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For now, useful notes of no particular significance.

  1. an exceptional fantasy novel, a tale of slavery, despair and hope

    Nine years ago I created this account for the explicit purpose of offering encouragement to, and praise for, an exceptional young writer and the opening chapters of exceptionally good novel. The writer is lovelyandsad and the novel is Mindgames. It's a story set in a dystopian future, in the decaying city of Riviera, and is driven by her experiences of two free men, Gabriel and Animal, and two enslaved women, Mariah and Rose. The work is exceptional for a couple reasons. First, while slavery, humiliation ...
  2. I'm Not Gonna Stop

    I'm Not Gonna Stop, one of the poems of "Raibeart Bruis." The pseudonym translates as "Robert the Bruce," the 14th century Scottish king who earned Scotland's independence from England. (A gift that his son could not preserve.)

    Because you ask
    Because you beg
    or cry

    I’m not gonna stop
    because you sweat
    Because you scream
    or resist

  3. Happy Valentine's Day

    When a book is turned into a movie, we often hear the same lament: “Damn, they ruined it!” The novel’s beautiful prose and careful plot development are reduced to clichés and excuses for explosions. Beloved characters get written out or transformed into caricatures. (Don’t get me started on the butchery of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work.)

    Thankfully, that didn’t happen with America’s most widely read and widely viewed BDSM franchise: the Fifty Shades oeuvre. How did they avoid the problem? ...

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  4. "I caress the scar gently"

    Yes, I know: you've been wounded, and wounded again. The urge to hide is so strong that the simple act of stepping out the door, greeting another day, taking another risk, reflects heroic effort.

    Welcome, wounded friend, to the company of the shattered.

    The internet is rife with recitation of a line from the 13th century Sufi poet and lawyer, commonly called Rumi. "The wound is the place with the light enters." Translation is treacherous, translation from
  5. Delusional or dissembling? You get to vote!

    I was at the grocery today, picking up a few things to help finish off dinner with friends tonight. (My 14-year-old is cooking. Breaths everywhere are bated.) My cashier was a woman in her 30s, of average build, dark burgundy hair and effusive manner. She was wearing two things that stood out: a man's shirt (old, soft, oxford) and a collar. A Turian-style collar: a finely woven brown leather cord formed into a choker. It rode just above her collarbone, close upon her throat. From the front descending ...
  6. You know that you make psychologists crazy, right?

    Researchers often start with the conceit “my prejudices brilliantly describe reality” and design research projects to celebrate their insights. The best of them, when confronted by evidence that they’re wrong, publicly announce the fact. The rest of them hide the confounding evidence away in a locked file cabinet.

    And so it is with studies of the BDSM community. There’s a near universal prejudice among academics that members of this community are defective: the products of broken ...
  7. should you believe your Dom/me?

    Question: Do you believe your Master?

    Question: Should you?

    Answer: No.

    At least "no, not if s/he's doing it right."

    We are hostages of a long-ago philosophical debate than many don't even know occurred. The setting for the debate was the 18th century, and the scene was western Europe. For centuries, our universe was filled with the Unknowable. Things we had no way of understanding:

    where do spices comes from? The border

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  8. your responsibilities as a submissive

    I'm a great admirer of the singer/songwriter Christine Lavin. She manages to alternate laughable slice-of-life songs with ones that offer powerful reflection on parts of life we experience but don't know how to name. In particular, I was thinking of subs and listening to Lavin's "Damaged Goods." The middle lyrics:

    She had her first man when she was 23,
    Years after all her girlfriends gave away their virginity.
    And now at last she thought her life had begun,
  9. Ballerina on a razor's edge

    Do you like to dance? Little boys and girls, universally. Women, generally. Young men, occasionally. "Mature" men (hah!), not so much. Actually, "way too much given how wretched they are." Work by British evolutionary biologists suggests a painful explanation for the near-universal horror of middle-aged male dancing:

    The cringeworthy ''dad dancing'' witnessed at wedding receptions every weekend may be an unconscious way in which ageing males repel the attention
  10. the kisses you owe (revised)

    English seems particularly poor in its grasp of kissing. We have a hundred synonyms ("smooch"), some unattractive ("snog") but precious little subtlety. The Romans knew that the kiss on my child's forehead doesn't even come from the same universe as the kiss my lover hopes to spray across me.

    osculum: a friendship kiss
    basium: an affectionate kiss on the lips
    suavium: a lover’s kiss

    The Germans are even more inventive, knowing that ...
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