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Suzy and Henry

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Synopsis: Suzy broke a rule. She needs to be taught a lesson.

Sally and Henry

By Abe

(Sally broke one of the rules.  She needed to be taught a lesson)

       A farm is a good place to raise children.  Of course, the small family farm is practically extinct in the United States.  Edith and  I couldn't make a living farming, so I leased most of  my acreage to my neighbor, Smith, who uses it to grow hay and alfalfa for his herd.  He had a good thing going: Smith's Organic Grass Fed Black Angus Beef.  I got a job as a long-haul driver.  Edith had her vegetable garden, her fruit trees, and her chickens.  It was still a good place to raise kids.   Rob, my oldest, found a good job and a live-in girlfriend in Kansas City.  Ernie joined the navy.  Suzy, my little girl, was about to graduate from high school.  She planned to go to nursing school.

       I'm usually on the road four, five, six days at a time, but once I got home early Friday morning.  I slept until noon, and then Edith fed me a good brunch, with fresh, home-grown eggs.  I could see something was troubling her and asked her what it was.  “Suzy,” she answered.  “Last night she said she was going for a walk, to see how many deer came out of the woodlot to graze.  As you know, they only come out at dusk.”   It got quite dark, though the moon is almost full, and she wasn't back, so I took a walk too.  I found her in the old barn where Smith stores hay bales.   She was stark naked, but for her shoes, and she was bent forward over a hay bale, doing the dirty with Henry Smith.  I was speechless, didn't know what to do, so I went home to wait for her.  She doesn't know I know.”

       I pushed my chair back.  “Don't worry, Edith, I'll take care of it,” I said confidently.  “I'll have a little talk with Suzy and Henry.  Henry seems a good boy, polite to his elders.” Suzy needed a lesson, and it didn't take long for me to make a lesson plan.  I drove down to the interstate off ramp where there is an adult store.  On the way back, I stopped, put on my leather gloves,  gathered some roadside weeds, put them in a big black plastic bag and threw it in the back of the pickup.  When I got home, I took a battery lantern and several things down to the hay barn.  Edith looked away, didn't want to know.

       Suzy got off the school bus and went up to her room to change out of her school clothes and into her usual, a tee-shirt and cut-off jeans shorts.  After supper, Edith left Suzy and me alone at the table.  “Suzy,” I said, “Do you see Henry Smith


       “Of course, Daddy, every school day; we ride the same school bus.”

       “How about after school?”


       “How about last night?  Did you see him when you went for a walk?”

       “Yes,” she said, somewhat hesitantly.

       “Did Henry rape you?”

       “NO!  Henry's a nice boy.”

       “I want you to call him on the telephone.  Here's what I want you to say.”  I handed her a piece of paper.

       I could only hear her side of the conversation.  “Hello, Henry.  It's me, Suzy.  I really enjoyed what we did last night, and I can't wait to do it again.  Can you meet me tonight at the hay barn,  about 8?  OK, I'll be waiting.”  She made a kissing sound and hung up.

       In good time Suzy and I walked down toward the hay barn, which was out of sight of the house.  She looked at me expectantly.  “Suzy,” I said, “What are the house rules?  Recite them for me.”

       Like answering a question in school, she said: “One, obey your parents.  Two, always tell the truth.  Three, be charitable and tolerant toward others.  Four, do not use tobacco.  Five, do not let a boy see or touch my private parts.”

       “You broke rule number five, didn't you,” I stated.

       “Yes, Daddy, I admit it.  But I'm old enough, past the age of consent.  It wasn't illegal.”

       “But you did break a house rule.  As long as you live in our house, the rules apply.”  She didn't say any more until we got to the barn.  The sun was low in the sky, but there was still light enough to do what we had to do.  “Suzy, take off your clothes.”

       “Daddy, I can't get undressed in front of my own father.”

       “You did it in front of Henry.  You can strip off in front of me.”

       She reached down and lifted her tee-shirt over her head and laid it on a hay bale, not the one that was just the right height for doggy style sex.  I pointed at her bra, and she took that off.  “Daddy,” she said,  “I'm  woman now.  Rule five shouldn't apply.  How old was my mother when you married her?”

