smaller dildos in her shitter to increase the joy of masturbations. The funnel that stretched her ass, however, was far beyond the size she had ever been inside her, and the bunch of ants teeming in her most private parts was far beyond any imaginable border. Even if the depths of her ass were not as densely enmeshed with nerve endings as the surface of her body, the angry little creatures caused horrible pain. Unluckily for her she was unable to express more intensly the pain she was in, the sometimes funny, sometimes terrible screams emitted from her throat did not change.

The redhead went past again, bringing forth what looked like a large container of leeches in salt water, and that too was quickly poured inside her. The terrible itching and biting from deep inside her ass was painful, but it wasn't enough to distract her from the intense heat on her feet, although that seemed to be dying down now, most likely because there weren't many nerve endings left intact on her soles. Blood was rushing to her head as she watched, with blurry eyes, the redhead walking past again, this time carrying a cage. She looked in terror, her eyes now open as she stared at the large rat inside, scrabbling around in a feral and vicious attempt to escape its confides. The red head took position behind her and put on a latex glove. Reaching into the cage and grabbing the rodent by its neck, she used one hand to remove the funnel and spread her anus, and the other to plunge deep inside, past the various insects, pushing the rat far down inside her. Her arm was momentarily inside her up to her elbow, and Tracy screamed as her ass was stretched, before finally the woman withdrew, empty handed. Tracy couldn't believe that such pain existed. Having her soles roasted to crisp was extreme indeed, not less painful, but feeling a human arm up to the elbow in her backpassage was not something to describe with words. The readhead grabbed a large inflatable plug and slid it into Tracyís gaping ass, then expanded it to its full size. Tracy was torn between the hideous pain of the fiery feet and the scratching and tearing that she began to feel from the angered and scared creature from deep inside her anus. Occupied with this, Tracy had no idea what was happening across the room with Eva.

The pliers had a firm grip on Evaís largest nail. It offered the most resistance, and Emma wasn't in any hurry to pull it off quicker anyway. She pulled a bit more on the nail, lifting it up so that she could see the naked toe underneath. It was bright pink and looked wet, although the gap between the nail and toe at the moment was only tiny, it seemed to be agonising for Eva. Her nails had completely punctured her thighs and her teeth were biting so hard on her lower lip that it, too, was bleeding. Emma smiled and lifted the nail a little more, slowly, so that Eva's whole foot was involuntarily lifted with it. Emma leant down and ran her tongue along the bottom of Eva's foot, her toes twitching as she licked. Her soles tasted salty, from the profuse sweating of either the intense heat from earlier or the intense pain now. The cruel sadist looked up at Eva's face, who stared straight back at her, wide eyed, momentarily silent. Then, with a slight wiggle of the nail from side to side, Eva returned to her default shrieking. Emma was practically levering the nail, instead of removing it at once, she was lifting it up slightly, then pulling it back, then lifting it up a fraction of an inch more. The nail reached a 45 degree angle by the time Eva was able to speak again, her usual shrieks becoming more human now, and words could be made out in the mass of high pitched noises.

"Shiiiit! Fuuuuuck! You demoooooon! You fuccccckiiing demoooooon! Huuuuuuuuuuurt!!!" Eva screamed in hoarse voice. Emma wriggled the nail side to side again, and continued levering it up and down, just a fraction of an inch each time. The intense pain seemed to accumulate as more and more of the toe underneath became more visible. Emma began twisting, turning her hand so that the pliers stretched against the nail, pushing it to its side, twisting it like she was levering it earlier, to one side, than around to the other a fraction more, and back again. Amber watched, her eyes wide, as her best friends toenail was slowly pulled off in front of her. Because of the position of the girls in this contraption, Eva was sat in front of Amber and high enough that her feet were dangling in front of her face. Admittedly, she could only see the back of her heels at this point, but she had enough view to watch the largest nail as it was removed. She was close enough to see the bleeding flesh beneath the nail, and she could practically feel the pain herself. Even her own toes were beginning to tingle, watching the show before her. The nail was almost off, and Eva was tasting blood, her body shrieking in agony. Emma was laughing manically now, holding the shaking foot firmly in her hand, pressing her beautiful fingernails into the flesh of her foot and squeezing hard each time Eva twitched. Eva stopped screaming for just one moment, as with a tiny, almost inaudible snap that somehow managed to fill the quiet room, the nail detached from the toe. Even if Eva hadn't had too much time to think while she had to bear the systematical extraction of her toenails, when she lost the fifth, the big one, she was hundred percent sure that somehow she fell to hell. Fortunately for her at the moment when her strong toenail finally launched from its nailbed she let out one last, extreme shriek and lost consciousness.

"Hmmmm... I think she needs some rest, she will last longer later if we don't bring her back immediately." Emma said as she placed the huge toenail on the napkin and turned towards Amber.

"Having a good time I see, sweatheart." Emma smiled nicely and stepped to the girl, wiping some shit flavoured vomit from under her nose with her long index finger and smearing it into Amber's red, teary eye.

"Do you know what I adore mostly about French manicure? And pedicure as well? The fact that the nails are long, giving me plenty of space to play with. This is time for some real family fun, your toenails give me a great idea!" she giggled. "Bring the mother here, we will need her!" she ordered as she kneeled down and started to prepare Amber's toes. With a small drill from the tray first she drilled tiny holes into the young girls toenails, only through the parts of the nail that had overgrown the toes' tip. Amber had strong and thick nails, perfect for the show Emma had in her dirty mind. She inserted small hooks into the holes, all ten toenails got one hook. The hooks had strings hanging from their end, and both feet's five strings were joined in one of the two spindles. The spindles made it possible to tighten the five attached strings with the same tension, so finally Amber's both feet's toenails were attached to one spindle, their string tight, but not too tight yet. The blonde beauty followed Emma's activity with terror filled eyes, because of the tube in her mouth she couldn't lower her face enough to have a clear picture of what was going on, but she quickly understood how her toenails were hooked one by one, and figured out that all these preparations weren't made for design purposes. The disgusting bitch was about to torture her feet too!

Meanwhile Tracy was pulled up into the air again, this time by her arms, the collar was left around her neck but the ropes were rebounded to her wrists. Thankfully for her, the torches left her soles alone but the red glowing metal boots kept on roasting her already charred feet. A pain reminding her of the creatures housed in her ass was still evident, but still her horrifically burnt feet were the focus of her attention. Two girls from the staff cut the straps with very long scissors, but the hot metal boots even from that distance singed some hairs of their forearms. Everybody expected the hot iron soles fall from Tracy's feet, but for big surprise they kept on hanging a few centirmetres away from Tracy's soles. All the charred and melted tissues burnt against the metal so steadily, that they did not let the heavy irons fall. The camera zoomed in on Tracy's sole and glowing iron revealing awfully charred, melted fat covered, sizzling tendrils of her sole meat sticking against the iron. Tracy, however, did not scream louder than before, her soles were in the state where not many nerve endings remained intact.

"Holy shit!" Emma laughed. "I have never seen anything like this before! We have really ROASTED this bitch's fucking peds! Sensitivity test, can she still feel something on the tops?" she asked to a couple of her helpers who had appeared behind her. The two girls took riding crops and started to hit the top of Tracy's feet, left, right, left, right. As the hard wands hit her feet Tracy started to scream with renewed energy, and it seemed that despite the condition of her soles she still had enough alive nerve endings around there. The hits made the bulging blisters pop out and ooze blood, and as some of them targeted her toes a strange thing had happened. One of the hits landed on the very middle of Tracy's left, at that time colourless and blackened big toenail, and a loud crack was audible, almost like when a glass is broken.

"AAAAOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she howled like a banshee and started to trash and kick around, her tired legs were still able to be pulled up. The cameras zoomed onto her toenail and the suspicion became reality; the crop's hit actually broke the toenail into two halves, a thick crack gaped in the middle of the horn, revealing the red bare flesh underneath. Due to Tracy's insane kicking one of the iron boots loosened and fall onto the floor with a loud bang reverberating from the studio's walls.


Mandy screamed in utter pleasure as orgasm after orgasm shaked her slender body, she was about to lose her sanity as the juicy torments, one after the another, were performed on the stupid bitches. One dildo in her cunt and another in her ass were shaking on highest level, while she was viciously fingering her bulging clit. But she never closed her eyes, not for a moment, she needed to watch every split second of the fantastic show.

"It seems that after such a long indirect heating, Tracy's toenails have finally lost every bit of moisture, there is no other rational explanation for seeing a toenail split in half from such a weak force. Poor sexy Tracy, her feet must have had a really hot time." the sensual female narrator whispered in sexy voice making Mandy scream in another orgasm again.


The two helpers kept on aiming their next hits on Tracy's intact toenails, as they quickly got the idea, and after a few more hits the same happened again. With a loud crack, her second toenail broke into two halves and the screaming Tracy succesfully shook the other glowing iron from her sole as well, bringing general happiness to the studio, some of the ladies even rewarded her with applause. Tracy, however, did not seem to enjoy her fame, her pretty face remained the mask of pure agony. The pain radiating from her freshly broken toenails mixed together with the vicious biting being done deep in her bowels. She was close to losing her sanity, her only wish was to have her feet severed and to open her asshole and shit everything out, but the huge, stretched plug stopped her everytime her bowels heavily convulsed in desperate attempt to empty its content. Finally she was placed onto the ground not too far away from Amber and Emma, her skinless and meatless soles were unable to keep her weight so she collapsed onto the floor immediately.  Emma's helpers stepped to her and tore her remaining clothes away, she was performing without showing off her perfect body and some of the audience started to complain about it. Emma, holding the two spindles in her hand, stepped behind Amber and the contraption that held her and tugged on the two splindles, forcing Amber's toes to bend under her soles as possible, her ankles forced downwards like she was a dancing ballerina. Both splinders had a single rope attached to the centre.

"Tracy, you were a fucking bad mother and let your only daughter's cunt become roasted raw. I guess you agree that it was only your fault, and your little girl must hate you already. But, as I'm a kind person, I give you the opportunity to make things better. Of course, you still need to torture Amber luv, but the alternative is much worse, I guess you have already figured this out. Even if you cannot walk anymore, you still can crawl and with a strong and flexible body like yours you must be able to fight if needed. Here is my proposal. We tie these ropes at the base of your tits, tight, very tight, then you start to crawl away from Amber. You did very weak when needed to get to her, so maybe the other direction works better. The task is fulfilled only if you managed to tear all of Amber's, I mean ALL, ten toenails with your tits. Just to make it more interesting, you have 15 minutes to make this, the clock is right before you on the wall. If your daughter still have one single toenail on her toes after 15 minutes we are going to roast her breasts and you will eat her tits. If this would happen I'm afraid Amber would really be upset of you, so I guess she can much easier live witrhout toenails than without breasts, do you agree?" Emma asked in a nice voice and smiled at Tracy.

Tracy couldn't believe what she was told. Her face was a mask of horror, and did not even change as Emma's assistants started to tie the two ropes at the very base of her two, lovely breasts. Tracy had a really nice pair of completely natural tits, which weren't extremely big but perfectly shaped apples with silky skin and large areolas; her nipples were large and unusually pale but with geometry that was close to perfection. It was easy for her, as she had never breast-fed Amber and underwent hormonal treatment so that her breasts were set back to normal very early after Amber's birth. The ropes pinched against her skin, and Tracy stared at them in disbelief.

"No! You cannot expect me to do such a thing to my own child! I refuse!" Tracy's anger was somewhat lessened by her exhaustion, and what sounded like a firm, authoritative voice in her head just sounded weak and tired out loud.

"I'm sorry, you may have misheard me. Your choices are to tear off your daughters nails, or to roast and consume her breasts. There is no in-between. You cannot 'opt out'."

Tracy's eyes darted back and forth, from the ropes tied to her daughters nails to her breasts, bright red and squeezed by the rope. She looked at Amber, so helpless in her contraption. Amber, although temporarily free from the immense amount of shit she had previously been consuming, was nevertheless uncomfortable. Blood dripped from her fingernails as her arm lay limply by her side, exhausted from her previous flailing. Her pussy was open wide and burnt black, her exposed breasts were covered in tiny cuts and wounds and there was an unmistakable look of terror in her eyes. Amber had no idea of the choice that her mother had to make and with the tube in her mouth, there was no coherent way of expressing to her mother what she was feeling. She trembled in disbelief, and lost control of her bladder, a random burst of dirty looking urine sprayed out from her ruined pussy. Her urethra's opening was also severey burnt, some melted chunks of skin half closed the hole so the bursting pee splashed around, it was not like a steady stream but more like curtain used for flower irrigation. Tracy watched as her daughter pissed herself in fear, a flow that seemed to last an eternity. As the stream turned into a trickle, Tracy caught the look of contempt in Amber's eyes, and suddenly felt sick at the thought that she just stared hypnotically at her daughterís pussy as she pissed herself. A sudden realisation of the current situation dawned on Tracy, as the last few drops of urine fell from the cunt of her naked daughter who was just recently raped by a white hot piece of iron.

Tracy opened her mouth to speak, and hesitated. Her heart sank as Amber glared at her, giving her an evil look that can only be accomplished by a teenage girl. Tracy swallowed, her mouth felt so dry and her head was a bit fuzzy from all the pain, she couldn't quite think straight. Her belly suddenly creaked loudly, Tracy had no idea what was happening inside her but the hungry rat did something really painful, she was gaping for air for a few seconds. A little she knew about that those were the rat's final death struggles, the small rodent tore into the wall of her intestines in desperate attempt to free himself, the buttplug blocked oxygen supply and slowly but steadily all living creature suffocated inside her warm and wet ass. Finally the rat seemed to calm down and Tracy was able to focus again, though pressing her palms against her abdomen. Perhaps if she was obedient, they could get out of this horrible scenario alive. Surely Amber would know that she doesn't WANT to do it?

"I will... do it." Tracy spoke quietly, her head hanging in shame.

"Do what?" Emma replied, an evil grin on her face. "Do speak louder, we couldn't quite hear you!"

A camera had appeared in front of Tracy now, operated by a beautiful African lady in slim black clothes. Tracy tried to ignore this detail as the camera moved in closer to her, and she tried not to pay attention to the huge monitors on the other side of the room that were now displaying her disgraced face, her sullen look and her mask of terror immortalised by her wet makeup.

"I said I will rip my daughterís toenails off with my breasts!" Tracy sobbed as she finished this sentence. The situation was more complicated than that, of course, but Tracy knew what they wanted to hear. It seemed to concern Amber, though, as she looked in horror at her mother at the words she just said. Amber had watched as Eva had her nails removed just inches from her face, and it didn't look pleasant. Amber knew that they weren't removed easily and had absolutely no faith in her motherís ability to save her at all anymore. She would surely fail, and she was livid at the thought that her own mother would choose to cause her such torture. How dare she!

"Excellent! Well, you better get started. Your fifteen minutes starts....." Emma nodded to Charlotte who brought up a timer on the bottom of the screen, right below Tracy's tortured face. It began counting down.


Tracy panicked, and quickly picked herself up. Her attempt to stand failed immediately, as her charred feet touched the floor and refused to even acknowledge any signals from the brain; Tracy just lurched forward and fell on her face. As the room around her laughed, she lifted herself up onto her elbows and began crawling across the dirty floor as fast as she could. Soon the rope around her breasts tightened, and she could hear the muffled screams of her daughter behind her, not daring to look back. The rope was doing damage of its own, pulling her breasts towards her legs, laying flat against her still aching belly and cutting into her currenty untouched, neatly trimmed cunt, jamming betwen her pussylips and applying painful pressure on her pink meat. She tried focussing on anything else, but as she pulled herself across the dirty floor, the only other thing she could think of was the state of the ground she was crawling on. The floor seemed like it was concrete, but was stained a filthy brown, and she could see dried pools of blood and shit all around her. Just how many girls were tortured down here? How many survived? How many are still here? This line of questioning wasn't helping, and Tracy was starting to struggle. She was gripping at the floor with her large fingernails and pulling her limp legs along behind her, but the rope was straining now, and her daughterís screams could be heard even from here, through the pipe. Impessively, Tracy's long red fingernails did not snap or break, even when the woman sometimes pulled herself mostly by her nails alone. So many years of daily pampering and weekly manicures left Tracy's fingernails strong and extremely healthy.

Amber was totally out of her mind, unable to ever imagine how her mother could do this to her. Amber couldn't turn her head thanks to Eva's asstube that still blocked every head movement, but just like Tracy she could follow the events through the huge screens on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. One showed Tracy from front, the other from behind. Her mother's head bowed down and the blonde hair swept the floor, while the other showed Tracy's ass with the rope cutting into her pubic mound. Amber could see her sickening back charred soles and the unbelievably widely stretched asshole what was leaking some strange brownish stuff around the buttplug, and she almost felt sorry for her mother. Mostly beacuse that fucking rope was as tight as a guitar's string, and noone else could feel that so intensely like Amber herself. Both of Amber's feet curved in an impossible angle, her toes bent under her sole as far as her ankles' joint could flex, that position was simply unnatural by itself, and the growing pain in her joints was enough to drive the poor girl crazy. Her ankle joints reached their limit and all the toes took force, being pulled by their top and stretching to their maximum, showing their most clear anatomy. As the tendons stretched and the little bones moved apart the pain in her toes increased to a level what was close to the feeling of having her cunt roasted, though nothing could match that pain. Amber felt like the tip of her toes, the most sensitive nailbeds, were screaming in pain as their appendages, the strong little toenails were pulled out from their sockets, and Amber screamed together with them, filling the tube and blowing her horrible shrieks deep inside the unconscious Eva's ass.

Progress was slowing, and Tracy was finding it hard to move forward, held back by her own daughters nails. She looked up, and even though she was facing away from Amber, she could see the agony on her face via the large screens on the other side of the room. Tracy bowed her head again, looking only at the floor as she pressed on. Her breasts had turned red and her nipples were completely erect as blood flowed to them, looking more prominent than she had ever seen. The rope cut into her labias so shaprly that some of bruises opened and blood dripped onto the rough surfaced hemp, this small lubrication gave Tracy chance to exert even more force. She gripped the floor and pulled herself forward a bit more, and a shrieking behind her combined with a sudden ease of movement indicated that perhaps a nail or two had been removed. They had indeed. As all nails suffered from the very same pulling force the weakest pieces were the first to tear, the nails from her two baby toes slid out from their beds at the same moment. It was beyond imagination, but the actual tearing of her toenails caused sharp hot flashes of pain to strike Amber's brain, everything went burning white in front of the teenager's eyes, her eyes rolled back into their sockets showing off their white, and she was let out the most high pitched, barely audible and still ear shattering shriek what was produced in the chamber today.


Mandy was unable to stimulate her cunt anymore, all of her nerve endings were overheated and even the slightest touch felt close to unbearable. She needed to remove every dildo from her holes and even placed a small bag of ice over her red, juice covered mound to cool the things down. She had some serious fears of having a heart attack if the vicious masturbation wouldn't stop. But as Amber's first toenails flew into the air Mandy couldn't resist touching herself, and finally gave in to temptation, gently pinching her erect nipples, rolling them between her fingers and playfully rubbing their tip. And as she followed the slutty mother's crawling on the floor and observed the young Blonde's suffering with a zoom angle on those trembling and suffering toes Mandy came again, the ice on her cunt wasn't enough to block her pleasure. She screamed together with Amber, her body thrashed and she felt like her nipples were on fire. Mandy loved the show.


"Sorry, honey, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry..." Tracy began chanting quietly to herself, pushing herself forward some more. Her breasts screamed at her in agony, the rope now so tight that her breasts had grown in size and turned purple. Light blue veins revealed themselves all over her gigantic tits, her nipples now a couple of inches long. But there was no way to stop, Tracy understood that. She was at the very edge of the point where every millimetre meant another nail, and no matter how her heart was metaphorically bleeding she was doing this nasty job to save her daughter. She reached forward and found a crack in the cement floor, let her nails and fingertips slide into it, found a firm grip. She pulled her legs under herself, pressing her bulging, shiny, sweat covered tits against her ribcage, supporting her body on her aching knees and yanked herself forward by her fingers, grunting like horny a boar.

Amber's eyes got stuck showing their white, she looked like a demoness as her nostrils opened, she sucked in a lot air. The hooks pulling on her toes trembled for a moment, small pieces of skin and meat tore and suddenly four toenails slid out from the nailbeds, one smaller one from Amber's left, and all three smaller ones from Amber's right foot, her right ankle was less flexible. The departing nails were followed by dark red blood and the usual screaming from Amber. Then a split second of complete silence, the veins in Amber's neck bulged out, her sharp nails dug into her thighs. First a wave like shake ran along her whole body from her ankles towards her neck, and then finally is started. She shrieked on that most unpleasant high pitched scream, which was almost like a squeak but powerful. She yanked her head against the tube embedded into her gums, and something tore as the tube slightly lifted off her face, though not enough to be removed completely. A small amount of blood dribbled onto the bottom of the pipe, just as Amber she started to puke.

Poor Amber had not eated too much food in the last twenty-four hours, and what she had eaten had already been vomited out through her nose not so long ago. However, Eva's excessive shitload was still in her stomach. This time no shit was arriving from Eva and Amber finally had to chance to puke freely, so she did. Her abdomen curved as she heaved then her mouth opened wide and like a geyser she spewed shit mixed stomach acid into her whole face covering mask for continuous thirty seconds. The noises coming from under her mask were really stomach churning, she filled up her mask with liquid shit like a glass is filled when wine is poured inside. When the level of the shit reached her nose she was still puking, the visible part of her face was shaking violently, and the pretty blonde teenager soon filled up the transparent facial mask covering her own face with her own puked up shit. Loud applause filled the room as certain scenarios were clearly fancied by the staff, even if Amber wouldn't really notice.

Smells and tastes lost their meaning long time ago; being tortured by shit over hours was something that definitely blocked the blonde girl's chemical senses to receive stimulus. Still, as the recycled shit filled up in front of her face and infiltrated into the depths of her nostrils she felt like the stench hit her naked brain, combined with the agony born from her toes and digesting her whole body Amber knew that she was to die. Unfortunately for her, not yet. The flood like vomiting immediately forced her to suck more air in, her body trying to breathe through the mouth as her nose was equally blocked. Unfortunately for her, all the air in her pipe and been replaced by the liquid shit. Amber sucked that in, letting the foul substance's few drops reach her windpipe. Her body's reaction was prompt and violent, the Blonde immediately fall into another coughing, drowning, swallowing and puking circle that was so desperate and energetic that she was shaking like she was electrified. Her flat abdomen was waving violently, her sexy bellybutton danced wildly, and Amber grabbed her mask, peeled her nails between the mask and her cheeks, ignored the blood she drew and yanked on it.

The mask did not fall, but obviously another hook was torn from her gums and the lower part departed a few millimetres. This gave enough room for the shit to flow out and within a couple of seconds let Amber suck fresh air in. And she did, with never seen ardor, first via her nostrils then through her oral cavity she was sucking more and more oxygen in. Her shit vomit trickled down from the tiny gap in the tube, dribbling down her chin and over her breasts, coating them in a thick gooey trail of shit slime. She had stopped shaking by now, and the brown mess just slid down her body with ease, past her stomach and dripping from her burnt cunt. Unfortunately, even as she was fighting for her life, her mother would not step to fight for her breasts. The cruel toenail pulling hadn't been finished yet. As soon as she got enough air in her lungs she started to scream again, there was no time to rest.


Had it been ten minutes already? It felt like longer, to be honest. Tracy had no idea how many nails she had removed, but was fairly sure Amber was screaming louder now. She couldn't move anymore; her arms were in agony and gave in, causing Tracy to fall to the floor. She lifted herself up again, her limbs shaking, but still couldn't move forward. She felt like her nipples were going to spray blood everywhere, or possibly explode. Tracy screamed in anger, pain and determination and with a thrust managed to push herself forward some more, another twang indicated that another nail broke off.

The toenail belonged to Amber's left foot, leaving her largest and second largest toenail left on that side, and only the large toenail remained on her right. Not if Amber was aware of exactly which toenail was ripped from her sexy feet, she just shrieked like a banshee, still spitting drops of shit into the inner wall of her mask as her respiratory system cleaned itself out.

A countdown started, only twenty seconds left. Tracy could just about hear Emma counting down in a childlike singsong voice. But Tracy's body had given up, and she fell onto her side, unconscious and motionless as the countdown reached its end.

"! Oh dear, what a failure. Again. Still three nails left, and you didn't get ANY of the big toes! Well, I guess we're going to have to cook and eat your daughters breasts now...."

An assortment of women started gathering around Amber, and as someone carefully unhooked the tube in her mouth, others began removing the constraints that bound her to her wooden prison. Untied, Emma pushed the others aside and put both her arms under Ambers back and legs and lifted her heroically out of the seat, placing her down on the floor. Amber felt like she wanted to rip Emma's eyes out, release all of her rage and fury on her captor. But her body just wouldn't move, she was exhausted, and surely she stood no chance against a full grown woman in her tired state. Of course, that was her rational side thinking. Her emotional side didn't care, she wanted vengeance. She moaned softly as the demonic woman placed her onto the floor, coughing up some chunks of yellow shit that dangled from her chin before falling onto her breasts.

"Well, I suppose it's not REALLY Amber's fault that her mother doesn't love her enough to save her." Emma noticed the look of pure anger in the young girls eyes and winked at her.

"How about we give her a choice? Accept her punishment like originally planned, and let her mother eat her tits? OR... she can keep her breasts and instead, roast and eat her mothers in her place?"

CHAPTER IV. - Family conflict

Amber looked up to Emma with clear disbelief in her eyes. She was prepared for everything, for the worst, she actually couldn't believe that anything could had been worse than what she was already experiencing, but Emma's proposal was really suprising. All the pain and humiliation she went through made changes in the young girl's mind, her look clearly showed the first signs of developing insanity. As Amber considered her alternatives, her mind began to distort the reality of her perdicament. Blame shifted from Emma to her mother, and her rage and anger suddenly focussed on the indirect cause of her suffering. Her mess covered but still beautiful face contorted in a wide, insane grin showing off her perfect set of teeth painted brown and yellow with chunks of shit. Her hands reached towards Emma, though from her position she could only touch her legs as Emma was standing. Amber gently caressed Emma's ankle with a long fingernail and nodded still having the wicked grin on her face.

"Yes! Give her to me!" she coughed. It was not easy to form words the for first time after so much puking, forced swallowing, screaming and shouting.

"Let me eat those bitch's udders! I do it! Just don't hurt me more, and I do it!" she said, her fingertips gently massaged Emma's calves, that was her humble thanks for granting her the right to have revenge and avoid more pain.

