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  1. Dread

    Tears fill my eyes to the rim
    And like a rushing wave
    They fall down my cheeks
    Slicing a path down my face

    My skin grows cold
    I feel despise fill my veins
    The dread of my mistakes
    Iím so stupid!

    Never trust again
    Never trust again
  2. Under Water

    Once upon a timeÖ
    But no more is he mine
    His lies made me cry
    Does it come easy to him?

    I gave myself to him
    I thought I was his
    He whispered he was mine

    The nights are silent now
    Reality settles in on me
    It feels as if Iím under water
    Slowly floating up

    Iím so tired
  3. Someday Iíll try again. But not today.

    Someday I’ll try again to find a Dom. But what if he’s not out there? What if “My Mr. Perfect” doesn’t exist?

    I thought I found it this time, I thought it was going so well. Long phone conversations, texting every day, amazing sex, deep mental and emotional connection. We even had fun together, laughed during sex, lazy time spent resting in his arms or on the couch talking with our feet meeting in the middle. Everything was so easy. Except one critical ...

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