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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!

    So, i don't think BD is interested in bdsm at all. In fact i am getting the distinct impression that he thinks i'm a little twisted for being turned on by it at all. Seems like he's barely tollerating topping me. I told him what i liked and he did it for me once. I think it kind of turned him off, so i'm just gonna let it go. He tried that's all a person can ask for right? I kind of wish i'd never said anything about it. Having tasted it a little and then knowing that i'll never have it again is ...
  2. Head Games

    by , 11-14-2008 at 12:29 AM (The Good, The Badd, and the Ugly)
    Head Games

    i curl up naked

    like excited, frightened prey.

    squeaking "what are you going to do me?"

    Your eyes, fierce and amber

    You lean in close to my ear

    whispering "anything I want"

    my eyes widen, my pulse explodes,

    every nerve ending zings.

    Without a word

    You crouch next to my head.

    Your ...
  3. Torn

    by , 11-14-2008 at 12:42 AM (The Good, The Badd, and the Ugly)

    my soul
    bent and broken.

    out of pure frustration
    i cry.
    i beg.

    you wrap your arms around me
    but i am already torn....
    tear me more.

    tight and biting
    into my skin.
    i struggle just to make it hurt a little more.

    lie on your back.
    perch on top
    my hands bound
    behind my back

    you twist ...
  4. Time

    Of late, I've noticed I have even less time to spend on the things I want than I do money. Considering the current state of the economy and that's a bit of a surprise.

    Which brings to mind a question I've had in my head for years. Why is it called "spending time"? Time is not remotely tangible. You can't sell it as a commodity and no matter where you look people are running out of time. At the same time they are running out of time they continue to spend time on other things. ...
  5. The discipline hood: Part one

    by , 11-21-2008 at 12:02 PM (Surfing the Internet for bondage so you don't have to)
    Together we step out of the isolation chamber and with my arm still around her shoulders, I guide her over to a small cabinet near the shower.

    She turns her head as I guide her to the door and she stares wantonly at me. I glance at her and next Pretty girl rubs her bare upper torso against me while looking up at me hopefully with big doe like eyes.

    Without warning I reach for the strap around her elbows and tightly compress them together to two inches apart as she ...
  6. Dark, Strict and Lacking Humor

    I've decided to change my persona around those who are "into" BDSM or D/s or whatever the hell you like to call it. I plan on going from silly, ridiculous and fun-loving to dark, strict and lacking humor. Also, I will stop wearing casual clothing and wear more formal attire.

    It's not because I want to do this. I really don't. It's mainly to impress the "subs" and "Doms". Ya see, it seems to me that the "Doms" who have little humor and who take ...
  7. The Insomnia Chronicles.

    It occurred to me tonight that if I were to author a blog, that's what I would call it. I have a lot of time, at night, a LOT of time.

    Tonight, I am thinking about perspective.

    J used to tell me that I am a "highly sexual" individual. The comment baffled me, to be quite honest. I am comfortable with most aspects of my sexuality these days, I embrace that side of me and do adore dabbling in the kinky and extreme. However, minus a sexual partner, I'm really
  8. The road not taken

    Once again I am without a Master - which is so much a lifestyle way of saying 'alone' that it makes me recoil.

    In a way it was a longer process to loose him than it was to attain that rare and wonderful, mythical thing - a Master, one that fits, one that makes my fantasies soar.
    When I felt his interest waning, being replaced by some inner demons and outer ones and inwardly turned thoughts - I wanted to stick with him. I was so used to waiting for him, that it seemed like ...

    Updated 12-21-2008 at 07:21 AM by Laila

    My submissive Journey
  9. frozen

    Can time turn back?...will the chips of marble return to its block of origin.....and reseal the statue within?
  10. Thoughts and Feelings

    Sometimes we can search a lifetime for that special someone to come into our lives.

    The day that you came into my life was a dream come true for me. No matter how often i said to myself to be cautious, my heart said something completely different. We tried to take it slow but in getting to know each other O/our desire for one another took over. i was very insecure and you tried your best to always reassure me. Your patience, understanding and determination shone through. i was truly
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