"Then it shall be done." Emma smiled and waved to her assistants. "Prepare the bitches for the romantic dinner scene, this is going to be fun!" she commanded and the studio's staff began to set up the requested surroundings. It took ten minutes for the assistants to set up the necessary scene. Amber spent the time rocking back and forth on the floor beside the contraption that she had spent so much time in. Sitting in the puddle of her own piss and vomit, occasionally she would glare at her sleeping mother. A large unnerving grin was spread across her face, and she was absently playing with her charred clitoris which, although severely burnt and swollen, still gave her a familiar tingly feeling. Her burnt labia was now soaked in the thick vomit from the floor, but she didn't seem to care.

In one corner of the studio, surrounded by dozens of cameras, the scenery of a rich, baroque restaurant was set up. The atmosphere was set with nice paintings on the wall covered by red velvet, one huge round table with white tablecloth, fancy vase with a beautiful set of red roses and a silver three-pronged candelabra with tall, slender candles. Andalusian music from Richard Wagner quietly filled the corner. It really seemed to be romantic and right. Another 5 minutes later, the scene had changed a bit. At one end of the table, Tracy was sitting in a heavy wooden chair, still unconscious. A clear glass wall of around half metre high was sticking out from a special socket on the surface of the table, even the tablecloth had the line like slit. The small glass wall reached up to Tracy's neck and it's top was covered by rubber, so the mother's limp head rested on it by its chin. More importantly Tracy's still bound and sick-bluish tits were bulging through two holes in the glass wall, the holes were really small in diameter and the small block of glass was working like classical stocks, the openable upper half was was closed around Tracy's tits once the blonde woman's breasts were placed into the holes. With this, Tracy's sweat covered breasts were hanging a couple centimetres above the table's top. Under her tits there was a metal plate, almost deep enough to be a bowl, and in front of both of them were two little devices. One device consisted of a basic contraption frame that held four iron tubes with the thickness and length of a pencil. Two shorter tubes bore down and aimed at Tracy's breasts from lower angle, the other two were longer with curved ends and were aimed right at the tit centre, at the level of her huge nipples. Below both tube openings a small U shaped thin bar curved into the middle of the tube's diametre. Flexible rubber hoses were attached at other end of the tubes and disappeared under the table where the base contraption were standing. Two sets of 4 barrelled gas burners!

Both of Tracy's hands were secured on both sides of the her breasts, similar but much smaller kind of glass block stocks were used for this, her lifeless fingers's tips were high enough not to reach the table. In that position she looked like she was nonchalantly leaning against the table. Her legs were forced into an impossible wide split on both of her sides and her ankles were held by small stocks placed on the top of rods that spread out from the seat of the chair. The thick wooden beams were part of the chair seat and stretched out to a couple of straps at the end, wrapped around her ankles and preventing her legs from moving, whilst not supporting her in any way. Both of her awfully roasted feet were on the same level with the table's top though away from it, dangling in the air. Her thighs and waist were strapped to the heavy chair she was sitting on and even one extra strap under her breasts bonded her very stable to the wooden furniture. The chair in which she was sat had a perfectly round hole in the seat, and a large bucket was placed beneath her. There also seemed to be a complex set of gears around the legs of the chair, and a large wheel with a single handle was stuck to one side. It was a really grotesque, yet erotic sight.

As the final touch of her preparations, Charlotte helped Emma to drill holes through Tracy's extra long red fingernails on her right hand in a similar way to Amber's toes. Hooks were inserted into every hole with strings attached to individual splindles in a small decive on the table, right across from Tracy. The device was like a small black box with five spindles on one side and a couple of switches and buttons on the other. Emma pushed some buttons and all the five spindles started to roll, tightening the strings, pulling on Tracy's five fingers until they were close to straight. Emma stopped the miniature winding device and then stepped to the woman's other hand. Five big needles were placed under the dangling palm, each needle was slightly flattened, like a very slender screwdriver, and was long with a pointed end. Black cables lead from their other end towards another black box which was also equipped with a set of buttons. Emma placed an 8 inch dildo ended gag between Tracy's limp lips and forced the long, huge black dildo down the Blonde's throat. As soon as her air supply was blocked, Tracy came alive with wide open eyes and horrible gurgling sounds emitted from her throat. Emma ignored her and and fastened the gags straps behind Tracy's neck.

"Shut the fuck up, stupid bitch, the dildo has holes, you can breath, even though it will be a bit painful." She quietly inspected the now trembling and terrified woman and seemed pleased. The main course was ready for cooking.

Tracy really a had a hard time to remain silent. Even she soon realised that despite the continual gag reflex and heaving she was actually able to breath, but her horrible stretched legs were her brand new source of agony. When they fastened her there raw force was used to stretch her joints far over their normal flexibility, and even if she was a flexible and sporty woman, that violation over her legs brought far too much pain. Her breasts were numb from the long cut of blood circulation and although her fingers were currently relatively intact, as soon as she understood everything she saw in front of her she started to let out desperate, muffled screams through the huge dildo, her eyes radiating extreme horror. Charlotte injected the contents of a huge syringe's into Tracy's arm, and the same happened to meanwhile unfastened but still unconscious Eva.


"Our heroines are at the very edge of their endurance. Even if they are young, or at least durable and strong, all the fun they went through recently drastically decreased their ability to keep their consciousness as more and more pain is coming. And as playing with dead flesh isn't such a big fun at this stage we are ready to pump their body up with some stimulants. The syringes contain a nice mixture of amphetamine and some other rather naughty substances which will prevent them from falling asleep again, whilst at the same time make sure they do feel EVERYTHING that is done to them. At this phase Tracy will be the one who really needs this, I'm afraid the pain she experienced recently is nothing compared to what will come soon. This is not a safe solution, don't try this at home, if these stimulants are overdosed you risk stopping your heart. Fortunately our staff have a great experience in how to use these drugs." the pleasant female voice explained for the viewers on screen.

Mandy was grateful for the 15 minutes break, she had to chance to gather her strength and give her body the opportunity to rest, she had a feeling that the future was to be just as intense as the close past.


Eva regained her consciousness with a loud scream and tried to get onto her feet, but her heavily damaged nailless left foot denied her. While she was sleeping the bare nailbeds of her denailed feet were cleaned, washed and even covered with some transparent cream, the medicine preventing her toes from swelling up to double of their normal size, which would definitely ruin their look and sexiness. The same treatment was used on Amber's nailless toes as well, as nobody was interested in ugly, swelled digits. Eva had missed Amber and Tracy's private game did not know what was happening, but she was in enough pain to not to ask questions. Two ladies held her arms and pulled her towards the dinner table, as everytime she attempted to apply any pressure on her mutilated foot she screamed out in pain. Literally dragging her, the two assistants threw her onto an empty chair on Tracy's left, in front of the blonde mother's hands with the cabled needles under the palm. Then they systematically removed Eva's remaining clothes, as she was the only one of the three stars still currently dressed. Eva had the thinnest body and by far the smallest breasts amongst the three ladies, but her body was still slender and extremely attractive. Eva noticed Tracy's cruelly bound body and pain contorted, gagged face with increasing terror. They did not restrain Eva, there were a lot of the staff and despite the stimulants Eva was already far too damaged to mean any danger.

Finally Amber arrived to the table, carried by Emma and Charlotte. Walking for her was just as impossible as for the others. They sat her on the seat across from Tracy, so the two boxes and a third remote control were within her grasp. The guests and the dish finally gathered, everything was ready for the family dinner.

"Amber, darling. Seems your wish has come true. Here is your chance. You can cook and eat your mother's breasts. Actually, you MUST do it, or else you take her place and she will do the same to you, so your alternatives are rather limited. Let me explain what you can find here." Emma smiled and her long nails playfully caressed the back of Amber's neck.

"To your right you can see your mother's left hand. The needles will be soon inserted under her nails, we did not do it before because we wanted to be sure she is aware of what is happening. So one nail, one needle, deep into the roots. The device there is used for control the temperature of the needles. You can control them one by one or use this to increase the heat of all five needles at once. Above each switch you can see the current temperature. As the needle is close contact with your mother's flesh even a lower heat will cause agony, but the actual burning will start at around 100 degrees. The needles can turn to red hot around 900 degrees, but above 400 degrees they are hot enough to burn through flesh, above 600 degrees they will melt the nails. To your left is Tracy's right hand and the device that controls the tightness of the strings pulling on her nails. You know this very well, similar things were done to your toenails, where your bitchy Mom tortured you so viciously. But your job is much easier. You just need to turn these switches and the strings will be pulled back by another millimeter. Again, you can control them together or one by one, as you wish. This is the warm up for Tracy, first you will destroy her hands. She is wearing really slutty polish, isn't she? Cherry red, similar to mine. Sexy! And what is really remarkable, that even after so much crawling, her nails are still intact, nothing broken, nothing torn. But anyway. You have Eva at your table too. Do you remember it was she who shit into your mouth several times? It was she who released the rope that lead to the serious roasting of your sweet cunt? But don't be angry with her, as long as you prepare your mother, she will get her punishment!" Emma said as Charlotte arrived with a huge porcelain plate in her hand. On the plate was one of the thickest, longest, steaming curved turds that Amber had ever seen. It was not broken at all, someone did a perfect job to shit such a huge shitlog onto a plate without breaking it. Charlotte placed the plate in front of Eva then placed a knife and fork next to it.

"Eva. You have been found guilty of being a faithless friend, and you shit into Amber's mouth. Now is time to face your punishment. Your role is less important at this table, but still important. You have two main tasks. First, you need to behave like a good girl, like a nice little Princess, and using the cutlery provided consume all that shit. I know it might be too concentrated so we provide you some drinks too." Emma said as Charlotte placed a glass bottle in front of Eva containing some sick yellowish, dense liquid inside. A label on the could be clearly read: Human & dog piss.

"Secondly, when Amber is finished with the preparations and starts to eat, you also have your own part of Tracy, as main course you will use your teeth and nails to eat everything that can be torn from the slut's roasted soles. They are well roasted, don't be afraid, we don't serve raw meat. Please keep in mind, that you still have one untouched foot, healthy tits and untouched ass, so if you decide not to obey I can surely figure out something that would 'inspire' you to feed. Got it?"

Eva stared wide eyed at the young mother, who was futilely struggling against the bonds of the chair. Her gurgled squeaking could be heard, but was far too muffled by the massive dildo in her mouth. Eva stared at the burners beneath her tits, the charred remains of her nicely cooked flesh and at her fingers, twitching slightly in their place. Eva then looked down at the steaming shit in front of her, it's smell was already making her feel ill, and there was a small pool of shit slime all over the plate it was lying on. Finally, she looked up at Amber. She had a strange look of total acceptance on her face, a smile that was really starting to worry her. She wasn't tied down, or against her will or anything! Yet she didn't seem to be escaping. Eva swallowed, and nodded in obedience. She had felt such intense pain up until recently and didn't want any more. She could make a stand, protest for Tracy's sake, but she found herself not caring about her, or anyone really, besides herself. She was not willing to be a hero.

"Good girl. And Amber darling, after your mother's nails are done the real fun can begin. The remote control switches on the gas burners aimed at her tits, you can control the intensity of the flames. Feel free to play with her as much as you wish, all you must know that after cooking you will eat BOTH tits, completely. That looks like a couple of kilos of pure, fine quality meat, not small, but I guess you must be hungry for now. Tracy is gagged at the moment, but when the preparations are over we will remove her gag so you can discuss whatever you want while you roast and eat her udders. Everything is clear?"

Amber smiled.

"Yes Emma. Everything is very....clear." Amber turned to stare at her best friend, a stare that seemed to go right through her. Eva shifted uncomfortably in her seat, then picked up the knife and fork in each trembling hand. As she held the cutlery over the huge shit log, hesitating and shaking, she turned back to Amber.

"Amber, really? You can't expect me to do this? We're friends! I... I love you Amby!"

Amber looked distant as she spoke. "But the red hot dildo..." were the only words that Eva could make out. Eva shuddered as these words made a tingling sensation in her gaping cunt, a ghost-like pain caused only by memory.

"It's okay, I forgive you for letting that happe....."

"Fuck you, stupid bitch!" Amber vehemently interrupted Eva's sentence, her foggy gaze filled up with life again, with radiating hatred and anger. "Do not fucking dare to forgive ME! You shit into my mouth, you forced me to release the iron, you made both of us having our slits roasted!" the Blondie hissed, spitting the words together with drops of shitty saliva. "Fucking begin to EAT that SHIT, and you will have some idea who should forgive to whom!" she finished and finally grinned insanely, imitating the motion of eating.

Eva looked back down at the plate in front of her, her eyes welling up with tears and therefore making the sight of the plate blurry. Slowly, she stuck the fork in a small section at the end, cutting around it with the knife and bringing the fork up to her mouth. Even with this tiny bit, the smell got stronger as the fork was brought up, and Eva began to dry heave. The fork, now centimetres from her mouth and nose, was invading Eva's senses with its pungent smell and it's slimy appearance. With one last look at the now calm face of Amber, Eva closed her eyes tight and put the fork in her mouth. She swallowed as quickly as she could, but inevitably vomited immediately. A large amount of thick, dirty brown vomit poured out of her mouth and onto the shit log in front of her like maple syrup.

"Nice choice of sauce" Emma giggled. Amber smiled with her, her beautiful face contorted into an evil and terribly freezing grin.

Eva coughed a little, a trail of brown drool clinging from her lips to the plate below her. She looked closely and noticed that the vomit that just expelled from her mouth had chunks of dog food in, and also visible were the bodies of spiders and maggots, some of which still wriggled. The sight of them made her vomit once more, spraying the table this time, and dribbling thick gooey vomit onto Eva's beautiful, if not incredibly self inflicted, scarred legs. Tracy was also struggling, as the smell of the vomit was making her want to be sick also, if the dildo in her throat hadn't already been pressing on her gag reflex whilst at the same time preventing her from being sick.

Charlotte had taken the wine bottle and began pouring the dark yellow liquid into an elegant wine glass beside Eva, who quickly grabbed it and downed the whole glass, forgetting briefly what it was she was drinking. The second she swallowed, the thick liquid splashing down her throat, she felt the sick rise up once more. The taste was awful, surely succeeding in washing the taste of the shit away, but only because it was even worse! The wine glass was quickly refilled, but Eva sat back a moment to catch her breath. That had been but one mouthful, and she felt hungry now that she had vomited what little remained in her stomach after her mammoth shitting from earlier. This reminded her of where she had been shitting, and a pang of guilt raced across her mind, calculating that if it tasted that bad coming up, only Amber knows how it tasted coming out. She shamefully cut another piece of shit and brought the slimy piece close to her mouth again, and as she opened her mouth around it, she found herself unable to swallow the large piece she had cut, forcing her to chew. As her teeth pressed into the chewy shit, the tongue was brought alive with the various tastes, and she had to fight hard not to vomit again. She grabbed the wine glass and took a sip of human and dog piss to help wash it down. Just a sip this time, she wasn't about to make the same mistake again. Another bite down, but much more to go, Eva's face was contorted with disgust.

Amber's face, however, was gleeing in her maddened state of mind. She was closely monitoring Eva's every movement and reaction. She reached under the table and found her burnt clit again. She was far beyond the point that the touch of her blistered clitoris would have worried her at all, she ignored the ruined skin and the slight pain in her desperate effort to bring some pleasure to herself. She was tortured, humiliated beyond imagination, everything was taken from her that was every important. Her sex was seriously damaged, her so much beloved feet were mutilated, she was actually dehumanized and finally she was betrayed by both her best girlfriend and her mother. She was forced to endure the most horrible physical and emotional pain and her once healthy personality broke, transforming her into something inhuman. All the pain, shame and suffering turned her in and out leaving only a grotesque shell behind. The sexy student became the dark angel of revenge, an almost undead demoness who was craving only for some good feeling. And the only available joy for her was the satisfaction of watching the traitors suffer, plus invoking any sexual pleasure that her ruined clitoris could offer to her. She sucked in Eva's misery with overflowing happiness and increased her pleasure by tickling her clit.

"This cunt is such a snail!" she said finally, Eva's vomiting, coughing and heaving was great sight, but she was craving for more, for something more intense.

"You're right," Emma agreed, "This may take some time. this cruel bitch who tortured you so much earlier is very slow. We can begin with Tracy whilst we wait".

With a snap of her fingers, assistants had appeared and began preparing the long needles near Tracy's hands. Tracy's eyes shut tight as she screamed into the dildo, one long needle slid effortlessly under Tracy's middle fingernail, the muscles in her arm bulged as it tensed. Another needle was slid in, directly under her beautifully painted ring finger, and another under the index. As the last two needles pierced her thumb and little respectively, she felt a tingling sensation as Amber picked up the remote and turned all five needles up to the first setting. Suddenly the pain kicked in, and Tracy began her usual muffled screaming. Amber smiled, looking at the device then back at her mother. Only 50 degrees and already the bitch is screaming. Amber turned the device off again, and the heat died down in Tracy's nails, but soon that pain was replaced by the tugging sensation in her other hand, as Amber began tightening the ropes.

"Does it hurt? MOTHER? Feeling your nails RIPPED from their flesh? Is it UNBEARABLE?" Amber turned the dial more and more on the little finger alone, and the string wound tighter and tighter. Tracy screamed, shaking ever so slightly in her constraints, as much as she could move in her current position. The string tightened even more, and the nail on her little finger began to move slightly, breaking away from the finger it was nested on. It slid off slowly, but was indeed sliding off, until a twang that represented the last of the resistance on her nail sounded and the nail flew off, quickly being pulled by the winding string into the device itself, cutting off the spools mechanism and locking the brakes. The nail lay on the table in a little pool of blood. Amber burst into crazy maniacal laughter. She was laughing so hard that even her tears started to flow. She picked up Tracy's ripped nail and unhooked it, inspecting it from close distance. There was a surprisingly wide line around the edges that was not painted, and judging by the bloody chunks of tissues connected to it, the nail seemed to be really deeply embedded into the nailbeds. Amber liked that a lot, she started to understand why was it so extremely painful to have her own toenails removed. It took almost half a minute to calm down, her insane laughter died away slowly.

Eva stared at her best friend as she laughed. She was torturing her own mother. Fear overwhelmed her and she took a large piece of the shit in front of her and brought it to her lips. It was smothered with her own vomit, something she could not help from continuously spraying over her food. The vomit dripped from each forkful and was now dribbling down her chin too, staining the flesh on her chin a horrible brown. She began to eat the mouthfuls quicker, terrified by her ex best friend.

Tracy was pleading at her daughter to stop using only her eyes, as her voice was still muffled. Amber took no notice, and turned up the temperature on her left hand to 80 degrees. The sudden increase in temperature was intense, and still rising. Amber was playing with the controls now, turning dials up and down. In her position, Tracy had very little room to move, but her tormented fingers were trembling continually, with such long and elegant fingers every small motion was clearly visible. Tracy's ring finger raised to 90 degrees, whilst her others were lowered to only 50. The little finger then climbed high in temperature as the ring finger relaxed again. The pain was too much, and constantly changing, meaning that it was impossible to grow accustomed to. Her index finger and her middle finger rose higher and higher as the others cooled. As they passed 100, Tracy could smell the flesh cooking from her hands, and the pain grew ever more intense. She began shaking again, her fingers turned red as they passed 400, wrinkling and shrivelling up around the needle. The paint on her two nails was cracking and even began to bubble. Just as Tracy thought it couldn't get worse, the pain started to die down, the needles turned off completely and slowly cooling under her fingertips. Tracy breathed a sigh of relief, or as close to one as she could achieve through her gag. Amber had put down both devices and was staring at her best friend now, talking to her in that strange high pitched voice she seemed to adopt now. Tracy didn't care about Eva's plight, and was just glad of the reprieve.

"Do you fucking enjoy the shit, shitface? Does it taste good? Oh it must be, I see it in your eyes, you love it, don't you? Shiteater Eva, the little poor lonely virgin God believer skinny shy shit-eater Eva baby. Eat that turd, I hope your goody-goody mother will see these records and can admire how her dry cunt bitchy anorexic slut daughter feed on juicy shit! This is all your fucking fault, you miserable shitface who can't even keep your stinky asshole closed!" Amber was whining, grinning and drooling like an idiot.

Emma coughed slightly, and spoke with a hint of mischief.

"Well, that is certainly doable. We have information on you all gleamed from the ID we took when you were...hired for this show. We can locate Shit-eater's mother, hide hidden cameras in her house then send her a direct link and watch her react. Sure, we can show this 'goody-goody' what's happening to her child..."

Eva tried to ignore Amber's ramblings, concerned about the mental health of her former best friend, and really tried not to think about what Emma just said about her mother. Surely that was just a bluff? A ruse designed to rile her up. No, she refused to believe that for now. Instead, she focussed on the task in front of her, still over half the shit left to eat. But Ambers words were getting to her. How could this be all her fault? Surely Amber was to blame? Eva cut another slice of vomit covered shit with her knife and fork and winced as she noticed the maggots on the side. She hesitated for far too long, but eventually closed her eyes and ate the piece, gagging automatically as she did so. Her dry heaving was heavenly to Emma's ears.

Amber felt herself get angry again. She was still talking, but Eva was ignoring her. She turned to the device in front of her again and took her annoyance out on her bitch whore of a mother. The reels wound up once more and Tracy felt the pulling sensation on three of her remaining fingers. The pain returned and intensified, as if every time Amber used the strings, she was reminded of what her mother did to her, spurring her on even more. The nails pulled on their beds, sending intense pain up to Tracy's brain, whose concentration was suddenly split as the heat began rising on her other hand as well. Screaming only inside her head, Tracy's horrified eyes darted from left to right, her right hand being pulled ever toward the centre of the table, her left hand beginning to turn completely red. Her much favoured hands, her queenly fingers and pampered nails, all of them transformed from her pride to a source of inhuman agony. Amber had the temperature on all four fingers now at 500, and rising slowly. The fingers were cooking from the inside out, and the paint was peeling off from all her fingers. As the temperature rose higher, the nails began to melt, a thought that horrified Tracy. Her index fingernail from her right hand slid off, twanging with the string over the table. Her ring finger was close to sliding off too, and the pain was too much...

...Tracy felt like an explosion inside her body, the intense pain had built up pressure in her bowels and she had somehow broken the inflatable plug inside her ass. A waterfall of horrid, thick diarrhoea erupted from her ass and poured out into the bucket beneath her. She was aware, in the back of her brain that was operating away from all the pain, of the sensation of shitting out a deceased rat corpse, and the perversion of doing so filled her with guilt. As the nails on her left hand melted, and the last nail on her right hand finally pulled away from her bleeding fingers, Tracy sat there helplessly shitting herself through the hole in her chair. The noise itself was unbearable. Tracy wanted to pass out, it was too much for her. The temperature was approaching 800 now, and the fingers themselves were tuning black. The temperature was rising on her thumb now, as the string on her other thumb began to pull.

Eva cut another piece of shit, not even looking at the gooey mess on her plate. She was transfixed now with Tracy's agony. She couldn't stop staring at the young mothers fingers, one hand now bare and bleeding, free of nails, the other hand burnt and cooked, the nails melted into her very fingers. There was no sign of the slutty red polish anymore, all the lacquer either evaporated or charred to black. She chewed a piece of shit and forced it down her throat.

Tracy shook uncontrollably, the heat on her fingers had already melted her nails but still hadn't been turned down. The heat on her thumb had been raised to 700 and the nail itself was cracking, the fat inside her hand felt like it was bubbling. Which was indeed true, as boiling fat bubbled up through the crack and emitted smoke. Her other thumb was refusing to let go of the nail, and the pulling sensation was unlike any other, her hand felt like it was going to be pulled from her arm. The muscles in both arms bulged and flexed, and finally the nail pulled free from Tracy's resisting hand. The heat began to die down on her other hand as well, as Tracy regained control once again of what was left of her damaged appendages. She was unable to move her burnt, charred fingers, but she could at least maintain slight control of her other hand, although her fingers felt like they were stuck in a claw like position. Amber observed the grand finale of her mother's fingernails and nodded with a strict, satisfied expression. 

"I am ready for my meal now." Amber said, calmly.

CHAPTER V. - Family dinner

Eva swallowed nervously, and quickly began putting the last few mouthfuls of filthy shit in her mouth. She daren't find out what will happen if she didn't finish her meal before she was forced to start the next. She grabbed the wine glass that had been refilled and drank it in one gulp, the strong tasting urine flowing down her throat and making her gag.

A young woman wearing nothing but a long white apron that covered her slender frame arrived with a wine menu and passed it to Amber. She looked in confusion for a moment as she took it and looked inside. Row after row of headshots, photos of glamorous looking young women of varying ages filled the pages of the wine list. Below each woman's face was another photo of their naked, exposed and untouched vagina. Details of their ages, taste and amount of urine produced were written next to each woman. Amber felt momentarily aghast, but quickly forgot why. She was wondering if all those females were somewhere around, used for peeing all the day, or might be previous stars of Emma's shows who were also used as source of urine. She understood that she needed to drink their pee, or at least the pee of one of them, but she didn't really care at all. In fact, she was thirsty, thirsty like hell and with all the information presented to her she had the chance to choose something pleasurable. She quickly checked the menu and found something interesting. A black woman of age 22 with a really charming face and large, fat cuntlips. 'Crystal clear refreshing wine, slightly sour with a hint of herbs. 5 litres.' the menu said and Amber pointed at the photo.

"I want this. Looks good. I'm really thirsty." Amber stated.

"Excellent choice" the waitress said, taking the menu and folding it in one smooth move, before walking off and through a door marked "Wine Cellar".

Amber turned back to the table, and took the devices controlling the burners in her hands. The dildo was removed from Tracy's mouth and even before she could gasp for air, she coughed and dribbled thick vomit down her chin and over her huge, twitching breasts.

"Please! Honey please don't do this! I am sorry, I really am! I didn't know what to do! I didn't know! I only wanted to help! I'm sorry!" A trail of vomit drool dangled as she spoke, and Amber felt disgusted to be related to her.

"Oh Mom, dear Mom..." she started to speak on a sweet voice, and even managed to force a kind smile onto her pretty face. "I know you are sorry, of course you are, you are my one and only Mommy." she kept on smiling as her fingers were playfully stroking the remote control's switches, eight little buttons orgnaized around the pictogram of the two burner contraptions.

"I know you're sorry, but Mother, listen, there is something wrong. I do believe that in a mother-daughter relationship mutual respect is the key. Now, tell me honestly, Mom. How could I feel any respect from your side after you let my pussy get roasted by a red hot fuck stick? After you ripped off my toenails. You, only you, alone, using your own body and strength."

"But Honey..."

"SHUT the fuck up, I'm talking!" Amber interrupted Tracy's desperate protest as her fingers were softly caressing the buttons. "And finally, how could you show me respect if you are talking to me while you are puking over yourself with disgusting chunks of I-don't-know-what hanging from your bitch lips?" she asked with open, clear, innocent gaze, eyeing Tracy.

