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Have you ever?

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One friend seemed to think I would be great for her as a Controlling force that she craved to obey. I never sought the role but was enticed by her persistent requests for my directions and commands. She wanted to do anything I wanted. Shevwanted me to take control of her.

I accepted the role to make her happy... To give her pleasure. I could do that for her.I had power to excite and arrouse her and that power was very satisfying in a nurturing way. Seems I have a side to me that can dominate another when they want me to...need me to.

I channeled what I would respond to and created scenario from my own desires. Not really as a dominant controlling but as a sub directing. Really quite hot!!! Who knew??


  1. Solis's Avatar
    Hi, elizabeth.

    I've always suspected that Dommes, having greater insight into the female mind and body, probably have a natural and substantial advantage over Doms. It doesn't surprise me that you'd perform brilliantly, if not passionately, in the role.

    Just one side note, though. If you top more than four times in a calendar year, then you're expected to join the union, the Honorable Order of WOrking Dommes and Doms (HOWODD), and consider enrolling for Continuing Professional Education credits through our professional association, Dominants United for Domineering Excellence (DUDEs). We had to organize in order to manage the ever-rising wave of pleas for domination from the "oh, whip me again, Christian" crowd.

    End the oppression of the Oppressors, that's our motto!

    Our dues are very reasonable, the union meetings are a hoot and you'll love it when you find out where your thumb ends up at the end of the secret handshake.

  2. medoslave95's Avatar
    And what do you think about becoming a Mistress ?
  3. Just2Bme {M.Darknight}'s Avatar
    I think you would be very good in any role you chose. You have the confidence and desire to explore. You enjoyed the power of giving her the pleasure she desired from you. Which speaks volumes in and of itself. Thanks to her you found a new side of you. I think we should always be open minded enough to try new avenues and explore. That is how we discover new desires that might otherwise never surface.. That is how we grow.


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