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  1. an exceptional fantasy novel, a tale of slavery, despair and hope

    Nine years ago I created this account for the explicit purpose of offering encouragement to, and praise for, an exceptional young writer and the opening chapters of exceptionally good novel. The writer is lovelyandsad and the novel is Mindgames. It's a story set in a dystopian future, in the decaying city of Riviera, and is driven by her experiences of two free men, Gabriel and Animal, and two enslaved women, Mariah and Rose. The work is exceptional for a couple reasons. First, while slavery, humiliation ...
  2. I'm Not Gonna Stop

    I'm Not Gonna Stop, one of the poems of "Raibeart Bruis." The pseudonym translates as "Robert the Bruce," the 14th century Scottish king who earned Scotland's independence from England. (A gift that his son could not preserve.)

    Because you ask
    Because you beg
    or cry

    I’m not gonna stop
    because you sweat
    Because you scream
    or resist

  3. Feminism is Unnatural... I choose to be a real woman!

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    I found this at Tumblr and I knew it had to be the topic of my first post. When I explain my world view, the question I usually get first is “Are you serious?” Yes. I am.

    When I was a little girl I watched my mother do everything she could to support and love my father. He was in the military and traveled frequently, leaving her with the burden of not only caring for the house but also the kids, largely by herself. She never complained. ...
  4. Happy Valentine's Day

    When a book is turned into a movie, we often hear the same lament: “Damn, they ruined it!” The novel’s beautiful prose and careful plot development are reduced to clichés and excuses for explosions. Beloved characters get written out or transformed into caricatures. (Don’t get me started on the butchery of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work.)

    Thankfully, that didn’t happen with America’s most widely read and widely viewed BDSM franchise: the Fifty Shades oeuvre. How did they avoid the problem? ...

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  5. Wanted;No boundaries roleplay!!!!!!

    Roleplay:absolutely any fettish, kink,taboo.submissive female and couples,transgender and sissy cross dressers needed to abuse!
  6. Haunted by something i have done

    I am Haunted by something i have done. When i first started on this site, I had other submissive friends who were either lonely or heartbroken by their Masters/Mistresses. They asked me to Dominate them. Instead of being true to my self, I thought it would be Okay. Within a few weeks a had a sub of my own. I was selfish and my main Focus was finding Sir's to play with me online. They expected to use her too. Most were decent but i allowed a few to abuse her. I did not protect her as i should ...
  7. i promise

    Here I stand at the precipice of what will always be. Your words are stones in my heart, weighing heavy…but it has become an accepted burden…one I will never part with. You are not here, but I know what you expected of me…what you told me to do…and I have finally resigned myself to the accomplishment of the purpose you had in mind. Although it was intended to be for both of us in the flesh, the substance of what is spirit will have to do.

    The chains are still strong, my Dragon…shining ...
  8. today

    It was another day of mourning. It seems there is always one last detail to deal with and accept concerning the loss of him. Today, it was my daughter, who I had not told, wanting to spare her the hurt for as long as possible. Today, it could not be avoided. She was concerned because he had not written her...items he had promised her had not arrived…he had disappeared from my conversation…she knew something was wrong. Her tears were as pained as my own when I revealed the details of his passing. ...
  9. Dread

    Tears fill my eyes to the rim
    And like a rushing wave
    They fall down my cheeks
    Slicing a path down my face

    My skin grows cold
    I feel despise fill my veins
    The dread of my mistakes
    I’m so stupid!

    Never trust again
    Never trust again
  10. Under Water

    Once upon a time…
    But no more is he mine
    His lies made me cry
    Does it come easy to him?

    I gave myself to him
    I thought I was his
    He whispered he was mine

    The nights are silent now
    Reality settles in on me
    It feels as if I’m under water
    Slowly floating up

    I’m so tired
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