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Atrum Visum

second installment

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Overwhelmed by the estate, the Marquis, and the generosity of the
offer, Kris could only nod her assent. The Marquis smiled broadly again
and pressed a button on the desk. Almost immediately a door opened to
admit a petite young woman wearing a traditional maids uniform. The
Marquis began to give instructions, "Deborah, take Kris upstairs to the
guest room, see that she has everything she needs to properly prepare for
dinner this evening. Give her any assistance she may require."
Turning to Kris he added, "Dinner is formal here, and I assume you
brought no formal wear with you, Deborah will see that you have
everything you need. I will see you again at 8 pm." Turning abruptly, he
disappeared through the same door he entered, leaving Kris to stare in
astonishment. A slight touch at her elbow caught her attention and the
maid motioned for her to follow.
The maid, Deborah, led the way up a grand sweeping staircase and
down a magnificent corridor to a richly furnished suite of rooms, larger
than the apartment she rented. Quietly, the maid began to prepare the
room for Kris's inspection. Through the door to the right was the largest
bath she had ever seen, including a tub which could have easily held 6
people. Following Deborah around the room she found closets full of
beautiful and obviously expensive clothes, all, it appeared, to be
exactly her size. The drawers of the chest were filled with gorgeous silk
lingerie of every imaginable kind. The dressing table was furnished with
a complete assortment of imported makeups, perfumes and colognes.
"Would Madam like a hot bath before dinner?" Still in a state of
almost shock, Kris nodded an affirmative and Deborah moved off to begin
drawing a steaming hot bath. Turning to the bed, Kris began to remove her
blouse and was startled when the maid began to unloose the long row of
buttons down the back. Unused to such luxurious surroundings, Kris
quietly acquiesced as the maid continued to assist in removing all her
clothing. At the beckoning of the maid, Kris entered the bath to find the
huge tub filled with steaming water and thick billowy bubbles. Settling
into the relaxing warmth, Kris drifted off into a light sleep.
Slowly opening her eyes, Kris was slow to remember where she was and
was somewhat bewildered to find the petite maid kneeling by the bath.
"Would madam care for some assistance in washing her hair?" Beginning to
finally accept the position she was in, Kris replied "Yes" and was
totally absorbed by the satisfaction she felt at having the attractive
Deborah carefully washing and rinsing the fragrant shampoo from her hair.
Finishing with a long hot fresh water rinse, the maid held open the large
turkish towel as Kris stepped from the tub and wrapped herself in the
deep pile of the cloth. Returning to the bedroom, Kris failed to notice
that her own clothing had been removed from the room. Moving to the
dressing table, Deborah guided her expertly to the chair and began to
carefully brush and comb the hair, expertly coiffuring it into an
alluring and complicated style. Still bemused by the unused to attention,
Kris watched as Deborah quickly applied only a light touch of make up,
highlighting her eyes and cheeks.
As she admired the professional results Kris heard Deborah ask,
"Would Madam care to select her clothing for the evening?" Standing and
turning, Kris for the first time realized that her own clothing was gone.
Looking questioningly at the maid, she asked, "Where are my underthings?"
Deborah replied," They were soiled so I had them sent to be cleaned,
however you should find anything you need here." Kris opened the first
drawer in the chest to find it full of beautiful silk panties in every
color of the rainbow. Another drawer yielded silk teddies and camisoles.
The third was inhabited by stockings and garter belts. While the fourth
was a complete selection of bras, in colors to match all the rest.
Opening the closet, she found gowns in every style and fashion.
Overwhelmed by the variety, Kris turned to Deborah and quietly said, "I
am not quite sure what is the proper attire for this evening. Would you
select something which will be suitable?" With a smile, the maid began to
move expertly through the closet and drawers, laying the chosen ensemble
on the bed.
Kris watched as Deborah selected a black silk floor length gown and
black high heel pumps from the closet. The gown was very simple yet
elegant in its simplicity. From the bureau, the maid selected a pair of
very sheer, low cut black panties, a matching garter belt and half slip,
and a pair of sheer black seamed stockings. Glancing over her shoulder,
Deborah asked, "May I assist Madam in dressing now. Dinner will be served
on the hour." With a quiet "Thank you." Kris sat and began to pull the
long sheer stockings up her legs. The maid assisted her in straightening
the seams and attaching the garters. After stepping into the half slip,
The petite maid lifted the shimmering black gown over Kris's head. It was
only after the gown was on did Kris realize that the gown was open clear
to her navel in front and had a sweeping low line in the back, plunging
nearly to her waist in the back. The feel of the silk against her bare
nipples caused a quick reaction which was very evident as her full bosom
filled the gown. Noticing the evidence through the gown, the maid gave a
slight giggle, remarking, "The Master will certainly approve of that."
With a slight frown, Kris stepped into the pumps, discovering that
the heels must have been at least five inches, causing her calves and
thighs to cord and forcing her throw her chest out and her shoulders back
to keep her balance. The overall effect was to magnify the thrust of her
breasts against the silk of the gown. Before leaving the room, Kris
studied her appearance in the floor to ceiling mirror. The results were
dramatic and with a certain pride Kris realized that her figure was
stunning in the black silk, the color catching her hair and complexion
dramatically. Satisfied with the results, Kris followed the maid down the
stairs and into the dining room.



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