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  1. Have you ever?

    One friend seemed to think I would be great for her as a Controlling force that she craved to obey. I never sought the role but was enticed by her persistent requests for my directions and commands. She wanted to do anything I wanted. Shevwanted me to take control of her.

    I accepted the role to make her happy... To give her pleasure. I could do that for her.I had power to excite and arrouse her and that power was very satisfying in a nurturing way. Seems I have a side to me that can ...
  2. first time writing thoughts to share

    I have often exchanged my thoughts one on one but have never just put them on the table for all to view. I have no qualms about sharing perspectives , actually that is why I am here! I have had many interesting conversations and am appreciative of the many great people I have met. So many!!

    I have found that the subs here are welcoming, funny , and smart. They do not label or take anything for granted. They ask questions and listen....they don't try to tell me what i should be but ...

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