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~ willow ~

Summer Dawn

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The summer dawn light is dappled against the sheets and across her sleeping face. Curled on her side facing him, he watches the flutter of her eyelids as she starts to rouse. Sighing she rolls onto her back…stretching one arm up…the light sheet slipping to expose the curve of her breast. Her face still turned toward him and her eyes still closed. A small smile is now playing on her lips…like she has just been told a delicious secret.
He knows this look well and is determined not to disturb her. She wriggles a little under the sheets…bringing awareness into her waking limbs. The slender arm that lay over her head is now lifted from the pillow and moving down her body. She runs her tongue lightly over her dry, morning lips as her fingertips brush over her breast. He notices the goosebumps rise on her skin and her nipple already harden. She bites down gently on her bottom lip as her hand disappears under the sheet and it’s all he can do not to pull the sheet completely away.
He can see enough of her form to see what she is doing…the sheet draping over her thighs and the movement of her hand between her legs. Her breath quickens and her head falls back into the pillow…she is still sleepy and her movements slow and sensuous.
Her face is turned away now…her back arched as she awakens more with each passing moment of pleasure. Soft moans escape her lips and his eyes are drawn to the vulnerable arc of her throat as she throws her head back further. Her other hand is now buried down under the sheet and her intensity is electric.
He is aroused at the sight and sound of her and contemplates sliding the sheet down…just a little. But he doesn't have to, as her hips move in a sensual rhythm the sheet falls away a little more, exposing her beauty, unhindered. Now he can see her lithe fingers sliding in and out of her glistening lips and her moans ebb and flow with their movement. His own moan escapes him and he reaches out, eager to touch, taste..but, no. He wrestles with this every morning when he watches her. But no, he can’t risk it…she may be embarrassed…or even annoyed. She doesn’t know he watches her morning routine…and if she did…she may just start closing the blinds…

Updated 03-18-2014 at 04:14 AM by ~ willow ~



  1. just_ine's Avatar
    I love the twist at the end! *chuckles*

    A deliciously slow account of a lovely morning ritual...mmmm. Thanks willow. It's so nice to see you writing more! Don't stop please.
  2. emeralds's Avatar
    Very sensual .. And cheeky : )
  3. hoosakitty's Avatar
    umh...is it hot in here? ~fans myself~
  4. sweetlynaughty's Avatar
    Giggles....Willow, you always have the cutest endings. Miss chatting with you xo
  5. ~ willow ~'s Avatar
    Thank you all for the lovely comments! xx
  6. honeyswhore's Avatar
    mmmmmmm....lovely...as are you


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