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For ahmandi2 - Because she "freakin love this" :)

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Kneeling at his feet always feels like home. His eyes on me when he looks down at me when he’s taking a break from work; I could sit here for hours, I love the content look on his face when he looks at me at his feet. We both know I belong here.

It never lasts that long though, and that’s my next favorite part of being with him.

His sudden command to me, “Stand.” My breath catches, and I know exactly how he expects me to stand. Facing him, my legs spread wide, hands locked behind my back and my eyes cast down. And then….aaahhh the inspection starts. I swear I feel his eyes penetrate me when he inspects me, his fingers lightly caressing my skin. Time stands still and I can barely breathe sometimes. “You may look freely.” I always smile and look in his eyes when he gives me this privilege. I love watching him, inspect me.

To anyone else, they would think he was cold and disconnected during the inspection but that’s not true at all. I know every line in his face, the smallest stare, blink, raise of his chin, tilt of his head, all of it – I know this man that dominates me just as well as he knows me. We are two that join as one in the dance of D/s. He moves, I respond, he commands, I submit and when I submit I see his body relax and he is filled with pride and power.

Now it starts, the next phase. His fingers penetrate me and his mouth tastes me as I moan, sigh, drip with arousal for him. The once relaxed aura he held dissipates like fog and it is replaced with a slow growing hunger – for me. And that is my high, knowing I’m the only one that makes him feel this powerful, this primal, this dominant. And he is the only one that I submit to so perfectly, without hesitation, without question or thought. He made me this way; he trained me, nurtured me, punished me, and he cared for me.

I am his utterly and completely.


  1. sweetlynaughty's Avatar
    I'm so glad you enjoy it so much! *hugs and kisses*

    Quote Originally Posted by ahmandi2 (Whyteknyght)
    *Still* freakin love this!!!
    Thank you, my sweet


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