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Enseignez-moi, s'il vous-plait

Ah, yes... another blog. I'm a blog-whore and that's fine with me. This is just another account of a Sub coming into her own, learning about pleasure, and finding the courage to be who she is.

So come, live vicariously through my accounts. That is, until my Domme tells me to stop writing....

  1. L'eveil sexuel

    by , 04-03-2016 at 09:22 AM (Enseignez-moi, s'il vous-plait)
    I'm back. Again. It's been a loooong journey since the first posts in 2008 when I was first admitting to myself I wanted to be submissive. 8 years of a relationship, 5 of those married, have finally come to an end. Lots learned, but the most important is that I cannot give up myself for someone else. There's a major difference to enjoying submission and being walked upon.

    She never became the Domme I wanted. She wasn't able to fully admit to herself what she wanted. And so I went ...

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