"But... pleaseeee... doon't..." Tracy started again as Amber's face changed, turning into a demonic grimace. She pushed one button and the low whistling sound of gas flowed from a lower tube aiming at Tracy's right breast, then a spark struck from one of the U shaped appendage. The flame lit, the heat came on quickly, and Tracy screamed as the cooking of her breasts began.

"BITCH! HOW DARE YOU FUCKING DO THIS TO YOUR OWN MOTHER! YOU WHORE!" Tracy screamed as heat was applied, and as it died down Tracy began to breathe heavily.

"I'm...I'm sorry I didn't mean that.." She tried to explain.

Emma placed her slender hands on Ambers shoulders, her beautiful nails pressing slightly against her naked flesh. "Sounds to me like she still wants you to suffer. Your mother doesn't love you very much, does she?"

"Our family is fucked up." Amber replied then turned to Tracy. "I'm a whore, and you meant it. You meant that, I mean this." she grinned sadistically as another button was pushed down. Amber decided to cook systematically, right tit first and left second. She lit both lower burners aimed at Tracy's bulging breast, both tubes emitted a bluish flames the size of a tea cup. Not too big, but as soon as the hissing fire reached Tracy's skin they spread across the bottom of the tit, covering the whole lower semiglobe in flame, close but not directly reaching Tracy's rock hard angry red nipple.

"Aoooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!! Aiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Hooooooooooooooooooot! Fuuuuuuuuuuucccckk!!! My Goooooooooooooooood! Hooooooooooooooot! Buuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrnn! Buuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrnnn! Jeeeesssuuuuusssssssss!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" Tracy screamed on the very top of her lungs, and even though she had experienced a hell of a lot of different kind of agonies recently, having her tits burnt with open fire was another dimension. Her chest pulled hard against the glass wall in futile attempt to free her tits, but the small bottleneck of the glass stocks made it physically impossible to remove her breasts through those holes. Her burning breast was huge and bulging, all the blood trapped in the globe turned it a sick blue and made her skin starched. The flames covered the breast from below like a fire made cup, it bit into her skin and immediately caused severe burn marks. Eva clasped her hands to her ears to keep Tracy's screams out, but not Amber. She watched the show with dreamy eyes and her fingers never stopped to play above the buttons.


Mandy was heaving again. All the shit eating and hand torturing stuff was a little bit out of her previous interests, but witnessing all the pain, suffering and horror that they brought made her change her mind. She really started to enjoy those less known but very appealing torture methods, in fact the removal or burning of fingernails were not so for away from her beloved foot torture techniques. She also had to admit that a fingernail torn from a hand looked almost as good as toenails ripped out from a foot, so she had already messaged to Emma's dispatcher in order to get Tracy's fingernails as well.

But Tracy's agony was something that was always a favourite of Mandy, all kind of burning, roasting, boiling torments were on top amongst her most fancied ways of inflicting pain. She simply loved the sight of the flames licking the skin and flesh, how they dug deeper and deeper with every second, evaporating all the moisture, destroying tissues, boiling up everything inside, charring the skin and mostly stimulating the nerve endings in such an intense way that could have been by heat only. So Mandy was fisting herself again and screamed and moaned together with Tracy.


Tracy's nipple wasn't covered by the flames but the extreme heat from below made the hot air rise and the air was trembling around the nipple as well. Amber licked her lips. She couldn't remember how she was breast fed by her mother, but the sick thought of a literal 'breast feeding' was soon to come made her heart warm. In her sick and depraved mind, she decided to eat the nipple first. Her mother was shrieking with a wide open mouth, she found the strength to clench and unclench her mutilated fingers, but all those agonized convulsions meant nothing, she couldn't free herself from the horrible burning. Amber suddenly changed the burners, switched on the right uppers and at the same time switched off the lowers. The hissing flames immediately covered the upper half of the breast, sneaking along the beautiful semiglobe with quick motion, like hundreds of tiny fire snakes.

"Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh! Grrrrrrrrrrooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Toooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooottt! Myyyy breeeeeeeaaaaaassssssstt! Buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnsss! Nhhhoooohhhooooooooooooo! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllpppppp! Hoooooooooooooot!" Tracy was screaming without a stop, even when she sucked in air she kept on screeching. The lower half of her breast became visible, and the sight was so horrible that a certain percentage of the spectactors all over the world came immediately. The skin was covered with dozens of smaller and larger blisters, like the breast itself was proliferated with a large number of breast offspring. Only that those were not infant breasts but single skin blisters filled with melted bodyfat and tissue liquids. Soot covered the not yet blistered surface as well and on some spots the skin was already charred and still smoking.

Nobody spoke, or at least nobody could speak louder than Tracy, so everybody was enjoying the show in silence. Including Amber, who enjoyed her power over the bitch who used to be her mother. The smell of freshly cooked flesh filled the air, and it was not bad at all. She switched back to the lower half again and observed the awfully burnt upper half with a wicked smile. It was the same but as the lights were coming from the ceiling had a much better view. Amongst lots of small blisters, one huge blister had formed on the top of the breast, and the nipple's tip was black and was actually ready to eat. But Amber had to first cook all the breast, so she had to hurry.

"Meeerrrrcccccccyyyyy! Hoooooonnnneeeeeyyyyyyyyyy! Stoooooooooooooooooopp! Tooo hoooooooott! Hooooooooooooooooot! Fuckiiiiiiiinnnnng hoooooooot! Swiiiiiitch ooofffffffffffffffff! Goooooooooooood!!! Heeeeeeeeeelppp meeeeeeeeeee!!! Oooooaaaaaooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" the screams filled the huge hall. 'It must be hot, the same was for me when you failed to free the hot metal from my cunt.' Amber messaged with her eyes, as it made no sense to talk. Finally she set all four burners alive on the right tit and let them cover Tracy's breast into a globe of fire. At that time the Blonde mother was unable to scream loud anymore or to form coherent words, but she never stopped screeching on a high pitched, erotic voice. Amber was cooking her breast for another two minutes before finally switching the burners off and revealing the result.

The whole bulging globe was red, an appealing red, as the fiercy flames ate almost the skin away and cooked the flesh behind. The rest of the skin had fallen down into the bowl which also seemed to contain melted bodyfat that still flowed along the breasts and dripped down from the bottom. Human breasts are full of fat tissues, so there was plenty of supply. The remnants of the skin was crispy, mostly back, it was not really a careful cooking but a rather raw, direct roasting. The revealed red flesh was still smoking, spreading a nice aroma into the air, and it mostly resembled the meat of a poorly roasted chicken leg, black in some spots but mostly juicy and appealing. Amber waited until Tracy's last screams died away and smiled at her.

"How was it Mom? I see you enjoyed it, I haven't seen you so alive for a long time. Dad ignored your cunt recently, didn't he?" she asked and admired the still smoking and steaming tit. "Well, have a look at your breast, you stupid cunt. Looks great! Looks delicious! I will be fucking eating it, but before that..." she pushed the buttons of the left tit's burners. Tracy didn't have time to catch her breath, to reply or generally to regain her full consciousness, four burners aimed their fires onto her left mammary. And Tracy found her voice again.

"Aaaaaaiaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiii! Nhhhhhoooooooooooo! Biiiiiiiiiitcccchhhhh! Sttoooooooppppp ittttt! Buuuuuurrrnnnn! Buuuuuuurrrrrrrrnnnn! BUUURRRRRRRRNNNNN!!!" the screaming went on and Emma smiled in satisfaction. They had brought a lot of victims previously into her secret little studio, but had never managed to turn any of thebitches against their family or friends like this blondie. This was a great show, a special one, the kind what will bring fame for her all over the secret sadist societies. She was watching as the nice young girl viciously cooked her own mothers breast to a crisp, and never stopped grinning. Dense smoke rose towards the ceiling where air cleaning devices sucked it in, and the source of the smoke, Tracy's left breast, was still surrounded by flames. More screaming and shrieking came from the woman who, whilst drugged and unable to pass out, really experienced hell on Earth, and whenever her screams died away for any amount of time, Amber's insane giggles replaced them. It was a wonderful sight, a wonderful scene and a wonderful show.

Unbeknownst to the three girls, far above this torture chamber and back in the real world. the large centre chimney of the house they resided in was smoking innocently. It would look odd on a hot day like today, but who would ever question it?

Finally, after 10 more minutes, Amber switched off the burners and everybody sighed, the left mammary was just as ready as the right. Tracy's face was almost inhuman, a grimace of agony with bloodshot red eyes and a mask of vomit and messed mascara. Some blood leaked from her mouth and the moaning Tracy spat something out. A small bloody piece of meat, the tip of her tongue! The poor woman succesfully bit off the end of her own tongue while screaming her head off, and that brought another loud applause from the studio's staff, all the beautiful ladies were cheering gleefully. Tracy herself performed so many funny achievements that other times can only be replicated in three to four shows!

Amber was smiling and took deep breaths, savouring the scent of her mother's roasted tits.

"May I start the dinner?" she asked Emma, who nodded.

"Shouldn't you be eating your dinner too?" Emma turned to Eva. Eva gulped loudly and nervously drank the last of the dark yellow piss that resided in the bottle. Wiping the piss and vomit from her lips, she left her seat and kneeled in front of Tracy's left foot that was stretched out from her body. Hesitating once more, she looked around her, unsure that she should peel the skin off from the kind young mother of her best friend. Aware that she would be punished if she did not obey, and with a selfish desire to keep herself safe, she dug her nails in to the flesh of the foot. Eva was surprised by how easily it came off, like pulling the skin off a roast chicken. She apologised to Tracy under her breath as she put the torn off burnt piece of flesh against her shit stained teeth and chewed. Then she dug her nails in again, this time grabbing a handful in both hands, and forcing it down her throat. She was tearing the flesh off the soles of her friends mother's feet, shoving it deep into her mouth in a manner contrasting that of the etiquette she showed when eating the giant shit earlier. She was aware of a loud slopping noise and recognised it as Tracy's bowels emptied themselves once again into the bucket below her. She gripped her feet with both hands and brought her face close to the torn soles, digging her teeth in and biting a large chunk of meat, pulling away, tearing the flesh apart with her teeth. Chewing, swallowing, then repeating as necessary. It surprised her how easy it all came off, but the thought of what she was doing still disgusted her. If she had anything left in her stomach, she would surely vomit. Fortunately for Tracy, she couldn't feel too much of the feeding of her sole as those were dead tissues. Even if she could, what was some pain in the feet compared to having her mammaries burnt?

The waitress had returned carrying a silver tray, balanced on which was a clear bottle filled with dark yellow liquid and a slim wine glass. The bottle was decorated in the same way that an expensive bottle of wine would be, and was even corked. Emma worked with great attention to detail. The mothers tits were truly roasted, and Tracy was exhausted from the pain, barely able to keep her head up. Satisfied with the cooked meat before her, Amber took the glass from the waitress, waited for it to be filled up and sipped it happily, as if she believed that she was really just having a regular meal.

" could you do this to your own mother?" Tracy gasped, her breath taken away from all the screaming. "I carried you...I brought you into this world...."

"And you breast fed me, Mom!" Amber grinned widely, as she started to find this thought funnier and funnier. "I really don't know what is your problem, babies are fed from mother's tits. This is exactly what I'm going to do, right now, right here. We are a normal family!" she replied to Tracy who listened with horror. Amber's mind had completely gone. But Emma and her staff respected the joke and giggles were heard from every corner of the hall. The burners' contraptions were removed from their socket as they were not needed anymore, and Tracy's well cooked tits were freely dangling in the middle of the table. Amber couldn't stand up and bend over the table with her damaged toes, so she simply kneeled onto her chair which proved to be a much more comfortable position.

"Anyway, I'm not too grateful you brought me into this world. You brought me into this place too, should I be thankful? Oh no, dear Mommy, fucking no. So, here we go, you smell good!" she laughed hysterically and grabbed a large carving knife, effortlessly sliding it into the flesh of her mother's tits, cutting just behind the nipple of her right tit, and picked it off with her fork. She stared at the charred, gigantic nipple on the end of her utensil for a moment, as if she was remembering fond memories of it, suckling it as a baby. Then, with a shrug, she put it in her mouth and chewed. Emma clapped delightfully as she swallowed. Unbeknownst to Tracy, who was crying so much now that she was for all intensive purposes blind, a single tear rolled down Ambers cheek. Her face didn't show it, nor did it show any signs of emotion, and she took the knife and once again sliced a thin slice of roasted tit from her mother and placed it on her plate. She followed this with another slice, and another, like she was carving a roast. Slice after slice of her mother's right breast was stacked on the plate in front of her, until Amber came up to the glass and realised that she had indeed hacked away the entire tit. She shrugged, sat back on her seat and began cutting up the slices on the plate in front of her, eating them politely with a knife and fork, wordlessly. Even Eva had stopped tearing at the mothers charred feet to watch Amber eat her meal calmly, every now and then drinking from the urine of a young slut.

Tracy squinted, attempting to look down through her tear filled eyes. She could see only one of her breasts, and an empty space where her other one used to be. The pain was minimal, her breasts were cooked well and not even the living nerve endings could radiate pain comparable to the agony of the burning. Some blood flowed into the bowl below, but not a lot as her tits were bound so long ago that not much blood remained in them by this point. She couldn't believe her own daughter could do this to her. She tried to tilt her head, looking to her side. Eva was there, ripping off the last remnants of flesh from her disfigured feet. These were the girls she had taken under her wing, to look after, to care for. Now they were eating her flesh and torturing her. She felt like her heart could break no more.

Eva gagged as she swallowed the last of Tracy's sole that she could remove. Her foot looked hideous now. She couldn't even describe it. Although there was still horrible looking skin hanging from her foot, it looked like there wasn't much separating her bone and the outside air. She was suddenly aware of a whispering in her ear, as Emma moved closer.

"Those toes look mighty delicious to me..." The words just hung in the air for a moment, as Eva looked at the charred toes of Tracy and her large nails that had a huge crack down the centre. They were so dark red, so hideous.

"Of course, if you don't eat her cooked toes, we would understand. However, if you don't eat HER toes, then I'm sure Amber will. Then she will eat YOURS. Up to you.." Emma paused only momentarily as Eva's mind began racing. "Oh.. and don't forget to spit out those nails. We have a request for them..."


Mandy was in ecstasy. She was a foot eater too, in fact her foot sadist career was started a long time ago with the irreristable urge to eat other female's feet. Upon acting on her desires at a very young and naive age, she was caught and promptly incarcerated. After she was released from jail she never made another mistake again. She kidnapped and tortured hundreds, maybe thousands of women over the years, always paying special attention to their feet and toes. And never,ever failed to eat toes or meaty soles whenever she found a pair of sexy feet appetizing enough, Mandy had at least weekly foot meals, but sometimes even every day she was feasting on raw or cooked meat. She was toying with the thought to order some meat together with the toenails from Emma, but finally discarded the idea, she highly preferred fresh meat, and no matter how sexy Tracy's feet used to be, at the middle of the dinner they were kind of a wasted bodyparts. But Mandy was still feeling envy for Eva, not for all the things what happened to her, but for her luck she had the privilige to feast on those once so lovely toes. Even if Eva's facial expression made it clear she did not share Mandy's passion. And Mandy loved that too, she found special delight in forcing her victims to feed on their own flesh, or the flesh of their relatives or friends. She persistently fingered herself to another orgasm as the show went on.


Eva gulped, the taste of burnt flesh still present in her mouth. She placed the largest toe in her mouth, pressing her teeth against it and biting down hard. The flesh of the toe came off in her teeth, but she had to bite several times to take the nail off, and finally it did, as she pulled away, ripping the flesh off from Tracy's large toe, nail and all, and chewing it for several minutes. It was a horrible taste, and after a while she spat the two halves of her nail into her hand, and swallowed the rest down. Emma squealed in delight as Eva began nibbling on the next toe, tearing off so much skin that she could see the oozing blood underneath. With another spit, a nail fell into her hand, and Eva made loud retching noises as her stomach threatened to expel her recent meaty meal. She had to grip the foot in both hands as she enclosed her mouth around the third toe, pulling her head back far to rip the toe off, tasting the blood in her mouth, spitting out the nail. She wept as she continued with her task until all toes on the foot were thoroughly chewed off, and her stomach churned with the foul substance she was swallowing.

Without saying a word, she crawled over to the other side of the table, taking care not to put too much pressure on her painful feet. She took one last look at Tracy's remaining foot. As charred and burnt as it was, it was still intact for the moment. It would be the last time it could ever be described as such. She sighed and dug her long, beautiful fingernails into the flesh, piercing it with ease. Tearing off another chunk of cooked meat, she placed it on her tongue and swallowed, wincing at the taste. Still, it tasted better than the faeces from earlier and despite the horrific act of what she was doing and how it made her feel morally, it was the easiest of the ordeals she had to suffer since following Tracy into this wretched hell house. She almost felt grateful for that.

Amber  was aware of that tingling sensation in her burnt pussy again. Her vomit coated and half charred clitoris was showing visible signs that Amber was aroused. She had almost finished her plateful of meat, and belched loudly. Those thick slices of tit meat actually tasted good, though inside the rest of them were bloody and raw, it still wasn't worse than any raw steaks she had been eaten before. Every bite was like sinking her teeth into soft and delightfully spicy meat juice, the expression on her face showed that she gained different experience when eating her mother than Eva. Wher Eva hated it, Amber adored it. It was an odd thought to enter Tracy's mind, but she couldn't help but despair at her daughter's lack of manners at that moment. A passing thought, the type that enters the heads of desperate women at times like this. Amber licked the plate clean, tasting a hint of blood as she did so. Then she turned to the remaining breast, steaming still from its earlier cooking.

"Honey, noo, pleasee no, that's all I have left, for God sake, please..." Tracy started but Amber wasn't in the mood to communicate. She snarled at Tracy and barked a short "Shut up!".

Amber didn't even use a knife this time, she just dug her long slender fingernails deep into the cooked tit, then pulled, tearing the whole breast in half. It tore off heavily, she needed to fight for a minute or so but finally it flopped onto the plate in front of her. Amber sat back again and grinned as she began stuffing it in her mouth with her bare hands, etiquette had been completely abandoned. As she slurped the last of the meat down her throat, she turned back to the torn flesh of her mother's chest, and started scratching at it. Frantically clawing at her mother, ripping off more and more flesh in pieces onto the table, her long nails dug in easily and scraped the meat away until, that too, was completely gone. She picked up the slivers of meat from the table and from the fat and blood filled bowl, then swallowed them with ease, washing it all down with the entire bottle of piss, which she drank in one go. Her face became a mess at that time, not only the last remnants of her previous shit and vomit diet fancied her pretty cheeks but they were now covered with chunks of flesh and the sticky fat of her mother's breast.

"I want more!" she stated suddenly and looked up at Emma. "I want to take revenge on her feet too, she destroyed mine! And I don't want to only burn her breasts, I want her fucking cunt too. I mean, I want that slit to feel the heat too. Let's say... hmmmm... fill her up with hot water! May I do this? May I cook this cunt's cunt too? I only need some tools, and boiling water of course!" Amber said and smiled at Emma with an inviting although insane grin.

"Really? How DELIGHTFUL! Of course we can accommodate to your requests. I must say, I wasn't expecting you to be so willing, let alone to be SUGGESTING torture! You are turning into a fine protege!  How does that sound? Being my protege? Your freedom in exchange for your services? But we shall discuss that later. For now, we shall let you have creative reign with your mother." Emma turned away briefly, facing the team of beautiful women who were standing by, watching. "Go and fetch my toys. I last had them when I was extracting nails. Oh, and our young protege wants some boiled water" There were various nods from the women as they quickly hurried off, soon returning with the cart from earlier, a bucket of boiling water and various other implements of genius design.

As women began undoing the glass stocks that were holding Tracy in position, Amber had gotten up and was slowly walking around the chair that her mother was sat in, clutching the table for support. Viewing her mother as if for the first time, her bare feet which was devoid of almost all its skin and even some toes on one side, her charred and bleeding hands, her flat chest a contrast of one totally clean cut and one jagged, flesh torn hole. Tracy's face was a mess as well, the constant weeping had caused her once perfect mascara to run lines down her cheeks, and her hair was filthy. Amber felt a deep rage within her, a need to make her mother pay for putting her in this situation. Eating her filthy tits was a good start, but she needed more. She wanted her to feel the burning that she felt herself in her cunt, a feeling that her mother failed to protect her from. The stocks were undone, and Tracy's arms fell limply by her side. She was too exhausted to even lift them in the air, let alone undo the remaining straps that tied her to the chair and attempt some kind of escape. Tracy just sat there, still attached to the chair, her legs still spread apart by the chair's wooden supports, her body still held in place. Amber ran her slender fingers along the wooden wheel on the chair. She turned it slightly, and was delighted to watch the chair tilt back. The wheel turned a series of cogs beneath the chair seat and as Amber pulled it one way, the whole chair tilted back. Because the wooden beams that held Tracy's legs came from the chair seat, this meant that as Tracy tilted back and forth, her legs were always spread in the same position and just tilted with her. Her pose never changed.

Amber grabbed the pair of pliers from the cart that an assistant wheeled around and looked at Tracy for just a moment. She noticed the ravaged toes of her one foot, then turned to watch Eva as she approached the end of edible flesh on the sole of the foot. A large grin stretching across her face, she walked over to Eva and handed her the pliers.

"You, faithless girlfriend of mine. Take these and use them to snap the bitch's toes off, one by one. Then you eat them of course, that part of the plan is unchanged!" she instructed Eva with an evil smile. And she loved it, she loved the minor power Emma placed into her hands. She hated Eva, although she hated Tracy much more. And all the hints about being Emma's protege meant one thing; she granted the power to take her crazy revenge over them. The thought warmed up her heart, and surprisingly her pussy as well.

"What?" Eva replied "Amber please, snap out of it! Don't dare to SUGGEST such things! Please Amber, there must be some part of you that remembers who this is! This is your MOTHER! You cannot be serious!"

"Eva, sweetheart. Would you please be so kind as not to answer back? You are nice, you are modest, honest and even beautiful, but none of these virtues could help on this. So please, I'm begging you, do as I ordered, or..." she left the sentence unfinished and gazed into Eva's eyes with an icy cold stare.

Her politeness in the face of what was happening was really troubling Eva. And as she raised the pliers to the smallest toe of Tracy's foot, they trembled in her hand. She put the large, incredibly sharp pliers against the very base of the smallest toe, looked pleadingly at Amber for one last time, then applied the pressure.

The 'snip' echoed around the silent room, followed by more screaming from Tracy, as the smallest toe fell into Eva's hand. It bled profusely, despite the severe burning, and it looked so small and burnt in her fingers. Eva hesitatingly drew it to her mouth, and the second she put it in and swallowed, she gagged and immediately vomited once more onto the floor, a pinkish sick that sprayed out over her own naked toes, dripping from them. A puddle of sick made by cooked flesh alone, as that was all that was left inside her stomach. The severed digit lay in the centre of the puddle and Amber helpfully bent down, picked it up, pulled the toenail off and handed the toe back to Eva. She took it once more, put it in her mouth and swallowed, not thinking about what it was as it slid down her throat. She gagged, but was able to keep it down. She looked at Amber, hoping that would be enough, but the look in her eyes suggested that it wasn't. Eva pressed against her second toe, slicing into the flesh slowly with the sharp, rusty pliers until the blades of the pliers snipped against each other from both ends and the second toe fell off into her hand. She could tell that swallowing it without removing the nail wasn't an option this time, and had no option but to chew the toe as it entered her mouth, prying the toenail pieces off from the nail bed with her teeth alone, eventually being able to spit them out and swallow the rest.

Satisfied, Amber just turned and walked away as Eva began work on the next toe. She pulled the wheel of the chair and the screaming mother was spun upside down, the chair rotating a full 100 degrees round, resting her long, dirty hair against the floor. Amber looked to see what had caused the scream, and noticed that the sudden rotation of the chair took Eva by surprise as she had already applied pressure with the pliers against Tracy's large toe, but hadn't quite removed it yet and accidently stripped all the flesh off as the foot moved away from her. Bone was visible on her large toe, and blood was everywhere. Eva was panicking and had to quickly amputate the whole toe to at least save Tracy from the pain, not that it would help. The staff laughed, Amber giggled and decided that she could leave her bestest best friend ever in the whole world to do as instructed, and instead turned to her disgusting whore of a mother.

Tracy did not speak for a long time, she quit pleading or begging, but her pitiful whines and screams or sometimes the lower moans were continually with them. She became a real pain doll, a body of mutilated flesh whose main purpose was to suffer and express her agony by emitting those funny voices. And she fulfilled that purpose very well.

Oh, the things Amber wanted to do. She looked at her mother's filthy pussy, inches away from her face now that she had turned her upside down. She reached out and ran her fingers along the engorged clit, and as Tracy unintentionally moaned softly, she looked in disgust at her, leant her head back and spat in her face, successfully landing a large glob of spit right in her mother's eye. She then plunged her hand deep inside the struggling woman's cunt, stroking the insides with her long nails, then plunged further as she screamed, pushing her arm deeper and deeper inside her own mother, getting a feel for how much of a hole her slutty parent had, and deeply envying her as she thought about her own cunt, destroyed forever thanks to this whore. The rage was building inside her as her fingertips began to touch upon her mother's womb, and quickly she pulled her arm out, the force almost making Tracy's insides follow the arm out into the open air. Amber spun around, grabbing the boiling metal kettle that was resting on a portable stove on the cart and turning back to face Tracy. As she held the kettle of steaming water over the gaping cunt, a single drop of water edging closer and closer to her mother's insides, Emma began to speak.

"Actually, there is just ONE little test you must complete before you can begin torturing your whore, I mean, your mother. Consider it like paperwork. We need to be sure you are up for the challenge. Do you accept?" Emma had stepped up behind Amber and was slowly taking the kettle from her. The cart had been wheeled away again, and revenge on her mother was slipping from her grasp. Even Eva had almost finished cutting off her toes. She considered her options and nodded enthusiastically.

"Splendid! We shall begin at once."

CHAPTER VI - The Protege

Twenty minutes had passed and both Amber and Eva found themselves attached, once again, to a large wooden contraption. Amber got her dose of stimulant too, so the chances were equivalent, none of the girls were supposed to faint. Dejŗ Vu had sunk in as they were both involved in a mutual torture session. They were both holding on tight to ropes tied to a high wooden bar near the ceiling, and were dangling side by side above a large, unoccupied metal grill below them. A metal chain was clasped around each ankle and soon became evident that the chain from one of their ankles ran down into the grill below, and came up on the other side, attached to the ankle of the other girl. In short, if Amber was to lift her left leg up, the chain would force Eva's left leg down, and vice versa. Both ankles were individually attached to the ankles of the other girl, so one leg could be forced down whilst the other was free to lift up.