       “Suzy, I can't yet think of you as a woman, ready for sex.  Your mother was a woman, as I remember they used to be.  The hand of God had pinched her in the middle.  She had real boobs and broad hips and tapered thighs.  They didn't wear shorts with a zipper fly in front back then.  You look like a child to me, with a body like a boy's.  Your tits look nice, but they wouldn't fill a teacup.  You shoulders are wider than your hips.  You are thin enough to hide behind a telephone pole, standing sideways.  Your upper legs are like my upper arms.  Your thighs don't even touch at the top.  What is it with your generation?  Is it human evolution, or maybe something in your diet?  Pesticides?  Diet Coke?”  She didn't answer.   I indicated she should continue undressing.  She undid the metal button, unzipped the fly, and  dropped her shorts, picking them up and putting them on top of her bra.  Then the panties.  I let her keep her shoes on.  “Is this the way you were undressed last night?”  She nodded.  “Is that the hay bale you bent across so he could fuck you doggy style?”  I had indicated the bale I had covered with a black plastic bag.          She  nodded, looking very uncomfortable but making no effort to cover her nakedness.

       “Put your hands out in front of you” I commanded.  She did, reminding me of rule one.  I used duct tape to bind her wrists together and protect her skin from rope burn.  Then I ran the free end of the rope through a big screw-eye I had previously screwed into the wall.  As I pulled on the rope, her bound hands drew her toward the bale with the plastic.  She stood there while I tied it off, her knees against the hay, her arms stretched out in front of her.  I went to a sack and pulled out a piece of white PVC plastic pipe about three feet long.

       When she saw it, she asked, “What are you going to do, beat me?”

       “My dear daughter, have I ever beaten you?”

       “No,” she admitted.  “Are you going to punish Henry?” 

       “I don't blame Henry.  Teen aged boys are hard-wired to have sex anytime, anywhere.  You are the one who broke the rule, but I suppose he may regret it.”  I looked out the door and saw Henry striding across the fields.  “He will be there in ten minutes or less.  Just wait, quietly.  I'll tell you when you can talk.”  She stood there, naked, and after a while she leaned forward, so she could rest her hands on the bale and support her upper body with her arms.  I stepped out in front of Henry, surprising him as he arrived.  “Planning to meet Suzy, Henry?' I asked in a level tone of voice.

       “Yes, Sir,” he replied.  “I hope you don't mind.”

       “Of course you want to see her,” I said.  “She's a pretty girl.  Here she is.  Look.”  I led him into the barn.

       Suzy had straightened up, so she stood upright with her back to him and her arms horizontal, in front of her, tethered to the far wall.   “You want to have sex with her, don't you?”

       Henry eyed the three-foot pipe in my hand and said, softly, “Yes, Sir.”

       “All right, Henry, off with your clothes.  Pants off.  Did you leave your shirt on last night?  If so, you can leave it on tonight.”  As he slid his jeans down, I asked, “Did you use a rubber?”

       “Of course, Sir.  I wouldn't want to knock up your daughter.”

       “Did you bring one tonight?”

       “Yes, Sir,” he replied, fishing a foil packet out of his pocket before laying his  jeans on the bale with Suzy's clothes.

       The  PVC pipe was actually a snake stick.  There was a wire attached at one end and then, making a loop, fed up the pipe.  There are poisonous copperheads on our farm.  You slip the loop over the snake's head and pull on the wire, trapping it.  The state wants us to release the copperheads into the wild, but, hell, our farm is the wild, so I always pull harder on the wire and pinch the dangerous snake's head off.   I had intended, if necessary, to slip the loop over Henry's balls to make him do whatever I wanted, but that didn't seem to be necessary.  He took off his briefs without hesitation.   As he looked at Suzy, his penis grew erect.  “Don't forget the rubber,” I said.  He seemed well practiced at that exercise.  “OK, do what you did last night.  Slip it into her.”   Suzy looked straight ahead, not able to see either of us.

       “Please, Sir,” said Henry.  “She doesn't look ready.  Some foreplay, first.”  I waved him on with the snake stick, and he stepped up behind her.  His hands went around her, under her arms, and played with her little tits.  He whispered in her ear.  He moved his open palms across her little nipples, which stood up like pink pencil erasers.  His right hand slid down her  body and snuggled into her pubic hair, one finger reaching for her clitoris.  A shudder went through Suzy's body, and she leaned forward, presenting her ass to him.  His left hand went between her ass cheeks and cupped her curly haired lower lips.  “I think she is ready now, Sir,” he said and eagerly directed his prick between her labia.

