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  1. seeking online dom

    I am seeking an online dom that is willing to let me also follow specific instructions from my real life dom, all restrictions are not on what the o/l dom can do to me, just what I'm allowed to do. If anyone knows where I should look please contact me
  2. Obligatory First Post

    "Good girls keep diaries...bad girls don't have the time..." - Mae West

    I'm an avid diarist. I love writing, especially erotic fiction and fantasy. There was a time when I was far too embarrassed to share these stories with anybody. They are, afterall, a peek into my mind and some of the dark recesses within. But you'll see all that for yourself if you choose to follow my scribblings here.

    The nature of "truth" has boggled the minds of philosophers ...
  3. Friends

    I have friends here in the library. How the fuck did that happen?

    I was minding my business, writing darkly tinted BDSm stories and suddenly I have people talking to me. Next thing I know I have friends.

    Let's see, I have one or two friends in the real world and I have about 16 here. At least, according to this site.

    I am not very nice, nor am I sociable. I'm not overly sensitive and I'm not very tactful. So why do people keep wanting to be my friend? ...
  4. second installment

    Overwhelmed by the estate, the Marquis, and the generosity of the
    offer, Kris could only nod her assent. The Marquis smiled broadly again
    and pressed a button on the desk. Almost immediately a door opened to
    admit a petite young woman wearing a traditional maids uniform. The
    Marquis began to give instructions, "Deborah, take Kris upstairs to the
    guest room, see that she has everything she needs to properly prepare for
    dinner this evening. Give her any ...
  5. Milestones

    First porn: I was 13. I was sleeping over at my grandma's house. Her guest room was filled with books, an entire wall of books, books on the bed headboard, books in the adjoining room. I discovered a 1970s copy of The Joy of Sex and was awake until the wee hours of the morning, looking at the hand-drawn pictures of long-haired men and unshaven women copulating in all manner of ways. It was scientific fascination until I got to the page on bondage. That image of a woman bound (spread-eagled, says ...

    Updated 10-29-2008 at 06:27 PM by fellintobed

  6. Part 3

    Not even the events of the afternoon had prepared Kris for what she
    found upon entering the dining room. The large hall was ablaze with light
    from the crystal candelabra, reflecting from the china and silver on the
    table. Rising from his place at the head of the table, the Marquis took
    her hand and led her to the seat at his right, gently lifted the chair
    into place and assumed his seat. With a slight motion of his hand, the
    Marquis signalled the waiter ...
  7. Writing the book on BDSM

    So many times I go places and get to hear someone waxing poetic about BDSM. I have been on chat boards and in chat rooms where people discuss BDSM and what it really means. Hell, I've read blogs with intense writings by intense people detailing the "truth" behind BDSM - "A Master: What it really means" or "Real Slavery: A Life of Servitude".

    Of course, most of these folks have the private line to the BDSM gods who tell them what it truly means to be ...
  8. Tomorrow..

    Tomorrow... I will wake up from a dream that was not of you. I will not cry before I can even get my head off the pillow. I will not place my feet on the floor and feel my legs give away from the feeling of loss. Tomorrow... I will smile a real smile for a friend and laugh without having to fake it. I will pick up the phone and not think to call you. I will not have a memory of you in every word I speak. Tomorrow... I will make it through the whole day without wondering why. I will make it throught ...
  9. !!!!!!!!!!!

    So, i don't think BD is interested in bdsm at all. In fact i am getting the distinct impression that he thinks i'm a little twisted for being turned on by it at all. Seems like he's barely tollerating topping me. I told him what i liked and he did it for me once. I think it kind of turned him off, so i'm just gonna let it go. He tried that's all a person can ask for right? I kind of wish i'd never said anything about it. Having tasted it a little and then knowing that i'll never have it again is ...
  10. Harvest Moom

    by , 11-14-2008 at 12:38 AM (The Good, The Badd, and the Ugly)
    Harvest Moon

    You'll keep coming back,
    and I'll keep letting you.
    until it destroys us both.

    Last night.....
    the harvest moon in the sky.
    Driving 90 miles an hour,
    to get to you.....
    because you asked me to.

    You touch me,
    and i melt.
    i am wetter than water.

    I asked if you missed me?
    the only answer,
    your silence.

    Now you are alone, ...
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