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~ willow ~

Some days..

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some days i can't find you,
and those are the days that test...torment,
the days when i lay at your feet in wait
patience, my virtue and my comfort.

some days you're all around me,
and i'm dizzy with love and light,
you humour me and enjoy me,
your pleasure is my joy.

some days you grip my heart fiercely,
and those are the days that bind me to you the closest,
when my surrender is demanded,
and you are all i see..



  1. Domin8or's Avatar
    Truely beautiful poem. :)
  2. ~ willow ~'s Avatar
    Thank you, sir *smiles*
  3. hoosakitty's Avatar
    so beautiful my friend...a fantastically powerful work
    thank you
  4. ~ willow ~'s Avatar
    awww thank you, kitty *hugs*
  5. scotsgirl's Avatar
  6. ~ willow ~'s Avatar
    Thank you, lovely!!


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