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A little glimpse into my passions and desires. Feel free to indulge...

  1. Victim, choice or fate?

    We all know people, especially women, who always seem to be victimized. They constantly have a sad story about someone, a loved one, or even a stranger that has taken advantage of them. At some point, you have to wonder, is this person really that unfortunate, or is it possible that they have chosen to put themselves in positions where they can be taken advantage of over and over? I truly believe our destiny is our own to design. If you live your life making choices that ultimately end up with you ...
  2. Forgiveness...

    "Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future."

    Sometimes you feel so hurt by the actions of another that you lose sight of what you need most to heal that pain... forgiveness. Ive spent months feeling anguish over someone that I cared so much for. I have questioned everything I knew about this person and myself. I beat myself up. I doubted myself, doubted him. I have cried way too many tears and hated myself for that too. I have damned him ...

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