"Ah, girls! Welcome to Amber's trial. The rules are simple. You both need to climb up that rope to reach the top of the bar, where you can find the keys to your shackles and free yourself. Sounds simple, no? Obviously you have realised by now that as one of you climbs to victory, the other descends to failure. You have a lot riding on this. Amber, you must get to the top first in order to become my protege and torture your mother. And Eva, well, it's just within your interest not to lose. Are you both ready to begin? Let's go!"

Emma snapped her fingers, and flames began to rise from the metal grill below them. A furnace was lit below them and the flames began to rise, higher and higher, licking at the bare soles of both of the young girls feet. Amber automatically lifted both of her feet from the approaching flames, which just forced Eva's legs to straighten, the flames flickering against her bare flesh as she tried to arch her feet away from the flames.

Tracy was still strapped in the chair, although the staff had rotated it back to an upright position allowing her to view the show unobstructed. She was watching everything with wide eyes, unable to look away. Emma stood beside her, whispering into her ear, her lips so close to the earlobes that he sweet smelling breath touched upon Tracy's flesh.

"How proud you must be. Look at your daughter go! Look! She's already begun climbing, she doesn't waste time, does she? She must REALLY hate you, to punish her own best friend just to get a chance to torture you....."

Tracy did not reply, she was only gazing at the girls fight against each other and the roaring flames under them, unable to hold back the teardrops that flowed down her face. Her tear-supply seemed to be unlimited.

Meanwhile the contestants had a real hard time, and both of the girls proved that fact with loud, ear-piercing screams. Theoretically both of them had equivalent chance, as their arms and hands were used for climbing up the rope, and those bodyparts were intact and undamaged. On the other hand, using their feet to twist their soles around the rope and push themselves up could have been a big help, and it seemed Amber had better chances with that. She still had both large toenails and even if the open flesh of the other nailbeds caused extreme agony, but she was still able push her soles together with the rope in the middle, applying extra force. Eva, however, lost all five toenails on one foot, and that foot proved to be completely useless, even the slightest touch made her scream in pain.

Unfortunately for them, the pain from their nailless toes were minor importance compared to the hot flames which reached up to lick at their feet and legs. As Amber had the better start she managed to gain at least half metre advantage, but even there she felt the searing heat playfully flicking her soles and exposed nailbeds, singing away all the fluff like invisible hairs from her otherwise smoothly shaved calves. Eva was hanging much lower on the rope, whining on high pitched sound as the flames attacked her feet and legs, the higher flames even biting into her sexy ass. The linking chain was stretched like a guitar's string, both girls made extreme efforts to pull their legs up.

None of them had time to think, but releasing the rope was almost equivalent to lose the match. Those who fall would land directly onto the grill surrounded by the flames, while the other would reach the beam and get the key. What a pity, that the locks were on their ankles, so whoever was to got the key first must reach down and unlock her ankle while having her hand roasted too. But these were minor details, and the girls had more important things to focus on. Both of them grabbed the rope above them clenching their fists hard and they were fighting with their legs mostly by pulling with all their strengths on their thighs to keep their feet higher. Like two sexy worms wiggling from hooks, so screamed the girls holding on their ropes.

"Fuuuuck youuuuu! Evaaaaaaa! Fuccccck youuu biiiiitch! Buuuuuuurn you stuuuuupid biiiiitch, buuuuuurn!" Amber screamed as her soles were also deep inside the burning area, but the pain somehow even doubled her strength.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooooooo! Huuuuuuuuuurt! My leeeeeeeeeeeeegs! Aaaaambeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!" Eva replied on the same high pitched shriek, her beautiful face contorted as she suddenly pissed, though the yellow stream of urine almost immediately evaporated in the extreme heat. Her calves and soles turned from pink to red, and she was still unable to climb any higher. They were stuck in their position, desperately clambering into the rope while their legs were slowly roasting. Eva was much lower however, towering flames playfully licked her calves and time to time bit into her thighs, the extreme pain made her attempt a desperate action. Amber was hanging next to her closer than one metre, both of them were swinging slightly though their linked ankles blocked the rest. Eva, screaming in the hellish pain, reached out with her hand and struck with an open palm, clawing into Amber's bouncing breasts with her sharp fingernails.

"Aoooohhhhhhhhhh! Motheerrrrrr fuuuucccckerrrrrrrr tuuuuuuurrrrrdd!!!" Amber shrieked as Eva's nails left five long bleeding marks over her perfect tits. The sharp pain made her lose her concentration for a moment, but that was enough for Eva. Holding the rope with two hands again the girl pulled up and she managed to drag Amber down, even lower than she was before.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Fuuuuuuuuccck yooooouuuuuuuuu traaaitooorrrrrrrrr!" Amber screeched in utter agony as her feet sank deeply into the fire that covered all along her calves and the higher flames even touched her shapely buttocks.

"Haaaaateeee youuuuuuuuuu! Fuuuucccckiiiinnngggggg haaaaaaatteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" she roared like a demon, and thrashed her head from side to side, kicking under her with her burning feet. Eva held herself as strong as she could, while pulling her legs up, eyes tightly shut and whining in fear. Even through her own screams and searing pain she could understand HOW extremely furious her girlfriend became. Ex-girlfriend, to be more specific, Eva couldn't think of Amber as a friend anymore.


Ruth had returned home from bible class, taking off her coat and hanging it up on the hook on the wall. Even in the privacy of her own home, she still stayed wrapped up, wearing a large sweater to hide her motherly physique. Her modest long skirt reached past her ankles and she wore tights underneath. With smart shoes and her hair in a pigtail, she was the very picture of modesty. The very first thing she did was close the window, as she never liked having it open anyway. She then spent some time washing the dishes and generally tidying up before taking the time to relax. She had finished her chores just in time to watch her favourite soap opera, a guilty pleasure that no one knew she had. The television turned on slowly, and was on some kind of history programme straight away, which seemed odd, because she was fairly sure she had left it on a different channel before she left. Casually picking up the remote, a loud expletive echoed through her house. She was positive she hadn't left it at the volume when she last left, but the 'mute' button wasn't working.

"FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK YOOOOOOUUUUUU" Erupted from the speakers. Panicking slightly, and hoping the neighbours don't hear, she quickly flicked over to a new channel, but the picture remained the same and the screaming and cursing was still loudly emanating from her screen. More than puzzled, and incredibly freaked out, she turned over again, and once more, and still every channel seemed to be showing the same programme. Realising that the remote was proving ineffective, she stood up from the chair and bustled to the television, only to discover that the power off button had actually been carefully removed. She turned to the wall to remove the plug only to find that the plug didn't seem to be in the plug socket as usual, instead the wire trailed away through a hole in the ground. The hairs on her neck stood on end, and suddenly she found herself wondering why the window was open in the first place. She sure didn't leave it open when she left, she never would. Her instincts were telling her to leave immediately but something else was bothering her about what her subconscious mind had seen on the screen. She slowly backed away to face the television just as she heard more bloodcurdling screams.

"Fuuuuuuckk yooou Eevvaaaa!! Whhhoooooreee!"

"My ...Eva?" Ruth daren't look, but couldn't turn away. Sure enough, right there on screen was her daughter, fighting against some fire whilst her friend from university was deep in the flames.

"What is this?" Ruth asked, as her daughter seemed to be pulling her friend down into the fire as she pulled herself up. Ruth couldn't quite understand what was happening, and just stared at the screen with her hand over her mouth, her body turning slightly away from what she was witnessing.

And little did she know that her reactions were being filmed by a secret camera that was installed near the television, and her reactions were shown in a picture-in-picture version of the live event for every other customer in the world. She should be grateful, she's getting this show for free. 


"Aiiii fuuuuckiingggg kiiiiillllll yyoooouuuuuuuuu!!!" Amber shrieked from the very top of her lungs. The flames bit into her skin, eating the tissues, bringing every single nerve ending to life. The worst pain was on her exposed nailbeds on the nailless toes, where the heat was torturous beyond imagination, and all the insane shouting and the pain together doubled Amber's strength. She grinned her teeth and entwined her feet around the already sizzling and blackening rope, every muscle in her arms and legs tightened as she hissed, pulling her body up. Eva couldn't believe the power she suddenly needed to face, it felt like Amber got the strength of a horse. No matter how hard she gripped the rope, she felt that her palms start to slide, the fraying rope causing her palms to bleed. Eva was screaming, Amber was groaning, and the Brunette girl lost the battle. She slid down with an increasing speed just as Amber progressed upwards, and Eva's legs soon began to experience the killer heat. There was no way back. In front of Amber's maddened eyes, the nasty images of gruesome revenge were flashing as she pulled higher and higher. She did not even realize when her feet finally left the flames, the pain seemed to be neverending. However, that very pain gave her the inhuman strength to keep on climbing, and her rage was fuelled even more with Eva's horrible screams. Because Eva was already waist height in the flames and kept on sliding, her bloody palms became slippery and nothing could stop Amber anymore. The determination of the Blonde demoness was unquestionable, and as she reached the beam above them, Eva fell right onto the grill. Her bare soles touched the sizzling, red-hot metal grid and the poor girl screams raised to a new height. She flailed with her arms as her body was covered with the flames up to her breasts, the end of her brown mane set alight immediately.

"Ghhhhooooooooooddd! Myyyyyyy Ghhooooooooooood! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllp! I'm buuurniiinnnnnggggg! I'm buuurrrniiiiiiiiinnnnngg!" she shrieked standing in the middle of the inferno, while Amber easily retrieved the key hanging from a rusty nail sticking out from the beam. The Blonde felt glory, though her ordeal was not yet over. However, as Eva was in her personal hell and unable to attempt to climb the rope back, Amber had the luxury to hold herself with one hand, pull her legs up and open the locks. The shackles fall down with a loud bang next to Eva, whose beautiful body was shaking in the very middle of the flames. Even in her pain, Eva realized that the other end of the chain was loosened, and she did the only thing she could do. She ran. The diametre of the fire wasn't more than 2 metres, and the Brunette had succesfully escaped the grill and the flames behind as Amber's shackles got caught between the grid's bars. The chain stretched and pulled at Eva's legs, lifting them up behind her as she hovered for just a moment. before collapsing onto the floor and immediately curling up into a fetal position and crying heavily. Her body was smoking on different spots. Her long mane had burnt down, not completely, but Eva's hairstyle changed from long to short, almost like Cleopatra's, though the ends were not neatly trimmed but irregularly burnt. Her feet and calves were in the worst condition, they spent enough time in the flames to be awfully burnt, second and third degrees burn marks, popping blisters, reddened and blackened spots covered her otherwise lean, sexy legs. Her assglobes became angry red with several blisters, but at least her pussy didn't look much worse than before. Waist up her torso, breasts and even her armpits reddened and were covered with smoke, but as she spent less than half a minute standing in the flames those burnmarks were less severe, though still extremely painful.

Amber felt glorious as she was hanging far above the flames, although the rising hot air was still extreme and painful, a few minutes there was the same as being put in boiling water. Still, she knew she won, she defeated Eva, therefore gained the right to became Emma's protege  and take her revenge on her slut mother, and hopefully on that weakling Eva too! She started to swing back and forth and then finally let go of the beam, flew over the flames and landed right at the edge of the grill. Sharp pain hit her body as the flames kissed her legs, but she jumped away immediately and rolled to a safe place. Her legs were similarly burnt like Eva's, only the burn marks were less severe, much smaller blisters covered her calves, although the tip of her toes were almost charred black. Denailed and roasted, her feet were far away from keeping her weight so Amber immediately collapsed onto the floor, but even on all fours she was grinning wildly. She looked up at Emma who walked towards her and despite her pain happily yelped.

"I did it! I won! I took your challenge and win! Can I torture my mother now?"

Emma smiled the most sadistic smile yet. Tracy sat in the upright chair, trembling slightly at her eager daughter. If her own daughter could do that to her best friend, what couldn't she do? Tracy glanced at Eva for a moment, her body tightly curled up in a ball, so burnt, so blackened. A small ember flickered on her new haircut. How could she do this? I


With the contest over, Eva did nothing more than quiver on the floor, whimpering to herself, needing some medical attention whilst being ignored by everyone. Ruth was crying, sitting by the television and holding her hand against the screen, as if to comfort her daughter. She was praying silently for her soul . She had tried to phone the police, but unknown to her, there was a small gathering of operatives from Emma's show hiding in her basement, controlling her television and intercepting her calls. Ruth was explicitly informed that the police were looking into it, and for now she should just keep an eye on what happens so that she can give a statement later.

With this break in the action, the screen now split in three, one half of the screen showed the entire performance from the very moment Eva and Amber were strapped in their original cunt roasting chairs, and the other half split between showing the current live show of Eva whimpering on the floor and sporting her new hairstyle, and showing Amber and her mother. Ruth watched as the pipe was inserted into her ass leading to her friend, shaking her head and repeating over and over "it can't be my baby. It just can't be! My baby is safe somewhere, yes! Yes she is". Her eyes widened as her daughters stomach grew large, food pouring directly into her mouth, and despite her insistent denial, she still gasped in horror as the insects started pouring down the tube, a close up of Eva's terrified face, her tears rolling down her cheeks. Then Ruth felt like she was going to be ill as her daughter shat an enormous amount of filthy mess into her friends face as what appeared to be a burning object was thrust into her naked shame. As Ruth watched her daughter take a massive, dirty looking shit, her body writhing in pain, Ruth gagged and vomited a little onto her lap, adding to the pile of sick that was beginning to pool on her skirt between her legs. Ruth was too busy watching to worry about this at the moment, her eyes darting back and forth between the two scenes, unable to focus on what was happening, but unable to turn away...


Amber was helped up by assistants, her legs still too weak to hold their own, and carried to her mother, placing her on a small wooden chair right in front of her.

"Finally! Let's show this bitch how I feel! Open wide, mummy!!" Amber laughed as she, once again, turned the wheel on the chair and spun Tracy upside down, her legs still split wide. Her miserable mother moaned softly, she was too weak and in too much pain to say anything, especially after witnessing the diabolic and completely mindless fight Amber had performed for the right to torture her. Amber inserted a speculum into her mother's cunt to keep it open, then turned back to the cart which had now returned. She didn't hesitate this time, taking the still boiling water and holding it high above her mother's spread open pussy. The water flowed out, still steaming, and splashed against her inner thighs, pouring over her whole crotch before finally entering the gaping hole and filling it up.

Tracy began her screaming again as her pussy, intact so far, felt the intense heat of the water inside her. The skin around her pussy had already began to redden, and became even worse as the boiling water overflowed from her pussy and began to pour around the crevices of her legs and dribble past her ass. Tracy couldn't bear the pain, and was hoping soon that she would be wheeled back into an upright position so she can push out all the water inside her.

"Ambeeeer noooo... pleaasseeee nooooo!" she moaned softly, a rather weak reaction compared to the pain she felt from having her vagina filled up with hot water, but that was the most she could manage with her hoarse voice.

Amber placed the kettle back on the tray and looked at the utensils at her disposal. The first thing she picked up was a small box like device with a long metal rod on the end. She played with the switches on the bottom and was pleased when the tip of the rod began to heat up. According to the switches, the highest temperature was 200 degrees, and Amber felt satisfied that this would be enough to keep the water inside her mother constantly hot. She switched the device off and looked at the water filled cunt in front of her, then happily removed the speculum from her mother, holding her pussy tightly closed with one hand, being careful not to spill any of the burning water and slid the rod inside until only the temperature controls were sticking out.

"What else is there? Oooh...." She smiled as she noticed the staple gun, bringing it up to the pussy lips and holding the cold metal against them. Tracy could feel the metal instrument on her opening, and there was a pause that felt like an eternity, followed by a loud bang, and the sudden sharp pain as the large metal staple dug deep into the flesh around her pussy. Another one, slightly below, digging deep into the area just to the side of her lips. A third and fourth one criss-crossed each other, holding her pussy closed but not sealing it enough to stop water dribbling out. With the staple gun still in one hand, Amber took another object from the tray. Tracy could feel the heat emanating from this object already, but didn't quite know what it was until the heat was applied. Amber laughed as she pulled the trigger on the heavy duty hot glue gun in her hand, pushing out burning hot glue over her mother's reddened pussy lips, slowly covering every last inch of her cunt until Amber was satisfied that it was completely sealed. As the glue cooled, it hardened, making it completely water tight and keeping the boiling water deep inside her. The heating device was now securely fastened in place, protruding from her cunt lips with easily accessibly controls. Amber turned the temperature up to 20 to keep the water warm for now.

"There you go mummy! Now we can bring you upright!" Amber continued her maddening politeness as she turned the wheel, bringing her mother back up. Even sitting up now, the water inside her still burned, unable to escape from the water tight seal on her lips.

"Oh dear, I bet all the blood has pooled in your head, your face is so red! Would you like me to hold your hand? This bit is indeed quite scary, isn't it?"

Tracy was trembling as Amber gently took hold of her right hand, still bloody and bereft of nails that had been pulled out earlier. Tracy still didn't have the strength to move her arm, not that it would make much difference because it had since been strapped in place to the chair.  She looked at her daughter, her face seemed so innocent as she sat there, calmly caressing and touching her hand, stroking it all over in an oddly seductive way.

"Do you love me mummy?"

The question seemed to come out of nowhere, and Tracy hesitated for just a moment. A moment was all that was needed. A small crack seemed to resonate much louder than necessary, as Ambers fingers that had been caressing her mother's nail less ring finger tightened and bent the very tip of her finger back further than it could go. Tracy yelped as she felt the bone break.

"Do you love me?"

"Please...stop....hurts...."  Tracy panted as her finger felt pain tingling in her finger. Amber wrapped her hand around the middle section of the same finger and pulled it back again, cracking her bone once more, breaking it instantly. Tracy let out a short, sharp scream.

"I asked you a question mummy!" Amber insisted, and as Tracy fought for breath, pulled the whole finger back, shattering the final bone and moving over to hold the index finger.

"Of course....of course...." Was all that Tracy managed before Amber pulled back the very tip of her finger again, holding the rest of the finger in place with her other hand to ensure that only the tip broke. Tracy bit her lip to stop from screaming, her throat already far too hoarse from earlier screaming. Her voice was throaty and deep now.

"Tell me you love me mummy". Amber asked, not even giving her chance to respond before bending her finger further and further back, stretching it backwards so that it was touching the back of her own hand. The cracking noise was the worst. Amber was already holding on to her mother's pinkie when Tracy found her voice.

"I love you dear! I always will!"

Amber did not move for a second, still pressing the pinkie back at the very edge of discomfort. The world stopped for a second as a tear ran down Ambers cheek.

"LIAR!!!" Amber screamed with such rage, as she bent the finger so far back it shattered the bones entirely, leaving her finger completely limp and loose.

"You NEVER loved me! not ONCE!" Amber spun around and grabbed a large hammer from the tray and held it up in the air.

"You only PRETENDED to love me!" She brought the hammer down with a crack, as it made contact with Tracy's hand and smashed it against the solid wood of the arm of the chair.

"You NEVER CARED for me!" The hammer came down again, breaking multiple bones in her hand.

"You NEVER BELIEVED ME when I told you I was raped!" This time the hammer made contact with her thumb, shattering every bone instantly

"You BROUGHT me HERE!" The hammer smashed against the broken bones in her fingers. Blood squirted out over the wooden chair she was strapped to.

"You helped TORTURE me!" This time the hammer smashed against trays wrist. Tracy was biting her lip so hard she was bleeding. Blood ran down her chin and dripped onto her stomach, unobstructed by her lack of breasts.

"You PULLED my toenails off..." The hammer hung in the air... "with your FUCKING....WHORE.....TITS!!" The hammer came down of three times in quick succession, beating in time with each word. What was left of Tracy's hand was now a bloody mess of skin wrapped around shattered bones. Tracy was weeping from the pain, and mostly from her daughters rage. Amber took a deep breath to calm herself down, reached below her mother for the controls for her pussy and turned the heat up to 50 degrees.

Amber jumped up onto her mother's lap, wrapping her legs around her, pressing her burnt but very engorged clit against her mother's own. Amber was still in possession of the hammer, but wasn't using it as violently anymore, her rage now beyond that. She held her face so close to her mother, looking her deep in the eye.

"I was raped, mummy! And you never believed me! I bet you probably liked the fact I was abused. You probably enjoyed it!"

"My ....hand..." Tracy was still gasping from the pain, she could not focus.

"You probably wanted to watch, you dirty whore! Just watch me, and smile away happily or something!" Amber moved suddenly, pressing her lips against her mothers, sliding her tongue inside her mother's resisting mouth. Tracy tried to fight it, but her attempts to close her mouth just spurred her daughter on, their tongues wrestling deep inside, Ambers tongue pressed against the missing tip of Tracy's. Amber pulled back, biting down on her mother's bleeding bottom lip and pulled, pulling her head back further and further until her weakened lip gave way, and Amber tore her lip off from her screaming mother, the blood gushing out of her mouth with extraordinary amounts. Amber chewed on the lip in her mouth for a moment, then spat it back out into her mother's weeping face. The piece of flesh hung from her forehead.

"I can't stand it! I can't stand the mental image of you smiling. You always smile! You always smile and flaunt your beautiful teeth and your beautiful eyes and your beautiful hair! You make me feel so FUCKING ugly!" Amber grabbed a chisel from the tray behind her and held it against her mother top front teeth, bringing the hammer in her hand back.

"Smile now, mummy!"

"No....wait..." Tracy tried to say, spitting blood as she spoke.

The hammer came forward with such force, blowing out both her mother's top teeth in one blow. Tracy tried to scream as the teeth fell back into her throat, and she coughed as she almost choked swallowing.

"Oops. maybe a bit too strong" Amber giggled, as she put the chisel against her bottom teeth, bringing the hammer up and tapping gently this time, gently knocking the tooth further and further back, bending them against the gums. This seemed so much more painful, as the tooth was slowly pushed back until it snapped off with a crack and landed softly on Tracy's tongue. Amber reached into the mouth, picked it out and dropped it on the floor, then picked up the chisel and started on the next tooth...


Mandy was still enjoying herself, although the continual extreme torment of the three women went on for almost 16 hours. Emma's special show was a real test of strength not only for the heavily tormented victims, but for the spectators as well. Keeping somebody in sexual excitement was a torture by itself, and even Mandy, who was 100% sadist and 0% masochist, had to admit that she loved that kind of sweet agony. Her body hurt. Mostly her cunt, but also her constantly moving fingers and even her leg muscles which had continually tightened for almost a whole day already, repeating orgasms shaked her body so many times that she couldn't even count. Mandy could imagine how tired Emma and the staff could be, but as real professional entertainers all the ladies did their job without any sign of exhaustion.

Mandy loved the way Emma turned the pretty faced blondie into a cold hearted sadistic killer, and even if the methodical destruction of Tracy's face was not exactly her cup of coffee, she still enjoyed the cruelty and depravity of that action. On the meantime she was still craving for something different, she remembered very well that one of Eva's grill roasted feet still possessed its nails. Having the option to witness the Brunette's Mom reaction also highly increased her lust; she loved the suprising and virtuous idea that the stupid Christian MILF was involved in the show, and Mandy decided to make Ruth's afternoon even more unforgettable. She pulled her keyboard closer and started to type, sending her new message to Emma.


Emma was watching with fascination. Amber's actions reminded her of when she was a young girl, when she first pushed the limits. That time when she was 14 years old and was caught by her mother holding her best friend's hands in a bowl of boiling water. She remembered therapy, and the little good it achieved. She remembered feeling as though she was being held back, as if her mother was hindering her potential. She remembered that night at 16 when her mother regained consciousness, and began to freak out when she discovered herself chained to a pillar in the basement of a large abandoned house. She remembered the screaming, and the blood, and the orgasms. She remembered the police investigation and the missing persons report, and the kind policeman telling her that they couldn't find the body. She remembered staying with her drunken, wealthy aunt, but sneaking out at night to find her biological father, and exact revenge on him in the same way...


Emma shook herself out of a daydream as Charlotte stood there, her hand resting on her shoulder. "New request. Mandy69 thinks Eva is taking too much of a break. She wants to know if we can play with some acid. Here is a list of possible requests."

Emma took the list and scanned it over. "Hmm. I can accommodate to these. Go fetch some acid and my usual implements. I shall deal with Eva personally. Let Amber have her fun..." As Charlotte nodded and hurried off, Emma walked over to the cowering Eva.


Ruth was pretty much up to date with current events now, not that she particularly wanted to be. The footage had been edited slightly to show her the highlights whilst managing to reduce the overall length of footage to merely an hour. She was curled up on the floor by a chair, cradling a crucifix in both hands. Watching her baby daughter have her pussy scalded by the red hot dildo was horrifying to watch, and she hadn't stopped crying since. A small trail of vomit led from her original position in front of the television to the chair she was sat in front of now. She couldn't stop throwing up the cupcakes she had bought earlier that morning at church upon watching Eva eat the horrible slimy shit, and now she was just finishing the eating of the toes, which made her choke on her own vomit again. She couldn't understand why this was happening to her daughter, and why her prayers which she was now saying out loud were not coming true. She was praying to God for her daughter to be released, willing to offer anything for her safety. But no amount of bargaining could save her.

Now caught up to the live action show, the split screen formed back into one whole screen again, just in time for Emma's smiling face to appear over Eva.


CHAPTER VII - Master and apprentice, the beauty of parallel torture

Eva soon found herself stretched in mid air face up, like a frog to be dissected in a high school biology lesson. She was fastened by leather straps around her wrists and ankles which were tied against four vertical poles, raising the young girl's body to a height of around 1.5 metres from the floor. Nothing else but the four ropes kept her in midair, tight like a string, the extreme pulling on her limbs caused a new form of agony to the already heavily battered lady. Emma was standing proudly next to her, in her high heeled shoes and sexy clothes, she looked like the angel of death, even though it was not time for anybody's death. But some extra pain was always a welcomed guest. Under Eva, several corrosion-resistant buckets were placed filled with clear liquid, some of them had shovels in them made of the same corrosive-resistant metals as the buckets themselves. Close to them on a tray, various tools were waiting for their time to be used on helpless human bodies, inlcuding clear glass syringes and special scalpels.

"Eva honey, you should smile into that camera." Emma chuckled and gently paddeled the Brunette's slightly singed breasts, those were red and smoky but by far not as bad as the heavily burnt waist and legs.

"Somebody is watching you, right here and now, and I guess that mysterious spectacor would be extremely happy to see you are still able to smile!" the sadist lady said as she took the syringe and dipped the needle into the liquid, filling the barrel with the clear substance. Eva smiled nervously, but she was already beginning to sweat. She didn't know what was in the buckets, but she had a feeling it wasn't good. From her position on the poles, she could clearly see her deranged friend torturing her mother, but right now her mind was more focussed on what was about to happen to her...

...Amber was unaware of her friend being strung up, nor would she have cared. She was busy pulling the last of her mother's teeth out with a pair of rusty pliers. She was really enjoying herself now, sitting on her mother's lap, destroying that smile that taunted her so. She hadn't even realised that she had wet herself with delight. Urine flowed out of her charred pussy and down her mother's naked legs, dripping onto the floor below. As she twisted the last tooth in Tracy's mouth, the resistance in the bleeding gum causing her agony, Amber realised that this whole process was making her really aroused. With a snap, the final tooth was pulled from the gum and Amber leant back, her legs still wrapped around Tracy's waist.

