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  1. bitter cup

    Here is your wish…your bitter cup. The revenge is sweet on your tongue, i’m certain, but your heart will remain as cold as mine. It is something we share now…we are sisters in this detestable family, and through our blood courses lies. I will bear your joyless laughter… but you will not have the benefit of my tears…those are mine to be wept and spilled into the inner recesses of my soul, not to be wasted on painted cheeks that were caressed only this morning by deceitful lips.

  2. are you aware?

    Are you aware of the power you possess? Can you fathom the strength of your hold on me? You have done what no other has ever had the ability to accomplish…to draw from me emotional submission…beyond any physical pleasure, past the point of need or the grasp of love…you own my every thought and desire…my soul is a ghost at your feet.

    …And the ability is yours to destroy me with a word…then to heal me again with your next breath...
  3. sweet victory

    The undying love you speak for one, but do you know that they are not the one you thought they were? Has not their style of writing changed, their method of enticing you to that sweet space of submission and trust differed in the last few months from whence they began?.
    Do you wonder at all or are you lost in the rapture of someone feeding off your own need for need and belonging?.
    Look deep behind, search from the beginning.
    Time frames, pauses in contact,clear the rose coloured ...
  4. Happy People


    Updated 07-31-2013 at 05:16 PM by sweetlynaughty

  5. Stupidities

    by , 04-19-2012 at 09:49 PM (Kissing the whip)
    Am i inferior?

    Yes, i am. I use lowercase "i" to express my inferiority. A frequent practice in BDSM circles.

    I don't believe in superior or inferior "races". There is only one human race. But i would enjoy very much being humiliated by an ebony or Asian Mistress. And i wouldn't mind a bit if she proclaimed the superiority of her own "race". I would also be ready to admit it, just to humiliate myself. A Mistress is always right.
  6. Do you enjoy?

    by , 04-16-2012 at 08:37 PM (Kissing the whip)
    Mistress beating me

    After a series of slaps, partly on my face and partly on my boobs, she orders me to stand up and grab my ankles. I am nude. Her tough singletail starts working on my sensitive thighs. Blow after blow. I writhe. She laughs at my moaning.

    “Well, little one, do you enjoy it?”

    “Yes, darling, i do.”

    “You get more, then.”

    It hurts like hell. It is so humiliating, bending over naked

    Updated 04-17-2012 at 07:22 AM by dorolta

    Under the whip
  7. BDSM Tech Support... Humor! :-D

    [B][U]BDSM Tech Support Phonecall Log:[/U][/B]
    [SIZE=5][FONT=Comic Sans MS]*Riiing Riiing*
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]B: BDSM Tech Support, How may I help you?[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#FF0000"]L: Hi. I was trying to do the candle wax dripping thing, and it's not working.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]B: Have you lit the candle?[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#FF0000"]L: I need to light it?[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]B: Yes, if you want it to drip ...
    Tags: bdsm, humor
  8. Desire

    The self is sustained through pain and desire

    You are my desire…my daily walk is a journey that begins and ends with my need for you.
    My submission is not that of a slave, but of a free woman, pressing my gift like a jewel into your hand.
    I wear no collar except for the ring you have etched on my skin with your teeth.
    I speak my mind, but your will decrees to my thoughts which course they should take.
    You have only to speak my name, and
  9. Whipped

    by , 04-15-2012 at 09:06 AM (Kissing the whip)

    When i am a naughty girl, Mistress whips me as punishment.

    When i am a good girl, Mistress whips me as a warning to keep it up.

    When i am lazy, she whips me to instigate me.

    When i work sedulously, she whips me as a sweet reward.

    When i am absent-minded, she whips me to keep me alert.

    When i am full of pep, she whips me to calm me down.

    When i am happy, she whips me to make me happier.
    Tags: mistress, whip
    Under the whip
  10. In my stomach

    by , 04-13-2012 at 11:26 AM (Kissing the whip)


    I feel it in my stomach.

    Seeing a girl slapped, a violent craving grabs me: do it to me! Hit me, kick me, strip me, whip me, cuff me, trample on my face, twist my nipples painfully…

    I desire to kiss your hands. I desire to kiss your feet. I desire to lick off the mud from your shoes.

    I strongly desire for being put to shame. To be exposed publicly, naked. For being spat at, for eating trash, for licking the pavement
    Tags: exposed, naked
    Fantasy palace
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