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The Fine art of Fellatio - Doís and Dontís from a sluts perspective

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So the task was....write an essay the the title above.

Hope you enjoy. *smiles*

When worshiping your Masterís cock the first thing a slut would always want to do is to press a kiss to the head of the cock. This is a dual purpose function. Firstly it allows you to display your submission and your love for being permitted to suck your Master and it also allows a lubrication to your lips; a taste of his semen. There will be time that your Master prefers deep and hard immediately. Be fully ready to have your throat muscles forced open, enjoy the feel of your Masterís cock thrust right down your throat. Savour the entire length, let the muscles spasm and clench around the cock to allow the spasm sensations.
Expect to drool and to gag. Each moment of that is heighten sensations for your Master. Ensure to use your tongue, to lick and to lap. Donít be afraid to drool, it is erotic for your Master and it also adds extra lubrication. Always make sure to turn your eyes upwards to your Master. See the pleasure your submission brings him, the joy of owning you, allow him to see the raw aching need in your own eyes as they tear and water for him as you work.
If you are bobbing your head, make sure to suck in the cheeks, enjoy and try to feel each inch of his beautiful cock as it slides in and out of your mouth. Moan, lick and lap, allow yourself the freedom to feel and to taste and to lick and to display to your owner the depth and love of worshiping his cock.
Also remember that there is more than just your Masterís beautiful cock. When you worship your owner, you worship all of him. His balls which are extremely sensitive. Allow yourself to be free enough in your submission to lick them, suck them into your mouth, roll your tongue around them as you bathe them. Ensure to keep your legs spread widely apart so that he can see the juices flowing from you as you worship him. Let him feel each inch of your need, let him see each inch of your need. And donít forget his ass. That is also a very erogenous zone that your Master will love. Slide your tongue up from the balls, move to behind them and then travel your tongue upwards to his ass. Your tongue will feel warm against his ass as you circle it. Your cheeks will be pressed against his ass as you strain to reach the hole. Find each inch of him, worship and love each inch of him. Remember this is about displaying your love and submission to him. Your burning desire to pleasure and worship him, to bring as much joy and pleasure to him as you can.
Your eyes are the window to your soul. Use them as often as you can. Find his eyes, share the incredible sensations you feel as a submissive, as his submissive as you work and struggle for him. Allow him to see your tears, the fire that flashes in your eyes as your submission burns brightly within you. Allow him to see you.
Different sensations are also extremely erotic. For example cool and warm water. Begin with the cool water, take a drink to allow a slight chill to your mouth before enveloping your Masterís cock. It will quickly warm and the difference for your owner is amazing. Then pull back for a moment, swish warm water in your mouth. Hold it in, donít swallow it while you begin to suck on your Master again. Do your best to swish the water around in your mouth as you hold him inside. As you take him all the way into your throat, swallow the water, let it wash down your throat as you swallow your Master as well. It is important to remember to continue to lick and to lap and to use your tongue as often as you can. To moan, to gag, to allow your owner to feel each moment of your pleasure in being allowed to worship him.

Big doníts.
Do not bite! Not pleasurable and chances are you will end up with a rather welted ass. It doesnít work well.
Do not be afraid to display all of your slut submission. Donít be afraid to open yourself completely as you work and struggle for your owner.
Do not begin without his permission allowing you to start.
And never, never forget to thank your owner once you are done. Thank him for allowing you the pleasure in being able to worship him, to work, to struggle for him and to display the true submission within you


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    *grins broadly*
    Now that was well done, jem!


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