"You know mother, watching you squirm is making me really horny! You don't mind if I take care of myself, do you?"

Tracy closed her eyes tight, but soon felt a tight metal cage being placed over her face by the assistants behind her. Her eyelids were attached to tiny metal clamps and soon she found herself unable to blink or close her eyes. Assistants began administering eye drops to keep her vision clear, but for that moment all Tracy could do was sit and watch as her daughter sat on her lap, laid back and playing with her burnt clit, masturbating whilst thinking about torturing her own mother. She knew at this point that she had failed as a mother, and Amber was truly lost. The pain that was already filling her motherly heart couldn't have grown higher, the once beautiful sexy and caring mother was unable to understand how those demonic women could turn Amber against her own blood. Actually they did much more, not only built the fire of hate inside Amber's soul, but transformed her into a sex crazed sadistic demoness as well, who was sexually enjoying the inhuman torture of her own mother. Tracy gazed at Amber's pleasure filled face and cried without tears. Her whole world, everything she was living for was lost. Amber was not her cute little girl anymore, she became the devil's toy.

Amber, however, was enjoying every moment. Even completely scorched, her pussy still felt good to play with. There was no feeling inside her gaping hole and charred cunt, but her clit was still provided her with pleasure, and she felt a whole new world of ecstasy whenever she urinated. In her leaning back position, her piss sprayed out of her disfigured cunt as she played with herself and covered Tracy from head to toe in one single stream. How Tracy wanted to close her eyes, but was unable to as the piss splashed against her face. Still Amber masturbated, staring into her eyes so intensely, so lustfully.

Tracy suddenly felt a bubbling in her vagina. The boiling water that had been scorching her insides so much up until recently had been cooling down slowly and dropped below boiling point. At some point whilst Amber was smashing her teeth in, she had turned the device inside her cunt to 110 degrees and now the water was beginning to boil again. She could feel the bubbles rising up inside her, more and more, and each time a bubble burst the water splashed around inside her and the pain was intense. Tracy knew she was in some kind of hell, the physical and emotional pain was too much and as she screamed in agony, the blood running down her chin from her bleeding gums, her daughter reached her climax and screamed herself, spraying her thick juice over her mother's crotch, covering her with a new coating of piss...

...Screams were born at the same time in another corner of the hall as well, where Emma and Eva had their own private session. Emma had just finished inspecting the burnt toes of Eva from a really close distance, and the cameras zoomed onto the charred digits reflecting authentically what Emma could see. Hanging in the flames and then later spending some time on the roasting grill did a real significant effect on Eva's feet, her soles were almost as awfully roasted as Tracy's were, so despite that Eva couldn't see her own feet she had the best idea of what burnt soles looked like, and tasted, based on that memory.Emma caressed Eva's right foot, which still had its toenails, then hold the syringe high.

"Eva honey, this is filled with concentrated sulfuric acid. Not a friendly material, kind of aggressive. Only glass and very specifically prepared metals can stand it, I'm afraid your body doesn't belong to these categories. I have already freed you from five of your toenails, and as you still have five more, though a little black and smoky, I decided not to leave an unfinished job. I'm afraid you need to say goodbye to your remaining nails as well. And these nails, well, won't be in a transportable condition after I'm done with them, I'm afraid our valuable customer has to be satisfied with the other five nails of yours." Emma giggled. She placed her long nailed fingers over Eva's toes and separated the baby toe from the others, holding it tight. Eva's body was stable and completely immobilised by the ropes, but her ankles had space to turn and they tried to twist her foot away. Unfortunately for her she didn't have enough strength left to overpower Emma, let alone Charlotte as well, who had arrived to assist and was grabbing Eva's toes for extra security. The smoked baby toe remained in Emma's grip. The evil woman rubbed her fingertip against the toenail removing the smoke from it, revealing the shiny horn.

"Ready girl? This will hurt." she chuckled as she inserted the needle under the nail, pushed it half way in then pumped a couple of acid drops under the nail. Poor Eva was seemingly not ready, although nothing happened for a while. One second passed, followed by another, then another. The Brunette girl was just moaning, the needle under her nail hurt but the liquid almost felt good, like cold, refreshing water was injected into her sensitive nailbed. Then suddenly...

"Aaaaaooooooooohhhhhhh! Aiiiaaaiiiiiaaaaaaiiiiiiiii! Buuuuuuurrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn!" she singed the usual song as the acid took action. From outside the sight was rather special, the toenail started to bubble like it was melted cheese, not a solid piece of horn, then smoke rose and seemed like the nail was actually boiling. Only a couple of seconds later the nail evaporated and the acid ate itself deeper into Eva's baby toe until her wet blood neutralized it. By that time the tip of her toe was completely blackened, not only from the sole's side from utterly from inside out.

"I do love acid." Emma sighed...

...Tracy just stared, wide eyed at her daughter. The eye drops weren't being given to her anymore and her eyes were feeling dry. She felt like the dust in the air itself was scratching against her eyeballs and it was horrible. Even with the blurry vision of her red bloodshot eyes, Tracy could see Amber clear as day, sitting on her lap after orgasming so close. She wanted to hate her so much, to scream at her for being a bitch, but she couldn't. She couldn't because she was her daughter and she loved her. Amber seemed to feel the same thing as she stared into her mother's eyes, but a feeling of love and warmth at this moment, after she has come this far just enraged her further.

"Stop STARING at me like that BITCH!" Amber spat these words at her mother, but she continued to stare, unable to do much else.

"I said STOP!" Amber fumbled in the tray behind her for anything at all and found amongst the various debris a small metal needle. she smiled a sadistic smile.

"You think your eyes are SOOOO pretty, don't you mother?" Amber was now holding the pin against the same device that was heating the kettle. Soon the needle was red hot in her fingers, but it didn't seem to bother her. She held the needle up to eye height.

"Yes, pretty like your smile! You think even without your smile, you are prettier than me?" The needle was now inching closer to her naked eyeball now, its red hot point millimetres away from her eye. It was all she could focus on, her head wasn't mobile enough to move away and she couldn't even blink.

"Let's see how pretty your eyes are now...."

"No....pweeash.." Tracy tried to protest, but it was too late. Amber slowly pushed the pin until it made contact with Tracy's eye, piercing past the cornea and penetrating through the lens. Tracy had no breath to scream, but she spat blood angrily as the heated needle went deeper and deeper into her eye, blood squirting out over Ambers hand. She pulled out, the needle dripping with blood, and then stabbed it in again and again, quickly this time with short fast jabs. Tracy was screaming with her blood filled mouth, choking on her own blood and vomit which had risen in her throat. The needle was removed and pressed against her other eye, slowly penetrating again, one long, smooth push straight through to the very back of her eyeball. Feeling cruel, Amber wiggled the needle around inside her eye socket, but as she pulled back to remove the pin, the whole eyeball slid out with it. Her eyelids were held open too much and were not strong enough to keep the sight organ in place. Amber yelped a little as the eyeball popped out, falling against Tracy's cheek, dangling by the nerves that used to hold it in please. Tracy's whole body began shaking in shock, although now completely blind she could feel what was resting against her cheek and knew all too well what it was. Urine was now flowing uncontrollably from Tracy, and Amber looked down at her lap in disgust.

"Ugh! You're peeing on me you filthy whore!" She took the blood covered needle and held it back against the heater, until it began to glow once more. The blood sizzled on the burner. Locating the hole where the piss flowed out, Amber pressed the tip of the pin against the tiny hole, the burning heat intensified by the urethras sensitivity. Lubricated by her own eyes blood, the pin slid through easily, burning at her flesh for the whole length of the urethra. Urine hissed as the needle pushed past, and soon its entire length was lost in Tracy's peehole. Amber then slid it out, and back in again, and began giggling as she fucked her mother's urethra with the tiny burning, makeshift cock. Tracy's legs were trembling, blood was pouring out of her open eye sockets and her eyeball dangled against her face.

"While we're here, let's turn this up, shall we?" Amber flipped the switch on the remote in her pussy to the maximum 200 degrees, and the water began to boil even more inside her. The heated bubbles combined with the fucking of her peehole, it was far too much for Tracy. Amber was now wiggling the needle around inside her, stretching her tiny hole out, removing the needle to reheat it, and sticking it back inside again. Upon heating it for the third time, Amber pushed too hard and the glowing piece of thin metal slid deep inside the urethra entirely. She tried to flick it out with her fingernail, but it was no use. She shrugged and straightened herself up, looking her mother square in the eye. Or rather, where her eyes used to be.

"Not so beautiful now, are we mother?" She laughed. "here, let me get that for you..." She reached forward and held the dangling eyeball in her palm, pulling at it hard until the nerves tore and the eyeball was ripped from her skull...

...During Tracy's wicked blinding, Eva also had a definitely hard time. If somebody would have given her a choice, she might had changed her place with Tracy. Emma's handiwork felt like the most unbearable torment that can be applied to a human body. In reality it was close to the feeling that she felt when her cunt was roasted, but the glowing dildo's time was far away, and even during her competition against Amber she had the chance to move, to fight. But now she was tied and stretched and couldn't do anything but scream as Emma injected another portion of acid under her second smallest toe's toenail. the result was similar like before, a couple of seconds later the toenail melted from underside, bubbled, boiled, smoked and charred to coal together with her nailbed and the lost joint of the luscious digit, and poor Eva had to endure every single second of that spectacular event.

"Eva darling, you squeal like a pig, and these were only the small nails." Emma giggled after the second toe finished smoking.

"Otherwise you have such neatly pedicured toes, does your mother do that for you, or are you a big girl taking care of them by yourself?" she asked sarcastically blinking into the camera.


"You bitch!" Ruth screamed, her fists clenched so tight that her long fingernails had pierced her palms and blood was dripping on to her lap. She had felt denial, depression and bargaining. Now she was feeling anger, and she was feeling a lot of anger. It was one thing to sit there and watch what had been done to her daughter, but to sit there and watch as it was done live in front of her? Standing in some kind of fighting stance, with tears streaming down her face, she screamed words that she had never used in her life, cursing Emma between huge gulps of air as she wheezed.

"You f....fucking...b-bitch!" She managed. Even in her enraged state, she hesitated whilst swearing, but she felt so emotional it just seemed right to use such dirty words.

"Stay off her! stay off my...daughter!" and with this final word she fell to her knees and sobbed. Her hands clasped over her eyes as she cried, but soon her daughter pleas began, and Ruth looked up, her eyes bloodshot from crying.

"Oh Eva..." Was all she could say.


"Nooo mooreeeee... pleeeaseeeee nooo moreeee..." was all Eva could moan.

"Stop this, Eva, you are boring, please be more creative. Do you know how often I hear the screams of 'no more' and 'please'?" Emma replied with a wicked grin...

..."Not so beautiful...." Amber whispered under her breath, staring at the eyeball, which stared back at her. She looked up at her suffering mother, then held the eyeball close to her ear, tightening her grip until it squished loudly, a horrible sound that made Tracy cringe. Amber giggled, then looked at her mother's bleeding mouth as it silently opened and closed, hoarse of breath and unable to speak. Seizing this opportunity, Amber put her hand against Tracy's mouth and slid the squished eyeball down her throat, causing her to convulse and shake, gagging as Tracy unknowingly swallowed her own eyeball. There was a soft gurgling and Tracy tried to vomit, but all that was left in her stomach now was her own bile acid, a foul tasting substance only ever brought up when the stomach is completely empty and burned her throat as it came up. Amber laughed as her pathetic mother drooled bile over her chin and down her flat chest.

"Oh, what's that mummy?" Amber cupped her hand to her ear as if to hear Tracy's inaudible moans. "You STILL think you're prettier than me?"

She whispered to the blonde assistant that had been helping out and she nodded, reached down to the bottom shelf where Amber couldn't reach in her current position, and brought up a large red metal fuel can. She held it above Tracy's head and tilted it, and thick, goopy liquid splashed over the top of Tracy's head and ran down the length of hair and her back. Amber noticed Tracy's erratic movements as she blindly tried to comprehend what was happening.

"That's petrol, mummy dearest. All over your beautiful hair. I got the idea from my slutty EX best friend as she roasted in the fires." Tracy heard the distinct noise of a match flaring up.

"Say goodbye to your golden locks..." Amber flicked the match at her mother's face and immediately the flames rose high. Stretching the full length of her hair, from her back to the top of her head, the flames engulfed her hair entirely. They flickered blue and yellow and danced on the strands of flammable hair, scalding her neck, burning the top of her head and singing her eyebrows. She tried to scream, but could only cough up blood. The metal devices that held her eyelids open began to heat up too, burning against her flesh, turning her lids black. Every eyelash singed and vanished in the flames as her eyebrows, too, were burnt off. She rocked her head as much as she could, but was incredibly limited in her position. Even the chair, which got soaked in petrol, was now alight and Amber had to be lifted off by the blonde assistant to prevent from being burnt. The flames spread all down Tracy's back, burning the flesh around her armpits, her neck and her shoulder blades. The fire completely covered the back of the chair and was just reaching the seat, flicking at her bare ass cheeks when one of the assistants threw a large wet blanket over everything. The fire flickered away and died out completely, and the blanket was removed...

..."Ohh, I see they lit a huge birthday candle over there!" Emma said happily enjoying the sight of Tracy's burning for a few seconds, then turned back to Eva's toes.

"Still so much to do, working with acid is fun, but is hard work." she smiled and finally injected another dose of acid under the nail of the third toe. Before the acid could actually start to burn she quickly moved the second toe and injcted that with acid too, then stepped back and enjoyed the new screams as with a little gap two toenails began to bubble. Eva screamed and screamed, smoke rose from the tip of her tembling toes, and both of the condemned nails melted like cheese in the oven until nothing else remained but the charred black remnants of once alive flesh.

"Eva, Eva, Eva." Emma giggled as she examined the last remaining nail on the big toe. "Do you wish now you were born without feet, darling?"

"Pleeaassee noo moooreeee, pleeaasseee nooo..."

"Do be quiet! I'm fed up with your whining. I asked you a clear question and want a straight answer! Do you regret you were born with feet?"

"Yeeessssss! I'm sorrrry! I'm sooo soorrryy!" the terrified and suffering girl cried.

"Late grief, no forgiveness. Sluts who were born with slutty feet must experience the slut-toe agony before their death, that's how my world works." the sexy sadist smiled and nodded to Charlotte who firmly gripped the last toe, forcing it downwards until the nail was in horizontal position.

"A few drops are enough for the smaller one, but you have a rather large toenail on this toe. This will require more drops, more locations and definitely a longer time. Prepare for a nice, juicy screaming, honey..." Emma whispered and the needle's tip approached the immobilized toe. Eva sucked air in and watched in utter horror with wide open, trembling eyes. Emma first stuck the needle into the nailbed from the side, where the nail met the flesh, forcing the metal deep into Eva's meat, then injected a few drops of acid inside. The poor girl did not even moan when the needle entered her flesh, but as soon as the burning started her screams reached a new high.

"Aaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeeee! Yooouuuuuu deeeemmmooooooonnn!" she shrieked as the side of her nail was eaten by the agressive substance. Emma injected another dose under the side of the large nail and soon two spreading black spots uglified the shiny surface of the nail, the acid burnt two actual holes into the horn and ate itself deep into the toe's meat as well under the nail. The third dose was injected not into but onto the base of the nail, at the root, and this time the acid dug itself through the nail into Eva's meat beneath. The girl's screams were horrible and far the most loud in the hall, Tracy's weakened voice was nothing compared to Eva's powerful screeching. The Brunette beauty shat herself as a larger amount of acid was inserted under the nail from the usual tip side direction, the meanwhile well digested remnants of all the disgusting bugs and worms oozed out from her asshole like an explosion, she was farting almost as loud as she was screaming, spraying the shit into every direction, just missing the toe occupied Emma and Charlotte. As the acid injected deep under the large nail and started to melt the whole shiny piece of horn, Eva kept on screaming with full power, and then vomited, her stomach acid together with the half digested chunks of Tracy's toes and soles spewed from her mouth like the stream of a geyser covering her breasts and abdomen into the unrecognizable mess of cannibalized human flesh.

"My my! This girl is loud and active, look at all the puke and shit!" Emma laughed happily as the acid finalised its purpose and evaporated the last remnants of Eva's large toenail, leaving only the charred black toe tip behind.

"Now we need to wash all this mess away, at least from your belly. You look so dirty, Eva!" Emma said and turned to Charlotte.

"Do we have water?" she asked and her asistant shook her head smiling.

"Oh. Well, Eva, I'm afraid we have to cook with what we have." Emma said as she took the grip of the shovel in a bucket and raised it high, filled with acid.

"Ready, Eva, this will clean your tits and belly more than any advertised expensive shampoo!" she laughed as she poured the acid over Eva's chest, dispersing the substance evenly over the breasts and abdomen.

"Nooo, noo please noooo... Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaoooohhhhhhhhhhh! Nhhhhohhhohhooooohhoooohooooo!"

The acid attacked the young girl's skin all over her chest, first the chunks of Tracy's vomited flesh evaporated but only a second later the acid ate itself into her skin, and started to melt the flesh beneath. The slender female body that had just looked wet a moment ago became a smoking and terribly shaking torso. It smoked from every spot, especially all around her tits, the skin began to redden then quickly turned to black and at the same time blood started to flow from several spots. The water like acid mixed with melting chunks of skin and meat, and yellowish liquid leaking from the dying tissues created the most digusting and horrible sight imaginable on a young lady's chest. Her nipples smoked like tiny chimneys before they were destroyed completely and disappeared, the skin effloresced revealing the bloody milk glands beneath, and Eva was screaming and screaming in such a horrible way that Emma's cunt began to throb. Though Emma found it easy to resist touching herself, she had too much pride.

The acid was working on the girl's chest for less than two minutes, but as the last drops were neutralized and the smoking stopped the final result was just as horrible as Eva's shrieks. Both of her tits were half-way melted, reduced to flattened hills of awfully mangled, bleeding mounds. No skin was visible on them or on Eva's belly, every little spot was like half-charred bleeding open wound, several fibers of her abdominal muscles were clearly visible.

"That was something!" Emma whispered. Eva kept on moaning even after all the burning was over, her frontal body was like a zombie's chest, she was unable to to understand how was she still alive...

...Although only alight for a few minutes, the fire had completely burnt off every hair on Tracy's head. Only a few strands remained, but mostly it was horrifically burnt scalp. Her head was reddened and blistered and yellow pus oozed out of the most severe burns.

"Oh mummy, you're such a state!" Amber chuckled as she kindly removed the devices keeping her eyelids open. Her saggy lids shut closed around her bleeding eyes, the burn marks now a permanent scar on her face. Even if Eva's horrible screams reached her Amber seemed to be ignorant, or better to stay completely occupied with the agony of Tracy.

"Okay, I think she is harmless now." She added, as the assistants began undoing all the straps. Tracy had no more energy left, and as the strap around her neck was removed, her head simply hung down. Tracy's legs fell limply against the chair, after being freed from their restraints in the agonising splits position. Her arms also fell down by the sides of the chair, with no energy to even lift them back up.

"Let me clean you up, mummy.." Amber gently wiped the blood and soot from her face using a handkerchief that she spat on. "There we go! Such a pretty face under all that grime. Isn't that what you used to say to me?" Amber smiled.

"You used to say a LOT to me when I was younger..." Amber rummaged through the tray of torture devices and found a small but thick metal bar that thinned to a point on the end with a hole on either side. Additionally, she also found what appeared to be an elastic arm band that was fitted with razor blades, each one pointing in the same direction. One edge of it glimmered in the dim light of the basement. She grabbed both items, knowing exactly what she wanted to do with them, and turned back to her mother, still limping slightly on burnt feet.

"Remember when you used to criticise me, mummy?" Amber snidely remarked, pressing one of the bars against the skin of her left forearm, pushing hard until the resistance gave way and the point of the metal pierced her skin, poking through to the other end. Blood dripped down Tracy's limp arm.


"Remember, nothing was ever good enough? I never did ANYTHING right!" Tracy felt a pinching in her other arm as the arm band was closed tightly around it, close to the shoulder. The bottom half of the band that was fitted with thin razor blades all around were angled to press against her flesh. Two metal hooks protruded from the sides of the band.

"You would say 'Oh Amber! You're not drinking enough milk, your bones will be brittle and WEAK'". Amber giggled as she heaved, picking up a large 20 kilo weight in each hand. Her arms were still exhausted from her earlier rope climbing, but she found the strength to lift the weights and carry them over to her mother.

"Oh Amber, your arms could do with some WORKING OUT" She spat these words as she fastened a chain to a hook in the weight, then tied the chain to both holes on the metal bar in her left arm. Once securely fastened, she let go of the weight, and it fell fast, tightening the chain until the weight stopped inches from the ground. The force on Tracy's arms made her cry out in pain, pulling her body off balance and to the side.

"Oh Amber, you need to work on your posture!" Amber pulled on her other arm, attaching the weight to the armband and letting that drop too, pulling Tracy back into a balanced posture in the middle, a weight hanging down on both arms now.

"Oh Amber, why don't you know how to cook?" She rifled through the various tools in the cart and grabbed a simple, rusty potato peeler. It was the kind that had a vertical handle and a horizontal blade, and although old and rusty was still very sharp.

"Oh Amber, your legs are looking a little FUCKING CHUBBY!" The peeler pressed against Tracy's large thighs and was pulled back slowly, slicing a large peel of skin from her leg. Amber did this again and again, taking her anger out on the flesh of her mother's legs, shaking the peeler every now and then to shake off the blood that was clogging the blade.

"Oh Amber, you simply MUST eat all your dinner!" She took each sliver of skin that she removed from her mother's thighs and placed them on her mother's tongue, laughing as she automatically but reluctantly swallowed every sliver. More and more strips of skin were coiling up on Tracy's legs as they were removed and each one was fed to her. Either side of her, assistants were adding more weights to her arms, pulling at them even more. close to fifty kilos each now, her right arm felt like it was going to burst, whilst the armband on the left arm began to slide very slowly down, tearing up the skin as it did so.

"Oh Amber, you've been drinking! Mother is so ashamed!" The waitress from earlier had been beckoned back, and she had brought the menu. Amber scrolled the list and chose a suitable bottle of bitter, rancid urine from some 30 year old who was listed with diseases. The waitress hurried off and Amber got back to work, reminiscing about her mother's criticisms to fuel her rage. Despite her anger, tears were streaming down her face, but she did not act upset.

"Oh oh Amber! Don't play with your food!" Amber was plying handfuls of flesh into her mother's mouth now, and she had no more resistance left in her. She simply let the chunks of skin flow down her neck, knowing that she had no way of stopping it. The pieces that were force fed to her got bigger, and Tracy began to choke as the chunks were too big for her throat. As the waitress returned, Amber poured the contents of the bottle straight down her throat to wash away the clogging. The urine indeed tasted very bitter, and was brown in colour, but it was the least of Tracy's problems compared to the pains in her leg. Already Amber had reached bone, but there was plenty of thigh left to remove. The blade on the peeler was getting blunt through overuse, so she threw it to one side and grabbed a large carving knife instead. Making quicker work with this tool, she hacked away at her mother's legs, removing massive amounts of skin. Ambers clumsy hacking was causing massive blood loss as it cleaved through so many blood vessels. Ambers final hack cleaved straight through the bone of her left leg, and it hung limply with only a tiny amount of flesh keeping it attached to the rest of her body. Amber laughed as she grabbed it and pulled, tearing the remaining flesh and ripping her leg off.

Amber paused for a moment. The legs were indeed in bad shape. At that moment, two assistants doubled the weight on her right arm, and Tracy gasped silently as it took its toll. The razor blade armband slid straight down, scraping at the skin down the length of her whole arm. The hundred kilos clunked against the floor as the armband reached her wrist, her skin falling to the floor in piles. Her arm had been completely flayed at the top, when the weight was pushing the band down slowly, and was flayed more erratically on the bottom, where it had moved fast. The result was the same, a bleeding mess of veins and bones with no skin at all. The second fifty kilos was added to her other arm, and it became too heavy for the skin to hold, the flesh in her arm tore and blood squirted everywhere as those weights, too, fell to the ground. On their way down they broke her bones, and she found herself unable to move any limb at all. Amber stepped back to look at her handiwork.

Her feet were obliterated, without toes and with barely any flesh left amongst the blisters and blood. One leg hung limply, whilst the other was a bleeding stub, removed from the kneecap down, and both thighs were completely skinned right down to the bones. They were completely motionless. Her arms were lifeless too, with every bone in both hands broken and without a single nail, she could barely lift her arms let alone touch anything. Her arms were battered and bleeding, and severely lacking in any kind of skin, just like her thighs. The skin of her right arm was still attached, but hanging loosely on her wrist like the sleeve of a coat. Her body was still twitching with the boiling water inside her pussy, and there were burn marks and scars leading all the way from her ass, up her waist and past her ripped apart chest, finally arriving at her severely burnt head. Her face was destroyed beyond recognition. Her hair completely burnt off, leaving a smoking and charred scalp. Her ears were badly burnt too, but luckily she could still hear quite well, albeit with everything slightly muffled. Her burnt eyelids remained closed, one eye was just mush inside its socket whilst the other was completely missing. She could barely speak through her toothless gums, and her makeup was removed through sweat and blood long ago.

Emma walked up behind Amber and put her arm around her. Amber smiled.

Eva was on the floor again, without any restraints, laying on her back and moaning. Emma moved her gaze from Tracy to Eva and back, playfully kissing Amber's ears.

"You know darling, I had fun with your tart ex-friend, but your masterpiece with your mother... that is unbelievable!" she said.

CHAPTER VIII - Tracy's bonus game

"I believe this is the time for the mother's bonus game, she doesn't seem to be able to endure much more anyway." Emma giggled happily observing the final results of Tracy's and Eva's agony.

"Charlotte, please give her the final dose, I want her be alive when this will happen!" Emma instructed and her right hand woman soon arrived with a syringe, injecting another huge dose of stimulant into Tracy's neck. The blonde mother came alive once more, screaming, although these screams were hoarse and weak. She was exhausted, the pain both in her heart and in her body was beyond anything human. She was technically dead, but her heart and brain were still functioning, and that was the worst for her. She moved her head around blindly and screamed again and again until she ran out of air.

"This dose is close to deadly, maybe she would die because of it within a few hours. But she will die anyway, and at least she will FEEL what she gets." Emma giggled and playfully tapped Tracy's scarred  forehead. Skin flaked off as she did so.

