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Atrum Visum

the {} tag and what it really means. . . or. . we are in this relationship now what?

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I recently was asked by a new member on the forums what the implications of the {} tags were that are seen on some peoples user names. I started to give the short usual answer that comes to mind that it is a sign that they two are involved in some kind of D/S relationship. Then I thought better of it. I am constantly railing against those who make to light of the seriousness of online relationships so I decided that I should examine my own princiles and attitudes toward these connections that occur so frequently on this medium of communication.

A number of questions came immediately to my mind as I sat and pondered this post.

Are these online relationships as serious and as intense as those that occur in realtime in close proximity?

Are these types of relationships any less important or any less meaningful than a normal relationship?

How do these online and often at large distance relationaships differe from a normal relationship carried on in close proximity?

What has to be different? What extraordinary challenges must be overcome?

It didn't take me long to realize that I had already outlined enough material for a months worth of blog posts. To that end I have decided to follow this path and see where it leads. I intend to examine the concept of the online relationship. To dive into the dynamics of such and try and find the common elements that permeate those that are successful and the problems that have complicated others and caused them to fail.

To any of you who read this blog, if there are any, I may very well approach you asking for the opportunity to ask you questions and talk to you about your relationships. Do not feel obliged to agree.

For those of you who feel you may have something to offer, please feel free to contact me with your ideas, your input , or your stories. I want to hear both the good and the bad.

Hopefully the outcome from this will be a better understanding for us all about what is possible in an online distance relationship, the elements that are often involved in making them successful and the pitfalls that often lead to their failure.

While not a set of scholarly articles, I would like to make these offerings as nearly so as possible. Your information will be protected. Your identity will be secure.




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