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So close to home...Chattanooga TN

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In the world we live in today we never know when or where tragedy will strike and we never think it will be in our own back yard. Their were four young men who served our country that died and several were wounded including a policeman. This happened in a way that is unfathomable, in their own home town. One was a Marine and Iraq vet who received a purple heart. It is ironic and tragic that instead of facing an enemy overseas, as is their duty, they end up facing one at HOME. A place where they can finally relax to feel and be safe. It is a sad day for all if us when we can't even live free in our own country. Now all they can harp on is changing gun laws without giving these poor men the honor they deserve. I legally carry a weapon and have no shame in the fact. I don't care about the angst of the government, they in my mind don't CARE at all about your rights. Not that I think I will be under terrorist attack, but that I think EVERYONE has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones from whomever may wish them harm. It is a sad, tragic day when all you can propogate about is gun control when familes have been devistated and honorable young men have died. It disgusts me.....smh, what is the world coming to when you care more about passing your laws then the lives of people??? I am sure our forefathers are churning in their graves for giving up their lives to free us to live out from under tyarnny to see what our government has become today....

CNS news best 4 minutes speech ever on YouTube. Com

I want to share this video with you, I was truly inspired what that our president could put out such thought and emotion for his people. Do you think we can get her to run.....

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