"Hello sleeping beauty whore! Did I say beauty? Well, maybe not. Your body and face... how to say... are as far away from anything beautiful as possible. You are such a wreck, cunt!" she gently caressed Tracy's dainty nose with a long fingernail. "But the pain will soon be over, even if first you will face some extra juicy stuff." she said and snapped her fingers. "Prepare her for the fuck of her life!"

Ten minutes later Tracy, at least what remained from the once so fresh, sexy and beautiful woman, was strapped down onto a bench the size of a vaulting-box. She was placed face down, the remnants of her legs and arms strapped tightly onto the sides. Her ass was slightly overhanging at the end. After she shat out the plug and rat corpse, something must had ruptured in her sphincter muscle because her asshole was still grotesquely gaping. Her chin was placed over a rubber holder that kept her head up, Emma didn't like her snuffee's dangling their head, the clients loved to see dying victims' eyes and face, if she had one. A camera woman made sure to close in on Tracy's disfigured face as she lay there, helpless. Sure the straps weren't strictly necessary, but they were classical. As soon the softly moaning Tracy was strapped down, a gate opened and a horse was led in. It wasn't a regular, high horse but more like a bigger pony, a dark brown animal that was obviously a stallion. Even though it was a smaller horse, his dick was a rather impressive one, long and thick, even hanging limp was close to the size of a baseball bat. As soon as the animal felt all the weird smells, burnt flesh and blood it neighed nervously, but let himself be led to Tracy. The poor woman could hear the horse approach, and could feel it's warm breath on her skin as it drew closer.

"My Ghoood... ohh 'y Ghoood... you can't... you can't... why can't you 'ust... 'ust kill me?" she moaned through toothless gums as she got the idea regarding the method of her execution.

"Come on, sweetheart, most girls adore big cock lovers, you shouldn't be such a shy little cunt, just follow your daughter's example, she left this pretend shyness behind." Emma giggled then waved towards Eva.

"Come, crawl here you miserable little cunt. Our friend here, his name is Hammer, and he needs some encouragement. I want you to suck and jerk him off until he is ready to fuck this loose assed bitch. Such a wide hole, Tracy darling, you are such a whore. You will definitely need Hammer's size to feel anything!" Emma laughed observing Tracy's wide open, leaking asshole. "Hmmm... yes, I think Hammer's will be enough for this! And you..." she turned again to Eva, "Don't let the horse cum, your job is to make him hard, not to suck his strength! But don't worry, once we finished and the bitch is dead you WILL slurp every drop of his sperm from this asshole, and maybe even share it with my protege!" she blinked towards Amber.

Eva shook her head. She tried to protest but the pain of her chest and her toes was unbearable, and that wasn't something she was going to forget anytime soon. She knew that this sexual act would corrupt her entirely, but she didn't know what choice she had. She slowly crawled towards the horse, pulling herself across the floor on her hands and knees, her feet were too painful to use. As she approached the horse, she shuddered as it towered over her. It was much bigger from this angle, and surely intimidating. She sat on her knees underneath its legs, leaning forward with her ass slightly pushed out. She stared blankly at the large, flaccid cock that hung down between the legs and gasped. A camera woman had knelt on the floor just next to the horse to get a better angle of Eva as she reached out slowly. Hammer's penis, although limp, was still quite long and felt almost like rubber as she pressed gently against it. The skin was smooth to touch, and Eva grasped one hand around the middle of the shaft and lifted it close to her face. The tip wobbled inches in front of her eyes, and she quickly let go, turning away as the penis fell back, swinging from side to side.

"I can't! I can't do it!" She cried, aware that the first penis she has ever touched was that of a horse.

"You WILL sexually please this horse, and you WILL enjoy it." Emma's voice had such authority, and Eva found herself grabbing the horses cock in both hands without even thinking about it. It just happened. Again, the horses cock wobbled in her hands, almost as long as her arm. She began to rub it with her delicate fingers and long, painted nails, stroking from the tip of one end down to the base and back again, her sexy hands, the last beautiful part of her body intact, now massaging the cock in front of her almost expertly, although Eva herself was crying as she did so. She could feel the penis get firmer in her fingers, as veins began to appear along the shaft, bulging out. Sure enough, it started to grow out more, pushing past her fingers and almost reaching for her face. She knew what she had to do, as it pushed more and more towards her mouth.


"No darling! Don't do it! Fight her, please! All these acts, you will surely go to hell! Fight for your soul! I know you can do it, you are my daughter and you are stronger than..."

Ruth's heart sank as she watched Eva take the horses mighty cock in both hands and opened wide, sliding it in with what looked like sexual experience. Ruth stared blankly at the screen, a large puddle of nervous urine began staining the carpet where she sat, growing out in an increasing circle. Ruth said nothing, just sat there whimpering as her daughter pushed the horses cock further down her mouth, her lips stretching to the point of bleeding as they tried to accommodate the size of the horses cock.

"This is the devils work..." Ruth muttered. "And she is stronger than us both."


It filled her mouth, it was barely in past the tip and already she could feel it pressing against her throat. She could hear Emma delivering orders behind her, and she felt obliged to obey, fearing what would happen if she didn't.

"Yes!" Emma said in the background, "Worship that cock! Suck it like it is the cock of your one true love! Suck it like you are starved for its length, like you would die without it! Like you need it!"

Eva began sucking harder, her lips spread around its ever widening girth, which was growing larger with every suck. The taste was unpleasant, but compared to the things that she had been forced to consume over the past day, it was practically luxurious, and Eva was thankful for it. She sucked harder and harder, running her tongue over the growing head, as her fingers continued to stroke up and down. The cock grew more in length, pushing inside her mouth and pressing against her gag reflexes, making Eva choke on the giant member. She tried to stop herself, but her throat burned and she coughed, spraying thick, brown vomit from around her lips down the length of the penis. She knew this would not be allowed, and tried to push the cock further inside her mouth to reach the area that she just vomited over and clean it. However, the more she pushed inside, the more she vomited and the more of the cock she sprayed. After throwing up for the fourth time, she pulled the cock out of her mouth and began licking up the sides, removing every part of her slimy vomit that she could with her tongue. Her throat was in agony, the vomit was burning and the screaming hadn't made it feel much better. But she knew she had to clean this cock as well as suck it, as it was indeed her own mess. Besides, licking the sides of the cock gave her aching jaw a rest, the cock being so large that it was forcing her mouth open more than she had ever had it. A string of saliva trailed from the tip of the cock to Eva's beautiful lips and dangled in the air.

Eva yelped as she felt something pressing against her ass. The unexpected feeling made her let go of Hammer, and the erect cock sprung up and slapped her in the face. She looked behind her, and Amber was now sitting on the floor, her four fingers pressing against Eva's puckered asshole, pushing against them so that the tips of all four fingers were spreading her anus open slightly.

"What...what are you doing?" Eva gasped, her voice slightly hoarse.

"Don't mind me, just keep going..." Amber smiled sweetly, as she pushed her hand against the cute ass a little more, her fingers delving deeper inside the hole that not long ago spewed out sewage into her own mouth.

Eva, unsure what to do to stop her friend from raping her ass, turned back to the horse cock in front of her. It had become slightly limp, and Eva panicked as she grabbed it once more, sliding it into her mouth and sucking it with extra gusto. Amber pushed her hand against the ass with a little more force, and with a slight 'pop' the ass hole stretched out over her knuckles and her hand slid deep inside. Amber smiled as she lost sight of her hand from the wrist up and Eva winced as she felt the fist clench inside her ass, trying to ignore it by focussing on the cock that began to grow inside her mouth once more. She sucked and licked the cock, massaging it with her tongue as her former best friend fisted her ass deeper and deeper, pushing her arm in past her elbow. Amber began pumping her arm back and forth, and Eva was weeping uncontrollably as she continued to suck the monolithic cock inside her mouth. Hammer had now grown so large that it began to force Eva's mouth too wide, and with a loud crack, Eva's jaw dislocated and stuck in an open position, getting wider and wider as the cock grew even more. Eva rested her hands against her jaw and tried hard to massage it as she sucked, but with the horse cock in her mouth there was nothing she could do.

"That's enough." Emma announced. Eva gasped as she carefully removed her head from the massive cock and fell forward to the floor, coughing and massaging her mouth. Assistants took the horse and led it away, its huge legs stepping over Eva as it moved toward Tracy, towering over her and covering her in shadow. Eva, although free from the task of pleasuring the horse, still had Amber excitedly pumping her arm inside her ass, and as she probed a few fingers of her other hand against the hole, Eva knew that she still had much more suffering ahead of her.


"Get your hands out from my daughter!" Ruth's anger had been rekindled. The graphic detail of Ambers hand shoved deep inside her only daughters ass was too much for her. She picked up a vase of flowers near her and threw it at the television. It shattered on the wall beside it, showering down with shards of glass.

"Stop it Eva! Stop it...with!" Ruth was wheezing again, it was hard to breath when you cried this much. "Why are you doing this? Why won't you fight them??"


Hammer was excited. He stomped on the ground around Tracy's bound body and had to be settled into place by the various assistants. Hammers erect cock pressed against the gaping hole of Tracy's ass, but even with the size of her distended anus, Hammers gigantic head was still just a little too large. Tracy, in her blinded state, could feel the massive cock push against her ass and force its way in, and she hoarsely screamed out in pain, spitting blood from her toothless gums. Hammer was well endowed, and as the tip of the monster that was pressing against her ass finally pushed past Tracy's wide open hole, she could feel its entire length forcing its way deep inside her. It was huge, and now it had slid in to half its length inside her. Various staff members had gathered around now, most with cameras but others without anything better to do than to stand around and watch. Tracy couldn't see them, but she could hear them sneering and laughing, various whispers here and there coming through. The familiar laugh of that Bitch Emma and the depressing giggle of her own daughter.

"Just to let you know, seeing as your blind and all that," Emma called out, "Your daughter is thoroughly enjoying the show you're putting on for her. She's even requested for one of my assistants to help fuck her pussy whilst her hands are otherwise...elsewhere."

Sure enough, Amber had both arms now elbow deep in the poor screaming Eva, whilst her own pussy was fisted by another petite blonde member of the staff. It was a gorgeous sight, especially with the horrified Eva on the end of Ambers arms, watching the horse-fucking in disgust as Amber wore her like a sock puppet. The horse had only trotted forward a few steps after Eva's display of sexual awakening, so she was close enough to the action, to see every detail of the horses cock pushing against the broken woman's hole. She lay just behind the horse, its body standing uncomfortably close.

Tracy tried to scream, her voice broken and silent. Hammer, almost entirely inside her, had begun to thrust. The movements were only small and slow at first, but with a cock that big she could feel every movement. As something warm spurted out of the horses mighty cock and filled her insides, she hoped to god that it was over. She knew it wasn't when she heard Emma laugh again.

"Sorry, sometimes he does that if he thinks he's fucking a worthless toilet" Emma sneered, as the steaming urine flowed out of the edges of Tracy's ass, seeping out with every thrust. "In fact, if I know Hammer, then right about now..."

Hammer's tail rose in the air, and the steed pushed out a mighty pile of steaming manure out onto the floor, dropping just millimetres away from Eva's face. They were large round balls and the stench that surrounded them was so strong that Eva almost gagged. Amber saw her opportunity and pushed both her arms, forcing Eva forward just a little more so she was positioned directly below the horses ass, allowing for the rest of Hammers steaming shit to drop directly onto her head. Of course she screamed in protest, but with Amber yanking on her stretched ass and demanding that she eat it up, Eva had no choice but to grab at the horrible hairy shit balls with her delicate hands and shovel them into her mouth, or else face more of Amber's wrath. She could taste it on her tongue, and it was the worst shit she had eaten all day. That statement alone was depressing.


There seemed to be no end to Eva's humiliation. Ruth was crying again, her eyes seemingly glued to the screen, watching as her daughter ate horse shit. Who are these sick people? Why were they making her daughter do such perverse things? Watching Eva suck that horses cock made Ruth feel dirty. She raised her daughter to be so innocent, and she was her little angel. Now she was some kind of shit eating horse lover. As that thought blossomed in her head, she cried even harder.

At the back of Ruth's mind, she knew she couldn't love her daughter after watching her do such whorish things. She knew Eva was condemned to hell.


Tracy was gasping with silent screams. It hurt, she knew it. It may not have been as painful as the torture that her daughter had demonstrated on her, but Hammer had now pierced her womb and was fucking the inside of her body. She just couldn't scream anymore. Hammer was pounding her even harder now, and the blood from her tearing asshole was lubricating it. There was actually blood everywhere as even the skin around her ass had begun to tear. Tracy felt something rupture, and was almost relieved to discover it was the water tight seal around her pussy. The water that still boiled her insides now began to spill out of the structure she was strapped against, and slightly burnt her stomach. But she was happy that the burning water was finally out of her, although the fucking of Hammer, who was far too big for her, was still just as painful.

With every thrust, she could feel him fucking her organs, and each organ he pressed against had a different effect on her. First she felt like her bowels were being punctured, and sure enough liquid shit bubbled up over Hammers cock, covering it with a messy brown lubricant that mixed with the blood like paste and just allowed him to keep fucking her, splashing her own shit around her ass cheeks. When he was fucking past her bladder, she couldn't stop herself pissing uncontrollably, spraying her piss over the floor and her own obliterated legs, not that she could feel any liquid splashing against them with her deadened nerve endings. Hammer had reached her stomach, and as he pumped faster than he had pumped before, Tracy's own stomach acid began to rise in her stomach, burning her throat as it reached her mouth. The yellowish liquid sprayed out of her as a painful vomit, mixed with the blood of her bleeding mouth. Her nose also burnt as the disgusting acid poured out of both nostrils.

She felt like her flesh had fallen apart as Hammers extreme fucking had torn away at the walls separating her pussy from her ass, making it one giant fuck-hole. This gave Hammer a bit more freedom, and he used it happily. Tracy couldn't stop the blood now, and she felt her very life force ebb away as her blood poured out of her gaping pussy. She felt light headed, and her thoughts became scattered and irrational. She could feel waves of acceptance wash over her, like this was what was meant to be. She knew it was over. She knew this was the end and, infuriatingly, she could feel her clitoris stimulated now that the horses cock was fucking both her holes. Although her clit was still pierced from earlier, the lack of blood flow in her brain was allowing her feel pleasure through all the pain. She hated herself for it, but she couldn't fight her body as it began to tingle, blood still pouring out of her, her organs felt like they were wrapped around the horses cock, she couldn't decide what she was feeling and her head was seeming lighter by the second. If she had eyes, they would be rolling in the back of her head by now.

Hammer neighed loudly, and with one final movement, orgasmed. Tracy could feel every bit of the hot, sticky semen that spread throughout her body. It seemed never-ending, and it was the last thing that Tracy ever felt. The blood loss was too much, and the last sensation she felt was the horse spreading its seed inside her, and the intense orgasm she herself had at the same time. Tracy moaned loudly for the last time ever, a synchronised orgasm that she shared with both the horse and Amber as well, who was enjoying the show so much that the climax made her orgasm stronger than she had ever done before. Then finally Tracy became motionless. Amber continued to orgasm, multiple waves of pleasure washing over her. Her dying mother was the sexiest thing she had ever experienced, and her juices were squirting out of her in a way she had never been able to achieve on her own. Her view was so perfect. She could see the life drain out of her mother before her very eyes, and now watched as the horse's cock became flaccid once more and shrank in size whilst still inside her, ejecting semen as it pulled out. Finally it flopped out, swinging between its legs with a large trail of come dripping from its tip. Tracy was completely filled, the insides of her body had been opened up by the sheer size of Hammers cock and the semen from the horse had spilled out over her vital organs, leaving a trail of thick, gooey mixture from inside her chest cavity all the way to her now joined ass and pussy.

Amber went silent. She had previously been screaming with intense orgasms as she fist fucked her old friend, but now she said nothing. Even the staff members went silent, which was quite common during the very first death of a new show. The silence was broken by Eva, who screamed with pain as Amber pulled out her arms from their current housing with such force that Eva's bowels prolapsed and hung out from her loose asshole. Her screams and curses at Amber fell on death ears as the young blonde stood up and wandered dreamily over to her mother. Tracy lay so lifeless on the wooden bench, the only movement was the slow leaking of thick, horse come from her gigantic asshole and the dripping of blood from the pussy that was pressed against the benches surface. There was a sweet smell in the air, and Amber became aware that it was from her mother's pussy. The sweet smell of her own juices.

Amber had never thought about her mother orgasming before, it just never occurred to her. But surely she must have. Amber began thinking of many things that her mother must've done. Many human things. She stroked her mother's bleeding, disfigured face. She looked so ugly, but so peaceful at the same time. Amber was aware that she was crying, but she didn't quite know how to feel. She wanted this, surely? She was enjoying it so much before. But it was different then, her mother was screaming and cursing and very much alive. Now it seemed like it was over. Amber didn't know what to do with herself, why did she have to go and die? It made her angry, seeing her mother so lifeless. How dare she? How dare she leave her here, in this place! Ambers fists clenched, as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"You bitch!" Amber punched her dead mothers face. "How could you bring me here? How could you leave me?" her fist made contact with her mother over and over again, her face already abused beyond recognition. This didn't stop Amber, whose knuckles quickly became coated in blood and flesh as she struck her dead mother's face over and over.

"Don't worry, my young protege . There is still more to do. Oh Eva!" Emma called out.

Eva was gasping  in horror as she tried to push her bowels back inside her ass. They protruded out quite a lot, like a little red football coming from her ass. She looked up as her name was called, and stumbled into a position on all fours, dragging herself to Emma standing next to the poor deceased woman.

"You know what I want." Was all Emma needed to say, and Eva's heart sank. She looked at the oozing mess pushing out of Tracy's gaping hole and turned to Emma with a pleading look in her eyes. But it didn't last for long as she saw Emma's usual merciless stare and reluctantly knelt down between the dead woman's legs. She whispered an apology and then pushed her head against the large hole in front of her, licking at the salty mixture of cum and blood that was oozing out. The body kept jerking violently, causing the sperm to leak out more and more as Eva desperately licked it up from the wooden bench. She looked up and noticed that Amber had jumped up onto the bench and was now sitting on her mother's disgusting chest, pulling at the arm that was strapped to the side. There was a loud tearing noise as Amber squealed delightfully, the arm eventually ripped from the body with as much force as Amber could muster. There wasn't much left of the arm after Amber's torture fun, but nevertheless, she slid the limb inside her ass and began fucking herself with it. Eva felt like crying for her old friend again, but she had no tears left inside her. She turned back to the job in front of her.

Eva felt cold to touch, as she rested her hands on the skinless thighs. She opened her mouth wide, her jaw still aching from before, and placed it in front of Tracy's gaping ass and pussy, allowing the thick liquid to slowly ooze out into her mouth as she shoved her hand deep inside the hole, scooping the cum up and pulling it towards her. She didn't even swallow, not until her cheeks were brimming with the horrible sperm. Suddenly, two hands grasped her full cheeks and lifted her head up. Amber had moved closer, dropping to her knees in front of her, a severed arm still dangling from her ass. She caught Eva seconds before she was able to swallow her mouthful of come and embraced her in a passionate and sensual kiss. Eva was shocked, and her face turned bright red, but her eyes closed and she let out a small moan, reaching around and holding Amber carefully on the waist.

Amber, meanwhile, was much more interested in tasting the horse sperm that killed her mother. It tasted as delicious as she imagined it would. This juice killed her whore of a mother, and as she massaged tongues with Eva, she passed the fluid back and forth between the two of them, diluting it with their own spit. Amber noticed that Eva had slipped her hands down her waist and was now softly hugging her tender ass, and she smiled. She pulled Eva closer, whilst at the same time stepping forwards, pushing Eva backwards on her knees. Eva moaned once more, her pussy was tingling, the first sensation she felt down there since it was burnt not long ago. She could feel it getting wetter too, in fact her whole crotch felt like it was getting wetter, and for the first time since they arrived, she felt comfortable.


"Look at how wet she is! Her pussy is practically flowing with juices. I guess this little whore is a lesbian!" The commentator on the screen cheerfully announced.

Ruth couldn't deny it. Her daughter was naked and passionately kissing another girl. It was horrible to watch. And she did not appreciate the extreme close up of her daughters private area. But again, Ruth could clearly see how wet her daughter was.

"I....I refuse to believe it. My daughter is a ...a good girl! She knows not to be tempted so wickedly. Such ways are against our.... our lord.."


Eva had her guard down, and Amber knew it. She had tasted enough of the horse cum now, and did not care much for any more. She broke free from Eva's sensual grasp and punched her in the face. Eva fell back, her nose bleeding, but was halted from falling to the floor as Amber grabbed the burnt remains of her hair and pulled her back up, her face just inches from her own. Amber, her mouth still filled with horse semen and saliva, spat the thick mixture directly onto Eva's face then pushed her to the ground. Eva fell clumsily on her weakened ass, then looked up, tears streaming from her eyes.

"I...How could you?" Eva had felt unimaginable pain, but until now had never been so upset.

"What?" Amber replied sarcastically, "Are you a lesbian now? Enjoying that a bit too much, weren't you?"

" of course not!" Eva's face was red, but she was ashamed. She had a secret that she had never told anyone, and even now in such a place, she didn't want anyone to know. Especially not Amber.

"Pfft. You're a fucking dykey lying bitch, aren't ya?" Amber placed her foot on Eva's partially melted chest and kicked her down with force. "Why would I ever fancy you? Why would anyone? Look at you, you're pathetic and ugly. I used to laugh at you behind your back. I knew you were worthless even when we pretended to be friends. Now get over to that whore and finish what you started!"

Eva nodded nervously, her face bright red and tears streaming down her cheeks. She crawled back to Tracy with her head hung low. How could she be so stupid? Why did she have to kiss her. Why? She had barely crawled a foot before collapsing in a ball and crying uncontrollably. She was so ashamed. What would her mother think? She would disown her, for sure! She would probably kill herself if she knew. Eva had worked so hard to suppress these thoughts, these feelings that she had. But it was impossible to deny now. Kissing Amber then, was the happiest moment of her life. But then she said those horrible things. Eva felt like her heart was ripped out.

"Get up, you ugly dyke!" Amber taunted her. Eva slowly rose to all fours and crawled back to Tracy's cold, open legs. Amber was already standing there, smiling sadistically. "Back to work." She chuckled, and Eva nodded, moving closer to the dead ass in front of her, reaching out with her tongue for one, long lick...

...she recoiled, falling onto her back on the floor, clutching her mouth with both hands. A moment passed when she made no noise, but then came a blood curdling scream, loud even though muffled against her hands. She opened her mouth to speak, but blood was pouring out. Her tongue was sizzling and when it finally stopped, it felt slightly shorter. her lips were bright red as blood vessels were rising to the surface on her face. She spat blood once more, and finally was able to speak.

"Whuh ih hahhenin hoo ee?"

"Oh, while you were blubbering like a big, fat, lesbo baby, I went ahead and injected a little acid into my mother's ass. Want some more?" She giggled as she withdrew the syringe from behind her back and squirted a load of acid over her mother's lifeless ass. The acid immediately began corroding the dead flesh and dripping into the horse semen that still leaked out. The skin was turning black and melting away so quickly, and soon her gaping asshole was even wider.

"I....I chan't....." Eva gasped, as she regained control of her mouth.

"If you don't lick my dead mothers ass of her acidic horse come..." Ambers pussy tingled as she said such a sexy sentence."...then I will personally inject this acid into every hole on your disgusting body. Now, lick!"

Eva panicked. She had been tortured so much, but she hadn't intentionally inflicted her own pain before. She couldn't...could she? She moved back into position, her whole body trembling as she neared the sizzling flesh in front of her. She tried one cautious lick, and immediately upon contact, she felt the acid singe her lips and her tongue. She yelped in pain, but tried again. The acid was quickly mixing with the semen and it was hard to lick one without the other. With every lap of her tongue, the acid burned at her face. Finally she withdrew her head, shaking it.

"Ih huuhs! ih huuhs sho muush" Her tongue had swollen up to twice its size, and her lips were red and puffy.

"Let me help!" Was all that Amber replied with, as she grabbed Eva by her short hair and forced her face deep into her mother's hole. Eva screamed as the acid burned away at her eyelids and her nose. Her whole face was smoking, she tried to pull away but Amber had a strong grip and was holding her in place.

"I won't let go until you lick it all up!" She sniggered, and Eva quickly began slurping up the foul tasting and incredibly acidic liquid that was oozing out of Tracy. It burnt her throat every time she swallowed, and she could feel it even in her stomach. There was so much sperm, and it took five minutes of licking and sucking before it was all gone. Eva had to reach deep inside the carcass to scoop out the semen that splashed inside her, an act that melted small chunks of her arms and large patches of her fingers.  Eva's whole face was red and bloody, swollen up to the point of near blindness. Eva could only see blurry shapes, as even her eyelids had began to swell. Bits of flesh and charred entrails were stuck to her face, melted permanently in place by the acid.

"I think she's finished." Amber said to the delighted Emma.

"I agree" Emma replied, clapping her hands together in joy.

CHAPTER IX - Eva's Lethal Baptism.

"And another slut is ready for her justified end!" Emma announced happily. "I can't think what more to do with this whore anyway, and her ugly face is offending me." Emma was relishing at her favourite part of the game, and began walking towards the far side of the room, an otherwise undiscovered area. Amber walked alongside her, dragging what was left of Eva by a rope around her neck. Amber was injected with extreme painkillers, so despite her heavily damaged legs and feet she could just about manage a crawl. Any normal person would had found the poor girl's crawling miserable, but for Emma's staff and for their customers in front of their scenes that was another sexy and exciting momentum of a slut's life. Eva's nailless, acid and flame burnt feet couldn't support any of her body so she tried to push herself forwards by her ass and by her hands, her disgustingly deformed and burnt breasts were bouncing slightly. Like a frog she was leaping behind Amber in a handicapped way, her once so sexy face was a mess. Bloody sperm, shit and chunks of Tracy's meat covering her cheeks and some spots were still smoking where the acid from Tracy's ruined entrails had still not been neutralized. The camera crew and assistants all followed behind, filming everything as usual. Emma opened a large metal door and stepped through, and Amber followed. This basement really was huge.

The room inside was a large white room, bright in comparison to the dark dungeon like basement. Amber and Eva both had to squint until their eyes grew accustomed to the bright light. In the centre of the large room was a metal vat of bubbling liquid, the size of an extremely large cauldron. The vat was actually a glass bowl, completely transparent and surrounded by cameras, the red sizzling hot plate under the vat made the liquid inside glow in a sinister reddish colour. Bubbles were born in the bottom of the vat and swum upstairs until they reached the surface and sprayed hot drops around. Several taps lined the vat all the way around and had buckets underneath, the same kind of non corrosive buckets that Emma had used earlier. It soon dawned on Eva that vat was filled with the same burning acid that she had so recently been introduced to. Upon realisation on this, she found some new life in her, twisting and kicking in a vain attempt to escape. But it was no use, and several attractive women in protective clothing grabbed her by what was left of her limbs and lifted her up a small set of stairs that lead to the top of the vat. A large winch system was up there, and Eva was attached by chains around her neck, each limb close to her thighs and shoulders and her waist until she was dangling horizontally above the very centre of the vat, her disfigured toes just inches away from the burning liquid.

