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I want to be a sub...

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I have been married for six years and generally having sex with my husband means that I am going to have at least one orgasm. He is a very agressive person by nature. I want him to top me and I need help figuring out how to get him to want to do it. It seems like he's embarassed to order me around in the bedroom.

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  1. RogerWilco's Avatar
    take small steps to get him to be more dominant. give little hints, suggestions. dont try to get too much at one time and he will see how hot you get. as beautiful as you are he would be a fool not to try.
  2. voxelectronica's Avatar
    What do you think being a sub is? Like in your mind what is the "it" you want him to do?

    Being a sub isn't just about laying around getting told what to do. There is a far amount of work that goes into it. For me it's about goal setting.

    Sit down with your husband and talk to him about sex. Explain to him that you want to be trained to do x,y,z,. If you can't think of anything imagine what a good sub would be able to do. Like deep throat. That takes a bit to learn how to do.

    Once you have picked what you want to learn make a schedule with your husband. Every night you're going to work on it. you're going to choke on his cock every night. Tell him that you feel like you need to be punished if you don't reach your goals as a way to enforce your training.

    Make sure you are asking your husband what he wants. Does he want you to take it anally? What kind of porn does he watch? what is he into? Make your training around what he wants you to do too.

    If he doesn't open up after awhile or doesn't want to do this anymore. Remember ultimately that you are submissive. You are there to please him. If having vanilla sex is what he wants then your job is to give it to him, when he wants it, and it better be good.

  3. H Dean's Avatar
    Try telling him what you want. Good communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Maybe he is embarrassed because he thinks your reaction will be negative.

    If you can't come right out and tell him go get a slave-girl costume. Put it on one weekend and tell him you are his to do with as he likes - no holes barred. See what he does with that. Just be ready to do things you don't want to do. His first reaction may be disbelief and might even be to test you. Just don't react negatively to him beating your ass or making you drink his piss.


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