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Walking on Water.

Ah, Disappointment

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SO, I made a blog post with a link to an outside pay site. It is one where I have two stories published - The Family Pet (which is partially posted at the Library) and Becoming Bimbo. Alas, the post was removed because it contained a link to the site.

One would think that after all my story contributions over the year that I might be allowed such things. Anyhow, several stories and many years into being a member here and I can't even link to my stories outside here because I would make a few bucks. I suppose I shouldn't complain, rules are rules. Those are the rules and I should not expect special treatment. Just the same, they are my stories.

So, this is the end of my participation, story wise, at the BDSM Library. My stories will all be posted elsewhere - some will still be free and others will be be for pay. Anyone who likes my stories should go to my personal site on ASSTR - just search for H Dean. Anyone who might be interested in paying for a story here and there should go to BDSM Books. Look for H Dean again - Becoming Bimbo and Family Pet are the only stories I have so far. But there will be more.

Oh, I'll still come to the forums and such - but my stories will not be posted here.

H Dean



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