Amber was lead to a series of levers and wheels.

"You have the honours, as usual" Emma said, gesturing to the various controls. "You can dip her in slow, or fast. You can control both chains at the same speed, or dangle her from any limb, or even hang her by her neck. You can lift her out and dunk her in as much as you want. Have fun!" Emma stepped back as Amber squealed with glee.


Ruth was really scared now. She was praying for any kind of a miracle to save her daughter, but it looked hopeless.

God had abandoned her.


The wicked, insane Blonde caressed one of the switches like she was petting a kitty. She was still feeling excited, although at the same time she felt empty. She loved every moment of her mother's death just as she loved the defilement of her whore mother's corpse, albeit with that bizarre moment of confusion just after she died, which she still couldn't explain why she felt. However, despite that, she had to say it was the sexiest, loveliest, most horrible,and inhumanely cruel thing she had ever seen, and was the greatest turn on of her life. She hated that woman more than anything, and watching her suffer so viciously made Amber's world become a permanent joy. While it lasted. But Tracy had gone, and Amber's maddened mind lost the majority of her reason to live. Fortunately, there was another bitch, another unfaithful piece of meat who deserved the worst. Eva, her best ex girlfriend, hanging over a vat of boiling acid, waiting to be dipped into the killer substance. Amber grinned like a madwoman. She was empty inside, but the thought of what she could do with Eva made her world make sense again.

"Noooo Amber, noooo! Hell noooo! Pleaaaseeee nooooo! Don't killll meeeee! Not like thiiiis!" Eva whined as she felt the heat radiating from the acid, she was far too close to the surface. Her acid burnt tongue and lips couldn't form the words in a perfect way, but her pathetic begging did not require proper pronouncation.

"Fuck you, bitch! And shut the fuck up, you should beg for me to KILL you fast, instead of beg not to kill you at all! Do you really want to live like this?" Amber asked back and laughed hysterically. She found Eva disgusting indeed, a total wreck, a battered and completely used up piece of torture and snuff flesh.

"Yesss, yhou ahre right, I'm tooo much... ogg mhhyy Ghhoood... I'm in soo mhuuuch phaaain!" Eva squeaked in a high pitch voice and her body trembled, which made her toes swing closer to the surface, another bubble popped, spraying acid around and splashing the top of her feet. Eva did not even scream. It seemed that a few drops of burning acid could not hit her pain threshold anymore.

"Ambheeer! Whould yhouu phleaseeee... khill me? Just khilll me?"

"HAHAHA, you are such an idiot, Eva! Well, be a good girl and beg for your death more, please! Beg for it! If you beg enough, then maybe, just maybe, I will let you die quicker. But until then, let's have an appetizer of what is under you!" Amber laughed and pushed a couple of switches. Her humanity was no more, but although she was insane and immoral, she retained her intelligence and easily and quickly understood how to use the system. The chains holding Eva's neck and her thighs started to move upwards, while her arms remained in place, bending the poor girl's back until her waist almost cracked. Poor Eva might not have ever stopped screaming but soon her weight was held by her neck and the shackle cut into her throat, making her cough and spasm. She reached up with her hands and grabbed the chain attached to her neck, her fingers becoming white from her desperate grasp. Then, without warning the horizontally bent girl's body started to descend towards the bubbling acid, her panfully arched body getting closer and closer to the surface. Her shocking, seriously burnt belly and disfigured breasts were the first to touch the surface, only centimetres away, when Amber finally stopped the machine.

"Okay, Eva slut, sexy slutty itchy bitchy ex best girlfriend of mine. You decide. Go lower and have your flat ugly abdomen and horrible udders melting in the acid, or you release that chain and have your arms dangle into the acid. I give you 5 seconds to think."

"Fhuuuccckkk yhhoohhuuuuuu!" the choking girl rattled.

"Four, three, two, one! Ha ha ha. Fuck no, I want to see how long you can keep your arms there." Amber laughed and with dreamy eyes observed Eva's suffering. The Brunette was in trouble indeed, with firm grasps she could free her throat and neck from the suffocating pressure, but after so much suffering and pain she proved to be far weaker she would had imagined. As second after second passed she realized that strength from her arms was draining, and her fingers started to slide from the chain. However, right under her body the boiling acid was waiting for any bodyparts that might dip in, the invisible acid steam hurt her eyes, her nose, and she felt like it had started to attack all her body already.

"Nhggghhhoooooooooo!" she emitted another desperate noise before both of her hands slid off the chain, and her exhausted arms swung downwards, dipping elbow deep into the watery substance. The spraying bubbles of the acid continually spat small acid drops onto her once so smooth abdomen and proud breasts, but as rest of those nerve endings were long time ago snuffed by Emma, Eva did not really feel the pain. Unfortunately, her arms were almost completely untouched so far, and as soon as they touched the boiling acid Eva started to scream in a muffled but even more horrible way. That inhuman voice became even more expressive when the acid started to eat itself into her slender arms, boiling and melting the living tissues at the same time. Eva was choked by the chain but still capable of emitting the most horrendous noises and shrieked horribly, while inside the acid her arms started to melt. From outside the glass tank, Emma and her staff could conveniently record Eva's long fingers opening and closing in the transparent acid, the aggresive substance immediately reddening her skin as it melted away.


Ruth shrieked a high pitch scream, her arms wrapped around her body, her fingernails digging into her shoulders. She screamed alongside her daughter, as she practically felt her pain. The scream raged for the entire time that Eva melted.


The good thing about the acid was that it immediately dissolved the blood that poured out from the hundreds of opening wounds like tiny red clouds, and it dissappeared within seconds, all the time giving a clear vision of what was happening to the flailing limbs. First the skin dissappeared, then the meat, layer by layer, chunks of flesh swum away from the dissolving bodyparts. Her fingernails took the longest time to completely dissolve, her fingers were almost completely defleshed and the bones had appeared in several places before her nails began. One after the another her fingernails broke loose and swum in every direction like tiny submarines, getting smaller and smaller until finally the acid desolved them completely. The fingers were the first to be completely skinned and fleshed to bone, then her palms and wrists, more and more meat dissappearing bleached bones were revealed in their place. As soon as the tendons were gone, pieces of bone from the fingers and hand loosened as well and floated away from the weaker and weaker limbs, some of them even sank to the bottom of the vat before completely melting into nothing.

After the fingers and hands, the bones of her wrists became visible whilst the flesh of her arms bled and burnt at the same time, the meat coming off in layers as if from an overcooked pig thigh. As soon as both of her hands were completely gone, Amber pushed some buttons and all of the chains started to move upwards, suddenly yanking Eva's mutilated hands from the acid. She was not screaming anymore, her tongue was bulging out from betwen her blue lips as she was on the very edge of being suffocated, but by raising her shoulder chains higher Amber easily relocated the pressure on her body, literally saving Eva's life. Unfortunately for the recently saved princess, she was not to happy for that.

"Oops, Eva darling, you look fucking bad without hands!" Amber laughed. Bloody drops of hot acid dripped from Eva's arms back to vat, her arms were still smoking as the acid finished its job leaving Eva's arms, from the elbow down, looking like a half-way eaten bloody, messy chicken leg with bone visible here and there.

"Now, this is real time to beg to me, Eva! What would you like me to do?" Amber asked with an angelic face.

"Khiilll mheee! Phleeasseeee ooohhhhhh khillll mheeee! Khiiil mheeeee! If yhou havvhe evhher lhikeeed mheee plheaasseeee jhuuust khilll mheeee! Mherccyyy! Jhhuuust khhiiilll mheeee!"

"Pathetic and boring! You are such a disgusting, shitting, screaming, horse sucking, worthless weakling! I hate you!" Amber replied and pushed another set of buttons. While Eva's neck and shoulder chains were raised, her thigh chains were lowered, within seconds turning the girl into a vertical position. And then, without further hesitation, she was lowered into the acid, her already awfully mutilated toes and feet dipped into the liquid until she reached knee high.

Never seen before kicking and screaming started, despite the general bad condition of her toes and soles, the rest of Eva's legs was still intact and able to feel pain, and that pain came without hesitation, turning the condemned girl's world into a most horrible hell.

"Fhhhuuuuucccccckk yhhhooouuuuuuuu! Haaaattteeeeeee yhhhooouuuuuuuuu! I whhhaaaaaaant yhoooouuuu thooooooo dhiiiieeeeeeeee!" Eva screamed like a banshee, kicking so wildly that thousands of acid drops sprayed into every direction, some of them landing outside of the vat and forcing Emma's staff to step backwards. It was a long fight, much longer than the melting of her arms and hands. Eva's feet and calves were much thicker and had more skin and meat. Where it only took her hands five minutes to be completely disolved, her feet were melting away for over ten minutes, which meant ten minutes of continual screaming and trashing for Eva. Her once so sexy, long and shapely toes went first, which were already burnt and had a lack of toenails. Soon they were nothing, the acid mercilessly eating every tiny chunk of them into nothingness. The bones of her feet started to show as piece after piece of her meat tore away, and although for a while her feet and soles were twisting, they soon lost all the nerves and muscles and ability to do so, and the final acts were just the passive detaching of bones after bones.


Mandy had never ever seen how a pair of feet could be dissolved in such strong acid, and this show was so clear. It zoomed so closely on the act that she felt like she could reach out and touch those trembling skeleton feet. Mandy was far too exhausted to masturbate, so she was just lay there and stared at the screen, a small dildo plugged into her ass and vibrating. The continual vibration brought far enough pleasure to her overheated senses, she was sure that touching her cunt might cause an immediate heart attack. But still, watching as the once so sexy, pedicured feet and toes melted completely made Mandy horny again. And that was so good, not to do anything anymore just enjoy the fantastic sight of a pair of girlie feet fading into oblivion, while the dildo in her ass made her crotch shake slightly. Mandy loved her life, she loved Emma, and loved the three ladies who were suffering so much for her enjoyment.


As soon as the last bones of her feet dissapeared Amber raised Eva again, leaving her half-melted calves in the same condition as her forearms. The Brunette was hanging over the acid, without hands, without feet, in utter agony, all her body burnt and tortured, craving for nothing else but darkness and eternal rest.

"Okay, bitchy Eva, I guess were are running out of tortureable bodyparts. You have, well, fucking nothing left to play with! But I can still bring so much pain to you, if I want. Just imagine! I could let you slide into the acid, with a speed of, let's say, two inch per hour. Well, baby, that would take at least 14 hours until we reach a vital organ, and you would be dissolved really really slowly. Or I can do that a bit quicker, depends on you. I want to hear how well you can beg me!" Amber told to the destroyed, completely lost Eva. The Brunette raised her head, looked at Amber with her eyes pleading like never before.

"Ha ha ha, Eva, Eva, you dirty, faithless, traitor cunt! Did I say something about looking? Fuck no. I told you to beg, with your fucking mouth!"

"Ambbhhheeeerrhh! I'm bhegggghiiinnggghhh yhooouu!"

"This is shit. Okay, I tell you what. We start with the dipping, the slow version. Feet... ohhh... I mean calves first. You keep up begging and answer my questions honestly, whatever they may be. If I like what I hear I might speed up the process a bit, fair enough?" she asked, not waiting for an answer. She pressed some buttons and Eva started to descend until her stumps reached the surface, then her descent slowed down, to an almost invisible pace. But the remnants of her legs started to smoke immediately as it touched the acid, and the slow and final dissolving of Eva had started.

"Beg bitch, beg!" Amber shouted and Eva's reborn whining soon turned into words.

"Fhaaaster! Phlleeaaaseeeeee fhaaaster! Lhheeet me dieeee! Phllleeaaasseeee!"

"Did you ever like me? I mean, had you ever wanted to have sex with me, in our hostel, honey?"


"Did you, bitch?"

"Yheeeessssssss, phleeaseeeeee khiillll mheeee!"

"Did you ever dream of licking my cunt or kissing me or pushing your slutty hands up inside my pussy?"

"Yheeessss yheeessss I did! Khilll meeee!"

"Stop this kill me shit, too boring. Why didn't you ever make a move then?"

"I whaaaas thooo shyyyyyy!"

"What did you like the most about me?"

"Yhouuuur bhootttttooommm! Yhouuu haavheee succhhh nhiice bhootttomm!"

"Okay, slut, good point, I like my ass too." Amber smiled and sped up the process by a fraction. The descent was slightly visible as Eva sank deeper and deeper into the acid, though the liquid was melting her legs still at such a pace that nothing was seen under the surface, the acid dissolving everything on immediate contact. Amber let Eva suffer for some time, and only when her leg dissappeared almost to her knee did she begin to ask again.

"Why did you shit in my mouth? Don't you think that was a little bit rude?"

"I haaaad thoooo! It whaaas nhooot mhyyyyy fhauult! Emmmmaaaaa! Sheeee dhid thaat thoo meeeee!"

"Fuck you, idiot, was it you or Emma who let her disgusting shit flow into my mouth?"


"So? Why did you do that?"

"I'mmm shooorrrryyyy! Forghiive mheeeee! I whaaas whrooong! I'm shoo shoorrrrry!"

"Do you think a girl who shits into her best griflriend's mouth is nice, does she deserve mercy?"

"Nhoooooo! I whaaas bhaaaad! Shoo shoorrryyy!"

"Well, I accept your apologies. I'll give you some more speed." Amber grinned and set faster movement, the tortured body sinking quicker than before. Soon Eva was almost crotch deep in the acid but half of her thighs were still there and melting slowly.

"She will be soon over, dear." Emma whispered to Amber. "As long as her abdomen is melting her blood circulation will collapse. Might be better to leave her like this, you were already really generous!"

"Yes, my love, you are right!" Amber smiled at Emma. 

"Eva slut, with this pace you have around 10 minutes left to live. Enjoy it. I have no more questions for you!" she laughed and left the switches behind, walked down to the spectator area of the vat and enjoyed from beneath as Eva sunk deeper and deeper. From her angle Eva's almost completely dissolved legs and burnt crotch and cunt seemed lovely, so beautiful, so vulnerable, so sweet. The Blonde crazygirl started to play with her roasted clit again, savouring on Eva's pain and screams.

It took a bit more than 10 minutes, after both Eva's legs were completely dissolved and the acid half-way ate itself into her crotch as well, destroying everything that was left of her cunt and ass, her abdominal cavity finally punctured. Litres of boiling acid flowed into Eva's body, attacking the organs, intenstines, blood vessels, feeding on the young body's interiors like a swarm of angry fire ants. Eva's screams reached a new, never before heard level, like a thin string vibrating on its highest pitched note, and then suddenly the scream stopped.

"I HATE YOUUU, GOD!" Eva shouted a short, suprisingly understandable sentence, before she went limp with open eyes. The 19 year old religious schoolgirl finally died, but she knew that she was in the hell already. And nobody can escape hell, the eternal suffering was waiting for her young soul.


Ruth blinked. She didn't know what to do. Her immediate reaction would be to spank her daughter for blaspheming. But she found herself almost agreeing with her. Surely God would never let such a thing happen, even to the worst of sinners. And why would God make her watch?

Ruth had no emotion on her face anymore. Just a calm, blank stare. She sat staring at the screen for a while, looking at her daughter as the lower half of her body dissolved away. Then eventually she stood up and walked out of the room, pausing upon noticing her reflection in the full length mirror. She was a complete state. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, and her chin was coated with vomit. There was vomit down her sweater. Shit in her stockings. Piss over her skirt. How filthy! This simply will not do. Slowly and calmly, she pulled the sweater over her head and unbuttoned her blouse. She slipped out of her clothes and let the layers drop to the floor. She knelt, removing her soaking wet stockings and soiled skirt and started to fold her clothes up. She paused every now and then to acknowledge, just for a moment, how ruined her clothes were. Once completely naked, she stared at herself in the mirror again, her face frozen with a look of disgust.

"The only way..." She muttered to herself, walking slowly to the kitchen.

She returned with the largest kitchen knife they owned, practically a cleaver. She held it up against the light, staring at the blade.

"The only way I can see you again...." her voice was low and quiet, and her eyes were lifeless. She barely reacted as the doorbell rang. Calmly, she went to answer the door.

"Ruth are you.. oh my goodness!" The visitor covered her eyes as Ruth answered the door, completely naked and brandishing a large knife.

"Good afternoon, Mrs Williams." Ruth spoke with an eerie calmness. Mrs Williams was quite a sheltered individual, slightly plump and very religious. She had lived next door to Ruth for many years, and would be reported later as saying that Ruth 'always seemed so nice'...

"Um...I...I heard some screaming and....oh goodness what are you doing?" Mrs Williams blurted out, her hand clamped tightly over her eyes.

"Do you love your daughter, Mrs Williams?"

"Why...why of course! I'm sorry, I don't understand..."

"I love my daughter too. I love her ever so much."

"Well, yes we love our daughters, of course..." Mrs Williams shuffled her feet uncomfortably. This was an odd thing to discuss with someone whilst naked. "Um...when you"

"I have a date with my daughter. I cannot talk now Mrs Williams, have a nice day..." Ruth closed the door abruptly, and as she turned away she saw a framed photo on a nearby table. She carefully opened it up, took the photo of Eva from the frame, placed the frame back on the corner table then walked back into the living room. She took her seat in front of the television, where her daughter was still on screen, slowly dissolving away. Ruth gulped and held the trembling knife against her wrist. The blade felt cold on her flesh.

"The only way... Suicide is a sin... then I can be with you. I can be with you in hell, my dearest.." She spoke, staring at the photo and not the screen. Her daughter was not on the television anymore. That hadn't been her daughter for a while. It was some...thing. That thing was not her daughter.

Ruth slid the knife clumsily across her wrist, and blood began pouring out. She screamed in pain, and tried once more, blood squirting all over the carpet and the chair. She tried one last time, and finally hit a major artery. Blood gushed everywhere, and Ruth died naked on the chair, her legs apart. As she passed, her bowels emptied and a mess of shit and piss erupted from her, sliding down to the floor beneath her. The blood covered photo beside her left hand, which lay slightly open, palm up. The blood covered knife was still in her other hand. Her head remained laid back, against the chair, her mouth slightly open and her eyes cold and dark.


Eva's upper torso hung above the tank, nothing below her waist had survived and she was just half a woman now. The winch had stopped moving and now Eva just hung there, the remnants of her arms swinging by her side, her head tilted slightly, her eyes so open, so dead, staring at Amber.

Amber stared back, silent, quiet. She was still pleasuring herself, but she didn't seem to be reacting to the orgasms. She was screaming and moaning with pleasure as her friend died, but now she hung there... she just felt empty. Unsure.

Emma stood behind Amber with her hands on her hips. Amber turned around, her face drained of all its colour.

"Did I do good?" Amber spoke meekly. Her rage had subsided, and now all that was left was turmoil. "Was it good?"


In her living room Mandy was completely wasted. The past day was far too much even or her nymphomaniac young body. She came far too many times, she lost far too much water, she screamed her throat hoarse. She was utterly satisifed and even overstimulated. She was just panting and moaning, and occasionally the urge to touch herself became too much, her mind unable to keep her fingers away, and she attempted to touch her crotch. Pain and pleasure was her reward everytime, her swollen clitoris was far too sensitive to accept any more stimulus. Mandy felt exhausted like never before in her life, but that was something special. She felt good, like floating in the ocean of sexual pleasure, her mind was dizzy and her body was covered with her own sweat like she was just finished shower.

"Was it good? You stupid bitch, this was not good! This was fucking phenomenal! This was the dirtiest, sickest, cruellest, most perverted show I could ever dream off! This was the deepest darkness that the human mind can create! Fuck you bitch, fuck you! I want to have your ripped toenails right here, right now, I need them! And the others' nails too!" she told the screen as she took the keyboard and wrote a quick message. She wanted to write more, to thank for Emma and her staff, but was too weak, even typing proved to be too hard.


Charlotte walked up to Emma and handed her a clipboard. Emma scanned it briefly and smiled.

"Yes, my sweet. You did very well. Very well indeed! Mandy69 is raving about our newest film, and looks forward to her nails. Pain_makes_pleasure is paying a fortune for the remains of your best friend, and your mother has been auctioned off at a very high price to the highest bidder, who appears to be a member of high society in Japan. We also have purchases of samples of the horse cum you tasted earlier, the shit from Eva's ass and some bug collectors in America want to keep the insects that were housed inside your mother. Overall, a very successful film."

Amber smiled sweetly.

"So, my little protege ," Emma continued, "time for your reward?"


Twenty minutes passed. Ruth still lay in her position. Slowly, the basement door creaked open and two slender women crept into the room. The first woman, an attractive blonde whose red overalls seductively hugged her large breasts and curvy ass, carried a large heavy bag in her hand. It clinked as she moved. The second woman was a beautiful Asian lady, a lot smaller than the blonde but with a body just as seductive. She also wore the same red overalls.

"Suicide. Told ya, you owe me dinner" the blonde woman said sarcastically.

"Ssshh!" the second replied as she made her way over to the television, "the camera is still rolling, we need to remain professional."

"Don't be silly, Emma likes a little human interaction in her films. Makes them more real. Will you look at her? She's a complete state! What a waste" The blonde now stood over Ruth's corpse, her arms folded. The Asian woman wasn't listening, as she was busy pulling a wire from the television. The image of Eva on screen disappeared as she removed the source of the live feed and coiled it up on her arm.

"Don't you think it's a waste?" The blonde repeated.

"Hm? Oh, not really. You know how it is. We would've killed her after the show anyway, she just saved us a job. People who see Emma's face that aren't from the Brotherhood or the Sadist Community pretty much have their fates sealed."

"Still, I feel we should do something," The blonde snapped her fingers, "Oh I know!" with a wicked grin, the Blonde placed her bag on the floor and pulled at her overalls zip that reached from her neck down to her crotch. As her completely naked body was revealed underneath, she reached inside and tugged at something in her pussy. With a slurping noise, a long vibrator slid out of her soaking wet pussy and whirled around mechanically in the air. The sex toy was glistening in the light with the thick pussy juices that coated it. The blonde giggled as she placed the sticky sex toy in Ruth's open hand. The juices slid down the surface and over her fingers, pooling just below them. The blonde reached inside her overalls again and this time tugged at a string dangling from her ass. With several smaller pops, a long string of anal beads were removed, the last two beads being so large that the Blonde had to tug pretty hard to remove them. They were coated in fresh shit, and were placed delicately on the mountain of shit that had so recently been expelled from Ruth's ass.

"Hmmm..." The blonde pondered for a moment, staring at the contents of the open bag on the floor. The two women had been monitoring Ruth in her basement since she had gotten home, and had been keeping the live connection active so that the show was uninterrupted. As a result, they had been there a while, and had been watching everything. The bag was filled with a variety of sex toys, all of which were used and covered in all sorts of juices. The aroma of pussy spread out and filled the room. With precision, the blonde woman began laying out every sex toy in a circle around Ruth, making it seem like each toy was used and discarded at random.

"Very nice. She looks like a sex pervert. Can we go now?" The Asian asked, impatiently.

"Not yet, I want to have more fun. I think we need one inside her, quick pass me yours!"

"Lil' Noemi? No, fuck off, she's mine. I need her for the journey home, and she's expensive!"

The blonde stared at her comrade haughtily, and eventually the Asian conceded. The beautiful woman sighed and shook her head, unzipping her overalls and revealing her amazing tanned physique. She pulled at the large base sticking out of her cunt and kept pulling, the mammoth dildo inside her sliding its 16 inch length out of its former home until it eventually popped out. A trail of pussy juice hung from the rounded rubber spikes that lined the shaft.

"Take it. NOW can we go?"

"Oh, not yet sweetie! I have so many ideas!" The blonde giggled, pressing the monster dildo against Ruth's dead pussy and forcing it inside the cunt that was slightly moistened with piss, but cold in touch. "and we have a LOT to set up!"


CHAPTER X - Amber's Reward

Amber had been waiting patiently for twenty minutes. She was sat on the floor of the main basement area again, with the deceased Tracy lying on the bench not too far away. Her severed arm was no longer in Amber's ass and was now cradled in her arms as she hugged it. Emma appeared to be overlooking administrative work with several other staff members, and it seemed like everything was calming down. It felt so over. Amber didn't even feel horny anymore, just an odd sadness that hung on her heart. Various women were bustling around her, collecting the various fingernails, toe nails and samples of fluid that were to be sent off around the globe.

Finally, Emma walked over to her, the last fragment of her conversation getting louder as she approached.

"...knows we provide top notch entertainment. Ah, Amber! Darling, how are you? Sorry I was delayed, you must be eagerly awaiting your official training. Excited?"

"Oh yes! Please, please train me! I want to know how to do it all!" Amber chirped, her smile the first of genuine pleasantness.

"Good. It was great seeing you out there, I must say. Really impressed me. You must hate your mother a lot!"

"I did." Amber was smiling, she felt like she did good. She pleased Emma.

"Did? You mean you don't anymore?"

"Um, no... no I do, I mean, of course I do. Yeah, she's a bitch."

"I see. And why did you hate her so much?" Emma was very good at manipulating conversations.

"Well, she never loved me. She just, pretended like she did. Why should I love her if she never loved me?"

"I see. Follow me, then. Let's give you your reward..." Emma smiled and walked away, leading her through a door on the far side of the room, familiarly marked "Wine cellar". Amber jumped up, limping after her. The painkillers were already wearing off, but she had enough strength left inside her to limp. As the two women walked off, they were followed shortly behind by the beautiful African lady who had filmed Tracy's pulling of her daughters toenails. She, of course, carried a camera and filmed them as they left.

Both sadistic women, with the camera woman following close behind, stepped carefully down the stairs that led to the sub basement. Amber was amazed, looking around at the size of the room they were in. Immediately next to and slightly below the hell that they had experienced for the last day was an equally large cavern, dimly lit by hundreds of small, yellow lamps. It appeared to be filled wall to wall with what looked like glass rooms that stretched the distance to the other side of the cavern. As they reached the bottom of the stairs and began to walk amongst one of the corridors between the glass walls, Amber took a closer look. They were revealed to be jail cells, and inside each cell was a woman, at least that's what Amber assumed. It was hard to tell, as each woman was left in a different state. Some women hung from the ceiling of their cell via chains, or hooks stabbed through their shoulders. Other women were left to roam free around their cells. Almost all of the women were missing at least one appendage, ranging from arms and legs to breasts and cunts. As they walked down the line of cells, Amber peered into one noting the name.

