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WarMaster's Blog, and window into my world and Household

Mares & Fillies...

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Dealing with a household like this isn't a cakewalk, but it is rewarding.
And it sure beats dying alone in some god-forsaken pesthole overseas where the closest to a burial would be desperate people stripping your carcass for anything useful or sellable.

A word about the 4 legged family-members...Turkey, so they're mellow and happy and could not care less about things unless someone missiles the house.
Also, Luna, Essa, Eydis and Achilles are still growing, so the food and snooze will do them good, also they all had a VERY busy day so the exercise will also.
Conservatively, I figure they burned a day's worth of energy just in this morning.

A while back I placed a 'rush' order with a friend of mine, which arrived today, and all the girls have had a chance to try on the gear.
All of them are in 'Mare's Boots'.
Fate, Chance, Chaos-Physics played to my benefit today and Brianna, Lhana, Fumiko and Mei are all home as Brianna and Lhana have the day off, Fumiko has no classes to teach until Tuesday, and Mei's boss gave everyone the day off as there's nothing to do, so it saves wage costs and his employees get an unexpected break.

Anya (Julia)
Beata (Veronica)

Two of the girls prefer to go by 'Western' names, and their middle names work well enough. Their choice, and I'm fine with it. All-in-all, the girls are as ready as they can be for the imminent Dom's Night, and excited. For Wanda (an ex-Domme) it's going to be a bit of a mind-warper, as she's used to attending such as a Dominant...now, she will be attending as a Mare, subjugated. But, she IS very much looking forward to it as it'll be a very New and fresh experience for her.


  1. Noxifer's Avatar
    I know wanda will do great at this dom night she's very determined


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