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Kissing the whip


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Am i inferior?

Yes, i am. I use lowercase "i" to express my inferiority. A frequent practice in BDSM circles.

I don't believe in superior or inferior "races". There is only one human race. But i would enjoy very much being humiliated by an ebony or Asian Mistress. And i wouldn't mind a bit if she proclaimed the superiority of her own "race". I would also be ready to admit it, just to humiliate myself. A Mistress is always right.

I don't believe either in male or in female superiority. But i love the degradation by "superior" gentlemen as well as the cruelty of "superior" ladies on their male victims. I place myself even below those tortured male slaves.

I am inferior because i am a slave. Wait, not quite so. Rather i am a slave exactly because i am inferior. Being a slave is my free decision. But i have a slave's soul and it is born with me. It is not my decision. I carry it in me. I feel it in my stomach.

Juridically i am free to leave my Mistress. In reality i am not. I wouldn't be myself any more. I am her slave because it is written in my being.

I am inferior to you. You have perfect right to call me a cunt or kick me in the face. I have to go down on my knees before you and lick your feet. It is not my free choice, i am bound to.

It is not religion. I don't think you are God. Even if i call you Goddess, i know very well you are a human, just like myself. It is the inner structure of my personality how to relate to other human. I am inferior by default.

What if your personality has similar inner structure, and you consider yourself inferior to me? Well, of course you are right, it is your inner truth. But it doesn't change the inner truth of my personality. It is not mathematics. I will kick you if Mistress orders me to, and you will kick me if your dominant orders you to. We can be like a couple of fighting animals. Why not? We are both inferior.



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