"Juliette". 'Dark yellow wine, salty with a trace of blood. 2 litres'

Behind the glass wall was the torso of a woman. Her arms looked as though they had been surgically removed, whereas the tattered flesh around her thighs gave the impression that her lower half was torn from her body with force. She was suspended in the air by two meat hooks inserted in her breasts, and a hose and funnel were shoved inside her cunt, presumably there for ease of getting her 'wine'. A life support machine was keeping her alive, and she didn't even react to the three women walking past.

"Ah, here we are. Does this look familiar?" Emma said, as they stopped in front of a cell. Amber peered in the gloom. Inside the cell was a 22 year old black woman. Amber noticed the plaque on her cell.

"Tanya" 'Crystal clear refreshing wine, slightly sour with a hint of herbs. 5 litres.'

A pang of guilt clutched at Ambers heart. The charming face and large, fat cuntlips looked familiar, but nothing like the photo that she saw on the menu. Tanya sat on the floor, two large iron clasps around her ankles binding her down, but spreading her legs. She was blind and mute, with both her eyelids and lips clumsily stitched together with a single strand of razor wire that coiled around her face. Her arms were stumps, bandaged up just past the elbow, and judging by the amount of dried blood between her thighs and the disgusting mess that sat between her legs on the floor, she was probably heavily pregnant when she was chained up, and lost her unborn baby long ago.

"Oh god, I didn't know!" Amber blurted out.

"Of course you did, you knew exactly what that menu meant. You just didn't care." Emma replied, helpfully.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god, I'm so sorry!" Emma was right. At the time, she was carried away with the rage and emotion of what she was doing. She chose a sexy looking woman whose pee would taste nice, and knew full well that she would still be alive somewhere. Of course she did. She just didn't care. Although there was a photo of her face, there was no reason for Amber to be personally involved. It was just a face. Now Amber could see her clearly, right in front of her. Suffering. The floodgates of Ambers guilt began to creak open...

"Why should you care? You knew what you were doing. She was simply a tool to use during your torture. Why does it upset you?"

"She was innocent..." Amber muttered quietly.

"You mean you didn't know her. It shouldn't matter." Emma turned to the African camera woman and spoke quietly, but loud enough that Amber could definitely hear her.

"Has the cell opposite been cleared out and equipped like I requested ten minutes ago?" Emma whispered. The camerawoman nodded in response.

"Wonderful!" Emma clapped her hands together, and turned back to Amber. "Come here sweetie, we have secured you a cell of your very own, opposite your friend here!"

"What? A...a cell? But ...but I thought..."Amber looked flustered. Once again, she wasn't sure what was happening.

"You thought that I could train you to be like me? Look at you. You could never be like me, because you are a hypocrite. You mercilessly tortured your loving mother and your best friend, but you see a stranger who you willingly violated and you get all upset. You feel too much"

"No..."Amber fell to her knees. "No please, I can be merciless! You saw me, you said you were impressed!"

"I saw no such thing. I saw hesitation and I saw tears. You cried when you tortured your mother, and you were sad when she died. You tortured her to save your own skin and pretended like you enjoyed it, but it was killing you, wasn't it?"

"No! I hated her, I swear! She was a horrible woman who never loved me! She..."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! Hot! Oh no, fucking hot!"

Amber quietened, the familiar voice shocked her into silence.

"What...was that?" she cautiously asked, turning her head slowly.

"That's your cellmate. You'll be spending the rest of your life with her." Emma beamed happily. Amber turned to face her cellmate, or more accurately, the multiple televisions that were built into the glass wall. Each screen replayed the action from upstairs on a continuous loop, and at the moment they were all showing, in multiple angles, Tracy's torturous journey across the metal bar. Amber stared in shock as she watched her mother tiptoe across the scalding metal.

"Yes, your mother put herself through that to rescue you. She didn't even question it, she just did it. Look at her. look at her face. You think she didn't love you?"

"I didn't....I couldn't.....I couldn't see her...." Amber began, fixated on the screen as the image showed Tracy falling against the metal bar, scalding her legs.

"How else do you think she lost her feet? She lost them for you. I guess that's how much she loved you. And how did you thank her?"

"Biiiitch! Stupiiiid biiiitch!" Amber on the television shrieked as Tracy tried to remove the pipe inserted in her gums.

"You are a horrible daughter, and a despicable human being. Oh well, enjoy your life down here. You have lost the right to be my apprentice for being such a monster, but at least I am letting you live..." and with that, Emma turned and walked out the cell, closing the door and locking it behind her.

"Wait!" Amber called out, as both Emma and her camerawoman left.

"Don't go! Wait! That's it? It's over?" Her cries were muted outside the sound proof glass, and Amber was left alone with nothing but her thoughts, and the televisions that lined all the walls around her, no matter which way she faced. The sound of screams would only get louder as the film played on.

She stared at the screen as the film played on. She watched her mother's torment when given the option between taking her daughters toenails or eating her breasts, and thought about it from her mother's point of view. She watched in horror as a monster that looked like her began torturing her mother. It felt like an out of body experience, and she was terrified of the girl that ripped out her mother's teeth. This monster was flaying her mother's legs and masturbating on her lap. Although Amber was staring deep into her mother's eyes whilst she did it, she only just saw the terror and betrayal now, in the video. By the time she got to her torture of Eva in the acid bath, she was weeping so much she couldn't breathe. Coupled with the simultaneous viewing of Ruth, cursing Ambers name as she watched in terror. She never even thought about Ruth. It never crossed her mind. Now she could see her on screen, weeping and soiling herself in fear of her daughter.

Amber screamed as Ruth slit her wrists. That was her fault. Not only was she responsible for the death of her mother and her best friend, but now Ruth's blood was metaphorically on her hands. It couldn't get much worse than this...


Theodore had a long journey home. It was late at night and he had been away on his business trip for days now, and had been looking forward to being home since he got on the train. He tried calling ahead, but there was no answer, nor was Ruth waiting for him at the station like they had arranged. Still, he was sure there was a good reason, and longed to be in her arms again. Just a hug, that's all he required.

He opened the door to the house, and immediately the vaguely familiar smell of 'female excitement' caught his attention. He perked up immediately. He was a faithful husband, and the kindest man you'd ever meet. As a result, he always respected his wife's wishes and would never force himself upon her. Nor would he ever dream of having an affair. His wife had always told him that masturbation was a sin, so he never did it. As a result, he had a great deal of sexual tension, but would otherwise just push down all those feelings and live his life as a nice, kind man. But he was a man, and he did need the occasional release. Ruth wasn't exactly a sexually confident woman, but she did have her moments of romance. A few years ago, she had surprised him with a two week long holiday to Spain. They had sex twice that holiday, and it was the happiest and sexiest fortnight of his life. And of course, he once had sex many years ago and had a beautiful daughter. Some people would love to have sex seven times in one lifetime like he had. Although he didn't consider sex a major part of his life, he did love every minute of it, probably more than his wife did.

The fresh, sweet nectar that filled the air was exciting his memory. It was taking him back to those exciting, sexy times. It was reminding him that he was a passionate man, and it was getting him worked up and ready for an unwinding. He looked around. The room had been decorated romantically. There were candles everywhere, giving the hallway in which he stood a romantic red glow. The door to the living room was to the left of the front doorway, and was slightly ajar. As Theodore stood in the hallway, he decided to get a head start and surprise his loving wife. He quickly stripped naked, letting his clothes drop to the floor and his slightly below average sized cock stand to attention, wobbling slightly as he kicked his trousers off. He rubbed his hands together and pushed open the door.

"Surprise!..." Theodore exclaimed excitedly, his fully naked body on display for his wife. He paused as something in the room seemed off. He could see the back of his wife's head on the chair, and had a clear view of the television from where he stood. They had many home videos in their possession, and lots of them were focussed on their beloved daughter, just like any other normal family. There was nothing unusual about that.

However, like most people, they didn't exactly watch them very often. Theodore moved closer. The video seemed to be paused on footage of Eva, aged 5, naked in the bath. This particular clip was paused at the exact moment you could see every detail of Eva's petite naked body, from her tiny nipples to her  bald, puffy little cunt. This wasn't a point of concern when they filmed it, because their daughter was adorable, but in this context, with the romantic candlelight and the aroma of fresh orgasm in the air, it started to worry Theodore more. He moved closer, and the various sex toys came into view. They were all wet and had been sitting for a few hours, so that the various juices that covered them had dripped and formed a puddle beneath each one. Now he was in the room, he could hear a faint buzzing noise. As Theodore edged closer, the smell of fresh orgasm became replaced by the smell of shit and vomit and, worryingly, blood.

He stepped around the couch, his penis now dangling limply between his legs. His wife lay on the chair, naked, bleeding, dead. Her lifeless eyes stared up at him, and he stared back in horror. His gaze moved from her eyes down to the dripping sex toy in her hand, and then to the dildo that was still inside her cunt, pulsating and vibrating away, causing her pubic area to bounce slightly with the intense vibrations. He looked at the stain of piss on the carpet and the chair, and the mass amount of shit that spread out between her thighs. In fact, the floor was covered in piles of shit and puddles of sick smelling vomit. He noticed the anal beads sticking out of the shit, and knew vaguely what they were for. He stared back at the screen, his naked daughter frozen in what was increasingly becoming a perverted stance. Her naked flesh was making Theodore feel dirty, and he looked back at his dead wife.

He had avoided something that he had noticed subconsciously, trying hard not to look at it. He couldn't avert his gaze any longer though, and turned to stare at her wrist. It had stopped oozing blood long ago, but had made quite a mess in the meantime. The bloody knife lay in her other hand, and beside that was a school photo of Eva. It was covered in a thin film of pussy juice. Theodore had gone completely pale, his face was so white that his lips had turned grey. What was wrong with his wife?? What the heck had she been doing? He moved over to her, the buzzing inside her cunt now seemed to fill the room, and no longer could he smell the arousing scent of earlier. It still lingered, but it was no longer the kind of thing Theodore was willing to perceive. He reached forward and gripped at the sex toy vibrating in her cunt and pulled. It was hard to remove, the small rubber spikes were catching on Ruth's inexperienced pussy and Theodore had to tug quite hard just to get it to slide out 10 inches. He surrendered, conceding that, even in death, his wife's secret sexual appetite was stronger than him and he left the monstrous dildo half inside her. The vibrations of the end of the dildo were louder now they were not muffled inside her.

He felt ill, and stumbled around the chair in a manner fitting an inebriated drunk, falling forward until he reached the front door. He swung it open with one hand and immediately fell forward, his other hand automatically stretching out to grab the floor, stopping him inches above the ground. His stomach contents, however, did not stop moving and poured out of his mouth, a liquid vomit that came out like a torrent and splashed on the floor below. And on a pair of shoes. He stared at the shoes with a slightly blurry vision, but the image of his dead paedophile wife wouldn't leave his mind and he vomited again, splashing the shoes and also the legs slightly above them.

"Oh my goodness!" Mrs Williams looked at her once clean shoes, and the filthy liquid that was now dripping down her tights.

Theodore leant on the door handle he was still holding and eased himself up into an upright position. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Oh...oh gosh! I'm so sorry!" Mrs Williams covered her eyes again. She was a devout religious woman, just like her neighbours. Today she had seen more naked body parts than she had seen in her entire life. She wished she hadn't seen them in so much detail.

"I'm so...sorry to bother you. Should I come back when you are dressed?"

"What?" Theodore looked down. He had completely forgotten he was naked, and quickly grabbed the empty photo frame that was on the corner table to hold it in front of his naked shame. A thought in the back of his head reminded him that the frame used to have that photo of Eva in. Now that photo was defiled in the hands of his ex wife.

"I'm really very sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt!"

"I...I really am quite busy right now, Mrs Williams...Just...just come back later, okay?" Theodore blurted out nervously. His mind was still racing with the surge of recent events.

"I really am very sorry. I just...I saw you arrive home and was going to ask if your wife is okay..."

Theodore paused, then spoke cautiously. "My wife?"

"Well, I heard a lot of odd noises earlier, and when I spoke to her, she had answered the door naked and was saying something about being in love with ...your...daughter..." Mrs Williams spoke slowly as she separated her hands ever so slightly. She peered through the gap in her fingers at the television that she could clearly see from where she stood. She noticed the naked image on the screen. Theodore followed her gaze and looked behind him, silently cursing himself under his breath for not closing the living room door. He turned back and saw the look of slow realisation spread across the plump woman's face, like a wave of knowledge building up and preparing to crash...

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. The blow came from nowhere, even Theodore was shocked as his hand acted on its own accord, swinging the glass photo frame around and striking it against her face. The shards of glass separated and flew slowly in every direction. The drops of blood hung in the air like they were frozen in time, getting sparser and sparser as they squirted from the gash newly formed in Mrs Williams temple. Theodore's other hand clenched into a fist and travelled up, delivering a slow motion uppercut into the recoiling woman's jaw. The strike was powerful enough to lift her off her feet, and she flew backwards in the air, two of her teeth doing slow motion cartwheels above her, spinning with a trail of blood. She landed on her back, the cracking sound indicating that her spine broke upon impact, and Theodore jumped after her, pouncing like a tiger filmed in slow motion. Mrs Williams looked up in horror as Theodore descended, rage in his eyes. His fist plunged into her face, breaking her nose. His hand rose up again, blood trailing from his knuckles, and once again he slammed his clenched fist against her face, cracking her skull. Time sped up and returned to a normal speed as everything went black. Mrs Williams eyes closed, but still Theodore pounded her face again and again, reducing her face to a pile of mush.

"MY WIFE IS NOT A PAEDOPHILE!" He screamed, as his fist pounded back and forth, ignoring the large pool of blood that was spreading on the pavement below her.

"She is a PURE and INNOCENT soul! She would NEVER do what YOU are accusing her of!" He wasn't sure who he was trying to convince. Mrs Williams did not respond. She just lay there. Theodore gasped for breath, then drew his fist back...

...before he was tackled to the ground by another man. The commotion had drawn the attention of the residents of the otherwise quiet street, and many people had run out of their homes to aid the poor woman. It was too late for her, but nevertheless two men held Theodore back with both arms as he kicked and screamed like a wild animal. As the crowd of people gathered around in the cold of the night, some began to look inside the house. Theodore struggled against his captors, holding his hand outstretched.

"Don't go in there!" he barked, but it was too late. The scream of the woman who had ventured inside invited others to seek out the cause. Soon everyone had seen the morbid scene inside, and Theodore fell to his knees crying.

The police arrived shortly after. Very shortly, actually. As the first of three police cars parked outside the property, the first two officers on the scene stepped out. Two beautiful policewomen. One was blonde, the other was Asian...   


Amber watched the scene unfurl in horror. Watching Ruth die was bad enough, but watching her husband find her like that, to think the things he did. Amber knew that she wasn't responsible for the scene that was set up. But everything else... that was her fault. Eva's death led to Ruth's death, and her husband was bound to discover her one way or another. She had made so many bad choices and so many people were suffering because of it. And deep down inside, Amber knew that her mother was only taking her on holiday in the first place because she felt sorry for her. When she thought about it, everything was all her fault, really...

Amber curled up naked in a ball and hugged herself, wishing for her mummy.

EPILOGUE - Aftermath

Amber clutched at her filthy blanket and shivered. Even behind the sound proof glass, she could hear the screaming from up above her. Clearly someone new was being tortured, but no matter how often it happened, the screams always made Amber piss herself. A stream had already begun to flow from between her legs and gather in a puddle in the corner of the cell.

Amber wanted to die. She had been wanting to die for as long as she has been in this cell. She didn't know how much time had passed, but it felt like a decade since she first arrived here even though it was only close to three months. She barely remembered her previous life, just a few memories of her loving mother and her wonderful best friend. She remembered every moment of her time in this hell, however. The televisions that ran twenty four hours a day, seven days a week on a permanent loop showing her what she did refused to let her forget. In every cell that surrounded her, women were dying. They were left naked and abused, falling apart and mutilated. No one wore clothes, and no one was given anything to keep them warm. Except for Amber. She was treated like royalty. She was given a long white dress to wear, although admittedly it was now incredibly stained, yellow down the front and brown down the back. She had even been given a blanket to keep her warm and had her wounds treated on arrival by someone who she assumed was a nurse, based on her unnecessarily sexy costume. She saw as other girls across the cell from her own were given long, slimy pieces of shit to eat, or sometimes human flesh and limbs. Amber, however, was given proper meals. They smelt good and tasted nice, and often made the girls around her envious. Amber was also omitted from the wine list. Over the many months she had been there, she had watched the extraction of wine from the other girls in the glass cells. Women didn't just pee freely, they had pipes inserted into their urethras and their urine was sucked out forcibly. Amber had never felt that pain. She looked again at the plaque on her cell door.

"Amber" 'Mother Killing Monster. Wine unsuitable'

That made her feel worse. On top of that, she was ignored by the Cell Keeper. She had grown accustomed to what life was like in the Wine Cellar. Most girls were incapable of controlling their bowels, whereas others were tied up and their shit just fell beneath them. To prevent piling up, a young girl known as the Cell Keeper had the task of going to every cell and shovelling up the shit with a large spade and taking it away in a sack. She was a young girl, only 15, and had been born here in the basement. She lacked the twisted mind to work with Emma and, as a result, was forced to do janitorial work. She seemed relatively healthy and unharmed, and even wore clothes, albeit a tattered and shit stained yellow sundress. Her hair was messy and she never spoke a word, but she was kind and gentle, and it was a wonder she was unharmed. She never spoke to the prisoners, but would always smile at them whilst shovelling their shit. Down here, it was the highlight of everyone's week, seeing as it usually took her a week to do her rounds. Unbeknownst to everyone, the shit was delivered to Emma, who was collecting a giant vat of excrement that was being constantly blended and mixed so it was a nice liquid consistency, for further torture of other sluts. On the first week, the Cell Keeper smiled at Amber and shovelled her shit away, even giving her a small hug to cheer her up. The following week the Cell Keeper walked right past her cell and didn't even acknowledge her. She also had a large scar over her left eye, which seemed unable to open. She has never even looked at Amber since.

With the contrast between the lack of human intimacy and the physical luxuries, Amber was deeply confused. They were mixed messages. Amber didn't think she deserved to be given luxuries such as clothes and edible food, and she really didn't want them either. Her self-worth was so low that she begged to be treated like the monster she thought she was. She wanted to be tortured, like everyone else. She wanted Goddess Emma to return and tie her to two tractors and slowly split her in half. She wanted to be boiled alive and eaten like a lobster dinner. She wanted a slow and painful death, because she believed with all her heart that she deserved it. But no matter how much she begged Emma's staff whenever they walked past, no matter how much she pleaded and cried, she never got the death she craved. She was, however, always kept informed.


Theodore was jailed. There were plenty of witnesses, even without Emma's staff on the police force, he didn't stand a chance. The news spread fast. Theodore murdered an innocent woman whilst completely naked in the middle of his street, and there was also the discovery of Ruth's suicide and her secret sexual obsession with her own daughter. The sex toys were bad enough, but the two policewomen on the scene managed to find enough graphic child porn in the house to permanently shame the family name. The same policewomen were also able to subtly remove all of the cameras inside and outside the home, but no one knew about that.

Theodore and Ruth's actions had shocked everyone, and the very religious family didn't take it very well. Many family members committed suicide when they found out what had happened. Some of the elderly members had strokes, and the younger members turned to alcohol or drugs. It was a ripple effect of devastation. Theodore spent most of his time in jail being forced to give oral sex to the tough men, and was of course raped consistently. Some of Eva's bones were found in the garden of the house, carefully placed there by Emma's police spies. It was assumed that Ruth raped and killed her and once Theodore found out, he was found hanging in his cell by his bed sheets. Photos were leaked on to the internet of the man dangling in his cell, his trousers around his ankles, shit running down his legs and his tiny cock exposed. It was not the most dignified death.

The photo became viral, and almost everyone in the world had seen it. It was only really uploaded to show Amber, Emma had no idea how popular it would become...


Tracy's body was sold to a wealthy Japanese lady, who had her useless, beaten carcass transformed into a large toilet. The legs and remaining arm were removed and she was placed upside down in a large wooden frame, so that her gigantic hole was spread open at the top. Her organs were hollowed out so that whenever anyone climbed the wooden steps and squatted over Tracy's ruined holes, any faecal matter and urine would flow straight down her body and pour out of her facial orifices. Urine tended to flow out of her obliterated eye sockets and nostrils, whereas shit would slide out from her mouth, no matter what consistency. Beneath Tracy's head was a trough to catch whatever came out, and flushed it away to a nearby drain. The toilet was installed in the centre of a large, private organisation which happened to consist of many perverts. It was used constantly, as it was the only toilet in the entire building and became such a major attraction that a cafe opened around it, so that people could watch it work as they ate lunch.

Amber, of course, was sent videos and photos of it in use. They were plentiful.


Eva's body was sold to a heavily built British woman and converted into the world's largest sex toy. The bottom half of her body was sealed up and dressed in pretty ribbons. Her insides were gutted out and replaced with machinery, so that individual parts of her body vibrated at different speeds. Her arm stubs were two large, pulsating vibrators, capable of deep penetration. The more adventurous woman could attempt the Monster Head. Eva's skull was filled deep with a vibrating machine, so that her entire head vibrated. It was huge, but the British woman was proud of her gigantic cunt, and was able, with some major force, to push Eva's head deep inside her. Additionally, her tongue was crafted to permanently stick out of her mouth and was fitted with a tiny vibrator capable of pleasuring the clitoris. Her breasts were replaced expanded, so each tit was porn star sized at a FF cup. The nipples were small bullet vibrators wrapped in a real skinned dog cock. They were constructed in a manner that, after ten minutes of pleasure, they injected real dog sperm, for that special authenticity.

What a perfect fate for such a religious girl. Again, Amber was sent videos of it in action, in a variety of different positions.


Only a couple of days after Emma's show was over Mandy got a cute little box wrapped in silver paper and bound by bright red ribbons. Inside the box, placed upon a silvery metal cylinder, several small pieces of shiny horns were taped by Scotch tape. A set of five shiny unpainted toenails from Eva's foot, altogether 7 smaller, French styled punctured toenails from Amber's feet and the hideously broken, burnt and slightly disfigured toenails joint together from Tracy's big toes. 14 pieces of tiny and seemingly useless appendages which were not even recognizable to any normal person, but for Mandy all these things meant much more. They were not only the mementos of a long, sweating, pleasure filled day and night, but also the materialized proof that what was shown, recorded and regularly replayed on her screen had really happened.

Mandy had a really huge collection of extracted toenails, she was probably the only human being on Earth who could open a really rich and well supplied toenail exhibition. She glued the 14 toenails onto a shiny tableau with the photos of three smiling ladies. She glued the toenails under the faces of the three unfortunate victims and hung the frame onto a central location in her secret chamber highlighted by strong spotlights. Day after day, week after week, month after month she never passed that special little decoration without at least caressing her private parts, recalling all the screams and terror filled faces of the victims.

Perfect mementos of a perfect day. 


After many more months of suffering, Amber began to withdraw into herself. She didn't eat. Food that was delivered to her cell and pushed through the meal slot just sat in front of it, eventually gathering up in a pile until it stopped getting delivered. The food inevitably rotted, going mouldy or brown. Flies began to emerge and maggots appeared, but still Amber did nothing. She didn't even move from her position against the far wall, hugging herself with wide open eyes, muttering quietly. Her lack of movement and eating caused bedsores to appear all over her body, horrible looking blisters that sometimes burst and oozed out yellow goo. She began to resemble a living skeleton, her body soon eating all the fat deposits until she was barely just skin and bone, similar to starving children seen in Africa. After a while, the flies in the cell were plentiful, and maggots had begun eating away at her, but still she did not move. In the beginning, she was smart enough to go to the toilet in a corner, leaving a massive pile of year old shit festering away. Now she didn't even move to use the toilet, and a large pile of shit had begun to form between her legs. Flies were attracted here, too, and many landed all over her body. She didn't even move as a fly landed on her eyeball. Her muscles had atrophied through lack of use, and there was nothing she could do now. She stared forever at the screens around her, watching the world she created.

Her breathing slowed, and her throat was hoarse, and finally she let out one long final breath, before her heart stopped beating. She finally rested, though not in peace. Never in peace.


Two weeks after Ambers death, a 17 year old blonde girl was thrown into her cell. It had not been cleaned since her death, and had the strongest stench of all the cells. Flies and maggots were everywhere, and the young girl looked in horror at the massive pile of stale, dried shit. She daren't even look at the skeleton corpse in the corner of the room. It stared at her with dried, open eyes and an open mouth. The televisions had been removed since the day Amber died, but everything else in the cell was how it always was. And this was now the new cell of the new girl, who banged on the glass begging to see her sister one last time.

Emma laughed, and told her that she could not see her sister, unless everything in the cell was consumed and digested, and licked clean.

Even in death, Amber was causing misery.


Emma lay completely naked on the Queen sized bed of her grand bedroom, beneath the red silk sheets and surrounded by red pillows that propped up her back. The silk covers outlined the perfect shape of her spread legs, her toes wriggling under the luxurious material. The unmistakable shape of a petite woman was also outlined in the sheets, a head shaped bump moving rapidly between Emma's thighs.

"Lick slower." She demanded, and the young girl under the sheets trembled slightly, before moving at a much slower speed. "Better. Keep this speed up, I'm not in any hurry to finish." Emma moaned softly as her wet slit was thoroughly sucked by her most recent slave, and as the appropriate rhythm was achieved, she took her laptop and placed it on the sluts back, opening it up and loading her email inbox on the screen. A new message appeared, and as the words filled the screen, Emma let out a long sigh.

" My beloved, kinky & slutty Emma,"

Urine flowed from the increasingly excited Emma faster than she could realise. Her mouth opened and closed as her cunt pulsated, and the more she read, the more the muscles in her legs tensed.

"Faster, whore! Fucking faster! Suck like never before! Fuck!" Emma practically screamed the words, her eyes carefully reading the words on the screen as her body shook, a powerful orgasm building up quicker with every sentence read.

"FASTER! FUCKING SUCK ME YOU WORTHLESS WHORE! FUUUCK! FUUUUUUCKKK!" Emma shrieked these words, gripping the moving head with both hands and holding it tightly between her thighs. Her body shook as she orgasmed, spraying her juices over the licking girl's face. She read the final word despite her eyes insisting they roll back into her head, tears forming with the mere strength of her climax. The wave began to simmer down, and Emma lay against the cushions and fought for breath, her naked chest rising and falling quickly with each heartbeat. She lifted the sheet and looked at the slut underneath. The red head had no arms, both being amputated just the day before. The stumps were decorated with pink ribbon bandages and the slut's breasts had been surgically removed also, so that she could lie easily on Emma's bed without anything getting in the way. Her eyes had also been carefully removed, as Emma liked her privacy and didn't allow for anyone to watch her masturbate or see her naked body.

"Slowly again, the speed like before." Emma said quietly, as her voice returned. The slut continued her work and Emma placed her delicate fingers on the keyboard, moving them with surprising speed as her long nails clicked against the keys.

"My dearest Mandy..."


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