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  1. Adjusting

    We always envision how things in our life will develop but in order to survive and grow we must adjust to the unexpected.
  2. Assumptions and Humiliation

    I know why I feel hurt and betrayed but it doesn't make me feel any less humiliated.
    I know it's not all his fault or not all my fault but it hasn't made me stop chastising myself for making assumptions.
    Trust is something I give too freely at times and get hurt too often for giving.
    Suck it up, deep breath, forgive both of us. I have to push this aside and go to work now...

    Updated 07-02-2011 at 08:20 PM by sweetlynaughty

  3. Kneeling Exposed to You


    I kneel before you with my head down
    I kneel before you wearing a frown

    You keep telling me it's not time pet
    You keep telling me of why we met

    We talk for hours almost every night
    We talk for hours until I cause a fight

    I keep reaching out to you hoping you'll give in
    I keep reaching out you knowing it's a sin

    You have been patient and been kind
    You must be wondering if I've ...
  4. The monsters are buried down deep inside

    The situation's all critical
    You've got to look first before you go
    If you wasn't too sure then now you know
    The situation is all critical

    Wait, okay, you've got to look before you go
    Wait, okay, you've got to look before you go
    Deep into the darkness where I hide

    The monsters all buried down deep inside
    You never know when they're satisfied
    Buried down deep where the sun don't shine
    The monsters are buried down ...
  5. Why

    I don't understand people that play games. Why can't people just be honest, say what you mean, mean what you say.

    Why do people betray you?
    Why do people lie to you?
    Why do people deny it when you ask...why?
    Why can't people just stand by their word?
    Why don't people realize it is unacceptable to lie to me, to deceive me, to betray me?

    Why do I forget sometimes that some people lack the characteristics of loyalty, sincerity, compassion, ...

    Updated 05-05-2010 at 11:00 PM by sweetlynaughty

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