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~ willow ~


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You smirk down at the girl,
She thinks sheís so strong,
But you know just how to crack her veneer,
Smudge glistening tears clear across her face,
The slap of your hand silences her lips.

Push and menace and hold her down,
Not til she breaks only til sheís close,
Itís sick how she accepts your hand around her throat,
You reward her with coldness at most,
But the bite of your tongue makes her smaller.

And even when she cries,
You canít bring yourself to comfort her,
And you know how you damage when you donít,
But she still comes back,
And tries to crack your veneer,
Hoping youíll fix what has been lost.


  1. emeralds's Avatar
  2. Miss_Red's Avatar
    *hugssssss sweet girl* so sad...
  3. Frances's Avatar
    Ahhh! Willow. Giving you a hug.


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