       For a while there was frantic fucking, in and out, with Suzy calling out, “Yes, Henry, yes, deeper!”

       Then I pulled Henry away,  before either one of them came.   I handed Henry what I had bought at the adult shop by the interstate.  It was a Pink Pirate, a strap-on penis extender.  I had almost bought the black one.  It was pink rubber, hollow, and big enough to contain an erect penis, which meant, of course, that it was an inch or two longer and considerably larger in diameter than a normal penis.  It was molded like an erect circumcised penis, with the addition of “raised veins for additional stimulation”, said the package.  Henry looked at the snake stick and didn't resist.  While he was putting on the Pink Pirate,  I said to Suzy, “Do you remember what happened when you were twelve, and I caught you smoking a cigarette?   Tell Henry what happened.”

       Still looking ahead, at the wall, not at Henry, she said, “Daddy caught me smoking a cigarette.  I had broken the rule about no tobacco.  He made me smoke the rest of the pack, one after another, until I was deathly sick.  I never touched another cigarette.”

       By then, Henry had the monster cock on and the elastic straps cinched tight.  “So, Henry,” I said, “you understand what you have to do.”  Suzy bent over in anticipation, pressing her tits against the plastic over the bale and presenting her cunt to Henry.  He carefully inserted the tip in her wet slit and began to push. 

       Suzy hadn't seen the Pink Pirate, and she said sweetly, “Oh, Henry, you seem so big!  Oh, my.  No, don't stop.  Oh, my God!”   Henry worked with enthusiasm, porking her with the Pink Pirate and fucking her like she'd never been fucked, systematically stretching her sex sheath, and she seemed to be really enjoying it.  He would move his hips from side tho side, forcing her to shift hers too, or he would vary the angle, so sometimes she was half standing.  At one of those times I whipped away the plastic cover, revealing that the bale was covered with my weeds, stinging nettles.  Again he drove into her, and she fell forward against the nettles.  Thousands of tiny silica barbs sank into the tender tits, each loaded with stinging fluid.  She screamed, “OW!”, and just then I whacked Henry's ass with the pipe, forcing him to drive the full length of the  Pirate into her.  “Ah!” she screamed, “You're killing me!”  Henry considerately pulled out of her, but the threat of the snake stick, as I moved the the wire loop toward his balls, was all it took to set him back to work.  Suzy moaned and cried, but after a while she was quiet,  simply enduring having her sex stretched and her breasts tortured with thousands of stinging needles, shoved back and forth across the nettles as Henry shoved in and out of her sodden sex.

       The sun went down and it got dark in the barn, but they didn't need light to do the dirty, occasionally encouraged by my snake stick.  Finally, Henry said he was too tired, he needed a rest.   I told him to pull out for a moment.  Suzy just lay there, exhausted, as if dead.  “One thing more, Henry.  Shove it up her ass.”

Henry seemed incredulous, but a my direction, he put the tip of the Pink Pirate against her little rosebud and pushed.  That woke her up, and she screamed as, with some encouragement from PVC, Henry drove deep inside her ass.  “Good job, Henry,” I said.  “You can get dressed and go home now.”

       It must have hurt Suzy as much when he pulled out as it did when he pushed into her anus, or at least she made noise as if it did.  Henry undid the straps and discarded the rubber monster.  As he dressed, I untied the rope to Suzy's wrists and

let her stand up while I freed her hands.  Henry left in haste without saying a word.   I turned on the light to check her out.  Her breasts and belly were all pink and puffy, as if she had poison ivy.  I knew, however, that unlike ivy the nettles would wear off in a few hours, and nothing would show.  Her girlish slit was now a gaping gash, red inside, but time would fix that, when she got her muscle tone back.  They say what girls have doesn't wear out.  Suzy put on her panties and shorts, but her boobs were too sore for  her bra or even the tee-shirt, so I told her she could walk home topless.  We walked home without talking, and she went directly to the bathroom, for a cold shower I suppose, or for some sort of soothing lotion, and then she went to bed.

       Edith let us both sleep late Saturday morning.  At breakfast, Suzy looked her old self.  I  never knew what, if anything, Edith knew about the night's events.  She never mentioned them, nor did Suzy as far as I know.   Someone, not me, took the Pink Pirate.  After the high school graduation, we didn't see more of Henry Smith, until he showed up when Suzy got her nursing diploma.  They were married soon after.


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